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Cartagena News - November 2017

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  • The voting phase of the Participatory Budgets begins (30/11/2017)
    The citizens of Cartagena can vote up to 3 of the 146 projects from December 1 to 19
  • The Plenary asks to act against the illegal traffic of people and declare Cartagena Ciudad Amiga de la Infancia (30/11/2017)
    The Corporation holds a marathon session that began at ten in the morning and concluded at eight in the afternoon
  • Cs achieved the commitment of the Government to convene a meeting of spokesmen with ADIF to clarify the arrival of the AVE (30/11/2017)
    - Manuel Padín has made it clear that he does not want to repeat in Cartagena the controversy and neighborhood protests that have occurred with all fairness in the neighboring city of Murcia;
  • Questions and questions from Citizens presented at the regular plenary session of the City of Cartagena (30/11/2017)

  • Ten students obtain the title of operator of electrical networks in the ADLE (30/11/2017)
    The unemployed people finished the theoretical part this week and will do the practical part in December
  • Urban CT travels with a documentary the history of Hip-Hop in Cartagena (30/11/2017)

  • Closing with a significant increase of participants the Cartagena Thinking 2017 workshops (30/11/2017)
    Seven municipal libraries have had the attendance of 954 adults, 200 more than last year, and nearly 2,000 children participants, 526 more than in the edition previous in 80 recreational and educational activities
  • The legal reports conclude that the extension of the contract of the water concessionaire can not be annulled (30/11/2017)
    The economic reports indicate that, if the City Council annulled the concession unilaterally, it would have to pay, at least, thirteen million Euros what it would put its budget stability seriously at risk
  • The UCAM facilitates scholarships for international mobility for university students at its Campus in Cartagena (30/11/2017)

  • The regional government stresses that the budgets "give impetus to social policies in Cartagena" (30/11/2017)
    The Minister of Finance gives the President of the Regional Assembly the draft Budget Law of the Community for 2018
  • CTSSP: "The PSOE joins the PP and C's in the defense of Hidrogea" (30/11/2017)

  • Presentation of the book Monedas de Cartagena (30/11/2017)
    Friday, December 1, at 8:00 pm, is presented in the Assembly Hall of the Roman Museum of Cartagena, an act that will be attended by the councilor of Archaeological Heritage
  • Ingeniosanos says goodbye to the hospital classrooms until 2018 (30/11/2017)

  • I Meeting We are all capable, with the ADE program (30/11/2017)
    The educational centers and entities that participate this Friday in the sporting event, will meet at the Municipal Athletics Track from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • The film Dede chooses the FICC for its premiere in Spain (30/11/2017)
    This Friday, on the day before the closing of the festival, will also be screened 'Júlia ist', and 'Nico, 1988'
  • Contract awarded for the pruning of more than 500 trees on the N-301 road in Cartagena (29/11/2017)
    The Contracting Committee has also awarded the maintenance of mulberry trees in urban roads and the treatment of processionaries
  • Convened the I Contest of Christmas Tales Onda Cartagena (29/11/2017)
    You can submit stories until next December 15 to qualify for the 3 awards established in the bases
  • Ten public schools of the municipality of Cartagena will have defibrillators (29/11/2017)
    The City Council will provide training on the use and management of Basic Life Support to four teachers per school
  • ACEDU organizes the I District Route Mar Menor Commerce The initiative, which has the collaboration of the City of Cartagena, will be carried out of 20 shops of El Carmolí, Punta Brava, Estrella de Mar and Los Urrutias (29/11/2017)

  • The Ana Lopez Dance School celebrates its III Solidarity Gala to benefit AFAL (29/11/2017)
    The event will take place on December 7 at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center at a symbolic price of 3 euros
  • Hospitality of Santa Teresa will confront two musical styles at its benefit gala (29/11/2017)
    It will be held in the El Batel municipal auditorium, on December 15 at 9:00 p.m., tickets are on sale at the foundation itself, and at the box office and auditorium website
  • More than 140 technically feasible and prioritized projects will be able to vote as of Friday in the participatory budgets of 2018 (29/11/2017)
    Up to three proposals from any district can be chosen through the Internet and at the polls that will be enabled in 45 municipal locations with schedules of morning, afternoon and holidays
  • Communiqué clarifying Citizens regarding the future free parking near the Hospital Santa Lucia (29/11/2017)

  • Citizens believe that the Residential Country House of Perín deserves a bonus in the IBI for promoting employment (29/11/2017)

  • Cartagena Avanza presents itself to the mayor (29/11/2017)
    The association of businessmen and professionals promotes talks, interviews, 'think tanks' and round tables of interest and importance for the region of Cartagena
  • The Business Incubator hosts the Jornada Mujer Emprende (29/11/2017)
    The activity, which has the collaboration of the Department of Equality and AMEP, is financed by the European Union and organized by Galpemur
  • Handia y Custodia compartida, awarded in San Sebastian and Venice, star in the fifth day of the FICC (29/11/2017)
    The director of the documentary 'La última aventura del Gandul', Tomás Cimadevilla, presents his feature film in Cartagena on Thursday.
  • MC Cartagena supervises the state of works and needs in the municipality (29/11/2017)

  • The sports schools of the Cartagena FS promote the integration of minors at risk of social exclusion (29/11/2017)
    The Department of Social Services and the Club Plasticos Romero evaluate the progress of the project funded by the Obra Social La Caixa
  • Social Services launches the special device before the arrival of a cold wave (29/11/2017)
    The forecast of low temperatures and bad weather will intensify the attention to homeless people that has been provided during the rest of the year
  • The mayor informs the representatives of the COEC about the fiscal measures and of impulse to the enterprise for 2018 (29/11/2017)
    The meeting took place in the headquarters of COEC on Tuesday, November 28
  • The Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena, chosen among the 20 most spectacular in Spain (29/11/2017)
    The Niumba blog on the travel website TripAdvisor has drawn up a list in which, apart from the Cartagena institutional building, which is the only one in the Region in this classification , are some of the most representative and known in the country
  • "FCC, the second drain of the municipal budget" (29/11/2017)
    CTSSP will carry out initiatives on garbage, cleaning and the dump of El Gorguel
  • An international journal publishes the technique of detection of a cornea disease developed by a research group of the UPCT (29/11/2017)

  • Statement by MC Cartagena before the statements of Ana Belén Castejón (28/11/2017)

  • The Evaluation Committee announces the number of technically viable projects that the neighbors will vote in the Participatory Budgets (28/11/2017)

  • Francisco Calderón (MC Cartagena) informs the protectors of the details of the agreement that promotes the adoption of dogs and cats (28/11/2017)

  • Open day at the Municipal Children's School of La Palma (28/11/2017)
    Neighbors and associations may know the operation and facilities of the center that since September is managed directly by the Department of Education of the City of Cartagena
  • EF San Gines 82, EF Los Belones and EFB Balsicas, leaders in the classification of fry of the Local Baseball League (28/11/2017)
    During the week, the fifth day was played in most categories as the championship advance
  • The Cartagena Firefighters put out the fire of a vehicle parked in La Vaguada (28/11/2017)
    The causes for which tourism burned are unknown, that the neighbors tried unsuccessfully to extinguish with extinguishers
  • On Friday, December 1, the asphalting work on the Paseo Alfonso XIII road will begin (28/11/2017)
    Traffic will be cut by sections until the conclusion of the works on December 5 between the Alicante square and the intersection with Juan street Thing
  • The animal protectors know the details of the Quality of Life agreement to promote the adoption of dogs and cats (28/11/2017)
    The councilor, Francisco Calderón, met this morning with representatives of the associations registered in the municipal registry that may be beneficiaries of the aids
  • The projects and voting places of the participatory budgets will be announced on Wednesday (28/11/2017)
    The Follow-up Commission will meet at 11:30 in the Administrative Building of San Miguel
  • Cs will ask for the construction of a new health center in Barrio Peral after knowing the impossibility of expanding the current one (28/11/2017)
    - Juan José Molina: "there is a problem of physical space, it is a center that was built 25 years ago, thinking about 10,000 people, and right now serves about 25,000 booklets "
  • Cuatro Santos Athletics Club is born (28/11/2017)
    The new team has approximately thirty members and seeks new partners and sponsors
  • The City of Cartagena acquires fourteen defibrillators (28/11/2017)
    They will be distributed by different municipal offices
  • Cabo de Palos will show on its facades murals with submarine and fishing themes (28/11/2017)
    They will be images of the first Open Fotosub championship and the exhibition will be inaugurated on December 5 along with the start of the second edition of this photography championship
  • A score of booths will make up the Christmas market in the Plaza de San Francisco (28/11/2017)
    The Finance and Interior Area has awarded the positions that will be open to the public from December 6 to January 6
  • Education regrets the new delay in the restoration of the House of the Child (28/11/2017)
    The delegate Councilor for Education has indicated that the important thing is that the works are undertaken and serve to expand the school 'San Isidoro and Santa Florentino'
  • Empresarias de Cartagena holds a seminar on equality (28/11/2017)
    On the day, organized by AMEP, FEDEPE and the Ministry of Equality, representatives of the management and human resources of companies from Cartagena and Comarca participated, including the inauguration with the presence of the mayor
  • Different nativity scenes from Cartagena will be known in a free route (28/11/2017)
    The visit will take place through six provincial offices of Cartagena, with departure on December 30 at 9:30 am from the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The janitors of the school group celebrate their annual party (28/11/2017)
    Among the activities, a tribute has been paid to Salvador Garrido, who has retired this year
  • In March the 36th edition of the traditional San Silvestre (28/11/2017)
    Registration is now open to participate in the race organized by the City Council and Mandarache Athletics Club, with the sponsorship of La Opinión
  • FC Cartagena players visit the CEIP La Asomada to prevent school absenteeism (28/11/2017)
    This action is part of the 'Every day without fail' campaign in which the Department of Education and Sports collaborate
  • Visit of the Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara - Chocolatería de San Ginés (28/11/2017)

  • Almost ten thousand people have attended the concerts of the 37th edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (28/11/2017)
    The festival has raised 50 percent more at the box office than last year
  • Cs celebrates approval of the ordinance but requests the execution of its amendment to update the Accessibility Plan (28/11/2017)

  • The FICC brings Korea closer to Cartagena (28/11/2017)

  • The creation and evolution of the Cartagena asiatico, now collected in a book (28/11/2017)
    Work by Francisco Antonio Rosas, was presented on Monday, November 27, at an event that took place at the Town Hall
  • Iberian Gangsters arrives at Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar (28/11/2017)
    It will be performed this Friday, December 1st at 9:30 p.m.
  • CTSSP asks the PSOE to abandon the servility with Hidrogea (28/11/2017)
    The municipal group demands that the Mayor of Cartagena comply with the program with which she presented herself to the elections
  • Clara Ledo presents The essentials: the gold in your interior (27/11/2017)
    The exhibition of the artist from Cartagena will be inaugurated this Thursday, November 30, in the Subjective Room lde Palacio Consistorial
  • The surroundings of the Lake, new performance of the plan of regeneration of the Historical Helmet (27/11/2017)

  • The works to improve the lighting in the Santa Florentina Market begin (27/11/2017)
    Councilman Juan Pedro Torralba has supervised the installation of the new led luminaires
  • Juan Soler Gomez wins the IX edition of the photographic contest of places with mystery of Cartagena, Puerto de Culturas (27/11/2017)
    The images will be exhibited from November 29 to December 12 in the basement 2 of El Corte Inglés in Cartagena
  • The comedy Dinamita will donate part of its box office to the association Apices (27/11/2017)
    The work will be performed at the Auditorium el Batel, on Saturday, December 16, and tickets cost between 12 and 15 euros
  • Astus engalan to celebrate its 50th anniversary (27/11/2017)
    The event was this Friday, November 24, at the Garden of the Mills
  • The Cafes con-Ciencia y Pensamiento cycle takes up the moral debate on surrogate pregnancy on Tuesday (27/11/2017)
    It will be this Tuesday, November 28, at El Soldadito de Plomo, starting at 8:00 p.m.
  • The Finance Commission unanimously dictates the universal accessibility ordinance (27/11/2017)
    The internal regulation of the Shelter for Battered Women has also been given the green light
  • The Planning Commission addresses the allegations to the transitory rules (27/11/2017)
    The 84 objections filed by entities and citizens have been divided into three groups, counting the final opinion with the favorable votes of PP, PSOE, MC and Citizens and the vote against of CTSSP
  • The Vela Latina trophies already have winners (27/11/2017)
    The act of delivery was celebrated this Saturday at the Santa Lucía Nautical Club restaurant
  • The AMPA of the Carthago Spartaria wins the III FAPA Cartagena Prize (27/11/2017)
    The award is associated with a grant of one thousand euros for the implementation of an improvement project in the center to which the Association of Fathers and Mothers of Students is attached
  • Cartagena celebrates the Day of Persons with Disabilities for the full inclusion of this group (27/11/2017)
    The day will be held on December 3 between 11:30 and 15:30 in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento with music, workshops, games and tables informative
  • The Palacio de los Deportes welcomes a technical day of soccer football (27/11/2017)
    Participation is free and children and youngsters will improve their technique at the hand of Plasticos Romero Cartagena player FS, José Carlos, in a session that will extend from the 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.
  • Crumbs of bread stars in the third day of the IFCC46 (27/11/2017)

  • The Landscapes of Cartagena and its region in thirty-five images (27/11/2017)
    The exhibition, organized by the association Click !, can be visited in the Hall of the Byzantine Wall until December 31
  • Manuel Padín: "our goal is to unlock millionaires urban and business projects in Cartagena" (27/11/2017)

  • Cartagena plant face gender violence (27/11/2017)
    On Saturday, various activities were held, both at institutional and associative level, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • The European project'Life Tetraclinis' achieves the custody of 200 hectares to conserve the cypress of Cartagena (26/11/2017)
    The Community explores with owners formulas for the conservation of this species, whose population in Europe is concentrated in the Region of Murcia
  • Cut off water supply in Los Dolores on Monday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This is due to the maintenance and improvement works of the municipal potable water network that is being carried out in the neighborhood. (24/11/2017)

  • The City of Cartagena will subsidize the adaptation of adapted auto-taxis for people with reduced mobility (24/11/2017)
    The measure was approved this morning at the Local Government Board
  • Cs achieves the accession of Cartagena to the coordination protocol between the FCS and the local police against sexist violence (24/11/2017)

  • The City Council will collaborate with the guardians for the adoption of dogs and cats (24/11/2017)
    The proposal has been approved by the Governing Board at the proposal of the Councilor for Quality of Life
  • The Governing Board approves the bases to cover the positions of 19 Local Police agents (24/11/2017)
    Adherence to the protocol for the protection of victims of gender and domestic violence has also been agreed
  • Archaeological Heritage and the Advisory Board address the status of the numerous actions underway (24/11/2017)
    The Department manages actions worth 100,000 euros throughout the last quarter of the year
  • The San Isidoro Institute is mobilized against gender violence (24/11/2017)
    The students, together with the center's cloister, have participated in an emotional ceremony in which a manifesto has been read and the victims of this type have been honored. violence
  • Cartagena City Council adheres to the International Day of Homeless People (24/11/2017)
    The work that is being carried out in the city is evident on the occasion of the commemoration of this day, Sunday, November 26
  • The City Council will invest more than 25,000 euros to improve lighting in the two streets of Cabo de Palos (24/11/2017)
    The Councilor for Sustainable Development has visited the town to check the redefinition work that is being done in the face of the installation of fifteen new points of light
  • Zenet and and the Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca put the end to the Cartagena Jazz Festival (24/11/2017)
    This Saturday, November 25, concludes the 37th edition of the festival at the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • The Rector assures that the fundamental pillar for the transfer of knowledge is the relationship between the University and the company (24/11/2017)

  • Cs demands a meeting with ADIF to achieve the inclusion of Cartagena in the Corridor and avoid neighborhood protests (24/11/2017)

  • The Green Volunteer will clean the Mar Menor from waste (24/11/2017)
    In the activity, which takes place this Saturday, workers from the plastics companies will participate
  • New location of the speed controls for the week of November 27 to December 3 (24/11/2017)
    The Local Police has made public the list of the points where the radars will be during the next week
  • Puppets and gastronomic parties this weekend in La Aljorra (24/11/2017)
    Activities for all audiences will happen from Friday to Sunday.
  • "At the University we show that we can do much more than sell a coupon" (24/11/2017)
    The Conference of Rectors shares accessible teaching support technologies in the UPCT
  • The Local Police will carry out a special security campaign on school and juvenile transportation (24/11/2017)
    The controls will be carried out in different parts of the city from Monday, November 27 to Friday, December 1.
  • Gold Brooch to the Cycle of Promotional Concerts of Between Strings and Metals (24/11/2017)
    Yesterday, the last two concerts of the cycle in which the young musicians awarded this year have taken place were held in the auditorium of the Conservatory of Music of Cartagena
  • The Community promotes 174 industrial projects in Cartagena that have created more than 250 jobs in the last two years (24/11/2017)
    The Development Institute allocates 10.2 million euros to stimulate productive investments, internationalization and R & D, an amount that has mobilized a business investment of 40 million euros
  • Sexist advertising invades the streets of Cartagena every day (24/11/2017)
    CTSSP reiterates the need to implement action protocols to avoid sexist advertising on our streets.
  • Cartagena and Repsol firefighters rehearse their coordination in a simulation of activation of the PLANQUIES (23/11/2017)
    The practice organized by the General Directorate of Citizen Security simulated the rupture of a pipeline, with a spill of fuel and fire in the port
  • Rugby educates in values ​​in the CEIP Fernando Garrido (23/11/2017)
    The CRU Cartagena, through the ADE Program of the Department of Sports, has brought this sport to more than 100 children's schoolchildren
  • New girls 24 hours awareness against prostitution in the UPCT (23/11/2017)
    The director of the documentary, Mabel Lozano, has talked with the university students and the rest of the assistants about the trafficking of women and prostitution in this activity organized by the City Council of Cartagena, Cepaim and the UPCT
  • The Municipal Auditorium hosts a benefit concert in favor of the Prometheus Association (23/11/2017)
    The Symphonic Band of the Murcia Federation will perform on Sunday December 3 at El Batel, under the direction of Jóse Miguel Rodilla
  • The School Cross gathers some 1,500 schoolchildren of the municipality in the Speed ​​Circuit (23/11/2017)
    The event has been developed in a fun and festive atmosphere and has had the assistance of the Sports Councilor, who has highlighted the good atmosphere and the promotion of the values ​​linked to physical activity
  • The Inter-School Badminton Circuit of Cartagena begins (23/11/2017)
    The pavilion of La Vaguada School hosted this Sunday the first of the tournaments
  • The Luzzy Ficcmoteca projects The Other Side of Hope, by Aki Kaurismaki (23/11/2017)
    The film, which approaches the theme of refugees, can be seen this Friday at 7.30 pm, in the auditorium of the Cultural Center
  • Citizens collect the needs of the Neighborhood Association of the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood (23/11/2017)

  • COEC celebrates the XV Conference for business leaders of the Comarca of Cartagena (23/11/2017)
    The event will take place this Friday, November 24 between 9:00 and 1:00 pm in the Assembly Hall of the Port Authority
  • The Michael Nyman Band celebrates its 40th anniversary at the Cartagena Jazz Festival (23/11/2017)
    After the British concert, this Friday at El Batel, the Italian pianist Fabio Miano will also perform
  • Onirica Mecanica previews its Alicia and the invisible cities in Cartagena (23/11/2017)
    The cultural creation laboratory UtOpIA welcomed this poetic-mechanical adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic
  • Caravaca de la Cruz celebrates Santa Cecilia with a promotional concert of Between Strings and Metals (23/11/2017)
    The Chamber Orchestra of Cartagena performed yesterday at the Church Convent of San José de Carmelitas Mothers with the winners of the last edition
  • The Civil Guard intercepts in the act a transfer of hashish between two boats (23/11/2017)

  • The City Council will invest more than 80 thousand euros in improvements to roads and lighting in Ciudad Jardin (23/11/2017)
    The councilors of Sustainable Development and Quality of Life held a meeting with the neighbors to inform them about the ground of the actions that will be carried out in the next weeks
  • MC Cartagena will request that Casa Zapata be considered as an Asset of Cultural Interest (23/11/2017)

  • CTSSP demands the establishment of a Municipal Emergency Plan (22/11/2017)

  • Local Police of Cartagena locates a gambling den where the drug was sold in the Grandchildren (22/11/2017)
    The agents went to the domicile on the occasion of a judicial notification and upon accessing they found two subjects with drugs apparently ready for sale
  • The free activities organized by the Department of Education will entertain the children this Christmas (22/11/2017)
    From December 26 to January 5, they will be held at the CEIP "Vicente Ros" located on Calle Carmen Conde 48 and will be able to attend up to 35 children, between 4 and 12 years old
  • CROEM and COEC support the transitory rule of the PGOU (22/11/2017)

  • Awarding the cleaning of municipal buildings to FCC for 5.2 million euros (22/11/2017)
    The Recruitment Board has also resolved the adaptation of the changing rooms of the Mediterranean Urbanization football field
  • The UNED brings us closer to the legacy of the Enlightenment in Cartagena (22/11/2017)
    The course will be held from December 1 to 3 and is open to students of the Distance University and the general public
  • Citizens receive the Platform 'The prison is not sold' to listen to their demands and proposals (22/11/2017)

  • Social Services grants subsidies for more than 650 thousand euros to social entities, schools and senior clubs (22/11/2017)
    The proposal approved by the last Local Government Board benefits and supports the work of one hundred thirty one organizations
  • Published the schedule of the 6th day of the Regional Baseball League (22/11/2017)
    It will be held on November 25 and 26
  • The novel Salvacion proposes a poetic and surprising journey through the Camino de la Vera Cruz (22/11/2017)
    The work, by Miguel Sánchez Robles, is presented this Thursday at 8:00 pm at the Josefina Soria del Luzzy Library.
  • Cs requires the start of works to repair the pool cover of the Aljorra and that its provisional closure is valued (22/11/2017)

  • Jazz from the cradle in the Municipal School of the Barrio de la Concepcion (22/11/2017)
    The 'Pequejazz' program of the Department of Culture celebrates its seventh day of this second edition
  • With the jazz singer Sara Zamora in El Soldadito de Plomo starts the last week of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (22/11/2017)
    The Murcian singer will perform this Thursday at 22:00 and the concert ticket will be free
  • Juan Diego stars as Una gata on a hot zinc roof at the Nuevo Teatro Circo in Cartagena (22/11/2017)
    The play, scheduled by the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena, will be performed on Thursday, November 23 at 9:30 p.m.
  • The Polytechnic presents biological techniques that prevent soils with metals and hydrocarbons from being a source of contamination (22/11/2017)
    The UPCT works point out specific solutions for the plan for the rehabilitation of mining areas that will be implemented by the Community, according to the Director General of Environment
  • The Aljorra continues to celebrate its Cultural November with activities for the whole family (22/11/2017)
    The weekend took place between conferences, sports tournaments, musical performances and plays
  • EF Esperanza A and EFB San Gines 82 lead the classification of the XXV Regional Baseball League in pre-Benjamines A (21/11/2017)
    During the day the International Children's Day event was held in the José María Lapuerta Municipal Field with the collaboration of UNICEF
  • The mayor thanks her involvement to the people and entities of the humanitarian crisis device (21/11/2017)
    The first mayor has received the congratulations of the central government and has extended it to the people who have participated in the actions of the last days.
  • Cartagena signs an institutional commitment for coexistence and social cohesion (21/11/2017)
    It aims to support and give sustainability to a community process developed in the Barrios del Casco Histórico and Sector Estación that began its implementation on July 1, 2014, adding to 37 other territories of the entire State
  • The Luzzy brings children closer to a world of unlimited adventures (21/11/2017)
    The book 'Adventures of the Rufus pilot' is presented this Wednesday, November 22nd at 6:30 p.m., in the Doña Centenito library
  • Cartagena Piensa addresses the search for an ecosocial economy (21/11/2017)
    The director of the Fuhem Foundation, Yayo Herrero, offers a talk tomorrow at 8:00 pm at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Tenders for the consolidation of the walls of the old Plaza de Toros de Cartagena With a budget of 200 thousand euros, companies have to submit bids until next November 28 (21/11/2017)

  • The Local Government Board approves the presentation of a new EDUSI and the creation of a Technical Water Commission (21/11/2017)
    The green light has also been given to the creation of a dependent office of the Mayor's Office that will promote the conversion of Cartagena into a Smart City
  • MC Cartagena will propose the declaration as BIC of the Casa Maestre to facilitate the visit of Cartagena and tourists (21/11/2017)

  • Citizens demand compliance with the agreement to review the municipal playgrounds and the creation of the ordinance (21/11/2017)

  • The UPCT e-Sport triples its members and releases equipment to broadcast and comment on the games (21/11/2017)
    One year ago the electronic sports club of the Polytechnic, the only one in Spain with a 'gaming room' at the university itself
  • Continue the promotional concerts of Entre Cuerdas y Metals in Caravaca and Cartagena (21/11/2017)
    The Auditorium of the Conservatory of Lorca witnessed the talent of the first prizes in each of the modalities convened in the last edition of the Entre Cuerdas y Metals contest
  • Luzzy hosted a conference on Participatory Budgeting (21/11/2017)
    The person in charge of the talk was the president of the Council of Transparency, who was accompanied by the Councilor for the Sustainable Development and Transparency Area and the mayor of the Citizen Participation area
  • The Municipal Neighborhood Boards will have an increase of 15 percent in their 2018 budget (21/11/2017)
    The increase comes from the meetings held between the twelve Municipal Neighborhood Boards and those responsible for the areas of Decentralization, Sustainable Development and Finance
  • MC Cartagena participates as a guest in an act of recognition of the work of Unión por Alguazas (20/11/2017)

  • San Gines de la Jara pilgrimage to Caravaca (20/11/2017)
    The Brotherhood of Romeros of San Ginés de la Jara has organized a pilgrimage with the image of the Cartagena Saint to Caravaca de la Cruz on Sunday, November 26
  • Schoolchildren in Cartagena celebrate the International Day for Children's Rights with a march through the center of the city (20/11/2017)
    The itinerary has started from the beginning of Carrer del Carmen and has ended at the esplanade of the Port, where read a manifesto and various entertainment activities have been held
  • Desarrollo Sostenible carries out the asphalting of Licentiate Cascales and Jabonerias (20/11/2017)
    The sidewalks of Licenciado Cascales Street will be widened, to which will be endowed with a line of trees, LED lighting, new banks and parking-bikes
  • Film and design come together at the FICC (20/11/2017)
    The Cartagena International Film Festival begins a collaboration with the School of Design of the Region
  • The CIFP pavilion Hesperides will be evicted on Tuesday (20/11/2017)
    The mayor informs the neighbors of Santa Lucia of the reception device before the massive arrival of pateras to the coasts of Cartagena
  • Cartagena triumphs in Murcia Gastronomica with the recipes of its popular cuisine (20/11/2017)
    The exhibitor `City of Treasures' offered a tasting of the" galileas balls ", one of the most emblematic recipes of Pozo Estrecho
  • Citizens collect the demands of the neighbors of Carlos III and their complaints for the inconvenience generated in the skate track (20/11/2017)

  • The UPCT Social Council announces the Gines Huertas Martinez Award (20/11/2017)
    The award is worth 1,200 euros for students who have defended their Final Year Project or Final Degree Project and want to continue with their studies
  • Ivan Hernandez Ilan and Wafiya Benali win at the Artillery Cross of Cartagena (20/11/2017)
    Four thousand runners played the popular race in its sixteenth edition
  • Spontaneous and brilliant jazz on the stage of the Circus Theater with Aimee and Buika (20/11/2017)
    The two singers, each accompanied by an outstanding cast of musicians, showed their particular vision of jazz and the fusion of genres this Saturday
  • SAM Santa Cecilia from Pozo Estrecho delivers its 2017 Amigo Prize to the Councilor for Culture (20/11/2017)
    The ceremony was attended by the mayor and the councilor of Celebrations.
  • CTSSP will ask in the plenary about the actions of the government regarding energy poverty (19/11/2017)

  • The mayor is grateful for the work of the social entities to provide humanitarian assistance to the hundreds of people who have arrived on our coasts (18/11/2017)
    Ana Belén Castejón has supervised since yesterday the device in which beds and food have been fitted
  • Cartagena faces the massive arrival of immigrants with a special device (17/11/2017)

  • The official chronicler Luis Miguel Perez Adan presents his Photohistory of Cartagena (17/11/2017)
    The event will take place on November 21st at 7:00 p.m. in the Multipurpose Hall of the Municipal Archive of Cartagena
  • The City Council will dedicate a street to Luis Ruiperez (17/11/2017)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, announced today at the act of oath of the new members of the Bar Association
  • The Extraordinary Children's Plenary approves the motions of all the groups (17/11/2017)

  • The mayoress summons the social entities before the avalanche of immigrants arrived at the coast of Cartagena (17/11/2017)
    The meeting will be held this afternoon at the Town Hall
  • The Municipal Neighborhood Boards will have an increase of 15% in their 2018 budget (17/11/2017)

  • Manuel Padín accuses Urbanism's policy makers of paralyzing new investments and creating jobs (17/11/2017)

  • Archaeological Heritage proves the progress in the performance of the Wall of Felipe V (17/11/2017)
    Next year it is planned to conduct new surveys and undertake the musealization of the annex shelter of the Civil War
  • Cartagena will celebrate the International Day for the Rights of Children with a march (17/11/2017)

  • Traffic cuts in the urban center this Sunday on the occasion of the Artillery Crossing (17/11/2017)
    This Sunday, November 19, it is not advisable to circulate with the vehicle through the Old Town, the Paseo Alfonso XII, the Plaza Heroes de Cavite and the Calle Real de 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures prepares guided and dramatized routes for the December bridge (17/11/2017)
    The activities are oriented so that the familiar public knows the history of the city at the hand of a character of the time
  • The Luzzy hosts a conference on Participatory Budgets (17/11/2017)
    The head of the talk, which will take place this Monday at 7.30 pm, will be the president of the Council of Transparency, which will be accompanied by the councilors of Education and the area of Citizen Participation
  • Cartagena Firefighters conduct a course on the use of the semiautomatic external defibrillator - DESA (17/11/2017)
    The course is part of the '2017 Training Plan' given by approved medical personnel of Health
  • ... (17/11/2017)

  • New pavement in the greenway and the expansion of the Health Center, the main demands of Barrio Peral's neighbors (17/11/2017)
    - The Municipal Citizens Group has met with neighborhood groups to collect their main demands and needs
  • A score of cartageneras participate this weekend in the First Congress of Romani Feminism (17/11/2017)
    The councilman of Equality dismissed this Thursday group of women and encouraged them to take advantage of this meeting held in Madrid
  • The promotional concert cycle of the XXI Contest between Strings and Metals begins (17/11/2017)
    The first concert will take place on November 20, at 6:00 p.m., at the Auditorium of the Professional Music Conservatory of Lorca
  • Cartagena's cuisine is promoted in Murcia Gastronomica (17/11/2017)
    The inauguration of the port city's stand will be this Saturday, November 18 at 12:00 noon on the first floor of the Victor Villegas Regional Auditorium
  • Cultural November floods La Aljorra with cultural, sports, festive and leisure activities (17/11/2017)
    This weekend the program continues to animate the social life of the deputation with children's theater, adult theater, bike routes, conferences, paddle tournament, Desserts, excursions, flamenco party and conferences contest
  • Tambores Quillo offers a concert on the Plaza del Ayuntamiento on Sunday (17/11/2017)
    It will be at 12:30 a.m. on the occasion of his participation in the V National Congress of Processional Music Bands of the City of Seville
  • The Magdalena reveals Cartagena's bowling among the youngest (17/11/2017)
    The project 'Pasando la Bola' with which the Department of Culture collaborates has brought 329 students from the Azorín school to this traditional game of Campo de Cartagena
  • NAVANTIA inaugurates the "Alba de Mar" exhibition at the Cultural Center (17/11/2017)

  • The European Commission presents the new European Solidarity Corps in the UPCT (16/11/2017)

  • The UPCT starts an experimental desalobradora to reduce the brines up to 80% (16/11/2017)
    The waste generated by the researchers will be housed in a waterproofed reservoir to avoid contamination of aquifers
  • The Local Baseball League supports the work of UNICEF in favor of Children (16/11/2017)
    The event will be held this Saturday, November 18, at 11:30 am, at the Municipal Camp José María Lapuerta
  • Traffic cut between Gisbert Street and Muralla del Mar Street on Saturday 18 (16/11/2017)
    Circulation will be interrupted between 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. by the installation of a large tonnage crane
  • Cartagena awarded with the Entrepreneur Municipality Award of the year (16/11/2017)
    The award, also granted to the Águilas City Council, was picked up this morning in Murcia by the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón.
  • Cartagena brings to light fragments of great historical value of its amateur and domestic cinema (16/11/2017)
    The activity, which seeks to recover films in super8, 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm, is part of the programming of the Cartagena International Festival FICC46
  • Cs Cartagena gives its approval to the program for the return of talent to Cartagena that could go out to tender at the end of the year (16/11/2017)

  • The City Council installed next to the Palacio de los Deportes an old kiosk of the port (16/11/2017)
    The civil works for its subsequent tender will be completed during the next year
  • The XI Cartagena Trail has this year with three races by mountain with sea views (16/11/2017)
    This is the eleventh edition of the mountain race, which takes place on Sunday, November 26
  • Double program at the Cartagena Jazz Festival with Maria Arnal and Marcel Bages and the Brazilian pianist and singer Eliane Elias (16/11/2017)
    The day will be held this Friday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo at 9:30 p.m.
  • The Palace Hall hosts an extraordinary children's meeting on Friday (16/11/2017)
    Approximately a hundred sixth grade students of the CEIP San Isidoro and Santa Florentina will participate in a scheduled session that will also be broadcast on the Internet to mark the International Day for the Rights of the Childhood
  • The Community trains 23 unemployed people from Cartagena in the hospitality sector (16/11/2017)
    The participants have obtained a certificate of professionalism that accredits their skills to work as room waiters or cooks
  • Maria Jesus Achega and the Food Bank obtain the 2017 Voluntary Commitment Award (16/11/2017)
    The awarding of these awards, organized annually by the City of Cartagena, will take place on December 12 in the Culture Classroom of the Caja Mediterráneo Foundation
  • Navantia workers exhibit their works of art in the Luzzy (16/11/2017)
    This Friday the 'Alba de Mar' exhibition will be inaugurated at the Cultural Center, an event that will be attended by the mayor and the councilor for Culture
  • Born to be blue, at Luzzy's FICCMOTECA (16/11/2017)
    The biopic about jazz trumpeter Chet Baker will be screened this Friday at 7:30 pm.
  • Adjudication of the asphalt replacement contract in neighborhoods and councils (15/11/2017)

  • The Parchis emergency service workers demand more safety (15/11/2017)
    The mayor of the Health area, has attended in a meeting the proposals made by the professionals of the SUAP, while he has indicated his intention to hold a next meeting with the Health Area Management II
  • The New Girls show 24h seeks to prevent and raise awareness against prostitution (15/11/2017)
    The CIM hosts a sample of images of the documentary of the same name, which will be screened on Thursday 23 with the presence of its director Mabel Lozano
  • The ADLE closes its Cooking and Restaurant Service courses (15/11/2017)
    The event will be held in the training rooms of the La Milagrosa Building at 1:30 p.m. by the end of the course of 23 students
  • Cartagena will celebrate the elimination of violence against women to the rhythm of drums (15/11/2017)
    The act of awareness "What the power of the drums will put the spark again in your life" will be on Saturday, November 25, starting at 11:30 hours in the Plaza de San Sebastián
  • The Cofradia of San Gines de La Jara opens web page (15/11/2017)
    The virtual site includes a huge amount of multimedia resources and downloadable documents and also offers the option to register in the entity via 'online'
  • The City Council is studying the proposals of the lawyers on the City of Justice (15/11/2017)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, has met today with the dean of the Bar Association, José Muelas
  • The Luzzy hosts on Thursday the Affairs of Jesus Zaplana (15/11/2017)
    The writer returns to Cartagena to present his novel in the cycle "Read, Think, Imagine"
  • Geometry for children through the children's workshop of Drawing and Philosophy of Cartagena Piensa (15/11/2017)
    It will be given this Thursday at 6.30 pm in the Luzzy children's library
  • The formation of Maxi Caballero acts at the Off of the Cartagena Jazz (15/11/2017)
    It will be this Thursday at the El Cuervo hall, starting at ten o'clock at night.
  • Cs Cartagena wants to clarify in the next plenary the situation of the taxi sector in Cartagena (15/11/2017)

  • Water cut in the eastern zone of Cartagena (15/11/2017)
    Hidrogea has informed of the interruption of the supply that will take place this Thursday at 8 in the morning, with a duration of six hours
  • Wholesalers of cruise tourism point out the lack of investment from central and regional governments as a burden for tourism in Cartagena (15/11/2017)
    Shipping and wholesalers said yesterday that the lack of investment in infrastructure for the Campo de Cartagena, denounced by MC, prevents that the port of Cartagena is 'Puerto Home'
  • Miguel Martinez wins the II Photo Contest of the Association of Friends of the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena (15/11/2017)
    The forty-five works presented will be exhibited at the Enrique Escudero de Castro Municipal Archaeological Museum until December 16
  • Transparency approaches the schools of Cartagena (15/11/2017)
    María José Soler visited the Mastia and Patronato del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús schools
  • The ADLE celebrates the closing ceremony of its Cooking and Restaurant Service courses (15/11/2017)
    The event will be held in the training rooms of the La Milagrosa Building at 1:30 p.m. by the end of the course of 23 students
  • About 13,000 Cartagena fans enjoyed the goals of the U21 against Slovakia (15/11/2017)

  • MC Cartagena will propose new initiatives to continue unmasking the water network (15/11/2017)
    Cartagena's training will present motions aimed at continuing with the water service and that the courts decide on the extension of the concession until 2042
  • Reach with a wound last night on the A-30 at the height of the exit of Los Barreros (15/11/2017)
    The copilot of the impacted vehicle complained of severe neck and abdominal pain
  • The UCAM Athletics Cartagena Best Regional Team 2017 (14/11/2017)

  • CTSSP requests that the SUAP of Virgen de la Caridad not be transferred due to security problems (14/11/2017)

  • The mayor promotes Cartagena among those responsible for UEFA and the delegation of Slovakia (14/11/2017)
    Ana Belén Castejón has taken advantage of the official reception of the FEF to publicize the tourist and cultural benefits of the municipality
  • EF Balsicas and EF Dolores de Pacheco, first leaders in Benjamins A of the Liga de Futbol Base (14/11/2017)
    The CD Albujón, CD Algar, Cartagena FC and CD Lapuerta teams are also at the highest level tied in the standings
  • The City Council initiates the process to launch the Culture Advisory Council (14/11/2017)

  • Apart from nature, the persecution of homosexuality during the Franco period becomes an essay (14/11/2017)
    The Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center will host the presentation of this book tomorrow
  • The musical of La Bella y la Bestial arrives at Teatro Circo Apolo (14/11/2017)
    The Animagic company will perform in El Algar as part of its tour of Spain on November 18
  • IX Value Committee of the Volunteer Commitment Prize (14/11/2017)
    On Wednesday, November 14, at 10.00 am, Councilman Francisco Calderón and Councilor Carmen Martín will meet in the La Milagrosa building with municipal technicians of the council of this area in a Commission Valuer
  • Deslinde consolidates as an unmissable event for lovers of poetry (14/11/2017)
    The second edition of this poetic festival has exceeded all the forecasts of the Department of Culture
  • Okanlelogun 2, by Moises Ruiz, chosen poster of Semana Santa de Cartagena 2018 (14/11/2017)
    The work, a painting, has been selected today by the jury Tuesday, from among the eleven works that opted to be the image of the next passionate week
  • The mayor obtains 180,000 euros from the regional government to rehabilitate cultural heritage (14/11/2017)
    This money will serve to unblock the file of the Roman Amphitheater and to recover the Molino de las Piedras
  • Cs Cartagena celebrates the imminent tender of the project to create a free parking near the Santa Lucía Hospital (14/11/2017)

  • The culinary treasures of Cartagena will be tasted at Murcia Gatronomica 2017 (14/11/2017)
    The stand 'Cartagena city of treasures, my treasure is the taste' will show the cuisine of the region of Cartagena, from November 17 to 20, at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium
  • Cartagena Piensa teaches this Wednesday two music and astronomy workshops for children (14/11/2017)
    The Astronomy course will be held at the Pozo Estrecho municipal library and the Music Library at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Citizens criticize the lack of activity of the Municipal Council of Commerce and demand that it be convened (14/11/2017)

  • Schoolchildren in the municipality approach science in El Batel (14/11/2017)

  • For two days, the La Manga exit road will be cut off due to the paving works (14/11/2017)
    Until these works are completed, the vehicles will have to leave through Cabo de Palos, through Las Triolas junction
  • MC will demand RTRM fair treatment for Cartagena's clubs and respect for its fans (14/11/2017)
    Cartagena's training demands the resignation of the head of sports of Regional Wave
  • The Local Police will put a special traffic device for the football match of the U21 soccer team (14/11/2017)
    It is recommended to plan the trips for this event and go walking or use public transport
  • The Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia takes its series of Family Concerts to the El Batel Auditorium (14/11/2017)
    Tickets are on sale at 9 euros and a subscription of 20 euros for the three concerts
  • UPCT and University of Almería join forces to find solutions to the shortage of crop water (14/11/2017)

  • The Museum and Roman Theater of Cartagena advances in the visits of immersive virtual reality and vision of 360 degrees (13/11/2017)
    Three points are contemplated in which to employ these technologies and a hyperrealistic recreation of the monument as it was 20 centuries ago
  • Two children's poems bring nature closer to children in Luzzy (13/11/2017)
    The presentation of "La Granja de Laurita" and "Laurita farm pond" will be held on Tuesday, November 14, in the Doña Centenito library of the Ramón Cultural Center Alonso Luzzy
  • Cartagena is mobilized in the fight against diabetes (13/11/2017)
    The 'United for diabetes' march will start on Tuesday at 12:00 from the Town Hall and is scheduled to end at 1:00 pm in front of the Regional Assembly, where a manifesto for World Diabetes Day will be read
  • Cartagena Piensa celebrates an open assembly on Tuesday at Luzzy (13/11/2017)
    The project, in which the Department of Culture collaborates, presents a positive cultural balance and a consolidated project after a year of life, which wants to continue growing with the intervention of the citizens
  • The Bureau on the Feasibility of the Province agrees to work on the draft of a single document for the next meeting (13/11/2017)
    For the first week of December, it is expected that a text can be worked on, which will include the contributions and conclusions of each one of the parties
  • The next Governing Board will call 19 of the 50 vacancies of the Local Police (13/11/2017)
    The mayor indicates as objective to cover the vacancies as they are allowed by the prescriptions of the national budget stability law
  • Caja Oscura wins the Antonio Oliver Belmas Poetry Prize (13/11/2017)
    Its author, José Luis Vidal, will receive a prize of 5,000 euros and his work will be published by the Pre-Textos publishing house
  • The mayor welcomes the children to hold a children's meeting in the Palace Hall (13/11/2017)
    The students of 6th grade of the San Isidoro and Santa Florentina schools will hold a plenary session on Friday in which they will participate in representation of 4 rights-political parties
  • The Jimbee Handball Cartagena presents its new sponsor by changing its name (13/11/2017)
    The new sponsor has been presented this morning at the Palace Hall, this club with the collaboration of the Department of Sports.
  • Speaking of birds compiles the oral tradition about the birds of the Region of Murcia (13/11/2017)
    Gregorio Rabal's book is presented on Friday, November 17, at the Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena
  • Citizens bet on the region of Cartagena against the waste of the provincial councils (13/11/2017)

  • Manos Unidas Cartagena gathered several hundred people around its ninth Paella Solidaria (13/11/2017)
    The benefits will help finance an economic development project in Sierra Leone for the population affected by Ebola and mining
  • The residents of the Barriada Virgen de la Caridad held their IV Fair of Associations (13/11/2017)
    Exhibitions, music, dance, children's area with inflatables and workshops, as well as the stands of the associations, gathered on Sunday at the Explanada del Puerto
  • The Community creates six new population centers of Jara de Cartagena, a species in critical danger of extinction (13/11/2017)
    The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment expects to have a population of 350 'Cistus heterophyllus' at the end of the year
  • Cuesta Blanca hosted the 1st Meeting of Rural Women of the Western Zone (13/11/2017)
    The women's associations of the west of the Campo de Cartagena Region celebrated a day of coexistence to share work and experiences
  • The Corporation fulfilled on Saturday its perpetual vow to the Four Saints for St. Catherine's Borrasca (13/11/2017)
    On Friday there was a mass and a parade for the feast of the canonical patron saint of Cartagena la Virgen del Rosell
  • The III Meeting Galileo reunion to the associations and entities of Pozo Estrecho (13/11/2017)
    The different groups of the locality offered information of their activity in a day with music, workshops and magic attended by the mayor, the councilor of Social Services and the mayor of Equality
  • Cs Cartagena will take to the next plenary the delay in the payment of invoices from the City Council to the companies (13/11/2017)

  • The Efese takes the derby (13/11/2017)
    The team led by Alberto Monteagudo won 2-1 with goals by Jesús Álvaro and Aketxe in a clash marked by equality but in which the locals dominated the first act
  • Opera 2001 staged The Barber of Seville in El Batel (13/11/2017)
    The piece will be on Tuesday, November 14 at 9 pm
  • CTSSP bets on the region of Cartagena (13/11/2017)
    The municipal group of Podemos presents its proposal at the City Council Table
  • National distinction to a thesis on Corporate Social Responsibility (13/11/2017)

  • A for the full in the Cartagonova (12/11/2017)
    Cartagena has already sold more than 9000 tickets for Spain-Slovakia
  • Students of the UPCT show circuitlectronics that feed pets, water pots or ignite the oven (11/11/2017)

  • The Community finances 5.6 million euros for the residence and the day center of Canteras (10/11/2017)
    The counselor attended the representation of the theatrical group of this center in the 'III State Meeting for professionals in performing arts and social inclusion'
  • The Tourism Advisory Council of Cartagena continues with its update (10/11/2017)
    The session was chaired by the Councilor for Tourism of Cartagena, Obdulia Gómez
  • Adjudicated the improvement works of Paseo de Alfonso XIII (10/11/2017)
    At the contracting table have also been awarded contracts for the storm raft of La Aljorra Phase I and the installation, maintenance and dismantling of the Christmas lighting
  • Cartagena City Council receives the Igloo Verde Ecovidrio prize (10/11/2017)
    During the summer recycling plan, glass recycling increased by 8% compared to last year, with 929 tonnes
  • Colonize the Mar Menor with sustainable practices, objective of the board game that premieres the UPCT in the Week of Science (10/11/2017)

  • Metamorphosis of Cesar Nuñez will illustrate the poster of the Cartagena Carnival 2018 (10/11/2017)
    The poster has been selected among the 50 nominations submitted and will receive a prize of 1,000 euros
  • Demarcation of the poetry to the inmates of the Penitentiary Center of Campos del Rio (10/11/2017)
    The poetry festival in collaboration with Solidarity for Development organizes the microtaller 'Poets to jail'
  • Vermu Deslinde proposes music and poetry for the morning of Sunday (10/11/2017)
    In the Condesa de Peralta square will act the young artists Mery Salem, Yaeel and Ampi and Jorge Asmarats
  • The Corporation will fulfill on Saturday its perpetual vow to the Four Saints by St. Catherine's Borrasca (10/11/2017)
    The offering will be made during the mass in honor of the canonical patron saint of Cartagena la Virgen del Rosell
  • The poet Luis Garcia Montero participates this Saturday in two acts of the Deslinde festival (10/11/2017)
    They will be held in the morning in the Neighborhood Association of the José María la Puerta neighborhood and in the afternoon in the auditorium of the Roman Theater
  • The FICC46 presents an intense week of cinema with the projection of more than 80 films (10/11/2017)
    The City increases for this year its contribution to the festival, the most important and relevant of the Region, up to 65,000 euros
  • Tambores Quillo will represent Cartagena in the V National Congress of Music Bands of Procession of Seville (10/11/2017)
    The group will disseminate and make known the music brother that is made in Cartagena in the meeting from November 24 to December 3
  • The City Council prepares a road cleaning crash plan that will take place in 32 points of the municipality (10/11/2017)

  • The mayor appoints Ricardo Segado as first lieutenant mayor (10/11/2017)
    As promised, Ana Belén Castejón has signed the corresponding decree to reorganize the mayoral positions after reincorporating her maternity leave
  • A book gathers thirty years of history of the winners of the Oliver Belmas Poetry Prize (10/11/2017)
    The 'Oliver Brand' Anthology was presented yesterday at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center together with a sculpture that commemorates this anthology
  • The local police celebrate their patron San Leandro on Monday (10/11/2017)
    In addition to the traditional mass, there will be a magazine of troops and an institutional act
  • The counselor Noelia Arroyo visits the facilities of the Hospitality Santa Teresa de Cartagena (10/11/2017)

  • Manuel Padín: "We are facing a new political scandal in Cartagena that embarrasses and stirs our stomachs" (10/11/2017)

  • MC Cartagena celebrates that the plot of the water begins to have figures and names (10/11/2017)

  • Antonio Oliver Belmas International Poetry Prize fails on Monday in Cartagena (10/11/2017)
    In its 31st edition, a hundred works in the Spanish language have attended
  • The Mobility Board collects social support for the use of free public transport during the holidays (10/11/2017)
    The measure implemented by Desarrollo Sostenible made it possible for about 40,000 Cartagenaans to use the bus to travel during the festivities of Carthaginians and Romans, just as highlighted Thursday during the meeting of the Bureau
  • Noelia Arroyo intervenes in the presentation of the 46th edition of the Cartagena International Film Festival (10/11/2017)

  • Local Police of Cartagena reminds citizens to plan their trips for sporting events over the weekend (10/11/2017)
    Special devices will be set up on Saturday for the game between Cartagena and Murcia, and on Sunday for the Mar Menor Running Challenge and the Corpus Trophy
  • The Cartagonova stadium opens new facilities in "a historic renovation" (10/11/2017)
    The works have consisted of replacing the grass, reforming the benches and arranging the changing rooms
  • Four thousand runners will dispute the XVI edition of the Artillery Cross of Cartagena (10/11/2017)
    A QR code will allow the participants to know their classification in the popular race to be held on Sunday, November 19
  • The associations and entities of Pozo Estrecho celebrate their III Galileo Meeting on Sunday (10/11/2017)
    The different groups of the locality will give information of their activity in a day with music, workshops and magic that will be attended by the mayor and the council of Social Services
  • New location of the speed controls for the week of November 13 to 19 (10/11/2017)
    The Local Police has published the list of places where the radars will be placed next week
  • The Polytechnic challenges to demonstrate and apply its knowledge in Science Week (10/11/2017)

  • Giménez: "All Cartagena and Cartagena have paid with the receipt of water the exclusive and expensive trips of Barreiro" (10/11/2017)

  • "Modernism marked the light and the flower of the new design of the Cartagena thrones to differentiate and attract tourism in the 19th century" (10/11/2017)

  • COMMUNIQUE CTSSP on the latest news of the POKEMON case in Cartagena (10/11/2017)

  • The City Council of Cartagena presents its Sustainable Urban Development Strategy to social groups (09/11/2017)
    This is the project that will be submitted to the third call of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function for the selection of Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategies
  • The Neighborhood Coordinator of San Anton and the Mediterranean Urbanization, shows its work for coexistence (09/11/2017)
    The I Citizenship Fair, aims to be a meeting place in the streets of social entities with citizens, to give greater diffusion and visibility to the continuous work they are developing in the neighborhoods of San Antón and La Urba.
  • Five new officials take possession in the Town Hall (09/11/2017)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, has welcomed the new technicians of general administration, reminding them of their work in public service
  • The Luzzy hosts the conference on Felix Marti Ibañez, a universal Cartagena (09/11/2017)
    The talk will be given by José Vicente Martí Boscá and will take place at eight o'clock in the morning, within the program 'Leer, pensar, imaginar'
  • Cartagena will save almost half a million euros with the new contract for the concession of El Batel (09/11/2017)
    The public coffers will be relieved by reducing the contribution of the consistory by 200,000 euros and increase by 280,000 euros the cost of renting the building for the next five years
  • Flamenco, mathematics and photography in the cultural offer this weekend at the Archaeological Museum (09/11/2017)
    La Peña flamenca de Cartagena Antonio Piñana presents a book about José Menese on Thursday, and on Saturday there will be a mathematical gymkhana and a photography exhibition of heritage
  • Demarcation pays tribute to Bob Dylan with a concert by Fernando Rubio (09/11/2017)
    The acoustic concert can be seen for free this Friday, November 10, at El Cuervo bar at 11.30 pm
  • More than 1,300 children will participate in the activities of the International Day for the Rights of Children (09/11/2017)
    The Councils of Social Services and Education organize activities throughout November for Children's Rights that will culminate on November 20
  • Demarcation brings us closer to the perfect combination between art and poetry in the voice of Carmen Piqueras (09/11/2017)
    The Magic Mountain bookshop hosts the presentation, on November 10, the book `Twenty love films and a song by Jonh Lennon 'inside of the festival's literary program
  • Forty workshops and an exhibition of holograms show the technological innovations of UPCT researchers and students (09/11/2017)

  • Sustainable Development oversees the work that will improve green areas, asphalting and safety in Mar de Cristal (09/11/2017)
    Councilors and technicians have also visited Solana Street, in which an integral action is planned
  • The mayor inaugurates the IV day of the Federation of Mediterranean Women's Associations (09/11/2017)
    Cristina Almeida will give a talk on the day 'Not only woman, first person'
  • All the information of Youth, now to a click on the mobile (09/11/2017)
    Through the free app Clickea Cartagena, the Department will bring young people their offer of leisure activities and free time
  • Teachers from Turkey, Romania and the United Kingdom visit Cartagena (09/11/2017)
    The teachers' group, which integrates an Erasmus K2 project with several centers in the Region, has visited the Consistorial Palace on a route through Cartagena
  • The Chilean Martin La Roche will make a hat of an art space at the Ramon Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center (09/11/2017)
    The talk-performance will be on Friday, November 10 at 7 pm and will feature local artists such as Fernando Saénz de Elorrieta, Cristina Poulin and Sergio Uran
  • Cs lashes out against Industria for the breach of the amendment for the transfer of the Franco Deposit to Los Camachos (09/11/2017)

  • The Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena fuses poetry and photography in the exhibition'Paisajes con alma' (09/11/2017)
    30 creators of the Region participate in this exhibition organized in collaboration with the Cristóbal Gabarrón Foundation, which opens tomorrow in the Cartagena space
  • Cartagena receives the Vision Zero Municipal Award for having 0 fatalities in traffic accidents in 2016 (09/11/2017)
    The Councilor for Security, Francisco Aznar, received yesterday in Madrid this award, which recognizes the work of municipalities in road safety campaigns
  • This Thursday is presented in Cartagena Marca Oliver, the anthology of the 30th anniversary of the Oliver Belmas Prize (08/11/2017)
    The Popular University of Cartagena has published 'Marca Oliver', an anthology by Antonio Marín Albalate with a selection of the winning poets in every year of the three decades that he has already covered the prize
  • A white station will contribute to draw conclusions about the incidence of Bisphenol A in the municipality (08/11/2017)
    The data will be compared with those collected in the measuring station of La Aljorra
  • `The place of power, new activity within the cycle of Philosophy workshops for adults (08/11/2017)
    The` Cartagena Piensa 'program has organized a new session for this Thursday, November 9, in room 2 of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The beach of Los Urrutias regains its original appearance (08/11/2017)
    During these days is proceeding to the removal of the last artificial breakwater
  • Fedam organizes his IV day with the title Not only woman, first person (08/11/2017)
    The opening ceremony of this event will be held at 10:00 am at the Hotel Alfonso XIII
  • Repentismo, flamenco and poetry written by Alexis Diaz at the Festival Deslinde (08/11/2017)
    Alexis Díaz Pimienta accompanied by Charo Martín, will perform this Thursday, November 9, at 8:30 p.m. at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, and as part of the Deslinde poetry festival
  • The Luzzy offers a double proposal of Children's Theater within the cycle `Read, think, imagine (08/11/2017)
    The youngest will enjoy the storytelling` Chufaventuras 'and those over 8 years of `The sparrow and the poet', who will try to bring them closer to the figure of Miguel Hernández
  • The Agrupacion Musical Sauces celebrates Santa Cecilia 2017 (08/11/2017)
    The patron saint of the musicians will be commemorated with the collection of new musicians of the band and different musical performances
  • The Town Hall hosts on Thursday the taking of possession of five new technicians of general administration (08/11/2017)
    The act to be held in the plenary hall will be chaired by the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón
  • The City of Cartagena collects 800 euros in the cost of cancer (08/11/2017)
    The petition table chaired by the Councilor for Quality of Life, Francisco Calderón, along with the Social Services, Carmen Martin, has been installed in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Digitized municipal records of the first half of the nineteenth century (08/11/2017)
    The Integra Foundation has delivered this morning the files to those responsible for the Municipal Archive of the City of Cartagena
  • Public transport prices will not rise in 2018 (08/11/2017)

  • The Association of Women Cofrades organizes a round table on Equality and Holy Week (08/11/2017)
    The event is celebrated on the occasion of the XIII edition of the Prize Steps 2018 on Wednesday 8 at 20:00 hours
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures unveils the mysteries of history with activities for all the public (08/11/2017)
    This November, dramatized routes have been organized, as well as the IX edition of the Photography Contest
  • Maria Teresa Cervantes will have a place in Cartagena (08/11/2017)
    The mayor has received this morning to the poet Cartagena for the start of the record of honors and municipal awards, along with those of Ángel Roca, Carlos Gallego and Andrés Bernabé
  • Carte Noire stars in the day of the Off Cartagena Jazz Festival (08/11/2017)
    The concert will be on Thursday at Café Mr. Witt at 10 pm with free admission
  • Some four thousand students will meet at the I Week of Science and Energy of Cartagena (08/11/2017)
    The City Council and the UPCT collaborate with Fundación Repsol in this event that will be held from November 13 to 17 and includes workshops and activities aimed at students of primary, secondary, bachelor and FP
  • Tech Club UPCT is born, complementary training community of Microsoft (08/11/2017)

  • The XVL Diabetes Week will focus this year on women (08/11/2017)
    'Diabetes and women: our right to a healthy future' is the slogan that celebrates the diabetes awareness week celebrated in Cartagena from the 13th to the November 19
  • Cs Cartagena demands the inclusion of Cartagena in the Network of Friendly Cities with the Elderly (08/11/2017)

  • The Antonio Oliver Belmas Poetry Prize presented the Anthology for its 30th anniversary in Madrid (08/11/2017)
    The event took place in the Librería Lé and was run by the Councilor for Culture, David Martínez Noguera, and the director of the Popular University, José Macián
  • The Palace Hall hosts a seminar to promote the implementation of equality plans in SMEs (08/11/2017)
    The conference, organized by FEDEPE and the Ministry of Equality, is aimed at managers and human resources of companies
  • The soccer school of the New Cartagena FC inaugurated a new season with the celebration of its XXII Anniversary (08/11/2017)
    The event was attended by the mayor and the councilor of Sports, who took the honor kick
  • Carmen Piqueras, invited to the Mandarache Prize 2018 as a regional writer (08/11/2017)
    'Twenty love films and a song by John Lennon' is the work chosen for this section that disseminates the contemporary literary creation of the region among high school students
  • The Cerro de Los Moros will be reforested with autochthonous flora next December 3 (08/11/2017)
    The Mesa de la Reforestación held yesterday an extraordinary session in which the actions to be carried out were analyzed
  • The neighbors of district 4 prioritize the proposals for their neighborhood included in the Participatory Budgets (08/11/2017)
    The assemblies will continue being celebrated by the different districts of the municipality until November 10
  • Iberian Gangster takes the stage of the Apolo Circus Theater in El Algar (08/11/2017)
    The performance will take place on December 1st at 9.30 pm
  • The Polytechnic clarifies the purpose of the storm tanks and their environmental utility (07/11/2017)
    Experts in hydraulic and sanitary engineering offer to advise on the infrastructures that prevent the discharge of pollutants into the Mar Menor
  • CTSSP denounces the degradation of the rural area of ​​Canteras and the Rambla park (07/11/2017)

  • The goals mark the day of La Liga Comarcal de Futbol Base (07/11/2017)
    Almost a hundred matches have been played in this second day
  • The students of the Virgen del Carmen explain to the mayor their participatory budgets (07/11/2017)
    The boards of directors of the two student cooperatives of the center are in charge of coordinating this pilot project, by which all the students of the center will decide what a game is dedicated to municipal loan of 10,000 euros
  • Cartagena for the Charity appoints the Minister of Family honorary president of the association (07/11/2017)
    The Community finances with more than two million euros the attention to people at risk of exclusion in Cartagena
  • Open the deadline for submission of works for the Cartagena Transparent City contest (07/11/2017)
    The 2017 edition will be aimed at students of Primary Education
  • The City Council rejects the proposal to lower the water tariff (07/11/2017)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, has specified that it is insufficient and that the cost of the average invoice must be reduced even more
  • The International Film Festival of Cartagena approaches Korea through its cinema (07/11/2017)
    The FICC, which takes place from November 26 to December 2, presents 'Cartagena looks at Seoul', a recent Korean film series
  • Citizens demand the Government of Cartagena to advance in the development of new neighborhood councils in the municipality (07/11/2017)

  • Las Seiscientas neighborhood already has its own newsletter (07/11/2017)
    The publication will be biannual and will inform the neighbors of all the news of the neighborhood
  • The Municipal Archive collects rolls of Super 8, 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm to restore and project them (07/11/2017)
    The technicians of the project Cellular Memories will receive the films of all those citizens who come for its conservation and screening on November 22 with reason for the International Day of the Domestic Cinema
  • The painter Vichi donates 70 watercolors to the Association of Housewives to raise funds against childhood cancer (07/11/2017)
    The exhibition, which was inaugurated by the Councilor for Equality on Monday, may be visited throughout the month and the benefits collected will go to the Pablo Ugarte Association for the fight against childhood cancer
  • Reopens the office of the local police station in Cabo de Palos (07/11/2017)
    The facilities have been closed in October for maintenance and improvement works
  • Exposed the posters that opt ​​to be the image of Holy Week 2018 (07/11/2017)
    The Luzzy hosts this show until November 14 when the jury will announce the winner
  • Educajazz took to the streets with the performance of La banda de otro (07/11/2017)
    Organized by the Department of Education, the activity took place in the Plaza del Icue before a large number of children
  • School visits to the Security Park begin (07/11/2017)
    This year the Civil Protection facilities are added as a novelty to the tour
  • The mayor says that Cartagena has enough places to host so that the situation of this weekend is not repeated (06/11/2017)

  • Cartagena prepares for the beatification of the martyrs of the Vincentian family (06/11/2017)

  • Driver unharmed in a spectacular accident on the AP-7 (06/11/2017)
    The incident was recorded the previous morning before the departure of Vera-Almería
  • Between Strings and Metals celebrates its XXI edition with a tribute to Debussy (06/11/2017)
    Registrations are open until December 15.
  • The soccer school of the New Cartagena FC inaugurates a new season with the celebration of its XXII Anniversary (06/11/2017)
    The event will take place at the Municipal Sports Center of Nueva Cartagena on Tuesday, November 7, starting at 5:00 p.m.
  • Asido Cartagena delivers the Amigo Solidario awards (06/11/2017)

  • T-LA organizes a course to work with children and youth with disabilities (06/11/2017)

  • The plenary session approves the network hours of the brigades and the subsidy to the FC for the renewal of the Cartagonova grass (06/11/2017)
    The extraordinary session with these two sole issues and presided over by the mayor, was held this morning at the Town Hall
  • 50 posters aspire to be the image of the Carnival of Cartagena 2018 (06/11/2017)
    The works are on display at the Casino until November 10
  • Divan of contemporary Arab poetesses analyzes the role of women in Arab society (06/11/2017)
    The poetry festival Deslinde includes in its program for this Mars the presentation of the Syrian anthology Jaafar Al Alun
  • Cartagena will receive the Vision Zero Municipal Award for having 0 fatalities in traffic accidents in 2016 (06/11/2017)
    The Councilor for Security, Francisco Aznar, will collect this award tomorrow, which recognizes the work of the municipalities in road safety campaigns
  • Deslinde hosts the presentation of the latest issue of the literary magazine La Galla Ciencia (06/11/2017)
    It will take place this Tuesday at the Santos Ochoa bookstore at 8.30 pm
  • The Council of Equality promotes a campaign of non-sexist toys (06/11/2017)
    The workshop enhances the access of boys and girls to games and toys traditionally vetoed by stereotypes
  • Citizens facilitate the payment of overtime to municipal workers and a subsidy to FC Cartagena (06/11/2017)

  • López (MC) advocates increasing public employment to optimize the management and maintain the inertia of growth initiated during the Cartagena mayor's office (06/11/2017)

  • More than 1,500 people visit La Aljorra on the occasion of the I Fair of Cheese and Craft Beer (06/11/2017)
    During 12 hours the deputation Cartagena became a showcase of these products made with traditional techniques
  • A pupil of the UPCT Naval School advises the design of the submarines of the Taiwanese Navy (06/11/2017)

  • Asorcar opens new headquarters in Juan de la Cueva (06/11/2017)
    The association included the inauguration among the events to celebrate its 41st anniversary, in an event attended by the councilors of Social Services and Equality
  • Ana Blandiana participates in a meeting with 21 young poets (06/11/2017)
    The renowned Romanian poetess participates in the activity 'Café conversos' of the Deslinde festival
  • Good weather leads to a large influx of public in the Baroque Market (06/11/2017)
    Cartageneros and visitors mixed in the historic center with dancers, musicians and actors in costumes of the seventeenth century Europe
  • Tonight the exhibition of the eleven works presented to the poster of Holy Week 2018 is open to the public (06/11/2017)
    The exhibition can be visited until November 14 at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Rescued a windsurfer near Perdiguera Island (06/11/2017)
    Cartagena firefighters found the woman, in whose search Local Police, Maritime Rescue, Civil Guard and Civil Protection were deployed
  • The neighbors of the Barriada Virgen de la Caridad celebrate their IV Fair of Associations (06/11/2017)
    Exhibitions, music, dance, children's area with inflatables and workshops, in addition to the stands of the associations, will meet at the Esplanade of the Port on 12 November
  • The UCAM Athletics Cartagena renews its subsidiaries. (05/11/2017)

  • National deputies, organizers and councilors of Citizens visit the Military Arsenal and meet with Navantia (05/11/2017)
    - Miguel Garaulet: "from the Parliamentary Group of Citizens in the Congress of Deputies we continue betting on quality employment, innovation, and for the development of a talented business culture within the Region of Cartagena "
  • CTSSP demands that the City Council sanction FCC (04/11/2017)

  • The mayor of Cartagena deeply regrets that the Government Delegation did not ask for help before the massive arrival of immigrants (04/11/2017)
    Ana Belén Castejón will convene an urgent meeting on Monday with all entities and organizations that work with immigrants in the municipality to analyze what measures there are to adopt so that this situation does not happen again
  • The Provincial Court reopens the case against the PP in the western zone (04/11/2017)
    Estimates an MC resource for a work in Perín that began in 2014 before being awarded
  • Citizens request an extraordinary Board of Spokespersons with Adif to clarify how and when the AVE will arrive in Cartagena (04/11/2017)

  • The hospital complex of Cartagena adds a new teaching accreditation in Radiodiagnóstico (04/11/2017)
    In this way, the global teaching capacity increases in the hospital areas of the port city, which already have 24 other places authorized in different specialties
  • The historical center travels in time with the Baroque Market (03/11/2017)

  • An electronic book platform allows users of Campus Mare Nostrum to access electronic books and audiobooks (03/11/2017)

  • The mayor receives the poet Ana Blandiana before her participation in Deslinde (03/11/2017)
    Castejón has presented the Romanian writer with books by Carmen Conde and Antonio Oliver
  • The legal services of the municipalities of Cartagena, La Union and Fuente Alamo take note of the breach of the Law of Rosell (03/11/2017)
    The follow-up action took place within the ordinary meeting of the Joint Health Commission
  • The Cuesta del Batel will host on Sunday a competition exhibition of horse and carriage hooks of the time (03/11/2017)
    The event will take place in the morning and will begin with a presentation of the participants in the Paseo del Puerto
  • The Deslinde festival pays homage to the poet Francisco Sanchez Bautista (03/11/2017)
    The ceremony will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Ceremonial Hall of the Consistorial Palace
  • Neighbors of Barrio Peral show their satisfaction to MC for the investments in the area by value of more than 200,000 euros (03/11/2017)

  • The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment meets with the management team of the Repsol refinery in Cartagena (03/11/2017)

  • New location of the radars for the week of November 6 to 12 (03/11/2017)
    The Local Police has published the list of places where the radars will be during the next week
  • Hip hop culture meets this weekend at the Urban CT Fest (03/11/2017)
    On Saturday 4 and Sunday, November 5, free activities will take place in Cartagena for skate, parkour, trialbici and urban dance enthusiasts in two days full of music and activities
  • The residents of Canteras prioritize the proposals for their neighborhood included in the Participatory Budgets (03/11/2017)

  • Social Services and Proyecto Abraham launch the Educating in Family program (03/11/2017)
    For the fourth consecutive year, the association develops activities for minors and their families in the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood of Cartagena
  • Published the schedule of the 2 day of the Regional Baseball League (03/11/2017)
    Will be played on Saturday 4 and Sunday November 5
  • The fifteen young people of Mandatache Book begin the course with a special visit to ARQUA (03/11/2017)
    The City of Cartagena and the National Museum of Underwater Archeology ARQUA launch the second edition of this literary creation workshop
  • Raquel Lanseros presents her poetry gathered at Deslinde 2017 (03/11/2017)
    The event will take place at Palacio Molina this Saturday, November 4, starting at 7:30 p.m. and will be conducted by Joaquín Piqueras
  • Ricardo Segado (MC) shows the Palacio de Deportes to members of the opposition (02/11/2017)

  • The City Council seeks to promote necrotourism through a Master Plan for the Cemetery of Remedies Archaeological Heritage and Tourism have presented the actions that have been initiated to recover and disseminate the heritage of this cemetery and inc (02/11/2017)

  • Industrial students exhibit their ingenuity: candy printers and switches that do not need to be touched (02/11/2017)
    The students of the Polytechnic that participate in associations and teams show their creative and professional potential
  • The historic center will close to traffic during this weekend due to the massive presence of cruise passengers and visitors to the Baroque Market (02/11/2017)

  • Cartagena returns this weekend to the XVII century with a baroque market (02/11/2017)
    The event will be held in the Historic Quarter and will house 120 stalls next to theater, parades of soldiers, dances, storytelling, parades of masks, and many more activities charge of 5 companies of dance, theater and children's entertainment
  • Cs Cartagena inspects the Sports Palace with a technical delegation to assess its current status (02/11/2017)

  • Students of the first promotion of Experts of Mines visit the Consitutional Palace (02/11/2017)
    Reencounter in Cartagena, after 50 years, of the first experts of mines that studied in the city
  • Llega800 will perform free performances in the homes of Cartagena affected by the expansion of the 4G network (02/11/2017)
    Citizens can contact the Customer Service Center to request actions if they suffer interreferences in the reception of DTT as a result of this extension
  • Some thirty students will learn singing, dancing and guitar with the Flamenco Chair (02/11/2017)
    The inscriptions are still open for this course, which will conclude on May 31, and which includes lectures and demonstrations at institutes, as well as an End of Course gala
  • The mayor indicates the descent of the water and the improvement of the cleaning and transportation as the next actions of the Government (02/11/2017)
    Ana Belén Castejón, has closed meetings with the companies Alsa (public buses), Hidrogea (manages the water) and FFC- Licharsa (road cleaning) to review contracts
  • Z Fest winner of the T-La Program horror short film (02/11/2017)
    The show `Sometimes I watch shorts' awards the work of David Cordero
  • 4 + 1 presents a current vision of The Garden of Delights in the Luzzy (02/11/2017)
    The opening will be on Friday, November 3 in the exhibition hall and may be visited until December 20
  • The illusionist Daniel Collado acts in the Luzzy in favor of Apices (02/11/2017)
    The winner of the world magic prize in the last FISM championship brings his show 'Solidarity Illusions'
  • The Deslinde festival unites this Friday music and poetry in the concert Multiverso I and II in Mister Witt (02/11/2017)
    It will be this Friday, at 23,30 hours, and will be borne by Antonio Arias Nick and DR Montañés
  • Progress is being made in the preparation of the future bicycle circuit in Los Camachos (01/11/2017)
    Its construction will be awarded shortly and it will be ready for trialsin, bmx and mountain bike

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