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Cartagena News - April 2020

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  • The Cartagena City Council will celebrate a tribute to the victims of the coronavirus when the health crisis ends (30/04/2020)

  • Pérez Campos delivers 300 kilos of coffee to the emergency device (30/04/2020)

  • The Civil Guard cares for a disadvantaged family and the nuns of a cloistered convent in Cartagena (30/04/2020)

  • The UPCT will carry out online exams of more than 900 subjects in June (30/04/2020)

  • Estrella de Levante donates five pallets of water bottles to the Social Emergency Operative (30/04/2020)

  • The K1 Xsulao biker club joins the social operation with a pallet of baby products (30/04/2020)

  • The isolated police officers awaiting the Covid-19 test will return to work after testing negative (30/04/2020)

  • The coronavirus, the situation of justice, the castle of Los Moros, the inclusive pedestrian crossings and the school transport of the IES Bohío, attract the unanimity of the Corporation (30/04/2020)

  • The City Council urges the Autonomous Community to take joint action against mosquito pests (29/04/2020)

  • Two UPCT graduates, nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Foundation international award for young talents (29/04/2020)

  • Flexibility exercises from the hand of "Sport at Home, don't miss a beat" (29/04/2020)

  • The Cartagena criminologist Victor J. Navarro, visiting professor at the Universidad Simon Bolivar (Colombia) (29/04/2020)

  • The PSOE denounces the neglect and lack of action of the city council on the beaches of Los Urrutias and Punta Brava (29/04/2020)

  • MC denounces that the Government institutionalizes censorship and violates the constitutional right to freedom of expression (29/04/2020)

  • The municipal government will use 5.7 million euros from the surplus of the water service to avoid the problems of torrential rains (29/04/2020)

  • The Employment Agency serves 300 unemployed people and 235 companies with essential activities by phone during the state of alarm (29/04/2020)

  • The City Council carries out basic maintenance tasks, consisting of disinfecting municipal educational centers (29/04/2020)

  • The municipal government highlights the activation by the Port Authority of a "common investment plan" prepared together with Cartagena " (29/04/2020)

  • "Lights and shadows in the plan for the transition to a new normality" (29/04/2020)

  • The Governing Board approves the process so that businesses closed by Covid-19 do not pay the garbage fee (29/04/2020)

  • La Escuela de Fútbol de Nueva Cartagena aporta su donación al Operativo de Emergencia Social (29/04/2020)

  • Solidarity Masks donates 1,000 units to the Local Police, Fire and Civil Protection (28/04/2020)

  • Isabel García requests her resignation as a full-time councilor to resume her old job in the private sector (28/04/2020)

  • Logística Jorber and MadnessCoffee participate in the emergency operation with 2 food pallets (28/04/2020)

  • Infrastructures install led lighting in the roundabout to access the Santa Lucía Hospital (28/04/2020)

  • The Azohía Senior Club contributes its donation to the City Council emergency device (28/04/2020)

  • The City Council installs protective partitions in the medical offices of the region (28/04/2020)

  • The City Council offers psychological support in the face of problems arising from confinement and the pandemic (28/04/2020)

  • AMEP associates will be able to relocate their businesses in the Women's Nursery (28/04/2020)

  • The Language Exchange helps to prepare the Cambridge PET through an online workshop (28/04/2020)

  • A day in which there are no deaths due to coronaviruses in the Region of Murcia (28/04/2020)

  • The works of the new UPCT residence will give more than 100 direct jobs (27/04/2020)

  • Three people feed the 65 insect populations in the UPCT laboratories during confinement (27/04/2020)

  • Canceled the National Folklore Festival in the Region of Cartagena (27/04/2020)

  • Shoulder and back exercises in the daily session of "Sport at Home, don't miss a beat (27/04/2020)

  • Education helps underprivileged minors to receive their homework at home (27/04/2020)

  • Press release President of the LHICARSA Company Committee (27/04/2020)

  • After MC's complaint, the Government withdraws from the plenary session the compatibility of the director of the Municipal Legal Department (27/04/2020)

  • The companies Plus Lideragua and Voladuras Carthago donate 2 tons of food (27/04/2020)

  • The City Council redoubles its efforts to help young people access the labor market (27/04/2020)

  • City Council and Hostecar create a Technical Commission to adapt the terraces of bars and restaurants to the new situation (27/04/2020)

  • The City Council requests that protocols for the safe use of the beaches be anticipated when the bath is authorized (27/04/2020)

  • About twenty operators resume the maintenance of the coastline with new security protocols (27/04/2020)

  • COVID-19 coronavirus in Cartagena. Confirmed cases of infection in Cartagena (27/04/2020)

  • MC: 'La Trinca' wants to 'give away' the compatibility for private activity to the director of the Municipal Legal Department (26/04/2020)

  • Detained after trying to force the fence of a house in José María de la Puerta (26/04/2020)

  • Eleven officers await Covid-19 tests in police isolation for a trainee police officer (26/04/2020)

  • Juan Andreu Hernández y Cia donates 90 kilos of salad that were distributed through social entities (26/04/2020)

  • Children return to the streets of Cartagena (26/04/2020)

  • The City Council intensifies the disinfection of public spaces to guarantee the protection of those under 14 years of age who can already go out (26/04/2020)

  • Litoral resumes beach cleaning and will form mixed teams with CARM to remove algae (26/04/2020)

  • The farmers conclude their work with the disinfection of Miranda (25/04/2020)

  • The City Council enables a special service for the issuance of digital certificates during the state of alarm (25/04/2020)

  • The Government Board approves the rental of a second shelter for victims of sexist violence (25/04/2020)

  • MC demands a Historical Heritage Service for Cartagena and the Region (25/04/2020)

  • Almost 34 thousand children under the age of 14 will be able to leave an hour a day in the municipality of Cartagena starting on Sunday (25/04/2020)

  • 231 coronavirus infected in Cartagena (25/04/2020)

  • HM King Felipe VI requests that San Ginés de la Jara protect all Cartagena residents (24/04/2020)

  • The SABIC Spain Foundation makes a donation to the Holy and Royal Charity Hospital of Cartagena to contribute to the fight for COVID-19 (24/04/2020)

  • The Department of Equality publishes storytelling for Equality online (24/04/2020)

  • Vía Pública takes advantage of the reduced traffic to carry out minor works (24/04/2020)

  • The Civil Guard arrests three experienced criminals after trying to rob a house (24/04/2020)

  • FAVCAC is willing to collaborate helping older neighbors (24/04/2020)

  • Cartagena City Council invites to dance from home to celebrate International Dance Day (24/04/2020)

  • Acts to mark the anniversary of the patronage of San Ginés de la Jara in the city of Cartagena (24/04/2020)

  • Cartagena expands tax exemptions to SMEs, freelancers and merchants and exempts closed businesses from paying rubbish (24/04/2020)

  • The LimySer company donates two pallets of food to the emergency operation (24/04/2020)

  • The Cartagena City Council donates twelve ICU beds to Health (24/04/2020)

  • MC announces a round of contacts with various sectors to demand serious and useful economic measures from the Government (24/04/2020)

  • Education encourages schoolchildren to create a collective diary of their experiences during confinement (24/04/2020)

  • The Cartagena Table Tennis Club collaborates with the social emergency operation (24/04/2020)

  • More than 140 pre-university students meet at the UPCT's first Virtual Open Doors Day (24/04/2020)

  • UPCT professors propose to evaluate online and that the exams can finish in June (24/04/2020)

  • Coordination exercise routine for active older adults with "Sport at Home, don't miss a beat" (24/04/2020)

  • FAVCAC on the sale of 650 public homes belonging to the CARM (24/04/2020)

  • Cartagena employers value the economic measures proposed by the city of Cartagena positively (24/04/2020)

  • Entre Cuerdas y Metales postpones its XXIII edition to 2021 (23/04/2020)

  • MC encourages the City Council to subsidize the installation of bulkheads in municipal taxis (23/04/2020)

  • Communiqué from the College of Nursing before the "irresponsible" distribution of unapproved masks in health centers in the Region and especially in Cartagena (23/04/2020)

  • Core routine in "Sport at Home, don't miss a beat (23/04/2020)

  • Villalba families celebrate Book Day with a story (23/04/2020)

  • The Return of Talent program continues adding additions to the labor market (23/04/2020)

  • Statistics warns of the scam of a website that supposedly manages registration certificates in exchange for money (23/04/2020)

  • City Council and committee agree on an ERTE to save jobs in Cartagena, Puerto de Culturas (23/04/2020)

  • Cartagena celebrates its most virtual International Book Day (23/04/2020)

  • The City Council will adapt the subsidies for social entities to their new needs by the Covid-19 (23/04/2020)

  • The municipal government presents new measures to face the social and economic crisis of the coronavirus (23/04/2020)

  • THE COVENANTS OF MONCLOA "bis" (23/04/2020)

  • FAVCAC will continue fighting for the opening of Rosell (22/04/2020)

  • Communiqué from the Platform in defense of Public Health "Let's Save Rosell" (22/04/2020)

  • MC: PP, C'S and VOX lower health spending and forget social care and the way out of the crisis in regional budgets (22/04/2020)

  • Strengthen your legs with "Sport at Home, don't miss a beat" (22/04/2020)

  • Pharmacists collaborate with the City Council in detecting the elderly at risk (22/04/2020)

  • Sheldon Running Club donates 200 surgical masks to the Local Police (22/04/2020)

  • Reinforcement in the cleaning of the doctor's offices opened during the health crisis (22/04/2020)

  • Agrupal donates about 25 tons of food products to caritas dioceses of Cartagena (22/04/2020)

  • Coronavirus in Cartagena. Confirmed cases of COVID infection19 (22/04/2020)

  • VOX Cartagena requests an urgent Needs Plan for the La Aljorra Clinic (21/04/2020)

  • A UPCT thesis studies extracting metals from the Sierra Minera with hydrometallurgy techniques (21/04/2020)

  • UPCT Virtual Open Doors Day, this Saturday (21/04/2020)

  • The withdrawal of the Los Nietos hurdles begins, the elimination of which was demanded by the neighbors (21/04/2020)

  • More than a hundred volunteers are in charge of the operation of the Social Emergency Operation (21/04/2020)

  • Youth adapts its activities to new technologies (21/04/2020)

  • The Mediterranean Taekwondo Club donates 300 kilos of food to the emergency operation (21/04/2020)

  • PSOE: "PP, Cs and VOX vote against opening the Rosell hospital at 100x100" (21/04/2020)

  • The City Council will rely on the EAPN to improve information and the social response in the crisis (21/04/2020)

  • FAVCAC requests that the Municipal Bicycle Service be put back into use (20/04/2020)

  • The Teleco LAN Party allocates the 594 euros it has collected to ACCEM, the Social Action Volunteer and La Huertecica (20/04/2020)

  • Local Police vehicles are equipped with protection kits for special situations (20/04/2020)

  • The youth correspondents unite in front of the COVID19 (20/04/2020)

  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas launches a photo contest on social networks (20/04/2020)

  • The San Antón Senior Citizens Club joins the City Council emergency device (20/04/2020)

  • Education maintains continuous monitoring of the students included in the School Absenteeism Plan during the period of confinement (20/04/2020)

  • PSOE: "The government of Spain authorizes the use of the remaining cash and the budget surplus" (20/04/2020)

  • MC: "The vileness of Arroyo and Castejón, uncovered" (19/04/2020)

  • The ADLE will train Cartagena merchants in online business to help them overcome the COVID19 crisis (19/04/2020)

  • The 44 students of the Local Police Academy start their practices (18/04/2020)

  • Guillén Refrigeration donates an ozone generator to disinfect Local Police cars (18/04/2020)

  • Exhaustive cleaning in the Santa Florentina Market (18/04/2020)

  • MC demands the Ministry and the TSJ to reactivate the administration of Justice in Cartagena (18/04/2020)

  • Health strengthens its shock plan to prevent mosquito pests (17/04/2020)

  • More than 340 entrepreneurs participate in the digital meeting of the ADLE and INFO on aid and tools to deal with the COVID crisis19 (17/04/2020)

  • Pilates in a chair with ´Sport at Home, don't miss a beat´ (17/04/2020)

  • The City Council reminds street vendors that they should not pay quarterly fees during the state of alarm (17/04/2020)

  • The Civil Guard arrests a woman for the alleged theft of nearly 14,000 euros from an elderly neighbor of Los Belones-Cartagena (17/04/2020)

  • Disinfection work ends at ESPAC, the Fire and Civil Protection Park (17/04/2020)

  • A municipal campaign is underway to combat the increase in pathological gambling among young people during confinement (17/04/2020)

  • More than fifteen towns join the disinfection calendar (17/04/2020)

  • The mayor asks that Rosell continue to be maintained when the COVID-19 crisis ends (17/04/2020)

  • The VI Edition of the Weekend Dj is postponed to September (17/04/2020)

  • Hefame donates 500 liters of personal hygiene products to the Cartagena social operation (17/04/2020)

  • The City Council of Cartagena will celebrate Book Day with a week of activities through social networks (17/04/2020)

  • The Rotay Club of Cartagena collaborates again with the emergency operation (17/04/2020)

  • Navantia implements an exhaustive protocol for returning to activity with the maximum guarantee of safety for all workers (17/04/2020)

  • In Cartagena, 207 confirmed cases of COVID19 infection have been registered until April 17 (17/04/2020)

  • The number of families in need of support from Cáritas in the Campo de Cartagena-Mar Menor area increases (16/04/2020)

  • The City Council resumes urban planning procedures to promote economic recovery (16/04/2020)

  • The Islamic communities of Cartagena turn over with the emergency device (16/04/2020)

  • Great reception of the Talent From Home Between Strings and Metals initiative (16/04/2020)

  • Massive response from the university community to accompany older people by phone during confinement (16/04/2020)

  • The IoT Tribe Space Endeavor initiative will develop an ecosystem of companies for the development of space technologies (16/04/2020)

  • The Contracting Table advances telematically in the tender for the beach rescue contract (16/04/2020)

  • Afal Cartagena and region once again present their projects and programs in the face of alarm (16/04/2020)

  • Coordination and cardio with ´Sport at Home, do not miss a beat´ (15/04/2020)
    The initiative "Sport at Home, do not miss a beat" is carried out by monitors from the Sports Area of ​​the City of Cartagena to offer training routines during confinement
  • El Paso de los Elefantes and Asadero de Pollos Maribel join the emergency device with 4 pallets of food (15/04/2020)
    Vegetables, cookies and eggs, among the products that both companies have contributed to help families who need it most
  • Cáritas and the Red Cross intensify their collaboration in the City Council's Social Emergency Operation (15/04/2020)
    The mayor has indicated that networking is essential, which is allowing them to help more than six hundred families in the municipality, providing them with food, hygiene products and cleaning
  • "I did not expect the quarantine to be so long, fortunately, I already have all my notes" (15/04/2020)

  • COEC delivers 2,000 kilos of food to the emergency device (15/04/2020)
    The donation, made by the businessmen of the region, has focused on infant feeding
  • Censorship of José López's Twitter account, National Trending Topic (15/04/2020)
    "PP public officials celebrate censorship and do not stop attacking MC or the pandemic," denounced from MC
  • The Civil Guard detains a false health officer who was visiting Los Nietos-Cartagena to diagnose Coronavirus infections (15/04/2020)

  • The Neighborhood Council of Perín thanks all the neighbors for the joint work carried out (15/04/2020)
    The General Directorate for the Natural Environment has started with the signaling work for the ENP Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso and Roldán
  • The Mayor of Cartagena appreciates the patience and collaboration of the little ones during the State of Alarm (14/04/2020)

  • The Chamber of Commerce donates to the City Council more than 12,000 face masks and a thousand hydroalcoholic gels (14/04/2020)
    The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Miguel Martínez, has delivered this sanitary protection material to the Security Councilor, Juan Pedro Torralba, in the Park Security
  • The SABIC Spain Foundation donates four pallets of food and basic products to help with the emergency device (14/04/2020)
    The City of Cartagena, through its social emergency device, will be in charge of delivering these products to citizens who need it
  • VOX Cartagena requests free hotel rooms to protect the FFCCSE and the Local Police (14/04/2020)
    They will be aimed at those who believe they may be infected by the Coronavirus
  • ADLE and Info organize a digital meeting to explain to entrepreneurs and micro-companies how to access aid from COVID19 (14/04/2020)
    In addition to listening to experts, this Thursday, April 16, participants will be able to directly express their queries and doubts
  • Swimming and lateral kick exercises in the tenth session of ´Sport at Home, don't miss a beat´ (14/04/2020)
    The initiative "Sport at Home, don't miss a beat" is carried out by monitors from the Sports Area of ​​the Cartagena City Council to offer training routines during confinement
  • Education helps children to have fun at home (14/04/2020)
    In April different international days related to art, education or culture are commemorated, and the Department offers online resources to entertain the children of Cartagena
  • Number of coronavirus infected in Cartagena (14/04/2020)
    In Cartagena there have been 175 confirmed cases of infection with COVID19 until April 13
  • The businessmen of the Region demand the measures proposed by MC that were rejected by the Government (14/04/2020)
    José López: "We hope it is not too late when they open their eyes and begin to help Cartagena and not themselves"
  • The farmers begin disinfection work in Pozo Estrecho and El Algar this Wednesday (14/04/2020)
    Later they will continue to other parts of the municipality, following a schedule that initially runs until April 24, but to which more deputations and days could be added
  • The mask collection campaign closes with the participation of 33 pharmacies (14/04/2020)
    The initiative, launched by the City Council with the UPCT, has managed to gather more than 1,100 diving masks adapted to be used as an element of sanitary protection
  • The Department of Youth organizes an online session for young people interested in the volunteer program (14/04/2020)
    The webinar, organized by the Mobility Space together with the Euronation association, is scheduled for next Thursday, April 23 at 6:00 p.m.
  • The LGTBI Pride of Cartagena, ENORGULLECT, is suspended (13/04/2020)

  • Three mid-level routines in the ninth session of ´Sport at Home, don't miss a beat´ (13/04/2020)
    The initiative "Sport at Home, don't miss a beat" is carried out by monitors from the Sports Area of ​​the Cartagena City Council to offer training routines during confinement
  • Municipal personnel collaborate in the distribution of masks sent by the central government (13/04/2020)
    The 36,000 protection equipment has been delivered to the 27 urban bus lines, work centers and the train station
  • The Salve webcasts reached an audience of more than 90,000 people (13/04/2020)
    The initiative of the City Council in collaboration with the Board of Brotherhoods, the Church of Santa María de Gracia and the local radio station Onda Cartagena contributed to reliving the processions from home
  • The City Council launches the ´Culture at your house´ program (13/04/2020)
    Virtual visits to museums, theater, dance, courses or concerts are some of the resources that the Department of Culture makes available to citizens through their social networks
  • Youth launches 'Sexting Confinement' (13/04/2020)
    The program focuses on operating guidelines, precautions to be taken into account and the legal framework that protects the right to privacy
  • Jimsa joins the City Council's social emergency device (13/04/2020)
    The company in the Cabezo Beaza estate has donated 600 liters of milk and 600 liters of juice to families at risk of exclusion
  • The driver of a vehicle that was circulating at excessive speed in breach of confinement was detained (13/04/2020)
    Local Police verified that the individual, a young new driver, had already been denounced weeks ago for breaking the rules of the state of alarm
  • The farmers will collaborate with the City Council to continue disinfecting the towns (13/04/2020)
    The Board of Spokespersons unanimously approved accepting the farmers' offer
  • The City Council streamlines projects to accelerate investments and prepares an impulse plan for economic recovery (13/04/2020)
    From the consistory, the objective is to start public works as soon as possible and thus contribute to stimulating the local economy
  • Entrepreneurs request the City Council for a boost plan for economic recovery (13/04/2020)
    Fiscal measures, acceleration in the payment period to suppliers and a specific plan to boost economic recovery, have been some of the points addressed by the employers
  • The municipal Computing Service registers 1,200 requests and incidents of public employees since the beginning of the confinement (12/04/2020)
    The applications developed allow municipal employees to continue carrying out their work from home safely
  • Cartagena City Council firefighters disinfect the Local Police headquarters (12/04/2020)
    The tasks were carried out yesterday, Saturday, to reinforce the regular cleaning services to maintain the safety of the officials who provide essential services
  • ... (12/04/2020)

  • Activity AFAL Cartagena and region in period of confinement by Covi-19 (11/04/2020)

  • The prawn and resurrected salves close a peculiar Easter from home (11/04/2020)
    The City Council of Cartagena and Onda Cartagena retransmit today the last two songs from the open temple of Santa María on Saturday and Sunday morning
  • Families, home care and assistance in vulnerable neighborhoods, destination of the 707,000 euros from the Social Fund (11/04/2020)
    The Deputy Mayor asks the central government to allow the 3 million retained in Cartagena to be used against the crisis
  • How many coronavirus-infected are there in Cartagena? (11/04/2020)
    164 confirmed cases of COVID19 infection have been registered in Cartagena as of April 10
  • The bell tower of Santa María will premiere its noisemaker during the singing of the Salve Cartagenera on Good Friday (10/04/2020)
    The broadcast so that citizens can sing the typical song with which the processions are collected, will be carried out through the municipal YouTube channels and Facebook and Onda Cartagena at 87.5 FM
  • Education will send homework to homeless children (09/04/2020)

  • The touch of the dead will precede the Salve Cartagenera in the Church of Santa María tonight (09/04/2020)
    The event will once again be broadcast on the municipal channels of YouTube and Facebook and the local radio station Onda Cartagena on 87.5 FM
  • A municipal program puts university students on the phone to keep elderly people living alone company (09/04/2020)
    UPCT, UMU, UCAM and ISEN collaborate with the Cartagena City Council in the "telecompany" program during confinement
  • Surprised when he was robbing a store in the Station Sector (09/04/2020)
    Cartagena Local Police agents found the person hidden behind some boxes
  • Manuel Torres: "The municipal government acts irresponsibly" (09/04/2020)
    "By publishing on the municipal website the location of police controls to enforce the state of alarm"
  • A 90-year-old man rescued trapped with his vehicle in the mud for several days (09/04/2020)
    The Cartagena Local Police collaborated with the Civil Guard to extract him from an area of ​​difficult access in the Lentiscar
  • Volunteer firefighters make more than 2,000 screens not approved for health personnel (09/04/2020)
    These are complementary elements that in no case replace PPE and have been delivered to hospital services and health centers
  • The term of application for a place in the Nursery Schools will resume when the health alert ends (08/04/2020)
    Education has chosen to suspend this term, which had been extended until April 21, until the situation normalizes
  • Cartagena City Council adheres to the commemoration of the International Day of the Gypsy People (08/04/2020)
    This Wednesday, April 8, and despite the situation generated by COVID 19, this day is commemorated with a video in which residents and entities have participated of the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood, with the collaboration of Social Services
  • Routine of balance and stretching in the eighth session of ´Sport at Home, do not miss the beat´ (08/04/2020)
    The initiative "Sport at Home, do not miss the beat" is carried out by monitors from the Sports Area of ​​the Cartagena City Council to offer training routines during confinement
  • Salve Cartagenera in streaming to live this Holy Wednesday from home (08/04/2020)
    The Great Procession of the Most Holy Christ of Prerender, the most important procession of the California Brotherhood, will not go out on the Holy Wednesday, but the City Council will broadcast the Salve through from your YouTube and Facebook channe
  • Cartagena firefighters remove five swarms of bees from facades and public places so far in April (08/04/2020)
    This is a habitual action on these dates that does not pose great danger or threat to citizens, but must be carried out to avoid accidents
  • The PSOE thanks the municipal government for including their proposals in the Budget project (08/04/2020)
    The municipal budget project confirms that this municipal Government does not speak to us, but does listen to us
  • The Cartagena City Council moves the celebration of the Mucho Más Mayo festival to 2021 (08/04/2020)
    Due to the health crisis, it has been decided that the eleventh edition of the event, which was to be held in May, will pass next year, but will maintain the same central theme, Before the collapse.
  • The Cartagena City Council will strengthen the controls of this bridge with 172 agents (08/04/2020)
    The Local Police device will have up to 92 surveillance posts at the accesses to the coastal towns
  • El Batel organizes the children's drawing contest ´My auditorium and me´ (08/04/2020)
    An initiative in which children between the ages of 5 and 12 can participate, competing for three prizes
  • ... (08/04/2020)

  • The Government announces an economic plan that adds 16 million for investments and 14.5 million for families and companies (08/04/2020)
    The plenary session of the City Council approves the budgets for 2020 in its first blended session and telematic vote in its history
  • MC: The Government ratifies a propaganda budget that rejects rescue plans on the occasion of COVID-19 and that reduces social spending (08/04/2020)
    They raise the IBI and are opposed to offering aid to mitigate the economic crisis that SMEs, the self-employed and families will suffer
  • Young people from the Mandarache Notebook promote Words like Windows (07/04/2020)
    The authors of the Mandarache Prize literary creation workshop will recite their texts on Instagram during the confinement caused by Covid-19
  • Series of legs and lumbar in the seventh session of ´Sport at Home, do not miss the beat´ (07/04/2020)
    The initiative "Sport at Home, do not miss the beat" is carried out by monitors from the Sports Area of ​​the City of Cartagena to offer training routines during confinement
  • On Holy Tuesday you will also have your Cartagena greeting on the internet (07/04/2020)

  • 35 grams of marijuana intervened during a preventive control by the Local Police (07/04/2020)
    The agents who identified the driver of the vehicle where the marijuana was found confirmed that he did not fit into the assumptions allowed to circulate during the state of Alarm
  • The mayor calls for the installation of pontoons in the Mar Menor to flee the artificial beaches and reiterates the need for a Commissioner to be created (07/04/2020)
    The first mayor proposes that all the riverside mayors, together with the Minister for the Environment and the director of the Mar Menor, meet with the Minister of Ecological Transition
  • The Casa Tomás group donates 1,000 kilos of food to the Social Emergency device (07/04/2020)
    The food provided by the Cartagena company will be distributed this week to people who need it
  • A 51-year-old man was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a robbery in a tobacconist (07/04/2020)
    The Cartagena Local Police intercepted the individual after pushing a worker from the establishment and taking several packs of tobacco
  • The City Council increases the Contingency Fund to combat the social and economic consequences of the Coronavirus crisis by more than one million euros (07/04/2020)
    The intention of the local government is to approve the budget "as soon as possible" to start applying social aid and economic
  • "Solidarity applause" of LHICARSA and FCC Medio Ambiente workers in Cartagena (07/04/2020)

  • An online TFG from the confinement proposes improvements for a public park in Santa Ana (06/04/2020)
    The environmental contribution and the biodiversity present in an area of ​​25 hectares have been studied
  • Work on balance and stability in the sixth session of ´Sport at Home, don't miss a beat´ (06/04/2020)
    The initiative "Sport at Home, don't miss a beat" is carried out by monitors from the Sports Area of ​​the Cartagena City Council to offer training routines during confinement
  • MC proposes to increase social spending, reduce the corporation's salary and allocate it to subsidize taxes and fees for SMEs and the self-employed (06/04/2020)
    MC's amendments to the 2020 budget foresee revitalization plans and unavoidable works for the recovery of the municipality
  • Youth telematically maintains training for the Free Test in Key Competences (06/04/2020)
    Enrolled youth continue to receive teaching support at their homes to face the exam planned for the month of May that the SEF calls
  • Cartagena Civil Protection volunteers perform more than 2,270 hours during the state of Alarma (06/04/2020)
    Collaboration in the distribution of food, the transfer of medical supplies to hospital centers or the distribution of medicines to those who need it, are some of the services they provide to the municipality
  • The fervor of the Salve a la Piedad this Holy Monday is also broadcast online (06/04/2020)
    Through the YouTube channel of the Cartagena City Council, you can see a bolt of the Virgin of La Piedad and the Salve Cartagenera in streaming
  • I fill the extraordinary flight for the Italian students of the UPCT to return home this Wednesday (06/04/2020)
    Day 22 #YoMeQuedoEnCasa -The tickets for the plane that will take the students to Rome and Milan have been sold in less than 24 hours
  • The Cartagena City Council validates the highest transparency score for the third consecutive year (06/04/2020)
    It has been the first municipality in the Region to accredit all the parameters evaluated by the Infoparticipa Seal
  • His Majesty King Felipe VI calls the President of the Junta de Cofradías de Cartagena and Big Brother marrajo (06/04/2020)

  • Local Police increases controls on the coast (06/04/2020)
    This morning, it has identified 355 vehicles and 250 people, processing 24 complaints to citizens in towns that are not their habitual residence
  • The government adds the budget of La Mar de Músicas and tourism promotion funds against the crisis (06/04/2020)
    The festival is suspended due to the impossibility of ensuring scheduled international travel
  • Cartagena totals 149 affected by coronavirus until April 5 (06/04/2020)
    In Cartagena, 149 confirmed cases of COVID19 infection have been registered until April 5
  • VOX Cartagena presents an amendment to the entire City Council budgets for 2020 (06/04/2020)
    "More public spending and more waste"
  • The mayor demands from the Government Delegation more means and forcefulness to avoid the arrival of tourists to the coast (05/04/2020)
    Castejón recalls that if surveillance is not reinforced, the health of the people of Cartagena is put at risk
  • Extraordinary flight for Italian students to return home (05/04/2020)

  • The Local Police filed 52 complaints in the 31 controls mounted in the coastal area due to the arrival of tourists (05/04/2020)
    About 140 agents have participated in the operation since yesterday, Saturday, in which 640 people have been identified and 1,249 cars have been stopped
  • The municipal YouTube channel broadcasts the Cartagenera salve from Santa María tonight (05/04/2020)
    The City Council will offer live images of the ringing of bells and the opening of the church doors, in the face of repeated requests from absent Cartagenans
  • A person has died in the fire of an apartment in Cartagena (05/04/2020)

  • An 88-year-old man dies in the fire in a house in the Peral neighborhood (05/04/2020)
    Firefighters found his body on the kitchen floor with burns all over his body
  • AEMEDSA collaborates in the fight against Covid-19 by donating 100 chemical suits to the Santa Lucía hospital in Cartagena (04/04/2020)
    The personal protection material has been destined for the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital center
  • #CabildodelasMonasdesdeCasa (04/04/2020)
    The Royal and Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Risen has made this afternoon a special Cabildo de las Monas
  • VOX Cartagena believes that this is not the time to sit down and talk about budgets (03/04/2020)
    The City Council must address a Fiscal Contingency Plan and an Unnecessary Spending Reduction Plan, which guide the preparation of the budget
  • "On her great day the Virgin of Charity continues in a workshop in Murcia" (03/04/2020)
    Virgin of Charity Citizen Platform
  • Breaches confinement to go buy drugs (03/04/2020)
    Local Police officers arrested an individual who sold drugs on the street and denounced a woman for buying it in breach of the order to stay home
  • ´Holy Week at Home´ with the first processions and salve (03/04/2020)
    The mayor congratulates the people of Cartagena and Cartagena on their Big Day and invites them to relive the most intense moments of the oldest tradition in the municipality
  • The mayor requests the president of the FEMP to intercede so that the Government allows spending 100% of the surplus (03/04/2020)

  • COEC: The coronavirus crisis breaks the labor market in the Cartagena region (03/04/2020)

  • The City Council delivers 100 beds to the Hospital Santa María del Rosell donated by a businessman (03/04/2020)
    They are part of the 300 beds that Cartagena needed to reach the 1,000 beds planned by the Health II area to deal with the coronavirus
  • The PSOE in Cartagena requests the opening and full endowment of the Santa María del Rosell Hospital (03/04/2020)
    Manuel Torres: "We do not believe it reasonable to have to depend on anonymous donations to endow and open an altruistic public hospital, since it is the obligation of the Ministry of Health "
  • Posadas de España and Hotel Manolo donate 1,500 bath caps for sanitary use (02/04/2020)
    Both tourist companies in the city thus join in the signs of solidarity that have been taking place since the crisis caused by the coronavirus began
  • The Local Police will intensify the control over the people who take their dogs for a walk (02/04/2020)
    The Councilor for Citizen Security, Juan Pedro Torralba, remembers that they must be short distances and that the sanctions range between 100 and 30,000 euros
  • The SABIC Spain Foundation collaborates with the City Council by donating more than 20,000 units of personal protective equipment to fight against COVID-19 (02/04/2020)
    These are mainly polyethylene aprons and sleeves that have been distributed between Cartagena hospitals and the municipal logistics center emergency installed in the Central Sports Pavilion
  • The City Council will extend the schedule to celebrate weddings at the Town Hall when the state of Alarma ends (02/04/2020)
    Due to the cancellation of the ceremonies planned due to the health crisis, when everything returns to normal the Saturday agenda will have more hours to celebrate civil links
  • Theatrical programming of the Cartagena City Council postponed in April and May (02/04/2020)
    The three plays scheduled at the New Circus Theater will have a place in the new season
  • MC: The Government insists on approving its proposals despite the fact that they lack three million euros for social spending with respect to what was announced (02/04/2020)
    Isabel García: "They leave it to the opposition that the budget incorporates aid and social spending and we we are not going to leave Cartagena behind "
  • RTVE 2 traces the literary map of Cartagena (02/04/2020)
    It was this Tuesday on Page 2, the Spanish Television book program that deals with the promotion of literary culture, echoing in this case the one that takes place in Cartagena with municipal support
  • UCAM Cartagena promotes a #SemanaSantaOnline (02/04/2020)

  • The Government is betting on already approving the budget to guarantee investments that combat unemployment in Cartagena (02/04/2020)
    The councilor for the Treasury recalls that without a budget, works and job creation cannot be done
  • The City Council continues to work to maintain the largest number of events (02/04/2020)
    The Department of Culture sends a message of support to the world of culture at these difficult times for the sector
  • Urban Culture and Sports to combat confinement (02/04/2020)
    Youth organizes an UrbanCt Meeting for fans of sport and urban culture to show their creations
  • The Social Emergency Operation has attended to a total of 600 families with the distribution of food packages and hygiene products (02/04/2020)
    The distribution that has functioned agilely every day of the week, thanks to Civil Protection and municipal volunteers , to serve families that require special attention
  • The municipal nursery schools encourage and motivate the little ones through videos (02/04/2020)
    The teachers of the eleven municipal schools in Cartagena have recorded different videos dedicated to their students
  • FCC Business collaborates with the City Council leading a campaign for business donations (02/04/2020)
    The FC Cartagena business network provides 8 tons of aid in the first action of "Together We Are More"
  • The Cartagena Symphony Orchestra offers virtual Easter concerts on the Internet (02/04/2020)
    The profiles of the OSCT on social networks Facebook and Instagram will serve as a platform for the concerts, which will begin this Friday of Dolores
  • The solidarity initiative of a former UPCT student manages to raise 250 reels to continue printing in 3D (01/04/2020)
    They appreciate the disinterested collaboration of dozens of people;
  • The mayoress makes the system carried out in Cartagena available to the FMRM so that all the collegiate bodies can meet electronically (01/04/2020)
    Follows a protocol that has been designed by the technical director of the Information Security Management Committee of the Cartagena City Council by telematic vote
  • The mayor encourages on one side to decorate facades and sing the Salve during Easter (01/04/2020)
    Castejón quotes citizens to sing the characteristic Cartagena prayer during the ten-day processions, in which the doors of Santa María de Gracia will be opened for the imaginary exit from courtships
  • The Return to Talent Program to Cartagena continues with its activity during the Alarm State (01/04/2020)
    It will continue offering the orientation, support, prospecting and dissemination service of the program, adapting to the current circumstances of Covid-19
  • Youth postpones Museum Night until autumn (01/04/2020)
    The final date will depend on how COVID19 evolves in our country
  • Work abdomen and core in the fourth session of ´Sport at Home, don't miss a beat´ (01/04/2020)
    The initiative "Sport at Home, don't miss a beat" is carried out by monitors from the Sports Area of ​​the Cartagena City Council to offer routines training during confinement
  • Education teaches the little ones to make their own processions at home (01/04/2020)
    From the Department, this initiative has been promoted so that boys and girls can continue living Easter from home
  • The CAVI Cartagena reinforces its services during the state of alarm (01/04/2020)
    Increases its telephone lines by learning that demand is greater than the reception capacity
  • The Cartagena Fire Station increases protection measures due to the health crisis (01/04/2020)

  • The City Council joins April 2 in commemoration of the World Autism Awareness Day (01/04/2020)
    Promoting access to education and employment for people with autism spectrum disorder are the axes of the campaign promoted for the anniversary this year, which can be supported through social networks
  • Rogative to the Patron Saint of Cartagena, San Ginés de la Jara (01/04/2020)

  • Navantia and the Intercentros Committee have reached an agreement for the application of Royal Decree-Law 10/2020 of March 29 (01/04/2020)


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