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Cartagena News - March 2020

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  • MC calls on the Government to work together on the Budget and not announce unrealistic negotiations (31/03/2020)
    Jesús Giménez makes "a new call to work and rigor so that the people of Cartagena are clear that their City Council wants to help them"
  • The government is negotiating with the opposition to include more aid to the self-employed, merchants and SMEs in the budget (31/03/2020)
    'We want this to be everyone's budget and we are working on that.
  • The PSOE offers its collaboration to the municipal government to prepare the best budgets to face this crisis (31/03/2020)

  • Civil Protection carries food and hygiene kits every day to the neighborhoods (31/03/2020)
    On Tuesday morning, they delivered boxes of basic necessities to ten families in Saint Lucia
  • A former student of the UPCT mobilizes the Network to obtain material so that the makers can continue printing in 3D (31/03/2020)

  • Entre Cuerdas y Metales celebrates the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach with award winners from previous editions of the contest (31/03/2020)
    He will offer several performances throughout the day with the interpretation of works by this composer through Instagram and Twitter
  • The Subjective Room offers online visits to the exhibitions of young Cartagena artists (31/03/2020)
    The 9 creators participating in the initiative will guide viewers and explain their works
  • Learn to dance salsa in the third session of "Sport at Home, don't miss a beat" (31/03/2020)
    Yolanda performs a varied exercise table and Ana Belén Albadalejo offers a class to learn how to dance salsa
  • New donations of sanitary material to meet the needs of Cartagena's hospitals and essential services (31/03/2020)
    The material, received by the City Council, was delivered this Tuesday by Local Police officers to Santa Lucía and Rosell
  • Confraternity Contests in Confinement Time (31/03/2020)
    Our Resurrected Father Jesus organizes two children's contests (drawing and crafts) and a literary contest, to promote the brotherly sentiment
  • UPCT develops 3D adapters for snorkel type diving masks (31/03/2020)
    Day16 #YoMeQuedoEnCasa.
  • The City Council unites UPCT and pharmacies to turn diving masks into protections for toilets (31/03/2020)
    Decathlon full-face snorkel goggles can be deposited at Cartagena pharmacies to donate to hospitals
  • Defense is hiring the rehabilitation of the section of the Carlos III Wall of the Arsenal (31/03/2020)
    After the detachment caused by the recent rains, it is a question of starting the recovery work on the Wall, classified as a Site of Cultural Interest, as soon as possible
  • The Governing Board approves the draft Budget for 2020 (30/03/2020)
    This afternoon's session was the first to be held electronically
  • Social workers, police and 'homeless' applaud the work of the Los Habaneros hotel staff (30/03/2020)
    Homeless people staying at the "hotel-refuge" will continue to confine themselves to the hospitality of Santa Teresa
  • Virtual flags for Trans Visibility Day (30/03/2020)

  • Local Police formulates 127 complaints in the last three days for including the confinement (30/03/2020)
    125 administrative complaints and two criminal complaints have been processed, in the case of repeat offenders, in the different controls that it set up to enforce the measures of confinement
  • The ADLE enables a telephone and a website to advise workers, companies and the self-employed in the Covid crisis19 (30/03/2020)
    From 9:00 to 14:00 they will answer the telephone 968 02 11 29 and via email to Agenciadecolocacion@ayto-cartagena.es
  • Ricardo Fuentes donates two tons of food to the special device of the City Council to help the neediest families (30/03/2020)
    The vice mayor, Noelia Arroyo, visited the logistics center located in the central sports hall on Monday, where she thanked the generosity of this and other Cartagena companies
  • Warm-up and strengthening in the second session of "Sport at Home, don't miss a beat" (30/03/2020)
    Yolanda first offers the warm-up for the legs and later a series of exercises can be performed with glory to strengthen both the upper and lower body
  • COEC demands from the Government of Spain urgent measures in support of the company (30/03/2020)

  • The Youth Resource Portal keeps your information up to date (30/03/2020)
    Young people can receive online training, look for a job or scholarships, practice languages ​​or see how to properly present a resume
  • March 31 marks the International Day of Transgender Visibility, this year from home (30/03/2020)
    The City Council of Cartagena will use telematic means and social networks so that the Trans flag, which cannot be raised at the source of the Peral Submarine, arrives everyone
  • Thanks from the Federation of AA.VV, Consumers and Users of Cartagena and Comarca "Fernando Garrido" (30/03/2020)

  • The City Council activates the single telephone number for the attention to social emergencies during the confinement (29/03/2020)
    968 021123 is attended by officials who will support Social Services workers
  • Donation of sanitary material to Health Area 2 by the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce (28/03/2020)
    Among the products are masks, sanitizing gels, gloves, shoe shims and protective overalls
  • The Orpea residence receives security material to continue protecting its users (28/03/2020)
    The Local Police has delivered six goggles and 50 divers, with which the workers of the residence, which also has a day center, will be able to continue developing their work safely
  • The Cartagena City Council gathers all the information about the coronavirus in a space on its website (28/03/2020)
    A virtual assistant attends to consultations 24 hours a day about this disease
  • This Sunday the supermarkets will reopen in the municipality of Cartagena (27/03/2020)
    The Autonomous Community modifies the closing order after listening to the Regional Council of Commerce
  • ... (27/03/2020)

  • Cartagena Firefighters disinfect their facilities (27/03/2020)
    Disinfection tasks have been reinforced using water and bleach as an essential cleaning element in order to avoid contagion risks
  • The Mayor asks President López Miras to open all the services and facilities of the Santa María del Rosell Hospital (27/03/2020)
    She requests that these health units be fully operational to face the health crisis caused by the coronavirus
  • UPCT volunteers make single-use gowns for the staff of the Hospital Santa Lucía with plastic bags and adhesive tape (27/03/2020)

  • The Mandarache Prize vindicates the calm of reading and bets on virtual encounters (27/03/2020)
    The organization recommends reading to overcome confinement and as a refuge from information saturation
  • AFORCA urges actions on the heritage of military fortifications at serious risk (27/03/2020)
    The collapse of part of bulwark 9 of the Wall of Carlos III is only part of the elements included in its “red list” of threatened buildings and released in 2018
  • The film, The Year of Discovery, shot in Cartagena by Luis López Carrasco, wins the most important documentary festival in France (27/03/2020)
    The film had the collaboration of the Cartagena City Council
  • The sports instructors of the City Council propose exercise tables from the social networks (27/03/2020)
    Sixteen specialists make videos of physical maintenance in four specialties for healthy confinement
  • Education proposes the educational programs and didactic resources #EscolaresConIdeasCartagena (27/03/2020)
    The activities can be found through different hastags on the Facebook page of the Department
  • Teleco Lan Party 2020 is suspended due to the health crisis (27/03/2020)
    The twelfth edition of the digital entertainment event, which was to be held from April 8 to 12 at the Palacio de Deportes, is postponed until next year
  • The City Council thanks the professionals and encourages citizens to stay home to enjoy Cartagena more intensely (27/03/2020)

  • The Church increases support for vulnerable groups in Cartagena during this pandemic (27/03/2020)

  • The Murcian Health Service will use the residence on Calle Caballero for the coronavirus (26/03/2020)
    These units will be used by health personnel
  • Municipal workers, with the reinforcement of the brigades of the Ministry of Public Works, complete the recovery work on the La Azohía highway (26/03/2020)
    The road has been cleaned and vehicles have been recovered, which in the afternoon this Wednesday they were able to circulate normally
  • More than 50 people participate in the Social Emergency Operation that has distributed food to more than 800 people in one day (26/03/2020)
    Military of the Tercio de Levante and City Council workers, have started this Thursday the Social Emergency Operation, distributing food to more than 800 people from the municipality
  • Companies and citizens stand in solidarity to donate health products (26/03/2020)
    The Local Police took charge this Wednesday of collecting the material, mainly masks, gloves and disinfectant gel
  • 125 members of the forest brigades reinforce the cleaning and disinfection work in public spaces in the municipality (26/03/2020)
    At the request of the Cartagena City Council, the Ministry of Health and the General Directorate of Emergencies, they have joined the special cleaning device on Thursday 26 and disinfection by covid-19
  • The Nursery Schools donate 26,500 pairs of gloves (26/03/2020)
    This Wednesday they were handed over to the Local Police, which will distribute them among the personnel who need it
  • Youth prepares a Guide to healthy practices for young people (26/03/2020)
    With this decalogue we try to promote positivity during quarantine
  • The 092 registers more than 1,400 calls during the state of alarm (26/03/2020)
    From the Local Police, citizens are reminded to only use this service to communicate an emergency, for other situations they have other communication channels
  • Citizen Security proposes to the little ones to demonstrate their artistic skills by Coloring those who Protect us (26/03/2020)
    This is a contest aimed at the kids from Cartagena that consists of coloring the vehicles of the Local Police, Fire and Civil Protection and showing them on their windows and balconies.
  • The Teleco LAN Party 12 is canceled and will allow donating the amount of the tickets to support those affected by the coronavirus (26/03/2020)
    The organizers will return the amount of the tickets to the participants, but will also give them the option to donate it to non-profit entities profit
  • The PSOE in Cartagena asks the Ministry of Health to use 100% of the capacity of Rosell permanently (26/03/2020)

  • Telecartagena gives away 10 gigabytes to all its customers so they can stay informed (25/03/2020)
    The local company seeks to support its subscribers in the fight to combat the spread of the outbreak
  • The City Council starts a Social Emergency Operation to distribute food and medicines (25/03/2020)
    The logistics center is already underway with the arrival of the first 250 boxes to be distributed
  • Cartagena recovers normality after an episode of rain and wind in which it was possible to foresee the eviction of populations (25/03/2020)
    The mayor highlights the functioning of perfectly coordinated municipal infrastructure and services
  • The internships canceled by the confinement can be changed for other subjects (25/03/2020)
    UPCT students who are unable to complete them due to the coronavirus pandemic have the possibility of modifying their enrollment
  • The Jardines contracts join the disinfection work (25/03/2020)
    The troops will act especially in areas of greater concurrence in neighborhoods and councils such as health centers, pharmacies or supermarkets
  • Stay home with T-LA (25/03/2020)
    Youth has organized fitness, online tournaments, board games, music, poetry or young art that can be enjoyed through their social networks
  • The City Council suspends the collection of rent for social housing (25/03/2020)
    The measure will continue, at least, until the end of the health crisis
  • The City Council prepares to hold Government meetings, commissions and plenary sessions electronically (25/03/2020)
    The Data Processing Center has prepared a platform hosted on the City Council servers that facilitates the remote development of these meetings
  • Normality returns to Cartagena's roads except for the Siphon highway, which remains cut off by heavy rains (25/03/2020)
    As confirmed by the Local Police, the section between Las Tejeras and Molino Derribao has not yet been opened to traffic
  • The City Council informs Cultural Assets of the fall of a piece of the Wall of Carlos III (24/03/2020)
    As a consequence of the rain and wind this morning a section collapsed next to the access bridge to Navantia
  • The Local Police intensifies the security measures of the agents due to the coronavirus (24/03/2020)
    As of today, each of the four base stations in the municipality have infrared thermometers
  • The Department of Equality recalls that the CAVI continues to assist victims of gender violence (24/03/2020)
    It offers legal, social and psychological advice through the phone 968128820 and by email to cartagena@cavis.es
  • The UPCT makes the Alberto Colao residence for the coronavirus available to the Murcian Health Service (24/03/2020)
    The ten residents who remain in the university facilities will be rehoused in Calle Caballero
  • MC asks the local government for details of the 2020 Budget to check the announced data (24/03/2020)

  • The UPCT delivers 400 3D printed protective screens to the Santa Lucía Hospital (24/03/2020)

  • The Department of Culture extends the Classics at Home cycle, with local artists acting in streaming so that the time at home is more fun (24/03/2020)
    The concerts will be seen at 7:00 pm through the Department's own Facebook
  • Heavy rains of more than 60 liters cause road cuts in various areas of the municipality (24/03/2020)
    In the early hours of this morning, the AEMET has activated an orange warning for rainfall of up to 100 liters per square meter
  • First telematic defense of a doctoral thesis (23/03/2020)

  • The mayor reiterates the request to the regional government for the Hospitality of Santa Teresa to intervene (23/03/2020)
    Castejón has sent a letter to López Miras stating the need to use its infrastructure for homeless people
  • The FICC recommends one film a day to liven up the confinement (23/03/2020)
    Through the official social networks of the Cartagena International Film Festival, the recommendation of a film may be known daily while the state of alarm lasts for COVID-19
  • Sirens of encouragement to the heroes of the coronavirus (23/03/2020)
    Vehicles and members of the national and municipal security services in Cartagena paid tribute yesterday to health professionals
  • Local Police processed 165 complaints since Friday to citizens for breaching the confinement rules (23/03/2020)
    The 18 pairs of officers who were on duty during the three days came to identify 2,230 people and 2,017 vehicles
  • The Municipal Infant Schools launch videos with activities to make them easier at home these days (23/03/2020)
    Among the proposed activities include crafts, storytelling, songs and dances to keep in touch with the child population reinforcing daily learning routines
  • The Sánchez Casado Hardware Store donates 2,000 gloves to the security forces (23/03/2020)
    Local Police, Fire and Civil Protection have received 20 boxes of latex gloves to increase their security measures before COVID-19
  • The Week of the Historical Novel of Cartagena dedicates a Short Story Contest to Isidoro Máiquez (23/03/2020)
    From April 1 to May 31, the works that will compete for the prize of 150 euros with which the winner of the contest will be awarded may be presented
  • City Council and entities organize the reception and care of fifty homeless people (22/03/2020)
    Cáritas and La Huertecica put resources and volunteers at the service of the homeless in a residence and a hotel
  • Queues at the Santa Florentina Market, which has tightened its control measures (21/03/2020)
    Many citizens today opted to purchase fresh produce at municipal facilities
  • The PSOE in Cartagena shows its willingness to collaborate as necessary with the municipal government (21/03/2020)

  • A professor and a PhD student from the UPCT for the coronavirus return from the University of Nottingaham (21/03/2020)

  • Youth adapts customer service via telephone and emails (20/03/2020)
    Those interested can contact the different services such as Espacio Joven, Informa Joven, Participación Juvenil and Centro Juvenil de Canteras
  • Talents from home with Entre Cuerdas y Metales (20/03/2020)
    The contestants of this 23rd edition will share their musical pieces with those who compete in the contest through their social networks with the hashtag #talentosdesdecasaecym
  • Social Services will have more than 17 million euros to face the consequences of the health crisis, while the vehicle tax is postponed (20/03/2020)
    The municipal budget proposal that the mayor has delivered to the opposition today includes the highest figures for the decade, both in social aid and investments
  • The UPCT needs velcro, gums and acetates to finish the visors that will be sent to the toilets during the COVID-19 crisis (20/03/2020)
    The volunteers who are participating in the project to print the 3D material are asking for the missing materials
  • MC proposes a battery of fiscal and economic measures to alleviate the effects of the crisis in Cartagena (20/03/2020)
    López reiterates his offer to "work with unity and consensus to get out of this crisis and strengthen economic and social activity in Cartagena and the region, which so punished has got here "
  • The Local Police adds another 134 complaints for failing to comply with the confinement instructions since last Tuesday (20/03/2020)
    People transiting the streets without just cause, vehicles with more than two people and unauthorized establishments open, among the behaviors sent to the Government delegation for your sanction
  • The mayoress asks López Miras to intervene The Hospitality to give shelter to the homeless (20/03/2020)
    The Hospitality announced at the beginning of the health crisis that it closed access to new caregivers, remaining only the 25 people who at that time were in their facilities
  • This Saturday Bach Cartagena recovers the celebration of the European Day of Early Music online (20/03/2020)
    It will be held in the form of streaming concerts that can be followed on the Facebook page of the Department of Culture
  • Silver medal at the ISA-SAIT WORLD STUDENT GAMES 2020 in Calgary, Canada (19/03/2020)
    Silver medal obtained by a student from the San Juan Bosco Center in the eighth ISA-SAIT WORLD STUDENT GAMES 2020 in Calgary, Canada
  • The City Council delivers food to the children with a dining room grant and expands the service on weekends (19/03/2020)
    The service begins today with a lunch for 571 especially vulnerable children
  • Health will only keep 16 health centers open to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (19/03/2020)
    They will centralize the services of the 43 offices that depend on them
  • Households with positive or coronavirus quarantines should use only the green container and stop recycling (19/03/2020)
    The measure is adopted to guarantee the safety of the operators and to maximize health guarantees in the process of eliminating waste
  • The Navy responds to the mayor's request for help (19/03/2020)
    Infantes del Tercio de Levante join Cartagena in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus
  • The mayor calls an extraordinary meeting of spokespersons (19/03/2020)
    For security reasons, only one representative from each political group may attend
  • General Suministros Ballester and Soldapro Ball SL give disposable gloves, gowns and overalls to the Santa Lucía Hospital and to the Local Police citizens (19/03/2020)

  • Day 4 #YoMeQuedoEnCasa: An opportunity to telework and reconcile (19/03/2020)
    An opportunity to telework and reconcile
  • COEC appreciates the measures adopted by the Government of Spain (18/03/2020)
    More direct stimuli are needed for the most affected sectors such as commerce, tourism and self-employed entrepreneurs, among other sectors
  • MARNYS donates more than 120,000 units of sanitary protection material to the Santa Lucía Hospital in Cartagena (18/03/2020)

  • Urban buses currently maintain schedules and frequencies and increase safety and hygiene measures (18/03/2020)
    Depending on the evolution of the use that citizens make of this public service due to the current health crisis, possible adjustments to it will be studied
  • Culture launches Classics at Home to enjoy good music during the quarantine (18/03/2020)
    Local artists will act in streaming and their concerts can be heard through the Department's Facebook account
  • Suspension of the ecoparks (18/03/2020)

  • The Santa Florentina market reinforces its control systems for customers (18/03/2020)
    The food market remains open during its regular hours to cover the basic food needs of citizens and to decongest supermarkets and department stores
  • University solidarity to stop the curve (18/03/2020)
    Day 3 #QuedateEnCasa: Confinement brings out the most human side of UPCT staff
  • The OMIC in Cartagena continues to answer queries and complaints electronically (18/03/2020)
    Over the past year, it has managed 2,900 questions in person, especially telephony, administrative procedures, water, gas or electricity supplies, banks and insurance
  • CATAD restricts access to the public during the Alarm State (18/03/2020)
    It has also implemented minimum services for staff, in order to guarantee the assistance and care of the animals that are currently in the center, occupied almost at 100%
  • Three people affected by smoke inhalation in the fire of an extractor hood (18/03/2020)
    The incident was registered last night on a fourth floor of Cartagena de Indias street, without those affected, including a 16-month-old baby, having to be transferred to the hospital
  • Massive monitoring of classes and online tutoring at the UPCT (17/03/2020)

  • The mayoress asks the Government delegate for the help of the Armed Forces and the opening of the Naval Hospital (17/03/2020)
    The petition is based on instructions from the Spanish Government itself to create a social protection shield for the homeless
  • The service of the three mobile clean points in Cartagena is suspended (17/03/2020)
    The City Council temporarily suspends these benefits until the health alert situation ends.
  • The City Council pays tribute to Isidoro Máiquez by placing a biographical totem with a QR code next to his statue (17/03/2020)
    With this simple act, and the rest of the scheduled ones having been suspended, the figure of the famous actor from Cartagena is remembered this Tuesday, March 17, day commemorating the bicentennial of his death
  • Local Police process 31 complaints against citizens for breaching the confinement rules (17/03/2020)
    Go for a walk, come to see friends or girlfriend, have a few beers in a store or go to sell damaged devices to a junkyard, among the reasons
  • Municipal cemeteries will only open for burials while the state of Alarma lasts (17/03/2020)
    The deputy mayor and mayor of Health, Manuel Padín, has called for the responsibility of citizens and encourages them to follow the recommendations of the authorities to deal with to the health crisis
  • Cartagena firefighters give advice on how to cope with staying at home without accidents (17/03/2020)
    With these warnings, the aim is to remind citizens of the risk of suffering a mishap due to forgetfulness in the kitchen or overloads of plugs or devices
  • All centers and services of the Department of Culture are closed and suspended until normality is restored (17/03/2020)
    Following the instructions of the health authorities, cultural centers, museums and libraries, among others, are suspended until the restoration of normality
  • Suspended Easter 2020 in Cabo de Palos (17/03/2020)
    The Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Fishermen of Cabo de Palos, following the instructions of the health authorities regarding COVID-19, has made the decision to suspend all planned acts
  • MC: "The Court overthrows the procedure for raising taxes" (17/03/2020)
    Jesús Giménez: "Justice again condemns this despotic and incapable Government whose way of doing politics is unforgivable, as the Judgment itself affirms"
  • The Chinese community gives away thousands of masks to toilets and Local Police (16/03/2020)

  • The Deputy Mayor brings together home service companies to guarantee maximum protection against contagion from the most vulnerable people (16/03/2020)
    These services serve more than 1,800 elderly and disabled people in Cartagena
  • The administrative services adapt to the new situation of an administration without citizens in the offices (16/03/2020)
    A reduced part of the administrative staff has gone to their job, while the rest manage from home and are located
  • The City Council delays the approval of the municipal budget to adapt it to the needs generated by the health crisis (16/03/2020)
    The extraordinary session of the government board scheduled for Monday has been suspended
  • COVID-19 Repsol Cartagena measures (16/03/2020)

  • The UPCT offers its facilities to the health authorities (16/03/2020)

  • The day of Sunday ends with four complaints from the Local Police for failing to meet the requirements of the state of Alarma (16/03/2020)
    The mayor has once again called for citizen responsibility, highlighting the high degree of civility that cartageneros are showing
  • The waste from those affected by coronavirus will go exclusively to the green container and in hermetic bags (16/03/2020)
    The City Council establishes a protocol for the management of this waste to increase sanitary guarantees throughout the process and to the operators who carry it out
  • Civil Protection spreads the measures of confinement by all the corners of the municipality (15/03/2020)
    Three vehicles of volunteers with public address system of the group have traveled today neighborhoods and deputations warning the neighbors to remain in their houses
  • MC Cartagena proposes to make a useful budget from the unit to face the enormous challenge that all Cartagena people face (15/03/2020)

  • The municipal services of Cartagena will attend to the citizens telematically and by telephone (15/03/2020)
    Among the measures adopted by the City Council to contain the spread of the coronavirus, is the cancellation of face-to-face assistance in the municipal offices for the next 15 days
  • Cartagena reinforces cleaning and develops a waste management protocol for the sanitary crisis (15/03/2020)
    Disinfectant is being applied to containers and items used in garbage collection, in addition to benches and other elements of urban furniture
  • Navantia adapts its activity to the crisis situation by taking exceptional measures and for a limited time from Monday the 16th (15/03/2020)

  • The UPCT closes its facilities but maintains the activity of the University (14/03/2020)

  • Teleworking and essential face-to-face services during the closing of the UPCT to ensure the continuity of the activity (14/03/2020)

  • The Board of Brotherhoods of Cartagena suspends the celebration of the Easter processions (14/03/2020)
    The decision, due to the coronavirus pandemic, has been communicated to the Mayor by the confreres
  • Education extends the term of enrollment in Nursery Schools until April 21 (14/03/2020)
    This term was initially set until March 24 but, after the confinement decree and the state of alert, it has been chosen to extend it
  • The City Council recommends that people from Cartagena take extreme security and avoid crowds in supermarkets (14/03/2020)
    It is recalled that the supply of basic necessities, such as food and medicines, is guaranteed in all the municipalities of the Region
  • Without ORA for the next 15 days (14/03/2020)
    The Cartagena City Council suspends the parking regulation system in the city, to facilitate the population's containment measures
  • Social Service replaces face-to-face attention with telephone service points (14/03/2020)
    The measure tries to protect the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, from contagion
  • The mayor of Cartagena appreciates the responsibility and collaboration of the shops and hoteliers (13/03/2020)
    El Corte Inglés, Parque Mediterráneo and the main shopping centers in downtown and Ensanche have closed their establishments, as are the members of Hostecar, which has asked its associates to join this initiative
  • CARM activates the Territorial Civil Protection Plan and confines the municipalities of Cartagena, San Javier, San Pedro, Mazarrón, Águilas, Los Alcázares and La Unión (13/03/2020)
    The measure includes the closure of shops, leisure venues, parks and beaches
  • The City Council completes the containment measures with the closure of parks, libraries and offices and tourist centers (13/03/2020)

  • The mayor calls for responsibility and peace of mind (13/03/2020)
    Ana Belén Castejón reminds Cartagena that the minimum services, that is, food and pharmacies, will remain open, so there is no risk of shortages
  • MC Cartagena will request explanations from CARM for the withdrawal of the school bus that takes students from the Latin American neighborhood to El Bohío (13/03/2020)
    It will request clarification of the itinerary of all regional routes to guarantee equal treatment
  • Suspended or postponed the activities organized by the Department of Culture until March 31 (12/03/2020)
    Both the theatrical programming, such as Cartagena Piensa, Leer Pensar e Imaginar, and the activities of World Theater Day and the acts of the bicentennial of the death of Isidoro Máiquez, they are suspended
  • Statistics recommends requesting online registration certificates for school enrollments (12/03/2020)
    Coronavirus containment measures have limited attention to the public to only those made by appointment
  • The municipal government suspends activities of more than 50 people, closes children's schools and street markets and advises the elderly to stay at home (12/03/2020)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, has appeared this noon to report on the situation in the municipality of Cartagena by coronavirus crisis
  • MC: Joaquín Segado (PP) awarded the reform of the Port without a Culture report (12/03/2020)
    "An investment of 2.5 million euros compromised by the stupidity of the 'underformed' popular leader"
  • FAVCAC recommends that all its associations suspend those activities that bring together a considerable number of people (12/03/2020)

  • MC demands the immediate diversion of the high voltage line of the Polígono Santa Ana (12/03/2020)
    José López recalls that it only takes two members of the Government to include the item in the municipal budget
  • The Department of Sports announces the postponement and suspension of competitions due to the coronavirus (11/03/2020)
    It also includes the closure of facilities during weekends
  • Suspended the concert of Inés Moreno that was to take place on Thursday, March 12 at the CIM (11/03/2020)
    The measure has been adopted by those responsible for the UPCT
  • The VIII Hall of Manga in Cartagena is postponed on October 3 and 4 (11/03/2020)
    The event was scheduled for the last weekend of April at the facilities of the Municipal Sports Pavilion Wssell de Guimbarda
  • The triple concert of Lydia Martín, Marula and Amarela is postponed until Friday, November 27, 2020 (11/03/2020)
    The concert in the Cultural Classroom of the Caja Mediterráneo Foundation, which was scheduled for Friday, has been postponed for the month of November
  • The City Council reinforces the prevention service, establishes a safety distance for public attention and postpones meetings and courses (11/03/2020)
    The municipal government sets up containment measures to avoid contagion among municipal public employees
  • The UPCT postpones the massive events planned for this and next week (11/03/2020)

  • Senior clubs assume recommendations to suspend trips, meals and events (11/03/2020)
    The vice mayor met this morning with the president of the 43 clubs in the municipality, as a group most vulnerable to coronavirus
  • Local Police and Firefighters participate in a fire and rescue drill in the Mediterranean Area (11/03/2020)
    The events, recreated early this Wednesday in the underground car park of the mall, included the fire of two colliding vehicles and the rescue of their occupants
  • Social Services provides a training session on Health and Women for immigrant women in Los Dolores (11/03/2020)
    The talk, which took place this Tuesday by the midwife Carmen María Guirao, is part of the Promotion Workshop for immigrant women that take place in intercultural centers
  • MC will demand improvements for the deputation of La Palma in terms of infrastructure, road safety and communications (11/03/2020)
    Other initiatives refer to the installation of public lighting, cleaning of lots or determine a more appropriate location for the weekly market
  • The PSOE of Cartagena expresses its express support for municipal workers in the defense of their just claims (11/03/2020)
    The Socialists of Cartagena have the firm conviction that the negative influence of the PP on the municipal coalition government and the regressive policies of the right , are the cause of the suspension of the agreement
  • José López confirms to SABIC's company committee the backing of MC Cartagena to his claims (11/03/2020)
    Demands the involvement of administrations in this crisis and reminds the company of its debt to the environment due to the polluting nature of its activity
  • The 125th Anniversary of the sinking of the Regent Queen is celebrated (11/03/2020)
    On March 25 a conference will be held in the Assembly Hall of the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country of Cartagena at 7:00 pm
  • An intimate conviction, an allegation about justice, last screening of the quarter in the Ficcmoteca (11/03/2020)
    Antoine Rimbault's film can be seen this Friday in the auditorium of Luzzy, at 8 pm, with free admission.
  • Cartagena's chronicler Francisco José Franco Fernández presents his book The Modernist Dream: La Unión y Cartagena, 1874-1936 (11/03/2020)
    The event, included in the Cartagena Piensa program, will take place this Friday at the Casino del Llano del Beal at 7 pm
  • The Municipal Archive chooses as document of the month the one that in 1910 realized the existence of several cases of syphilis in the city (11/03/2020)
    As for the video of the month, it dates from 1991 and collects images of the Horse Fair that was installed on the dock of Alfonso XII
  • PSOE: "The Ministry of Education leaves the new students of IES El Bohío without school transport" (11/03/2020)

  • Suspended the visit of German students to the City Hall (11/03/2020)

  • Consistent with the pronouncement of the health authorities, MC postpones the activities organized over the next 10 days (11/03/2020)
    The decision responds to the measures taken by the authorities to prevent the transmission of COVID-19
  • The City Council recommends avoiding agglomerations and increasing hygienic measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus (10/03/2020)
    The local government promotes a coordination cabinet with the different municipal services in continuous contact with the health authorities
  • Fire in a basement with 200 parking spaces in Mediterranean Urbanization (10/03/2020)
    The Cartagena Firefighters have had to use autonomous oxygen groups to quell the flames due to smoke
  • The selective collection of containers in Cartagena grows by 20% compared to the previous year (10/03/2020)
    City Hall, Ecoembes and Hostecar will promote greater recycling in bars, hotels and restaurants, by placing new containers
  • Sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and sustainability, main axes of the Action Plan to Combat Climate Change (10/03/2020)

  • Cartagena will commemorate the Bicentennial of the death of Isidoro Máiquez with a program of cultural events (10/03/2020)
    The Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena coordinates this program which will include exhibitions, book presentations, round tables and informative workshops
  • Students of the Atalaya School walk through the red carpet of their III Awards for the best Mathematical Shorts (10/03/2020)
    The thematic axis of this third edition was fantasy, therefore, students have mixed magic with mathematics
  • Inés Moreno offers a concert for the European Baroque at the Bach Cartagena (10/03/2020)
    The appointment is this Thursday, 12 at 7:30 p.m. in the Isaac Peral room of the former Mariner Instruction Barracks
  • They agree to suspend the inaugural concert of the Bach Cartagena old music cycle (10/03/2020)

  • The students of the Itinere Order Management course already have their diplomas (10/03/2020)
    The training activities developed within the 4th Youth Employment Dynamization Day are nearing completion
  • Local Police and Firefighters participate in a fire drill in the Mediterranean Area (10/03/2020)
    It will be this Wednesday, from 8.30 am, in the underground parking of the shopping center
  • The meetings Sport + Nutrition = Health of the ADE program arrive at CEIP Alumbres (10/03/2020)
    The talk, organized by the Department of Sports, took place this Monday by the expert nutritionist Víctor Serrano
  • COEC and the Instituto de Fomento present Cartagena's entrepreneurs with the help to improve energy efficiency (10/03/2020)

  • Lydia Martín, Marula and Amarela make women visible in music with a triple concert (10/03/2020)
    The concert, which will be this Friday, is one of those that make up the program of activities organized by the Department of Equality of the City of Cartagena
  • Aid to improve energy efficiency (10/03/2020)
    Industry presents to the representatives of Cartagena's business organizations the line of aid to improve energy efficiency
  • Between the Strings and Metals semifinals begin with the String mode (10/03/2020)
    It will be this Thursday, in the Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music of Cartagena, with free admission until full capacity is reached
  • The Local Police joins the new DGT campaign to monitor the Child Safety Belt and Retention Systems (10/03/2020)
    The controls are being carried out from March 9 to 15
  • David Lozano, finalist of the Hache Prize, visited about thirty young people from Intercultural Centers (10/03/2020)

  • The ADLE organizes Vocational Guidance Week to advise on labor and professional matters (10/03/2020)
    The objective of this week, which is already underway until March 16, is to help all those who need advice on labor or professional matters
  • Three painters receive the prize of the Association of Housewives of Cartagena for their work in favor of equality (10/03/2020)
    The winners were the Peruvian artist based in Murcia Araceli Reverte, the Cartagena Rosana Sitcha and Murcia Guillermina Sánchez
  • AD La Unión, AD San ​​Cristóbal and FC Pinatar dispute the league in the female category (10/03/2020)
    On the last day at Campo San Juan Bosco de los Dolores, international women's day was celebrated with the EF Dolorense match and FC Cartagena Foundation "B"
  • A 'Snow White' that breaks the classic female roles (10/03/2020)
    A children's musical that will take place at the New Teatro Circo de Cartagena
  • The Route of Strengths is postponed to October 24 (09/03/2020)
    The test, to be held on March 28, is delayed to avoid the risk of infection by the coronavirus
  • The Cultural Week of Elders of La Palma starts (09/03/2020)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, has been in charge of inaugurating activities that include board games championships, floral offerings, coexistence, processions and talks
  • The violinist Lina Tur, together with the harpsichordist Dani Espasa, opens the new edition of the Bach Cartagena (09/03/2020)
    The patio of the Regional Assembly hosts on Wednesday March 11 the inauguration of the festival
  • Gala awards ceremony for the Mathematical Shorts of the Atalaya College (09/03/2020)
    Elementary students and their families have prepared these materials that will be awarded during a glamorous ceremony at the UPCT Paraninfo
  • MC: The internal struggles of 'La Trinca' prevent the budget from being square nine months later (09/03/2020)
    Transfugas, PP and C's continue the institutional collapse for the third consecutive year
  • The Mediterranean IES celebrates its X Literary Week (09/03/2020)

  • On Tuesday the deadline to participate in the Young Extraordinary Prize of Cartagena ends (09/03/2020)
    The awards aim to recognize the figure of the youth of the municipality who have stood out throughout 2019 in different fields
  • Irrigation in the Cartagena Field will be regulated with more than 500 probes that save water and minimize nutrient drainage to the aquifer (09/03/2020)
    They will cover a cultivation area of ​​36,200 hectares and transfer the data by radio signal to the Irrigation Community and farm owners
  • UCAM Cartagena and the Sailing Federation organize a practical workshop on meteorology applied to high altitude navigation (09/03/2020)

  • Luis González-Adalid presents the Celebration photo book at Muram, his latest graphic creation (09/03/2020)
    The event, included in the Cartagena Piensa program, will take place this Thursday
  • The writer Álvaro Nuñez visits the Municipal Libraries of Cartagena this week (09/03/2020)
    The meetings with the author continue on March 11 and 12 with students of 4th grade of the Cartagena schools and their region
  • The 3rd Edition of + Q Musas Fest raises a thousand euros to help women who suffer ill-treatment (09/03/2020)
    The musical event, which was held this Saturday as part of the activities prior to International Women's Day, sold out and gathered hundreds of people in the Patio of the Faculty of Business Sciences
  • A thousand protesters take to the streets on International Women's Day (09/03/2020)
    The demonstration, this Sunday, March 8, was led by the Cartagena women's association 'Clara Campoamor'
  • The Resurrexit opens the acts of the Brotherhoods in the face of Holy Week (09/03/2020)
    It is the most important liturgical act of the Brotherhood of the Risen, attended by processionists as well as civil and military authorities, was held this Saturday in Santa María
  • The Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country of Cartagena organizes its Women's Week (09/03/2020)

  • The activities of the bicentennial of Máiquez begin (09/03/2020)
    On Tuesday a press conference will be offered in the San Francisco square, where in addition to presenting the program, there will be a theatrical performance and live painting
  • A cartagenera, first commander of the CN235 maritime surveillance aircraft of the 82 Wing Group 46 (09/03/2020)

  • Isabel Andreu: "The PSE in Cartagena has been present at the demonstration on March 8 where a great feminist atmosphere has been breathed" (08/03/2020)
    Marta García: "Once again in Cartagena it has been heard and seen that in the fight for equality we are all united. "
  • Jaime García, elected head of the Association of Civil Protection Volunteers of Cartagena (07/03/2020)
    His appointment took place this morning in a general assembly of the group chaired by the Councilor for Security, Juan Pedro Torralba
  • UPCT teachers are involved in the ´Voces Invisibles´ project, starring Colombian women in conflict zone (07/03/2020)

  • MC claims that the Port of Cartagena invests in the development of the ZAL as is the case in Tarragona (07/03/2020)
    Jesús Giménez: "It is ridiculous that the rail connection to Escombreras or the Camarillas variant be financed and the connection of merchandise from the ZAL because they don't want Cartagena to breathe "
  • Cartagena will promote a socially efficient and more accessible contracting system for SMEs (07/03/2020)
    The Cartagena City Council is already working on the design of the new Municipal Contracting Strategy
  • The streets of Aire and Cuatro Santos are open to traffic (06/03/2020)
    Urban planning verifies that the company that owns the property has adopted the necessary security measures to allow the passage of vehicles and pedestrians, while the interior demolition of the building continues
  • The Cartagena Fire Department registers an increase in interventions in rescue of people (06/03/2020)
    The Municipal Government works to remove the bases of 15 new places to have more troops in the year 2021
  • CARM will finance the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism of Cartagena 2020-2025 (06/03/2020)
    It is based on three fundamental keys: design new products, carry out an effective tourism promotion and attract audiences that are profitable for Cartagena
  • Students of CEIP San Fulgencio de Pozo Estrecho share a rugby day with CRUCartagena within the ADE Program (06/03/2020)
    The schoolchildren have carried out the activity in the new artificial grass field of the town that is next to the educational center
  • Misercua organizes a solidarity concert with the soundtrack of popular films (06/03/2020)

  • Suspended by indication of Health the para-badminton pre-Olympic to be held in Cartagena (06/03/2020)
    The test was to bring together 370 athletes from 46 countries in the Sports Palace
  • Football Day at the Municipal Stadium Cartagonova for APICES and CEE Primitiva López with the FCCartagena (06/03/2020)
    Penalty kicks, games and entertainment on the grass with very emotional situations
  • The City Council begins the installation of beach infrastructure for Holy Week (06/03/2020)
    Municipal operators continue with the conditioning of the sand and seaweed cleaning on the beaches of Los Urrutias, Los Nietos, Islas Menores and on the beach of Cavanna
  • The CBA celebrates its fiftieth anniversary (06/03/2020)
    The esplanade of the Diving Center of the Navy (CBA) has hosted an act of commemoration for its 50th anniversary, this Friday, March 6, at 12:00 hours, chaired by the Admiral of Maritime Action, Vice Admiral Juan Luis Sobrino
  • Parks and Gardens commemorates Women's Day with the three-dimensional feminist logo (06/03/2020)
    This is a fist in Turbinto wood that has been placed in the garden of the Heroes de Cavite square in front of the Considential Palace
  • The Popular University joins March 8 (06/03/2020)

  • On Monday the process of admission of students in the Region for the 2020/2021 Course is launched (06/03/2020)
    Applications, available in schools and on the Educarm website, can be submitted from March 9 to 24
  • The City Council will commemorate the Bicentenary of the death of Isidoro Máiquez with a program of cultural events (06/03/2020)
    The Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena coordinates this program which will include exhibitions, book presentations, round tables and informative workshops
  • MC: PP and C's deny institutional support to the port of Cartagena while their parties are promoting Almeria (06/03/2020)
    MC Cartagena will promote a round of contacts with the businessmen of the Region to agree on measures to stop the recession suffered by our port
  • Community and City Council work on a Strategic Plan to turn Cartagena into a 'Smart City' for tourists (06/03/2020)
    This strategy will mark the tourist future of the city with a road map to make Cartagena the socio-economic engine of the Region
  • The City Council commemorates the Bicentennial of the death of Isidoro Máiquez with a program of cultural events (06/03/2020)
    The Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena coordinates this program which includes exhibitions, book presentations, round tables and informative workshops
  • FC Cartagena drives women's football with a charity match for 8M (06/03/2020)

  • Beethoven as protagonist of the Extraordinary Concert of Between Strings and Metals (06/03/2020)
    Musicians Felipe Rodríguez García with the violin, Irene Ortega Albaladejo with cello and Gabriel Escudero Braquehais on piano starred in the concert organized by the Department of Youth and the Conservatory of Music of Cartagena
  • Cartagena Piensa organizes in Los Mateos a workshop on different ways of relating through flamenco (06/03/2020)
    Under the title 'La Flamencura todo-cura', it will be held on Saturday, March 7 from 11 to 14 hours
  • The California Brotherhood shows the figure of the Samaritan woman in an exhibition that includes costumes, equipment and jewelry (06/03/2020)
    The exhibition, organized on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the sculptural group of the Conversion of the Samaritan Woman, can be visited at the Molina Palace until the March 22
  • Celebrations launches the call for the parade and Floral Offering to the Patron on Friday of Dolores (06/03/2020)
    The groups interested in participating have until March 23 to register, either in person at the offices of the Department located in the San Miguel street administrative building, by email or by phone
  • AMPIEC will deliver its second edition of awards (06/03/2020)

  • The UCAM Cartagena opens in Heroes de Cavite the III Volunteer Exhibition (05/03/2020)
    Inaugurated this Thursday, it will be in operation until March 7, in a conference of Charity and Volunteering organized by the university with the collaboration, among others, of the City Council of Cartagena
  • 40 charities, present at the III Volunteer Exhibition of the UCAM in Cartagena (05/03/2020)

  • The Councilor for Health oversees the state of the CATAD facilities (05/03/2020)
    Manuel Padín has also taken an interest in a dog treated for mastitis after having given birth
  • San Antón celebrates 8M with the photographic exhibition Mujeres de Barrio (05/03/2020)

  • ADAHI turns 20 in Cartagena (05/03/2020)
    The UNED hosts a commemorative day on Friday where school bullying and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will be analyzed
  • The Luzzy hosts the Conference 'Feminist Dialogue between Peoples' (05/03/2020)
    It is held this Friday, March 6 in the Assembly Hall of the Cultural Center and the mayor will be responsible for closing the event, which is included in the program of events by the 8M, International Women's Day
  • The arrows return to the Holy Week of El Algar (05/03/2020)
    The events start on Sunday, March 8, with the reading of the proclamation by the president of Caritas of El Algar, Ignacio Fernandez
  • Cultural property and the bishop forced to announce visits to the Cathedral (05/03/2020)
    The insistence of the Virgin of Charity Platform and the technical work of María Dolores Ruiz has already forced them to open the visits four days a month and commission the Master Plan
  • Manoli Borrego begins his career as Nazarena Mayor receiving the medals of the Brotherhoods (05/03/2020)
    On Thursday he celebrated at his home the traditional dinner attended by the mayor and the older brothers of the Brotherhoods
  • The Deputy Mayor and the Councilor for Sports visit the Water Polo Club Carthago after 5 consecutive victories (05/03/2020)
    The Club won the League of Swimming League of the Region of Murcia last February in addition to having participated in many national championships
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas intensifies its programming for the San José bridge (05/03/2020)
    Along with the Museum of the Roman Theater, guided, theatrical, gastronomic and virtual reality routes have been scheduled for March 19, 20 and 21
  • MC will take to the municipal plenary the agreement reached yesterday in La Aljorra to promote solutions to the citizen's insecurity of this deputation (05/03/2020)
    José López: "In the face of the insolvency shown by La Trinca, we will continue to offer solutions and exercise our responsibility"
  • The Carthagonova Polyphonic Choir will offer its voices to Lenten and Cartagena's Easter with several performances (05/03/2020)
    La Coral, which has the collaboration of the City of Cartagena, will participate in events such as Resurrexit, Salve Grande and Miserere
  • The IV Regional Open Master Swimming Championship will gather in Cartagena more than 250 swimmers (05/03/2020)
    The test is held on Saturday, March 7 at the Sports Club of Santa Ana within the official calendar of the Spanish Swimming Federation and organized by the Federation Regional Swimming and the Santa Ana Swimming Club
  • The Cartagena Firefighters celebrate their patron Saint John of God on Friday (05/03/2020)
    The events will include the traditional Mass at the Basilica of Charity and a later wine at Molinos Marfagones
  • Postponed the presentation of the writer Irene Vallejo del Cartagena Think about her essay 'The infinity in a reed' (05/03/2020)
    The presentation of the book scheduled for Thursday, March 5, at the Josefina Soria del Luzzy Library at 8:00 p.m. hours, the author's illness is postponed
  • Obdulia Gómez: "The decision to suppress participatory budgets is a step backwards for budgetary democracy" (04/03/2020)
    The Cartagena PSOE foresaw a few days ago that the municipal executive would eliminate the budget line for this important project
  • Foreclosures in Cartagena were reduced by 60% in 2019 (04/03/2020)
    The City Council and the Autonomous Community will collaborate in the management of public housing in the municipality
  • The Municipal Government collaborates in the visibility of groups with rare diseases (04/03/2020)
    This Wednesday, March 4, the manifesto of the Association D´Genes was made for the day of rare diseases in the City of Cartagena with ten requests for this year 2020
  • The municipal brigades install the access ramp to Santa María for the Besapié del Cristo de Medinaceli (04/03/2020)
    The traditional event dating from 1933 will be marked this year by the recommendations of the Bishopric to replace the kiss to the image with a bow to avoid coronavirus infections
  • Community and City Council of Cartagena collaborate in facilitating access to the social home in the municipality (04/03/2020)
    They will improve the habitability conditions and promote access to the ownership of these public housing units, an initiative that is part of the regional strategy to value this housing stock
  • David Lozano closes the cycle of meetings of the 2020 Hache Prize before 600 high school students (04/03/2020)
    The writer, who chooses the prize with his novel Unknown, will keep more halters in the city throughout the week
  • The Plaza de Alicante renews the street lighting with the installation of led projectors (04/03/2020)
    Work will continue at the crossroads of the Paseo de Alfonso XIII with the streets Wssell de Guimbarda, Juan Fernández and Ramón y Cajal
  • Music, dance and trovo workshops in the West of Cartagena (04/03/2020)
    In order to keep alive the traditions of the West, the Cartagena City Council and the Perín Neighborhood Board collaborate in the organization of various workshops, among which are the dance, trovo and music
  • CCOO denounces the lack of attention to students with specific needs in the Mediterranean IES (04/03/2020)

  • Unemployment decreases in February in the region of Cartagena (04/03/2020)

  • "The UPCT Post-Collection and Refrigeration Group and its Post-harvest course are a worldwide reference" (04/03/2020)

  • The California Brotherhood celebrates the 75th anniversary of the sculptural group La Conversion de la Samaritana with an exhibition (04/03/2020)
    The opening of the exhibition will be this Thursday, at the Molina Palace, at 7:00 pm
  • Meeting with Pepe Serrano in the Municipal Libraries (04/03/2020)
    The Zaragoza writer visits Cartagena from Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 March to hold meetings with students of 2nd grade of primary schools in the city and its region
  • The Brotherhood of the Risen One will announce the arrival of its processions with the Parade of the Roman Soldiers (04/03/2020)
    This Sunday, starting at 10 am, they will start the traditional parade with which they will travel the most central streets of the city
  • "Culture adds another year of lies about the master plan for the restoration of windmills" (04/03/2020)
    "The Autonomous Community promised twelve months ago the immediate award of the project of cataloging the emblematic properties of the Campo de Cartagena", denounce from the Cantonal Party of Cartagena
  • Manolo Torres: "The PSOE supports SABIC workers in their claim that no layoffs occur" (04/03/2020)
    The Cartagena PSOE meets with union representatives of workers affected by the closure of the SABIC plant
  • The mayor of Cartagena again asks the Government delegate for a meeting to analyze the insecurity in the councils (03/03/2020)
    Ana Belén Castejón has addressed José Vélez to urgently hold a Local Security Board and seek solutions to theft that have been produced for months in the Cartagena countryside area
  • The Accessibility Office attends about thirty requests since its opening in Cartagena (03/03/2020)
    The most demanded issues by Cartagena are advice for actions in private buildings, obstacles in the streets and public transport
  • Social Services starts up 'Accessible Nature' and acquires a new joëlette chair (03/03/2020)
    The project is made up of 7 routes, with the first one through La Rambla del Cañar on March 17, in which members of the Association of Multiple sclerosis of Cartagena and Region
  • Day of approach to chess in the Carmelitas school by the hand of the CDA Lapuerta and the ADE Program (03/03/2020)
    4th grade students of the Santa Joaquina de Vedruna-Carmelitas school participated this Monday in the activity Ajedrízate en el Cole
  • The GITVA theater group once again represents ´Jesucristo Superstar´ 40 years later (03/03/2020)
    The New Teatro Circo de Cartagena will host this show next Friday, March 20 at 9:00 pm
  • The play ´La FlamenCura todo lo.cura´ arrives at the Teatro Circo Polo (03/03/2020)
    It will be performed on Saturday, March 7, at 9:30 p.m., at the Teatro Circo Apolo el Algar, framed in its programming that has the collaboration of the Cartagena City Council
  • The program 'Freedom of women is unstoppable' frames the commemoration of 8M, International Women's Day (03/03/2020)

  • The CLH Group will promote energy sustainability from Cartagena without discarding oil (03/03/2020)

  • MC: The local government eliminates services in the surveillance and rescue of beaches but will pay 300,000 euros more (03/03/2020)
    MC will take an initiative to the Plenary to clarify this issue and Jesús Giménez denounces that 'La Trinca' pays more for less
  • CCOO before the rupture of the union unit in the municipality of Cartagena (03/03/2020)

  • "Mini solidarity bricks" to collaborate with the restoration of the Immaculate Conception of Cartagena (03/03/2020)

  • The round table 'The new face of local power' analyzes the profile of the woman mayor (03/03/2020)

  • CD Mediterráneo, Evangélico FC and Cartagena FC send in children's football 11 (03/03/2020)
    This past weekend, Saturday 29 and Sunday March 1, the 16th day of the XXVII edition of the Regional Base League League was played
  • The Luzzy hosts the exhibition ´Sequences of Life´ by Joaquín Giró (03/03/2020)
    The Association of Crohn´s Patients and Ulcerative Colitis of Cartagena (ACCU Cartagena) has prepared this exhibition that collects photographs of real patients
  • ... (03/03/2020)

  • UCAM Cartagena hosts an exhibition on scientists produced by ESO and Baccalaureate students (03/03/2020)

  • New tile of the Risen Jesus next to the Virgin of Beautiful Love (03/03/2020)

  • UCAM celebrates its International Charity and Volunteer Conference this week in Cartagena (02/03/2020)

  • Social Services and Caritas analyze the projects and needs of Caritas in San Diego (02/03/2020)
    The mayor Mercedes García has announced in a visit to the social center that the integral recovery of the helmet will be a priority action of the council this 2020
  • 6,000 UPCT students will be able to make use of the services of the Municipal Library Network (02/03/2020)
    The University and the Library Network have signed a pioneering agreement in Spain, which will allow access to the electronic books of the Municipal Libraries of Cartagena from the UPC LeoCMN platform
  • Approved the first municipal land inventory (02/03/2020)
    The Local Government Board has given the green light to the presentation of the project for the third phase of the Roman Amphitheater at 1.5% Cultural
  • Astronomy, laughter therapy and urban art between the T-LA program for the month of March (02/03/2020)
    Young people between the ages of 14 and 35 may participate
  • Cartagena Think about the Navarre Skolae co-education program that teaches children to 'live in equality' (02/03/2020)
    The talk will be given by Pilar Mayo Falque, a member of the Department of Education of the Government of Navarro and is part of the VI Conference 'Una education for the 21st century
  • Sports, Music and shows in the Cartagena Half Marathon (02/03/2020)
    The competition exceeded the record of female participants with more than 300 runners, out of a total of 1400 people registered
  • The Casino witnessed the spectacular concert offered by pianist Guillermo Pintado and the JOSCT (02/03/2020)
    The Contest Between Strings and Metals has completed its XXIII edition this year celebrating a special concert dedicated to the 250th Anniversary of the birth of Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • More than a thousand scouts took Cartagena this weekend (02/03/2020)
    The day began with the traditional splash event and continued with the inauguration of interlobes on a morning full of activities
  • 500 Boljera Encajeras meet in La Palma (02/03/2020)
    The event that has completed its XXIII Edition is held in the framework of the patron saint festivities of La Palma in honor of Santa Florentina
  • David Lozano closes the cycle of meetings of the 2020 Hache Prize (02/03/2020)
    The author will present his novel "Unknown" on March 4 and 5 in Cartagena
  • Repsol and SK strengthen their commitment in Cartagena with an investment of 60 million euros to increase production in ILBOC (02/03/2020)
    The implementation of the project will respond to the demand for high-tech lubricant bases that will use 100% of vehicles new from the year 2021
  • Yellow warning for wind and waves in Cartagena (02/03/2020)
    Maximum gusts of 80 km / hour are expected with 7 southwind force wind and waves of 2 to 3 meters
  • They rescue an injured cyclist after suffering a fall from a breakwater in the area of ​​Cala del Cocón in Cabo de Palos (01/03/2020)

  • The indexes of suspended particles in the municipality of Cartagena are lowered to level 1 and 2 (01/03/2020)
    On Saturday, 24-hour measurements ranged from 66 to 96 micrograms per cubic meter of air

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