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Cartagena News - January 2020

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  • A trio of exceptional musicians will star in the VII Extraordinary Concert of Between Strings and Metals (31/01/2020)
    The Batel Municipal Auditorium hosts on March 5 a triple concert for violin, cello and piano, which will pay tribute to Beethoven on its 250th anniversary
  • Antonio Ruíz says goodbye to the Local Police after 35 years of service (31/01/2020)
    This Friday, January 31, his colleagues paid tribute to him for his career as head of the Local Police of Cartagena for 25 years and as creator and director of ESPAC for 10
  • The Pozo Estrecho Theater Contest presents nine local and regional works (31/01/2020)

  • At the request of MC Cartagena, the CARM initiates the procedures to declare BIC to the Casa Maestre and the Casa Zapata (31/01/2020)
    Giménez defends that the Casa Maestre will host, in the future, the Cartagena Museum
  • Cartagena for Charity announces its distinctions for the XIV edition (31/01/2020)
    HIDROGEA Cartagena, Commander Jaime Enguídanos Royo and Captain Jose Manuel Castelló Sánchez, "2020 Gold Medals"
  • The Local Police of Cartagena joins the DGT School Transportation Control Campaign (31/01/2020)
    From February 3 to 7, inspections will be carried out on vehicles and drivers especially on conventional roads and urban roads
  • The Luzzy library hosts the presentation of the photobook "The Other Shore", which shows the reality of refugees in Greece (31/01/2020)
    This Monday, February 3, at 8:00 p.m., the activities of the VI Solidarity Days continue here we just want to be human, "framed in the Cartagena Piensa program, organized by the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena
  • Esteban Beltrán, of Amnesty International, in the VI Solidarity Conference "We just want to be human here" (31/01/2020)
    The talk, included in the Cartagena Piensa program, will take place on Tuesday, February 4, at 7 p.m. in the School of Agronomists
  • The PASOS 2020 Prize is awarded this Saturday at the Roman Theater (31/01/2020)
    On Saturday, February 1, at 8:00 p.m. the Roman Theater hosts the delivery of the 2020 PASOS Prize organized by the Association Women cofrades of Cartagena
  • The extraordinary Concert of Between Strings and Metals is presented (30/01/2020)
    The press conference will be on Friday, January 31 at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium Terrace
  • Magic for the whole family with Ximo Illusionist (30/01/2020)
    The Apollo Circus Theater of El Algar continues programming for this first quarter with a different show for all audiences
  • The Luzzy hosts the screening of the French film "Primaire" (30/01/2020)
    The screening will be this Friday, January 31 in two countries: 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM
  • Infrastructure and Litoral launches a seaweed collection plan in La Manga (30/01/2020)
    This initiative, which is being carried out on the Galúa beach, aims to protect the sand from possible storms and prevent erosion of the coast
  • Social Services participates in the presentation of the aid program of La Obra Social la Caixa for 2020 (30/01/2020)
    The event, held on Wednesday, dealt with six calls aimed at promoting initiatives aimed especially at people who are vulnerable to improve your quality of life
  • The fourth edition of Itínere exceeds 700 registered in a week (30/01/2020)
    With the motto 'Move towards employment', the day is designed to facilitate the access of young people to the workplace
  • MC: The economic management of the PP in Cartagena and the CARM impoverishes and indebts us (30/01/2020)
    García regrets that the "old and ruinous policies" that led the City Council to be intervened have returned
  • Fourteen awards for Cartagena athletes at the III Regional Sports Gala (30/01/2020)

  • Young people from Cartagena are trained in Audiovisual Design with the courses of the Department of Youth (30/01/2020)
    The participants, who already have their diplomas, have acquired knowledge to edit videos and audios for social networks, YouTube, web or television, doing internships with professional teams
  • Eugenio Castro and his ´Eloquence of the buried´ in the Augusteum of Cartagena (30/01/2020)
    The writer will present his poetry book this Friday, in the program Read, Think, Imagine organized by the Department of Culture
  • Cartagena renews its commitment to the rights of children and joins the declaration of mayors and mayors of Colonia (30/01/2020)
    The plenary also rejected the urgency of the motion intended to disapprove the municipal government
  • On February 3 the collection of the Vehicle Tax begins (30/01/2020)
    The voluntary period to pay this year's tax will remain open until March 31
  • The Cartagenase Childhood and Adolescence Council will focus this year on the prevention of vulnerability and harassment (30/01/2020)
    The body, which is part of the Child Friendly Cities program, held the first 2020 work meeting on Wednesday
  • MC: ´La Trinca´ censures the opposition by denying them their legitimate right to represent the Cartagena (30/01/2020)
    Jesús Giménez asks the local government to "change their policies because the Cartagena do not deserve it"
  • The UPCT defends a greater participation of companies in the training of students with dual degrees (29/01/2020)
    The University analyzes with companies and institutions of its Network of Chairs the keys to harness and enhance talent
  • Social Services programs a hundred activities for people with disabilities during the first quarter of the year (29/01/2020)
    15 entities have collaborated in the elaboration of the programming with which it is intended to give them visibility and encourage citizen participation
  • 30 companies finalize the pioneering program of 'Business Growth Generation Empredendora' of the ADLE (29/01/2020)
    Consultancies have been carried out in areas of new technologies and marketing, strategy and seasonality and control, costs and finances
  • The office of La Vaguada improves patient care with the incorporation of a new doctor and a nurse (29/01/2020)
    The center, which depends on the Molinos Marfagones Health Center, will have 3 Family and Community Medicine consultations and 3 Nursing , in addition to another Pediatrics
  • The City Council encourages all Consistories and companies in the Region to collaborate with the UPCT (29/01/2020)
    Representatives of the University, the local administration and the business fabric of the municipality have held a working meeting on Wednesday to share needs and solutions for promote technological innovation
  • The performance in El Batel of 'María Parrado and the Magic of Disney' is postponed to April 19 (29/01/2020)
    The 'I Family Concert' of the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia (OSRM) was going to take place this Saturday, February 1
  • Start the II Municipal Ballroom Dance Championship for the elderly (29/01/2020)
    25 couples participate in the Second Municipal Ballroom Championship, which began on Wednesday, launched by the Senior People Unit of the Department of Social Services
  • To debate the development of the Blue Economy in the Region of Murcia (29/01/2020)
    This Thursday will be held at the Military Historical Museum of Cartagena a roadshow event in which the City of Cartagena collaborates
  • José Carlos Ñíguez will guide his exhibition 'Hidden Look' this Saturday at the Roman Theater (29/01/2020)
    The artist José Carlos Ñíguez takes a guided tour of his exhibition 'Hidden Look' to show his special look on a building rescued from antiquity, the Theater Cartagena Romano
  • Eloy Moreno presents ´Invisible´ at the Hache Prize meetings (29/01/2020)
    The author Eloy Moreno visits Cartagena on February 5 and 6 to present 'Invisible', and on the 6th he will present his latest novel Earth on the agenda
  • The Community improves patient care at the La Vaguada office in Cartagena by incorporating a doctor and a nurse (29/01/2020)
    The center, which depends on the Molinos Marfagones Health Center, will have 3 Family and Community Medicine consultations and 3 Nursing , in addition to another Pediatrics
  • MC Cartagena requires the CARM to force the owner of the Monastery of San Ginés de la Jara to repair auxiliary homes (29/01/2020)
    The latest rains and the abandonment of the owner and the regional administration, the keys to the unfortunate current state
  • A tourist route on legends and a vision on post-war education and poetry, next activities of 'Impulsa Cartagena' (29/01/2020)

  • The Civil Guard arrests the four members of a family clan for scams and thefts through the "affectionate hug" method (29/01/2020)

  • The full urges the expropriation of Villa Calamari and that you can visit the monastery of San Ginés de la Jara (28/01/2020)
    Initiatives have also been approved in favor of the new Nursing School and the sponsorship of sports teams from Cartagena by Costa Cálida Region of Murcia
  • MC promotes that the regional government be required to end economic discrimination against sports clubs in the Region (28/01/2020)

  • Knowledge transfer, dissemination and internationalization have been key in the Rector's mandate (28/01/2020)
    The stabilization of staff, the increase in teaching quality and the digitalization of management have been the internal advances cited by Alejandro Díaz in his speech
  • Cafes with Science and Thought presents 'Shut up Alexa', a critical essay that encourages the reader to consume without using Amazon (28/01/2020)
    It will be this Thursday, January 30 at the Soldadito de Plomo cafeteria, at 8:00 pm
  • Tomorrow the ballroom dance competition for seniors starts this Wednesday (28/01/2020)
    The first class will be from 9.30 am at the Wssell Municipal Sports Pavilion in Guimbarda
  • Manuel Cebrián gives a workshop on the influence of the learning environment on the creative personality of the child (28/01/2020)
    The educational innovation consultant will give this talk that is part of the VI Conference of Education for the 21st Century of Cartagena Piensa
  • Social Services is working on the development of the new Municipal Addiction Plan 2020-2023 (28/01/2020)
    The new text of the PMAD is in its final phase for approval and official presentation
  • The ADLE launches the 5th Edition of its Generation Entrepreneurship program (28/01/2020)
    Local entrepreneurs have until February 11 to enroll in this action aimed at training in digital marketing, social networks, business skills and business models
  • Cartagena has new Anti-Rumor Agents (28/01/2020)
    A total of 37 young people participated this weekend in a course in which topics such as stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination and rumorology were addressed
  • MC: 'La Trinca' kidnaps a Plenary session to avoid the legitimate representation of the Cartagena and its control (27/01/2020)
    "Opposition groups denounce a new anti-democratic act by the Government of Arroyo y Castejón"
  • Cartagena essential protagonist in the 40th edition of FITUR with more than 50 work meetings (27/01/2020)
    Cartagena attended this international tourist event to publicize the great heritage, cultural, gastronomic and tourist offer that the municipality can offer
  • The XIII Bolillo edition of San Antón welcomed more than a hundred lacemakers (27/01/2020)
    More than a hundred lacemakers participated last Saturday in the popular meeting of San Antón, organized by the Association of Women Lacemakers of Bolillo, as an activity that closes the holidays in honor of San Antonio Abad 2020
  • "Rosa María Escamilla" wins the International Contest of musical composition of pasodobles Villa de Pozo Narrow (27/01/2020)
    The Santa Cecilia Band interpreted the classified compositions, in the Civic Center of Pozo Estrecho, among which were 'San Fulgencio', 'Rosa María Escamilla' and 'La Torre de la Carrova'
  • Collective GALACTYCO asks the Cartagena City Council to update the official forms (27/01/2020)

  • Culture authorizes Hansa Urbana to repair the damage caused by DANA (27/01/2020)
    The Autonomous Community has approved the repair of the checkpoint and the restoration of the perimeter wall in the surroundings of the Monastery of San Ginés de la Jara
  • Urban planning gives green light to penthouses set back on Calle del Carmen in Cartagena and Diego Meseguer de La Palma (27/01/2020)
    On Calle del Carmen it affects a protected building for which it has the favorable Culture report and the evaluation of environmental impact
  • Abandoned Jesus will make a Game Room in UCAM Cartagena to raise awareness about poverty (27/01/2020)

  • The Clash Royale team of UPCT Esports wins the southern conference and qualifies for the university final (27/01/2020)

  • Particle levels are again good or very good in the measuring stations of the municipality (27/01/2020)
    On Sunday the values ​​remained on average between 16 and 30 micrograms per cubic meter of air
  • Healthcare staff attend and transfer 4 injured in a traffic accident on the La Palma-Cartagena road (26/01/2020)

  • Valencia Meeting and the Long Launch Regional with a performance by UCAM Cartagena (26/01/2020)

  • Particle pollution falls to preventive level 1 in Escombreras and Alumbres, while it remains in corrective level 2 in La Aljorra and Santa Lucía (26/01/2020)
    The Department of Environment of the City Council of Cartagena persists in its recommendations for prevention in the areas affected by level 2
  • The Piedad Holders present in Fitur the VII National Saetas Cartagena 2020 Contest (26/01/2020)

  • The Community provides drinking water network to the populations of Las Cobaticas and Las Jordanas, in Cartagena (25/01/2020)

  • The ETSAM is set in the fortifications of Cartagena to carry out educational projects of restoration, rehabilitation or reuse (25/01/2020)
    Professors of this architecture school have visited the castles of San Julián, Galeras and La Atalaya where a hundred students will perform activities next month March
  • The Autonomous Community lowers the warning for suspended particles in the municipality of Cartagena to level 2 (25/01/2020)
    From the City Council the councils are kept to the population to reduce the use of the private vehicle and not to carry out activities that involve great physical efforts
  • MC Cartagena will promote reducing the use of plastic in municipal facilities and public events (25/01/2020)
    Isabel García advocates assuming institutional responsibility to contribute to environmental protection
  • Warning level 3 is maintained for contamination of PM10 suspended particles for Saturday morning (24/01/2020)

  • Culture begins to design the events for the bicentenary of the death of Isidoro Máiquez together with the Promoter Commission (24/01/2020)
    The program, which will be developed throughout this year, will have the collaboration of the Department of Education that will organize activities for school children
  • The municipal government asks for a report on urban claims within one month (24/01/2020)
    The executive asks the Legal and Urban Planning services to carry out a study on the costs derived from judgments, property claims and compensation that must finally be paid in cash
  • The elders of the Aljorra Bella theater group perform in one for the youth of ISEN (24/01/2020)

  • "FITUR 2020, another missed opportunity for the Campo de Cartagena and the entire Region" (24/01/2020)
    José López: "Yesterday they recognized that there is no work behind Cartagena World Heritage Site"
  • Social Services serves six people in a street situation during a night tour on the occasion of the cold weather (24/01/2020)
    Mercedes García accompanied municipal technicians and volunteers on Thursday during the visit made within the usual program of the winter season
  • The Social Council on Tuesday rewards Marnys, Navantia and the La Huertecica collective (24/01/2020)
    In the act of Santo Tomás de Aquino
  • The implementation of the Anti-Rumor Agents Strategy in Cartagena progresses (24/01/2020)
    The objective of this training of agents is to develop training, information and awareness actions for young people linked to the municipal strategy "Cartagena Free of Rumors"
  • They refer pollution values ​​although within level 3 alert (24/01/2020)
    The Councilor for the Environment highlights the positive response of citizens to the measures put in place to mitigate the effects of the episode
  • Irina Cazorla exhibits her ´Dibujos y Pinturas´ at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center (24/01/2020)
    Throughout a score of works, the aquiline artist reflects her feelings through paper, canvas or board
  • Cartagena Piensa presents the global social movement Extinction Rebellion (24/01/2020)
    This is an informative talk about the true current climate emergency situation, which aims to influence governments and environmental policies worldwide
  • The Municipal Ordinance of Non-Sexist Advertising can be consulted for 15 days (24/01/2020)
    Equality wants to seek the opinion of the people and organizations that this rule may affect, both in terms of general issues and, more specifically, the sanction procedure
  • ... (24/01/2020)

  • The City Council of Cartagena launches free urban buses to reduce pollution (23/01/2020)
    The municipal government has decided the free of all urban lines along with those of El Albujón, La Aljorra, Pozo Estrecho and La Palma, to facilitate that citizens can stop using your private vehicles
  • The City Council signs an agreement with Renfe that will promote Cartagena in all its channels (23/01/2020)
    The agreement also includes discounts of up to 30% on train tickets for those who come to the port city to congresses, festivals or tourist routes
  • The flamenco dance will be the protagonist this weekend at the VII Cartagena Jonda Flamenco Cycle (23/01/2020)
    Start the 2020 season with Cuban dancer Yasaray Rodríguez this Saturday, January 25
  • The Network of Municipal Libraries presents educational workshops on climate change and urban art among its activities (23/01/2020)
    The programming of the Network of Municipal Libraries of Cartagena for this first quarter starts on Friday, January 24 with a new program of children's activities , youth and adults.
  • The rains of recent days cause new rockfalls on Gisbert Street (23/01/2020)
    Infrastructure has cut the section of sidewalk affected and is already working on the assessment of damage
  • The City Council of Cartagena restricts traffic in the Historic District and calls for the collaboration of citizens before the activation of level 3 due to pollution (23/01/2020)
    The measures have been adopted after the communication by the CARM of exceeding the permitted limits of suspended particles at the stations of La Aljorra, Alumbres, Escombreras Valley and Saint Lucia
  • The period of citizen consultation for the elaboration of the regulation of municipal registration of de facto couples opens (23/01/2020)
    From January 23 to February 24, the City of Cartagena will seek the opinion of subjects and organizations affected by said regulation, who may present suggestions and alternative solutions
  • The members of MC in La Palma will demand from the local government solutions to tackle the insecurity in the deputation (23/01/2020)
    Upon the inaction of the presidency, they present an extraordinary plenary request from the Neighborhood Board to urgently address the situation
  • Saint Lucia and its Glass Museum will be protagonists this Saturday in Cartagena Piensa (23/01/2020)
    This Saturday 25 the Glass Museum of Saint Lucia opens its doors to Cartagena Piensa to offer a demonstration of the main artisan techniques in the preparation and in the second life of glass
  • The musical "Salzillo gives me life" for the benefit of Cáritas Diocese of Cartagena (23/01/2020)

  • MC Cartagena and Unidos Podemos IU Equo will demand that the deterioration suffered by Ramón Alonso Luzzy's mosaic in Torres Park be stopped (23/01/2020)
    The Government fails to comply with the repeated initiatives to catalog, protect and value the work of Alonso Luzzy and Enrique Gabriel Navarro
  • Cartageneras gymnasts succeed in the Spanish Cup of Aesthetics (23/01/2020)

  • Ecologists in Action denounces a serious episode of PM10 particle contamination in Cartagena (23/01/2020)

  • Sports works with clubs and sailors in the design of the Municipal School of Nautical (23/01/2020)

  • Mitma approves the public information file of the link improvement project 191 on the left bank of the A-30, in Cartagena (23/01/2020)

  • The UPCT and the Cartagena Speed ​​Circuit will promote the creation of a High Performance Center for pilots (23/01/2020)

  • The Community starts a project to improve the quality of life of Alzheimer's patients in the Cartagena area (22/01/2020)
    The Dementia Unit of the Hospital del Rosell last year attended 192 patients with this medical condition in the areas of Cartagena Health and Mar Menor
  • umivale expands and modernizes its facilities in the Territorial Directorate of Cartagena (22/01/2020)

  • The Museum of the Roman Forum, Cartagena's star project in Fitur 2020 (22/01/2020)
    The site, nestled in the heart of the city, will open its doors shortly and tell the story of Cartagena over more than 2,000 years
  • Cartagena will host the first trial of the national trial bike calendar and the international calendar (22/01/2020)
    National riders and international elites will compete on March 15 in Cartagena to win the Cartagena de Trophy International City
  • Published the schedules of the 11th day of the Regional Base Football League (22/01/2020)
    The matches will be played on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 January
  • AFAL will expand its facilities in the current health center of San Antón (22/01/2020)
    The Cartagena City Council manages with CARM that the Association of Family and Friends of Alzheimer's Patients can use the old sanitary facilities once they move to their new location
  • ´San Fulgencio´, ´Rosa María Escamilla´ and ´La Torre de la Carrova´ will play the XXVIII Pozo Estrecho Pasodobles Contest (22/01/2020)
    The jury will announce the winner this Saturday, after the interpretation of the selected compositions in charge of the Santa Cecilia Band in the Pozo Estrecho Civic Center
  • Samanta Schweblin opens the meetings of the most participatory edition of the Mandarache Awards (22/01/2020)
    The cycle of meetings with the finalists of the Mandarache 2020 Prize has begun, with the visit to Cartagena of the writer Samanta Schweblin after meeting with hundreds of readers
  • Itínere reaches its IV Conference offering young people new tools to access the working world (22/01/2020)
    Training courses, workshops and meetings with companies, make up the program of this day held on February 25 in El Batel
  • MC takes the initiative to maintain the path of progress and future initiated in the Cartagena biennium (22/01/2020)
    José López: "We are the group with more representation, but our goal is to be the one that best represents the interests of Cartagena and its region"
  • Cartagena is promoted as a destination for congress tourism before companies in the sector throughout the country (22/01/2020)
    Fifteen companies participate in the Cartagena Congress Office Workshop, which organizes Cartagena Puerto de Culturas for the second consecutive year
  • New volunteers for the SOI Foundation (22/01/2020)
    A total of 28 students have completed the 'Volunteering in Leisure with people with intellectual disability and cerebral palsy' course organized by the Foundation
  • The mayor brings together the unions of the City Council to reiterate the willingness of the Government to negotiate (21/01/2020)
    The meeting has been convened after the workers' representatives expressed their willingness to study overtime reduction this morning.
  • The Naval Museum inaugurates a room dedicated to the collection of scale models of Julio Castelo Matrán (21/01/2020)
    The space shows forty scale reproductions of renowned ships of naval history
  • Cooking workshops by Meli Egea with the winter T-La (21/01/2020)
    Start the first cooking workshop organized by the Alternative Leisure program of the Department of Youth for this first quarter of the year
  • More chirigotas in the street for some Carnivals that continue to grow in Cartagena (21/01/2020)
    February 14 to 25 will be celebrated the parties that this year count with Councilman David Martínez Noguera as a preacher
  • AD Franciscanos, CD La Manga, EF Balsicas, EF Los Alcázares and Veteranos Dolores de Pacheco, the best in the 7/8 football mode in the equator of the championship (21/01/2020)
    Last weekend, January 18 and 19, resumed the competition after the break for the Christmas holidays, with the dispute of the 10th day of the XXVII edition of the Regional League of Base Football of the City of Cartagena
  • MC will demand the convening of the Mesa de la Justicia (21/01/2020)
    The Cartagenerist formation consensuates work priorities with the associations of Attorneys and Lawyers
  • The Roman Theater Museum hosts the seminar 'How to build a strategic plan for culture' (21/01/2020)
    The Department of Culture and the University of Murcia organize this course aimed at technicians and cultural managers
  • Cartagena pays tribute to its history in FITUR (21/01/2020)
    The new Museum of the Barrio del Foro Romano and the candidacy for a World Heritage City will be the main focus of the promotion of the municipality at the International Tourism Fair of Madrid
  • The meteorology gives truce to beach volleyball allowing the first test to be a success (21/01/2020)
    On Saturday the III UPCT Beach Volleyball Circuit 2020 began in its male and female categories
  • The 'Hidden Look' photographic exhibition about unpublished images of the Roman Theater (21/01/2020)
    José Carlos Níguez exposes unpublished images of the Roman Theater in the monument's own museum until next April
  • The yellow alert for rain and storm in Cartagena has been deactivated (21/01/2020)
    Civil Protection Volunteers have remained watching the roads and water level of the ramblas until the warning of the AEMET has changed to green level
  • MC Cartagena asks Padín to clarify his role in the possible fraud of the citizens' primary (21/01/2020)
    The suspicions grow when it is proven that almost all the votes cast from our municipality have the same origin
  • Traffic launches a Special Campaign for Vehicle Surveillance and Control (21/01/2020)
    The Local Police of Cartagena has adhered to this DGT campaign whose objective is to help reduce the number of injuries and deaths in traffic accidents
  • VOX Cartagena applauds the unlocking of budgets and the implantation of the parental pin (21/01/2020)
    Also included is the commitment to activate the hemodynamics and vascular surgery services of the Santa Lucia Hospital
  • Nutrition, sport and health at Mare Nostrum School with the ADE Program (21/01/2020)
    The Department of Sports organized an exhibition on Friday to transfer to school children the importance and need to create healthy lifestyle habits
  • AEMET maintains the yellow warning for rain and maritime storm in Cartagena until 12 noon on Tuesday (21/01/2020)
    The forecast predicts rainfall in the municipality of up to 60 liters per square meter in 12 hours and sea bottom with waves of up to three meters the coast
  • FISAT Cartagena opens a new project for applicants for International Protection (20/01/2020)
    The Inma Bernal Apartment plans to serve 8 people this year
  • José López vindicates the figure of Isidoro Máiquez (20/01/2020)
    The Cartagenerist formation will take an initiative to the next Plenary urging the Government to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the death of the illustrious playwright
  • The storm causes material damage in Los Urrutias, Los Nietos, Playa Honda and La Manga (20/01/2020)

  • The elimination phase of the Fed Cup between Spain and Japan will be a double sports and tourism milestone (20/01/2020)
    The event, which is expected to be a large influx and dissemination in the media, will be held on February 7 and 8 at La Manga Club.
  • 36 Local Police applicants from across the region are trained in ESPAC with its improved facilities (20/01/2020)

  • The exhibition of luxury cars of La Manga will finally be this Sunday (20/01/2020)
    Next to the rally, in Plaza Bohemia, there will be children's workshops related to the motor world, a mechanical bull, a concert by the musical group Conectado2 and paella
  • Seven people attended in the special device for the Cold Wave in Cartagena (20/01/2020)
    Of these, only three chose to move to the Hospitality Santa Teresa to spend the night
  • Samanta Schweblin opens the Mandarache 2020 Prize meetings in Cartagena (20/01/2020)
    The author of 'Kentukis' will meet hundreds of readers on January 22 and 23
  • Irina Cazorla exhibits ´Dibujos y Pinturas´ at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center (20/01/2020)
    The exhibition includes about twenty works in which the aquiline artist, Irina Cazorla, reflects her feelings through paper, canvas or board.
  • The Community begins the study of the density of livestock farms in the Campo de Cartagena (20/01/2020)
    The regional government thus responds to one of the requirements of the Decree Law of Integral Protection of the Mar Menor, which gives the Administration a period of 24 months regional for publication
  • Circlassica, the last of Emilio Aragón, arrives at the New Circus Theater (20/01/2020)
    From Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 January, you can enjoy this circus show that has the collaboration of the City of Cartagena
  • The Four Saints of Cartagena already preside over the restored facade of the Church of Santa María de Gracia (20/01/2020)
    On Saturday, the new exterior image of the temple was officially inaugurated, with a Solemn Eucharist and a concert by the Choir of Tomás Luis de Victoria
  • The AEMET maintains the yellow warning for rains in the Campo de Cartagena until 3 pm (20/01/2020)
    The forecast indicates rainfall in the municipality of up to 60 liters per square meter in 12 hours
  • Rain and wind without serious incidents in the municipality of Cartagena (20/01/2020)
    Moderate and continuous rainfall leaves an average of around 60 liters per square meter
  • In bad weather, good brands for UCAM Athletics Cartagena (19/01/2020)

  • The AEMET adds a new yellow warning for rains of up to 60 liters in Cartagena, which adds to the strong wind for this afternoon and early morning (19/01/2020)
    The episode is expected to be registered starting at 3 pm on Sunday and until 10 in the morning of Monday
  • The City Council begins to work on the Comprehensive Recovery Plan of the Old Town (19/01/2020)
    The main objective is to end the urban, economic and social problem that drags the area between San Francisco Square and the Station sector
  • The MC Municipal Group maintains a profitable working meeting with the neighbors of Barrio Peral (19/01/2020)

  • Ana Belén Nicolás resigns and leaves Somos Región (19/01/2020)
    The group of Cartagena is pending a new address
  • Andrea Levy and Arroyo prepare the collaboration of Cartagena and Madrid in the promotion of local artists (18/01/2020)
    The Councilor for Culture, Tourism and Sports of the capital of Spain, and the vice mayor, have held a meeting with artists from Cartagena
  • Social Services prepares to act in the face of lower temperatures and strong winds planned for the next few days (18/01/2020)
    The State Meteorological Agency has reported adverse weather events from Sunday to Tuesday
  • The Classroom of Culture and Nature of the Sea offers conferences on Maritime Heritage and Sustainable Development (18/01/2020)
    The Marchamalo Association organizes these activities in collaboration with GALPEMUR that have been presented in Cabo de Palosen Cabo de Palos
  • Great bet of Cartagena and its region in FITUR 2020 (17/01/2020)
    Heritage of Cartagena, the Spanish Captaincy of Regional Gastronomy and the Way of Vera Cruz will be the three major attractions of the Region Stand this year
  • San Antón lives a busy blessing of animals that will have part two on Sunday (17/01/2020)
    The traditional neighborhood of Cartagena once again honors its patron with various activities in which the Mass and the vermouth dance has not been lacking
  • A dozen students have improved job search techniques thanks to the ADLE Employability Workshop (17/01/2020)
    The ADLE ACTIVA program, of the Agency for Local Development and Employment in Cartagena, has worked with the unemployed to help them enter the working world by improving the CVs, the use of networks and the preparation of the interview
  • The Councilor for Health urges the Community to budget the development of the Animal Welfare regulation (17/01/2020)
    Manuel Padín calls for an effort to the regional government that allows municipalities to implement ordinances that adapt to the new law
  • Photo History of Cartagena returns with its third volume (17/01/2020)
    The historian and chronicler of the city, Luis Miguel Pérez Adán, is the author of this work that is presented Monday at the Municipal Archive
  • The City Council of Cartagena will regulate the access of foreigners to its registry of de facto couples (17/01/2020)
    The local Government Board approves the start of the file to develop a new standard, while notifying the arrival of 300 thousand euros of Development for the Amphitheater and 100 thousand of the Autonomous Community for gender violence
  • San Antón by the climate takes up its activities with Cartagena Piensa (17/01/2020)
    The activity 'Cultivating San Antón' will consist of a first ecological plantation of a potato orchard in the neighborhood to resume activities that attempt to fight against climate change
  • Thousands of Galilean balls were distributed on the big day of Pozo Estrecho (17/01/2020)
    The municipal corporation, practically complete, attended this Thursday the 51st edition of the tasting of balls, which this year as a novelty provided cardboard cups to help take care of the environment
  • Saint Anton will live the blessing of animals on Sunday in addition to his patron's day (16/01/2020)
    For the first time, the traditional blessing of animals of Saint Anton will be celebrated in two days;
  • Austrian director Georg Mark puts himself at the head of the OSRM in El Batel (16/01/2020)
    The second concert of the symphonic cycle of the Cartagena audience will be this Friday, January 17 at 20:30
  • About thirty film, theater, music and literature activities in the new edition of Leer, Pensar, Imagine (16/01/2020)
    Writers Manuel Jabois and Eugenio Castro, and renowned films such as' Portraits of a woman on fire 'and' Sorry we missed you 'meet in the new program prepared by the Department of Culture for the first quarter of the year
  • Open the deadline for the free course for the preparation of the Key Competencies exam (16/01/2020)
    Those interested can now register for the Department of Youth, located at Paseo Alfonso XIII
  • The ADLE Employability Course aimed at promoting job placement is closed (16/01/2020)
    Ten students will receive diplomas this Friday after finishing their training
  • The UPCT will populate two plots of the Ashes battery given by the Ministry of Defense (16/01/2020)

  • The students of Basic FP of Cartagena awarded as the Third best project in educational innovation and inclusion with our Vintage Car / Sofa (16/01/2020)

  • MC denounce that "the chaotic situation of the Unit in Cartagena is aggravated" (16/01/2020)

  • Published the schedules of the 10th day of the Regional Base Football League (16/01/2020)
    The matches will be played on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 January
  • The Civil Guard deactivates a marine phosphorus flare (16/01/2020)

  • City Council and clubs analyze the needs and opportunities of the United Hobbies Congress (15/01/2020)
    The first meeting is held between the members of the Municipal Government and the Federation of clubs of FC Cartagena after getting the congress to establish the lines of work to follow
  • The four saints of Cartagena will preside over the facade of the restored Santa María de Gracia (15/01/2020)

  • The recently completed Forum Museum houses the presentation of the book ´The sanctuary of Isis and Serapis " (15/01/2020)
    The new facilities, funded by the Repsol Foundation, will be inaugurated in the coming months when the collation of the pieces and materials that will make up the museum discourse
  • The Government hopes to resume the negotiation after the abandonment of the unions (15/01/2020)
    Councilwoman Esperanza Nieto points out the way of dialogue as the only way and offers to lift the suspension to those parts of the agreement that are economically acceptable
  • The Third Beach Volleyball Circuit of the UPCT starts with the objective of seasonally adjusting and moving tourism through sport (15/01/2020)
    This Saturday, January 18, begins the third edition with six tests that will take place over the next six months
  • The XXI edition of the National Contest of Amateur Theater Isidoro Máiquez prepares to raise the curtain (15/01/2020)
    Aimed at amateur theater groups throughout Spain, the bases are already published and the registration period is open, until February 28, to participate in this event held from April 20 to 26
  • Cartagena Think starts with the presentation of the book "Toxic Education" by Jon E. Illescas (15/01/2020)
    This is how the 2020 activities of the Department of Culture of the City Council of Cartagena begin
  • Emilio Juan Rodríguez Méndez takes possession of the position of commissioner of the Local Police of Cartagena (15/01/2020)
    Soon the body will be reinforced with the incorporation of 54 new agents and 7 inspectors, while the selection process for the position of subinspector is kept open
  • Close ties with the Ministry to collaborate in the improvement of the city's supply squares (15/01/2020)
    The councilor and the director general have set up a new meeting to discuss the needs of the municipality and see what initiatives can be implemented
  • Enrique Pérez asks for the resignation of Juan Pedro Torralba and the immediate relief of the Government delegate (15/01/2020)
    "The ineptitude of the local government puts the highest priority in danger: guaranteeing security in the streets and houses"
  • UPCT students imagine the future Cartagena aquarium in different locations of the municipality (15/01/2020)

  • The Brotherhood of the Blessed Christ the Redeemer and Our Lady of Solitude of Badalona wins the 2020 Steps Award (15/01/2020)
    The City Council collaborates with the Association of Women Cofrades to make visible the work of those brotherhoods and brotherhoods that perform actions in favor of the integration of the woman
  • AD Franciscanos, EFB Balsicas, EF Santa Ana and EF La Aljorra begin the new year in the prebenjamine standings (14/01/2020)
    The regional grassroots league resumed last weekend with a hundred meetings after the Christmas break
  • The Lazareto building is conditioned for maritime education of FP (14/01/2020)
    The CARM invests in this performance about 650,000 euros, which according to the vice mayor of Cartagena, Noelia Arroyo, will allow students of the center of FP Hespérides perform their practices
  • The Community launches two new canteens in Cartagena that will serve 130 schoolchildren (14/01/2020)
    The municipality already has 26 centers that have this service, where some 1,500 students are served daily
  • The Ecobío Tu Herbolario store wins the Christmas showcase contest (14/01/2020)
    Machine by Bassico and Farmacia Gloria Sánchez Zapata have achieved second and third place respectively.
  • The City Council asks for responsibility for not "dropping" a thousand families from the Cartagena countryside (14/01/2020)
    The Municipal Government signs a manifesto so that the Ministry of Ecological Transition does not exclude any region of the Spanish Levante from the Tajo-Segura transfer.
  • Navantia and the City Council are working to improve the accessibility of the shipyard (14/01/2020)
    The mayor and the president of the shipping company have held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the company's strategic plan for the coming years
  • The XI edition of the Route of the Strengths expands its seats to 4,000 and incorporates a new section between Calvary and Saint Julian (14/01/2020)
    On Saturday, March 28 will take place the test whose registration period opens on January 17 and adjusts its 50 km tour
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas exceeded half a million tourists in 2019 (14/01/2020)
    The number of visitors to tourist interpretation centers continues to grow year after year, with the Roman Theater being the busiest
  • MC Cartagena studies denouncing the scam to officials (14/01/2020)
    'La Trinca' has two options: either respond to the working conditions agreement with their assets or renounce their councilor's act
  • ... (14/01/2020)

  • A UPCT student conducts a study that favors the creation of routes for children to walk to their schools (13/01/2020)

  • The City Council and the clubs of FC Cartagena begin to work in the National Congress of United Hobbies 2022 (13/01/2020)
    The Vice Mayor, Noelia Arroyo, stressed that "it is a new opportunity to unite sports and tourism."
  • Luxury cars have an appointment this Sunday at La Manga (13/01/2020)
    Next to the rally, at Plaza Bohemia, there will be children's workshops related to the motor world, a mechanical bull, a concert by the musical group Conectado2 and paella
  • Vista Alegre lives another great party with the IV Edition of the Vista Alegre Trail - Sierra Gorda (13/01/2020)
    Sisco Díaz Pozo and Isabel Pelegrín rise with the victory in the test that takes place on the route of the Route of the Strengths
  • MC demands from the Government of Spain the new courts for Cartagena (13/01/2020)
    Giménez proposes specific locations and demands the dignification of the ex officio shift and a population criterion for the judicial units
  • The Master Plan of the Despeñaperros Fort is now ready to recover and musealize the fortress (12/01/2020)
    For the initial phase of the project, the Cartagena City Council has had a budget of 80,000 euros and the collaboration of the association AFORCA
  • The PSOE requires in the Assembly the immediate signing of the development agreement of the Los Camachos ZAL in Cartagena (11/01/2020)

  • The Roman Amphitheater of Cartagena advances in its recovery with the excavation work with the appearance of ceramic remains and an ossuary (11/01/2020)
    Phase II of the 'Recovery and conservation project of the Roman Amphitheater and bullring of Cartagena' co-financed by the City Council and the Ministry of Development
  • Cartagena joins Madrid Fusion 2020 with two gastronomic routes to learn about the history of the city (10/01/2020)
    Cartagena Puerto de Culturas together with the Roman Theater will be part of the gastronomic event with the greatest international projection in Spain
  • The CARM will transfer 4.8 million euros to the City Council to expedite the removal of fiber cement in 32 schools in the municipality (10/01/2020)
    The first of the actions will take place at the CEIP José María de La Puerta while the works at IES Juan will be advanced Sebastian Elcano
  • Courses, workshops and multiple activities make up the Program for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities (10/01/2020)
    Social Services has prepared a wide range of activities that will be developed during the first half of 2020
  • The Community places the Port of Cartagena at the center of the logistics strategy of the Region of Murcia (10/01/2020)
    Requests the commissioning of the Escombreras railway terminal as it will be "a decisive tool" for regional companies
  • VOX Cartagena shows its most sincere support for the entire Cartagena Local Police Corps (10/01/2020)
    As well as the Fire Department in relation to the RED hours agreement
  • MC: "The centralism of San Esteban also engages in the sport of the Campo de Cartagena" (10/01/2020)
    "The regional government allocates the Costa Cálida brand to sponsor clubs in the city of Murcia denying it to those in the Region of Cartagena"
  • The new UPCT residence will expand the beds managed by Micampus to more than 4,000 (10/01/2020)

  • MC denounces a new wage discrimination of the regional government to doctors and nurses of Santa Lucía while ´La Trinca´ looks elsewhere (10/01/2020)
    The BORM publishes that the professionals of the Arrixaca will receive twice as much as those of Cartagena for the extension of working hours
  • The XXXIX edition of the Processionist of the Year Award is underway (10/01/2020)
    On February 21 the deadline for the admission of proposals for the XXXIX edition of the Processionist Award of the Year
  • A handwritten letter from Don Jorge Juan and a concert by Cabinet Caligari, document and video of the month of the Municipal Archive (10/01/2020)
    For this month of January the letter that the Naval engineer wrote in 1764 on the works of the arsenal of Cartagena, has been selected, as well as the performance of the Spanish rock group in the Municipal Sports Pavilion in 1990
  • The PSOE denounces that the lack of planning by the regional government is causing delays in the appointments of the Cartagena Health Centers and collapse in hospitals (09/01/2020)
    Carmina Fernández and José Antonio Peñalver warn that the flu has not yet reached its peak , and the system has already been blocked in health areas such as Cartagena, where the situation is very worrying and precarious
  • The municipal government requires Renfe to guarantee services between Murcia and Cartagena suspended due to unpredictability (09/01/2020)
    The deputy mayor tells the national railway company that she has to "take seriously" her obligations to Cartagena
  • The municipal government works to reach the best possible agreement with the unions (09/01/2020)
    The Councilor for Finance recalls that the economic impact of the initially signed agreement made it unassumable and forces a new negotiation
  • Humor, theater and flamenco in the new season of the Apollo Circus Theater (09/01/2020)
    The Apollo Theater of El Algar presents its new program for the first quarter of the year with very varied shows.
  • The City Council demands that Primary Care be reinforced to prevent the collapse of the Emergency Department (09/01/2020)
    Councilwoman Mercedes García denounces the lack of planning before the arrival of the flu
  • The Nordic march is incorporated as a novelty to the IV Edition of the Vista Alegre-Sierra Gorda Trail (09/01/2020)
    The test is held on Sunday January 12 with five different modalities in the natural environment of Sierra Gorda
  • MC: The regional PP and ´La Trinca´ join forces to boycott the expansion of the Conservatory of Music (09/01/2020)
    MC continues to defend the suitability of using Jorge Juan's site for this purpose
  • MC reminds Casajús that the streets are dirty because of the 'complicity' of his Government with the concessionaire (09/01/2020)
    Giménez, surprised that the popular announces improvements in road cleaning while being vetoed at Lhicarsa meetings
  • Cartagena thinks program almost eighty activities to create a space for reflection and debate around thinking and scientific culture (09/01/2020)

  • Krélite will take a guided tour of its exhibition ´Eikon´ on the day of its closure (09/01/2020)
    It will be this Sunday, January 12 from 12 noon at the Museum of the Roman Theater
  • Collection of the Posters of Holy Week 2020 (09/01/2020)
    After the exhibition the works not selected in the contest may be withdrawn by their authors from January 14
  • As of Wednesday, January 15, the Carnival 2020 tickets go on sale (08/01/2020)
    The locations can be purchased at the English Court of Cartagena from ten in the morning
  • VII Solidarity Gala of the Ana López Dance School for the benefit of AFAL (08/01/2020)
    The event with which the Department of Social Services collaborates will be held on January 10 at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Culture organizes a seminar on how to build a strategic plan aimed at cultural technicians and managers (08/01/2020)
    The Seminar 'How to build a strategic plan for culture' meets in Cartagena on January 22 and 23
  • 15 new lifeguards receive their diplomas after completing an ADLE course in La Manga (08/01/2020)
    The Councilor for Education and Employment, Irene Ruíz, highlights the forecast that they get a job placement of 80 percent, in response to a demand from sector in the area
  • Winter T-La arrives with 95 activities such as snow trips and astronomy nights (08/01/2020)
    Workshops, courses, snow trips and astronomy nights are some of the 95 activities included in the new Winter Free Time program Alternative, aimed at young people between 14 and 35 years old
  • MC: "Arroyo spends the" roll "on the Governing Board, skipping procedures and the auditor's warnings" (08/01/2020)
    "The vice mayor allows to continue rendering services without a contract and awards subsidies by finger"
  • From Friday the tickets of the Carnival 2020 go on sale (08/01/2020)
    The locations can be purchased at the English Court of Cartagena from ten in the morning
  • Conspiracy and social criticism in the zarzuela ´El barberillo de Lavapiés´ (07/01/2020)
    The Association Friends of the Zarzuela of Cartagena represents this work on Friday, January 10 (9:00 p.m.), in the Auditorium El Batel
  • The Interuniversity Council approves the Masters in Architecture, which enables them to practice in Europe, and in Agribusiness Management (07/01/2020)

  • The municipal government reconvenes the unions on Thursday at the negotiating table (07/01/2020)
    The union representatives have not come to the one set today alleging defect in the call
  • New lifeguards receive their diplomas after a course held in La Manga (07/01/2020)
    The event will be held on Wednesday, January 8 at 10 am at the offices of the tourist consortium in Gran Vía
  • MC: Castejón and Arroyo "prevent" the opposition from carrying out its work by not convening the Plenary at regulatory times (07/01/2020)
    Beginning the year, nothing is known yet when the 2020 budget procedure will begin
  • MC: The Three Kings Parade goes ahead despite the chaos caused by Castejón and Arroyo in municipal services (07/01/2020)

  • The Civil Guard detains two experienced criminals for a dozen robberies in homes in Los Nietos-Cartagena (07/01/2020)

  • Singing gangs in the Pilgrimage of the Cañar in honor of the Virgen de la Luz (07/01/2020)
    As every year, hundreds of pilgrims will take the Virgin de la Luz in procession through the natural landscape of the Sierra de la Muela, which this year has place on Sunday, January 12.
  • Emergency services rescue and serve 10 immigrants located in patera 14 miles southwest of Cabo de Palos (05/01/2020)

  • MC transfers to the Prosecutor's Office information on the "Christmas detail" of the mayor "Transfuge" (05/01/2020)
    It is intended to know if Castejón committed embezzlement by spending 1,200 euros of public coffers in a gift to officials with his name
  • The City Hall is transformed with a light and sound show (04/01/2020)
    The projection of a video mapping on its main facade sponsored by Repsol, has played with imagination and highlighted its architectural elements with 3D effects
  • The municipal government agrees to a temporary overtime regime pending the new RED (04/01/2020)
    The agreement, backed by the two major unions, will save more than 3,300 hours
  • Hundreds of citizens join the tasting of the giant roscón in the square of the City Council of Cartagena (03/01/2020)
    The 200-meter-long cake provides more than 4,000 portions to the attendees in an event organized by the town hall and the COPE chain
  • The Barrio Peral market will open to the public on Tuesday, January 7 (03/01/2020)
    The usual date of celebration is Monday, but has moved to coincide with the festivity of Reyes
  • His Majesties from the East will bring magic and illusion to Cartagena on Sunday with visits, meetings and the traditional Cavalcade (03/01/2020)
    Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar will arrive at the Town Hall at noon, after visiting the Children's Home, the Nursing Home and the hospital Saint Lucia, and they will distribute thousands of toys and candies in the royal parade
  • Giménez demands the departure of Isabel Franco from the regional government "for benefiting from an alleged" pucherazo "in the citizens' primary" (03/01/2020)
    The president of MC regrets that the objective of the fraud was to avoid the triumph of a Cartagena candidate
  • VOX Cartagena supports the decision of the City Council to suspend the agreement on working conditions and RED hours (02/01/2020)
    "although it is late and leaves a hole of more than 7 million"
  • The City Council of Cartagena invests 480,000 euros in the reform of Sor Francisca de Armendáriz street (02/01/2020)
    The works that move towards completion, include the construction of a square and a pedestrian area for use and enjoyment of neighbors in the vicinity of Monte Sacrum
  • Education allocated 150,000 euros in the arrangement and maintenance of 18 schools in the municipality during this Christmas (02/01/2020)
    Councilwoman Irene Ruiz has checked this morning the good progress of the works that will be completed for the return of schoolchildren
  • New Year's Eve in Cartagena without serious incidents (02/01/2020)
    More than 40 local police and firefighters guaranteed the safety of Cartagena during the last night of the year
  • The City Hall will be transformed into a light and sound show on Saturday (02/01/2020)
    On Saturday night a video mapping will be projected on its main facade sponsored by Repsol, which will enhance the architectural elements with visual effects
  • The City Council enables accessible points for the Three Kings 'Cavalcade (02/01/2020)
    People with disabilities or functional diversity will have six reserved spaces to enjoy the Three Kings' Cavalcade tour
  • 200 meters of roscón to celebrate the arrival of the Magi by the City Council of Cartagena and the Cope (02/01/2020)
    On Friday, January 3, from 7:00 p.m., at the Consistorial Palace of Cartagena, more will be distributed of 4,000 portions among all attendees
  • The City Council recovers the playground of the Wall of the Sea (02/01/2020)
    The Department of Infrastructure meets the demands of the neighbors and installs new modules for the leisure and fun of the little ones
  • The traveling exhibition Repsol Racing Tour returns to Cartagena (02/01/2020)
    The exhibition, which can be visited from January 3 to 7 on the esplanade of the port, features the motorcycle with which Marc Márquez won the MotoGP World Championship in 2017
  • MC will encourage progress in decentralization and ratify the conclusions reached in the last legislature by the Bureau of the Province (02/01/2020)
    The Regional Assembly will also be required to recover the draft reform of the Statute of Autonomy
  • The OSRM will fill with film music, waltzes and polcas El Batel with its traditional New Year's concert (02/01/2020)
    The show will be this Friday, January 3 from 8 pm, with tickets that can be purchased at the box office and at the Auditorium website, from 12 euros

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