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Cartagena News - July 2017

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  • The City of Cartagena does not know that a Temporary Immigrant Stay Center will be built in the Naval Hospital (31/07/2017)

  • Local Police carried out four interventions with detainees this weekend (31/07/2017)
    Two burglaries were committed, one domestic violence crime and another one against road safety in which police intervention was required
  • Cabo de Palos already enjoys a new playground (31/07/2017)
    The mayor and the mayor of Decentralization have been interested in the result of the work, in which have invested around 20,000 euros
  • The Commission of the Sea of ​​Music will seek advice to clear the doubts in the hiring of musical groups (31/07/2017)

  • More than 300 students will participate in the International Summer Campus of UPCT (31/07/2017)
    The mayor participated on Monday in the opening ceremony of the Campus, which has 25 courses
  • UPCT presents a book to raise awareness of Cartagena's arborea diversity (31/07/2017)
    The publication, the result of the Chair of Infrastructures of the City Council and the UPCT, has inventoried about 8,500 trees in the historic center and the widening of the city
  • The City Council checks the state of the municipal fields of El Algar and Alumbres (31/07/2017)
    Sports and Decentralization councilors have visited both sports facilities for the beginning of next season and have met with representatives of the clubs to review their needs
  • Citizens ask the manager of the Health Area of ​​Cartagena explanations for the delays in the units of pain (31/07/2017)

  • La Manga hosts the 18th Open of Futvoley Ciudad de Cartagena (31/07/2017)
    The sporting event will be held, as every year, at Cavanna beach.
  • August arrives at the Teatro Romano with a program of Cartagena Port of Culture loaded with activities (31/07/2017)
    This month derives its name from the emperor Augustus
  • Three hundred students of the International Summer Campus energize the city this month (31/07/2017)
    The initiative is one more step for the UPCT to become a national and international reference, according to the Minister of Employment and Universities
  • New speed controls of the Local Police (31/07/2017)
    These are the controls that will be carried out in different ways of the municipality during the week of July 31 to August 6
  • The UPCT shows in a book the more than 8,000 trees in the historical center of Cartagena (31/07/2017)

  • The Community highlights Cartagena as a center of academic attraction also in summer (31/07/2017)
    Juan Hernndez, Minister of Employment, Universities and Business, inaugurates the first UPCT International Summer Campus
  • The Community congratulates the Port of Cartagena for being able to enter the 'Top 5'of favorite destinations in the Western Mediterranean (30/07/2017)
    The cruisers highlight this scale along with those of Villefranche, Barcelona, ​​Malta and Cadiz to visit Seville
  • The Community achieves with the UPCT and the Biodiversity Foundation multiply by four the jara of Cartagena (29/07/2017)
    This species has been considered in 'critical situation' this week by the risk of extinction according to the criteria included in the Spanish Catalog of Threatened Species
  • MC celebrates the inauguration as BIC of the House of the Child after six months of silence of the CARM (29/07/2017)
    The formation cartagenerista is congratulated because the declaration like BIC causes the removal of the barracks and the installation of the Regional Center of Restoration
  • City Council and the Sierra Minera Foundation open to tourism Las Matildes mine (28/07/2017)
    Today, a collaboration agreement for the promotion of this mining area has been approved on government board, followed by El Beal deputation
  • Culture closes the Musical Colonies with students aged between 3 and 17 who have started in the music this July (28/07/2017)
    The sessions have been held during the month of July within the programming of Summer Schools and summer activities
  • The mayor considers it outrageous that the Ministry of Public Works comes to Cartagena to talk about the Mediterranean Corridor without offering deadlines or budgets for the connections of the municipality Ana Beln Castejn assures that it will be n (28/07/2017)

  • The UPCT shows in a book the more than 8,000 trees of the historical center of Cartagena (28/07/2017)
    The first lieutenant of mayor and councilman of the area of ​​Sustainable Development, will present on Monday this book in the garden of the Huerto de las Bolas
  • City Council and SCRATS organize actions to publicize the Tajo Segura Transfer (28/07/2017)
    They will be held on July 31 in Cabo de Palos and on August 1 in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Francisco Caldern regrets that the lack of irrigation has come to the head of the Minister of Agriculture (28/07/2017)

  • The Sea of ​​Music exhibitions are still open (28/07/2017)
    The festival halls open all the month of August with summer time
  • The third edition of Cartagena Negra will reward Rafa Melero for his novel Ful (28/07/2017)
    The literary festival dedicated to the Black Literature, Policaca and of Mystery, that will be celebrated from the 5 to the 9 of September, incorporates other novelties this year like the Edition of an anthology of stories
  • Start the Fiestas in Perin (28/07/2017)
    Friday starts the activities that will be developed until August 15
  • A film heritage shows the cultural and natural heritage of the Region on the beaches of Cartagena (28/07/2017)
    This Thursday and Friday is installed in Mar de Cristal and in August will reach Isla Plana
  • The Local Police of Cartagena will take care of the road safety during the Cross of Cabo de Palos (28/07/2017)
    Have they recommended to the drivers that, this Saturday, they anticipate their displacements and they prove the prohibitions of parking
  • The public can already visit the Sanctuary of Isis in the Barrio del Foro Romano (28/07/2017)
    This Thursday officially inaugurated the new archaeological jewel of the city of Cartagena
  • The City Council works with Taxi associations on the viability of the sector (28/07/2017)
    The responsible for the Sustainable Development Area and the Councilor for Finance have held a meeting with representatives of all associations of the sector on Friday to exchange proposals
  • Last days for the voluntary payment of IBI receipts (28/07/2017)
    On August 7, the deadline expires, on which day the charge for direct receipts will also occur
  • CTSSP listens to residents of San Antn (28/07/2017)
    The performances in the San Anton neighborhood are included in the agreement that has CTSSP with the government for the investiture of Ana Belen Castejn
  • Canteras celebrates its patron saint festivities since July 29th. The festivities will be extended until August 15 with musical performances, gastronomic tastings, children's activities, trovado evening, mass and procession in honor of the Patron (28/07/2017)

  • The Master Voleyball La Manga-UPCT dedicates its ninth edition to Gustavo Fortea (28/07/2017)
    A total of 83 couples will play this beach volleyball tournament, which will be held on 5 and 6 August at Isla del Ciervo beach
  • The UCAM will implement in Cartagena the next course five official mentions in its Degree of Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport (28/07/2017)

  • Citizens demand that the contaminated soil be removed from the school of El Llano before September (28/07/2017)

  • The neighbors of Vista Alegre dedicate a square to Francisco Abellan Caravaca. The one who was president of the neighborhood association of the neighborhood, died in 2015, received yesterday a tribute in the person of his widow and children, that cou (28/07/2017)

  • The University thanks the National Police for its participation in the Summer Scientific Campus (28/07/2017)

  • The Sanctuary of Isis opens its doors to the public and integrates itself into the visits of the Barrio del Foro Romano de Cartagena (27/07/2017)
    The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment attends the inauguration of this new area of ​​the field of Molinete
  • Cartagena will implement a pioneering methodology for the evaluation of transparency (27/07/2017)
    The Councilor for Transparency attended Thursday a day in Murcia in which has been informed about this methodology, known as MESTA
  • The businessmen will collaborate with the City Council in the definition of the tax ordinances (27/07/2017)
    This has been demonstrated in the meeting held today Thursday by the councilwoman with representatives of businessmen and merchants of Cartagena
  • The councilman of Decentralization inaugurates the new stop of the line 20 of bus in Playa Paraiso already in march The councilman of Decentralization visited Thursday the coastal town, that already has stop for the line that connects Cartagena and L (27/07/2017)

  • Claims that the parking of Santa Lucia Hospital is public (27/07/2017)
    The mayor has announced that she will study all possible ways to respond to users
  • The mayor asks to appear before the Health Commission to talk about the Rosell In a meeting with the president of the Regional Assembly, she has also asked for "celeridad" in the reform of the Statute of Autonomy (27/07/2017)

  • Cartagena welcomes 21 more Belarusian children (27/07/2017)
    The mayor has received them at the Palace Hall and they have been given a gift as a souvenir of their visit and the stay of two months that now start in the city
  • Citizens denounce that the CATAD prevents the entrance to its facilities to the president of Four Cats (27/07/2017)

  • The First Literary Contest of Comedies of the Cartagena Field is born (27/07/2017)
    The term of admission of texts begins this next Tuesday 1 of August and will end the 30 of September.
  • The mayor receives the president of Hostecar (27/07/2017)
    The representative of the hoteliers of Cartagena has been able to raise the needs of the sector to the first mayor, among which is a web page that gives more visibility to the Association
  • The City Council will collaborate with the businessmen of the Poligono de Los Camachos (27/07/2017)
    The first deputy mayor and the Councilor of Patrimony have held today a meeting with representatives of the association where has been spoken of the ship of Contentpolis as a place to have its Home
  • The Local Police alert about a publication that uses its name to capture advertisers (27/07/2017)
    It is a police magazine that has nothing to do with the Cartagena City Hall
  • The Campillo de Adentro parties arrive (27/07/2017)
    The performances, contests and championships will celebrate the festivities, which will last from August 1 to 15
  • Six doctoral students of the UPCT obtain contract FPU, multiplying by five the average rate of success (27/07/2017)

  • Cultural property undertakes to release as soon as possible the 100,000 euro item for the Roman Amphitheater (26/07/2017)
    The councilman of Patrimony has held today a meeting in Murcia with the general director of the area in which they have approached the status of various projects and procedures
  • ... (26/07/2017)

  • More than 46,000 people enjoyed the 23rd edition of the La Mar de Musicas festival in Cartagena (26/07/2017)
    In addition it has been collected at the box office 37.5% more than last year, with a box that has surpassed 240,000 euros
  • The city council will make improvements in the infrastructure of the Peral district (26/07/2017)
    The councilor of the Sustainable Development Area has informed the neighbors of the projects that will be carried out to improve pavement and accessibility
  • Participants in the 1st Cartagena Archaeological Workfield work in the Roman site of the Castillicos (26/07/2017)
    The program is developed from 17 to 29 July with volunteers from nine autonomous communities
  • The Bureau of Contracts awards the renovation of public lighting in La Palma (26/07/2017)
    This was one of the projects selected by the neighbors in the Participatory Budgets
  • Citizens assure that the City Council is executing only 50 percent of its amendments to the budgets of 2017 (26/07/2017)

  • Esquilache is projected this Thursday at the Municipal Archaeological Museum in the summer cycle Cinema in the Museum (26/07/2017)
    The film will start at 21.45 with free admission
  • La Manga del Mar Menor Library hosts the presentation of the historical novel La Magdala (26/07/2017)
    The event, today Wednesday, will begin at 7 pm and will be attended by the author
  • Los Diaz celebrates its popular festivals this weekend with music, gastronomic tastings and children's activities (26/07/2017)
    Festive activities will be held from July 20 to 31
  • Saint Lucia remembers the arrival of Santiago to Spain on the feast day of the saint (26/07/2017)
    The porocession, by sea and land, recreated yesterday Tuesday the arrival of the Holy Apostle to Cartagena lands to begin his mission of preaching in Hispania
  • Sustainable Development promotes the conditioning of steel in the street Trovero Marin (26/07/2017)
    Interested companies have until August 1 to present their offers and choose to award the work, whose output budget is 206,658 euros
  • The weather conditions of last winter have led to the regeneration of the water of the lagoon, according to a doctoral thesis of the UPCT (26/07/2017)

  • The mayor meets with representatives of the Citizen Platform Save the Cabo de Palos Lighthouse (25/07/2017)
    Ana Beln Castejn has shown her support in the defense of the public ownership of the lighthouse
  • The Local Police about the work to the young people and children of the center San Pablo (25/07/2017)
    The agents have visited today the children and young people of the Center San Pablo del Boho
  • Cs Cartagena supports in the Plenary the transitional rule to avoid the urban development in the municipality (25/07/2017)

  • Cs Cartagena supports political disapproval of the previous government for lack of control in the construction of El Batel (25/07/2017)

  • The City Council is unanimous in condemning xenophobia, intolerance and racism. During the plenary session held on Tuesday, which began with this institutional statement, the majority of the motions presented by the municipal groups (25/07/2017)

  • Cs Cartagena manages to ensure that the Government undertakes to protect officials who report cases of corruption (25/07/2017)

  • Discover the secrets of ancient Rome with a Patricia in the House of Fortune (25/07/2017)
    The theatrical visit can be made from Tuesday to Sunday during the months of July, August and September
  • This Wednesday there will be a meeting of Councilors of the City Council with the UPCT (25/07/2017)
    The mayor will attend this meeting, which will take place in the Rectorate of the UPCT at 10:00 hours on Wednesday July 26
  • The Plenary agrees to a historic reprobation of the political leaders of the PP for the overhead of the El Batel Auditorium (25/07/2017)
    MC, satisfied that the inspection work begun two years ago continues to bear fruit
  • The Music Sea takes stock of its 23rd edition (25/07/2017)
    The press conference will be held at the Ramn Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center this Wednesday, July 26 at 12:00 o'clock
  • More than two weeks of activities for all ages in the popular festivals of Villas Caravaning (25/07/2017)
    The parties include sports competitions, children's activities, gastronomic tastings, raffles, dance workshops and live music
  • Firefighters and Local Police intervene in the extinction of the fire of a concessionaire in the fast road of La Manga. The event, which took place on Monday afternoon, resulted in two burn injuries and a good part of the facilities. Company affected (25/07/2017)

  • ... (24/07/2017)

  • The III Open Summer School ends after a month of activities (24/07/2017)
    More than half thousand neighbors of the historic center and the station sector have participated in this initiative whose purpose is to promote intercultural coexistence
  • Cs Cartagena asks to increase lighting in the last section of Calle Angel Bruna (24/07/2017)

  • ... (24/07/2017)

  • Musical performances, sports competitions, foam festival and rociera outlet in the popular festivals of Vista Alegre (24/07/2017)
    Festivities will take place from July 27 to 30
  • Santa Ana celebrates its festivities in honor of the patron saint that gives name to the locality. The organization of the celebrations, that on Friday lived the great event of the election of Miss and Mister Santa Ana, has prepared a day for each co (24/07/2017)

  • Cartagena firefighters rescue a person trapped in his vehicle after a traffic accident in El Albujon (24/07/2017)
    The events took place this Sunday, when the vehicle hit a street lamp
  • MC pays homage to Adela Roche, neighbor of Pozo de los Palos who celebrated 100 years of life yesterday (22/07/2017)

  • Ana Beln Castejn has held a meeting on Friday with Antonio Snchez-Sols in which he has reviewed all the pending actions that the central administration has to carry out. The mayor transfers to the government delegate the need to increase the numb (21/07/2017)

  • UPCT rector says that engineers will be missing (21/07/2017)
    Cartagena again hosts a working meeting of UP4's rector teams
  • Murcia receives Carthaginians and Romans (21/07/2017)

  • Sustainable Development replaces nearly two hundred street lighting supports in the Eixample (21/07/2017)
    Work has begun on Friday, in Jimnez de la Espada, and will continue during the next months in other streets of this sector of the city
  • The residents of Playa Paraiso will have a bus stop on the Cartagena - La Manga line (21/07/2017)
    It will be operational next week.
  • The City Council has reduced its bank debt by more than 50 million euros in this legislature (21/07/2017)
    The Board of Governors, meeting Friday, has given the approval to the early repayment of 7.2 million euros that were due to entities Financing
  • The Talleres del Mar line their final stretch. On Wednesday, the students of this activity, which is part of the 2017 Summer Schools of the Department of Education, received in the facilities of the Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena the visit of the (21/07/2017)

  • The Musical Union Cartagonova finishes preparations to participate in the International Music Band Contest of Valencia (21/07/2017)
    The mayor and the mayor of Culture attended the essay of musical training to wish luck to the musicians
  • Boat trips begin with live music for summer nights (21/07/2017)

  • Citizens asks the City Council to fit the Tile Cloth Trovero Marn (21/07/2017)
    - The orange formation takes from the month of November 2016 trying to clear these murals that are currently partially cracked
  • New location of speed controls for the week of July 24 to 30 (21/07/2017)
    The Local Police has published the list with the places where the radars will be placed during the next week
  • UB40 reggae stars La Mar de Musicas de Cartagena (21/07/2017)
    Roco Mrquez presents Friday Firmamento, on the penultimate day of the festival
  • The Music Sea shows its solidarity side (20/07/2017)
    Culture has distributed about 200 entries between social entities, such as ASIDO, ASTUS or Rascasa, so that they can enjoy the concerts of this edition of the festival
  • The mayor of Cartagena, named vice-president of the FMRM (20/07/2017)
    Ana Beln Castejn has taken possession of her new position in the ordinary general assembly held today in Caravaca
  • The conditioning of the road between the pier of La Curra and Crane Sansn will improve the integration of the port of Cartagena in the city (20/07/2017)
    The Presidency Advisor and the President of the Port Authority present the project to improve the port service route
  • The municipal groups agree to leave aside the political debate to the officials (20/07/2017)
    The mayor presided on Wednesday a meeting with all the spokespersons with the intention to streamline and to improve the atmosphere in the plenary
  • La Puebla, La Aparecida and Los Beatos renew their road signs (20/07/2017)
    The Councilor for Decentralization, Juan Pedro Torralba, says that this action will increase the security of the neighbors of the Lentiscar deputation
  • MC continues his exemplary action with the resignation of the new spokesperson to receive his salary by this function (20/07/2017)
    Isabel Garca will not receive any assignment for some functions that are compensated in their counterparts of PSOE, PP, C's and CTSSP
  • The restored bust of Jimenez de la Espada already shines on Paseo Alfonso XIII, in front of the institute that bears his name (20/07/2017)

  • MC will request CARM to promote in Cartagena the offer of the Center of Teachers and Resources "Enrique Martnez Muoz" (20/07/2017)

  • Youth launches a Cartagena online guide for young travelers (20/07/2017)
    This resource, which is part of the European Volunteer Service Project by Carola Rivetti, includes three itineraries dedicated to Modernism, archeology and party and leisure
  • La Azohia Playas Solidaria Travesa will raise funds for the start-up of a headquarters in Cartagena for DGenes (20/07/2017)
    The test will take place on August 6 at San Gins beach
  • Its director Jorge Martnez will present this Friday the documentary in the New Circus Theater and the guitarist Francisco Capiscol will play the last guitar of the great Paco The Master, last guitar of Paco de Lucia, protagonist of the documentary T (20/07/2017)

  • Citizens asks that the Naval Museum of Cartagena open the weekends during the summer months (20/07/2017)

  • Young people from all over Spain discover the tourist charms of the Region with the Summer Scientific Campus (20/07/2017)

  • We can propose an initiative in Congress to "protect" the Cabo de Palos lighthouse from the "pelotazo" policy of the PP (19/07/2017)

  • The Contracting Board awards four new contracts with significant savings compared to the bidding budget (19/07/2017)
    Business competitiveness continues to be a constant in procurement procedures
  • ... (19/07/2017)

  • The Barbecues will host the Gastronomic Days of Cante de las Minas (19/07/2017)
    The event will feature tasting of a special menu, flamenco performances and a tribute to chef Alfonso Ortega
  • Cuesta Blanca honors its patron, Santiago Apostol, with dances and gastronomy (19/07/2017)
    Between Thursday 20 and Sunday 30 the performances and the meals and dinners of brotherhood will be protagonists in the locality
  • Cs Cartagena will support in the next Plenary the transitional rule to avoid the urban development in the municipality (19/07/2017)

  • The Sea of ​​Barrios floods Santa Lucia The Colombian group El Caribefunk, a parade with batucada and a wide range of neighborhood activities brought the La Mar de Msicas festival to this traditional fishing quarter (19/07/2017)

  • The Santa Ana festivities start in honor of the patron saint who gives name to the town (19/07/2017)
    The organization of the festivities has prepared a day for each group and also thematic days between 20 and 30 July
  • The Carthagenas of the world are exhibited in the streets of the Spanish Cartagena through the photographs of Diaz Burgos and Moises Ruiz. Until August 30 some of the photos that were part of the exhibition 'Al fondo, el mar 'In The Sea of (19/07/2017)

  • Local Police detects the presence of an extreme right-wing group in Cartagena (19/07/2017)
    On the afternoon of Tuesday, they located five individuals carrying a preconstitutional bathtub in the center of the city
  • Extension to the agreement to impart lessons of FP of Superior Degree in the School of Marine Infantry of Cartagena (19/07/2017)

  • Juan Jos Molina: "It is an emblematic building that has witnessed the history of the deputation during the XX century, but at the moment it is very deteriorated. Citizens requests the rehabilitation of the Rubio House of El Algar for its puttin (19/07/2017)

  • CTSSP will request in the next plenary the municipal recognition to the Cartagena deported to the Nazi concentration camps (19/07/2017)

  • A doctor of the UPCT, national award for the best doctoral thesis of Electrochemistry (19/07/2017)

  • Youth collects backpacks used to help children at risk of social exclusion (19/07/2017)
    For the 'Paddle Your Backpack' campaign, a collection point has been opened at the Youth Resource Center, from Monday to Friday in the morning
  • The mayor promotes an alliance between the municipalities of the Region and the FEMP to improve the financing conditions of the municipalities (18/07/2017)
    Cartagena hosts today this summit of mayors, announced by the first mayor in his investiture speech
  • Cartagena is full of music with La Barra Libre de La Mar (18/07/2017)
    Macaco, Chico Trujillo, Bareto, Ceu, iLe, Jamaikids and Noise Box free
  • The City Council sends to CARM the documents to begin the construction of the school of La Aljorra (18/07/2017)
    The Councilor for Sustainable Development has sent to the director general of Educational Centers the memory of works of urbanization of the accesses and the accreditation of the burial of the Medium voltage line
  • An Info study highlights the strengths of Cartagena in the diving sector (18/07/2017)
    The event has been presented by the mayor of Cartagena, the president of Info and the president of COEC
  • The Local Police intervene in a case of alcohol at the wheel and another case of domestic violence (18/07/2017)

  • The beaches of Los Nietos and Isla Plana join the second edition of A film heritage (18/07/2017)

  • Jess Gimnez reaffirms MC's commitment to citizenship, transparency and social pedagogy (18/07/2017)

  • On-going work of volunteers from the I Cartagena Archeology work camp (18/07/2017)

  • Metal wind instruments will be protagonists of a summer music festival in Cartagena (18/07/2017)
    The Councilor for Culture has presented this event to be held July 24 to 27
  • Eppo Cardelo and Santiago Garcia reveal seven mysteries in Enigmas and mysteries of hidden Spain (18/07/2017)
    The mayor of Cartagena presented this Monday the book, published by Editorial Almuzara
  • Pablo Milanes, La Mar de Musicas prize, received his award accompanied by Rozalen, Victor Manuel and Jorge Marazu (18/07/2017)
    The concert was broadcast by Radio 3 from El Batel and sold out
  • Cartagena hosts the course UNIMAR Challenges of the Spanish Political System (18/07/2017)
    The inauguration ceremony, today Tuesday, was attended by the second deputy mayor, Francisco Caldern
  • The City Council approves grants for 31 cultural projects to be developed in 2017 (18/07/2017)
    The total amount awarded reaches 30,000 euros
  • Youth is committed to training geared towards new technologies (18/07/2017)

  • La Mar de Musicas connects with the cultural diversity of Cartagena in La Mar de Barrios (17/07/2017)
    Batukadas, neighborhood activities and concerts have been scheduled in Santa Luca and Mar de Cristal
  • The Nautica Club La Vila Joiosa is ranked first by clubs in the Third Spanish Sea Kayak Cup. In the championship, held on Saturday in the waters of the Port of Cartagena, about 200 paddlers (17/07/2017)

  • Some twenty people participate in the Second Summer School for Homeless People and Passersby (17/07/2017)
    The mayor and the Councilor for Social Services have participated in the inauguration of the Summer School
  • Santa Lucia flies in the celebration of the Virgin of the Carmen (17/07/2017)
    The neighbors and fishermen took to the image in procession by the Port with their boats after the celebration of the mass
  • Chilean singer Violeta Parra was honored with a concert by her granddaughter, Tita Parra, and Manuel Garcia. Included in the La Mar de Msicas programming, the concert was reviewed by Parra's songwriter and also interpreted own creations , As the (17/07/2017)

  • The Music Sea opened the doors of the exhibition Back to the seventeen of Cartagena artists (17/07/2017)
    The exhibition, which exhibits works by seven local artists, can be visited until August 1 in El Batel
  • The Navy held in the Arsenal of Cartagena the Day of the Virgin of Carmen (17/07/2017)
    The activities, which were attended by the mayor, began with a mass in honor of the patroness
  • The Association of Neighbors of the Urrutias continues with its festive program that will extend until half of August (17/07/2017)
    The acts and activities will happen during all the weekends of July and the first half of August until Tuesday 15
  • Galifa culminated the festivities in honor of the Virgin of the Carmen, in which the dancing and the sport have been protagonists (17/07/2017)
    During two weeks the ludic activities happened, between which also there were meals of brotherhood, cinema and entertainments for children
  • Cs Cartagena transfers to the Regional Assembly the demands and needs of El Beal neighbors (17/07/2017)
    - The local communities in the area have drafted a base document in which they demand improvements in infrastructures, health, education, environment, employment And trade
  • The archaeological campus of Monte Sacro closes its first round with the delivery of diplomas to the students (17/07/2017)
    A total of 16 young people who have worked on the remains of a possible upper-middle class barrio of S.I aC received on Saturday their Diplomas accrediting from the mayor of the city
  • The Cofradia de Pescadores de Cartagena delivers 844 kilos of fish to charities (17/07/2017)
    A total of nine associations and entities of the municipality benefited from this donation that is made every year
  • Four vehicles burned in a night in different points of La Aljorra (17/07/2017)
    The events have happened this morning in Alvar Nunez streets, Switzerland and Switzerland's crossing of the said deputation, to where firefighters arrived with a heavy urban bomb
  • Pablo Milanes La Mar de Musicas receives his award accompanied by Rozalen, Victor Manuel and Jorge Marazu (17/07/2017)
    The concert, which is broadcast today on Radio 3 from El Batel, has sold out
  • A teacher at the Naval School receives a national award for the best professional career for children under 35 (17/07/2017)

  • Cs Cartagena presents a proposal for the registration of initiatives to be held one week before the Plenary (15/07/2017)

  • Published the examination notes to cover 42 posts of administrative assistant of the city council (14/07/2017)
    The selection court has released early Friday afternoon the scores of the candidates who took the test last June 25
  • The musical festival of Juanito Makande with El Canijo de Jerez and Aterciopelados on the second day of La Mar de Musicas (14/07/2017)
    The Cartagena festival also hosts the Norwegian Moddi, the Cuban La Dame Blanche and the Angolan Tot
  • Sustainable Development informs residents of Santa Lucia about upcoming improvement actions in the neighborhood (14/07/2017)
    Bacheo, steel or lighting are three of the priorities set by the local Executive.
  • Quality of Life promotes the work of conditioning CATAD to improve the welfare of animals (14/07/2017)
    Interested companies can choose to award the contract of adaptation of the cheniles until July 25
  • The Cofradia de Pescadores de Cartagena will deliver this Sunday solidarity fishery lots to charities (14/07/2017)
    It will be held at the headquarters of the Fishermen's Guild at 9:00 am with the assistance of the edil de Servicios Sociales
  • Social Services closes the ninth edition of the Summer School for the Elderly (14/07/2017)
    This year's edition has involved 32 elderly people, among whom are users of the Day Care Centers of El Algar and Los Dolores
  • The City Council knows firsthand some of the necessary actions in the Campus Wall of the Sea of ​​the UPCT (14/07/2017)

  • The Second Summer School for the Homeless and Passer-by opens its doors with craft workshops and cultural visits. The activity, which includes twenty people, will include other workshops and a swim in the UPCT pool during the week of l17 To July 21 (14/07/2017)

  • About twenty Saharawi children will spend the summer in Cartagena with host families (14/07/2017)
    The mayor received them today at the Palace Hall and welcomed them to the city, inviting them to enjoy the summer season
  • The Tourist Bus launches route through Santa Lucia and Cala Cortina (14/07/2017)
    The new itinerary intends to put in value the fishing port and this traditional neighborhood as well as the urban beach of Cala Cortina and the batteries of coast of the zone
  • Cabo de Palos will be the scene of the I Waterfoot Trophy in the open sea that is celebrated in the Region In the event, which is celebrated this Saturday, will participate 6 teams from all the Region of Murcia and also from the province of Alicante, (14/07/2017)

  • CTSSP requests the Government to meet with the Platform for the new PGMO (14/07/2017)

  • Victor Manuel joins the tribute to Pablo Milanes at the festival La Mar de Musicas (14/07/2017)
    Milans will receive the La Mar de Musica 2017 Prize this Monday, July 17
  • The Colombian artist Nadin Ospina poses in La Mar de Musicas the fear of the society to the immigration (14/07/2017)
    This Friday is inaugurated his artistic intervention "Of the Other World" in the Palace Molina
  • Rescued a man who had been trapped in his vehicle after a traffic accident (14/07/2017)
    Firefighters, Local Police and health personnel of the 061 participated in the rescue, which took place on Thursday afternoon in the Peral district
  • The Local Police will carry out a special traffic campaign to control the technical conditions of the vehicles (14/07/2017)

  • The Navy celebrates on Sunday the Day of the Virgin of Carmen (14/07/2017)
    The mayor will attend the commemorative events that will take place in the Arsenal from 10 in the morning
  • Cs Cartagena denounces that several municipal buildings still do not expose the obligatory label of energy efficiency (14/07/2017)

  • CTSSP will take a plea to the July plenary to clean the graffiti of Monte del Sacro Castle (14/07/2017)

  • New location of the radars for the week of July 17 to 23 (14/07/2017)
    The Local Police of Cartagena has published the list of the points in which the speed controls will be placed during the next week
  • The first day of the festival, this Friday, is marked by the rhythms of Latin America with the concerts also by Carla Morrison, Kanaku, and the rest of the world. The Resident Puerto Rican, former Calle 13, will be in charge of inaugurating La Mar de (13/07/2017)

  • A computer application will make the information of the Municipal Portal of Transparencia more accessible and clear (13/07/2017)
    Users will have reusable graphics and formats for a better understanding of the economic, budgetary and esthetic information that is collected in this portal
  • Education draws a study on the floor of the school of El Llano del Beal (13/07/2017)

  • Start this Thursday the programming of summer cinema at the Archaeological Museum Two cycles of films will be extended until September 14 (13/07/2017)

  • The ICI Project celebrates the end-of-course party of the III ConVive Summer Open School in your Neighborhood: Open for Holidays (13/07/2017)

  • The Padel and Women championship brings together this weekend in Cartagena to the best couples of players in the world The mayor of Cartagena and the mayor of Sports have presented this event, accompanied by the Director General of Sports and the Pre (13/07/2017)

  • Youth of the Implica2 Program collaborate in the School and Summer of the Association of Neighbors of the Neighborhood of the Conception The young people are volunteers of the Council of Youth of the City council of Cartagena and will collaborate dur (13/07/2017)

  • The students of the archaeological campus of Monte Sacro work in the excavation of a possible Roman domus (13/07/2017)

  • Cartagena commemorated this Wednesday the 144th anniversary of the Cantonal Revolution (13/07/2017)
    Among the events include the conference 'International participation in the cantonal uprising.
  • Two hundred paddlers from all over Spain will compete in Cartagena for the Third Spanish Sea Kayak Cup (13/07/2017)
    The Regattas Club, in collaboration with the City Council and the regional Canoe Federation, organizes this sporting event held on Saturday at the port
  • Family finances 25,000 euros for actions to combat social exclusion of the Good Samaritan in Cartagena (13/07/2017)
    This organization carries out the distribution of food, maintains three foster homes, conducts educational talks and works on the reintegration of people with problems of Addiction
  • The Virgin of Carmen will walk the streets of Cartagena (13/07/2017)
    after 82 years without procession
  • The City Council recalls the commitment of the CARM to start after the summer the works of the second phase of the Health Center of San Anton (12/07/2017)
    Councilman Francisco Caldern has interviewed Wednesday in Murcia with the manager of the Murcian Service of Salu, meeting In which they have treated this subject
  • Eight companies opt for the cleaning service of municipal buildings The proposals of these eight companies have been one of the topics discussed at the hiring table that met today Wednesday (12/07/2017)

  • Hoteliers and City Council agree on the need for the Community to increase its commitment to the promotion of tourism in Cartagena (12/07/2017)
    Castejn and the hotel representatives of the city advance in the elaboration of a Strategic Plan to increase the dissemination of the tourist benefits of the municipality in The Region and throughout the country
  • The Young Symphonic Orchestra of Cartagena celebrates its first year of life with a concert that will make its audience travel to imperial Russia. It will be on Saturday, July 22 at 10:00 pm in the Auditorio El Batel and the tickets will have a Cost (12/07/2017)

  • Archaeological excavations begin on the lower and upper terraces of the Roman Forum (12/07/2017)
    They are promoted by the City of Cartagena, are financed by the Repsol Foundation, and are managed by Cartagena Puerto de Culturas
  • The Cross of Cabo de Palos is preparing for its ninth edition (12/07/2017)
    It will be next Saturday July 29th from 18:30 hours.
  • The Art Sea brings to Molina Palace the exhibition The seduction of the fragment of the Cuban Alexandre Arrechea (12/07/2017)
    It will be possible to visit until the 1 of September
  • Three European volunteers collaborate in projects of the Council of Youth with actions at a socio-cultural and educational level in Cartagena (12/07/2017)
    Mayor Ricardo Segado thanked the involvement of Volunteers in his nine months of SVE Project in Cartagena
  • ... (12/07/2017)

  • The work and the inequality are analyzed in the exhibition The brick of the Chilean Patrick Hamilton in the Sea of ​​Art (12/07/2017)
    The sample is framed within the festival The Sea of ​​Music and it will be able to be visited in the room Byzantine Wall until the 31 of August
  • The Local Government Board initially approves the development of Santa Lucia's Action Unit 7 (12/07/2017)
    Grants have also been approved for 31 cultural projects and collaboration agreements for La Mar de Msicas
  • The Music Sea will have access to the Torres Park by the historical center (12/07/2017)
    The attendees with tickets for the concerts that are held in the Torres Park can reach by Calle Concepcin
  • Citizens reminds the PP that there is already a plenary agreement for the maintenance and accessibility of playgrounds (12/07/2017)

  • Cartagena will be an international reference in CSR thanks to the leadership of the Port Authority and the UCAM (12/07/2017)

  • Cartagena recalls Miguel Angel Blanco (12/07/2017)
    The city council today paid tribute to the councilman of the City of Ermua murdered by ETA 20 years ago with a minute of silence at the doors of the Palace Hall
  • The Carthagonova Polyphonic Choir, with the collaboration of the Council of Festivities of the City of Cartagena, will offer on Saturday, July 22 at 10:30 pm the traditional Habaneras concert. In March, the 28th edition of the Habaneras Concert of Ca (12/07/2017)

  • Architects of the UPCT will virtually restore the altarpiece of the Relief Chapel of the Old Cathedral of Cartagena (12/07/2017)
    The Polytechnic and the Association of the Christ collaborate in an audiovisual project that will serve as a basis for the physical reconstruction of the work
  • Local Police about their daily work to Apices users (12/07/2017)
    Have they offered advice on Road Safety and Cyberbulling in three sessions the last days
  • Citizens want Cartagena to be the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy in 2018 (12/07/2017)

  • Firefighters and local police intervene in the fire of several cars in the parking lot of a hotel in Los Dolores. The fire, which occurred on Tuesday afternoon, threatened to affect nearby homes as well (12/07/2017)

  • Firefighters get off from a ninth to rescue the corpse of an old man who lived alone (11/07/2017)
    The strong smell that came out of the house alerted the neighbors who had not seen it for days
  • Former minister Bernat Soria gave Cartagena a conference on progress against diabetes (11/07/2017)
    After the talk the new Delegation was presented in Cartagena de DiabetesCER0, a movement of parents of children with diabetes and adults struggling for research for cure Of diabetes
  • Archaeological patrimony requests the regional government authorization to execute the consolidation of the walls of the Amphitheater (11/07/2017)
    The mayor of the area and the coordinator of Historical and Archaeological Heritage have registered the document Tuesday in Murcia
  • The Local Police of Cartagena detains an individual who is attentive against two agents in Pozo Estrecho (11/07/2017)

  • The City Council will carry out the improvement of accessibility in El Albujon (11/07/2017)
    The first deputy mayor, Jos Lpez, was in charge of presenting to the neighbors the project, which is one of the neighborhood proposals included in the participatory Budgets
  • The works of Liliana Porter, Sandra Gamarra, Alfredo Jaar or Tania Bruguera, make up the exhibition, which can be visited in the Vctor Beltr and Toms rooms. The Music Sea collects the best of contemporary Latin American art in the collective exhib (11/07/2017)

  • The City Council expands the social housing stock after six homes were rehabilitated in Los Belones and El Strait of San Gines. Some 75 families, who were already in the stock market to access four other houses that were awarded in May, opt for these (11/07/2017)

  • Agriculture secures funds to fix four new rural roads (11/07/2017)
    In total 18 kilometers of paths will be repaired that will increase the tourist offer of the municipality
  • Cs Cartagena fears that the Government does not have the will or the capacity to execute its amendments to the budgets 2017 (11/07/2017)
    - Citizen spokesman in Cartagena, Manuel Padn, "we are already in full month of July and we know nothing of the state of Execution nor of the terms that has been marked by the PSOE and MC Government to undertake several of our amendments "
  • IU-Greens renews its local direction to promote the mobilization and the confluence in Cartagena (11/07/2017)

  • MC understands that the local PP must separate Álvaro Valds and Francisco Espejo (11/07/2017)

  • ... (11/07/2017)

  • Mister Gay Pride Spain 2017 knows the Palace Hall (10/07/2017)
    Ricardo Tacoronte, Tenerife, 28 years old, is a corporal of the Navy and is destined in Cartagena.
  • The Sea of ​​Art presents the expositions Liliana Maresca and With the wild detectives (10/07/2017)

  • The Cultural and Heritage Area organizes a day to commemorate Wednesday the Cantonal Revolution (10/07/2017)
    There will be a conference and will remember the events happened in diverse scenes of the city in July of 1873
  • This year there will be a Children's Pilgrimage of San Gines de la Jara (10/07/2017)
    This is one of the novelties that the Brotherhood of Romeros has prepared within the program of commemorative events of this festival, which is celebrated in August and which already premieres poster
  • Sustainable Development delivers to the neighborhood of Los Dolores the project of action devised for the Plaza Angel Valverde (10/07/2017)
    The works will be focused to facilitate the full accessibility
  • The transitional urbanization rule will be debated at the next municipal plenary (10/07/2017)
    The approval of this document will allow projects to be executed on urban land for an amount close to 35 million euros
  • The fourth edition of the National Festival of Music Bands brought for the first time to a foreign group (10/07/2017)
    It was celebrated last Saturday with parades by the city and a concert in the Plaza San Francisco
  • The XXV National Festival of Folklore of the Field of Cartagena celebrated its great day (10/07/2017)
    The folkloric evening in the farm of the Palmeral with performances of groups of the Region of Murcia, Extremadura and Galicia, put end and end
  • The beaches of Cartagena already have blue flags and Q of quality (10/07/2017)
    In total 12 beaches of the Cartagena coast have obtained the Q flags of quality, which recognize the services offered, and there are five that will see the blue flag
  • Cartagena Local Police detains two individuals for threatening minors and hitting their partner (10/07/2017)
    The interventions occurred yesterday afternoon and this past night
  • Illuminates our border is presented on Tuesday at the Palace Hall (10/07/2017)
    The exhibition of Latin American artists is one of the activities scheduled within the Sea of ​​Art, the festival La Mar de Msicas
  • The Local Police of Cartagena seizes 159 products of imitation in the flea market of Cabo de Palos (10/07/2017)
    Among them, swimsuits, polos, sneakers, dvd¿s and underpants
  • New speed controls in the city, councils and beaches (10/07/2017)
    The Local Police of Cartagena reports the speed controls that will be carried out during the week of 10 to 16 July
  • Citizens celebrate that Brussels financially supports the Logistics Activities Area of ​​Cartagena (10/07/2017)

  • The Muram of Cartagena extends the exhibition on Spanish art from the twentieth century to mid-September. The exhibition is made up of fifty works belonging to the Community funds, more than half of which belong to the creators of the Region (10/07/2017)

  • Fomento presents the transitional urban development norm of Cartagena for its economic development until the new General Plan (10/07/2017)
    Secretary General Yolanda Muoz explains that this instrument is an "immediate solution and gives legal security to the city"
  • Pablo Diaz of the UCAM Athletics Cartagena rubs the Bronze in the National Junior (10/07/2017)

  • Young volunteers from all over Spain will work to maintain Cartagena's archaeological heritage. From July 17 to 29, some twenty young people from nine autonomous communities will participate in the Cartagena Archaeological work field, a program o (10/07/2017)

  • Cyber ​​attacks, such as WannaCry or Petya, will not stop Symantec strategist and evangelist Rameses Gallego recommends defending against electronic crime with "different layers of protection, like an onion" (10/07/2017)

  • The films will be screened by Santiago Miter, Kleber Medoça Filho, Anna Muylaert, Pablo Larran, Gerardo Olivares, Arturo Ripstein, Federico Veiroj, Vctor Gaviria The new Latin American cinema and the figure of the woman star in the film section of (10/07/2017)

  • Santiago will march accompanied by Scottish bagpipes in Miranda (10/07/2017)
    The parties of the Diputacin cartagenera will count on a rock festival, a soft-arrow championship and a Party 'Summer Party' with a pyramid of 14 meters of height
  • The Palmero festivities arrive in La Magdalena (10/07/2017)
    Activities, meals and dinners and activities for children will fill the program of activities for more than a week, from 14 to 23 July
  • Cartagena firefighters rescue occupants from a vehicle overturned in RM 602 (09/07/2017)
    The accident occurred due to unknown causes about seven thirty in the morning
  • The new accelerator of emerging companies in Cartagena will allow to develop eight innovative projects (09/07/2017)
    The Crowdworking center Carthago starts its activity with different initiatives related to tourism, health and well-being, education, gastronomy or smart cities
  • ... (08/07/2017)

  • Numerous experts will discuss the cultural legacy of the Enlightenment in a course of the Museo del Teatro Romano de Cartagena (08/07/2017)
    The seminar will be held from July 17 to 19 and is organized in collaboration with the Universidad Politcnica de Cartagena
  • MC adheres to the declaration of Cultural Interest, with monument category, of the Marraja Chapel of NP Jesus Nazarene (08/07/2017)

  • The neighbors of La Puebla raise their priority actions to Sustainable Development (07/07/2017)
    The first lieutenant of mayor and responsible of the area, Jose Lopez, has realized a vision of work to the locality
  • Sustainable Development studies possible uses for the Candida Garden (07/07/2017)
    The first deputy mayor and councilor of the area, Jos Lpez, visited this morning the space recently ceded to the City Hall, together with municipal technicians
  • Social Services designs a Summer Program with leisure activities for children and young people in the Barriada de la Caridad (07/07/2017)
    They will be held during the months of July and August
  • The XXV National Festival of Folklore of the Field of Cartagena arrives at its great day (07/07/2017)
    Saturday will be celebrated the folkloric evening in the farm of the Palm tree with performances of groups of the Region of Murcia, Extremadura and Galicia
  • The Sea of ​​Arts brings a new edition of 7 + 7 dedicated to Miguel Hernandez and Pablo Neruda (07/07/2017)
    The exhibition, in which students from Asido and the Artistic Baccalaureate of IES Ben Arab participated, will be inaugurated this Friday, July 7 at 20:00 hours and can be visited at the Municipal Archaeological Museum until 31 August
  • Lifted from the Q Flags of Quality and Blues on the coast of Cartagena (07/07/2017)
    Monday at 10:30 am in Cala Cortina will be a symbolic uprising attended by Councilors Quality of Life, Interior and Tourism
  • The Triathlon School of the Mandarache Athletics Club exceeds expectations and begins its journey with 26 children (07/07/2017)
    The mayor of Sports has presented this school that already has a waiting list for the next course
  • Isabel Maria Andreu presides over this Thursday the Perin Neighborhood Council (07/07/2017)
    This Thursday, July 6, two consecutive Plenary Sessions were held in the Perin Hall of Acts
  • Carmen from the National Dance Company inaugurates The Summers of El Batel (07/07/2017)
    The show, directed by the cartagenero Jos Carlos Martnez, brings a renewed version of the myth of Carmen
  • More than a hundred people have attended the Aula Empresa Innova seminars so far this year (07/07/2017)
    The ADLE and the CEEIC have developed this program which has already prepared new seminars for the second semester related to new technologies
  • An agreement promoted by the Culture and Heritage area will facilitate the opening of the Casino to Cartagena and visitors (07/07/2017)
    The Local Government Board approved this morning the text of the agreement by which the City Council will subsidize the institution with 5,000 euros per year
  • Social Services will facilitate the participation of 35 children with financial difficulties in the schools of the Plasticos Romero football hall (07/07/2017)
    The Government Board has also approved aid of 70 thousand euros to 59 associations of women and the agreement with APANDA
  • Commerce requests 175 thousand euros to improve Santa Florentina market (07/07/2017)
    The Government Board also approves an agreement with the SMS for 98 thousand euros to collaborate with people with physical disabilities
  • La Plaza Europa of La Manga will have new lighting (07/07/2017)
    The project promoted by Sustainable Development will be carried out throughout the month of July
  • Cs Cartagena calls for a protocol to protect officials reporting corruption cases (07/07/2017)

  • The Roman Theater Museum will host a course on the cultural legacy of the Illustration (07/07/2017)

  • The Sea of ​​Art presents With the wild detectives and Liliana Maresca (07/07/2017)
    The exhibitions will be presented in a press pass at the Cultural Center Ramn Alonso Luzzy
  • The Community and the City of Cartagena will work to increase cruise costs in the city (06/07/2017)
    The promotion of diving tourism throughout the Costa Clida will also be intensified, especially in Cabo de Palos
  • The City of Cartagena and the Autonomous Community will work to increase the cost of cruise passengers in the city The mayor of Cartagena has also requested more regional support for the development of the Strategic Tourism Plan and festivals of inte (06/07/2017)

  • The City Council responds to the local demand to provide Playa Paraiso with a bus stop for the line between Cartagena and La Manga. Francisco Caldern confirms that the response of the area of ​​Sustainable Development has been immediate, as oppo (06/07/2017)

  • Neighbors of the Six hundred receive their diplomas to pass a course to improve their employability (06/07/2017)
    The activity has been carried out in collaboration between ACCEM and the Department of Social Services of the City of Cartagena
  • Cartagena will have a new homeless center for homeless people (06/07/2017)
    The Caritas center will open in September with the economic support of the Cartagena City Council
  • Padn: "while others compete to see who is less corrupt, we work for the future of Cartagena" (06/07/2017)

  • The City Council collaborates in the FC Cartagena Fertilizer Campaign (06/07/2017)
    The slogan Accepts the Challenge reaches the whole municipality through a score of mupis and thousands of posters, which can already be seen in downtown streets and a good number of Neighborhoods
  • Francisco Caldern celebrates that "the opposition in the Regional Assembly curb the traps of the PP in the reform of the Statute" (06/07/2017)

  • Bar Bahar, last screening of the quarter at FICCMOTECA (06/07/2017)
    It will be seen this Friday, from 8 pm, at the Centro Cultural Ramn Alonso Luzzy
  • The event will be held this Sunday in Playa Paraiso organized by the EMACC and the Swimming Federation, in collaboration with the Department of Sports of the City of Cartagena (06/07/2017)
    [The VIII Solidarity Mar Menor Crossing gets wet again by multiple sclerosis]
  • Sustainable Development promotes the conditioning and landscaping of a park in Cala Flores (06/07/2017)
    The space will be divided into three terraces where trees and native plants will be planted
  • Culture opens this Friday the exhibition 7.7 Pablo versus Miguel de La Mar de Musicas (06/07/2017)
    The presentation to the media will take place in the morning and the opening in the afternoon, in the Archaeological Museum
  • Cs asks legal services for Lopez's accusations against relatives and friends of PP councilors (06/07/2017)

  • Celebrations continue in Los Puertos de Santa Barbara after the night of crumbs (06/07/2017)
    With days dedicated to the little ones, the elderly and the housewives, the deputation begins this Friday its popular celebrations
  • Firefighters rescue a pregnant woman whose vehicle had been overturned in a traffic accident (06/07/2017)
    She had been trapped inside her after colliding with another on the motorway at La Palma exit
  • CTSSP: "The arrival of the AVE to Cartagena, the dream of a summer night" (05/07/2017)

  • Viva Sweden closes the cycle of Concerts with Sea Views in the Christmas Fort (05/07/2017)

  • The Mesa del Manifesto Fenix ​​takes stock of the work carried out (05/07/2017)
    The pending tasks have also been analyzed
  • Rosana's concert in Torres Park is postponed to September 14 (05/07/2017)

  • The mayor meets with the director of the Velocity Circuit of Cartagena (05/07/2017)
    During the interview the alcandesa has been interested in the situation that this installation is going through
  • Puerto de Culturas offers a story for each day in July and August (05/07/2017)
    In collaboration with the Roman Theater organizes guided tours that will be held from Tuesday to Saturday and will tour different interpretation centers of the city to publicize social, religious life And playful in Roman times
  • The Chamber Orchestra of Cartagena will have more prominence in the municipal programming (05/07/2017)
    Mayor Ana Beln Castejn has met today with the representatives of this musical group, which has celebrated its tenth anniversary
  • The mayor achieves the commitment of the Secretary of State for Infrastructures to suppress the steps at the level of Pozo Estrecho, Alumbres and Los Mateos (05/07/2017)
    The first mayor requests an interview with Julio Gmez-Pomar so that the agreement between the two administrations As quickly as possible
  • The opening of the exhibition of La Mar de Musicas Diary of six days, a photograph in Havana is inaugurated this Thursday (05/07/2017)
    The mayor and the councilman of Culture will attend the inauguration in the CIM
  • The eleven companies opt for the maintenance of the municipal schools of Cartagena (05/07/2017)
    The Recruitment Bureau has also met to award the contracts of electrical maintenance and attendance to events of El Batel and the restoration of the building of the Neighborhood Association of Los Mateos
  • Cartagena firefighters suffocate a fire in a car in Pozo Estrecho (05/07/2017)
    The fire occurred due to a battery failure
  • Cartagena travels this weekend to the past with the Roman Festival Carthago Nova Vita (05/07/2017)

  • Cs Cartagena denounces new discharges at the mouth of the Rambla de Benipila and demands urgent solutions (05/07/2017)

  • Jos Lpez requests judicial proceedings to prove the falsity of the complaint of the PP (04/07/2017)

  • 420 children enjoy the free soup kitchens of the municipal summer schools (04/07/2017)
    The mayor and the councilor of Culture have visited today one of the dining rooms located in the Stella Maris CEIP of the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood, in which Asocciacin collaborates Rascasa
  • Manuel Padn: "It is necessary to make an extraordinary act of faith to believe in the word of the deputy Francisco Bernab" (04/07/2017)

  • Cs Cartagena will ask explanations to the City by the more than 600,000 euros in invoices in the drawers (04/07/2017)

  • MC, surprised by the blasts of the PP in claiming the infrastructures for the Region of Cartagena (04/07/2017)
    Caldern invites the PP to "abandon the practice of deception before the citizens of the region"
  • Simulations of terrorist attacks in a summer course of the UPCT (04/07/2017)

  • CTSSP demands again that Lpez leave its powers in Urbanism (04/07/2017)
    The municipal group reiterates to the PSOE that it leaves to Lpez until its innocence is proven
  • The fourth edition of the National Festival of Music Bands will bring for the first time to a foreign group It will be this Saturday, July 8th, starting at 7:00 pm in the Plaza San Francisco (04/07/2017)

  • Sports delivers the trophies of the Local Football League Amateur (04/07/2017)
    The act of delivery has been carried out after finalizing the Cup Tournament in which champion was raised Fish El Patrn FC
  • Bernat Soria gives a conference on progress against diabetes in Cartagena (04/07/2017)
    The talk will be held on Monday, July 10 at the UPCT's paraninfo under the title 'Can we beat diabetes?
  • International Prize for an Architecture student for his job insertion center for the Monte Sacro (04/07/2017)
    The UPCT Murcia student Pablo Robles wins the PIAM 2017 with a project to take care of body and mind
  • Cs Cartagena claims that the joint solution to protect the Girl Algameca does not delay more in time (03/07/2017)

  • The work of the First Campus of Archeology City of Cartagena begins (03/07/2017)
    Heritage Councilor, Ricardo Segado, has visited the Monte Sacro area where students will be trained and will practice until July 30
  • The young correspondents of the Informajoven receive the diplomas for their work (03/07/2017)
    The 20 participants of the program have informed sud companions throughout the course of the activities, services and resources for young people that offers the City
  • Twenty-nine seniors from Cartagena start their summer school activities (03/07/2017)
    The Social Services program is developed during the first half of July
  • The mayor communicates to Hidrogea its purpose of accelerating the reduction of the price of the water (03/07/2017)
    Castejn has maintained a meeting with the directors of the concessionaire to inform them besides its purpose to clarify the validity of extension of the contract and of the dismissal by the Board Of your proposal of tariffs
  • Lopez urges PP to cease its witch-hunt against municipal officials (03/07/2017)

  • El Llano del Beal already has its new Health Center fully operational (03/07/2017)
    The medical office, which opened Monday, has three adult consultations, two pediatric and two nursing visits that can service around 0 ratings
  • The Local Police of Cartagena reinforces its presence on the coast (03/07/2017)
    The City Council has launched a special security operation for summer
  • 55 Professional Training students and 10 university students complete more than 18,000 hours of practice in the City of Cartagena (03/07/2017)
    The activity is part of the 2016/2017 Training Plan and have been carried out in various municipal departments, where Assigned tutors
  • Dance and sport lead the Galifa festivities (03/07/2017)
    During the next few days there will be entertainment activities, among which there will also be brotherhood, cinema and entertainment for children
  • The Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country appoints president of honor to Jose Lopez. Also the portraits of Julio Frigard Romero of Germes and Jose Faura Araujo were placed, and the imposition of the Gold Medal to the Merit Citizen of the y (03/07/2017)

  • Buy Francisco Battiato and El Kanka Concert Tickets on La Mar de Musicas The latest tickets to Pablo Milans, Residente y UB40 are on sale! (03/07/2017)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena assists an individual with symptoms of meningitis (03/07/2017)
    The agents were preventatively isolated until they discarded that they could have been infected
  • The Municipal School of Theater celebrates its 20 years raising actors to the scenes of Cartagena (03/07/2017)
    With an agile gala, full of music and theater, the institution reviewed what happened in these two decades
  • Young people from eleven communities open the Mare Nostrum Summer Scientific Campus at the Polytechnic (03/07/2017)

  • IU-Verdes criticizes the dismantling of Adult Public Education in Cartagena (03/07/2017)

  • Firefighters suffocate a fire in the auditorium of the IES Politecnico (02/07/2017)
    The absence of combustible material near the focus prevented the spread of fire
  • The PP requests the involvement of SEPES to locate the Transport Center of Cartagena to Los Camachos (02/07/2017)
    The regional deputy, Domingo Segado, considers this vital step to create the Area of ​​Logistic Activities
  • The Community is putting out to tender the works to improve the road connecting Cuesta Blanca and Pern in Cartagena (01/07/2017)
    The bid price amounts to 140,000 euros and the execution period will be two months

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