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Cartagena News - February 2020

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  • An emotional and personal proclamation by Pedro María Ferrández announces the imminent arrival of Holy Week (29/02/2020)
    At the end of the act the mayor gave the news that the image of Charity will be restored on Friday of Dolores in Cartagena
  • PSOE: "The counselor Luengo does not act in the face of the serious contamination situation" (29/02/2020)
    "And it seems that he is more concerned with the private interests than the health of the Cartagena"
  • The organization of the Half Marathon maintains the test with the option to reimburse the registration (29/02/2020)
    Athletics Clubs and Department take the decision after hearing the medical address of the event
  • Lina Tur and Daniel Espasa open the Bach Cartagena concert cycle (29/02/2020)
    The program, organized by the Department of Culture with the Early Music Proyect platform, will take place from March 11 to 22
  • Activated alert level 3 for suspended particles in Cartagena (29/02/2020)
    The City Council recommends as a precautionary measure, not to perform intense physical exercise outdoors
  • The local government supports the Sabic workers' proposal for those affected by the ERE to be relocated to the company (28/02/2020)
    The mayor and the councilors responsible for ADLE and Company met this afternoon with the Company Committee to meet the situation and put at your disposal
  • The book Supernatural Cartagena goes on sale (28/02/2020)
    A book based on the most fascinating and extraordinary stories where the legend is mixed with reality
  • The mayor will meet with Defense and Justice to negotiate the construction of the future Courthouse (28/02/2020)

  • Culture approves the interior demolition of the Cuatro Santos street building (28/02/2020)
    Technicians from the Autonomous Community and the City Council of Cartagena have visited the area and it has been determined to demolish inside and respect the facade
  • Social Services extends the Aprendo Jugando project to four neighborhoods and districts (28/02/2020)
    The transmission of culture and values ​​through play and support for unemployed parents, campaign objectives
  • The new animal welfare ordinance will strengthen control over feline colonies with the collaboration of protectors and volunteers (28/02/2020)
    The City Council will create a Municipal Office and a Citizen Unit to ensure compliance with the new standard and ensure the care of animals
  • Cartagena prepares to decorate itself with the V Contest of Beautification of Balconies and Facades of Holy Week (28/02/2020)
    The registration period will remain open until March 29, so that on March 30 the balconies already have to be installed
  • The Luzzy hosts the exhibition 'Never stop believing' for multiple sclerosis (28/02/2020)
    The collective exhibition of drawings, paintings and sculptures will be open to the public until April 3 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday to friday
  • The Civil Guard surprises two poachers in Cartagena (28/02/2020)
    They have been denounced for breaches of the rules of Maritime Fisheries and Merchant Marine
  • The 50th edition of the Literary Call of the Holy Week in Cartagena commemorates its founders and participants (28/02/2020)
    The traditional event was held this Thursday at the Parish of Santa María, enlivened by the Sauces Musical Group
  • Easter Holy Week will start with its traditional Besapiés to the Captive Christ (28/02/2020)

  • March hosts the III Sample of Volunteering UCAM Cartagena (28/02/2020)
    The next days 5,6 and 7 March, these days of Charity and Volunteering organized by the university are held with the collaboration, among others, of the City of Cartagena
  • Infrastructure improves the sewerage network by installing automated floodgates in the María Cristina Plaza collector (28/02/2020)
    The works have consisted of replacing a manual gate with two automated ones that will oprtimize the capacity to respond to heavy rains
  • PSOE: "The Regional Government blocks the start-up of the pumping station of the Rambla de la Albujón" (28/02/2020)
    The Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Environment delays the authorization requested by the CHS
  • Machinery technology for the concrete industry (28/02/2020)
    The UPCT-Frumecar chair is born, which will investigate the design and development of machinery technology for the concrete industry
  • The plenary shows its support for the Day of Rare Diseases in an institutional statement (27/02/2020)
    During the ordinary session held on Thursday, two joint motions on Women's Day and the Mar Menor also
  • Players of the FC Cartagena Base Soccer School visit the UPCT (27/02/2020)

  • SEGULA Technologies will hire more than 220 workers in the offices of Cartagena, Seville and Madrid in 2020 (27/02/2020)

  • The execution of the precautionary measures of the building of Aire and Cuatro Santos streets begins (27/02/2020)
    The company that owns the property has begun to prepare this site at noon for the immediate entry of machinery with which to demolish dangerous elements and underpin the structure
  • The Symphony Orchestra prepares for the Triple Concert of Between Strings and Metals (27/02/2020)
    The rehearsal before the extraordinary concert will take place on March 4 at the Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music of Cartagena, where you can interview the soloists, conductor and the Orchestra members
  • ... (27/02/2020)

  • The youngest category of Playing Athletics again beats its record in participation (27/02/2020)
    360 athletes from 36 schools in the municipality met on Thursday, February 27 at the Sports Palace
  • The prevention of bullying in the spotlight of the Council of Children and Adolescents of Cartagena (27/02/2020)
    This Wednesday held its second work session of the year, with the aim of following lines of work to improve the situation of childhood and adolescence in the city
  • The PSOE requires that school transport be maintained at the Bohío Institute (27/02/2020)
    We will present initiatives to force the reverse in the decision of the Department of Education
  • The Luzzy will host the screening of ´Comme un lion´ within the Francophone film festival Cinélycée (27/02/2020)
    The screening will be this Monday, March 2 in two countries: 9:00 and 11:30 hours
  • José Carlos Ñiguez will guide his exhibition, Hidden Look (27/02/2020)
    The illustrated tour will be held on Saturday, February 29 at 12:30 in the Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena
  • The countdown of the processions begins with the 'Call' and a check of 200 thousand euros (26/02/2020)
    Direct financial assistance from the City Council to the Brotherhoods has been similar to last year
  • Emergency services attend and transfer to hospital a male of 37 years after suffering a fall in height in the Llano del Beal (26/02/2020)

  • The City Council prepares the first digital inventory of gardens in Cartagena (26/02/2020)
    This tool will allow the conditions of the new contract to be adapted to the real needs of the municipality to cover the nearly 2 million square meters of green areas
  • VOX Cartagena bets on aid of up to € 150 for working families to boost births (26/02/2020)
    Tomorrow, day 27, a motion will be presented in plenary with the aim of encouraging birth in Cartagena
  • The IES Galileo de Pozo Estrecho opens an assembly hall for participatory budgets (26/02/2020)
    Avatar is the name given to this space as a symbol of the transformation and cultural life experienced by young Galileans
  • Published the schedules of the 16th day of the Regional Base Football League (26/02/2020)
    The matches will be played on Saturday 29 and Sunday March 1
  • The Roman Theater Museum remains at the forefront in the Region as the most visited in 2019 (26/02/2020)
    With 251,633 visitors, 26,649 more than the previous year, it is also one of the most frequented in the country
  • Astus asks that "adult patients with disabilities not be infantilized" (26/02/2020)

  • The house of the town of El Llano del Beal hosts the talk The Mar Menor of children: an eco-sustainable educational project (26/02/2020)
    The talk given by Francisco Ruiz Salmerón will be this Thursday, February 27 at 6:00 pm
  • The Media Marathon of Cartagena exceeds the record of female participation with more than 300 registered (26/02/2020)
    The test, held on Sunday, March 1 from 10 in the morning, will encourage the most touristic aspect of the audience city ​​and will have the participation of the company Renacer to encourage the sporting day
  • Sports will undertake the integral reform of the track of Cartagena in this term (26/02/2020)
    It will be done through a multi-annual investment whose first game of 150,000 euros has already been included in the 2020 budget
  • The Manga Show returns to Cartagena in April with more than two hundred activities for the forofos of Japanese culture (26/02/2020)
    The Wssell de Guimbarda Municipal Pavilion will host the weekend of April 25 and 26 the eighth edition of the event organized by the City Hall through Youth
  • The Association of Historical Memory of Cartagena organizes a play by Virginia Rodero in the Luzzy (26/02/2020)
    The auditorium of the Cultural Center will host the event this Friday at 8:00 pm
  • A new association with a national perspective, of regional scope and based in Cartagena is born: "Cultural Association Heroes de Cavite" (26/02/2020)
    The presentation will take place this Friday, February 28
  • The Great Women have their place in the Plastihistoria (25/02/2020)
    The exhibition, which can be visited until May 18 at the Municipal Archaeological Museum, starts in March to collaborate in the visibility of women in the public sphere
  • The IV Itinere Conference exceeds the record in participation (25/02/2020)
    In this new edition, the conferences organized by the City Council of Cartagena, continue with their efforts to promote actions and programs aimed at supporting the personal and professional development of the young population
  • Meeting with Carmen Gil in the Municipal Libraries (25/02/2020)

  • On Ash Wednesday a new Facade Band will enter into force (25/02/2020)
    The traditional disposition of the Mayor's Office aims to favor the cleaning and decoration of buildings overlooking the Holy Week
  • Miguel Ángel Hernández presents 'The pain of others' in the Mandarache Prize meetings (25/02/2020)
    The Murcian author, official finalist of the contest in 2020, visits Cartagena on February 25 and 26
  • Pedro María Ferrández will proclaim Holy Week in the New Circus Theater on Saturday (25/02/2020)
    The act of exaltation of the passionate parades in Cartagena, which will honor the Nazarene Mayor, Manoli Borrego, will be open to the public and can be followed live by internet through the municipal YouTube channel
  • Cafes with Science and Thought will discuss secularism and religion with Pepe Sánchez (25/02/2020)
    This Thursday, February 27, a discussion with Pepe Sánchez, a member of Lay Europe in the Region of Murcia, at the El Soldadito de Plomo cafeteria
  • The prosecutor decrees the file of the investigation proceedings for the mayor's Christmas gift to the officials (25/02/2020)

  • Villalba residents celebrate a community Carnival Day (25/02/2020)
    A parade in charge of the Women Warriors group toured the streets of the neighborhood on Monday
  • Approved the budget of the Casco Antiguo Society for the year 2020 for an amount of 3,790,127 euros (25/02/2020)
    For this year it is planned to carry out urbanization works in the streets of the Old Town and the rehabilitation of homes in Lo Campano
  • MC Cartagena opposes the "plan of La Trinca" to build the hill of the Windlass (25/02/2020)
    Giménez regrets that Arroyo hides and leaves Castejón alone defending her back to the devastating urbanism of the PP
  • The Municipal Infant Schools offer 918 places for the next academic year (25/02/2020)
    Until March 24, the enrollment period will remain open in any of the eleven schools in the municipality, which have expanded the number of places with respect to last year by 41
  • Alberto Castillo, butler of the California Brotherhood (25/02/2020)

  • MC will give voice to the neighbors so that the administrations recognize the state of environmental emergency due to pollution (25/02/2020)
    Giménez regrets that the Ministry does not follow up the risks of contaminated soils when cancer and cardiorespiratory diseases soar in Cartagena
  • UPCT agronomists multiply the population of jara de Cartagena by 200 (25/02/2020)
    In just three years, Agronomists researchers have managed to multiply by 200 the critical population of jara de Cartagena.
  • Magician gets his second Sun Repsol (25/02/2020)

  • The countdown to the Cartagena processions begins on Wednesday with the 'Call' (25/02/2020)
    The traditional act in which the brotherhoods ask permission to take the parades another year will be held at night from the main balcony of the City Hall
  • Carthago Nova 2.0, a new tourist experience (25/02/2020)
    Cartagena Puerto de Culturas and the Roman Theater Museum propose to know Carthago Nova in a different way thanks to virtual reality
  • EFB Balsicas, AD Franciscanos Cartagena, EF Los Alcázares and Veterans Dolores de Pacheco, the best in the championship (25/02/2020)
    They are the only clubs that have made full of victories in all their matches to date in the competition
  • Manuel Ponce López, Processionist of the Year 2020 (24/02/2020)
    The jury has valued his twelve years as head of the Virgin Marraja and his current presidency of the Marraja Foundation
  • "The recovery of direct investment by the district councilors represents a setback in the decision-making capacity of the residents of Cartagena" (24/02/2020)
    The PSOE of Cartagena believes that the news of recovery of the figure of the district councilor is a maneuver to eliminate participatory budgets
  • The new Admiral Chief of the Military Arsenal and the mayor review future projects for the city (24/02/2020)
    Ana Belén Castejón met Monday in his office at the City Hall with Pedro Luis de la Puente García-Ganges
  • More than two thousand registered participants will participate in the IV Itinere Conference on Tuesday (24/02/2020)
    In this new edition, the conferences organized by the City Council of Cartagena, continue with their efforts to promote actions and programs aimed at supporting the personal and professional development of the young population
  • The City Council paid suppliers in five days during the month of December (24/02/2020)
    The provisional liquidation report of the municipal budget indicates a good degree of execution in 2019
  • More than 400 Seniors enjoy Carnival with their traditional costume party (24/02/2020)
    The Molrs Marfagones senior troupe was the winner of the contest
  • Urban planning underpins the façade of the fallen building on Cuatro Santos Street pending permission for its interior demolition (24/02/2020)
    Several municipal technicians have carried out an inspection of the structure of this construction on Monday and it has been determined that the streets remain cut Aire and Cuatro Santos
  • The VII Urban Mile Solidaria de la Huertecica promotes healthy sport among the youngest (24/02/2020)
    The popular race took place this Sunday in the Parque de los Juncos, organized by the La Huertecica Collective Association, with the collaboration of the City Council of Cartagena
  • Miguel Ángel Hernández will present "The pain of others" in the Mandarache Prize meetings (24/02/2020)
    The Murcian author, official finalist of the contest in 2020, visits Cartagena on February 25 and 26
  • Health workers attend and transfer to the hospital a man, seriously injured after being hit by tourism in Cartagena (24/02/2020)

  • MC: "La Trinca" distracts with "World Heritage" while the center of Cartagena falls apart (24/02/2020)
    MC will urge the review of buildings and facades with security systems such as scaffolding and meshes to avoid risk situations
  • The European Agency for Food Safety relies on the UPCT for the training of researchers at the highest level (24/02/2020)
    The Greek epidemiologist Leonidas Georgalis specializes in the School of Agronomists in the assessment of food risks
  • The City Council promotes the cleaning of municipal plots in Los Urrutias (24/02/2020)
    The objective is to eliminate dirt from public plots so that the future arrival of rain and heat does not cause new insect pests in the area.
  • The collapse of a building's mediatrix forces the streets of Aire and Cuatro Santos to be cut (23/02/2020)
    A Local Police couple will watch the area tonight waiting for an exhaustive inspection to be carried out by Firefighters and Urban Planning in the early hours of the morning
  • Social Services will invest 48,000 euros in the renovation of homes in Lo Campano (23/02/2020)
    Among the works that are going to be carried out are the sanitation and waterproofing of roofs, repairs on the facades, arrangement of electrical installations or placement of water collectors rainwater
  • The Local Police of Cartagena recovers 10,500 euros from a robbery (23/02/2020)
    A 19-year-old man who had taken a woman's bag in the Ensanche, in which he carried the money and a cell phone, was arrested
  • La zal, health, tourism model or infrastructure, main axes of the new municipal executive of the psoe in Cartagena (22/02/2020)
    Long-term launch of the Municipal Executive before more than 180 assistants among delegates and collective representatives
  • Diego Conesa: "The PSOE of Cartagena will work tirelessly to be a useful tool and face the enormous challenges that the city has" (22/02/2020)
    Manuel Torres says that a new stage begins at the PSOE of Cartagena, with a team that is looking forward immense to go out and be a tool that transforms the municipality, listening to all the neighbors
  • MC will demand that the figure of Juan Fernández be honored and the Government will comply with the agreement to create a gallery of illustrious sailors (22/02/2020)
    Jesús Giménez: "We will see if this time they decide to side with Cartagena, its history and its traditions"
  • The mayor shows her support for the agricultural sector during the rally that took place this Friday (21/02/2020)
    Castejón has assured that 'the work of our farmers is a source of pride for the entire municipality of Cartagena'
  • MC: The neighbors of Torreciega, again deceived by Noelia Arroyo (21/02/2020)
    The regional budget project does not include a specific item for the settlement of the Torreciega bridge
  • Meeting with Daniel Hernández Chambers in the Municipal Libraries (21/02/2020)
    Canarian writer Daniel Hernández Chambers will visit Cartagena on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday February 26 to hold meetings with students of 5th and 6th grade of Primary schools in Cartagena and its district
  • Children and adults celebrate Carnival 2020 this Friday (21/02/2020)
    At 11 in the morning the parade will start in which 1,200 students will participate and at five in the afternoon the adults will wear their costumes at a party in Molinos Marfagones
  • Citizens and protectors will participate in the drafting of the new Company Animal Ordinance (21/02/2020)
    The City Council will open a public consultation period, prior to creation, to incorporate its objectives and demands
  • Tribute to Beethoven in the Concert of the Young Symphony Orchestra of Between Strings and Metals (21/02/2020)
    The Concert, organized by the Department of Youth and the Conservatory of Music of Cartagena, will be held on February 29, at 20:00 hours at the Casino de Cartagena
  • Sports and Nutrition meetings continue in schools, CEIP Cuatro Santos (21/02/2020)
    Schoolchildren have received guidelines and advice for proper food and nutrition and create healthy lifestyle habits at this stage
  • The Collective of Women Cartagena Creative City will fill the month of May with activities for Sustainable Development (21/02/2020)
    Sustainable creativity workshops in schools, guided routes through the streets of Cartagena or art exhibitions and much more between programming
  • The Festival + Q MUSAS returns with its Music for Equality against Gender Violence (21/02/2020)
    The festival will take place on March 7 with artists Marinah (from Ojos de Brujo), Alba Díaz "La Negra" and DJ Carrie Palmer
  • Cartagena, in the IV Assembly of the Spanish Network of the Route of the Phoenicians (21/02/2020)
    The town of Galera has hosted this event on Thursday and Friday, a Cultural itinerary of the Council of Europe of which Cartagena is part
  • Five chirigotas will compete to be the best in the Grand Final of the Chirigotas Regional Contest (21/02/2020)
    This Friday, February 21, will be broadcast live, starting at 8:00 p.m., through the YouTube channel of the Cartagena City Council
  • MC: "The PP paralyzes Los Dolores and forces to sleep in a drawer the initiatives of MC to boost the neighborhood" (21/02/2020)
    The proposals affect actions to promote safety, road improvement, cleaning or heritage conservation
  • The Bazaar de Letras de la UP and the Dawn Association of Barrio Peral celebrate their traditional Carmen Conde Contest of the Days (21/02/2020)
    One more year the participants have created stories inspired by verses from the Cartagena author
  • The young Cartagena writer Aurora Nieto López presents her novel Vida en la Luzzy's library (21/02/2020)
    The event, included in the program Read, Think, Imagine, will take place on Tuesday, February 25 at eight in the afternoon in the library Josefina Soria of the Cultural Center
  • Human Direction and Qualitis will present the keys on active aging in a day in Cartagena (21/02/2020)

  • The buses will be free this Saturday on the occasion of the Grand Carnival Parade of Cartagena (21/02/2020)
    From four in the afternoon until the end of the parade, you can access the center by urban transport without paying, both on the city lines as in much of the neighborhoods
  • The PSOE denounces that the Region of Cartagena suffers from the lack of planning in active employment policies in the industrial sector (21/02/2020)
    The closure of the SABIC plant, leaving 95 workers without employment demonstrates, the null forecast of the executive
  • Manoli Borrego Martínez, elected Nazarene Major of Holy Week 2020 (20/02/2020)
    The person in charge of representing this year's processionist woman is the president of the California group Coronación de Espinas
  • The regional government makes itself available to those affected by Sabic's dismissals to help manage the situation (20/02/2020)

  • The Ministry of Employment and the municipal government meet to seek alternatives to the ERE of Sabic (20/02/2020)
    Castejón and Motas have met to share information and work together to manage work outs for affected workers
  • An ADLE program helps thirty Cartagena companies to improve their efficiency and increase their profitability (20/02/2020)
    The Cartagena Agency for Local Development and Employment (ADLE) has closed this Thursday, February 20, the program 'Entrepreneurial Generation Business Growth' in which thirty companies of the municipality participated.
  • Bambi Infant School celebrates a Solidarity Carnival for the benefit of AFACMUR (20/02/2020)
    The Councilor for Education has visited on Thursday the children of the center who, after participating in a parade, have delivered a check of 4,400 euros to help children with cancer
  • Children and adults celebrate the carnival this Friday (20/02/2020)
    At 11 in the morning the parade will start in which 1,200 schoolchildren will participate and at five in the afternoon the adults will wear their costumes at a party in Molinos Marfagones
  • The mayor denounces that the distribution of members of the Civil Guard does not cover the needs of the Cartagena camp (20/02/2020)
    Only two agents have been assigned to the municipality, of which one will be in charge of the Fiscal section of the Alfonso XII Pier and the other to the Service Provincial Maritime
  • The image of Jesus Nazareno commemorates his 75th anniversary with a gala (20/02/2020)
    The event will take place on March 27 from 9:45 p.m. in El Batel
  • The 70th Edition of the Tennis Challenge Cup recovers the female modality (20/02/2020)
    The Cartagena Tennis Club has again included the women's tournament for this event, which will be held from February 23 to 29
  • MC Cartagena will inform the local Government that San Antón and Ramón y Cajal suffer the effects of their chronic ineptitude (20/02/2020)
    In the absence of specific plans, the Cartagena formation demands immediate action
  • Inmanol Arias, María Garralón, María Isasi, María León, Eusebio Poncela and Els Joglars star in the new theatrical campaign in Cartagena (20/02/2020)
    On Sunday February 23 will start with the new programming of the New Circus Theater prepared by the Department of Culture of the City Council of Cartagena in the New Circus Theater
  • The semifinals of the XVIII Regional Contest of Chirigotas City of Cartagena continue (20/02/2020)
    This Thursday, February 20, the semifinals of the Contest continue, whose final will be held on Friday 21 at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium with two passes scheduled
  • FAVCAC considers it a nonsense that the High Voltage Towers are a few meters from the houses (20/02/2020)

  • The school bus control campaign has two complaints in Cartagena (20/02/2020)
    In total, 17 vehicles passed through the controls of the Local Police, within the campaign that the DGT carried out during the first week of February
  • The recovery of the Districts increases decentralized expenditure in neighborhoods and districts by 70% (19/02/2020)
    The Government will add to the accounts of 2020 the 160,264 euros that were not executed last year
  • Recovered two mobile phones stolen in Pozo Estrecho after locating the signal of their GPS (19/02/2020)
    Local Police Agents of Cartagena based on the delegation, in collaboration with those of Torre Pacheco, managed to find the one involved, a young man of 18 years
  • The Luzzy will host the projection of the French comedy ´Mission Pays Basque´ within the Cinélycée festival (19/02/2020)
    The screening will be this Friday, February 21 in two countries: 9:00 and 11:30 hours
  • On Thursday the name of the Nazarene Major of Holy Week 2020 will be known (19/02/2020)
    The mayor will be in charge of communicating to the elected by the Board of Guilds their designation and request their acceptance
  • Published the schedules of the 15th day of the Regional Base Football League (19/02/2020)
    The matches will be played on Saturday 23 and Sunday 23 February
  • Cartagena Piensa addresses the State as a modern Leviathan, with the philosopher David Soto (19/02/2020)
    The activity will be complemented by the screening of the feature film Leviathan, award for best screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival, at the Alberto Colao residence
  • More than five and a half million coupons of the Eleven will spread the image of the Military Arsenal of Cartagena (19/02/2020)
    19,000 people with disabilities will distribute the tickets dedicated to the emblematic clock of the Arsenal door
  • Sports renews material for physical maintenance in the Pavilion and councils (19/02/2020)
    The council strengthens the maintenance of the facilities of Wssell de Guimbarda, which adds 4000 users weekly
  • Cartagena chosen as a City Hall guest at the Sewer Museum Day Celebration (19/02/2020)

  • The Singer Coffee Cycle returns one more year to the House of Folklore of La Palma (19/02/2020)
    In March the shows of the Singing Coffee Cycle will begin in the House of Folklore of La Palma with a program organized by the Folk Group City of Cartagena de La Palma , with the collaboration of the City Council of Cartagena.
  • Closes the pioneering ASOCIADLE program in aid to associations and groups in La Manga (19/02/2020)
    30 entities have learned to manage fiscal, labor and accounting aspects
  • Cartagena concentrates the fourth part of the students of FP of the whole Region (19/02/2020)
    Arroyo highlights the value of the training for the company during the presentation of the regional program of FP
  • The Reforestation Plan will channel the initiatives of associations, companies and citizens who want to participate in the repopulation of spaces (19/02/2020)
    Councilor Sustainable City and European Projects, Cristina Mora, explained that it will serve as a roadmap for all measures and actions aimed to fight against climate change and mitigate the rise in temperatures
  • MC asks San Esteban to facilitate the hiring of Sabic's dismissed in Corvera (19/02/2020)
    José López talks about depression and recession in the Region and wonders if Arroyo and Castejón have kept silent to protect the plans of the multinational
  • The City Council closes the access to the Los Naranjos de La Palma urbanization (19/02/2020)
    The measure will prevent squatters from entering homes and the accumulation of dirt in the complex
  • The old sewage treatment plant in Barrio Peral is history (19/02/2020)
    Deputy Mayor Manuel Padín oversees the infrastructure demolition work that had become a danger to citizens
  • Everything ready for the Patron Saint Festivities of La Palma (19/02/2020)
    They are celebrated from February 22 to March 14 with a calendar full of activities from concerts to magic shows
  • UPCT researchers use a scale model of the Hesperides BIO to reproduce navigation conditions in areas with ice (19/02/2020)

  • VOX Cartagena manages the municipal government to invest € 421,000 in the Local Police (18/02/2020)
    After submitting two motions, the fleet of vehicles will be expanded and a new barracks will be built in Pozo Estrecho
  • SODICAR agreement signed - DiabetesCERO - Santa Ana Sports Club (18/02/2020)

  • The mayor regrets the closure of a Sabic plant and makes municipal services available to workers (18/02/2020)
    The company's management announced this morning its decision that involves the dismissal of 95 employees
  • Traffic restrictions in Jorge Juan and Plaza María Cristina next week (18/02/2020)
    The reform of a sewer box will force the reduction of traffic lanes around the Center of El Corte Inglés between Monday 24 and Friday 28 February
  • The City Council improves and speeds up the attention to the citizens (18/02/2020)
    The Administrative Building of San Miguel will be submitted from this year to a series of reforms with the aim of improving access, information and privacy of Cartagena
  • The queen stage of the XXX Interclub Campo de Cartagena-Mar Menor arrives (18/02/2020)
    This weekend is the seventh stage of the cycling race that will have 200 riders from the Region of Murcia, Alicante and León
  • The Teleco LAN Party will be able to grow up to a thousand players with the Sports Palace as its headquarters (18/02/2020)
    The Vice Mayor of Cartagena, Noelia Arroyo, has highlighted electronic sports as a labor field for UPCT students
  • All ready for the VII Urban Mile Solidaria de la Huertecica (18/02/2020)
    On Sunday February 23, in the Park of the Juncos, the Seventh Urban Mile of the Huertecica is organized by the Collective Association La Huertecica, with the collaboration of the City Council of Cartagena
  • MC: The pretended controversies in social networks do not fool anyone: PSOE and PP are responsible for the historic mistreatment of Cartagena (18/02/2020)
    García: "The neighbor of Murcia, Álvaro Valdés, blinds his purpose of accumulating merits"
  • The municipal government will invest 421,778 euros to renovate 20 vehicles for the Local Police (18/02/2020)
    As indicated by the mayor of Public Safety, new mobility equipment is essential to ensure optimal service to citizens
  • The counselor visits the diversity attention classrooms of the Patronato del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús school in Cartagena (18/02/2020)

  • Two graduates of the Degree in Pharmacy of the UCAM (18/02/2020)

  • Pedro Olalla presents in Cartagena Think his essay and his documentary Greece in the air, a reflection on current democracy (18/02/2020)
    The cultural event will take place this Thursday in the auditorium of the Alberto Colao university residence, starting at 7 the afternoon
  • The conference 'An education for the 21st century' hosts a round table on Mar Menor and Climate Emergency (18/02/2020)
    Included in the Cartagena Piensa program, it is held this Wednesday at seven in the afternoon in Agronomists
  • The V National Drag-Queen 2020 Contest breaks molds in Cartagena (18/02/2020)
    The winner of the contest was Perseidas, and as a first lady the drag Nebula and second lady the drag Kristo Strabagantha
  • The City Council is equipped with devices to facilitate conversations to people with hearing impairments (18/02/2020)
    Several magnetic loops will improve the management of procedures for users of hearing aids and cochlear implants
  • The deadline to participate in the V National Amateur Theater Contest of Cartagena is opened (18/02/2020)
    Those interested have until April 15 to submit their applications
  • MC Cartagena supports that officials charge the increase in January and February signed in the agreement on working conditions (18/02/2020)
    Giménez considers the suspension of the agreement illegal and demands responsibility for processing and that those responsible assume with their assets the damage caused
  • The XVIII Chirigotas Contest "City of Cartagena" 2020 is underway (18/02/2020)
    Wednesday, February 19 and Thursday, February 20, the semifinals are held in the auditorium of El Batel
  • The ADE program combines Sport and Nutrition in a talk to students of IES Galileo de Pozo Estrecho (18/02/2020)
    This meeting highlighted the importance of nutrients in food and how to prepare a healthy dish designed for each student
  • V National Amateur Theater Contest of Cartagena (18/02/2020)

  • AD Franciscanos, EFB Balsicas, EF Dolorense and EF Aljorra take the lead in prebenjamines (18/02/2020)
    They dominate the prebenjamin category "B" and "A" exceeded the equator of the championship
  • The members of the College of Technical Engineers of Public Works and Civil Engineers offer their help to the City Council (17/02/2020)

  • Eva Escudero takes possession as municipal attorney (17/02/2020)
    The new official has promised her position at an event held in the plenary hall of the City Hall surrounded by family, friends and colleagues
  • 'Once upon a time the Plastihistoria´ in the Castle of the Conception (17/02/2020)
    This year the unique exhibition returns incorporating holograms to show what happened in Cartagena during the great periods of the history, as one of the activities of the new programming of Cartagena Puerto of Cultures
  • Meeting in the municipal libraries with Gabriel García de Oro and Puri Hernández (17/02/2020)

  • MC notes security and unhealth problems in the environment of the CEIP ´Mare Nostrum´ aggravated by the inaction of the local government (17/02/2020)
    The Cartagena formation will take an initiative to the Plenary to request the presence of the Local Police at the time of entry and exit of the students, as claimed by those responsible for the school
  • The Municipal Consumer Office makes available to the elderly a guide to protect them from the most common scams (17/02/2020)

  • MC: The impulse of MC obliges that action should be taken in the auxiliary buildings of the Monastery of San Ginés de la Jara (17/02/2020)
    María Dolores Ruiz: "The responsible action and work of MC acts as a counterweight to the lack of others"
  • The ADLE helps local entrepreneurs to develop their businesses with the V Edition of Entrepreneurial Generation Creation (17/02/2020)
    Generación Emprendedora is a free program of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Local Development of the ADLE of the City Council of Cartagena to facilitate training and advice on business management
  • The PSOE of Cartagena accompanies the neighbors and entities of Lo Campano in its commitment to visualize the needs of the neighborhood (16/02/2020)

  • Arroyo encourages the residents of Lo Campano to participate in the social plan that is designed for the area (16/02/2020)
    The Participatory Local Plan foresees one million euros for Santa Lucia, Los Mateos and Lo Campano
  • The City Council designs a new vertical garden on the Paseo de Alfonso XIII (16/02/2020)
    The Parks and Gardens Service will carry out a section of vertical gardening in front of the School of Agronomic Engineering at the end of February, with which it intends to start new paths towards the ecological gardening
  • MC: The Government endangers the future of the markets by abandoning professionals in the sector (16/02/2020)
    Isabel García denounces security problems, unfilled vacancies and regulatory gaps as priority issues to face
  • MC will promote the improvement of the use of the Vista Alegre social premises to satisfy the important neighborhood activity (15/02/2020)
    The Cartagena formation will promote regional funding for the conditioning of a building stay
  • The City Council of Cartagena advances in the fight against poverty and social exclusion (14/02/2020)
    The mayor met this morning with the new regional board of the AEPN and chaired the permanent commission of the Bureau of Social Inclusion and Promotion of the Citizenship
  • The ´photocall´ of San Valentín receives its first “lovers” (14/02/2020)
    Parks and Gardens has replaced the heart initially installed in Héroes de Cavita with a more stable one
  • The City Council congratulates the winners with the Gold Medal of the University of Murcia (14/02/2020)
    The solemn act of handing over distinctions took place this Friday in the auditorium of the University Social Center of the Espinardo Campus
  • The deadline for submitting applications to keep the street stalls of the Bohemia market is opened (14/02/2020)
    Those interested in extending their authorization for Easter and summer, have from February 17 to 29 to submit their application
  • The Local Government Board suspends the objectives of acoustic quality for the celebration of Carnival in the Historic District (14/02/2020)
    The measure, in accordance with the provisions of environmental laws, sets a series of corrective measures to reconcile the fun with the rest of the neighbors
  • Infrastructure finishes the works of improvement of public lighting (14/02/2020)
    The works have been carried out in 18 lampposts in the section between the roundabout of access to the Polygon of San Ana and the roundabout of the Road of the Siphon XIV
  • One hundred high school students compete in the tenth Agri-Food and Agro-Environmental Olympiad of the UPCT (14/02/2020)

  • All ready for the V National Drag-Queen Contest "City of Cartagena" 2020 (14/02/2020)
    Twelve candidates from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid, Barcelona and Extremadura will participate in the contest
  • The Municipal Infant Schools will open the deadline for the next course on February 25 (14/02/2020)
    The Local Government Board has approved the bases for the renewal and admission of new students
  • MC: Castejón and Arroyo leave the parks and gardens of the municipality while they 'decorate' the center with flowers that fall out of them (14/02/2020)
    José López advances the motion of MC to demand the inspection of the biennial contract of gardens and trees that cost us ten million
  • Sports will raise the subsidy to El Algar Sur Menor up to 50,000 euros to ensure its survival (14/02/2020)
    The Government Board has advanced 20,000 euros this morning as part of this aid for 2020
  • Mountain bike fans have an appointment in La Aljorra with the IV Faster Cup BXM (14/02/2020)
    The race, which is held this Sunday, already has 240 participants exceeding previous years
  • Writer and filmmaker Ana Ballabriga will analyze the romantic novel in Cartagena Piensa (14/02/2020)
    Tuesday, February 18 at 8:00 p.m. will be the talk in the library of Luzzy
  • AMPIEC starts the II edition of the project "Equality and the Environment" where it will involve the whole society (14/02/2020)

  • The “photocall” of Valentine's Day will open to the public this noon (14/02/2020)
    Parks and Gardens replaces the heart initially installed by not passing the stability tests
  • The elders of the municipality celebrate Valentine's Day with a meal and a Dance of Lovers (14/02/2020)
    Longest married couples were rewarded, a couple who had been married for 59 years and another 60 years, who received a plaque and a bouquet of flowers
  • The Councilor for Social Services visits the homeless accompanied by the Red Cross Social Emergency Unit (13/02/2020)
    Volunteers of the UES serve the homeless two days a week during all months of the year
  • Emergency expert Pablo Aleman will talk in 'Coffee with science and thought' on how to face the duel (13/02/2020)
    It will take place on Monday, February 17 at 8:00 p.m. at the El Soldadito de Plomo cafeteria
  • Electric scooters are incorporated into the training of schoolchildren in Road Education (13/02/2020)
    The City Council of Cartagena facilitates the training in Road Education to 1,000 students in 5th grade during this school year
  • Parks and Gardens plant about 200 trees in the main streets of the municipality (13/02/2020)
    This initiative is being carried out in the city center, Santa Lucia, Los Barreros, Los Dolores, San Ginés Neighborhood, El Ensanche or Ciudad Jardín
  • The La Mar de Musicas festival in Cartagena establishes the ´Paco Martín Prize, revelation artist of global music´ (13/02/2020)
    In collaboration with the Paco Martín Cultural Association, the City Council of Cartagena will give this prize from this year's edition
  • ´Photocall´ for lovers in front of the City Hall (13/02/2020)
    The City Council reinstalls a heart in the gardens of Heroes de Cavite and Santiago de Cuba for couples to take snapshots on the occasion of Valentine
  • The 75 promotion of Students of the General Air Academy visit Cartagena (13/02/2020)
    "We feel as close as the sky we share," said the mayor to receive the 81 new students in their traditional visit to the city this Thursday, February 13
  • MC demands that the Government take immediate measures to tackle the alarming insecurity suffered by the residents of La Aljorra (13/02/2020)
    As was already the case in La Palma, the Cartagena members of the Neighborhood Board promote the celebration of an extraordinary plenary session for this purpose
  • Social Services and Red Cross Cartagena "at street level" (13/02/2020)
    The Homeless and Transient Attention Service and different social entities in Cartagena make night outings throughout the week to attend to people who are in a street situation
  • UPCT graduates carry out the first photovoltaic installation of community self-consumption in Cartagena (13/02/2020)

  • The 'If you feel drowned is not love' campaign brings two new workshops on masculinity and ethnic diversity to the Cartagena institutes (13/02/2020)

  • Lo Campano hosts a day of coexistence through the 'Join your neighborhood' initiative (13/02/2020)

  • The Cartagena Carnival 2020 starts (13/02/2020)
    This Friday the activities begin with the Carnival Welcome Parade and the Election Gala of the Infantile Queen and her Ladies
  • Galifa prepares his III Neighborhood Coexistence Day with various activities (13/02/2020)

  • Champions of Humor at the Teatro Circo Apolo El Algar (13/02/2020)
    Next Sunday, February 16, the show takes place with two of the protagonists of the successful film Champions
  • María Garberí makes her exhibition "The Cave of the Photographer: Infinite Identity" accessible to everyone in the Subjective Room (13/02/2020)
    The sample of the young artist from Cartagena, which can be visited until April 12, tries to make sense of a void of identity and history of a specific group of people portrayed in 10 different negatives
  • Hamilton y Cia. Presents "Cartagena Offshore Conference" with great acceptance by the port community of Cartagena (12/02/2020)
    Hamilton and Cia., Together with APC, presents the "Cartagena Offshore Conference"
  • Social Services and the NGO Coordinator for Development seek to increase actions to boost the work of the entities that comprise it (12/02/2020)
    The delegated councilor explained to the president of the Coordinator the projects in which the City of Cartagena has participated throughout these 25 close collaboration
  • The writer Pablo Aranda visits the Luzzy with his book: The Weirdest School in the World (12/02/2020)
    The writer from Malaga visits Cartagena to meet with third-year students of primary schools
  • City Council and UPCT collaborate with the FMRM so that the Polytechnic works with all the municipalities of the Region (12/02/2020)
    The teaching institution wants to launch the Muni Network to extend the collaboration model with Cartagena to the entire Community
  • Published the schedules of the 14th day of the Regional Base Football League (12/02/2020)
    The matches will be played on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 February
  • Sports will install grass in all municipal fields with 2 million in four years (12/02/2020)
    The 10 fields that will be reformed serve 63 teams and more than 1,200 players
  • The Government imposes more control and transparency measures on the cleaning contract (12/02/2020)

  • Older clubs will celebrate this Valentine's Thursday with a meal and a Dance of Lovers (12/02/2020)
    This Thursday, February 13 at 2:00 p.m. there will be a meal and dance of the lovers to celebrate Valentine's Day with the Seniors Clubs of Cartagena
  • The mayor of Cartagena explains to the students of the Pozo Estrecho school how the City Council works (12/02/2020)
    The kids, 4th grade, have held a meeting with Ana Belén Castejón on Wednesday where they have been able to learn about the functions of the City Council, the staff working in the institution and the mayoral work
  • The hybrid and electric mobile park in Cartagena is increased by 200 vehicles that add to the tax rebates (12/02/2020)
    Until March 31 the municipal vehicle tax can be paid, which in total reaches 2020 of 151,080
  • MC: The western part of the municipality, punished by 'La Trinca', which fails to comply with the maintenance programs in neighborhoods and districts (12/02/2020)
    MC checks the effects of institutional neglect in Loma de Canteras: dirty streets, abandoned parks, insecurity and serious accessibility issues
  • In Carnival Feather and Pride! (12/02/2020)
    The Association "Collective GALACTYCO", the Carnival Commission and the Infosida together for the prevention and against LGTBIfobia
  • Improvements in sports equipment, study and coworking areas, more leisure books and inclusive workshops (12/02/2020)
    They are the result of participatory budgets
  • UCAM Cartagena starts the events to celebrate the International Year of Nursing (11/02/2020)

  • Relatives and people with Alzheimer's association AFAL Cartagena and region have begun this afternoon to collect horticultural products (11/02/2020)

  • The Community is committed to promoting Cartagena as a reference port for the maintenance of platform ships (11/02/2020)

  • The Cartagena Hemodonation Service captured more than 1,500 new donors and made more than 6,200 donations during 2019 (11/02/2020)

  • The Department of Youth announces the second edition of the Young Extraordinary Prize of Cartagena (11/02/2020)
    The awards aim to recognize the figure of the youth of the municipality who have stood out throughout the year 2019 in different fields.
  • Rita Levi-Montalcini and Ada Lovelace honored on the Day of Women and Girls in Science (11/02/2020)
    The Councilor for Equality, David Martínez, has joined the UPCT's rector, Alejandro Díaz, in the discovery of a commemorative plaque on the Campus of the Wall of the Sea
  • Countdown to the Grand Trophy VOLVO City of Cartagena sailing (11/02/2020)
    About 140 sailors between 8 and 15 years old, from 18 yacht clubs, have registered to participate this weekend in the regatta held in the port
  • Cartagena Piensa presents the Italian philosopher Franco ´Bifo´ Berardi, key writer of contemporary thinking (11/02/2020)
    The meeting will be this Thursday, February 13 at 8:00 p.m. in the Luzzy library
  • The municipal government invests 14,000 euros in renovating the furniture of the Security Park (11/02/2020)
    In addition to the twelve armchairs in the crowded room and the control base, the students of the ESPAC have new chairs and tables since the beginning of the year, as well as a larger room for training
  • The Virgen del Mar Popular Race passes in the afternoon (11/02/2020)
    In addition to the premier schedule, the sporting event, which celebrates its third edition this Saturday in La Manga, will be divided into fourteen categories, from children aged 9 to over 65, including a category for people with functional diversit
  • VII solidarity urban mile "La Huertecica" (11/02/2020)
    The La Huertecica Collective Association, together with the City Council of Cartagena, celebrates the VII SOLIDAR URBAN MILE "LA HUERTECICA"
  • The Local Police collaborates with the Special Campaign of surveillance and control of trucks and buses of the DGT (11/02/2020)
    It will take place until Sunday, February 16 in order to reduce the number of injured and deceased in traffic accidents, and have a more accurate idea of ​​the incidence and its evolution at the national level
  • MC: 'La Trinca' hides a technical report that warned, before DANA, about the flooding of the Rambla Plan (11/02/2020)
    López regrets that the City Council gave in the negotiation with the promoter and now announces that there are no funds to build the large park
  • The Cartagena Hemodonation Center attended more than 6,000 donors in 2019 (11/02/2020)
    The Health Minister visits the Cartagena headquarters, where he recalls the importance of continuing to raise public awareness about blood donation
  • The academic performance of UPCT students is 10% higher than that of students (11/02/2020)

  • CD La Manga and EF Nueva Cartagena continue on a firm path in the championship as leaders (11/02/2020)
    On Saturday, February 8 and Sunday, February 9, the day 13 of the XXVII edition of the Regional Base League League and day 14 of Amateur Football of the Cartagena City Hall
  • Meeting with Pablo Aranda in the Municipal Libraries (11/02/2020)
    The writer from Malaga will visit Cartagena and its region on Wednesday, February 12 and Thursday, February 13 to meet with third-year primary school students
  • The municipal budgets will include the renovation of firm and furniture in the Greenway (11/02/2020)
    The vice mayor, Noelia Arroyo, announces to the neighbors improvements in the maintenance of the Peral neighborhood
  • The IES Mediterráneo participates in a European program that tries to reduce school absenteeism (10/02/2020)
    The mayor and the Councilor for Education today received students and professors from the Cartagena Institute accompanied by their partners from Italy, Greece, Hungary and Poland
  • Cartagena's ostomized patients point out the ignorance of this surgical solution as a problem (10/02/2020)

  • The activities of Much More May begin with the photographic conference ´Con-Vivencias 2020´ (10/02/2020)
    The project organized by graphic documentary artist Pablo Sánchez del Valle is developed with photography students in the Sierra Minera of Cartagena- La Unión and the Mar Menor
  • The mayor receives the new president of the Processionist Award of the Year Foundation (10/02/2020)
    Pedro Negroles and his board of directors have explained to Ana Belén Castejón the details of the election of the award next Monday, February 24
  • The Subjective Hall opens on Wednesday "The photographer's cave: Infinite Identity" by María Garberí (10/02/2020)
    The sample of young Cartagena artist tries to give meaning to a vacuum of identity and history of a certain group of people portrayed in 10 different negatives
  • The City Council will transfer a plot in Tallante for experimental cultivation of desert truffles (10/02/2020)
    The objective is to revalue the lands of the western part of Cartagena since, due to water scarcity, they need new business opportunities
  • The Official Magazine of the Carnival of Cartagena displays the transgressive atmosphere of this edition (10/02/2020)
    The publication has had a circulation of five thousand copies that illustrates in its 32 pages the novelties of this year
  • Youth gathers its Youth Correspondents of the 2019/2020 course (10/02/2020)
    The participants in this meeting explained how they get the information to reach their partners at the right time
  • Hector Conesa Hernández gives a talk on circular economy, within the VI Conference of Education for the 21st Century (10/02/2020)
    The architect will explain the benefits of a new system of production of goods and services in which consumption and waste is reduced of raw materials, water and energy sources
  • Four finalist singers in the National Saetas Contest of Cartagena (10/02/2020)
    Víctor Palacios, José Luis Díaz "El Mojaquero", Isabel María España and Manuel Gómez "El Ecijano" will play the final on March 21
  • ´Infiltrados en Pozo Estrecho´ kicked off the XXVI Contest of Teatro de Pozo Estrecho (10/02/2020)

  • Hundreds of people paid tribute to the dead people in the Mediterranean (10/02/2020)

  • Andrés Martínez, manager of Hidrogea, meets with the Housewives of Cartagena (10/02/2020)
    To explain the operation of the service and the water bill
  • On Friday, February 14, registration is completed in the Itinere training courses (10/02/2020)
    Those interested in participating must do so prior to registration in the Itinere Day through the web youth.cartagena.es
  • The Spanish women's tennis team manages to pass the final phase of the Fed Cup in La Manga (10/02/2020)
    The team will travel to Budapest after beating the Japanese this weekend, highlighting on Saturday Carla Suárez's victory over Kurumi Nara as well as the tribute that was paid to Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, who was present in the tie
  • The ADE program teaches CEIP students Feliciano Sánchez that Sport + Nutrition = Health (10/02/2020)
    About one hundred students of the educational center of Barrio de Peral participated in the program of approach to the elite sport of the Department of Sports
  • High school students learn at the UPCT to plant on Mars and detect fraudulent honey (10/02/2020)
    The School of Agronomists of the Polytechnic hosts until Thursday a quarter of a thousand students in their Biotechnological Routes
  • CEIP schoolchildren José María de la Puerta visit the Speed ​​Circuit (10/02/2020)
    Young people have approached the ins and outs of motorcycling sport through the ADE municipal program
  • The seventh edition of the Saetas de la Piedad Contest already has finalists (10/02/2020)
    On March 21 the name of the winner will be revealed in the Church of Santa María de Gracia
  • Eloy Moreno visited the intercultural centers in his second meeting with author (10/02/2020)
    The finalist of the Hache Young Readers Award talked about the details of his Invisible book
  • MC: The abandonment of the Mediterranean Urbanization, another example of the neglect of the Government in neighborhoods and districts (10/02/2020)
    Giménez: "This is the result of another 'Trinca', which form Torralba, Ortega and Casajús"
  • Alfredo Jesús Sánchez wins the XLVII Floral Games of the Cartagena Field (10/02/2020)
    Ariadna Macas Romero and Samuel Pintos González have also been awarded in the XXVI National Young Poetry Contest.
  • The Local Police of Cartagena detains the alleged perpetrator of several robberies in Los Nietos homes when his vehicle is parked poorly (09/02/2020)
    According to witnesses, the detainee could be part of a group of four individuals, who had been discovered while trying to force the entrance of a house, whose owners were inside
  • Infrastructure continues with the maintenance and cleaning of the beaches of the Cartagena coast (07/02/2020)
    The work is focused on conditioning the sand and removing seaweed washed by the sea
  • The semifinals of the Federation Cup start in La Manga with the victory of the Spanish Sara Sorribes (07/02/2020)
    The tennis player has imposed the first game to the Japanese Naomi Osaka with a convincing 6-0 and 6-3
  • The ADE program takes Jimbee CT futsal to visit the students of the Garden City (07/02/2020)
    Around 200 primary school kids have participated in the sports day that took place during the morning of this Friday
  • The Luzzy hosts the play It is not a country for blacks (07/02/2020)
    The function is part of the conference, "Here we just want to be human," which will be performed on Tuesday, February 11 at 8:00 pm
  • The Byzantine Wall hosts the exhibition: ´The Oasis of the Jara´ (07/02/2020)
    The exhibition will remain open to the public from February 13 to March 29
  • The harbor dock welcomes a concentration in memory of those killed in the Mediterranean (07/02/2020)
    Sunday February 9 will be the commemoration and tribute to refugees and deaths in the Mediterranean Sea as one of the activities of the Cartagena Piensa program that leads to out the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena
  • MC celebrates Admiral Rosique's announcement about the musealization of the Tonina submarine in the port environment (07/02/2020)

  • The Local Police adheres to the Special Campaign of surveillance and control of trucks and buses of the DGT (07/02/2020)
    It will take place between 10 and 16 February in order to reduce the number of injured and deceased in traffic accidents , and have a more accurate idea of ​​the incidence and its evolution at the national level
  • The mayor thanks Aniceto Rosique for her work at the head of the Arsenal (07/02/2020)
    The hitherto admiral of Arsenal has said goodbye to the municipal government
  • Lucía Zamora Navarro, student of the 4th ESO of Salesianos Cartagena awarded by the Amancio Ortega Foundation (07/02/2020)
    The student awarded by the Amancio Ortega Foundation will attend Grade 11 (equivalent to 1st Baccalaureate) abroad
  • The journalist Carlos Hernández de Miguel presents in the Luzzy library "Franco's concentration camps" (07/02/2020)
    Organized by the Association of Historical Memory of Cartagena, the presentation will be on Monday, February 10 at 8:00 p.m. in the program Read, Think and Imagine
  • Guided routes continue to savor history in February (07/02/2020)
    Guided tours are organized during the weekends of this month to meet two crucial episodes of Cartagena's history, which will end with a tasting cap of historical inspiration
  • VOX Cartagena shows its support for residents who suffer from the inaction of the Municipal Government in terms of security (07/02/2020)

  • The Port Authority finances projects to do an environmental monitoring of the Port (07/02/2020)
    And analyze the biodiversity and spaces of the Natura Network
  • 12 singers will show their art and feeling in the semifinals of the National Saetas Contest (06/02/2020)
    The Semifinals are held on February 7 and 8 at the Casa del Folclore de La Palma at 9:00 pm
  • The City Council contracts beach furniture from the 125,000 euros granted by the CARM (06/02/2020)
    The Mar Menor commission prepares the asphalting of the most deteriorated streets of Los Nietos
  • Double film session at the Luzzy with the French film "Rien á déclarer" and "Amerika Square" (06/02/2020)
    The film program will be next Friday, February 7 at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center in two countries
  • 380 fry play athletics in the Sports Palace of Cartagena (06/02/2020)
    The Department of Sports again exceeds the participation figures with 38 schools in this program that develops in collaboration with the general direction of the CARM
  • They present the draft of the new Equality Plan to the municipal groups (06/02/2020)
    Councilman David Martínez Noguera has explained that the associations will be able to make their proposals and contributions, since the idea is for the document to meet all the needs of today's society
  • The IV Drawing and Children's Murals Contest ´Trinidad García´ will value the Mar Menor and its relationship with the Campo de Cartagena (06/02/2020)

  • Cartagena firefighters practice with the handling of vehicles in rescue situations at height (06/02/2020)
    The objective of the course taught this week at ESPAC is to train team members on the knowledge and performance characteristics of the use of these vehicles
  • Open until February 24 the call for the presentation of works of the X Cartagena Short Week (06/02/2020)
    Those works that address the theme of the edition of Much More May 'Before the collapse will be especially valued.
  • MC: "The empty PP policies make the Region the national destination that lost the most tourists in 2019" (06/02/2020)
    "Cartagena and its region, minimized by the regional government, become a paradigm of this setback"
  • Laboratories on three continents have already purchased the Mastia thermometer resistor patented by the UPCT (06/02/2020)

  • 'María del Himalaya' explains her drama as a nurse at UCAM Cartagena that helped to abort (06/02/2020)

  • Campaign #LaLigaArcoiris (06/02/2020)
    FC CARTAGENA, joins the #LaLigaArcoiris campaign in the football match that will be played against the Real Balompédica Linense, on February 16 at the CARTAGONOVA Stadium.
  • Neighbors and leaders of the parish of El Carmen agree adjustments in the use of the bells (05/02/2020)
    Both parties will maintain a direct dialogue to ensure coexistence and tradition
  • Consensus and collaboration to prevent vulnerability and exclusion in Los Mateos, Santa Lucía and Lo Campano (05/02/2020)

  • The ADLE participates in the European Pact to promote integration (05/02/2020)
    Cartagena is part, along with six other cities, of this European project on social inclusion and diversity management where it leads its communication and dissemination
  • Snow getaways, hiking trails and astronomy nights between T-LA programming in February (05/02/2020)
    More than 30 activities prepared for this month for young people aged 14 to 35 are scheduled
  • Published the schedules of day 13 of the Regional Base Football League (05/02/2020)
    The matches will be played on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 February
  • The XXII Comedy Contest of La Palma will start with a play by the Children's Theater Group (05/02/2020)
    It takes place from February 15 to March 1 with a program rich in humor and to which great assistance is expected
  • MC: "LA ZAL and the port of Cartagena strangled by the regional government" (05/02/2020)
    MC will require the transfer of the Franco Deposit to Los Camachos and that the goods of the Region leave the port of Cartagena
  • The players of the National Tennis Team share their sports skills with PrimiSport (05/02/2020)
    PrimiSport players and players practiced various sports on the occasion of the elimination of the Federation Cup that hosts the Manga Club complex
  • The writer Eloy Moreno makes visible the bullying through his novel 'Invisible' (05/02/2020)
    The author has participated in the meetings of the finalists of the Hache awards with his work inspired by real cases reported by child psychologists
  • The university community votes the fate of 50,000 euros among nine proposals to participatory budgets (05/02/2020)

  • El Batel shows Cartagena as an event destination at the Meeting Incentive Summit in Madrid (05/02/2020)

  • The Plenary Meeting of the La Palma Neighborhood Board supports the initiative of MC Cartagena to demand more troops and means that increase security in the locality (05/02/2020)
    The president shows his discomfort and shows an absolute disregard for neighborhood claims
  • ... (05/02/2020)

  • Presentation of the semifinals of the National Saetas Contest 2020 (05/02/2020)
    On Thursday there will be a meeting with the media at 11:30 in the Church of Santa María de Gracia, along with the image of the Pieta
  • The unemployed increase in January in the Region of Cartagena (04/02/2020)

  • The Extraordinary Prizes awarded 14 students from Cartagena (04/02/2020)
    The Mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, and the Councilor for Education, Irene Ruiz, received the award-winning students on Tuesday to recognize their effort and work
  • CD Albujón, AD Franciscanos, CD Naval and CD La Soledad dispute the league in children's F-8 (04/02/2020)
    Maximum emotion in the category to be separated just 4 points
  • The Turkish ambassador to Spain signs in the Cartagena Gold Book (04/02/2020)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, received Cihad Erginay on her visit to the city on Tuesday
  • The project to rehabilitate the train station is already in the City Council (04/02/2020)
    Once the good prescriptive report of the local government is obtained, Adif will take out the works to tender
  • MC: The regional accounts of 2020, a fallacious budget that does not serve Cartagena (04/02/2020)
    MC announces the presentation of amendments so that Assembly groups can assess and assume them
  • The Government explains to the unions the economic impact of the agreement and places them in a new meeting (04/02/2020)
    The mayor of the Treasury held a meeting with representatives of municipal employees on Tuesday, with whom she will meet again on Thursday next week
  • The local government is committed to maintaining the road map set for the ZAL (04/02/2020)
    City Council and businessmen agree on this point and on the need to sign an agreement with SEPES and the Autonomous Community
  • The Apollo Circus Theater Algar hosts this Sunday 'The origin of ice', a tribute to Frozen (04/02/2020)
    After passing through the Gran Vía in Madrid, the Onbeat Company presents in Cartagena 'The origin of ice', tribute to Frozen, on Wednesday, February 9, at 5:00 p.m., at the Apolo Circo El Algar Theater
  • Cartagena Piensa reflects on current education with Ana María Valencia Herrera (04/02/2020)
    The Higher Technical School of Architecture and Building hosts this Wednesday, February 5 at 7:00 pm the talk talk
  • Cartagena's businessmen demand better communication and collaboration from the regional government to continue the processing of the ZAL (04/02/2020)

  • VOX Cartagena denounces sexist advertising with religious sensitivity in a Drag-Queen ad (04/02/2020)
    "The hurtful photograph is published on the City Council website," denounced from VOX
  • Open the public call for projects of the Festival of Emerging Art Much More May 2020 of Cartagena (04/02/2020)
    The population centers that are arranged around the line of the FEVE Cartagena-Los Nietos, will be the neighborhoods invited in this edition, which will be developed under the motto 'Before the collapse.
  • The City Council begins the procedures for the transfer of the lands of the new health center of Barrio Peral (03/02/2020)
    The Government Board has also approved the bases for the new installment of the Mucho + Mayo festival and the call for the second edition of the Young Prize Extraordinary
  • Two Indian restaurants will exotism to the Route of the Stew and the Asian of Los Belones that reaches its VI edition (03/02/2020)
    This year a new establishment is added to the gastronomic event that will be held from February 7 to 23 and is organized by the Department of Commerce of the City of Cartagena and the Association of Merchants of Los Belones, ACOBE
  • The Empowerment School presents innovative fertility, pregnancy and bereavement courses (03/02/2020)
    The workshops begin on Wednesday, February 5 and run until June 2
  • MC takes the initiative on the problem of pollution in the municipality and will give voice to the neighbors in the Plenary (03/02/2020)
    Jesús Giménez: "It is necessary a 155 to the regional government for the attack on our nature and our future"
  • The Brotherhood of the Blessed Christ the Redeemer and Our Lady of Solitude received the 2020 STEPS Award (03/02/2020)
    The XV Edition of this award took place last Saturday, February 1 at the Roman Theater and was organized by the Association of Women cofrades of Cartagena
  • Santi Rodríguez mocks death with a lot of humor in ´Infarto, don't go to the light! ´ (03/02/2020)
    The new show of the actor arrives at the New Teatro Circo de Cartagena
  • MC: Cultural Property recognizes that the governments of the PP consented to the "unfortunate episode of the demolished section" of the wall of Carlos III (02/02/2020)
    María Dolores Ruiz demands that "the solution offered to the bulwark No. 3 take priority as enjoyment and understanding of this part of the wall of Carlos III and not a few parking spaces "

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