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Cartagena News - July 2015

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  • Fifteen Sahrawi children enjoy a summer in Cartagena (31/07/2015)
    Families Cartagena will host this summer to small within the Holidays in Peace program.
  • The maintenance of sports facilities will this year with 160,000 euros (31/07/2015)
    This proposal of Councillor of Finance and Home Affairs area which is a modification of the budget for 2015, has residue one of the topics discussed at the Governing Board meeting Friday
  • Finishing touches in Sebastian Feringa (31/07/2015)
    Lacking that the remodeling of the avenue is recepcionada by the city council, are already finalizing work included the construction of a bike path rontonda double up and down
  • Closing of the Course of Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism UPCT (31/07/2015)

  • Public universities in the region and the Port Authority created a chair of the Environment (31/07/2015)

  • The XXIII National Circuit Futvoley Spain will come to La Manga (31/07/2015)
    Will this weekend when the beach Cavanna, in Cartagena, is the fifth and final official seat of the circuit, which will be held on XVI Open City Cartagena
  • UPCT dismisses Indian students (31/07/2015)

  • Social Services is concerned about the employability of young people at risk of social exclusion (30/07/2015)

  • Los Morancos presented his new show at El Batel (30/07/2015)
    be on Saturday August 1 at 21:30 in Room A of the Auditorium and Congress
  • The return of Fort Christmas concerts (30/07/2015)
    It will be during the month of August and are now on sale tickets
  • Fifteen children closed down the leisure Summer 2015 (30/07/2015)
    ended on Tuesday July 28 at the Mediterranean Urbanisation, and has held the Department of Social Services through the Program for Prevention and Social Insertion
  • The full city council gives green light to nine motions (30/07/2015)

  • Mirror: "City government backs a motion that argued for employment and education in Cartagena and train professional quality" (30/07/2015)
    The spokesman criticized the government vote no to the urgency of a motion supporting the UCAM
  • August arrives with a varied offer (30/07/2015)
    The Museum of the Roman Theatre and Cartagena Port of Cultures organized many tours and activities for this month key summer
  • English and tourism in one trip (30/07/2015)
    The UIMP continues its immersion courses in English, having sought to increase the number of students
  • Dani Gomez: "I want to grow and persuading" (29/07/2015)

  • Hall and Community Irrigation review the agreement maintenance of roads of the municipality (29/07/2015)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor have gathered Wednesday at the Palace Hall with the president of the organization, Francisco Saez, which he described as satisfactory the meeting
  • UPCT and Navantia reinforce research on technologies used in submarines (29/07/2015)
    Both institutions signed a collaboration agreement for the development of R + D + i
  • Caritas and the City will work together for the needy (29/07/2015)
    This was expressed Councillor of Greater Quality of Life, Francisco Calderon after a meeting Wednesday with the association
  • Nour-Eddine Bouaichat and Mercedes Merino succeed in Cabo de Palos (29/07/2015)
    Last Saturday took place the seventh edition of the Cross of Cabo de Palos, an important event in the regional calendar
  • Local police controls the weight of the vehicles on the Old Town (29/07/2015)
    Since last Monday and throughout the week, agents are making checks on the pedestrian streets of the center, to check that no vehicles over 3 5 tonnes maximum authorized mass
  • Traffic Court of works in Plaza de Alicante Pintor Portela (29/07/2015)
    begins this Thursday evening and will affect the two-lane exit onto the highway.
  • Puerto Rico, Cuba, Chile, Panama and Colombia participate in Trovalia 2015 (29/07/2015)

  • The Lives of Others closes the cycle of historical film that's another story (29/07/2015)
    ​​ Thursday will be screened at 10 pm, in the garden of the Archaeological Museum Municipal
  • The Judicial Police Traffic reports on the impact of last week (29/07/2015)
    In total, 20 to 26 July were a total of 79 interventions between blood alcohol and accidents
  • The Auditorium and Convention Center The Batel welcomes the play Caesar and Cleopatra (29/07/2015)
    Comes Merida Festival and starring Angela Molina, Emilio Gutirrez, Lucia Jimenez and Marcial Alvarez.
  • The Theatre under the moonlight in the Roman Theatre Museum (29/07/2015)
    This Saturday August 1 a night tour that starts at the Museum of Roman theater in the hand of a guide with a small group of people will take place
  • Cartagena already has adapted its first park playground (29/07/2015)
    The City Council has installed the infrastructure in the Park Rangers Santa Ana Estate, with the aim of promoting the social integration of children with disabilities and facilitate their autonomy
  • Pedro Antonio Snchez considered Cartagena an engine of the Autonomous Community (28/07/2015)

  • New road markings in several streets of the city (28/07/2015)
    This week it is proceeding to repainting of road signs and parking on the tarmac, which were damaged
  • The Sea of ​​Music makes Cartagena in the cultural Mediterranean port (28/07/2015)
    Over 40 thousand people have enjoyed the festival, which has reached in ticket sales 85 percent, near the full in most of the concerts and hanging on five times in poster sold out
  • Arrested for theft in four people inside homes (28/07/2015)
    The four detainees had multiple criminal record for crimes against property
  • The municipal website of Cartagena, at the head of the Region of Murcia in transparency (28/07/2015)
    So to a report prepared by the Department of Journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona on the information posted on the corporate pages of the 45 municipalities that make up Region
  • Nieto urged the municipal government to recover the Police Unit Market (28/07/2015)
    Esperanza Nieto presented a motion to the council meeting to continue ensuring the safety of shopkeepers and residents
  • Local police controls over four thousand vehicles in the Special Campaign Speed (28/07/2015)
    speed controls were carried out last week in the entire municipality and in different time zones
  • The Mayor and Deputy Mayor listen Polygon needs Camachos (28/07/2015)
    Castejn Lopez and have attended a breakfast meeting with entrepreneurs, according to the mayor, are betting big on Cartagena
  • The City of Cartagena of the most transparent since 2008 (28/07/2015)

  • The PP calls for the expansion of frequency of public transport lines to La Puebla (28/07/2015)
    Diego Ortega presented a motion at the next plenary session to interconnect neighbors expand the city center
  • A training day will close Courses in Cartagena Football (28/07/2015)
    Wednesday will be held at school Miralmonte, next to the Municipal Football Golf Residential Estate Santa Ana
  • A study concludes that UPCT free petrol stations are cheaper than brand (28/07/2015)

  • The Chief of Artillery Colonel visit the Palace Hall (27/07/2015)
    On Friday July 24, the mayor of Cartagena met with Jos Luis Carbonell to maintain a first contact
  • GPP requests the Regional Assembly to consider the establishment of the College of Social Graduates of Cartagena (27/07/2015)
    The spokesman, Victor Martinez and Deputy Domingo Segado have met with representatives of the Association of Social Graduates of Cartagena
  • Given by Firefighters extinguished the fire at Lo Poyo (27/07/2015)
    The fire, which was controlled at 22.30 hours on Sunday night, has affected more than 8 hectares of reeds
  • The Sporting Caracoles blocks Futsal Championship Minor Islands (27/07/2015)
    A total of twelve teams contended for the seventh edition of the tournament which was held during the day Sunday in the town of Cartagena and Mar Menor featured presence of the mayor of Sports
  • Researchers UPCT patented dual channel filter to strengthen and improve communications satellite (27/07/2015)
    The development group of the Polytechnic Electromagnetism reduces the size and increases the versatility of RF systems
  • The PP calls for the creation of the Neighborhood Council of the Delegation of Rincon de San Gins (27/07/2015)

  • The little girl closed down the Sea (27/07/2015)
    On Friday July 24 ended the Mar Chica where many children particularly enjoyed their festive
  • A solemn procession ended the festivity of Santa Ana (27/07/2015)
    On Sunday July 26, day of the patron saint, is celebrated with a tour of the Saint, accompanied by neighbors and festive charges
  • Los Urrutias hosts the 3x3 Basketball Championship (27/07/2015)
    Saturday August 1 will be the sixth edition with the collaboration of the Department of Sports City of Cartagena and the Association of Residents of Los Urrutias
  • The Musical Union Cartagonova showed their latest awards the mayor (27/07/2015)

  • The Mayor notes the demands of the residents (24/07/2015)

  • The Civil Guard dismantled three clandestine greenhouses for the cultivation of hallucinogenic cactus (24/07/2015)
    In La Aljorra-Cartagena
  • El Puchero del Hortelano and the sticker close the Sea of ​​Music (24/07/2015)
    The Gepe and pascuala ilabaca and Raul Rodriguez Chilean complete the lineup this Saturday, the last day of the festival
  • The association of families ASTRADE reels keys diagnosis and treatment of autism in UPCT (24/07/2015)

  • Twelve beaches of Cartagena improve accessibility this summer (24/07/2015)
    The City Council, with the advice of FAMDIF is carrying out monitoring of the municipal beaches to promote tourism for disabled
  • Lopez and director Castejon receive Navantia (24/07/2015)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor held a meeting with Admiral Jos Manuel Sanjurjo, who serves on the board of the shipyard
  • The Cartagena can now enjoy the new Pedestrian Path Cala Cortina (24/07/2015)
    The president of the autonomous region, mayor of Cartagena and the president of the Port Authority, among other authorities have opened this stretch of more than 700 meters
  • Juan Pedro Garcia Furio called Cartagena rises to the top in Trial Bike (24/07/2015)

  • Three arrested for defrauding more than 350,000 euros to various banks (24/07/2015)
    Detainees had a high standard of living with the requesting bank loans with false documentation
  • Social Graduates Association asks municipal support for the City of Justice (24/07/2015)
    The responsible entity held Thursday a meeting with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, which also addressed other issues such as the creation of the College Social Graduates of the Region
  • The new administration comes in contact with the union CSIF (24/07/2015)
    The mayor received on Thursday afternoon at the Palace Hall in charge of the regional trade union CSIF
  • The price of housing in Cartagena has dropped by 10% last year, according to a final project (24/07/2015)
    The findings of the project of a student of Business Administration argue that the highest value is in the trough and the cheapest in Alumbres, La Palma and Santa Lucia
  • Costas takes compomiso cleaning the coast in early August (23/07/2015)
    The three administrations, local, regional and state, met yesterday to ensure the cleanliness of the beaches lmpieza coast of Cartagena, especially in Los Urrutias, grandchildren and Starfish
  • The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure meets with the mayor of Cartagena (23/07/2015)

  • The Mayor reviewed with responsible of La Manga Club resort priorities (23/07/2015)
    Accompanied by Deputy Mayor, met this morning with the director of the tourist accommodation and other leaders, meeting in which they talked about urban planning and environmental issues
  • The mayor committed to the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena (23/07/2015)

  • A drone complement lifesaving work in Playa del Barco Perdido Zeus (23/07/2015)
    Will experimentally as a pioneer project, Cartagena being the first place where the service is established
  • La Mar Chica ends (23/07/2015)
    Tomorrow Friday, July 24 shops are closed after four days of intense and funny work
  • Continue summer nights in Cartagena Port of Cultures (23/07/2015)
    During the summer activities continue and also night, to enjoy the history, at sunset
  • Conspiracy that's another story (23/07/2015)
    ​​ The cycle of historical cinema and intrigue hosts tonight Thursday, July 23 at 22 am the film of Robert Redford in the garden Municipal Archaeological Museum Enrique Escudero de Castro
  • Locating Radar controls (23/07/2015)
    The local police has informed on where they will be placed speed controls in the week of July 27 to August 2
  • Catamaran excursion from La Azoha (23/07/2015)
    The TLA Summer program has scheduled a multisport activity is to explore the whole coast from Cape Tioso on July 31
  • Miranda gives her a place to Juan Cegarra (23/07/2015)
    The act of nomination of this space in the Barrio de Santiago Miranda was held on Wednesday 21 July at 20 hours and was attended by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor
  • Three graduates UPCT designed a prototype electric bicycle to the university, which wants to have seven more (23/07/2015)

  • Berta Brusilovsky talks in Cartagena of accessible spaces (23/07/2015)
    Architect and urban planner, located in our city participating in summer courses UPCT, met Thursday with the Councillor for Social Services
  • The City maintains the momentum I Disability Plan in Cartagena (23/07/2015)

  • The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Cartagena visit the facilities of Repsol (22/07/2015)
    Also present Councillor of Greater Environment and the Councillor for Industry, which have met with the director of the refinery
  • The City will work hand in hand with the Commonwealth of Taibilla Channel (22/07/2015)
    Today Wednesday held a meeting the mayor, Jose Lopez and the heads of the Commonwealth to officially present and review some issues in general terms
  • A unique band of rock star to star Conciertazo Carthaginians and Romans (22/07/2015)

  • Arrested the driver of a vehicle after skipping the median on the Gran Via de La Manga (22/07/2015)

  • DISCORDIA be opening act of "Amstel Conciertazo Carthaginians and Romans" 2015 (22/07/2015)
    On September 25, the Carthaginians and Romans Amstel great show will bring together a constellation of stars to play the best songs of rock
  • The government team announced the creation of the table Manifesto Phoenix in Los Mateos (22/07/2015)

  • Francisca Valenzuela and Javiera Mena, icons of Chilean currency, in the Sea of ​​Music (22/07/2015)
    Will this Thursday at the Auditorium of the Park Towers.
  • Local police recorded more than fifty traffic incidents last week (22/07/2015)

  • The T-Visit the Science City of Valencia and the Pixar exhibition (22/07/2015)
    Youth has opened the registration period to participate in this activity, which is scheduled for Sunday August 23
  • La Libre bar reaches the Sea of ​​Music (22/07/2015)
    Asian Dub Foundation, Kakkmaddafakka, Amparo Snchez, wag, Melissa Aldana, The Pinker Tones and The Bathers Últimos act tonight at the port, free concerts sponsored by Repsol
  • Traffic Court in Luxembourg Avenue (22/07/2015)

  • The summer course UPCT today on Cyber ​​Intelligence analyzes the terrorist phenomenon of lone wolves (22/07/2015)

  • Over a thousand runners participate in the VII Cross of Cabo de Palos (21/07/2015)
    be on Saturday July 25 at 18:30 with participants of all ages, totaling more than one category for disabled
  • Jos Pedro Godoy out in the Sea of ​​Art (21/07/2015)
    The Chilean artist shows his exhibition, Summer in the Auditorium and Convention Center The Batel.
  • The concert Sidiki Diabat and Toumani is changed to Wednesday (21/07/2015)
    The show, which was to be held on Tuesday within the Sea of ​​Music program has changed day by failures in the international flight connections
  • Twenty young people have participated in the rehabilitation of garbancillo Tallante (21/07/2015)
    The Town of Greater Youth and CEO of Youth, Monday closed field of work that began on July 10.
  • Rotary Club Cartagena awarded a scholarship to a student UPCT (21/07/2015)

  • The Civil Guard intercepted five boats with 39 migrants on board (21/07/2015)
    Cabo de Palos in Cartagena
  • The French artist Zaz began his tour of Spain in the Sea of ​​Music in Cartagena (21/07/2015)
    The Ambassador of the Kora Toumani Diabat with his son Sidiki have a whole album in the Cathedral.
  • The new Public Safety Act was the ending theme Course Director of Security (21/07/2015)
    The closing ceremony, attended by the mayor, was given by the Head of Private Security Commissioner of the National Police, Esteban Gandara, Monday NH Campo de Cartagena, where he talked about the new rules
  • Gino Paoli received the prize of the festival La Mar de Musicas Cartagena (21/07/2015)
    The Italian artist was honored last night for his long career.
  • The owners of the shopping center La Dune presented their needs to the mayor (21/07/2015)

  • Red Cross has treated this morning in the port of Cartagena at 21 occupants of boats intercepted by the Civil Guard and Maritime Rescue (21/07/2015)

  • Continue meetings with Chilean authors invited to La Mar de Letras (20/07/2015)
    Dunkler Chilean poet Gloria talks about his poetry with Winston Manrique at the Museum of the Roman Theatre
  • A student UPCT won second place among 900 applicants in a competition for entrepreneurs (20/07/2015)
    Vladyslav Mazurenko out in the National Meeting of explaining his program Yuzz online platform to find partners 'wites.es'
  • Local Authority Association of La Palma makes contact with the government team (20/07/2015)

  • Cartagena and Chile closer ties (20/07/2015)
    Andean country's ambassador to the Mayor today visited the Town Hall, on the occasion of the celebration this week of the festival The Sea Music Special Chile
  • The City Council is committed to advancing in the recovery of the Monastery of San Gins (20/07/2015)
    This is what the mayor has informed the president of the Friends of the Monastery, during the meetings held on Monday at the Palace Hall to discuss the enhancement of BIC
  • Local Police joins the campaign DGT speed (20/07/2015)
    From Monday to Sunday 26 controls were carried out in the entire municipality and in different slots
  • A course at the Universidad Internacional del Mar address early intervention in children (20/07/2015)

  • The enforcement of ordinances leads to the local police to make 89 interventions (20/07/2015)
    The rules of consumption and trade, along with tenure pets, have focused the attention of agents UCECO in so far Summer
  • Five Cartagena make their projects abroad through the European Voluntary Service (20/07/2015)
    Service + Erasmus is part of the Youth in Action program.
  • Santa Ana is already at parties (20/07/2015)

  • Cut water park Security and Media League (20/07/2015)
    Hidrogea reported that the supply is interrupted for at Wednesday morning for about eight hours
  • The Symphony of the Region and the Chilean singer Manuel Garcia Jara have'Victor Sinfnico' in the Sea of ​​Music in Cartagena (18/07/2015)
    At the concert on Sunday will also participate canary singer Pedro Guerra and the Choir Murciano Fernndez Caballero in the choral part
  • COAG welcomed the creation of a Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development (18/07/2015)
    In their meeting last Friday with Mayor farmers presented their most pressing problems, such as theft in the field or the need to improve rural roads
  • Mirror: "The priority of the Popular Party is that the AVE reach Cartagena in 2016" (17/07/2015)

  • Lila Downs began its Spanish tour in the Sea of ​​Music (17/07/2015)
    Mexican act Saturday, July 18 morning on the second day of the festival.
  • The City of Cartagena governs for all (17/07/2015)
    So has informed Deputy Mayor, Ana Belen Castejon after a meeting with the collective Galactyco Friday July 17 at City Hall
  • The Governing Board approves grants to associations and civic organizations (17/07/2015)
    This is coming whose spending proposals approved by the previous government team, so the process was to confirm today.
  • Still open within the SEF Sales Course offered by the ALDE (17/07/2015)
    Until 21 September of the applications may be submitted to participate in this training with which students can obtain the certificate of professional
  • The musical group Sauces offer a concert in the square Icue (17/07/2015)
    The Band is conducting training courses, as the course Interpretation Trombone and concert will be the end of the year
  • Starts Augusto's trip to Carthago Nova (17/07/2015)
    Cartagena Port of Cultures continues its summer activities on Saturdays in July and August.
  • The Local Police of Cartagena reports on the location of the controls of radar (17/07/2015)
    During the week 20 to July 26 will proceed to the speed control at different points in Cartagena
  • The Sea of ​​Art welcomes Martin La Roche (17/07/2015)
    The Chilean artist has exhibited two facilities in Cartagena, one in the Palacio Molina and another in the Ramn Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center in La Mar de Arte
  • More than fifty school janitors attending the retraining course (17/07/2015)
    This training organized by the city, has developed into two parts, conr three different disciplines such as carpentry, electrical and plumbing, at the Center for Educational Resources and Equipment
  • The City Council contacts the Banco Sabadell (17/07/2015)
    In the Line of presentations leading the current government, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Cartagena met this morning with the Cartagena area manager and regional director of the entity
  • The Department of Decentralization and Celebrations receives more than 80 neighborhood associations (17/07/2015)

  • The figure of Isaac Peral already has recognition (17/07/2015)

  • Cartagena could have a European Campus for next summer (17/07/2015)
    This is one of the topics to be discussed today the mayor, Jose Lopez, and the directive of the European Movement, the meeting of presentation that have remained Friday at the Palace Town
  • Fishermen procesionaron its patron saint, the Virgen del Carmen (17/07/2015)
    First Mass in the church of St. James in St. Lucia, and then the sea procession, made up the program of events held in the afternoon on Thursday port of Cartagena
  • We can file a motion to be reopened and the hospital Rosell as a second hospital of Cartagena Health Area remains (16/07/2015)
    with all the powers of general hospital
  • The Navy celebrates the day of the Virgen del Carmen in Cartagena (16/07/2015)
    As is tradition, on the day of its patron, have organized various events in the Military Arsenal who fled the main civil and military authorities
  • Nieto said the government gives "flying blind" to the deletion of Section Markets Local Police (16/07/2015)

  • Events like the earthquake in Chile in the exhibition of Fernando Prats (16/07/2015)
    The artist has presented his work, Big Sur, through a press pass which was attended by the Councillor for Culture, Education and Equality, David Martinez
  • The European Movement is presented to the Mayor (16/07/2015)
    Jose Lopez will receive this Friday at the Palace Hall representatives of the body that is being implemented in the region
  • Andrs Lled cross the Amazon in their next challenge (16/07/2015)
    The Cartagena athlete along the Jimbofresh team will participate in October in the Jungle Marthon held in Brazil
  • Presented to the Senate the multiannual financing plan (16/07/2015)
    The management team of Jose Antonio Franco wants UPCT star in the development of the Region of Murcia
  • Socialist-SPCT considered economically viable alternative and mediombientalmente the macropuerto Gorguel (16/07/2015)
    Cartagena The local government should define its position, ours is clearly against
  • PP Cartagena denounces the partisan use that makes the mayor of the City website (16/07/2015)

  • The National Police arrested a businessman for providing false documentation immigrants (16/07/2015)
    has been arrested businessman and fourteen others accused of forgery and fraud
  • Two kings of reggae, Jimmy Cliff and Tiken Jah Fakoly, inaugurated the Sea of ​​Music (16/07/2015)
    Chilean Camila Moreno Ana Tijoux and completed on Friday the first day of the festival
  • 15 young decorate the wall of a school as final practice Urban Art Workshop organized in Cartagena Muram (16/07/2015)
    During the course, whose organization has collaborated Culture, participants have learned different techniques and other aspects of the 'street art '
  • Havana Concert hand Polyphonic Choir Carthagonova (16/07/2015)
    is the 24th edition and will be in Cabo de Palos on Saturday July 25, adding to the 150th anniversary of the Faro
  • Nine charities receive 700 kilos of fish Carmen Day (16/07/2015)
    On the occasion of the feast of its patron, the Fishermen's Association was delivered this morning of lots of fish including anchovies, cod, hake, venus, mackerel or grouper
  • Half of the students of the cooking course of the ALDE find work (16/07/2015)
    This Friday closing on the building of the Miraculous occupational training course that started in December last year.
  • The Municipal Government thanks staff willingness to work and the need to reorganize the chaos generated by the PP for 20 years (15/07/2015)
    Jose Lopez said that we understand that the PP would seem strange that the changes have a reason, and further that made with the intention of strengthening the administration.
  • Magdalena Correa shows the Gobi and Atacama in light boxes (15/07/2015)
    Chilean artist exposes the difficulties of life in these places and will be exhibited at the Faculty of Business UPCT (Old CIM) until August 30
  • The year 26 of Carthaginians and Romans already have poster (15/07/2015)
    Conception Losada Esposito contest winner is who has illustrated the promotional image from 2015 that was presented this maanaen the Palace Hall
  • Anonymous, third film of the cycle that is another story in the Archeological (15/07/2015)
    The gardens of the Museum Enrique Escudero de Castro host a free screening of new historical content Thursday
  • Fifty professionals and students attend a course on efficient use of tractor (15/07/2015)

  • Nieto: "In the city of Cartagena is uncertainty and fear of future changes in personnel" (15/07/2015)

  • Open Registration period at the Municipal School of Theatre (15/07/2015)
    There are groups from 4 years onwards.
  • The neighborhoods of Old Town and Station open for holidays (15/07/2015)
    The City of Cartagena by the Obra Social La Caixa Foundation and Cepaim have launched an open summer school to promote peaceful coexistence in these neighborhoods
  • The SOI Foundation and the City strengthen their collaboration (15/07/2015)
    The company driven ASTUS and ASID will train municipal staff and programs and activities that are easily understood by this group and facilitate their participation will adapt
  • Ivan Negueruela released its findings on Asdrubal Palace (15/07/2015)
    Former CIM received yesterday afternoon conference ARQUA director, with the strength of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor
  • Rewarded UPCT three researchers for a study on labor conciliation engineering professionals (15/07/2015)

  • The Musical Union Cartagonova give a concert in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (14/07/2015)
    What will tomorrow, Wednesday July 15, from 21 am as a prelude to their participation in various events during these months
  • Surprised when subtracted computer nursery school (14/07/2015)
    Agents of the local police yesterday arrested two individuals after the alarm center located in Calle Jorge Juan
  • The City Council demands speed in cleaning beaches of the Mar Menor (14/07/2015)
    It calls political will at the Coastal Authority and the Ministry of Environment to allocate cleaning crews
  • Legal problems prevent suspend the privatization of CAI New Cartagena (14/07/2015)

  • More than six thousand letters set out in the Sea of ​​Music (14/07/2015)
    Visual artist Mnica Bengoa shows his work at the Palacio Molina, composed of four pieces of felt natural wool hand draft, based on what Georges Perec infraordinary
  • Cartagena PP asks the Regional Assembly greater citizen participation in the reform of the Electoral Act (14/07/2015)

  • Hall and Sodicar encourage health and fitness among diabetics (14/07/2015)
    The mayor of Sports and representatives of the Association have agreed, during meetings held on Tuesday, which signed a cooperation agreement with the idea of ​​working together for this group
  • They return night boating Sounds of the Sea (14/07/2015)
    Thursday, coinciding with the celebration of the Virgen del Carmen, begin sea crossings organized by Cartagena Port of Cultures
  • The festivity of Saint Lucia begin next Friday (14/07/2015)
    Organized by the Neighborhood Association and the Department of Social Services will run until Saturday July 25, where it is celebrated the day of the Patron Saint James
  • Those responsible for the project ICI healthy breakfast visit the Board (14/07/2015)

  • IE Villalba struggle to conquer Qart Hadasht (14/07/2015)
    The Municipal School, twinned with Hispanic Legion Auxiliary Infantry, held the II Education Days Carthaginians and Romans, for those who have made a video showing what they have learned in the project
  • Starts La Mar de Letras with a course on contextualization of Chilean literature (14/07/2015)
    The workshop, conducted Wednesday and Thursday by Professor of Literature Vicente Cervera, is within the program of activities of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • Magdalena Correa exposes Territories and stock, with the Sea of ​​Art (14/07/2015)
    The artist, accompanied by the councilor of Culture, will present his work on Wednesday at a press pass that will take place in the old CIM, where you can visit the shows until August 31
  • Plastics manufactures the Cartagena Romero preseason schedule (13/07/2015)

  • Cadets UCAM Cartagena Athletics Club competed in the National Valladolid (13/07/2015)

  • Socialist-SPCT Alternative calls on municipal and parliamentary groups that paralyzed the privatization of residence Source Cubas (13/07/2015)

  • Nearly 200 people swam for Multiple Sclerosis (13/07/2015)
    Mjate raised on Sunday July 12 a total of 2,000 euros for research on the disease and treatments for patients
  • The City will work with the Conservation Authority Polygon Santa Ana (13/07/2015)
    As stated by the council of Greater Transparency and Good Governance, Participation, Decentralization and Celebrations, Juan Pedro Torralba, in the meeting with the entity is morning
  • Ivan Negueruela releases its findings on Asdrubal Palace (13/07/2015)
    Former CIM will host Tuesday's conference director ARQUA, which are expected to attend the Mayor and Deputy Mayor
  • Denounced the owner of a dog that bit a child in La Manga (13/07/2015)
    Local police intervened in the incident, which took place on Saturday night at the kilometer 1
  • A course at the Universidad del Mar address early child care. (13/07/2015)

  • A student UPCT studying the feasibility of building an EV in college to promote the use of electric vehicles (13/07/2015)

  • The local police has made 40 interventions in traffic last week (13/07/2015)
    6 to July 12, agents have conducted several sobriety checkpoints and have been involved in accidents to varying degrees
  • The Cantonal teaches Uprising flies over the Palace Hall (13/07/2015)
    Mayor hoisted yesterday in its 142 anniversary as the beginning of the commemoration of a series of historical events that left a deep mark on the city and marked his idiosyncrasies
  • The City Council commemorated the historical landmarks of Cartagena (10/07/2015)
    It will start on Sunday 12 July, the anniversary of the uprising cantonal raising a flag on the facade of the Town Hall with an explanatory poster
  • The deputies also paid to Efes (10/07/2015)

  • Graduate engineers first industrial organization formed in the AGA (10/07/2015)

  • The VII Summer School Senior ends (10/07/2015)
    The Councillor for Social Services, Carmen Martin, closed the activity that has developed in the morning and they have taken part fifty elderly
  • The government team wants a City of Justice according to the needs of Cartagena (10/07/2015)
    It's one of the claims that have been made public today the Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the Day of legal aid in the Bar Cartagena
  • Social Services are available to the Alzheimer's Association of Cartagena (10/07/2015)

  • The City Council will seek a business incubator to locate the AJE (10/07/2015)

  • Tourism will consider establishing a horse carriage ride (10/07/2015)

  • Councillors Quality of Life and Social Services visited the Red Cross (10/07/2015)

  • More practices UPCT students in the city of Cartagena (09/07/2015)

  • Marine Veterans proposed erecting a monument against Arsenal (09/07/2015)
    It would be a statue of a popular component in its carcaterstica picket martial attitude, which would complete the already existing Sailor and Soldier Replacement
  • Plastics Cartagena Romero joins the campaign fertilizers FC Cartagena (09/07/2015)
    The city sport is associated once again in favor of the interests of its supporters
  • The court rejected the appeal of the professional association of municipal auditor's contest that was empty (09/07/2015)
    Without going into the merits, the court of Administrative ruling inadmissible for lack of standing from school to not make themselves the Urruticoechea own
  • "Thanks to them," award to Juan Fernando Romero (09/07/2015)

  • Lopez and Castejon attend the Plenary of the Chamber of Commerce (09/07/2015)
    We have made following the round of interviews, meetings and presentations are doing these days to come and see first hand the needs and proposals from different sectors
  • Entrepreneurs of the hotel industry exchanged views with the new government team (09/07/2015)

  • Tamarugal is installed in the Byzantine Wall (09/07/2015)
    Rosell Meseguer's work is framed within the Sea of ​​Art and will be on display from today until August 31
  • Start the field work on the rehabilitation of garbancillo Tallante (09/07/2015)
    The councilman of Greater Archaeological Heritage and Culture, Sports and Youth, Ricardo Segado, will welcome the 20 participants tomorrow, Friday July 10 at 18 am
  • The mayor asks SABIC greater presence in Cartagena (09/07/2015)
    Lopez has called for greater involvement for citizens a sense of shared
  • Get wet for Multiple Sclerosis Playa Paraiso (09/07/2015)
    The campaign, which began more than ten years ago in Spain, on Sunday July 12 is celebrated through the crossing VI Solidarity Mar Menor
  • The Cartagena Naval Museum displays the steering wheel Isaac Peral submarine (09/07/2015)
    The piece was donated by the Banco Sabadell Foundation and belongs to the S-32
  • Ricardo Segado closing the Summer Law and Sport of the UCAM The activity was held on the campus of Cartagena (08/07/2015)
    The activity was held on the campus of Cartagena
  • New seizures of counterfeit items in Manga (08/07/2015)
    Local police continues to develop the City of Cartagena campaign against blanket on top called the coastal areas
  • The Crystal Serenity cruise leaves more than a thousand tourists in Cartagena (08/07/2015)
    The ship arrived this morning at 7 am and remain until the afternoon.
  • The Name of the Rose in this is another story (08/07/2015)
    ​​ The cycle of historical cinema and intrigue continues tomorrow, Thursday, July 9 with a second projection in the garden of the Archaeological Museum at 22 am
  • Navigation and snorkel marine reserve in the seagrass meadows (08/07/2015)
    The TLA summer program organized in collaboration with the diving center Blue Planet for Monday July 13
  • The photographer Pedro Martinez exposes Cartagena Chile, Memorial Silence (08/07/2015)
    The exhibition, which reflects his experiences in the last days of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile land, you can visit the Centro Cultural Ramn Alonso Luzzy and is part of the Sea of ​​Music
  • Enjoying summer in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad (08/07/2015)
    During the months of July and August, young and old can spend their free time in many activities organized by the Department of Social Services and the Association of Residents
  • The campaign against the heat wave reaches over nine thousand older (08/07/2015)
    It is organized by the Department of Social Services City of Cartagena and has set up due to the considerable increase in temperatures
  • Arrested biggest drug trafficker, retail, Cartagena (08/07/2015)
    The police operation has resulted twelve detainees, with varying degrees of participation, including the "boss" of the organization.
  • Local Police rescued three dogs abandoned in the gallery housing (08/07/2015)
    Neighbors alerted the agents carrying two months barking and the owner barely fed them
  • Environment Councilman went yesterday to Alum to follow the evolution of the fumes from the refinery (08/07/2015)
    Calderon found a municipal technician who came from the combustion of hydrocarbons caused by power outage
  • The AFCT raises their needs at City Hall (08/07/2015)

  • Asteamur allocate grant from the Department of Equality to its Summer School (08/07/2015)

  • Alsa City and seek ways to improve and equalize rates stops throughout the municipality (08/07/2015)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor have mantendio this morning a meeting with director of the concession area of ​​the city bus lines
  • City Council and Repsol willing to collaborate (07/07/2015)
    Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Industry, Tourism, Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development met this afternoon with the director of the Refinery tailings for a first contact
  • Painting and poetry come together in an exhibition at the Sea Art (07/07/2015)

  • The City Council will carry the voice of the fisheries sector in the Autonomous Region (07/07/2015)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are committed to the pattern of the Fishermen's Association of Cartagena to request that industry demands to be heard and to claim grants and courses through the ADLE
  • The Federation of Carnival announces the Poster Contest for 2016 (07/07/2015)
    The deadline for submission of works will end on November 6.
  • The Polytechnic University of Cartagena offers master's and doctoral students in Iraqi Kurdistan (07/07/2015)
    The chancellor has handed diplomas to the Indian students who have practices architecture
  • Workshops and dramatized in the museums of Cartagena for families and children visits (07/07/2015)
    This great summer and children can learn in a different way the history of the city
  • The ALDE take fifteen young people to do internships to Portugal with the European program Erasmus + (07/07/2015)

  • Port Police, a day in Personal Protection and First Aid (07/07/2015)

  • A mobile application will allow users will pay ORA (07/07/2015)
    is the proposal contained in the ordinance that the company has taken the mayor of Cartagena, Jose Lopez, among other things
  • Local police intensified security control of the swimmers (07/07/2015)

  • A course to prevent the use of snuff and alcohol in young people (07/07/2015)

  • The Mayor notes the proposals of entrepreneurs and residents of La Manga (07/07/2015)

  • A course at the Universidad del Mar address early intervention in children (07/07/2015)

  • Isi: "Defending the goal of the team of my city is a privilege not many can have" (06/07/2015)

  • Alsa DST provides buses to beaches (06/07/2015)
    The summer schedule started from Wednesday July 1
  • Denounce to a vehicle for the inconvenience generated by his stereo (06/07/2015)
    Cabo de Palos Neighbors were startled early hours of Sunday by the high volume
  • Los Urrutias are already parties (06/07/2015)

  • Mirror recalls that the convention for the Market of Santa Florentina was a project undertaken by the PP (06/07/2015)

  • The Mar Menor focuses of the meeting with the Coastal (06/07/2015)

  • Mathematicians will meet in Cartagena this week (06/07/2015)
    Yesterday Sunday inaugurated in El Batel the 17 Days of Learning and Teaching Mathematics, an act that was attended by the Councillor for Education
  • A student of the School of Industrial travel to China through their research with 3D printers (06/07/2015)

  • The Early Childhood Center of ASTUS adds to digital technology (06/07/2015)
    The mayors of Quality of Life and Social Services, today visited the center in the Charity Hospital, which recently acquired 9 tablets and whiteboard for Users of this service kids
  • El Mercado de Santa Florentina be part of tourism in the city (06/07/2015)
    City Council and Chamber of Commerce have ratified today the agreement for which will begin shortly, the refurbishment and modernization of the market, for which it will a budget of 78 billion euros
  • Young and established writers of the Chilean letters in the Sea of ​​Music (06/07/2015)
    Jorge Edwards, Carlos Franz, Simonnetti, Costamagna, Trabucco Dünkler and participate in workshops, lectures and poetry readings in the historic center of the city from 20 to 23 July
  • Driver Education, also in summer (06/07/2015)

  • The control campaign and motorcycles is settled with only three complaints (06/07/2015)
    The local police have collaborated with this campaign that the provincial traffic held from 23 to 25 June in Cartagena and in which nearly three hundred controlled vehicles
  • MC encouraged the local government to continue exploring ways of legality, not capricious or guided by vengeance (05/07/2015)

  • Start the Cartagena Festival Jonda Canales-windlass (03/07/2015)
    begins the first edition and will take place in the port of Cartagena on Saturday, July 4, at 22 am
  • The new vehicles will be purchased by local police centralized purchasing (03/07/2015)
    The government team rejected the lease-purchase and wait and get more advantages and more units
  • The Calblanque parking license pending other authorizations (03/07/2015)
    The City Council can not give its approval for the moment, the absence of authorization from the Directorate General of Coasts and the report of the Directorate General of Cultural Assets
  • The TLA also celebrates the anniversary of Cabo de Palos and Islands Ants (03/07/2015)
    In the coming days there will be a block of activities in collaboration with the diving center Blue Planet
  • The City of Cartagena is supporting the UCAM (03/07/2015)
    This was shown the mayor, Jose Lopez, in his official visit to the facilities of the UCAM Cartagena
  • Local police confiscated in one day more than 300 articles on the beaches of La Manga (03/07/2015)
    On Thursday started the municipal campaign to control illegal hawking in the beach areas of major tourist
  • Unemployment fell in Cartagena in 1157 people during June (03/07/2015)

  • Students at the Polytechnic of Cartagena will practice in the aerospace company Crisa (03/07/2015)

  • The city is organized setting up committees and determining salaries (03/07/2015)
    As required by law, the first session of the Municipal Corporation has been dedicated to these issues by the appointment of its representatives in various bodies
  • Local police reportedly controls mobile radar for next week (03/07/2015)
    6 to July 12, radars will control the speed of traffic on several roads in the city and neighborhoods
  • The NGO involved get 5000 kilos of food to Caritas San Diego (03/07/2015)

  • The Festival Cartagena Jonda born as a tribute to our Flemish history (03/07/2015)
    ​​ The first edition of this event, organized by the Pea Flamenca Antonio Piana with the assistance of the City and the newspaper La Verdad, celebrated this Saturday at 10 pm in the Port
  • CCOO Teaching requires the Department to investigate and explain the bribes to management teams by the UCAM (03/07/2015)
    Members of management teams of public schools in the press have denounced proposals have received bribe to "twist" the will of the cloisters
  • The government team wants to apply as soon as possible the lowering of the water tariff (02/07/2015)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor have met this afternoon with officials from Hidrogea to have a first contact and raise the first steps are to be put in up
  • A sample floating art stops in Cartagena (02/07/2015)
    The cruise on board Costa Magica 5,500 works of art of important Italian artists
  • The Local Government on Friday appointed a new CEO (02/07/2015)
    There will be an increase in spending because it will be a city official and will have responsibility for Interior and General System
  • Cartagena, the town with more Blue Flag and Quality Q Spanish Mediterranean (02/07/2015)
    This morning, the Deputy Mayor and Council of Environment and Tourism have proceeded to the symbolic hoisting on the beach of San Gines in La Azohia
  • The new criminal and procedural law has undergone a course of ESPAC (02/07/2015)
    Agents and local police commanders last week attended the conference organized by the School of Public Safety within your training plan
  • The new Skip OMIC La Manga opens (02/07/2015)
    The new store, where everything will be centralized, has become operational.
  • Mirror uncontrolled calls the first weeks of "misrule" of the leftist coalition led by Lopez (02/07/2015)

  • The City of Cartagena held on Friday its organizational heart (02/07/2015)
    As required by law, the first session of the Corporation will be dedicated to the creation of the commission, remuneration of councilors and officers, and the appointment of representatives to agencies
  • Repsol unveils its 2015 Sustainability Plan (02/07/2015)
    The mayors of Industry, Environment and Culture of the City of Cartagena on Thursday attended the presentation ceremony, which took place at the Faculty of Business UPCT
  • Lopez calls for the suspension of the works of the new station Mandarache (02/07/2015)

  • They are extended to July to Theatrvm guided exhibition at the Roman Theatre visits (02/07/2015)
    The exhibition, with works by Salvador Torres Cartagena, detail can be found on Thursdays at 7 pm, in the exhibition hall Temporary Museum
  • Summer Nights at Puerto de Culturas (02/07/2015)
    Starting this Friday, July 3 will begin the night at Barrio Roman Forum, supported by the good performance of those visits have begun, both the Roman Theatre and the Castle Conception
  • Dani: "I can not promise twenty goals, but I leave the skin in every game" (01/07/2015)

  • Cycle historical thriller in the Archaeological Museum (01/07/2015)
    Every Thursday in July films will be screened in the archaeological site with free admission until all seats
  • End of Course for Youth Correspondents (01/07/2015)

  • DISTRIBAT win the League and Cup XX Football League Local Cartagena (01/07/2015)
    In the second division, Polo Team wins the championship and promotes to First United Calero CT with CF and Alums Tuesday June 30 it took place the act Closing and awards ceremony for the winners
  • É ‰ success of participation in the first year of swimming (01/07/2015)
    You are inside the Sports Arena Campaign in 2015, whose closing took place on Tuesday June 30
  • The new Skip OMIC La Manga starts running Thursday (01/07/2015)
    Located in the Gran Via, next to the Hotel Los Delfines, the opening hours will be from 9 am to 2 pm
  • WWF invited to embark to protect the seabed (01/07/2015)
    This is the third time I visit Cartagena and NGOs under the theme Ocean Journey to the Center want to educate citizens about the importance of preserving the ecosystem
  • About 200 children enjoy the workshops of the Sea (01/07/2015)

  • Hoisting Q blue flags and quality on the beaches of Cartagena (01/07/2015)
    Visitor Badges will peak morning along the coast, through a symbolic ceremony to be held on the beach of San Gines in La Azohia
  • Sports paralyzes the installation of a phone mast at the Sports Cala Flores (01/07/2015)
    Councilman, Ricardo Segado, ensures that the work has been stopped for action and that the location will be provisional until another suitable is found and agreed with the locals
  • The mayor announced that exert greater control over municipal contracts (01/07/2015)
    Lopez says after his meeting with the heads of Lhicarsa that will aim to banish situations and abnormal behavior, optimize price and better serve citizens
  • Social Services gives advice to prevent the effects of heat (01/07/2015)

  • Nieto said that the municipal government "sold smoke" with the announcement of summer special device (01/07/2015)
    The popular council wonders how it will meet Jose Lopez's commitment to increase by 30% overtime police
  • Five hundred mathematical methods and share experiences in Cartagena (01/07/2015)
    teachers in primary, secondary and university meet in the Batel and the School of Engineering from 5 to July 8
  • The court Contentious gives the reason the City Council in the settlement of ICIO desalination tailings (01/07/2015)
    magement The company Hydro will pay 1.6 million euros to the municipal coffers by not having included in its liquidation equipment and facilities
  • Awarded by developing a tool to help ophthalmologists to diagnose a rare disease that affects the cornea (01/07/2015)

  • Traffic interventions of the local police will be published regularly (01/07/2015)
    At the beginning of each week, the Judicial Section of Traffic inform blood alcohol, accidents and other incidents carried out by the agents during the weekend

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