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Cartagena News - March 2019

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  • "By the Arc of Triumph" Article of opinion of Jesús Giménez, President of MC Cartagena (31/03/2019)

  • Citizens get the Legal Council to determine who should do the environmental assessment of the Transitory Rules (31/03/2019)
    The liberal party retrieves the Technical Table of the Transitory Rules "to promote the urban development of the municipality and prevent the dialogue of the deaf between PP and PSOE continue to harm us, "says Manuel Padín.
  • The UPCT joins the Earth Hour (30/03/2019)
    The Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) joins today, Saturday, the global blackout of Earth Hour
  • Families from all over the Region meet at the UPCT Open Day (30/03/2019)

  • Tomorrow, the designation of the members of the polling stations will begin to be notified (30/03/2019)
    The plenary session of the City Council held Saturday the draw in which the 2,331 citizens will be elected who will be called to participate as presidents, members and alternates in the next general elections of April 28
  • Cs recriminates the Port Authority that left the neighborhood of Santa Lucia with its projects thrown away (30/03/2019)
    Citizens confirmed at the last plenary session that the commitment to launch the five projects for the improvement and activation of urban public spaces has abandoned by public administrations
  • Cartagena's urban buses launch Wi-Fi (30/03/2019)
    The four adapted ALSA vehicles that were presented last February will be the first to offer this service to users from next Monday, April 1
  • The Regional Heritage will be studied at the "San Isidoro" School of El Algar in the XIII Semana de Las Letras (29/03/2019)

  • Juan Antonio Soler, winner of the XXX edition of the Mathematical Olympiad (29/03/2019)
    The second and the third place have fallen respectively to Cristian Angosto and Iago Ibarrola
  • The American cartoonist Alitha Martínez shares experiences of the world of comics with IES students Isaac Peral (29/03/2019)
    Her masterclass is part of the meetings with authors of the Mandarache Program
  • The consolidation works of the Monte de las Casillas in El Portús are finished (29/03/2019)
    The City Council has invested just over 124,000 euros to guarantee the security of the homes
  • Repsol celebrates its second open day (29/03/2019)

  • The Governing Board approves the call for grants amounting to 1.3 million euros (29/03/2019)
    The largest part corresponds to Social Services, with aid totaling 845,000 euros
  • Sweet, savory dishes and various liqueurs were tasted on Palma (29/03/2019)
    In total, 14 savory dishes, 13 sweets and 6 homemade liqueurs were tasted
  • Manuel Padín: "The urban policy of the Cartagena PP is killing us" (29/03/2019)

  • The poetry of Ana María Alcaraz and Ben Clark, award-winning films and philosophical talks will make reading, thinking and imagining (29/03/2019)

  • Three thousand students participated in the XXIV Greco-Roman Theater Festival on the occasion of World Theater Day (29/03/2019)
    The event organized by the Cultural Association Asdrúbal and the IES Jiménez de la espada, with the collaboration of the City of Cartagena, brought together young people from the provinces of Albacete, Valencia, Almería and Murcia
  • CTSSP: "Casco Antiguo, the PSOE does not learn the lesson" (29/03/2019)
    We can reject again the accounts of a Society that is nothing more than a burden for Cartagena, the bottomless pit of the municipality's urban corruption
  • The Campus of Los Dolores organizes a day to spread the Holy Week of Cartagena among students from other locations (29/03/2019)

  • The IES Elcano organizes a charity concert for its 40th anniversary in El batel (29/03/2019)
    It will be held on April 4th by the Music Unit of the Third of Levante and the Symphonic Band of the Manuel Massotti Music Conservatory with the choirs of the center and Juvenis Música
  • The Religious Choir School offers its XV Music Show in churches of the region (29/03/2019)
    The annual cycle of concerts will be held on April 5, 7 and 11 organized by the Department of Culture
  • The Trans flag waved at the Peral Submarine Fountain to give visibility to this collective (29/03/2019)
    The flags will remain in place until April 1
  • The Local Police of Cartagena prepares a special speed control campaign between April 1 and April 7 (29/03/2019)
    The controls will be carried out in different parts of the city, preferably in neighborhoods and county councils.
  • Rescued a woman of advanced age and her disabled daughter thanks to the rapid performance of Social Services (29/03/2019)
    The social worker who was following the women, has been the one that has sounded the alarm to Bomberos after approaching Friday to housing and see that they did not open, after several days without news of them
  • MC, the Bureau of the province and the neighbors reject an express reform of the Statute of Autonomy that seeks to "silence society" (29/03/2019)
    PP, PSOE, C's and Podemos come together to act without a minimum of transparency and respect for the inhabitants of the Region
  • More than 700 enrolled in the Days of Open Doors of the UPCT (29/03/2019)

  • The UCAM Cartagena TM plays the League (29/03/2019)
    Sunday at 12.30 in Pabellón Cuatro Santos de Cartagena
  • The President of the Government visits the Consistorial Palace and the Roman Amphitheater (28/03/2019)
    Pedro Sánchez has signed the Golden Book of the City and has known the excavations that take place in the site located under the old bullring
  • Cs promotes a public debate in Cartagena on the El Gorguel project with the participation of businessmen and ecologists (28/03/2019)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena warns of the arrival of 5,428 tourists this Saturday Advises citizens to take into account this circumstance when accessing or transit through the Historic District. (28/03/2019)

  • MC Cartagena encourages unanimity of the Plenary to demand that the Ministry of Justice pay the pending compensation to the lawyers of the Office shift (28/03/2019)
    The President of the Government, the Autonomous Community, the delegate of the national Executive and the mayor avoid approaching the concentration promoted by the Cartagena Bar Association
  • The performing arts in the Plaza San Francisco for the events of World Theater Day (28/03/2019)
    The theater and dance gala will be held on Saturday, March 30, starting at 7:30 p.m.
  • Cartagena sailors will be present at the '50 Sailor Princess Sofia 'sailing trophy (28/03/2019)
    In total there will be six sailors from the Cartagena Racing Club and the Los Nietos Yacht Club
  • Padín: "Cartagena will participate in the cooperation program with the Ministry to improve educational infrastructure" The City Council will develop agreements, whose purpose would be the delegation of powers, so that it can take responsibi (28/03/2019)

  • The exhibition'Esas Grandes Desconocidas' de Entre Cuerdas y Metals opens at the Regional Assembly (28/03/2019)
    In addition, Eduardo Molero presented his lecture 'The great oblivion: Women and Women in Music'
  • Cs alerts on the waiting lists of AFAL Cartagena and starts the Government's commitment to meet their needs (28/03/2019)

  • MC Cartagena gets the backing of the Plenary to demand that the state government remove the valuation guide that discredits fibromyalgia sufferers (28/03/2019)
    The cartagenerista training asks the local Executive for his participation in the regional transport plan
  • Cartagena joins Earth Hour (28/03/2019)
    The Town Hall will turn off its lights on Saturday, March 30 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • Llega800 solves free of charge the interference in DTT caused by the implementation of new 4G antennas in El Llano del Beal (28/03/2019)
    Affected people can get in touch through a telephone and receive technical attention in their homes at no additional cost
  • The deadline for the presentation of activities of bars and galleries in the Night of the Museums (28/03/2019)
    Any child, artistic or cultural activity can be presented until April 10 to appear in the program of next May 18
  • The Mandarache Prize receives the American cartoonist Alitha Martinez (28/03/2019)
    The cartoonist of heroes of Marvel and DC visits Cartagena on Friday 29 to meet young readers
  • The Campus of Los Dolores hosts an exhibition on volunteering at UCAM in Peru (28/03/2019)

  • AUGC has already denounced the regrettable state of the Civil Guard quartering in Cartagena (27/03/2019)
    In the month of February, AUGC publicly denounced the almost ruinous state of the Civil Guard barracks in Cartagena and demanded a specific plan from the Government Delegate. rehabilitation or new construction
  • We can ask to make the IBI more social (27/03/2019)
    The purple formation will take to the Plenary the modification of the IBI for the owners of houses of social rent and vacant homes.
  • Cs proposes two recesses to support the concentrations of the lawyers of the shift of office and for the removal of asbestos (27/03/2019)
    Manuel Padín: "We demand the recess, but not precisely to make palms to a President of the Government who has betrayed Spain by agreeing with separatism and populism "
  • Cs asks Noelia Arroyo to park the electoral promises and do something useful: ask for 24-hour Hemodynamics service (27/03/2019)

  • The horses will be the protagonists of this weekend in Cartagena (27/03/2019)

  • The Way of the Cross of Santa Lucia presents news this Holy Week (27/03/2019)
    The event will take place from 9 o'clock on Friday 29, where the Cristo Moreno will leave this year from the Castle of the Moors and the Virgin from the Church of Santiago Apostle
  • Volcano Ultramarathon Costa Rica 2019 will travel the main natural landscapes of the Caribbean country in a sustainable way (27/03/2019)
    There will be athletes from eight countries and will travel volcanoes up to 3000 meters high in the first edition of the event
  • The pavilion of Barrio Peral will host the First Meeting of Climbers (27/03/2019)
    Organized by the Open Air Club of Cartagena with the Department of Sports, will serve as a warm-up to organize future competitions within the regional circuit
  • Published the schedule of the 20th day of the Local Football League (27/03/2019)
    It will take place on March 30 and 31
  • The insurance of rental of houses is given to real estate agents, neighbors, associations of women and clubs of majors (27/03/2019)
    This morning an informative session was realized to the possible users of this initiative to know the possibilities that raises
  • 'Cartagena Piensa en San Antón' organizes the conference'More medicine is more health? ', Within the cycle'Conditions of life, medicine, and health' (27/03/2019)
    The talk, given by family doctor Abel Novoa Jurado, will have place this Thursday, March 28 at 6 pm at the Casino de San Antón
  • The finalists of the Metal Brass Contest between Strings and Metals are already known (27/03/2019)
    The final will take place on April 11 at 6:00 pm at the Conservatory of Music of Cartagena
  • We can insist on protecting the San Antón prison (27/03/2019)

  • Cartagena shows its heritage at the 5th Meeting of Spanish Cultural Cities in The Hague (27/03/2019)
    The event, which was held last week in the Dutch city, was attended by a hundred professionals from the tourism sector
  • Pozo Estrecho prepares its Holy Week (27/03/2019)
    From April 11 to 21, will take place the Galilean Holy Week where the four groups will process: Christ of the Prendimiento, San Juan Evangelista, Christ of the Men and Virgin of the Dolores and of the Solitude
  • New award for the Punic Wall building (27/03/2019)
    The Punic Wall building has been awarded in the VIII Edition of the Building Quality Awards of the Region for its "Tourist Use"
  • The I Miranda Run goes out on the street under the slogan'La Diabetes Moves Us' (27/03/2019)
    The solidarity sports event, which includes a race and a hiking route, takes place this Sunday March 31 in the town of Cartagena
  • Cs asks PSOE and PP not to leave out the most needy neighborhoods of the investments with charge to the surplus in 2019 (27/03/2019)

  • José López invites Pedro Sánchez to learn about the problems of Cartagena and not use the city as a set for electoral propaganda (27/03/2019)
    The president of the state government will visit the Cartagena Amphitheater tomorrow, while Ana Belén Castejón 'threatens' to alter the course of the Full to find the photo with Pedro Sánchez
  • Cartagena raises the curtain for World Theater Day (27/03/2019)
    The Murcian actor, Enrique Martinez, was in charge of reading the manifesto on Wednesday
  • New working meeting of the Los Mateos Fenix ​​Manifesto Cartagena City Council and neighborhood entities take stock of the actions taken (27/03/2019)

  • We can ask that the company ALSA be asked to modify the timetable of buses on line 31 (Lorca-Cartagena) (27/03/2019)

  • Last days for the payment of Vehicle Tax. (27/03/2019)
    The period for the voluntary payment period for mechanical traction vehicles ends on Monday, April 1
  • Cs asks the City Council to comply with its agreement to promote the modernization and expansion of the El Gorguel landfill (27/03/2019)

  • Neighbors and MC review the improvements promoted in Torreciega and San Ginés and work on future priorities (27/03/2019)

  • Three thousand high school students attend the Greco-Roman Theater Festival on Wednesday (27/03/2019)
    The event organized by the Cultural Association Asdrúbal and the IES Jiménez de la espada, with the collaboration of the City of Cartagena, will bring together young people from the provinces of Albacete, Valencia , Almería and Murcia
  • Holy Wednesday, party in honor of the Elcano Athletics in the port city (26/03/2019)
    The municipal track of athletics of the port city will host on April 17 the XXXIII Athletics Trophy Ciudad de Cartagena, 35th Anniversary Club Athletics Elcano, one more year appointment for a good part of our best athletes
  • CTSSP-Podemos can take an initiative to the Plenary to demand banks near the nursing home (26/03/2019)

  • We can accompany the neighbors in the route of the abandoned parks of the Barreros (26/03/2019)

  • From the smallest to the oldest, a Murcia club offers a Holy Week full of experiences for the whole family (26/03/2019)

  • MC moves in the Plenary of the Aljorra the discomfort of the neighbors before the distribution of the surplus of Hidrogea, that leaves to this deputation without the demanded works (26/03/2019)
    The cartagenerista formation presented last night a motion, supported by all the political groups, lamenting the action of the socialist government in this matter
  • Definitively approved the deviation of 5.1 million euros in water rates (26/03/2019)
    The Governing Board ratifies its initial agreement as the concessionaire, Hidorgea, has not made any allegations of the 2015.2016 and 2017 liquidations
  • Cs alert of the fear of the board of directors of the Fibromyalgia Association for the vandalism that they suffer in their premises (26/03/2019)
    - They shoot with bullets the door of access to the place where this group develops its activities
  • EF Dolores de Pacheco, Evangélico FC and Cartagena FC, top favorites to win over "B" fry (26/03/2019)
    Hermanos Marín and Huertas Motor continue without failing and lead the first amateur division
  • 'Comcéntrico Commercial Area of ​​Cartagena' arrives to give visibility to the local commerce of the municipality (26/03/2019)
    To this mark impelled by the Municipal Council of Commerce they have united near 300 establishments of the municipality
  • The processions in the city, neighborhoods and councils oblige to reorder the traffic and adopt other measures (26/03/2019)
    The mayor has dictated the traditional side that includes indications on the special bus schedule, operation of the terraces and watchmen, alcohol consumption in the public road and transfer of taxi stops
  • The Santa Florentina Women's Association of La Palma exposes their works and crafts (26/03/2019)
    During the opening, on Sunday at the social premises, paintings, drawings, embroideries and dresses made in workshops were shown
  • Cartagena hosted the IX Autonomic Group Aesthetic Gymnastics Championship (26/03/2019)
    The senior and junior teams qualified this Sunday for the next Spanish Championship to be held in Sagunto
  • The eleven finalists in the string modality of the XXII edition of the Entre Cuerdas y Metals Competition are already known (26/03/2019)
    This Tuesday, at 5:45 pm, the metal wind modality will take place, where the finalists will be known who will participate in the last phase, on April 10
  • Cartagena pays tribute to the grenadier Martín Álvarez Galán (26/03/2019)
    The event was held on Sunday, March 24, at Plaza Heroes de Cavite
  • The Local Police of Cartagena controls 4,765 vehicles during the special campaign of safety belts (26/03/2019)
    The controls were carried out from March 11 to 17, also monitoring the child restraint systems
  • The exhibition'These Big Unknowns' of Between Strings and Metals moves to the Regional Assembly (26/03/2019)
    The inauguration will be this Wednesday 27th next to the conference 'The great oblivion: Women and Women in Music'
  • The XXVII National Festival of Folklore of the Region of Cartagena presents its poster (26/03/2019)
    The image was unveiled this Saturday at the Café Cantante de La Palma
  • The Club Bádmiton Cartagena sympathizes with the patients of Crohn and Ulcerative Colitis (26/03/2019)
    The solidary and inclusive tournament took place this Sunday in the municipal pavilion Jiménez de la Espada
  • Gabriel Navarro will talk about adolescents and mobile devices in Cafes With Science and Thought (26/03/2019)
    The talk will take place this Wednesday at 8:00 pm, at El Soldadito de Plomo Coffee Shop
  • Meetings Sport + Nutrition = Health at Marist School continue (25/03/2019)
    250 students from 1 st of ESO and 4 ° of ESO have talked about the importance of sport and good nutrition with sports nutritionists, Lorena Luján and Victor Serrano
  • The Nights of Youth Resources continue this Friday (25/03/2019)
    Pertaining to the program of Alternative Free Time of the Department of Youth, are free activities aimed at young people between 14 and 35 years
  • This Wednesday, the World Theater Day in Cartagena starts at the Teatro Romano (25/03/2019)
    Reading of the International Manifesto will take place and activities will continue with students from the theater schools
  • 'Jaro' Caparrós and Isabel Pelegrín rise up with the victory of the Alumbres II Trail (25/03/2019)
    The event held on Saturday the 24th had more than 250 participants and served as preparation for the next Route of the Fortresses
  • 40 students graduate in the XXVIII edition of the ADLE-ASTUS Joint Employment and Training Program (25/03/2019)
    They have been trained in 'Promotion and Societal Intervention with People with Disabilities', 'Socio-health Care for Dependents in Social Institutions' and 'Auxiliary Activities' in Nurseries, Gardens and Garden Centers'
  • Tourism organizes a scholarship in its municipal offices (25/03/2019)
    It can be attended by graduates or graduates with no work experience who wish to specialize in the field of tourism promotion and information
  • Cs asks for explanations for the study that concludes the increase in mortality due to the transfer of patients with a heart attack (25/03/2019)

  • Red Cross shows at UCAM Cartagena the importance of health volunteering (25/03/2019)

  • Musical group Misercua offers a show for the benefit of those affected by childhood cancer (25/03/2019)
    The show will take place on Sunday, April 7 at 7 pm at the New Circus Theater
  • The Local Police will reinforce its presence with 330 more services this Holy Week (25/03/2019)
    Monday, the Local Security Area took place in which the emergency devices provided by all the State and local security bodies were announced
  • Peppa Pig arrives at the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar (25/03/2019)
    It will be Saturday, March 30 at 6:00 p.m.
  • The Youth Center of Quarries hosted the Day of Free Time and Youth (25/03/2019)
    About 70 young people learned healthy leisure options from the hand of experts in the field
  • Holy Week, without chairs, fifteen days after the start of the processions due to the inability of Castejón (25/03/2019)

  • Beginning of Holy Week events in Cabo de Palos (25/03/2019)
    This past Saturday the traditional Mass of the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Fishermen followed by the proclamation
  • The Diatessaron Choir will perform at the Basilica of Charity (25/03/2019)
    The performance will be open to the public next Sunday, July 31 at 8 pm
  • The chronicler Juan Ignacio Ferrández will inquire into curious modernist stories during a new edition of Los Culturales de Cartagena Futuro (25/03/2019)
    The event will take place tomorrow, starting at eight o'clock in the afternoon, at the Cajamurcia Culture Hall
  • The Industrial School of the UPCT organizes the 1st Conference on Manufacturing Technologies, which will bring together specialists in coating technologies and composite materials (25/03/2019)

  • At the end of ETTU CUP (European Cup) (25/03/2019)
    Our girls have managed to sign a new historic event for Spanish table tennis, reaching the grand final at the ETTU Cup, known as the European Table Tennis Cup .
  • New speed controls of the Local Police for the week of March 25 to 31 (25/03/2019)
    The radars will be located in different roads of the municipality
  • Two minor injuries in an accident in the Cuesta del Cedacero (24/03/2019)
    Cartagena firefighters came Saturday to help the occupants of the vehicle that ended up in a ravine
  • Citizens wants the Legal Council to decide who should develop the environmental assessment of the Transitory Rules (24/03/2019)
    - The Liberal Party will defend a motion in the next ordinary Plenary to recover the Technical Board integrated by the Community and the City Council to alleviate the urban development Cartagena
  • PCAN: "The care of heart attacks in the Hospital Santa Lucia only seven hours a day increases its mortality by 5%" (23/03/2019)
    "The extension of the Hemodynamics schedule throughout the day in Cartagena would halve the deaths due to cardiac crises in Area 2 health "
  • Citizens report that the parents of the Vicente de Paul School ask for the agreement to be implemented to improve road safety (23/03/2019)
    The Liberal Party wants to launch a special investment plan in educational environments this year
  • United We Can Left United Equo meets with Workers' Commissions (22/03/2019)

  • Maristas receives the players of Club de Rugby Universitario de Cartagena from the ADE program (22/03/2019)
    The players shared this Thursday a sports day with the students of La Sagrada Familia school
  • Last weekend to vote for the best 'Little Looks' This Sunday, March 24, the voting deadline for the photography competition organized by Cartagena Puerto de Culturas and sponsored by El Corte Inglés ends. (22/03/2019)

  • The Cartagena will be able to inform about the insurance of the rental of housing this Wednesday (22/03/2019)
    The informative session will take place at 10 am, in the Artillery Park
  • We can denounce that the Rambla del Albujón still not cleaned (22/03/2019)
    The purple formation that has filed a complaint with various organizations, criticizes that the administrations pass the ball to each other, while the waste accumulates, goes to the Mar Menor or affects urbanizations like Bella Bay
  • A participative cantata put the finishing touch to the Bach Cartagena program in the Church of Charity (22/03/2019)
    The concert coincided with the European Day of Ancient Music and the anniversary of the birth of JSBach
  • Students from IES El Bohío win the Cartagena Transparent High School competition (22/03/2019)
    More than 100 students from 7 educational centers of the region have participated in the contest organized by the Department of Equality
  • The IES Isaac Peral exposes his half century in the Luzzy (22/03/2019)
    In the exhibition that can be visited until May 17, it is also shown documents and photographs of the 150 years of Secondary Education
  • The Municipal Pavilion hosted the first day of the XXXIX Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition (22/03/2019)
    The activity was organized by the Department of Sports of the City of Cartagena and the General Directorate of Physical Activity and Sports of the Autonomous Community of the Region, as part of the School Age Sports Program
  • Cs lashes out against the PSOE for ignoring three plenary agreements of 2017 related to the care of parks and children's areas (22/03/2019)
    - "The pre-election campaign of the mayor of Cartagena can not hide the complete abandonment and danger of the children's areas of the municipality" , says the spokesman of Cs Cartagena, Manuel Padín
  • MC celebrates that the pressure of associations and groups has made possible the declaration as BIC of the surroundings of Monte Miral (22/03/2019)
    Ricardo Segado: "Our passage through the Government meant putting the heritage of Cartagena back on the front line"
  • They replace the defibrillator of Jara Street (22/03/2019)
    The Councilor for Citizen Security has appealed to the public to avoid vandalism acts like this Thursday, which produced the extraction of the device
  • Jorge Almansa and Paula Vergara are chosen as the best sportsmen from Cartagena in 2018 (22/03/2019)
    The jury of the Cartagenero Sport Awards 2019 has also chosen Margarita Cabezas as the best coach and the Subida Fuente del Sapo as the best event.
  • Martínez Pagán, Ginés Huertas and García-Estañ, new members of the Social Council (22/03/2019)

  • The PMAD launched preventive actions during the San Jose celebrations of the UPCT (22/03/2019)
    The objective was to make young people think about the possibility of enjoying the party without having to abuse alcohol
  • Citizens request a new location for the mental health center of Cartagena (22/03/2019)
    Juan José Molina: "We must act with urgency since the current center is in a situation of worrying deterioration, both in facilities and in the provision of services"
  • Inauguration of three new members of the Social Council of the UPCT (22/03/2019)

  • The Conference on Entrepreneurship, Employment and Local Development highlight the role of Local Development Agents (22/03/2019)
    In addition to the profile of these technicians and their importance, other issues have been addressed, such as the figure of undefined undefined personnel and the local dimension of Employment in the municipalities
  • The 15 finalists in the woodwind modality of the XXII edition of the Entre Cuerdas y Metals Competition are already known (22/03/2019)
    38 musicians from different points in the Region of Murcia demonstrated their talent on Wednesday and Thursday, of which 15 were the finalists
  • The UCAM Cartagena seeks a new final in the CupTU Cup (22/03/2019)

  • The Rector's Team and the Management of the Industrial School meet (22/03/2019)
    for the search of urgent solutions that result in the improvement of certain services that affect students, faculty, and administration and services personnel
  • Manuel Padín thanks the interest of Noelia Arroyo for the initiatives that Cs Cartagena has presented this term (21/03/2019)

  • The technical advances in sports medicine and a possible card to prevent violence, in the Congress of Ephesus (21/03/2019)

  • The Roman Theater of Cartagena celebrates a conference on entrepreneurship, employment and local development (21/03/2019)
    It will be Friday, March 22 at 9:25 am at the Roman Theater in Cartagena
  • The City Council grants permission to Cartagena Park to divert the provisional road of the Avenida del Cantón (21/03/2019)
    With the completion of this work and the construction of the new roundabout will be almost completed the development of the Polygon III of the Rambla Partial Plan
  • The Santa Lucia Hospital hosts the IV Day of Volunteering, Humanization and Health 'Walking towards the future' (21/03/2019)
    It will be on Thursday, April 4 in the Assembly Hall of the Cartagena hospital
  • 'A day in the mountains', the musical about Peppa Pig, arrives at the Teatro Circo Apolo El Algar (21/03/2019)
    The performance of the musical work will take place on March 30, at 18:00
  • More than a thousand students of the region participate in the IV Drawing and Writing contest of ASIDO (21/03/2019)
    The awards ceremony took place this Wednesday, the 20th, on the occasion of the International Day of Down Syndrome
  • The neighbors show to MC his satiety for decades of PP and PSOE abandonment in matters of public health (21/03/2019)
    The cartagenerista formation announces to the neighbors actions of future for the environmental improvement of the municipality
  • Cs Cartagena denounces that the canteen in Isla Plana social premises is still closed and abandoned five months later (21/03/2019)
    - The City Council has not taken out the new concession since it was sealed by the Local Police in November for alleged health irregularities
  • Fernando López Miras visits the Day Center of the Association for Comprehensive Care for People with Down Syndrome, Asido-Cartagena (21/03/2019)

  • The Popular University creates a Modern Choir (21/03/2019)
    It has 45 seats and is born from the impulse of the singing workshops where the students are trained in breathing and vocalization techniques, as well as projection and tuning of the voice
  • It is projected "Trip to a mother's room" within the programming of the FICCMOTECA (21/03/2019)
    It will be this next Friday, the 22nd at 20:00 in the Cultural Events Hall Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Norwegian students visit the Town Hall (21/03/2019)
    They have made a guided tour of the Town Hall, where they have received the Councilor for Education, Mercedes García
  • UCAM Cartagena rewards the excellence of the participants in the II Scientific Olympics (20/03/2019)

  • CTSSP-Can we support the ACCU Association in the Open Door / Open Door project (20/03/2019)
    The purple formation will also carry in its next electoral program the installation of public toilets in several squares of the city
  • German exchange students visit the Palace From the IES Jiménez de la Espada, they have been received by the Councilor for Education (20/03/2019)

  • The Economic and Social Council in Cartagena supports the urgent need for universal and free early care (20/03/2019)
    The CES holds its plenary session at the Town Hall and holds a meeting with representatives of local entities
  • The XXXVII Cartagena Sports Awards are ruled on Thursday (20/03/2019)
    The mayor will preside over the jury that will meet in the council room of the Town Hall to which sports media professionals from local media are invited
  • Citizens bet on the Socioeconomic Observatory to combat economic marginalization in neighborhoods and councils (20/03/2019)
    - The orange formation will elaborate an amendment to the municipal budgets to start this year the Socioeconomic Observatory "if the accounts do not go ahead, we will assume it in our electoral program "
  • A participative cantata will put the clasp on Thursday at the Church of Charity to the Bach Cartagena program (20/03/2019)
    The concert, which will be at 20:30, coincides with the European Day of Ancient Music and the anniversary of the birth of JSBach
  • ... (20/03/2019)

  • Published on the schedule of the 19th day of the Regional Baseball League (20/03/2019)
    It will be held on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March
  • Cartagena will be dyed blue this Sunday for the inclusion of people with autism (20/03/2019)
    The march aims to raise funds for the association Autismo Somos Todos de Cartagena
  • Cartagena City Council obtains the InfoParticipa 2018 Seal with a score of one hundred percent (20/03/2019)
    In the Region, only the municipalities of Cartagena and Torres de Cotillas comply with all the parameters evaluated in this national project
  • UCAM Cartagena and Joventut Badalona win the I Basketball Tournament'Cartagena Ciudad de Tesoros' (20/03/2019)
    16 teams from all over Spain have participated in this competition held at the Palacio de los Deportes
  • MC: Castejón 'plays' his third sentence leaving in the hands of the water concessionaire the works that the City must tender (20/03/2019)
    The Socialists violate the Plenary agreement to fix the areas where the mayor and Torralba reside
  • The Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Fishermen of Cabo de Palos prepares its Holy Week (20/03/2019)
    This year the brotherhood celebrates its 50th anniversary with acts that will begin on Saturday, March 23, until the procession on April 18
  • For Podemos, the government is still doing electoralism with the surplus of Hidrogea (20/03/2019)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena seizes 181 imitation products in Cabo de Palos (20/03/2019)
    The events took place last Sunday, the 17th at Paseo de la Barra
  • ... (20/03/2019)

  • Citizens denounce the state of the beach in Los Urrutias and announces its commitment to recover the Classroom of Nature (20/03/2019)
    The liberal formation has contacted today with the neighbors of the area who have expressed their boredom by a political class indifferent to their needs
  • On April 4 and 5, an obligatory appointment with trail running and adventure raids at UCAM Cartagena (20/03/2019)
    The School of Sports of the UCAM organizes the V International University Congress of Trail Running and Adventure Raids "Ruta de las Fortalezas", with the collaboration of the Athletics Federation of the Region of Murcia
  • CTSSP asks that the city council join the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the periodic table (20/03/2019)

  • Multinational Murcian-Japanese seeks to hire industrial students (20/03/2019)

  • Cs will force a vote to recover the technical table of the Transitory Rules after the last "bipartisan abduction" (19/03/2019)
    - Manuel Padín: Few things have done as much damage to Cartagena as this partisan and partisan bipartisanship unable to coordinate their work from different administrations the general interest
  • Cs urges the PSOE to convene the Local Security Board and address the claims of neighbors and AFAL (19/03/2019)

  • ... (19/03/2019)

  • The English courses with free registration in exams like the'First' or the'Advanced' arrive in Cartagena in April (19/03/2019)
    The Community renews until 2020 its 'Region of Murcia Habla Idiomas' program, offered by the SEF through the training entity Euroformac
  • The UPCT discloses baroque altarpieces through photogrammetry and an interactive game (19/03/2019)
    The Polytechnic shows from Wednesday the results of its work in the churches of San Miguel, in Murcia, and Santo Domingo, in Cartagena
  • The Region hunts for the latest trends in parapharmacy (18/03/2019)
    The 31st edition of the European congress of the pharmacy office and the pharmacy and drugstore room brings together the latest news from the sector
  • Cs Cartagena will request explanations in the Plenary for the contributions of the City Council to the Transport Master Plan (18/03/2019)

  • Cs denounces that PP and PSOE have been unable in 21 years to solve the problems of AFAL space in Cartagena (18/03/2019)
    - Citizens will take to the Plenary the problems of space and the need to evaluate the protocols of search for missing persons with vulnerable profiles
  • The Youth Correspondents take note of the activities of the Youth Council (18/03/2019)
    Students are scholarships by the Department that keep their colleagues informed about activities that may be of help
  • Clubs from all over Spain compete in Cartagena for the I Basketball Tournament'Cartagena Ciudad de Tesoros' Until Tuesday, March 19, 16 youth teams and cadets from all over Spain play at the Palacio de los Deportes (18/03/2019)

  • The Resurrexit opens the acts of the confraternities in Lent (18/03/2019)
    The bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena, José Manuel Lorca Planes, presided this Saturday the liturgical act
  • More than 800 people visit the II Economic Fair of La Aljorra (18/03/2019)
    The event took place this Saturday, including an ecological market and village shops, a concert, activities for children, conferences and workshops
  • The first Semifinal of the Municipal Dance Competition for Senior Clubs in the Luzzy begins (18/03/2019)
    In the contest, attended by 15 couples, is organized by the Department of Social Services
  • The monument project in memory of the discoverer Christopher Columbus, document of the month in the Municipal Archive (18/03/2019)
    The video of the month focuses on the stay of the chess player Gari Kaspárov at the Las Mimosas Hotel in La Manga Club
  • The Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena hosts the Second Women's Day (18/03/2019)
    The Taekwondo-born Cartagena, European and fifth world champion, Paula Vergara, the director of the Roman Theater Museum, Elena Ruiz and the Colegio La Concepción were honored by your contribution to Equality
  • Cartagena remembers the actor Isidoro Máiquez with a tribute for the anniversary of his birth (18/03/2019)
    The act took place this Sunday in Plaza San Francisco, where his commemorative statue is located
  • The Seneca Foundation grants more than 600,000 euros to 16 research projects of the UPCT18 (18/03/2019)

  • End of an excellent winter season for the UCAM Athletics Cartagena (17/03/2019)

  • We can ask for improvements in San Antón (17/03/2019)
    The purple formation will bring to the Plenary the needs of the historic district, among which are the lighting and security of the Plaza de Mula and the start-up of two urban gardens
  • We are Cartagena meets with the Federation of Parents to deal with the demotion of the schools (17/03/2019)
    The FAPA of Cartagena and the region and Somos Cartagena, both members of the Asbestos Zero Platform, agreed to coincide with the demonstration called on March 28 in front of the Assembly Regional
  • Manuel Padín "PSOE and PP have shown for decades that Isla Plana and La Azohía are not among their priorities" (17/03/2019)
    - "Citizens have been demanding for years the bipartisanship of the Tower of Santa Elena and the Baños de la Marrana" , says the spokesman of the liberal formation
  • Cs Cartagena brings to the Plenary the collaboration program between the regional and local administration for schools (17/03/2019)
    "The local government can not justify further inaction due to lack of competence to correct the lack of space, improve air conditioning or withdraw the asbestos with regional funds ", says Manuel Padín
  • Manuel Padín: "The organ proposed by Noelia Arroyo is called the Sports Observatory and it was released two years ago" (16/03/2019)
    "I advise the PP candidate to the mayor of Cartagena to start by reviewing the plenary agreements that they are executing so as not to waste time or mess up, "says the spokesman for Citizens in Cartagena
  • Citizens collect neighborhood complaints and denounce a new "municipal negligence" in the Plaza del Cerezo de La Palma (16/03/2019)
    "The inaugurations and the discovery of plaques with the name of the governors live in Cartagena with abandoned and dangerous areas for our children" , has indicated the spokesman of the liberal formation, Manuel Padín
  • Entrepreneurs and generators of opportunities go hand in hand at SEW 19 Cartagena (15/03/2019)
    COEC hosts the Closing Session of the 'Startup Europe Week', a worldwide movement involving more than 300 cities from 50 countries
  • Hamilton and Cia. Consigned the Stena Icemax platform in the Port of Cartagena (15/03/2019)
    The Stena Icemax oil platform will remain in port for 2 months to carry out set-up operations and repairs
  • Parties free of sexual assault in the UPCT (15/03/2019)
    The Equality Unit installs a violet spot in the Campus Muralla del Mar for the paellas organized as closing of the Industrial and Teleco parties
  • The Luzzy hosts the First Semifinal of the Municipal Dance Contest for Senior Clubs (15/03/2019)
    In the contest, attended by 15 couples, is organized by the Department of Social Services
  • The anthropologist Manuel Delgado's conference in Cartagena Piensa is postponed until April 1 (15/03/2019)
    The conference under the name "Women of the street, gender and public space" will take place in the Josefina Soria Library of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The Municipal Pavilion hosts the XXXIX Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition (15/03/2019)
    It will be held on the 21st and 28th of March with the participation of more than 1000 gymnasts
  • The Governing Board approves the execution of the seafront of Los Urrutias (15/03/2019)
    The municipal executive gives his approval to the first phase of the project drafted by the Ministry of Environment and Ecological Transition for the amount of 1,382,000 euros and a deadline for execution nine months after its award
  • Ana Alcolea stars in a new installment of Encounters with Author (15/03/2019)
    The writer from Zaragoza will visit Cartagena from March 20 to 22 to meet with 2nd grade students and talk with them about her book 'The tree hug'
  • The project 'I want to be an engineer' arrives at the laboratories of the UPCT (15/03/2019)

  • Students of the Popular University exhibit their photographs on great women of History (15/03/2019)
    'Pioneers' can be visited in El Luzzy until April 21
  • A full moon illuminates the poster of the 11th edition of the Night of the Museums (15/03/2019)
    The poster has been designed, like the previous year, by the creative director, Alfonso Navarro Berlanga
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures reinforces its activities for the Bridge of San José (15/03/2019)
    Monday 18 will open its doors: the Punic Wall, the Barrio del Foro Romano, the Refugio Civil War Museum, the Panoramic Elevator, the Castillo de la Concepción , the Museum of the Roman Theater and the Boat and Tourist Bus.
  • Citizens will launch this year the plan to combat illegal and criminal occupation if it reaches the Government of Cartagena (15/03/2019)

  • The market of Los Belones scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, festive, will be held the previous day (15/03/2019)
    The Local Police recommends drivers to be informed of the location of the markets in relation to the cuts of the streets
  • MC: "Once again, uncovered the lies of PP and PSOE about the AVE in Cartagena" (15/03/2019)

  • Auditions of the contest "Between Strings and Metals" The first of the auditions will take place this next Wednesday, the 20th with the Wind-Wood semifinal at the Conservatory of Cartagena (15/03/2019)

  • The editors of Education and Environment inform the AMPA and the school management of the Strait of San Ginés of the results of the study of soil (15/03/2019)
    Both councilors and technicians have indicated that the assessment made determines that the concentrations of some metals that were detected can pose a risk to students
  • The Film Symphony Orchestra returns this weekend to Cartagena where they will sound the soundtracks of ET, Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark, JFK, Memoirs of a Geisha, Star Wars, The Terminal or The Fiddler on the Roof (15/03/2019)

  • The celebrations of the Palm come to an end with the celebration of the Major Mass in honor of Santa Florentina (14/03/2019)
    The Eucharist took place this Thursday, March 14 at 11:30 am in the Parish of Santa Florentina of La Palma
  • City Council gets 1.5% Cultural for the excavation of phase 2 of the Amphitheater (14/03/2019)
    This subsidy, together with the million euros of the protocol agreed with Development, will allow the restoration of 50% of the archaeological site
  • One mayoral side asks citizens to collaborate to detect dangerous wells and boreholes (14/03/2019)
    Ana Belén Castejón recalled the obligation of the owners to keep them safe
  • Adif tenders the drafting of the projects for the construction of the AVE to Cartagena (14/03/2019)
    The contract has a budget of 2,152,767 euros and a deadline of 15 months
  • Cs will ask to extend the training in first aid and the accession of Cartagena to the European program 'Kids Save Lives' (14/03/2019)

  • Those affected by endometriosis claim that this disease is visible (14/03/2019)
    In the Region of Murcia, 35 thousand are women affected by the disease
  • The Expeura Program calls ten places to work and learn English in the United Kingdom (14/03/2019)
    Those interested can submit their applications from March 14 to 29
  • Activities to prevent drug addiction at the San José fiestas of the UPCT (14/03/2019)
    The Technical Office of the Municipal Plan on Addictions and Drug Addiction will participate this Friday, the 15th, with prevention actions for young people
  • José López announces that he will triple the municipal contribution in the next legislature to the network of Chairs of the UPCT (14/03/2019)
    MC Cartagena takes stock, together with the heads of the Research Chairs of Infrastructures and Environment, of the successful joint project
  • More than 20 artists compete to get on the stage of #Ventepijo (14/03/2019)
    The followers of the Pozo Estrecho festival will choose the winner by voting through their Facebook page
  • The Aljorra celebrates its II Economic Fair (14/03/2019)
    The set of free activities will take place on Saturday, March 16 in the Plaza Centro Civico de la Diputacion Cartagenera
  • Rosa Villacastín starred in a meeting for International Women's Day (14/03/2019)
    This meeting is framed in the program of activities organized by the Popular University to commemorate the 8M
  • Last days to present artistic projects to the public announcement of the Festival Much More May 2019 in Cartagena (13/03/2019)
    This Friday, March 15 the deadline for the presentation of projects of the tenth edition of Much More May, the Emerging Art Festival, which ends will be held between May 10 and May 21 of this year
  • Open the deadline to submit the works that will compete in the IV National Contest of Amateur Theater of Cartagena (13/03/2019)
    The theater groups may be presented until April 30
  • FC Cartagena players visit the Villalba neighborhood and their soccer team (13/03/2019)
    The activity that took place on the afternoon of this Tuesday, March 12, was organized by the ADE Program and the FCCartagena Foundation
  • The political scientist and ecologist, Pedro Costa Morata, will chat this Friday about Artemio Precioso and the Francoist uprising in Cartagena in 1939 (13/03/2019)
    The talk-colloquium will take place at 7:30 p.m., in the Hall of Degrees of the Higher Technical School of Agronomic Engineering (ETSIA)
  • Published on the schedule of the 18th round of the Local Football League The matches will be played on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March (13/03/2019)

  • The Bárbara driving school begins its journey on wheels in Cartagena (13/03/2019)
    This new company has had the collaboration of the Department of Entrepreneurship of the Agency for Local Development and Employment (ADLE) of the City of Cartagena and the Association of Businesswomen and Professionals of Cartagena and Region (AMEP)
  • The philosopher and sociologist César Rendueles presents his lecture 'The common goods' of the Cartagena Piensa program (13/03/2019)
    It will take place this Friday at 8:00 pm at the Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy within the cycle "Thinking about the Ecosocial Transition"
  • Cs asks the local government to correct the errata and misspellings in the inscription of the monument to the Carnival (13/03/2019)
    The Orange formation expects the City Council to take advantage of this opportunity to increase its control over this type of elements that are installed on public roads
  • The Civil Guard investigates the alleged perpetrator of some graffiti in a BIC of Cartagena (13/03/2019)
    It is attributed the alleged responsibility of crime over the historical heritage
  • UCAM Cartagena will host a congress for the Centennial of EFESÉ on March 21 (13/03/2019)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena controls 1,120 vehicles in the special campaign of trucks and vans (13/03/2019)
    The inspections have been carried out in different parts of the city to check the speed, alcohol, use of the safety belt, use of the mobile phone and verification of the technical conditions of the vehicles
  • Cs asks the City Council to have AUVE for the installation of the 5 charging points for electric vehicles (13/03/2019)

  • Citizens will demand at the next Plenary that the Government promote a public debate on the El Gorguel project (12/03/2019)

  • The Mobile Sales Board agrees on the 269 vacancy schedule for the municipal markets (12/03/2019)
    Before the end of the month, Vía Pública will begin the process so that the current holders of the positions can request improvements
  • D'Genes offers a children's leisure program aimed at children aged 4 to 14 with disabilities or rare diseases (12/03/2019)

  • The Youth Center of Quarries hosts a Day of Free Time and Youth (12/03/2019)
    The conclusions drawn in the different working groups will serve as the basis for the future Leisure Action Plan
  • "Faced with the betrayal of PP and PSOE, MC and CTSSP will demand that the agreement of the Plenary on the arrival of the AVE be respected" (12/03/2019)

  • The UPCT elaborates a plan to inform the university community during the next course on the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda (12/03/2019)

  • The City Council takes out the exploitation of the Holy Week chairs to tender (12/03/2019)
    The concession will be an initial period of two years, extendable, with an annual fee of 70 thousand euros on the rise.
  • Fernando Lalana closes the meeting cycle of the Hache Prize 2019 (12/03/2019)
    The author will present "The Gorky Command" on March 13 and 14 in Cartagena
  • The youngest futsal prepare to represent Cartagena in the regional quarterfinals (12/03/2019)
    It will be played this coming Saturday 16th in Murcia
  • The four older brothers give the medals of their brotherhoods to the major nazarene of Holy Week 2019 (12/03/2019)
    María Consolación Pavia celebrated on Monday, March 11, the traditional dinner at her home where the mayor of Cartagena was present, Ana Belén Castejón
  • The deadline to participate in the XI edition of the Night of the Museums is closed (11/03/2019)
    Those interested have until Tuesday, March 12 to present their projects, either in person at the Youth Council, or in the OMITAS or by mail certificate
  • The UCAM promotes healthy living habits and sports with a fair with 30 booth in the Plaza de Heroes de Cavite de Cartagena (11/03/2019)

  • MC Cartagena will request that the original course of the Rambla de Miranda be restored in the area of ​​La Pedrera (11/03/2019)

  • New containers, litter bins, electric tricycles and metal boxes will improve street cleaning before the summer (11/03/2019)
    The City Council requires the Lhicarsa Board of Directors to comply with the Equality Plan in the company
  • The Senior Club of La Palma begins its cultural week (11/03/2019)
    On the occasion of the 40th anniversary since the founding of the Pensioners Club
  • The ADLE launches the Employability Program 2019 (11/03/2019)
    It is intended for unemployed people with medium or higher education
  • The opera 'Mama Butterfly' arrives in Cartagena (11/03/2019)
    The Batel will host this Thursday, at 9:00 p.m., the opera produced by Opera 2001 that will feature the participation of the Hirosaki Choirs (Japan)
  • The work '8 women 'is committed to mental health (11/03/2019)
    All proceeds with the representation will go to the new housing of the day center APICES Mental Health Cartagena
  • The VI Solidarity Mile manages to raise 4,000 euros for social emergency centers (11/03/2019)
    Thanks to the participation of 1,500 people in total in their sports and leisure activities last Sunday
  • The Sports Club of Santa Ana rises with the victory of the III Regional Open Master Championship of Swimming (11/03/2019)
    15 clubs gathered in the indoor pool of the Sports Club with 250 participants
  • 45 students of the Popular University travel to Úbeda and Baeza (11/03/2019)
    More than forty students made a trip to these cities to learn about their cultural heritage
  • José Quesada and María Josefa Nario collect their prizes in the Mediterranean Urbanization (11/03/2019)
    The XXVIII edition of the Poetry Contest of the Center for Women and the XII edition of the Ángel Flores Painting Contest was held this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. , in the social room
  • José Sacristán will pay homage to Miguel Delibes in 'Señora de rojo on a gray background' at the Nuevo Teatro Circo in Cartagena (11/03/2019)
    The play will be on Thursday, March 14, at 9:00 pm, with tickets from 20 euros
  • The musical 'Bella' arrives at the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar (11/03/2019)
    It will be this Saturday at 7:00 p.m.
  • Students of La Asomada propose more than 200 measures to improve the Mar Menor (11/03/2019)
    The proposals seek to reduce pollution, protect native fauna and flora, more sustainable development and more responsible tourism with the salt lagoon
  • The writer Marta Sanz and her new languages ​​of feminism this Tuesday at the meetings of Cartagena Piensa (11/03/2019)
    It will take place in the library Josefina Soria of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center at 8:00 pm
  • The City of Cartagena keeps a minute of silence in homage to the victims of 11-M (11/03/2019)
    The act of remembrance, seconding the convocation of the FEMP, has taken place in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, at 11 o'clock
  • Special traffic campaign to control the use of seat belts (11/03/2019)
    Inspections will include child restraint systems and will be carried out in different parts of the city, preferably in neighborhoods and councils
  • La Bien Querida, Lokaflores and Fantabulosa sang for equality in the Festival Más Q Muses (11/03/2019)
    Approximately 1,000 people attended the festival held this Saturday at the former CIM
  • Cs accuses the Port Authority and Defense of breaking their promises to create a bike lane towards the Christmas Lighthouse (11/03/2019)

  • Ana Mba Flores and the Cartagena Symphony Orchestra triumph in the VI Extraordinary Concert of Between Strings and Metals (11/03/2019)
    On the occasion of the International Women's Day and paying tribute to the composer Clara Schumann, her masterpiece 'El Trío op.
  • Ricardo Espín and Celia Carrasco collect their prizes in La Palma (11/03/2019)
    The awarded works of this contest, organized by the Cultural and Sports Center of La Palma, have been: 'Love of the sea', by Ricardo Espín, and, 'Derivadas de a cocktail bar ', by Celia Carrasco
  • This Wednesday the municipal coalition is presented, promoted by MC and other regional parties, which will attend the autonomic elections of the month of May (11/03/2019)
    The event will take place in the city of Murcia, at the NH Amistad Hotel, starting at 11 : 00 hours
  • Fundación Repsol takes the Aprendenergía workshops to more than 900 schoolchildren in Cartagena (10/03/2019)

  • Cs denounces the abandonment of Puig Campillo College of Isla Plana and demands solutions to public administrations (10/03/2019)

  • Reencounter of CEIP San Felix students (10/03/2019)

  • López Miras: "On April 28 we played the unity of Spain and the future of the Region, and Pablo Casado is the best option" (09/03/2019)
    Pablo Casado: "With the PP will come the AVE to the Region of Murcia and a Pact National Water that guarantees the water resources that the Levante needs "
  • The UCAM will hold the 1st Health and Sports Fair on Monday and Tuesday in Cartagena (09/03/2019)

  • Waiting list in the ChairAgritechMurcia-UPCT to form growers (09/03/2019)

  • The UCAM increases its collaboration with five new social entities of Cartagena (08/03/2019)

  • NAVANTIA launches the SUM @ Program to promote diversity and gender equality (08/03/2019)
    On the occasion of International Women's Day, Susana de Sarriá addressed the entire staff highlighting gender equality as "unavoidable and strategic"
  • Researchers and companies analyze in the UPCT the revolution of 3D printing or virtual reality (08/03/2019)
    The 3rd edition of the Campus Network of Chairs will show next Thursday all the innovative potential offered by the university-business relationship
  • SABIC celebrates International Women's Day by boosting the visibility of its workers thanks to its equal opportunities policies (08/03/2019)

  • Cartagena celebrates Women's Day with social and cultural events (08/03/2019)
    Poetry and dance recitals have been held in the park on Doctor Luis Calandre and Sebastián Feringán streets.
  • Women's Day activities begin with the exhibition'Esas Grandes Desconocidas' (08/03/2019)
    Unveils the life of 15 great women performers and composers organized by the Conservatory of Cartagena and by the councils of Equality and Youth
  • Minute of silence in homage to the victims of 11-M (08/03/2019)
    The act of remembrance, seconding the convocation of the FEMP, will take place in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, on Monday, March 11 at 11 am
  • MC: "The Ministry of Transparency, under the direction of Noelia Arroyo, hid the breakdown of the subsidy to the parties of Carthaginians and Romans" (08/03/2019)
    The mayor Isabel Garcia has said that "perhaps it is because the counselor has dedicated to know Cartagena and has forgotten to fulfill its functions "
  • Rama: Let us defend an inclusive feminism that does not expel anyone, the cause for equality should not be the property of anyone (08/03/2019)
    The liberal party has registered today in the City of Cartagena a battery of measures to promote "real and effective" equality between women and men
  • Cartagena will host tomorrow the National Convention of the PP on Family and Equality (08/03/2019)
    Pablo Casado will launch in Cartagena the proposals of the Popular Party on conciliation and birth
  • Deactivated the municipal action protocol for episodes of air pollution in La Aljorra and Valle de Escombreras (08/03/2019)
    As reported by the General Directorate of the Environment, during the day of Thursday, March 7, the limit value of PM10 and others was not exceeded pollutants in the municipality
  • The Popular University celebrates International Women's Day (08/03/2019)
    A film forum, a meeting with the journalist Rosa Villacastín and a photography exhibition, among the activities scheduled to commemorate March 8, with pioneering women as a guiding thread
  • Open the registration period to participate in the Floral Offering to the Patron on Friday of Dolores (08/03/2019)
    Until Monday, April 1, you can send requests in person at the Department of Celebrations, by mail or by phone
  • New speed controls for the week of March 11 to 17 (08/03/2019)
    Local Police reports on these controls, which will be located in access roads and avenues of the city, but also in neighborhoods and councils, coastal towns, as well as in polygons of the municipal district
  • Ecologists in Action denounces that only pollution recommendations in Cartagena are avoided with recommendations (08/03/2019)
    They demand short-term action plans that allow the adoption of measures to combat the deterioration of air quality in the Valley of Escombreras and La Aljorra
  • Citizens denounce the "complete municipal neglect" to protect the finds of the bastion and the wall of Felipe V (08/03/2019)
    - The metal fence that surrounds the enclave has collapsed on public roads for days without the City Council doing anything, "we have remitted and a letter to the Department of Heritage to place a fence in conditions
  • MC Cartagena will demand to enable parking spaces for people with reduced mobility in the facilities of the Santa Ana Sports Club (08/03/2019)
    More than a year later, the socialist government has not yet resolved the situation
  • PCAN: "Neighbors of Barriada Cuatro Santos wait eight years for the renovation of the sidewalks" "The municipal governments of PP, MC and PSOE ignore the requests for new pavements in the main streets of the town" (08/03/2019)

  • Tomás Martínez Pagán will proclaim Holy Week in Cartagena on Saturday (08/03/2019)
    The procession's exaltation ceremony will be held from 8:00 p.m. in the batel's auditorium with the presence of the first local and regional authorities
  • "Doing the thesis as a mother is very hard, but also very satisfying and the children live it with enthusiasm" (08/03/2019)

  • The UPCT will bring together researchers and companies to analyze how 3D printing or virtual reality are revolutionizing the construction and infrastructure sector (08/03/2019)
    The 3rd edition of the Campus of the Chairs Network will be held on March 14 and will show all the innovative potential offered by the university-business relationship
  • The Second Volunteer Exhibition of the UCAM of Cartagena promotes the social action of the city (07/03/2019)

  • Industriales calls for a line of Cercanías Murcia-Cartagena in the II Technical Seminar on Transport (07/03/2019)
    The rector, Alejandro Díaz, and the director of Industriales, Patricio Franco, agree on the benefits that this improvement in rail transport would bring to the university community
  • Another episode of air pollution in Cartagena (07/03/2019)
    The municipal group of PODEMOS requests that urgent measures be taken, that the causes (still unknown!) Of the pollution peaks in La Aljorra and the Valley of Escombreras be clarified, and that walk decisively to a new model of muni
  • The Cartagena Firefighters celebrate their patron (07/03/2019)
    The day has begun with a Mass in honor of their patron Saint John of God followed by a cocktail at Molinos Marfagones
  • The National Police recovers a valuable documentary collection of the academic Carmen Conde from Cartagena (07/03/2019)
    Manuscripts, letters and various objects of this poet and first academic woman of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, were sold through a web page
  • The III Open Swimming Master Championship in Santa Ana is held (07/03/2019)
    It will take place this Saturday, the 9th with the participation of 15 clubs, an event organized in collaboration with the Department of Sports
  • The Cross of the Artillery announces for the fourth consecutive year a contest to choose its poster (07/03/2019)
    The admission period will begin on April 1 and will be open until May 31
  • Cartagena pilots leave from the Town Hall to participate in the Panda Raid of Morocco (07/03/2019)
    In the race, which will take place in the Moroccan desert, Fiat and Seat cars of this legendary model will run.
  • Cs asks the PSOE to act now to protect the residents of La Palma who suffer a calvary from squatter houses-squatters (07/03/2019)

  • The General Directorate of the Environment informs the City Council of the activation of the pollution protocol in La Aljorra and the Valley of Escombreras (07/03/2019)
    During the day of this Wednesday, March 6, the daily PM10 particle limit value was exceeded in both locations, hence the implementation of the framework protocol
  • Cartagena is promoted as City of Congresses and Cultural Destination (07/03/2019)
    The city was present last week in the hands of the Office of Congresses in the business forum Iberian Mice Forum
  • Published the schedules of the 17th round of the Local Football League The matches will take place on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 March (07/03/2019)

  • The students of the IES San Isidoro and Los Molinos receive information on climate change (07/03/2019)
    The talks are included in the LIFE Adaptate project on the occasion of Cartagena's commitment to its Covenant of Mayors Adhesion
  • The Cross of the Artillery calls a contest to choose the poster that will be the image that represents this sports event (07/03/2019)
    This year celebrates its eighteenth edition
  • The City Council keeps the amount of 200 thousand euros in the'cheque' to the Processions (06/03/2019)
    During the act of the Call, celebrated this Ash Wednesday, the mayor has left the door open to other possible contributions to the Holy Week in Cartagena
  • Cartagena pilots depart from the Town Hall to participate in the Panda Raid (06/03/2019)
    In the race that will take place in the desert of Morocco will run Fiat and Seat cars of this legendary model.
  • The UCAM will hold from tomorrow to Saturday the second Volunteer Exhibition in Cartagena (06/03/2019)

  • Older day centers in El Algar and Los Dolores visit the Roman Theater in Cartagena (06/03/2019)
    15 people have come accompanied by the directors of both centers
  • 'Pescados con Arte' II will show the marine reserve of Cabo de Palos and the marine gastronomy of Cartagena (06/03/2019)
    On 20 and 27 March schoolchildren of the municipality will discover the natural and fishing heritage of Cabo de Palos and a day with family members day 23
  • We can require the Government to keep its word regarding the surplus of Hidrogea (06/03/2019)

  • Between Strings and Metals celebrates its VI Extraordinary Concert on the occasion of Women's Day (06/03/2019)
    Also opens its exhibition 'Those Great Unknowns' this Friday, the 8th at the El Batel Auditorium
  • The Burning of Don Carnal put the finishing touch to the Carnival (06/03/2019)
    In addition, in the Central Pavilion, a fireworks show was held on Tuesday, the awards ceremony and the tasting of Don Carnal's 'balls' and the Doña Cuaresma's nipples
  • French students visit Cartagena The young people, who are participating in an exchange program with the Immaculate Franciscans School, visited the Town Hall this morning (06/03/2019)

  • Night of the Museums of Cartagena finalizes its preparations for May 18 (06/03/2019)
    The Youth Council has met this Wednesday responsible for museums and resorts participating in the event to review the details and cultural proposals that will be part of its programming
  • Exhibition of the Electoral Census from March 11 to 18 (06/03/2019)
    It shows the 152,723 voters who will be able to participate in the general elections on April 28 in the municipality of Cartagena
  • Citizens qualifies the Observatory of Industry 4.0 as a "historic opportunity that Cartagena should know how to take advantage of" (06/03/2019)
    - The orange training has been known to be presented at the beginning of April and requires INFO to collaborate with a strong initial investment
  • (AUDIO) MC: The head of the municipal legal services would take a decade not complying with the rules of incompatibility (05/03/2019)
    According to his own criteria, when assuming these functions, he had to request compatibility and renew it in each legislature, in addition to claiming it for a private activity and not public
  • Cs claims to the PSOE the conclusions of the evaluation of energy efficiency of public buildings in Cartagena (05/03/2019)

  • The mayor receives the Lupus Association of Cartagena (05/03/2019)
    Representatives of the group have visited the Town Hall to present themselves to the mayor and the Councilor for Social Services
  • Hard struggle for the classification of the "play off" to the title in Benjamin "B" of the Regional Baseball League (05/03/2019)
    AD Franciscanos, EF La Aljorra "A", EF Esperanza, CD Naval, AD La Vaguada and EF Dolorense "B" star in an interesting dispute
  • Meetings Sport + Nutrition = Health in the CEIP Ciudad Jardín continue (05/03/2019)
    5th and 6th grade students have received food advice in the program promoted by the Department of Sports
  • The photographic contest of Cartagena, Puerto de Culturas already has winners (05/03/2019)

  • Ana Mba Flores tunes the strings of her viola for the Extraordinary Strings and Brass Concert (05/03/2019)
    The soloist took part in the rehearsal of the fourth edition of the concert on Friday, March 8 at El Batel
  • The Popular University, more present in neighborhoods than ever (05/03/2019)
    Crafts, nutrition, music, photography, film and dance are some of the topics covered by the free workshops offered by the UP and each year have more demand
  • The Trouper's Swing Band arrives at the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar (05/03/2019)
    This band from Alicante will offer a concert on Saturday, March 9 at 9:30 p.m.
  • Rayco Pulido pleads for the female protagonism in the graphic novel with which he chooses the Mandarache Prize (05/03/2019)
    The Canarian author, finalist of the present edition of the Prize organized by the Youth Council, presents 'Lamia' on March 5 and 6 in Cartagena
  • Cs denounces that the Community has not yet delivered the latest proposal of Transitory Rules to the City Council (05/03/2019)

  • MC advances in its program of Government 2019 2023 agreeing with the representatives of the Neighborhood Boards the priorities in neighborhoods and councils (05/03/2019)
    The councilors Cartagena inform about the works that the socialist Government must pay with the liquidation of the water service of the exercises 2015 -2017
  • Ash Wednesday enters into force the Facade Bands (05/03/2019)
    The mayor has dictated the traditional resolution by which licenses are understood to be granted for the exterior embellishment of buildings with a view to Holy Week
  • A hundred new trees are planted in 31 schools of the municipality for the Day of the Nature (05/03/2019)
    The first ones have been planted this Tuesday 5th in the CEIP Asdrúbal and Nstra Señora del Mar, initiative promoted by the Department of Education and Infrastructure
  • The mysterious routes finally land in Cartagena (05/03/2019)
    Mysterious Routes®, the initiative that is causing a furore in the rest of Spain, finally arrives in Cartagena next Saturday
  • The Association of Housewives of Cartagena delivered its ninth "Women's Day" awards to three teaching professionals (05/03/2019)
    These awards recognize the outstanding work of the winners in favor of women's equality
  • SABIC consolidates its ongoing commitment to Social Responsibility by creating SABIC Spain Foundation (05/03/2019)
    SABIC once again closes an excellent year in terms of investment, security and maintenance, betting on the sustainability of its plants and the reduction of the ecological footprint
  • The countdown of Holy Week begins with the traditional Call of the Processions (05/03/2019)
    The act that brings together members and citizens, will take place on March 6, Ash Wednesday, from the main balcony of the Town Hall
  • The tourist route "Mujeres Ilustres de Cartagena" recognizes the prominence of women in the history of the city (04/03/2019)

  • José López uncovers that "the Rambla Plan may cost the City another 10 million euros" (04/03/2019)
    "The Agreement obliges the Consistory to pay Olivo the construction of the park when it decides
  • On Tuesday the changing rooms of the municipal football field of Mediterranean Urbanization The Department of Sports has invested some 33 thousand euros, adding the increase of seats in the bleachers and protective networks in the funds (04/03/2019)

  • Culture hands the restored carving of the Virgin of the Solitude of the Poor to the Marraja Brotherhood (04/03/2019)

  • Eco-feminist researcher Yayo Herrero will speak in Cartagena Think about care in patriarchal society (04/03/2019)
    The event will take place on Wednesday, March 6 at 7:00 pm in the Assembly Hall of the Higher Technical School of Agronomic Engineering
  • The registration period for the municipal schools of the municipality is now open (04/03/2019)
    Applications will be collected until April 3 in cartagena.es or in the schools for children from 4 months to 3 years
  • Cartagena celebrates its 1st Ciudad de Tesoros Basketball Tournament In addition to the tournament itself, which will take place between March 16 and 19, other complementary activities will be held, such as a triple all stars contest (04/03/2019)

  • Social Services has five new adapted vehicles (04/03/2019)
    Will be used to transport seniors and / or people with reduced mobility and Social Services technicians
  • Six thousand new flowers adorn the garden of the Plaza del Rey (04/03/2019)
    Complete the reform of the parterre of the children's area according to the project of the Department of Public Services
  • The countdown begins to decorate the balconies and terraces in Cartagena on the occasion of Holy Week (04/03/2019)
    The registration period for the contest is until April 7, inclusive
  • Show in the streets and squares of Cartagena to commemorate World Theater Day (04/03/2019)
    Commemorative events will take place from March 27 to 31
  • Inaugurated new playgrounds, safer and more adapted, in Santa Lucia (04/03/2019)
    Located in the squares of the Marina and Julio Escudero, have been fenced and equipped with rubber pavement, while they have been expanded and improved with adapted attractions
  • The Association of Neighbors of the Alameda-Plaza de España opens its headquarters (04/03/2019)
    This Friday the new premises located on San Basilico Street was inaugurated, in an act attended by the mayor and the councilor of the Public Services Area
  • The latest economic and socio-demographic indicators endorse, according to Cs, the need to reorient investments (04/03/2019)
    - Citizens want to "break by the roots that bipartisan tradition of designing the accounts of Cartagena at the stroke of improvisation and political opportunism to win votes", has signaled the spokesman of the liberal party, Manuel Padín
  • Cs denounces the inaction of the PSOE to fulfill the agreement in 2017 and implement the school nurse in day care centers (04/03/2019)

  • La Palma also celebrated its Carnival (04/03/2019)
    On Sunday, the Cartagena deputation chose its best costumes
  • MC joins the public complaint of the Bar Association on the urgent need for a new Civil Court (04/03/2019)

  • The Cartagena Symphony Orchestra prepares for the VI Extraordinary Strings and Metals Concert (04/03/2019)
    This Tuesday there will be a press pass to attend the rehearsal and interview the soloist, conductor and members of the orchestra.
  • The documentation provided on the day by the various speakers and participating companies is now available on the Itinere website. The conference took place on February 26 at the El Batel Auditorium where more than 1,600 young people attended (04/03/2019)

  • More than 70 participants in the opening championship of the Circuit Trial Bike of Los Camachos (04/03/2019)
    It was the first test of the Regional Championship with the victory of Borja Conejos
  • La chirigota de Roquetas, winner of the XVII edition of the Regional Competition of Chirigotas (04/03/2019)
    The second place went to Las Chochonis, followed by Los Robinsones de la Isla, Los Sangochaos and Los Singuangos
  • Big doses of creativity, ingenuity and fun in the FIRST LEGO League Regional Qualifying Tournament in Cartagena (04/03/2019)
    More than 300 young people organized in 27 teams participated this Sunday, March 3, in the great FIRST LEGO League tournament held at the UPCT in Cartagena
  • Rotate crops with cowpeas, 'recipe UPCT' to improve yield and reduce nitrogen fertilizers (04/03/2019)
    The essays of the thesis by Virginia Sánchez at the Polytechnic show that this legume increases the profitability of organic farming
  • Solera appointment in the port city (03/03/2019)
    Manuel Marchena takes the Cartagena City Half Marathon, Gregorio Lorente Rosas Memorial, with a time of 1:09:29, at 1:24:51 for Inmaculada Pérez, prevailing in the distance of 11km.
  • Müller Bronze in the U20 Spanish Championship (03/03/2019)
    UCAM Athletics Cartagena
  • Cartagena firefighters rescue a person trapped in an accident vehicle on the road to Cala Cortina (03/03/2019)
    Tourism had lost control at the exit of the second tunnel and was on a slope in unstable conditions
  • Ricardo Segado congratulates DAPHNE for getting the CARM to carry out the Master Plan for the Windmills (03/03/2019)
    Recently, the Ombudsman has informed the communication made by the CARM
  • Cs requests the convocation of the Water Board and that the works of the surplus of Hidrogea be tendered through public tender (03/03/2019)
    - The liberal party will request in the Control Committee that the choice of the works be made exclusively under technical criteria and for reasons of priority
  • José Antonio Meca Martínez named Grand Master of the Cuerva de los Carnavales de Águilas (03/03/2019)

  • Poetry and drawings in the Plaza de María Teresa Cervantes (02/03/2019)
    Located in San Crispín street of the university district has been inaugurated by the mayor
  • The Carnival of Cartagena discovers its monument in the Alameda (02/03/2019)
    The mayor and the president of the celebrations have inaugurated the allegorical set designed by the sculptor Minaya Calderón
  • City Council and Development agree on the recovery of the Roman Amphitheater (02/03/2019)
    The Ministry undertakes to contract, execute and finance the work, for which it has a planned departure of one million euros.
  • A modern and ecological station (02/03/2019)
    The secretary of state and the mayor have presented the project of integral rehabilitation of the terminal of trains of Cartagena whose budget is around six million euros
  • Promotion, the City Council and the Bishopric sign an agreement to restore the Cathedral of Santa María La Mayor (02/03/2019)
    The Ministry will provide three million euros and the City Council will convene a contest of ideas to choose the best project for the works
  • The Civil Guard detained an experienced criminal dedicated to stealing in the Campo de Cartagena housing (02/03/2019)

  • Cs Cartagena ensures that the Technical Office of Accessibility of the PSOE "is born dead, a farce to make up inaction" (02/03/2019)
    - "How can anyone believe that a single specialized technician will be able to face the attributions that Article 6 of the ordinance of universal accessibility imposes on this body ?, asks the spokesman for Citizens, Manuel Padín
  • The UCAM will hold the second volunteer fair in Cartagena from March 7 to 9 (02/03/2019)

  • "Tolerantes" hooded attack with eggs the VOX information tent in the market of the Mediterranean Urbanization. (01/03/2019)

  • The'Musas' return to Cartagena (01/03/2019)
    The Nicomedes Gómez Hall of the Palace Hall hosts this exhibition from March 1 to May 31
  • The restoration of the Forum and the connection paths in the deposit, new projects for the Windlass (01/03/2019)

  • The Department of Sports invests more than 60,000 euros in the improvement of several municipal sports facilities (01/03/2019)
    The Local Government Board yesterday approved an injection of 36,524.67 euros for improving the lighting of the pavilions of the deputations of La Palma and The Albujón
  • Cartagena celebrates its Carnival parade this Saturday (01/03/2019)
    The parade in which 60 comparsas participate starts at 6:00 pm from the Alameda de San Antón and will end at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • The Mill House that crowns the Monte Sacro already looks restored (01/03/2019)
    The works have concluded this Friday, the 1st with the assistance of the mayor and the councilors of Infrastructure and Tourism at the inauguration
  • The Naval Museum of Cartagena inaugurates a room dedicated to the Marine Corps (01/03/2019)
    The Navy commemorates with various activities the 482 Anniversary of the creation of the Corps
  • The COIIRM claims the importance of the Industrial Engineers in the definition and management of projects in their visit to Repsol (01/03/2019)

  • The Community opens an Intermediate Care Unit in Cartagena for children under 14 years (01/03/2019)
    It will make it possible to expand the techniques offered in the hospital complex and avoid displacements
  • More than a thousand children tour the center of Cartagena in the school parade (01/03/2019)
    The parade was held today Monday, starting from Plaza Juan XXIII to reach the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, accompanied by the Councilor for Education
  • New speed controls for the week of March 4 to 10 (01/03/2019)
    Local Police reports on these controls, which will be located in access roads and avenues of the city, but also in neighborhoods and county councils, coastal towns, as well as in polygons of the municipal district
  • The registration period for public and private schools and colleges in Cartagena for the academic year 2019/2020 is opened (01/03/2019)
    Those interested can apply from Monday, March 4 to Friday, March 15
  • The Short Week closes the registration period with 277 proposals from different countries (01/03/2019)
    Of all the short films, 153 are national.
  • A mill in the Campo de Cartagena already shines on the Monte Sacro thanks to the impulse of MC (01/03/2019)
    Jesús Giménez regrets that Castejón's delay hinders these recovery projects
  • Cs announces that it will not negotiate with the PSOE the 2019 budgets after its breach of the 2018 agreement (01/03/2019)

  • Five chirigotas compete to win the XVII edition of the Regional Contest of Chirigotas'Ciudad de Cartagena' (01/03/2019)
    The final will take place today Friday at El Batel.
  • Several urban transport lines will change their routes this Saturday on the occasion of the Carnival (01/03/2019)
    In addition, other lines will also be affected by the development of the Half Marathon, which takes place this Sunday, March 3

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