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Cartagena News - October 2018

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  • Jiménez de la Espada recovers his nose (31/10/2018)
    This damage was caused by the inadequate reaction of the mortar applied to the high summer temperatures
  • Published on the first day of the Regional Football League The regional soccer league will take place during the weekend of November 3 and 4 (31/10/2018)

  • Manuel Padín: "The PSOE has only devoted 20 seconds of the Debate on the State of the Municipality to pollution" (31/10/2018)
    - "If the next Government that emerges in 2019 does not take the reins of this municipality with stability and loyalty, especially to the people of Cartagena, we are not going anywhere, I assure you, "said the orange training spokesman
  • UCAM Cartagena includes sign language among the offer of its Language School (31/10/2018)

  • MC guarantees a municipality project to continue climbing steps, raising the demand and increasing opportunities for Cartagena (31/10/2018)
    José López recalls that the municipality is "boiling, wishing to recover our present to ensure a better future"
  • The Fall T-LA program activities for the night of Halloween (31/10/2018)
    During the evening of this Wednesday, October 31, activities will begin at 8:00 pm with The Curse of the Palace
  • Collectives and associations of the Barriada Virgen de la Caridad expose their work in the V Open House The official opening ceremony will be this Sunday at 12:30 and will be presented in the II Newsletter 'Six Reasons for Advance ' (31/10/2018)

  • Ciudadanos proposes six major municipal agreements in the first Debate on the State of the Municipality of Cartagena (31/10/2018)

  • Surprised using fraudulently the parking card for people with reduced mobility (31/10/2018)
    The Local Police intervened on Tuesday to detect the vehicle, which was parked using the card of a deceased person
  • A fashionable'FashMob' highlights the main commercial enclaves of Cartagena (31/10/2018)
    The activities scheduled for the celebration of the Week of Commerce continue this Thursday, November 1, with the inauguration by the Mayor of Commerce, Carmen Martín , of the stands of trend showcases
  • The City Council shuffles three sites for the future City of Justice (31/10/2018)
    The mayor announced during the debate of the state of the municipality the visit shortly by the Secretary of State to see these buildings, which are the Subsistence of the Navy, the Hospital Naval and the Eroski shopping center
  • More than a hundred athletes played the I Paddle Tournament Onda Cero (31/10/2018)
    The absolute finals of the Feminine, Masculine and Veteran categories were played in the final day of the championship, on Sunday 21 October
  • Manuel Padín: "the PSOE continues to deny the proliferation of violent occupation and drug dealers in Cartagena" (30/10/2018)
    - "They have put a blindfold on their eyes and will say anything before admitting that they were wrong voting against our Plan of Protection of Coexistence and Neighborhood Safety ", laments the spokesman of Cs Cartagena, Manuel Padín
  • Cs is pleased that the Prosecutor's Office is considering extending the investigation for the contamination of El Hondón to Santa Lucía and Torreciega (30/10/2018)

  • The Cartagena Convention Office is promoted in Portugal (30/10/2018)
    The Office of Congresses has held thirty meetings with MICE agents (Meeting Tourism, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) as well as with OPCs (Professional Congress Organizers)
  • Experts in fashion and social networks inaugurated the Week of Commerce in Cartagena (30/10/2018)
    In the 1st Conference for Trade, specialized speakers participated in window dressing and social networks, among which the designer Modesto Lomba
  • Cartagena firefighters rescues a woman who had suffered an accident on the road to La Puebla (30/10/2018)

  • The Galactyco Collective requests the approval of the LGTBI Equality Law (30/10/2018)

  • The Jimbee CT Futsal visits the students of CEIP Virgen del Carmen (30/10/2018)
    Nearly 200 students waited in the pavilion of the educational center for the arrival of the athletes Eka, Raul, Jesus, Bateria and Juanpi.
  • The plenary session approves the celebration of International Student Day (30/10/2018)

  • Cs regrets that the PP does not want the Community to support and collaborate with the creation of the Costa de Cartagena brand (30/10/2018)
    - "Whenever we require economic and strategic aid from the Community for the promotion of Cartagena, the local PP tries to prevent it ", denounces the spokesman of the orange formation in Cartagena, Manuel Padín
  • Agents of the Local Police of Cartagena are trained as road safety monitors (30/10/2018)
    This is a course that has brought together Local Police officers from throughout the Region of Murcia and whose aim was to offer specific training to promote the Road Safety Education for young people and children
  • The Bohío and the Polígono de Santa Ana will have more accessible places before the end of the year (30/10/2018)
    The works, already underway, are being executed in the Manuel de Falla plaza of the San Cristóbal neighborhood and the Sorrento promenade in the residential polygon
  • Cs shields the use of a plot in Cabezo Beaza for the practice of hockey and skating in the Polígono Cabezo Beaza (30/10/2018)
    - The orange training manages to commit a game of 50,000 euros in 2019 for the development of a municipal project
  • Cs obtains the support of the Plenary to facilitate the projects of the Valley of Escombreras and in the grounds not covered by the norms (30/10/2018)

  • Citizens get the backing of the Plenary to demand from the Ministry that the Commercial Court be installed in Cartagena (30/10/2018)

  • The banner of Cartagena celebrates 411 years (30/10/2018)
    On this date, nine crimson banners were made, one of larger dimensions in which they stamped the royal arms belonging to King Philip III
  • The film '9 pasos' stands with the main prize of the IV Show "On Occasions I See Short" (30/10/2018)
    The audience was in charge of deciding the winning film among the seven films watched, receiving the winner an economic prize of 500 euros
  • The exhibition Our Majors shows snapshots of the oldest residents of La Magdalena (30/10/2018)
    Along with the photographs you can read a composition of verses composed by the trovera Ana Aznar
  • Spanish Traditions for the All Saints Weekend by the hand of Don Juan Tenorio (30/10/2018)
    Adaptation designed for the whole family and with the purpose of changing the scenario every year, organizes Ditirambo Espectáculos with the collaboration of the Department of Culture
  • Culture and history plans for the November bridge (30/10/2018)
    The Roman Theater will remain open on Thursday, November 1, as well as Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and on Sunday the visiting hours will be extended from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • The Museum of the Roman Theater expands its opening during the All Saints Bridge (30/10/2018)
    The Cartagena space will open its doors every day and will host different routes and guided tours of the monument with virtual reality glasses
  • The deadline for applying for vacant positions in the street markets is open (30/10/2018)
    The positions that can be chosen are in the markets of El Algar, La Aljorra, Islas Minores, Isla Plana, Llano del Beal, Los Belones , La Palma, Pozo Estrecho and Los Urrutias
  • The initiative "In October, Cartagena is Fair" ends with the Interasociative Youth Meeting and the Craft Market (29/10/2018)

  • CTSSP-Podemos can present a motion for the conservation of rural roads in the western zone (29/10/2018)

  • We can take to the Congress of Deputies the needs of Portús (29/10/2018)

  • Cartagena City Council receives the recognition of Ciudad Amiga de la Infancia (29/10/2018)
    This award is given to highlight the City Council's work with its Local Childhood Plan, thus ensuring that the fundamental rights of the children of the municipality are upheld
  • An investigation on the residential exclusion in Cartagena will be able to guide the administrations in their social policies (29/10/2018)
    The press conference will take place on Monday, October 29, at 12:00 in the Reception Hall of the Consistorial Palace
  • The Housing Assistance and Intermediation Service of Cartagena, an example of good practices for the rest of town councils in the Region (29/10/2018)
    The mayor Ana Belén Castejón has announced that the next meeting of the FEMP will agree on the celebration in the city of a few days to make it known to the other mayors
  • The Championship of the Federation of Bowling Region of Murcia ends with the presentation of trophies (29/10/2018)
    The sporting event was attended by the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón;
  • Cartagena recalls its deceased on All Saints' Day (29/10/2018)

  • A helicopter, fire brigades and forest brigades participate in the extinction of a fire in the Sierra de la Fausilla (29/10/2018)
    A crew of seven firefighters and two vehicles has been involved in participating in the fire suppression, where a helicopter was also working the autonomous community and forestry brigades
  • Citizens support the demands of students to gain presence and training in School Boards (29/10/2018)
    - European, national and regional student and youth organizations have asked all political groups to sign an agreement on the occasion of November 17 of the Day International Student
  • Ricardo Segado claims for the Amphitheater the same commitment to finance the state administration as in the city of Murcia (29/10/2018)

  • The ADLE creates an activation program for employment aimed at long-term unemployed people over 40 years of age and with family responsibilities (29/10/2018)
    The Employment Activation Program will develop, from this October 29 and until December 21, a plan of personal performance, training of skills for employment and access to an internship in a company
  • Local Police assist two women victims of gender violence during the weekend (29/10/2018)
    Their partners assaulted and insulted them in the presence of their minor children in El Algar and El Bohío
  • Citizens asks the City Council to work to prevent the flight of companies that are born and consolidated in the CEEIC (28/10/2018)
    - The spokesman for Citizens in Cartagena, Manuel Padín, has met with the director of the European Center for Business and Innovation in Cartagena (CEEIC), Ángel Martínez-Conde
  • A total of 50 participants in the first day of cleaning the funds of the marina and fishing port of Cabo de Palos (27/10/2018)

  • MC: "A new sentence for Castejón, this time for the bars" (27/10/2018)
    "The Court considers it accredited that it awarded a bar in fraud, annuls the award and condemns the City Council to compensate the bidder for the years it has not enjoyed of the concession "
  • Citizens demand the lighting and the recovery of the cemeteries of the municipal cemetery of San Ginés de la Jara (27/10/2018)
    - One of the lines of work of Cs is to value the magnificent funerary heritage of Cartagena
  • Rosa Juaneda gives name to a street in the Campus of La Muralla, next to the Cuesta del Batel and the Amphitheater (27/10/2018)
    Festeros, processionists and politicians joined the event, in which their work was demonstrated by Cartagena and popularity, ten years after his death
  • We can denounce that the socialist government bought the contaminated lands of Hondón without thinking about the economic repercussions (26/10/2018)

  • The Governing Board subsidizes 65 thousand euros for the purchase of books and school materials in 42 centers with students with special economic difficulties (26/10/2018)
    It has also granted a subsidy of 70 euros to the Board of Brotherhoods of Holy Week from the sale of chairs during the processions
  • The property of the Hondón will allow putting the health of the neighbors before the urbanistic interests, according to the Councilor for Environment (26/10/2018)
    According to Manuel, the decision to acquire the land was brave and gives the City Council the last word on the development of the area
  • Díaz Morcillo: «The great challenge of society is the management of information, which is almost infinite» (26/10/2018)

  • The exhibition Our Seniors will show images of the longest-lived people in La Magdalena (26/10/2018)
    The inauguration of the exhibition will take place on Monday, October 29, at 8:00 pm, and will be attended by the Councilor for Culture, David Martínez Noguera;
  • MC: "Castejón repeats the violation of the fundamental rights of the councilors" (26/10/2018)

  • The initiative "In October, Cartagena is Fair" ends with the Youth Interasociative Meeting and the Craft Market (26/10/2018)
    The event will take place on October 27 and 28 at the Paseo Marinero de Cartagena
  • The program DECIDES the social, employment and educational reality of young people in Cartagena (26/10/2018)
    The activities are carried out in those educational centers that have previously formalized their application.
  • The Local Police will make a special traffic device on Sunday before the arrival of 4,563 tourists (26/10/2018)
    There will be restrictions on vehicle access to the old town
  • Citizens assure that the bipartisan war has provoked and maintained pollution in Cartagena for years (26/10/2018)

  • Arrested an individual for a crime of gender violence (26/10/2018)
    Apparently, the man already weighed an order to leave his victim
  • The trade union section of CSIF in the City of Cartagena requests the precautionary suspension of a high position of the Local Police (26/10/2018)

  • The Castejón's clumsy negotiation returns to bleed the pocket of the Cartagena (26/10/2018)
    The City Council will have to assume the fencing of the land of El Hondón even though Solvia was willing to assume its part
  • The students of El Algar echo the initiative 'Back to school for leukemia' (26/10/2018)
    Students from schools Virginia Pérez and San Isidoro, have participated today Friday in a charity race
  • López Miras: «This fascinating and amazing technology is in the day to day of the UPCT» (26/10/2018)
    The Polytechnic of Cartagena exhibits 45 informative workshops in the SeCyT
  • The Thursday markets go to Wednesday the week of the bridge for the day of'All Saints' (26/10/2018)
    Los Dolores, La Aljorra and La Palma will be affected by this variation
  • The Roman Theater of Cartagena inaugurates the exhibition'Lugares del olvido' (26/10/2018)
    The Valencian creator Antonio Gómez Ribelles rescues, through the fusion of photographs, spaces full of history on which he creates new stories
  • 14 pateras with 210 immigrants arrived in Cartagena, among whom were a pregnant woman and a baby (26/10/2018)

  • Cs celebrates the signing of the agreement between the AJE and the City Council to develop the project'Cartagena Emprende' (26/10/2018)

  • The Popular University will organize events for the 50th anniversary of the death of Antonio Oliver Belmás (26/10/2018)
    The mayor attended Thursday the opening ceremony of the 2018/2019 UP course, which was held at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The 2018 Deslinde poetry festival starts this Saturday with two proposals (26/10/2018)
    José Óscar López's collection of poems and the celebration of the anniversary of the magazine 'El colloquio de los perros' are the two events program
  • Grupo Itevelesa opens its third ITV station in the Region of Murcia (26/10/2018)
    Located in Cartagena, on the Cabezo Beaza industrial estate, it has 3 inspection lines
  • The terror arrives in Cartagena this Friday with the short stories and micro-stories of the T-LA (26/10/2018)
    The suspense will arrive at 9:30 p.m. from the hand of the activity 'Nothing is what it seems' and the horror short film shows' En I see shorts' will do it at 22:00 hours at the Youth Resource Center
  • New speed controls in Cartagena for the week of October 29 to November 4 (26/10/2018)
    They will be located both in access roads and avenues of the city, as in neighborhoods and county councils, and industrial estates
  • Two minor injuries in a traffic accident at the height of the Urbanization Buenos Aires (26/10/2018)
    The wounded, a seven-year-old boy who was traveling with his mother and another child, and a man of about 65 years who was driving the other vehicle involved , were transferred to the Santa Lucía Hospital
  • Selected the shorts that will participate in the FICC47 (25/10/2018)
    The works will be screened during the week of the festival
  • The UCAM Athletics Cartagena best Club of the Region in the Gala of the Federation (25/10/2018)

  • A forum turns Cartagena into the capital of Intelligent Tourism 4.0 (25/10/2018)
    The event includes demonstrations and the latest trends and tools available to face new management challenges in the sector
  • The commissions of the plenary are adapted to the new configuration of the municipal government (25/10/2018)
    The Finance Commission favorably dictates its new compositions and gives the green light to the nomination of the squares of Luis Ruipérez, in Cartagena, and of Víctor Paredes, in Pozo Estrecho
  • Cartagena pays tribute to Marcos Jiménez de la Espada with a plaque in his native house (25/10/2018)
    The initiative started with the professors of the Department of History, Art and Geography of the Jiménez de la Espada Institute
  • The City Council will request to Carreteras the cession of a service road to complete the urbanization of the UA 7 of Santa Lucia (25/10/2018)
    In addition the Commission of Urbanism has favorably dictated the procedures of two special plans in the street Campos and Honda
  • The Danish poet Henrik Nordbrandt invited to the poetic festival Deslinde 2018 (25/10/2018)
    The festival will celebrate its third edition, between October 27 and November 19, with some thirty acts and with more than one hundred and forty participants
  • Cs accuses the other parties of "fools" for delaying payment of compensation to the expropriated neighbors more (25/10/2018)

  • Cs asks for an Urban Planning Commission for Castejón to clarify if it intends to stop 100 million euros in urban development (25/10/2018)

  • The designer Modesto Lomba inaugurates the I Week of Commerce of Cartagena (25/10/2018)
    The first of the conferences addressed to the merchants of Cartagena and that will focus on the visual possibilities of the shop windows, will begin at 4:00 p.m.
  • Equality is committed to changing gender stereotypes from the field of Education (25/10/2018)
    The press conference will take place on Thursday, October 24, in the Press Room of the Consistorial Palace at 10:30 am
  • The culture stars in the month of November in La Aljorra (25/10/2018)
    The deputation returns to celebrate the 'Show.
  • Rosa Juaneda will have her street in the University Campus of the Muralla del Mar (25/10/2018)
    The mayor and relatives of the exconcejal and Adoptive Daughter of Cartagena will discover the sign of the public road dedicated to her memory in the southern facade of the Antigones Barracks
  • Fire extinguished in the post office of Urbanization Mediterranean (25/10/2018)
    Effective Firemen went in the morning of Wednesday to place of the facts, after the notice of a call of the 112
  • We can denounce the games of trileros in old town (24/10/2018)

  • The XXVI edition of the Championship of the Regional League of the Base Football of the City of Cartagena begins (24/10/2018)
    More than 4000 players and technicians finally begin the competition this weekend after the suspension of the inauguration of the previous week by "cold drop" notice "
  • PP, CTSSP and MC agree to reject the government's management (24/10/2018)
    The socialist spokeswoman denounces the electoral purpose of this initiative, after having supported the opposition government budgets
  • Museo Teatro Romano opens its doors to the exhibition'Lugares del olvido', by Antonio Gómez Ribelles (24/10/2018)
    The temporary exhibition opens this Friday, October 26 and can be visited until January 14
  • Public Services calls taxi drivers to a consultation to choose their rest days (24/10/2018)
    Voting will be on October 30 at the Security Park, in the morning and afternoon
  • The PSRM assures that Ana Belén Castejón has resolved the nefarious management of the PP in Cartagena (24/10/2018)
    Alfonso Martínez Baños emphasizes that the mayor has managed to reduce the debt of the City Council and that she is being impeccable in her work, always working for the benefit of the people of Cartagena cartageneras
  • Manuel Padín: "If there was any dignity left to the Cartagena policy, today he has lost it in this useless plenum" (24/10/2018)

  • MC rejects the management of Castejón, mirror of all the vices of the PP (24/10/2018)

  • The artisanal gastronomy of the Cartagena field will meet at the II Fair of Cheese and Beer of La Aljorra (24/10/2018)
    Five brewers and three cheese makers will participate in the presentation of their artisan products
  • Cartagena will value its local establishments in the 1st Week of Commerce (24/10/2018)
    The event will take place from October 29 to November 4 in Cartagena and will have the participation of the Merchants Associations of Cartagena and the Cartagena Field
  • Students of the Master in Industry 4.0 test in scoop a powerful laser for 3D scanning (24/10/2018)

  • Small archaeologists will excavate in the Forum Quarter in the Week of Science (24/10/2018)
    Cartagena Port of Cultures returns to collaborate with the 'SeCyT' 18 carrying out this workshop scheduled for Saturday 27 October whose registration period is open
  • The Chilean film "Los perros" arrives this Friday at the Luzzy Ficcmoteca (24/10/2018)
    The screening of the film will take place on Friday, October 26, at 8:00 pm in the Assembly Hall of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The local police of Cartagena perfect their techniques in the handling of firearms (24/10/2018)
    All the components of the staff of the Local Police receive a course of 'Training and maintenance of the use of firearms'
  • A plaque will remember the place where Marcos Jiménez de la Espada was born in San Antonio El Pobre street (24/10/2018)
    The initiative started with the professors of the history department of the institute that bears his name and will be held on Thursday by the mayor
  • Phone House opens its third store in Cartagena (24/10/2018)

  • CTSSP: The socialist government "sells smoke" and therefore will fail (23/10/2018)

  • Cs registers a motion to facilitate the projects of the Valley of Escombreras and in the grounds not covered by the regulations (23/10/2018)

  • Cs dismantles the "falsehoods" that PSOE and Podemos have poured for not supporting urban planning norms in Cartagena (23/10/2018)

  • Ricardo Segado will be interested in the state of assignment of the municipal sports facilities of Playa Paraíso (23/10/2018)
    The councilor of MC Cartagena will ask about the existence of an agreement of use between the City Council and the Sports Club La Manga in said venue
  • The Popular University inaugurates the 2018/2019 Course (23/10/2018)
    This Thursday will be held at the Cultural Center the opening ceremony, which will be attended by the mayor accompanied by the director of the UP
  • MC Cartagena will ask if the disciplinary proceedings against Álvaro Valdés have been concluded or if his resolution is still withheld (23/10/2018)
    María José Soler will ask to know the amount of the sanction and the concept
  • The mayor urges the Autonomous Community to urgently convene the Mesa de la ZAL in Cartagena (23/10/2018)
    Castejón recalled that time is pressing and the regional government can not afford to reject the new SEPES offer to acquire the land of Los Camachos
  • The citizen collaboration allows to recover a chain of stolen gold (23/10/2018)
    A military man, who was out of service, reached the presumed author of the robbery and held him until the arrival of the Local Police
  • Sports, volunteering and support for employability, at the Welcome of the UCAM of Cartagena (23/10/2018)

  • The year of discovery "will look back to remember the revolts of 92 in Cartagena (23/10/2018)
    Luis López Carrasco will shoot in the city, from November 9 to 18, this feature film that intertwines the genres of documentary and fiction
  • A thesis of the UPCT studies the inefficiency of bankruptcy, which only saves 6% of companies (23/10/2018)

  • Education consolidates the Vamos al Teatro campaign with a program in which more than 10,000 students will participate (23/10/2018)
    The first representation was held on Tuesday, October 23, at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, where children and youngsters of the first primary cycle have enjoyed the function Puss in Boots
  • The journalist and novelist Javier Morales explains in Cartagena He thinks about why he stopped eating animals (23/10/2018)
    The act that will take place at 20:00 hours, at the Josefina Soria Library of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, and the entrance is free until complete gauging
  • Handing out Awards to Charity 2018 and a talk by Father Patera (23/10/2018)

  • The artist Lourdes Angosto narrates her trip to the family memory of the Mar Menor in the exhibition Devenir (23/10/2018)
    The exhibition can be visited from October 25 to December 10 in the Nicomedes Gómez Subject Hall of the Consistorial Palace
  • Cartagena, most accessible tourist destination next to Benidorm (23/10/2018)
    The port city has obtained more than 45,000 votes in the votes that have been made through social networks
  • The Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena participates in the Week of Science (23/10/2018)
    The activity 'Virtual Visit to the Roman Theater of Cartagena: new experiences' takes place this Saturday, October 27, at 11:30
  • On November 11, I Regional Cross by Mixed Relay (23/10/2018)

  • Fire without injuries in an abandoned house in Santa Lucia (22/10/2018)
    The firemen were suffocating this morning the flames coming from some mattresses inside the building
  • A Chair of the UPCT seeks a solution to the brine at the Tomás Ferro Agroalimentary Experimental Station (22/10/2018)
    The mayor, together with other authorities, has visited the tests carried out with the agents involved to achieve efficient denitrification
  • The Solidarity March of the Hiking Club Aguitura raises 1,000 euros for the NGO Botica del Libro (22/10/2018)
    The sporting event took place on Sunday, October 21 and departed from the Santa Lucia neighborhood
  • Cs also requests the convocation of the Urban Planning Commission so that Castejón gives explanations about Novo Carthago (22/10/2018)

  • The Chair of Sustainable Agriculture calls for the reopening of wells to prove denitrification in farming plots (22/10/2018)

  • La Azohía hosted its first mountain trail (22/10/2018)
    Francisco José Diaz Pozo, Oscar De Francisco Ortiz and Manuel López Salcedo won the general classification
  • Ramón Álvarez and Ana Parra take the first place in the Nordic Spanish Armada March Trophy (22/10/2018)
    The sporting event had two modalities: the competition, with a distance of 21.5 kilometers and the promotion, with a distance of 6 kilometers
  • Isabel García will ask if she has begun the saving of half a million euros announced by Castejón in the new management contract of the Batel (22/10/2018)
    This was stated by the socialist mayor in November of last year, skipping all procedures or procedures
  • Cs will ask the Community to collaborate in the Costa de Cartagena brand to coordinate and finance the promotion work (22/10/2018)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena intervenes a knife in a discussion of traffic (22/10/2018)
    The events took place in the Paseo Alfonso XIII, at 13:00 hours last Friday
  • Cartagena Piensa will approach the culture of the Huichol of Mexico with a documentary accompanied by talk-talk (22/10/2018)
    The event, organized by the Department of Culture, will be this Wednesday at the Ramon Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center in Cartagena
  • The Teatro Circo Apolo of El Algar invites you to reflect on everyday life with "Ojalá" (22/10/2018)
    The performance will be on Saturday, October 27, at 9:30 p.m.
  • A professor of the UPCT, awarded for his project Small Heart Tears for students with high abilities (22/10/2018)

  • The Chair of the Environment APC-CMN calls three research contracts (22/10/2018)

  • Seized in the street market of Cabo de Palos 143 imitation articles (22/10/2018)
    Among the clothes that the Local Police intervened on Sunday, the main highlights are underpants and sportswear
  • We can urgently bring the case of Novo Carthago to the municipal planning commission (21/10/2018)

  • Cs implements the "Talent Return to Cartagena" and "Cartagena Emprende" programs with an investment of 100,000 euros (21/10/2018)

  • Citizens will take to the next ordinary plenary session the increase of robberies, narcophones and violent occupation in Cartagena (20/10/2018)
    - The orange formation considers that this problem is not solved only saying that it will 'increase the police presence in the area' and asks for the umpteenth time that its Plan for the Protection of Coexistence and Neighborhood Security is
  • Joaquín Segado assures that a new competitive container plant in Cartagena could generate 30,000 jobs in the future (19/10/2018)
    The president of the Port Authority has indicated that 11 percent of the entry of goods in Spain arrives in Cartagena
  • Associations of the elderly and disabled show their resources and services in Héroes de Cavite (19/10/2018)
    As of this Friday, October 19, and until Saturday, October 21, the square will host the 'Fair of resources and services for elderly people and people with disabilities- Femadis 18 '
  • The City Council will streamline the procedures to make the Port of Cartagena a more accessible space and expand the leisure offer (19/10/2018)

  • The City of Cartagena reinforces services before the yellow warnings of rain and wind (19/10/2018)
    Firemen, Local Police, Civil Protection, Infrastructure and Social Services have foreseen operatives to attend the incidents that can be registered
  • The ADE Program brings together students of Primitiva López with players from Jimbee Cartagena FS (19/10/2018)
    The visit is one of the activities promoted by the Sports Approach Program of the Department of Sports, whose objective is to bring sports to children, young people, students and social groups
  • The Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood celebrates the Cultural Week of the Elderly Club (19/10/2018)
    Next Monday, October 22, at 12:00 noon, the official opening of this event will take place at the social premises
  • Cs accuses MC of being a "political farce" after placing the PP in the presidency of the Neighborhood Board of Marfagones Mills (19/10/2018)

  • Cs seeks to unblock the projects of the Valley of Escombreras and the soils not covered by the transitory norms (19/10/2018)
    - The spokesman of the orange formation in Cartagena does not understand the lurch of the socialists with respect to the industrial and industrial fabric of the Comarca, " the mayor had to choose between the PSOE and Cartagena, and has stayed wi
  • City Council and Repsol renew the agreement for the development of sports in Alumbres and Vista Alegre (19/10/2018)
    This year has a budget of 5,000 euros
  • Cartagena joins the fight against breast cancer by illuminating the Town Hall in pink (19/10/2018)
    The facade of the City Hall will be dyed pink on this weekend's nights
  • MC criticizes that the new Social Fund of Hidrogea, promoted by Castejón, will be applied in an irregular manner as it happened with Barreiro (19/10/2018)
    The cartagenerista formation will request the appearance in the Plenary Councilor Torralba (PSOE), which holds the competition with the concessionaires, so that it ratifies or rectifies its answers on the contract
  • The FICC projects Mucho Hijos, a Monkey and a Castle, for the World Day of Home Cinema (19/10/2018)
    The documentary, winner of the Goya in 2017, can be seen today Friday at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center at 8 pm
  • Antonio Martínez Muñoz, new president of the Neighborhood Board of Marfagones Molinos (19/10/2018)
    His election was the result of the motion of censure filed against the previous holder, Antonio Bernal, who was supported by the members of the PP and MC Cartagena;
  • The International Symposium on the porticos of the Roman theaters in Cartagena starts (19/10/2018)
    The event will be held until Saturday, October 20, in the auditorium of the Roman Theater Museum in Cartagena
  • Firemen recalls a series of tips before the cold drop events planned for the weekend (19/10/2018)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, pointed out that the municipality is prepared to face this meteorological situation thanks to the cleaning of watercourses on the part of the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura and Consistory
  • An accident on the road to La Palma is settled with two seriously injured (19/10/2018)
    Then, around 09:30 this morning, another call from the coordination center 112 alerted the firefighters of a second accident that occurred in the motorway of Murcia
  • The painter Antonio Barceló will take a guided tour of his exhibition Memoria de la Pintura (19/10/2018)
    Those interested in participating will have to reserve their place on the telephone 968 128 950
  • New speed controls in Cartagena for the week of October 22 to 28 (19/10/2018)
    They will be located in access roads and avenues of the city, as well as in neighborhoods, provincial councils and industrial estates
  • The continuous episodes of flooding of the RME-33 highway center the initiatives that MC will take to the Plenary of the Neighborhood Board of El Albujón-Miranda (19/10/2018)

  • Tourism analyzes with Cartagena businessmen the results of the sector in the first eight months of the year (18/10/2018)
    Miriam Guardiola exposes the new measures against clandestine tourism and communication strategy of the Ministry
  • Suspended the start of local football league for the cold drop forecast (18/10/2018)
    The competition was to start this weekend in eight municipalities of Campo de Cartagena with the participation of more than 3,000 athletes belonging to 240 teams of 44 clubs and soccer schools
  • CTSSP rejects that the "surplus of Hidrogea" goes to the social fund (18/10/2018)

  • Cs denounces that the CHS and the City Council do not act in the most abandoned boulevards facing the threat of the cold drop (18/10/2018)

  • We can warn of the serious risk of the parking of caravans in the bed of the ravine in the Azohía (18/10/2018)

  • MC: "The socialist government violates the Plenary agreement and leaves El Bohío without artificial turf" (18/10/2018)
    "Meanwhile Castejón dedicates the money from the neighborhood plan to the improvement of the Pozo Estrecho field with this lawn"
  • Cs accuses the PP of having tried to boycott the Debate of the Municipality and of exculpating MC and Podemos from the reprobation (18/10/2018)
    - The orange formation has reported that the Debate on the State of the Municipality will be held on October 31 and will not be included in the extraordinary plenary session proposed by the PP, as this party intended
  • Equality launches a campaign to promote the involvement of men in gender equality (18/10/2018)
    In the center of Cartagena will be placed ten stickers that collect the "10 keys to the male revolution: The man to come"
  • A score of experts will analyze the economic diversification in marine reserves in Cartagena (18/10/2018)
    The Interpretation Center of the Punic Wall will host the meeting this Friday, October 19, at 9:00 a.m.
  • The health center of San Antón in Cartagena has one of the first three ultrasound images of the primary care network of the Region (18/10/2018)
    Councilor Villegas visits the works of the new primary center that will attend the deputation and that will be completed end of April
  • The veterans of FC Cartagena and Hercules will honor Cartagena goalkeeper Sebastián Gómez (18/10/2018)
    The athlete, who played in the National League in the 80s, in the Hercules when he was in the first division and in FC Cartagena, passed away last June
  • The ADLE will improve the employability of the long-term unemployed thanks to the Employment Activation Program (18/10/2018)
    Its purpose is to accompany and guide people to improve their employability motivating and facilitating the development of skills and providing them with tools to successfully face his reincorporation to the world of work
  • 'Rosas Blancas', winner of the Amateur Theater National Contest Isidoro Máiquez, appears on stage at 'El Batel' (18/10/2018)
    The play, based on the novel' Carta de un desconocida 'by Stefan Zweig, will be performed on October 19 at the 9:30 p.m.
  • Convocation of Extraordinary Plenary for the Debate on the State of the Municipality, to be held on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 (18/10/2018)
    Secretary General of the Plenary
  • Bernabé: "We demand PSOE and we can include in the General State Budget for 2019 the construction of the City of Justice in Cartagena" (18/10/2018)
    The senator of the PP, urges the local council and the Government of Spain to "stop side the photos and postureos and start working seriously to manage the land where to locate this infrastructure "
  • The consequences of Catalan nationalism will be analyzed in the Cartagena Futuro cultural (18/10/2018)
    The Catalan columnist and writer Pau Guix will present his book 'The Son of Africana' and will discuss the current political situation in Catalonia with the artist José Manuel Puebla
  • Isabel García defends the convenience of carrying out a plan to boost local commerce before the improvisation of the PSOE (18/10/2018)

  • CTSSP-Podemos accuses the PSOE of servility with the big Cartagena businessmen (17/10/2018)

  • Solidarity T-shirt "Tócate las ..." to support the fight against cancer (17/10/2018)
    The Pequeño Moma brand will allocate the full amount to the AECC of Cartagena and will accompany the designs with information leaflets on breast self-exploration
  • The City Council will create a taxi table to find solutions to the problems of the sector (17/10/2018)
    The mayor Juan Pedro Torralba has indicated that the City Council has drafted an ordinance in which the contributions of workers' associations have been included
  • Jesús Giménez (MC) denounces the hypocrisy of PP and PSOE with the City of Justice in Cartagena (17/10/2018)

  • Open until October 30 the deadline for the Cartagena Carnival poster 2019 (17/10/2018)
    All Spanish and foreign creators who wish to participate in the contest may take part in the contest, being an indispensable condition that the works be original.
  • Cartagena will have 600 new hotel rooms in the coming months (17/10/2018)
    The 50% bonus of the ICIO proposed by the mayor promotes the creation of new tourist accommodation
  • Roman funeral rituals, suspense films and a zombie invasion will turn Cartagena into the 'city of terror' Activities for the celebration of Halloween will take place from October 26 to November 3 (17/10/2018)

  • MC: The taxi sector cries against Castejón (17/10/2018)
    The neglect of the Socialists joins the excuses of PP and PSOE to veto them in Corvera
  • Citizens asked Manuel Mora to open the meeting to explain the conclusions of the TPN (17/10/2018)
    - As responsible for Citizen Security must recover the tranquility of a population that combats the proliferation of robberies, violent occupations and drug gambling dens
  • Cs asks PSOE and Podemos if they continue to maintain that violent occupation and narco-piles do not exist in Cartagena (17/10/2018)

  • Writer Laura Freixas will analyze the role of women and present her new book in'Cartagena Piensa' (17/10/2018)
    The presentation, the workshop and the conference will take place this Thursday, October 18 at the Josefina Soria Library
  • More than thirty boys participated in the Cristo de Medinaceli Sports Fishing Competition (17/10/2018)
    Paula Andreu won the Prolam-Asido category, María Hurtado got it in the Infantile category and Juan Miguel Pividal did the same in the of Alevín
  • Experts bet on the UPCT to install sensors on the crops to optimize even more the irrigation water (17/10/2018)

  • The City Council announces the selection process to cover a temporary position as a German teacher (17/10/2018)
    The application can be made in the General Register of the City Council or electronically until next Monday, October 22
  • The residents of San Felix wait four years for the renovation of the sidewalks (17/10/2018)
    PP, MC and PSOE ignore requests for new paving since the current one presents sections destroyed with serious danger of falling for pedestrians
  • The mayor denounces the blackmail of the Regional Government with the transitory urban regulations (16/10/2018)
    Castejón has indicated that it will not allow the citizens or the Cartagena businessmen to be confused, implying that it depends on the approval of the Acceleration Law Business so that these transitory rules come into force
  • We can denounce "the park of shame" in Los Barreros (16/10/2018)
    The CTSSP Municipal Group, alerts on the state of a park in the Barrio de los Barreros, located between the streets Setubal and Estoril
  • Ten young people from the Expeura Program successfully complete their work experience abroad (16/10/2018)
    Participants have spent three months working in a hotel chain in the United Kingdom, thus improving their level of English
  • Delivery of the prize of the poster contest of the XVII Cross of the Artillery (16/10/2018)

  • The PSOE accuses the regional government of using blackmail and forcing the institutions to seriously harm the economic and social development of the City of Cartagena (16/10/2018)
    The spokesman, Joaquín López, and the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, demand that the Government of López Miras immediately unblock the situation regarding the urban planning of the municipality
  • The Community demands the transfer of the facilities of Reina Victoria for the City of Justice of Cartagena (16/10/2018)
    The Minister of the Presidency also requests the civil facilities of the San Javier airport for the collection of old aircraft of the Infante de Orleans Foundation
  • We can demand that the municipal government give explanations to the neighbors about the lands of El Hondón (16/10/2018)

  • The Municipal Auditorium of 'El Batel' renews the genre of the zarzuela with'Bohemios' (16/10/2018)
    The show will be performed by the Spanish Lyric Company on November 3rd.
  • Friday kicks off the international symposium on the porticos of the Roman theater (16/10/2018)
    The event will take place until Saturday in the auditorium of the Roman Theater Museum in Cartagena
  • MC celebrates the awakening of the society that demands information and solutions against the contaminated lands (16/10/2018)
    Giménez Gallo (MC) reminds that the common denominator of these soils are companies that go without decontaminating, while PP and PSOE prioritize `negotiate '
  • More than 500 people visited the roadshow of the ONCE Foundation (16/10/2018)
    The Inserta Empleo Program initiative was also held in Cartagena for three days and helped young people with disabilities to find work
  • The Cartagena Amateur League kicks off in its XXIV edition (16/10/2018)
    The soccer championship kicked off last night in the Ciudad Jardín municipal field with the match between Diesel Cartagena and Mesón Anden FC
  • Local Police warns of the dangers of parking motorhomes in the wadi area (16/10/2018)
    In the forecast of rain this week, the agents have informed the users that they were stationed in the ravine of the Azohía
  • CTSSP considers that we must continue investigating the PP and the current government (16/10/2018)

  • The students of the Popular University immerse themselves in the German culture (16/10/2018)
    The students, especially the language students, made this cultural trip to Berlin to the past Puente del Pilar
  • Cartagena City Council receives a Gold Medal from Hospitality Santa Teresa (16/10/2018)
    The Gold Medals recognize the work done in favor of Hospitality by different people and entities
  • Carmen G. de la Cueva presents her latest book 'A walk through the life of Simone de Beauvoir` in Cartagena Piensa (16/10/2018)
    The meeting will take place this Wednesday, October 17, at 8:00 p.m., in the Josefina Soria Library of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center.
  • MC visits the facilities of the cooperative Levante Sur and Jimbo Fresh in La Puebla (16/10/2018)
    The cartagenerista formation praises the symbiosis between the agri-food industry and the sport of Campo de Cartagena that has been achieved through its brand Jimbee
  • Experts in ethics and technology, in the conference on transparency hosted by the UPCT (16/10/2018)

  • Cartagena leads the vote for the best Accessible Tourism Destination in Spain one week before final (16/10/2018)
    The city was selected the best in the Region and will face in the final the other 15 Spanish municipalities that won in their communities
  • Gran triumph of Esther Sánchez on the Vara Trail (15/10/2018)
    Five members of Club Cuatro Santos Cartagena successfully complete the Munich marathon
  • Alex Climent, Xantos Villegas and Carlos Puig, podium in the I Open Kitefoil FVRM Terramovil-Terra Fecundis (15/10/2018)
    The concentration took place in the Spinosa-Center, in the beach of Las Salinas, during the days 12 to 14 October and in the one that was programmed the I Crossing Mar Menor of Kitesurf
  • The UPCT and the Albacete Fuster General Marine Infantry School investigate graphene applications for Defense (15/10/2018)

  • Citizens inform of the status of all the commissions of investigation and accuses MC of blocking those that it chairs (15/10/2018)

  • CTSSP will ask about the status of Calle Escorial de Cartagena (15/10/2018)

  • Ciudadanos celebrates the approval of the 'Cartagena Emprende' project that he promoted with an amendment in the budgets (15/10/2018)

  • Vampires, witches and zombies will appear in La Manga for Halloween (15/10/2018)
    The party will take place at Galerías el Flamenco, kilometer 4 of La Manga, on October 31st, at 7:30 p.m.
  • Isabel García offers to preside over the Commission of the Sea of ​​Music before the new desertion of Manuel Padín (C's) (15/10/2018)
    The aversion to the work of Padín and his complicity with PP and PSOE can not serve to cover the excesses
  • The fiftieth anniversary of the Cartagenero Bowling League inspires a book about this traditional sport (15/10/2018)
    The publication, by Diego Segovia and Pedro Caparros, will be officially presented on Thursday, October 18, at the Central Sports Pavilion - Wsell de Guimbarda, at 7:30 p.m.
  • Domingo Segado: The PSOE is opposed in the Assembly to unblock the urban plans of Cartagena (15/10/2018)

  • MC gives an abstention of confidence to the employee of the proposed ADLE as manager because it will improve the "own" designated by Castejón (15/10/2018)

  • Cs leaves the Presidency of the Sea of ​​Music and will leave in two weeks all the commissions if the blockade continues (15/10/2018)

  • Three individuals detained for alleged cases of domestic violence and gender during the weekend (15/10/2018)
    The Local Police of Cartagena intervened in the three alleged cases of violence that occurred in El Ensanche, Santa Ana and Los Barreros
  • Convened four annual communication scholarships at the City of Cartagena (15/10/2018)
    They are aimed at graduates, who have a deadline to submit their applications until Friday, October 26.
  • A thesis from the Cátedra de Cajamar in the UPCT has been awarded at the Social Economy congress (15/10/2018)
    Agri-food cooperatives are as competitive as other companies in the sector in their geographical environment, highlights the researcher
  • Citizens will present a municipal plan to combat the unwanted loneliness of the elderly in Cartagena (14/10/2018)

  • 500 people participate in the II Solidarity March of Hispanidad to benefit Caritas (13/10/2018)

  • Vox denounces the theft of the plaque of its headquarters in Cartagena (13/10/2018)

  • Fire without injuries on a second floor of Alumbres (12/10/2018)
    Moments later the Firemen released a 52-year-old woman whose vehicle had overturned on the road between La Unión and El Estrecho
  • Citizens get to extend the deadline for the abolition of postal service in the special environments of Cartagena (12/10/2018)
    - The president of the Neighborhood Board, Cs María Dolores Díaz, has already received official confirmation that the delivery service is extended one more month, until November 1
  • An English teacher of the Board, nominated for the Best Teacher in Spain (12/10/2018)
    Councilmen David Martínez and Mercedes García receive Pedro Belmonte, who has been proposed by his own students for the development of a bilingual plan and the ABP method
  • José López celebrates that the initiative of the MC Heritage coordinator, María Dolores Ruiz, allows free visits to the BICs to be assured (12/10/2018)

  • VOX Cartagena meets with HOSTECAR to know their demands and proposals (12/10/2018)

  • The ADE Program gathers in the Cartagonova students of the Primitiva López with players from Efesé (11/10/2018)
    The visit is one of the activities promoted by the Sports Approach Program of the Department of Sports whose objective is to bring sports to children, young people, students and social groups
  • The Governing Board approves a project to hire 28 long-term unemployed for the adaptation of public spaces in the municipality (11/10/2018)
    It has also given the green light to the project to adapt the accesses to Cueva Victoria
  • New speed controls in Cartagena for the week of October 15 to 21 (11/10/2018)
    They will be located both in access roads and avenues of the city, as in neighborhoods and county councils, industrial estates and coastal towns of the municipality
  • The soccer field of the Mediterranean Urbanization premieres changing rooms (11/10/2018)
    The mayor visited on Wednesday the new sports facilities, whose works have had a budget of 54,369.56 euros and constitute the first phase of the adaptation of this space
  • Social Services meets with the Anti-Poverty Network to address housing actions (11/10/2018)
    The Housing Resources Guide, presented by the mayor last July, is a work tool for different professionals and consultation for citizens
  • The City of Cartagena gets the highest score in the Region, an 8.4, in the study on the level of Corporate Social Responsibility (11/10/2018)
    The data of the report, prepared by the University of Murcia, have been presented this morning in an act in the Faculty of Law, which has been attended by the mayor Ana Belén Castejón
  • Surprised four individuals when allegedly subtracting electrical wiring (11/10/2018)
    Local Police officers found that they wore latex gloves and useful tools for the removal of cable
  • Sold out tickets for the special passes of the Transylvania Castle activity (11/10/2018)
    Ten minutes after announcing the programming of two new special passes on Thursday morning, tickets have been sold out
  • Barring a miracle, the Socialist government will leave six out of ten works of the Participatory Budgets of 2018 unused (11/10/2018)

  • MC requires the regional and central governments to make a real commitment to the archaeological recovery of the Roman Amphitheater (11/10/2018)

  • Cultural diversity, sports and music starred in the VI Meeting of Neighbors of La Aljorra (11/10/2018)
    The Meeting of Neighbors is an initiative of the Coordinator of Entities and Associations of La Aljorra, promoted by the Department of Social Services of the City of Cartagena , and the Columbares Association
  • Puerto de Culturas offers two special passes for'Castillo Transylvania' after exhausting the scheduled ones (11/10/2018)
    The activity will take place at the Castillo de la Concepción to celebrate Halloween and the two new passes will be held on November 3
  • Cs denounces that the PSOE government has not yet delivered its first report on Corporate Social Responsibility (11/10/2018)

  • The thesis of a professor of the UPCT on the first holiday cities, awarded by the College of Architects of Huelva (11/10/2018)
    The researcher has studied the cases of Tarragona, Marbella and Perlora and the projects not executed in Punta Umbría and Guardamar
  • The City Council invests more than 185,244 euros in improving three sports facilities in the municipality (10/10/2018)
    This is the arrangement of the auxiliary runways of the central pavilion of Wssell de Gimbarda, the repair of the Pozo Estrecho pool and the replacement of the pool cover of The Aljorra
  • Seized 370 allegedly counterfeit products (10/10/2018)
    The agents, assigned to the area of ​​Citizen Security, surprised a 47-year-old man who was selling imitation clothing in the vicinity of the Alameda de San Antón
  • The Local Police of Cartagena detained an individual who had stolen a mobile phone from a woman threatening her with a knife (10/10/2018)
    The intervention of an agent on leave, allowed to intercept the one involved in the Old Town
  • The CHS will finance the cleanup of the Escombreras, Benipila, El Miedo and El Albujón watercourses before the end of the year (10/10/2018)
    This has been announced by the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón;
  • A Californian production company chooses Cartagena to record a program (10/10/2018)
    The protagonist of the television space is the religious Norma Pimentel, well known in the Spanish-speaking community of UU.EE.
  • Cs asks Castejón and CHS to clean the mouth of the Rambla de Benipila to protect the residents of the Algameca (10/10/2018)

  • The choir rociero de mujeres Alba sings for the benefit of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (10/10/2018)
    The album consists of 14 songs performed by the women of the choir rociero Alba, whose song that gives title to the album "Hello who you are" is a story dedicated to the fight against this disease
  • Cartagena will host the I Open National Marine Fishing Spinning From Costa' (10/10/2018)
    This event, along with the XVI National Open, are included in the XXVIII Cricket Competition of Medinaceli, which will take place on October 21 and 22
  • UCAM Cartagena incorporates into its offer the cycle of FP in Physical Fitness, which enables to exercise as a gym monitor (10/10/2018)

  • The positions of the'Feria Outlet 2018' start their sales (10/10/2018)
    The 46 shops that participate in the festival will be located in the Heroes de Cavite square from October 10 to 15, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Companies in the tourism sector offer internships to students of the UPCT Tourism degree (10/10/2018)
    Enrollment in the new degree, with public prices and bilingual itinerary, is still possible
  • José López will file a complaint against the Ministry of Education before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection "for the commission of multiple irregularities in the video surveillance file" (10/10/2018)

  • MC: "The Punic plot, uncovered by José López, will seat on the dock a dozen PPSOE positions" (10/10/2018)
    MC recalls that the "Regional Government is the fruit of the Punic plot"
  • A low intensity fire caused by cables in the premises of the ISEN has been suffocated (10/10/2018)
    An endowment composed of a light bomb, six firemen and a vehicle of height moved to the place of the events
  • Club Cuatro Santos Cartagena will participate this Sunday in the Munich marathon (09/10/2018)

  • Communiqué of Cs on the occasion of the impending trial of José López for threats and mistreatment to a senior official of the Autonomous Community (09/10/2018)

  • The Archaeological Museum of Cartagena descends to the Almadenes canyon to show its rock art and its archeology (09/10/2018)

  • MC and HOSTECAR share objectives and projects in the field of tourism to alleviate the regressive dynamics of Castejón (09/10/2018)
    The Gastronomic Fair of the Campo de Cartagena, the 'Costa de Cartagena' brand or the exploitation of the Holy Week chairs, among the issues discussed
  • MC demands state and regional contribution for the urgent decontamination of El Hondón (09/10/2018)

  • Cs urges Culture to report its efforts to celebrate the Book Fair and requires the Community to collaborate (09/10/2018)
    - The spokesman for the orange training in Cartagena has warned that Cs will not settle for a decaffeinated fair to meet with its plenary agreement
  • Cs requires PP and PSOE to forget for a second the electoral campaign and close ranks to decontaminate El Hondón (09/10/2018)

  • The number of new students in the UPCT grows by 12% (09/10/2018)

  • The II Solidarity March of Hispanidad will travel on Saturday 4 km to benefit Cáritas (09/10/2018)
    Dorsals can be purchased at UCAM Cartagena or at the Neighborhood Association of the Hispanic American Neighborhood
  • Two young people from Germany and Estonia participate in a European volunteering project in Cartagena (09/10/2018)
    The Youth councilor received Kistjan and Milena on Tuesday at the Youth Space and welcomed them to the city, where they will develop various programs course length
  • MC Cartagena denounces that the regional Football Federation and the socialist government forget, again, the World Cup 82 (09/10/2018)
    The local Executive rejects the new proposal of the federal entity, which now raises the construction of a hotel in the area of ​​the football 8 and install artificial turf on the big one
  • The markets planned for Friday, October 12, Columbus Day, will be held regularly (09/10/2018)
    Urbanization Mediterranean, Pozo Estrecho, El Algar and El Llano will have their markets installed from early in the morning as every week
  • Intercultural coexistence in the'Feria de la Ciudadanía' of San Antón and the Mediterranean Urbanization (09/10/2018)
    The different entities showed in their stands, neighbors, the work they do to improve intercultural coexistence and social cohesion in the neighborhoods
  • Barrios de la ADLE program reaches Virgen de la Caridad (09/10/2018)
    Twelve students from the area will receive theoretical and practical training, improving the facilities of the neighborhood
  • The II Solidarity March of Hispanidad will travel on Saturday 4 km to benefit Caritas (09/10/2018)

  • The UPCT reflects on historic areas of Cartagena, La Union and Murcia in the XXIV Cultural Heritage Conference (09/10/2018)
    A technical architect by the UPCT assures that an earthquake such as Lorca would not collapse the structure of Castillejo de Monteagudo
  • Pozo Estrecho ran this weekend to benefit the Spanish Association Against Cancer (08/10/2018)

  • Registration of the workshop 'Lies, secrets and silences in women's written literature' is open. The workshop is free and will be held on Thursday, October 18. (08/10/2018)

  • Citizens denounce the inaction of the City Council in the face of the proliferation of rat pockets in the park of Los Barreros (08/10/2018)

  • ... (08/10/2018)

  • Isabel Garcia reminds Torralba that her disability is reflected in the Profile of the Employer (08/10/2018)
    The Socialist Government continues to paralyze the works promoted by the Cartagena training in the 2018 Budget
  • Castejón encourages young people to get involved in the social life of the Hispano-American Neighborhood in his proclamation (08/10/2018)
    The patron saint festivities of the neighborhood started on Friday, October 5, and will continue until Sunday, June 14
  • The new family court suffers another delay until the end of December (08/10/2018)
    The delay in the contracting of the works by the Ministry of Justice prevents its opening in September according to the last announcement by the Government
  • Cs requests the Table of Commerce and proposes a plan of commercial attraction to encourage the consumption of cruise passengers (07/10/2018)
    - According to several observatories of tourism, the average of the daily cost of the cruise in Spain is 53 euros, while in Cartagena round the 30 euros according to the Port Authority
  • The UCAM Athletics Cartagena Sixth of Spain Sub16 (07/10/2018)

  • 1,500 solidarity runners have filled the Port of Cartagena with life in the III race 10k CPC (06/10/2018)
    The 10k Port of Cartagena solidarity race, whose route has included the Barrio de Santa Lucia, has raised 12,000 euros, which will be donated to the Pablo Association Ugarte fight against childhood cancer
  • Cartagena pays tribute to Ignacio Echeverría on the Skate track (06/10/2018)
    The mayor and family representatives discover a plaque recognizing her heroic performance in the London bombing in 2017
  • The Roman Theater of Cartagena extends its opening hours and days by the October bridge (06/10/2018)
    The museum will open its doors every day from Friday 12 to Monday 15, and routes and themed visits have been organized
  • Citizens inspects the outdoor hockey court in Barrio Peral and describes its status as "reckless esperpento" (06/10/2018)
    - The orange formation accuses MC and PSOE of knowing this situation since 2015 and not doing anything, "it seems like blatant municipal negligence" , says the spokesman of Cs Cartagena, Manuel Padín
  • MC Cartagena denounces the sorry state of maintenance of the sports courts of Ciudad Jardín (06/10/2018)

  • Izquierda Unida takes to the Congress of the deputies the contamination with Uranium-238 of the soils of El Hondón in Cartagena (05/10/2018)
    The deputy of the United Left in the Congress of Deputies, Eva Sempere, has presented the following questions to the Government for its response in writing about soil contamination of El Hondón in Cartagena
  • The mayor reports to the Local Board of the reorganization of the areas of government (05/10/2018)
    At the meeting, of an extraordinary nature, direct subsidies have also been granted to Cáritas, the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Marraja Foundation
  • Cartagena claims the role of family films as historical documents in the V Day of Home Cinema (05/10/2018)
    It will be held next Friday, October 19, The Assembly Hall of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center from 5:00 pm
  • The mayor and the new commander of the Navy Protection Force share impressions in their first meeting (05/10/2018)
    Carlos Pérez-Urruti visited Ana Belén Castejón at the Town Hall on Friday
  • López Miras receives the cartagenera Lorena Fernández, who will hold the "Pelayo Recurso Annapurna Bike 2018" (05/10/2018)

  • Crue Sustainability Statement (05/10/2018)

  • 'Read, think and imagine' will bring to Luzzy the poems 'Wine for the castaways' José Alcaraz's collection of poems will be presented at the Josefina Soria Library of the Cultural Center next Tuesday, October 9, at 8:00 p.m. hours (05/10/2018)

  • Santa Cecilia de Pozo Estrecho turns 125 years old (05/10/2018)
    The activities for the celebration of the anniversary begin this Saturday, October 6, with a concert in the town of Galilea
  • 'In October, Cartagena is a fair ' (05/10/2018)

  • MC will contest the schedule set in the motion of censure against the president of the Marfagones Molinos Neighborhood Board for violating the regulations (05/10/2018)
    The socialist has determined that the session be held at 12:00 hours, business hours
  • Tribute to Ignacio Echeverría on the Skate track in Cartagena (05/10/2018)
    The mayor and family representatives will discover on Saturday a plaque recognizing his heroic performance in the London bombing in 2017
  • IU-Green requires López Miras and Castejón to assume their responsibilities as the main responsible for the decontamination of El Hondón (05/10/2018)

  • The Palacio de Deportes will host this Saturday the first match on the new parquet floor of the central court (05/10/2018)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, visited last Thursday, October 4, the sports facilities with representatives of the most important clubs of the municipality and the manager of Jimbee Cartagena FS, Juan Giménez
  • Citizens demand that the Ministry of Education take charge of the expense of the prefabricated classroom in the Miguel de Cervantes (05/10/2018)

  • New speed controls in Cartagena for the week of October 8 to 14 (05/10/2018)
    They will be located both in access roads and avenues of the city, as in neighborhoods and county councils, industrial estates and coastal towns of the municipality
  • The Roman Theater of Cartagena extends its opening hours and days for the October 12th bridge (05/10/2018)
    Among the scheduled activities, a virtual visit to the Roman Theater in which the monument can be viewed in 360 degrees stands out
  • The Women's Associations Fair returns to Heroes de Cavite this weekend (05/10/2018)
    The Fair of Women's Associations, promoted by the Department of Equality, will have 47 stands, of which 36 will be occupied by Women's Associations of Cartagena
  • Badge of the San José Police (Costa Rica) for Víctor Javier Navarro (04/10/2018)

  • CTSSP: The "megalomaniac" misgovernment of Ana Belén Castejón (04/10/2018)

  • CTSSP: 600,000 euros of all the Cartagena people spent on poison (04/10/2018)

  • CTSSP rejects the General Account (04/10/2018)
    The municipal group of Podemos criticizes the accounts of the PSOE, its execution and, worse, everything that has not been executed
  • Cs will register in the Congress and in the Assembly a proposal to protect the location of the Commercial Court in Cartagena (04/10/2018)

  • Padín: "If the City Council were an autonomous parliament elections would have been called a long time ago" (04/10/2018)
    - The orange training qualifies as "irresponsible" the new remodeling and deformation of the Government team in Cartagena
  • The Office of Addictions and Drug Addiction will participate in the Urban CT Fest with activities aimed at young people (04/10/2018)
    From the Technical Office of the Municipal Plan on Addictions and Drug Addiction (PMAD), all the actions carried out in the field are promoted, managed and coordinated of the prevention of addictions and drug addiction
  • The City Council will fence the land of El Hondón as soon as it has the permission of the General Directorate of the Environment (04/10/2018)
    The official cataloging of El Hondón as contaminated soil opens the door to request aid for its definitive regeneration
  • Exposed the 26 works that opt ​​to be the official poster of Holy Week 2019 (04/10/2018)
    The posters can be seen until October 24, at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Citizens will demand that the PSOE explain and resolve the accused lack of resources and personnel in the Local Police of Cartagena (04/10/2018)

  • Castejón remodels his government team to face the final stretch of his mandate (04/10/2018)
    The main novelties are the incorporation of Mercedes García and Manuel Mora, as well as the creation of the new Government Area of ​​Development Model, Smart City and Housing
  • The T-La de Otoño travels to Salamanca, Toledo and Granada, as well as workshops and courses (04/10/2018)
    In total there are 78 activities aimed at young people between 14 and 35 years old and 29 young people participated in it
  • The socialist disability plays against him and avoids the favorable report to the General Account of the City Council of 2017 (04/10/2018)
    They appoint a member of the PP, which ends up being definitive for the rejection of the socialist proposal
  • Ciudadanos lashes out against the PP and the PSOE for allowing Cartagena to be the most polluted municipality in Spain (04/10/2018)

  • We are Region: 18 years after the closing of Potasas, Cartagena continues to live with radioactivity (04/10/2018)
    Since 2001, the residents of Cartagena are demanding the cleaning of some land charged with radioactivity due to the presence of Uranio-238, without administrations have solved the problem.
  • José López demands that the regional and state governments of the PP and PSOE offer solutions to society in the face of the public health problem in El Hondón (04/10/2018)
    "The people of Cartagena demand explanations and an immediate solution"
  • Fomenta improves visibility in 18 kilometers of regional roads that run through Cartagena (04/10/2018)

  • Responsible for sustainability, prevention and equality of 34 Spanish universities analyzed in the UPCT their role in the Ecological Transition (04/10/2018)

  • Cartagena Port of Cultures announces a special program for Puente del Pilar (04/10/2018)
    It includes activities and guided tours with gastronomic tasting or dramatized visits to enjoy the history in museums and archaeological sites in an attractive and suggestive way
  • The T-la begins the fall season with a course on creation and development of virtual environments (04/10/2018)
    The Youth Council is committed to this type of training, which provides young people with a qualification that differentiates them from other similar profiles, increasing their possibilities of employment
  • Francisco Aznar leaves the Municipal Corporation to assume a new position in the Government Delegation (03/10/2018)
    The plenary session of the City Council becomes aware of his resignation to his council act that will assume in the coming days Manuel Mora
  • City Council urges to adapt public toilets for ostomized people (03/10/2018)

  • Cs asks for solutions to the serious damages in the pavement of José María Artés and in the surroundings of the old Tívoli Building (03/10/2018)

  • Citizens demand in the Plenary the Bureau of Justice and answers to the main lawsuits in Cartagena (03/10/2018)
    - The orange training complaint that three months have passed since the main groups of the sector demanded through manifest the convocation of the Board of Justice
  • Cs: The PSOE refuses to acknowledge and apologize for the obvious plagiarism of the 10 proposals of the Trade Plan (03/10/2018)
    - The orange training has also denounced the new failure of the Executive to convene a new session of the Local Council of Commerce and after cross-examining has committed to convene it "at the end of the month"
  • Vinorea, the best online store in the region (03/10/2018)
    The cartagenera wine company has been awarded the first place in the third edition of the Cecarm e-commerce Awards
  • Cs forces the mediation of the Government in the neighborhood conflict with Correos for the suppression of its service in 15 housing developments (03/10/2018)

  • Cs gets the increase of training workshops for parents and students to combat cyberbullying in Cartagena (03/10/2018)

  • Cs obtains that the Government designs for the first time a study of the socioeconomic reality and the depopulation in Cartagena (03/10/2018)

  • The Plenary endorses Cs' crash plans to combat illegal dumping and discharges and unhealthy sites (03/10/2018)

  • The plenary rejects, on the initiative of MC, the regional government for its policy of "indoctrination" (03/10/2018)
    The Plenary endorses the position of MC so that taxi drivers from Cartagena can work at the Corvera International Airport
  • The UPCT links companies and students in the Employment Forum and with a new portal of job offers (03/10/2018)
    The Emfoca website brings together job opportunities, practices and R & D + i projects with companies
  • The students of the new Emergency Training Cycles and Underwater Operations of UCAM Cartagena will be able to obtain up to 18 titles with their FP (03/10/2018)

  • The City Council will place a plaque on the street of Jimenez de la Espada's birthplace to honor his memory (03/10/2018)
    The City Council of Cartagena will offer the illustrious Cartagena this recognition in San Antonio el Pobre, when it is 120 years since his death
  • Strides on Wheels brings sports to people with reduced mobility (03/10/2018)
    The majority of the voluntary partners of this group are athletes and they facilitate that other people can practice sports and other leisure activities and free time
  • The City Council grants the work license to the Gastromercado of the Alfonso XII pier (03/10/2018)
    The mayor fulfills the commitment acquired with the promoters of this initiative that the license would be ready in the last quarter of 2018
  • The SEF disseminates the advantages of the Youth Guarantee in the Cartagena Employment Forum (03/10/2018)

  • The Amphitheatres of Hispania, to be discussed at the Heritage Days that are held in Cartagena (03/10/2018)
    The headquarters of the UNED hosts these days on 4 and 5 October organized by the City Council and UNED with the collaboration of the UPCT, the UMU and the University of Valencia
  • The II Citizenship Fair brings activities for interculturality to the streets of San Antón and Mediterranean Urbanization (03/10/2018)
    It is a meeting place between social entities and citizens
  • Exhibition of images competing to be the official poster of Holy Week 2019 (03/10/2018)
    The posters are exhibited this Thursday, October 4, at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, starting at 12:00 hours
  • The theater group TANIT will put on the boards of Luzzy the play '8 mujeres' (03/10/2018)
    The performance will take place at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center on Saturday, November 17
  • The City of Cartagena will apply in general the ruling that recognizes the enjoyment of paid leave from the first working day of the worker (03/10/2018)
    The Municipal Government agrees with the unions the immediate application of this jurisprudential criterion that will be included in the new agreement of working conditions and collective agreement that is being negotiated
  • We can rejects the transitory rules and the business acceleration law (02/10/2018)

  • FC Cartagena "B" and NV Students compete for the final of the RFEF Cup in the Cartagonova (02/10/2018)

  • The City Council, SEPES and the CARM agree to speed up the agreement that will allow the start of the ZAL of Los Camachos at the beginning of 2019 (02/10/2018)

  • The Minister of Transparency, Participation and Spokesperson attends the celebration of the Guardian Angels in Cartagena (02/10/2018)

  • Culture programs the workshop "A house without walls, Poetry in dialogue with other arts", with Esther Ramón (02/10/2018)
    Registration is free with limited places and the workshop will take place on November 16 and 17
  • The XII edition of Cartagena por la Caridad will allocate its collection to the fight against cancer (02/10/2018)
    Tickets and donations are already on sale at the ticket offices of El Batel Auditorium, Teatro Circo and Ticketmaster, with a price of 6 and 12 euros
  • Rock, pop and samba for the inclusion in the classrooms of children with Down syndrome and with intellectual disability (02/10/2018)
    The solidarity festival 'El Grito de Asido' will be held at the Parque Torres Municipal Auditorium on Saturday, October 6, at 22 : 00 hours and in it will act Dakokan, Route 33 and the Basement of the Doctor
  • The City of Cartagena recognizes the experience of the elderly during the celebration of its International Day (02/10/2018)
    On the occasion of the International Day of the Elderly, which is celebrated on October 1, the City of Cartagena, through its Department of Services Social, has prepared a series of events for this Tuesday, October 2
  • The Civil Guard deploys an extensive alcohol and drug verification device coinciding with the Carthaginian and Roman festivities (02/10/2018)
    La Benemérita has controlled 4,303 drivers, of whom 11 have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages
  • Dismantled in Cartagena a criminal group dedicated to the commission of robberies (02/10/2018)
    Joint operation of the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Cartagena
  • The National Police celebrates the day of its patron in front of the image of the Guardian Angel (02/10/2018)
    At 10:30 a Solemn Mass has been celebrated in the Parish of Our Lady of Carmen, followed by a solemn act in the street
  • Citizens asks the Government to inspect the facilities of the Prometeo Association and assess the granting of aid (02/10/2018)

  • MC requires the traditional parties not to consent to employment discrimination to taxi drivers throughout the Region at Corvera airport (02/10/2018)
    A feasible modification of the National Regulation would avoid the veto of the City of Murcia to taxi drivers who do not work in that city
  • María Dueñas opens the Reading, Thinking, Imagining programming (02/10/2018)
    Organized by the Municipal Libraries, the event will take place this Thursday at 8 pm in room B of El Batel, with free admission until full capacity is reached
  • MotoUPCT defends at MotorLand its place in the world elite of student motorcycle competition developers (02/10/2018)
    "We create a motorcycle for a single race", highlights the leader of the team of students of the Polytechnic of Cartagena
  • MC requires the regional (PP) and state (PSOE) governments to coordinate to eliminate tolls from Cartagena to Alicante and Vera (02/10/2018)

  • Cartagena Piensa celebrates with Rascasa its 25th anniversary (02/10/2018)
    It will be this Thursday, October 4, in the assembly hall of the Fishermen's Association of Santa Lucía, at 7:30 p.m., and will begin with the presentation of the book 'Chronicles Rasqua.
  • Conference on Juvenile Cyber-suicide in the College of Criminologists of Costa Rica (02/10/2018)

  • We can ask in the plenary that the sports personnel be municipal contracting (01/10/2018)

  • The temporary exhibition 'MVSAS' is exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid (01/10/2018)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, has attended the presentation and inauguration of the exhibition that took place this Monday, October 1 in the Spanish capital
  • Cs thanks Sepes for recovering the January agreement and announces that it will withdraw its enforcement actions if there is an agreement (01/10/2018)

  • The tickets for the 38 Cartagena Jazz Festival have been depleted From now on tickets can be purchased at the box office or on the web jazzcartagena.com (01/10/2018)

  • The grotesque of Valle-Inclán arrives at the Teatro Circo Apolo with Los Cuernos de Don Friolera (01/10/2018)
    The performance will take place on Saturday, October 20 at 9:30 p.m.
  • SEPES has already reached the agreement for the cession of the floor of Los Camachos for the ZAL (01/10/2018)
    The mayor and the business representatives of Cartagena have met this morning with the general director of the public entity that has shown his absolute willingness to facilitate the sale of the land
  • Cs reproaches the PSOE for its indifference to the abolition of the ordinary postal service in 15 Cartagena developments (01/10/2018)

  • MC Cartagena will ask the socialist government about its draft budget for 2019 and the paralyzed projects of the current one (01/10/2018)
    Isabel García will again require the Executive of Castejón about the breach of the motion that obliges the inclusion of the opposition in the Contracting Committee
  • 'Rosas Blancas' comes on the scene at 'El Batel' as the winning work of the Amateur Theater National Contest Isidoro Maiquez (01/10/2018)
    The play, based on the novel' Carta de un desconocida 'by Stefan Zweig, will be performed on October 19 at 9:30 p.m.

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