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Cartagena News - May 2019

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  • NAVANTIA updates its brand as a symbol of the transformation of the Company with the new Strategic Plan (31/05/2019)

  • Day of learning on nutrition and sport in the Carmelitas school (31/05/2019)
    The fifth and sixth grade students of the school learn how to feed themselves better within the ADE program of the Department of Sports
  • Students from the eleven centers included in the Participatory Budgets explain their role in the process (31/05/2019)
    This Friday May 31 they have exhibited by groups in the Palace Hall how they have organized among themselves to inform their classmates, collect proposals and carry out the voting and counting
  • Students of the Connect Program of the ADLE receive their diplomas (31/05/2019)
    The closing ceremony was held this Friday at the Canteras Training Center
  • New speed controls of the Local Police of Cartagena from June 3 to 9 (31/05/2019)
    They will be during the week of June 3 to 9 through different areas of the municipality and at points with a large influx of vehicles
  • Special traffic bulletin from June 3 to 9 to detect alcohol and drugs in drivers (31/05/2019)
    Local Police controls will be carried out in different parts of the city and councils
  • The new Municipal Nursery will focus its work on the recovery of native species (31/05/2019)
    Its implementation coincides with the new basic service contract for nursery production reserved for Special Employment Centers, which has been awarded to Prolam-Astus
  • MC: "Castejón leaves the works unfinished and without funding" (31/05/2019)
    "MC Cartagena will be forced to correct this deficiency after taking office"
  • Cartagena lives its Convivial Days in the Diversity of your Neighborhood (31/05/2019)
    The Cartagena City Council, the Obra Social "la Caixa" and the Cepaim Foundation, through the ICI Project, promote a series of Health, Education and Community Culture that started this last thursday day 30
  • Nearly 100 doctors update their knowledge on multiple sclerosis in Cartagena (31/05/2019)
    More than 400 patients are being followed up in the neuro-immunology and multiple sclerosis clinics of the Santa Lucía hospital
  • Mary Poppins puts the final note of the XXXI Exhibition of School Theater (31/05/2019)
    The students participating in this activity, which encourages theater in the smallest, have received awards and diplomas at the Closing Gala, held this Friday at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Playa Paraíso hosts the Cartagena Beach Volleyball Municipal Phase (31/05/2019)
    The IES teams Los Molinos, IES San Isidoro and CP La Encarnación participated in this competition held this Wednesday at the Beach Volleyball Center of the Sports Complex
  • The Local Police of Cartagena will ensure road safety at sporting events this weekend (31/05/2019)
    It is recommended that drivers anticipate their travels and be cautious during the development of the XII Triathlon-Sertri, the Santa Teresa hospitality march and the party of soccer between FC Cartagena and Madrid Castilla
  • Does sex have power ?, a public conversation between Jorge Alemán and Anna Caballé, proposal of Cartagena Piensa (31/05/2019)

  • Cs will convene next week an assembly of affiliates to present the conclusions of their post-election analysis (31/05/2019)

  • The UPCT recovers the use of the purslane (31/05/2019)
    The European project Diverfarming allows to reintroduce this edible wild plant and take advantage of spaces to make the crops more profitable
  • Navantia, EXPAL and Elbit systems present their unmanned 30mm TIZONA tower for the Army in FEINDEF (30/05/2019)
    International Defense Fair FEINDEF 2019, Madrid 29-31 May
  • Garrigues Walker: "I have a tremendous faith in the Mediterranean Corridor, it's vital" (30/05/2019)

  • End of the Gypsy Development Plan promoted by Social Services (30/05/2019)
    It has been developing between the months of January and May with Proyecto Abraham in the Villalba neighborhood and Virgen de la Caridad
  • The Popular University projects the film 'Desarraigo' on the history of Valle de Ricote (30/05/2019)
    Directed by Joaquín Lisón will be exhibited at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, at 7 pm
  • Francisco José Rubio Chinchilla and Emma Martínez Cerdá, winners of the Photographic Contest "The treasure in The Night of the Museums" (30/05/2019)
    The award ceremony of this first edition took place today Thursday at the Palace of the City of Cartagena
  • Galerías El Flamenco welcomes the summer with the Fiesta de la Espuma (30/05/2019)
    It will be on Saturday, June 8, starting at 11 am at Galerías El Flamenco - km.
  • Countdown to Pozo Estrecho for #Ventepijo (30/05/2019)
    Eleven artists from all over the Region will participate in this fourth edition of the festival this Saturday, June 1, together with the local gastronomic commitment
  • Open enrollment period for the summer course 'Cultural Heritage and Tourism' of the UPCT (30/05/2019)
    It will be held from 15 to 17 July in the auditorium of the Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena
  • The UPCT increased the collaboration in R + D + i with companies by 48% in 2017 (30/05/2019)
    The Second Accountability Report highlights the 9.2% increase in master's degree graduates and the increase in teacher satisfaction
  • Vista Alegre is preparing for its XXXVIII Cultural Week with the re-release of'Jes Cristo Cristo Superstar ' (30/05/2019)
    From June 8 to 15 the popular neighborhood will celebrate various activities, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the GITVA group
  • Cartagena Piensa reflects on Education and Disability and the future of specific centers (30/05/2019)
    It will be this Thursday, May 30 at 7:30 p.m. in the Assembly Hall of the Higher Technical School of Agronomic Engineering (ETSIA)
  • The Cartagena City Council and the Cartagena Symphony Orchestra sign an agreement to promote artistic activities (29/05/2019)
    The Councilor for Culture in Cartagena, David Martinez, and the president of the Proconciertos de Levante Cultural Association Laura Llamas have signed the agreement on Wednesday May 29 at the Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena
  • Francisco José Rubio Chinchilla wins the photographic contest "Treasure in the Night of the Museums" (29/05/2019)
    The awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday at 1:00 pm at the Town Hall
  • A cabaret club will open for one night at the Teatro Circo Apolo El Algar with'Chicago Life ¡El Musical! ' The performance of the musical work will take place this Saturday, June 1, at 10pm, in the theater of the Cartagena deputation (29/05/2019)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena controls the use of the belt in 984 vehicles (29/05/2019)
    The campaign has resulted in 13 complaints, eight of them to drivers
  • More than half a thousand athletes will swim, pedal and run in the SERTRI Triathlon'Ciudad de Cartagena' (29/05/2019)
    The sporting event, which will reach its XIV edition, will take place this Sunday, June 2 and will start at Plaza Heroes de Cavite, a nine in the morning
  • The Local Police advises to go on foot or by public transport to the decisive game on Sunday between Cartagena and Castilla (29/05/2019)
    There will be a special agent device to guarantee security and regulate the heavy traffic that is expected at the time of the meeting in the near the Cartagonova
  • The Algar becomes the African savannah with'The Legend of the Lion King Rey Kimba! ' (29/05/2019)
    The performance of the play will take place next June 1, at 6:00 pm, at the Teatro Circo Apolo
  • The Portuguese Dino D'Santiago will perform at La Mar de Músicas after collaborating with Madonna on his new album (29/05/2019)
    In an interview with the French magazine Tetu, the singer recognizes the importance of the musician in his new work and how he taught him to speak Portuguese
  • María José López Suanzes resigns her councilor's deed to the City of Cartagena. (28/05/2019)

  • Three doctorates awarded for their presentations at the UPCT Agri-Food Workshop (28/05/2019)

  • The acting plenary urges the next Corporation to resolve the appeal against the extension of Hidrogea and to promote the commission of investigation (28/05/2019)
    A report of the general secretary warns of the limitation of the agreements of the current Corporation to those considered as mere administration
  • Students of all ages begin in photography in the I edition of the Business Photography Course (28/05/2019)
    The 50-hour training course has been taught within the Fixed Class Program of the Local Development and Employment Agency
  • Citizens support the continuity of the Hydrogea Commission and the opening of dossiers to Hidrogea in the next legislature (28/05/2019)

  • Classifieds the teams for the finals of league prebenjamín "B" and "A", benjamin "B", alevín "A" and infant (28/05/2019)

  • More than thirty experts will participate in El Batel in the "International Forum of Microorganisms" (28/05/2019)
    From this Wednesday, May 29 until Thursday, May 30, Cartagena receives professionals in the application of microorganisms in agriculture, from of different countries
  • The Pablo Guardiola restaurant wins the X Tapa Route and the Dulce de Los Belones (28/05/2019)
    It will be next Monday, June 3 when the prizes are handed out at the Town Hall by the acting councilor and ACOBE representatives
  • Cartagena Piensa presents the book "Perverted Time: Right and Left in the 21st Century" (28/05/2019)
    It will be this Wednesday and will be borne by its writer, the journalist Esteban Hernández, in the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center library at 8:00 p.m.
  • The Local Police starts a campaign to control the circulation of vehicles in the Historic District (28/05/2019)
    From this Tuesday 28 and for two weeks, the agents will focus especially on loading and unloading areas
  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish of Cartagena organizes a training day for a solidarity economy (28/05/2019)

  • The fire of an electrical panel in a building next to the Palacio de Deportes has suffocated At around 10 in the morning of Monday, the Firemen received the warning because of the intense smoke that was coming out of the place (28/05/2019)

  • The Columbares Association offers two environmental itineraries through Cabo Tiñoso in June (28/05/2019)
    Another of the activities that will take place are three talks in San Pedro del Pinatar, San Javier and Murcia to learn about the state of the Mar Menor
  • The deadline to submit the required documentation for summer activities in the Department of Education (27/05/2019)
    The parents who posted their children online in one of the 1,500 seats offered, have until Tuesday May 28 to make the reservation, who will lose otherwise
  • 50 stands of shops and restaurants will be announced at the III Trade Fair of El Algar LATEST POSTER (27/05/2019)
    On Saturday, June 1, starting at 11 am, in addition to the exhibition stands, there will be tasting of products, raffles of gifts, a magic show and a bingo during the day
  • The Lomas del Albujón celebrate their Spring Festival 2019 (27/05/2019)
    They will take place from Thursday, May 30 to Sunday, June 2
  • Cartagena, Port of Cultures offers its congress tourism offer in Frankfurt (27/05/2019)
    The municipal consortium has participated in the IMEX International Fair together with more than 150 different countries
  • The 16th Encounter of Choirs 'Cartagena in Spring' brings together three of the best groups in the Region in El Luzzy (27/05/2019)
    The event will take place on Saturday, June 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • An expedition of more than 40 young sub20 athletes moved to the Athletics tracks of Alcorcón (26/05/2019)
    to compete in the Spanish Championship of Clubs, final B.
  • Manuel Padín: "The people of Cartagena today have a historic opportunity to end political instability and paralysis" (26/05/2019)

  • Lalo G. Morales: "I speak badly of politicians in an elegant way" (25/05/2019)
    Presentation of the book THE FINGER IN THE CUPLE, edited by MALBEC
  • "IT'S LAUGHTER, The Mediterranean Corridor Show", gathers about 800 spectators in Cartagena (25/05/2019)

  • The Cantonal Party proposes the construction of five new children's schools in the councils (25/05/2019)
    The PCAN will thus provide education for 0-3 years in all parts of the municipality due to the unequal distribution of municipal nurseries
  • Graduated by the UCAM the first promotion of Physiotherapy and Criminology of the history of Cartagena (24/05/2019)

  • THE FINGER IN THE CUPLE, fiction novel about the intricacies of a regional parliament (24/05/2019)
    MALBEC publishes the opera prima of Cartagena writer Lalo G.Morales
  • MC: Cartagena will choose between the efficient management of MC and bankruptcy and the economic waste of PP and PSOE (24/05/2019)

  • Cs asks not to divide the vote of those who want an alternative to bipartisanship and to prevent populism from ruling (24/05/2019)

  • Chair of Sustainable Agriculture of the UPCT opens a plant to concentrate brine with the help of a biomass boiler (24/05/2019)
    Researchers are also testing the capacity of citrus pruning remains to denitrify the residue of double osmosis
  • The Università di Foggia invests doctor honoris causa to the professor emeritus of the UPCT Artés Calero (24/05/2019)
    The Italian university recognizes the professor of the UPCT the possibility of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables through the transformation into products of IV and V Gama, ready to consume
  • Cs: "The campaign of promises and smiles of PP and PSOE pales before the attacks on health and the environment" (24/05/2019)

  • The PCAN proposes the rehabilitation of the Central Cinema as a municipal theater (24/05/2019)
    The Cantonal Party is committed to the signing of an agreement of cession to the Town Hall of the historic building by the Autonomous Community
  • Ten candidacies will compete on Sunday in the municipal elections of Cartagena (23/05/2019)
    The census is made up of 153,666 voters, of which 1,081 are foreigners living in the municipality
  • The final stretch of recovery of the Molino de Las Piedras de Los Mateos is undertaken (23/05/2019)

  • The MC Government Program will structure the municipality through its young people and its rich historical heritage (23/05/2019)

  • New ADLE re-activation program for women over 40 (23/05/2019)
    The Local Development and Employment Agency is launching this pilot experience to improve the employability of this population sector
  • The school Luis Vives del Albujón encourages the use of bicycles in the II Week of Mobility-Bicycle (23/05/2019)
    The activity, which took place from May 14 to 17, had a workshop on the helmet and the importance of the use of the bicycle in our day to day, celebrated on Friday May 11
  • The City Council encourages Cartagena to decorate its balconies with the flag of Efesé during the promotion league (23/05/2019)
    In addition to the four flags that wave on the flagstones of the Town Hall, the fountain of the Peral Submarine will be added this afternoon and a while the 'Play-Off' matches last
  • Cartagena Local Police speed controls for the week of May 27 to June 2 (23/05/2019)
    They will be placed in different areas of the municipality and in points with a large influx of vehicles
  • More than a hundred women march in Cartagena for the investigation of endometriosis (23/05/2019)
    The sports and solidarity race destines the proceeds to those affected by endometriosis, a chronic disease that affects 35 thousand women in the Region of Murcia
  • Older people in Torreciega receive self-protection advice from the Local Police (23/05/2019)
    The activity has been developed in collaboration with the Department of Social Services, showing them the ways to act as victims of abuse or delinquency or in emergency situations
  • Cs Cartagena promises to end the dedazos and the clientelism in the contracts and in the municipal subsidies (23/05/2019)
    "We have more powerful municipal plan realized until the date so that the City council recovers the respect of the citizens of Cartagena", maintains the liberal party
  • MC Cartagena will continue betting on mobility, accessibility and respect for the environment during its next government action (23/05/2019)
    The MC project, led by José López, is a project for the future
  • The importance of easy reading for people with disabilities, this Monday in Cartagena Piensa (23/05/2019)
    Framed in the Thinking Disability cycle, the talk will take place at the Youth Resource Center at 7.30 pm
  • Arrested by agents of the Local Police, the alleged perpetrator of an act of gender violence (23/05/2019)
    The events occurred on La Palma during the afternoon of Wednesday, May 22
  • Intercepted a vehicle whose driver ignored the indications of the Police (23/05/2019)
    The agents stopped the car after a small chase, giving the positive driver in narcotics
  • The Alternative Free Time Program for Youth organizes a trip to Asturias for this summer (23/05/2019)
    From July 7 to 12, participants will be able to visit, among others, the towns of Oviedo, Gijón, Cudillero, Cangas de Onís, Covadonga and Ribadesella
  • Isabel Franco: "We will give Cartagena the institutional weight and the regional investment it deserves" (22/05/2019)
    The transfer of the Ministry of Tourism or the development of the Local Financing Law linked to a reform of the Autonomic are among the commitments of the liberal party
  • The Paralympic medalists Juan Carlos Mellado and José Carlos Moreno, received as champions (22/05/2019)
    They have achieved silver and bronze respectively in the Special Olympics held during the month of March in Dubai
  • The 'Talent Return to Cartagena' program contacts more than 100 young emigrants and returnees during the first months (22/05/2019)
    The last hiring was of the young Cartagena, Federico López-Cerón Robles, who has returned from Poland to work as Coordinator of Supply Chain of a multinational in the Campo de Cartagena
  • Much More May closes its tenth anniversary with its most participatory edition (22/05/2019)
    The festival held activities from May 10 to Tuesday 21 throughout the municipality under the motto 'The face of the other.
  • The City Council sports the colors of the Fútbol Club Cartagena for the promotion playoff to the Second Division (22/05/2019)
    The Cartagena Football Club plays its first playoff game this Saturday, May 25 at 6:00 pm at the Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium in the City Deportiva del Real Madrid in Valdebebas
  • Tribute to the municipal retirees for decades of public service (22/05/2019)
    Some forty officials who have reached their well-deserved retirement in the last twelve months have received today, day of Santa Rita, the recognition plaques from the mayor
  • The Governing Board approves the adaptation of the urbanization project of the Rambla Partial Plan for the completion of the Canton Avenue (22/05/2019)
    The municipal executive has also approved the creation of a market in Los Urrutias and the agreement for the call for ideas for the rehabilitation of the Ancient Cathedral
  • Mikel Erentxun hangs the complete poster in the Christmas Fort Concerts (22/05/2019)
    The concert of the Venezuelan singer, based in San Sebastian, will take place on June 28, at 10 pm, on the roof of the 19th century castle
  • Published the hours of the Play Off of the Local Football League The matches will be held on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May (22/05/2019)

  • MC Cartagena will execute a Tourism Master Plan that builds a model of global, sustainable exploitation that includes all typologies (22/05/2019)
    Strengthen the autonomy of the Department of Tourism, a Rural Tourism Plan or the growing sports tourism, future challenges
  • Cs Cartagena will create an Attention Point for the Entrepreneur and a venture capital fund for high impact projects (22/05/2019)
    The candidates Manuel Padín and María Amoraga met today with the board of directors of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Cartagena y Comarca
  • Info and the Port of Cartagena collaborate to promote innovation in companies in the port logistics sector (22/05/2019)

  • Antonia Domenech and Andrés Mesa, Galileos of the Year with Ángel Conesa, winner of the Golden Plow Award in Pozo Estrecho (22/05/2019)
    The awards ceremony was held on Tuesday to mark the Spring Festival of the Cartagena deputation
  • Cartagena Thinks about sexuality in people with disabilities this Friday (22/05/2019)
    In collaboration with the Department of Social Services, it will be held at ETSIA within the cycle 'Thinking about Disability'
  • Twelve Salesian centers from all over Spain will participate in the XIX Intercensal Games (22/05/2019)
    The athletes will compete on June 1 in football, indoor soccer, volleyball, mini basketball and basketball
  • More than 150 young cyclists will participate in the 11th Exhibition of Cycling Schools 'Cartagena City of Treasures' (22/05/2019)
    It will be held on June 9 at the Speed ​​Circuit by the Club Ciclista Los Dolores with races in which children from between 5 and 14 years that are part of the Regional Road Cycling Championship
  • Navantia looks for engineers in the UPCT (22/05/2019)

  • The genius of Leonardo Da Vinci will arrive in Cartagena on June 27 (22/05/2019)
    City Council and "la Caixa" will offer an exhibition about his work and thought with the aim of awakening curiosity and the desire to learn from visitors
  • 39 educational centers visit the Cartagena Security Park during this school year (22/05/2019)
    Last Monday the scheduled activities of the schools of the municipality that had been taking place since November
  • Two arrested for stealing a pair of sneakers in a clothing store in the old town (22/05/2019)
    The events took place on May 21, at 6:00 pm, on Puerta de Murcia street
  • López Miras announces the opening of an Office of Enterprise Investment Capture in Cartagena and the transfer of the tourism council (21/05/2019)
    "We will double the investment in tourism promotion until reaching 22 million euros to alleviate the municipal inaction," he affirmed
  • Cs Cartagena accuses PP and PSOE of having taken the judicial party to an unprecedented state of emergency in Spain (21/05/2019)

  • Cs considers "an insult to Cartagena" the campaign that Arroyo is doing and considers "impossible" an agreement with the PSOE (21/05/2019)

  • EFB Balsicas, At.Corvera and AD Portman, champions of children, cadets and females (21/05/2019)
    This weekend will begin the final phase with the dispute of the semifinals in the categories of prebenjamín "B", prebenjamín "A", benjamin " B ", alevín" A "and infantile
  • A new edition of the 'Workshops of Philosophy for adults', of Cartagena Piensa, with a debate on bioethics and anti-vaccines begins (21/05/2019)
    The debate will take place on May 28, at 19:45, in the Lola classroom Fernández of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Much More May exposes the artistic embrace between the Cartagena and the refugees (21/05/2019)
    Neighbors from the neighborhoods of San Antón, Virgen de la Caridad and La Vaguada have made ceramic pieces in an activity organized by social Atram-ceramista and in which Rama Blanca has collaborated
  • The City Council of Cartagena joins the Open Data initiatives of the municipalities of the Region of Murcia (21/05/2019)
    Through the Transparency Portal, the City Council data will be federated with the national portal so that they can be viewed worldwide
  • The lifeguards carry out 234 actions on beaches so far this month (21/05/2019)
    The posts of Galúa, Entremares, Cala Cortina and San Ginés are open on the weekends of the month of May before the influx of bathers
  • La Lonja de Santa Lucía is promoted with brochures, videos and informative panels (21/05/2019)
    Today, an 18-meter-long mural on the fence shows its facilities, showing the main fishing gears used in the area
  • MC will promote the facilitation of the activity of entrepreneurs in Cartagena (21/05/2019)
    ? The Office of Strategic Projects will also be launched, as well as measures to encourage young employment
  • Recovered by the Local Police a stolen motorcycle (21/05/2019)
    The vehicle was found on Friday afternoon, in the neighborhood of San Ginés
  • The Ficcoteca del Luzzy projects 'The silence of others', in the X Days of Historical Memory (21/05/2019)
    The film about the victims and the survivors of the Franco regime will be able to see this Wednesday, May 22, at 8:00 pm, in the Salón of Acts of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center.
  • Painting, bolillo and pastchwork, some of the works of the workshops of Equality, that are exposed in the CIM (21/05/2019)
    The sample will be able to be visited until May 22 and collects the works realized during this course in the different workshops organized by the Department of Equality
  • The Teatro Circo Apolo of El Algar brings children the show 'The little white rabbit' (21/05/2019)
    The theatrical performance with live music and puppets will be this Sunday, May 26 at 12 o'clock
  • SODICAR awareness of the importance of Diabetes with the XXXVI edition of its cycle of conferences and workshops (21/05/2019)
    They began on the last morning of this Monday, the 20th with a hiking route that gave way to the inauguration of the conferences in the Assembly Hall of the CAM
  • The Alternative Free Time Program of Youth programs a meeting with the God Eolo (21/05/2019)
    The activity will be on Saturday, May 25 at 11 am, departing from the Archaeological Park of Cerro del Molinete.
  • The CHS will improve the hydraulic capacity of the ravines of the Azohía and the Albujón in Cartagena (21/05/2019)
    The works will consist mainly of elimination of invasive vegetation, recovery of the channel and collection and waste management
  • The PCAN proposes the creation of a Regional Park in the salt mines of Marchamalo (21/05/2019)
    The endowment of the protected area with an interpretation center, bird observatories and explanatory panels of flora and fauna would expand the leisure offer of La Manga
  • Massive presence of Club Cuatro Santos Cartagena in the XX Marathon of Almans (20/05/2019)

  • The UCAM holds a job fair in Cartagena for its students (20/05/2019)

  • CV Haris proclaims champion of Spain for boys in Volleyball in Cartagena (20/05/2019)
    The Tenerife team won 3-0 in the final against MC San José CNA.
  • Young people from Cartagena will be able to observe the planet Neptune in'The Nights of Astronomy' (20/05/2019)

  • The Municipal Council for Children and Adolescents participated in the Night of the Museums (20/05/2019)
    25 children, representatives of entities that make up this organization, had the opportunity to enjoy various activities organized last Saturday
  • The muralists of Mucho Más Mayo show their work in the neighborhoods and in the city (20/05/2019)
    The murals that can be visited are in the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, in the street of the Rose and in the Almirante Elizalde street of the Barrio de la Concepción and at the CEIP Stella Maris of the Barriada Virgen de la Caridad
  • The SAVI presents the rental insurance to the neighborhood associations of Cartagena (20/05/2019)
    During the meeting that the municipal service of Assistance and Intermediation held this Saturday with representatives of the Federation of Neighborhood Associations, it was also agreed to start a process of joint collaboration
  • Carthaginians and Romans already have the official poster of the XXX edition of the festivities (20/05/2019)
    The poster, which was presented this Saturday at the Pier of Alfonso XII, during the Night of the Museums, has been designed by Ángel Ronda, of the agency The Diligence
  • Big party in the Barriada Virgen de la Caridad as a pin to the Week for Coexistence and Respect (20/05/2019)

  • The craft beer Barrakeña Bier, protagonist of Saturday at the Spring Festival of Pozo Estrecho (20/05/2019)
    The activities took place after the proclamation and the coronation of the queens that started the festivities on Friday 17
  • The electoral results of April 1931 and an exhibition of Loza de Cartagena, document and video of the month in the Municipal Archive (20/05/2019)
    The document gathers the results of the municipal elections that were held in Cartagena on April 12, 1931, while the video is dedicated to the collection of Loza by José Angosto García-Vaso
  • The MC Government Program will promote Comprehensive Action Plans in neighborhoods to promote actions of regeneration and social urbanism (20/05/2019)

  • Cartagena displayed worldwide in the organization of the Group Aesthetic Gymnastics Championship (20/05/2019)
    3,000 people attended the final day at the Palacio de Deportes, where the Rhythmic Cartagena and the Mountain range of Murcia won the gold medals in mixed senior and junior respectively
  • MVSAEDOMVS presents its Spring Concert with students of Chamber Music of the Conservatory of Cartagena (20/05/2019)
    It will be held this Wednesday May 22 at the Municipal Archaeological Museum with free admission
  • Cartagena Piensa commits and reflects on disability with a cycle of four talks (20/05/2019)
    The cycle 'Thinking about disability' will start on Thursday, May 23, until day 30, where they will be treated from different aspects
  • Much More May closes its program celebrating World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (20/05/2019)
    The festival ends its activities with a ceramic installation in front of the City Council on Tuesday with musical performances at night
  • El Molino de Zabala approached its legacy and history on Wind Mills Day (20/05/2019)
    The visit of this Latin sail windmill, the oldest of those that still survive in our region, took place on Saturday, May 18 , coinciding with the celebration of activities of the Night of the Museums
  • The museums of Cartagena received 61,175 visitors on their big night (20/05/2019)
    The most visited museum space on Saturday, May 18 was the Naval Museum and the Isaac Peral Room, with a total of 10 thousand visitors
  • Cs promises the house-museum of Isaac Peral, and an executive revolution to unclog the main cultural projects (20/05/2019)

  • "Tellecos" of the UPCT create a tool for early diagnosis of glaucoma for SMS (20/05/2019)
    Researchers at the Polytechnic of Cartagena are developing advanced techniques of 'deep learning' to carry out screening campaigns in the health centers of the Region of Murcia
  • Cs Cartagena will implement a protocol against corruption and bad practices to prevent new millionaire convictions (19/05/2019)

  • The PCAN will recover the municipal bike rental service (18/05/2019)
    Cyclists would give their personal information to the City Council through the Internet and would incur civil offense in case of damage or theft
  • Pedro Sabiote: "Either we take pollution seriously, or we are going to become an extinct species" (18/05/2019)
    Somos Región presented last night in Cartagena the members of its candidacy in an act that was closed by the president of the party, Alberto Garre
  • "With his return to the Mayor's Office, MC will execute the Plan to Promote Trade that has not been fulfilled by the PSOE" (18/05/2019)

  • Cs will conduct audits to improve road safety in school environments and reduce the risk of accidents and accidents (18/05/2019)
    They will be carried out by impartial, independent auditors with respect to the City Council and qualified, in collaboration with schools, parents' associations and students , driving schools located in Cartagena, and Local Police
  • Classical music triumphs at El Batel with the Closing Gala of "Between Strings and Metals" The winners of the XXII edition were Paula Soriano Ibáñez, Marcos García Barrera, Daniel Madrid Jordán, Alberto López Bernal, Mario Muñoz Álvaro, Ad (18/05/2019)

  • In its meeting with VOX Cartagena, the Camachos Polygon demands solutions (17/05/2019)

  • VOX: "A tree in your house is a careful tree" (17/05/2019)

  • The Spanish Men's Volleyball Championship is already under way (17/05/2019)
    Between 450 and 500 players compete in the port city from 15 to 19 May for the XIV edition of this championship in the Cabezo Beaza and Wssell pavilions of Guimbarda
  • The gladiatorial combats in the Roman Amphitheater, one of the novelties of the XI edition of the Night of the Museums that is celebrated on Saturday (17/05/2019)
    Within the programming of activities for the night of Saturday, May 18, the opening will take place free during the day of the Augusteum and the House of Fortune
  • The average City Council for Navantia, Armada and CHS improve access to the shipyard (17/05/2019)
    After a meeting held yesterday afternoon, confederation technicians measured on the bed of the ravine the possibility of unfolding the current road and enable a bike lane as demanded the workers
  • The MC Government Program will give continuity to the ambitious sports project that Cartagena deserves and needs (17/05/2019)
    The improvement in the service, the special attention to the infrastructures and the constant support to clubs and athletes, will mark the roadmap of the Cartagena training from the local government
  • 97 percent of UP students pass the university entrance exam for over 25 years (17/05/2019)
    Last Thursday, May 16, the closing ceremony of the preparation course took place at the Consistorial Palace
  • ... (17/05/2019)

  • The exhibition on the 50th anniversary of IES Isaac Peral and the 150 years of Secondary Education in Cartagena is extended until May 29 (17/05/2019)
    The exhibition, with photographs and school documents from the center, can be found at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center.
  • Collection of collective garbage that marks the borders in Much More May (17/05/2019)
    The initiative under the name 'Trashchallenge' will give way to the artistic intervention 'Garbage of borders' with the collected waste
  • The IV National Amateur Theater Competition of Cartagena raises the curtain (17/05/2019)
    'Bocata y Fuga', '24 -F 'and' Maison Close 'will be the works that will be performed at the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar, at 9:30 p.m. from May 31 to June 8
  • The VII Cross Paraíso Xtreme Los Flamencos hopes to gather more than 500 runners (17/05/2019)
    The sporting event will be held on June 15, framed within the activities of the VII Paraiso Beach Sports Week
  • Diasporas, expulsions and stigmas: the pariahs of the 21st century, in Much More May (17/05/2019)
    The president of the Spanish Society of Philosophy, María José Guerra Palmero, gives a talk on Monday at the Cajamurcia Foundation
  • Contigo Somos Democracia proposes the creation of a Submarine Museum in Cartagena (17/05/2019)

  • Citizens announce "hard hand" against mafia squatters, narco-rings and vandalism in Cartagena (17/05/2019)
    The Liberal Party will create special units in the Local Police to protect Cartagena from the Mafia occupation, and reports that vandalism costs a year in Cartagena, one million euros
  • The Ciudad de Cartagena Children's Trophy opens the Group Aesthetic Gymnastics World Championship (17/05/2019)
    The preliminary phase of the competition held at the Palacio de Deportes has started this Friday, and will be on Saturday at noon when the World Cup opens
  • Cartagena Local Police speed controls for the week of May 20 to 26 (17/05/2019)
    They will be placed in different areas of the municipality and at points with a large influx of vehicles
  • The artistic project'Disonancias Fronterizas' disembarks in the Port with the festival Much More May (17/05/2019)
    The performance, by Coletivo [1668] - Open in Action, will be this Sunday at noon next to Cola de Ballena
  • The young people teach the new technologies in the "new age classroom" This is a new intergenerational project of the Department of Social Services in which students of the ISEN lend their time to teach other questions about how to ask for (17/05/2019)

  • The astronomical observation Cosmic Ocean planned for the Night of the Museums changes its location to the Cerro del Molinete (17/05/2019)
    The activity, in which planets, satellites, galaxies, star clusters and nebulae can be discovered, will be carried out by the Astronomical Association of Cartagena , will maintain the established schedule from 22 to 01 hours.
  • Traffic cuts in El Albujón and Sister Francisca Armendáriz on May 20 and 21 respectively (17/05/2019)
    Local Police of Cartagena reminds drivers and garage owners to plan their trips
  • Directors and heads of studies meet to evaluate the results of the Participatory Budgets in the educational centers (17/05/2019)
    The meeting took place this Friday, May 17 at the Consistorial Palace next to the mayor of Participación Ciudadana, Juan Pedro Torralba
  • The first woman police of the Region of Murcia, the Cartagena Mari Carmen Garrido, interviewed by the 7TV (17/05/2019)
    It will be in the program 'Between Women' that broadcasts the regional public channel on Sunday May 19 from 23: 45h ,
  • A residential proposal that integrates the environment in the home wins the local phase of the Pladur Constructive Solutions Contest (17/05/2019)

  • The PCAN proposes that a social worker help the elderly at home for two hours (16/05/2019)
    The Cantonal Party proposes this measure for those elderly people with family uprooting who live alone at home
  • Cs will take to Cartagena the seat of the Ministry of Tourism and start the feasibility study for the return of Customs (16/05/2019)

  • Students of the Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta school win the Architecture Olympiad with a project of modules adapted to work as a team (16/05/2019)

  • MC will correct with his Government Program "the lagoons of Castejón in the fight against gender violence" (16/05/2019)

  • Citizens will reduce the bureaucracy in the City of Cartagena and promote e-government (16/05/2019)

  • The urban buses will have uninterrupted service from 19 to 1:30 hours during the Night of the Museums (16/05/2019)
    The Local Police of Cartagena advises its use before the security device that is prepared in the historic center for Saturday, May 18 with motive of activities prepared throughout the city
  • The Governing Board unblocks the Partial Plan of the Dunes in Cabo de Palos (16/05/2019)
    In an extraordinary meeting, the municipal executive has also rejected the resolution of the agreement with Hansa Urbana in San Ginés de la Jara
  • The Group Aesthetic Gymnastics World Championship begins in Cartagena, which can be followed by streaming on the internet (16/05/2019)
    1,700 gymnasts from 28 countries will be present in Cartagena until May 19 at an event organized by the City of Cartagena, the Spanish Gymnastics Association Aesthetics of the Group and the International Federation of Group Aesthetic Gymnastics
  • Cartagena pays homage to the gypsies who resisted in the concentration camps of Auschwitz (16/05/2019)
    The ceremony, held this Thursday in the Plaza del Icue and organized by the Department of Equality in Cartagena, the Association of Gypsy Feminists for Diversity and Oudar Kaló , commemorates the Day of Resistance of the Romani People
  • Up to 20% discount in the shops of the center in the Night of the Museums (16/05/2019)
    The attached establishments will display a sign in their shop windows in addition to an extended closing schedule this Saturday 18
  • Activities for the little ones in the Night of the Museums (16/05/2019)
    This XI edition has a program especially for them with workshops, guided tours and activities for the whole family
  • Different disciplines will coexist in the Night of the Museums in the old CIM (16/05/2019)

  • MC Cartagena will facilitate the generation of employment through administrative simplification and the reduction of taxes and fees (16/05/2019)
    Isabel García regrets the disastrous socialist results at the head of the ADLE and applauds the professionalism and good work of the new management
  • Twelve hours of music and uninterrupted gastronomy at the festival #Ventepijo de Pozo Estrecho (16/05/2019)
    Next June 1st, the event, which is in its fourth edition, will offer the performance of twelve groups from the Region together with the tasting of local products
  • The neighborhoods and associations turn to cooperative activities in Mucho Más Mayo (16/05/2019)
    This Friday 17 will continue with others focused on the theme of the festival, to make visible the face of the other and the host, with art and music
  • The young Camerata Rhein plays Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy and Berstein (16/05/2019)
    The concert of chamber music, organized by the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena, will be on Friday, May 17, beginning at 7:30 p.m. acts of the CAM Cultural Center
  • Sabotage Theater represents this Friday'Was Soll Icht Tun ?: Immigration, origin slavery' in the Civil War Shelters (16/05/2019)
    The show, which gathers several stories of immigrants from Cartagena and the rest of Spain, who have worked in Germany, It is open access until full capacity and can be seen at 20 hours, within the programming of Many More May
  • The Cartagena III team, winner of the XI Municipal Petanque Championship (16/05/2019)
    In this edition, 8 teams participated, belonging to the Senior Centers of: Molinos Marfagones, Alumbres, B ° Peral, Jose María Lapuerta, Vista Alegre and Cartagena III
  • ... (16/05/2019)

  • Published the schedules of the 24th day of the Regional Baseball League (16/05/2019)
    The matches will be held on Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19
  • Between Strings and Metals, he will give the awards of his XXII edition on Friday at El Batel (16/05/2019)
    It will be during the traditional gala that will be held from 20:00 in the Isidoro Máiquez Room with free admission, until full capacity is reached
  • VOX Cartagena denounces the passivity of the City Council regarding the operation of the CATAD (15/05/2019)

  • "Entrepreneurs 360' closes its first edition with 33 participating projects (15/05/2019)
    The president of COEC announces the start-up of the Investment Network of the District of Cartagena with ten 'angels business'
  • The neighborhoods, protagonists on Thursday of the agenda of the festival Much More May (15/05/2019)
    Workshops, recitals and conferences will be held.
  • The 36th edition of the Sodicar conference cycle begins with a lecture on skin cancer and a healthy shopping workshop (15/05/2019)
    It is estimated that 30,000 people suffer from diabetes in Cartagena, of which 13,000 are unaware of it
  • Poetry to celebrate the patron saint of municipal officials (15/05/2019)
    On Thursday, May 16, public employees of the City of Cartagena will offer a recital at the Sala Athenas on Cuatro Santos Street
  • The Naval Museum will project images of the Peral Submarine sent by the citizens in the Night of the Museums (15/05/2019)
    Those interested in participating will be able to send their photographs by mail and they will be able to be seen in the museum from 10 pm until 00 on Saturday
  • The Rural League celebrates the IV Day of the Windmills with a visit to the Mill of Zabala (15/05/2019)
    It will take place next Saturday 18th where you can enjoy these giants that reigned in our fields
  • The winners in the IV Balcones and Facades Contest of Easter Week in Cartagena collect their awards (15/05/2019)
    The first prize, worth 250 euros and a diploma, went to José María Alcalde Méndez and Pedro Pagán Muñoz for decorating their balcony and facade in the Plaza del Risueño
  • The Local Police of Cartagena intervenes in an alleged case of domestic violence (15/05/2019)
    The event occurred on the night of this Tuesday, May 14, in the Ensanche area
  • Cartagena commemorates the rebellion of Roma women of Auschwitz on the Day of Resistance Romani (15/05/2019)
    This Thursday 16 will be enabled an awareness space by the Department of Equality in the Plaza del Icue along with the reading of a manifesto and performance
  • In March, the monumental murals of the'One Urban World', one of the hallmarks of Mucho Más Mayo (15/05/2019)
    This year, the Uruguayan Liquefied Group, the Madrid-based Sfhir and the Valencian Toni Espinar stand out in a program curated by Kraser
  • The Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena will open for 15 hours followed by the International Museum Day (15/05/2019)
    From 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Saturday, May 18, attendees to the Roman Theater will be able to perform family activities, visit exhibitions and witness live music and dance performances
  • The composer and pianist Rui Massena premieres work,'III ', with which he will visit La Mar de Músicas (15/05/2019)
    After occupying number 1 on the Portuguese sales charts with his previous work, the Portuguese artist released his new album on Friday Universal Grammophon
  • The Local Police shows their work to 6 students of 4th of ESO of the IES San Isidoro (15/05/2019)
    Through the program 4 ° + COMPANY of the CARM, the participants know the professional work of the Local Police, at the same time they are oriented by these
  • Traffic cuts for the Night of the Museums (15/05/2019)
    The Local Police recommends that citizens use public transport to access the city center and make use of the parking in the area
  • Pozo Estrecho celebrated the XXV anniversary of the Kitchen Contest with good gastronomy (15/05/2019)
    In total 16 dishes, eight sweet and eight salty, were tasted by the jury in the Local Social
  • Short Week Starts at the Much More May Festival (15/05/2019)
    The event will be held in two days, this Thursday with screenings in the San Antón neighborhood and Friday in Plaza San Francisco
  • Cartagena, Cardio-Protected City expands its network with three new columns on the public highway (15/05/2019)
    Throughout this morning, the ones located in Plaza de San Francisco, Santa Florentina Market and Ribera de San Javier next to Cénit will enter into operation, with what will be installed defibrillators already eight
  • The PCAN will make the emergency number 092 free of charge (15/05/2019)
    Calls to the Local Police telephone cost money even in terminals with flat rate unlimited call contracts
  • The centers of Cartagena Port of Cultures increase their visitors by 9 percent during the first four months of the year (15/05/2019)
    From January 1 to May 5, 140,128 people have been counted who acquired tickets compared to 129,055 in the same period of 2018
  • The mayor meets with 'La tapa inmobiliaria' (14/05/2019)
    Ana Belén Castejón has been invited by the Association of Real Estate Developers of the Region interested in the urban management of the municipality
  • Municipal groups, neighbors and agents involved analyze the health situation in Cartagena (14/05/2019)
    The meeting convened by the mayor took place this Tuesday 14 along with representatives of Area II of Health of Cartagena and Region and responsible for the Murcian Health Service, among others
  • Manuel Padín: "The hemodynamic 24 hours will be a reality thanks to the social clamor of Cartagena and despite the PP" (14/05/2019)

  • Children's F11, cadets and females will decide their league winners this weekend (14/05/2019)
    EFB Balsicas, and Albujón CD in children's F11, At.
  • ... (14/05/2019)

  • The UCAM will participate in the Night of the Museums of Cartagena with its Dance Company and the exhibition of the Centenary of the Ephesus (14/05/2019)

  • Family signs an agreement for the maintenance of the Santa Teresa hospitality Foundation in Cartagena (14/05/2019)

  • Cartagena will donate Gota a Gota blood for the third consecutive year (14/05/2019)
    The blood donation campaign will take place this Saturday, May 18, at the Town Hall, from 10 am to 2 pm
  • The training laboratory of Mucho Más Mayo organizes a workshop on contemporary dance by the Eyas Dance Project (14/05/2019)
    It will be held on Sunday the 19th at the Municipal Sports Pavilion Wssell de Guimbarda with techniques of improvisation and body awareness
  • Music and art, protagonists this Wednesday in Much More May (14/05/2019)
    The activities will take place both in the center of the city and in the neighborhoods
  • The Sports Palace of Cartagena hosts the XX edition of the Group Aesthetic Gymnastics World Championship (14/05/2019)
    In total, 1,700 gymnasts from 28 countries will be present in the port city from May 17 to 19
  • ... (14/05/2019)

  • The UPCT increases its performance in R + D + i, according to the U-Ranking (14/05/2019)

  • The reality of the neighborhoods by photographers and neighbors in the exhibition'Con-Vivencias' (14/05/2019)
    Framed within the festival Much More May and under the motto 'The face of the other.
  • Clarifications of FESBAL on food aid from the FEAD, in relation to the Food Bank of the Region of Murcia (Cartagena) (13/05/2019)

  • The City Council offers its collaboration to the Food Bank to maintain its logistics warehouse in Cartagena (13/05/2019)
    The demand for a rent for the ship that until now had been using for free in Cabezo Beaza obliges the NGO to look for other alternatives
  • The esplanade of the port hosts more than a hundred classic vehicles (13/05/2019)
    It took place on Sunday May 12 with the assistance of the Councilor for Culture and Tourism David Martinez
  • Perín celebrated the III edition of its Encuentro de Bolillo (13/05/2019)
    It was held last Sunday, May 12 at the Perín Neighborhood Association
  • Between Strings and Metals awards the prizes of its XXII edition (13/05/2019)

  • Citizens denounce the collapse of the fence that protects the Molinete Archaeological Park and its state of abandonment (13/05/2019)
    "If the PSOE does not act for the patrimonial value, that it does it at least for the risk for public health", defends the spokesman of the liberal party in Cartagena, Manuel Padín
  • Dance weekend for all ages at the festival Much More May (13/05/2019)
    With dances and workshops, the center of the city was starring in music from Friday afternoon to Sunday
  • The XXXI Exhibition of School Theater opens the curtain with'High School Musical' (13/05/2019)
    From May 13 to 31, will be performed at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center 12 plays and school musicals
  • The Local Police of Cartagena intervenes a compressed air weapon to a minor (13/05/2019)
    The person involved was shooting PVC balls from the window of his house in Angel Bruna Street
  • Cartagena becomes the national capital of boys' volleyball Between 450 and 500 players will compete in the port city from May 15 to 19 for the XIV edition of this championship in the Cabezo Beaza and Wssell pavilions of Guimbarda (13/05/2019)

  • Two hundred and fifty people have signed up to volunteer at the Night of the Museums (13/05/2019)
    The event will be held in Cartagena on Saturday, May 18
  • 'The aesthetics as a policeman of the time' by the philosopher and critic Ignacio Castro this Wednesday in Cartagena Piensa (13/05/2019)
    Framed within the program Much More May, will be held at the Palacio de Pedreño of the Cajamurcia Foundation
  • Cartagena Negra organizes a summer course on Narrative of Mystery (13/05/2019)
    It will be given in the last week of August, being the perfect prologue for the celebration of the days that will begin on September 3
  • Open the call for students of Geology and Biology who want to investigate and learn about Victoria Cave (13/05/2019)
    Interested parties can submit their curriculum vitae and a motivation letter to info@cidarismpe.org until May 29.
  • Students from eleven educational centers have already decided on what to invest their participatory budgets (13/05/2019)
    Voting took place between May 6 and 8 and defined the projects to which the 110,000 euros that the City of Cartagena has allocated for this end
  • Cs will execute in its first 100 days of government a plan to create shadow zones in streets, squares and children's areas (13/05/2019)
    Manuel Padín: Cities have to be alive twelve months of the year, and their managers must protect people more vulnerable, elderly people and children, from the heat waves that are approaching
  • Live music and tapas tasting at the May Crosses of La Aparecida (13/05/2019)
    The town celebrated its festivities on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May
  • Almost a thousand participants in the third edition of the Arx Asdrúbalis (13/05/2019)
    Held on Saturday, May 11, participants toured the five hills of Cartagena through the most emblematic sites
  • Much More May analyzes Islamophobia in the Spanish media (13/05/2019)
    It will be at a conference that will take place on Tuesday May 14 from seven in the afternoon at the Palace Hall
  • José López informs the residents of La Aljorra that with the Mayor's Office of MC they will return the investments to the districts and councils (13/05/2019)

  • A dozen lambs die intoxicated in a fire in the Lesser Islands (13/05/2019)
    Cartagena firefighters managed to rescue some thirty that were inside an agricultural ship
  • The City of Cartagena calls for citizen collaboration to control the population of the yellow-legged gulls (13/05/2019)
    The annual campaign coincides with the nesting period of this species in buildings and rooftops, making available to neighbors a telephone number to which to direct warnings
  • Cartagena Firefighters put out a fire in the Mina Blanca del Beal Urbanization (13/05/2019)
    It took place on Sunday at dawn with the displacement of the Heavy Urban Bomb and a mother pump
  • There was no luck for the women's and men's teams of the UCAM athletics Cartagena (12/05/2019)

  • Padín: "It is curious that the PSOE sells as an electoral promise the simple and plain compliance with the Law of Animal Protection" (12/05/2019)
    The only thing that MC and PSOE have done was "the monumental botched in the reform of the cheniles of the CATAD", recalls the Citizens spokesperson
  • Citizens will launch the integral projects for the recovery of the Santa Florentina and Gisbert markets (11/05/2019)
    The Liberal Party has calculated a three-year investment plan to completely revitalize these "essential spaces for the economy and local employment, health, social coexistence and urban integration "
  • The PCAN proposes the organization of a festival of classical works in the Roman Theater (11/05/2019)
    The stage of the monument would host representations with reference actors with a limited capacity but with several passes the day of the function
  • The Plenary asks for the resignation of López Miras and rejects it together with the Minister of Health for the situation in the health area of ​​Cartagena (10/05/2019)

  • The Perín Water Trail explained through this video (10/05/2019)
    Performed by the Department of Economic Strategy, Animal Health and Welfare, aims to raise awareness of the water catchment system
  • Promotion gives the City of Cartagena the ownership of a stretch of service road CT-33 (10/05/2019)

  • The Sentinels of the Sea Seminar will show children and adults the biodiversity of our sea beds (10/05/2019)
    Workshops, itineraries along the coast and a photographic exhibition are the activities planned for May 18 and 19 in Cabo de Palos and La Azohía
  • ... (10/05/2019)

  • A musical and poetic weekend with the Festival Much More May (10/05/2019)
    Exhibition of electric vehicles, the homage to Walter Benjamin, the performance of Koniré, are some of the activities for this Saturday and Sunday in Cartagena
  • Open the registration period for the summer workshops of the Municipal School of Theater of Cartagena (10/05/2019)
    Directed to children from 5 to 11 years, will be held during the month of July
  • New traffic cuts in the Alameda for the renovation works of the asphalting (10/05/2019)
    As of this Monday, May 13 during the whole week, the avenue will be closed by sections in the direction of the Plaza de España, with works scheduled to end between Thursday and Friday
  • Cs gets the reproach of López Miras for refusing to open 24 hours of the Hemodynamics service in Cartagena (10/05/2019)

  • The ADLE turns the terrace of Casa Moreno into an ecological space against climate change (10/05/2019)
    With the aim of reducing its effects in very hot areas such as the old town of Cartagena
  • PSOE and Citizens prevent López Miras from declaring persona 'non grata' for denying uninterrupted attention in the Hemodynamics Unit of Santa Lucia (10/05/2019)
    The Plenary, at the proposal of MC and CTSSP, requires the removal of asbestos from schools in Cartagena and the rest of the Region
  • Medieval dinner at the Castillo de la Concepción (10/05/2019)
    Within the program of the exhibition of Isabel la Católica, there will be two dinners organized by Puerto de Culturas
  • 'High School Musical', from IES Elcano, inaugurates on Monday the XXI Exhibition of School Theater (10/05/2019)
    The show will take place at 11 am, at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Estrecho Well Blooms with the Spring Festival (10/05/2019)
    From May 12 to 26, the town will host musical performances, contests, pilgrimages and many other activities
  • In progress, the prevention campaign against the tiger mosquito To avoid the proliferation of this mosquito species, the City Council of Cartagena advises citizens not to leave pots or containers with water outside, close well the garbage bags or avo (10/05/2019)

  • 'La Mirada Ubicua' by José Albaladejo reviews the events of the last 30 years in Cartagena (10/05/2019)
    The posthumous exhibition of the photojournalist can be visited at the Town Hall until June 30
  • Mendoza and Castejón encourage to enjoy the European final of Table Tennis with the UCAM Cartagena (09/05/2019)

  • Neighborhood associations and social and environmental organizations ask to extend the period of suggestions to the progress of the revision of the PGOU of Cartagena (09/05/2019)
    The organizations consider that the public exhibition coincides with electoral campaigns and festivities that make it difficult to study the documentation and the presentation of suggestions
  • Carmen Conde's "Poetry before Time and Immortality" resounds in Cartagena for the 40th anniversary of the entry into the RAE (09/05/2019)

  • The two-time UCAM Table Tennis, entertained at the Palace After the Spanish league double and the Queen's Cup, the women's team will fight this Saturday, May 11, for the European league triplet (09/05/2019)

  • The Algar will become the regional capital of Colombicultura with the final of the Murcia Cup (09/05/2019)
    One hundred sports pigeons are called to compete for prizes totaling 20,000 euros.
  • Students of IES Elcano exhibit their work as European Parliament Ambassador School (09/05/2019)
    They visited the Town Hall on the Day of Europe, this Thursday, May 9, where they have exhibited their activities to the mayor and mayor of Public Service
  • 30 professionals share knowledge and experience in the UPCT on Disability and Employment (09/05/2019)
    Technicians of regional and municipal administration, businessmen and workers are presenting this Thursday, May 9, experiences and contents on modalities of labor insertion, adapted training, employment with support and experiences of life
  • The Nordic March Trophy returns to the Mar Menor The second edition of the sporting event will take place this Sunday, May 12, with a 16.5 km test that will be scoring for the Nordic March Regional League of the Mountaineering Federation (09/05/2019)

  • Cartagena claims that members of the LGTBI collective are not considered mentally ill (09/05/2019)
    The presentation of the book 'Pedro Zerolo.
  • The Solidarity March for Hospitality reaches its eighth edition (09/05/2019)
    With a route of 7 kilometers through the historic center, it will be held on Sunday, June 2.
  • Citizens assure that only their "normative revolution" will face the illegal camping and allow the Police to act (09/05/2019)

  • This Friday starts the festival Much More May with intense programming (09/05/2019)
    From Friday 10 to Tuesday 21, the festival will develop from its different sections more than 80 proposals in which all the artistic expressions are found with a common motto, " The face of the other: Art and Hospitality "
  • "We already are and smell a colony" (09/05/2019)
    Jesús Giménez Gallo.
  • Cs Cartagena is committed to increasing the offer of summer schools by 1,000 more places in two years (09/05/2019)
    "We only use 110,000 euros of budget when other large municipalities allocate between 500,000 and 1,000,000 euros for the program", reports the spokesman of the liberal party
  • Social Education students visit 'La Milagrosa', headquarters of the Department of Social Services (09/05/2019)
    They made a guided tour and received training on the socio-educational stages through which the children interned in the Casa de Misericordia passed until the beginning of the 21st century
  • Cartagena firefighters are trained in self-rescue and zip lines (09/05/2019)
    Two instructors from the fire department taught a 12-hour course at the ESPAC and Security Park
  • Published the schedules of the 23rd day of the Local Football League The matches will take place on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May (09/05/2019)

  • Entrepreneurs will develop innovative projects such as a technology for satellite communications or the creation of smart urban murals in Crodworking Carthago (09/05/2019)

  • The commemoration of Europe Day culminates the events organized by the Mobility Space of the Youth Council (09/05/2019)
    For ten days have been held and promoted activities of young people participating in the Erasmus + program.
  • The City Council offers the CARM all the facilities for the cession of the lands of the ZAL (08/05/2019)
    For this the Consistory will renounce its rights of reversion of over four thousand square meters of the Integral Center of Transport
  • The Community and the City Council reach an agreement to unblock the ZAL of Cartagena (08/05/2019)
    The municipal charges on the existing floor in the Transportation Center are kept in Los Camachos
  • Hidden CARTAGENA: mysterious new route through the city (08/05/2019)

  • Fernando Lalana and Paco Roca collect their awards at the Mandarache Hache Award final gala (08/05/2019)
    1400 young people attended the closing of the fourteenth edition at the El Batel Auditorium and Conference Center
  • The Palacio Consistorial hosts the "La Mirada Ubicua 1992-2018", posthumous exhibition of the photographer José Albaladejo Ros (08/05/2019)
    It will be inaugurated this Thursday, May 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the exhibition hall on the occasion of his extensive career as a municipal graphic reporter
  • The philosopher Santiago Alba Rico speaks of Islamophobia as a guest at the Festival Mucho Más Mayo (08/05/2019)
    The talk entitled 'The Islamophobic danger and institutional responsibility' will take place this Friday, May 10, at 7:30 p.m. Cajamurcia, at the Pedreño Palace
  • Cartagena commemorates the 40th anniversary of Carmen Conde's entry into the RAE on Thursday (08/05/2019)
    A literary journey, a poetry recital, several round tables about the writer and the reading of her speech on the exterior steps of the Palace, the activities scheduled for the tribute, which is going to be celebrated on May 9
  • Tourism launches a photo contest on the occasion of the Night of the Museums (08/05/2019)
    Those interested in participating should make photographs that day related to the heritage and cultural wealth of Cartagena and send them to the mail: cartagenaciudaddetesoros@gmail.com.
  • The winners of the Mandarache Project participate in a live writing'jam ' (08/05/2019)
    Paco Roca and Fernando Lalana were preparing for the closing of the activities of the awards this Tuesday, the 6th in the ARQVA
  • The City Council requests the temporary hiring of 16 unemployed to develop projects in Culture, Education and Youth (08/05/2019)
    The Governing Board has approved the projects to attend the call of the SEF, along with others of GALPEMUR for the creation of a route guide submarines, the sea route of Santa Lucia and a video about the fish market of Cartagena
  • Conference on Disability and Employment within the Municipal Plan 'Cartagena para todos' (08/05/2019)
    They are held this Thursday at the School of Business Sciences of the UPCT and its objective is to raise awareness of aspects related to the labor insertion of people with disabilities
  • Cartagena takes the first steps to implement the Safe School Paths (08/05/2019)
    The project 'Walking to school', gives the girls and boys of the municipality the opportunity to recover the street for their journeys on foot to go to school every day in a way safe and accompanied by adult volunteers
  • The patron saint festivities of San Isidro Labrador of Los Belones face its final stretch (08/05/2019)
    The activities, which began last April, will conclude the week of May 13 to 19, with the large barbecue for 500 people
  • MC Cartagena demands the immediate roofing of the Cathedral of Cartagena (08/05/2019)
    The project, carried out by the PP, lacks rainwater collection or does not work, which has caused the Cathedral, the Museum of the Roman Theater and its surroundings to be in danger
  • Koniré, Aziz & Kunta and Don Fluor star in Mucha Más Música (08/05/2019)
    The concert, included in the Much More May, will be on Saturday May 11 from 9:00 pm next to the Carlos III Wall
  • Cs will promote the installation in Cartagena of the companies that are born in the CEEIC to stop their flight to other cities (08/05/2019)
    Cs believes little the annual subsidy that receives the CEEIC that is 350,000 euros for the 500,000 euros that the analogous center of Murcia receives
  • Gold medal for a student of the UPCT in the Spanish University Taekwondo Championship (08/05/2019)

  • Cs will review all contracts of the main public services of Cartagena after the collapse of satisfaction (08/05/2019)

  • The City Council of Cartagena is its Municipal Council of Culture (08/05/2019)
    The event, chaired by the mayor, took place on Tuesday May 7 at the Palace Hall
  • "The Campus of Engineering is the future of UPCT's university education" The rector of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Alejandro Díaz, emphasizes that every year 4,500 young people from all over the Region discover the world at (07/05/2019)

  • Cs requests the appearance in the Health Council of the head of Cardiac Surgery who advised against extending the operations to Cartagena (07/05/2019)

  • The beaches of Cartagena renews its five blue flags (07/05/2019)
    To the quality marks of the waters granted by the Association of Environmental and Consumer Education joins that granted to the marina of the Real Club de Regatas
  • Cartagena will host the V Meeting of Reading Clubs of the Region (07/05/2019)
    The director of the Network of Municipal Libraries of Cartagena María del Carmen Rodal received this Saturday the witness of the director of the Municipal House of Culture of Yecla
  • Great gastronomic variety in the X Tapa Route and Dulce de Los Belones (07/05/2019)
    Up to 14 restaurants offer their tapas for 2.5 euros until May 15
  • Pozo Estrecho joins the 'Barrios' program of the ADLE (07/05/2019)
    The participants will carry out both theoretical and practical occupational training activities in urban maintenance for the unemployed
  • The artists of Asido Cartagena show their works in the exhibition Sensaciones (07/05/2019)
    The works can be visited on the ground floor of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy center until May 16
  • Cartagena becomes otaku with the VII Edition of the Manga Exhibition and the Japanese Culture (07/05/2019)
    This event, which will have more than 200 activities, will take place this weekend, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 of May, in the Municipal Pavilion of Sports Wsell de Guimbarda
  • The Roundtable'Arte and politics from migratory contexts', proposal from Cartagena Piensa en Mucho Más Mayo (07/05/2019)
    It will be held on Thursday, May 9, in the Ceremonial Hall of the Consistorial Palace organized by the Cartagena Think
  • Ciudadanos recriminates Castejón who has broken his word with the board and the parents of Los Belones Club de Fútbol (07/05/2019)

  • Cs announces that it will audit the economic management of the PSOE as of May 26 to know the real state of the accounts (07/05/2019)
    The liberal party fears that there are hundreds of subsidies without justification after the deadline, hidden invoices and unanswered judicial obligations, and therefore, collection rights lost and a more bulky real debt
  • MC Cartagena denounces the electoral use that the PSOE makes of the soccer fields of El Bohío and Molinos Marfagones (07/05/2019)
    The Socialists, after a year of paralysis, announced three weeks before the elections the project for the installation of artificial turf in the cited neighborhoods
  • The AD Isla, CD La Manga, EF Aljorra, CD Juvenia, AD Barrio Peral and AD La Vaguada clear favorites to win the championship of prebenjamín "A" (07/05/2019)
    They will dispute the pass to the final phase of the title in the last two days, after the championship resumed last weekend, after the dispute of the XXVI edition of the Copa de Cartagena tournament
  • Municipal employees celebrate their patron saint, Santa Rita, with cultural and sports activities (07/05/2019)
    With the inauguration of the exhibition of 'Ritalia 2019' last Friday, began the acts with which each year City Hall officials commemorate Santa Rita
  • Green light from the Finance Commission for the improvement of El Bohío and Molinos Marfagones soccer fields with a surplus of 2018 (07/05/2019)
    The municipal groups have also shown themselves to be favorable to reviewing the compatibilities of the responsible for the various municipal governing bodies
  • The icuebús will have a stop at Avenida Reina Victoria (06/05/2019)
    The request presented by the municipal group of PODEMOS in 2017 is made reality at the end of the legislature.
  • The new blowers and scrubbing machines for street cleaning will be operational in a month (06/05/2019)
    The Board of Directors of Lhicarsa informed this morning of the deadlines for the arrival of the new machinery
  • Ecologists in Action demands preventive measures to combat pollution in Cartagena (06/05/2019)

  • The file has been started so that the press room of the Town Hall bears the name of the photographer José Albaladejo (06/05/2019)
    The mayor has also decreed the beginning of the procedure so that two places in the neighborhood of El Plan and El Llano are named after two its neighbors
  • Citizens includes gastronomic tourism in its plan to combat the growing depopulation in Cartagena (06/05/2019)
    The Cs candidate for mayor of Cartagena has attended the meeting in Mazarrón on "Tourism and gastronomy in rural areas" framed in the RED project (Rural, Encuentros por el Desarrollo) developed by the Campoder Local Action Group
  • The Major Associations of Cartagena celebrate their day of coexistence in Los Urrutias (06/05/2019)
    It will take place this Tuesday at the Cáritas camp in Los Urrutias, at 1 pm
  • The José María de Lapuerta School inaugurates the votes of the Participatory Budgets in schools in Cartagena (06/05/2019)
    Students from 11 schools and institutes of the municipality are called to choose their preferred proposals.
  • Alameda de San Antón open to traffic (06/05/2019)
    As of Monday, May 13, there will be new cuts in the direction of Plaza de España, in a staggered manner
  • The mayor demands that the Hemodynamics Unit of Santa Lucía reopens 24 hours (06/05/2019)
    Castejón asks that the permanent deputation of the Regional Assembly meet so that President López Miras explains the reasons for the reduction of the schedule
  • We can ask in a motion that the Municipal Government comply with the commitment acquired with the Conservatory of Cartagena (06/05/2019)

  • More than 20,723 tourists will arrive throughout the week to the port of Cartagena (06/05/2019)
    The Local Police advises citizens to take this circumstance into account when accessing or traveling through the Historic District.
  • The Historical Quarter and the councils were filled with music and entertainment for the May Crosses (06/05/2019)
    The popular party was held last weekend with parades, choirs rocieros and live performances organized by the City to minimize the inconvenience to neighbors
  • Mikel Erentxun and Ariel Rot star in the concerts of the Fort of Christmas in Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (06/05/2019)
    They will be held on June 14 and 28 along with a boat trip included in the concert tickets
  • The weekend of May 4 and 5 was held at the Monterromero Stadium in Murcia, the Regional Championship of Combined Tests, as well as a test control on Saturday 4 and a sub16 semifinal on Sunday 5 where a hundred athletes from UCAM Athletics Cartagena p (06/05/2019)

  • The Much More May Festival projects the documentary "Emergency exit" (06/05/2019)
    It shows the different citizen initiatives to support refugees and migrants and will be presented by its director, Juan Zarza
  • The Mandarache and Hache 2019 Awards face their final stretch (06/05/2019)
    The Mandarache Libreta workshop closes on May 7 with a live writing jam
  • Padín: "Citizens have been born to fight the territorial injustice that Cartagena suffers after decades of bipartisanship" (05/05/2019)
    Ciudadanos presents its municipal list in Cartagena for the elections of next May 26 in the Plaza Héroes de Cavite
  • We can request the resignation of López Miras before the "irresponsible" statements about the hemodynamic service (04/05/2019)

  • Citizens request the resignation of López Miras for considering "a nonsense" the report of cardiologists on Hemodynamics (04/05/2019)

  • CARTAGENA: Departure port of cruise ships (04/05/2019)
    PLURAL DEMOCRACY will bet on its Electoral Program for CARTAGENA as "exit port of cruises"
  • We can demand courageous policies to improve Cartagena's air (04/05/2019)

  • MC: "The work in the vicinity of the lake compromises the safety and cleanliness of the area" (04/05/2019)
    "The width of 2.70 meters prevents maneuvering firefighters and cleaning services"
  • Rescued from an eighth floor an old woman who had broken her hip (04/05/2019)
    Firemen of the SEIS of Cartagena evacuated her from her home using a vehicle scale
  • The UCAM Cartagena one step away from the triplet (04/05/2019)

  • The surplus of 2018 will allow the soccer fields of Molinos Marfagones and the San Cristóbal neighborhood to become a reality (03/05/2019)
    The necessary budgetary modification will be taken to the next Municipal Plenary, which will be held on May 10
  • Cs Cartagena will create a new Advice Point for Entrepreneurs to facilitate the creation of companies (03/05/2019)

  • The COEC celebrates its 40th anniversary in its annual Ordinary General Assembly (03/05/2019)
    The event, which was held this Friday, May 3 at the Faculty of Business Sciences, was attended by the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón
  • The Llano del Beal celebrates its May Crosses on Sunday (03/05/2019)
    The cross ornamented with flowers will be located in front of the San Nicolás de Baro Church of the San Ginés Strait.
  • The Much More May festival celebrates its tenth anniversary focusing its activities on refugees (03/05/2019)

  • Diego Conesa: "We are prepared to face the enormous challenges of the country, of the Region and of the region of Cartagena" (03/05/2019)
    The candidate for the Presidency of the Community, Diego Conesa, has highlighted in the act commemorating the 40th anniversary of COEC the importance of business associationism for progress, development and new challenges for the future
  • López Miras praises the ability of entrepreneurs to make Cartagena a city of opportunities and a regional economic engine (03/05/2019)
    The president closes the COEC Assembly and transfers his support so that Cartagena is recognized as an innovative city worldwide
  • Voting of participatory budgets begins in schools (03/05/2019)
    About six thousand students from seven schools and four institutes are called to choose the fate of 110 thousand euros to improve their facilities
  • Sports, history and solidarity come together in the III Arx Asdrúbalis Night Race (03/05/2019)
    The event, which takes place on the night of Saturday, May 11, will be preceded by a daytime walk, with the same route of 10 kilometers by the five hills of Cartagena, and a 2-kilometer race for the youngest
  • The electoral surveys, discussion topic with Juan José García Escribano in Cartagena Piensa (03/05/2019)
    The co-director of CEMOP will be this Monday, May 6 at El Luzzy in the act included in the program organized by the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena
  • Cartagena hosts the first race of the first national university motorcycling championship (03/05/2019)

  • Cut to traffic the Historical Quarter on the occasion of the Crossings of May 2019 (03/05/2019)
    It will not be possible to travel by vehicle from three o'clock on Friday afternoon until five o'clock on Sunday afternoon
  • Activated the preventive level in Escombreras for particles PM10 (03/05/2019)
    The measure has been adopted due to the exceeding of the daily PM10 particle limit value in the day yesterday, May 2, although today it is not expected to be exceeded again
  • More than 150 neurophysiology specialists from all over Spain meet today in Cartagena (03/05/2019)
    Santa Lucia Hospital hosts the national meeting in which advanced clinical practices will be addressed
  • MC: The inheritance of Castejón will be a City Council in bankruptcy with five months of delay in payment to suppliers (03/05/2019)
    José López points out the similarities between the disastrous economic management of the Socialist City Hall and the local and regional PP
  • The Ambulance of Desire has already served patients in Europe, America and Africa (03/05/2019)

  • The kick off of the activities of the Days of Nature of Galifa with the I Route PR-MU 116 (03/05/2019)
    The guided route 'Water Path of Galifa-La Muela' will be this Saturday, May 4
  • The Local Police of Cartagena surprises four children in the Virgen de la Caridad nursery school (03/05/2019)
    The young people ripped out a front door and carried out vandalism inside until the arrival of the agents
  • SABIC volunteers promote talent and entrepreneurship among primary school students (03/05/2019)

  • María Gómez, Constanza Mas, FEDEPE and Chelo Cánovas, winners of the 1st edition of the AMEP Awards'Mujeres que suman' (03/05/2019)
    The awards ceremony designed by the sculptor Maite Defruc were delivered in Room B of the El Batel Auditorium
  • Speed ​​controls for the week of May 6 to 12 (03/05/2019)
    The Local Police will place the radars in different points of the municipality of Cartagena
  • Appears in El Portús an emperor of 110 kilos and one and a half meters long (03/05/2019)
    The fish lay dead on the beach shore and had to be removed with a crane by the municipal brigades
  • The Polytechnic of Cartagena gets 800,000 euros from the Ministry of Science for nine R & D projects (03/05/2019)

  • ... (02/05/2019)

  • Citizens describe as "unacceptable" the lack of information on the causes and consequences of the Repsol spill (02/05/2019)

  • Cannon shots in honor of the heroes of May 2, 1808 (02/05/2019)
    The historic feat has been commemorated by the Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment No. 73
  • The gladiatorial combats in the Roman Amphitheater, one of the novelties of the XI edition of the Night of the Museums (02/05/2019)
    Within the program of activities for the night of Saturday, May 18, the free opening will take place during the day of the Augusteum and the House of Fortune
  • The Councilor for the Environment informs about the actions carried out by the hydrocarbon rainwater discharges to the Rambla de Escombreras (02/05/2019)
    At the moment, it is not known what was the reason for the spills, either an incorrect operation of the plant by of those responsible for Repsol, for a breakdown of it or because the installation is undersized
  • Parades, color and lots of music will reign in Cartagena with the May Crosses (02/05/2019)
    From Friday 3 to Sunday, May 5, the historic center of the city will have 6 stages in the squares of Icue, San Francisco, Juan XXIII, San Sebastián, of the King and the City Council.
  • The City Council of Cartagena calls the cultural agents of the city for the constitution of the full Council of Culture (02/05/2019)
    The event will take place on Tuesday May 7 at the Town Hall, chaired by the mayor
  • The Mandarache Prize and the collective Atrapavientos organize a massive exchange of books in Cartagena (02/05/2019)
    «Books That Matter» will be held on May 7 and 8 in the Plaza del Icue
  • We can demand the socialist government "to lead the complaint against Repsol after oil spills to the Mediterranean Sea" (02/05/2019)

  • Published the schedule of the 22nd day of the Regional Baseball League (02/05/2019)
    It will be held on May 4 and 5
  • Citizens will increase resources and promotion so that the Women's Business Incubator works at full capacity (02/05/2019)
    The Liberal Party assumes as a priority objective the promotion of women's entrepreneurship and the enhancement of women's interest in careers Stem
  • MC: "Mora offers more shadows on refinery spills" (02/05/2019)
    "The City Council only reacted after José López's complaint"
  • Next Tuesday the registration period for the municipal swimmer's campaign opens in the summer (02/05/2019)
    Applications may be made at the Information Office of the Central Sports Pavilion of Cartagena, located at Wssell Street in Guimbarda, 48
  • The X Days of Historical Memory host the exhibition "The photographer of horror" (02/05/2019)
    It will be inaugurated this Friday, May 3, at the Palacio Molina in collaboration with the program Cartagena Piensa
  • The Luzzy Ficcmoteca shows Friday the film Lazzaro feliz, a song to the innocence (02/05/2019)
    The event will begin at 8 pm in the auditorium with free admission
  • The XXII edition of'Entre Cuerdas y Metales' is preparing for its closing and awards ceremony (02/05/2019)
    The contest put its finishing touch with the final of the Chamber Music modality
  • The concert 'Reke Sinfónico' will revisit the success of pop-rock at El Batel since the 90's (02/05/2019)
    The Cartagena singer, who made himself known in the Operación Triunfo competition, will perform with the Cartagena Symphony Orchestra on Friday, May 10
  • El Llano del Beal celebrated the 40th anniversary of the inauguration of the monument to the miner (02/05/2019)
    The commemoration took place last day 1 in the locality where gifts were given to former miners
  • Smiles of happiness in the winners of the drawing contest'Our Campo' (02/05/2019)
    The award ceremony took place last Sunday 28 with primary students from Cartagena, La Union and Fuente Álamo
  • The Campus of the UCAM of Cartagena hosts the exhibition "Between scientists" of the Seneca Foundation (02/05/2019)

  • MC claims that the file be promoted so that the director of the Legal Department chooses between his public and private activity and returns the more than 200,000 euros received in excess (01/05/2019)
    The Director of Public Employment must also regularize his situation
  • Citizens sign an agreement with the Performing Arts Commission to enhance and dignify the sector in Cartagena (01/05/2019)


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