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Cartagena News - November 2019

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  • Urban planning authorizes the construction of a residence for 180 elderly people in San Félix (30/11/2019)
    With a construction budget of about 3.5 million euros, it will occupy a plot of about 8,000 square meters and will house some 135 rooms
  • MC: The regional government paralyzes the Los Camachos ZAL (30/11/2019)
    They pave the way to launch a logistics area in Corvera and choke Cartagena without a rail connection
  • The Government Board accepts the transfer of land for access to a new commercial area next to the Santa Ana Polygon (29/11/2019)
    An Asturian chain will build a supermarket on the grounds of a former car dealership
  • Culture about the figure and works of Miguel Hernández and his relationship with Cartagena to the institutes (29/11/2019)
    The presentation of the Reading Guide Miguel Hernández and Cartagena, by José Luis Abraham, has taken place in the Auditorium of the Conservatory, together to IES Ben Arabí
  • The FICC closes its 48th edition (29/11/2019)

  • The Roman Theater of Cartagena will offer activities throughout the December bridge (29/11/2019)
    It will remain open from December 6 to 9 from 10.00 to 18.00, thus extending the Sunday schedule until 18.00 and including the opening of the monday day 9
  • Women from various groups give voice to the fight against gender violence in Cartagena (29/11/2019)
    The day against sexist violence 'walking together makes us strong', organized by the Department of Equality, has taken place at the Nursery for Women Business
  • The 2019 budgets will be definitively approved when no allegations are received (29/11/2019)
    The Finance Commission has also been informed of the execution of the extended budget during the third quarter of the year that has been maintained in the parameters of stability and timely payment to suppliers
  • The Musical Union Cartagonova offers its traditional concert in honor of Santa Cecilia (29/11/2019)
    It will be this Sunday, December 1 at 6:30 p.m. at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium
  • The Federation of Peñas of FC Cartagena opens its headquarters in the Cartagonova (29/11/2019)
    Fans already have a meeting point and meeting in the stadium since last Thursday, November 28
  • The new commercial area of ​​Cabo de Palos, closer (29/11/2019)
    The Planning Commission favorably informs the final approval of the modification of the Las Dunas Partial Plan
  • Luis Lozano presides over the Neighborhood Board of Isla Plana in alternation with María Dolores Díaz (29/11/2019)
    This Thursday the board was constituted following the inauguration of the position of the nine members and the election of president
  • Cartagena is presented as a tourist destination in Oslo before 27 travel agencies (29/11/2019)
    This commercial action is organized by the Tourism Institute of the Region of Murcia and the OET in Oslo, next to the municipalities of Murcia and Lorca
  • More than 700 athletes will tour the Algar to fight against cancer (29/11/2019)
    It will be Sunday, December 1, starting at 11 am, leaving next to the Parroco José María Serrano Meseguer Park
  • The ADLE closes its sushi course of the Activa program (29/11/2019)
    It will be this Friday at 7 pm in the building of La Milagrosa, where the course has been carried out in the agency's hospitality facilities
  • Four schools in Cartagena celebrate their Municipal Children's Plenary (29/11/2019)
    This special plenary session will take place on Monday, December 2, at 10 am, in the Plenary Hall of the City Hall
  • MC: "With the approval of Arroyo, Castejón takes revenge on the whistle of the May Crosses by raising the rates to the hoteliers" (29/11/2019)
    The premises of Honda and Morería Baja will go on to pay first class fees for their terraces
  • The Civil Guard detains the employee of a waste management company for the alleged misappropriation of nearly half a million euros (29/11/2019)
    He is credited with the alleged authorship of crimes of misappropriation and forgery of public document
  • The Risen One carries out his food collection campaign this weekend (28/11/2019)

  • The GALACTYCO Collective will commemorate World AIDS Day (28/11/2019)

  • The Network of Chairs of the UPCT will reward the best works of end of studies with 12,000 euros (28/11/2019)
    The 'Conference Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Network of Chairs' brings together about 150 attendees among students, researchers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs
  • Mineral Resources and Energy Engineering students clean Los Nietos beach (28/11/2019)

  • Social Services and the club of the elderly of Virgen de la Caridad take "Castañeras Grandmothers" to the street (28/11/2019)
    Throughout the month of November, the grandmothers of the club of elders, dressed in their traditional costume of castanets, have traveled residences, day centers and schools
  • Fernando Trueba, Antonio Resines, Wyoming, Ara Malikian and Ayanta Barilli will bring the Fine Arts to Cartagena (28/11/2019)
    The Congress of Welfare and Fine Arts of the SER will be on December 6, 7 and 8 at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium
  • The best moments of UrbanCTFest (28/11/2019)
    Participants and fans of culture and urban sport can now see the video summary of the last edition of the festival held in the park of Carlos III
  • Education launches the program 'El Molino and the jaras of our field' with a visit to Molino Zabala and Rambla de los Jarales (28/11/2019)
    A total of 12 educational centers in the municipality will carry out during this school year with the aim of promoting enjoy natural spaces respecting the conservation of the environment
  • Youth facilities will be closed on December 2 and 3 (28/11/2019)
    This temporary cessation of activity is due to a restructuring of services to improve citizen care
  • Juliana Otón and Rosa María Conesa will alternate in the presidency of the Los Dolores Neighborhood Board (28/11/2019)
    In Perín Isabel María Andreu Bernal was elected in the second round by simple majority
  • Cartagena for the inclusion and integrity of people with Disabilities (28/11/2019)
    From the 1st and the 5th of December, events will be held around the International Day of this group, together with the presentation of the II Municipal Dicapacity Plan in the next plenary session , as announced by the vice mayor
  • The mural "Women who speak with flowers" reminds the victims of sexist violence (28/11/2019)

  • Llongueras opens a new room in El Corte Inglés de Cartagena (28/11/2019)

  • The ADLE presents the services of its Placement Agency to Cartagena entrepreneurs (28/11/2019)
    The Crea Networking meeting, in which three technicians from the Agency for Local Development and Employment and 25 entrepreneurs from the municipality participated, was held at the Hotel Los Habaneros
  • Cartagena celebrates the Homeless Day with a trip to Lorca for its users (28/11/2019)
    The Department of Social Services has organized this activity with the collaboration of Caritas, Red Cross, Accem, La Huertecica and Hospitality of Santa Teresa
  • Consum opens its first supermarket in Cartagena (28/11/2019)
    It is the twelfth that the Cooperative opens this year and has led to the creation of 32 jobs
  • The Wizard of Oz arrives at the Apollo Circus Theater in El Algar (28/11/2019)
    The show will be next Thursday, December 5 at 6:30 p.m. by the company Mundi Artists
  • Thirty companies receive advice and individualized advice to improve their business through the ADLE (28/11/2019)
    With the Entrepreneurial Generation Business Growth program, ten hospitality companies, ten stores and ten other companies created with the help of ADLE programs have participated, dedicated to entrepreneurship
  • López Miras is committed to collaborate in the economic development of the Cartagena region (27/11/2019)

  • The flamenco and batucada cajón workshop of the Popular University will be shown this weekend in the city (27/11/2019)
    It will be in an exhibition that will take place on the esplanade of the Town Hall this Saturday at twelve in the morning at the hand of the Rhythm Workshop
  • López Miras closes the 40th anniversary of the arrival of the waters of the Tagus-Segura to the Cartagena Field (27/11/2019)

  • New chefs and waiters, hand in hand with the Agency for Local Development and Employment (27/11/2019)
    26 students have been trained in the classrooms of La Milagrosa to learn about food preparation and preservation, hospitality hygiene, creative cuisine and restaurant services
  • The collection of glass in Cartagena increased by eight percent between June and August compared to the same period of 2018 (27/11/2019)
    It is the result of the Ecovidrio Green Flag campaign, in which 150 local municipalities participated to promote recycling in the town
  • Fourth year students of the IES Ben Arabí learn to carry out their curriculum vitae through the Socio-educational Intervention Program. Are you coming or going? (27/11/2019)

  • Published the schedules of the sixth day of the Regional Base League of Cartagena (27/11/2019)
    The day will be held on Saturday, November 30 and Sunday, December 1
  • More than twenty groups of Cartagena meet to establish actions that improve the mobility of the city (27/11/2019)
    The local mobility table was set up on Wednesday November 27 with the Councilor for Public Safety, Public Road and Celebrations, Juan Pedro Torralba , as president
  • Four Chinese influencers will get to know Cartagena through a press trip organized by the Department of Tourism (27/11/2019)
    Accompanied by councilors Manuel Padín and Cristina Pérez will visit this weekend the main cultural, historical, gastronomic and tourist attractions offered by the city
  • Pedro Obradors and Juan Manuel Ayaso repeat as presidents of the neighborhood boards of La Palma and La Puebla, respectively (27/11/2019)
    On the night of this Tuesday both meetings were constituted, following the appointment of their members and the election of presidents
  • MC takes the initiative so that the municipal building of Ronda Ciudad de La Unión welcomes the new courts (27/11/2019)
    The Cartagenerist formation informs the delegate of the Government and the bar associations and Attorneys
  • The curator and art critic José María Parreño will talk about environmental humanities in Cartagena Piensa (27/11/2019)
    The talk will take place this Friday at eight in the afternoon at the Josefina Soria del Luzzy Library
  • MC: Vox removes the mask to ally with 'La Trinca' and avoid the Government of MC in La Puebla La Aparecida (27/11/2019)
    Castejón 'enlarges' its legend and pacts with what she called "extreme right"
  • The court of Sister Francisca Armendáriz is prolonged until Friday for the realization of an electrical connection (27/11/2019)
    The interruption of the passage of vehicles, scheduled until 22, has had to be maintained until November 29 to complete the works
  • The New Cartagena FC celebrates its 25th anniversary with events throughout the season (26/11/2019)
    They will begin this Saturday November 30 with the official presentation of the new 2019-20 season, also including historical exhibitions, coexistence and the celebration of the XI International Tournament Interscholas
  • Endometriosis this Thursday at the Cartagena Awareness and Thought Cafes (26/11/2019)
    María C. Martínez-Esparza will bring her colloquium 'Sorry ... Endo ... What ?.
  • Seven young people from ASIDO Cartagena obtain for the first time the degree of FP in Commercial Services (26/11/2019)
    Students who have received their certificates this morning completed their training practices at El Corte Inglés, Leroy Merlin and Carrefour
  • AD La Unión, EF Dolorense and AD San ​​Cristóbal lead the women's category (26/11/2019)
    The female category has grown this season and has 10 teams
  • The Consistory prepares the implementation of the Local Climate Change Forum (26/11/2019)
    Castejón has indicated that "without the participation of neighbors, companies and different administrations we can never achieve the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Sustainable Energy"
  • MC denounces that Castejón lied in the Plenary session with the 'relocation' of his municipal Group (26/11/2019)
    "Performs a dismissal and thus dismantles the speech of the transfuge advocating to keep all jobs"
  • Ángel Nieto and Andrés García will alternate in the presidency of the Neighborhood Board of El Albujón, Las Lomas and Miranda (26/11/2019)
    The first two years will be exercised by the member of the PP and the remaining two, that of the Socialist Party
  • ´Christmas through cinema´ and musical theater, the two new Education activities for these holidays (26/11/2019)
    They will be held at the CEIP Mastia with a total of 120 places in the school period, but also in non-school during the holidays
  • Hostecar recognizes the work of the Mar Menor establishments in the Santa Marta awards (26/11/2019)

  • GALACTYCO complains to the Ombudsman for an alleged violation of rights by the Ministry of Education (26/11/2019)

  • MC promotes the declaration of the Casa del Niño as a Property of Cultural Interest (26/11/2019)
    Jesús Giménez announces this opening and other initiatives for the protection of the region's modernist heritage
  • The Murcian Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation renews the collaboration agreement with the ADLE (26/11/2019)
    The Agency for Local Development and Employment will continue to facilitate access to the labor market for people with mental illness in the municipality
  • More than a thousand people demonstrate in Cartagena against violence against women (26/11/2019)
    The march was convened by the Cartagena Feminist Movement and toured the city center to reach the Regional Assembly, being the first time the mobilization of 25N ends before the autonomous Parliament
  • The Nicomedes Gómez Subjective Hall of the City Hall welcomes reflections of the imperceptible with Self-Distorsion (26/11/2019)
    This sample of the Cartagena-born María Briones Ballester opens on Thursday, November 28 at 7 pm
  • The Cartagena Port Authority wins the EMAS 2019 award (26/11/2019)
    Since 2005, these European Commission awards are dedicated each year to a specific theme
  • Antonio Bernal and Antonio Martínez will alternate in the presidency of the Marfagones Molinos Neighborhood Board (25/11/2019)
    The first two years will be exercised by the PSOE member and the remaining two, the Popular Party
  • Young people shout in 25N 'No to gender violence' (25/11/2019)

  • The XXIII Choir Song Show "Maestro José Espinosa" will be held this Saturday at El Batel (25/11/2019)
    Seven choirs from Cartagena and its region will participate in the festival of the patron saint of music, Santa Cecilia
  • Students from the Virgen de Begoña and San Isidoro and Santa Florentina schools learn about the Mar Menor and its surroundings (25/11/2019)
    Through workshops, children will be able to learn about the different environments that the salty lagoon houses and learn to respect their environment
  • Social Services opens the Technical Accessibility Office in the administrative building of San Miguel (25/11/2019)
    Entities, organizations and citizens will have a point of information and guidance on the integration of people with different abilities
  • The ADLE renews the agreement with the Federation of Murcia Associations of People with Physical Disabilities (25/11/2019)
    The act of signing the renewal took place on Monday November 25 at the premises of the Agency for Local Development and Employment
  • Raúl Guevara and Hortensia Sánchez, winners of the 4k Four Saints (25/11/2019)
    More than half a thousand participants toured the streets of downtown Cartagena for the benefit of Diabetes
  • Yoga sessions for the whole family (25/11/2019)
    The Family School of the Department of Education held on Friday yoga workshops in which children from 2 to 6 years participated, one of them, and from 7 years, the other
  • Delinde is consolidated in the cultural field of the Region (25/11/2019)
    The fourth edition of the poetic festival, organized by the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena, has filled in virtually all its events
  • The work of MC continues to bear fruit with the inauguration of the Technical Accessibility Office (25/11/2019)
    It is part of the 'Cartagena for all' program initiated by the mayor of MC, Francisco Calderón, during the Mayor's Office of José López
  • The government reiterates its support for the Food Bank and will continue to support its new project (25/11/2019)
    According to the vice mayor, the support will be both technical and institutional
  • The Aljorra celebrated with a coexistence the inauguration of its Infant School (25/11/2019)
    Under the motto 'Creating our school', the educational community, which includes fathers, mothers, students and teaching staff, has formed work groups for the creation of different areas and environments
  • The Lead Soldier welcomes the colloquium on the role of man in the fight against gender violence (25/11/2019)
    It was held on Friday within the 25N events scheduled by the Department of Equality
  • Archaeologists and tourism professionals sympathize with autism showing the heritage of Cartagena (25/11/2019)
    The two main enclaves of the city, which the participants of this activity visited this Saturday, were the Roman Theater and the Roman Forum Neighborhood
  • The pets took over the Cuesta del Batel in the I Can We Run (25/11/2019)
    The race where the protagonists were the dogs, was sealed with the victory of Juan Antonio Sánchez and Natalia Frutos accompanied by their dogs
  • Inauguration of the III Women's Day 'Break your silence' in the Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena (23/11/2019)

  • The FICC48 starts shooting in Cartagena (23/11/2019)
    "La Verdad" will be the film in charge of opening this Sunday, November 24, the 48th edition of the Cartagena International Film Festival, in Hall B of the Auditorium and Conference Center El Batel
  • MC: "The PP swallows with the worst Cartagena transfuge socialism" (23/11/2019)
    The popular surrender the Board of Marfagones Mills to the Socialist president who was cast with a motion of censure in 2018
  • The municipal government demands explanations from Justice for rejecting the Peninsular as a judicial seat (23/11/2019)
    The Deputy Mayor, Noelia Arroyo, demands that the cost that prevents the Cartagena be given to have some courts that the ministry itself considers urgent
  • Cartagena collects the 'Award for the best social organizational initiative for health protection' for the municipal project 'Cardio-protected City' (22/11/2019)
    It has been granted by the Spanish Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Council at the III National Congress of the Spanish Council of Resuscitation held in Madrid
  • We are Cartagena requires the permanence in Cartagena of the Ports Office (22/11/2019)
    Without affecting the transfer of the Ministry of Tourism to the port city
  • Cartagena is running as the headquarters of the Bank of Native Species of the Mar Menor (22/11/2019)
    The mayor has participated in a new meeting of the Mar Menor Forum, which was held this morning in Los Alcázares
  • ´A full color´, by Rubén Alejandro Lucas, will be the image of the Cartagena Carnival 2020 (22/11/2019)
    The event poster, which will be announced in a couple of weeks, was chosen this Friday after the deliberation of the jury among the 73 papers submitted to the contest
  • More than 500 riders will fill the Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso and Roldán in the XIII Jimbee Trail Cartagena (22/11/2019)
    With departure in La Azohía, this Sunday will be celebrated with the dispute of the 'Regional Team Championship' of the Mountaineering Federation of the Region of Murcia
  • The CARM will arrange the passage of the promenade along the Los Nietos road and carry out works for 600 thousand euros for the Dana (22/11/2019)
    The Minister of Development and Infrastructure and the vice mayor have visited this morning the works that are already running on the highway La Puebla with Pozo Aledo
  • The application deadline to participate in the chariot raffle of the Cavalcade of Kings of 2020 opens (22/11/2019)
    The Neighborhood Associations that want to participate will have a deadline until December 4
  • La Murga Teatro stages the last hours of life of the writer Edgar Allan Poe, in Cartagena (22/11/2019)
    The premiere of the play 'Tic Tac Poe' will be on Friday, November 29, at 9:00 p.m., at the Nuevo Teatro Circus
  • The Cartagena coast in orange warning this afternoon due to strong winds and waves (22/11/2019)
    The AEMET alert will be maintained from 8 pm to midnight on Friday with gusts of southwest force 8
  • The Aljorra celebrates with a coexistence the inauguration of its Infant School (22/11/2019)
    It will be this Saturday, November 23 with the participation of the educational community and the assistance of the mayor and the Councilor for Education
  • The regional government (PP) continues its isolation plan to Torreciega and withdraws its investment for the bridge (22/11/2019)
    Arroyo is committed to the neighbors in March and now, accomplice, consents to the stoppage of the action
  • 230,000 euros are invested in the repair of the road that connects the Cartagena deputation of La Puebla with Pozo Aledo (22/11/2019)
    It also carries out works in five more points of several roads that run through Cartagena, whose investment amounts to 602,043 euros
  • Golden brooch of the Entre Cuerdas y Metales Promotional Concerts cycle in Cartagena (22/11/2019)
    The City Conservatory of Music was the scene this Thursday of the last performance of the winning soloists last year together with the Cartagena Symphony Orchestra
  • Miguel Garrido repeats as president of the Neighborhood Council of Altitudes (22/11/2019)
    The constitution took place Thursday and a second vote was necessary in which he obtained a simple majority
  • A total of 18 young people return to Cartagena in the first year of the Talent Return program (22/11/2019)
    The Department of Youth has served 108 people interested in returning to the municipality and, so far, has achieved the involvement of up to 61 local companies
  • Dani Jiménez brings to Cartagena his show 'Mission trip to the moon' (22/11/2019)
    On the occasion of the Third Week of Science, the physicist and popularizer recalls the 50th anniversary of the arrival of man on the moon with experiments and magic tricks in The Batel at 6pm
  • XXX edition of "Los Culturales" by Cartagena Futuro (22/11/2019)
    Juan Ignacio Ferrández and José María Conesa rescue from oblivion the history of the Bank of Cartagena in the XXX edition of 'Los Culturales´ by Cartagena Futuro
  • Magician gets his first Michelin Star (21/11/2019)

  • The FICC brings the exhibition 'Psychogenic Fugue' by John Malkovich (21/11/2019)
    The author transforms into the iconic characters of David Lynch in an exhibition that can be seen until December 22 at the Cajamurcia Foundation of Cartagena
  • The local government delays the execution of the CM amendment for a year and a half to favor accessibility in the control of access to the center (21/11/2019)
    The Cartagena training exposes temporary actions until the new system enters into operation
  • The promotional concerts of Entre Cuerdas y Metales traveled to Jumilla on their second day (21/11/2019)
    The Vico Theater was the scene this Wednesday of the performance of soloist winners of the last edition accompanied by the Cartagena Symphony Orchestra
  • The City Council of Cartagena proposes that the new Law of the Mar Menor include a restrictive urban moratorium (21/11/2019)
    The municipal government asks that the rule includes aid to regenerate population centers such as Los Nietos and Los Urrutias
  • MC denounces the trick of the CARM that closes the delegation of DG Transport and Ports to make room for the hypothetical arrival of Tourism (21/11/2019)
    The regional government strives to 'fit' the tourism units without investment, evicting other regional offices
  • South Korean Youn Sun Nah acts for the first time in Cartagena (21/11/2019)
    It will be this Friday, November 22 at the New Circus Theater, in what will be the penultimate day of the 39th edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival
  • The markets of El Algar, El Llano del Beal, Pozo Estrecho and Urbanización Mediterráneo will open normally on Friday, December 6 (21/11/2019)
    The opening hours to the public will be the same as always, despite being festive on Constitution Day
  • The City Council of Cartagena grants 213,500 euros to seventy neighborhood associations in the municipality (21/11/2019)
    The objective of the aid is to promote citizen participation and association, according to the Councilor for Decentralization and Citizen Participation, Diego Ortega
  • Thirteen new entrepreneurs finish the IV Generation Entrepreneurship Program of the ADLE (21/11/2019)

  • More than 1,500 people from Cartagena request information, grants and bonuses at OMITAS after DANA (21/11/2019)
    The offices of Los Nietos and Los Urrutias, which have opened at special times to provide information to neighbors, bring together more than 80% of the requests
  • The exhibition 'Oxide Lover' of Elorrieta extends his stay at the City Hall until December 8 (21/11/2019)
    The sample of the Cartagena artist can be visited in the Exhibition Hall located on the ground floor of the building
  • The children make their proposals on leisure and free time for Cartagena in the Municipal Council of Children (20/11/2019)
    They have starred in the second children's plenary promoted by UNICEF with the participation of the areas of Social Services, Education, Youth, Culture, Equality and Sports
  • The City Council obtains an extrajudicial agreement that will save a million and a half euros of an urban debt (20/11/2019)
    The Government Board ratifies the negotiation with the owner of the land used for access to Barrio Peral from Severo Ochoa in 2008, whose compensation town planning was frustrated with the cancellation of the General Plan
  • Published the schedules of day 5 of the Regional Base Football League (20/11/2019)
    The matches will be played on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November
  • The Galifa Trail opens with the victory of Nicolás Escarabajal and Lidia Morales (20/11/2019)

  • Teachers from Austria, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Greece and Spain of the ERASMUS + Program visit the City Hall (20/11/2019)
    They are part of the Let´s go cultural initiative that is being carried out at the CEIP Antonio de Ulloa for the first time this year
  • Given the risks to the population, MC demands urgent action on the grounds of Zincsa (20/11/2019)
    On the inaction of the administrations, Jesús Giménez denounces "a game against our health that hide with photos and hollow words"
  • The children of Cartagena take to the streets to claim their rights in their day (20/11/2019)
    After reading the manifesto on the Steps of the City Hall, the smallest of the municipality, accompanied by teachers and the Autopia animation group, have made a march through the streets of the city
  • ... (20/11/2019)

  • More usable, accessible and with virtual classroom, this is the new website of the Popular University (20/11/2019)
    The UP renews its interface with a new image more attractive and functional with all the resources and information on workshops and courses more visible
  • Delivery of diplomas to the participants of the fourth edition of the Entrepreneurial Generation Program of the ADLE (20/11/2019)
    It will be this Thursday in the training room of the Agency in the La Milagrosa building
  • Students of CEIP San Ginés de la Jara visit the Cartagena Ecopark (20/11/2019)
    This visit scheduled by the Department of Education aims to send the system of selective collection of waste from the municipality to the smallest.
  • The Batel hosts the I Child Road Safety Conference on Saturday (20/11/2019)
    In addition to the conferences, rollover simulators will be installed and impact tests will be carried out on the esplanade next to the Auditorium
  • Entre Cuerdas y Metales promotional concerts raise the curtain (20/11/2019)
    The Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music of Murcia hosted this Tuesday, November 19, the beginning of the cycle, which in this edition commemorates the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth
  • Two hundred residents of the Peral District of Cartagena remember the victims of the train accident forty years later (20/11/2019)
    The incident, which took place due to the failure of the level crossing barrier, claimed the lives of six people, including a pregnant woman and a minor
  • Social Services and Local Police teach older people how to act in case they are victims of a crime (20/11/2019)
    The talk, which aims to ensure the care and safety of the elderly, was given this Monday, November 18, in the Miraculous building
  • Prizes for students who gave a Zero rate at the University Welcome of the UPCT (20/11/2019)

  • Fados between verses and the Portmán trovero duel this Thursday at the Deslinde Poetry festival (20/11/2019)
    Both acts will be free entry into the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center next to the section 'Poetry at the center' that will be held at Isaac Peral Institutes and San isidoro
  • Francisca Soto Mayor, elected president of the El Algar Neighborhood Board (20/11/2019)
    The constitution plenary took place last night with popular, socialist and MC Cartagena, Ciudadanos y Vox
  • Carthaginians and Romans fly back to Romania (20/11/2019)

  • Hidrogea presents its H2030 project to boost progress and social welfare in Cartagena (19/11/2019)
    More than 16 associations and entities sign a Manifesto in which they commit to collaborate in the Sustainable Development of the municipality
  • The Homeless Commission reviews the device against the cold and coordinates actions for its integration (19/11/2019)
    This Tuesday met the commission that studies the actions aimed at serving passersby in the municipality
  • The Cartagena Football Club promotes fair play and sport with values ​​since childhood (19/11/2019)
    There will be matches where the one with the best attitude will win and there will be days of coexistence with the Real Murcia players
  • Court of Sister Francisca Armendáriz for the realization of an electrical connection (19/11/2019)
    On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it cannot be accessed from San Diego Street
  • The ADLE will give an Employability workshop aimed at people in active job search (19/11/2019)
    The registration period is now open and those interested will be trained as of December 4 in the preparation of interviews and curriculum workshops
  • The City Council joins the manifesto for sustainability (19/11/2019)

  • CD La Manga, EF La Aljorra and EF Nueva Cartagena, the best in Benjamin "B" (19/11/2019)
    The bottle and pacifier categories, did not dispute their meetings for rest in the championship
  • The Department of Social Services prepares the Christmas Toys Collection campaign (19/11/2019)
    Under the motto 'Juguetea.
  • "The Government of Murcia refuses to recognize the" Asian "as an Asset of Cultural Interest" (19/11/2019)
    Jesús Giménez: "It is not declared BIC because it is from Cartagena"
  • Incorporated the Neighborhood Board of Pozo Estrecho that elects Rosa María Fernández as president (19/11/2019)
    Tonight will start the one of El Algar from nine o'clock in the social premises
  • The Rural League Campo de Cartagena proposes a route through windmills and mansions of El Algar and El Lentiscar (19/11/2019)
    The departure will be on Sunday November 24 at 9:30 in the Plaza del Hondo in El Algar
  • The poetry festival Deslinde recreates the evening trovera of 1913 in Portman (19/11/2019)
    Organized by the Association Historical Memory of Cartagena and the Association Trovera José María Marín, will play this Thursday the duel trovero: Marín and 'The miner'
  • Students of the European Union design 15 underwater vehicles through an Erasmus + project on blue growth (19/11/2019)

  • Equality seeks to raise awareness about violence against women with workshops, talks and a demonstration on 25N (18/11/2019)

  • The Piedad portapasos present the VII National Saetas Contest Cartagena 2020 (18/11/2019)
    The Auditorium of the Agrupa Vicenta Mine held the first act of the seventh edition of the contest with the presentation of the official poster
  • Today starts the process of constitution of neighborhood boards (18/11/2019)
    The first will be those of Pozo Estrecho, El Llano, El Algar, Alumbres and Molinos Marfagones
  • Writer Daniel Cotta, winner of the XXXIII edition of the Antonio Oliver Belmás International Poetry Prize (18/11/2019)
    His work 'Alpinistas de Marte' is a love story for the universe and its planets, with a lyrical and scientific approach
  • The activities of the ´Live in the neighborhood´ program continue in the San Francisco Plaza (18/11/2019)
    The Global Community Action, belonging to the ICI Project, aims to create neighborhood meeting spaces to promote social cohesion
  • Repsol Science and Energy Week starts in Cartagena (18/11/2019)
    More than 3,000 primary and secondary school children will visit the various activities in El batel along with others aimed at all audiences in other parts of the city
  • Education and Social Services come together for social cohesion and cultural diversity (18/11/2019)
    The program 'An Open School to Other Cultures' will offer for this new course to students and teachers of colleges and institutes, 30 teaching units of different themes
  • The Byzantine Wall hosts the new exhibition ´Ginegenesis´ (18/11/2019)
    The photographic exhibition of Carolina Illán can be visited until January 19, 2020
  • Equality seeks to raise awareness about violence against women with workshops, talks and a demonstration on November 25 (18/11/2019)
    There will also be posters throughout the city and on urban buses in Cartagena
  • The Apollo Circus Theater in El Algar hosts a story about Spanish black women (18/11/2019)
    'It's not a country for blacks' is a dramatic comedy that can be seen on Saturday, November 23 at 9:30 p.m.
  • The course on self-defense against a possible sexual assault of Equality extends its enrollment period (18/11/2019)
    The start of the course that is part of the Empowerment School for Women has been postponed
  • ISEN students visited the Cartagena Security Park (18/11/2019)
    During the day on Friday, a group of students of the Security Degree toured the premises of Local Police and Firefighters, as well as the School of Security
  • Garcia reminds Nieto that he is responsible and co-author of the chaos suffered by the City Council in terms of personnel (18/11/2019)
    The mayor regrets the alliance of 'La Trinca' to veto the entry into force of the RPT that would optimize the operation of services
  • The new courses of coach and coordinator of UEFA football clubs will be held in Cartagena (18/11/2019)
    The director of the Coaches School will explain on Tuesday the new call in the new headquarters of the federation in Cartagena
  • The classic motorcycles were measured in an improvised circuit in the surroundings of El Batel (18/11/2019)
    This Sunday was held the Corpus Motorcycling Trophy in which the champion of Spain of 125 cc was honored Manuel Hernández Nicolás
  • Cartagena returned to the past with the traditional hooks (18/11/2019)
    Dozens of carriages from different parts of Spain gathered in the Port
  • The Luzzy hosts the concert of the IV Clarinet Meeting of the Region (18/11/2019)
    It was attended by renowned artists Andrew Marriner, Joan Enric Lluna and Óscar Navarro
  • Singer Youn Sun Nah and the great bluesman Lucky Peterson in charge of closing the 39th edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (18/11/2019)
    This weekend closes one more edition of one of the longest-running festivals
  • Pozo Estrecho lived its V Galileo Meeting (18/11/2019)
    It was held this Sunday by the Department of Social Services and the Columbares Association, with a space of coexistence and value cultural diversity
  • The Deslinde festival recalls Carmen Conde with the presentation of her book ´While Men Die´ (18/11/2019)
    It will be this Tuesday, the 19th, in the Museum of the Civil War Shelter, together with the presentation of Miguel’s three feet of the cat’s Angel Arcas
  • The Order of Saint Mary of Spain handed over the Grand Cross of Honor to the City Council of Cartagena (18/11/2019)
    On Friday, November 15, the event took place in the Reception Hall of the City Hall
  • The presentation of the publishing house ´The aesthetics of failure´ and its first author, Alberto Chessa, menu of the Deslinde Festival for Monday (17/11/2019)
    The cafeteria 'El Soldadito de Plomo' hosts both activities from 20 hours
  • Jesús Giménez demands 'La Trinca' the signing of the security agreement in the port promoted by José López (17/11/2019)
    Three years later, the regional PP and the local Executive continue delaying the rubric and entry into force of the agreement
  • 2018 records the lowest accident rate of the last decade (16/11/2019)
    Traffic accidents were reduced by 138 to 1,200 that were accounted for in 2017 by the Local Police of Cartagena
  • Baccalaureate students clean marine litter in the Mar Menor (16/11/2019)

  • ... (16/11/2019)

  • MC: "Road insecurity is not a problem for the trench" (16/11/2019)
    Given the high accident rate Giménez requires a road safety plan, maintenance of public roads and that work and actions on mobility are retained
  • On Sunday a sense of the Paseo del Muelle is cut by the Corpus Trophy of classic motorcycles (15/11/2019)
    It will not be possible to drive towards Calle Real, from Plaza de la Isla to Héroes de Cavite
  • The rockers expect to gather a thousand people on December 1 on their Day of living together (15/11/2019)

  • The activities ´Live in the neighborhood´ continue this Sunday in San Francisco Square (15/11/2019)
    The Global Community Action, belonging to the ICI Project, aims to create neighborhood meeting spaces to promote social cohesion
  • The Carnival of Cartagena exposes the posters that compete for being the image of the event in 2020 (15/11/2019)
    They can be visited from this Friday, November 15 and until Friday 22 in the Basement 1 of the English Court of Cartagena
  • Day of nutrition, sport and health in the Virgen del Carmen school with the ADE Program (15/11/2019)
    This talk opens the programming of the new school year by the Department of Sports with the aim of promoting good eating habits and physical activity among the smallest
  • The winner of the 2011 Mining Lamp, Celia Romero, will take the stage of the VII Cartagena Jonda Flamenco Cycle (15/11/2019)
    The performance will take place this Saturday, November 16, at 9:30 p.m., at the restaurant in the Port of Cartagena, Mare Nostrum
  • The authorization for exceptional use of the land to build the new school in La Aljorra is publicly available (15/11/2019)
    This is another step in the unlocking of the works to build the new center in the Cartagena deputation
  • The City Council will complete the urbanization works of Residencial Buenos Aires with a guarantee of 377 thousand euros (15/11/2019)
    The Government Board has approved the project that includes sanitation, the adaptation of green areas and the improvement of lighting, to receive the public spaces and facilities and take care of its maintenance
  • The winners of the last edition star in the promotional concerts of Entre Cuerdas y Metales (15/11/2019)
    Together with the Cartagena Symphony Orchestra, they will perform as soloists in three concerts that will take place on November 19, 20 and 21 in Murcia, Jumilla and Cartagena , respectively
  • Two great voices of the jazz scene, Stacey Kent and Melanie de Biasio, protagonists of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (15/11/2019)
    It will be this Saturday at the New Circus Theater.
  • The residents of La Aljorra reject the deceptions of local and regional governments (15/11/2019)
    The residents suffer from citizen insecurity due to the inability of the Government and the paralysis of the new school because of the PP and Castejón
  • An MC initiative encourages the improvement of rainwater channeling in the San Ginés neighborhood (15/11/2019)
    Enrique Pérez demands that these actions be extended to areas such as La Aljorra or El Llano del Beal
  • The poetry festival Deslinde intensifies its presence this Saturday with multiple activities (15/11/2019)
    The day will begin at 10.30 am with the meeting 'Café conversos' at the MURAM and will close at 7 pm with a concert-concert in the Athenas Club room
  • Documentary screening "Trans Resistencia" in Cartagena (14/11/2019)

  • A blue tide travels the streets of Cartagena vindicating the role of families in the prevention of Diabetes (14/11/2019)
    Following the solidarity march, the manifesto reading in the Regional Assembly and the magic show of the magician Abel
  • Monday begins the process of constitution of neighborhood boards (14/11/2019)
    The first will be those of Pozo Estrecho, El Llano, El Algar, Alumbres and La Palma
  • The Deputy Mayor considers the Los Camachos ZAL to be waived (14/11/2019)
    This was stated in the COEC General Assembly in which Pedro Pablo Hernández has been dismissed, and Ana Correa has assumed the presidency
  • More than fifty schools participate in the School Cross (14/11/2019)
    They have gathered this Thursday at the Speed ​​Circuit, as part of the Physical Activity and Sports Program of the Department of Sports of the City of Cartagena
  • The XXIX Poetry Contest and the XIII Angel Flores Painting Contest are underway (14/11/2019)

  • Cartagena celebrates the rights of children with the smallest of the municipality (14/11/2019)
    It will be on Wednesday, November 20 with the reading of a manifesto and a march through the historic center, among other activities
  • Full weekend with activities of the Autumn T-La (14/11/2019)
    Adventure sports and cultural routes are included in the program prepared by the Department of Youth for November 16 and 17
  • The UPCT will investigate the prevention of occupational hazards with the Terra Próspera Chair, created with the University of Murcia (14/11/2019)

  • Solidarity won by thrashing in the Cartagonova (14/11/2019)
    Barça takes the friendly 2-0 for the benefit of those affected by the DANA that hit the Region of Murcia in September
  • The Reforestation Board will promote a Master Plan that coordinates the revegetation of the municipality of Cartagena (14/11/2019)
    This morning has been constituted for the present legislature under the presidency of the Councilor for Sustainable City and European Projects, Cristina Mora
  • Development finances a vehicle adapted to AFAL Cartagena to facilitate the transfer of Alzheimer's patients (14/11/2019)

  • Giménez wants 2018 to be the last year lost and the path of reforestation promoted from the City Hall of MC is resumed (14/11/2019)
    The deputy spokesman of MC thanks the work of the technicians and proposes that a place of engineer of mountains in the next Public Employment Offer
  • Everything prepared for the KULUNGUELÉ, the multicultural party in Cartagena (14/11/2019)

  • The La Huertecica collective celebrates the conference 'Culture as inclusion' (14/11/2019)
    It will be on November 15 and 16 in the courtyard of the CIM of the Faculty of Business Sciences in order to analyze culture as a space in which to do participants to vulnerable people
  • About fifty companies discover the deposits of Cartagena through tablets and virtual reality glasses (14/11/2019)
    This fam trip, organized by Cartagena Puerto de Cultural with the Roman Theater Foundation, consists of making companies aware of the latest technologies implemented in the Museum of the Roman Theater and in the Barrio del Foro Romano
  • The Portuguese poet Nuno Júdice, international guest of the poetry festival Deslinde de Cartagena (14/11/2019)
    He will offer a recital this Friday, November 15 at the Roman Theater Museum at 7.30 pm
  • 15 students of the Region receive the SABIC Vocational Training Scholarships (14/11/2019)
    They will defray the expenses derived from their studies such as tuition, transportation, school supplies or textbooks
  • 200 people in a situation of social vulnerability have discovered the marine reserve of Cabo de Palos with Columbares (14/11/2019)
    The Cartagena project, with sustainable fishing financed by the Port Authority of Cartagena, has shown the marine biodiversity and the fishing heritage of the area
  • The creation of the Neighborhood Police and the reorganization and modernization of the Local Police, short-term objectives of the municipal government (13/11/2019)
    The body celebrates its employer San Leandro, welcoming new agents and paying tribute to those who retire
  • The rehearsal reading club of the municipal libraries returns with Cartagena Piensa and the Department of Equality (13/11/2019)
    The essay will be the book 'The fantasy of individuality.
  • The Port of Cartagena hosts the VI Fair of Associations and Collectives of the Virgen de la Caridad Neighborhood (13/11/2019)
    On Sunday November 17 at 12 noon this event is inaugurated in which the Department of Social Services of Cartagena
  • The surroundings of El Batel are transformed into a race circuit to host the Corpus Motorcycling Trophy (13/11/2019)
    This Sunday November 17, from 10 am, there will be tests with classic motorcycles that will range from 50 to 250 cubic centimeters, event whose entry is free
  • AFAL organizes a solidarity dinner for the benefit of people with Alzheimer's (13/11/2019)
    The celebration, which will take place on Friday, November 22 at Mesón Hidalgo, will be enlivened by the music group Alta Tensión
  • The Mar de Musicas Festival, collects the Ondas Award for Best festival in Spain with Sonorama Ribera and Concert Music (13/11/2019)
    It will receive the award this Thursday, November 14 at the Grand Gala of the 66th edition of the 2019 Waves Awards
  • Students of San Isidoro and Santa Florentina inaugurate the Program 'Center for Astronomy' of Education (13/11/2019)
    Throughout this course, students from around twenty centers will learn about the facilities of the Astronomical Center of Cartagena and receive notions about Astronomy
  • María José Soler demands public apology from Noelia Arroyo for belittling the women of MC (13/11/2019)
    "That Arroyo disparages the independence and ability of a woman for the fact of being so makes her machismo clear"
  • The ´Cartagena, cardioprotegida city´ project, winner of the best social initiative for health protection (13/11/2019)
    It is at the head of Spanish cities that have such a plan, according to the Spanish Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Council
  • The poet and philosopher Jorge Riechmann opens Thursday the Deslinde Poetry Festival in Cartagena with ´Graphitis for Neanderthals´ (13/11/2019)

  • 'Impulsa Cartagena', an initiative of the Municipal Group MC, starts tomorrow addressing transparency in public management (13/11/2019)

  • The deputy mayor challenges the spokesman of MC Cartagena to denounce him in court for his accusations of embezzlement and influence peddling (12/11/2019)
    Noelia Arroyo asks López to leave the public life to the families and refuses to have pressured officials or favor the company family member who has been working in Cartagena for two generations
  • The UrbanCTFest already has winners (12/11/2019)
    The contestants of the different modalities came from all over the national territory
  • The Order of Santa María de España returns to the Castillo de Concepción (12/11/2019)
    Following the signing of the agreement with the City of Cartagena, the order has donated to the city several objects that will be exhibited in the fortification in which it was based in the Age Medium
  • More than 700 young people live by promoting respect for the environment in Cartagena (12/11/2019)
    The activities took place on November 9 and 10 at the esplanade of the Municipal Stadium Cartagonova
  • ADLE and INFO meet to intensify their collaboration through the PuntoPyme Network next year (12/11/2019)
    The Cartagena employment agency was one of the first to join this network in 2004 actively participating in several actions since then
  • The XXIII edition of Entre Cuerdas y Metales is underway (12/11/2019)
    The Classical Music Contest for young performers of the Region opens the inscriptions on November 18 for its eight modalities
  • About thirty carriages from the past return to the present to compete in the III National Hook Contest (12/11/2019)
    It will be this Sunday November 17 in the area of ​​the Port of Cartagena from 11 am
  • AD Franciscanos and EFB San Ginés, leaders in Benjamin A of the Regional Base Football League of Cartagena (12/11/2019)
    The bottle and pacifier categories did not dispute their meetings for rest in the championship
  • Cartagena Piensa continues with the activities in the delegation of the Beal with a new workshop (12/11/2019)
    This will be this Wednesday November 13 of citizen participation for the conservation of the heritage of the Sierra Minera
  • Cultivating San Antón closes the Urban Garden Workshop by plotting with aromatic plants (12/11/2019)
    The activity, which is part of Cartagena Piensa, will take place on the afternoon of this Wednesday
  • MC: "Noelia Arroyo uses the municipal website to promote the family business" (12/11/2019)
    MC demands the immediate resignation of the vice mayor for her "nepotist and censor" practices
  • Margarita salas: an endearing friend (12/11/2019)
    I want to capture here that aspect of her personality, which derives from true friendship, because I have had the great fortune of being one of the most assiduous friends in Margarita's family life
  • MC Cartagena presents the best team to transfer the principles of responsibility and good governance to the Neighborhood Boards (12/11/2019)
    The work of these management bodies is still paralyzed by the vote of Ortega (PP) and the problems of a government of fugitives
  • The prevention of addictions with games and activities in the UrbanCTFest (12/11/2019)
    The PMAD, Technical Office of the Municipal Plan on Addictions and Drug Dependencies of Social Services, was present throughout the day aimed at the youngest public
  • Archaeologists and tourism professionals show Cartagena's heritage in solidarity with autism (12/11/2019)
    The two main enclaves of the city, which the participants of this activity will visit this coming Saturday, November 23, are the Roman Theater and the Barrio del Roman Forum
  • Ana Gil presents her first novel about adolescent abuse (12/11/2019)
    The presentation of the book, framed in the program of Read, Think, Imagine, will be this Wednesday, November 13, at 8:00 pm, at the Josefina Soria del Luzzy Library
  • The Cartagena Hook Club organizes the National Tradition Engagement Contest City of Cartagena (11/11/2019)
    It will take place next Sunday, November 17
  • The Byzantine Wall will host the new exhibition ´Ginegenesis´ (11/11/2019)
    The photographic exhibition of Carolina Illán will open next Friday, November 15 at 7:30 pm
  • Women entrepreneurs and the rural world join their voices in Cartagena to ask for equal opportunities (11/11/2019)
    The vice mayor of Cartagena has received the presidents of OMEP, AMEP and AFAMMER and the next president of COEC
  • Equality opens the registration period for the Defense course against a possible Aggression (11/11/2019)
    The course is aimed at teenage girls between 14 and 17 years old and will be taught at the Fitness Cartagena gym
  • The City Council takes note of the ASTEAMUR project to expand the former Villalba school as a space for the association (11/11/2019)
    This petition has been collected by the Deputy Mayor of Cartagena and Councilor of the Social Welfare Area, Noelia Arroyo, at the meeting held this Monday with the ASTEAMUR board at its headquarters
  • The Algar associations show their work (11/11/2019)
    The IV edition of the Associations Fair was held this past Saturday, November 8, at the Civic Center of the Cartagena deputation
  • The I Trail Galifa Water Trail ends the activities of the First Day of Nature (11/11/2019)
    It will be held on Sunday November 17 for the benefit of the Autismo Somos Todos association and the Ceratonia 500 project of the native carob tree
  • The City Council will request the SEF to hire 28 workers for the adaptation of the coastline and green spaces in neighborhoods and districts (11/11/2019)
    The Government Board also includes the Escabeas path in the municipal catalog for settlement after DANA
  • Social Services announces the XI edition of the Voluntary Commitment Award (11/11/2019)
    The recipients of these awards are those people or entities that have distinguished themselves for their outstanding work in the promotion or management of volunteering in the municipality of Cartagena
  • The Real Madrid club from Cartagena celebrates its half century of life with football, souvenirs and trophies of Real Madrid (11/11/2019)
    Los Dolores will host from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 November all the events of the program that has the support of the Department of Sports
  • The zarzuela ´La of the bunch of roses´ arrives at the Apollo Circus Theater of El Algar (11/11/2019)
    This zarzuela sainete madrileño will be represented on Friday, November 15 at 9:30 p.m. by the Lyric Company of Zarzuela of Madrid
  • FC Cartagena celebrates its first 100 associates of the FCC Business initiative (11/11/2019)
    The gala was held last Friday at the Auditorium and Conference Center El Batel with the presentation of two new solidarity initiatives of the project
  • Jesús Giménez urges the competent administrations to guarantee the integration of Tonina in the tourist offer of the municipality (11/11/2019)
    'Cartagena, city of the Underwater Weapon', strategic and future project to unite history, science and technology
  • Five teeth of an African primate found in Victoria Cave, Quarter Piece in the Archaeological Museum (11/11/2019)
    The presentation will be this Thursday, November 14 next to the conference "Theropithecus oswaldi: the African primate that came from North Africa to Victoria Cave ", by Olaya García Nos
  • The Friends of Modernist Association of Cartagena closes its Autumn Modernist (11/11/2019)
    After developing activities throughout the weekend, the association closed its events with a concert by the Orchestra of the Musical Union Cartagonova
  • Voluntary divers withdrew 80 kilos of the seabed and beaches of Cabo de Palos (11/11/2019)
    In their work, the divers had the help of an underwater drone, in addition to a group of volunteers who cleaned this part of the Cartagena coastline on foot
  • Fashion took to the streets of downtown Cartagena (11/11/2019)
    The 1st edition of 'Showrooms on the street' was held throughout the day on Saturday in the area of ​​Plaza Castellini
  • Music, culture and urban sport joined in the UrbanCTFest III (11/11/2019)
    The Carlos III Urban Sports Park lived during the whole day of Saturday competitions and exhibitions of Grafitti, Skate or urban dance
  • ´What the flight took´, solidarity theater with personality disorder (11/11/2019)
    The Algameca Theater Group will represent this comedy for charity at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center next Friday, November 15
  • The researcher Enrique Coraza will speak on Tuesday in Cartagena Think about 'The caravans of migrants from Mexico to the US' (11/11/2019)
    It will be this Tuesday, November 12 at the Josefina Soria del Luzzy Library at 8:00 pm
  • Cartagena paid tribute to the Four Saints and the Virgin of Rosell (11/11/2019)
    The deputy mayor Manuel Padín and the Councilor for Heritage and Recruitment María Amoraga made in the Church of Santa María the memorial offering of the storm of Santa Catalina in 1694
  • Military and popular music at the "Cartagena for Charity" gala (11/11/2019)
    El Tercio de Levante and the Music Unit of the General Air Academy gathered on Saturday more than a hundred musicians on the stage of the El Batel Auditorium
  • The body, soul and mind of the artist Ángel García Maciá exhibited in Cartagena (11/11/2019)
    The exhibition can be visited until January 10, 2020 in the Carlos Gallego Room of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • More than 60 volunteers from the Cartagena Jazz Festival and Soltec have collaborated with Anse in the reforestation of Mount Roldán (11/11/2019)

  • Minister Cristina Sánchez meets with the president of the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Cartagena (11/11/2019)

  • The Barrio del Foro Romano launches a new app to go through the old Carthago Nova (11/11/2019)
    The application that recreates in 3D the Roman buildings that made up the site has been developed by the company Moptil and is available in 7 languages ​​and adapted to visitors with auditory and visual needs
  • Tradition and modernity come together at the Cartagena stand in the Region of Gastronomic Murcia (09/11/2019)
    The municipality has played a leading role this Saturday in the regional auditorium where it has shown its offer from the local hospitality sector
  • AFORCA proposes the signaling of the main military fortifications in Cartagena (09/11/2019)

  • The City Council will fulfill its secular vote on the Four Saints and the Virgin of Rosell on Saturday (08/11/2019)
    The deputy mayor Manuel Padín will make the memorial offering of the storm of Santa Catalina in 1694
  • The Local Police of Cartagena begins the activities to celebrate its patron San Leandro (08/11/2019)
    This Thursday, November 7, a day of sports coexistence in the Mediterranean Urbanization
  • The 48th edition of the FICC will pay tribute to the American director, David Lynch (08/11/2019)
    The Cartagena film festival, which will be held from November 24 to 30, will feature 70 films, both short films and feature films, of various genres and provenance
  • Cartagena Parque will take over the fencing of Española del Zinc (08/11/2019)
    The City Council has committed to, once the project has been received, expedite the procedures so that it can be carried out as soon as possible
  • The State Administration allocates a million and a half euros to repair the effects of the DANA on the coast of Cartagena (08/11/2019)
    Councilman Juan Pedro Torralba has claimed the performance of more actions such as the removal of reeds and sludge in Los Nietos, Los Urrutias , El Carmolí and Estrella de Mar
  • Cartagena becomes a medieval city (08/11/2019)
    The traditional period market can be visited from November 8 to 10 in the historical center of the city.
  • Pirates and princesses in the Christmas Fort hangs the poster completely in all the passes (08/11/2019)
    Pirates and princesses in the Christmas Fort, is a musical adapted by Faustino Sáez, where his company formed by young actors, give a fresh air and fun to the history of piracy in Cartagena
  • The UPCT has organizations from the third sector to prepare its 2021-25 Strategic Plan (08/11/2019)

  • The City Council of Cartagena announces four training and specialization scholarships in the tourism field (08/11/2019)
    They will be remunerated with 1,000 gross euros per year for one year
  • MS: The lack of transparency of the regional government coincides with the turbidity of the Mar Menor (08/11/2019)
    The Murcian Executive denies to MC information on the execution of the actions foreseen in the ITI of the Mar Menor
  • The Governing Board extends the agreement with FC Cartagena for the use of the Cartagonova to the entire legislature (08/11/2019)
    The meeting also approved the awards that will be given during the institutional act of the patron of the Local Police
  • Cartagena Piensa proposes a visit to the Los Remedios cemetery to learn about the city's modernist heritage (08/11/2019)
    The tour will take place this Saturday, at 4.30 pm, starting from the main door of the cemetery
  • The city center is cut by the Medieval Market (08/11/2019)
    The Local Police informs about the alternative itineraries that garage users in the Casco should follow, similar to those of previous years
  • A senior center with possibilities (07/11/2019)

  • The students of the CEIP Mediterráneo present their proposals to take to the Children's Plenary of December (07/11/2019)
    The mayor of Education, Irene Ruiz, visited the center, which participates this year in the program of the Department of Education with the schools Ciudad Jardín, Gabriel Mistral and Virgen del Carmen
  • Urban planning paralyzes a demolition next to the CEIP San Felix because it lacked a license and materials with fiber cement were being removed without security (07/11/2019)
    The Department of Urban Planning has paralyzed the demolition of two buildings, next to the CEIP San Felix, which lacked the relevant license and that were generating debris among which there were materials with fiber cement.
  • More than 700 young people will participate in the regional event Interstate in Cartagena (07/11/2019)
    It is organized by the Federation of Explorers of Murcia in collaboration with the Department of Youth.
  • Region of Murcia Gastronomic will offer the flavors of Cartagena (07/11/2019)
    This gastronomic congress is held from November 8 to 11, in the annex building of the Victor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia
  • Cartagena Jazz Festival takes its environmental side in the reforestation of Mount Roldán (07/11/2019)
    This activity, which has the collaboration of the photovoltaic company Soltec and the Association of Naturalists of the Southeast ANSE, will take place this Saturday, November 9, starting at 11:30 am
  • Non-sexist education returns to schools and institutes by the hand of Equality (07/11/2019)

  • Professional divers and volunteers will participate this Saturday in the cleaning of the seabed of Cabo de Palos (07/11/2019)
    The activity will take place in the morning both by boat to access the coves, and on foot to collect waste on the Levante Beach
  • MC: The ineffectiveness of 'La Trinca' facilitates the increase of insecurity in neighborhoods and districts (07/11/2019)
    The Government ignores the initiatives of MC to optimize the management of the security forces acting in the municipality
  • The UPCT and women of reference will enhance this course the talent of 30 students between 15 and 17 years of age with the "Púlsar" program (07/11/2019)
    The success of the Everis Foundation Mentoring program, promoted by the UPCT Social Council, ago that in three years the number of students tutored will be sixfold
  • MC will urge an agreement between City Hall and Community (07/11/2019)
    so that the students of the Vista Alegre school can make use of the dining room of the adjacent municipal Infant School
  • Promotion approves the public information file of the project to improve the link of pk 191 of the A-30, in Cartagena (07/11/2019)

  • Nuno Júdice and Jorge Riechmann voices protagonists of the poetic festival Deslinde (06/11/2019)

  • Postponed the act of photojournalist Judith Pratt scheduled for November 7 in Cartagena Piensa (06/11/2019)
    It has been postponed for reasons beyond the organization.
  • Pozo Estrecho prepares its Fifth Galileo Meeting (06/11/2019)
    It will be held on November 17 by the Department of Social Services and the Columbares Association with a space of coexistence and value cultural diversity
  • The City Council and the CARM unlock the transfer of the Franco Deposit to the ZAL of Los Camachos (06/11/2019)
    The Development Institute and the Department of Urban Planning reach an agreement on the principle of land reversion so that the change of location can take place
  • Juan Antonio Ortega talk about 'health in children and the environment' in Cartagena Piensa (06/11/2019)
    will be this Thursday, November 7 at 7:00 p.m. in the Club of the Third Old Age Spain of El Llano del Beal
  • Preparations for the 10-N general elections are finalized (06/11/2019)

  • The City Council carried out emergency actions amounting to 273 thousand euros on the occasion of the DANA (06/11/2019)

  • The City Council raises 902 euros for the fight against cancer (06/11/2019)
    The petition table, chaired by the vice mayor, Noelia Arroyo, has been installed throughout the morning at the gates of the City Hall
  • Celebrations prepare the Nativity Route for Christmas (06/11/2019)
    Entities interested in participating in the route should contact the Department before December 10
  • MC Cartagena goes to the Segura Hydrographic Confederation to control the urban rush of 'La Trinca' (06/11/2019)
    Jesús Giménez: "In July, Arroyo and Castejón decided to boost hundreds of homes in the La Manga nursery at the same time who voted against protection and declaration as BIC of the Salinas de Marchamalo "
  • Open the deadline to access the Civil Protection Volunteer (06/11/2019)
    Those interested, who must be over 18, have until November 30 to submit their application
  • The traditions of the souls and their relationship with Halloween, according to José Sánchez Conesa (06/11/2019)
    The official chronicler of the City, will deliver a conference on Thursday, November 7, framed within the activities of the Modernist Autumn, starting at 8 pm, at the headquarters of the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country
  • The Russian National Ballet stages 'The Swan Lake' in El Batel (05/11/2019)
    'The Swan Lake' returns to the tables of the El Batel Auditorium on Wednesday, November 6, at 9:00 p.m.
  • Cartagena returns to bring the best of its stoves to Murcia Region Gastronomic (05/11/2019)
    The port city stand will be from November 8 to 11.
  • Family films star in Domestic Cinema Day (05/11/2019)
    This Friday will be the fifth edition of the event, included in the programming of the FICC and in which the Department of Culture, the MURAM and the Municipal Archive
  • Four kilometers running to commemorate the four Saints of Cartagena (05/11/2019)
    The race will be held on November 24 through the streets of the city center along with a walking march and musical animations
  • San Juan Street will be closed for a week (05/11/2019)
    Between November 11 and 18 for the connection of a building under construction to the rainwater network
  • The Civil Guard detains two young people for the commission of more than twenty robberies in homes in Cartagena (05/11/2019)

  • Local Police in the Region are updated on the management of firearms in the ESPAC (05/11/2019)
    The course, held from November 4 to 19 in Cartagena, is included in the EFIAP training itinerary
  • San Antón reflects on climate change with Cayetano Gutiérrez (05/11/2019)
    This activity of Cartagena Piensa will be on Wednesday, November 6 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Ecologistas en Acción demands the transfer of the high voltage line in Santa Ana, Cartagena (05/11/2019)
    Ecologistas en Acción considers that the transfer of the LAT would avoid unnecessary risks when being in an urban area.
  • The Galifa Water Trail Trail closes the First Day of Nature (05/11/2019)
    The activities are being carried out throughout the year around the Regional Park of La Muela and will close on November 17 with this race and walking march
  • The UPCT renews its evaluation regulation by offering a continuous evaluation system and one compatible with other activities (05/11/2019)

  • Cartagena Piensa proposes in Santa Lucia a workshop to remember our deceased from other cultures (05/11/2019)
    It will be this Wednesday, November 6 at 6:00 pm at the Social Center of Los Mateos
  • Obituary: In memory of Dr. Bartolomé García Pérez (05/11/2019)
    José López Martínez.
  • The winning painting of Immaculate by Goiri Ferrandiz marks the beginning of the modernist autumn in Cartagena (05/11/2019)
    The Cultural Association of Modernist Friends of Cartagena on Monday, November 6, visited the Patronato Sagrado Corazón school to bring students society and culture modernism
  • More than a thousand controlled vans in the last Local Police campaign (05/11/2019)
    Following the guidelines of the General Directorate of Traffic, local agents have carried out special control of these vehicles to ensure road safety
  • Inma de Goiri wins the I Contest of Modernist Painting of Cartagena (04/11/2019)

  • The Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena participates in the Science Week with the activity of the virtual visit to the monument (04/11/2019)

  • The 44 new students of the Local Police begin their theoretical and practical training at ESPAC (04/11/2019)
    Among the trainee officers are two women who will be in the academy until June 2020, when they will definitely join the service
  • The Belones Seniors Club show their work at the beginning of their Cultural Week (04/11/2019)
    From November 4 to 8, numerous activities have been organized such as a talk about home risk prevention, a chocolate, the great dance, the Sociocultural Route to Calasparra, board games and a snack
  • Renovated with LED technology the luminaires of the Plaza Ciudad de Mula (04/11/2019)
    This action is within the Energy Efficiency Plan of the Department of Infrastructure that have already been carried out in several points of Cartagena
  • A last quarter full of activities to improve the Historic District and Station Sector in Cartagena (04/11/2019)
    Among the activities planned within the ICI Project, several projects of coexistence, interculturality and diversity in the neighborhood stand out
  • The ADLE will advise 30 associations of La Manga through the ASOCIADLE program (04/11/2019)
    This new program is intended for all types of non-profit associations of a social, cultural, sports, NGOs, neighborhood, youth or leisure associations
  • Craft beer and cheese starred in La Aljorra over the weekend (04/11/2019)
    There were tastings, concerts and a conference on the history of beer in the Region of Murcia
  • ´La Sombra del Tenorio´ at the Apollo Theater of El Algar (04/11/2019)
    The show will be this Saturday, November 9 at 9:30 pm with a price of 8 and 10 euros
  • Several streets of Los Nietos were cut for repair work after the effects of DANA (04/11/2019)
    The action affects the avenues of La Marina, Isla Grosa, Dentón and Gallinetas
  • Makaya McCraven and Sons of Kemet will star in the most avant-garde day of the 39th edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (04/11/2019)
    It will be this Friday, at nine o'clock in the evening at the New Circus Theater
  • UCAM Cartagena celebrates on Friday the 'IV Cross of Los Dolores' cross-country (04/11/2019)
    17 educational centers in the municipality have confirmed their participation in this test that has seven categories and is held in the Cartagena Campus of the Catholic University with the collaboration of the Department of Sports
  • UPCT announces new teaching positions to rejuvenate its staff (04/11/2019)
    It will be 8 places by 2020 and will be positively discriminated against because of gender
  • Conferences, routes and a solidarity march will raise awareness about Diabetes for a week (04/11/2019)
    The different activities, framed within the XVIII Diabetes Week in Cartagena, will take place from November 11 to 17
  • MC: With three years of delay, the training of the policemen who join thanks to the offer summoned by José López in December 2016 begins (04/11/2019)
    The late entry of the new agents of the Local Police will again trigger spending in RED hours by 'La Trinca'
  • 'Creation of the garden environment', a new workshop in San Antón for the weather (04/11/2019)
    It will be this Wednesday, November 6 at 4:30 p.m. at the Solar Huerto belonging to the Cartagena Piensa program
  • The ADLE closes its professional ham cutting course (04/11/2019)
    The 12 students trained to create ham cutting professionals collected their diplomas in La Milagrosa
  • The neuropsychologist José Ramón Gamo will talk about ADHD in the Family School of Education (04/11/2019)
    It will be Monday, November 11 at 5:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the UNED Cartagena
  • The streets of Cartagena revive the Middle Ages (04/11/2019)
    The Historic Center will host the Medieval Market this weekend, with more than a hundred stalls that can be visited from Friday 8 to Sunday 10, with crafts, shows, workshops and animations
  • BIO commander "Hespérides" gives a UPCT conference on the Spanish Polar Program on Wednesday (04/11/2019)

  • The game begins with ´Encesta glass, we won all´ (04/11/2019)
    Throughout the week glass will be collected in the igloos shaped like a green ball spread around Cartagena to win a basketball court with recycled material
  • Require mandatory education in LGTBI diversity (03/11/2019)
    GALACTYCO Collective, Association of Gais, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Trans of Cartagena and Comarca, demand that legislation be complied with and mandatory education in LGTBI diversity
  • Fluency in municipal cemeteries on All Saints' Day (02/11/2019)
    The Corporation made its traditional offerings and visits to municipal cemeteries
  • MC Cartagena 'forces' the Government to guarantee full accessibility in the Youth Center of Quarries (02/11/2019)
    Segado declares that his training will remain vigilant so that the Executive complies with the committed action
  • Flamenco jazz night at the Cartagena Jazz Festival with Dorantes and the premiere in Spain of Jorge Pardo's new album, Carles Benavent and Tino Di Geraldo (02/11/2019)
    The second day of the Cartagena jazz festival will begin today Saturday at 1:00 p.m. in the Plaza del Icue with Coco Carmona & Jazz Missioners

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