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Cartagena News - October 2017

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  • CTSSP alert for irregularities in the contracting of the Cartagonova grass plantation (31/10/2017)

  • Professionals from the cruise sector will meet at the CARTAGENA CRUISE FORUM on November 14 (31/10/2017)

  • Artificial grass in El Albujon and La Aljorra, final actions of the Participatory Budgets of 2017 (31/10/2017)
    Both tenders enter their final phase after being sent to the municipal technicians to determine if there are reckless casualties
  • The XXV edition of the Regional Baseball League begins (31/10/2017)

  • The festival of poetry Deslinde presents The deep skin of Sebastian Mondejar (31/10/2017)
    The Pavilion of Autopsies will host the presentation of the book of poems next Thursday, November 2, at 20:30 hours
  • Mayors and irrigators of the Campo de Cartagena agree to promote measures to alleviate the drought situation (31/10/2017)
    The CRCC has summoned the 8 mayors of the Comarca to propose urgent measures in response to the water shortage suffered by farmers
  • The Finance Commission rules the extension of the overtime of the brigades and the new grass of the Cartagonova (31/10/2017)
    The budgetary modifications have been reported favorably, one of them with the vote of quality of the president
  • Seven choirs participate in the XXI Sample of Choral Singing Maestro Jose Espinosa (31/10/2017)
    The recital of choral singing will be held in the Auditorium and Congress Center el Batel, on Saturday, November 25, at 6:00 pm, with free admission until complete capacity
  • Lydia Martin pays homage to Cecilia with a documentary concert (31/10/2017)
    It will be on December 15 from 9:30 p.m. at the New Teatro Circo and the price of tickets goes from 12 to 15 euros
  • The Luzzy hosts a workshop dedicated to Nietzsche (31/10/2017)
    The activity is celebrated on November 2 and is part of the 'Adult philosophy workshops' organized by the 'Cartagena Piensa' program
  • Citizens regrets in the Finance Committee the disastrous forecast of local government spending in the budgets (31/10/2017)

  • The Second edition of the Mandarache Book is presented (31/10/2017)
    The Councilor for Youth will announce this Thursday, at the ARQUA, the details of these literary creation workshops that are part of the Mandarache Prize
  • Suspended the performance of the work Lulu this Saturday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo (31/10/2017)
    Because indisposition of the actress María Adánez, the Department of Culture has been forced to suspend the function
  • Archaeological Heritage and Sustainable Development supervise the recovery of the Monastery of San Gines de la Jara and study future uses (31/10/2017)
    Responsible for both areas last week verified on the ground the progress of the works
  • Cs will ask for explanations from the Ministry before the allegations of irregularities in the ambulance service (31/10/2017)
    - The Municipal Citizens Group has met with the General Secretary of CGT in the Region, Julián Cuevas, and ambulance service workers of a company that has been filed by the Labor Inspectorate twice
  • The Popular University of Cartagena inaugurates the academic year 2017-2018 (31/10/2017)
    The institution will be more present in the neighborhoods and councils of Cartagena this new academic year
  • Ctssp regrets the loss of income for the urban recovery of the municipality (31/10/2017)

  • Hostecar recognizes the work of hoteliers and personalities with the Santa Marta awards (31/10/2017)

  • The first Garlopa awards distinguish Jose Maria Albarracin and Ricardo Diaz Manresa (31/10/2017)
    The Brotherhood of Cardinal Mendoza of Cartagena has distinguished the president of the Croem, José María Albarracín, and the journalist Ricardo Díaz Manresa, with the Garlopa awards
  • The Local Police intervenes in an accident in the Barrio de la Concepcion, with a deceased motorist (31/10/2017)
    The events took place at 8 am on Tuesday at the intersection of calle Ciclamen and calle Écija
  • The Campus of Cartagena of the UCAM launches a Sports Science Laboratory (31/10/2017)

  • A thesis documents the tourist potential of the architecture of the cemeteries of Cartagena (31/10/2017)

  • All Saints' Day brings to Cartagena the memory of their deceased (30/10/2017)

  • The Cartagena Film Festival recognizes the trajectory of the actor Carlos Santos (30/10/2017)
    The Murcian performer receives the FICC-Gas Natural Fenosa award at the forty-sixth edition of the festival
  • The City Council of Cartagena helps groups with special employment difficulties (30/10/2017)
    The project 'Action for Entrepreneurship in Murcia' is aimed at immigrants, young people under 30 who neither study nor work, long-term unemployed people, and other groups with difficulties
  • The XII AICEI Meeting brought the illustrated Cartagena to the population (30/10/2017)
    The members of the International Association of Cities and Entities of the Enlightenment knew the heritage of the city to join efforts and promote cultural tourism
  • III Edition of the Short films of Terror Sometimes I see shorts (30/10/2017)
    The short films are included within the program T-LA (Alternative Free Time) of the Department of Youth
  • The Young Symphonic Orchestra of Cartagena plays Beethoven and Mozart for Santa Cecilia (30/10/2017)
    The group of winds of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Cartagena will perform next Saturday, November 11 at 8:00 pm in the Isaac Peral Hall of the former CIM.
  • The second edition of the Participatory Budgets receives 1,878 citizen proposals (30/10/2017)
    The district in which most requests have been obtained is 4, which includes San Antonio Abad and the city center, with 468
  • Trio Truna closes the Festival CON_VER_GEN_TE (30/10/2017)
    The concert of this musician designer and inventor of instruments is held on Saturday, November 4 at U t O p ia Cartagena
  • El Unibono helps students to save on their trips to the University (30/10/2017)
    The City of Cartagena supports the renovation of the Unibono, a transportation bonus that benefits the university community of the 3 universities of Cartagena (Polytechnic University, Catholic University and Distance University)
  • Cartagena will return to the XVII century with an old market (30/10/2017)
    The Baroque Market will be held between November 3 and 5 in the streets of the historic center of the city
  • The theater company Amigos del Tenorio brings its Don Juan to El Batel (30/10/2017)
    The Spanish theater classic will be seen in Cartagena this Tuesday, October 31
  • The second edition of Educa Jazz will bring this musical style to more than 800 children of the municipality (30/10/2017)
    Performances in municipal children's schools, a jazz adaptation of Mozart's 'Magic Flute' and street music are the activities programmed for this 2017 throughout the month of November
  • Selected shorts that will participate in the FICC46 (30/10/2017)
    The works will be screened during the week of the festival
  • The Ribera de San Javier Avenue Market is held this week on Tuesday (30/10/2017)
    As reported by the Local Police there is a change of day, traditionally takes place on Wednesdays, on the occasion of the Feast of All Saints
  • Cs lashes out against Calderón for preventing funerals from being held during the weekends afternoons (30/10/2017)

  • The students and the personnel of the university centers of Cartagena will have flat rate in their displacements in bus (30/10/2017)
    The adviser Pedro Rivera presents the 'University Unibone' subsidized by the Autonomous Community with 133,000 euros
  • Special Local Police Device for Halloween Night and All Saints Day (30/10/2017)
    The number of agents will be increased in order to avoid vandalism during the night of Tuesday, and to control access to cemeteries throughout the holiday on Wednesday
  • A student from the UCAM Cartagena, awarded in the 1st Conference on Teaching Integration in Nursing of Emergencies and Emergencies (30/10/2017)

  • A student of the Master of Industrial Programs a robot that helps to locate books in the library (30/10/2017)
    The invention will stay in the library of Antigones
  • The General Director of Sports visits a training of the UCAM Athletics Cartagena (29/10/2017)

  • The government of PSOE and MC starts the house by the roof (29/10/2017)

  • MC will once again demand that the Civil Guard barracks in Cartagena be considered as the main one to improve security in neighborhoods and councils (28/10/2017)
    The initiative also contemplates the extension of the area of ​​influence of the National Police to nuclei near the urban area of ​​Cartagena
  • Visit Brotherhood San Ginés de la Jara to the AGA (27/10/2017)

  • Captaincy receives the XII AICEI 2017 Meeting (27/10/2017)

  • More than a dozen companies choose to install artificial turf on the football field of La Aljorra (27/10/2017)
    The work of participatory budgets and the ISA Plan
  • ... (27/10/2017)

  • Quality of Life encourages responsible adoption of pets through agreements with protectors (27/10/2017)
    The measure deepens the will to move towards abandonment zero
  • Fidel and the Navegantes put music at the beginning of the festival Poetic Deslinte (27/10/2017)
    The group that leads the former member of the last of the row, Los Burros or Los Rápidos, will perform on Saturday 28 at 21:30 hours in the Tántalo room together to several festival poets
  • The Governing Board approves the draft ordinance that will make Cartagena an accessible city (27/10/2017)
    The meeting also accepted the free transfer to the City Hall of a 1,000 square meter room offered by a family of La Aljorra
  • Playa Paraiso will host the first edition of the Mar Menor Running Challenge (27/10/2017)

  • The Cartagena Base Football League picks up its regional character on its 25th anniversary (27/10/2017)
    The inaugural tournament kickoff, with a new logo and sponsors, will be on Saturday 28 in La Unión
  • Cs regrets the delay for the approval of the Accessibility Ordinance and requests updating of the Comprehensive Plan (27/10/2017)

  • Associations of young and artisans take Plaza Heroes de Cavite (27/10/2017)
    On Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 the Youth Department organizes the Interassociative Encounter and an Artisan Market made up of young artisans
  • The ambitious municipal plan to act on Beatas and neighborhoods, promoted by Cs, will begin in December (27/10/2017)

  • The XII AICEI 2017 Meeting begins its program with previous acts (27/10/2017)
    A visit to the old Barracks of Instruction of Marinería and a concert Young Symphonic Orchestra of Cartagena
  • New location of speed controls for the week of October 30 to November 5 (27/10/2017)
    The Local Police has published the list of places that will be the radars during the next week
  • The Spanish Federation of Family Therapy Associations celebrates its national congress in Cartagena (27/10/2017)
    National and international experts will discuss topics of the daily activity of the professionals of this sector
  • Film evening on Luzzy with Dia-Day and Dark Side of the Heart projections (26/10/2017)
    The double film session will begin at 7:00 pm this Friday, October 27, at the Centro Cultural
  • Francisco Calderón (MC) remembers to Espejo that what results from Court is his deficient management in 'Spanish of the Zinc' (26/10/2017)

  • The Luzzy welcomes the Socrates workshop and the return of wisdom (26/10/2017)
    The philosophy workshop to learn to know is organized within the 'Cartagena Piensa' cycle in which it collaborates Culture Department
  • Ayuntamiento and Autonomous Community recognize the work of ASTUS in the CDIAT Virgen de la Caridad (26/10/2017)

  • The Community takes to Cartagena a sample of the evolution of the regional agri-food sector in the last 50 years (26/10/2017)
    The Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries inaugurates the sample '50 years making Region 'to mark the anniversary of SEPOR
  • The Community finances 752 places to care for people with disabilities in Cartagena (26/10/2017)
    The president visits the Center for Early Childhood Development and Early Care of Astus, a 50-year-old association with which the Community collaborates by funding the care of more than 400 people
  • The City Council calls for grants to promote and energize the corporate fabric of Cartagena (26/10/2017)
    60,000 euros will be used to support non-profit associations
  • Manuel Padín: "We are going to the disaster by the accumulation of pending works and the bad planning of the Government" (26/10/2017)

  • Captaincy hosts the XII AICEI 2017 Meeting (26/10/2017)

  • La Mar de Musicas, best small format festival in Spain at the Fest 2017 Awards (26/10/2017)
    The Councilor for Culture of the City of Cartagena, David Martínez Noguera, picked up yesterday the award at the Bilbao Fest Awards
  • Quality of Life denounces the indefension of patients in Health Area II after knowing the increase in waiting times (26/10/2017)
    His councilman, Francisco Calderón, points out that citizens suffer in this area delays higher than those of the regional average
  • "Rétame y Aprendo" receives a national innovation award (26/10/2017)

  • The Sustainable Investment Plan tenders dominate the majority of the contracting table (25/10/2017)
    Among them are the actions of conditioning of squares and vials
  • Music for the XII Meeting of the International Association of Cities and Entities of the Illustration in Cartagena This Thursday, October 26th, the concert 'From Classicism to the XXth Century' is celebrated in the room Isaac Peral of the Fac (25/10/2017)

  • The Luzzy hosts the workshop The meaning of colors and augmented reality in marketing (25/10/2017)
    The activity, which will take place on Thursday, is included in the program Cartagena Piensa of the Department of Culture, in collaboration with the UPCT
  • A world of sounds to improve pediatric hospitalization in Saint Lucia (25/10/2017)

  • Coart + ey Dos Palmas Producciones take Panico to the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar (25/10/2017)
    The play will be performed on Saturday, November 4 at 9:30 p.m., and ticket prices, which are already on sale, go from 10 at 12 euros
  • More than 155 homes can be rehabilitated thanks to the ARRU program (25/10/2017)
    The acting mayor, Juan Pedro Torralba, announced Wednesday that the area of ​​action of this program is extended to Jorge Juan Street
  • The new vocal of Citizens in Los Dolores is marked as objectives to improve the infrastructures and gain accessibility (25/10/2017)

  • The UCAM of Cartagena welcomes its new university students with sports and volunteering activities (24/10/2017)

  • Cartagena firefighters extinguish the flames in a van parked next to an area of ​​trees in El Llano del Beal (24/10/2017)
    The incident occurred in the early hours of this afternoon, about 14:49
  • The EEA proposes to the City Council to collaborate to promote recycling and the care of the environment (24/10/2017)
    The Association has raised the problems of the sector and has requested to be part of the Environment Bureau
  • The writer Marina Mayoral bare her wishes in Luzzy (24/10/2017)
    The author participates tomorrow, October 24, in the cycle `Read, think, imagine ?, of the Department of Culture, to present her latest book,` Remember,
  • Elcano Athletics Club and ADE Program bring athletics closer to the Salesian school (24/10/2017)
    Activities have been developed in the school itself
  • Ana Blandiana, head of the poetry festival Deslinde 2017 (24/10/2017)

  • The Subjective Room of the Consistorial Palace hosts an exhibition on the Route of cities and entities of the Illustration within the framework of the XII Meeting AICEI (24/10/2017)
    The sample makes a review of the most representative of each of the cities and associated entities and will be visitable free of charge during the next two weeks in the Room Subjective of the Palace Hall
  • The students of 2 of primary of the Narval visit the Consistory (24/10/2017)
    The group of students has been received by the Councilor of Tourism and they have had the opportunity to know the Consistorial Palace
  • The Archaeological Museum of Cartagena hosts a sample of flamenco photographs (24/10/2017)
    The exhibition 'Ratitos Buenos.
  • Volunteers from the Implca2 program create a project to give visibility to the role of women in society Esther Sixto and Pablo Madrid, members of the Youth-led program, will present 'Women Found' on October 25th in Mister Witt Café (24/10/2017)

  • The City Council will be integrated in the Technical Committee that promotes the constitution and development of the School of Health of the Region The councilman Francisco Calderón has maintained this morning a meeting with the director of the Found (24/10/2017)

  • An advanced technical solution will allow to consolidate the Monte of Casillas of El Portus (24/10/2017)
    The project written by Sustainable Development is waiting for the regional and state authorization to contract it immediately
  • The first Day of Personality Disorders will feature presentations by experts in psychiatry and psychology (24/10/2017)

  • Citizens meet with the AMPA to learn firsthand the deficiencies in the San Isidoro School of El Algar (24/10/2017)

  • Last days to enroll in the Mobile Applications Development Course (24/10/2017)
    As a result of the collaboration between the Fundación Telefónica and the City of Cartagena, this program will help 25 unemployed young people in the municipality to be trained in one of the sectors with the greatest job projection
  • The Russian National Ballet rises to the stage of El Batel with La Bella Durmiente (24/10/2017)
    The ballet directed by the prestigious Sergei Radchenko will be this Wednesday at 9 pm in Hall A of the Municipal Auditorium
  • CEIP Mare Nostrum opens its renovated library (24/10/2017)
    With a play and a concert, the inauguration ceremony was held on Tuesday, coinciding with the International Day of Libraries
  • Leisure, Culture and Sport, during the next six weekends in La Aljorra (24/10/2017)
    Cartagena de la Diputación will celebrate its cultural November in which the City of Cartagena collaborates
  • ... (24/10/2017)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena acts in a case of gender violence and another one of crime against industrial property during the weekend (24/10/2017)
    In both cases the alleged culprits were arrested and, in addition, the falsified products that were object of the second intervention
  • A young woman from Ivory Coast attends an MBA at UPCT thanks to an agreement with the Women for Africa Foundation (24/10/2017)

  • Culture takes stock of the Folk Festival of Cartagena 2017 (23/10/2017)
    Friday and Saturday nights recorded a great influx of public in the Port Esplanade while Luar Na Lubre practically filled the El Batel Auditorium
  • Open the enrollment period for the COLLO Project of the ADLE for unemployed youngsters (23/10/2017)
    Includes refresher courses for leisure time, first aid in aquatic facilities and restoration techniques
  • The Old People's Club of the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood celebrates its Cultural Week 2017 (23/10/2017)
    The mayor of Social Services has attended the inauguration, which took place this Monday
  • Start a new edition of Educateatro (23/10/2017)
    Today, October 23, all the details of the school theater programming of this course have been presented and will be presented at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, the El Batel Auditorium and the Apollo Theater The Algar
  • The Local Police will put a special traffic device for the Copa del Rey match (23/10/2017)
    The Local Police recommends sharing a car, walking or using public transport to attend the Copa del Rey match, which will be played tomorrow, at the Estadio Cartagonova
  • The Cofradia California will represent Cartagena in a procession of the III International Congress of Cofradias and Brotherhoods The Brother of the Brotherhood has made arrive to the acting mayor to be part of the third that will accompany the 11 of (23/10/2017)

  • The terrible story of Spanish deportees in Nazi camps, told through a comic The Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center in Cartagena hosts the presentation of Deportado 4443 on Tuesday afternoon. His illustrated tweets of journalist Carlos Hernández and i (23/10/2017)

  • Cartagena hosted on Saturday the day of Retimur (23/10/2017)
    The acting mayor was in charge of presiding over the award of the 'Luis Berrocal' award
  • Aisa Boaa and Raul Molina de Anda bring to UtOpIa 13 Poeticas unemployed (23/10/2017)

  • Six artists exhibit their paintings in the D6 exhibition (23/10/2017)
    The Palacio de Molina will host the works from 26 October to 26 November
  • The show, directed by Paco Macià, inaugurated on Friday the program of activities of the XII International Encounter of Cities of the Enlightenment The Luzzy returned to the time of Goya with The dream of the reason (23/10/2017)

  • Local police arrested two individuals attempting to steal inside a house on Paseo Alfonso XIII (23/10/2017)
    The events occurred last Wednesday, when, on the other hand, Local Police agents recovered a vehicle in La Manga subtracted
  • Benito Ros proclaims regional Trial-bike champion in Cartagena (23/10/2017)
    The Canteras circuit hosted Sunday the third and last test, and also the most important, of the I Circuit Trial of the Region of Murcia
  • The Community finances with more than two million the attention to people in risk of exclusion in Cartagena (21/10/2017)
    Next 11 of November will take place a charitable dinner of Cartagena by the Charity in which the counselor of Family and Equality of Opportunities, Violante Tomás , will be named president of honor
  • Month of Mobility ratifies the commitment of Sustainable Development by a friendly and accessible municipality (21/10/2017)

  • Defined the calendar of assemblies of prioritization to empower the neighbors in the Participatory Budget (20/10/2017)
    This morning has met the monitoring committee in the building of San Miguel
  • Cs Cartagena warns: "If water is not lowered, we will not negotiate or support the budgets of 2018" (20/10/2017)

  • The St. Vincent Paul School lives a day of athleticism on the municipal track with the ADE Program. The first activity of the ADE Program, from the Department of Sports, has been to practice athletics with the students of the school San Vicente Paul (20/10/2017)

  • The students of the IES San Isidoro of Los Dolores know the process to participate in the Participatory Budgets (20/10/2017)
    The acting mayor and the Councilor of Education have presented to the students of 4th of ESO and Bachillerato of this center the process by the who can decide on what to invest 15,000 euros
  • Cartagena Local Police Involves Non-Street Vendors in the Passive Safety of the Markets (20/10/2017)
    El Algar's flea market in El Algar has been the first to implement this measure
  • The II Modernist Exhibition invites to wear the hat to revive the Modernism (20/10/2017)
    The event that this year celebrates from the 3 to the 12 of November includes a contest exhibition of hooks of tradition, with horses and vintage carriages
  • The Science and Technology in the Cartagena de la Ilustracion protagonists of a cycle in Fundacion Cajamurcia (20/10/2017)
    The program of talks, that forms part of the Year of the Enlightenment that organizes the City council of Cartagena, will be held every Thursday until the 30 of November
  • Decentralization will invest 18,000 euros in urban furniture for neighborhoods that lack neighborhood council (20/10/2017)
    The mayor in charge and mayor of the area, Juan Pedro Torralba, says that this investment responds to the requests made to him by the neighbors themselves of this year
  • The UPCT is this weekend host of the national meeting of the Erasmus host network (20/10/2017)

  • "I hope we can work together to develop a business project" UPCT Girl Power, the free technological entrepreneurship program for women in search of jobs, starts at UPCT. (20/10/2017)

  • The Governing Board approves the municipal contribution for the study of rehabilitation of Casa Rubio of El Algar (20/10/2017)
    It has also enabled the necessary items to contract next year's postal communications
  • The Music Unit of the General Air Academy will play for the benefit of Cartagena for Charity in El Batel (20/10/2017)
    The concert will be this Saturday at 7 pm in the Municipal Auditorium
  • Díaz Morcillo: "The university brings the visible connection to the environment" (20/10/2017)
    UPCT teachers participate in Aquae Campus, an event that has taken place in the Faculty of Sciences of the Company
  • Popular University pays homage post to Lola Fernandez. Since Thursday, the professor of Language and Literature of the UP, creator of the Bazaar of Letters and coordinator of the Sea of ​​Letters, has a commemorative sculpture and with a classroo (20/10/2017)

  • Launching of the new season of the Cartagena Amateur League The championship has opened this year with the launch of the new municipal soccer fields of artificial grass of Jose Maria Lapuerta and Lopez Belmonte de la Bda. (20/10/2017)

  • New location of speed controls for the week of October 23 to 29 (20/10/2017)
    The Local Police has published the list of places in which the radars will be placed during the whole week
  • Local Police will restrict traffic on Monday in the Historic Quarter by the arrival of four cruises (20/10/2017)
    It is foreseen the disembarkation of more than 7,000 cruzers in the port of Cartagena so that this special device will be launched on October 23 from 9:30 am
  • Juan Carlos Uso presented in Cartagena his book Pride Transvestite (20/10/2017)

  • The City Council prioritizes the names of women to designate new streets and public spaces (19/10/2017)
    The plenary unanimously approves this initiative together with another one so that the regional government facilitates the gratuity in public transport to the students of bachiller and FP
  • Decentralization gets the permits to install the social premises of the Rincon de Sumiedo where the neighbors wish (19/10/2017)
    The project documents, with the fulfillment of requirements for the new location, have already been delivered to the Segura Hydrographic Confederation and in the coming months can move the social place.
  • The Plenary approves, thanks to the favorable vote of Cs, the modification of the fiscal ordinances for 2018 (19/10/2017)

  • The Plenary supports, at the proposal of Cs, the creation of a Professional College of Criminology of the Region of Murcia (19/10/2017)

  • Fish with Art teaches to cook the brotola in papillote with veloute (19/10/2017)
    The kitchen workshop, which seeks to encourage the consumption of species caught with traditional fishing gear, will be held at Carrots Café on Saturday, October 21
  • The FEMADIS 2017 opens its doors with 53 positions of associations, social entities and companies (19/10/2017)
    The IX Fair of Resources and Services for Seniors and People with Disabilities will be installed next to the place of the Heroes of Cavite from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 of October
  • An initiative of MC encourages the City Council to claim the inclusion of Cartagena in the Mediterranean Corridor and the construction of the Beniel Bay (19/10/2017)

  • Poetry and music meet at the Convergent Festival of UtOpIa The second edition of the festival will be on November 3 and 4, and for this purpose both artists from the region and a very special guest, TRUNA, musician and experimental performer located (19/10/2017)

  • The acting mayor and the Councilor for Education will explain the process of Participatory Budgeting to the students of the IES San Isidoro de Los Dolores (19/10/2017)
    The meeting will take place in the facilities of the school itself this Friday, October 20 at 11:00 am
  • The Symphonic show of Pink Floyd arrives at El Batel Auditorium. The tribute to the British band will be this Friday, October 20 at 9:30 p.m. (19/10/2017)

  • Folk Festival of Cartagena 2017 starts this Friday (19/10/2017)
    From the Esplanade of the Port will pass, from 20 to 22 October, groups from Valencia, Basque Country, Catalonia, Murcia, Galicia and Castilla y León.
  • Aquae Campus 2017 opens tomorrow's doors to innovation and entrepreneurship in Cartagena (19/10/2017)
    Neuroscientists, mathematicians, biologists, physicists, journalists, artists and social entrepreneurs will share their ideas and projects transformers
  • ... (19/10/2017)

  • The Cartagena Firefighters make 12 interventions for the rains and the wind (19/10/2017)
    The electric shocks produced a fire in Atamaría, the fall of rubble in Tierno Galván Street, and the fall of several trees and branches.
  • The Cartagena Firefighters intervene by the fall of branches of trees and lightning during the storm of this noon (18/10/2017)
    The electric shocks produced a shot of fire in Atamaría and the fall of rubble in the street Tierno Galván
  • Awarded the improvement of public lighting in the Eixample and neighborhoods for 150 thousand euros (18/10/2017)
    The award has been made by the Contracting Bureau at its ordinary meeting, which will mean the improvement of obsolete lighting of the city
  • San Anton will receive an investment of 100,000 euros to improve safety and public lighting (18/10/2017)
    It will act on the walls and stairs of the streets Recoletos and Sagrada Familia
  • The initiative of José López (MC) starts the study for the direct management of conservation of green spaces in the municipality (18/10/2017)

  • The City of Cartagena will recognize the work of social volunteers (18/10/2017)
    October 19 opens the deadline to submit the nominations and to be able to opt for the 'IX Volunteer Commitment Award'
  • Local Police in Cartagena seizes 88 imitation products in Heroes de Cavite (18/10/2017)
    Articles intended for street vending were shirts, bags, polo shirts, sweatshirts, slippers and caps
  • ... (18/10/2017)

  • The Company La Ferroviaria carries the dream of the reason of Buero Vallejo to the Ramon Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center (18/10/2017)
    Directed by Paco Macià will be seen this Friday, October 20 at 20:00 hours, in free entrance, until completing capacity
  • The III Canine Carthaginians and Romans will combine leisure with pets with the sport (18/10/2017)
    The day, which will start at 18:00 hours, will raise funds for animal protectors with the fees paid by participants for registration
  • Cristobal Aguilo receives the award for the announced poster of the XVI Cross of Artilleria (18/10/2017)

  • The Luzzy will host this Thursday the presentation of the book of Juan Carlos Use Pride Transvestite (18/10/2017)
    The presentation will take place this Thursday, October 19th at 20:00 hours in the Josefina Soria library of the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Philosophy workshops for adults started at Luzzy (18/10/2017)
    Framing within the cycle Cartagena Thinks, Thursday is taught `We all have a philosophy of life.
  • Archaeological Patrimony announces 90,000 euros for performances until the end of the year (18/10/2017)
    The Cueva Victoria and Anfiteatro Master Plans will begin, in addition to performing performances at Monte Sacro, the Archaeological Museum, Roman Quarries or the Wall of Carlos III
  • The School of Emotional Intelligence of the Popular University of Cartagena conquers the AMPAS (18/10/2017)
    The 'Growing up' project is a pioneer in the Region of Murcia and is directed to the Associations of Fathers and Mothers of ten educational centers of the municipality of Cartagena
  • Juan Pedro Torralba opposes the proposal of the employer Seopan to pay 10 cents per kilometer for the use of the state highways which would mean paying ten euros a day. The acting mayor rejects head on that the highways in Cartagena are of payment , (18/10/2017)

  • Presented 101 proposals in the first 48 hours of participatory budgets (18/10/2017)
    The Department of Citizen Participation and Good Government warns of errors detected in some of them, such as inconcretions and actions that are not investments
  • The Mandarache Prize proclaims the Love book (18/10/2017)
    The City of Cartagena has presented the thirteenth edition of the project and opens registrations until December 21
  • Citizens ask for explanations in the Congress of Deputies for the contamination in Llano of the Beal (18/10/2017)

  • The UPCT installs 400 recycling bins to improve the management of its paper and plastic waste (18/10/2017)

  • Manuel Padín, "Mrs. Barreiro would have been tried a long time ago if she were not protected by coercion" (18/10/2017)

  • Hospitality Santa Teresa organizes a supportive dinner (18/10/2017)
    The event will be held in the social premises of the Mediterranean Urbanization on Friday 20 at 21:00
  • The Real Casino of Murcia hosted a lecture on the Arquelogico Museum of Cartagena (18/10/2017)
    The Coordinator of Historic and Archeological Heritage of the City Council spoke about the background, present and future of the museum Enrique Escudero de Castro
  • 100,000 euros to the City of Cartagena for the Roman amphitheater (17/10/2017)

  • The City of Cartagena demands greater representation in the commission of sanitation and purification (17/10/2017)
    This morning the Councilor for Sustainable Development, María José Soler, has exposed the current situation to the director of ESAMUR
  • Padín: "some political groups have been irresponsible and they have harmed the interests of all in Casco Antiguo" (17/10/2017)

  • The new actions of Casco Antiguo confirm the work of urban recovery developed during the last two years (17/10/2017)

  • Cartagena Think about children theories of the main philosophers through the drawing (17/10/2017)
    The workshop 'The Geometers' will be held on Wednesday 18 in the children's library of Luzzy with free registration
  • The Outlet Fair trades sell between 15 and 20% more than in the last edition (17/10/2017)
    The day with the greatest influx of public was the day of the Pillar, followed by the weekend of 14 and 15 October
  • Citizens will take to the next plenum the third world conditions of the bike lanes of Cartagena (17/10/2017)

  • The Luzzy hosts a stimulation workshop for babies through music and movement (17/10/2017)
    The activity, within the program Cartagena Piensa, will be held on Wednesday 18 at 10:30 hours
  • The City Council and the CARM present the protocol lines for the labor insertion of people at risk of social exclusion (17/10/2017)
    The project, the result of several months of coordinated work between the SEF, IMAS and local corporations, has been presented to technicians and members of social organizations in a day of work in the Artillery Park
  • The Special Accounts Commission gives its approval to the general account for 2016 (17/10/2017)
    The opinion was delayed a few months by delay of approval the balance sheets of Casco Antiguo
  • The Municipal Archaeological Museum will be promoted in the next issue of the N332 Roadwatch magazine. This magazine is edited by Civil Guard Traffic Volunteers and offers service information to foreign residents in Spain and visitors (17/10/2017)

  • The Cartagena Jazz Festival will have a joint programming with half of the concerts offered by women (17/10/2017)
    Of the twelve concerts, six are performed by female artists
  • The Local Police of Cartagena is formed in the use of small cases of lethality (17/10/2017)
    The School of Public Security of the City of Cartagena (ESPAC) has given a course so that the agents obtain the necessary knowledge in the use of devices that are alternative to other more aggressive media
  • The tickets for the comedy Amigas desgraciadas are on sale (17/10/2017)
    The work premieres at the Teatro Circo Apolo del Algar on 21 October at 9.30 pm
  • Hospitality Santa Teresa celebrated the acts of homage by its patron (17/10/2017)
    The day, Monday, concluded with a Eucharist and the delivery of the gold medals to the work done in favor of the institution
  • Four requests, 24 questions and 13 motions will be discussed in the municipal plenary on Thursday (17/10/2017)
    The Board of Spokespersons met yesterday afternoon to order their formulation and debate
  • A thesis optimizes electrochromic devices to create windows, glasses or smart mirrors (17/10/2017)

  • The City Council of Cartagena offers material and human means to quell the fires of Galicia (corrected) (16/10/2017)
    The Teis central park in Vigo has thanked the offer and indicated that it is not necessary to travel due to last rains last night and this morning
  • The City of Cartagena offers material and human means to quell the fires of Galicia (16/10/2017)
    The Teis central park in Vigo has thanked the offer and indicated that it is not necessary to travel thanks to the last rains of last night and this morning
  • Municipal schools may request semi-automatic defibrillators (16/10/2017)
    The City Council has put ten DESA civil protection devices available to public primary and secondary schools
  • ... (16/10/2017)

  • The students of the Popular University immerse the British culture (16/10/2017)

  • The workshops will be divided into two groups (Pregnancy and Postpartum) and will be developed at the Youth Resource Center between November 3 and 15. Youth initiates a course-workshop on Health Promotion in Maternity from December. (16/10/2017)

  • Race Senderos del Mar Menor (16/10/2017)
    Next 12 November will be held the Mar Menor Running Challenge 2017 organized by Sports Association Games Sport in collaboration with the City of Cartagena
  • Green light in the Commission of the Treasury to the modification of the taxes and taxes for 2018 (16/10/2017)
    The opinion has had the support of the two groups of the municipal government and the abstentions of the opposition
  • Cs calls for more time to study tax regulations and welcomes renewable energy bonus at ICIO (16/10/2017)

  • Social Services awards grants worth 100,000 euros (16/10/2017)
    Caritas, the Marraja Foundation, the Home for the Elderly and the Home for Children have received these grants for the implementation of various social action projects.
  • The Urban Planning Commission favors a detailed study in Santa Lucia (16/10/2017)
    It has also dismissed the appeal of a neighbor against the modification of the Special Plan in the Muralla del Mar
  • Local police will enable a traffic restriction device in the center for the arrival of 6,600 cruise passengers (16/10/2017)
    The traffic control will take place on Tuesday October 16 and will affect the historic city center
  • The colloquium Tourism, a challenge, an opportunity begins on Tuesday the cycle Cafes with Science and Thought The event is organized by Cartagena Piensa and the City of Cartagena in the cafeteria El Soldadito de Plomo (16/10/2017)

  • The CEEIC hosts a free course for online advertising (16/10/2017)
    The workshop, in which ADLE collaborates, will be held this Wednesday, October 18 at the Center's facilities
  • Citizens bring to the Regional Assembly pending extension of the Los Molinos Institute in Barrio Peral (16/10/2017)

  • The Luzzy hosts tomorrow the presentation of the book Blood does not skip (16/10/2017)
    The act is part of the cycle "Read, Think, Imagine" and will have the presence of the author
  • The Efese recover the good sensations in the opening of the new grass of the Cartagonova (16/10/2017)
    The ones of Alberto Monteagudo beat 3-1 to the San Fernando in a clash that they came back with something of Aketxe and a doublete of Moses to leave without effect the penalti noted by the visitor Pedro Ríos
  • The I Solidarity March of Hispanidad for the benefit of Caritas full the streets of the Hispanic-American Barriada (16/10/2017)
    The Department of Sports of the City council of Cartagena and the Catholic University San Antonio collaborate with the Association of Neighbors of the Hispanic America Neighborhood, that has organized by first time this event in the framework of thei
  • About a hundred caravans gathered at the I Turistica Turistica Cartagena Ciudad de Tesoros. The event was attended by campers from Cantabria, Castilla y León, Madrid, Comunidad Valenciana or Andalusia who had the opportunity to meet the interpretatio (16/10/2017)

  • Agrifood companies improve their image using web tools, according to a thesis of the UPCT (16/10/2017)
    The adoption and intensity of use of ICT depends mainly on the age of those responsible for the companies
  • Enrique Nieto exposes oils and watercolors on the Mar Menor in Chys gallery with an intense look of color and textures (15/10/2017)

  • Cs meets in the Casino to the business sector, commercial, and neighborhood of Cartagena to evaluate the tourism sector in 2017 (14/10/2017)

  • ... (14/10/2017)

  • MC will ask the Plenary to ensure that access to employment in Lhicarsa respects the principles of equality, merit and ability (14/10/2017)

  • Sustainable Development advances to the residents of La Azohia the beginning of the works of the Juan Paredes square (13/10/2017)
    The performances will begin in Autumn and will turn the present space into a garden area of ​​entertainment compatible with the parties
  • Citizens get the works of the Plaza Juan Paredes de La Azohía include children's games and the stage (13/10/2017)

  • Patrimonio urges CARM to declare BIC with category of monument the House of the Child Ricardo Segado has remembered that it was approved in Plenary in December of 2016 (13/10/2017)

  • Encarna Jover wins the historic cruise of the drawing of Carthaginians and Romans of Ecovidrio (13/10/2017)
    The campaign involved the recycling of 12 tons of glass between Carthaginian containers and Roman containers
  • Citizens could submit from Monday to three proposals to the Participatory Budgets (13/10/2017)
    Last Wednesday concluded the round of information assemblies in each of the seven districts in which the municipality has been divided
  • Cs defends the continuity of the Casco Antiguo Society and its projects in front of the pretensions of PSOE and We can (13/10/2017)

  • Open until the 30th of October the deadline for the carnival poster of Cartagena 2018 (13/10/2017)
    The winning work, which will receive 1,000 euros, should collect the carnival spirit, as well as a notorious element of the City of Cartagena
  • New location of speed controls for the week of October 16 to 22 (13/10/2017)
    The Local Police has unveiled what will be the points where the radars will be placed during the next week
  • The Lirica Española Company premiered with the zarzuela The other duo of the African (13/10/2017)
    The Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center hosted this cultural event with a large influx of public
  • Hospitality Santa Teresa celebrates on Monday the acts of homage by its patron The mayor of Social Services will attend the Eucharist and delivery of recognition from 20.00 hours (13/10/2017)

  • Mowed (MC) asks CARM to publish the BIC start-up for the Casa del Niño and to invest at least part of the 300,000 euros committed (13/10/2017)

  • Students of the Polytechnic orient their final projects to solve social needs (13/10/2017)

  • Fire in the kitchen of a house of Alumbres. The fire began in the extractor, propagating through the extraction conduit. (11/10/2017)

  • The Contracting Bureau awards new equipment for the SEIS and Civil Protection (11/10/2017)
    The meeting, chaired by the councilor Isabel Garcia, has progressed in the adjudication of the remodeling of Alfonso XIII street in Los Dolores and Juan Paredes square in The Azohía
  • The film Pieles will open the new cycle of the FICCMOTECA on Friday (11/10/2017)
    Friday, October 13 at 20:00 hours will be the first screening of the first of the four films to be exhibited at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center in the second quarter and whose entry will be free until full capacity
  • The reforestation table defines the lines of work for this autumn (11/10/2017)
    Until the end of the year we will work on the walk of the Tentegorra Canal, Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood, Cabezo Ventura in Los Camachos and La Vaguada
  • Guided tours and schedule expansion in Cartagena Puerto de Culturas and the Museo del Teatro Romano by the Puente del Pilar (11/10/2017)
    Visitors and Cartagena can enjoy two guided tours of the Carthago Nova imperial or the medieval Cartagena
  • Encarna Jover, winner of the historic cruiser of the drawing of Carthaginians and Romans of Ecovidrio (11/10/2017)
    The act of delivery, which will be attended by the Councilor for Sustainable Development and Transparency, will take place this Friday at 11:00 am in the Hall of Receptions of the Palace Hall
  • Citizens celebrate with repairs works of adaptation of the plaza Juan Paredes de La Azohía (11/10/2017)

  • Retimur will announce its association and raise funds with its II Solidarity meal of October 21 (11/10/2017)
    The acting mayor has met this morning with those responsible for this group that brings together people affected by retinal dystrophies
  • Civil Guard of Cartagena celebrates its patron saint this Thursday with a Mass in San Fulgencio (11/10/2017)
    Francisco Aznar, Obdulia Gómez, María José Soler and Isabel García will attend the liturgical celebration
  • ADLE and Apices organize a day to publicize the Friendly Beach project (11/10/2017)
    The program of the European network of European tourist destinations will approach users and entrepreneurs in this event on 19 October
  • Local Police will have new transmitters with TETRA Digital technology (11/10/2017)
    120 new walkie-talkies have been acquired that will allow greater coordination between different emergency services
  • The Batel recovers for the second year the performance of Don Juan Tenorio the eve of All Saints (11/10/2017)
    The work will be in charge of the Teatral Friends Company of the Tenorio directed by Elvira Pineda in an event organized by the Department of Culture
  • CTSSP will take to the plenary an initiative to support the proposals of the association Procabo (11/10/2017)

  • The benefits of the San Silvestre this year will be allocated to social entities of the municipality (11/10/2017)
    The Department of Sports organizes the XXXVI edition of the popular race to be held on Sunday 31 December in the afternoon, with the technical collaboration of the Club Mandarache
  • Agreement with the City of Cartagena to care for minors exposed to gender violence (11/10/2017)

  • The markets of Los Dolores, La Aljorra and La Palma will be celebrated this Thursday in their usual schedule (11/10/2017)
    Local Police of Cartagena will watch for the security and compliance of the specific regulation
  • The VIII Fair Outlet 2017 opens its doors (11/10/2017)
    Until October 17 you can visit the stands of Heroes of Cavite, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Recognized artists show their works at the exhibition Generos Creativos (11/10/2017)
    The exhibition can be visited at the Cultural Hall of CajaMurcia until October 27 from Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 20:00
  • Telecommunications operators will put a business classroom at the UPCT (11/10/2017)
    AOTEC signs an agreement with the Cartagena Polytechnic to boost R & D and employability
  • Social Services will help 66 students at risk of exclusion with Coaching Project (10/10/2017)
    The program, organized together with Maestros Mundi, also seeks to train new volunteers for this course
  • The Governing Board approves 156 thousand euros for the last phase of the Santa Florentina (modified) market (10/10/2017)
    It will also allocate 350 thousand euros for the reform of the urban services in the streets: Beatas, Villalba Corta, San Cristóbal Corta, Ciprés, Don Roque and Plaza de Roldán
  • Cs welcomed the fact that the Government complied with its motion and subsidized facilities that invest in renewable energy (10/10/2017)

  • 33 seats will make up the public employment offer of 2017 (10/10/2017)
    The General Negotiating Board met this morning, chaired by Francisco Aznar
  • The acting mayor welcomes the new Director of Ecocarburantes Españoles in Cartagena (10/10/2017)
    Joaquín Rodríguez replaces the head of the entity to David Galindo, who retires after 13 years as director of the same
  • The people of Cartagena will know the reality of the Arctic with photographs, audios, a planetarium and objects in the Arctic breaks. The exhibition was inaugurated this Tuesday by the acting mayor, losediles of Quality of Life and Education, CaixaBa (10/10/2017)

  • The Solidarity March of Hispanidad will cross the Spanish-American neighborhood in favor of Caritas (10/10/2017)
    The event, with which the Department of Sports and UCAM Cartagena collaborate, will be celebrated on Saturday 14 with a 4-kilometer journey
  • The festive site will be the framework of the I Cartagena Tourist City Tesoros Castle (10/10/2017)
    It will be celebrated between Wednesday 11 and Sunday October 15 and the program has multiple activities
  • ... (10/10/2017)

  • Cs Cartagena attends the demand of the criminologists to create a Professional Association in the Region of Murcia (10/10/2017)

  • Researchers and farmers share in the UPCT solutions to regenerate the Mar Menor (10/10/2017)

  • The Governing Board approves 156 thousand euros for the last phase of the Santa Florentina market (10/10/2017)
    It will also allocate 350 thousand euros for the reform of the urban services in the streets: Beatas, Villalba Corta, San Cristóbal Corta, Ciprés, Don Roque and Place of Roldán
  • The City Council will facilitate the installation of tourist accommodation in the municipality (10/10/2017)

  • A Real de 8 and several maravedies of Carlos III, pieces of the quarter of the Municipal Archaeological Museum (09/10/2017)
    The presentation ceremony will take place in the Municipal Archaeological Museum itself on Wednesday, October 11 from 19:30 hours and the entrance will be free until full capacity
  • Visit of the Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara to the Mayor of the Union (09/10/2017)

  • The Casino of Cartagena welcomes this Friday the presentation of Umbrias, from the soriana Lucia Santamaria Najara (09/10/2017)
    The presentation will begin at 20.00 hours
  • The Food Bank of the Region, based in Cartagena, awarded the Major Awards (09/10/2017)
    The organization based in Cartagena has received this distinction for its solidarity work
  • An updated version of El otro duo de la Africana arrives this Wednesday to Ramon Alonso Luzzy (09/10/2017)
    The councilman of Culture has presented this Monday the adaptation of the zarzuela of Fernández Caballero
  • Musica de Habaneras and Canciones de Mar this Thursday at ARQUA to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Day (09/10/2017)
    The Carthagonova Polyphonic Chorus celebrates with this concert on October 12
  • The decontamination of El Hondon will enable the creation of urban areas and green areas (09/10/2017)
    The report presented by UPCT researchers on El Hondón contamination proposes the in situ encapsulation of waste and the creation of green areas in areas can be regenerated
  • The study for the characterization of the lands of El Hondón cymes "a solid base to begin the decontamination" These works, realized by the UPCT, have been commissioned by the areas of Government of Sustainable Development and Quality of Li (09/10/2017)

  • The European Youth Volunteer Service welcomes four new Erasmus + students (09/10/2017)
    Young people, from Germany, Hungary, Belgium and Greece will lend their support to the different programs promoted from the Youth Area
  • CTSSP rejects the privatization of the Congress Office (09/10/2017)
    The municipal group urges the PSOE to decline to cede the Office to Puerto de Culturas SA
  • The decontamination of El Hondón enables green areas, sports courts and urbanizing spaces (09/10/2017)

  • Solidarity march in the Hispanoamerica neighborhood (09/10/2017)
    This Tuesday is the event organized by the Association of Neighbors with the collaboration of the City Council and the UCAM.
  • La Obra Social la Caixa and the City of Cartagena present the exhibition El Artico breaks down (09/10/2017)
    The exhibition will be seen in an exclusive and innovative space that recreates the icy environment of the Arctic
  • The Torres Park shouted for ASIDO (09/10/2017)
    The Festival hosted on Saturday the performances of Nena Rose, Pico Esquina and Ngoma Africa
  • The Railway Company brings the dream of reason, Buero Vallejo, to Luzzy (09/10/2017)
    The representation will take place at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center on Friday, October 20 from 20:00 hours and the entrance will be free until complete seating
  • Project Abraham resumes its activities in the Villalba neighborhood (09/10/2017)
    School support for minors and the training of women in the area are the priority of this group, which has the collaboration of the Department of Social Services
  • La Aljorra turns around with its V Meeting of Neighbors (09/10/2017)
    The different entities of the locality organized cultural and leisure activities in a day of coexistence that counted on a great participation
  • Citizens demand that the regional government take the first steps to make Cartagena's ZAL a reality (09/10/2017)

  • The Urbanization Mediterraneo awarded its Silver Carabela Awards 2017 (09/10/2017)
    AVV awarded this year the Local Police Antonio López Asensio, National Police Inspector Andrés Hernández, the group of catechists of the parish Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza, the Astus Association and the cardiologist Javier Martínez
  • UtOpIa organizes the Charris without Charris anti-homage (09/10/2017)
    The cultural hall organizes an event with projections, music and installations based on the universe of Cartagena's artist
  • The Plasticos Romero Cartagena FS premiere the track of the Sports Palace with an epic draw to three against El Pozo Murcia (09/10/2017)

  • A new UPCT Chair will create its own title on corrosion engineering and coatings technology (09/10/2017)

  • The Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena expands its schedule and opening days due to the October bridge. From Thursday to Sunday, in collaboration with Cartagena Puerto de Culturas, guided tours of the city that include the visit to the monument (07/10/2017)

  • MC celebrates tomorrow the two-year work in the Mayor's Office to recover the dignity of Cartagena (06/10/2017)
    The Real Club de Regatas will host the 'Gala celebration Mayor's Office 2015-2017'
  • The City Council invests more than 60,000 euros in improvements in the neighborhoods of Santa Lucia, Los Mateos and Lo Campano (06/10/2017)

  • A weekend full of activities at the Women's Associations Fair (06/10/2017)
    This Friday was inaugurated by the acting mayor and the councilors of Equality and Tourism
  • Cartagena will be the capital of the illustration for three days with the XII AICEI Meeting (06/10/2017)
    The congress will be held from October 26 to 28 and will have complementary activities open to the general public as well as the interventions of leading theorists on this historical period
  • A mobile application will promote the offers of the small shops of the city (06/10/2017)
    The Consorcio Centro Comercial Abierto presents the application Rushout with which it is wanted to dynamize the consumption of goods and services in the establishments of the city
  • ... (06/10/2017)

  • COEC claims the implication of Cs in the budget defense of the AVE to Cartagena in the Congress (06/10/2017)

  • The Hispanic-American Barriada celebrates Hispanidad with multiple festivities Sports, gastronomy and music will meet between Friday 6 and Sunday October 15 on the occasion of the annual celebrations of the place (06/10/2017)

  • The Music Sea nominated for the Fest Awards (06/10/2017)
    This is the national festival festival where both the public and a professional jury vote
  • The Local Police will watch over the road safety of sporting events this weekend in Cartagena (06/10/2017)
    It is recommended that drivers take precautions and provide for their travel
  • Cartagena paid homage this Thursday to those killed in the sinking of the Mercedes (06/10/2017)
    A plaque was discovered and the director of ARQUA offered a lecture on the third expedition of excavations in the wreck
  • The Polytechnic employs virtual reality to investigate the causes of work accidents (06/10/2017)

  • New location of speed controls for the week of October 9 to 15 (06/10/2017)
    The Local Police of Cartagena has published the list of places where the radars will be placed during the next week
  • The UPCT begins to receive students from China and Korea (06/10/2017)
    The Polytechnic of Cartagena receives these days the visit of representatives of several Chinese universities
  • Lopez (MC) calls on the Carthagena to accelerate the demands for the arrival of the AVE and the Mediterranean Corridor (06/10/2017)

  • The president of the International Society of Cineatropometry opens classes on this technique at the UCAM of Cartagena (06/10/2017)

  • Work is progressing around the Casa del Niño (05/10/2017)
    The performances take place on the streets Licenciado Casceles and the stretch of Jabonerías
  • The ADLE offers some thirty courses for the last quarter of the year (05/10/2017)
    The training offer includes certificates of professionalism and internship programs in European Union countries
  • The adequacy of Castillo de La Atalaya awarded in its first phase (05/10/2017)
    The Recruitment Bureau also solved this morning the electrical equipment and video surveillance for the orchard and municipal nursery
  • Inauguration of the Fair of Women's Associations (05/10/2017)
    It will be held from 6 to 8 October around the Plaza de los Heroes de Cavite
  • Activities for the whole family in the celebration of Mental Health Day of TP Cartagena, Apices and AFAL (05/10/2017)
    This Saturday, at 12.00 hours, will read a manifesto to be attended by the Councilor for Social Services
  • Joaquin Lopez receives the recognition of the City by its four metals in the World of Police and Firemen (05/10/2017)
    The Councilor of Public Safety has personally congratulated the Local Police for its achievement in the XVII World Police and Fire Games
  • More than 50 activities and several developments in the programming of this course of the Popular University The councilor of culture and the director of the Popular University have explained the program of the institution (05/10/2017)

  • Cs Cartagena reproaches the PSOE that prevented to place a flag of Spain in the Park of Firemen (05/10/2017)

  • The Batel hosts in the next months seven congresses of national scope (05/10/2017)
    More than two thousand people will pass through the city to participate in the meetings organized in the Municipal Auditorium
  • Manuel Padín warns the Government: "You can not have fellow travelers who do not keep their word" (05/10/2017)

  • The Joint Commission on Health defines its strategy against possible breach of the Rosell Law. During the meeting held on Wednesday, the Councilor for the Area of ​​Quality of Life gave an account of the meeting held in September with the area ma (05/10/2017)

  • The City Council puts in place measures for reforestation of the municipality (05/10/2017)
    The Sustainable Development and Quality of Life areas have organized a first performance for this Sunday in the framework of the 5th Neighborhood Meeting of La Aljorra
  • Judges and architects exchange experiences in Cartagena (05/10/2017)
    Over four days will be discussed themes related to urbanism, the incidence of public works in buildings or the role of experts in the face of natural disasters
  • La Aljorra celebrates its Fifth Meeting of Neighbors this Sunday (05/10/2017)
    This day of coexistence, in which the Department of Social Services participates along with other Areas of Government, meets annually to the groups of this locality
  • The City Council will monitor the cessation of the activities of the Molinos Marfagones waste treatment plant (04/10/2017)
    As long as the closure of the installations by the Autonomous Community, the town hall will be waiting for no irregularities
  • Major ONCE visitors visit Cartagena and the Consistorial Palace for the Day of the Elders (04/10/2017)
    The Councilor for Social Services has received them during the morning
  • Sports and Sustainable Development advance in improvement actions for sports facilities of La Aljorra (04/10/2017)
    The councilors of both areas visited the football field in which it is planned the installation of artificial turf and the municipal swimming pool in which to install a new cover
  • More than a hundred activities for young people in the TLA of Autumn (04/10/2017)
    The Department of Youth has organized trips and excursions, workshops, sports activities, two neighborhood meetings, a flea market and news in the UrbanCT
  • Manuel Padín: "Without deadlines nor budget the inclusion of Cartagena in the Mediterranean Corridor will not be a reality" (04/10/2017)
    - The Orange formation spokesman in Cartagena meets with the National Citizens' deputies in the Congress to "plan and coordinate actions that guarantee the arrival of the AVE and the presence of Cartagena in the Mediterranean Corridor "
  • The fifth season of Reading, Thinking, Imagine with the presentation of Breaking the Verses is released (04/10/2017)
    It will be this Thursday, at 20.00, in the Cultural Center.
  • Cartagena hosts this Saturday the VII Girls' MTB Chase (04/10/2017)
    It will gather women from all over the Region in an event that will cover 38 kilometers through the environment of Cartagena
  • Access to Cabo de Palos by the new roundabout will be open in December (04/10/2017)

  • The Folk Festival of Cartagena will fill the port with music (04/10/2017)
    The event will host the concerts of groups from Pais Vasco, Valencia, Catalonia, Murcia, Galicia and Castilla y León between October 20 and 22
  • The Municipal Theater School starts the course with more space (04/10/2017)
    The Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena will cede a space for the school courses
  • The Community will put into service the roundabout of Cabo de Palos in November (04/10/2017)
    The director general of Roads visits the works that will facilitate the regulation of the traffic to the commercial zone of 'Las Dunas'
  • The Elders of Cartagena celebrated their day with activities throughout the day (04/10/2017)
    The City Council yesterday commemorated this day with a series of activities, such as the beginning of the Trekking program and the homage to the grandparents who have reached 100 years
  • The acting mayor achieves the commitment of the Minister of Development that will have budget in 2018 for the Mediterranean Corridor to Cartagena (04/10/2017)
    Torralba denounces that they still do not specify quantity or deadlines
  • Volunteers of the Antirumores Strategy prepare the new course (04/10/2017)
    The group of young people participating in this municipal project is studying the activities to be implemented in the coming months
  • Ana Obregon arrives at the stage of the Teatro Circo Apolo de El Algar with El contador del amor (03/10/2017)
    The performance will take place next Wednesday, October 11 at 9:30 pm at the Teatro Circo Apolo de El Algar
  • Registration deadline for the Seminar of the Women of Ancient Rome (03/10/2017)
    It will take place on 26 and 27 October at the Museo del Teatro Romano
  • The parents of the Llano are satisfied with the speed of the works in the school (03/10/2017)
    The Councilor of Education and the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports have visited CEIP San Ginés de la Jara to see first hand the works that have been made
  • Mystery and other stories in Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (03/10/2017)
    The tourism consortium has announced its activities for the months of October and November
  • Cartagena is Fair during the month of October (03/10/2017)

  • The Elders of Cartagena celebrate their day (03/10/2017)
    The City Hall today commemorates this day with a series of activities, such as the beginning of Sernderismo programming and the homage to the grandparents who have reached 100 years
  • More than 9,000 students and 450 teachers worked last year to reduce drug use and protect health (03/10/2017)
    PMAD presents the memory of activities developed in educational centers
  • Cs denounces the chaotic situation of school transportation from La Aljorra to the San Isidoro de Los Dolores Institute (03/10/2017)

  • Cartagena will ride the bike to fight cancer on Bike Day (03/10/2017)

  • The architect Jose Manuel Chacon presents a project to convert the battery Fajardo into a hotel (03/10/2017)
    The proposal, which could house between 30 and 50 rooms, has been shown this Tuesday to municipal councilors
  • The City Council will bring the concept of Transparency closer to the little ones with a book of stories (03/10/2017)

  • Completion of works at San Ginés de la Jara school in Llano del Beal with a Community investment of 400,000 euros (03/10/2017)
    Councilor Adela Martínez-Cachá appreciates the efforts made by all the parties involved and assures that "it is a good example that the Government complies with the commitments made "
  • Researcher Vanessa Caparrós has studied the structural and geochemical risks of rafts and dams with lead and zinc (03/10/2017)
    [Increasing the pH and salinity of mining deposits in the Region would increase their safety, says the UPCT]
  • Guided tours and schedule expansion in Cartagena Puerto de Culturas and Museum of the Roman Theater in the Puente del Pilar (03/10/2017)
    Visitors and Cartagena can enjoy two guided tours of the Carthago Nova imperial or medieval Cartagena
  • The Alumni Senior Club crowns her queen (03/10/2017)
    The act, in which Rosi Barceló Díaz received her queen band, is part of the 14th Cultural Week of the Club de Mayores
  • The Avila-Workshop of Theater of the Desvan opens the course 2017/2018 with poems of Miguel Hernandez (03/10/2017)
    The representation, that will be in charge of the Group of Theater of the UNED of Cartagena, will take place this Friday 6 of October in the Hall of Events of the Caja Mediterráneo Foundation at 8:15 p.m. and admission will be free
  • The UCAM quarry Cartagena Athletics to the National Cadet of clubs (02/10/2017)

  • MUSIC HAS NO LIMITS arrives in Cartagena (02/10/2017)
    The show, which has triumphed in the United States, Italy and Mexico, fuses different musical genres and hits from all eras, on a spectacular stage.
  • The Cartagonova will also release benches (02/10/2017)
    The replacement of the lawn of the municipal stadium, which began on Monday, also contemplates the remodeling of the technical areas in order to adapt them to the regulations of the LFP in the face of a possible ascent
  • Almost 50 cultural activities make up the program of the quarter of Read, think, imagine (02/10/2017)
    The mayor of Culture has released on Monday the details of the events included in the program
  • The Artillery Cross reaches 2,000 registered in a month (02/10/2017)
    There are no seats for the Canicross and there are few places for the 1/4 mile test
  • Jorge Riechmann opens a new season of Cartagena Thinks (02/10/2017)
    The essayist will pose the meaning of the collapse to which our society is directed and how we adapt to him
  • Cartagena honors its greatest centenarians (02/10/2017)
    The City Hall celebrates the International Day of Older People on Tuesday with the reading of a manifesto at the doors of the Palace Hall and a tribute to the grandparents who have reached 100 years
  • ASTUS celebrates half a century of work with people with intellectual disabilities and their families (02/10/2017)
    The Association inaugurated a memorial in front of the Fisherman's House and held a concert at the El Batel Auditorium
  • Cs Cartagena denounces the "absolute disregard" of the City Council for the fulfillment of plenary agreements (02/10/2017)
    - A report from the University of Murcia suspends the policies of the City council on environment and sustainable tourism and regrets that it does not yet have a memory of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The Carthagonoza Choir starts the concert cycle in Galifa to celebrate its 40th anniversary (02/10/2017)
    The concert will take place this Saturday in the Municipal Sociocultural Hall of Galifa
  • San Miguel neighborhood enjoys a weekend of festivities in honor of the Arcangel (02/10/2017)
    The acting mayor attended the concert and family bingo during the first party noce
  • The Community highlights the charitable work of Cartagena por la Caridad in the presentation of its charity gala The regional government spokeswoman, Noelia Arroyo, underlines the disinterested work of the association, which has raised more than 100, (02/10/2017)

  • International Prize for a Princeton University study co-directed by a Pathways Professor at the UPCT (02/10/2017)


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