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Cartagena News - September 2018

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  • Second edition of the Amstel Cartagena Market (30/09/2018)
    Gastronomy, beer, games, tattoos and lots of fun in the second edition of the Amstel Cartagena Market, an Amstel culinary event that has served as recognition for the city's festivities
  • Fire in an eight-story building in the Syndicate Houses (30/09/2018)
    In the incident, 12 people have been injured so far due to smoke poisoning, one of them of a serious nature
  • The athletes of the UCAM Athletics Cartagena have started the training season at full performance (30/09/2018)

  • Citizens request the appearance of the Minister of Development in the Assembly to clarify the controversy with the ground of the ZAL (29/09/2018)
    - Citizens charge against the political instrumentalization of Sepes, "with the director to finger of the PP there were conditions for the transfer agreement , and with the director to finger of the PSOE others ", sustains the spokesman of
  • López Miras attends the Carthaginian and Roman festivals (29/09/2018)

  • We can urge the government to organize a municipal conference on leisure and youth (28/09/2018)

  • Cs will ask for explanations for the absolute lack of answers from the PSOE before the main lawsuits in Cartagena (28/09/2018)
    - The orange training denounces that three months have passed since the main collectives of the sector demanded through a manifesto the urgent call for the Bureau of Justice, whose last meeting took place on May 23, 2017
  • The MVSAS travel to the Archaeological Museum of Madrid (28/09/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, will attend on Monday the presentation and inauguration of the temporary exhibition in the MAN
  • «Investment in Industry 4.0 needs planning», warns a Brazilian researcher at the Polytechnic (28/09/2018)
    Recommends the joint work of engineers and business managers to prepare the technological transition
  • Delivery of check rolls of San Ginés (28/09/2018)
    As every year, San Ginés de la Jara shows its most supportive side by donating the money collected from the sale of San Ginés bread rolls
  • CTSSP denounces again the situation of the Llano (27/09/2018)
    The municipal group of Podemos considers outrageous that each rainy day becomes a risk to the health of the villagers
  • The Governing Board approves the construction of Tallante slope (27/09/2018)
    This has been one of the initiatives that has been on the table during the meeting of the local government meeting, which was held Thursday at the Town Hall
  • MC demands a stop quota in Corvera for taxi drivers in Cartagena and Comarca (27/09/2018)
    For two years that MC raised the initiative, the regional government has not advanced and the current local executive looks the other way
  • Adif and City Council reach an agreement to keep the level crossing of Los Mateos clean (27/09/2018)
    While Adif will clean the road twice a year and lift a platform, the municipality will put more bins and posters
  • New speed controls in Cartagena for the week of October 1 to 7 (27/09/2018)
    Radars will be located both in access roads and avenues of the city, as in neighborhoods and county councils, industrial estates and coastal towns of the municipality
  • The Carthaginians and Romans enter the final stretch of their festivities (27/09/2018)
    During this weekend various official acts will take place that will culminate with the Shutdown of the Sacred Fire and the traditional fireworks
  • It is advisable to foresee the displacements for the football match of this Sunday in the Cartagonova (27/09/2018)
    The Local Police, with the anticipated influx of vehicles, advises the fans to go on foot to the football field, share a vehicle or use public transport
  • MC: The PSOE retakes the style'Puerta Nueva' for the Morería Baja (27/09/2018)
    Castejón wants to impose the sale of these plots of the Pinwheel without planning the future of the archaeological area according to a report forwarded by the Mayor to all the groups
  • The Heritage Days will gather the latest news about the Amphitheatres of Hispania and their insertion in the cities (27/09/2018)
    The event will take place on 4 and 5 October at the UNED headquarters in Cartagena
  • The same gardens painted by Monet, Kandinsky or Sorolla are portrayed by Salomé in her'Le garden' (27/09/2018)
    The exhibition will be on display until October 31st in the municipal hall Carlos Gallego, of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The Romans declare Carthage as a legitimate enemy in the Centuriate Committees (27/09/2018)
    The Great Feriae Latino in the Roman street of the Camp Festero was decorated to offer visitors all kinds of Roman delicacies, free of charge
  • Local Police will make a special campaign of traffic control of seat belts and SRI (27/09/2018)
    The controls will be carried out from October 1 to 7 in different points of the city, preferably in neighborhoods and councils
  • Cartagena receives this weekend the participants of the European Confederation of Festivals and Historical Recreations (27/09/2018)
    Members will celebrate their Annual Assembly and witness the most important events of the Carthaginians and Romans Festivities
  • Cs denounces that the daily expense of the cruise passenger in Cartagena is 34 percent below the national average (27/09/2018)
    - Among the proposals that Cs has included in the Trade Plan is a commercial attraction plan for cruise tourism
  • More than a hundred domino experts will contest the'VI Ciudad de Cartagena International Tournament ' (27/09/2018)
    The tournament will be held on Saturday, September 29, starting at 10:00 am, at the headquarters of the Faculty of Sciences of the Company of the UPCT
  • MC presents different proposals aimed at boosting tourism in the region of Cartagena before the inaction of the socialist government (27/09/2018)

  • The Board of Isla Plana-La Azohía unanimously approves to demand municipal mediation in the conflict with Correos (27/09/2018)

  • MC demands the mayor and the state government to attend the mandate of the Plenary and the neighbors to address the public insecurity in the municipality (27/09/2018)

  • The UPCT develops a catalog of forms for arch bridges that combine functionality and aesthetics (27/09/2018)
    The thesis of Juan Manuel García Guerrero proposes a method of optimizing the weight of bridges and claims classic design strategies
  • CTSSP-Podemos denounces the deception and ineptitude of the PSOE with participatory budgets (26/09/2018)

  • Citizens describe as "ruinous and hypocritical" the attempt of Podemos to take credit for the free parking in Santa Lucia (26/09/2018)

  • María Dueñas and Patxi Andión among the 33 cultural proposals of'Leer, Pensar e Imaginar' (26/09/2018)
    The program of cultural proposals of the Ramon Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center of Cartagena for the period from October to December 2018 has been presented
  • Citizens affirms that Cartagena can only satisfy 4 percent of the demand for social housing (26/09/2018)

  • Registered the first 12 users of charging points for electric vehicles (26/09/2018)
    The service, dependent on the Department of Infrastructures, came into operation at the beginning of September
  • Víctor Martínez-Carrasco: "The commitment of the regional government to improve the educational infrastructure of Cartagena is firm and clear" (26/09/2018)
    Víctor Martínez-Carrasco reminds Podemos of the investment of one and a half million euros to remodel and expand schools and institutes
  • The Local Police organizes a special traffic device before the arrival of 7,000 cruise passengers this morning (26/09/2018)
    The Local Police of Cartagena, in ordinary service, will pay special attention so that the vehicles do not park in pedestrian zones, especially in the loading area and download
  • This Friday open day in Cartagena Port of Cultures (26/09/2018)

  • The goddess Tanit returns to tell Princess Imilce the future of Qart Hadast (26/09/2018)
    During this Wednesday, September 26, the price of the attractions of the fair will be half of what they usually cost, which is 3 to 4 euros
  • MA: Numbness of the socialist government to improvise in the Participatory Budgets of 2019 (26/09/2018)
    Isabel García deepens in the lack of rigor and lack of project in an initiative arising from the initiative of MC in the Mayor
  • Local Police seize 130 kilos of fruit in the market of Ribera de San Javier (26/09/2018)
    The events took place during the morning of this Wednesday, September 26
  • Denied 19 drivers in the campaign of "Road Safety" for using the mobile driving (26/09/2018)
    The Local Police of Cartagena has collaborated with the General Directorate of Traffic in the campaign in which 4,199 vehicles have been checked
  • The markets of Urbanization Mediterranean and Llano del Beal move this week to Thursday (26/09/2018)
    Because this Friday of Carthaginians and Romans is festive in the municipality, both flea markets will be celebrated a day before
  • The Polytechnic prepares agreements of mobility and cooperation with Cuba (26/09/2018)
    The Ministry of Education of the island studies the model of Funcarele to promote the idiomatic tourism
  • MC will propose the disapproval of the regional government for its policy of indoctrination (26/09/2018)
    The Cartagena society demands this pronouncement after knowing the manipulation of the textbooks and publications of the CARM
  • The Cartagena FC-UCAM will celebrate its centenary with a kit that simulates that of 1919 (25/09/2018)

  • Convened the III contest of Photography on Archaeological Heritage of the Region (25/09/2018)
    The contest is organized by the Association of Friends of the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena (MVSAEDOMVS), with the collaboration of the Department of Heritage and the Archaeological Museum Enrique Escudero de Castro
  • The City Council asks Renfe that conference attendees have a discount of 35 percent on train tickets (25/09/2018)
    The mayor has met this morning with the head of promotion of the Commercial Services Management to specify the terms of an agreement between the consistory and the railway company
  • MC will demand the socialist government to solve, immediately, the problems and deficiencies in the deputation of Santa Ana (25/09/2018)

  • Cs denounces in the Commission of the Participatory Budgets the collapse of the projects of the Neighborhood Boards (25/09/2018)

  • Aníbal and Himilce acclaimed by the Carthaginian troops after their wedding in the Port (25/09/2018)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, went to the Wedding on Tuesday, September 25, one of the main acts of the Carthaginian side
  • Cartagena Piensa joins the Department of Sociology of the UMU and the College of Psychologists of the Region (25/09/2018)

  • Cs denounces that the PSOE delays until December the agreement with SEPES and puts in danger the transfer of the Deposit Franco (25/09/2018)
    - The orange formation has already transferred this situation to its deputies in the Congress and has announced that it will ask explanations to the socialist mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, at the next Plenary to be held on October 3
  • Last days to register in the Connect Program of the ADLE (25/09/2018)
    The Agency of Local Development and Employment, of the City of Cartagena prepares the evidence of obtaining the title of Compulsory Secondary Education through this program
  • CTSSP-Podemos presents 5 measures to end the problems of abandoned lots (24/09/2018)

  • The Rector of the UMU pleads for a Law of Universities that assures the "coordination" of the system and the "balance" (24/09/2018)

  • The president of Santander Universities asks for more investment and flexibility in the lecture (24/09/2018)

  • UPCT and UMU are an example of collaboration and concord, according to the president of CRUE (24/09/2018)

  • The City Council intensifies the cleaning of scuppers of the drainage network to minimize the impact of'La gota fría' (24/09/2018)
    The service concessionaire, Hidrogea, will complete cleaning of 5,562 scuppers until October
  • The Children's House rewards 428 in the extraordinary draw of Carthaginians and Romans (24/09/2018)
    The draw was held on Monday, September 24, putting a total of 2,800 coupons on sale.
  • The city buses will run until 3:00 a.m. from Thursday to Saturday of Fiestas (24/09/2018)
    On the occasion of Carthaginians and Romans, the services of the lines will be prolonged: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • The president of Isla Plana-La Azohía calls for a plenary session to request the mediation of the City Council in the conflict with the Post Office (24/09/2018)
    - "We only want you to give us a hand so as not to force hundreds of neighbors to have to travel to Mazarrón to pick up your mail ", says María Dolores Díaz
  • MC: "The CARM continues condemning the districts and councils of Cartagena with their very poor investment in regional roads" (24/09/2018)
    "The regional executive announces actions that obviate their competition in a sorry state"
  • The Rector asks politicians for proposals to support the University (24/09/2018)

  • The port dock became a great water polo track for a day (24/09/2018)
    The event attracted more than 350 participants from: Bilbao, Ibiza, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and the Region of Murcia
  • Vedete Sandra Bruman arrives at Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar with'Acompañe a la revista' (24/09/2018)
    The show can be seen on September 30th starting at 8:30 p.m. with tickets ranging from 12 euros to 10 euros per entry in groups of more than 20 people
  • The Local Police will make a special traffic device before the arrival of about 7,000 cruise passengers next Wednesday (24/09/2018)
    Control and restriction of road traffic will be established in vehicle access to the old town
  • Participants of the ADE program will attend lectures on nutrition and sports to improve their habits (24/09/2018)
    The schools or groups that adhere to the program will visit a sports facility to practice, know and approach the chosen sport with the sports club and its athletes, among other activities
  • Local Police arrest the alleged perpetrators of a crime of theft and illegal possession of weapons (24/09/2018)
    The detainees, who were in a vehicle, were caught in the vicinity of the neighborhood of Los Mateos carrying a firearm, jewelry and money, as well as useful tools for home theft
  • Local Police confiscated 56 pairs of imitation slippers at the Cabo de Palos flea market (24/09/2018)
    The agents' performance took place during the morning of Sunday, September 23
  • Cs registers its plan of collision against the abandoned lots in the whole municipality and asks for the support of all the groups (24/09/2018)

  • Cs is committed to the municipal guides to work to give them "the stability and job security they deserve" (23/09/2018)

  • Cs asks Health to execute his plan of shock before the umpteenth episode of collapse in the Emergency of Santa Lucia (23/09/2018)

  • Resounding response from those affected at the cemetery of La Palma (22/09/2018)

  • The Polytechnic of Cartagena multiplied by twelve its Chinese students in official degrees (22/09/2018)
    Fifty Asians begin to take masters and the last year of the degree in ADE
  • The mayor encourages "recover our history to conquer the present" in the proclamation of the festivities (22/09/2018)
    In his speech, Ana Belén Castejón, has claimed greater presence of women leading Carthaginians and Romans and integrate neighborhoods into parties
  • 98% of the companies in the Los Camachos polygon lack optical fiber (22/09/2018)
    Sepes sells plots without this basic internet service that makes it difficult to attract entrepreneurs to the industrial zone
  • Traffic accident with a young man injured on the road from Canteras to La Azohía (21/09/2018)
    The driver had lost control in a change of grade and was removed from the interior of tourism by the Cartagena Firefighters
  • The Community gives the green light to the reconstruction project of the building annexed to the Basilica of Charity of Cartagena (21/09/2018)
    When the work is completed, it will open to the public and may be visited by residents and tourists of Cartagena
  • The 10k charity race of the Port of Cartagena includes the neighborhood of Santa Lucia (21/09/2018)
    The benefits of the test and the walk will be allocated to the Pablo Ugarte Association for the fight against childhood cancer
  • The Pregonillo announces the start of the Fiestas throughout the municipality (21/09/2018)
    The XXIX edition of the Carthaginian and Roman festivities will begin tonight with the lighting of the Sacred Fire and the opening speech that will be borne by the Mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón
  • Cartagena celebrates World Alzheimer's Day with the reading of a manifesto (21/09/2018)
    AFAL has been working in the municipality for over 20 years to try to mitigate the ravages of Alzheimer's in patients and caregivers
  • The Mayor congratulates'La Botica del Libro' for the National Prize for the Promotion of Reading (21/09/2018)
    Ana Belén Castejón shows her satisfaction when verifying that entities working to bring culture and education to all corners of the municipality have obtained such an important recognition
  • In October the UrbanCtFest, the Cartagena urban culture festival will arrive (21/09/2018)

  • A total of 15 companies opt for the contract for the construction of 11 Pozo Estrecho football field (21/09/2018)
    The City will invest a total of 850.711'37 euros in creating and improving the sports facilities of La Aljorra, La Palma and Pozo Estrecho
  • The mayor announces a remodeling of the municipal government team (21/09/2018)
    The new provision will be announced in the coming weeks, taking advantage of the incorporation of two new councilors to the corporation
  • The fall comes with a wide program of activities for the elderly and people with disabilities (21/09/2018)
    The Department of Social Services has designed courses, workshops, socio-cultural trekking, socio-cultural activities, thermal offers, activities in clubs for the elderly, associations with disabilities and in day centers
  • The new mayor of the socialist group, Mercedes García, is already part of the municipal government (21/09/2018)
    García, who has promised her position before the rest of the corporation, replaces Obdulia Gómez
  • The Cartagena Jazz Festival offers the latest program conceived by Paco Martín (21/09/2018)
    From 2 to 24 November, they will perform: Michel Legrand, Al Di Meola, Bill Evans with Randy Brecker, Camille Bertault, Madeleine Peyroux, Joan As Police Woman, Lisa Simone , Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobhman, Scott Matthew, Richard Bona and Femi Kuti
  • The III Ciudad de Cartagena Waterpolo Tournament will gather 350 swimmers in the port (21/09/2018)
    This Saturday, with the Fiestas de Carthagineses and Romanos in the background, the event will take place, from 8:30 in the morning until 8 at night , next to the Cola de Ballena
  • Manuel Padín to Mercedes García, "I wish you luck, you will need it in this Town Hall destroyed by MC and PSOE" (21/09/2018)

  • Repsol arrives in Cartagena with an exhibition on the world of motor (21/09/2018)

  • Open pre-enrollment in the degrees of the UPCT (21/09/2018)
    Enrollment in master's and doctorates is also operational
  • Manuel Padín: The PP ruffles the curl, borrowed up to the eyebrows Casco Antiguo and now hinders the management of society (21/09/2018)
    - The spokesman of Citizens believes that the only coherent in their relationship with this public company has been Citizens, supporting it, and CTSSP-Podemos, attacking it since 2015
  • MC will ensure that the Master Plan of the Cathedral he has promoted does not remain in fireworks (21/09/2018)

  • The municipal hall of Palacio Molina is impregnated with Pop Art with the canvases of Cuqui Guillén (21/09/2018)
    One of the maximum representatives of pop art exhibits the exhibition 'Senza Fine' until January 6
  • New speed controls in Cartagena for the week of September 24 to 30 (21/09/2018)
    They will be located both in access roads and avenues of the city, as in neighborhoods and county councils, industrial estates and coastal towns of the municipality
  • Rejected the 2017 accounts of the Casco Antiguo Municipal Corporation (21/09/2018)
    The proposal for the approval of the accounts has not been able to move forward after its vote in the extraordinary session of the General Shareholders' Meeting of the Company, held today Friday
  • The lighting of the Sacred Fire and the proclamation of the mayor will start the Fiestas de Carthagineses y Romanos (20/09/2018)
    The City Council extends its economic subsidy to 140,000 euros
  • The local government is committed to converting the Casco Antiguo Society into a municipal company of housing and land with a clear social character (20/09/2018)
    The mayor has proposed this morning to its board of directors that also operates in disadvantaged neighborhoods
  • Padín: "We like how the music of the viability plan for Casco sounds but we have to analyze all its implications" (20/09/2018)

  • After a year and a half, Castejón assumes the proposal of José López to give a social turn to Casco Antiguo (20/09/2018)
    Castejón again demonstrates his lack of ability and that his obsession is to cut heads and betray
  • The Jimbee Cartagena will have its headquarters in the Palacio de Deportes thanks to an agreement with the City Council (20/09/2018)
    The signing will take place on Thursday, September 20, at the Town Hall at 10:00 hours
  • The City Council coordinates all municipal services to meet the 154 immigrants who arrived at dawn (20/09/2018)
    The crisis cabinet was activated correctly and all the administrations involved were coordinated: Delegation of the Government of Spain, Regional Administration and the City of Cartagena
  • Cs brings to the Assembly the breaches of the Ministry of Education with the schools of La Aljorra and El Bohío (20/09/2018)

  • The Department of Youth is planning a new edition of the Youth Craft Market (20/09/2018)
    The registration period for young people between 14 and 35 years old is open until October 16
  • MC Cartagena, together with the neighbors, demands the worthy educational facilities that PP and PSOE deny to the schoolchildren of La Aljorra (20/09/2018)
    To the delay of more than a year in the beginning of the construction of the school the withdrawal is now added, on the part of the Ministry of Education of the CARM, of the prefabricated classrooms
  • Citizens charge against Podemos and PSOE for their "hypocritical and nauseating attitude" in front of the illegal occupation in Cartagena (20/09/2018)

  • Isabel García reveals the socialist artimañanas to buy wills and avoid the call for public employment (20/09/2018)

  • A student creates an augmented reality game in which the planet is saved by applying Telematic Engineering (20/09/2018)
    The application will be used to publicize the knowledge taught by the School of Telecommunications Engineering (ETSIT)
  • The course begins on the Campus of the UCAM in Cartagena, which is five years old (19/09/2018)

  • MC denounces that the governments "PPSOE" ostracize the patrimony of Cartagena (19/09/2018)

  • From the Trade Union Section of CSIF in the City of Cartagena we value positively the meetings (19/09/2018)
    that has been carried out with this union the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, on September 14 and 19, 2018
  • The Governing Board approves the rainwater project on Séneca de Torreciega Street (19/09/2018)
    The ownership of the social premises of San José Obrero has also been accepted to carry out the repair of its roof and various grants and subsidies have been granted
  • Cartagena will receive 40,000 euros to fight against Gender Violence (19/09/2018)
    In addition, the staff of the Center for Attention to Victims of Gender Violence (CAVI) will be reinforced with two new professionals
  • The engineer avenue of La Cierva will be closed to traffic on Thursday and Friday for asphalting works (19/09/2018)
    The road will remain cut until Friday afternoon, when the works are scheduled to be completed
  • The General Negotiation Table agrees on a single and joint call for the 155 consolidation positions offered (19/09/2018)
    In this way, the process is expected to be streamlined and the call can be ready during the month of October
  • The Ostomized Association of Cartagena celebrates a march and a training day (19/09/2018)
    Organized by the Ostomized Association of Cartagena for October 5 and 6 in order to raise awareness and inform the population about the reality and needs of patients undergoing an ostomy
  • Cs denounces the incompetence of the Community for delaying until the end of October the prefabricated classroom in La Aljorra (19/09/2018)

  • Education maintains its wide offer in educational programs and incorporates innovative activities (19/09/2018)
    Some of the novelties are 'The School Garden', the 'Astronomy Workshop', the 'Visit to a Desalination Plant', the 'Visit to a Treatment Plant', and the 'First Aid Workshop'
  • The young people will celebrate their Interasociative Meeting the last weekend of October (19/09/2018)
    The associations interested in participating in the event, which will again have the esplanade of Heroes de Cavite as a stage, have until October 16 to direct their request to the Department de Juventud, organizer of the Meeting
  • Cartagena brings together experts from around the world at the IX International Congress of Foreign Trade (19/09/2018)
    Rosa María Calaf will be among the fifty or so speakers who will participate in this event organized by ACOCEX with the support of the City of Cartagena, which is being held on 3, 4 and 5 October at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium
  • The Local Police of Cartagena conducts 48 alcohol check-ups to volunteer pedestrians in the European Day without road fatalities (19/09/2018)
    The initiative is part of the EDWARD International Project with the aim of promoting awareness of the Road Safety Standards
  • Activated the preventive level 1 of the pollution protocol in La Aljorra by exceeding the daily values ​​of particles (19/09/2018)
    The most probable cause of the increase of PM10 is the intrusion of Saharan dust, according to the General Directorate of the Environment
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew of London opens its doors to students of Agronomists (19/09/2018)
    A former student of the UPCT works in the research center that houses the largest bank of wild seeds in the world
  • Citizens declare war on slag heaps and illegal dumping in Cartagena with proposals and sanctions (19/09/2018)

  • Carthaginians and Romans come back to life live in La 7 (18/09/2018)
    The regional television broadcasts the proclamation, the Battle of Qart-Hadast and three editions of the special Hello Carthaginians and Romans!
  • The Alameda de San Antón became the stage of the exhibition of cycling schools in the Region of Murcia (18/09/2018)
    The test consisted in making different laps to the 900-meter closed circuit
  • Students of the CEIPS Aníbal, Asdrúbal and Nuestra Señora del Mar march against school absenteeism (18/09/2018)
    The meeting point was the IES Santa Lucia where musical performances and dance exhibitions were held
  • The City Council supports the creation of eight scholarships for students of Tourism of the UPCT (18/09/2018)
    The degree starts this month with the unanimous support of the institutions of Cartagena and its region, all of them gathered to agree to create aid with an amount similar to the cost of the enrollment of 862.80 euros
  • Citizens denounce in the Council of Transparency that the City Council denies the copy of the Master Plan of the Cemetery (18/09/2018)

  • Ciudadanos informs that the Cartagena Emprende project that he promoted in the budgets will be executed in two phases (18/09/2018)

  • Equality coordinates the staff that will attend the violet point of the Camp Festero (18/09/2018)
    The Department has held an informative-training meeting on Tuesday to mark the implementation of the municipal protocol for prevention and action against sexual assault during the holidays
  • MC demands Castejón to stop punishing La Aljorra (18/09/2018)

  • The Children's House dedicates one of its extraordinary draws to the Carthaginian and Roman Festivities (18/09/2018)
    The draw will be held on Monday, September 24, putting a total of 2,800 coupons on sale.
  • Scholarships for eight students of the new bilingual degree and with public prices of Tourism in the UPCT (18/09/2018)

  • Open the registration period for the XXI 'Festival of Comedies La Palma' to be held in February (18/09/2018)
    The contest is aimed at theater groups, companies and associations nationally and internationally, which have until December 7 to present your request
  • The Avenida del Cantón will remain closed to traffic until the end of the festivities (18/09/2018)
    On the occasion of Carthaginians and Romans, an event that takes place from September 21 to 30, the fair that is being held every year next to the Festero Camp is already being installed , what has caused its cut to traffic
  • Front side collision of a truck and a tourist in San José Obrero (17/09/2018)
    The accident, in which the driver of the truck has been slightly injured, took place this afternoon with the intervention of Firemen, Local Police and 061
  • Citizens asks the PP of Cartagena to "take your hands" of the Debate on the State of the Municipality and make self-criticism (17/09/2018)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena will participate in the European Day without road fatalities (17/09/2018)
    On Wednesday, September 19, an informative action will be held in the Town Hall Square, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., in which Breathalyzer tests will be done to pedestrians who request it
  • The'MVSAS' of the Roman Forum are exhibited at the Arqueológico de Cartagena before traveling to the National of Madrid (17/09/2018)
    Cartagena Port of Cultures has organized, together with the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid and the Archaeological Museum of the Region of Murcia, a new temporary exhibition
  • The Popular University offers more than a thousand places for the new academic year (17/09/2018)
    The lessons range from workshops to language courses, creativity or new technologies, whose inscriptions are open from this Monday, September 17
  • Padín: "While the PP and the PSOE continue with their frigid war of statements, Cartagena remains ignored and without answers" (17/09/2018)

  • CTSSP-Podemos warned of the "botched" budget (17/09/2018)

  • MC Cartagena requires the PSOE Government to comply with the obligations of the 2018 Budget and tender the new Santa Ana Medical Center (17/09/2018)

  • IU-Green requires Lopez Miras to clarify the total cost of the "scam" of the Escombreras desalination plant (17/09/2018)
    The formation of the left in the port city asks the regional government to study the denunciation of contracts investigated by the law
  • El Teatro Circo Apolo of El Algar raises the curtain this fall with'Lo duradura este café' (17/09/2018)
    The play can be seen on Friday, September 28, at 9:30 p.m.
  • The first hybrid train to Madrid leaves Cartagena (17/09/2018)
    The mayor Ana Belén Castejón has made the maiden voyage of Alvia 5567 that took place this morning and that reduces the journey time by 40 minutes compared to the Altaria that were working until now
  • The UPCT welcomes students from four continents (17/09/2018)

  • Cartagena criminologist Victor Javier Navarro will present a paper on school cyber-crime (17/09/2018)
    In the Latin American Congress of Suicide Prevention in Costa Rica
  • An agent of the Local Police and a neighbor intervene in the resuscitation of a man in cardiorespiratory arrest (17/09/2018)
    The intervention took place last Friday in the neighborhood of San José Obrero
  • The Alvia hybrid train service between Cartagena and Madrid starts operating on Monday (16/09/2018)
    The mayor will accompany the Government delegate on the first journey that will link the port city with the capital of Spain in about four hours
  • Cs denounces that the City Council and CHS have "abandoned their fate" to the neighbors of the Algameca Chica in the middle of a cold drop (16/09/2018)

  • Citizens censor Aznar's statements about his plans to avoid alcohol consumption among minors (15/09/2018)
    - The councilor of Security in functions admitted that there will be no special plan to avoid the consumption of alcohol among minors and he only said that the Police Local "will be given a return if at all" by parties in neighborhoods and
  • Cs blames PP and MC for budget patches and endangering the stability of public workers (15/09/2018)

  • MC will again demand that Ara Pacis return to Cartagena permanently for its exhibition to the public in the appropriate museum space (15/09/2018)
    The training requested two years ago that the regional government negotiate with the Catalan Executive to return one of the most Relevant Heritage of Cartagena
  • CTSSP - We can criticize the "despotism" of the mayor (14/09/2018)

  • The City Council cleaning ramblas and plots to avoid collapses in anticipation of cold drop (14/09/2018)
    The AEMET has issued a yellow warning for storms and rains in Cartagena that will be active from 8:00 am on Saturday at 0 on Sunday
  • Infrastructure tackles the cleaning of lots in the neighborhood of San Antón (14/09/2018)
    The City of Cartagena responds to the requests of neighbors who requested the removal of weeds and waste from these areas
  • The Andrés Bermejo Cross Memorial Duathlon will tour the natural environment of the west of Cartagena and Molinos Marfagones (14/09/2018)
    The sporting event will take place on Saturday, September 15, starting at 4:30 p.m. at CEIP Azorín de Molinos Marfagones
  • Two hundred young cyclists will show their ability on two wheels this Sunday at the Alameda de San Antón (14/09/2018)
    The 'Exhibition of cycling schools in Murcia' is part of the activities celebrated by the city for the European Week of Sustainable Mobility
  • Activated level 1 for exceeding the level of particles in La Aljorra (14/09/2018)
    The most probable cause of the situation, according to the General Directorate of Environment and Mar Menor, is the intrusion of African air masses
  • More than 200 people will go to the water in the XXXVII Swimming Crossing Puerto de Cartagena (14/09/2018)
    The sporting event will take place on Saturday September 22 at 10:30 am with departure at the Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena
  • The Governing Board awards ACTÚA-ACIONA the garden contract (14/09/2018)
    Its decision has been based on the proposal of the hiring table and on the technical report that has ratified the viability of the offer of supply and annual planting of more than four million plants
  • The Icuebús will be free this Sunday and the rest of public transport, next Friday 21 (14/09/2018)
    This measure aims to promote the use of public transport within the European Mobility Week
  • Cartagena presents three candidacies for the Premios Juventud de la Región de Murcia year 2018 (14/09/2018)
    All have stood out for their initiative, social entrepreneurship and social projection
  • The exhibition'ARA' exhibited the works of José María Garres in the municipal hall of the Byzantine Wall (14/09/2018)
    The inauguration of the exhibition took place on Thursday the 13th, with the assistance of the Councilor for Culture
  • The first canine park in Cartagena opens next to the remodeled Parque de La Rosa (14/09/2018)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, has been commissioned to put both spaces into service
  • New speed controls in Cartagena for the week of September 17 to 23 (14/09/2018)
    They will be located both in access roads and avenues of the city, as in neighborhoods and county councils, industrial estates and coastal towns of the municipality
  • We can ask where was "the pact at night" (14/09/2018)

  • Ciudadanos celebrates the inauguration of the first canine park in Cartagena but recalls that "it's 28 years late" (14/09/2018)

  • We can denounce the inaction of the mayor before the demands of the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood (14/09/2018)

  • CTSSP supports large neighborhood concentration in San Antón, protesting the dirt of abandoned lots (14/09/2018)

  • Citizens share with the residents of San Antón their plan to collide with abandoned lots throughout the municipality (14/09/2018)

  • MC Cartagena will demand the socialist government to fulfill the promised actions to the merchants of the Santa Florentina Market (14/09/2018)
    Isabel García will expose the necessary improvements to adapt the Market to the current commercial challenges
  • MC: "The socialist paralysis leaves Cartagena without mobility" (14/09/2018)
    The Government of Castejón leaves in the forget the commitment of MC for sustainable mobility
  • The mayor guarantees the trade unions the necessary RED hours until the end of the year and the reactivation of the selective processes (14/09/2018)
    Castejón wants the City of Cartagena to join the national agreement between unions and the government so that officials can charge 100% of their salary from the first day of low
  • The Palace Hall hosts the first exhibition of the young Daniel Soledispa Villamar (14/09/2018)
    The exhibition is part of the line of promotion of young artists with the contribution of the City of Cartagena, through its Department of Youth
  • The professor emeritus of the UPCT Francisco Artés Calero, honoris causa for the Università di Foggia (14/09/2018)
    "We think that his research is a beacon for the whole new range of food and for a sustainable food future", stand out in the Italian university
  • Civil Protection of Cartagena helps an elderly person who had suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest in La Manga (14/09/2018)
    The resuscitation maneuvers took effect and transferred the victim with reserved prognosis to the Hospital of Santa Lucía
  • The Local Police of Cartagena intervenes a simulated weapon to a young man of 16 years (14/09/2018)
    The implicated one was surprised with the pistol, the night of Thursday, when it circulated of anomalous form with a moped by the Alameda de San Antón
  • Cartagena Port of cultures joins the festivities of Carthaginians and Romans with a special program (14/09/2018)
    Open Day on Friday, September 28, a public holiday in the municipality
  • The Ministry of Public Works confirms the beginning of the works of the AVE and the improvement of the suburban service (13/09/2018)

  • Carthaginians and Romans parties will affect traffic and parking in the Historic District and the vicinity of the camp (13/09/2018)
    The mayor has dictated the usual side that will be valid between September 21 and 30
  • Councilor of CTSSP Francisco Muñoz returns to denounce the inmatriculaciones of the Catholic Church (13/09/2018)
    This time in the research program La Sexta Columna, which will be broadcast in La Sexta this Friday September 14 at 9.30 pm
  • On Friday, the canine park opens and the Parque de la Rosa reopens to the public (13/09/2018)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, will be in charge of putting both spaces in service, starting at 1 pm
  • MC: Caostejón, willing to pay millions of euros (in RED hours) for the silence of the unions (13/09/2018)
    MC hopes that the 'susanismo' of Caostejón does not lead her to offer aid to those who applaud her in the proclamation
  • Ciudadanos recriminates the Government's "little respect" for the works of Ramón Alonso Luzzy and Enrique Gabriel Navarro (13/09/2018)

  • Cs denounces that the Community and the CHS have not protected the residents of the southern area of ​​the Mar Menor for seven years (13/09/2018)

  • Scholarship of 300 euros for the ten first students who enroll in Mineral Resources and Energy Engineering (13/09/2018)
    The College of Technical Engineers of Mines commits this aid to those who pre-register this September in the UPCT
  • MC Cartagena agrees with the representatives of industry associations for their contributions to the Plan to Promote Trade (13/09/2018)
    The document must be promoted by the local government to comply with the Cartagena amendment to the 2018 Budget
  • Open the deadline to participate in the IX Outlet Fair 2018 (12/09/2018)
    The registration period for interested businesses is until Monday, September 24 and registration will take place in the General Registry, located in the administrative building of San Street Miguel
  • Summer course 'Mar Menor Lab. Art and Science for a landscape in crisis' begins Through a series of lectures, workshops and on-site explorations, hybrid knowledge is approached by great international experts (12/09/2018)

  • The International Master Swim Crossing'Timoncap' returns to the coast of Cartagena (12/09/2018)
    Registrations are still open and can be formalized through the website Crono3
  • CTSSP / We can support the mobilizations called by the unions and the municipal workers (12/09/2018)

  • The new parque of the Palacio de Deportes will have 8,300 points of support that will ensure the perfect boat (12/09/2018)
    The wooden boards of the new platform have been manufactured specifically for this sports complex given the average level of humidity that must be supported
  • MC demands that the declaration be promoted as an Asset of Cultural Interest of the Asian Cartagena (12/09/2018)

  • MC Cartagena welcomes the progress in the excavations carried out on the Monte Sacro during the Campus of Archeology, an initiative of the Mayor's Office of José López (12/09/2018)
    Throughout this third edition, new works are being carried out on the upper terrace of the deposit, In the subsoil, Roman remains from the Republican era were found through geo-radar studies
  • "I want to study Industrial Chemical Engineering because we are in a strategic zone" (12/09/2018)

  • The 38th Cartagena Jazz Festival, the latest program by Paco Martín (12/09/2018)
    The festival will have a poster that recalls the figure of its creator
  • Carthaginians and Romans will have 170 local police and a violet point to report sexual aggressions (11/09/2018)
    Diego Conesa and Ana Belén Castejón co-chair on Tuesday the Local Board that will be held at noon at the Palace Hall
  • The Roman Theater Museum welcomes the presentation of 'Routes and historical itineraries of Cartagena' on Friday (11/09/2018)
    The new edition of the guide is an update of the archaeological, historical-artistic and natural heritage of Cartagena and its surroundings
  • City Council finalizes an agreement for Cartagena hotels to pay less water (11/09/2018)
    As of the signing of this agreement, these establishments will pay the industrial tariff to qualify for the domestic
  • The Municipal School of Theater opens the registration period for the 2018/2019 academic year (11/09/2018)
    To register, as well as to request more information about any of the courses, you can contact the school through your email address
  • MC demands that the mayor put at the disposal of the CARM the 300,000 euros approved in the municipal budget of 2018 for the arrangement of the façade of Santa María de Gracia (11/09/2018)
    The cartagenerista formation trusts that the promise of the regional government to initiate the improvement works do not remain in a simple announcement and the temple is suitable for the Holy Week next year
  • Faemino and Cansado, Luis Piedrahita, Jorge Javier Vázquez, Antonio José, Pitingo, the Film Symphony Orchestra, operas and ballet classics will star in the new season of El Batel (11/09/2018)
    Tickets for programming can already be purchased at the box office of the auditorium Cartagena as in the web auditoriumelbatel.es
  • The Local Police recommend carpool and use public transport for the Copa del Rey match between FC Cartagena and UD Logroñés (11/09/2018)
    The match will be played on Wednesday, September 12 at Cartagonova Stadium starting at 9:00 pm
  • The official magazine of Carthaginians and Romans will distribute 5,000 copies (11/09/2018)
    The Federation of Troops and Legions presented on Monday, September 10, its annual publication of the festivities
  • Isabel García censures the socialist circus in the Participatory Budgets of 2018 (11/09/2018)
    Torralba, one year behind schedule, includes a proposal that should have been approved in 2017
  • Cs calls for the creation of a municipal office of the entrepreneur to combat "a bureaucracy that bleeds Cartagena" (11/09/2018)
    - The spokesman for Citizens in Cartagena, Manuel Padín, has visited the works of the first phase of the Cabo Tiñoso Ecotourism Park in the former and abandoned military barracks of Campillo de Adentro
  • MC Cartagena will demand from the local government improvements in accessibility to the cemetery of Our Lady of Los Llanos in El Algar (11/09/2018)
    The training will request for it to project and execute a section of pedestrian lane from the urban center to the point of connection of parallel highway to the old N-332
  • The Community will allocate this year 300,000 euros for the recovery of the facade of the church of Santa Maria de Gracia de Cartagena (11/09/2018)
    The counselor Noelia Arroyo advances that the project already has the approval of Culture and that the Government Council will address the next week this new action of patrimonial recovery
  • The mayor demands that the CARM comply with the Law of Rosell (10/09/2018)

  • The appointment as Adoptive Son of Antonio Beltrán and a letter from Juana La Loca, documents of the month of the Municipal Archive (10/09/2018)
    With this initiative it is intended to give visibility and prominence to the different pieces that make up the historical funds of the municipality
  • The mayor remembers the origins of Molinos Marfagones in the reading of the proclamation of his traditional celebrations (10/09/2018)
    The first mayor was accompanied by the councilman of Celebrations, Juan Pedro Torralba, and for which until now she has been the mayor of the area of ​​Well-being and Quality of Life, Obdulia Gómez
  • Cartagena participates in the III Anti-rumor Youth Summit held in Pamplona (10/09/2018)
    During these four days, more than fifty young people between 13 and 18 years old, from different cities have shared the visions and strategies to fight against rumors, in this space of reflection
  • The Palacio Consistorial will host the first exhibition of the young Daniel Soledispa Villamar (10/09/2018)
    The exhibitions are part of the line of promotion of young artists with the contribution of the City of Cartagena, through its Department of Youth
  • The second "Back to School" March will combat school absenteeism (10/09/2018)
    The event will take place on Tuesday, September 11, starting at 9:30 am and will end at the IES Saint Lucia
  • Quality of Life will regularize the feline colony of Castillitos through a pilot experience (10/09/2018)
    The project will consist of sterilization, vaccination, microchip placement and deworming of felines
  • More than 1,500 students will be tested for Selectividad in Cartagena starting on Wednesday (10/09/2018)
    The tests will be held on the campus of the Muralla del Mar from 12 to 14 September, for which the Local Police has provided a special device
  • The mayor of Culture regrets the death of the musician Abel Andújar (10/09/2018)
    The guitarist of the hard rock band from Cartagena 'El Callejón del Mico' entered cardiorespiratory arrest while performing at the Apa Rock festival in the La Aparecida district of Cartagena
  • Open the registration period for the 'SOI sports solidarity battle' of the Carthaginian and Roman Festivities (10/09/2018)
    The sporting event will be held on Saturday, September 22, starting at 9:00 am, in the Polígono Cabezo Beaza pavilion
  • The center court of the Sports Palace of Cartagena will have the third best parquet in Spain (10/09/2018)
    The Mayor Ana Belén Castejón and the Councilor for Infrastructure, Juan Pedro Torralba, have come this morning to the facilities to supervise the material and parquet that today begins to be placed
  • Cs describes the departure of Obdulia Gómez as the "umpteenth example of political instability" in Cartagena since 2015 (10/09/2018)

  • Gómez says goodbye to the City Council, assuring that it will continue to be for Cartagena and the Cartageneros (10/09/2018)

  • The PP requests the Ministry of Culture that Cartagena be present at the activities of the 130th anniversary of the Peral submarine (10/09/2018)
    The deputy, Elena Ruiz, asks for the dissemination of the departmental city as the site of the submersible, its knowledge in school textbooks is encouraged and facilitate visit to know your history
  • The exhibition'ARA' will exhibit the works of José María Garres in the Byzantine City Hall (10/09/2018)
    The inauguration of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, September 13 at 7:30 p.m.
  • COAG demands more vigilance in the Campo de Cartagena due to the increase in thefts on farms (10/09/2018)

  • Two seriously injured in a frontal accident at the exit of La Aljorra (10/09/2018)
    Also during the night of Sunday, September 9, the Firemen of the Service of Fire and Rescue Extinction of the City of Cartagena intervened in two accidents by reach in the highway of La Manga
  • The Local Police of Cartagena denounces 12 minors for alcohol consumption in the Polígono de Santa Ana (10/09/2018)
    The interventions took place this weekend coinciding with the celebration of the parties of the residential
  • Citizens asks the Government to clarify the investments it has made in the Arqua de Cartagena (10/09/2018)

  • The threat of a cold drop forces the end of the Santa Políga festivities to Sunday the 16th Among the activities postponed is a meeting of artisans, a concentration of American cars and trucks and a discomobile with foam and fireworks (09/09/2018)

  • Citizens study alternatives to prevent the Cartagena return to pay two salaries of mayor (09/09/2018)
    - The commission of comprehensive reform of the Organic Regulation of the Plenary began work last Friday
  • Deactivated the episode of pollution by particles in suspension in La Aljorra (09/09/2018)
    During Saturday, the levels were always below the allowed limits
  • Martínez Baños: "The PP lies, as always, about the AVE in Cartagena, there has never been a project" (08/09/2018)

  • Activated level 2 for exceeding the level of particles in La Aljorra (08/09/2018)
    The situation of corrective nature has been declared by the General Directorate of the Environment when the average values ​​of PM10 have been exceeded for three days
  • MC will demand that the political interference does not harm the necessary municipal TPN (08/09/2018)

  • ... (08/09/2018)

  • Local Police recommends that no flea markets be installed on Sunday in anticipation of heavy rains (08/09/2018)
    It would affect those of Cabo de Palos, El Bohío and Los Nietos
  • The hotel plant continues its modernization with 160 new places in Cartagena (07/09/2018)
    The entry into force last June of the new decree that regulates the tourist and youth hostels has allowed this summer the opening of the first two 'hostel'
  • Citizens request explanations from the regional government for their refusal to replace the losses of the primary care centers of Cartagena (07/09/2018)

  • The Community demands that the Government of Spain "not delay another day the cession of the land for the ZAL of Cartagena" (07/09/2018)
    The Minister of Public Works urges the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing to sign the agreement to acquire the land because "the text was already closed for four months"
  • Ricardo Segado regrets "the loss of nine months in terms of sports management" after the departure of Obdulia Gómez from the local government (07/09/2018)

  • López Miras: "More than 6,000 students in Cartagena will have free textbooks this course" The president visits the CEIP 'La Asomada' in Cartagena, where a total of 36,284 students start classes today in this course that starts in th (07/09/2018)

  • CTSSP - We can: "The problem of the Aljorra is not sub-Saharan dust" (07/09/2018)

  • The three works planned at the Monte Sacro are advancing at a good pace (07/09/2018)
    Patrominio councilor, David Martínez Noguera, visited this morning the excavations of the archaeological campus that began last week
  • The City Council asks Renfe for university students to pay 2 euros for the train between Cartagena and Murcia (07/09/2018)
    The mayor of Cartagena has asked the president of Renfe for a series of measures aimed at improving the rail connection between Cartagena and Murcia, which includes the request of the UPCT to lower the ticket for students
  • Damián Romero, new chief commissioner of the National Police in Cartagena (07/09/2018)
    The inauguration took place this afternoon in the presence of the president, the Assembly, the government delegate and the mayor
  • The PP and its AVE "schizophrenic" (07/09/2018)
    CTSSP: "It seems incredible to us that the Popular Party, since it has stopped governing the nation and is now opposed, proposes to execute the policies that for many years they could and should have done and did not want "
  • Mills Marfagones will live its patron saint festivities from September 7 to 16 (07/09/2018)
    On Saturday, September 15, the Rociera Mass will be celebrated, with an offering of flowers and food and that will be enlivened by the Romero and Jara rociero choir
  • Music and sports activities to celebrate the festivities of La Manga (07/09/2018)
    The festivities will be held from 12 to 16 September with a program of activities that will have music, dance and sports and leisure activities for all ages
  • New speed controls for the week of September 10 to 16 (07/09/2018)
    They will be located in access roads and avenues of both the city and neighborhoods and county councils, industrial estates and coastal towns of the municipality
  • The neighborhood festivities of Santa Ana Residential Estate begin The announcement was made by the mayor of Festejos, Juan Pedro Torralba, who was accompanied by the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón; (07/09/2018)

  • The activation of the preventive level continues due to exceeding the level of particles in La Aljorra (07/09/2018)
    The situation has been declared by the General Directorate of the Environment when the average values ​​of PM10 were exceeded on Thursday for the second consecutive day
  • The AEMET foresees strong showers and storms in the southeast of the peninsula during this weekend (07/09/2018)
    The Local Police of Cartagena has recommended preventing displacements and invites the citizens to follow the meteorological situation in a more detailed and updated way
  • The Spanish team of Dragon Boat visits the Palace Hall after winning the bronze in the European championship played in Brandenburg (07/09/2018)
    The team of Santa Lucia has been in second place in the III Championship of Spain Dragon Boat by clubs, which was played on last weekend in Asturias
  • Cartagena painter Antonio Barceló shows in the Consistorial Palace 'Memory of Painting' (07/09/2018)
    The inauguration of the exhibition took place on Thursday, September 6, and was attended by the Mayor of Cartagena and Councilor for Culture
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures brings history to schoolchildren through workshops (07/09/2018)
    Students will get to know Carthaginian and Roman civilizations through quiz games, gymkhanas or digging with their own hands
  • Hospital Santa Lucía de Cartagena offers children a new outdoor leisure space The initiative arises from the collaboration between the Murcian Health Service, the Curarte Foundation and the Repsol Foundation to humanize the pediatric environment duri (07/09/2018)

  • CTSSP welcomes the reopening of the doors to the protection of the San Antón Prison (07/09/2018)

  • VOX Cartagena goes out to face the new political course (06/09/2018)

  • MC: Three and a half years late, Arroyo claims the AVE to Cartagena without burying and without decontamination (06/09/2018)
    MC regrets that Arroyo has just learned that Cartagena can be reached without going through Murcia
  • The vowels of Citizens in La Aljorra explode and accuse the City Council of ningunear and humiliate the Neighborhood Board (06/09/2018)

  • Sports calls subsidies for entities, organizations and sports associations of the municipality (06/09/2018)
    The deadline to apply for grants will be open until September 20
  • Education calls subsidies for schools in the municipality (06/09/2018)

  • The residents of Isla Plana plead for the mediation of the City Council before the cuts in the postal service of the Post Office (06/09/2018)

  • Activated the preventive level by exceeding the level of particles in La Aljorra (06/09/2018)
    The situation has been declared by the General Directorate of the Environment that reports that yesterday the average values ​​of PM10 were exceeded
  • The women of Los Dolores celebrated their traditional coexistence dinner during the festivities (06/09/2018)
    Another of the recreational activities scheduled at the festivities will be the traditional horse tapes race to be held on Saturday at 6:00 p.m.
  • We can accuse the socialist government of deliberately delaying the adjudication of the new garden contract (06/09/2018)

  • The municipal photographer José Albaladejo Ros dies Throughout his long professional life, he captured in his snapshots the acts and activities of the City of Cartagena for almost two decades (06/09/2018)

  • The mayor transfers to the CHS the situation of the Mar Menor, the cleaning of the ramblas and the farmers' concerns about the drought (05/09/2018)
    Ana Belén Castejón thanked the president in a statement prior to the meeting, the "prompt response" CHS has given its citation, as well as the sensitivity it has shown with the needs of the municipality
  • Cartagena workers interested in sustainable agriculture can improve their knowledge with two free courses (05/09/2018)
    The courses will take place on September 14 and 19 and will deal with the differentiation and quality of the agricultural product and the implementation of hedges
  • The Department of Education considers that the Autonomous Community again fail to meet its commitments to Cartagena (05/09/2018)
    While the City has invested this summer 300,000 euros in works in 35 schools in the municipality, the regional administration has not completed any of the promised school canteens
  • The president of the CHS and the mayor of Cartagena open a new stage of collaboration (05/09/2018)
    Mario Urrea and Ana Belén Castejón have analyzed the situation of the boulevards of the municipality, the state of Mar Menor and the demands of the farmers of the region
  • CTSSP-Podemos can request a tender to fill the position of manager of the ADLE (05/09/2018)

  • Lorenzo Silva opens the fourth edition of Cartagena Negra (05/09/2018)
    Every day at 9:00 pm the Cañas Negras will be held at Míster Witt Café, where attendees can experience meetings with the visiting authors and obtain their signed copies
  • The Cartagena will travel to the past with the programming of the Tla and Gaia Cultural (05/09/2018)
    The inscriptions can be carried out through WhatsApp in the telephone 602643053 or in reservas@gaiacultural.es
  • A young man helps in the recovery of a lost portfolio with 650 euros inside (05/09/2018)

  • The UPCT expects the support of the Government and the CHS to advance in the research that makes compatible the agriculture and the sustainability of the Mar Menor (05/09/2018)

  • The Council of the ADLE approves the request for extension of the local development and employment agents program (05/09/2018)
    The meeting, chaired by the mayor, was held this morning at the Town Hall
  • Manuel Padín: "the ADLE suffers since 2015 the abuse and political instrumentalization of PSOE and MC" (05/09/2018)

  • The Local Police help a pregnant woman who had gone into labor (05/09/2018)
    The agents, who were in the Pozo Estrecho detachment, attended on Friday to the woman who came with contractions to the police facilities, until the ambulance arrived. moved her to the hospital
  • Cs affirms that the PSOE continues blocking, six months later, the permission to a company to install a charging station (05/09/2018)

  • Youth calls for grants and subsidies for youth groups (05/09/2018)
    Last year 49 youth groups benefited from this aid
  • The City of Cartagena opens the call for municipal subsidies for cultural projects in 2018 (05/09/2018)
    Projects may be submitted until September 25
  • The Local Police of Cartagena prepares the operation to monitor the return to school (05/09/2018)
    As of Friday, September 7, classes will begin in primary schools and agents will deploy controls in the vicinity of schools so that respect traffic and safety regulations
  • The City Council shows its discomfort for the mistakes made in primary textbooks in which it overlooks Cartagena (04/09/2018)
    The mayor of Education notes that the Ministry should have reviewed them before they reached the centers
  • The bus to Cala Cortina stays until September 16 (04/09/2018)
    The schedules and routes will be the same as in July and August
  • Cartagena painter Antonio Barceló arrives at the Palacio Consistorial with his exhibition Memoria de la Pintura (04/09/2018)
    The inauguration will take place on Thursday, September 6 at 7:00 p.m. and will be attended by the Councilor for Culture, David Martínez
  • Citizens accuse the Ministry of Education of "abandonment of functions" due to errors in the content of Primary (04/09/2018)
    - Juan José Molina has expressed his surprise at this situation and has asked himself "what is it that we are teaching our children? "
  • CTSSP requires the municipal government to process the reversal of the Las Siervas plot as soon as possible (04/09/2018)

  • MC Cartagena will be interested in the state of investments in infrastructure and other basic needs for the residents of La Aljorra (04/09/2018)
    The training will request the urgent improvement of the road on the regional route RM-602, as well as the special attention to CAI 'Guardian Angel'
  • The urban culture returns to be protagonist in a new edition of the UrbanCTFest (04/09/2018)
    The youngest will also have their own space, with the realization of a Graffiti children's workshop given by local artists of Graffiti and Street Art
  • The UPCT opens the new degree in bilingual tourism with public prices (04/09/2018)

  • MC Cartagena laments the hypocrisy of the regional leaders for shielding their will to indoctrinate in supposed errors (04/09/2018)

  • Los Dolores celebrated the Day of the Elders crowning their queen (04/09/2018)
    The Cartagena neighborhood lives these days its festivities that will last until Sunday, September 9
  • The gardens of the municipality dry up while Castejón delays its maintenance (04/09/2018)
    The concessionaires continue marking the step to PSOE and PP
  • A student of the UPCT, bronze medal in the European Championship of Nations of Dragon Boat (03/09/2018)
    The student of Industrial Engineering also has acceded to the podium in the Championship of Spain of Canoeism competing with the Nautical Club of Santa Lucia
  • More than a hundred people take part in the I Solidarity March in the Cartagena neighborhood of Los Dolores, to the benefit of D'Genes (03/09/2018)

  • The Llano del Beal festivities begin with the proclamation of the Mayoress of Cartagena (03/09/2018)
    The Panther Orchestra will close the dance cycle during these festivities on Saturday night, September 8
  • La Aparecida Festivities start with a Talent Day among its activities (03/09/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, was in charge of announcing the festivities and announcing that the project is already being prepared to provide the town with an improved fairground
  • New Cartagena will have a playground adapted for children with disabilities (03/09/2018)
    The City Council plans to invest more than 350,000 euros between this neighborhood, San Antón and the Mediterranean Urbanization
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures bets in September for children's activities (03/09/2018)
    On the weekends of this month the Roman Theater Museum and the Punic Wall will hold two activities for children where, through play, they will learn history in a fun way
  • A single company presents an offer to elaborate the Master Plan of the Roman Amphitheater (03/09/2018)

  • The Apolo Theater of El Algar offers a varied and economically accessible program for the autumn season (03/09/2018)
    The autumn season at the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar, starts next September 28
  • The UPCT opens the enrollment in its University of Seniors on Wednesday (03/09/2018)

  • The new noise map of the municipality is exposed until mid-September (03/09/2018)
    On September 17 the deadline for public information of the document published in the BORM and that can be consulted in the Department of the Environment to present possible allegations
  • Five injured, one of them a four-month-old baby, in a multiple accident on CT-32 (03/09/2018)
    Four vehicles were involved in the incident, one of them burning down
  • Cs Cartagena asks for a specific ordinance and toughens sanctions to combat the abandonment of the plots (03/09/2018)

  • Ciudadanos celebrates "with caution" the first steps for the reform of Beatas Street and the Return of Talent program (03/09/2018)
    - The Contracting Committee has initiated the procedures of two projects promoted by Citizens in their amendments to the budget and that add an investment of 410,000 euros
  • The ORA car parks are back to their normal schedule (03/09/2018)
    As of this month of September, the blue zone will have service active from Monday to Friday in the morning and afternoon, and on Saturday mornings
  • MC denounces the local and regional alliance of PP and PSOE to deceive the parents of La Aljorra (03/09/2018)
    Neither of them advances in the new school despite having the land
  • New speed controls for the week of September 3 to 9 (03/09/2018)
    There will be located as many access roads and avenues of the city and neighborhoods and county councils, industrial estates and coastal towns of the municipality
  • Citizens presents 26 proposals to the plagiarized draft of the Plan to Revitalize the Small Commerce of Cartagena (01/09/2018)


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