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Cartagena News - February 2018

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  • Citizens request at the meeting of presidents an express regulation for the development of the Commissions of Investigation (28/02/2018)
    - The formation orange regrets that many of the commissions are stagnant or paralyzed, some from the beginning of the legislature
  • Cs regrets the sit-in that the Government has given to all the political parties in the Participative Committee today (28/02/2018)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena celebrates the II Seminar on Social Networks (28/02/2018)
    It will take place this Thursday in the auditorium of the Roman Theater Museum
  • The Subjective Room will house Dreams of Carbon, the work of the young artist Maria Garres (28/02/2018)
    The exhibition will be available from March 1 to April 15
  • NAVANTIA presents the use of drones in its shipyards (28/02/2018)
    Navantia advances in its digital transformation towards Shipyard 4.0
  • Cartagena prepares for the Night of the Museums (28/02/2018)
    This Wednesday, February 28, the image that the 2018 edition will represent, as well as advancing in the proposals for activities and the bases that will govern the call for artistic proposals, has been announced
  • The Local Police returns the flute requisitioned to Tico (28/02/2018)
    In addition, they have granted him an authorization so that he can play from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • MC will urge the municipal government to elaborate a new teaching program of the history of Cartagena in the secondary education centers of the municipality (28/02/2018)

  • Published the schedules of the seventeenth day of the Local Baseball League (28/02/2018)
    It will be held on the weekend of Saturday, March 3 and Sunday, March 4
  • Young students approach the music in the rehearsal for the Extraordinary Strings and Metals Concert (28/02/2018)
    Nearly 500 students have attended IES Ben Arabí, Hispania, Antonio Ulloa, Concepción Arenal, Carmelitas, Ciudad Jardín, as well as the School María Inmaculada de Águilas
  • Cartagena is Re-Manga returns to the city with more news than ever (28/02/2018)
    The press conference will be on Wednesday 28 at 10:30 am in the press room of the Palace Hall
  • The Contracting Committee proposes the awarding of telephone and data services to Vodafone (28/02/2018)
    It has also resolved the cleaning of the primary attention centers to ONET-SERALIA
  • Citizenship, participation and challenges in the talk-colloquium of Fernando de la Riva in Cartagena Piensa on March 1 (28/02/2018)
    The event will be at 20:00 in the Josefina Soria Library of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The Governing Board inadmits the appeal against the technical commission and the lowering of water rates (28/02/2018)
    The decision is based on the expiration of the legal period for recourse, in the first case, and because it is an act of procedure, in the second.
  • The Polytechnic of Cartagena identifies the digital deficiencies of workers and the unemployed for the EU (28/02/2018)
    The European project 'Makes me digital', led by the Cloud Incubator of the UPCT, will design four pilot training courses to be taught in Spain and Lithuania
  • Cs asks the Government of Cartagena to address the urban transport needs of the municipality in an integral way (28/02/2018)
    - "We can not get to work only when neighbors exploit, a detailed, orderly and prioritized analysis of the many needs that exist is required" , has indicated the local spokesman of Citizens in Cartagena, Manuel Padín
  • The UCAM of Cartagena will celebrate the II Cross of Los Dolores de Campo through March 9 (28/02/2018)

  • Statement from Teresa Sánchez, councilor of CTSSP (28/02/2018)

  • The Manga Salon of Cartagena will receive 10,000 people this year and will host 200 activities (28/02/2018)
    30 workshops on Japanese culture, 12 talks, three concerts and a wide area of ​​video games are some of the attractions of 'Cartagena se ReManga', which will celebrate on April 28 and 29
  • The Town Hall inaugurates on Thursday the exhibition Elementals: From the material to the emotional (28/02/2018)
    The exhibition, with works by the Cartagena painter Rosana Sitcha, can be visited until April 22
  • The PSRM-PSOE shows its full support to the mayor of Cartagena and describes as "inadmissible and shameful" the words of José López (27/02/2018)
    Alfonso Martínez Baños assures that it is intolerable that Ana Belén Castejón had to suspend the plenary session of the City Council for the insults machistas and the breach of the ex-mayor's regulation
  • Centers of San Pedro, Lorca and Cartagena lead the participation in Rétame and Aprendo (27/02/2018)

  • Cartagena will be able to invest several million euros of the 2017 surplus (27/02/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, has joined May 27th, today, mayors from all over Spain at the meeting held by the FEMP to demand that the central government not asphyxiate to the town halls
  • The local police of Cartagena surprises a man while trying to steal a car stereo The events took place at 10:00 p.m. when local police officers went to the Santa Lucía hospital area, after receiving notice from 112 (27/02/2018)

  • Andres Lledo visits the students of IES Galileo of Pozo Estrecho within the ADE Program (27/02/2018)
    The activity of the Department of Sports of the City of Cartagena was held on Monday, so that students had the opportunity to interact with the Cartagena athlete
  • Cartagena will have three access points for recreational boats on beaches that will eliminate irregular anchorages (27/02/2018)
    This action responds to the demands of the City of Cartagena to fight both against the seasonality of the Mar Menor and against illegal moorings
  • MC Cartagena censures the Union of PP and PSOE to hinder the investigation into the great corruption scandals sponsored by themselves (27/02/2018)
    Isabel García speaks at the meeting of the presidents of the Commissions of Investigation
  • Press pass in the general rehearsal of the V Extraordinary Concert of Between Strings and Metals (27/02/2018)
    The media will be able to interview the musicians from 11:00 in the Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music of Cartagena
  • In March the III National Amateur Theater Competition of Cartagena (27/02/2018)
    The registration period will be open from Tuesday, February 27, until the second week of May.
  • Adoratrices hosts the sixth Oscar Telepatio gala (27/02/2018)
    The event organized by the Acción Familiar association, with the collaboration of the Department of Social Services, celebrated its sixth edition on Friday
  • The Costa Rican ambassador to Spain visited the Town Hall (27/02/2018)
    Doris Osterlof held a reception Monday with the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, and the mayor Juan Pedro Torralba
  • The first Norwegian tourists arrive in Cartagena in 2018 (27/02/2018)
    Councilman David Martínez Noguera received them on Tuesday at the Consistorial Palace and during the day they will meet several sites of Cartagena Port of Cultures and other points of interest in the city
  • Cs moves to Congress the delay to create the new Family Court and the problems to create the City of Justice (27/02/2018)
    "We want to know why the project has been delayed until September and if there are options to accelerate its development," he said. the spokesman of the orange formation, Manuel Padín
  • Nuria Varela will address issues such as coeducation, gender equality and abuse in Cartagena Piensa (27/02/2018)
    The conference will take place this Wednesday in the Assembly Hall of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center at 7:00 p.m. and its entry will be free until full capacity is reached
  • Cartagena will have three access points for recreational boats on beaches that will eliminate irregular anchorages (27/02/2018)
    Councilor Pedro Rivera presents the pioneering project to promote responsible navigation and make recreational uses compatible with environmental values ​​
  • An old woman dies in a fire in a residence of Molinos Marfagones (27/02/2018)
    The woman appeared burned in her bed, after the flames that had an unknown origin extinguished
  • Communique CTSSP before what happened today in the plenary session with the expulsion of José López by the mayor (26/02/2018)

  • The Children's Drawing and Mural Contest Trinidad Garcia presents its trophy in the shape of an autillo, bird in extinction (26/02/2018)
    A digitized sculpture, scanned in 3D, and made with polymers, made by printer in the UPCT
  • The plenary session of the City Council of Cartagena joins the demands for decent pensions (26/02/2018)
    The session that was interrupted at noon after the expulsion of MC spokesman José López, has also approved motions in support of the general strike of women and conciliation family
  • MC: "Castejón imposes censorship in the municipal Plenary" (26/02/2018)
    The Socialists are aligned with PP and C's to prevent control of local and regional governments
  • Manuel Padín: "MC caused his expulsion from the Government and now it is erased from the ordinary Plenary, neither wants nor lets work" (26/02/2018)

  • "PSOE and PP maintain their protection to the concessionaires by vetoing the investigation of the cleaning service contract" (26/02/2018)
    MC is left alone to require Repsol to reinvest part of its profits in the patrimony of Cartagena
  • Citizens get the support of the Plenary to modify the regulation as soon as possible and end municipal unproductivity (26/02/2018)

  • The Solvers Community of the UPCT is born with competitions for the university community (26/02/2018)

  • Citizens regrets that the PP-PSOE block has prevented the creation of the Investigation Commission to Lhicarsa (26/02/2018)

  • The Government now denies that the relationship between the FCC workers and the PP is being investigated, as Lopez said (26/02/2018)

  • The Batel welcomes two benefit galas this week to raise funds for Andresito and for the Dravet Sindrome Foundation (26/02/2018)
    On Monday, February 26, well-known artists such as Rosario Mohedano, Los del Rio, José Mercé, Fran Tornero, Paco Arévalo and The Morancos.
  • Plasticos Romero de Cartagena faces Saturday 3 at FC Barcelona Lassa (26/02/2018)
    The match will take place at 4:30 p.m. at the Wssell Sports Palace in Guimbarda
  • A night of zarzuela, this Saturday at the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar (26/02/2018)
    The show, which starts at 9:30 p.m., already has tickets for sale for 10 and 12 euros
  • The Young Lawyer of the Region of Murcia met in Cartagena (26/02/2018)
    The congress, whose inaugural act had the participation of the mayor, was held on Friday in the Isaac Peral Room of the UPCT
  • The Resurrexit gathered hundreds of brothers in Santa Maria de Gracia (26/02/2018)
    The mayor of Cartagena attended Saturday the closing of the last mass of the triduum of the Risen One
  • The College Morally includes a Finnish program against bullying in the Region It is the first and only one in the Community of Murcia that incorporates this antibullying system, which addresses the problem from prevention, intervention and monitoring (26/02/2018)

  • A total of 14 unemployed from Cartagena at risk of social exclusion are trained in masonry with a Community program (25/02/2018)
    This is the 'Innova 2m17' initiative that, for the third year in a row, La Huertecica develops with funding from the SEF to improve the labor insertion of disadvantaged groups
  • MC laments "the wall that PPSOE raises to block Cartagena" (25/02/2018)
    Remember that Minister Íñigo de la Serna acknowledged that the AVE does not arrive in Cartagena due to a political decision
  • Citizens will take a motion to the Plenary to support and promote the investigation of rare diseases (25/02/2018)

  • The Community restores the shroud of the Resurrected of Cartagena on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of its foundation (25/02/2018)

  • Citizens demand the reactivation of the Pact Table at Night and effective measures to reduce bottlenecks (24/02/2018)

  • The localization, the budgets and the failure of the coalition of MC and PSOE mark the Assembly of Affiliates of Cs (24/02/2018)

  • The monolith of the IV Division of Navarre is removed from the gardens of the Muralla del Mar (23/02/2018)
    It was the last of the monuments affected by the application of the Law of Memory in Cartagena and commemorated the entry of General Franco's troops into March 1939 to Cartagena
  • The Governing Board approves the continuity of the projects of the participatory budgets (23/02/2018)
    It will allocate some 396 thousand euros for the programmed actions in La Palma, The Albujón, The Aljorra and Mediterranean Urbanization
  • La V Urban Solidarity Mile La Huertecica has more than 700 registered (23/02/2018)
    The objective is to raise funds for the association La Huertecica
  • Commemorative medal to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Cartagena Media Marathon (23/02/2018)
    The classic of the city's popular events will be held on March 4 with departure at 10:15 am from Ronda de la Unión street and finish at the Municipal Track of Athletics
  • Cabo de Palos disguises itself this Saturday to live the Carnival (23/02/2018)
    The parade will begin at 12:00 hours with departure from the headquarters of the women's association located in the commercial complex of Las Dunas.
  • The Popular University closes the Literary Contest Carmen Conde This contest put yesterday end and end to these days organized annually by the Association of Women Sunrise of Barrio Peral, whose literary workshop is part of the Bazaar of Letters of t (23/02/2018)

  • Ara Malikian visits this Saturday 24 El Batel in a sold out concert (23/02/2018)
    The tour 'The incredible story of the Violin' arrives in Cartagena with a show that will start at 9:30 pm
  • The follow-up commission for the railway integration of Cartagena analyzes the bases and schedule of the technical study (23/02/2018)
    These meetings will allow to advance in the project of the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena
  • The writer Carmen Conde, image of the program of activities for Women's Day (23/02/2018)
    Cartagena will host more than a dozen workshops, talks, exhibitions and concerts in favor of equality until March 15
  • The Cartagena High Speed ​​Society will decide this summer how the AVE will be integrated into the city (23/02/2018)
    The Monitoring Committee, meeting today in Madrid, will prepare the study of the different alternatives, comparing terms and costs
  • The UPCT is the fifth university in Spain with the largest participation of its faculty in research projects with companies (23/02/2018)

  • Cs joins the complaint of the Cantonal Party and will ask for explanations for the Salinas de Marchamalo project (23/02/2018)

  • MC will require the municipal government to carry out the necessary procedures to guard and expose the furniture of the nineteenth century pharmacy of the Peña Ros family (23/02/2018)

  • MC requests the Regional Assembly to respect the name of the Autonomous Community and the recognition of Cartagena (23/02/2018)

  • The Cartagena center will have five cardioprotection columns (23/02/2018)
    The devices include defibrillators, resuscitation equipment and basic life support
  • The Risen One begins the triduum to its holder with the III Pregón de Juventud (23/02/2018)

  • The UCAM of Cartagena organizes the First Volunteer Fair, in which 31 entities will be present (23/02/2018)

  • FC Cartagena players visit the San Antonio Abad school to prevent school absenteeism (23/02/2018)
    Sergio, Kuki and Josua, visited the children on Thursday, February 22, within the campaign "Every day without fail"
  • Children of the Coronation of Thorns Celebrate 25 Years Growing Together (23/02/2018)
    The exhibition can be seen in the municipal exhibition hall of the Byzantine Wall, from February 28 to March 18
  • The City Council consolidates its commitment to the Red Cross in the municipality (23/02/2018)
    The mayor held a meeting on Thursday 22 with the heads of the NGO in the Region
  • New location of the local police speed controls for the week of February 26 to March 4 (23/02/2018)
    The controls will be located during that week in different parts of the municipality
  • CTSSP will ask for the improvement of access to the school Santa María del Buen Aire de la Puebla (23/02/2018)

  • Cartagena Futuro pays homage to the figure of the actor Isidoro Máiquez in the XXIII edition of Los Culturales (23/02/2018)

  • The transitory norms of Cartagena go out to public exhibition (23/02/2018)
    The Official Bulletin of the Region of Murcia publishes today the announcement by which a period of information of 20 working days opens, as of tomorrow
  • The UPCT Solvers Community is presented this Monday with contests for the university community (23/02/2018)

  • A man is thrown into the void to escape a fire in a first floor of San Anton (22/02/2018)
    The incident was recorded this afternoon and he has come Local Fire and Police of the City of Cartagena with health personnel and means 061 and National Police
  • The mayor takes part in the protests of the pensioners for the rise of 0.25 percent (22/02/2018)
    Ana Belén Castejón has promised to present an institutional declaration before the plenary
  • The Community expands the Ben Arabí Institute in Cartagena with a new building for its 833 students (22/02/2018)
    These actions will allow the removal of the two prefabricated classrooms installed in the center
  • Noelia Arroyo, named godmother of the Grouping of the Holy Sepulcher and the Expolio de Jesús (22/02/2018)

  • The Young Lawyer of the Region of Murcia meets on Friday in Cartagena (22/02/2018)
    The mayor will participate in the opening ceremony to be held at 7:30 pm in the Isaac Peral Room of the UPCT
  • Half a hundred residents of the Barriada Villalba enjoyed an excursion to the Aitana Safari (22/02/2018)
    The activity has been launched with the collaboration of the City of Cartagena and the Abraham Project
  • MC demands that the finding of Baluarte No. 3 and part of the wall of Carlos III be documented in order to assign them the appropriate protection measures (22/02/2018)

  • Citizens demand the convocation of the Local Table and the refounding of the Regional Employment Board (22/02/2018)

  • The local police arrest an individual who had overturned 15 garbage containers in Pozo Estrecho (22/02/2018)
    The detainee was with an expulsion order issued by the Ministry of the Interior
  • Arrested an individual who was driving on Paseo Alfonso XIII without driving or insurance meat (22/02/2018)
    The Local Police discovered that the person involved was also in search and detention by the National Police
  • You can already submit projects to Mucho Mas Mayo for the Sustainable Development Objectives (22/02/2018)
    The presentation deadline ends on March 22, while the short cuts for the IX Short Week can be sent until April 16
  • Itinere bet on giving instruments to young people to adapt to the new labor market (22/02/2018)
    The inauguration of the day, today Thursday at El Batel, has had the presence of the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón
  • The FCICMOTECA del Luzzy addresses the farewell to innocence with La Chica Dormida (22/02/2018)
    The film is shown in its original version, subtitled in Spanish, this Friday, February 23, in the auditorium of the Cultural Center at 8:00 p.m. , free admission until full capacity
  • Ctssp questions the management of the regional subsidy for the neighborhood plan (22/02/2018)

  • The Conservatory will open its doors to schoolchildren to attend the rehearsal of the Extraordinary Strings and Metals Concert (22/02/2018)
    The concert on March 1 will have winners of previous editions of the contest organized by the City Council and the Conservatory.
  • MC's pressure builds regional investment to improve RM-602, in the stretch between Miranda and a well-known industrial complex (22/02/2018)

  • Ten more schools of the municipality adhere to the Cartagena City Cardio-Protected project (22/02/2018)
    The educational centers signed on Wednesday, February 21, to subscribe to the protocol that grants them defibrillators and training to use them
  • CTSSP: "The Government forgets the motion of the deportees in the extermination camps between 1940 and 1945" (21/02/2018)

  • The Contracting Committee, pending the adjudications of the conservation of archaeological remains, postal communications and crane (21/02/2018)
    Progress has also been made in the tender of a municipal plot in Los Urrutias for a nautical installation
  • La Palma celebrates its patron saint festivities in honor of Santa Florentina from February 24 to March 14 (21/02/2018)
    Biker lunch, concerts, paella contest and a triduum to the patron saint, among the festivities activities
  • A thousand and a half of high school students compete with each other in the first 12 hours of Rétame and Aprendo (21/02/2018)
    "My goal this year is to win" says Gonzalo de la Puerta, second in one of the modalities of the first edition of the pedagogical contest
  • MC: "Castejón's grotesque continues and its fixes on the water tariff for 2018" (21/02/2018)
    Today it has withdrawn the proposal that last Thursday announced that it would take to the plenary, recognizing that it does not comply with the legal procedures
  • The Patio of the Faculty of Business Sciences will host the concert + Q Musas Fest, Music for Equality (21/02/2018)
    Acting Vinila Von Bismark, La Otra and las Locas del Co. and Women Beat DJ's
  • Published the schedules of the sixteenth day of the Local Baseball League (21/02/2018)
    It will be held on the weekend of Saturday, February 24 and Sunday, February 25
  • Ctssp: "The government still does not provide the reports on the reduction of water" (21/02/2018)
    Ctssp will ask in the plenary for the lack of transparency of the government, and the delay in facilitating the partial reports of the auditing companies
  • The Youth Center of Quarries hosts the concerts of Chords on Air during March and April (21/02/2018)
    There will be shows two Sundays of each month at 12 noon
  • The Cartagena businessmen are satisfied with the Transitory Norms of the Urban Plan (21/02/2018)

  • The descent of water will be seen in a next meeting of the Finance Commission (21/02/2018)
    The municipal government decides to withdraw its proposal from today's meeting so that the minimum term of 48 hours from its approval on Monday by the Board is met
  • Citizens will request an express regulation for the proper development of the Municipal Investigation Commissions (21/02/2018)
    - The orange formation regrets that many of the commissions are stalled or paralyzed, some since the beginning of the legislature
  • Francisco Jose del Rio presented his book El misterio de Boletes, within the program Leer, Pensar e Imaginar (21/02/2018)
    The event, attended by the Councilor for Culture, David Martínez, took place on Tuesday afternoon at El Luzzy
  • The UCAM will explain in El Batel its offer of Degrees, FP, Masters and languages ​​and its employment programs (21/02/2018)

  • MC Cartagena is committed to the sustainable connection of La Palma and Pozo Estrecho through a cycle track (21/02/2018)
    During the next plenary session, the CARM will be urged to implement the road on the highway RM-311
  • Badminton solidarity circuit, for a good cause (21/02/2018)

  • Students from the Tres Tenedores program practice preparing and serving dinners for soup kitchens (21/02/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, visited yesterday at the ADLE facilities in La Milagrosa where they carry out their training
  • 481nd Anniversary of the Marine Infantry (21/02/2018)
    solemn flag landing in commemoration of the anniversary of the Marine Corps
  • Manuel Padín: "We can betray the confidence of the Casco Antiguo Commission for a few minutes of glory" (20/02/2018)
    - "CTSSP-Podemos has shown, in the only occasion it has had to manage and preside over a municipal body, how harmful it can be be the political populism for Cartagena, "said the local spokesman for Citizens
  • MC Cartagena will propose to the Plenary to remove from the drawer the municipal cost study so that the revision of the water tariff is legal (20/02/2018)

  • The CD Maristas Cartagena and CD Lapuerta tighten their fight in the Liga de Benjamins B (20/02/2018)
    During the match they also played back games taking advantage of the break in some category
  • The School of Empowerment for Women will give a talk on Women with Power (20/02/2018)
    The talk is organized for February 22 at 5:30 p.m. in the Assembly Hall of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Balconies and facades of Cartagena will be re-beautified by Holy Week (20/02/2018)
    To participate in the III Balcony and Façade Beautification Contest, those interested should send this registration document before March 16
  • The mayoress receives the 73 promotion of the General Air Academy of San Javier (20/02/2018)
    After the reception, the new students of the AGA have enjoyed a guided tour of the Forum and the Roman Theater
  • Conclusions of CTSSP on Casco Antiguo SA (CA) (20/02/2018)

  • The second author of the Mandarache Prize, Julio Fajardo, overflows the UPCT Paraninfo in the presentation of his book (20/02/2018)
    The author of the book 'Ordinary Assembly' will meet more than a thousand students during his visit to Cartagena
  • Segado will demand from the Socialist Government that progress be made in the preparation of a census of local artists and cultural entities, as approved at the proposal of MC (20/02/2018)
    The Plenary supported on March 30, 2017, unanimously, the initiative presented by the mayor of the training cartagenerista
  • The current feminism, approached with humor and irony, in the book I am also a clever girl (20/02/2018)
    The work is presented this Wednesday, February 21, initiating the Feminist Thought Encounters, as part of the program of Cartagena Piensa, which organizes the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena
  • CTSSP demands the application of the "urban moratorium" before the construction of a new residential in Playa Paraíso (20/02/2018)

  • Citizens denounce the ruinous state of the Los Urrutias Nature Classroom and demand its rehabilitation (20/02/2018)

  • The Agrupacion del Prendimiento will be the reason for the poster of the Holy Week of 2019 (20/02/2018)
    The Board of Brotherhoods has called the selection contest of the image that will announce the Cartagena's passionate parades next year
  • Artificial turf installation works begin on the football fields of La Ajorra and El Albujon (20/02/2018)
    The mayor, accompanied by the ediles of Infrastructures and Sports, visited yesterday both sports facilities and informed neighbors and clubs of the start today Tuesday of the works
  • The children's workshops of My Little Auditorium are returning to El Batel (20/02/2018)
    There are three workshops about music that will begin this Saturday, February 24
  • The Sea of ​​Music goes to the final in the three categories in which it was nominated for the Iberian Festival Awards (20/02/2018)
    The result of these awards to the festivals of Spain and Portugal will be known on March 16 in Lisbon
  • The children's workshops of "Mi pequeño auditorium" return to El Batel (20/02/2018)
    Three workshops around music that begin this Saturday, February 24
  • One month advance the deadlines to request a place in the public and concerted centers of Cartagena (20/02/2018)
    the application process will be open from March 5 to 16 and for the first time, among other issues, will require the signature of the two parents
  • "The PSOE is getting very expensive to lower the water" (20/02/2018)
    CTSSP reaffirms that the Mayor of the PSOE should not and should not negotiate the reduction of the water rate with an allegedly corrupt company, and that it is being investigated judicially (POKEMON )
  • Citizens asked to review the security conditions of all schools in Cartagena (20/02/2018)
    - The orange training has recriminated the City Council and the Ministry of Education abandonment to which they have submitted to the public school of La Puebla
  • The Sea of ​​Music goes to the final in the three categories in which it was nominated for the Iberian Festival Awards (19/02/2018)
    The result of these awards to the festivals of Spain and Portugal will be known on March 16 in Lisbon
  • The mayor receives the new rector of the Menendez Pelayo International University, Emilio Lora-Tamayo (19/02/2018)
    The rector and the members of the board have informed the mayor of the celebration of the next cloister in Cartagena
  • Five technical reports endorse the descent of the water validated by the Local Government Board (19/02/2018)
    The agreement includes the correction of a defect in the deadlines of the call of December 29, 2017
  • The Cross of Artillery donates 4.100 euros to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (19/02/2018)

  • The Mar de Músicas Commission completes the documentation phase and the appearances will be decided in March (19/02/2018)

  • The mayor and the industrialists of the Industrial Los Camachos address future actions in the area (19/02/2018)

  • NAVANTIA selected for the Conceptual Design phase in the program of frigates for the US Navy (19/02/2018)
    Navantia is the only naval company that currently competes in the 3 largest international programs of frigates that are being developed in the world
  • The Cross of Artilleria donates 4.100 euros to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (19/02/2018)
    Those in charge of making the donation at an event held Monday, have been the Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment No. 73 and the Councilor for Sports of the City of Cartagena
  • The Agrupacion Musical Sauces of Cartagena takes the first prize of the VII Regional Festival of Bands Ciudad de Cieza (19/02/2018)
    In the contest were also the bands of Alcantarilla and Totana
  • MC Cartagena proposes to set up a Research Commission on the purchases made by the Fire and Civil Protection services (19/02/2018)

  • Francisco Jose del Rio presents his new book El misterio de Boletes (19/02/2018)
    The event, which is part of the 'Read, Think, Imagine' program, will take place this Tuesday at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The government team informs the municipal groups of the processing of the transitory rules (19/02/2018)
    With this it tries to maintain its policy of transparency and cooperation with the rest of the political formations of the Corporation
  • MC proposes that the trajectory of the Cartagena group "Azul y Negro" get the just recognition of "La Mar de Músicas" (19/02/2018)

  • National Deputies of Citizens know the main projects and objectives of the Port Authority of Cartagena (19/02/2018)

  • Cs demands celerity to end the urban paralysis and charges against CTSSP for working against the general interest (19/02/2018)
    Citizens has demanded that it lighten the process to give legal coverage to the expansion of the business fabric and for the construction of some 600 new homes
  • Triduum in honor of the Risen One on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Brotherhood (19/02/2018)
    Masses will be held from Thursday 22 to Saturday 24 February at the church of Santa María de Gracia
  • Ten more schools in the municipality will have defibrillators (19/02/2018)
    The educational centers will sign the protocol of adhesion to the Cardio-Protected City Cartagena Project next Wednesday, February 21
  • The Procession Prize of the Year Foundation imposes its medal on Domingo Bastida (19/02/2018)
    The award ceremony took place during a Mass in the church of Santo Domingo
  • Restituto Nuñez Cobos, winner of the XLV Floral Games of the Campo de Cartagena (19/02/2018)
    The awards ceremony will be held on March 10 at 9:30 p.m. in the Civic Center of La Palma
  • The elders of Los Dolores and El Algar celebrated the carnival with carnival masks and music (19/02/2018)
    The centers of daytime stays at both locations received the visit of the comparsa 'Las Salerosas' and a mask workshop
  • The work Open Couple, climbs the stage of the Teatro Circo Apolo of El Algar (19/02/2018)
    It will be this Saturday, at 9.30 pm, with tickets to 10 and 12 euros
  • Ana Belen Castejon godmother of the Cofradia Virgen del Calvario (19/02/2018)
    The appointment was effective on Sunday, February 18, at a mass in the Shrine of Our Lady of Solitude
  • Cartagena and Novelda strengthen ties around the figure of Jorge Juan (19/02/2018)
    A delegation from its Literary Friendly Assembly was received on Saturday by the Councilor for Culture in the Town Hall
  • The UPCT creates a device to geolocate pollution episodes in real time (19/02/2018)

  • "The City Council makes a fool of itself again and the CARM repeats the transitory rules" (19/02/2018)
    CTSSP considers it inadmissible that the PSOE has lost two and a half years in foreseeable failures
  • MC Cartagena reminds the CARM of its obligation to improve safety on the F-37 road, passing through Santa Ana, a busy road for schoolchildren and neighbors (19/02/2018)

  • Open deadline for submission of projects to the Emerging Art Festival Much More May 2018 (19/02/2018)
    Until March 22, interested parties may submit works to participate in the new edition of the festival, which will be held from May 25 to June 3
  • The UCAM Athletics Cartagena participates in the National Absolute and the cadets compete in Combined (18/02/2018)

  • The Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena will host this year an international meeting on the architecture of these scenic spaces (18/02/2018)
    The symposium, for which the registration period is already open, will focus on the porticos after the scene and is organized together with the University of Murcia
  • Citizens will ask at the next Plenary session that the City Council will value the work of the painter and illustrator Nicomedes Gómez (18/02/2018)
    - The orange formation will propose that the room that serves as an art gallery on the first floor of the Town Hall will be renamed 'Sala Nicomedes Gómez 'in recognition of this unrepeatable artist
  • The town crier, Angel Julio Huertas, claims the creation of the Museum of Holy Week (17/02/2018)
    In a speech open to self-criticism, he has recalled personal experiences and emotions around the processions and has delved into its origins, history and tradition
  • A commission of Infrastructures and Sports will expedite the opening of the Sports Palace (16/02/2018)
    The Department of Sports will soon move to these dependencies and the Auxiliary Runway is almost at full capacity
  • CTSSP supports the motion proposal of the PIM to support the feminist strike on March 8 (16/02/2018)

  • MC demands the resignation of Ana Belén Castejón or that the regional PSOE puts order when verifying irregularities in the modification of water tariffs (16/02/2018)

  • The Governing Board approves agreements for the care of people in social exclusion and pharmaceutical spending Among their agreements is also the approval of the bases for the Festival Much More May (16/02/2018)

  • Cartagena celebrates the IV Intercontinental Rugby Championship 2017/18 on Saturday the 17th in La Aparecida (16/02/2018)
    At 17:00 there will be a meeting between the CRU Cartagena and the Squalos de San Javier of senior male category
  • Lhicarsa will start with its crash plan next day 26 in Los Dolores and Ensanche (16/02/2018)
    The concessionaire will buy new quieter cleaning machines worth 1.5 million euros
  • ... (16/02/2018)

  • More than 5,400 students enrolled in the Rétame y Aprendo education program of the UPCT (16/02/2018)

  • The Cartageneros in Madrid celebrated their traditional Ash Thursday (16/02/2018)
    The Holy Mass took place in the Church of Santa Teresa and Santa Isabel of the capital, this Thursday, February 15, where a reproduction of the carving of the Virgin of the Cartagenera charity
  • The auditorium of El Batel will host for the first time the Pregon of Holy Week (16/02/2018)
    Angel Julio Huertas will be in charge of glossing the oldest of the traditions of Cartagena in an act in which the title of Nazarena Mayor will also be given to Mariana Larios
  • Nearly 200 young people participate in the VIII Regional Agri-Food and Agro-environmental Olympiad in the UPCT (16/02/2018)

  • Cartagena will host the 68th edition of the Ciudad de Cartagena Tennis Tournament from February 18 to 24 (16/02/2018)
    The III Edition of the Challenge Cup will also be held and all the matches will take place at the Cub de Tenis de Cartagena facilities
  • The Cruise Excellence Awards Gala was held at El Batel for the second year in a row (16/02/2018)
    The Mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, took the gala to encourage more than 300 participants to visit Cartagena
  • The writer Carles Cano will meet with children from 3 to 5 years old in municipal libraries (16/02/2018)
    He will talk about his book "¡Abuelooo¿ !!!", thanks to an activity in the libraries of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • MC Cartagena will ask for help from the Ombudsman if Castejón and his accomplices continue to boycott his work of attention to the citizen (16/02/2018)
    The cartagenerista formation laments the shared lies between PP and PSOE while the municipality languishes without Budget or future
  • Cs meets with the residents of the Barrio de la Concepción and claims to be "losing patience" with the City Council (16/02/2018)
    - Citizens have warned of the abandonment situation and the danger posed by the pruning remains, and the rust that accumulates in part of the municipal nursery of the Barrio de la Concepción
  • The Mandarache Prize meetings with writer Julio Fajardo Herrero continue (16/02/2018)
    The author of 'Ordinary Assembly' visits Cartagena on February 20 and 21
  • The Local Police will carry out a special campaign of safety in the school and children's transport. The vehicle and driver controls will be held from February 19 to 23 in all the urban roads and conventional roads of Cartagena (16/02/2018)

  • New location of the local police speed controls for the week of February 19 to 25 (16/02/2018)
    The controls will be located during that week in different parts of the municipality
  • The Petanque Championship for Elderly People starts (16/02/2018)
    The mayor yesterday held the honor kick in the San Ginés neighborhood
  • Fernando López Miras, named'Processor of Honor' by the Association of the Year of Cartagena (15/02/2018)

  • The regional government unblocks the approval of the transitory urban planning rules of Cartagena (15/02/2018)
    The technical committee approves the municipal document, which will allow the city to continue processing key projects for its economy in the short and medium term, while the City Council approves the new PGOU
  • Fernando López Miras meets with the president of the "Cartagena Avanza" Association (15/02/2018)

  • A Local Police, out of service, and a citizen prevent the theft of a bicycle (15/02/2018)
    A discussion with the author of the events led to the intervention of the agents
  • The Cofradia del Calvario will name Ana Belen Castejon's godmother (15/02/2018)
    The event will take place on Sunday February 18 at the Calvario Shrine
  • Collection makes the Vehicle Tax payment (15/02/2018)
    Until April 2, the voluntary payment period, which began on February 1, will remain open
  • The mayor receives the Worker Cure of Vistalegre, Antonio Bermejo (15/02/2018)
    The meeting was this Thursday at 12:30 in the Palace Hall
  • Padín: "Mr. Martínez misses the truth when he says that Cs voted in the Casco Antiguo Commission without knowing his report" (15/02/2018)

  • The X Night of the Museums of Cartagena is preparing to receive artistic proposals (15/02/2018)
    Until March 9 will be open the deadline for the presentation of projects of any artistic discipline, individually or collectively, and participate in the event to be held on May 19
  • Manuel Pujante presents his book La zarza y ​​la ceniza within the program Leer, pensar, imaginar (15/02/2018)
    The event will be at 8 pm on February 16 at the Josefina Soria Library of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Registration for the Floral Offering to the Virgin of Charity is open on Friday of Dolores (15/02/2018)
    The deadline to join the parade will close on March 16 and may participate associations, groups, bands and anyone who wants it
  • The approval of the Transitory Rules will allow the expansion of Escombreras and more than 600 new homes in Cartagena (15/02/2018)
    Now the process of approval of the transitory norms by the Council of Government begins, after the period of public exposure
  • The Local Police of Cartagena advises not to open the door of the domicile to supposed installers of services (15/02/2018)
    They warn that, in many cases, these supposed operatives take advantage of any carelessness to steal in the dwelling
  • MC Cartagena and CTSSP will request a Commission of Inquiry on Lhicarsa to assess, among other issues, compliance with the contract (15/02/2018)

  • The mayor receives participants from the Political Bureau of the Intermediterranean Commission (CIM) (15/02/2018)
    The representatives of the board are on February 14 and 15 in Cartagena
  • The firemen rescue two occupants of a minivan after colliding with another vehicle (15/02/2018)
    The accident took place at 18:30 hours on Wednesday, February 14 on the N-301 at the height of Miranda-El Albujón
  • The City of Cartagena increases to 200 thousand euros the check of the processions of Holy Week (15/02/2018)
    It exceeds 20 thousand euros which had been granted for eight years in the traditional Call
  • Cartagena ends its carnival with the presentation of prizes and the farewell of Don Carnal (14/02/2018)
    The event was held at the Wssell Central Sports Pavilion in Guimbarda
  • Cartagena hosts its II Conference on Education and Community Health focused on Gender Equality (14/02/2018)
    Workshops, talks, colloquia and activities for children and adults will fill the program from February 14 to 25
  • The Contracting Committee proposes the adjudication of the repair service in low voltage installations (14/02/2018)
    The most economical offer has been proposed, out of the ten formulated, with a reduction of 51 percent
  • Good reception among the cinephiles of Cartagena at the Cinema Bazaar of the Popular University (14/02/2018)
    The activity is part of the cycle 'Metacine: The cinema within the cinema' that takes place at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy every Tuesday until March 13
  • Candido Tudela Martinez, winner of the photo contest of the VI Trail of La Aljorra (14/02/2018)
    The prize consists of a weekend for two people at Casas Rurales La Nieta
  • AFAC receives the Jacinto Alcaraz Mellado award from the IES Ben Arabi (14/02/2018)
    The award is addressed to those people or institutions that have distinguished themselves for their work in favor of solidarity, tolerance and coexistence in the Region of Murcia
  • Alberto Alba will give a talk-debate on the transgender, transgender and queer movement, in the Cartagena Piensa (14/02/2018)
    The colloquium will be on Thursday, February 15 at 8:00 pm in the El Soldadito de Plomo coffee shop
  • The students of Cartagena will approach the silent cinema (14/02/2018)
    The Department of Education has organized, for schools, the screening of 'The Machinist of the General', Buster Keaton.
  • The mayor dismisses the commanders of the Sea Guardian operation, who will watch over security in the Mediterranean (14/02/2018)
    The three frigates of the NATO operation depart Wednesday from the port of Cartagena with the mission to fight against terrorism
  • The III Literary Fair and the First Photo Contest of San Gines already has about thirty works (14/02/2018)
    The deadline for submission is open until March 11, the theme of the works is free, although the organizers will positively assess the themes about the flight
  • Published the schedules of the fifteenth day of the Regional Baseball League (14/02/2018)
    It will be held on the weekend of Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 February
  • Cs Cartagena informs that the improvement works in the CATAD have been paralyzed and warn of "deficiencies" (14/02/2018)
    - The cheniles we have seen do not adapt to what the animals need, and do not solve the problems that already had before ", explained the local spokesman for Citizens, Manuel Padín
  • Statement from Francisco Martínez Muñoz, councilor of CTSSP (14/02/2018)
    "I do not consent that Mr. Espejo will miss the municipal plenary"
  • MC will demand the municipal government to urge Repsol to continue with its investment in the neighborhood of the Roman Forum (14/02/2018)

  • Markets opens the application deadline for the stalls of the Bohemia Square market during Easter Interested parties wishing to extend the validity of their authorizations have until February 28 to present their instances (14/02/2018)

  • The City of Cartagena receives the award for Transparency (13/02/2018)
    Francisco Aznar picked up the award in a ceremony at the Cultural Center Las Claras in Murcia
  • Ciudadanos celebrates that the Department wants to organize an exhibition of Nicomedes Gómez after his complaint (13/02/2018)

  • A hundred representatives from nine Mediterranean countries will discuss in Cartagena on transport and sustainable development of the coast (13/02/2018)
    The Intermediterranean Commission meeting of the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions will be attended by seven presidents and six regional vice presidents, among others senior positions
  • Those enrolled in the Youth Guarantee will be able to receive a free course of Auxiliary Operations of Administrative and General Services (13/02/2018)
    The course will be developed in the training center Asilo Store Foundation of San Pedro
  • Officials of NATO verify the potential of the systems of submarine detection of the UPCT in the Mar Menor (13/02/2018)
    The experts in submarines of the Polytechnic have located a wreck and prepare analyzes of the bottom of the lagoon for the Community
  • Ricardo Segado will ask the Treasury to continue the work begun by MC to achieve the IBI bonus in favor of the Cartagena Speed ​​Circuit (13/02/2018)
    The request, which will be presented at the next Plenary, is in accordance with the current Tax Regulatory Ordinance of Real Estate
  • A hundred students of the San Fulgencio school practice athletics with the ADE program (13/02/2018)
    The monitors of the Athletics Club Elcano taught the children theoretical and practical classes on this sport
  • Professor Salvador Martinez will give a lecture on the brain in the framework of the Cartagena Piensa program (13/02/2018)
    The talk will be on February 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the School of Agricultural Engineering (UPCT)
  • Workshop on the work The Hidden Words of Bahaullah on February 25 (13/02/2018)
    Those interested can register with the Young Bahá'í Association for Unity in Diversity through their mail or on the telephone
  • MC attends the recognition of his work that distinguishes Cartagena, for the second year in a row, as a 100% transparent municipality (13/02/2018)

  • Inauguration of the ICI Education and Community Health Days (13/02/2018)
    The mayor will attend the event, which will take place this Wednesday at 9.30 am at the Artillery Park
  • Traffic cuts by the Don Carnal parade, starting at 8:00 pm (13/02/2018)
    Circulation will be interrupted at Paseo Alfonso XIII and Avenida Reina Victoria, as well as the entire parade route
  • The Baseball League League is displayed at the Cartagonova Stadium to mark the 25th anniversary of the championship (13/02/2018)
    A representation of all the categories of the champion made an exhibition at the break of the game between FC Cartagena and Mérida UD, receiving a standing ovation of the more than 6,000 fans that crowded the stands of the Stadium
  • Several colleges in Cartagena recover the trovo tradition (13/02/2018)
    The activity was carried out as a pilot experience last year
  • Manuel Padín: "The Plenary has gone out of our hands, and the Mayoress of Cartagena must redirect the situation" (13/02/2018)

  • The Belones prepares the spoons to taste twelve dishes of the grandmother (13/02/2018)
    The rations will be elaborated from the 16 to the 25 of February, within the IV Route of the Stew and the Asian
  • The theater of the absurd arrives at the New Theater Circus with the bald singer (13/02/2018)
    The comedy can be seen this Sunday, February 18 and stars great names of the scene as: Adriana Ozores, Fernando Tejero, Joaquin Climent and Carmen Ruiz
  • Presentation of the XX Prize Jacinto Alcaraz Mellado of the IES Ben Arabi (13/02/2018)
    The act will attend the mayoress and will take place in the Conservatory of Music at 11:00 hours
  • Wednesday opens the deadline to request the renewal of beach bars on the beaches of Cartagena (13/02/2018)
    The deadline for submitting applications, accompanied by all documentation, will be until February 23
  • 15 places of Local Police in the City Council of Cartagena The presentation of the instances can be carried out 20 days after its publication in the Official State Gazette (13/02/2018)

  • On Ash Wednesday the Facade Committee will take effect (13/02/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, has dictated the traditional provision by which licenses for embellishment and decoration of buildings are granted
  • The UP of Cartagena closes the School of Emotional Intelligence with the participation of 195 fathers and mothers and 1,350 students (13/02/2018)
    The project has been carried out with the collaboration of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Murcia
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures promotes its congresses in the Iberian Mice Forum of Malaga (13/02/2018)
    The objective is to organize meetings between suppliers and buyers aimed at tourism of meetings and events
  • The Parisian designs of Women Land arrive in Cartagena (13/02/2018)
    The inauguration of the business took place on November 20
  • Begins the countdown of Holy Week with the Call (13/02/2018)
    The main balcony of the Palace Hall will hold Ash Wednesday this traditional act in which the councils of the fraternities communicate their decision to remove the processions and the mayor will give them the check
  • The City Council will put in value the mural work of Luzzy and Navarro (12/02/2018)
    The plenary session of the City Council approves more than twenty motions of all the municipal groups in the afternoon session, which has lasted until ten o'clock at night
  • The taxi sector receives the backing of the Plenary at the initiative of MC Cartagena (12/02/2018)

  • Citizens get the Plenary of Cartagena to support the salary equalization of National Police and Civil Guard (12/02/2018)

  • Domingo Bastida, named Processionist of the Year (12/02/2018)
    Former big brother marocco was elected this afternoon at a jury meeting held at the Economic
  • Cs awaits the reports of Intervention and the Secretary of the Plenary to decide his position before the appeal against the extension (12/02/2018)
    With respect to the admission to process of the claim of MC against the reduction of water, Citizens fears that "only serve to further delay the coveted reduction of the receipt "
  • The Plenary Session of the City Council calls for the comparison of Civil Guard and National Police with the rest of the police In a double session that has been interrupted for lunch, the Corporation has also approved the adhesion to the pact for cl (12/02/2018)

  • Cs gets the Cartagena City Council to commit itself to establishing the Sports Observatory in two months (12/02/2018)

  • The Ad Libitum show will fill the Apolo of El Algar with dancing (12/02/2018)
    The performance is at the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar, on Saturday, February 17, at 9:30 p.m.
  • Water cut in several villages of Galifa (12/02/2018)
    The service will be interrupted this Wednesday during, approximately, three hours, from 9 in the morning
  • "The courts investigate Castejón for the violation of the fundamental rights of MC councilors" (12/02/2018)

  • Maria Martinez, 98, Queen of the Carnival of the Elderly for her fantasy and vitality (12/02/2018)
    Some 250 seniors filled the Golden Lady celebrations room with music and color on Friday, February 9
  • The great parade of Carnival full of music, light and joy the streets of Cartagena, despite the cold (12/02/2018)
    The parade passed between the Alameda de San Antón and the port
  • Those of Roquetas prevail in the Contest of Chirigotas stuffed in their tin cans (12/02/2018)
    The Almeria group won the first prize of 2,400 euros: seconds The Singuangos (1,550 euros);
  • Corridors of the Four Saints in Orihuela (11/02/2018)

  • Forty unemployed people in Cartagena will get paid training and employment for a year (11/02/2018)
    The Employment Ministry, through the SEF, has allocated 626,000 euros to the Local Development Agency for the start-up since March of three social interest programs with participants between 25 and 54 years old
  • Citizens fear that valuable works of Nicomedes Gómez from municipal property are being auctioned in online pages (11/02/2018)

  • Citizens meet with members of Asepucar due to the local resource against the extension of the Hidrogea contract (10/02/2018)

  • Cartagena receives 969,628 euros from the funds of Local Cooperation for the next two years (09/02/2018)
    The mayor has attended this morning in Murcia to the meeting in which this amount has materialized, which will mean the resumption of the Plan of Districts and Districts
  • Improvement in Cartagena's air quality control stations (09/02/2018)
    The Councilor for the Environment, Obdulia Gómez, has participated in the follow-up commission in which the actions in La Aljorra, Alumbres, Valle de Escombreras have been reported and in the Plaza de Mompeán
  • Hypatia, scientific heroines and examples of UPCT researchers in the Women's and Girl's Day in Science (09/02/2018)

  • The UPCT coorganizes in India an international congress on 'smart cities' (09/02/2018)

  • The ITINERE Job Market Place will show young people to the business world of the region (09/02/2018)
    They will have the opportunity to see first-hand the job offers of companies from different sectors
  • Equality launches the campaign If you feel drowned is not love for Valentine's Day (09/02/2018)
    The program 'El hombre igualitario' will also be launched to fight against gender violence from the male perspective
  • The number of international students receiving the UPCT increases by 20% (09/02/2018)

  • Citizens explain in the Plaza del Icue their activity in the City Council and its objectives for 2018 (09/02/2018)

  • López warns the rest of the parties that he will not allow the Plenary to become a defamation platform for MC (09/02/2018)

  • Mendelssohn, Bottesini and Beethoven, protagonists of the V Extraordinary Concerto of Between Strings and Metals (09/02/2018)
    In the concert will play the young bassist from Cartagena Emilio and Álvaro Yepes
  • Cs and Jcs Region promote an act to explain the program 'Talent Return' and export it to other municipalities (09/02/2018)
    - The meeting was held at the Palacio de Molina where technicians from the Youth Council have explained the objectives and how it will be development of this initiative promoted by Cs through an amendment in 2017
  • The CEIP Feliciano Sanchez receives the visit of the Cartagena Rugby University Club (09/02/2018)
    The students have photographed themselves with the athletes and have practiced different exercises to approach the rugby
  • The cultural centers celebrated their second meeting with author within the Mandarache Prize (09/02/2018)
    Young people of the Immigration Unit of the Department of Social Services chatted and shared their doubts with the writer
  • The Children's Carnival fills the streets of Cartagena with color (09/02/2018)
    Friday morning, February 9, hundreds of children participated in the Parade through the center of the city
  • New location of the local police speed controls for the week of February 12 to 18 (09/02/2018)
    The controls will be located during different points of the municipality
  • The Local Police remembers the changes in the traffic due to the great carnival parade (09/02/2018)
    It will start at 6 pm and will affect the traffic of different points of the municipality
  • The final of the Chirigotas Competition can be seen live on the website of the City of Cartagena (09/02/2018)
    This Friday, February 9, at 11:30 p.m. the municipal portal offers the performance of the five finalist groups: The Robinsons of the Isla, Los Singuangos, Chirigota de Roquetas, Los Picoesquina, and Los Sangochaos
  • Ten young people from Garantia Juvenil will work and learn English abroad (09/02/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved this pilot initiative for mobility called EXPEURA
  • José López regrets the efforts of the Ministry of Development to prevent the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena (09/02/2018)
    The words of Iñigo de la Serna confirm that high speed could be a reality in our municipality since 2015
  • Forty unemployed people will be trained and work in attention to disability (09/02/2018)
    The Government Board has approved this morning a generation of credit amounting to 626 thousand euros from a grant from the SEF to the ADLE
  • New call for the exploitation of the Holy Week chairs (09/02/2018)
    The Governing Board approves the bases with an annual exit fee of 70 thousand euros and a term of two years
  • The Muram de Cartagena exhibits the latest creations by Araceli Reverte in 'Between boxes' (09/02/2018)
    The artist living in Murcia gathers in the museum managed by Culture a score of female nudes with which she pays homage to people linked to the theater, the music and dance
  • The Night of the Museums is open to the proposals of the artists (09/02/2018)
    Until March 9 will be open the call for activities of music, dance and performing arts, which have been allocated 20 thousand euros
  • Students of the National Reference Center of Cartagena inspect the cannons of a 16th century frigate restored by Arqua The SEF's general director stressed that "this day allows students to get closer to a real work experience and the unique (09/02/2018)

  • The Colonel of RAA73 receives the medal of Brother of the Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara. (09/02/2018)

  • Cs sees in Sebastián Feringán an iconic example of how bad politics can harm the interests of citizens (08/02/2018)

  • MC Cartagena calls for courage to the PP to end the state of autonomy and bring the administration to the citizen (08/02/2018)

  • More than 300 athletes participate in Playing Athletics in the benjamin category (08/02/2018)
    Schoolchildren have competed in race events, soft javelin, obstacle jump or medical ball throw
  • Cartagena hosts for the first time the Spanish Padel Championship for People with Intellectual Disabilities (08/02/2018)
    The event will be held from 12 to 15 February and will compete 90 athletes from 12 clubs that will arrive from the delegations of Andalusia, Valencia, Murcia and Madrid
  • More than 350 cyclists will participate in the II BMX Race 100% All Sport of La Aljorra (08/02/2018)
    It will be played on Saturday and will be the first test of the nine that make up the Faster Wear MBX Cup at the regional level
  • City Council and Commonwealth seek solutions to the deficiencies of Sebastian Feringan (08/02/2018)
    The mayor has met this morning with the president of the state agency
  • The European Day of Ancient Music will be celebrated with Bach Week Cartagena (08/02/2018)
    It will be held from Friday 16 to Wednesday 21 March and is organized by the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena and the Early Music Project platform
  • Actuality and local politics, protagonists of the first semifinal of the Chirigotas Competition (08/02/2018)
    The second semifinal will take place today, February 8, at 9:00 pm at El Batel
  • More than 600 people participate in the vote to honor a scientist in the UPCT (08/02/2018)
    The Polytechnic turns tomorrow in up to four events for the Day of Women and the Girl in Science
  • One hundred Bachiller students and Superior FP participate in the First Scientific Olympics of the UCAM of Cartagena (08/02/2018)

  • The mayor will be the maintainer of the Floral Games of La Palma (08/02/2018)
    The board of directors of this event, which is celebrating its forty-fifth edition, announced her appointment yesterday afternoon
  • New formulas of collaboration between the City Council and the prosecutors (08/02/2018)
    The mayor received yesterday evening in his office the dean Cartagena, Milagrosa González
  • Traffic court in Paseo Alfonso XII to eliminate an old pedestrian crossing (08/02/2018)
    Circulation will be affected on Thursday, February 8, and Friday, February 9, in the section between the roundabout in front of the flag, and the curve of the Naval Museum
  • Miguel Garaulet: "No wonder that the citizens of Cartagena feel mistreated by the state investments" (08/02/2018)
    - The national deputy of Ciudadanos regrets that the Minister of Public Works was unable yesterday to inform about the deadlines for the arrival of High Speed ​​and the Connection of the Mediterranean Corridor to Cartagena "
  • Several schools will compete in the Municipal Phase of Playing Athletics (07/02/2018)
    The competition will start at 10:00 in the morning and will end with the trophies, which will take place at 12:45
  • The pruning of palm trees and the treatment of the processionary has been awarded (07/02/2018)
    The Contracting Committee has also resumed the awarding of tree pruning in the former national 301
  • MC expresses his disappointment at the connivance of the central and regional governments and the socialist mayor's office to isolate Cartagena (07/02/2018)
    The Ministry of Development announces an investment of 740 million in railways for the city of Murcia and 102,000 for Cartagena
  • Cs: "The Minister of Development walks through Cartagena and does not compromise with the arrival of the AVE or the Corridor" (07/02/2018)

  • Published the schedules of the fourteenth day of the Regional Baseball League (07/02/2018)
    It will be held on the weekend of Saturday 10 and Sunday, February 11
  • The mayor of Cartagena will preside over the jury of the Processionist of the Year Award (07/02/2018)
    The appointment will be announced next Monday, February 12, while its delivery will take place on March 16 at the Town Hall
  • The Hache Award brings to Cartagena the writer Daniel Hernandez Chambers (07/02/2018)
    The author has presented his work aimed at the young audience Show me the eternity
  • Citizens register in the Assembly an initiative to achieve the opening of the 24-hour Hemodynamics service (07/02/2018)
    - The orange training considers that it will contribute to improve the care organization for acute myocardial infarction care to a population of 270,0000 inhabitants, plus the increases that occur in the summer months
  • Jacumar national prize for aquaculture research to a work of UPCT and UMU (07/02/2018)
    The technology developed improves animal welfare and quality, doubling the shelf life of refrigerated fish
  • Cartagena will decide the regional titles of individual marathon and by clubs (07/02/2018)

  • Comisiones Obreras denounces the brutal aggression suffered by a worker of the TGSS of Cartagena during the performance of his duties (06/02/2018)

  • Green light to the Museum of the Roman Forum (06/02/2018)
    The project will have a budget of 1,207,671 euros with a term of execution of approximately one year and has been approved in the Board of Directors of Cartagena Port of Cultures
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures launches web, more visual and agile (06/02/2018)
    Incorporates more than 100 images, two new translations, online shopping and an activity agenda
  • The scientist Jesus Fidel will give a lecture on climate change within the Cartagena Thinking program (06/02/2018)
    The talk will be on Wednesday 7 at 7:00 p.m. at the UPCT School of Agricultural Engineering
  • The Batel welcomes the first semifinal of the XVI Regional Contest of Chirigotas on Wednesday (06/02/2018)
    The final, which will be on February 9, will be broadcast live on the City Council's YouTube channel
  • Alumbres students participate in the program Playing Athletics (06/02/2018)
    The students practiced different disciplines and had the presence of the president of the Athletics Club Elcano
  • Cs Cartagena proposes a study for the administrative regionalization of the Autonomous Community (06/02/2018)

  • The Cartagena families at risk of exclusion may access municipal housing (06/02/2018)
    The BORN publishes an Ordinance that regulates the Municipal Register of plaintiffs of protected housing and the awarding of social housing under lease arrangements
  • UCAM Cartagena collaborates with Maestros Mundi in favor of the de-structured families of the municipality (06/02/2018)

  • MC regrets that the traditional parties recognize the discrimination against Cartagena and act with cowardice to advance in solutions (06/02/2018)
    Today we have known the report of conclusions of the work of the Bureau of the Province
  • Cartagena will become a place without discrimination due to its accessibility (06/02/2018)
    The municipal ordinance that regulates this matter is in the period of exposure to the public to submit to the opinion of entities and citizens
  • Martínez-Cachá meets with the rector of the UPCT to coordinate actions that favor technological vocations among the students (06/02/2018)

  • The Liga Basear de Futbol Base Cartagena celebrates its 25th anniversary (06/02/2018)
    The press conference will be offered on Tuesday, February 6, in the Press Room of the Palacio Consistorial, at 11:00 hours
  • The Scenic Arts Circuit returns to the neighborhoods and councils (06/02/2018)
    Councilman David Martínez Noguera has set the bases of this second edition together with the different theater groups and projects may be presented until the 19th of this month
  • The Regional Assembly approves an initiative of Citizens for the expansion of the school Luis Vives of El Albujón (06/02/2018)
    - Juan Molina: "is one more example of the needs of the schools in our Autonomous Community and in Cs we are going to fight so that they have the educational infrastructures require "
  • Jose Manuel Barquilla, winner of the III Drag-Queen National Contest with his Drag Osiris (06/02/2018)
    The artist Malena Gracia was the host of the show and was in charge of presenting the jury and the participants
  • Cs requires Castejón to clarify the doubts about the cleaning service and convene an extraordinary Spokesperson Board (06/02/2018)

  • Citizens will ask for explanations at the next Plenary for the "sloppy" City Hall in Santa Ana and Los Mateos (06/02/2018)
    - The City has invested nearly 100,000 euros in two works that have caused the stupor and indignation of neighbors
  • The Board of Directors of Lhicarsa gives the green light to the Cleaning Plan of the municipality (05/02/2018)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena recover two stolen mopeds (05/02/2018)
    One was in the neighborhood of Santa Lucía and another in the Ciudad Jardín area
  • La Vida Moderna, Toni Bright and the children's show La Paule Canina, in the programming of El Batel (05/02/2018)
    The auditorium of Cartagena will host on April 20 the 100th representation of 'A fool in a box'
  • Artists of the urban culture and the orchestra of the Music Conservatory of Cartagena merged into the Rap Sinfonico 2018 (05/02/2018)
    The event took place on February 3 at 7 pm in front of the Town Hall
  • Francisco Calderón will ask the Socialist government to keep the bet, initiated by MC Cartagena, for a sustainable municipality (05/02/2018)
    Among the initiatives will be launched the launch of an informative campaign and awareness to the public to improve the quality of life and mitigate the effects of climate change
  • Renacer and Paraiso are imposed in the Regional Contest of Choreographic Groups (05/02/2018)
    In the adult category, 11 groups participated, while in the children's category 7
  • The Mayor of Cartagena gives her support to the National Police and Civil Guard for the salary comparison (05/02/2018)
    Ana Belén Castejón will promote an institutional resolution in the plenary so that the salaries are equal to those of the regional police
  • The Popular University visits the Iberoamerican God exhibition in Diaz Burgos in Madrid (05/02/2018)
    The students could see the 150 images exhibited in the Channel Room of Isabel II, most of them unpublished for the public
  • The Luzzy Library will host the Cognicion Vegetal talk: the next revolution (05/02/2018)
    The activity is part of the "Cartagena Piensa" program
  • Antonio Bermejo, the worker priest of Vista Alegre, proposed for the Cartagena Gold Medal (05/02/2018)
    The Finance Committee unanimously rules the initiation of the file, as well as the nominations for Ángel Roca Street, María Teresa Cervantes Square, the Carlos Gallego exhibition hall and the Andrés Bernabé park.
  • Water cut in the neighborhood of Santa Lucia (05/02/2018)
    It will take place this Wednesday from 9 in the morning, with a duration of three hours, as reported by Hidrogea
  • The Urban Planning Commission gives the green light to the detail study of a hotel in Los Urrutias (05/02/2018)
    The file, submitted to public information, has not registered any allegation against it
  • Cs proposes to include actions for the early detection of sexist violence in vulnerable profiles in the municipal plan (05/02/2018)

  • Cartagena pays homage to the 3,115 emigrants who died in the Mediterranean Sea (05/02/2018)
    The mayor Ana Belén Castejón attended the event that took place in the Port of Cartagena
  • Finuchi Mante, from the troupe Salgueiro, Queen of Carnival 2018 (05/02/2018)
    Salomé Casanova, from the comparsa Aradia;
  • Women of La Union, Crevillente and Guardamar attended the meeting of Bolillo of the Vertice Association (05/02/2018)
    The event featured an exhibition and demonstration of the art of bobbin lace
  • The Aljorra celebrated its VI Trail with more than 700 registered and almond trees in bloom (05/02/2018)
    Photos for the photo contest may be submitted until February 11
  • MC Youth is pleased that their work for a study hall has reached Peno (05/02/2018)
    The initiative proposed by MC Youths would solve the problem of space existing in the exam periods in the city
  • The lagoons of Cabezo Beaza hosted a day to reclaim the environmental role of urban wetlands (05/02/2018)
    The event consisted of an ornithological route and a workshop to make nest boxes for bats
  • Cs Cartagena demands fair treatment for Plasticos Romero in the distribution of regional public subsidies (04/02/2018)

  • Traffic accident on the fast track of La Manga with two injured (03/02/2018)
    The event, in which the Cartagena Firefighters participated to help the injured, took place when a vehicle left the road at the height of El Algar
  • A total of 113 applicants carry out in Cartagena the second test for driver of accesses to premises and public shows (03/02/2018)
    Before the summer a third call will be held, so that establishments with more than 300 people can fulfill the obligation to have an accredited driver
  • Isabel García (MC) reports that the study on the water cycle has detected possible extra costs incompatible with the revisions proposed by Hidrogea (03/02/2018)
    MC requests an urgent, extraordinary and open Commission to know and assess the results of the study on the cycle of the water
  • Manuel Padín reproaches MC for his "sloppy work" and that he appropriates the neighborhood projects and Citizens in a brochure (03/02/2018)
    - The orange training has collected neighborhood complaints for the works already completed in the cycle path of Santa Ana and steel of Trinidad Street in Los Mateos
  • The Community is studying to finance a pilot plant to investigate electric self-consumption in the UPCT (03/02/2018)

  • MC returns to demand that the regional government bet decidedly by the sports clubs of Cartagena (02/02/2018)
    The cartagenerista formation asked the CARM, in October of 2016, economic and institutional support as it happens with other entities of this area of ​​the Region
  • Citizens express their deep rejection of Lopez's accusations against the impartiality and independence of the press (02/02/2018)
    - The orange formation has announced that its Municipal Group is studying to register for the next ordinary Plenary an institutional declaration or manifesto in defense of the honorability of the professionals of the communication in Cartagena
  • The court order confirms the legality of all the proceedings in the expropriation of the Hotel Peninsular (02/02/2018)
    Dismantles, one by one, the snares raised in the lawsuit by the councilors of the PP in the City Council
  • Culture expands the exhibition of Lidó Rico at the Muram de Cartagena until March 11 (02/02/2018)
    More than 7,100 people visit this exhibition, made up of a hundred works that allow the visitor to review the last decades of the artist's creation.
  • Education and Public Services get the Mediterraneo and Los Molinos institutes to reduce their water rate (02/02/2018)
    Both centers paid the rate for domestic use and, starting this month, they will have the industrial use rate, so their current water expenditure will fall 35 percent
  • Vitor Faverani, Brad Oleson and Marko Lukovic visit the Hospital Santa Lucía de Cartagena (02/02/2018)
    The players of the UCAM Murcia CB spent some time with the children admitted to the Maternal Childhood
  • José López calmly receives his "logical and expected" exculpation (02/02/2018)
    He recalled that the complaint comes from politicians who come to "defraud democracy and steal our future"
  • The Local Government Board unblocks the execution of the works of the participatory budgets (02/02/2018)
    A budget modification enables 531 thousand euros for the football fields of El Albujón and La Aljorra and for the consolidation of Monte de la Casilla in El Portús
  • Isabel García celebrates that MC Cartagena initiatives such as the Master Plan of the Amphitheater or the recovery of the Mill of the Stones, although late, see the light (02/02/2018)

  • ... (02/02/2018)

  • Last day for the inscription to the ornithological tour for the Day of the Wetlands (02/02/2018)
    The Councilor for the Environment, Obdulia Gómez, will attend the visit that will take place on Saturday the 3rd at 9:30
  • Paintings that evoke stories, landscapes and beats from the hand of Juan Francisco Nares Diaz (02/02/2018)
    The exhibition can be visited until March 14 at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • New location of the speed controls of the Local Police for the week of February 5 to 11 (02/02/2018)
    The radars will be placed in different points of the municipality
  • The Carnival of Cartagena chooses its Queens this weekend (02/02/2018)
    The Proclamation and the Regional Contest of Choreographic Groups complete this carnival weekend that aspires to become a National Tourist Interest Festival
  • Ciudadanos wants to export the talent return program that has been promoted in Cartagena to other municipalities (02/02/2018)

  • The mayor defends the stability of public employment at the inauguration of the new headquarters of the CSIF in Cartagena (01/02/2018)
    The new facilities are and are located in Juan Fernández street, number 2,
  • The children writer Ana Alonso will be at the Meetings with Author from February 6 to 9 at the Municipal Libraries (01/02/2018)
    The author will also offer the talk 'Poetry in Primary Education' on February 8 at 8:00 p.m. Read, Think and Imagine
  • Forty-two new municipal officials take possession (01/02/2018)
    The event, chaired by the mayor, was held in the Assembly Hall of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The president of the Community inaugurates in Cartagena the new headquarters of the Independent Trade Union Center and of Officials (CSIF) (01/02/2018)

  • Afal receives from CaixaBank a subsidy of 3,000 euros for the renovation of computer equipment (01/02/2018)

  • The illustrator Rafael Salmeron will participate in the Encounters with Author (01/02/2018)
    The author will meet on February 6 and 7 with students of 2nd Primary in the different municipal libraries of Cartagena
  • MC continues his work of support and collaboration with taxi professionals (01/02/2018)

  • Texas, The Human League, Gregory Porter and FASHION will lead the poster of La Mar de Musicas 2018 (01/02/2018)
    Denmark will be the guest country in the 24th edition of the festival, which will be held from July 20 to 28
  • Segado celebrates that the work of MC in favor of Cartagena's heritage has borne fruit in the declaration of the Latin Candle as an Asset of Intangible Cultural Interest (01/02/2018)

  • The Palace Hall will be illuminated in green for the World Day Against Cancer (01/02/2018)
    On the night of February 3 to 4 the Palace of Cartagena is dyed to commemorate the World Day Against Cancer
  • Citizens get involved to get the 24-hour opening of the Hemodynamics Unit of the Santa Lucía Hospital (01/02/2018)

  • MC Cartagena interposed appeal for replenishment against the water tariff imposed by Hidrogea to Castejón (01/02/2018)

  • Desconvocada the concentration before the Regional Assembly that was going to provoke cuts of traffic in the Paseo de Alfonso XIII (01/02/2018)
    The Government Delegation has communicated to the City Council the decision of the representatives of the agricultural sector, so it will be possible to transit and park normally on the avenue

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