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Cartagena News - March 2018

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  • The regional government restores the shroud of the Resurrected of Cartagena (31/03/2018)
    The counselor of Transparency, Participation and Spokesperson, Noelia Arroyo, who has been named Godmother of the Cavalry Gentlemen of the Gathering Our Father Jesus Resurrected, will process tomorrow through the streets of Cartagena
  • For CTSSP the photo of Barreiro and Iceta's food says it all (31/03/2018)

  • MC adheres to the file for the award of the Cartagena Gold Medal to the 'worker priest' (31/03/2018)

  • Citizens reproach Cartagena City Council for failing to comply with their motion to combat bullying (31/03/2018)

  • Ricardo Segado transmits to the Carmen Conde Board of Trustees the proposal to move the institution's headquarters to the Las Graduadas building (29/03/2018)
    The Plenary approved this initiative, presented by MC at the last plenary session, with the aim of creating a space linked to history of the local culture
  • Citizens denounce the lack of will of the PSOE to implement school nursing in nursery schools (29/03/2018)

  • MC: The Socialists back down and want to maintain Casco Antiguo so as not to distract their simulation of Budget Among the proposals that MC and the rest of the formations have rejected is to urgently dispose, without studies or new archaeological ac (28/03/2018)

  • Cs regrets that the Government does not include any of its proposals in the accounts of the ADLE and maintains the abstention (28/03/2018)

  • Ciudadanos gathers the demand of the young entrepreneurs to centralize and order the training courses in Cartagena (28/03/2018)
    - The Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Cartagena (AJE) has met with the orange training to present their claims regarding training and employment
  • Almost a hundred students learn about sports tactics and techniques at the Indoor Soccer Clinic (28/03/2018)
    The Councilor for Sports visited on Tuesday, March 27, the Peral neighborhood pavilion during training
  • Five women will name as many municipal public spaces in the coming months (28/03/2018)
    The mayor decrees the initiation of a package of files in which female personalities predominate over male ones
  • Award to the best academic work in Water Engineering for a UPCT student (28/03/2018)

  • CTSSP: "The Government deceives the whole world and does not dissolve Casco Antiguo" (28/03/2018)
    The PSOE intends to continue with urban planning and the speculation of a society that continues to bleed the City Council
  • MC: "Castejón is at night when it comes to infrastructures for Cartagena and its region" (28/03/2018)

  • The buses extend their schedules until the processions are collected (28/03/2018)
    The measure will be launched on Wednesday and Good Friday
  • The Apostles did not miss their appointment with the Cartagena from their military installations (28/03/2018)
    San Pedro, San Juan and Santiago procession on Holy Tuesday, March 27, in the most military parade of Cartagena
  • The Local Police remember that the center is cut today, Holy Wednesday traffic from eleven o'clock in the morning (28/03/2018)
    With this notice is advised to citizens to provide for their movements and access the helmet on foot, as far as possible
  • Citizens will ask in the next Plenary how the City Council intends to resolve the situation of the VMP (28/03/2018)
    - The DGT urged the municipalities in 2016 to draft municipal regulations to regulate the traffic of these mobility solutions
  • The Multacar will order the return of class in Carmelites and Adorers (28/03/2018)
    The Local Police will follow on Tuesday, April 3, the special campaign to prevent the commission of traffic infractions at the entrance and exit of schools
  • Holy Week in Cartagena faces its final stretch (28/03/2018)
    Passion Week will come to an end on Resurrection Sunday at 10:30 am with the Procession of the Risen Christ
  • The mayor will ask the Port Authority to finance the burial of the AVE to Cartagena and the third thread for goods (27/03/2018)
    Ana Belén Castejón assures that the Camarillas viariante is insufficient to support the port's rail traffic
  • The actor Eusebio Lazaro awareness of the value of the performing arts in World Theater Day (27/03/2018)
    The event was held on Holy Tuesday at the Roman Theater in Cartagena
  • Miguel Martínez continues as head of the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena (27/03/2018)

  • Club Maristas, EF Nueva Cartagena, Cartagena FC and CD Albujon, favorites to win the triumph in alevines B (27/03/2018)
    This week there is no contest for the Easter holidays
  • MC: Joaquín Segado confirms in his inauguration his ignorance about the needs of the Port of Cartagena (27/03/2018)
    José López has indicated that the certainties about the lack of preparation and concerns of the new maximum authority of the Port Authority are ratified
  • The contracting table proposes the awarding of the municipal printing material to QdH (27/03/2018)
    At the meeting it was also agreed to leave the bidding of the postal services deserted, when detecting deficiencies
  • MC Cartagena urges the PSOE to convene the Bureau to remedy its insolvency to close the 2018 Budget (27/03/2018)
    The constitution of the working group was mandated by the Plenary on March 22
  • CTSSP will demand together with the neighborhood collectives the Integral Law of the Mar Menor (27/03/2018)

  • The environment of the Battery of San Leandro could be recovered with LIFE funds (27/03/2018)
    The LIFE (European Funds) call will open next April and will close for the month of June
  • MC demands that Castejón restore the improvements to the bus service that he installed from the José López Mayor (27/03/2018)

  • Manuel Padín: "What is Mrs. Castejón waiting for to convene the budget negotiation table? (27/03/2018)

  • The EFESE Cartagena Easter Week Tournament reaches its ninth edition (27/03/2018)
    The event will take place on Holy Saturday, March 31, in the sports city Gómez Meseguer and with teams from different parts of Spain
  • The Town Hall will be dyed blue by autism (27/03/2018)
    The emblematic municipal building will be illuminated from that color from Wednesday, March 28, until Sunday, April 1, in support of the World Day of Awareness about this disorder
  • Lavatorio de Pilatos will be staged again at the Town Hall (27/03/2018)
    The act will take place during the afternoon of Holy Wednesday, March 27, at 5:30 p.m.
  • Thousands of promises flood Cartagena to accompany La Piedad (27/03/2018)
    On Holy Monday, the mayor of Cartagena was present at the Church of Santa María de Gracia to bid farewell to the Virgin of La Piedad
  • The beaches of Cartagena already look their best (27/03/2018)
    The storm of water and wind that has been lived in recent weeks has also forced to fix the damage caused and eliminate the ramblizos that form in the sand
  • Last days for the payment of the Vehicle Tax (27/03/2018)
    The period for the voluntary payment period for mechanical traction vehicles ends on April 2
  • UCAM Cartagena offers a free Social Media Networker course (27/03/2018)

  • Citizens fear that the new presidency of the Port Authority is not up to the challenges that are on the horizon (26/03/2018)

  • Cartagena will be the venue for the celebration of the XI International Congress of Business and Foreign Trade (26/03/2018)
    The mayor met on Monday 26 of deck with the president of ACOCEX to confirm the ninth edition of the celebration of the congress
  • The City Council of Cartagena collaborates in the restoration and diffusion of the film Cartagena and its Holy Week 1976-77 (26/03/2018)
    In the recovery of celluloid has collaborated the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena
  • The Local Police informs of the changes in the markets for Holy Week (26/03/2018)
    On Good Friday the markets of Pozo Estrecho, Urbanización Mediterráneo, El Algar and El Llano have been suspended
  • The local police arrest a man for stealing inside a vehicle (26/03/2018)
    The individual had broken the rear window of the car parked in Los Mateos to steal the objects
  • Aspiring officers of the School of Regional Training of Local Police, of practices in Cartagena (26/03/2018)
    This morning they have been received by the Councilor for Sustainable Development and Public Function, Francisco Aznar
  • The XXXII Ciudad de Cartagena Athletics Trophy will remind the athlete, Oscar Sanchez Andreo (26/03/2018)
    The event will be held at the Municipal Athletics Track of Cartagena on Holy Wednesday, March 28 from 16.40
  • The Civil Guard detained three people for the theft of more than 23 tons of agricultural material in Cartagena (26/03/2018)
    The alleged authorship of the crimes of theft and reception is attributed to them
  • The students of the course A walk through the History of Cartagena visit the California cofradia (26/03/2018)
    The course is organized by the Unit for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities, of the Department of Social Services
  • La Azohia hosts its VIII Popular Race this Saturday (26/03/2018)
    The race takes place from the church of La Azohía to Isla de Plana and will begin at 10:00 hours
  • Photographer Carlos Gallego gives name to the Luzzy exhibition hall (26/03/2018)
    The first exhibition that will house the room was also inaugurated, entitled Photojournalism Yearbook 2017
  • López Miras: "The Port Authority of Cartagena is an ally to build the Region of the future, full of opportunities" (26/03/2018)
    The regional chief executive presides over the inauguration of Joaquín Segado as president of the Port Authority of Cartagena, and thanks the commitment and work performed by Antonio Sevilla
  • The first processions parade through the streets of Cartagena (26/03/2018)
    Palm Sunday filled the city with palms and olive trees and hundreds of participating children
  • The II Astrade Route for the inclusion of people with autism will be celebrated on April 8 (26/03/2018)
    The solidarity event will start from the Town Hall Square and will travel six kilometers
  • Citizens propose in Cartagena a municipal plan to combat the illegal occupation of housing (26/03/2018)

  • Esther Sánchez Perez the first veteran in goal of the I Alumbres Trail (25/03/2018)
    The Cuatro Santos club also present in the Garres and Valencia
  • Firemen perform nine services during the day of Saturday (25/03/2018)
    Six of them were related to strong winds;
  • Giant monkeys in the Cabildo del Resucitado (24/03/2018)

  • Infraleve is made with the most recognized award of weddings: Wedding Awards 2018 in the Photography and Video category (23/03/2018)
    One more year, the 41,000 online companies of Bodas.net have chosen the Wedding Awards that recognizes them as the best professionals of the bridal sector
  • José Antonio Meca, President of Honor of the Canonical Association of the Most Holy and Real Christ of the Divine Mercy (23/03/2018)

  • The mayor asks for all Cartagena in the Ounce of Gold (23/03/2018)
    The tradition dates from 1762 and symbolizes the contribution that gives the City of Cartagena annually to the Holy and Royal Hospital of Charity to help the sick poor
  • The Symphony Orchestra of Cartagena takes to El Batel the most famous marches of Holy Week in Cartagena (23/03/2018)
    The concert tomorrow, Saturday, March 24, will be at 12:00 with tickets at € 8
  • Citizens demand in the Plenary the arrangement of plazas and medians in Cartagena, Barrio Peral and Los Dolores (22/03/2018)

  • Cs requests explanations in the Plenary for garbage service, the municipal surplus and water saving measures (22/03/2018)
    - The orange training has also asked, among other issues, for the municipal adaptation to the new Law on Contracts of the Public Sector , for the actions to combat the politicization of the social networks of the Neighborhood Boards
  • The municipal plenary session shows its unanimous support to women suffering from endometriosis (22/03/2018)
    The Corporation has returned a double session of morning and afternoon, in which more than twenty motions have been discussed
  • Citizens get the Government to develop an Integral Plan to improve urban transport in Cartagena (22/03/2018)
    - The orange formation also achieves that the City Council of Cartagena adheres to the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development and that it joins the manifesto 'Commitment of the Cities with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development '
  • MC: PSOE and PP maintain their line of opacity and hinder the control of the justifications of subsidies to municipal groups (22/03/2018)
    All parties, less PSOE, demand the settlement of the pool cover of La Aljorra
  • Ring of the throne bell of the Virgin of the Rosary (22/03/2018)
    It will be in charge of the mayor, in the procession of Friday of Dolores that will begin at 9:00 pm in the Church of Santa María
  • The mayor dismisses the Virgen de la Piedad on leaving the Church of Santa Maria de Gracia (22/03/2018)
    Afterwards, the procession on Monday, March 26, will depart at 9:00 p.m. on different streets of the municipality
  • The mayor will participate in the Burrica procession on Palm Sunday (22/03/2018)
    It will begin at 5:00 p.m. from the Church of Santa María de Gracia
  • Cs celebrates the plenary agreement that will force the PSOE to negotiate and take forward the municipal budgets of 2018 (22/03/2018)

  • The Participatory Cantata put the finishing touch to Bach Week Cartagena (22/03/2018)
    This Wednesday, March 21, the concert was held in the Church of Charity
  • The Batel hosts the II Extraordinary Concert of Holy Week (22/03/2018)
    It will be this Saturday, at 12 noon.
  • The mayor disagrees with the opposition on the budget (22/03/2018)
    Has invited them to submit a motion of censure if they are against
  • MC Cartagena: "PSOE, PP and Citizens, accomplices to prevent the process of revising the water tariff back to the law" (22/03/2018)
    The traditional parties agree to cancel MC's will to prevail the technical criterion
  • UPCT students finish the tenth Teleco LAN Party, which starts tonight (22/03/2018)

  • Cartagena will host the Alumbres Mountain Trail (22/03/2018)
    The starting line will be at the Alumbres Sports Center at 9 o'clock
  • The Historic Casco terraces will have space delimited during Holy Week (22/03/2018)
    The objective is to guarantee that the Ordinance of occupation of the public highway for hospitality uses is complied with
  • Vives emprende offers training to help start a business (22/03/2018)
    The Business Incubator for Women offers 6 seminars, from March 28 to May 23, aimed at unemployed or in the process of improving employment
  • The Palace Hall will be illuminated on May 24 by orange for epilepsy (22/03/2018)
    On the occasion of the National Day of Epilepsy
  • The acts in honor of the patron saint accompany this Friday of Dolores the beginning of Easter Cartagena (22/03/2018)

  • The exhibition hall of the Cultural Center will be named after the photographer Carlos Gallego (21/03/2018)
    The formal nomination ceremony will take place on Thursday, March 22, followed by the inauguration of a photojournalism exhibition
  • The water report excludes irregularities in the management of the concession (21/03/2018)
    The conclusions of the technical assistance have been presented today in the Commission of Follow-up of the Contract
  • CTSSP: "The audit favorable to Hidrogea was neither favorable nor was it an audit" (21/03/2018)
    CTSSP makes an interim assessment of the Water Monitoring Commission
  • The appointment of Joaquín Segado as president of the Port Authority of Cartagena is a symptom of the terminal disease of the PP (21/03/2018)

  • Cartagena will promote its Semana Santa in the national program of La Tarde, with Angel Exposito (21/03/2018)
    The space of the COPE network will be broadcast live on Thursday from the Town Hall, with free admission until full capacity is reached
  • Joaquín Segado Martínez, proposed as the new president of the Port Authority of Cartagena (21/03/2018)

  • Citizens describe as unpresentable political change the relay at the head of the Port Authority of Cartagena led by President López Miras (21/03/2018)

  • A woman with burns and another, with an attack of anxiety, in a fire in the Barrio de Peral (21/03/2018)
    Cartagena firefighters put out the fire that had originated in an extractive campaign while cooking
  • On Friday of Dolores the hospitality of Cartagena can open until six in the morning (21/03/2018)

  • Los Urrutias hosts its VIII Tapas Route from March 23 to April 1 (21/03/2018)
    The price of tapas is 2.50 euros with a drink and, among those who vote for their favorite, several prizes will be raffled
  • The City Council achieves the commitment of Roads to build the roundabout of the RM 332 in San Jose Obrero (21/03/2018)
    This work is a historical claim of the neighbors, which will solve the problems of traffic and insecurity in the area and that was paralyzed since 2010
  • The Board of Cofradias presents the second edition of its official magazine of Holy Week (21/03/2018)
    The event will take place at 11 am in the Reception Room of the Palace Hall
  • The Association of Women Cofrades announces the 12 balconies and facades that will compete in the III Easter Contest (21/03/2018)
    The aspirants are in different points of the streets Mayor, Canales, Aire, Jara, Santa Florentina, Honda, Carmen, Jabonerías and Plaza del Risueño
  • The Cartagenero Cultural Circle in Tarragona celebrates its traditional Sabado de Dolores (21/03/2018)
    They celebrated it in the antechamber to Friday of Dolores
  • Responsible for the City of Cartagena outlined the coordination of the earthquake drill to be held at the end of April (21/03/2018)
    This is the Combined Exercise of Emergency of National Interest that every year organizes the Military Emergency Unit (UME) and that in this occasion will be the Murcia Region with the participation of 3,000 people
  • Cartagena focuses its actions on the World Theater Day in Plaza San Francisco (21/03/2018)
    The program includes some novelties such as: turning off all the lights to focus all the lights on the stage, unifying the dance with the theater and merging the theater with the rap
  • The IES of Cartagena read a manifesto against racial discrimination (21/03/2018)
    The act is part of the actions pertaining to the strategy 'Cartagena Free of Rumors' led and promoted by the City Council
  • The Office of Congresses and El Batel participate in the MIS, Meetings and Incentive Summit (21/03/2018)
    In this meeting, held in Madrid, meetings are established with national and international companies
  • A new improvisation of the socialist government causes that the subsidy to the Board of Brotherhoods is reduced by 30 thousand euros (21/03/2018)
    The canon of the exploitation of chairs decreases from 75 to 45 thousand euros
  • The Palace Hall hosts the closing of two mixed courses of employment and training in Cartagena (21/03/2018)
    The act, held today Wednesday, has attended the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón;
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures celebrates a day of open doors on Friday of Sorrows (21/03/2018)

  • Celebrations announce the order for the Floral Offering of the Friday of Dolores (21/03/2018)
    Groups, brotherhoods, musical bands, associations of neighbors, Brotherhoods and other entities have registered, up to a total of 53, including the group of the City council
  • Cartagena hosts a march on Endometriosis this Saturday (21/03/2018)
    It will start at 10 o'clock in the morning from the Plaza de España until it reaches the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Published the schedule of the twentieth day of the Regional Baseball League (21/03/2018)
    It will be held on the weekend of Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25
  • Citizens will request tomorrow in the Plenary the arrangement of several squares and medians in Los Dolores, Barrio Peral and El Ensanche (21/03/2018)

  • The Expeura Program closes on Monday the deadline for the submission of applications (21/03/2018)
    Until March 26 can participate in this action of the Department of Youth.
  • The COPE awarded the Golden Standard 2018 to Julio Sarabia Ros (21/03/2018)
    During the event, which took place on Tuesday in the Culture Hall of the CAM, the magazine 'El Estandarte' was also presented
  • Friday of Dolores, Thursday and Good Friday will be free to park in the zone ORA (21/03/2018)
    As reported by the Local Police, during those holidays, as is already traditional, this parking service will not be operational
  • The 1st Edition of the LideR.ES Awards distinguishes 60 personalities for their Corporate Social Responsibility (21/03/2018)
    The event was held in the Port Authority of Cartagena with the assistance of the Mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, who was in charge of giving the welcome the attendees
  • Between Strings and Metals selects the finalists of chamber music (21/03/2018)
    The 4 selected groups come from 2 of the Conservatory of Murcia and 2 of Cartagena
  • Eighty unemployed from Cartagena are trained in sectors that are creating employment in the municipality with two Community programs (21/03/2018)
    Half of the students have specialized to work in the hospitality sector and the other half in the care of dependents
  • The second most influential economist in the world will warn UPCT of the risk of a new financial crisis (21/03/2018)
    Daniel Lacalle will give a conference on Tuesday, April 10 at the Faculty of Business Sciences
  • The Association of Pensioners of La Palma celebrates its day of coexistence (20/03/2018)
    In the same act was honored to the oldest partner, the person in charge of reviewing the life of this partner was the official chronicler of Cartagena, José Sánchez Conesa
  • Acts against racial discrimination in different IES of Cartagena (20/03/2018)
    The 'Cartagena Free of Rumors' strategy schedules a week of activities from March 19 to 23
  • The CD Lapuerta and Club Maristas Cartagena are playing the league in Benjamines B (20/03/2018)
    This next weekend, the last day is played before the Easter holidays
  • The Sports Council and FC Cartagena are launching the second edition of the 8th Soccer Trophy Educating in Values (20/03/2018)
    The matches have been played this Tuesday, March 20 and have had IES Juan Sebastián ElCano as first-placed
  • The neighborhood of Santa Lucia will host several projects for its reconditioning and enhancement (20/03/2018)
    Five projects have been selected to make visible and connect the neighborhood with the historic center of Cartagena
  • The 19th edition of the Isidoro Maiquez National Theater Competition will take place from April 9 to 15 in Cartagena (20/03/2018)
    The work that will open the contest will be What the flight took, with the help of the Algameca Theater Group
  • Nineteen complaints about bad parking in the College of San Vicente de Paul (20/03/2018)
    The Local Police has started this morning a special campaign to avoid situations of risk to the entrance and exit of the educational centers
  • One hundred children of the CEIP San Isidoro and Santa Florentina visit the Town Hall (20/03/2018)
    The mayor of Cartagena has talked with them and talked about their duties as mayor of the city
  • The Day Center of El Algar celebrates its 9th anniversary with music and dances (20/03/2018)
    In the celebration they performed the Carnival comparsa of Marfagones Mills and the trovera association José María Marín
  • The local police detain a young man for gender violence (20/03/2018)
    The agents have intervened in several events during the weekend
  • The ADLE receives 227 thousand euros in subsidies from the SEF for seven courses (20/03/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved its incorporation into the municipal budget
  • ACCU Cartagena collects the support of the City Council for Chron's patients (20/03/2018)
    The Mayor held a meeting with the Association's representatives at the Cartagena delegation on Tuesday, in order to set a timetable and implement the actions included in a motion passed last year unanimously
  • MC will ensure that the "La Manga 365" project works on serious and concrete projects (20/03/2018)

  • His Majesty the King receives in audience a commission of the Association "The Legacy" with assistance from the president of NAVANTIA (20/03/2018)

  • MC will demand from Castejón neatness and legality in the call for the provision of reserved positions for qualified nationals (20/03/2018)

  • The neighbors of the western zone demand more concretion on the pilot experience of the new urban line (20/03/2018)

  • Citizens will appeal to the Minister of Tourism and the Environment to explain the reasons for the abandonment of the Marchamalo salt mines (20/03/2018)

  • The Hydrogea Commission begins to walk with the request of documentation and files related to the water service (20/03/2018)

  • The inscription with 93 works for the III Literary Fair and the I Contest of Photography of San Gines de la Jara (20/03/2018)
    The winners will be announced as of April 7
  • The Agrupacion de San Pedro Apostol presented the number 24 of its Tiara magazine (20/03/2018)
    The act of presentation was given by the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón
  • They help a young woman by ingesting a sponge cake with marijuana (20/03/2018)
    Local Police Agents found the girl in her home suffering hallucinations so she was transferred by the UME to the hospital
  • The market of the Urbanization Mediterraneo is ahead of Thursday for the feast of Friday of Dolores (20/03/2018)
    Those of Pozo Estrecho, El Algar and El Llano, will remain on Friday
  • Cs asks all the opposition groups for a "political truce" to force the PSOE to agree on the budgets (19/03/2018)

  • The Brotherhood of the Risen One presents a book that gathers its 75 years of processionist history (18/03/2018)

  • NP Resurrected Jesus presents the XXIII edition of his magazine (18/03/2018)
    'On the third day ... Resurrected'
  • Citizens ask Fomento to meet with the residents of Cabo de Palos to explain their plans with the Port (18/03/2018)
    - Regarding the urban blockade for the development of the Las Dunas Shopping Center, Citizens has learned that the procedures to allow exploitation could be delayed for a year and has announced that it will ask the Government to reduce the deadlines
  • Alsa will improve communications in the western area and the hospital in Santa Lucia (17/03/2018)
    The public transport service will be completed with two hyperaccessible buses and a circular microbus, which will connect with line 6 of Molinos Marfagones
  • Domingo Bastida receives his tribute as Processionist of the Year (17/03/2018)
    The Hall of the Consistorial Palace was the scene yesterday of the event organized by the Procession of the Year Award Foundation to recognize the work of those who work for the Holy Week in Cartagena
  • Citizens will request the accession of the City of Cartagena to the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development (17/03/2018)

  • The Cultural of Cartagena Futuro bring the history and the present of the Wall of Carlos III (17/03/2018)
    The XXIV edition will take place on Tuesday, March 20 starting at eight o'clock in the afternoon in the culture room of Casa Pedreño
  • Jesus Ortuño takes office as the new auditor of the City of Cartagena (16/03/2018)
    After being named, today Friday, in his new position he has assisted the Finance Committee
  • Last week to present proposals to the public announcement of the Mucho Mas Mayo 2018 festival (16/03/2018)
    The emerging art festival is organized by the Councilors of Culture and Youth of the City of Cartagena, and will take place this year, between May 25 and on June 3, 2018, under the slogan Interdependent, Ecodependent
  • The Batel will host a concert of the AGA Musical Unit for the benefit of ASTUS (16/03/2018)
    It will take place next March 18 at 11 o'clock
  • The Tahona and San Esteban streets look new thanks to the Twenty-fourth ETSAE festival (16/03/2018)
    The collaboration between the UPCT and the Department of Culture contributes to the rehabilitation of Cartagena's historical center
  • A group of women from Lebrija visit the Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena (16/03/2018)
    The councilor of the area of ​​Public Services, Citizen Participation and Celebrations, Juan Pedro Torralba has received them
  • MC: Castejón continues 'cutting heads' in the City Hall to make way for members of the PSOE (16/03/2018)
    A militant PSOE, new municipal auditor
  • New location of the speed controls for the week of March 19 to 25 (16/03/2018)
    Radars will be located at different points of the municipality and neighborhoods
  • The Central Pavilion fills with highlights and lights with the second part of the Rhythmic Gymnastics School Competition (16/03/2018)
    The gymnasts competed on Thursday in seven categories, from lollipops to senior
  • La Mar de Musicas, Spain's Best Small Format Festival at the Iberian Festival Awards (16/03/2018)
    The awards were presented last March 15 in Lisbon at the Talkfest music fair
  • La Tabaqueria Marques Fuente El Sol, a tobacconist rooted in the history of Cartagena (16/03/2018)
    The business has had the collaboration of the Agency for Local Development and Employment (ADLE) to establish itself in Calle Serreta number 15
  • The Jury of Between Strings and Metals already has the finalists in the modality of metal wind (16/03/2018)
    The finals of Chamber Music and Woodwind will be held next week
  • Emilio Gutierrez Caba stars in the cast of After the rehearsal at the Nuevo Teatro Circo de Cartagena (16/03/2018)
    It will be staged this Saturday, March 17, at 9:30 p.m.
  • Cadena Ser makes available to Cartagena and visitors their guide to the processions of Holy Week 2018 (16/03/2018)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, attended the presentation ceremony, which took place this Thursday at El Corte Inglés Restaurant
  • CTSSP will take a motion to the Plenary on the BIC Joint Mining of Parreta (16/03/2018)

  • Cs announces that it "freezes" its relations with the Government following the decision to place a former PSOE leader as an auditor (16/03/2018)

  • "Scandal in the town hall" (16/03/2018)
    CTSSP denounces that "the PSOE overcomes the PP by placing related officials"
  • Our Risen Jesus gives a pennant to the National Police (15/03/2018)

  • After 25 years, they leave CCOO outside the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Cartagena (15/03/2018)

  • MC regrets that "PSOE, PP and his crutch C'S do not support the taxi sector to work in Corvera" (15/03/2018)
    Remember that Castejón has attended them with a delay of 8 months and the regional government has not made progress in the area of joint provision of the regional airport
  • Citizens regrets the lack of response and certainty that still suffer workers in the taxi sector in Cartagena (15/03/2018)
    - Citizens has asked the mayor of Cartagena to meet with the Minister of Public Works to offer solutions to workers in the taxi sector in Cartagena, who want to be able to develop their work at Corvera Airport
  • Citizens celebrates that their 2017 amendment for the consolidation of the Plaza de Toros is being implemented (15/03/2018)

  • The local police arrest a minor for assaulting his grandmother (15/03/2018)
    The agents also located two young escapees from the juvenile center of Murcia
  • The mayor will demand that the community allow Cartagena taxi drivers to operate at Corvera airport (15/03/2018)
    The meeting was held on Thursday morning at the Town Hall
  • The Californios celebrated their Salve Grande in Santa Maria de Gracia (15/03/2018)
    The liturgical act, which the mayor attended, took place yesterday at 8:30 pm
  • Between Strings and Metals selects the string finalists (15/03/2018)
    The twelve classifieds will compete in the final to be held on Tuesday, April 10, at 6:00 p.m., in the Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music of Cartagena
  • CTSSP will question the transparency of the new composition of the contracting table (15/03/2018)

  • Navantia takes to the Campus Chair of the UPCT its simulation classroom to train ship crews (15/03/2018)

  • Onda Cero Cartagena presents its guide to the processions of Holy Week 2018 (15/03/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, attended the act of presentation, which took place yesterday at the Museo del Teatro Romano
  • Citizens will request explanations from the Government of Cartagena for the contamination in the El Gorguel landfill (15/03/2018)

  • The excavations of the Roman Amphitheater can be visited from May (15/03/2018)
    The restoration of the site is already in its first phase, which consists of the consolidation of the double outer ring of the bullring that will end in May and will begin the excavation of 3 rooms
  • The Luzzy Ficcmoteca hosts the screening of the film Alanis this Friday, March 16 (15/03/2018)
    It will be Friday, March 16 at 8:00 pm in the auditorium of El Luzzy
  • The Neighborhood Associations have until this Friday to present their proposals to the Scenic Arts Circuit (15/03/2018)
    Thirty theatrical companies have presented their projects, among which the works that will be part of this program of the Department of Culture will be selected. the theater in the neighborhoods
  • The UPCT brings together experts in innovation to discuss cybersecurity, industry 4.0 and technological entrepreneurship (15/03/2018)
    The second edition of the Campus Chair of Enterprise has served to highlight the potential of properly articulating the relationship between university and business
  • MC requires Castejón, through appeal, to restore legality in the procedure to set the water rate (15/03/2018)

  • They complain that the municipal government of the PSOE does not adequately recognize the work of the musical groups of Cartagena (15/03/2018)

  • Approved the affiliation of ENAE-Tech to the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (14/03/2018)

  • Telephony and Internet capture the highest number of consumer complaints in Cartagena (14/03/2018)
    The Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) publishes statistics on the occasion of the celebration of the World Day of Consumer Rights
  • La Palma hosts its traditional Mass in honor of Santa Florentina (14/03/2018)
    The ceremony took place at 11:30 in the Parish of Santa Floretina
  • The Cartagena CAR brings rugby to CEIP San Gines de la Jara (14/03/2018)
    The players have had a practical theoretical encounter with young people
  • The mayor dismisses and wishes good luck to Plasticos Romero on his departure to Madrid (14/03/2018)
    The players have left on Wednesday the 14th to the capital to contest the Spanish Cup to be held between March 15 and 19
  • The jury of Entre Cuerdas y Metales chooses the finalists in the piano modality (14/03/2018)
    The final will be on April 17 at the Conservatory of Music of Cartagena and the prizes will be awarded on May 4
  • The pool of Pozo Estrecho will host one of the IV Mar Menor League swimming competitions (14/03/2018)
    The event will take place on April 7 at 10:30 am
  • Two thousand people participated in the activities that Fish with Art took place in 2017 in Cartagena (14/03/2018)
    The press conference will be offered this Wednesday, March 14 at 12:00, in the Press Room of the Consistorial Palace.
  • The Palace Hall welcomes the nine students of German exchange of the IES Jimenez de la Espada (14/03/2018)
    These students, between 14 and 15 years old, will receive the students from Cartagena who have welcomed them in their homes in June
  • Published the schedules of the nineteenth day of the Local Baseball League (14/03/2018)
    It will take place on the weekend of Saturday, March 17 and Sunday, March 18
  • The Contracting Committee proposes the adjudication of the chairs of the processions to the only bidding company (14/03/2018)
    Multiservicios Festeros SLU has improved the original fee by five thousand euros
  • More than a hundred Norwegian players train in Cartagena in winter (14/03/2018)
    Two female and two male teams repeat, after last year, their visit to the port city to train at the Gómez Meseguer sports facilities in Cabezo Beaza
  • CTSSP: Playa Morena users still do not have access in conditions (14/03/2018)

  • Citizens take the first step and offer the PSOE their conditions to support the budgets of the ADLE (14/03/2018)

  • Alcaldia dictates the side that will regulate the traffic and other aspects during the Holy Week in Cartagena (14/03/2018)
    From the Friday of Dolores, festive in Cartagena, until the Resurrection Sunday, will govern specific norms related to the traffic and the parking, both in the center of the city as in the neighborhoods, on the occasion of the passing of the processi
  • A fryer causes a fire in a bar in Cartagena (14/03/2018)
    Firefighters of the city of Cartagena attended the fire warning, at 9:20 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13, at Calle Licenciado Cascales
  • The Palace Hall can be visited from home (14/03/2018)
    Through the municipal website, you can make a virtual tour of all the rooms and works of art of this summit building of Modernism in Cartagena
  • The project for the football field of La Palma is extended with improvements in lighting (14/03/2018)
    The mayor explained yesterday the changes that this project has suffered, which is one of the priorities of the Government team
  • Bernabé announces a device of 300 National Police and Civil Guard agents to guarantee security during the Holy Week in Cartagena (13/03/2018)
    The government delegate, who has chaired the Local Security Board of the city, has indicated that, in parallel , the plans of Commerce and Safe Tourism will be activated
  • The UCAM organizes in Cartagena the IV International Congress of Trail Running and Adventure Raids'Route de las Fortalezas' 2018 (13/03/2018)

  • Guided tours of Rosana Sitcha explaining her exhibition at the Town Hall (13/03/2018)
    The first visit will be on Thursday, March 15, the second on Holy Thursday and the last on Holy Saturday
  • The EF Dolorense-Salesians, champion of the Regional League of feminine category (13/03/2018)
    The Campo San Juan Bosco de los Dolores hosted the 18th day in the women's category, and celebrated the International Women's Day event that was attended by the Councilor for Sports, Obdulia Gómez
  • The Santa Lucia neighborhood will be the scene of several RSC initiatives of the Port of Cartagena (13/03/2018)
    The meeting is part of the usual institutional meetings to manage issues of common interest for the city and the port
  • Nearly 700 troops will watch over security in Cartagena during this Holy Week (13/03/2018)
    The mayor and the government delegate have co-chaired Tuesday the meeting of the coordinating body of local and state security forces and bodies that was held at the Palace Consistorial
  • The UCAM Cartagena organizes the IV International University Congress of the Route of the Fortresses (13/03/2018)
    During the days 12 and 13 of April there will be several talks, workshops and round tables about the Runnin Trail and Adventure Raids
  • Citizens alert that complaints about the partisan use of the social networks of the Neighborhood Boards have not ceased (13/03/2018)

  • MC Cartagena requires the socialist government not to hinder the installation of artificial turf in La Palma (13/03/2018)

  • Cartagena will gather more than 300 digital leisure enthusiasts at the Teleco Lan Party (13/03/2018)
    Players will enjoy a high-speed connection at 1 Gbps, for more than 110 uninterrupted hours, between March 22 and 27, at Quarter of Antiguones
  • Cartagena will pay homage to Isidoro Maiquez for the 200th anniversary of his death (13/03/2018)
    On May 13 there will be a recreation of the events organized when the sculpture of the actor was inaugurated in Plaza San Francisco in 1927
  • Between Strings and Metals selects the finalists in percussion (13/03/2018)
    The 8 classified are: David de Haro, Eduardo García, Juan Francisco English, Matías Llorente, Miguel Llorente, Lola Olmo, Víctor Ortuño and Alberto Solano
  • CTSSP denounces the conditions of those hired for the Road Cleanup Crash Plan (13/03/2018)

  • The tenth Teleco LAN Party attracts 35% of participants from outside the Region of Murcia (13/03/2018)

  • Ricardo Segado will require the municipal government to convene the work table, promoted by MC, to honor historical figures of Cartagena football (13/03/2018)
    This panel was approved, at the proposal of the Cartagena training, unanimously in the municipal plenary session of September 2017
  • The Community participates in the coordination of security for the Holy Week in Cartagena (13/03/2018)

  • Cs conditions its support to the budgets for the execution of its 2017 motion to improve road safety in Cartagena (13/03/2018)

  • Maria Antonia Ruiz, winner of the XVII Poetry Competition Center for Women of the Mediterranean Urbanization (12/03/2018)
    Ruiz won with her poetry, Final Letter, for which she won 400 euros plus trophy and the second, Laura Cabedo, got 150 euros plus trophy
  • The documentary Excluded from Paradise will be shown this Wednesday at the Luzzy (12/03/2018)
    The screening will be on March 14 at 7:00 pm in the Assembly Hall of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center with the presentation of its director Esther Pérez
  • The mayor appoints Manuel Padin as councilor of the water commission (12/03/2018)
    The meeting took place this morning in the Multipurpose Room of the Administrative Building
  • MC renews its commitment to Cartagena by rejecting a Budget that embraces clientelism and despises management (12/03/2018)

  • Ayuntamiento and Plasticos Romero mark a road map to strengthen the soccer room in Cartagena (12/03/2018)
    The mayor met Monday with the Club's managers and has committed to advancing the permanent qualification of the Palacio de Deportes track, as well as collaborate in team promotion
  • The Palacio de Molina will host the exhibition drawings, affections, the look of Luis Gonzalez-Adalid (12/03/2018)
    The exhibition will be open to the public from March 15 to May 20
  • The Roman Theater will be promoted through the Cartagena Futsal (12/03/2018)
    The Autonomous Community will contribute an additional 25,000 euros to the Roman Theater Museum Foundation of Cartagena to sponsor the Romero Plastics team
  • Manuel Padín is appointed president of the Commission of Investigation on the water service (12/03/2018)

  • The City Council will carry out as every year the floral offering to the Charity (12/03/2018)
    The consistory denies the rumors that have circulated through social networks that ensured that this year the basket was not going to be deposited at the feet of the patron on Friday of Dolores
  • Castejón veta to MC and CTSSP in the chairmanship of the Commission on the water service to hinder the research work (12/03/2018)

  • The music for equality was held this Saturday at + Q Musas Fest (12/03/2018)
    Actuarón, at 9:30 p.m., in the courtyard of the Faculty of Business Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena: Vinila Von Bismark, La Otra y las Locas del Co. and Women Beat DJs
  • The City Council will initiate the procedures for the Floral Games of La Palma to be declared a Property of Intangible Cultural Interest (12/03/2018)
    The mayor made the announcement during the celebration of its XLV edition, in which Restituto Nuñez was the winner and Ana Belén Castejón, maintainer
  • Citizens criticize the intention of the Ministry to create another mortgage court in the city of Murcia and not in Cartagena (12/03/2018)

  • CTSSP denounces the irresponsibility of the administrations with the lands of El Hondón (12/03/2018)
    The purple formation will appeal to the Government for the succession of municipal inactions
  • The Community restores three images of Cartagena's Holy Week (12/03/2018)
    The San Juan de los Marrajos and the Samaritan woman and the Angel of the Californian Passion will travel this year through the streets of the city completely recovered and with their original polychromy
  • The Community contributes an additional 25,000 euros to the Museo Teatro Romano to increase the promotion on its tenth anniversary (12/03/2018)
    The number of visitors in January and February grows 12.6 percent after 2017 closed with a new historical record of visitors upon arrival at 221.970
  • Hundreds of pilgrims accompanied the Virgen de la Soledad del Calvario on their return to the hermitage (12/03/2018)
    Among them were the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, and the mayor of Culture, David Noguera
  • Enabled the double sense in the Wall of the Sea, in front of the UPCT, to avoid traffic jams (12/03/2018)
    The cutting of Doctor Fleming Street for the dismantling of part of the scaffolding that supports the facade of the old bullring has provoked this measure
  • A student of Agronomists warns of the allergenic potential of the park of Los Juncos (12/03/2018)

  • Cs: The City Council recognizes that it has not applied any measures to save water and that it is updating the Drought Plan (11/03/2018)

  • MC Cartagena will ensure that the improvements that some advertise in Santa María are produced in an effective and comprehensive way (11/03/2018)

  • Cs asks the Government of Cartagena if it is prepared to adapt to the new Law on Public Sector Contracts (10/03/2018)

  • On Sunday there will be the Romeria de la Virgen del Calvario (09/03/2018)
    The act will be attended by the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, and the mayor of the Education, Culture and Youth area, David Noguera
  • Players of FC Cartagena have a meeting with students of CEIP Stella Maris (09/03/2018)
    This meeting is part of the Campaign for the Prevention of School Absenteeism
  • This Saturday the prizes of the XVII Poetry Contest Women's Center of the Mediterranean Urbanization are failed (09/03/2018)
    They will meet at the headquarters of the Women's Center of the Mediterranean Urbanization at 20:30 hours
  • The Local Police of Cartagena intervenes in a traffic accident between a motorcyclist and a van in La Guia (09/03/2018)
    The events took place this morning around 7:30 in the Guidance
  • Approved a pluriannual expense of 713,900 euros to extend the maintenance contracts of the public and patching road (09/03/2018)
    The Local Government Board has also given the green light to the new configuration of the Contracting Committee in application of the Contract Law which comes into force today
  • The 3rd edition of Bach Cartagena will sound the best Baroque music from March 16 to 21 (09/03/2018)
    The organization has been run by the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena and the Early Music Project platform
  • The Local Police of Cartagena arrested the author of a robbery of a musical equipment of a vehicle (09/03/2018)
    The events took place during the early hours of today Friday
  • Cartagena will be the scenario for the simulation of an earthquake of 5.7 degrees during the last week of April (09/03/2018)
    It is organized by the Autonomous Community through the Ministry of the Presidency and Development and the Military Emergency Unit (UME), with the participation of the City Council of Cartagena
  • The Ombudsman confirms MC's complaint about the inaction of the Ministry of the Environment with the land of El Hondón (09/03/2018)

  • Rhythm and color stood out in the first phase of the Rhythmic Gymnastics School Competition (09/03/2018)
    Chavales between 3 and 17 years ago enjoyed the public that attended the Central Sports Pavilion yesterday with their performances in this sport
  • Citizens explain to the Cartagena people their project for the administrative regionalization of the Autonomous Community (09/03/2018)

  • 500 people compete in the II Cross of Los Dolores de Campo a Través organized by UCAM Cartagena (09/03/2018)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena will conduct a campaign to control seat belts and child restraint systems (09/03/2018)
    The device will be carried out in different parts of the city, especially in neighborhoods and councils, from March 12 to 18
  • Ruben Blades, Salvador Sobral, Morcheeba, Alba Molina and Dayme Arocena join the program of La Mar de Musicas 2018 (09/03/2018)
    Artists from Equatorial Guinea Nélida Karr and Alex Ikot, winners of the cultural cooperation project Vis a Vis by Casa África , will also perform at the Cartagena festival
  • New location of the local police speed controls for the week of March 12 to 18 (09/03/2018)
    The controls will be available at several points of the municipal area
  • The Strings and Metals auditions begin in the Conservatory of Music Conservatory (09/03/2018)
    The entrance to the auditions will be free until full capacity is reached
  • The final of the National Saetas Contest of Cartagena 2018 arrives (09/03/2018)
    This Saturday, in the Church of Santa María de Gracia, at 9:30 p.m., an event with the collaboration of the City of Cartagena
  • Coral Sauces School organizes the XIV Religious Choral Music Festival (09/03/2018)
    The recitals will take place on March 16, 17, 18 and 21 in several churches of the municipality
  • Cartagena will be the scene of a great earthquake in the simulation of national emergency organized by the Community and the UME (09/03/2018)
    3,000 people, between civilians and military, will participate in this combined exercise that will simulate two major earthquakes, one of them in the port city, that will cause serious damage and victims
  • Cartagena firefighters experts in tracking wells are added to the search of the small Gabriel (09/03/2018)
    From this Friday, March 9, and until Monday, March 12, between 4 and 6 firefighters per day will collaborate in the device of Níjar
  • The Nursing Faculty of the UCAM organizes its first Patient Support Meetings at the Los Dolores Campus (08/03/2018)

  • A course will show techniques for the development of sustainable agriculture (08/03/2018)
    The theoretical-practical activity will be developed at the Los Belones Neighborhood Association, from April 9 to 13, from 4 to 8 pm
  • A documentary shows the role of women in Carthago Nova (08/03/2018)

  • MC: "In the drawer of Torralba have lost the investments in neighborhoods and councils of 2017" (08/03/2018)
    Soler rejects "the partisan, capricious and irresponsible criteria of Juan Pedro Torralba and the PSOE"
  • The illustrators Iñaki Tovar and Frenchy collaborate on the monthly bulletin of Afal with vignettes on Alzheimer's (08/03/2018)

  • Nearly a thousand people march in Cartagena in support of the world strike of women (08/03/2018)
    For this reason, at 11:00 hours, they left from the Plaza de España to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, where at 12:00 hours, the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, read a manifesto at the Town Hall door
  • Manuel Padín: "at this moment, we are very far from being able to support the municipal budgets of 2018" (08/03/2018)

  • Several educational centers come to see an adaptation of El Lago de los Cisnes to the auditorium El Batel (08/03/2018)
    This activity is part of the Educateatro program of the Department of Education of the City of Cartagena
  • The School of Family program presents new workshops (08/03/2018)
    The Family School program offers activities for all AMPAS, each association or each associate individually deciding to assist those who generate the most interest
  • The Local Police denounce the driver of a vehicle for depositing debris on the public highway (08/03/2018)
    The events took place this Wednesday in the Potasas esplanade, where, in addition, one of the occupants of the vehicle was arrested when being found irregularly in Spain
  • Ricardo Segado will demand the municipal government to replace the statue of Isidoro Máiquez in the center of Plaza San Francisco (08/03/2018)

  • The Ficcmoteca del Luzzy shows Una Mujer Fantastica, recent Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film (08/03/2018)
    The Chilean film will be shown this Friday at the Cultural Center, as part of the Read, Think, Imagine, program of the Department of Culture .
  • Arrested an individual after threatening a tourist with a knife (08/03/2018)
    The events occurred on Tuesday in the vicinity of Renfe, where local police agents proceeded to arrest the man, who was aggressive with the agents
  • A woman dies and a girl is injured after a traffic accident when her vehicle falls down the Rambla del Albujon (08/03/2018)
    The events occurred early Thursday today, on the road from Cartagena to San Javier at the height of La Puebla, to where local police and firefighters have moved, who have been able to rescue the minor
  • The social policy and the districts and councils concentrate the biggest increases in the municipal budget of this year (07/03/2018)
    The start-up of the central court of the Sports Palace and the beginning of the General Urban Plan will be a reality in 2018
  • The City Council of Cartagena supports farmers through a five-minute strike (07/03/2018)
    The vindication took place this morning March 7 at 12 noon in front of the Town Hall
  • The music for equality will sound this Saturday at + Q Musas Fest (07/03/2018)
    They will perform, at 9:30 p.m., in the courtyard of the Faculty of Business Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena: Vinila Von Bismark, La Otra y las Locas del Co. and Women Beat DJs
  • MC Cartagena informs the neighbors about the more than one hundred large-scale actions promoted during 30 months of government (07/03/2018)
    The initiatives of the councilors of MC reflect the will to project a new concept of municipality
  • The Batel will host the II Extraordinary Holy Week Concert (07/03/2018)
    The concert director will be Jaime Enguídanos and the price of the tickets will be 8 and 5 euros
  • MC calls for the end of the "excuses and eternal promises" on the arrival of the AVE in Cartagena (07/03/2018)
    The formation of Cartagena regrets the 18-year delay in the decontamination of El Hondón
  • "In the works there is still someone who has difficulty accepting that a girl is the one who directs" (07/03/2018)
    Three Civil Engineers of the UPCT verify equality in the valuation of their effort in the University and appeal to shared responsibility so that motherhood do not interrupt your careers
  • Cut off access to the Campus of the Muralla del Mar on March 8 and 9 (07/03/2018)
    On the occasion of the university festivities, the Local Traffic Police informs that neither will be able to park in the area during these two days
  • The Municipal Hall of the Byzantine Wall will host a tour of the show Growing Together (07/03/2018)
    It will take place on Sunday, March 11 at 12 noon
  • Designers, artists and craftsmen will show their work in 25 exhibitors (07/03/2018)
    IV Fair of Design and other Arts will take place on March 17 and 18 at El Batel
  • Isabel García censures the improvisation of the Socialist Government in the new composition of the Contracting Committee (07/03/2018)

  • Acts for International Women's Day (07/03/2018)
    Acts will begin at 11:00 a.m. with a march and end at 7:00 p.m. with a demonstration
  • Published the schedules of the eighteenth day of the Regional Baseball League (07/03/2018)
    It will be held on the weekend of Saturday 10 and Sunday, March 11
  • The restaurant Pablo Guardiola and Mas que Pan take the awards for Best Stew and Asian from Los Belones (07/03/2018)
    The 4th edition of the Route, which was held in February, has increased the number of visitors by more than 60 percent, who have tasted ten thousand stews and eight thousand five hundred Asians
  • Citizens asks Castejón to deliver the draft of the budgets to all the opposition groups (07/03/2018)

  • The restaurant Jose Guardiola and Mas que Pan take the awards for Best Stew and Asian of Los Belone (07/03/2018)
    The fourth edition of the Route, which was held in February, has increased by more than 60 percent the number of visitors, who have tasted ten thousand stews and eight thousand five hundred Asians
  • Traffic cut this Thursday at the main access to Navantia (07/03/2018)
    The Local Police has informed that between 9 and 10 in the morning, the entrance to the company will be closed due to a concentration of workers for the International Day of the Woman
  • The Firemen celebrate their Patron Saint John of God (07/03/2018)
    The events will be celebrated on Thursday with a Mass in Charity and a wine of honor in Molinos Marfagones
  • The final of the National Saetas Contest of Cartagena 2018 will be held this Saturday (07/03/2018)
    The Church of Santa María de Gracia will host this event starting at 9:30 p.m., in which the City Council of Cartagena collaborates
  • A study by the UPCT estimates the economic impact of Easter in Cartagena at 16.5 million euros (07/03/2018)
    The student of the Faculty of Business Sciences, Agustín Esparza, has developed this study for his final degree project
  • The excavations expose much of the bastion 3 of the Wall of Carlos III (07/03/2018)
    The councilman of Culture visits the works that are supervised by archaeologists and are carried out in a plot located between the streets Carlos III and San Juan
  • More than a thousand gymnasts will participate in the XXXVIII Rhythmic Gymnastics School Competition (07/03/2018)
    This Thursday kicks off in the Central Pavilion the competition that, every year, organizes the Department of Sports
  • The musicians of the Sauces Music Group will demand gender equality with a concert at the Club de Regatas (07/03/2018)
    The event will take place on Sunday, March 11 at 12:30
  • Luzzy hosts Mujeres en el Objetivo, an exhibition to make visible the social reality of women (07/03/2018)
    The exhibition will be open from Monday 5 at 7:00 p.m. in El Luzzy and will be open until March 16
  • The Bazar de las Letras celebrates an Encuentro with the poet Vega Cerezo to commemorate International Women's Day (07/03/2018)
    In the same event, which took place on Tuesday at the House of Folklore of La Palma organized by the Popular University of Cartagena, the Awards of the 8th of March Contest were presented
  • MC Cartagena will support tomorrow the mobilization of citizens to demand real equality (07/03/2018)

  • The Can We Cartagena circle supports the feminist strike (07/03/2018)

  • On Wednesday, the road to La Algameca and the Christmas Lighthouse are cut by the transfer of pieces in Navantia (06/03/2018)
    The operation will take place between four and five in the afternoon
  • The municipal government will support the women's strike next Thursday (06/03/2018)
    The mayor stresses the need to end the wage gap, discrimination and mistreatment suffered by women
  • The business incubator closes the Gira Mujeres Project, designed to promote them in the professional and personal field (06/03/2018)
    The project aims to empower women in decision-making in their professional and personal spheres through the promotion of their projects and labor initiatives
  • MC applauds that, once again, his initiatives serve to preserve and value the historical and archaeological heritage of Cartagena (06/03/2018)
    The socialist government announced yesterday, after a new claim of the Cartagena training, that the request to exhibit and guarding the furniture of the old pharmacy of the Calle Mayor pharmacy
  • CTSSP denounces the processing of a wi-fi antenna in the Chaparros area (06/03/2018)

  • ESPAC teaches a documentary falsification course for local police officers (06/03/2018)
    Agents learn to detect falsifications in driving licenses, IDs, passports and vehicle documentation
  • The alevin category A the closest to the championship to qualify for the first places (06/03/2018)
    The Belones CF, EF Dolorense-Salesians, FC Cartagena Foundation, EFB Balsicas and Cartagena FC struggle to qualify for the 'play off' title
  • Leading companies seek at the Polytechnic talent and knowledge to travel to Industry 4.0 (06/03/2018)

  • The Music Unit of the Air Academy will offer a concert for the benefit of Astus in El Batel (06/03/2018)
    It will be offered next Sunday, March 18, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the AGA
  • All ready for the I March Against Childhood Leukemia (06/03/2018)
    Participants can enter for free to the game that this Saturday, March 10, faces FC Cartagena with Granada CF B.
  • Citizens claim in El Algar the urgent improvement of access to this council before the accumulation of deficiencies (06/03/2018)
    - The Plenary of the Neighborhood Board unanimously approves the proposal of orange training to collect ideas from various groups in the area to develop a concrete proposal and transfer it to the City Council and the Community
  • Solidarity March of Childhood Leukemia is celebrated on Sunday, the proceeds will go to the RECAIDA 0 project (06/03/2018)
    The solidarity event will start at 10:30 am from Plaza de España
  • The Luzzy welcomes the presentation of the Transition Network Association on Wednesday, aimed at supporting local initiatives (06/03/2018)
    The project is aimed at supporting local initiatives, connecting them with each other and with the International Transition Network
  • I Solidarity March against childhood leukemia in Cartagena (06/03/2018)

  • MC: "The Jenny raft: another environmental outbreak of the PP" (06/03/2018)
    The risks to the health of citizens during the stage of Joaquín Segado and Francisco Espejo in the Department of the Environment are investigated
  • The neighbors of the residential Buenos Aires get five hundred signatures to demand the promised improvements and services (06/03/2018)
    - The spokesman for Citizens in Cartagena, Manuel Padín, announces after a meeting with the residents that he will request a Working Table at the next regular plenary session to find a definitive consensus solution
  • COEC supports the demonstration organized by the Circle for Water in Madrid (05/03/2018)

  • The mayoress calls a 5-minute strike in support of farmers' demands on water (05/03/2018)
    The support of the City Council for the demonstration that will take place on Wednesday in Madrid
  • Ana Rama explains the latest municipal actions to support conciliation and combat machismo (05/03/2018)
    - Citizens celebrated last weekend an event on the occasion of Women's Day on March 8 in one of the rooms of the Roman Theater in Cartagena
  • The local police arrest an individual accused of a crime of sexual abuse (05/03/2018)
    The agents of Cartagena also arrested in La Puebla, an individual who had an order to enter prison and intervened with an individual when he was lying on the tracks of the FEVE train
  • The Mar de Músicas Commission completes the documentation phase and requests the first appearances (05/03/2018)

  • The regional government will support Plásticos Romero with the promotion of the Roman Theater in the Spanish Cup matches (05/03/2018)
    Councilor Noelia Arroyo assures that it is "a great opportunity to promote the most visited museum in the Region" in the matches of the competition , which will be held from March 15 to 18 in Madrid
  • II CEI Educational Conference in the UPCT (05/03/2018)
    They were held on Saturday in the Isaac Peral room of the UPCT, with the collaboration of the Department of Education
  • The Mayor's Club of the San Gines neighborhood begins its cultural week (05/03/2018)
    The inaugural ceremony was attended by the Mayoress of Cartagena and Councilor for Social Services, Ana Belén Castejón
  • The City Council will provide work for ten young people in English-speaking European countries (05/03/2018)
    The application period to join EXPEURA opens today, Monday, March 5, and will end on the 26th of this month
  • Carthaginians and Romans travel to Tunisia (05/03/2018)

  • Manuel Padín: "The Government of Cartagena must bet on employment in the budget of the ADLE for 2018" (05/03/2018)

  • The regional government will support Plásticos Romero with the promotion of the Roman Theater in the Spanish Cup matches (05/03/2018)
    Councilor Noelia Arroyo assures that it is "a great opportunity to promote the most visited museum in the Region" in the matches of the competition , which will be held from March 15 to 18 in Madrid
  • Isabel García regrets a new false step of the socialist government, unable to endow the budget with ADLE (05/03/2018)

  • CTSSP abstains from voting on the budgets of the ADLE (05/03/2018)
    "You can not approve something that is not well known"
  • The Third Way logo is incorporated into the corporate image of MC Cartagena giving shape to its regional candidacy (05/03/2018)

  • The ADLE will give continuity to its entrepreneur programs, training and orientation to the unemployed in 2018 (05/03/2018)
    Its manager has presented the programming of actions before the Governing Council of the agency
  • Promotion improves the road linking the deputation of Perín with Cartagena that accumulates more than 103,000 annual trips (05/03/2018)
    The general director of roads visits the infrastructure in which they have invested 120,000 euros
  • Pedro Jiménez wins the 20th anniversary contest with a logo that represents all the centers (05/03/2018)
    The UPCT turns 20 on August 3
  • The Cartagena Media Marathon attracted 1,200 runners on its 25th anniversary (05/03/2018)
    The winner of the men's event was Iván Hernández and María Isabel Pelegrín won the absolute women category.
  • The maras grenadiers paid tribute to the grenadier Martin Alvarez (05/03/2018)
    The event was held this Sunday at Plaza Heroes de Cavite, as it is already a tradition
  • Last days for the presentation of artistic proposals to the X Night of the Museums of Cartagena (05/03/2018)
    They can be of any artistic discipline, individually or collectively, and will take place in the event to be held on May 19
  • The Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena hosts the presentation of a book on women in Roman society (04/03/2018)
    The work 'Not so distant' has been prepared by a multidisciplinary team linked to different universities
  • Citizens request the cleaning of the Plaza Feliciano Sánchez de Barrio Peral and the installation of playgrounds (04/03/2018)
    - The neighbors have reported the situation of abandonment of this public space since the mid-90s
  • The women show their photographic vision in two exhibitions (03/03/2018)
    Fotógrafas de Cartagena and Labor equality in the 21st century, were inaugurated by the mayor and the councilor for Culture
  • MC Cartagena is integrated into the working table that studies a candidacy of independent parties to the European Parliament in 2019 (03/03/2018)
    The Cartagena-based training attended yesterday in Leganés to the gala of the VI edition of the Independent Awards
  • Noelia Arroyo attends the besapié del Cristo de Medinaceli and the Mirerere marrajo (03/03/2018)

  • Pilar Marcos and Teresa Sánchez, councilors of CTSSP, will support the feminist strike of 8-M (03/03/2018)
    The councilors will strike all day, and will attend the events scheduled by the various groups on March 6, 7 and 8
  • Cs requires the convocation of the Board of Spokesmen to address the anomalies in the cleaning service of the municipality (03/03/2018)
    - The orange formation regrets that almost a month after the Lhicarsa Board of Directors has not yet been required to the opposition parties to give an account of the status of the contract, as required by a plenary agreement
  • MC is betting on a reconversion of agriculture and urban planning to take advantage of the potential of the Mar Menor (03/03/2018)

  • Fifty associations in the First UCAM Volunteer Fair of Cartagena (02/03/2018)

  • Meeting of coworking between businesswomen of the AMEP and the project Girl Power of the UPCT (02/03/2018)
    The event, closed by the mayor, took place in the Business Incubator for Women of Cartagena of the Department of Equality
  • The UCAM Volunteer Fair of Cartagena starts (02/03/2018)
    32 entities participate in this event located in Heroes de Cavite, from March 2 to 4, so that the social groups of the city can spread their activities
  • More than 130 seniors make the fluvial route by the river Segura (02/03/2018)
    The walkers are part of the Socio-Cultural Hiking Program of the Senior Unit of the Department of Social Services
  • Companies increase their commitment to the Congress Office after their inclusion in the Port of Cultures (02/03/2018)
    The number of collaborators has grown 13 percent in two months, from 37 to 42
  • The City Council unlocks eleven works of the sustainable investment program pending for 2017 (02/03/2018)
    Councilor Juan Pedro Torralba announces that the winning companies will be notified immediately so that the works are concluded as soon as possible
  • NAVANTIA receives the Mateo Vodopich award for its collaboration with the Industrial School of the Polytechnic University (02/03/2018)
    The ETSII is an example of this collaboration the creation of the Chair NAVANTIA-UPCT
  • La Palma hosts this Sunday the XXI National Balloon Meeting (02/03/2018)
    The day will begin at 10:00 am with a visit to the Regional Museum of Lacemakers of the Bolillo.
  • Patrimony places new informative posters in several deposits of the coast (02/03/2018)

  • Detained an individual who tried to steal in the Neighborhood Association of Ciudad Jardin (02/03/2018)
    It was at dawn on Tuesday, when the alleged perpetrator was surprised by the local police officers who had received a notice of the 112
  • New location of the speed controls of the Local Police for the week of March 5 to 11 (02/03/2018)
    They will be located in different points of the municipality and neighborhoods of Cartagena
  • Rosana Sitcha connects with nature through her portraits (02/03/2018)
    The exhibition 'Elementals: From the material to the emotional' can be visited at the Palace and the Museum of the Roman Theater until April 22
  • The T-La organizes a course of initiation to the art of the improvisacion theater directed by Javi Soto (02/03/2018)
    The classes will be taught on March 16 and 17 in the Assembly Hall of the AVV.
  • The Local Police warns of traffic retentions on Sunday by the Media Marathon (02/03/2018)
    Forty agents will ensure safety in the areas through which the race takes place
  • The Batel was filled with classical music with the Extraordinary Concert of Between Strings and Metals (02/03/2018)
    This performance was attended by several of the winners of previous editions of the contest organized by the City Council and the Conservatory
  • Citizens deal with SPLRM-CSIF their appeal against the bases of the latest public employment offers of the City Council (02/03/2018)
    The spokesman for Citizens has moved them to analyze all the information they have offered and has committed to clarify with the mayor of Cartagena , Ana Belén Castejón, all these doubts and demands
  • Puerto de Culturas offers new ways to discover the history of Cartagena (02/03/2018)
    Tourists who come to the city at Easter or at the San José bridge will be able to enjoy new guided, theatrical and flavored routes
  • Juan Luis Gil incarnates a new version of Cyrano de Bergerac at the Nuevo Teatro Circo in Cartagena (02/03/2018)
    The play can be seen this Saturday, March 3 at 9:30 p.m.
  • MC Cartagena will demand from the government a budget modification to urgently carry out the reform of the roof in the pool of La Aljorra (02/03/2018)
    The Cartagena training, through Sports and Sustainable Development, left the project finished, now stuck due to the absence of Budget
  • MC will propose that the Monastery of San Ginés de la Jara become the Interpretation Center of the Campo de Cartagena Region (02/03/2018)

  • Retentions are envisaged in the Calle del Aire by the popular besapie del Cristo de Medinaceli (02/03/2018)
    The Local Police recommends drivers take extreme precaution by the queues that are registered at the entrance of Santa María
  • The Local Police of Cartagena celebrates the II Seminar on Social Networks (01/03/2018)

  • The Encounters with Author ends in the libraries with the writer Daniel Nesquens (01/03/2018)
    It will offer several meetings with students that will take place during the days of March 5 and 6 in the Cultural Center and in Los Dolores
  • The Engineering Museum of the UPCT opens permanently with an exhibition on technology in the Enlightenment (01/03/2018)

  • The City Council manages that Esamur invests this year 871 thousand euros in improving the facilities of purification of the municipality (01/03/2018)
    Is going to repair urgently the submarine section of the emissary of Cala Reona, which will cost 118.957,50 euros
  • CTSSP again demands that the Government look for an alternative to the Urbanization of Playa Paraíso (01/03/2018)
    The municipal group reminds the Mayor that negotiating a swap does not mean prevaricating
  • Counselor Noelia Arroyo named Godmother of the Capas of the Resurrected Gentlemen (01/03/2018)

  • MC supervises the start of the restoration work of the Roman Amphitheater, initiative promoted during his Government (01/03/2018)
    It is thus fulfilled with one of the main claims of the cartagenerista formation from the opposition and one of its main projects from the Mayoralty of José López
  • Nearly 400 students will participate in the MacroAde Program Playing Indoor Soccer (01/03/2018)
    The schools Virgen del Carmen, Cuatro Santos, Maristas, Franciscanos, San Antonio Abad and La Asomada will be on Friday, February 2, in the Wssell pavilion in Guimbarda
  • The band Mood Swing will cover great classic songs of swing and rock and roll at Luzzy (01/03/2018)
    The event will take place on March 2 at 8 pm at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Open the deadline for the registration of children in municipal nursery schools (01/03/2018)
    This year there are 10, since in the current year 2017/2018 the Center located in La Palma has been incorporated into the municipal network
  • Citizens demand that the local government say what part of the money "liberated" by Montoro will be dedicated to investments (01/03/2018)

  • Firefighters rescue a driver stuck in his vehicle after suffering an accident (01/03/2018)
    Rescue agents immobilized the individual and extracted him from the car, for which they had the collaboration of the Local Police
  • The Business Incubator for Women celebrates a coworking meeting (01/03/2018)
    It will be this Friday, sponsored by the Department of Equality.
  • CTSSP demands responsibility for the sentences of Casco Antiguo (01/03/2018)
    The municipal group again calls for the dismissal of Jacinto Martínez Moncada and pressures for the dissolution of the Society
  • Growing Together, XXV years of the infant third of The Coronation of Thorns (01/03/2018)

  • CTSSP supports the manifestation of the white tide this afternoon in Murcia (01/03/2018)

  • The Cartagena Clik Photographic Association organizes the exhibition "Fotógrafas de Cartagena", on the occasion of Women's Week (01/03/2018)

  • Pedro Manuel Toledo heads the new Student Council of the UPCT (01/03/2018)


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