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Cartagena News - October 2019

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  • MC studies denouncing before the Courts "the censorship and insidies of Arroyo and Castejón" (31/10/2019)

  • Sixth Primary students from four schools participate in the Children's Plenary Program (31/10/2019)
    This Monday they begin with the preparations to elect candidates and continue with a process that will culminate in the holding of a plenary session on December 4 at the City Hall
  • The ADLE helps companies in their new worker selection processes (31/10/2019)
    Through the Labor Intermediation services of the Placement Agency, Garcigas, an expert in natural gas, heating and air conditioning installations, hired during the month October to 3 new candidates
  • The II City of Cartagena Nordic March Trophy is held at the Sports Palace (31/10/2019)
    This is the III Regional Championship belonging to the 2019 FMRM Regional League in which three events of 21 km, 14 km and 5.6 will be played km this Sunday November 3
  • The Ecovidrio campaign begins with the installation of the recycling igloos (31/10/2019)
    It will be this Monday, November 4 at 09.45 a.m. at San Francisco Square, one of the five points where the green ball-shaped containers will be found
  • The ADE Program and the CRU Cartagena will share a rugby day with more than 350 High School students (31/10/2019)
    It will be Tuesday, November 5 at the Municipal Athletics Track
  • MC rejects budgets that bet on the "indebtedness to cover the inefficiency and shamelessness" of the Government (31/10/2019)
    MC: 'La Trinca' imposes, without respecting the procedure, ordinances that will neither boost economic growth nor employment
  • The Cartagena will live the last hours of life of Edgar Allan Poe in a new theatrical production (31/10/2019)
    The performance of the play 'Tic Tac Poe', by the company La Murga Theater, will be on Friday, November 29, in the New Circus Theater
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas participates one more year in Science Week (31/10/2019)
    'Assault on Qart Hadast' in the Punic Wall will be the children's workshop offered within the Week of Science and Technology 2019, which will be held from 8 to November 10
  • Cartagena cries out for the Mar Menor (31/10/2019)
    More than 55,000 people joined their cries against the poor state of the salt lagoon under the motto 'SOS Mar Menor'
  • Experts from seven countries meet at the UCAM of Cartagena to promote the dual studies and sports career (30/10/2019)

  • The UPCT celebrates its 20th anniversary with the recognition of graduates with better records since its creation (30/10/2019)
    The Paraninfo has welcomed this act of homage to 59 former students along with the delivery of the University Gold Medal to the COEC and the presentation of the Association of Alumni and Friends of the university
  • Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the creation of the UPCT (30/10/2019)
    Díaz Morcillo: "20 years have been committed to the training of professionals and the generation of knowledge"
  • VII Day of Associations and Teams of Competition of the School of Industrialists of the UPCT (30/10/2019)
    “Belonging to an association or a competition team of the UPCT allows us to put into practice what we have learned”
  • The football fields of Molinos Marfagones and El Bohío are contracted out (30/10/2019)
    The cost of the construction of these two sports facilities will be around 695,000 euros
  • XX anniversary of the creation of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (30/10/2019)
    López Miras congratulates the UPCT for "20 years of contribution to the development of the Region" and highlights that "the future is going through a higher qualification"
  • Commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (30/10/2019)
    The President of the Assembly, in commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • The City Council joins the Protocol of socio-health care for people with severe mental disorder or drug addiction (30/10/2019)
    According to Deputy Mayor Arroyo, thanks to this agreement, the situation of these people will be known and plans and strategies will be created to help provide them with a better service
  • The theater, history, cinema and novel star in the Cultural Week of the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country of Cartagena (30/10/2019)
    All activities, which are free, will be held from November 9 to 14 in the auditorium of this institution, on Calle del Aire
  • Infrastructure repairs the promenade of La Azohía (30/10/2019)
    Municipal operators are replacing poles and maromas that were damaged for two months to complete the ride
  • Classics, musicals, magic, puppets and works in English bring the theater closer to more than 12 thousand students in Cartagena (30/10/2019)
    The campaign organized by the City Council and Cajamar will offer performances of 16 works at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center and the Municipal Auditorium del Batel, aimed at schoolchildren in 58 schools, from 3 to 18 years old
  • Published the schedules of the second day of the Regional Base Football League (30/10/2019)
    It will be held on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 November
  • The Aljorra will offer this Saturday Mediterranean beer and cheese from the Campo de Cartagena (30/10/2019)
    In addition, throughout the day there will be live music, a toy library and a conference on the history of beer in the Region of Murcia in the Civic Center
  • Pirates and princesses in the Christmas Fort (30/10/2019)
    The new programming of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas focuses on the sea and the history of the Port of Cartagena for the little ones
  • Youth will address the reform of the Quarry Center in 2020 (30/10/2019)
    The technicians of the Department have made an inspection visit to document the necessary improvements to ensure full accessibility of the property
  • ... (30/10/2019)

  • The future Regional Pact for Justice adds the contributions of the lawyers and attorneys of Cartagena (30/10/2019)

  • José Bonnet presents this afternoon in "Read, Think and Imagine" his book "Pacific. The Spanish lake" (30/10/2019)
    It will be this Wednesday, October 30 at 8:00 p.m. at the Josefina Soria del Luzzy Library by Mª Carmen Rodal, responsible for the Municipal Libraries, with the assistance of the Councilor for the Area of ​​Culture, David Martínez
  • La Manga prepares his Halloween night with costumes, terror tunnel, zombies and a living cemetery (30/10/2019)
    It will be this Thursday, October 31 from 8 pm at Galerias El Flamenco (kilometer 4)
  • Free buses and diversion of the lines through the SOSMarMenor demonstration (30/10/2019)
    To facilitate participation, the City Council has arranged with the concessionaire that it is not necessary to take a ticket between five and six in the afternoon and eight and nine at night
  • VOX Cartagena will ask the city council to increase the number of Local Police places (29/10/2019)
    to improve security in neighborhoods and districts
  • More assessment of bilingualism and anti-plagiarism controls, new indicators for universities to meet the objectives of the program contract (29/10/2019)

  • Preparations for All Saints' Day (29/10/2019)

  • The X edition of the Municipal Campaign 'Let's Go to the Theater' begins (29/10/2019)
    It will be on Wednesday, October 30 at the 'Ramón Alonso Luzzy' Cultural Center, organized by the Department of Education and Cajamar
  • The commission to promote the declaration of Cartagena as a World Heritage Site starts (29/10/2019)

  • The municipality of Cartagena joins the state plan for housing rental promotions for young people (29/10/2019)
    The mayor has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Development and the Autonomous Community that encourages the construction of 33 apartments under a lease with a maximum price of 5.5 euros the square meter
  • The psychologist and activist, Mariano Beltrán, will talk about human rights and LGTBI collective in ´Cafés Consciencia y Pensamiento´ (29/10/2019)
    This activity, framed within Cartagena Piensa, will be this Wednesday, October 30, at 20 hours, in the cafeteria El Lead Soldier
  • Elcano starts a new course as the European Parliament Ambassador School (29/10/2019)
    The act was attended by the mayor of Education, Irene Ruiz, who has been one of those responsible for delivering the diplomas to students who were part of the program last year
  • Cartagena Local Police reinforces the number of agents for Halloween night (29/10/2019)
    They are preparing the special device they will carry out on the night of October 31 to avoid acts of vandalism
  • The work ´Mis ancestors´, by Juan Miguel Ortuño from Yeclano, winner of the IV ´Antonio Acosta Hernández´ Photo Contest (29/10/2019)
    The rest of the winners were unveiled on Saturday October 26 at the Enrique Escudero de Castro Municipal Archaeological Museum in Cartagena
  • Music takes over the streets with the Cartagena Jazz Festival (29/10/2019)
    The 39th edition of the event will set the pace for the city with the performance of 6 bands through the streets of the port city
  • The deputy mayor kicks off the new season of the Regional Base Football League with the honor roll (29/10/2019)

  • Cartagena will go out on Thursday to the street in defense of the Mar Menor (29/10/2019)

  • The "Repsol Forest" in Cerro de los Moros continues to grow with the planting of 1,000 new species (29/10/2019)
    Repsol and its Foundation, in collaboration with the Creect association, have organized a new reforestation day to provide Cartagena with a new space green
  • MC will promote improvements for the rural environment such as the installation of public lighting in disseminated hamlets and in La Palma (29/10/2019)
    The creation of the Agrarian and Livestock Council will also be promoted and will also be interested in the completion of the works of the Participatory Budgets in neighborhoods and deputations
  • The modernist autumn arrives in Cartagena (28/10/2019)
    The Cultural Association Modernist Friends of Cartagena has scheduled bike rides, a painting contest, a poetry recital and concerts that will take place from November 2 to 10
  • Cartagena participates in the 'Enceta glass, we all win' campaign in which you can win a recycled glass track (28/10/2019)
    The city will have five igloos in the form of a basketball from November 4 to 10 in the Plaza de José María Artes , Plaza de San Francisco, Plaza Juan XXIII, in the Alameda de San Antón and in front of the Plaza Juan Calero de Los Dolores
  • The Cartagena will fly this Christmas to the Land of Neverland by Peter Pan (28/10/2019)
    The premiere of the musical play 'Peter Pan', performed by children and teachers of the theater group 'More than Art', will be on Sunday, December 29 , at 12 noon, in the Municipal Auditorium and Palace of Congresses El Batel
  • Sports will summon extraordinarily 120,000 euros in grants to entities and associations (28/10/2019)
    The Government Board has also awarded the celebration of the medieval market in the Old Town and has accepted the donation of a Roman amphora for the archaeological museum
  • The Sauces Musical Group of Cartagena presents its new composition Pompeii (28/10/2019)
    The concert will be at the New Teatro Circo on November 9 at 7 pm
  • The City Council will reduce inheritance tax and create new bonuses to rehabilitate homes in disadvantaged neighborhoods (28/10/2019)
    The Governing Board has approved a tax ordinance project for 2020 that also includes an approved tax aid package for those affected by DANA
  • MC stands against a budget designed to borrow from the municipality and that will breach the Law (28/10/2019)
    García points out that even his 'like-minded' officials warn of the economic consequences in this exercise and in the following
  • The Mar Menor and the Circus Theater of El Algar star in the video and document of the month of the Municipal Archive (28/10/2019)
    The document is the construction license of the Theater at the beginning of the last century and the video, dating from 1996, belongs to the funds of Tele Cartagena and refers to ANSE's protests over the requalification of the Lo Poyo land
  • El Tercio de Levante joins the AGA Music Unit to give sound to 'Cartagena for Charity' (28/10/2019)
    El Batel will be the stage on November 9 of the XIII edition of this charity concert where all proceeds will go to to the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Spanish Association Against Cancer and Debra Butterfly Skin
  • Cartageneros can enjoy more activities at the Roman Theater during the November bridge (28/10/2019)
    It will remain open on days 1 and 2 from 9 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 3 from 10 am to 2 pm
  • APANDA turns 40 fighting children deafness (28/10/2019)

  • The Youth Resource Center will live the night of terror ´ Sometimes I see shorts´ (28/10/2019)
    The V edition of the horror short films will be held on Halloween Night, this Thursday, October 31, in the offices of the Department of Youth, within the programming of the T-LA
  • The Traysho, from Pilar de la Horadada, wins the Cartageneros Bowling Regional League (28/10/2019)
    The trophy delivery of the XI Championship took place this Saturday, October 26, at the Social Local of the Neighborhood Association of the Mediterranean Urbanization
  • More than 3,500 runners measured their strength in the XVIII edition of the Artillery Cross (28/10/2019)
    Antonio Martínez won the victory with Wafiya Benali in the 14 km Lighthouse Race, while Sergio Fernández and Almudena García did so in the Urban Cross
  • Agronomists presents the genome of the African psila, a plague that gets to 'dry' citrus fruits (28/10/2019)

  • The university community will vote the fate of 50,000 euros in the first participatory budgets of the UPCT (28/10/2019)
    The proposals can be submitted by Students, IDPs and PAS until next November 8
  • Giménez will ask the local government if he will give up building in flood zones (28/10/2019)
    The deputy spokesman of MC Cartagena recalls the CHS's requirement to the municipalities to limit urban development in these areas
  • Violante Tomás: "Only one party that creates employment, such as the PP, guarantees pensions (27/10/2019)
    Visit Feria de Mayores en Cartagena
  • The mayor visits works worth 550,000 euros about to end in three points of the municipality (26/10/2019)
    This is the Playmobil park in El Algar, the roof of the social center of San José Obrero, which is already finished, and the new premises Llano's social network, about to conclude
  • UPCT BIM courses specialize engineers and architects in 3D digitalization and virtual reality (26/10/2019)

  • MC: Technicians from the Ministry of Culture will visit the Wall of Carlos III thanks to a citizen complaint (26/10/2019)
    It is due to the initiative of the Virgin of Charity Platform, at the request of the head of Heritage of MC, María Dolores Ruiz
  • VOX requests the resignation of the mayor of Cartagena for maintaining the eventual staff of the Socialist Municipal Group (25/10/2019)

  • The Elderly and Disability Fair puts the finishing touch a month of the fairs in Cartagena (25/10/2019)
    FEMADIS, organized by the Department of Social Services, through the Unit for the Elderly and People with Disabilities, can be visited this weekend at the Heroes de Cavite square and Santiago de Cuba
  • The ADLE Barrios program trains the unemployed and improves the urban environment of Los Nietos and Los Urrutias (25/10/2019)
    26 unemployed will be trained theoretically and practically, receiving an assistance grant and improving their chances of employment and the public infrastructure of these two locations
  • The City Council and the Federation of Peñas of FC Cartagena prepare the Day of the Peñista of the albinegro club (25/10/2019)
    They have also established the first lines of work for Cartagena to host the United Hobbies Congress in 2022
  • Traffic cuts in the area of ​​the port and streets of downtown Cartagena for the celebration of the Artillery Cross (25/10/2019)
    This Sunday morning, as reported by the Local Police, you can not drive along the Paseo Alfonso XII, where it will be the start and finish of the test, as well as the streets of the old town, where the corridors will also pass
  • MC: Castejón hides and does not appear in the Court to ratify his slander against José López (25/10/2019)
    "The transfuge uses public media for personal matters"
  • The City Council forgives the residents of the Mar Menor affected by DANA for the water bill that includes the month of September (25/10/2019)
    The mayor announces that there will be free public transport to facilitate the participation of all Cartagena in the demonstration on October 30
  • UCAM Cartagena organizes an ISAK Accreditation course in Cineanthropometry (25/10/2019)

  • The tent 'The pharmacist you need' shows in Cartagena the value of pharmaceutical services (25/10/2019)
    To improve the use of medicines and the health of the population
  • The Sauces Musical Group celebrates Santa Cecilia with a very musical program in Cartagena (25/10/2019)

  • Starting gun of the XXVII edition of the Regional Base League Soccer Championship (25/10/2019)
    In this new edition, the honor roll of the new season will be held in the sports city Gómez Meseguer for the centenary of Cartagena FC
  • Information day in Cartagena on the development of the hearing skills of deaf children (25/10/2019)
    Organized by APANDA Prince of Asturias Rehabilitation Center, this Saturday will be October 26, starting at 8:45 a.m., in the Assembly Hall of the CIM
  • The Consistorial Palace of Cartagena was illuminated by World Polio Day (25/10/2019)
    The facade of the building showed images of the work done by Rotary clubs in the Region during the year
  • The writer María Dueñas inaugurates the 2019/2020 course of the Popular University of Cartagena (25/10/2019)
    The opening ceremony of the course was held on Thursday, October 25 in the Ceremony Hall of the City Hall
  • Calconut will donate 10% of its nut sales to the fight against breast cancer (25/10/2019)

  • They develop an exoskeleton capable of doing rehabilitation remotely (25/10/2019)

  • The Cartagena Symphony Orchestra premieres image and stage with an extraordinary concert at the Batel (25/10/2019)
    The El Batel Auditorium will host a concert with works by Haendel, Mozart and Stravinsky next Saturday.
  • 30 La Manga companies will improve their productivity thanks to the Entrepreneurial Generation initiative of the ADLE (24/10/2019)
    Until December 17 they will carry out consultancies and tutorials on new technologies and marketing, strategy, seasonality and cost control, finance and profitability
  • More than 400 veterans commemorate their day in Cartagena (24/10/2019)

  • The Band of the Third of Levante and the Orfeón de Veteranos performed military music at the gates of the City Council (24/10/2019)
    The performance took place on Wednesday night and was followed by numerous audiences
  • La Huertecica is studying expanding its programs for the prevention of addictive behaviors (24/10/2019)
    Those responsible have informed the vice mayor and councilor of the area of ​​Social Services and Sports, Noelia Arroyo
  • Youth celebrates Halloween Night with a program to spend fear in Cartagena (24/10/2019)

  • The use of the mobile phone accounts for 80 percent of the reports of the Local Police for distractions at the wheel (24/10/2019)
    Agents controlled more than 900 vehicles during a traffic campaign between September 16 and 22
  • The PSOE of Cartagena pays tribute to the victims of Franco (24/10/2019)
    They deposit a bouquet of red roses in the grave in memory of those shot during the Franco regime
  • MC: The Legal Council dismantles the lies of PP and Castejón by ratifying, for the fourth time, the compatibility of José López (24/10/2019)
    López: "It is shown again that they lie. I am legal and clean; they are murky and corrupt"
  • The body, the psyche and the intimacy guide the exhibition ´Oxide Lover´ of Elorrieta (24/10/2019)
    The exhibition of the Cartagena artist can be visited until November 30 in the Exhibition Hall of the City Hall
  • Health professionals and students discover the latest advances and skin care in Cartagena (24/10/2019)

  • Human Rights activist and observer, Mariano Beltrán, will give a talk in Cartagena (24/10/2019)

  • The Council of Children and Adolescents of Cartagena works on their rights (24/10/2019)
    Made up of children between 9 and 17 years old, they begin the school year working around the rights of Children contemplated in the Universal Declaration of Rights
  • ... (24/10/2019)

  • Sergio Jornet also looks at Tokyo (24/10/2019)
    The UCAM Cartagena athlete is among those summoned by the RFEA for the concentration that will take place in the Italian city of Formia, from December 3 to 8, with an eye on the main international competitions of 2020
  • A UPCT student formulatesA UPCT student formulates quantum control protocols to manipulate Schrödinger's cat (24/10/2019)
    The Final Degree Project in Industrial Technologies of Sebastián García advances in the development of processors based on quantum mechanics
  • ADIF takes out the suppression of the level crossing of Pozo Estrecho (23/10/2019)
    The mayor of Cartagena expresses her satisfaction for the fulfillment of the commitments acquired by the Government of the Nation and hopes that the AVE station will be tendered shortly
  • The 2019 municipal budget will address the effects of DANA (23/10/2019)
    The Local Government Board has approved the project for almost 209 million, including two loans for more than nine million euros to deal with the damage of the cold drop and the cancellation of the General Plan
  • Tombstone Numisius returns to Cartagena (23/10/2019)

  • The course on Financial Intelligence of the Empowerment School for Women of Equality is postponed (23/10/2019)
    Its planned start is postponed for Thursday, October 24 until sufficient applications are reached to begin
  • MC: The internal problems of the municipal government delay the constitution of the Neighborhood Boards (23/10/2019)
    "Castejón wants to impose its transfuge vowels and Diego Ortega, by order of Noelia Arroyo, tries not to take possession"
  • The Cartagena artist, Fernando Vicente Carreño, interprets dreams in his new exhibition (23/10/2019)
    The inauguration of the exhibition 'The geography of dreams', which can be visited until November 29, will be this Friday, October 25, at 7:30 pm, at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Urban culture and sport go hand in hand with the UrbanCTFest (23/10/2019)
    Throughout the day on Saturday, November 9, the urban sports park of Carlos III Street and Sor Francisca Armendáriz Street will host free tournaments, exhibitions and workshops for all tastes
  • MC: The first budget of the PP takes back the indebtedness as a shortcut to square its excesses in management (23/10/2019)
    Isabel García recalls that MC already warned that the agreement on working conditions lacked budget support
  • The IV Photographic Contest "Antonio Acosta Hernández" unveils its winners (23/10/2019)
    It will be this Saturday, October 26 at 12 noon at the Enrique Escudero de Castro Municipal Archaeological Museum
  • APICES Cartagena claims that the language on mental health is not frivolized and taken care of (23/10/2019)

  • Adif tenders the drafting of the works project for the suppression of a level crossing in Pozo Estrecho (23/10/2019)
    It is located on the conventional railway line Chinchilla-Cartagena, at kilometer point 512/473
  • UPCT transfers Internet of Things technologies in free bands to meter reading for Hidrogea (23/10/2019)
    The researcher Jesús Rubio has developed three long-range and low-consumption data transmission devices during his thesis
  • Pre-emergency with low incidents due to rain has been deactivated (23/10/2019)
    30 liters per square meter on average caused the Siphon road to be cut and an ambulance rescued on the same road
  • The PSOE of Cartagena meets with different groups and local associations (22/10/2019)

  • UCAM Cartagena trains its first group of volunteers for this course (22/10/2019)

  • The municipal Plenary approves the participation of the councilors not attached to the information commissions (22/10/2019)
    The Corporation has now processed the disappearance of the socialist municipal group after the official expulsion of its six councilors
  • Cartagena starts its way to be considered a World Heritage City by UNESCO (22/10/2019)

  • The Third of Levante will act in front of the Town Hall on the occasion of Veterans Day (22/10/2019)
    The performance will be this Wednesday 23 at 7.30 pm with the participation of the Orfeón of the Royal Veterans Brotherhood of the Armed Forces and Civil Guard
  • Cartagena commemorates Veterans Day of the Armed Forces and Civil Guard (22/10/2019)

  • The Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena hosts the ´Eikon´ exhibition by Cartagena artist Kraser (22/10/2019)
    The exhibition will open this Friday at 8:00 pm in the exhibition halls of the enclosure
  • MC: Cartagena lives "a historic and aberrant day" with its first transferable mayor (22/10/2019)
    Jesús Giménez: "Castejón took the 30 coins of PP, Cs or whoever they are to deliver us to the concessionaires, to chaos and mismanagement"
  • APICES Cartagena celebrates an informative day on mental health and communication (22/10/2019)
    It will begin at 10 am, this Wednesday, October 23, at the UNED Cartagena Assembly Hall
  • Equality grants grants to 64 entities and women's associations of the municipality (22/10/2019)
    The City Council has published on the board the provisional resolution of the minutes of the commission responsible for granting aid
  • López Miras: "Cartagena has more than enough attractions to become the great capital of tourism in the Spanish Mediterranean" (22/10/2019)
    The president of the Community and the mayor of Cartagena sign the protocol of collaboration between both administrations to promote the declaration of the city port as a World Heritage Site by Unesco
  • The Port of Cartagena and the Los Nietos Yacht Club, candidates to host the Llaut and Rowing Championships of Spain 2020 (22/10/2019)
    The Department of Sports of the City of Cartagena supports these water sports and the celebration of these national events
  • The comedy ´Alier Andalusian´ arrives at the Teatro Apollo Circus of El Algar (22/10/2019)
    The show will be this Friday, October 25 at 9:30 p.m. with the performance of Quique de la Fuente, Txapela de Cádiz, Abraham Martín and Jesús Piña
  • The concert cycle of the Cartagena Symphony Orchestra begins with Saturday soloist Nury Guarnaschelli (22/10/2019)
    This will be the first of the seven concerts the orchestra will offer throughout the season under the direction of Leonardo Martínez
  • Musicians Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent and Tino di Geraldo will premiere their recent work ´Flamenco Leaks´ at the Cartagena Jazz Festival (22/10/2019)
    The trio, which published this last work on all digital platforms on Tuesday, October 22, will perform at Nuevo Teatro Circo on Saturday, November 2, at 9:30 p.m., next to the Sevillian pianist Dorantes
  • A man arrested for stealing from a kiosk-cafeteria in Cartagena (22/10/2019)
    The events occurred last week, when the agents of the Local Police of Cartagena found the 34-year-old individual entering this establishment of Parque de los Juncos
  • The young people will be protagonists in the I Congress ´Liderando el Cambio´ (22/10/2019)
    It will be held on October 30 by the hand of Mundi Masters in El batel, in order to foster leadership and their social participation
  • Concert on the occasion of the Veterans Day of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard (22/10/2019)
    The event will be held on Wednesday, October 23 in the Town Hall square by the Music Unit of the Third of Levante and the Orfeón de la Hermandad de Veterans
  • The mayor of Cartagena asks the CHS for more surveillance and control to avoid spills into the Mar Menor (22/10/2019)
    Ana Belén Castejón has also demanded greater coordination between the two administrations to ensure that the cleaning and maintenance work of the waterways is adequate
  • The City Hall is illuminated by World Polio Day (22/10/2019)
    Cartagena joins the fight of this disease with Rotary clubs on October 24 with a screening at the City of Cartagena at 8.30pm
  • Sociologist José Luis Fernández Casadevante ´Kois´ presents the study ´Cities on the move´ in Cartagena Piensa (22/10/2019)
    It will be this Thursday, October 24, at 8:00 p.m. in the Josefina Soria del Luzzy library
  • The Galifa Nature Days 2019 will talk about the wildlife of the protected natural area Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso and Roldán (22/10/2019)
    It will be on Saturday, October 26 from 8 pm at the socio-cultural premises of Galifa
  • UPCT students classify national third parties in a programming hackathon (22/10/2019)

  • Friday markets will open the holiday November 1 (22/10/2019)
    The Algar, the LLano del Beal, Pozo Estrecho and Urbanización Mediterráneo will feature that day with a market whose opening hours to the public will be the usual
  • Activated the pre-emergence of municipal services before the yellow warning by cold drop (22/10/2019)
    According to the AEMET rainfall is expected in the municipality of Cartagena between zero and 14 hours on Tuesday, which could reach accumulated 60 liters per square meter
  • ... (21/10/2019)

  • 30 teams from Cartagena will participate in the XXV edition of the Amateur Football League 2019-2020 (21/10/2019)
    The championship starts today at the Ciudad Jardín Municipal Soccer Field with the match between Mapa Sonido FC and Soto Plumbing
  • Activated the pre-emergence of municipal services before the yellow warning by cold drop from this morning (21/10/2019)
    According to the AEMET rainfall is expected in the municipality of Cartagena between zero and 14 hours on Tuesday, which could reach accumulated of 60 liters per square meter
  • A Rumor Free Youth Associations Meeting in the month of fairs (21/10/2019)

  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas intensifies its programming for the November bridge (21/10/2019)
    Includes guided, theatrical routes and children's musical shows in the different museums and interpretation centers
  • Elorrieta takes its exhibition ´Oxide Lover´ to the City Hall (21/10/2019)
    It will be inaugurated this Wednesday, October 23 and can be visited until November 30 with structures as an initiatory path
  • The course of ´Initiation to wine tasting´ extends its registration period (21/10/2019)
    Applications for the course of the Empowerment School of the Department of Equality of the City of Cartagena may be submitted until Tuesday October 29
  • The municipal services, attentive to the yellow warning of rain that is activated this morning (21/10/2019)
    According to the AEMET rainfall is expected in the municipality of Cartagena between zero and 14 hours on Tuesday, which could reach accumulated of 60 liters per square meter
  • The sociologist José Molina presents his latest book on the importance of participation and transparency (21/10/2019)
    The presentation of the book 'A society with answers: Manifesto for participation and transparency', framed within Cartagena Piensa, will be this Tuesday, June 22 October, at 8 pm, in the Josefina Soria del Luzzy Library
  • The UCAM Athletics Cartagena continues its activity with the planning of next season (21/10/2019)
    The Deputy Mayor and the Councilor for Sports last week visited the club facilities where they discussed the improvements in conjunction with the City Council
  • Local Police receives training on drug and drug detection in the ESPAC (21/10/2019)
    It will be until October 30 at the ESPAC facilities with detection of substances at the wheel, use of equipment and extraction of evidence, type of drugs and practices in public road
  • Training sessions begin for teachers to develop online teaching content (21/10/2019)
    The European INDIe project promotes educational resources and active learning methodologies
  • The young people from Cartagena encouraged the month of fairs with the Meeting of Youth Associations and the Handicraft Market (21/10/2019)
    During this weekend more than 40 groups participated and hand-made objects were put up for sale by young artisans from the municipality of Cartagena
  • The Algar Surmenor continues its winning streak with 3-2 against Barça CVB (21/10/2019)
    The Algaran pavilion hosted the second meeting of the season of the premises against the current runners-up of the Iberdrola League
  • Hairdressing, handicrafts, ecotourism or e-commerce in the 4th edition of the ADLE Entrepreneurial Generation program (21/10/2019)
    The 12 local entrepreneurs that compose it begin their training to launch their projects and the creation of their companies
  • Prize for two young researchers from the Chair of Sustainable Agriculture (21/10/2019)
    The communication of a PhD on agricultural ecosystem services was also awarded
  • Cartagena gives solidarity stitches against Breast Cancer (21/10/2019)

  • The city dressed up for the 40th anniversary of COEC (21/10/2019)
    The event took place this Friday, October 18, at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium and Conference Center, where the XXV Awards for Business Excellence were presented
  • New speed controls for the week of October 21-27 (21/10/2019)
    The Local Police of Cartagena reports the location of radars in different neighborhoods and districts of the municipality
  • UCAM Cartagena in meetings, awards, technification and victory of Moha Katir (20/10/2019)

  • MC will demand in the Plenary solutions for the numerous problems of accessibility, security and cleanliness existing in the Media Room (20/10/2019)
    The Cartagena formation demands that the accessibility plan be resumed in neighborhoods and districts halted by Castejón
  • Citizens celebrates that President López Miras joins his proposal that Cartagena be a World Heritage Site (19/10/2019)
    The formation began in 2016 to promote the declaration, which deputies Garaulet and Martínez promised to defend in Congress last day 9
  • If the 2020 budgets do not include the recovery of Fajardo, MC will take the three administrations to the Prosecutor's Office (19/10/2019)
    Jesús Giménez: "They have consented to the plundering of the BIC even though they have had a sentence for twenty years"
  • The GALACTYCO Collective and the FELGTB ask for the Cartagena STI unit to be reopened (19/10/2019)
    They require parties to make HIV a priority in their health policies again
  • López Miras: "We begin the procedures so that the city of Cartagena is recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage" (18/10/2019)

  • Infrastructure intensifies cleaning work at the notice of a DANA on Monday (18/10/2019)
    They have focused mainly on the conditioning of waterways and sewers to avoid any possible obstruction that may cause flooding and flooding
  • The first protected housing of APICES begins its journey in El Bohío (18/10/2019)
    The house, located on Marquina Street, 8, of the Cartagena deputation, has 8 new residents
  • The City Council expects that Ercros will no longer delay the decontamination of the El Hondón land (18/10/2019)
    The Ministry of Environment has declared contaminated land these lands, forcing the company to take care of its cleaning.
  • The Newfresh active packaging developed by UPCT and SAECO wins the Bankia Innovation Award (18/10/2019)

  • José López: "Castejón presumes of his betrayal of the PSOE to take advantage of Cartagena" (18/10/2019)
    The spokesman of MC reminds PP and Cs that, if they help Castejón to cheat in the extinction of his group, they will be responsible civil, criminal or what corresponds
  • The City Council will expand the schedule control system to new workplaces (18/10/2019)
    The Government Board has approved this morning the acquisition of new biometric readers, together with an urbanization project in El Bohío and four tourism grants
  • ´Cartagena, month of fairs´ continues with the Meeting of Youth Associations and the Handicraft Market (18/10/2019)
    The young people will be protagonists on Saturday 19 with the meeting of more than 40 groups and on Sunday 20th day with the sale of handmade objects
  • Cartagena Piensa shows in San Antón the initiative ´Barrios por el clima´ (18/10/2019)
    It took place in the Casino of the Cartagena neighborhood belonging to the project 'Climate change: Everyone's task'
  • Jesús Giménez (MC) denounces the possible violation of constitutional guarantees in the last immigration crisis in Cartagena (18/10/2019)

  • The UMU Professor of Ecology, Ángel Pérez Ruzafa, will address the issue of the Mar Menor (17/10/2019)
    In a new edition of Los Culturales de Cartagena Futuro
  • UCAM Cartagena encourages the teamwork of its students with an Escape Hall in its University Welcome (17/10/2019)

  • The mayor confirms the stability and continuity of the municipal government after the official expulsion of the Socialist mayor (17/10/2019)
    Ana Belén Castejón affirms that she will continue to be mayor until June 2021 and that the municipal government will continue to have the 15 votes necessary to carry out its agreement of legislature
  • Paradise Beach becomes the scene of the Amazon Prime series "The People" (17/10/2019)

  • The manifesto against poverty and social exclusion brings together institutions and citizens at the gates of the Regional Assembly (17/10/2019)
    Among the attendees was the deputy mayor and the Councilor for Social Services of the City of Cartagena who have reiterated the municipal commitment to reverse the situation working from the unit
  • The Civil Guard investigates a pharmacist for selling a product with liquid ecstasy (17/10/2019)
    He is credited with the alleged authorship of crime against public health
  • The reading clubs of the Municipal Libraries of Cartagena participate in a literary meeting with the winner of the Princess of Asturias Award for Letters (17/10/2019)
    Guests invited by the foundation went to Oviedo this week where they learned about aspects of Siri's life and work Hustvedt
  • Navantia joins the Alliance #CEOPorLaDiversidad (17/10/2019)

  • The dock of the Port of Cartagena will host the 200 participants of the XXV Regatta ´Navegante Juan Fernández´ (17/10/2019)
    It will be this weekend, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20, when a total of 45 boats open the racing season with this competition in honor of the Cartagena
  • Cartagena hosts the screening of the 2018 Cannes Palme d'Or winner, 'A family affair' (17/10/2019)
    The screening of the film by Japanese director Hirozaku Koreeda will take place this Friday, October 18, at 8:00 p.m. the Ficcmoteca of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Sexuality and disability this Friday in Cartagena Think (17/10/2019)
    The documentary '... And me, why not?
  • Equality launches a campaign to promote the involvement of men against sexist violence (17/10/2019)
    Posters distributed by the municipality, work from the educational centers and a free online guide of the Equal Man, are actions included in this initiative of the Cartagena City Council aimed at sensitizing society
  • Jorge Juan Street renews its lighting with the installation of 62 LED technology luminaires (17/10/2019)
    The Cartagena Municipal Government wants to modernize the current network by optimizing resources and promoting energy savings.
  • Shakespeare and clowns for the benefit of the Belarusian children of Chernobyl (17/10/2019)
    The performance of the play 'Chespier in clown', by the Classroom Workshop Theater of the Loft, will be next Thursday October 24, at 20 hours, in the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • More than 50 fishermen will participate in the XIX National Open ´City of Cartagena´ (17/10/2019)
    It will be played at the beach of the Hotel Entremares in La Manga next Saturday, the 19th
  • Social Services will offer guidance on drug dependence prevention at the University Welcome of the UPCT (17/10/2019)
    The party will have a stand next Friday 18 where it will offer information and symbolic measurements of alcohol
  • MC agrees to the active participation in the mobilizations planned to demand solutions in the Mar Menor (17/10/2019)
    José López showed yesterday the contrast between the commitment and the efforts made by MC in his two years of Mayor's Office and the inaction of the big parties
  • Traffic cut on Sunday on Calle Real by the assembly of a crane (17/10/2019)
    It will affect the direction towards Plaza de España and Barrio de la Concepción, between Plaza del Par and Cruceiro to the section
  • The Sea of ​​Music, National Waves of Music Award 2019 (16/10/2019)
    The festival, which has celebrated its 25th edition this year, will bring the Pegasus bronze to Cartagena next to Hoy por Hoy, Salvados, Camilo Sesto or Rosalía
  • Castejón asks Minister Ribera to create a Commissioner for the Mar Menor (16/10/2019)
    The mayor of Cartagena has insisted that it is time to get to work to work for the survival of the lagoon with calendar and budget
  • The third edition of UPCT-Ingeniosanos starts with the game of sustainable urban mobility (MUS) (16/10/2019)

  • The writer and journalist Jose María Zavala will participate in a colloquium talk in Cartagena (16/10/2019)

  • City Council and Red Cross will create a working group to expand assistance to vulnerable groups (16/10/2019)

  • A group of French Erasmus + students visit and receive a talk on universal accessibility in the Miraculous Building (16/10/2019)

  • Students of the ADLE Social Care course receive their diplomas (16/10/2019)
    After completing the theoretical teaching focused on dependent people, they will begin the practical part in centers of care for dependency in the region
  • The European COLEOPTER project approves the sustainable renovation of the Tallante youth hostel (16/10/2019)
    Infrastructure will be responsible for carrying out the technical actions following the objective of converting the municipal building into an example of energy efficiency and water efficiency in rural areas
  • The architectural work of the Museo del Barrio del Foro Romano will be finished at the end of October (16/10/2019)
    The Government Board of Puerto de Culturas has seen the increase in deposits and interpretation centers of about 40,000 visitors
  • Cartagena hosts the International Congress ICOFORT Spain 2019 (16/10/2019)
    It is held from October 23 to 26 at the Roman Theater Museum
  • MC: ´La Trinca´ does not address the deficit of primary care in our neighborhoods and districts (16/10/2019)
    "Two years after MC guaranteed its financing, the Santa Ana office is still not awarded"
  • MC: "The reality dismantles the excuses of poor payer Joaquín Segado and the PP about his fault in the extermination of the Mar Menor" (16/10/2019)
    "The lack of memory of the popular deputy also extends to his old demands against transfuguismo"
  • The associations and groups of the Coordinator of Lo Campano are updated (16/10/2019)

  • Cartagena Piensa presents in San Antón the initiative ´Barrios por el clima´ (16/10/2019)
    It will be this Thursday, at 7.30 pm, in the Casino of the Cartagena neighborhood
  • The Hospitality "Santa Teresa" celebrates the feast of its Patron (16/10/2019)
    Tributes took place throughout the day on Tuesday with floral offerings, Eucharist and the delivery of the entity's Gold Medals
  • The rural women of Cartagena commemorate their day (16/10/2019)
    On the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women, this Tuesday a meeting was held at the Local Social Quarries to celebrate it
  • The cultural route "The lighthouses of the Port" opens the cycle of visits organized by the UP in Cartagena (15/10/2019)
    It will be this Thursday, October 17 from 10 am to 12 noon, leaving from the car park of Cala Cortina
  • The show ´Aventango´ by pianist Anna Fedorova arrives at the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar (15/10/2019)
    It will be this Friday 18th with the soloists Marcelo Nisinman to the bandoneon, Daniel Rowland to the violin, Dana Zemtsov to the viola and Nicholas Schwartz to the double bass
  • The Road Education Park opens the course with adapted facilities (15/10/2019)
    Vía Pública has carried out a series of works to eliminate architectural barriers and improve both access and facilities
  • MC: The children's playgrounds in the municipality remain maintenance-free from the "La Trinca" pact (15/10/2019)
    Jesús Giménez: "Dirt and neglect plague the municipality because there is no planning or demand"
  • Appointed the presidents, members and alternates that will make up the polling stations on 10-N (15/10/2019)

  • A UPCT student proposes an intergenerational school to revitalize Monte Sacro (15/10/2019)

  • ESPAC updates the training in first aid and use of the defibrillator of municipal employees (14/10/2019)
    The training activity will take place during a week in the facilities of the Security Park of the City of Cartagena
  • An exhibition of photos and antiques inaugurates the Cultural Week of the elders of the Barriada de la Caridad (14/10/2019)
    Until this Friday, October 18, they will carry out activities in the Social Local of the neighborhood with board games championships, film screenings or coexistence
  • The match between FC Cartagena and Barça will have a Row 0 to raise funds for DANA (14/10/2019)
    It will be open from Monday 14 until the same day of the match to be played on November 13 and already takes more than 7 thousand tickets sold
  • MC: The PP upholds the Government of 'fugitives and smoke sellers' against its Statutes and the recent criticism of its leaders to Cs and VOX (14/10/2019)
    Jesús Giménez Gallo: "This is the PP, master in corruption and objector of awareness when it comes to meeting standards "
  • The most intimate and supportive part of Miguel Poveda sounds in Cartagena (14/10/2019)
    The benefits collected during the concert, held this past Friday, October 11, at the Municipal Auditorium and Congress Center El Batel, have been destined to the Royal and Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Father Risen Jesus
  • The ´Flecha´ boat wins the II Navy Sailing Trophy (14/10/2019)
    The regatta, commemorating the V Centenary of the 1st Sailing World Tour, was held this weekend at the port, with departure and arrival at the dock of boats
  • The Assembly agrees to request the launch of a commercial register in Cartagena (14/10/2019)
    Joaquín Segado, defender of the initiative, stressed that "it would save displacements, facilitate management and reduce bureaucratic procedures"
  • Korean artist Kihong Chung hangs his creations at the Molina Palace (14/10/2019)
    The exhibition was inaugurated on Friday 11 by the councilor of the area of ​​Culture, Youth and Equality and will remain open to the public until January 12
  • "The Mar Menor dies and" La Trinca "is silent accomplice" (14/10/2019)
    José López: "What is happening with the fish has happened before with the people"
  • The Assembly requests the presence of a permanent unit of the EMU in Cartagena (14/10/2019)
    Joaquín Segado states that the city "has military facilities to accommodate the contingent" and its location "would increase the capacity to react to natural disasters"
  • Technification returns this Saturday in Cartagena (14/10/2019)
    The athletics track of Cartagena will host a new day of the FAMU Sports Technification Plan, aimed at the Jumping - Height Sector, by José David Martínez and Carles Triadó
  • Fuensanta Blanco brings the Extremadura dance to the stage of Cartagena Jonda (14/10/2019)
    The performance will take place this Saturday, October 19, at 9:30 p.m., at the Mare Nostrum Restaurant (Port of Cartagena)
  • Political scientist Manuel Villoria fights corruption in Cartagena Piensa (14/10/2019)
    The presentation of the book 'Combat corruption' will be this Tuesday, October 15, at 8:00 p.m., at the Josefina Soria del Luzzy Library
  • Citizens support the creation of a permanent contingent of the EMU and a Mercantile Registry in Cartagena (14/10/2019)

  • Second Cofrade Formation Course (14/10/2019)
    The Royal and Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Risen Father Jesus, makes available to all his brothers, through the Formation Stewardship, the II Cofrade Formation Course
  • Last hours to register for the youth craft market (14/10/2019)
    The application period ends on Tuesday 15 to participate in the event to be held this Sunday with Heroes de Cavite
  • New speed controls for the week of October 14 to 20 (14/10/2019)
    The Local Police of Cartagena reports the location of the radars in different neighborhoods and districts of the municipality
  • Telematics Engineering Researchers develop monitoring systems with LoRa technology (14/10/2019)
    They have designed low-cost sensing devices with connection to an infrastructure installed in the CEDIT of the Polytechnic that offers coverage to the entire field of Cartagena
  • The women of Club Cuatro Cantos Cartagena shine in Caravaca and Azohía (13/10/2019)

  • Great victory of UCAM Cartagena against Priego TM (13/10/2019)
    Liga Iberdrola (2nd round)
  • 400 participants in the III Solidarity March of Hispanity in favor of the Cystic Fibrosis Association (12/10/2019)

  • Presented the teams of the South Minor Algar at the Volley Fest that raised funds for those affected by the DANA (12/10/2019)
    The festival was held Friday at the Apollo Circus Theater in El Algar
  • Cartagena began on Friday the National Holiday Day events with a tribute to the flag and a concert (12/10/2019)
    During the weekend there will be open visits to the public to the military Arsenal and Navy ships, exhibitions of material from the three armies and a commemorative concert of the Battle of Lepanto of the Music Unit of the Tercio de Levante
  • Local Police Agents from across the Region receive training in the ESPAC on traffic accident reconstruction (11/10/2019)
    This course is the first of three belonging to the formative itinerary organized by the EFIAP, in which participants learn about sketches and applied topography to these events
  • Youth launches theater and music workshops that will delve into the problems and concerns of adolescents (11/10/2019)
    The 'A Proyect by Young' project, which will start on Monday, October 28, will take place on Monday and Thursday, from October to December , from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and will be aimed at young people between 14 and 17 years old
  • The MC-driven project for the settlement of rural roads in the western area of ​​Cartagena goes out to tender (11/10/2019)
    The drafting and concurrence of it goes back two years after Mayor of José López
  • Social Services participates in the II Day Child Friendly Cities of the Region (11/10/2019)
    The day was addressed to the municipal officials belonging to this initiative such as Cartagena, as well as to those interested in being part of it
  • MC: The PP turns the Port of Cartagena into a fight for the most expensive armchair in the Autonomous Community (11/10/2019)
    Jesús Giménez: "With the 400 meters of track approved by ADIF, Cartagena is once again besieged by the centralists"
  • Isabel la Católica says goodbye after receiving more than 62,000 visits in Cartagena (11/10/2019)
    The exhibition on the costumes, weapons and objects of the RTVE series 'Isabel', located in the Castillo de la Concepción, hosted until September 30 a 10 percent more visits than last year
  • The ADLE trains 15 new lifeguards and nautical monitors (11/10/2019)
    The students of this course, framed in the EDUSI strategy 'La Manga Open 365', are unemployed people from the area
  • SABIC celebrates the eighth Public Advisory Panel with neighbors and social representatives of the community (11/10/2019)

  • Spanish music of the three armies tonight in the Town Hall Square (11/10/2019)
    The Tercio de Levante unit will perform pasodobles, military marches, zarzuelas and polkas within the activities of the National Festival, which will include a tribute to the Battle of Lepanto
  • The Council of Culture advances in the process of preparing the Cartagena Culture Plan (11/10/2019)
    At the meeting held this Thursday and chaired by the mayor, municipal public calls in this area were also put on the table
  • The commissioner and chronicler marrajo, Pedro Ferrández García, will be the preacher of the Holy Week 2020 of Cartagena (10/10/2019)
    Of wide processionary tradition, the one chosen by the Board of Brotherhoods will prologize the beginning of Lent on February 29 in El Batel
  • The name of José Albaladejo already presides over the press room of the City Hall (10/10/2019)
    Family, friends, colleagues and a large representation of the municipal corporation attended on Thursday afternoon to discover the plaque that gives the name of being a photographer municipal
  • The Volley Fest will raise funds for those affected by the DANA (10/10/2019)
    The festival organized by the Algar SurMenor women's team and the Hermanos Sánchez-Luengo Foundation will be held on Friday from 8:30 p.m. at the Apolo Circus Theater in El Algar
  • Approve the project of the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena (10/10/2019)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, recalls that it was a compromise reached between the Ministry and the City Council during the previous term
  • Lorca and Poveda will ring this Friday in Cartagena for the benefit of the Brotherhood of the Risen (10/10/2019)
    The concert will take place on October 11, at 9:30 p.m., at the Municipal Auditorium and Congress Center El Batel
  • Predicting gestational diabetes in the first trimester of pregnancy (10/10/2019)
    Obstetricians at Santa Lucia Hospital develop a new model to predict gestational diabetes in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Turners, industrial engineers and truck drivers, the most demanded professions by the Cartagena industrial sector (10/10/2019)
    ADLE has contracted a study to determine the profiles required by Cartagena companies
  • Cartagena claims not to give up and fight for life in the face of suicide (10/10/2019)

  • Cartagena starts on Friday the National Holiday Day events with a tribute to the flag (10/10/2019)
    During the weekend there will be open visits to the public to the military Arsenal and Navy ships, exhibitions of material from the three armies and a concert commemorating the Battle of Lepanto of the Music Unit of the Tercio de Levante
  • The church of the Cemetery of Los Remedios recovers all its original iconography (10/10/2019)
    The last restitutions of original heritage, among which are paintings by Ussel de Guimbarda and a via crucis, are already in the temple
  • The Luzzy Ficcmoteca begins its programming with the award-winning ´The days to come´ (10/10/2019)
    It will be this Friday, the 11th at 8:00 pm in the Assembly Hall with free admission until capacity is reached
  • Adif AV awards the works of section I of the Cartagena Railway Arterial Network (10/10/2019)
    They have an execution period of 8 months
  • The residents of La Aljorra celebrate their seventh day of living together (10/10/2019)

  • Public Route finalizes the road signs improvement plan in the neighborhoods of the municipality (10/10/2019)
    This plan is part of a biannual program through which the City of Cartagena will have invested a total of 700,000 euros in 2020
  • MC Cartagena informs the neighbors of Molinos Marfagones about their upcoming initiatives in mobility and accessibility (10/10/2019)
    The Cartagena training will promote a cycling path linking the town with the residential Buenos Aires
  • The ADLE starts the Business Growth program with 30 La Manga companies (10/10/2019)
    Participants will receive 18 hours of training and coaching from October 21 to December 17 to improve the profitability of their business
  • MC will take to the Plenary the voice of the neighbors "before the inaction of the administrations on the problem of pollution (10/10/2019)

  • Four projects of teachers and students of the UPCT, awarded the Regional Architecture Award (10/10/2019)

  • Citizens will promote the declaration of Cartagena as a World Heritage City in Congress (09/10/2019)

  • Responsible for the Ministry of Justice visit the Peninsular Hotel to study its viability as a temporary headquarters for the new courts (09/10/2019)
    The Cartagena City Council has made this space available to you while the City of Justice is being built
  • The ADLE launches the Entrepreneurial Generation Entrepreneurship Generation program (09/10/2019)
    In total, 30 local companies will benefit in this first edition of individualized consulting and tutoring in New Technologies, New Forms of Company Organization and Cost Control and Finance
  • Leisure among young people as the main theme in the Municipal Council of Children and Adolescents (09/10/2019)
    The 25 members that compose it have started the school year with the first meeting where they have prepared their proposals to be presented at the municipal plenary
  • Cartagena shows its skin for the first time in the XV edition of the National Congress of Dermatological Nursing (09/10/2019)
    The congress, which will host hundreds of health professionals and nursing students, will take place on October 24 and 25, at the Municipal Auditorium and Palace of Congresses El Batel
  • Crowns, Tired and Colubi take to the streets of Cartagena with delusional discussions of the Illustrious Illustrious program (09/10/2019)
    The show arrives at the Municipal Auditorium and Conference Center El Batel this Saturday, October 12, at 9:00 p.m., with Pedro Vera as a guest
  • The Press Room of the City Hall will be named after José Albaladejo (09/10/2019)
    The discovery of the plaque that will give the name of being a municipal photographer will take place on Thursday, October 10 at 6 pm
  • More than 240 swimmers will surround the Lighthouse of Cabo de Palos in the VI edition of the Timon Cap (09/10/2019)
    It will be held on Sunday October 13 with a 3.5 km journey from the port of Cabo de Palos to the Levante Beach divided in eleven categories
  • ... (09/10/2019)

  • Half a hundred shops offer discounts of up to 60% at the X Cartagena Outlet Fair (09/10/2019)
    Fashion, decoration and a wide variety of products can be purchased at the stands of the Paseo del Puerto, next to Héroes de Cavite, until Sunday day 13
  • Two new businesses begin their journey in the Women's Business Nursery (09/10/2019)
    There is only one free job left at these facilities
  • Jiménez blames the accusations of the city council of Cartagena and the Autonomous Community on the arrival of immigrants to a deep ignorance (09/10/2019)
    The delegate of the Government indicates that the CIE is at full capacity and censures the statements of Deputy Mayor Arroyo in which he states that this installation is closed
  • MC: The reform of the Sauces Park, a two-month work of 2018, will be completed in mid-2020 in the best case (09/10/2019)
    Torralba's willingness to use the Participatory Budgets for electoralist purposes leaves 60% of the unfinished works
  • Cartagena Think of San Antón starts its activities of the quarter with great emphasis on the climate crisis (09/10/2019)

  • Young people can choose from more than 70 activities scheduled by the T-LA for this fall (09/10/2019)
    Outings, workshops and theatrical routes, have a place in the programming prepared by the Department of Youth and aimed at young people between 14 and 35 years
  • The reading libraries of the municipal libraries travel to Oviedo to the Princess of Asturias Awards (09/10/2019)
    Among the activities scheduled for the last quarter of the year, there is a meeting with the writer Siri Hustvedt, winner of the 2019 Arts Award
  • Ruiz Jódar: "The regional government complies with the Rosell Law and is committed to health in Cartagena with a 24-hour hemodynamic service" (09/10/2019)
    The PP deputy said that 30,000 surgical interventions were performed at the Cartagena hospital last year, there were 1,401 admissions and 142,603 ​​attentions in external consultations
  • Carmina Fernández: "PP and Citizens once again show their zero interest in Cartagena by voting against the application of the Law of Rosell" (09/10/2019)

  • The Mandarache Prize, invited to ´LiterACCIÓN´ in Barcelona (09/10/2019)

  • The Cartagena Gymnastics Project returns to work in the face of the 2020 season (09/10/2019)
    The teams of the Cartagena Rhythmic Club, medalists in the XX World Group of Aesthetic Gymnastics Championships, work with choreographer Anton Laine to set it up
  • Industrial Technologies, Chemistry and Agronomists exhaust seats in the UPCT (09/10/2019)
    The UPCT opens a period of late registration in careers with vacancies
  • MC says that "the Statutes of the PP require the return of the minutes of Noelia Arroyo and his councilors for agreeing with transfugues" (09/10/2019)
    "PP and Cs must require their councilors to leave the Government of Castejón"
  • BBVA inaugurates a new and innovative Customer Banking Center in Cartagena (08/10/2019)
    The new office brings together the face-to-face, digital and remote customer service in the same space.
  • A Hispanic Day in favor of the Murcian Cystic Fibrosis Association (08/10/2019)
    The III Solidarity March of Hispanity will take place this Saturday, October 12, starting at 5:30 p.m., from Colombia Street, in front of the local the Neighborhood Association of the Latin American Neighborhood
  • The Port of Cartagena puts the finishing touch to the Latin Sailing season with the II Spanish Armed Trophy (08/10/2019)
    It will be held on October 12 and 13.
  • Municipal and Coastal Demarcation technicians visit the beaches of the Cartagena coast to determine the works to be executed (08/10/2019)
    The mayor demands that the cleaning efforts be sustained, because sediments continue to reach the Mar Menor, and that the Law of the Sea is fulfilled Minor
  • The musical Transylvania Castle hangs the entire poster in every country (08/10/2019)
    Tickets have sold out in 48 hours
  • The III Solidarity March of Hispanity will be this Saturday in favor of the Cystic Fibrosis Association (08/10/2019)

  • The UPCT School of Industrialists helps high school students improve their electric vehicles for the Greenpower competition (08/10/2019)

  • Disseminate and guide interventions in cultural heritage in the days hosted by the UPCT (08/10/2019)

  • MC: Immigration and Castejón, 'striker' of Arroyo against the PSOE to get votes (08/10/2019)
    "The PP takes advantage of the social alarm to make a ruinous policy and away from solutions"
  • Last 50 tickets for sale for the Cartagena Jazz Festival (08/10/2019)
    Fertilizers are purchased at the box office of the New Circus Theater and the El Batel Auditorium, with access to the nine concerts of the festival
  • The ADLE helps Cartagena to start their business with the 4th edition of Entrepreneurial Generation (08/10/2019)

  • The application deadline to be part of the Christmas Craft Market opens (08/10/2019)
    Those interested in installing a stand have from October 9 to 29 to submit their applications
  • Habaneras and songs from the sea will sound in Cartagena on Hispanic Day (08/10/2019)
    The sixth edition of the Carthagonova Polyphonic Choir concert will take place this Saturday, October 12, at 12 noon, in the Permanent Exhibition Hall of the National Museum of Underwater Archeology ARQVA
  • Víctor Beltrí Avenue opened to traffic (08/10/2019)
    After concluding the connection of the pluvial network of the greenway of Barrio de Peral to the general driving of the avenue
  • MC: Cartagena, with the silence 'guilty' of La Trinca, is the only large Spanish city without a rail connection (08/10/2019)
    Our Region remains one month without a railroad, which suffers the effects of decades of abandonment
  • VOX Cartagena asks the city council about the current situation of the entry of illegal immigrants (07/10/2019)

  • ... (07/10/2019)

  • The new edition of the ADLE Barrios program will be held in Los Nietos and Los Urrutias (07/10/2019)
    The objective of this initiative is to contribute to improving the training and employment of unemployed people in both locations
  • Carmina Fernández: "PP and Vox act against the interests of Cartagena by refusing to maintain the same health services in summer as the rest of the year" (07/10/2019)

  • Twenty twenty Victoria Cave fossils to be exhibited in 3D at the Municipal Archaeological Museum (07/10/2019)

  • The Molina Palace in Cartagena exposes the work of Korean artist Kihong Chung (07/10/2019)
    The exhibition opens on Friday, October 11 at 7:30 p.m.
  • The writer Eloy Tizón compiles in his last essay thirty years of articles on writers (07/10/2019)
    The presentation of the book 'Slightly wounded: thirty years of reading memory', framed within the program Read, think, imagine, will take place this Tuesday October 8 , at 20 hours, in the library of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • More than 800 athletes participated in the 10K race of the Port of Cartagena (07/10/2019)
    Juan Ramón García and Paloma Sánchez win the victory in this scoring event for the Running Challenge, popular racing league of the Murcian Athletics Federation
  • The UrbanCTFest festival opens its registration for the Loop Station, BeatBox, Graffiti & StreetArt and Dijing championships (07/10/2019)
    Those interested can register until October 13 in person or online by attaching the documentation of the contest rules
  • Torres Park shouted like a single voice in favor of ASIDO and social inclusion (07/10/2019)
    The Jamones con Tacones and Karmacadabra groups filled the Cartagena night with energy and rhythm
  • The Assembly agrees, at the request of the PP, that the former health center of San Antón de Cartagena be assigned to socio-health entities (07/10/2019)
    Antonio Calderón: "The release of these facilities is a great opportunity for these associations to continue doing their excellent work in the best conditions "
  • López: "Confirmed the transfuguismo of Castejón and his cronies, MC claims that they lose the collective privileges they enjoy" (07/10/2019)
    "If there is any illicit or fraud, we will ensure that Arroyo and Padín respond as much as Castejón"
  • The PP rejects the immigrant reception center in the port of Cartagena proposed by the Government delegate (07/10/2019)
    Joaquín Segado warns that "it can seriously damage the tourist image of the city", and regrets that Francisco Jiménez "has put in the point of view of the mafias in Cartagena "
  • The mayor invites citizens to decorate their balconies with flags on the occasion of the National Holiday (07/10/2019)
    She also encourages citizens to participate in the various events organized on the occasion of October 12, especially the tribute to the flag that will take place on Friday in the afternoon on the esplanade of the port
  • The meetings with the author of the XX Historical Novel Week with María Dueñas begin (07/10/2019)
    He will talk about his work in general by sharing a table with Cristina López Barrio on Monday, the 7th in the auditorium of the Teatro Romano Foundation at 8pm, place where the rest of the presentations will be held until Friday
  • 14 educational centers once again count on defibrillators (07/10/2019)
    Twelve centers of Infant and Primary Education and two institutes have joined the Cartagena Municipal Project Cardio-Protected City of Cartagena City Council
  • Filed the previous proceedings against firefighters of Cartagena for an alleged animal abuse and omission of relief duty (07/10/2019)
    The court of instruction number four considers correct the action of municipal employees in the rescue of a cat that had fallen to a pond and rejects the complaint made against them by a feline defense association
  • UCAM Cartagena wins 0-4 in the league premiere (07/10/2019)
    Good start of the league of the Cartagena girls from UCAM, where they visited a complicated fief as was the CTT Santa Eularia de Ibiza
  • The deputy mayor warns that an erroneous management of the patents puts Cartagena in the target of the mafias (06/10/2019)

  • The UCAM U16 Athletics makes history again with an incredible fourth place in the National Clubs (06/10/2019)

  • UCAM Cartagena is the stature in the U16 Club National (06/10/2019)

  • 1,800 runners fill the 10K Port of Cartagena of solidarity (06/10/2019)

  • The PP requests in the Assembly the presence of a permanent unit of the EMU in Cartagena (06/10/2019)
    Miriam Guardiola: "We have also proposed to be granted the Honor Tie of Isabel the Catholic as a symbol of gratitude towards her solidarity work and humanitarian "
  • MC works with the official chroniclers on proposals for their involvement in the cultural and social life of Cartagena (06/10/2019)

  • Solidarity show in the Port of Cartagena (05/10/2019)
    The Cartagena Mandarache athlete Juan Ramón García takes the IV Cartagena Port Race - 10KCPC with a time of 33:02, by 38:16 for Paloma Sánchez Sala, of the Athletic Youth Elche, on the 24th scoring event of the Running Challenge
  • A place in El Plan dedicated to its first president of the neighborhood association (05/10/2019)
    The posthumous tribute has been chaired by the mayor, along with family members, members of the Municipal Corporation, neighbors and friends
  • MC: "The PP, in the hands of Citizens and VOX, continues to increase public debt" (05/10/2019)
    The critical situation once again exposes the need for a critical, independent and responsible voice in the Assembly
  • Hunting risks in the form of monsters to train in safety in the UPCT laboratories (05/10/2019)
    A student of the Polytechnic develops for his Master's Final Project an app of augmented reality for students, technicians and researchers chemical, biological and chemical hazards electric
  • A TFM proves that all vehicles in the Region could be electric without affecting the Spanish Electricity Network (04/10/2019)

  • Initially approved the Action Plan against noise in the urban agglomeration of Cartagena that will be submitted to public information (04/10/2019)
    The ordinance and a mobility plan, among the proposed measures to reduce the noise levels produced by traffic
  • The Latin American Neighborhood celebrates its festivities in honor of Hispanic Day (04/10/2019)
    From Saturday 5 to Sunday 13 October, various activities have been scheduled such as the III Solidarity March of Hispanidad, the first major Paellas Contest, musical performances, exhibitions of paint and a chocolate with buns
  • Approved an investment of 100,000 euros to finance the EDUSI of La Manga (04/10/2019)
    The City Council will develop, through the ADLE, a series of actions aimed at training for the unemployed, advice for companies in the area, organizing events to break the seasonality and promotional activities
  • New step for the development of the Dunes of Cabo de Palos and the Partial Plan CO5.1 with La Vaguada (04/10/2019)
    The Government Board initially approves its urbanization project and its action program and compensation board, respectively
  • New speed controls for the week of October 7 to 13 (04/10/2019)
    The Local Police of Cartagena reports the location of radars in different neighborhoods and districts of the municipality
  • 47 stands show next to the Port of Cartagena the activity of women's associations in the municipality (04/10/2019)
    The Cartagena Women's Associations Fair will be held from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 October next to Plaza Heroes de Cavite
  • The writer Eloy Tizón opens on Tuesday the program 'Read, Think and Imagine' of the Luzzy of Cartagena (04/10/2019)
    In this season's program there are other outstanding events such as a concert by singer-songwriter Luis Pastor, included in the poetic festival Deslinde, or the new films of the Ficcmotec
  • Tickets sold out for the Sweet California concert in Cartagena (04/10/2019)
    The female band presents its fourth work at the Gira Origen this Saturday, October 5, at 8:30 p.m., at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium and Conference Center
  • Midwives, pediatricians, health workers and anthropologists meet in Cartagena for the XVI National Congress of Breastfeeding (04/10/2019)
    A total of 15 Spanish experts will go through the Cultural Center during this Friday and Saturday with lectures and round tables where they will discuss the benefits of this practice for mothers and babies
  • Transylvania Castle returns to Castillo de la Concepcion for Halloween (04/10/2019)
    This children's musical was adapted for representation in the Cartagena fortress two years ago, achieving a success among the public, running out of tickets in 24 hours in all passes
  • Improves water quality in Los Nietos, Estrella de Mar and Los Urrutias, although they remain closed preventively due to the presence of trawls (04/10/2019)
    Despite the optimal microbiotic values ​​of these beaches of the Mar Menor, it has been decided to keep them closed preventively for prevent bathers from being injured by trawls that are deposited in the bottom
  • The Local Police of Cartagena will train other agents in the use of firearms (04/10/2019)
    The course 'Training and maintenance of the use of firearms' will be held from October 7 to 29, in the shooting gallery of the Public Safety School of the City Council of Cartagena ESPAC
  • Soloist Nury Guarnaschelli with the Cartagena Symphony Orchestra in the first concert of her new cycle (04/10/2019)
    They will be a total of seven concerts throughout the season, five of them at El Batel, as is this first one will celebrate next October 26
  • 'La Trinca' consumes its first year without approving the budget while planning to raise taxes and increase indebtedness (04/10/2019)
    The local government, unable to articulate the fiscal ordinances of 2020, rejects MC's proposal to reduce pressure on companies and individuals
  • The City Council starts up 4 public toilets adapted for ostomized patients (04/10/2019)
    These toilets will be located mainly in the public buildings of great influx of Cartagena, such as the Roman Theater Museum itself, the administrative building of San Miguel, the Miraculous and the cultural center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Markets will give license holders for sale in markets their identification cards (04/10/2019)
    From October 14 to November 15, the cards will be made available to those interested in the municipal offices of the Security Park and building El Regidor
  • Urbanistas del Levante advocate at the UPCT for rehabilitating coastal tourist spaces (04/10/2019)
    And not urbanizing more territory
  • UCAM Cartagena, ready for the U16 Club National (04/10/2019)

  • The OMITAS of Los Nietos and Los Urrutias continue with their special hours of attention to those affected by DANA (04/10/2019)
    In Los Nietos it will open on Monday 7, Wednesday 9 and Friday 11 October.
  • The delegate of the Government holds a meeting with the mayor of Cartagena in which he has been informed of the needs presented by the municipality (03/10/2019)
    Both have shown interest in the actions to be carried out in connection with the floods and in the need to promote processing of the AVE works to Cartagena, as agreed with the president of ADIF
  • The mayor offers the Peninsular Hotel to the Ministry of Justice while the City of Justice is not being built (03/10/2019)
    Ana Belén Castejón has asked the Government Delegate to extend the Emergency Decree for those affected by the September DANA
  • Cartagena firefighters receive recognition from the Roquetas de Mar City Council (03/10/2019)
    For their performance in a traffic accident
  • FC Cartagena and Barça will play a friendly match for the benefit of the victims of the DANA (03/10/2019)
    The announcement took place during the presentation of the first 25 companies that are already in FCC Business and attended by the mayor and vice mayor on behalf of the City Council
  • Last preparations for the XVIII edition of the Cross of the Artillery (03/10/2019)
    There are already more than 2 thousand registered among the four tests that compose it, which will be held on October 27 with departure from the Paseo Alfonso XII
  • Lorca and Poveda will sound in Cartagena for the benefit of the Brotherhood of the Risen One (03/10/2019)
    The concert will take place on October 11, at 9:30 p.m., at the Municipal Auditorium and Conference Center El Batel
  • The ADLE will develop three free courses aimed at unemployed people who want to undertake (03/10/2019)
    Places are limited, ten students per course, and those interested must submit their application in the register of the Agency for Local Development and Employment
  • MC demands to resume its project to reform the Plaza de Alicante to dignify and ensure security in the main access to the municipality (03/10/2019)
    The Cartagener initiative 'sleeps' in the drawer more than two years, despite having had the necessary funding
  • World Ostomized Day is commemorated in Cartagena (03/10/2019)
    From Friday 4 to Saturday 5 October, various events have been organized as an informative day at the Museo del Teatro Romano, a solidarity march through the city and the illumination of the fountain Isaac Peral submarine green color
  • Cartagena Piensa returns talking about the climate crisis, feminism and new technologies (03/10/2019)
    From October to December, personalities such as Marta Peirano, Almudena Hernando, Manuel Villoria or Jorge Riechmann will visit the city.
  • The Local Police of Cartagena carries out 323 alcohol and drug tests during the special Carthaginian and Roman campaign (03/10/2019)
    About twenty drivers tested positive for alcohol and drugs
  • The UPCT shows its developments in virtual reality for the 4.0 formation of the university community (03/10/2019)

  • UCAM Cartagena begins defending the title in Ibiza (03/10/2019)

  • The Plenary asks to extend the aid to those affected by the DANA to 100 percent (02/10/2019)
    It has also urged the national and regional administrations to carry out infrastructure improvements to avoid new floods and protect the Mar Menor
  • MC urges the construction of landowners and access improvements in the western zone (02/10/2019)

  • Cartagena firefighters receive recognition from the City of Roquetas de Mar for their performance in a traffic accident (02/10/2019)
    The distinction, which is delivered this Wednesday at the Castle of Santa Ana in the town of Almeria, recalls the work of these firefighters makes a year to release a family that had been trapped in their vehicle
  • The capital of running moves to the Port of Cartagena (02/10/2019)
    On Saturday 5 will take place the IV Solidarity Race 10K Port of Cartagena, whose benefits will go to the Pablo Ugarte Association against childhood cancer
  • Fall activities of the Youth Alternative Leisure Time Program begin (02/10/2019)
    An exhibition of board games in Los Barreros on Friday, October 4 will be responsible for inaugurating the events of this new stage
  • The Civil Guard detains a housekeeper for the removal of jewelry from the home of two elderly women (02/10/2019)

  • Tribute to the elders of Cartagena in its day (02/10/2019)
    Last Tuesday, Day 1, the International Day of the Elderly was celebrated from Social Services with visits to asylums and tributes throughout the day
  • The Sea of ​​Music opts for five awards at the Fest Awards (02/10/2019)
    The Cartagena festival is a candidate for the Best Small Format Festival, the most sustainable festival, the best brand activation with the Soltec company, the greatest tourist contribution to the Region and gender diversity and equality
  • UPCT develops an assistance robot to reduce loneliness and combat the neurodegeneration of the elderly (02/10/2019)
    The robot is similar to an intelligent speaker, such as Google or Amazon, but does not require an Internet connection and respects the privacy of its users
  • New edition of the Repsol Foundation Energy with awareness program (02/10/2019)

  • Cartagena congratulates the 100 years of its elders on International Day of the Elderly (01/10/2019)
    The activities will take place this afternoon including the reading of an institutional declaration in the Town Hall square and an act of homage to the elderly in the Cultural Classroom of the Social Work Caja Mediterráneo
  • Torres Park will shout for ASIDO this Saturday (01/10/2019)
    You can still get tickets for the 7th edition of the Ham with Heels and Karmacadabra concert, which will act for the inclusion and integration of children with Down syndrome
  • "Investment in university education returns to the State in the form of taxes multiplied by a factor of 6" (01/10/2019)

  • The UPCT increases its scientific publications by 23% in prestigious journals (01/10/2019)
    Contracts with companies that use the R & D & I of the Polytechnic also increased by 9%, according to the academic report of the past year
  • Youth launches the Youth Correspondents Program for the 2019-2020 academic year (01/10/2019)

  • The Source of the Peral Submarine in Cartagena will light up green tonight for World Arthritis Day (01/10/2019)
    The City Council of Cartagena will show its solidarity with people suffering from rheumatoid, psoriatic, idiopathic juvenile arthritis and spondyloarthritis
  • Control of belts and child restraint systems (01/10/2019)
    The Local Police deploys a special traffic campaign in different parts of the city to verify the mandatory use of these devices coinciding with the start of the school year

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