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Cartagena News - May 2015

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  • Press MC Barreiro after the resignation of his act (30/05/2015)

  • Dreams Mediterranean, from June 2 (29/05/2015)
    An exhibition of photographs by José María Campos.
  • Fire in a house in the Barrio de la Concepción (29/05/2015)
    Their inhabitants were able to leave on their own feet and not need health care
  • The ALDE offer four free vocational training courses (29/05/2015)
    Ã ‰ Here are Cooking, sales activities, Basic Operations Basic Operations Restaurant Bar and Kitchen.
  • Fifteen students finish the course Urban Redevelopment of the Villalba neighborhood (29/05/2015)

  • Exhibition of Plastic Arts workshops UP (29/05/2015)
    The People's University of Cartagena on Thursday inaugurated the exhibition which ends the present course 2014-2015y be open until June 12 at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Food and music evenings Leonardo da Vinci (29/05/2015)
    During the month of June, the Castillo de la Concepción music wraps and flavor.
  • Environmental Awareness Workshops (29/05/2015)
    were organized to mark the twentieth anniversary of the declaration of the Marine Reserve of Cabo de Palos-Hormigas Islands
  • Arrested an organized group who accumulated 190 arrests (29/05/2015)
    Operation "Honey" in Cartagena
  • Pozo Estrecho invites families to enjoy music festival #ventepijo (29/05/2015)

  • Barreiro announced that his party will seek the formation of a stable government to Cartagena (29/05/2015)
    As the most voted assume responsibility to talk to the other political formations
  • The assembly unanimously approved SPCT continue with the project (29/05/2015)
    SPCT militants who want it will be integrated in Socialist Alternative (Clias)
  • Teaching CCOO raises new regional governments five urgent measures in education (29/05/2015)
    Following the elections on May 24
  • Press MC "to the false rumors being published pacts" (28/05/2015)

  • Comes First Regional Championship street workout (28/05/2015)

  • The City opens the season of pruning palm (28/05/2015)
    begin with 200 copies of datiliferas area Calle Real and continue with five hundred washingtonia of Paseo Alfonso XII and the CIM
  • The 'Mandarache Award' City of Cartagena, an example of good practice in Madrid Book Fair project (28/05/2015)

  • Arrested the president of a cannabis association for drug trafficking (28/05/2015)
    The detainee was carrying 700 grams of marijuana
  • The World Congress on antennas rewards UPCT an alumnus for his research on electromagnetism (28/05/2015)
    Juan Sebastian Gomez-Diaz is doing a postdoc on nanophotonics and metamaterials at the University of Texas
  • The Taste of Cartagena can now be tasted in Puerto (28/05/2015)

  • Talk about maturity and sexuality in the VHS (27/05/2015)

  • Closing the course of sales activities in the ALDE (27/05/2015)
    Fourteen students have completed the training cycle, which immediately begin their practices
  • The National Library of Spain adds to MandaracheBookmob (27/05/2015)
    Dozens of organizations across the country join the reading action Mandarache Award to be held on Wednesday, June 3
  • Cartagena flavor comes out today on the street with the best cuisine (27/05/2015)
    Organized by the City of Cartagena and the Cadena Cope, the fourth edition of the fair will make up 23 stands located on the Esplanade of the Port, where delicious tapas are served up May 31
  • The City Council publishes the Plan and Municipal Truancy Protocol (27/05/2015)

  • Laughter Therapy for the weekend (27/05/2015)
    Youth Resource brings for Friday May 29 this year in the Multipurpose Room, from 22 am
  • Exhibition of Plastic Arts workshops in UP (27/05/2015)
    The People's University of Cartagena brings a sample of 2014-2015 closing ceremony on Thursday May 28th at 19:00
  • The TLA offers a Sunday rafting, canoeing and hydro (27/05/2015)
    The next May 31 will be an activity of rafting on the river Segura as it passes through the city of Calasparra
  • Social Care closing the Occupational Training Itinerary of the Villalba neighborhood (27/05/2015)

  • ANSE calls for a new Municipal General Management Plan for Cartagena (27/05/2015)

  • Remembered Angel Lorente Gallurt (27/05/2015)

  • The Supreme Court allows UPCT issue certificates of Engineering Building (27/05/2015)

  • International researchers recommend in Spain UPCT bet on Quantum Technology (27/05/2015)

  • Rotary Club Cartagena Teatro Romano dismisses their exchange students during school 2,014 / 2,015 (26/05/2015)
    And delivered credentials to Murcia overseas students to march for progress 2,015 2,016
  • CD Lapuerta league champion at junior (26/05/2015)
    In children, the EF San Gines 82 and CD Dolorense and fry B, CD, and EF Dolorensa the trough pass the final regular season as champions
  • MC only agree to negotiate on the future and the needs of Cartagena (26/05/2015)

  • La Puebla starts its celebrations with the celebration of Day of the Potato (26/05/2015)
    This Sunday pluck the festivities of the city of Cartagena with the eighth edition of the event which is held every year in honor of the tuber, product king of the area
  • The Intercultural Center is aimed at healthy living (26/05/2015)
    During the second half of May have carried out initiatives aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and have also participated in Marchamujer
  • Music, water sports and fun back with the Summer Schools (26/05/2015)

  • Cartagena hosts a dozen events to mark European Maritime Day 2015 (26/05/2015)
    The Community, the City of Cartagena, the Naval and Marine Technology Center and the Port Authority organized a variety of events from today until May 31
  • Twenty students complete the courses of Advanced Office and Digital Presentations (26/05/2015)
    Youth Councillor, acting, Ruth Collado has awarded diplomas of cycles that have been made in the Classroom Free Internet Access in the Department of Youth Cartagena
  • The Polytechnic University of Cartagena develops waste ecohormigón ultralight and seismic (26/05/2015)

  • Asegrup renewed for another season with plastic cartagena rosemary (25/05/2015)
    Today Asegrup firm as it becomes official partner of Cartagena set for the new season 2015-2016
  • "The Cartagena at the polls have opened the door to the future" (25/05/2015)

  • Cartagena flavor goes out with the best cuisine (25/05/2015)

  • SPCT militants decide the feasibility of the project this week (25/05/2015)

  • Vanesa Martin on Saturday in El Batel (25/05/2015)
    The Malaga artist presented at the Municipal Auditorium in Cartagena their fourth album, a dance Chronicle
  • The March II and VI Junior MTB Tourist Route put Los Belones on two wheels (25/05/2015)
    The Cartagena city has hosted this weekend holding two events organized by the cycling club Los Belones, with the cooperation of the municipality
  • Cayetano Jaime assumes responsibility for the bad result in Cartagena and shall resign Thursday-green local political advice IU (25/05/2015)

  • Neighbors prevent the rapid spread of fire in a house in Mediterranean Urbanization (25/05/2015)
    Were spraying water with a hose through a window, while firefighters arrived.
  • Course on historic preservation at the Roman Theatre (25/05/2015)
    Today Monday the registration period of the summer course organized in collaboration with the UPCT, will be held from 13 to 15 July in the Auditorium of the open Museum
  • Mixed fortunes in the 2nd Day of First Division League (25/05/2015)
    Athletes Athletics Club UCAM Cartagena had a highlight of his season in the National League 2nd Day which took place in Valladolid for women and for men in Alcorcón
  • Win Cartagena complains to the electoral board by the poor quality of their ballots (24/05/2015)
    The coalition is receiving numerous complaints from voters who do not identify with the lack of ink in printing the same
  • UPCT wins Interuniversity Championships Nautical Mar Menor (23/05/2015)
    The Polytechnic of Cartagena has obtained the trophy after beating all other universities in the region in C-10 and C-10 mixed male
  • United Left is become represented in the case Novo Carthago (22/05/2015)
    The judge gives Soriano until Wednesday to appeal the order of dismissal of Pilar Barreiro
  • Suanzes again shows that the public job responding to interests other than the administration (22/05/2015)

  • Mc denounces the fallacies and interference in the election campaign of Cartagena Review (22/05/2015)

  • Convention UPCT to cooperate on development and data analysis (22/05/2015)

  • Win Cartagena is committed to workers Navantia (22/05/2015)

  • Barreiro: "Cartagena's future is in good hands with the Popular Party" (22/05/2015)

  • Cayo Lara is committed to defending the Rosell and take the issue to the Congress of Deputies (22/05/2015)
    The general coordinator of United Left-Greens met yesterday with members of the Platform Save the Rosell
  • Barreiro: "Cartagena must decide whether still growing or loses four years" (21/05/2015)

  • Eleven candidates aspire to govern the city of Cartagena (21/05/2015)
    Sunday May 24 will be held tenths democratic municipal elections
  • Closing of the leisure of the Department of Social Services (21/05/2015)
    They end with a children's party to be held in the social premises of the neighborhood Cuatro Santos and Miranda, the civic center and the CEIP Aljorra La Conception
  • Hundreds of women cast walk Asteamur (21/05/2015)
    A new edition March Women has taken to the streets.
  • Eighteen municipal officials fired in Santa Rita (21/05/2015)
    The mayor presented plaques of appreciation for services rendered to the public employees of the City of Cartagena who have retired in the last year
  • "The resolution of the Supreme Court is the culmination disaster management Party" Popular " (21/05/2015)

  • City Council and defend the conduct of the General Plan and resort suspension (21/05/2015)
    Both presented an appeal to the Supreme Court
  • Alberto Garre, appointed Honorary President of the Association of the Year Procesionista and the Economic Society of Friends of the Country, Cartagena (21/05/2015)

  • Leonardo Da Vinci flies in the Castillo de la Concepción during the month of May (21/05/2015)
    The exhibition dedicated to Leonardo devised mills throughout his life, is complemented by theatrical tours and children's workshops during the weekend
  • Win Cartagena appeals to the memory and courage of Cartagena to turn the page and open a new political time (21/05/2015)
    coalition's candidate, Jose Luis Romero, appeals to the desire for change of citizenship and believes that it is imperative Win in Cartagena new scenario that will emerge from the elections as Sunday
  • MC calls for decentralization of services dependent on CARM civil service (21/05/2015)
    The candidate for mayor, Jose Lopez, criticizes the mass of public workers has been concentrated in the capital at the expense of other cities in the region and proposes a restructuring solidarity and justice for the whole Community
  • The Apollo Theater Circus staged Algar Aunt Carlos !! (21/05/2015)
    The work can be seen on Saturday May 23 at 21.30 hours.
  • Win Cartagena appeals to women voters, calling for misogynist or insult people with such value can not vote (21/05/2015)
    The coalition also seeks to punish those who support the labor exploitation, fraudulent contracts or payments black
  • Once upon a time ..., with Ballet Kebanna, he moves to June 27 (21/05/2015)
    The show was scheduled for Friday, but for reasons beyond the Municipal Auditorium The Batel, has been postponed.
  • For MC the decision of the Supreme Court suggests that management responds to spurious interests PP (21/05/2015)

  • The PP will create a flat fee to encourage the use of sports facilities (20/05/2015)
    Pilar Barreiro lower prices for families and the unemployed
  • MC commitment to the project of the submarine S-80 and Navantia (20/05/2015)

  • XX Cultural Week Virgen de la Caridad (20/05/2015)
    Under the slogan coexistence and respect various events between day 26 and 31 May organized
  • Pocoyo and his friends first arrives to Cartagena (20/05/2015)
    The Auditorium The Batel welcomes Saturday's first visit to the city of the show based on the popular children's television series
  • Open registration for TRI BE-2015 (20/05/2015)
    The Cadena SER Triathlon will be held in Cartagena on Sunday June 7.
  • Campus UCAM Cartagena (20/05/2015)
    Tourism, criminology, psychology and physiotherapy, Cartagena Campus developments for next year
  • Hundreds of schoolchildren develop cooperatives twenty (20/05/2015)
    This morning took place the VI Mini Market where primary and secondary school students presented their business, demonstrating entrepreneurship
  • March 2015 Woman walking cast on Thursday (20/05/2015)
    The solidarity route that involved about 500 people will leave from the square of Spain to Tentegorra where he held recreational, and social activities
  • Lopez Barreiro challenges to a public debate on Friday 22 without predetermined questions (20/05/2015)

  • French and Cartagena Students strengthen ties with Erasmus + program (20/05/2015)

  • A workshop to smile and enjoy (20/05/2015)
    The program T-La organizes this dynamic and participatory activity that will take place on Saturday May 23 at the Youth Resource Center.
  • MC supports Galactyco CARM and requires the implementation of the education protocol for the protection of minors harassed (20/05/2015)

  • About twenty students are prepared for Tour Guide (20/05/2015)
    The mayor of Women opened here Wednesday preparation, to be held in the Business Incubator for Women until July 3
  • "The bonuses will no longer be for banks because they will go to job creation" (20/05/2015)
    Although the PP leaves the 'dry' city coffers Earn Cartagena held an emergency plan for unemployed without benefit or assistance
  • Open until 29 the call for a grant from the Department Air Network (20/05/2015)

  • Lopez agrees that asbestos victims Cartagena to access a specific health monitoring (20/05/2015)
    held a meeting with APENA, which has been made available to this partnership MC legal services for legal actions necessary
  • Barreiro highlights the strength of PP against the contradictions of other parties (20/05/2015)

  • Andrés Lledó, fresh from Australia (20/05/2015)
    The athlete has become the test The Track and has been received by the Councillor for Sports in the municipal hall
  • "The new slogan of PP is the subsidies for all, 'says Win candidate Cartagena (20/05/2015)

  • The UPCT Solar Team competes in Rotterdam with an improved prototype (20/05/2015)

  • Recognition great anonymous work of volunteers Museum Night (19/05/2015)

  • Win Murcia is set as a priority a plan to combat poverty in the region of Cartagena (19/05/2015)
    According to official data, there is a 27% child poverty rate and risks of social exclusion it stands at around 34%, far above the national average
  • MC to step out of the fallacies of the PP (19/05/2015)

  • The PP will work to make the Mar Menor a national power in health tourism (19/05/2015)
    Municipalities joined the largest concentration of blue flags of Spain
  • Win Cartagena establish one day a week free entry to places of Cartagena Port of Cultures (19/05/2015)

  • In yesterday was notified to MC the resolution of the Electoral Area of ​​Cartagena (19/05/2015)

  • The students of Luis Calandre visit the Palace Hall (19/05/2015)
    Small learned in situ how the City works, what the governing bodies or municipal services are.
  • The T-La courses promotes physical activity and health in children and youth (19/05/2015)
    Youth has organized a course on sports entertainment resources in leisure activities aimed at instructors and teachers, to be held from 11 to 20 June
  • The Cartagonova Swimming Club gathers about one hundred medals in two weeks (19/05/2015)

  • Press Release Vox Cartagena May 18, 2015 (18/05/2015)

  • MC facilitate the practice of sport in Cartagena (18/05/2015)

  • More than 70 works inaugurate the Awareness Campaign against Multiple Sclerosis (18/05/2015)

  • Begins the course on the Use of Automated External Defibrillator (18/05/2015)
    Today this conference to be also held during the 20th and May 25th begins.
  • Comes the Summer School of Theatre for Children (18/05/2015)
    It will be held in Cartagena during the mornings of July and you can make reservations for the squares.
  • The Governing Board will meet on Tuesday (18/05/2015)
    Among other things, approve an agreement with the UPCT to eliminate the risks of landslides on Mount Casillas de El Portus
  • Pastor ensures that the AVE to Cartagena will be a reality before the end of 2016 (18/05/2015)
    The Minister of Development announced the holding of an international conference on logistics platforms in Cartagena
  • The Minister for Development visits the Palace Hall (18/05/2015)

  • People I turned to the Trail Solidarity Foundation Shop Asylum San Pedro (18/05/2015)
    This double ascent of Mount Calvary, held on Sunday, with the collaboration of the departments of Social Services and Sports City of Cartagena
  • 120 local policemen of the region are updated rules of Traffic and Road Safety (18/05/2015)

  • Coscubiela: "Vote for the PP's vote which approved the evictions, cuts and labor reform" (18/05/2015)

  • Win Cartagena work by creating a burn unit in hospitals of Cartagena (18/05/2015)
    The coalition IU-Greens and SPCT will also continue fighting in defense of Rosell and access of all people, without exception, to healthcare and medicines
  • The Polytechnic University of Cartagena promote electric drive vehicles through an agreement signed with DFSK Iberian (18/05/2015)

  • The PP will create a "Citizen Card" to access all the services provided by the City Council (17/05/2015)
    Barreiro intends to coordinate from a control center throughout the municipal work on the street
  • Win Cartagena "is the only political force that ensures the change in the municipality" (17/05/2015)

  • Win Cartagena claimed Espalmador beach and bathing areas for dogs (16/05/2015)

  • "The east side of the old town looks like a war zone," said Win candidate Cartagena after a walk by it (16/05/2015)
    The reality of the streets of this area is intended to be hidden by the Popular Party, truly responsible for such neglect and abandonment
  • The PP asks Sanchez to start setting an example in his party and Griñan Chavez and renounce their gauging (16/05/2015)
    Diego Ortega that reminds you Barreiro has no pending case with justice
  • The PP will increase the number of neighborhood councils and give more voice to the neighbors (16/05/2015)
    Barreiro commitment to decentralization as an effective model of neighborhood management
  • MC credits the campaign "I AM PILAR" is a sign of patronage of the Popular Party in Cartagena (16/05/2015)

  • Cartagena celebrates Social Awareness Campaign against Multiple Sclerosis (15/05/2015)
    The World Day against the disease is the last Wednesday in May, the 27th, but from the 19th to the 30th of the same month, the city will host various events
  • Festivities Los Belones (15/05/2015)

  • Alejandro Palomas, Cristina Sanchez-Andrade and Manuel Moyano, candidates Mandarache 2016 (15/05/2015)
    Marinella Terzi, Ana Alcolea and Patricia Garcia-Rojo Canton opt to youth mode, the Hache Prize.
  • The awards ceremony puts an end to the championship Petanque Senior (15/05/2015)
    The councilman of Social Care, Antonio Calderon, accompanied by the president of the Federation of Senior Citizens, Maria Beteta, presided over the ceremony held at the premises of the District of Conception
  • The Night of the Museums of Cartagena navigate through social networks (15/05/2015)
    With #nochemuseoscartagena hashtag on twitter and #nochemuseoscartagenaenunclick, facebook event, visitors can share your photos, comments and experiences
  • The Young Baha'is, for Unity in Diversity (15/05/2015)

  • MC uncovers the bad propaganda arts PP (15/05/2015)
    Several photos testify that members of the candidacy of PP attended the SKIP Perín, working there on own activities and election campaign with posters papering the town hall
  • Graders of Criminology complete their Practicum in Local Police (15/05/2015)
    For a few weeks have known the work that takes place in the casualty department and investigation of accidents
  • The Anthem of the Seas we first visited (15/05/2015)
    The sister ship of the Quantum of the Seas, which was in Cartagena last Monday, will arrive this Saturday to port with 4,000 tourists on board
  • The Minister of Development announced that this year will be held for the first time in Cartagena nautical exams (15/05/2015)
    Tests will be June 21 at the Polytechnic University
  • The Rugby tournament I bring to Cartagena 10 players from around the country (15/05/2015)
    Matches take place on Saturday at the Municipal Golf Rugby of Asomada.
  • Andrés Lledó finishes sixth in the Track of Australia (15/05/2015)
    The Cartagena Jimbo Fresh runner completed the 10 stages of this ultra-endurance test where you have traveled more than 500 kilometers
  • An expert stated in the UPCT that Spain is the sixth largest in mathematical research (15/05/2015)

  • Win Cartagena honors the districts and councils with a concert (15/05/2015)
    members have found application in all visits the general feeling of the residents of being subjected to oblivion, abandonment and neglect of the Popular Party
  • The PP provides financing tools and ideas entrepreneurs to create companies (15/05/2015)
    Barreiro Garcia and Juan Carlos Ruiz Legaz meet with youth and women entrepreneurs from Cartagena
  • Students Employment Program and Training of the ALDE start their practices (15/05/2015)

  • Pablo Guardiola and VI Cantalar take the Ruta de la Tapa and dessert Los Belones (15/05/2015)
    The councilman of Commerce has been responsible for presenting the awards to the winners of an edition of the Route has surpassed the 30,000 rations served
  • Covers hundred thousand places for guided tours of the seventh lit night (15/05/2015)
    These historical-artistic tours will complete the program of a cultural weekend
  • March 2015 Woman petitoria opens a table at El Corte Ingles (14/05/2015)
    incribirse addition to the event to be held next May 21, the participants can make their contribution to ASTEAMUR
  • Tours for the seventh illuminated night trails (14/05/2015)
    art-historical tours will complete the program of a cultural weekend
  • MC higher CARM require the budget to not leave Cartagena below other inhabitants of the region (14/05/2015)

  • The Early Lopez takes the stage of the Cultural Centre (14/05/2015)
    Students Annie represented the work in the School Theatre XXVII.
  • The ADLE opens the application deadline Occupational Workshop Urban Farm Maintenance (14/05/2015)
    Both the Occupational Training program as Barrios Agency, will give a workshop edition.
  • Younger also have space in the Night of Museums (14/05/2015)
    Workshops, exhibitions, tours, including the children's program up to Saturday May 16
  • The competitive fishing comes to La Manga with the VI Championship of Spain Mar Costa Duos (14/05/2015)

  • The Cartagena Museums are filled with exhibitions for his big night (14/05/2015)
    Twenty samples will try to draw attention to the thousands of visitors expected to attend between eight in the evening and two in the morning of Saturday
  • Cartagena remains at the head of Mediterranean Blue Flag (14/05/2015)

  • Awarded a researcher UPCT to activate antioxidant compounds in nectarines (14/05/2015)

  • Win Cartagena promote a commitment to the region and the central Uned (14/05/2015)
    The objective is to renew the financing agreement to ensure the normal functioning of the teaching quality in Cartagena and the Region
  • Cut traffic on the street Sancho IV of San Anton by asphalt works (14/05/2015)
    be this Friday, market day in the neighborhood, and will affect the passage of the number 5 bus line around the trough
  • Nearly 500 Cartagena add in a few hours to the campaign "to allocate EUR 1 Pilar Barreiro" (14/05/2015)

  • Telefonica selected five fellows UPCT Talentum (13/05/2015)

  • Barreiro: "The tourism industry is a fact in Cartagena thanks to the Popular Party" (13/05/2015)
    BIRD Cartagena will open a door to another great tourism
  • All set for the gala tenth Mandarache Awards and Hache (13/05/2015)
    1,400 readers will accompany Javier Ruescas and Francesc Miralles in the Auditorium The Batel.
  • Students of the University of Murcia visit La Milagrosa (13/05/2015)
    Fifty Social Education students have toured the building that was House of Mercy and known history
  • Discount hotels and special bus services in the Night of Museums (13/05/2015)
    Offers in the accommodation and additional services will facilitate transport assistance for citizens and visitors on Saturday May 16
  • Rewarded UPCT students to devise a tracked robot and intelligent multisensory room (13/05/2015)

  • Theater, humor and spectacle Night of the Museums of Cartagena (13/05/2015)
    Among the top proposals is the Underwater Circus Plaza de la Merced and display of rhythmic gymnastics group in the Roman theater
  • MC coordinate with the Food Bank program for the municipality that no child is deprived of good nutrition (13/05/2015)

  • The retro games staged over the weekend in Miranda (13/05/2015)
    For 48 hours straight, the third edition of Retromiranda was visited by more than 300 young fans consoles
  • Sodicar presents traditional lectures for diabetics and family (13/05/2015)
    The association turns 32 and celebrates as always, with the lectures in the auditorium of Caja Mediterráneo Foundation, from 25 to 27 May
  • The Oscar-winning UPCT says that "the key to success is the imagination and motivate you to do what" (13/05/2015)

  • Children Ready Clean City, Miriam Martinez wins drawing competition Ecolimpia (13/05/2015)

  • Development funded 129,000 euros bonus university in the city of Cartagena (13/05/2015)
    Barnabas notes that 79,000 users, including students and employees of the Polytechnic and the UNED, benefited from this way of transport in 2014
  • The project Intercultural Community publishes its second newsletter (13/05/2015)
    In the same actions performed in recent months, among which technicians and relations with citizens, the specific lines of health and education and the meeting with Marco are collected Marchioni
  • They begin the celebrations of Santa Rita, patron saint of municipal employees (13/05/2015)

  • A study reveals UPCT the situation of migrant entrepreneurs in Cartagena (EXTENDED) (13/05/2015)
    Most of them are of North African origin, runs a business related to food and catering, is not associated with other entrepreneurs and financing savings or money from family or friends
  • Win Cartagena will be demanding with the next regional government claim of better road links with the councils (13/05/2015)
    For the coalition is necessary to recover the four years of neglect in this matter by the Autonomous Community
  • Some thirty musical performances ambientarán Night of the Museums of Cartagena (12/05/2015)
    On Saturday, the city becomes a big stage where groups, bands and choirs will form the soundtrack longest night of Culture
  • The municipal flag of Alum starts working (12/05/2015)
    Wednesday are launched the new sports facilities, an indoor track where you can practice sports like basketball, football, gymnastics or martial arts
  • MC believes that the Popular Party no longer hide his contempt for democracy (12/05/2015)

  • MC business linkages reveals the Popular Party with the development of the ZAL of Murcia (12/05/2015)

  • Cartagena celebrates International Day of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (12/05/2015)
    AFIBROCAR held this morning the World Day of Fibromyalgia with reading the manifesto, which was attended by the mayor of Cartagena, Pilar Barreiro and Councilman Care Social, Antonio Calderon
  • The Spring Festival arrive in Pozo Estrecho (12/05/2015)
    the last two weeks of May will take place, being the first day on May 22 with a preamble this Sunday 17
  • A study reveals UPCT the situation of migrant entrepreneurs in Cartagena (12/05/2015)
    Most of them are of North African origin, runs a food-related business, is not associated with other entrepreneurs and financing savings or money from family or friends
  • CD Hacienda del Alamo and the CD will play the final Albujón cadet (12/05/2015)
    Local Youth Football League hurries recent days to a month of the end of the competition
  • A thesis UPCT raises the need for satellite monitoring Basin Field of Cartagena (12/05/2015)
    to predict droughts
  • The Municipal Archives exposes the Cartagena Soñada (12/05/2015)
    The exhibition includes drawings and sketches of works planned for the city between the late eighteenth century and early twentieth century, which failed to realizase.
  • I Trail Solidario Foundation Shop Asylum San Pedro (12/05/2015)
    The sporting event, which takes place this Sunday, will consist of up twice Calvary.
  • Barreiro presents "the greatest number of fiscal measures to create jobs and wealth in Cartagena" (12/05/2015)
    The candidate explained to Cartagena business representatives of the New Plan to Promote Investment for employment
  • Win Cartagena solve flooding problems affecting many residents of Pozo Estrecho (12/05/2015)
    Members of the candidacy of the coalition forming IU-Greens and SPCT yesterday visited Cartagena deputation to meet their demands
  • A day to remember the importance of cypress Cartagena (12/05/2015)

  • The City collects voluntarily 87 percent of tax receipts Vehicles (12/05/2015)
    A March 31, the OAGR has claimed more than 11 million euros, 12.8 expected, which put data collection development this tax at a high rate, following the line in previous years
  • Regulations Update Seminar on Trafficking in ESPAC (12/05/2015)
    The auditorium of the School of Security hosts on 13, 15 and 18 May these targeted local police throughout the Autonomous days
  • "The Popular Party opposition begins to MC in the last plenary session of the legislature" (11/05/2015)

  • Open enrollment period for the preparation of Tour Guide Region (11/05/2015)
    The Department of Women who will perform during whose term opens tomorrow Tuesday, May 12 and whose call is scheduled for the coming months
  • The MURAM also celebrates the Night of Museums (11/05/2015)
    On Saturday May 26 the Museum can enjoy a packed program of free activities and its opening night, from 20.30 to 02.00
  • The IU-Green councilors have left the House before completion (11/05/2015)
    Considering that was degenerating at an intersection of insults and personal attacks
  • World Day of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (11/05/2015)
    Tomorrow May 12 held several information tables and 12 hours reading the manifesto will take place
  • Cartagena is home to more than four thousand international tourists (11/05/2015)
    This morning he reached the city harbor cruise Quantum of the Seas, in his first Spanish scale during his trip around the world
  • The Municipal Corporation held its last regular full (11/05/2015)
    The session has been marked, not without political dialectic tension that eased at the end with the words of desdedida mowing and Cabezos
  • The DELI project celebrates its second Roundtable in Cartagena (11/05/2015)
    The Social Care Councillor Tuesday attend the event, which will be held at the Museum of the Roman Theatre, with the assistance of European experts in diversity and economy
  • An FAO expert recommends to value indigenous foods to preserve them (11/05/2015)
    has given a lecture on global food waste on 4th Worskshop Agrifood Research UPCT
  • Barreiro announced that it will appoint a councilor responsible fisheries (11/05/2015)
    The candidate has said it will encourage fish consumption Cartagena and include the market within the sightseeing
  • The First Punic Jugger tournament left its mark in Cartagena (11/05/2015)
    The municipal athletic track was the scene Sunday of this sporting event in which about a hundred people participated
  • Win Cartagena launched the campaign "one euro to impute to Pilar Barreiro Novo Carthago" (11/05/2015)
    The coalition, which is part of the United Left-Greens, which is caused become represented in, wants to seek the cooperation of citizens excessive bail to get the Supreme asks to use and maintain personación
  • Four hundred bicycles pedaled cancer (11/05/2015)
    The Port of Cartagena on Saturday hosted the III Indoor Competition Cycle City of Cartagena, event with a strong charitable
  • Spain gets ten medals in the tournament Boxam (11/05/2015)
    The sporting event, held in Cartagena, ended on Saturday, May 9 at the Pavilion Wsell Guimbarda
  • IU-v: "The PP believes good unemployment data in Cartagena, where there are 2,500 more unemployed than in 2011" (11/05/2015)
    The municipal government team also hides the citizens of the City's debt is greater than recognize, while installed on the elitism when it comes to leisure or culture refers to Cartagena
  • Civil Protection volunteers this summer preparing for (11/05/2015)
    The ESPAC runs till June 7 Aquatic Lifeguard Course Specialist Beaches in which staff are trained on the techniques of search and rescue at sea
  • Show on two wheels in Cala Cortina Cup with Spain Trialbici (11/05/2015)
    The best of the sport, including the world champion, who was again first Elite category, Benito Ros, gathered this weekend in Cartagena
  • MC asks the House to the City Council in person in Punic to recover the money of all (11/05/2015)

  • MC calls for municipal taxes for classic vehicles deletion (11/05/2015)
    Jose Lopez argues that "part of our industrial and cultural heritage" and that "we are the only municipality in the region that charges these rates"
  • Lopez in Los Urrutias highlights the importance of the neighbors who are told how to optimize resources in the area (11/05/2015)

  • The PP regrets that Ana Belen despise Castejon tourism and what it means for the future of Cartagena (10/05/2015)
    campaign spokesman reminds the benefit cruisers left in the city to merchants and restaurateurs
  • The PP candidate proposes tax break for hotels on the coast to break the seasonality (10/05/2015)
    Barreiro commitment to continue improving services on the coast to expand the number of blue flags and quality Q
  • Win Cartagena Industrial Estate unlock the Albujón (10/05/2015)

  • MC calls for municipal coffers return the overcharged money in Victor Beltrí to plant a tree-lined lower than that required in the contract (10/05/2015)
    It has been proved that the measures contained in plants supply conditions not this corresponded with They being tendered below
  • Garcia (UPyD) presents its proposals on equality and support for the LGBT community in Cartagena (09/05/2015)

  • Barreiro announced that the PP will address the excavation of the Roman amphitheater in the legislature (09/05/2015)
    The candidate will recover much + May and Removals to give more space to young artists
  • Friday march and relays in Cartagena (09/05/2015)
    The athletics track of the port city welcomed Friday the Championship 10,000m Murcia.
  • Win Cartagena promote a study of the incidence of diseases in Alum (09/05/2015)
    The coalition believes that the PP hides the main problem of the Cartagena deputation, which is pollution
  • Awards between strings and brass are spread throughout the region (09/05/2015)

  • The opposition calls for the creation of a commission of inquiry on linking the City with the `Operation Púnica' (08/05/2015)

  • An FAO expert attending the 4th Workshop of Agrifood Research and give keys to avoid wasting food (08/05/2015)

  • The host UPCT next to representatives of eleven foreign universities in its international week week (08/05/2015)

  • More than 60 researchers from universities around the world will attend from Monday to Applied Mathematics Congress in La Manga (08/05/2015)

  • The third of the world's largest cruise ship will stop first in Cartagena (08/05/2015)
    The Quantum Of The Seas makes a voyage between New Jersey and Barcelona, ​​with stops in the Azores, Cartagena and Palma de Mallorca
  • On Monday there will be regular full in the city of Cartagena (08/05/2015)
    With an agenda with tions account, the session will focus on eight motions and ten questions submitted by local groups
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures presented its awards for photography (08/05/2015)
    The eighth edition of the event, which this year was dedicated to the Holy Week, culminating yesterday with entertainment Thursday the winners.
  • About twenty different sports will fill the summer program at the Arena Sports (08/05/2015)
    The Department of Sports organized, once again, a large summer activities program, which begins on June 10 with swimming
  • "The PP government hides citizens a debt of more than eight million euros" (08/05/2015)
    The amount corresponds to outstanding payments, until 2021, to address the cost of the Roman Theatre, according Win Cartagena
  • Start the VII Congress of District 2203 Rotary International (08/05/2015)
    Cartagena Today and tomorrow will host 300 Rotarians in the Levant.
  • Ten bouts face a dozen females in the semifinals of boxing (08/05/2015)
    During this morning continued disputing the International Tournament in the Central Hall of Cartagena.
  • The ESPAC specialization teaches a course on traffic accidents (08/05/2015)
    Entitled Applicable to Traffic Accident Reconstruction Physical Fundamentals, this training of 30 hours is celebrated during the month of May
  • Students of the Virgen de Begoña, with UPCT Basket Cartagena (08/05/2015)
    Students in 4th and 5th primary practiced basketball with the men's team during the ADE program activities that were held in the school this week
  • The Trialbici Spain Cup held in Cala Cortina (08/05/2015)
    A competition, to be held on 9 and 10 May, attended by the world champion Benito Ros, among other important figures in the sport
  • Barreiro presented in Cartagena "245 commitments to create jobs and grow" (08/05/2015)
    "We report the largest program of investment to boost employment," said the candidate
  • Barreiro presented in Cartagena "245 commitments to create jobs and grow" (08/05/2015)
    "We report the largest program of investment to boost employment," said the candidate
  • Win Cartagena started his campaign with the traditional putting up posters (08/05/2015)

  • The new website will allow Revenue to pay taxes by credit card (08/05/2015)

  • Visit higher than the Plasti-History of Science (08/05/2015)
    Members of the workshop toured the exhibition in the Municipal Archaeological Museum Enrique Escudero de Castro
  • Andrés Lledó finishes third in the second stage in the Outback Track (08/05/2015)
    The Cartagena runner remains in the top places of the event which takes place in Australia
  • UPyD presents its proposals in the field of disability to enhance Cartagena (08/05/2015)

  • Press Cartagena PP (07/05/2015)

  • Francisco Celdrán: "The Supreme Court has put an end to the electoral strategy of the opposition" (07/05/2015)
    The president of the Regional Assembly criticizes the PSOE and states that "each his credibility and the opposition has little win"
  • The sports championship La Amistad returns to Las Lomas (07/05/2015)
    On the occasion of the festivities, the company pigeon Ascension celebrates this event, also celebrating its XXXV edition
  • Local police helmets opens thanks to an agreement between the municipality and the company MT (07/05/2015)

  • Autocad for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (07/05/2015)
    The course will be held on 11, 18, May 25 and June 1 in the computer room of the ESPAC
  • The City of Cartagena will make no extermination of cats (07/05/2015)
    This morning, Councilman Decentralization and Health, Nicolás Ángel Bernal appeared before the press at the Palace Hall to clarify the procedures for managing feline colonies in the Old Town
  • The PP presents its new website, Cartagena a city to the campaign (07/05/2015)

  • The Electoral Board dismissed a complaint against the Popular Party MC (07/05/2015)

  • Win Cartagena precarious employment will end at City Hall (07/05/2015)
    The leftist coalition (IU-Green + Socialists for Cartagena) commits to unlock the public job
  • Angel Lopez and Mathieu Kessler join the Board UPCT (07/05/2015)

  • Best Martial Arts Teachers meet in Cartagena were given (07/05/2015)

  • The festivities of Las Lomas del Albujón are here (07/05/2015)
    begin tomorrow, Friday May 8 and end on 24 with activities for all tastes
  • File Novo cause Cartago supports the legality of municipal work (07/05/2015)

  • The VIII Photography Competition Cartagena Port of Cultures has already winners (07/05/2015)
    The event, which this year has the theme of the Holy Week, deliver their awards this evening at 19.00 in the English Court of Cartagena
  • "The imputation of Pilar Barreiro still alive while not sign the judge's decision" (07/05/2015)
    IU-Greens presented in coming days appeals to the Bureau of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court to prevent injustice and the abuse of not having heard or attended the proceedings raised by the prosecution
  • Between strings and brass on Friday delivered its awards (07/05/2015)
    In the course of a gala to be held in El Batel the jury verdict will be announced this XIII edition, which registered greater participation
  • Great satisfation of the mayor for the file in the case of the Supreme Novo Carthago (06/05/2015)

  • Diego Ortega "Castejon interested Cartagena from that is a candidate for his eight years as a councilor leaves much to be desired" (06/05/2015)
    The candidate has met with representatives of 21 organizations to hear their proposals
  • Cayetano Jaime: "Barreiro has convened in plenary session demanded forced to avoid making prevarication" (06/05/2015)
    United Left-Greens will ask the other opposition parties jointly requested a commission of inquiry into the possible relationship of Barreiro with Operation Punic
  • Eight contractors aspire to manage CATAD (06/05/2015)
    The Procurement today received bids are six companies, an individual and an animal protection
  • Andrés Lledó wins the first stage of the first challenge (06/05/2015)
    The start was from Ellery Creek in West MacDonnell National Park in Outback The Track test in Australia
  • Science, mathematics and technology, at the core of project Comenius IES Mediterranean (06/05/2015)
    This morning, a group of European students and teachers have visited the Palace Hall and were welcomed by the Councillor for Education, Josefa Maroto
  • MC proposes a comprehensive plan to tackle insecurity in districts and councils (06/05/2015)
    The Cartagena political group wants to expand the current staff of the local police post in order to reach the figure of 2 policemen per 1,000 inhabitants
  • Barreiro: "The only electoral program of the opposition is to unseat the PP" (06/05/2015)
    The candidate says he has been a strong government that has allowed the transformation of Cartagena join
  • The CAVI approaches secondary schools (06/05/2015)
    This morning there has been a program to prevent gender violence in minors.
  • Campus Engineering UPCT fury flooded by technology (06/05/2015)
    Students from all over the region known at the fair disclosure of the Polytechnic of Cartagena the potential of 3D printing, augmented reality and robotics
  • The PP proposes to create a Municipal Disability Council to give voice and participation to collective (06/05/2015)
    The candidate has met with representatives of 21 organizations to hear their proposals
  • Vista Alegre Municipal League champion Petanque Senior proclaimed 2015 (06/05/2015)
    The closing and awards ceremony, chairman of the mayor of Social Services, will take place on May 15 at 11.30 hours in the clubhouse in the neighborhood La Concepcion
  • The education sector will be an important employment niche in our town to Win Cartagena (06/05/2015)
    Full coverage the stretch of 0-3 years, and extracurricular activities are some of the axes of the accompaniment to the new educational policy that will implement the (IU-Greens coalition + SPCT)
  • The job offer for engineers in the ICT sector has been in six years from 4% to 13%, highlights the Telecofórum (06/05/2015)

  • Workshop introduction to the interpretative games for children (06/05/2015)
    The activity will be held on Saturday, May 9, in the program T-La
  • Workshops, sports and leisure, return to the Summer School Icue adapted Miralmonte (06/05/2015)

  • Win Cartagena presents its municipal candidates (06/05/2015)
    The event also unveiled the list to the Regional Assembly for the constituency of Cartagena-Mar Menor
  • Fire on the third floor of the Mediterranean Private (06/05/2015)
    The fire originated in one of the rooms but no injuries were to
  • Win Cartagena eliminate the level crossing between La Palma and Pozo Estrecho (06/05/2015)
    Construction of the variant between the two cities will be a priority for the coalition roads
  • Paloma Lopez MEP said that "Winning Cartagena is the only clear commitment to employment and public services" (05/05/2015)
    Lopez, who has visited this morning the facilities Asido to know the problems of this group, has also ensured that trust the growth of the municipal representation of the leftist coalition
  • AF Cartagena Féminas alirón sings in its category (05/05/2015)
    ​​ Last weekend the twenty-first session was held with the dispute of more than a hundred meetings
  • Sensations 13 in the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy (05/05/2015)
    The sample of students from Asido was opened yesterday afternoon by the mayor of Cartagena
  • Fourteen children interpret different view of folktales (05/05/2015)
    Pupils from San Isidoro and Santa Florentina participate in the XXVII School Theatre performing the work you Truth Story
  • The new one-way stretch of Alfonso X increased by a third car parks (05/05/2015)

  • Job opportunities focus Wednesday Telecofórum XIII (05/05/2015)

  • Campus Engineering UPCT opens on Wednesday with 3D printing workshops and augmented reality (05/05/2015)

  • A Congress meets in Cartagena 300 Rotarians from the Levant and Andalusia (05/05/2015)

  • Close result in between strings and brass (05/05/2015)
    Friday the jury's verdict in this thirteenth edition will be known, the closing concert will be held in the Auditorium The Batel
  • Firefighters collaborate in the campaign to control gulls (05/05/2015)

  • Andrés Lledó is already in Australia ready to participate in The Track Outback (05/05/2015)
    is a foot race of 520 kilometers in ten days and self-sufficiency.
  • MC carries in his government program the automatic licensing of work and activity (05/05/2015)

  • Reaches for the third time Miranda-Marathon Retro Video (05/05/2015)
    They will be on 9 and 10 May in the Social Center of Miranda
  • Low unemployment in April for the second consecutive Cartagena (05/05/2015)
    359 fewer unemployed, extend to 2,417 the descent from the peak of the crisis
  • The PP proposes to taxi drivers free English courses and workshops on the historical and cultural heritage (05/05/2015)
    Barreiro stressed that the quality of services makes us better as a tourist destination
  • A superjúpiter sight (05/05/2015)
    Scientists UPCT, the Canary Islands Astrophysics Centre for Astrobiology and capture the image of a giant planet, which is the closest of which exoplanet has been able to obtain an optical spectrum
  • Healthy Eating The course will feature new editions (05/05/2015)

  • Cartagena celebrate the European Maritime Day with competitions, seminars and visits (05/05/2015)
    Events take place from 22 to May 31, with the cooperation of the City of Cartagena
  • Win complaint Cartagena in Cartagena unemployment is stagnant and does not conform to the regional media (05/05/2015)

  • Win Cartagena denounces the poor state of public parks and woodland New Cartagena (05/05/2015)
    The locals complain that this year there have been no pruning, the existence of a plague of insects and the elimination of games Children
  • Win Cartagena convert the adjoining land to the pavilion Four Saints in sports areas through a school workshop (05/05/2015)
    For the leftist coalition (IU-Green + SPCT) the initiative would also serve to reorder the development of the site and result in improvement area trade
  • The Polytechnic presents the Seismic microzonation of Lorca on the anniversary of the earthquake (05/05/2015)

  • The opposition groups Barreiro require that comply with the law and convene the House that has not been held in April (04/05/2015)
    PSOE, the United Left-Greens and Citizens Movement recall the first mayor that existing laws force you to summon at least a plenary session per month
  • The Viking Star cruise first visited Cartagena (04/05/2015)
    The ship arrived this morning to spend the day and its more than 900 passengers visited the port city.
  • The Day of Older closing its eighth edition (04/05/2015)
    Throughout the morning they discussed various topics such as inheritances, the new roles of the elderly or the media.
  • The School of Agricultural UPCT celebrates the Flower Week (04/05/2015)
    Several volunteers from the university sell plants to raise funds
  • The City and UPCT sign an agreement to recover rural roads (04/05/2015)
    The plan is to do an inventory to know their condition and thus able to go to European funds and other administrations
  • The financing expert ups Miguel Huguet has given a lecture at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (04/05/2015)
    It is easier to get an investor a job
  • Nights with Leonardo Da Vinci in the Castillo de la Concepción (04/05/2015)
    From Friday night visits can be made Castle, including a show with live music nightly delight that lived in the Renaissance
  • MC finds that no local or regional administration has raised the Port Authority different from the dock infrastructure Gorguel (04/05/2015)

  • Revolver presents his new album this Saturday in El Batel (04/05/2015)
    The new tour of the band of Carlos Goñi will Cartagena on Saturday to present Babylon, his last work published
  • Course on conservation and enhancement of heritage (04/05/2015)
    Organized by the Museum of the Roman theater of Cartagena in collaboration with the UPCT be held in mid-July
  • Science for Inclusion develops workshops for children at risk of social exclusion (04/05/2015)
    The activities, which started last Thursday at the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood, made in collaboration with organizations that work with these children and youth, as Abraham Project, Caritas or Astrada
  • Researchers UPCT place over the next two years an inventory of rural roads of Cartagena (04/05/2015)

  • Four hiking trails during the month of May will fit older (04/05/2015)
    The Algar with a visit to the Apollo Theatre, El Berro-Sierra Espuña, Grandchildren-Cabo de Palos and battery Ashes complete the program of the Department of Social Services which comes to an end in June
  • The section of Alfonso X between Wssel Guimbarda and Angel Bruna be one-way (04/05/2015)
    During today's session will be cut off traffic on that section because of the work being undertaken to establish the new signaling, which only allow move towards Juan Fernandez
  • Three hundred athletes and technicians cited in Cartagena International Boxing Tournament (04/05/2015)
    The fighting will be played this week in the Central Hall to be attended by fighters from 19 countries
  • Students of Architecture at the University of Kaliningrad visit this week UPCT (04/05/2015)

  • Win Cartagena property tax levied housing financial institutions unused (04/05/2015)

  • IU-v Barreiro asks the daily data of the official vehicle of the council to use for traveling (04/05/2015)

  • MC require an extraordinary plenary session on the Transaction Punic (04/05/2015)

  • Win Cartagena youth policy address after listening to young (03/05/2015)
    The coalition criticized the absence of youth policy by the PP, which circumscribes be a placement agency of New Generations
  • Win Cartagena asks Antonio Sevilla 'generosity to the city of Cartagena " (02/05/2015)
    The electoral coalition raises the need for the El Espalmador and underwater tunnels are assigned for use citizens
  • MC come to the end, to show whether the Punic plot rooted in Cartagena (02/05/2015)

  • Win cartagena request explanations, through the Parliamentary Group of the Plural Left on paid travel to Alonso Barreiro (01/05/2015)

  • Win Cartagena knows firsthand "the oblivion into which the PP has the district of Vista Alegre" (01/05/2015)
    Among the members of the coalition candidate is Tony Smith, a worker priest who was pastor of the neighborhood for 42 uninterrupted years
  • Win Cartagena restore the dignity of workers in the municipality (01/05/2015)
    The coalition will negotiate with them for the first six months of legislature and will use the remaining three and a half years to implement job security for municipal workers

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