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Cartagena News - October 2009

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  • Yoga, belly dance and street dance in November with the program T-LA (31/10/2009)
    is taught every Saturday this month at the Youth Resource Centre
  • Local Police identified seven illegal taxis a month (31/10/2009)
    Three cases have been demonstrated through the cooperation of the client that the taxi driver charged for the service fraudulently
  • One more point for the Reale (Sala 10 Zaragoza 5 - Real Cartagena 5) (31/10/2009)
    Real Cartagena last night drew a party whose last moments were of myocardial
  • Rajoy warned that the unemployment rate in Spain has already reached 19.3% and double the average of the eurozone (30/10/2009)
    Notes that, according to the European Commission, the youth unemployment rate rises to 41.7%
  • Photo Contest XII Voluntary image of solidarity (30/10/2009)
    Organized by the Platform to promote volunteering in Cartagena, may involve all stakeholders, with the exception of professional photographers, until 16 November
  • The Cartagena wait 18 days less than the national average for an appointment with the specialist (30/10/2009)
    Users of public health cartagenera hope one day less than the national average for surgery
  • Cartagena UPyD opposes the demolition of the door of CIM (30/10/2009)

  • Cartagena UPyD supports conversion tram line FEVE between Cartagena and Los Nietos (30/10/2009)

  • Rajoy impressed with the magnitude of the proposed tailings Repsol (30/10/2009)
    The Leader of the Opposition has also held a meeting with workers zincs to which they have transferred their support and interest in keeping abreast of the negotiations with the company
  • The exhibition opens Asdrúbalis Arx (30/10/2009)
    The Minister of Culture and the Mayor of Cartagena on Monday inaugurated the exhibition at the Museum of the Roman Theatre and the Palace Hall
  • The ADLE signs three new agreements with AMUSAL, CEEIC and the Graduate College of Social (30/10/2009)
    The Board of Directors of the Agency also approved to participate in the European Project EXDE to promote economic development by supporting innovation and research
  • 120 unemployed job training courses conducted (30/10/2009)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services in collaboration with the Regional Employment Services offer a total of 8 courses for unemployed people
  • The Governing Board extended the agreement for Major Film (30/10/2009)
    Since its launch has sold 11,000 tickets and increasing the funds to keep it until the end of December
  • Halloween in the neighborhoods (30/10/2009)
    T-LA Program on Saturday moved the activities of this party for the youth of La Palma, El Albujón and José María Lapuerta
  • A fifth person was traveling in small boats intercepted yesterday (30/10/2009)
    As the two survivors have been declared
  • XIV Exhibition Theatre and Culture of the Campo de Cartagena (30/10/2009)
    The Neighborhood Association has organized the Aljorra entertainment program with shows and theater as protagonists
  • Collaboration with ASEAN to develop maritime activities of the project 'Posidonia' (30/10/2009)

  • The UCAM V Iberian Congress Opens Basketball (29/10/2009)
    29 to 31 October, Cultural Center Luzzy Ramón Alonso, Cartagena
  • UI shows its rejection of the demolition of the MIC door Cartagena (29/10/2009)

  • Mariano Rajoy at the Palace Hall and the Teatro Romano (29/10/2009)
    Mayor meets with the Leader of the Opposition in the Palace Hall on the occasion of his visit to the city, where he will deliver a lecture, visit the refinery works and meet with workers Zinser
  • Resolutions of the Board of Governors of the UPCT (29/10/2009)

  • Located a boat with two deaths on board (29/10/2009)
    It also found two survivors, who have been rescued
  • Del Rosell Hospital performed a mock emergency in the warehouse (29/10/2009)
    The move is part of the Hospital Self-Protection Plan
  • Inauguration of teachers UPCT (29/10/2009)
    This inauguration shows "the interest of the UPCT to raise and strengthen the academic capacity of their teachers"
  • In the month and a half is about the urban sports area Carlos III (29/10/2009)
    The works are in full swing, once you have collected the suggestions of future users, with the completed skate park, a sports court running and only in the absence of the pergola which closes the set
  • Pereza Madrid duo sold out in presenting his most folk, Airplanes, in the Auditorium of Murcia (28/10/2009)

  • They update the local police in the region on environmental issues (28/10/2009)
    Tomorrow opens at the School Security Cartagena a conference on Environmental Protection.
  • The City Council will incorporate telematic notifications and electronic signatures in its procedures (28/10/2009)
    will mean a significant saving paper and time for citizens to avoid travel to municipal offices.
  • Special Operations Day of All Saints (28/10/2009)
    The device begins Thursday with the control of access to the main cemetery of the city such as Santa Lucia and St. Anton, and will culminate on Sunday, 1 to 32 agents operational.
  • The City of Cartagena, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), organized a "Volunteer Basic Course" (28/10/2009)
    Upon completion, participants will know in situ the work being done by various associations
  • 15 immigrant students do a course of cleaning of buildings and industrial facilities (28/10/2009)
    The Institute of Social Services makes this training activity in order to incorporate them into the labor market
  • Funeral of the Roman era in the Archaeological Museum (28/10/2009)
    Ditirambo theater group offered during the evening of 31 in the necropolis of the museum, representing a funeral verses of Sappho and Ovid
  • XII Days of Culture of Defense (28/10/2009)
    The Classroom Commander Cartagena Villamartín organized the XII Conference of Military History devoted this time to continete Africa, entitled 'Africa in the spotlight: perspecctivas about security and defense of Europe'
  • The Municipal Archives documents the burials in municipal cemeteries since 1868 (28/10/2009)
    This year has added to its collection of books for the registration of cemeteries of St. Lucia and St. Anton
  • Starts the fifth edition of the Forum on Social Aranzadi UPCT (28/10/2009)
    The sessions will be held in the Graduate Hall Old Navy Hospital
  • Cartagena UPyD calls an adequate network of bike lanes (28/10/2009)
    ... as an alternative to the ban on movement of bicycles through the pedestrian streets of the city
  • Begin Occupational carpentry workshops and Facilities ADLE (27/10/2009)
    More than 150 applications were submitted to qualify for the 16 seats of the courses that have been taught since yesterday at the Training Center Canteras.
  • La Palma 1, who won the football championship in Pozo Estrecho 7 (27/10/2009)
    10 soccer teams in different locations have PARTICIPATE in this tournament, which has enjoyed the cooperation of the Patronato Municipal de Deportes de Cartagena, through the PEER Program.
  • A major exhibition of Victor Beltrí commemorate its 150 anniversary in 2012 (27/10/2009)
    Victor Beltrí The Commission met today with Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Culture to outline actions towards the conclusion of a tribute to the architect, the main precursor of Modernism our city.
  • Polish parliamentarians have visited Cartagena (27/10/2009)
    The Mayor yesterday received Polish MEPs, on a visit to the Palace Hall.
  • The area of Cartagena will feature five new points of care in health care (26/10/2009)
    Health opened in December, the new Health Centre of Cartagena Center and will continue work for the new center in San Anton, and expand the Center for Neighborhood Health Conception
  • XXVIII 90,000 people visited the Book Fair Cartagena (26/10/2009)
    In addition, the site of the fair has received nearly 3,000 visits a total of 11,267 pages viewed
  • The Health Center of Old Town will open its doors in early 2010 (26/10/2009)

  • The City Council road safety improvements in La Puebla (26/10/2009)
    The Office of Transport, together with the neighborhood, has taken action to prevent accidents in the Roman Road and improve access for pupils to school in the Calle Doctor Marañón
  • The decision closes Mama International Day of Older Persons (26/10/2009)
    In charge of major theater group in Los Dolores, at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Fabian Martinez, annoyed by the Failure to meet deadlines Parkinson Center (26/10/2009)
    The mayor has been the president of the association of this disease to discuss the implementation of the project by the Central Government
  • Fifteen immigrant women are trained as home help assistants (26/10/2009)
    Alras The association has launched this initiative supported by the City and the Autonomous Region, through a training course last week began
  • Sympathy for the mayor to the family of Sabino Fernández Campo (26/10/2009)
    The former head of the King's house had a close relationship with Cartagena and had accepted the honorary presidency of the Foundation of the City of Cartagena
  • The Moussakis, Balkan music in a suitcase (26/10/2009)

  • The SIVE detects a boat about five miles from Portman (26/10/2009)

  • UPyD of Cartagena presents its new monthly newsletter (24/10/2009)

  • Communiqué Reale Cartagena (24/10/2009)
    "A7 region of Norcia TV" denies any support for Futsal Cartagena
  • 1, 2 and 3 ... CARTAGENA!. (23/10/2009)
    Real Cartagena 8 - ACZamora 6
  • Closure of the Open Classroom II Seminar and Forum for Security and Defence Studies (23/10/2009)

  • Water cut in the council of The Beal and Rincon de San Ginés (23/10/2009)
    On Tuesday, Aquagest planned stop supplying water in the morning for six hours.
  • The ADLE announces 22 fellowships for the mobility program Leonardo da Vinci (23/10/2009)
    The application period opens tomorrow for twelve weeks internship in the countries of Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic and Poland.
  • Maria Elena Martinez and Paula Rueda, winners of the drawing and painting solidarity (23/10/2009)
    592 work from 46 schools participated in the contest at the Military Museum.
  • The health section of General Electric is committed to innovation in the new Hospital of Cartagena (23/10/2009)
    The president of the company, which participates in the competition for the general hospital equipment, held a formal meeting with the mayor to have him expressed interest in working in this city.
  • The writer Javier Moro joins the e-book reviews (23/10/2009)
    This evening, he participated in 'The author encounters' that take place at the Palace Hall, during the Book Fair.
  • The ADLE presents its range of training for entrepreneurs in the UPCT (23/10/2009)
    will begin with a lecture Tuesday at the newly opened premises of the Faculty of Sciences of the Company in the building of CIM, with the collaboration of Bancaja and INFO .
  • No general agreement on the negotiating table with the City Council Personnel Board (23/10/2009)
    Heads Association considers that the proposal could jeopardize the budgets of 2012.
  • The storm forced the postponement of the pretense of Fire (23/10/2009)
    The underwater rescue exercise was to take place on Thursday in the Bay of Mazarrón has been postponed for another three weeks.
  • Last day to apply for grant aid for transport (23/10/2009)
    The application deadline is 31 October, where the Department of Education awarded a sum amounting to 16,000 euros, distributed among about 100 scholarships.
  • Cartagena, Caravaca de la Cruz are joined in promoting the Jubilee Year (23/10/2009)
    The first officials of both municipalities have signed an agreement that will result in the exchange of tourists and schoolchildren to celebrate the Holy Year in 2010 in the northwestern town .
  • The MARM awarded the contract management practices and environmental restoration of the stretch of coast between the grandchildren and smaller islands in Cartagena (23/10/2009)
    The performance, part of the E Plan for the Revitalization of the Economy and Employment, seeking recovery environmental restoration of a place that offers a privileged view of the Mar Menor and covers an area of 81,100 meters square.
  • UI shows its support for Ecologists in Action, describes as "arrogant" attitude of the Port Authority (22/10/2009)

  • They manage to make prints on materials even smaller than a human cell (22/10/2009)

  • Discounts for subscribers of Cartagena in the Cup match between Sevilla and Lorquí (22/10/2009)
    The meeting will be held on Tuesday 27 at Municipal Stadium Cartagonova, who has given the Town Hall for the occasion and subscribers of sports clubs will Cartagena discounts.
  • II Cultural Week Senior Dolores (22/10/2009)
    Cultural Tours, poetry reading, lecture and exhibition are activities that are taking place in this council and ending tomorrow.
  • The Cartagena Jazz Festival offers an effective alternative to travel cheaply and ecologically (22/10/2009)

  • Music, sports and party at the sixth anniversary of the Youth Association Tower (22/10/2009)
    The celebration will include various activities and workshops begin on Friday and will be developed throughout the weekend.
  • More than forty performances of Local Police and Fire by the strong wind (22/10/2009)
    most notable damage occurred in the fall of two trees in two vehicles parked on Alameda de San Antón and Wssell of Guimbarda.
  • Free Computer Courses for women (22/10/2009)
    Municipality and Autonomous Region in November will launch a mobile classroom in Pozo Estrecho and quarries to provide training in new technologies.
  • Flats between 80,000 and 110,000 euros in Mills Marfagones (22/10/2009)
    The mayor laid the foundation stone of urbanization Finca Buenos Aires where a first phase 300 houses constructed.
  • Vincent and Sanchez Harguinday admired the Roman Theatre Museum (22/10/2009)
    Visiting Cartagena to attend the Book Fair, both authors have told stories of a life dedicated to writing and communicating.
  • On-going program of activities for Autumn Language Exchange (22/10/2009)
    Youth Space technicians have been selected recreational and cultural activities that will complement the linguistic exchanges with Babel fortnightly gathering as a meeting of the participants.
  • I Cultural Week Over the neighborhood Our Lady of Charity (22/10/2009)
    Organized by the Municipal Social Services, opened on Monday with an exhibition of costumes and photos.
  • The Sport Primi get two gold medals in the Championship of Spain Basketball (22/10/2009)
    The two teams, A and B, had a more than outstanding in the tournament for people with intellectual disabilities that was held last week in Cadiz.
  • The Director of Housing visits the site of the Six Hundred (22/10/2009)
    Accompanied by Councillor Social Care and municipal officers, checked the status of action being carried out in the district for the rehabilitation of 250 housing
  • Javier Moro come to Cartagena on the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair (22/10/2009)
    Javier Moro is the author of great epics such as 'Pathways to Freedom' or 'Mountains of the Buddha'
  • Angela Vallvey preaches the magic of books at the Feria de Cartagena (22/10/2009)
    The flu did not stop the writer Mancha read a proclamation in favor of books and literature
  • Justice confirmed a complaint file against ANSE for alleged damages in an action in favor of salt Marchamalo (22/10/2009)

  • Communiqué Luis Fonseca Cilleros (21/10/2009)

  • Ecologists in Action invites Adrian Angel Viudes to a public debate to discuss the Gorguel (21/10/2009)

  • Firefighters update their knowledge in traffic accidents (21/10/2009)
    For three weeks, is held in the Security Park course on desencarcelación, extraction and immobilization of victims
  • Cartagena Firefighters involved in a mock rescue on the sea (21/10/2009)
    Three members of this body Diving participate Thursday in a rescue exercise to be held at 35 m depth in the Bay of Mazarrón
  • Kultupal 2009 (21/10/2009)
    Activities of theater, dance and music will take place at the civic center of La Palma, from 23 October to 22 November
  • Fifteen immigrants point to a current of electricity (21/10/2009)
    On Monday inaugurated the workshop organized by the Municipal Social Services, which will be given until 25 November at the Salesians
  • The Aljorra, Santa Lucia and Slum Latin America participating in the ADLE-Barrios (21/10/2009)
    workshops will be developed to promote the inclusion of its neighbors in the labor market
  • 16 Swedish students visiting Cartagena in the Comenius Project (21/10/2009)
    Councillor for Youth has received in the Palace Hall to young people who are sharing with the IES Las Salinas del Mar Menor and will remain in town until Saturday
  • Clean seabed in the Bay of Cartagena (21/10/2009)
    The activity that helps the City of Cartagena will be held on Saturday in Cala Cortina
  • Felling of two pine nuts in the reeds to prevent accidents (21/10/2009)
    The copies, which were in a playground, will be replaced by trees of the same kind
  • The Imaginary Invalid start programming Teatro Circo (21/10/2009)
    from 22 October to 3 December, the city hosts the best of the national theater, with actors such as Enrique San Francisco, Carmelo Gómez, Silvia Abascal and Concha Velasco, in the fall schedule
  • Valcárcel highlights the potential technological and environmental sustainability of the new production of sulfuric acid in Cartagena (21/10/2009)
    The head of Murcia Escombreras opens in Plant Development and Industrial Re-product (PARIS) Aemedsa Company
  • Perez Reverte looking at the future youth of the society (20/10/2009)
    Cartagena writer, who has held a meeting with a thousand students as a starting point of a new Mandarache Awards and Hache, reflected on his life, his work and the city of Cartagena.
  • For the second consecutive day cruise visiting the port of Cartagena (20/10/2009)
    The Noordam, with a capacity for 3,000 passengers, stopped offering today in the city, again, the image of a large number of tourists in the streets, shops and restaurants.
  • Stimulation of older animals in El Algar (20/10/2009)
    The Institute of Social Services conducts this therapy center users day stays.
  • Workshop on Memory and Information Support, for more (20/10/2009)
    From the October 14 is being conducted this workshop for over 65 years, organized within the larger program of the Municipal Institute of Social Services.
  • More than 40 enrolled in the course of monitor soccer and football (20/10/2009)
    With the start of the 2009-2010 season, the Department of Sports has presented training courses for coaches and teachers to be held during this course.
  • Angela Vallvey proclaims Wednesday Book Fair Cartagena (20/10/2009)
    Following the proclamation, the mayor of Cartagena and the writer formally inaugurate the book fair, which opens tomorrow at 10.00 am.
  • The National Police dismantled a drug trafficking ring, seizing more than eight kilos of cocaine (20/10/2009)
    and dismantled a laboratory devoted to the chemical processing
  • A student UPCT, absolute world champion taekwondo (20/10/2009)
    got up to the top of the podium in the category of less than 58 Kg
  • II Intercultural Week of La Palma (20/10/2009)
    A dream world is the motto of this event to be held in the council of Cartagena from 24 October to 7 November
  • Closure of the twelfth week of the Gypsy Culture (20/10/2009)
    On Friday, ending the event that organized the Municipal Institute of Social Services, a ceremony in which the manifest was read gypsy and the awards made to participants in competitions workshops
  • Works in Pozo Estrecho worth three million euros (20/10/2009)
    Aldermen of the City visit the various actions carried out in the council Cartagenera, such as indoor pool, music and cultural center, the center of childcare and infrastructure works
  • Back on Ventura with 3,600 passengers on board (19/10/2009)
    The British cruiser stops in Cartagena for the third time this year, which has filled bars and shops in the city center throughout the day.
  • Exposure And you painted on it, the Military History Museum (19/10/2009)
    Workshops and activities will take place at the close of the Third Conference of Solidarity of Cartagena, which is celebrated on October 24.
  • The work of Ronda Norte, nearing completion (19/10/2009)
    The lighting is complete in the absence of connecting to the network, while it put the finishing touches to the service road of the future City of Justice.
  • Final preparations at the Book Fair Cartagena (19/10/2009)
    The inauguration ceremony will take place on Wednesday at the Palace Consitorial, by writer Angela Vallvey.
  • The renewed ADLE quality certification ISO 9001 (19/10/2009)
    From October 15 once again has received certification in December 2008, one of the first municipal activities has been achieved.
  • The City Council will address the comprehensive reform of the Avenida de America (19/10/2009)
    This and other issues affecting the demands of the residents have been discussed today on the floor of the Municipal Corporation, also announced the government's intention to fix the bridge Barrio de la Concepción.
  • Start the Open Classroom II Seminar and Forum for Security and Defence Studies (19/10/2009)

  • Development awarded the project of rail access to port Escombreras (19/10/2009)
    González Tovar said that the budget allocation amounts to over 700,000 euros
  • Municipal Theatre School assists in the Third Conference of Solidarity of Cartagena (19/10/2009)
    On Saturday, he read the manifesto of solidarity in the Plaza de Juan XXIII offering to accompany a representation of body language
  • Martínez Bernal: "We opened a phase of permanent contact with the public" (17/10/2009)
    General Secretary of PSOE Local Executive says that this is an "ambitious project of all the members for the revitalization of the party in Cartagena
  • The Language Exchange trading begins with free language (17/10/2009)
    The program organized by the Youth Council for 2009-2010 has already registered a hundred people
  • Work on town's sports facilities are a step forward (17/10/2009)
    The pool deck and pavilion Pozo Estrecho de La Palma are now entering the final straight while the swimming pool and sports center Aljorra The Albujón Ecuador exceed its Implementation
  • The City Council and staff multiplied times against mosquitoes (17/10/2009)
    are advised to review individual pools, buckets and objects in the open and spraying gardens and hedges
  • Start the course at the University of Elders (16/10/2009)
    Nearly 400 students have started classes this week at the University of Elders, which this year has been located in the new Headquarters building Seamanship Instruction
  • A student of UPCT gets a mention in a European competition of ideas (16/10/2009)
    Proposes a magnetic drive system for loading and unloading of containers on merchant ships
  • The Quarry will poposa local social (16/10/2009)
    Mayor laid the first stone of the building in which it expects to spend about 103,000 euros
  • ADLE launches program in neighborhoods of Cartagena (16/10/2009)
    The agency conducts this program to facilitate the participation of the unemployed in job search
  • More than 1,800 university students applying for UNIBON Region (16/10/2009)
    José Ballesta Councilor and Mayor Pilar Barreiro have made delivery of the first transport UNIBON four students from Cartagena
  • Torreño and German students visiting Cartagena (16/10/2009)
    The students of IES Salvador Sandoval of Las Torres de Cotillas and Gymnasium Rottenburg Zweites have been received at the Palace Hall by the Councillor for Education
  • Gómez Meseguer Sports City unveils artificial turf (16/10/2009)
    industrial estate facilities and have a new football field 11 with the news that may be divided into two football fields 7
  • Activities, workshops and lectures in the magazine to prevent drugs in schools (16/10/2009)
    The Councillors for Social Care and Education, along with the school community, carried out actions on social education and drug prevention
  • One and half million euros for the offices of the valley and La Palma (16/10/2009)
    Two new primary healthcare centers, which the projects were approved today at a meeting of government, will begin construction in early 2010
  • Start the course in intercultural centers Cartagena (16/10/2009)
    study support activities and entertainment are held in places of Los Dolores and the Old Town, for young immigrants
  • 120 professionals involved in the XII National Nursing Forum Nutrition and Diet (16/10/2009)
    The conference is organized by the University Hospital Santa María del Rosell and the Association of Graduates in Nursing Nutrition and Dietetics
  • UPyD Cartagena requested the City Council to take appropriate measures for proper use of the landfill at Mina Regent (15/10/2009)
    The Region has sanctioned Lhicarsa with 27,000 Euros fine for deposit in the municipal bulky waste landfill without prior treatment
  • Cartagena is postulated as the City of Congresses (15/10/2009)
    The Foundation will try to attract events to the city seeking the collaboration of employers in the sector
  • The Bay opens its doors with the help of the ADLE (15/10/2009)
    The Arrocería Seafood Restaurant opened today has received a loan of 25,000 euros, the result of a collaboration agreement between the City and the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo
  • Urban returns to the reclassification of Zins rule for the purposes of Environmental Sustainability (15/10/2009)
    The council reiterated that the City continues to stand with the workers and their families
  • Cartagena hold its IX bike festival (15/10/2009)
    travel event next Sunday in the main streets of downtown
  • Cartagena UPyD supports the mobilization of neighborhood organizations in the Barrio de la Concepción to demand under the bridge (15/10/2009)

  • Start the XIII edition of Between Strings and Metals (15/10/2009)
    from 26 October until January 18 will remain open registration period for those young performers in the Murcia region wishing to participate in this contest of classical music
  • Leisure Spaces coming to La Aljorra and the Albujón (15/10/2009)
    start on Monday with manual building workshops and games organized by Social Services, aimed at children aged 7 to 12 years
  • The Regional Museum of Modern Art until January shows more than one hundred sculptures, sketches and drawings of the legacy of Juan González Moreno (14/10/2009)
    The Muram welcomes from tomorrow until January 10 next over a hundred works donated by the sculptor to Community
  • XII Week continues with an exhibition Gypsy Culture (14/10/2009)
    Activities are held at Artillery Park, with the aim of enhancing the awareness and participation of the population of Cartagena and Roma
  • Mixed cultures in the Football Championship 7, The Aljorra (14/10/2009)
    A total of ten teams took part in the tournament ended Saturday with semifinal and final matches, the winner was Piñas after beating by 5 goals to 0 at Deportivo
  • Introduction to yoga with the program T-La (14/10/2009)
    During the second half of October and early November will give a course organized by Youth in the Juvenile Resource Center
  • The Instituto Municipal del Litoral take at least a month to have the beaches to stop (14/10/2009)
    Two blades and three trucks hold their cleanup in Los Urrutias and Los Nietos, which has concentrated large amounts of waste into the sea continues to push Coast
  • Hall and fully subsidized CajaMurcia Futbol Base (14/10/2009)
    In five years it has doubled the number of clubs to 36, which this year will not face any charge with the cooperation of the financial institution through its Work Social
  • Night concert in the Barrio José María Lapuerta (14/10/2009)
    Ki spa, and two sad guys Alademoska, will meet Saturday in the party room at the price of five euro entry
  • Erasmus program Cartagena FP puts the lead in the Region (14/10/2009)
    Thanks to Area Youth Initiative of the Department of Youth Training Course sixteen pupils of this year have applied for aid to further their training in French companies , Italy or Norway
  • More than 2,000 people visit the Roman Theatre at the bridge (14/10/2009)
    The Museum celebrated Columbus Day with a concert by the Mass Coral Tomás Luis de Victoria, who filled the public the Temporary Exhibition Hall
  • The course "Let's talk about Spain" Cartagena brings together leading experts from all areas (14/10/2009)

  • The autonomous punishable by € 27,000 to Lhicarsa malfunction Regent Mine dump (14/10/2009)
    The General Directorate of Planning, Evaluation and Environmental Control Autonomous Region has issued a decision by the open records following the withdrawal of ANSE, assessing the facts alleged by the association as a Grave Violation
  • Start the program of lectures and workshops Young Space (13/10/2009)
    Activities taking place during the 2009-2010 academic year aimed at socio-orientation and advice on housing and employment, among other issues of interest to youth.
  • 91 Countries visiting digital newspaper SportCartagena (13/10/2009)
    In the three months of operation has received over 420,000 visits, ranking the second most read newspaper in the Region of Murcia.
  • II Regional Seminar in Cartagena Adoption (13/10/2009)
    A total of 350 families will participate in this meeting held on 7 November Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center in collaboration with the City of Cartagena.
  • The jury declared void the Photography Competition III Carlos Gallego (13/10/2009)
    None of the works presented outstanding quality.
  • 24 000 euros to aid young building projects (13/10/2009)
    On Monday 19 October deadline for pre-registration opens for young people in need of funding Cartagena to realize their artistic creativity
  • Start the lecture series "The Industrial Revolution" in the Residence Alberto Colao (13/10/2009)

  • The National Ballet of Spain presented in the Auditorium of Murcia The heart of green stone, under the direction of José Antonio (11/10/2009)
    Inspired by the work of Salvador de Madariaga will be performed tomorrow October 12
  • The Region will have a national reference center for vocational training (11/10/2009)
    Occupational Training Center of Cartagena, under the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment, is the only national benchmark in the professional family of Chemistry
  • They draw from the beach in Los Urrutias 624 tonnes of waste washed away by rain (10/10/2009)
    Staff of the Municipal Institute of Social Services has made over the past three days cleaning work in the area and, after the parenthesis of the bridge, continue their work in Grandchildren
  • Poster Competition Against Domestic Violence (09/10/2009)
    The application deadline for this contest, organized by the Department of Women, begins next Tuesday and runs through Nov. 13.
  • Water cut in quarries (09/10/2009)

  • List of admission in the courses of the Department of Women 2009/2010 (09/10/2009)
    are held in the month of October on information technology, accounting, defense, restoration, among others.
  • Effective communication and secure at the lowest cost (09/10/2009)
    Greek representatives have visited the park security to see how the modern and innovative digital communications system used by the police in our city developed by municipal engineers.
  • Sainete Theatre Group is twenty years (09/10/2009)
    Created by Social Services and composed of senior citizens, celebrated his birthday Thursday at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy with the staging of the play Picnic.
  • XII Gypsy Culture Week (09/10/2009)
    Between 13 and October 16 will develop various activities to promote awareness of Cartagena and the integration of this group in society.
  • The Escuela Municipal de Teatro de Cartagena, breaks boundaries (09/10/2009)
    Invited by the University of Murcia, participate in the conference welcome to be held from 13 to 23 October in the capital of the region.
  • The Tomás Luis de Victoria, for the first time in the Museo del Teatro Romano (09/10/2009)

  • The Museum of Glass Santa Lucia begins to take shape (09/10/2009)
    The building starts to take shape and continue the intensity of a work included in the Plan E is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.
  • The derby is revving (Real Cartagena - El Pozo Murcia) (08/10/2009)

  • Cartagena UPyD supports the request of the Municipal Group Socialist municipal ordinance regulating the installation of solar panels. (08/10/2009)

  • The local police asked the public liability in case of flooding (08/10/2009)
    The mayor has received today the officials and the Civil Defence volunteers staged daring rescues during floods in the city last September 28
  • On Tuesday, it opens within the occupational workshops ADLE (08/10/2009)
    13 to October 16 stakeholders are eligible for courses in carpentry, plumbing and electrical work to be carried out in the Training Centre in Quarry this quarter.
  • The ADLE produced a guide to new technologies aimed at employers (08/10/2009)
    By using this document and an accompanying video, show practical examples of how to harness technological advances to do more with small and medium enterprises
  • The Fall T-La and budget increases (08/10/2009)
    Courses, trips, workshops and excursions, the favorite of young people to fill their leisure time.
  • Valcárcel supports a "Pact for Education" in Spain to provide stability (08/10/2009)
    at the opening of the course of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • The Civil Guard intercepted seven immigrants in Cabo de Palos (08/10/2009)

  • 12 Immigrants Rescued by a French patrol boat (08/10/2009)

  • Congratulations to police and volunteers who staged daring rescues during the flood (07/10/2009)
    The mayor receives on Thursday at the Palace Hall
  • Intercepted nine illegal immigrants who were in a boat (07/10/2009)

  • The Muram hosts a tour of the Spanish art of the past hundred years 'Poetics of the twentieth century' (07/10/2009)
    The exhibition, which opens tomorrow and will run until January 10, 2010, includes works by artists like Picasso, Gargallo , Barceló, Tàpies, Miró, Saura Plensa
  • AFCT School Football season begins Féminas Cartagena (07/10/2009)
    It's open enrollment within the categories of 6 to 14 years to participate in local youth football league of the City of Cartagena.
  • Cartagena hosts the November 7 II Regional Adoption Day in which 350 families will participate (07/10/2009)

  • Start cleaning the beaches, after the last rains (07/10/2009)
    The City of Cartagena and Coastal Authority has begun the withdrawal of drag on the beaches most affected by the flood.
  • Álvaro Pombo, Paco Roca, Manuel Vincent and Angela Vallvey at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2009 (07/10/2009)
    Presented the program and the web of 29th edition to be held in the city center from 21 to 25 October.
  • Local police recorded 49 complaints of alcohol in September (07/10/2009)
    Overall 260 tests have been conducted in various parts of the municipality, and a drug control drivers with two positive results for Carthaginians and Romans.
  • The project NueXtra repeat a year Aula (07/10/2009)
    Rascasa The association conducts a workshop this year in the neighborhoods Virgen de la Caridad, Los Mateos, La Concepción and San Anton
  • Intercepted a boat with eight migrants on board, after being detected by the SIVE (07/10/2009)

  • Three roundabouts will relieve traffic on the street Real (07/10/2009)
    The works being carried out for five months and are paying off showing the new look of the street with changes in the traffic lanes and the extension of the zone walk
  • The Avenida de Murcia looks and his new look (07/10/2009)
    The renovation of water infrastructure, services, pavements and sidewalks have been completed
  • Feuvert with Real Cartagena (06/10/2009)

  • Intercepted at sea a boat with 12 immigrants (06/10/2009)

  • The Government delegate rule out the presence of a mother ship with boats (06/10/2009)
    league González Tovar recent arrivals to the weather and the proximity of the coast of Murcia to Algeria
  • The Court agrees with the Municipal Group Socialist Cartagena against "arbitrary and undemocratic attitude" of Pilar Barreiro (06/10/2009)
    The mayor decided that only a councilor of the main opposition group, was released in its political tasks in the City
  • Open registration period for courses in sports sandbox (06/10/2009)

  • The Palace Hall of Cartagena in the new Monopoly of Spain (06/10/2009)
    Cartagena is one of the 22 cities featured in the boxes in the new edition of this peculiar game
  • Four districts participating in the project areas of Leisure (06/10/2009)
    Santa Lucia, Virgen de la Caridad, New Pozo Estrecho Cartagena are neighborhoods where you will develop this project, including in children's programs organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • I Crib Competition of Schools (06/10/2009)
    Commercial Park Mandarache school organizes this activity will be held from December 11 to January 7
  • The new portal of Tourism doubles visits (06/10/2009)
    Launched in July, three months has been consulted by 47,500 pesronas
  • Primi Bronzes Sport Championships in Spain (06/10/2009)
    disabled Cartagena Club played football championship last weekend in Valencia
  • Re-release of The Night of One Hundred Birds, Friday October 9 (06/10/2009)
    After the success of theatrical performance, the Municipal School reprises this work next Friday in class CAM
  • Albujón youth activities to mark the sixth anniversary of the youth association Albujón Tower (06/10/2009)

  • The City Council awarded 100 grants to support the movement university (06/10/2009)
    Young people living in the city and enrolled in universities in the region may request aid from now until 31 October
  • Intercepted another 35 immigrants who arrived aboard three boats (06/10/2009)
    González Tovar is meeting this morning in Cartagena with the various bodies involved in coastal surveillance operation
  • The Department of Women opened their activities (06/10/2009)
    The Old Botanic Garden facilities were on Monday under which women in the municipality were to open this year, with activities scheduled for the formation of this group in the face of job search
  • Workshops, exhibitions and conferences in the Municipal Archaeological Museum (05/10/2009)
    Featured activities this quarter include the sample Faces of Rome, which extends his stay in Cartagena until January
  • The Film Club Hannibal takes the projections after the summer break (05/10/2009)
    Five foreign films make up the new fall programming
  • Francisca Armendariz Sr. presides over the old entrance of Mercy (05/10/2009)
    The Children of Mary paid tribute to its founder in the 91 anniversary of its founding with a bust colacación
  • Residents pay tribute to Oscar Yelo Tentegorra (05/10/2009)
    Saturday discovered a monolith in the Plaza de las Palmeras with a plaque in memory of the young lawyer, board member of the neighborhood association, who died last year
  • Emotions, rather than simple exhibition (05/10/2009)
    Julia Moreno's sample can be visited at the cultural center of the Foundation Caja Murcia until 10 October.
  • The Slum Latin America unveils its renovated clubhouse (05/10/2009)
    The opening ceremony was presided by the mayor on Friday, able to verify in situ the extension and renovation works of the building, including the Municipal Investment Plan and Neighborhood Councils.
  • 10 illegal immigrants intercepted (04/10/2009)
    5 miles off the coast of Calblanque
  • Palm tree pruning begins its second phase (03/10/2009)
    October 5 Monday starts maintenance work to be developed across the city, and will affect 480 palm trees in order to avoid the red palm weevil pest
  • Real Cartagena 3 - Benicarló Aeroport Castelló 2 (03/10/2009)
    Real Cartagena players believe first and foremost on the principle of union
  • Cycle of seminars for entrepreneurs and business (02/10/2009)
    The ADLE organizes a series of seminars to promote entrepreneurship and business empowerment, to be held during October and November
  • Youth activities Albujón (02/10/2009)
    Youth Association Albujón Tower celebrates its sixth anniversary with a series of activities will take place from 23 to 25 October
  • The mayor of Cartagena will preside over the opening of the exhibition "Emotions", which will take place this afternoon at the Foundation Cajamurcia (02/10/2009)
    The event will be at 19.30 pm in the Foundation Cajamurcia of Cartagena, located in Puerto de Murcia, n º 22.
  • ADLE starts on Monday its third year of the course of scaffolding erector (02/10/2009)
    Five students from the first edition have already been hired and is expected in the coming weeks to formalize the contract other of the second edition
  • Much public at the opening of the exhibition Cartagena Family Album (02/10/2009)
    Cartagena citizens may visit the exhibition of 320 photographs featuring the evolution of Cartagena society through the eyes of the people
  • Celebration of World Day of the birds 2009 (02/10/2009)
    ANSE organizes various activities in Cartagena from October 4 in order to raise awareness of the world of birds and conservation issues
  • Pergolas as trees provide shade in the Plaza del Rey (02/10/2009)
    The Board of Governors approved this project and other street improvement Luis Calandre to be a ride on the edge of the ravine.
  • Concha Velasco, Enrique San Francisco, Carmelo Gómez, Silvia Abascal and Gabino Diego in the programming of Nuevo Teatro Circo (02/10/2009)

  • Béla Fleck, Marcus Miller, Cassandra Wilson, John Scofield, Poveda, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Rickie Lee Jones at the 29 th Cartagena Jazz Festival (02/10/2009)
    The programming will be the longest of any which have been entered in the contest
  • Morente Nick lizard revives with the already legendary album in the programming Omega Other Music Auditorium of Murcia (02/10/2009)
    The concert, which costs 30 Euros, will be tomorrow, Saturday, October 3 at 21:30 pm
  • Water cut in the Barrio Peral (02/10/2009)
    begin after 9 am and will affect several streets for about 5 five.
  • Luis Fonseca: "I like to go from strength to strength" (01/10/2009)
    Luis Fonseca has appeared this morning before the media at the press conference after the game in the Fourth Day
  • They oppose a hazardous waste incinerator in Cartagena (01/10/2009)

  • López Pinto's work, completed in the absence be received by the City Council (01/10/2009)
    The workers put the finishing touches to this public space will feature a natural arbor of trees and has been shown, after the recent rains, the new system water pipe works correctly.
  • A pergolas provide shade in the Plaza del Rey (01/10/2009)
    The Governing Board will consider tomorrow the project and street improvement Luis Calandre.
  • The series is broadcast on the Internet Xlabon (01/10/2009)
    The series premiered on September 30 on the Internet and has 20 chapters with a duration of two minutes.
  • Homage to more centenarians in the Cultural Center (01/10/2009)
    It is one of the activities of the International Day for the Elderly which this morning had an open day in Cartagena Puerto de Culturas.

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