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Cartagena News - April 2018

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  • EF Balsicas is champion of regional football league in cadet category (30/04/2018)
    FC Corvera Atleti and CD Naval will compete for second place
  • Manuel Padín: "the alliance of MC with political populism goes for long in Cartagena" (30/04/2018)

  • The Fiestas of Carthaginians and Romans went to Ribadavia (Uurense) (30/04/2018)
    To the annual assembly of the Spanish Association of Historical Festivals and Recreations
  • Citizens boost regional tourism with an investment of one million to value the batteries of the coast of Cartagena (30/04/2018)

  • CTSSP continues betting on the poorest and most degraded neighborhoods (30/04/2018)
    CTSSP proposes the rehabilitation of the most abandoned neighborhoods and also the implementation of a Municipal Plan of "school shadow", with the surplus of 2017
  • Tribute to the heroes of May 2, 1808 (30/04/2018)
    The act will take place this Wednesday at 12:00 in the Port of Cartagena
  • López Miras: "We need to restore dignity to Cartagena with a project like the PP, which will push and continue to lead economic growth" (30/04/2018)

  • The neighbors of Fuente Cubas are in parties (30/04/2018)
    The mayor was in charge on Saturday to pronounce the proclamation of this celebrations, which continue until this Tuesday, May 1
  • The Municipal School Council proposes festivals on Thursday of Carthaginians and Romans and on Carnival Monday (30/04/2018)
    In addition, the proposal of the president, David Martínez Noguera, to create a working table against bullying was unanimously approved
  • A mural in the Luzzy, the Prizes of the Bookmarking Contest and the Pipi show and the pirates close Open Book (30/04/2018)
    The Councilor for Culture, David Martinez, was in charge of delivering the prizes of the Second Bookmarking Contest organized by the Network of Municipal Libraries
  • Cartagena celebrates its IV Global Citizen Action with activities for coexistence and social cohesion, ConVive in Barrio 2018 (30/04/2018)
    The day took place on Sunday, April 29, in Plaza San Francisco, where neighbors of the Historic Center and Sector Station developed activities to promote intercultural coexistence and social cohesion in Cartagena
  • A hundred young people opened the Youth Resource Nights of the T-LA (30/04/2018)
    The Alternative Free Time program of the Youth Council, began last Friday, April 27 one of its novelties of the spring quarter
  • The buses double their passage through Molinos de Marfagones (30/04/2018)

  • Dances of all modalities to celebrate the World Dance Day (30/04/2018)
    The activities took place on Saturday and Sunday at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • The construction of the Monte Sacro garden area begins after finding a Roman pool (30/04/2018)
    The mayor of Infrastructure, Juan Pedro Torralba, has come today April 30 to visit the beginning of the works
  • Cs Cartagena denounces that it has been more than a year since the Local Employment Committee was convened (30/04/2018)

  • Cartagena Re-Manga closes its sixth edition with more activities than ever (30/04/2018)
    The VI edition of the Salon del Manga and the Japanese Culture of Cartagena was held on April 28 and 29 at the School of Engineering of the UPCT
  • More than 1,300 people participate in the workshops of the UP in neighborhoods and councils (30/04/2018)
    The objective of the Popular University is to promote social participation, training, personal growth and culture among all Cartagena
  • Agro Escape, explosive pot, championship of prey and mental scalextric, new challenges of the Campus of Engineering (30/04/2018)

  • Citizens receive Vía Libre and recriminates the Government for not having launched the Pedestrian and Bicycle Office (29/04/2018)
    - The creation of this municipal structure is pending since September 2016 was unanimously agreed in the ordinary Plenary
  • MC will defend in the Plenary the award of the Cartagena Gold Medal to the Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment n ° 73 (29/04/2018)
    The initiative will be exhibited in the plenary session of the month of May
  • Cartagena joins the celebrations for the European Day of Intergenerational Solidarity (27/04/2018)
    With the realization of these activities the Department of Social Services aims to promote intergenerational relations
  • The Government Board approves the inclusion of the La Palma line in urban public transport (27/04/2018)
    It has also given the green light to the pluriannual expenditure for the hiring of the toilets and changers of the coast
  • Finals to 4 for the promotion to the first division of women's senior and pre-men's basketball (27/04/2018)
    They will be played on Saturday and Sunday at the Palacio de los Deportes and at the Los Dolores Pavilion
  • Cartagena performs an act in the Icue for the Day of Lesbian Visibility (27/04/2018)
    From 20:00 hours will be installed an informative display, will also be read a manifesto and games will be held to raise awareness about equal rights
  • Alumbres hosts the I Cup Faster BMX Repsol Trophy (27/04/2018)
    The event will take place on Sunday May 6 and is organized by the Club Alumbres Sport, the Mountaineering Federation of the Region of Murcia and the Department of Sports of the City of Cartagena.
  • Withdrawn the budgets to incorporate other non-mandatory reports that support its processing (27/04/2018)
    The Finance Commission agrees to postpone its ruling despite the fact that the file included the favorable report of the municipal intervention
  • The IV ICI Global Action will continue advancing by the social cohesion of the Barrios del Casco Historico and Sector Estacion (27/04/2018)
    The day will take place next Sunday, April 29 at Plaza San Francisco
  • Cartagena Re-Manga opens its doors this weekend (27/04/2018)
    The facilities of the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering of the UPCT will be the scene of the VI Salon del Manga and the Japanese Culture of Cartagena that opens on Saturday at 12:00 hours
  • Cristina Fernandez Cubas and Alvaro Garcia Hernandez rise up with the Mandarache and Hache Awards 2018 (27/04/2018)
    More than five thousand young readers have chosen the book of stories' La habitación de Nona 'and' León Kamikaze.
  • CTSSP is the only party that has submitted amendments to the budget (27/04/2018)

  • Cs supports the suspension of the Plenary after not presenting the Government in the Treasury Committee the reports that endorse the accounts (27/04/2018)

  • Jaime Urrutia, Kiko Veneno and Varry Brava will perform in acoustic at Christmas Fort (27/04/2018)
    The concerts will take place during the month of June
  • The Social Action group of the City of Cartagena has participated with 40 technicians in the simulation of the earthquake (27/04/2018)
    Municipal workers, dependent on the Department of Social Services, coordinated their efforts in the evacuation and reception of the victims
  • Posted the location of the speed controls for the week of April 30 to May 6 (27/04/2018)
    Local Police has reported that mobile devices will be installed in different parts of the city
  • The Pipiripao buries a Capsule of Time in the celebration of its XXV Anniversary (27/04/2018)
    During the development of the activity an orange tree has also been planted
  • Professional Gala and Dance Marathon to continue celebrating World Dance Day this weekend (27/04/2018)
    The activities will take place on Saturday and Sunday at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • The UNED hosts for the first time the Permanent Seminar on Internal and External Security of the European Union (27/04/2018)
    The event takes place this Friday, April 27, and closes on the same day at 8:30 p.m.
  • La Mar de Musicas puts on sale tickets and tickets for concerts at the Parque Torres Auditorium (27/04/2018)
    Tickets for the Totó la Momposina concert at El Batel are also available
  • An architect for the UPCT proposes to recover the salt activity of Marchamalo promoting ecotourism (27/04/2018)
    The project with which Paloma de Andrés has completed her degree at the Polytechnic defends the landscape and environmental value of the salt pans of Cabo de Palos
  • Llum Barrera stars in the list of my desires, based on the best seller of Gregoire Delacourt, at the Nuevo Teatro Circo (27/04/2018)
    The actress will be on stage at the theater in Cartagena this Friday, April 27 at a show scheduled by the Department of Culture of the Town Hall
  • The Plenary speaks against the pan-European product of individual pensions (26/04/2018)
    In an institutional declaration, it agrees to address the European Parliament so that public systems guarantee decent and sufficient pensions
  • MC Cartagena promotes the restoration of participation and transparency in the Contracting Committee (26/04/2018)

  • Citizens get the Plenary to support the creation of the Cartagena del Mar Academy, Sciences and Arts (26/04/2018)

  • MC Cartagena leads the mandate of the Plenary to demand the Government of Spain to finance the Benipa's baipas (26/04/2018)
    If not, it must be assumed by the Port Authority
  • A flashmob will inaugurate the activities for the International Day of Dance in Cartagena (26/04/2018)
    The joint dance event will take place on Friday, April 27 at 8:30 p.m. in the Plaza San Francisco
  • The XxX project will bring citizenship to the concept of palimpsest in the Byzantine Wall This activity is part of the exhibition LibrObjeto (26/04/2018)

  • Ciudadanos recriminates the PSOE and we CAN reject it to create a plan against illegal and violent occupation in Cartagena (26/04/2018)

  • The Mandarache Hache Award announces its winners (26/04/2018)
    On Friday, April 27 at 11:00 a.m., the winners of the thirteenth edition will be announced
  • Manuel Padín: "PP, MC and Podemos consume their betrayal to Cartagena and block the investment of the surplus" (26/04/2018)

  • Underway the municipal seagulls control campaign in Cartagena (26/04/2018)
    The yellow-legged nest, which is the one that proliferates in this area, are subject to the action that takes place in the municipality during the months of April, May and June
  • MC requires the PSOE transparency and legality in the application of the surplus to be able to support it (26/04/2018)

  • Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Pipiripao EEII (26/04/2018)
    The event will take place this Friday, April 27, in the vicinity of the school
  • The Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena hosts an exhibition inspired by the poems of Catullus (26/04/2018)
    The artists Manuel Delgado, Elisa Ortega, Manolo Pardo and Rafa Richart propose an immersion in the Latin world through the writings that Carl put on music Orff
  • A total of 8791 vehicles passed through the speed controls of the Local Police during the special traffic campaign (26/04/2018)
    In the different control devices arranged by the city, 207 drivers have been denounced
  • Arrested the alleged perpetrator of a crime of gender violence (26/04/2018)
    The events took place in the neighborhood of San Ginés, on the morning of Tuesday, April 24, to where local police agents traveled.
  • MC's commitment to sustainability brings eight hundred copies of Cartagena cypress to schoolchildren in La Aljorra (25/04/2018)

  • MC demands greater implication and financing of the Regional Assembly to the UPCT to avoid problems like the residence Alberto Colao (25/04/2018)
    The president of the cartagenerista formation, Jesús Giménez, has valued the requirements of Rosa Peñalver to the educational institution
  • Published the schedules of the twenty-third day of the Regional Baseball League (25/04/2018)
    They will be held during the weekend of April 28 and 29
  • Much More May becomes the first ecofestival of Cartagena (25/04/2018)
    The festival will be developed under the slogan "Interdependent, ecodependent", has performances, training actions and social awareness
  • Cs meets with residents of residential Buenos Aires to analyze the current situation and organize the next steps (25/04/2018)

  • Concha Velasco, Lola Herrera, Pastora Soler, Los Morancos and Ballet by Victor Ullate star in Los Veranos de El Batel (25/04/2018)
    Tickets are now on sale at the box office and online
  • ... (25/04/2018)

  • 16 ADLE students will do internships in Italy and Portugal thanks to the ERASMUS + program The project, which has a grant of 54,433 euros, covers the travel grant, accommodation, language preparation course, internship tutoring and pocket money (25/04/2018)

  • Cartagena celebrates the X Meeting of Tertulias of the Municipal Libraries Network (25/04/2018)

  • The Cross of Artillery calls the contest to choose the poster for the next edition (25/04/2018)
    Until June 14, the original admission period will remain open
  • The Hospital de Caridad delivers a new pennant to the Local Police (25/04/2018)
    This is the hallmark of the body and escort formations that it traditionally performs when the patron parades
  • Cartagena firefighters simulate the evacuation of contagious patients after the earthquake (25/04/2018)
    Municipal employees continue to resolve incidents in the combined exercise with regional troops and the UME
  • EF Dolorense-Salesians, CD Maristas, Cartagena FC and Fundacion FC Cartagena unbeaten in the championship (24/04/2018)
    This week is an extra day in the categories of prebenjamín, benjamín and alevín
  • The earthquake simulation shows a coordinated action of all the municipal services (24/04/2018)
    The mayor highlights the perfect harmony of the officials who have responded immediately to the different incidents raised in the exercise
  • Citizens clarify to the PAH the content of the motion to combat illegal and violent occupation in Cartagena (24/04/2018)

  • The casino hosts the Second Heritage Meeting on the recovery of the Roman Amphitheater in Cartagena (24/04/2018)
    The conference will be given by the Association for the Defense of the Historical Heritage of Cartagena and Region (ADEPA)
  • The Ministry of Education exposes the Baccalaureate students of the Politecnico not to find a place in other centers (24/04/2018)

  • The municipal groups will take an institutional declaration in support of the pensioners' demands on Thursday (24/04/2018)
    In it, they agree to ask the European Parliament to reject the proposal for a regulation on the Pan-European Product of Individual Pensions (PEPP) and to study measures to guarantee decent and sufficient pensions
  • ... (24/04/2018)

  • The 2018 Hockey Line South Cup takes place in Cartagena (24/04/2018)
    The South Cup will be held on April 28 and 29 at the Cabezo Beaza Pavilion
  • The Town Hall will show an exhibition by the artist from Cartagena Tomas Mendoza (24/04/2018)
    The exhibition can be visited from May 3 to July 1
  • The verses of Caja oscura, winner of the XXXI edition of the Antonio Oliver Belmas Prize, are already in a book (24/04/2018)
    José Luis Vidal Carreras attended the presentation
  • Cs qualifies its agreement of positive budgets and requests the abstention of the PP "not to block the investments" (24/04/2018)

  • Manuel Padín "The PP has two days to understand that the interest of Cartagena should take precedence over partisan tacticism" (24/04/2018)
    - "The reasons for PP, MC and Podemos to reject liquidation and reinvestment are overwhelmingly less important than the consequences of his rejection ", says the spokesman of the orange formation
  • The Local Police of Cartagena rescues a parrot that was disoriented in the public way (24/04/2018)
    It happened in the morning of Tuesday on Ramón y Cajal street, where a neighbor helped the agents in the rescue
  • The Day of the Book gave voice to authors of the generation of 27 (24/04/2018)
    The act was held last Monday in the Plaza del Icue and was enlivened by the chamber group of the Youth Orchestra of Cartagena ending with the symbolic act of the launching of hats
  • MC: "Justice will investigate Castejón for violating, once again, the fundamental rights of MC Cartagena" (24/04/2018)
    "The process continues after the veto of the socialist government to the cartagenerista formation during the Plenary session of February 26"
  • The Alma Vegan Festival will bring the vegan culture to Cartagena (24/04/2018)
    This Saturday, April 28 from 10:00 to 00:00, the activities will take place in the Parque de la Rambla
  • La Ruta de la Tapa y el Dulce returns to Los Belones (24/04/2018)
    The culinary event will take place from April 27 to May 15
  • Students of the Polytechnic of Cartagena will be able to do internships at Ibermutuamur (24/04/2018)

  • Citizens announce that an agreement has been reached with the Government of Cartagena to support the 2018 budgets (23/04/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces that MC, PP and Podemos are united again "to put the sticks in the wheel of Cartagena's governability" (23/04/2018)

  • Students from Sacred Heart College meet writers from the Region at UCAM Cartagena (23/04/2018)

  • The Carthaginians and Romans parties are promoted in Barcelona (23/04/2018)

  • Cs regrets the rejection of the budget modification to enable the investment of the surplus in pending projects (23/04/2018)

  • MC: The PSOE tries to 'amend' its simulation of Budget after approving it in the Governing Board forty-eight hours before (23/04/2018)
    They propose a budget modification that goes in discordance with what was approved on Friday
  • Successes of Club Cuatro Santos Cartagena in a weekend with participations in six different events (22/04/2018)

  • One of the exhibition halls of the Consistorial Palace already honors the memory of Cartagena artist Nicomedes Gómez (22/04/2018)

  • More than 300 people from all over the Region and from other communities know the potential of studying in the UPCT (21/04/2018)

  • CTSSP: The abandonment of the neighbors of Buenos Aires is the product of the real estate bubble in which the town hall of Cartagena participated through Casco Antiguo (21/04/2018)

  • Manuel Padín: "The needs of the Club Deportivo Mediterráneo do not end with the works of the changing rooms" (21/04/2018)
    - The Association of Neighbors of Mediterranean Urbanization lament the delay of the investments committed by the City Council in streets and squares
  • MC: The government crisis hurts the projects for Cartagena and its district (20/04/2018)
    MC considers that the new appointments commit the ZAL of Los Camachos and demonstrate the improvisation and disinterest of the PP in infrastructures, agriculture and tourism, pillars of the economic activity of the Campo de Cartagena
  • Companies and professional entities of Cartagena support the III Meeting of Companies Alraso for the labor insertion (20/04/2018)
    Alraso wants to promote the joint work between companies and social entities in Cartagena
  • 120 municipal officials will participate from Tuesday in the earthquake simulation in Cartagena (20/04/2018)
    The activity is part of the joint combined exercise organized by the UME in the Region of Murcia
  • Continued reading of Don Quixote de la Mancha at the UNED (20/04/2018)
    This year has been read from chapter 54 until the end of the work, when the ingenious hidalgo, now sane, dies
  • The Government approves the project of municipal budgets with the idea that it is that of all the political groups and neighbors (20/04/2018)
    It amounts to 199 million euros, 3.5 million more than last year
  • The youngest will also participate in the Night of the Museums (20/04/2018)
    Among the novelties programmed for this edition is the 'Street art and Graffiti' workshop through which the little ones will learn about the paper the different techniques of this artistic discipline .
  • Citizens are in solidarity with the innkeepers of Cartagena before the strike announced for next April 26 (20/04/2018)

  • Cs denounces that the PP is deliberately delaying the projects of Cartagena and its District until the year 2019 (20/04/2018)

  • Open the term for a course that will train 25 young people as international trade agents in Cartagena (20/04/2018)
    This training action, organized by the SEF and the School of Industrial Organization, will start in mid-May and will have 205 teaching hours that will be deepened in the keys to open markets
  • Social and business groups meet to promote cultural and tourism events in Cartagena (20/04/2018)

  • MC: The treason of the PSOE extends to neighborhoods and councils by facilitating the presidency of the Los Dolores Neighborhood Council to the PP (20/04/2018)
    "The traditional parties symbolize their alliance in the face of the approval of the General Budget of the City Council"
  • The Sea of ​​Music will tour the different styles of the guest country, Denmark (20/04/2018)
    Whomadewho, Afenginn, Eivør, The Savage Rose, Bisse, Wangel, The Kutimangoes, Liima and Den Sorte Skole will be in the Danish Special of this festival year
  • The Association of Renal Patients of Cartagena will collaborate in the program "Active Expert Patient" (19/04/2018)
    The Regional Assembly supports a motion of PP and Citizens for experienced patients to help newly diagnosed patients
  • The ADLE presents its offer of public employment that will reduce the temporality and give stability to the workers (19/04/2018)
    In total, 11 vacancies have been published, 2 Local Development Technicians A2, one Technician in A2 Training, 6 technical assistants of Orientation and Insertion C1 and 2 administrative assistants C2
  • Fernando López Miras, named Brother of Honor of the Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara (19/04/2018)

  • Franciscans, Stella Maris and Virgen del Carmen are made with the first positions in V Municipal League Athletics Intercentros (19/04/2018)
    In the competition have participated more than 400 students from the different educational centers of the municipality of Cartagena
  • Fernando López Miras meets with the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena (19/04/2018)

  • Citizens urge the City Council to apply for a European subsidy to install free Wi-Fi in public spaces (19/04/2018)

  • Ricardo Segado regrets that the Government of Castejón again underestimate the Cartagena Sports Gala, recovered by the Mayor's Office of MC (19/04/2018)
    This recognition to the athletes, clubs and sports associations of Cartagena was delivered again in 2016 thanks to the efforts of José López and Ricardo Segado
  • Citizens ask the City Council to mediate in the conflict between the Association of Neighbors of La Manga and the FAVCAC (19/04/2018)

  • Celebrations open the registration period to participate in the May Crosses (19/04/2018)
    The call will remain open until Tuesday, April 24
  • The documentary of Cartagena and its Holy Week of 76 and 77, published on the internet (19/04/2018)
    The complete digitalization of Domíngo López's original film, lasting more than an hour, can be viewed through youtube, after its presentation on last Tuesday of the Classroom of the Caja Mediterráneo Foundation
  • The Palace of Sports of Cartagena will host the XIV Spanish Championship of Aesthetic Gymnastics (19/04/2018)
    More than 550 athletes from all over the Spanish geography will meet in Cartagena on April 21 and 22 to compete in the competition
  • The Mandarache Hache Prize is getting ready to vote (19/04/2018)
    From 23 to 26 April, six thousand young people from three Cartagenas will fail the literary prizes with the largest jury in the world
  • MC, attending to users and relatives, will request that the urban bus stop at the farm of 'La Huertecica' (19/04/2018)

  • The center of Cartagena will be dressed in fashion to host the event Santa Florentina Pasarela (18/04/2018)
    On Saturday, April 21, starting at 6:00 p.m., you will be able to enjoy a fashion show on Santa Florentina street, where they will be exhibited all the trends of this season
  • The Association of Veterinarians Bullfighting Specialists celebrates the XXVI Bullring in Levante (18/04/2018)
    The congress will be held from April 20 to 22 in La Manga del Mar Menor
  • Medea kicks off the Greco-Latin Theater Festival in Cartagena (18/04/2018)
    Nearly 3,000 students from the Region of Murcia and the neighboring autonomous communities enjoy classical works until Thursday, April 19
  • Diplomas for graduates at UNED (18/04/2018)
    The event, which will be attended by the mayor, will be held on Thursday afternoon, framed within the commemoration of UNED Day
  • The NAVANTIA Board of Directors meets in Cartagena (18/04/2018)
    The directors have visited the facilities of the dock and known the different programs underway
  • Citizens celebrates that the Government executes its motion to disseminate and implement the I Comprehensive Plan for Rare Diseases (18/04/2018)

  • The residents of La Magdalena pay homage to their elders (18/04/2018)
    Councilor Juan Pedro Torralba participated in the ceremony in which a statue was inaugurated that has been installed next to the bus shelter marquee
  • A multinational gathering instructed young people about the EU for the Day of Europe (18/04/2018)
    'Babel', a language exchange, is one of the activities programmed by the Youth Council
  • Concludes the concert cycle of the Between Strings and Metals contest with the Piano final (18/04/2018)
    Yesterday, April 17, the concert cycle of the 'Between Strings and Metals' contest, in its XXI edition, ended
  • The collection of the musical La fuerza del destino will be donated to ASIDO and DiabetesCERO (18/04/2018)
    The performance will be on Tuesday, May 1 with two passes;
  • Prize for the most beautiful balconies of Holy Week (18/04/2018)
    The mayor of Culture has been commissioned to deliver, today Wednesday, the prizes, falling first on the balcony of the Plaza del Risueño 9 - 1 °, by Antonio Nicolás Lorca
  • Cartagena Piensa will represent the adaptation of the popular play by Vicente Medina, El Rento (18/04/2018)
    The staging will take place on April 19 at 8 pm at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • MC denounces that the socialist government spent more than 1,200 euros on a "typical Roman" night for President López Miras (18/04/2018)
    MC discovers this waste that took place during the last Carthaginian and Roman fiestas
  • The Hotel Group of Cartagena offers discounts for the Night of the Museums (18/04/2018)

  • MC: In the face of socialist inoperability, MC will request that the Plenary boost improvements in sports infrastructure for La Palma and La Aljorra (18/04/2018)
    Two initiatives will propose that budget modifications be implemented to install artificial turf on the La Palma soccer field and the reform of the pool cover of La Aljorra
  • Cs reminds Castejón that if he really wants to bet for the entrepreneurs, he accepts the orange amendments to the ADLE (18/04/2018)

  • The Aula Empresa Innova will help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs adapt to the digital environment (18/04/2018)
    The seminars and practical workshops will take place from May 4 to June 1
  • The mayoress meets with the Galactic collective so that Cartagena continues to advance in the area of ​​LGTBI Equality (18/04/2018)

  • CTSSP will present a motion for the development of the care sector (18/04/2018)
    The initiative would provide an economic boost for this sector, as well as a way to fight against machismo and gender inequality
  • The need to provide marquees to the Hospital of Santa Lucía, priority of MC for the next Plenary (18/04/2018)

  • The Night of the Museums of Cartagena adheres to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and obtains the seal for its activities (17/04/2018)
    This seal brings unity to the celebrations and activities that take place in the different countries, as a complementary activity to the exhibitions temporary and permanent museums
  • Cartagena Puerta de Culturas continues with its spectacles of gladiators (17/04/2018)
    It will develop routes and dramatized visits during the weekends of April and May
  • Much More May returns with more than 28 artistic projects (17/04/2018)
    The Much More Emerging Art Festival May 2018 will be held from May 25 to June 3
  • The Governing Board inadmits the appeal of the councilors of MC Cartagena on the descent of the water (17/04/2018)
    The decision has been based on the report of the municipal legal advice, as it is an act of procedure
  • Musicians from the conservatories of Cartagena, Cieza and Murcia played the final of the woodwind of Entre cuerdas y Metals (17/04/2018)
    The winners of the different categories will be announced on May 4 during the closing ceremony of the contest
  • The mayor welcomes the winners of the Route of the Fortresses, Ramon Navarro and Veronica Bugliot (17/04/2018)
    Castejón has wanted to publicly acknowledge the effort and work of these two Cartagena athletes
  • The force of destiny comes to El Batel for the benefit of ASIDO and Diabetes Zero (17/04/2018)
    The function will have two passes;
  • José López regrets the tricks of the PP and Noelia Arroyo to promote themselves (17/04/2018)

  • Over 14 regattas and 16 events scheduled in the 2018 Latin Candle Calendar (17/04/2018)
    The Latin candle has been recently proclaimed as an Intangible Cultural Asset of the Region of Murcia
  • The elderly of Cartagena learn solutions for their well-being at the headquarters of the UNED (17/04/2018)
    The event took place today April 17 and has had the participation of the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón
  • The Theater of Delivery company brings to Cartagena its interactive work 3,000 km (17/04/2018)
    The performance will take place on Friday, April 20 at 20:00 at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center and the entrance will be free until full capacity is reached
  • Once upon a time he reinterprets the mythical classic tales (17/04/2018)
    The exhibition, by the Cartagena artist Mariola Valderrain, opens this Thursday, April 19, in 'Subjective Room.
  • Cartagena Piensa proposes to know new models of participation (17/04/2018)
    The seminar, which still has places, will be this Wednesday, April 18 at 7:00 p.m. in Room 2 of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The Brotherhood of San Gines de la Jara extols the figure of the saint with its Cultural Week (17/04/2018)
    The acts will be held from April 20 to 28 to commemorate the 341 anniversary of the Patronage of Cartagena and the XI anniversary of the Refoundation of the Brotherhood
  • A balcony in the Plaza del Risueño, the most beautiful of Holy Week (17/04/2018)
    The jury of the third Balcony and Façade Beautification Contest already has its winners
  • Cartagena participates in the international conference The Public Baths of Hispania (17/04/2018)
    The event, which starts this Thursday at the Archaeological Museum of the Region of Murcia (MAM), closes on Saturday in Cartagena and has the collaboration of Puerto de Culturas and the Congress Office of the port city
  • The PP demands José López to deliver his councilman's deed for the "macho, miserable and unpresentable" statements made yesterday to Noelia Arroyo (17/04/2018)
    The party's regional spokesperson, Nuria Fuentes, affirms that "such a small politician does not deserve to represent to a city so big, to continue in the institutions or to represent the Cartagena people "so he asks him to" stay a
  • The Military Museum of Cartagena exhibits Spanish flags of the last five centuries (17/04/2018)
    Cartagena is the second stage of this exhibition that will visit various Spanish cities
  • Danza benefica por La Resi by ASTUS in Cartagena (17/04/2018)
    The Robles Ballet School School, together with dance groups Nuria Más, Margarita Amante and Carmen Baños, will participate in the gala that will be held on May 18 at El Batel
  • Manuel Padín on the insults of José López to Noelia Arroyo: "the cartagenerism is something else, it is nobility and lordship" (17/04/2018)
    - The orange formation announces that it will not return to sit at the table with MC and PP to reach an agreement for amend the municipal budgets if the CM councilor is still present and has not publicly apologized
  • The UPCT creates for the DGT an autonomous driving system based on human reasoning (17/04/2018)
    The objective of the researchers of the Intelligent Vehicles Laboratory is that smart cars emulate the behavior of drivers
  • Showcase and signatures of copies to celebrate the International Day of the Discos in Cartagena (17/04/2018)
    The activity will be held on Friday, April 20 in the English Court, with the collaboration of the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena
  • Almost 70% of the Senate supports the reform of departments in the UPCT (16/04/2018)

  • Ramon Navarro and Veronica Bugliot inscribe their names in the list of the winners of the Route of the Fortresses (16/04/2018)
    The first girl to cover the 53 km.
  • Two hundred and forty-three schoolchildren show their vision of San Gines with drawings (16/04/2018)
    The winners will receive their prizes next Sunday, April 22, in the Parish of San Ginés de la Jara
  • Citizens demand the urgent creation of the Commission, the Technical Office and the updating of the Accessibility Plan (16/04/2018)

  • A flashmob will initiate the activities of the International Day of Dance in Cartagena (16/04/2018)
    The activities will be held on April 27, 28 and 29 and on May 11 with the participation of more than 600 dance students and 47 professionals
  • MC Cartagena will demand the return of transparency and participation to the Contracting Committee (16/04/2018)
    Will request the application of the percentage set for 'reserved contracts'
  • The flamenco singer Antonia Contreras and the guitarist Juan Ramon Caro will perform at the Mare Nostrum (16/04/2018)
    The show will take place on Saturday 21 at 9:30 p.m. at the Mare Nostrum
  • The mayor of Cartagena asks the Government of Spain for a comprehensive plan for Mar Menor (16/04/2018)
    Ana Belén considers the full involvement of the central administration necessary because it is a "State problem"
  • Ricardo Segado will ask the Socialist government for his intentions in the recovery of the battery of San Leandro (16/04/2018)
    The councilman of MC will ask for clarification if finally the City will be submitted to the European call for funds 'Life' to request the money for the environmental
  • UCAM Cartagena organizes an exhibition, a storytelling workshop, an exchange of books and a talk around April 23 (16/04/2018)

  • ALSA triples the bus service from Cartagena to El Algar (16/04/2018)
    The Department of Municipal Services has interceded with the concessionaire to respond to this historic claim of the neighbors
  • "Doctors in the company provide a vision of the future" (16/04/2018)
    The UPCT International Doctoral School recalls the capacity for disruptive innovation of doctoral students during the First Doctoral Days
  • The Pozo de los Palos sports court is improved by fencing, goals and artificial grass (16/04/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, inaugurated on Friday the works carried out by the City Council with the budget of the Neighborhood Board of Marfagones Mills
  • The new Galifa children's park has been opened The remodeling works have been carried out by the Neighborhood Board of Perín, in coordination with the Department of Decentralization, with an investment of 18,887 euros (16/04/2018)

  • Mirror: "Not even 24 hours have passed and in Somos Region they are nervous and they already fear Noelia Arroyo" The PP municipal spokesman affirms that in his designation "there is no incompatibility but desire and interest in working (15/04/2018)

  • MC: Castejón's lack of interest in the arrival of the AVE prevents MC from giving its support to act in the High Speed ​​Cartagena commissions (15/04/2018)
    MC will propose that competent technicians be appointed in control and supervision in view of the inability and laxity of the Socialists in these tasks
  • An architect of the UPCT creates a craft center to revitalize the Monte Sacro (14/04/2018)

  • MC: Concern among citizens about the turbidity of water in various areas of Cartagena (14/04/2018)

  • The Community contributes to safety in the Route of the Strengths (14/04/2018)

  • CTSSP: Chronicle of an announced and fictitious discount (13/04/2018)

  • The Caja Mediterraneo Foundation will host the screening of an unpublished film about Holy Week of 76 and 77 (13/04/2018)
    The documentary, property of Domingo López Castiñe, has been recovered as part of the project Cellular Memories with the sponsorship of the Department of Culture of the City Council of Cartagena
  • Fifty people at risk of social exclusion go on a trip to Fuentes del Marques (13/04/2018)
    These are users of the Department of Social Services of the City of Cartagena who are actively participating in Social Inclusion itineraries
  • Teatro Circo Apolo del Algar will program three musical productions for the coming months (13/04/2018)
    May and June will be performed the works "De simba a Kiara: The Tribute of the Lion King", "Luna On Beat, On Wheels" and "One Night at home ... Mrs. "
  • The IX Route of the Fortresses distributes its numbers (13/04/2018)
    The esplanade of the Heroes of Cavite registers a continuous transfer of participants in the race that will start on Saturday at eight from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • New work meeting to get the budgets that Cartagena needs (13/04/2018)

  • The Military Museum of Cartagena will exhibit Spanish flags of the last five centuries (13/04/2018)
    Cartagena is the second stage of this exhibition that will visit various Spanish cities
  • Castejón celebrates the Pyrrhic (and possibly illegal) reduction of water rejected by the Government of Pilar Barreiro (13/04/2018)
    The solution that the socialist imposes, at the proposal of the concessionaire, has been rejected by different municipal technicians since 2014
  • Presentation of the XXIII edition of the European Youth Festival of Greco-Roman Theater (13/04/2018)
    The informative event will take place on Monday, April 16, in the Press Room of the Palace of the Consistorial Palace at 11:00 a.m.
  • The T-la brings to Cartagena the Nights of Youth Resources (13/04/2018)
    Some of the activities will be cooking workshops, capoeira, laughter therapy, escape games, flamenco cajón workshops, and a contest for the promotion of performing arts, which will complete this alternative to healthy leisure
  • A score of Erasmus + students visit the Town Hall (13/04/2018)
    The mayor of Sustainable Development and Public Function, Francisco Aznar, received today the European students
  • The Conservatories of Cartagena and Murcia compete for the final of Musica de Camara de Entre Cuerdas y Metals (13/04/2018)
    The winning group will be announced on May 4, at the Closing Ceremony of the XXI Edition of the Contest
  • Urban Night CT urban dance competition registration deadline open Interested parties have until May 16 to register and the winners will be the most voted on Instagram (13/04/2018)

  • The American multinational Emerson seeks talent in the UPCT (13/04/2018)
    The Polytechnic of Cartagena incorporates a new chair to train students in the technologies of the industry 4.0
  • MC: Castejón accepts that the UTE does not finish the Palacio de los Deportes (13/04/2018)

  • Citizens, "relatively satisfied" by the reduction of water, regrets the time and money lost for "bad policy" (13/04/2018)
    Cs Cartagena recalled that if this proposal is supported by innumerable technical, economic and legal reports, it is because demanded the agreement that it imposed for its support to the 2017 budgets
  • The Regional Council of Prices approves the descent of the water proposed by the City of Cartagena (13/04/2018)
    The next receipt will already reflect the reduction of the rate that will be of more than 7 percent
  • Tribute to the Fallen for freedom in the Cemetery of Los Remedios (13/04/2018)
    The event, organized by the Association of Historical Memory of Cartagena, will take place on Saturday at noon
  • The International University of the Sea will have its first permanent headquarters in Cartagena (13/04/2018)
    The city council of Cartagena signed a protocol with the rector in functions of the University of Murcia, José Orihuela, for the cession of municipal spaces in the Canteras Resource Center for permanent lasede
  • The Local Police will make a special speed campaign next week (13/04/2018)
    The controls will take place from April 16 to 22 in different parts of the city, mainly in neighborhoods and councils
  • The Senior Hiking group participated in an activity of Astronomical Observation in the Battery of San Leandro (13/04/2018)
    The activity took place last Wednesday, April 11 in the Faculty of Sciences of the company CIM
  • The Cartagena Firefighters extinguish a fire in an abandoned house in San Anton (13/04/2018)
    Apparently, the fire was located in one of the rooms, and once turned off, the room was ventilated
  • Inaugurated the second edition of the SWYP congress in Cartagena (13/04/2018)
    It runs until Sunday April 15 with technical talks given by some of the largest technology companies present in the Region of Murcia
  • The Community presents the new call for Proof of Concept to researchers of the UPCT (13/04/2018)

  • The mayor reaches an agreement with the UTE for the improvement of the central court of the Palacio de Deportes (12/04/2018)
    The company that built the facilities will take charge of the relevant works to solve the problem
  • Eight colleges will contest the final of the V Intercross Municipal Athletics League (12/04/2018)
    The Municipal Athletics League is organized by the Department of Sports, within the ADE Program and the Elcano Athletics Club, whose objective is to bring athletics to the hands of young Cartagena citizens
  • Cs scandal that the agreement for the partial transfer of the prison announced by the Government has been denied (12/04/2018)

  • Citizens announce the "essential amendments" that will lead to the negotiations planned for the 2018 accounts (12/04/2018)

  • The Government team urges the Neighborhood Boards to take out the contracts in batches (12/04/2018)
    With the entry into force of the Law 9/2017 the generalized tendency is that the minor contracts have residual character
  • Minute of silence in Cartagena for the woman murdered in Murcia (12/04/2018)
    The mayor has also claimed the need to have that pact on gender violence and more budget to carry it out
  • The writer and researcher Jose Luis Ferris will rescue the memory of Las Sinsombrero (12/04/2018)
    The presentation will take place this Friday, April 13 at 8:00 pm at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Sports invests about 12,000 euros in improving the fencing of different facilities (12/04/2018)
    Specifically, the enclosures of 4 football fields in Villalba, Molinos Marfagones, Ciudad Jardín and Alumbres and in the rugby field of La Asomada have been repaired
  • ... (12/04/2018)

  • Twenty-five Finnish students visit the Palace of Cartagena The students of the Finnish city of Kotka are between 17 and 18 years old and participate in an exchange with the IES Alfonso X El Sabio (Murcia) (12/04/2018)

  • MC gets legal protection for the hermitages of Monte Miral (12/04/2018)
    The property must adopt the conservation measures requested by María Dolores Ruiz, overcoming the refusal of Noelia Arroyo and María Comas to this protection
  • Polytechnic shows its teaching method in a day open to all citizens (12/04/2018)
    On Saturday 21, the UPCT will describe the day to day of its students to pre-university students and their families, encouraging them to discover the tourist gems of Cartagena
  • The UCAM receives the Gold Medal of the Academy of Pharmacy Santa María de España (12/04/2018)

  • School of San Vicente de Paul visited the Town Hall (12/04/2018)
    The mayor received them and posed with them on the main staircase of the emblematic building
  • MC rejects Castejón's budget, inspired by the PSOE's client network in Andalusia (12/04/2018)
    Cartagena's training will continue its meetings with opposition groups to amend the project of the Socialist Mayor's Office
  • Eight young performers met in the metal wind final between Entre Cuerdas y Metals (12/04/2018)
    The last phase of the contest was held in the Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music of Cartagena on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 11
  • Cartagena firefighters put out a garage fire in Galifa (12/04/2018)
    The incident happened this Wednesday, April 11 at 6:00 p.m.
  • The City of Cartagena will put buses at the disposal of the participants of the IX Route of the Fortresses (12/04/2018)
    From 10:30 am the buses will start to leave to pick up runners and families, thus facilitating mobility between the city and the School of Infantry in Tentegorra
  • The Youth Council opens the registration period for the Night of the Museums volunteers (12/04/2018)
    Those interested in participating can register online through the web portal of La Noche, by contacting the Implica2 program or by email
  • Special device of the Local Police for the Route of the Fortresses, the arrival of cruise passengers and the Cartagena party (12/04/2018)
    A special device will be established to guarantee road safety from Friday, April 13 to Sunday, April 15
  • MC: Salaries of officials at risk due to Castejón nepotism (12/04/2018)
    Ana Belén Castejón's announcement that it will not implement the municipal TPN until 2019 generates legal doubts and uncertainty
  • Published the bases to cover two places of technical architect, one of industrial engineer and another one of architect in the City council of Cartagena (12/04/2018)
    They belong to the rate of replenishment of the year 2014 and will be covered by means of a free opposition contest
  • The Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara appoints the Brother of Honor and the Cofrade de Honor 2018. (12/04/2018)

  • Minute of silence for the murdered woman in Murcia (12/04/2018)
    The mayor has called a rejection of this new case of male violence, which will take place at noon at the Palace Hall
  • The Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara visits the facilities of PROLAM -ASTUS (11/04/2018)

  • UCAM Cartagena hosts tomorrow a talk on patient care with burns and postmastectomy breast reconstruction (11/04/2018)

  • Sweet of San Ginés in Caritas (11/04/2018)

  • The contracting table proposes the awarding of damage insurance, scenario assembly and cleaning of municipal plots (11/04/2018)
    At the meeting, progress has also been made in the files for the awarding of the crane, the beach surveillance service and maintenance of remains archaeological
  • Published the schedule of the twenty-first day of the Regional Baseball League (11/04/2018)
    It will be held on the weekend of Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, April 15
  • The Leisure and Free Time of Education program increases the seats to accommodate more students this summer (11/04/2018)
    Among the novelties highlights the activity "Come Sing and Dance" designed for children and adolescents
  • MC will require the City Council to urge the General Directorate of Cultural Property of the CARM to restore and recover the old Central Cinema (11/04/2018)
    The request, which will be presented by Ricardo Segado, proposes that it be given a cultural and / or formative use, such and as it raised the formation cartagenerista
  • The IX Route of the Fortresses returns to beat record with 8,181 entries for the 3,800 numbers (11/04/2018)
    Finally the northern spur itinerary will be used to ascend to the Atalaya
  • Citizens request the inclusion of the Cartagena Neighborhood Federation in the Local Safety Board (11/04/2018)

  • The First Cycle Tour will cover the landscapes of the Campo de Cartagena and the Ribera del Mar Menor (11/04/2018)
    The sporting event will take place on Sunday, April 22 at 9:00 in the vicinity of the Cartagonova
  • The great geniuses of classical music come together on Thursday at a concert at the Luzzy (11/04/2018)
    "Mozart Concert", this is what the Association for the Defense of the Cátara Culture has baptized this activity programmed by Read Thinking Imaginar
  • The UCAM celebrates the IV Congress Route of the Fortresses with the World Champion of Trail Running (11/04/2018)
    The International University Congress of Trail Running and Adventure Raids exceeds the figures of scientific communications of previous years, with research works from different countries
  • CTSSP will request the restitution of the Institute of Women in Murcia (11/04/2018)

  • The streets Recoletos and Sagrada Familia of San Anton already have a new wall (11/04/2018)
    The Department of Decentralization has carried out the works of remodeling of this infrastructure and repair of the stairs, a project in which 53,593 euros have been invested
  • The City Council will convene in the next months 154 posts for the consolidation of temporary employment (11/04/2018)
    Municipal government and unions agree on the Human Resources Management Plan of the City Council that includes this measure together with the modification of the TPN, its final provision, the administrative career and training
  • UCAM Cartagena celebrates tomorrow and Friday the IV Congress "Ruta de las Fortalezas" with the Trail Running World Champion (11/04/2018)

  • Decentralization launches a campaign on the coast to promote citizenship (11/04/2018)
    In the coming weeks will be installed about 300 posters that encourage citizens to actively contribute to the maintenance of beaches, boardwalks, parks and gardens on the coast of Cartagena
  • Mystery challenges come back with the spring T-LA program (11/04/2018)
    Up to four live escape activities await those who venture into these challenges
  • Eighty engineering students from all over Spain attend the SWYP national congress this weekend (11/04/2018)
    During the four days of the congress attendees can enjoy lectures and
  • The Cartagena Firefighters carry out 12 operations due to the strong wind (11/04/2018)
    The majority referred to the removal of objects fallen on public roads or the road, causing only material damage
  • The UPCT figure in 500 million euros the wealth generated by the SABIC plant in La Aljorra (11/04/2018)
    The industrial complex generates 2% of regional GDP and 6,948 jobs, according to a study by the Department of Economics of the Polytechnic
  • Twelve young musicians showed their talent in the string finale between Strings and Metals (11/04/2018)
    In this phase, held on Tuesday, eight violinists, two cellists, one double bass player and one violist competed
  • MC asks Castejón to cease his inaction and avoid the paralysis of the Los Dolores Neighborhood Board (11/04/2018)

  • MC Cartagena will demand the socialist government to guarantee security on the municipal road linking La Asomada with San Felix (11/04/2018)
    The cartagenerista formation will demand improvements in the crossing of the N-332 with the RM-F54, at the height of El Carmolí
  • The Local Police of Cartagena denounces seven drivers who tested positive for drugs during the past weekend (10/04/2018)
    With these drug controls, the Local Police of Cartagena seeks to raise awareness among drivers, increasing the risk of accidents
  • The bars and the art galleries could organize activities during the Night of the Museums (10/04/2018)
    The deadline for the presentation ends on April 20
  • MC: The doubts of Minister Montoro ratify the viability of the elimination of tolls to Vera and Alicante as defends MC (10/04/2018)

  • The Literary Fair of San Gines de la Jara already have their winners (10/04/2018)
    The failure of the contest occurred during a dinner yesterday April 9 at the restaurant La Tartana
  • "Master's degrees in Spain have a very high prestige" (10/04/2018)
    Daniel Lacalle, the second most influential economist in the world according to the ranking Richtopia, has today advocated at the Polytechnic of Cartagena to continue cutting deficit and public spending because "winter is approaching"
  • Cs collects the claim of the Association of Social Graduates to create a Professional College in Cartagena (10/04/2018)
    - The president of the social graduates of Cartagena, José Moreno, has denounced that the College of Murcia is "pressing" so that the segregation and has alluded to quota collection reasons, as the main cause of their opposition
  • Four cantaores played the final of Entre Cuerdas y Metales in the modality of flamenco singing (10/04/2018)
    The semifinals and the final were held on Monday, April 9, although the jury's decision will be announced as usual on May 4 in the closing gala
  • A course shows techniques for the development of sustainable agriculture (10/04/2018)
    The theoretical-practical activity takes place at the Los Belones Neighborhood Association until April 13 from 4 to 8 pm
  • Decentralization allocates more than 60,000 euros to asphalt in the towns of Alumbres, Santa Lucia, Vista Alegre and Perin (10/04/2018)
    On Thursday, April 12, work begins with the end of the Asphalt Plan
  • The spokespersons receive the budgets of 2018 (10/04/2018)
    The delivery of the document and the technical explanations took place yesterday afternoon in a meeting chaired by the mayor in San Miguel
  • "The trip to no part of the socialist budgets" (09/04/2018)
    CTSSP receives the complete draft of the municipal budget
  • Sportiness and emotion reign in the XXV Jimbee Melon Cartagena Cup Tournament (09/04/2018)
    More than 200 matches have been held to crown the cup kings
  • Manuel Padín: "today they give us the draft of the municipal budgets of 2018 ... again" (09/04/2018)

  • MC will demand the dissolution of the consortium'Cartagena Puerto de Culturas' and the integration of all its representatives in this company to avoid duplication (09/04/2018)
    The consortium was constituted in January 2001, while the company, in charge of managing the project, was created in June of the same year
  • The Byzantine Wall exhibits the exhibition Gladiators, Gods of the Sand (09/04/2018)
    The presentation of the exhibition by the mayor will take place on Tuesday, April 10 at 11 am
  • The masters of the Polytechnic of Cartagena attract more than fifty Italian students (09/04/2018)
    The UPCT today welcomed 38 transalpine students and fifteen more will join the Cloud Incubator after the summer HUB
  • Cs regrets that the unhealthy focus of the abandoned houses of La Palma has worsened despite his complaint months ago (09/04/2018)

  • The PP proposes to turn the submarine'Tonina' into a floating museum (09/04/2018)
    Elena Ruiz stresses that making the submersible visitable will be a tourist revulsive for Cartagena
  • Tonight the Literary Fair of San Gines de la Jara is failed (09/04/2018)
    75 works concur to this edition in its two modalities of poetry and narrative
  • The Gypsy People celebrated its international day with the raising of its flag and the reading of a manifesto (09/04/2018)
    The consistory expresses its involvement and commitment to the collective during the celebration
  • CTSSP denounces that the municipal government of the PSOE violates the law that regulates the taxi service in the Region of Murcia (09/04/2018)

  • A great Blue Tide calls for the inclusion of people with autism (09/04/2018)
    The II Astrade Route was held this Sunday, April 8, and it was a six-kilometer march for the inclusion of people with autism
  • Adjusted defeat of Plasticos Romero against Movistar Inter (09/04/2018)
    The futsal match was played last Saturday, April 7, at the Sports Palace of Cartagena
  • Llega800 solves free of charge the interference in DTT caused by the implementation of the 4G in Cartagena (09/04/2018)
    Affected people can get in touch through a telephone and receive technical attention in their homes without added cost
  • The Cuatro Santos Club Cartagena participates in six different events including the Paris Marathon and mtb in Córdoba (08/04/2018)
    Esther Sánchez regional runner-up in mountain races
  • Manuel Padín responds to MC: "blaming us that they are not in the Government of Cartagena seems more like a mental disorder" (08/04/2018)

  • MC: The regional government returns to long with the Central Cinema (08/04/2018)

  • MC: The intrigues of the PP and the inability of the PSOE leave Casco Antiguo in limbo (08/04/2018)
    In two years of successful management and directed to social urbanism, the company has reduced its debt and offered results to citizens, now "Caostejón" does not know how to liquidate it or manage it
  • A Master's Final Project proposes the use of renewable energies to supply electricity to ships (07/04/2018)

  • Citizens denounce that the protection measures to prevent the deterioration of the Atalaya Castle are deficient (07/04/2018)

  • The expansion works of the Ben Arabí de Cartagena Institute have already been executed at 60 percent and will end next May (07/04/2018)
    These actions will allow the removal of the two prefabricated classrooms installed in the center with the construction of a new building for their 833 students
  • MC Cartagena and CTSSP will demand that a commission study the purchases made from Fire and Civil Protection (07/04/2018)

  • The Contracting Committee of the UPCT proposes the work of Emilio Tuñón for the new headquarters of the School of Architecture and Building (06/04/2018)

  • They expose in the UPCT the best photos of the last Route of the Fortresses (06/04/2018)

  • The Scenic Arts Circuit brings theater and dance to 14 neighborhoods and councils (06/04/2018)
    This is the second edition of this program with which the Department of Culture seeks to promote artists of the same municipality
  • Schoolchildren will contest the V Municipal Inter-school Athletics League (06/04/2018)
    The meeting will be held on the 9th, 10th and 19th of April at the Municipal Track of Athletics
  • MC denounces Castejón ignore the mandate of the Plenary and breach its commitment to the residents of La Aljorra (06/04/2018)
    The mayor has not taken the Board of Government today, as agreed by the Plenary, the budget modification to carry out the reform of the cover of the pool of La Aljorra
  • The City Council advances 1.8 million euros to Casco Antiguo to solve its peremptory lack of liquidity (06/04/2018)
    The Governing Board approves an extra-budgetary treasury operation that will allow the company to meet its immediate payments
  • Cs will ask the Plenary for the local government to convene the intervener's position and guarantee the impartiality of the process (06/04/2018)

  • Ricardo Segado pleads to join efforts for Cartagena to host the next edition of the World Race (06/04/2018)

  • EUR-ACE® international excellence stamp for the Master of Pathways of the UPCT (06/04/2018)

  • MC Cartagena will urge the local government to solve the problems of lighting in the Plaza Puertas de la Serreta (06/04/2018)
    Ricardo Segado will present a motion at the next plenary session requesting that this problem be improved in order to increase the security of neighbors and passers-by
  • The PP urges the City of Cartagena, from the Assembly, to fight to attract the World Race race (06/04/2018)
    Domingo Segado points out that the city has an accredited experience in the organization of nautical competitions, highlights the tourism projection of the event and a return economic growth of 60 million euros
  • Social and solidarity commitment to celebrate Europe Day in Cartagena (06/04/2018)
    MESdeEUROPAjuventudCARTAGENA is celebrated from April 9 to May 9 and brings many activities to bring European culture to young people
  • MC will remind the CARM of its non-compliance with Cartagena in the conservation of regional roads (06/04/2018)
    Propose to the House a motion to demand the Government of López Miras to act on the E-22, F-35 and F-36
  • The Byzantine Wall houses the exhibition LibrObjeto (06/04/2018)
    The exhibition is celebrated on the occasion of the month of the book and can be visited until May 20
  • The Local Police assists the driver of a vehicle that had suffered a sugar drop (06/04/2018)
    The event took place yesterday Thursday in the street Carlos III to where agents moved, next to the National Police and a medicalized ambulance
  • Pozo Estrecho celebrates its traditional April Fair (06/04/2018)
    There will be live music, flamenco and horse shows
  • The marimba protagonist of the final of percussion of Entre cuerdas y metales (06/04/2018)
    On Thursday, April 5, the final of the percussion modality of the XXI edition of Entre Cuerdas y Metals was developed
  • New location of the speed controls for the week of April 9 to 15 (06/04/2018)
    The controls will be spread over several points of the municipal area
  • The Colombian Toto la Momposina, La Mar de Musicas Award 2018 (06/04/2018)
    The Councilor for Culture announced this Friday, April 6, that this award is granted for dedicating a lifetime to the international dissemination of music from the Caribbean coast of Colombia
  • The gypsy flag will fly in the City of Cartagena this Sunday (06/04/2018)
    The consistory expresses its implication and commitment with the Gypsy People during the celebration of its International Day
  • The children discover the world of percussion in the family concert that the Regional Symphony offers in Cartagena (06/04/2018)
    The show 'A trip with the Baquetín family', by Ensemble Kalimba Percussion, mixes samba, funky, cartoon tunes and music made with everyday objects
  • Teodoro García: "The great infrastructure projects of Cartagena are in the PGE even if Saura and Castejón do not see them" The deputy spokesman of the PP in the Congress regrets that "Saura has not learned to look at the budgets where (05/04/2018)

  • Picture of San Ginés de la Jara (05/04/2018)
    The Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara is heating up for the Cultural Week that will take place from April 20 to 28
  • The theater takes the Plaza de San Francisco this weekend This is an activity framed in World Theater Day that aims to get closer to the general public (05/04/2018)

  • The Mayoress of Cartagena receives the Queen of La Huerta and her court in the Town Hall (05/04/2018)
    The Mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta, and the president of the Peñas Huertanas Federation have accompanied the commission
  • The mayor of Cartagena meets with the president of the Federation of Neighborhood Associations Fernando Garrido (05/04/2018)
    In the meeting have discussed issues that both condiseran of vital importance for the municipality
  • The Multacar will move next week to Maristas (05/04/2018)

  • ... (05/04/2018)

  • The Polyphonic Choir Carthagonova celebrates its 40th anniversary (05/04/2018)
    The activities will take place during the months of April and May
  • Citizens consider it intolerable that the regional government does not fulfill its promise to strengthen the IMAS team in Cartagena to reduce waiting lists (05/04/2018)

  • The Museographic Center of the Roman Forum will be executed in 10 months (05/04/2018)
    After the work was awarded to the temporary union of Intelligent Patrimony companies -Tudmir, for a value of one million two hundred thousand euros, it will begin to be built soon
  • The security program for tourists and cruise passengers is reactivated on Saturday (05/04/2018)
    The measures will be implemented in the Old Town on the occasion of the arrival of two cruises with 3,700 passengers
  • The new programming of Reading, Thinking and Imagining will fill the Luzzy of culture from April to June (05/04/2018)
    30 activities have been programmed among which we find theater, cinema, music, dance, philosophy, poetry, science and literature
  • The Cartagena Fire Brigade rises in level (05/04/2018)
    Today Thursday, 84 firefighters and 14 corporals took possession of the Security Park after passing the selective internal promotion tests
  • The local police arrested a man who was in search and capture (05/04/2018)
    The man had allegedly committed a crime for driving without a license
  • CTSSP denounces that the IMAS lies in stating that they meet the legal deadlines for disability applications (05/04/2018)

  • MC Cartagena will seek the consensus of the Plenary to demand the government of Spain to finance, immediately, the baipas of Beniel (05/04/2018)
    The cartagenerista training claims the endorsement of the Port Authority to Cartagena, as it has been doing with the Camarillas variant
  • CTSSP will ask in plenary for the pollution responsibilities of the municipal landfill (05/04/2018)

  • MC: Hundreds of families from Cartagena and its region, waiting for the regional government to grant aid to the unit (05/04/2018)

  • Between strings and metal I resume the contest with the semifinal and final guitar (05/04/2018)
    The six finalists were Juan Francisco Martínez, David Martínez, Francisco Javier Martínez, Ana Masegosa, Carmen María Mateo and Javier Mariano Porras
  • Local Police advises to foresee the displacements for Saturday's soccer match (05/04/2018)
    Plásticos Romero Cartagena will face Inter Futsal, next Saturday, April 7, at the Palacio de Deportes, starting at 12 noon
  • The Muram de Cartagena hosts workshops, visits and concerts to raise awareness about autism and accessibility to culture (05/04/2018)
    The regional government organizes these activities in collaboration with Astrade, which will be completed with the reading of a manifesto and the illumination of the facade of the blue museum next day 14
  • The Batel receives this weekend the 3rd Congress of personal growth Way of life (05/04/2018)
    The organization of the Cartagena City Council and the City's Congress Office collaborate in the organization
  • Escolares de Cartagena will take the stage at the XXX Exhibition of School Theater (05/04/2018)
    A total of 20 works will be performed with varied genres such as comedies, musicals, adaptations or originals
  • Professionals of the judicial field agree with the mayor in the urgency of raising the City of Justice in Cartagena (04/04/2018)

  • The national budgets condemn Cartagena to ostracism according to the mayor (04/04/2018)
    "The central government has not included any items for the creation of the City of Justice, the regeneration of the Mar Menor, the arrival of High Speed ​​or submarines S- 80 "
  • San Juan names two Brothers of Honor (04/04/2018)

  • A hundred firefighters and corporals go up in level (04/04/2018)
    On Thursday they will take possession in the Security Park after having passed the selective tests of internal promotion
  • La Manga Consortium demands that the Autonomous Community be integrated again (04/04/2018)
    At the consortium meeting held this Wednesday, April 4, the actions of EDUSI have also been coordinated and the presidency has been relieved
  • T-LA brings more than 94 activities for this spring (04/04/2018)
    28 associations collaborate with the Youth Council of the City of Cartagena in the organization of programming
  • The contracting table adjudges the insurance of damages and of civil and patrimonial responsibility of the City council (04/04/2018)
    In the meeting also the documentation of the service of surveillance in beaches and maintenance of computer applications has been opened
  • Add and follow the chain of nonsense about the recovery of the Cathedral of Cartagena (04/04/2018)
    Ricardo Segado assures that Bishopric and CARM continue to be allies in passing the ball, strategy that they have been using for many years against the tourist and historical engine of the Region
  • The Local Police of Cartagena recover a stolen moped (04/04/2018)
    The vehicle had been stolen in Plaza María Cristina
  • MC takes the initiative for the elaboration of the municipal budget of 2018 (04/04/2018)
    The cartagenerista formation, through José López and Isabel García, looks for solutions before the socialist inaction for the configuration of the municipal accounts
  • The sport will play to the benefit of the Association Against Cancer in the I Circuit of Badminton Solidario (04/04/2018)
    The sporting event will take place on Sunday, April 8 at the Palacio de Deportes de Cartagena from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • Thursday presents the Architectural Project of the Museographic Center of the Roman Forum (04/04/2018)
    The hearing will take place at midday in the basement of the Health Center of the Historic District, at 12:00 hours
  • Thursday presents the Roman Forum Architectural Project (04/04/2018)
    The hearing will take place at midday in the basement of the Health Center of the Historic District, at 12:00 hours
  • People with autism open the Mercadisflo blind in the Santa Florentina Market (04/04/2018)
    The stand, inaugurated today, sells typical products of Spanish gastronomy such as Jaén oil, legumes, paprika and preserves, among which is the tail of bull
  • The municipal group of PODEMOS considers it intolerable that the PSOE use the officials to censure the opposition (04/04/2018)

  • The first phase of the dressing rooms of the Mediterranean Urbanization Stadium begins (04/04/2018)
    The works will be developed during the next month on the ground floor of the sports complex
  • The Brotherhood of San Gines presents its typical sweets accompanied by the Liquor of the Jara (03/04/2018)
    The act has taken place in the bakery of San Ginés
  • Port of Cultures opens the economic offers for the Museum of the Forum and the tourist bus (03/04/2018)
    The award of these two contracts is expected to be carried out on Wednesday by its board of directors
  • The pruning of the more than 200 eucalyptus and pines of the N301 begins (03/04/2018)
    The Council of Municipal Services indicates that the works will last about two months and have a budget of 60,498.79 euros
  • The IX edition of April Book filled with feminine letters Cartagena (03/04/2018)
    The central theme of this edition will be Equality, through the figure of women in the field of letters
  • MC will collaborate, for the third consecutive year, with a bus to favor the displacement of Efesé fans to the derby in Nueva Condomina (03/04/2018)
    The match, which will take place next Sunday at 6:30 p.m., is of vital importance for the interests of FC Cartagena in its fight for leadership
  • The Council of Municipal Services finalizes the drafting of the projects of Participatory Budgets this year (03/04/2018)
    The mayor Juan Pedro Torralba has ensured that, as soon as the municipal budget is approved, they will be hired
  • The Council of Sports will put five buses at the disposal of the fans for the derby of FC Cartagena and Real Murcia (03/04/2018)
    The City gets for this the sponsorship of Collados Sport, Cede-Idyo Management SL, Cabisuar, Tomás House and Service Station BP in Cartagena
  • Noelia Arroyo attends the presentation of "Dulce de San Ginés" (03/04/2018)

  • José López demands that the regional government return the two million scammed from the pockets of everyone with the improvised Cachá pipeline (03/04/2018)

  • Cs requests that the Local Safety Board analyze the safety device in Cartagena for level 4 of the terrorist alert (03/04/2018)
    - The orange formation picks up some local complaints about the delay suffered by the emergency services when they can not access certain streets to the blockade of police vehicles
  • MC urges local and regional governments to promote the decontamination of El Hondón land (03/04/2018)

  • Cartagena Piensa recovers the memory of 17 women in Generacion del 26 Lyceum feminine club (03/04/2018)
    This Wednesday, April 4, at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, the exhibition 'The Female Lyceum Club (1926-1939)' is also presented
  • New location of the speed controls for the week of April 2 to 8 (03/04/2018)
    The controls will be spread over several points of the municipal area
  • A student designs in Santa Lucía a large park with urban beaches to give the city access to the sea (03/04/2018)

  • The Board of Trustees of the Carmen Conde-Antonio Oliver Board approves its budget for 2018 (02/04/2018)
    The cataloging of its funds to make them available to researchers and the publication of correspondence of the academic Cartagena, among the priority objectives
  • María José Soler laments the socialist failure in mobility during Holy Week (02/04/2018)
    The mayor of MC censures Castejón's contempt for the work of the technicians, parked by his revenge obsession
  • MC: "The negligence of the socialist government strengthens the will of MC to promote a system of self-management of the Holy Week chairs" (02/04/2018)
    Representatives of the Cartagena executive have met with members of HOSTECAR
  • The Byzantine Wall will host the exhibition LibrObjeto (02/04/2018)
    The exhibition is celebrated on the occasion of the month of the book and can be visited from this Thursday, April 5, until May 20
  • Astrade invites Cartagena to walk for the inclusion of people with ASD (02/04/2018)
    All the money that is collected with the inscriptions will be destined to carry out activities with which to include normally in the society of Cartagena children, youth and adults with autism
  • A contest promotes Cante by Cartageneras (02/04/2018)
    Peña Flamenca Antonio Piñana announces the National Contest of Cante by Cartageneras
  • Cs announces that it will promote from the City Council and the Regional Assembly the creation of the Cartagena Sea Academy (02/04/2018)
    - The proposal to set up this academy has been denied by the regional government, but the members who promote the project have announced that they will present at the next days a resource
  • The MC Cartagena municipal group lives, together with brothers, Cartagena and visitors, passion and pride for their Holy Week (02/04/2018)

  • Cartagena, a pioneer in the celebration of the International Day of the Gypsy People (02/04/2018)
    The Department of Social Services and Equality, has scheduled numerous activities that will run throughout the week and will end on Sunday, April 8.
  • MC is committed to the proper functioning of the Board Carmen Conde Antonio Oliver despite the irresponsibility of the Socialist Government (02/04/2018)

  • The Town Hall, among the 265 monuments illuminated in blue on the World Day of Awareness about Autism (02/04/2018)
    During the day of today, April 2, various activities will be held in Cartagena
  • The mayor urges the central government to give a space for the City of Justice in Cartagena (02/04/2018)
    The councilor has warned that the Ministry has facilities and land to develop this project
  • The mayor values ​​the development of Holy Week (02/04/2018)
    Ana Belén Castejón has highlighted the coordinated work of the City of Cartagena and the Board of Cofradias
  • From the UPCT Racing Team to the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) (02/04/2018)

  • The Polytechnic leads a European project to promote entrepreneurship among researchers (02/04/2018)
    The experts of the UPCT will give workshops in Madrid and Barcelona
  • Cartagena vibrated again in the final stretch of its Holy Week (02/04/2018)
    Numerous processions in the urban center, neighborhoods and councils recalled the passion, death and resurrection of Christ between Holy Wednesday and Easter Sunday
  • MC: The City of Justice is not ahead because PP and PSOE slow it down (01/04/2018)


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