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Cartagena News - September 2008

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  • Thirty-eight new police officers start their training local (30/09/2008)
    Twenty-six of Cartagena and twelve, the rest of the region, participating in this course, about seven months, allowing them to be agents of the Local Police
  • Local Fire and Police made some 50 services during the last bridge Carthaginians and Romans associated with the rains (30/09/2008)
    Courts of roads, rescue vehicles, patios and garages dewatering and consolidation of facades, including outstanding performances
  • The ADLE starts two hair and beauty courses for unemployed (30/09/2008)
    are subsidized by the European Social Fund and the SEF, with a total of 228 hours of training and a commitment to six-month contract
  • Start the formation of the new Local Police (29/09/2008)
    Twenty-six of Cartagena and twelve, the rest of the region, taking the course that starts on Tuesday in the Park Security
  • The mayor opened the school year in college Beethoven (29/09/2008)
    This center has been chosen among the 84 existing in the municipality for its work in educational integration of students with disabilities, especially hearing, and bilingual education
  • The world of dinosaurs through educational exhibits (29/09/2008)
    More than 2,100 students will come to the exhibition organized by the Department of Education and the Mediterranean area in the mall
  • The mayor appreciates the work of municipal workers in the development of the Festival (29/09/2008)
    Barreiro festive visited the campus after the closing of Carthaginians and Romans, tarnished this year by the presence of rain
  • Nineteen artists from different countries seek their 'common areas' in an exhibition (29/09/2008)
    'Destilando common territories' is an interdisciplinary sample can be seen at the Palace Hall from October 3
  • Detainee two individuals who assaulted and insulted viadantes (29/09/2008)
    Those involved gave great strength and one of them came to harm themselves while being transferred in the squad car
  • Suspended visits Windlass Hill rain (29/09/2008)
    rainfall of recent days have made the site impractical, despite the intention to keep abirto Culture on Monday and Tuesday
  • The new CAI de La Aljorra started its activity (29/09/2008)
    Councillor for Education on Thursday visited the facilities of this center, in an open day which attracted many attendees
  • The ADLE will launch a program for immigrant women labor insertion (29/09/2008)
    CONVIGUAL, live together in equality, social action project of the Fundación La Caixa, and act with thirty women in the municipality of Cartagena
  • ANSE asks the Autonomous effective measures to reduce the pressure of visitors to the shores of Calblanque, and improvements in the management of the park (29/09/2008)

  • Agriculture attributed to the traditional fishing gear sustainability of this activity in the Reserve of Cabo de Palos-Islas Hormigas (27/09/2008)
    According to CEO, Adolfo Falagas, "the protected area and its vicinity provide a high quality fresh fish, caught using selective fishing gear, which is highly valued by consumers, especially by local restaurants "
  • The bus back to normal (26/09/2008)
    Representatives of workers in Cartagena fall from the strike, which is maintained at a regional level to avoid further inconvenience to the user
  • Incidents in the town roads and basements in La Manga because of the rains (25/09/2008)
    In the last 12 hours there have been 35 liters per square meter in parts of the city
  • The City subsidizes 40 social action projects with 310,000 euros (25/09/2008)
    The mayor has provided aid in the palace hall, highlighting the increase in same despite crisis
  • The Language Exchange tomorrow receive the first prize of the European Seal of the Ministry of Education (25/09/2008)
    The recognition of innovative teaching and learning of language that makes this program will be picked up in Madrid by the councilman of Youth.
  • Rain forces two days longer visits Windlass Hill. (25/09/2008)
    Several hundred have participated in guided tours that began last Friday, coinciding with Carthaginians and Romans.
  • Suspended the celebration of the Roman Circus (24/09/2008)
    Due to the rainfall recorded in the last hours
  • The Social Compact and the Local Strategy, presented at the Mobility Committee meeting this morning. (24/09/2008)
    Within 15 days may make contributions and suggestions for the finalization of these two documents.
  • The Carmen Conde traveling exhibition has opened at Melilla, their ultimate destination (24/09/2008)
    Councillor for Culture of the City of Cartagena, Rosario Montero, yesterday attended the opening of the exhibition in the city of Melilla.
  • The Department of Culture tastings archaeological monument in the burial environment Torreciega (24/09/2008)
    The remains found so far are not linked to the Necropolis for a project that is prepared to protect their surroundings.
  • Birth MM TP Cartagena, a partnership of Personality Disorders (24/09/2008)
    was submitted by Councillor Social Care and its leaders in the House Pedreño.
  • The PP believes "unjustifiable and shameful" Zapatero delay in building the National Center for Parkinson (24/09/2008)
    Segado sample during exposure, the pictures of the land on which construction was planned National Parkinson Center
  • More than 2,100 students will approach the world of dinosaurs through educational exhibits (24/09/2008)
    The Department of Education and the Mediterranean area have organized the exhibition "Dinosaurs" which will be open from next Monday in the premises of the mall.
  • Arrested a Ukrainian citizen who attacked several officers (24/09/2008)
    The incident occurred near the mall Mandarache, during a dispute over a collision between three cars
  • Competition of potions and symbolic measures alcohol in Carthaginians and Romans (23/09/2008)
    Organized by the City Commission of Addictions will be held Wednesday night at the camp 24 festive
  • ACCEM opens new facility in Cartagena (23/09/2008)
    The organization, which is dedicated to information, counseling, acceptance and awareness in the area of migration, also has three floors in the city hosting
  • The Language Exchange won first prize in the European Label for its innovative teaching and learning of languages (23/09/2008)
    Granted by the Ministry of Education, consists of a trophy, diploma and 6,000 euros European Label, which will be collected by Councilman Youth on Friday in Madrid
  • XVII Music Composition Contest Pasodobles Villa de Pozo Estrecho (23/09/2008)
    The deadline for submission of musical composition ends on October 6
  • International Day of Older Persons, to be held on October 1 (23/09/2008)
    is celebrated on October 1 and on this occasion the Department of Social Services has scheduled a series of activities and cultural visits will run from September 29
  • Youth offer a course on Organization, planning and project management (23/09/2008)
    This course is aimed at instructors, youth workers, social mediators and educators and the deadline for entries is October 1
  • Last days for registration during reality multicultural and intercultural youth entertainment (22/09/2008)
    The course is taught by teachers Columbares Association and will take place during the first half of October
  • Five minutes of silence for the last murder of ETA (22/09/2008)
    The Municipal Corporation, officials and citizens have expressed their revulsion at noon at the gates of the Town Hall
  • V International Congress on Musealisation of archaeological sites, to be held in November (22/09/2008)
    The event is already final program and registration for participation can be formalized until 15 November
  • Expand Youth Card benefits (22/09/2008)
    will mean discounts of between 10 and 25% in several shops in Cartagena for more than 50,000 young people who can benefit from the new card
  • Info check out The director works to expand the Repsol refinery in the Valley of Escombreras (22/09/2008)
    Severiano Arias announced that the info provided to regional SMEs participation in large infrastructure works
  • Five companies and institutions receive the award for sustainable mobility in Cartagena (22/09/2008)
    It has delivered five new electric bicycles will be incorporated into the municipal fleet of vehicles
  • The number 025 special winner of Carthaginians and Romans (22/09/2008)
    The Children's House Foundation celebrated its traditional festive raffle camp
  • Margarita Dominguez swimmer prepares for the World Championship (22/09/2008)
    The mayor of Cartagena Pilar Barreiro has received this morning from Cartagena swimmer current European Champion 25-kilometer open water
  • Two hundred swimmers participated in the XVII Swim across to the Port of Cartagena (22/09/2008)
    The test took place last Saturday and was framed in sports activities scheduled to mark the celebrations of Carthaginians and Romans
  • The traveling exhibit on Carmen Conde reached Melilla, their ultimate destination (22/09/2008)
    Tuesday Morning opens at the Hospital of the King the sample has already been seen in Cartagena, Murcia and Madrid and will be open to the public until November 2nd
  • The new Arsenal Admiral chief calls for continuity in the functioning of the institution (22/09/2008)
    José Manuel Fernández de Castro Rosety performed this morning a formal visit to the mayor, who greeted him at the Palace Hall
  • They encourage self-employment and entrepreneurship among immigrants (22/09/2008)
    Twenty people participate in training courses organized by the Foundation Creates Company and the Department of Social Care
  • The current political and dot the cry of the Carthaginians and Romans Morancos in (19/09/2008)
    In a town hall square, filled to overflowing, the mayor encouraged to Cartagena to face the crisis with the holidays
  • Adapted to the Cartagena municipal general plan PERI Quarry (19/09/2008)

  • Cross describes the excavation of the Carthaginian windlass of "Pompeii Spanish" (19/09/2008)
    A house preserved Roman wall paintings, and baths, main findings in the 2008 campaign
  • Directors of the Association of Managers Federeración Sport Spain participate in a conference in Cartagena techniques (19/09/2008)
    will be at 14 am Friday at the Palace Hall.
  • II Regional Campaign Clean Up the World " (19/09/2008)
    With this action it will take place on September 20 in Calblanque and various neighborhoods of the city, the city of Cartagena celebrates World Day of Cleaning.
  • Cartagena, without cars (19/09/2008)
    Tomorrow Saturday celebrates the city without my car, with a wide range of sports activities and a major exhibition of electric vehicles and green on the Alameda de San Antón.
  • Visit the archaeological excavations of Windlass Hill (19/09/2008)
    The site opened a few days the general public to coincide with the celebration of the holiday Carthaginians and Romans.
  • Awards to sustainable mobility (19/09/2008)
    will be held on Monday 22 September at the Palace Hall.
  • The welfare cuts will not suffer despite the crisis (19/09/2008)
    The mayor has unveiled today the 18 measures included in the austerity plan prepared by the City Council to address the current economic situation.
  • The directors of the festival La Mar de Músicas Vic called in by the Ministry of Culture and experts from the music scene in Spain (19/09/2008)

  • Special Drawing Carthaginians and Romans (19/09/2008)
    The Children's House Foundation celebrated on Monday the traditional raffle Plaza Juan XXIII
  • A very special history class at the Archaeological Museum Enrique Escudero de Castro (19/09/2008)
    The students of the school 'Antonio Ulloa' and Early Childhood Education Center 'Pipiripao' were visited by troops of Baal-Hammon in the City Museum
  • Photo Contest watching the game (19/09/2008)
    The Department of Culture organizes this contest for children and youth aged 6 to 30, of themes related to children and youth
  • The cruisers lining the streets of the city of foreign tourists (18/09/2008)
    This morning has come to the Port of Cartagena Ventura ship with 3,200 passengers on board
  • ASOCAR organizes two media courses in sign language, Spanish (18/09/2008)
    The courses start in October and will last 120 hours
  • The City Council Launches Comprehensive + bike (18/09/2008)
    seeks addressed from a global perspective and integrating all aspects of cycling mobility in Cartagena, encouraging greater public participation
  • The People's University opens the field of Health and Welfare (18/09/2008)
    Another new feature of this course is a workshop that will teach how to be parents of children under 5 years through education
  • UI Cartagena Maroto Councillor accuses of committing "negligence" in the management of his office (17/09/2008)

  • About two hundred policemen ensure public safety during Carthaginians and Romans (17/09/2008)
    The security device, involving local police, National, Fire, Civil Protection and Civil Guard, starting this Friday
  • Mobility Plan Beaza Cabezo further promote the use of public transport (17/09/2008)
    this morning presented the draft Mobility Plan in Beaza Cabezo within the programming of European Mobility Week
  • Sports activities in connection with Carthaginians and Romans (17/09/2008)
    The swim across to the Port of Cartagena, Carrera Torres Archaeological Park in the Endurance Run and the classic motorcycle sport will note these Parties
  • 23 fewer cases of truancy (17/09/2008)
    According to the Department of Education, of the 24,789 school-age children surveyed in the city, only 813 missed classes during the academic year 2007/08
  • Open a new campaign to collect used textbooks (17/09/2008)
    This initiative of the Department of Education, which runs the entire month of September, closed last year with the collection of 3,950 books
  • 2008/09 Educational programming from the Department of Education (17/09/2008)
    The Classroom Educational Ecopark The new trough, two educational exhibitions and theatrical and musical performances contracted, are some of the highlights for this school year
  • Citizens learn to drive in an eco-efficient (16/09/2008)
    About thirty people participated in the course organized within the European Mobility Week in Cartagena
  • A group of young Italians arrived in Cartagena with the Leonardo Da Vinci (16/09/2008)
    this morning have been received by the Councillor for Tourism
  • New ASEAN members testify before the court, denounced for their action in favor of Salinas Marchamalo (16/09/2008)

  • Hall and festive invite moderate alcohol consumption during Carthaginians and Romans (16/09/2008)
    The Federation of troops and legions and the City put in place, once again, the Health Drink campaign, which includes non-alcoholic concoctions contest
  • In a few weeks back to market works Santa Florentina (16/09/2008)
    In this stage will not move jobs and work evenings or weekends to avoid disturbing both merchants and their customers
  • A total of 42 cruise ships will stop in Cartagena during the whole year (16/09/2008)
    The City hopes that the boom in cultural tourism and leisure contributes to mitigating the effects of economic crisis
  • Rose by ten percent municipal aid older clubs (15/09/2008)
    The mayor has delivered 40 checks to the presidents of associations amounting to 185,000 euros
  • Charity Rives debut as spokesman for the municipal socialist (15/09/2008)
    The Plenum of the Corporation has held three proposals by the Planning Commission on detailed studies in Los Dolores, San Anton and The Urrutias
  • Agree to initiate the process to appoint Adoptive Daughter of Cartagena Rosario Juaneda (15/09/2008)
    The mayor and the municipal board of spokesmen thus want to honor the memory of the deceased former councilmen and socialist exmember this summer
  • More than 25,000 visitors arrive in Cartagena until the end of the year on cruise ships (15/09/2008)
    Tomorrow Tuesday calling at the port of Cartagena two cruises, the Oceana and the Seven Seas Voyager, with about 2,700 visitors
  • The municipal government on Friday submitted a plan of adjustment to the economic crisis (15/09/2008)
    Finance Councilman Jose Cabezas, has announced a series of measures that will be launched in coming months
  • Telegram of congratulation to Margarita Dominguez (15/09/2008)
    The mayor said that is the pride of his triumph of Cartagena and rewarding work and effort of a good swimmer
  • The City Council will expand the police presence in the northwest of the town (15/09/2008)
    It is expected that by the end of the year the staff of the local police to increase to 350 troops
  • The City will monitor the Mediterranean sports center opens in ideal conditions (15/09/2008)
    Sports councilor noted that the complex has yet to approve the minutes of checking in Local Government
  • Born CEEIC Business Club aims to promote business innovation (13/09/2008)
    Among the objectives of the Club is the synergy of the companies to improve and become more competitive
  • ... (12/09/2008)

  • Film and buses more accessible to the largest in the city (12/09/2008)
    'Over Film' will enable those over 60 years of going to the cinemas for ten cents, while Alumbres Vistalegre and also enjoy the benefits of the bus pass
  • 143,000 euros for the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans (12/09/2008)
    The mayor has presented this morning the president of the Federation of regular troops and legions of municipal financial assistance for the development of the Parties
  • European Mobility Week (12/09/2008)
    Under the slogan "Clean Air for All ', from 16 to 22 September will be held in Cartagena a series of activities to promote among the citizens care for the environment by reducing car use
  • The City Council will freeze the salaries of its senior officials to tackle the economic crisis (12/09/2008)
    The proposal has been made by the Mayor during the meeting of the Board of Governors which was held this morning
  • Enrique Escudero Museum Byzantine provides two pieces for an exhibition on the legacy from Greece (12/09/2008)
    The exhibition will be open from 15th of September at the National Library of Madrid
  • The Department of Social Services has organized a program of courses, trips and subsidies to enjoy in the coming months (11/09/2008)

  • Cartagena celebrates European Mobility Week (11/09/2008)
    Councillor for Infrastructure reports tomorrow, after the Governing Board of the activities to be developed in the town for this celebration
  • A man arrested on suspicion of theft in dwelling (11/09/2008)
    Local Police arrested yesterday in Pozo Estrecho struck a man while he was inside a property
  • 199,329 euros in collective collaboration agreements for the Municipal Drug Addiction (11/09/2008)
    Social Care Councillor has this morning signed agreements with representatives of these groups
  • The Department of Women advances its educational offerings for 2008-2009 (11/09/2008)
    Workshops glass, paint, roll or upholstery in addition to computer courses and self-defense and other cultural activities make up the supply for the coming months
  • The T-LA will travel the globe (11/09/2008)
    The hot air balloon fly over the area of Elche
  • Cartagena UI reiterates its rejection of the construction of the port of Gorguel (11/09/2008)

  • Classroom Project will guide young people about their job prospects (11/09/2008)
    The ALDE has organized a series of courses, workshops and counseling sessions aimed at students, unemployed and employed workers
  • Puerto de Culturas joins the celebration of Carthaginians and Romans (11/09/2008)
    On 26 September, local festival, will open days in the interpretation centers on Friday and from 19 to 28 shall apply reduced rates
  • Last day to participate in competitions for the Roma Cultural Week (11/09/2008)
    On September 15 the deadline for submitting works of photography and poetry, as well as poster
  • Activities for more (11/09/2008)
    The Department of Social Services has organized a program of courses, trips and subsidies to enjoy in the coming months
  • Journey to the Port Aventura theme park with the T-LA Summer (11/09/2008)
    The trip will be 26 to 28 September and the registration fee of 130 euros, includes two tickets to the park, two nights in half board bus
  • Minimum Services bus strike (10/09/2008)
    Unemployment affects from Thursday at the various lines, which operate as on Sundays Winter
  • The school year started without incident in Cartagena (10/09/2008)
    The two hundred actions taken by the area of Education of the City of Cartagena during the summer have ensured that 30,000 elementary and primary students are incorporated into normal classroom
  • The People's University begins a new course (10/09/2008)
    About 1,500 students will participate in activities, workshops and courses offered by the University to 2008-2009
  • The mayor asks Pilar Barreiro Solbes by cutting money to the municipalities (10/09/2008)
    Pilar Barreiro challenged in Congress on Thursday economic Vice President, Pedro Solbes, on its proposal to reduce funds to municipalities in the general
  • IU critical that the region lacks exclusion plan despite being the community with high poverty rates (09/09/2008)

  • The City of Cartagena is in addition to the Cooperating Day (09/09/2008)
    Across Social Services participated in yesterday's commemoration of the recognition of those institutions that collaborate in the fight against poverty
  • The entire sport of Cartagena, in the pocket (09/09/2008)
    This morning was made Chrono calendar for the 2008-2009 season, with information on local teams and competitions relevant
  • A and A drum parade kicking off the school year (09/09/2008)
    With the aim of combating truancy among its population, has traveled the Santa Lucia, Los Mateos and Lo Campano
  • 20 years of photojournalism in La Opinión (09/09/2008)
    The Palace houses the exhibition Molina with 23 authors and 81 snapshots that collect the information becoming the last two decades in the Region
  • Driving Course Ecoefficient Touring (09/09/2008)
    will reveal a series of tricks and simple rules that will improve the environment and save up to 15% in fuel consumption
  • Young and old, new roommates in Cartagena (09/09/2008)
    The Department of Social Care and UPCT have implemented a shared housing program and increased the city university
  • The ADLE offer three courses within the Labor Project (09/09/2008)
    Van aimed at providing professional skills to the unemployed and the registration period opens tomorrow, Wednesday until 19 September
  • Expose the lists for the drawing of the judging panel (08/09/2008)
    May be personally available 10 to 18 September at the Statistics Bureau of the City of Cartagena
  • Two men arrested on suspicion of robbery with violence (08/09/2008)
    The incident occurred this past dawn, the streets of Barrio Peral Submarine
  • Stopped a woman who took over clothing shops in Old Town (08/09/2008)
    Local Police intervened several articles you with alarms raped
  • Two seriously injured when a police car collided with a motorcycle (08/09/2008)
    The patrol car, which circulated with emergency flares, Arolla at a crossing for motorists
  • 200 performances in 40 infant and primary schools ensure the start of the school (08/09/2008)
    About 30,000 students will begin classes starting next Wednesday in the municipality of Cartagena
  • The ADLE organizes free courses in hairdressing and beauty (08/09/2008)
    up to September 26 is open registration period for them with a commitment to take out six months after completion
  • A man arrested for violating a court order restraining (05/09/2008)
    The incident occurred at dawn Thursday
  • The local police recovered a stolen motorcycle in a garage Community (05/09/2008)
    The owner of a garage in Pearl District gave notice of the theft of the motorcycle
  • IU Cartagena said that the PP does not understand the concept of 'participation' (05/09/2008)

  • Eco-efficient driving course (05/09/2008)
    The Department of Environment organized for the second consecutive year this activity within the European Mobility Week
  • Help Nursing studies in the UNED Associated Center of Cartagena (05/09/2008)

  • Opening of the course at the Escuela Municipal de Teatro (05/09/2008)
    As of Sept. 15 opens the registration period, with such innovations as weekend workshops in collaboration with T-La, or the introduction of a film module
  • A and A drum parade will begin the school year (04/09/2008)
    will be held on Tuesday 9 September at the Santa Lucia, Los Mateos and Lo Campano, with the aim of combating truancy among its population
  • The T-LA travels to Valencia to learn the secrets of the superheroes (03/09/2008)
    For 25 euros, interested parties can visit the exhibition 'Marvel superheroes' in the City of Arts and Sciences, in addition to the Museum, the Oceanographic and Hemisferic
  • The mayor receives new ALMART (03/09/2008)
    The new Maritime Action Admiral Emilio José Nieto Manso, has been submitted to local and regional authorities after its recent takeover
  • XIII Swimming across the Mar Menor (03/09/2008)
    is held on Sunday leaving from the Club Náutico de Islas Menores
  • Opens the registration period for the new course at the VHS (03/09/2008)
    Those interested in courses that are offered can apply at the Cultural Centre from 15 September
  • IU requires regional and central governments to take urgent action to protect the Mar Menor (03/09/2008)

  • ANSE ensures that the autonomous violates environmental impact statements on public works affecting protected areas and their surroundings (02/09/2008)
    According ANSE works-Atamaria Portman Road and Flat Island treatment plant are two examples of the failure of the Administration their own Environmental Impact Statements
  • Visits to Puerto de Culturas have grown 60% this summer (02/09/2008)
    In July and August there were more than 1,600 daily visits to schools and tourist offices are 84% more visits
  • The City Zins pending license applications based on an industrial project (02/09/2008)
    Segado recalls that the Community has cleared the way with the change of use
  • Social Services announces five vocational training courses for this year (02/09/2008)
    is taught in the building of La Milagrosa and are intended to be home care assistants, receptionists, clerks, waiters and chefs
  • Night of Latin rhythms with the T-LA (02/09/2008)
    The registration fee is a euro and the classes will be held the nights of 5 and 12 September
  • The group Amnesty International Cartagena contributes to the release of a Guantanamo detainee (01/09/2008)
    Citizens of Cartagena have sent over 2,000 letters to the U.S. to demand a fair trial or release of Yousef al-Shehri
  • Josefina Garcia, new medical director of Santa Maria del Rosell Hospital in Cartagena (01/09/2008)
    Josefa León Navarro takes now also address the hospital nursing Cartagena
  • Civil Protection has acted in 299 rescues this summer on the beaches of Cartagena (01/09/2008)
    Most of the other actions of members and Civil Defence volunteers have been referred to first aid and social services (missing persons, aid to disabled ...)
  • International exchange for other cultures, to be held in October and November (01/09/2008)
    Youth Space offers, within the European Programme Youth in Action, four meetings of young people in France, Turkey and Latvia during the months of October and November
  • The IAE fee receipts 14,082, stepping stones, garbage and sewage in La Manga (01/09/2008)
    The voluntary period for payment of these bills ends on November 20
  • A court order requires the phone company to repay the bills 906 (01/09/2008)
    The Department of Consumer Affairs of the City of Cartagena is made available for any affected in the city if these companies do not respond within a month
  • End the summer swimming season (01/09/2008)
    About two thousand users participated in these courses, which have been carried out during June, July and August in the pools of the House of Youth and Pozo Estrecho
  • The bus back to winter today (01/09/2008)
    line 12, Bus Beaches, and the line 23, which connects La Ribera to La Manga yesterday made his last trip

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