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Cartagena News - January 2019

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  • Citizens ask the PSOE Government to contact the irrigators to support the 40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura transfer (31/01/2019)
    - Some municipalities of the Region have already placed on the façades of their consistories the banner of the 40th Anniversary of the Tajo-Segura Transfer
  • The new Los Urrutias hotel already has the concession of the land for its nautical facilities (31/01/2019)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, has signed this morning the administrative concession for twenty years and an annual fee of 21,000 euros
  • Cs manages Cartagena to integrate again into Sicted, the best public tool to improve tourism quality (31/01/2019)
    - The agreement promoted by Citizens obliges the City Council to initiate the appropriate procedures to achieve the accession of Cartagena to Sicted, the Integral System of Tourist Quality in Destination
  • Cs Cartagena gets the start of a campaign to restore the pictorial fund of the City Council (31/01/2019)

  • AEMET activates the orange alert for wind and waves in the Campo de Cartagena and Mazarrón area (31/01/2019)
    The orange alert will be active between 6:00 and 3:00 p.m. on Friday, February 1
  • The City Council will review, thanks to Cs, the vertical signage that is missing in Cartagena and will act on ten dangerous junctions (31/01/2019)
    - The orange formation responds to the demands of the Road Training faculty of the Alameda Driving School on the Paseo Alfonso XIII
  • Cs Cartagena achieves that the companies have to certify the salary equality to aspire to a public tender (31/01/2019)

  • The Marist schools and Virgen del Carmen will represent Cartagena in the regional final of 'Playing Athletics' (31/01/2019)
    The Regional Final will be held on February 13 in Alcantarilla
  • Cs manages the Government of Cartagena to review all urban planning agreements of the PP since 1995 for the convictions (31/01/2019)

  • Cs gets the support of the Plenary to urge the State to declare El Gorguel as a national strategic project (31/01/2019)

  • The actor from Elche Andrés Flores will teach the master class'Experiences within an actor' within the program T-La The presentation will take place on Saturday, February 2, in the Assembly Hall of the Youth Resource Center, from 10 to 13:30 (31/01/2019)

  • Social Services raises funds in FEMADIS for the San Vicente de Paúl association (31/01/2019)
    Iran destined to the maternal project 'Gota de leche' that takes care of babies up to 20 months
  • MC: The municipal Plenary, at the request of José López, reached a historic agreement rejecting the regional budgets and failing the CARM Government to discriminate against Cartagena (31/01/2019)
    MC requires the regional executive to disclose the results of the epidemiological studies carried out in the town of El Llano del Beal
  • The Cartagena Firefighters receive training to open doors in case of emergency (31/01/2019)
    Bomberos de Ávila are teaching this course, in which 80 percent of the knowledge taught is practical
  • Students of Agronomists of the UPCT will be able to do a double master in Germany (31/01/2019)
    The students of the graduate in Agricultural Engineering will be able to do the second year in Kleve, with classes in English
  • The Mayoress of Cartagena inaugurates the park of the Paseo Sorrento of the Polígono de Santa Ana (31/01/2019)
    The event will take place on Friday, February 1 at 5 pm
  • Rescued by air two senderistas who had been lost in the Sierra de la Muela (31/01/2019)
    Effective firefighters of Cartagena participated this Wednesday at noon in the rescue, which had to intervene a helicopter of the General Directorate of Citizen Security and Emergencies
  • Social Services highlights the coordination with the groups for the management of the cold wave (30/01/2019)
    This afternoon a meeting was held with the entities involved that put all their resources at the service of vulnerable people
  • La Milagrosa opens as the first cognitively accessible building in the Region (30/01/2019)
    The inauguration and guided visit were attended by the Mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, the Councilor for Social Services, Mercedes García, and the Councilor for Culture and Equality, David Martínez, involved in the project
  • La Palma will be filled with comedy and laughter in February (30/01/2019)
    The Comedies Contest kicks off on Saturday, February 9, with the play 'A Fool in a Box', directed by the Murcia-born actor and director of the 2017 Goya Award, Best Actor Revelation, Carlos Santos
  • The artist Nono García will take a guided tour of the exhibition 'Arqueologías' at the Museo Teatro Romano (30/01/2019)
    The first visit will take place this Sunday, February 3, at 12.30
  • Perín hosts a workshop course to learn to dance jotas, parrandas and malagueñas (30/01/2019)
    This activity has the collaboration of the City of Cartagena
  • Cartagena will adapt to climate change by installing pergolas that will connect green areas (30/01/2019)
    The action will be carried out as a Life Adaptate pilot project in the surroundings of the Severo Ochoa square
  • Ciudadanos denies that the PSOE government has its own strategy for the commercial revitalization of Cartagena (30/01/2019)
    - "The commercial brand and the website announced are proposals of several opposition political groups, among others, but do not fit into the plan commercial because it does not exist ", has indicated the spokesman of Cs Cartagena, Manuel P
  • MC: La Aljorra is still the propitiatory victim of PP and PSOE (30/01/2019)
    Since the departure of MC from the local government has closed the nursery, have not opened the pool and have stopped the works on the site of the future school and the pond storms
  • The solidarity days 'Here we just want to be human', from Cartagena Piensa (30/01/2019)
    Organized together with the Círculo de Silencio and other NGOs, are opening this Friday at El Luzzy with an exhibition on refugees and the presentation of a graphic poem of the brothers Juan and Javier Gallego
  • Cs asks to extend the epidemiological study in Sierra Minera and explanations to the Government for the execution of Prasam (30/01/2019)
    - The orange training attacks on the lack of information to the regional PP and ensures that an Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) similar to that of the Mar Menor to face the challenge and access European investment
  • A young Cartagena undertakes a one-year International Volunteering Project in Sweden (30/01/2019)
    The Space Mobility of the Youth Council manages these projects aimed at young people from 18 to 30 years
  • National Police and Civil Guard detain the alleged perpetrators of four robberies perpetrated in gas stations (30/01/2019)
    The perpetrators used bladed weapons to commit the acts and intimidate and to violate the workers of the gas stations
  • Cartagena firefighters attend two fires in homes in El Algar and La Union (30/01/2019)
    They also suffocated the flames of a car that was traveling on the La Manga highway
  • APICES aims at rugby with the ADE Program (30/01/2019)
    The facilities of the association were this Tuesday the meeting of users and monitors with players of the CRU Cartagena
  • MC reviews with the neighbors of Isla Plana, La Azohía and Campillo de Adentro the main advances with the Cartagena government and the needs of the future in the area (30/01/2019)

  • Citizens will evaluate the political support of the El Gorguel project in the next regular plenary of Cartagena (29/01/2019)

  • Cartagena FC, EF Santa Ana, AD La Isla, La Aljorra and AD La Vaguada, the best in soccer 5 (29/01/2019)
    They are unbeaten in their different categories after the half of the championship
  • Young people will receive job counseling in the III edition of Itinere (29/01/2019)
    Throughout the day of February 26, young people will attend at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium cooks presentations, bloggers, digital transformation strategy advisors or motivational speakers
  • MC will demand the restitution of specialized groups of vertical and underwater rescue of the Fire Department (29/01/2019)
    The cartagenerista formation will propose in the Plenary this measure before the high number of mining wells without walls of protection in the zone of Cartagena
  • The Symphony Orchestra of the Region doubles the number of subscribers to its cycle of concerts in Cartagena (29/01/2019)
    Saturday saw the successful start of the new season at the El Batel Auditorium, with the participation of French violinist and director David Grimal, and will continue on the 15th of February with American music
  • The V SIME ordinary congress debuts the strategic lines of the union of public employees (29/01/2019)
    The inauguration of the event took place this Tuesday 29 at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium with the assistance of the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón
  • Jaume Martínez Bonafé will talk in Cartagena He thinks about'An education for the emancipation of the human being' (29/01/2019)
    The talk, this Wednesday at 7pm in the auditorium of the ETSAE, is included in the Education Days for the 21st century
  • The Faster Cup gives the triumph to Ismael Sánchez and Patricia Hernández (29/01/2019)
    Held this Sunday, a minute of silence was kept in memory of the little Julen
  • Change of day in the representation of the work of José Sacristán at the Nuevo Teatro Circo in Cartagena (29/01/2019)
    The play, scheduled for Friday, March 15, will advance one day and will pass until Thursday, March 14
  • The cyclists José Manuel Cayuela and José María García, co-leaders after the Interclub Social Trophy Campo de Cartagena - Mar Menor (29/01/2019)
    At the race, which was held this Sunday in La Aljorra, attended the Councilor for Sports, Manuel Mora
  • Nearly 600 secondary and high school students will do virtual reality practices and Electronics in Teleco's STEM classroom (29/01/2019)

  • Invited to the Cartagenero Sports Awards 2018 (29/01/2019)
    Until March 1 can present proposals to these awards organized by the City of Cartagena to recognize the work of people and entities in the promotion of Sports in the municipality
  • Culture launches the III Scenic Arts Circuit of Cartagena (29/01/2019)
    The deadline for submission of projects will remain open until February 15
  • The Aljorra counts the weeks for its premiere in the RCH (29/01/2019)
    The Neighborhood Association of the Cartagena deputation, in collaboration with the FAMU, organizes the VII Trail La Aljorra, "Popular Race of the Almond Tree and the Garbancillo de Tallante", 8th test of the Running Challenge to celebrate
  • The Rector emphasizes that the UPCT engineers get 42% of the prizes of Santo Tomás being 23% of the students (28/01/2019)

  • The UPCT distinguishes the ten professors who have directed more doctoral theses in the Polytechnic (28/01/2019)

  • The Polytechnic Institute invests 15 new doctors (28/01/2019)
    The Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) has invested during the act of St. Thomas Aquinas 15 new doctors
  • "The construction of the UPCT was a collective task", highlights Antonio Viedma in the lecture (28/01/2019)

  • Rosa Galindo is named waitress of the Virgin of Beautiful Love (28/01/2019)

  • The CEIP Poeta Antonio Oliver hosts a philatelic exhibition made by students from the center (28/01/2019)
    The event was attended by the Councilor for Culture, David Martínez
  • Rapunzel's musical arrives at Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar (28/01/2019)
    It will be Saturday, February 2 at 6 pm
  • The City Council will seek European aid to continue improving the environment of Los Mateos, Lo Campano and Santa Lucia (28/01/2019)
    The mayor has met with members of the Fénix manifesto to explain everything that has been done during the legislature in these neighborhoods
  • Palacio de Molina hosts a series of lectures on Cartagena painter Nicomedes Gómez (28/01/2019)
    Admission will be free and free until full capacity is reached.
  • Cartagena Congress Office participates actively in FITUR (28/01/2019)
    The first edition of Fitur MITM MICE & Business took place
  • The students of IES Galileo attend the meeting 'Sport + Nutrition = Health' Activity organized by the ADE Program of the Department of Sports with sports dietitian-nutritionist Víctor Serrano (28/01/2019)

  • Pedro Fernández presented his first book'Pollos en la asfalto' (28/01/2019)
    The Cartagena has unveiled his work on Tuesday with the Councilor for Culture, David Martínez
  • The Belones prepare their best stews of the grandmother and Asian coffees (28/01/2019)
    The 'Route of the Stew of the grandmother and the Asian' offers the rations of stew with drink included, to 2.50 euros, and, the Asians, to 1, 50 euros
  • The municipal groups will discuss together with the representatives of the sector the new regulation of the Taxi (28/01/2019)
    The councilor of Finance agrees to withdraw the draft to seek a consensus with all the political representatives unions and professionals of the sector
  • Cs votes against the taxi ordinance due to the lack of social support and accuses MC and PSOE of not having taken the sector since 2015 (28/01/2019)

  • The stores Tu Chester, Ircovisión and Ecobio win the prizes of the VII Showcase Contest (28/01/2019)
    The event was presented by the Councilor for Commerce, Carmen Martín, in the reception hall of the Town Hall
  • Cs asks for reports that justify the salary comparison of the national entities in Cartagena before supporting the measure (28/01/2019)

  • Cs defends the creation of municipal spaces to stimulate the vocation for the Stem professions at an early age (28/01/2019)

  • MC will demand that the Government protect and ensure the annual commemoration of Modernism (28/01/2019)
    The formation of Cartagena brought to this present transcendental epoch in the history of Cartagena
  • Cuenca and Corral meet the "Roja" sub18 in Portugal. (27/01/2019)
    Athletes of UCAM Athletics Cartagena Maika Cuenca and Jose Luis Corral met their expectations in the debut with the Spanish team Sub18 winning the Iberian Tournament that faced Lusos and Hispanics.
  • The parties of Carthaginians and Romans in Fitur 2019 (27/01/2019)

  • Cs accuses MC and PSOE of having abandoned to their fate the populations suffering from violent squatting and narco-ops (27/01/2019)

  • Citizens warn of the discomfort in Cartagena due to the lack of information on the Regional Plan against Gender Violence (27/01/2019)

  • MC Cartagena celebrates that its proposals in the Neighborhood Board of Los Dolores serve as an impetus for improvements in infrastructure and public spaces (27/01/2019)
    The initiatives of Cartagena training have led to the installation of traffic lights in a dangerous intersection of the Hispanic America neighborhood, as well as the renovation of the Ángel Valverde square or the signage on the Siphon Road
  • CTSSP: "After more than four years of delay, the PSOE presents a regulatory proposal for the taxi that will not solve the problems of the public service" (26/01/2019)

  • MC: The lack of tourism policy hampers the growth of the sector in Cartagena and its district (26/01/2019)

  • Citizens insist on reconfiguring the Employment Plan to include the Blue Economy as one of its strategic lines (26/01/2019)

  • Portugal, Zaragoza, Lorca and Jumilla destinations of the UCAM Cartagena (25/01/2019)

  • Applicants to the Local Police of Cartagena begin the physical tests (25/01/2019)
    The aspirants choose one of the 21 free time squares that will be covered in this first call
  • Students of the CEIP Poet Antonio Oliver and Beethoven receive the Jimbee CT Futsal (25/01/2019)
    The students have shared the days Thursday 24 and Friday 25 day of futsal with the players within the ADE Program of the Department of Sports
  • The process of consolidation of 151 places registers more than 2,500 applications in the City of Cartagena (25/01/2019)
    The most numerous are directed towards the calls of janitors, janitors, library assistants and social workers
  • Cartagena can be savored in the first Gastro Education Conference Gastro Levante (25/01/2019)
    Up to 4 Michelin stars will attend this gastronomic event that takes place on February 5 in El Batel
  • Alumbres hosts the II Copa Faster BKM Trofeo Repsol (25/01/2019)
    It will be on Sunday, January 27 next to the sports hall of Alumbres
  • Students of IES Isaac Peral bury a time capsule in the center garden with memories of its half century of life (25/01/2019)
    This has been one of the events scheduled for the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of ESO students , Bachelor and University.
  • The Governing Board approves budgetary modifications to finish eleven works (25/01/2019)
    The improvement of the Avenida de la Constitución, in El Albujón, was reactivated, which was stopped by neighborhood request to improve the project
  • MC Cartagena will reject the socialist proposal of the TAXI regulatory order for neglecting the demands of the sector (25/01/2019)

  • A new quarter of the Reading Club of Cartagena Thinks (25/01/2019)

  • Urban planning authorizes the restoration of the lateral facade of Santa María (25/01/2019)
    The works have a term of execution of 5 months
  • Local Police reports the new controls for the week of January 28 to February 3 (25/01/2019)
    The controls will be located in access roads and avenues of the city, but also in neighborhoods and county councils, coastal towns, as well as in industrial parks of the municipal term
  • David Grimal shows his double facet as a soloist and conductor with the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia in El Batel (25/01/2019)
    The French violinist will interpret and direct the Violin Concerto and the Fifth Symphony of Beethoven, this Saturday, at the Municipal Auditorium
  • Caridad Gil shows 'The women in you' at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center (25/01/2019)
    The exhibition by the Cartagena artist can be visited until March 6
  • Cs will ask that the Plenary of Cartagena ratify its commitment to the El Gorguel project before the new doubts raised (25/01/2019)

  • The businessmen prepare demonstrations and roadblocks in Los Camachos (24/01/2019)
    The businessmen of Los Camachos come back to meet to express their total frustration for the breach of the promises of the Autonomous Community, Port Authority, City Council and SEPES,
  • MC: "Noelia Arroyo copies the MC tourism initiatives, which continues to set the regional political agenda" (24/01/2019)
    The Cartagena training demanded in 2015 the transfer of the Ministry of Tourism to Cartagena and the PP promises, now, in pre-election period
  • BBVA donates two reliefs by the Cartagena sculptor Manuel Ardil Pagán to the Hospital de la Caridad de Cartagena (24/01/2019)

  • The mayor hopes that the transfer of the tourism council to Cartagena is a reality and not an electoral promise (24/01/2019)
    Castejón is pleased that they finally listen to the proposal he made more than two years ago
  • AMAIM receives the Jacinto Alcaraz Mellado prize, organized by the IES Ben Arabí (24/01/2019)
    The ceremony, held this morning, was attended by the Councilor for Education, Mercedes García.
  • Four bands of music will harmonize Cartagena in the eighth edition of the Regional Contest (24/01/2019)
    This year, the obligatory work in the contest, celebrated on February 16, is "Latin Suite, OP.52" by Cartagena composer Javier Pérez Garrido
  • In March the IV Edition of the 'Cartagena Transparent City Competition' (24/01/2019)
    Start the Secondary Education category of the contest organized by the Department of Transparency of the City of Cartagena
  • Open the registration period for the Cartagena City Half Marathon (24/01/2019)
    Interested parties have until February 28 to register for the event, which will be held on Sunday, March 3
  • More than 700 students from all over the Region attend the GDMuseos in El Batel (24/01/2019)
    The event has been attended by primary, secondary and university students.
  • ADLE and ISOL collaborate in a course to promote occupational rehabilitation and occupational training (24/01/2019)
    Students of the maintenance course on cleanings and gardens, organized by the Murcia Psychosocial Rehabilitation Association, visited the facilities of the Local Development Agency Employment to know your resources
  • The Sauces Musical Group will perform in a joint concert with the Music Band of Artá ​​de Mallorca (24/01/2019)
    The concert will take place on February 9 at 7:00 pm in the Assembly Hall of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The fourth edition of the Literary Fair of San Ginés de la Jara begins (24/01/2019)
    You can present works of story and poetry until March 14
  • Citizens proposes to create their own tourism counseling based in Cartagena (24/01/2019)
    The training regrets the lack of a Strategic Plan and a clear direction for the sector, which is already the second most important in the regional economy
  • Cartagena firemen remove a ring stuck in a finger (24/01/2019)
    The affected person went first to the health center, from where they referred him to the facilities of the Fire and Rescue Extinction Service
  • Citizens alert of more illegal lots and landfills infested with rats in the Historic Center of Cartagena (24/01/2019)

  • The PSOE "rents" a vice sports councilman (24/01/2019)
    The Government of Castejón puts in the Town Hall, through the back door, the current president of the Football Association of Cartagena to praise its mismanagement and discredit the work of MC
  • 1,400 students share in Cartagena the work done in the'GD Museums' project (24/01/2019)

  • Cartagena will host a conference on Sports and Business organized by the Ministry and the City Council (24/01/2019)
    The mayor Ana Belén Castejón, has met with the Secretary of State for Sports, María José Rienda, to analyze the financing channels to which she can access the municipality
  • The Minister of Tourism supports Cartagena in its presentation in TurEspaña, in Fitur (23/01/2019)
    The mayor of Cartagenha has announced at the fair that Portugal will be the guest country in the 25th edition of La Mar de Músicas
  • Portugal, guest country in the 25th edition of the Sea of ​​Music (23/01/2019)
    Cartagena will celebrate its festival from July 19 to 27 focused on music, literature, art and cinema of the neighboring country.
  • The Plan of Shock for Youth Employment aims to reduce the youth unemployment rate to 23.5% (23/01/2019)
    The Mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, chaired this morning the Economic Development and Employment Committee of the FEMP in Madrid where the Youth Employment Shock Plan has been reported
  • Cs regrets that Arroyo does not want the Community to support and collaborate with the creation of the Costa de Cartagena brand (23/01/2019)

  • The residence of older Orpea celebrates with music and theater the World Day of La Paz (23/01/2019)
    The recital, which will take place on January 30, is organized by the theater workshop Teatro del Desván and the City of Cartagena
  • Cs Cartagena asks its deputies to demand that the Ministry fulfill its investment promises at once (23/01/2019)

  • The mayor of Cartagena shows the best of the city in FITUR (23/01/2019)
    During this fair the La Mar de Músicas Festival, the drag queen gala of the Carnival, the hiking routes, the diving areas, the Holy Week, and the Carthaginians and Romans
  • Citizens launches a new political offensive so that the ZAL of Cartagena comes out of the blockade imposed by PP and PSOE (23/01/2019)

  • The IES Ben Arabí of Cartagena delivers the "Jacinto Alcaraz Mellado" Prize (23/01/2019)
    The Education Councilor will attend the event that will be this Thursday, at the Secondary School, starting at 12 noon
  • More than 600 students will attend the GDMuseos in El Batel (23/01/2019)
    The event will be on Thursday, the 24th, starting at 10 o'clock in the morning with the attendance of primary, secondary and university students.
  • Local representatives of Canteras and MC agree on the benefits that the installation of the City of Justice in the West Zone would bring (23/01/2019)
    However, the PSOE governments prioritize the Navy Subsistence Factory on the Marina Hospital
  • We can report to the administration due to environmental prevarication in El Hondón (22/01/2019)

  • Diego Conesa announces that the city of Justice of Cartagena will be located in the Army's subsistence factory (22/01/2019)
    The Government delegate highlights the work of the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, and the Ministry of Justice to achieve a location that houses the judicial and fiscal organs
  • Justice estimates that the Navy Subsistence Factory is the most suitable location to house the City of Justice in Cartagena (22/01/2019)

  • Citizens blame MC and PSOE for the lack of personnel and means in the Local Police of Cartagena (22/01/2019)

  • La Manga was filled with sporting events this weekend (22/01/2019)
    Last Saturday and Sunday, January 19 and 20, took place on the beach of the Hotel Entremares de La Manga the I Beach Volleyball Winter Tournament with the II Race Popular Virgin of the Sea
  • Students and professors of institutes from five European countries visit the Town Hall (22/01/2019)
    They come from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Italy and Germany and will be doing this week with the students of IES San Isidoro
  • The security of the municipality is guaranteed (22/01/2019)
    There will be an officer in charge of the Local Police, both during the Carnival celebrations and during Holy Week
  • Students of the school Virgen de la Candelaria Caravaca visit the Municipal Stadium Cartagonova (22/01/2019)
    Children have visited on Tuesday 22 the stadium facilities organized by the ADE Program of the Department of Sports
  • Juan José Tamayo, theologian of critical liberation, in Cartagena Piensa with the Association of Historical Memory (22/01/2019)
    His talk will take place on Thursday, January 24 at 7:30 p.m. in the Assembly Hall of the School of Agronomists
  • The II Plan of Clean Shock will reach more than 60 neighborhoods and councils (22/01/2019)
    Ten workers have begun to work this week on the thorough cleaning of the streets and squares of the municipality
  • EF La Aljorra, AD Franciscans, EF Dolores de Pacheco, Cartagena FC, Club Maristas, Fundación FCCartagena and Veteranos Dolores de Pacheco the best in soccer 8 (22/01/2019)
    They have won all their disputed matches surpassed almost the equator of the championship
  • Cs denounces the paralysis of the works for the first phase of free parking next to Santa Lucía Hospital (22/01/2019)

  • The Community invests 112,000 euros in the improvement of the accesses to the ZAL of Cartagena (22/01/2019)
    The counselor Patricio Valverde announces that the preparation of the RM-F39 highway is two months ahead and will be completed in February
  • The elders of Cartagena will measure their skills as dancers in the 1st Municipal Dance Competition (22/01/2019)
    The semifinal will be on March 15, at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, and the final, on April 26, at the Municipal Sports Pavilion .
  • López warns of the chaos generated by Castejón in the Local Police (22/01/2019)
    If the mayor had continued the process initiated by José López, Cartagena would have 40 policemen on the street and 30 more in the process of selection
  • Pedro Fernández presents his first book "Chickens on the asphalt" (22/01/2019)
    The Cartagena has unveiled his work on Tuesday with the councilman of Culture, David Martinez
  • Traffic cut this Saturday in several streets of the helmet by the dismantling of a scaffold in the street Muralla del Mar (22/01/2019)
    The Local Police has reported this action that will take place from 7 in the morning and will affect to the streets Aire, General Ordóñez and Príncipe de Vergara
  • 1,500 Secondary students attend the national project "I want to be an engineer" in Murcia (22/01/2019)
    The rector, the Secretary of State for Equality and the Minister of Education advocate "breaking stereotypes"
  • The students of the course on creation and development of virtual environments already have their diplomas (22/01/2019)
    In this workshop 20 young people participated during 3 months
  • The UCAM organizes with the Seneca Foundation its second Scientific Olympiad on the Los Dolores Campus for students of Bachiller and Higher Education (22/01/2019)

  • CTSSP requests that the municipality take care of the health of its neighbors (21/01/2019)
    The municipal group of Podemos demands that the problems of El Hondón, La Aljorra, El Llano and Alumbres be addressed separately in four successive Air Quality Tables, with the presence of all the actors involved
  • CTSSP: The Government pays without question and does not purge a single responsibility for the urban development agreement of the Vivero de la Manga (21/01/2019)

  • A new edition of'Hip Hop Sinfónico' arrives in Cartagena on February 23 (21/01/2019)
    The free musical show will take place at El Batel Auditorium starting at 9:30 p.m.
  • Caridad Gil shows at the Cultural Center'Las mujeres que hay en ti' (21/01/2019)
    The exhibition can be visited from January 24 to March 6
  • Citizens will ask in the Plenary for all the urban agreements signed by the Cartagena PP since 1995 (21/01/2019)

  • With the sizing of the 382 admitted, the tests of the Local Police in the City of Cartagena begin (21/01/2019)
    The aspirants choose one of the 21 free-turn squares that will be covered in this first call
  • Cs Cartagena demands the creation of the Technical Office of Accessibility and will ask about investments in 2019 (21/01/2019)

  • ... (21/01/2019)

  • José López alerts neighbors and businessmen that the ZAL of Cartagena is endangered by the lack of railway connection (21/01/2019)
    The Cartagena leader warns of the coordinated inaction of the Ministry of Development and the Port of Cartagena to derive the economic activity of the port outside the Comarca
  • Spanish Taekwondo champion, Paula Vergara, shared her triumphs with the mayor (21/01/2019)
    Cartagena's Paula Vergara has been fifth in the Taekwondo World Championship 2018, held in November, in the city of Taipei (Taiwan)
  • In march the VI National Contest of Saetas de Cartagena 2019 (21/01/2019)
    The Old Public Market of La Union celebrated this Saturday the first act of the sixth edition of the contest with the presentation of the official poster and the sculpture-trophy
  • Cartagena pilots will run the Panda Raid, in Morocco, in solidarity with people with disabilities (21/01/2019)
    This race of Fiat cars and old Seat Panda will take place in March, during seven days, in the Moroccan desert
  • The festivities of San Antón had its final touch with a biker gathering (21/01/2019)
    The event took place this Sunday at Plaza Juana la Loca, with the assistance of the Councilman of Celebrations, Juan Pedro Torralba, and the Councilor for Sports, Manuel Mora
  • The City Council will return in six years the more than five million of the urban agreement of El Vivero signed in 2005 (21/01/2019)
    The Local Government Board approves an out-of-court agreement with the technical entity of Ganma Investments after the court ruling that obliges the City to return of that amount
  • The presentation of the book "Nicomedes Gómez" brought together more than 250 people (21/01/2019)
    The event took place last Friday, January 18 at 7:00 p.m. in the ceremonial room of the Consistorial Palace of Cartagena
  • UCAM Cartagena, committed to blood donation (21/01/2019)

  • The UCAM Athletics Cartagena renews your title of Regional Winter Champion. (20/01/2019)

  • Víctor Alejandro Requena and Ana Cánovas triumph in La Manga (20/01/2019)
    The athlete of the UCAM Cartagena takes the II Popular Race "Virgen del Mar" with a time of 24:27, by 28:10 for the athlete of the UCAM Cartagena, in the appointment held this Sunday
  • MC will be interested in the status of the procedures between the City Council and the Regional Football Federation for the reversion of the World Cup 82 (20/01/2019)
    The Cartagenerist training presented last October an initiative so that this sports facility becomes competitive only municipal in order to develop a real future project for EF San Ginés
  • Manuel Padín: "The AVE will arrive in Cartagena before the Wi-Fi coverage of our main public spaces" (20/01/2019)

  • Cartagena firefighters help a woman injured in a traffic accident on the AP-7 (20/01/2019)
    They also intervened in another accident on the Avenida de Pio XII and the burning of a washing machine in a house
  • MC claims epidemiological studies in the population of La Aljorra, El Hondón and El Llano del Beal (19/01/2019)

  • Citizens regrets that Cartagena arrives at FITUR without being part of the Integral System of Tourist Quality in Destination (19/01/2019)

  • MC: The historical heritage of Cartagena, for sale by the neglect of the local government (19/01/2019)
    The Socialist Executive refuses to guard the furniture of the nineteenth century of the old pharmacy of the Calle Mayor and leaves under the neglect this fundamental page of modern history cartagenera
  • Sea of ​​Music, Carnival, hiking routes, diving areas, Easter and Carthaginians and Romans, protagonists of the Cartagena stand at FITUR (18/01/2019)
    Cartagena will once again have a presence at the Turespaña stand after several years of absence
  • ADLE and CEPAIM sign a collaboration agreement to promote entrepreneurship (18/01/2019)
    The agreement, which will be in force until the end of 2020, will include training actions with talks and workshops
  • The students of the CEIP Mediterranean visit the Cartagonova Stadium (18/01/2019)
    The visit has been organized by the ADE Program of the Department of Sports and have been able to meet the players who have given the children two balls with the team's shield
  • Youth Resource Nights are back (18/01/2019)
    To host T-La Program activities will remain open on the last Friday of each month from nine to twelve o'clock
  • The IES Isaac Peral becomes the stage of the LV Mathematical Olympiad (18/01/2019)
    The event, which will bring together 200 students, is celebrated coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Institute and 150 years of Secondary Education in Cartagena
  • We can denounce that the Autonomous Community is letting the schools of Cartagena "fall apart" (18/01/2019)

  • The Cartagonova Municipal Stadium breathed a good atmosphere in Spain's draw against Belgium (18/01/2019)
    About 5,000 spectators were in the stands cheering the Spanish team
  • The festivities of San Antón put an end to their activities with a biker gathering (18/01/2019)
    The event will take place in the Plaza Juana la Loca, with the assistance of the Councilman of Celebrations, Juan Pedro Torralba
  • The new airport starts its journey without connection with La Manga (18/01/2019)

  • New speed controls in Cartagena for the week of January 21 to 27 (18/01/2019)
    The planned controls will be located in access roads and avenues of the city, but also in neighborhoods and county councils, coastal towns, as well as in industrial estates of the term municipal.
  • Philosophy for the smallest in the municipal libraries with Cartagena Think this quarter (18/01/2019)
    The workshop is of three sessions, on Monday, February 11 and 25 and March 11, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the Municipal Children's Library Doña Centenito from the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center.
  • Citizens denounce that the Community discriminates against Cartagena in the Regional Air Conditioning Plan 2018/2020 (18/01/2019)
    "We do not understand or admit that with an expenditure forecast of eleven million euros in 2017 and 2018 only two Cartagena centers have benefited from the plan ", says the spokesman for Citizens in Cartagena, Manuel Padín
  • The ADLE collaborates with the GIRA Women Project together with the INFO and the Punto Pyme Network (18/01/2019)
    On February 4 and 5, it will carry out a free face-to-face training in the Women's Business Incubator, aimed at unemployed and entrepreneurs to boost their projects .
  • Three thousand pre-university students come to Cartagena in the next four weeks to get to know the UPCT (18/01/2019)

  • ... (18/01/2019)

  • The residents of Santa Ana highlight the effort of MC to get the land of the future medical office (18/01/2019)

  • Nicomedes Gómez and his esoteric collection at Palacio Molina (18/01/2019)
    Numerous public attended the opening of the exhibition, which can be visited until March 31
  • Maika Cuenca and José Luis Corral of the UCAM Cartagena International with the selection of Athletics Sub18 (17/01/2019)
    Fantastic news within the UCAM Athletics Cartagena that sees two of its young talents reach the International category.
  • La Manga, venue of the I Beach Volleyball Winter Tournament 2019 (17/01/2019)
    The tournament will be held at Entremares beach from 9 am to 5:30 pm
  • The Board of Trustees Carmen Conde will commemorate the 40th anniversary of its entry into the Academy and the 90th anniversary of its first book,'Brocal' (17/01/2019)
    The activities are contemplated in the budgets of this body of the City of Cartagena approved unanimously today
  • The second edition of the Popular Race'Virgen del Mar' will cover the main natural enclaves of La Manga and Cabo de Palos (17/01/2019)
    It will be on Sunday, January 20 from 10 o'clock in the Hotel Entremares
  • CTSSP: "The urban corruption of Cartagena is getting more expensive" (17/01/2019)

  • Cs assures that the irresponsible urban policy of the PP can cost the Cartagena more than 11 million euros (17/01/2019)

  • Adult philosophy workshops are back in Cartagena Piensa (17/01/2019)
    This workshop has limited places and registration is free in the mail: cartagenapiensa@ayto-cartagena.es
  • The exhibition'Arqueologías' by Nono García arrives at the Museo del Teatro Romano in Cartagena (17/01/2019)
    This temporary exhibition can be visited until April 1
  • Dani Rovira, Niña Pastori, Cepeda, Pablo Milanés, Café Quijano and a family symphonic cycle, the most outstanding shows this first semester at El Batel (17/01/2019)
    Russian Cossacks, Madama Butterfly opera, children's musicals about Peter Pan and Ben and Holly or the magician Yunke will also pass through the tables of the Cartagena auditorium
  • ... (17/01/2019)

  • The Mathematical Olympiad begins at the IES Isaac Peral (17/01/2019)
    It will be celebrated on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the institute and 150 years of secondary education in Cartagena, with the assistance among other authorities of the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón
  • We can ask that the structural decisions on mobility be included in the new General Plan (17/01/2019)

  • The charity gala "Ellas, Artistas" brings together at El Batel a wide representation of regional female talent (17/01/2019)
    The collection of the event, which takes place on Sunday, February 10, at the Municipal Auditorium, will be used to collaborate with the TPCartagenaMM associations and Afribrocar
  • MC will demand the involvement of all administrations to avoid unfair competition among the hairdressers of the municipality (17/01/2019)
    New establishments fail to comply with obligations such as weekly rest, opening hours and payments to Social Security and the Public Treasury
  • All ready for the Spain-Belgium this afternoon in the Cartagonova (17/01/2019)
    The two women's absolute teams will face each other in Cartagena starting at seven in the afternoon
  • Fire in a house in calle Sóller (16/01/2019)
    The fire originated in the room resulting in the 69-year-old tenant being affected by smoke poisoning
  • Pozo Estrecho honors San Fulgencio and pays tribute to Pedro Fructuoso (16/01/2019)
    The deputation has given away its traditional Galilean balls and has given name to a square in memory of the neighbor and former mayor who worked in the recovery of the culture and history of the Cartagena deputation
  • The big day of the patron saint festivities of the neighborhood of San Antón arrives (16/01/2019)
    The mayor of Cartagena and the councilman of Festejos will attend
  • The music bands of the Region generate an economic impact of 5.76 million euros in the last year (16/01/2019)

  • Citizens move to Congress the shortage of technical staff in specialized courts of the Family of Cartagena (16/01/2019)

  • Ramón Galián and his vision as a mathematician of the importance of education in personal dedication (16/01/2019)
    The mathematician will give a talk this Friday on education and profession on the occasion of the commemorative events of the 50th anniversary of the IES Isaac Peral, within the Cartagena Think
  • Miguel Sánchez, pleased to receive the Gold Medal of the Spanish Olympic Committee (16/01/2019)
    The Cartagena sailor has been received this Wednesday by the mayor at the Town Hall
  • Isaac Rosa and Mikko open the meetings with Mandarache Award finalists with the comic'Your future starts here' (16/01/2019)

  • The Luzzy exhibits the finalist works of the II Concurso Infantil de Dibujos'Trinidad García' (16/01/2019)
    50 creations have been selected from 30 schools, for a sample that can be visited until January 30 at the Cultural Center
  • Admiral of Maritime Action says goodbye to the mayor (16/01/2019)
    Manuel de la Puente has held a meeting with Ana Belén Castejón on Wednesday before his departure on the occasion of his retirement
  • Citizens pick up the complaint of a driving school that calls for priority in nine crossings of Cartagena (16/01/2019)
    - The Alameda Autoescuela has published an informative note to alert of these deficiencies in their habitual routes of road training
  • Cartagena firefighters extinguish a fire in a house in El Pozo de los Palos (16/01/2019)
    The fire occurred by controlled close to two of the past dawn, causing only material damage
  • The works of the III Contest of Photography on the Archaeological Heritage travel to Cieza (16/01/2019)
    The traveling exhibition for the museums of the region, organized by the Association of Friends of the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena, will begin its journey on Thursday 17 at the Siyasa Museum
  • Yacht Port Cartagena disembarks for the second consecutive year at the Düsseldorf Boat Show (16/01/2019)
    The 50th edition of the fair will take place between January 19 and 27
  • 'Between Ropes and Metals' announces the dates of the contest in its XXII edition and list of admitted (16/01/2019)
    The regional contest, organized by the Department of Youth and the Conservatory of Music, has received more than 200 entries in its 10 modalities
  • MC will demand that action be taken on the proliferation of the insect 'processionary' in the pines of San José Obrero (16/01/2019)

  • The UCAM Cartagena Athletics dominated the Regional Championship of combined winter races (15/01/2019)
    It was held last 12 and 13 of January at the Monterromero stadium in Murcia
  • Citizens claim that remodeling works in the Old Quarter of Cartagena continue to stop and threaten not to negotiate the accounts of 2019 (15/01/2019)
    -The orange formation has requested a meeting with the Government of Cartagena, to analyze the status of implementation of the pact that imposed to support the 2018 accounts
  • The ONCE commemorates the 125th anniversary of the SAM Santa Cecilia de Pozo Estrecho (15/01/2019)
    On January 21, the ONCE coupon will be represented by an image initiative of the Santa Cecilia Musical Art Society for its 125th anniversary, at the initiative of Santiago Rock.
  • The Biberon and Chupeta of the Regional League follow their particular formative league with the participation of 30 teams in the championship (15/01/2019)
    The competition resumed in the different categories after the Christmas holidays
  • Citizens denounce the toxic disinformation of the PSOE to present the PGE 2019 project in Cartagena (15/01/2019)

  • Isaac Rosa and Mikko open the Mandarache Prize 2019 The authors will present the graphic novel "Your future starts here" on the 16th and 17th in Cartagena (15/01/2019)

  • Article of opinion of the MC Cartagena spokesman, José López: MC opens a door to the future of the Cathedral and the Amphitheater (15/01/2019)
    The draft General State Budget for 2019 introduces funding for the projects promoted by our formation this term
  • MC Cartagena denounces "socialist caciquismo in El Cañar" (14/01/2019)

  • Workshops open to citizenship for the new General Plan begin (14/01/2019)
    The first meeting with neighbors interested in participating in the urban model will be held on Tuesday, January 15 in Canteras
  • The play Ócho apellidos valencianos' arrives at the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar (14/01/2019)
    It will be on Saturday, January 19 at 9:30 p.m.
  • Francisco Serrano, Manuel Funes and Carlos Ruiz, winners of the III Trail Vista Alegre-Sierra Gorda (14/01/2019)
    In addition to the sporting events, 800 pieces of Christmas cake and macaroni rations were distributed to the participants and attendees of the event
  • The second phase of the DECIDE-T Program is underway This January, the second phase of the DECIDE-T Program is resumed, which aims to bring together all the young students of educational centers the social, employment and educational reality. (14/01/2019)

  • Young students receive information about the resources of the ADLE and the City Council for employment (14/01/2019)

  • Social Services program for this first semester workshops, courses and activities aimed at seniors and people with disabilities (14/01/2019)
    They will be as varied as cultural, educational, sports and leisure and have been presented by the Councilor Mercedes García
  • More than 60 activities are part of the programming of the January-March quarter of the Cartagena Piensa program (14/01/2019)
    Marta Sanz, Yayo Herrero, Juan José Tamayo, María Pazos, César Rendueles and Manuel Delgado are part of this quarter's guest list
  • Cs will ask explanations to the PSOE in plenary on the project of Cueva Victoria after refusing to clarify its status (14/01/2019)
    - The orange formation will register a battery of questions to the next Plenary to know why the Master Plan has not already been presented and the reasons for the that the access security project has not been launched
  • 'El Golondrina' by Carmen Maura arrives at the Nuevo Teatro Circo in Cartagena on Friday 18 January (14/01/2019)
    Tickets for the show, which are starting at 20 euros, are now on sale at www.nuevoteatrocirco.com and at the theater box office Cartagena
  • We can demand the immediate implementation of protective measures in the lands of the Hondón (14/01/2019)
    At the same time that it brings proposals to the City Council, the Congress and the Regional Assembly, this week CTSSP-PODEMOS, will register a complaint in the Office of the Prosecutor to investigate the inaction in the contamination of the lands of
  • "Castejón loses a regional subsidy for the valorization and recovery of Cueva Victoria, driven by MC Cartagena" (14/01/2019)
    The cartagenerista formation will require in the next Plenum that clarifies what happened with the request of the municipal project, that has left to the deposit without funds or future
  • Citizens announce their condition to support the accounts of the ADLE: the promotion of the circular economy in Cartagena (14/01/2019)
    - The orange formation will also defend in the Plenary a master plan and the creation of the Local Council to order the actions aimed at promoting change gradual of the economic paradigm
  • The Governing Board gives the green light to the completion of the consolidation of Monte de la Casilla in 2019 (14/01/2019)
    The remaining works of the project, which are scheduled to end in March, will have a budget of 34 thousand euros
  • The City Council dedicates a plaza in Los Barreros to the memory of Leoncio Sánchez (14/01/2019)
    He was a person who worked tirelessly for the neighborhood, of which he was mayor and sponsor of the neighborhood association
  • We can criticize the "secret pacts" of the Mayor (13/01/2019)
    The municipal group demands transparency and maximum information on a supposed urban agreement that affects the whole of the citizenship.
  • Cartagena firefighters extract the body of the man killed in a traffic accident in the Ports of Santa Barbara (13/01/2019)
    The accident occurred last night on the RM-332 when the vehicle he was driving left the road and the victim of 56 years died in the act because of the hardness of the impact
  • Cs regrets the deterioration of the network of bike lanes in Cartagena and blames PSOE and MC for their mismanagement since 2015 (13/01/2019)

  • MC: The opening of the Corvera airport gives continuity to the regional submission to Cartagena and its region (13/01/2019)
    Taxi drivers, hoteliers and tourists, the main losers of a new infrastructure paid by all the inhabitants of the Region and that benefits the municipality of Murcia
  • Cs Cartagena proposes that a campaign to restore the pictorial fund of the City Council be launched (13/01/2019)

  • The residents of La Manga deal with MC Cartagena the main needs and demands to continue with the development of La Manga (12/01/2019)

  • Cs asks its national and regional deputies to urge the Ministry and the Community to clarify the Hondon situation (12/01/2019)
    - The politicization of the Nuclear Safety Council, one of the keys, according to Citizens, of the lack of information, regulations and coordination before radiological risks in Cartagena
  • Citizens conditions their support for the 2019 budget to a special road safety plan in schools in Cartagena (12/01/2019)
    - "The Children's Plenary made clear this year that road safety is a real concern for thousands of parents, mothers and students in Cartagena ", has indicated the spokesman of Cs Cartagena, Manuel Padín
  • MC Cartagena deals with the neighbors the main needs and demands to continue with the development of La Manga (12/01/2019)
    The lack of sanitary means, the deficiencies in the public transport or the restitution of the IMSEL, main neighborhood claims to reactivate this important tourist area
  • Criminologist Víctor J. Navarro participated this morning in the VIII International Congress of Technology, Science and Society (11/01/2019)
    He has had the Nova University of Lisbon
  • New RedMadre delegation in Cartagena (11/01/2019)

  • Martínez Baños: "It is surprising that the PP demands deadlines for the arrival of High Speed ​​to Cartagena when they did nothing in seven years" (11/01/2019)
    The PSRM-PSOE Municipal Policy Secretary affirms that in just seven months, Diego Conesa, Ana Belén Castejón and the Government of Pedro Sánchez have done more for the train in Cartagena and in the Region than the PP during their governments
  • Extraordinary opening of the CRAI library of the Polytechnic for exams until February 13 (11/01/2019)

  • The Student House will open 15 hours a day during the exam period (11/01/2019)

  • Cartagena, home of the soccer match of the Absolute Women's National Team against Belgium (11/01/2019)
    The friendly match will be played on Thursday, January 17 at the Cartagonova Stadium at 7:00 p.m.
  • The schools Antonio Ulloa and Cuatro Santos open the classrooms at the Jimbee Cartagena Futsal The visits of the Cartagena team are part of the ADE Program of the Department of Sports. (11/01/2019)

  • Vicente Cervera Salinas presents a special edition of the booklet'De Aurigas Inmortales' on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its publication (11/01/2019)
    The presentation will be on Monday, January 14 at 8:00 pm at the Josefina Soria Library of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center .
  • López warns that PSOE and PP want to bring the AVE to Cartagena without burying and in 2025 (11/01/2019)

  • Cartagena will host the friendly football match between the women's national teams of Spain and Belgium on January 17 (11/01/2019)

  • More than 550 teachers from 50 educational centers participate in this course in innovation and research programs (11/01/2019)
    The participation of teachers in this type of projects has increased 40 percent over the previous year and the budget for these initiatives has increased in a 140 percent
  • Citizens want companies to certify the salary equality to aspire to a public tender of the City Council (11/01/2019)
    - Orange training wants that the specifications demand that it be proven that women are not paid less than men for doing the same job
  • The City Council and the Ministry of Development will sign a collaboration protocol for the restoration of the Roman Amphitheater and the Old Cathedral (11/01/2019)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, and the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Pedro Saura, have negotiated the inclusion of this open item in the General State Budget to be approved in the Council of Ministers
  • The Aljorra celebrates on Saturday the XXIV Encuentro de Cuadrillas (11/01/2019)
    This Christmas musical tradition will gather in the Parroquial Hall 6 groups such as La Costera, Isla Plana, Las Balsicas of Puerto de Mazarrón, Marfagones Mill, Tallante and Aljorra's own
  • For Podemos we can match the suitability and quality when choosing the location of the City of Justice (10/01/2019)

  • Cs Cartagena supports the decision to locate the seat of the City of Justice in the Navy Subsistence Factory (10/01/2019)
    - The orange formation relies on the criteria of the Ministry's technicians and respects the will of the groups that are part of it of the Justice Bureau
  • Social Services activates the emergency device to care for the homeless due to the lowering of temperatures (10/01/2019)
    There will be nightly departures, blankets and basic kit will be distributed and the affected people will be urged to move to the centers of accommodation
  • The majority of groups and political parties opt for the Navy Subsistence Factory as the seat of the City of Justice in Cartagena (10/01/2019)
    The mayor agrees to transfer to the Ministry the opinion expressed in the Justice Bureau to expedite the procedures of construction and will do so before the end of January
  • Tribute to the victims of the explosion of the Artillery Park during the Canton (10/01/2019)
    The anniversary will be commemorated on Saturday, January 12 with the placement of a plaque that has been promoted by citizen entities
  • Traffic cut on the streets of Canales and La Palma for façade cleaning work (10/01/2019)
    As reported by the Local Police, the streets will be closed to traffic from 09:00 hours on Monday, January 14 to Wednesday, March 16, on the occasion of of the works to be carried out for the rehabilitation of building facades
  • Cs manages to promote several events to recover and value the work of the great Cartagena artist Nicomedes Gómez (10/01/2019)
    - The City Council will organize an exhibition of his esoteric and mystical work, discover a bronze bust made by Manuel Ardil and support the presentation of the book 'Nicomedes Gómez, the man and the artist', by Diego Ortiz
  • Manuel Padín: "20 months waiting for the Bureau of Justice to find us with a session without content or news" (10/01/2019)

  • 700 riders will participate in the Vista Alegre-Sierra Gorda III Trail on Sunday (10/01/2019)
    In addition, there will be tests for the youngest and an 8-kilometer trekking test.
  • Instructions to the mayor to avoid the plague in the seventeenth century, document of the month of the Cartagena Archive (10/01/2019)
    Regarding the video of the month, the Archive has selected a tour of the bars and clubs of the city at the end of the 80s, made in his day by Tele Cartagena
  • Raffled the Christmas awards of the La Milla Commercial Area between more than 50 thousand tickets (10/01/2019)
    The scrutiny took place this morning with the participation of the Councilor for Commerce, Carmen Martín
  • MC: The ineptitude of Castejón slows the progress of major projects for Cartagena (10/01/2019)
    Yesterday the AVE, today the City of Justice, paralyzed by the lack of criteria of a Government overwhelmed
  • The Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center will host the Antonio Oliver Belmás drawing and painting awards ceremony (10/01/2019)
    It will take place on Monday, January 14 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Three students of CEIP San Felix stand with the prizes of the Cartagena Transparent City 2018 (10/01/2019)

  • Cartagena composer Javier Pérez Garrido donates an unpublished work to the City Council (10/01/2019)
    This is the fantasy 'Beso Mediterráneo' and is part of the album 'Obertura Heroica', full of pieces inspired and created in Cartagena
  • The fire of a country house on the road from Pozo Estrecho to Albujón was suffocated (10/01/2019)
    Effectives of the Fire Department moved on Wednesday night to the place of the fire, a house that was unoccupied, where they worked for two hours Extinction work
  • The UCAM Cartagena Athletics with promotion options to the Honor Division. (10/01/2019)

  • Social Services reinforces the attention to the homeless due to the lowering of temperatures (09/01/2019)
    There will be nocturnal departures, blankets and basic kit will be distributed and the affected people will be urged to move to the accommodation centers
  • "We can not want a AVE at all costs" The purple formation will not support an urgent arrival of the AVE if it supposes the fracture of the districts of the city or having to touch a single cubic meter of contaminated soil (09/01/2019)

  • The rules of participation advance "thanks to the proposal of Podemos" (09/01/2019)
    Critical purple formation that the Government has hidden for more than a year a report of the Municipal Legal Advisory regarding the Neighborhood Boards
  • The mayor defends the arrival of the underground AVE and with different routes for the passenger and goods lines (09/01/2019)
    The ministry is willing to tender the project and the works as soon as the definitive layout is approved
  • Ciudadanos appeals to the responsibility of all political parties to agree on the integration of the AVE to Cartagena (09/01/2019)

  • Published the schedules of the ninth day of the Regional Baseball League (09/01/2019)
    The matches will be held on January 12 and 13
  • Palacio de Molina will host the esoteric collection Nicomedes Gómez (09/01/2019)
    The exhibition can be visited from January 17 to Sunday March 31.
  • Citizens: "Cartagena still does not have participation regulations after three years and we owe it to the incapacity of MC and PSOE" (09/01/2019)

  • PCAN denounces that "the Port Authority violates its promise to open the Cabo de Palos Lighthouse during Christmas" (09/01/2019)
    Hundreds of tourists and absent Cartagena came to the building the past parties encouraged by the announcement of Joaquín Segado and found their doors closed
  • The City Council will use Big Data to improve the tourist offer of the city (09/01/2019)
    The Smart Tourism Destination program is framed in the Cartagena smart city project
  • Over 100 activities aimed at young people in a new edition of T-La Winter (09/01/2019)
    The Alternative Free Time program, organized by the Youth Council of the City of Cartagena, turns 20 years old with a wide acceptance among youth
  • The mayor is satisfied with the improvements of the children's schools of Pozo Estrecho and La Palma (09/01/2019)
    Ana Belén Castejón, and the Councilor for Education, Mercedes García, have visited both facilities, where she has announced the next remunicipalisation also of La Aljorra
  • MC ratifies its position in relation to the railway integration of passengers and goods in Cartagena (09/01/2019)

  • The director of Rosell underlines the great employability of nursing students (09/01/2019)

  • MC Cartagena regrets the socialist paralysis in the preparation of the Regulation of Citizen Participation (09/01/2019)
    The local government, which now presents a report prepared in November 2017, continues without advancing in the composition of the districts and Neighborhood Boards of the municipality
  • Primary students who have best expressed Transparency will be awarded at the San Felix School (09/01/2019)
    On Thursday, January 10, the awards of the III Cartagena Transparent City Competition will be presented, organized by the City Council
  • The PSOE raises an increase of the IBI for 2019 ending the dynamics of MC to reduce the tax burden on the neighbors (09/01/2019)
    The socialist government tries to raise more to hide its inability to generate resources in the management
  • The Participation Commission seeks new agreements related to decentralization and districts (09/01/2019)
    Juan Pedro Torralba foresees that the Participation Regulation of the City of Cartagena is ready before the end of the legislature
  • María Gómez, nominated for revelation chef by Madrid Fusión (09/01/2019)
    The young chef María Gómez, in charge of Magoga, chooses the Madrid Fusión 2019 Revelation Chef Award
  • The promotion of the 2019 Carnival begins with the presentation of the poster and Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma (08/01/2019)
    Cristobal Aguiló is the author of the image entitled "Signs of identity" selected by the jury, while Jesús García and Elena Casandra Méndez will represent the two carnival characters
  • The website of the Municipal Archive of Cartagena will take a tour of the news of a hundred years ago (08/01/2019)
    The news will be extracted from the Archive Archive and the newspapers El Eco de Cartagena, La Tierra and El Porvenir
  • This Thursday starts the Luzzy program with the presentation of 'The calendar of God', the latest novel by Rubén Castillo (08/01/2019)
    The event, which takes place at 8:00 pm, at the Josefina Soria del Luzzy library, will feature the presence of the author and will be presented by the writer Antonio Parra Sanz.
  • Last days for the presentation of candidatures for the Extraordinary Youth Award of Cartagena (08/01/2019)
    To the award convened by the Department of Youth can choose young people between 14 and 30 years born or residents in Cartagena
  • Cs thanks the PSOE who has finally executed his proposal to activate the bollards but considers the measure insufficient (08/01/2019)

  • 27 activities of various sociocultural disciplines star in the quarterly program of "Reading, thinking, imagining" (08/01/2019)
    There will be music, film, theater, literature, philosophy, feminism, ecology and urban planning, among others
  • MC will remind the socialist mayor that his 'friendliness' with the water concessionaire plays against the health of the people of Cartagena (08/01/2019)
    José López will require the deadlines for the removal of the lead and asbestos pipes
  • CTSSP: "We have to decontaminate the towns, not the golf courses" (07/01/2019)
    The purple formation makes the owners of the lands and the administrations responsible for playing with the health of the people
  • Cs asks the Department of Sports to evaluate for its implementation a reform project for the Athletics Track (07/01/2019)

  • MC will demand the involvement of the regional and state governments to remodel the athletics track in Cartagena (07/01/2019)
    The local executive announces the start of clearly insufficient improvement works, charged to the Participatory Budgets, limited by the PSOE
  • Citizens will propose measures to fight against tax fraud, unfair competition and the underground economy in Cartagena (07/01/2019)

  • Celebration of the Military Easter in Cartagena (06/01/2019)

  • Cs demands the PSOE to go from the words to the facts and endorse the demolition of the old depuradora of Barrio Peral (06/01/2019)
    - "Let's do this as soon as possible before we have to regret any misfortune, and before that time arrives let's install a perimeter of security ", has indicated the spokesman of Citizens in Cartagena, Manuel Padín
  • The Kings arrived and delighted everyone (06/01/2019)
    Their Majesties of the East developed an intense day in Cartagena with small, elderly, sick and elderly, which had its culmination in the parade that gathered tens of thousands of people
  • CTSSP: "A socialist government with anti-social policies" (05/01/2019)

  • Fire of equipment in a garage in Torreciega (05/01/2019)
    Firefighters of the City of Cartagena manage to put down the loss without personal injury
  • Citizens wants to eradicate the "spaces of fear" in Cartagena and asks for their inclusion in the urban planning (05/01/2019)
    - The orange formation proposes that the new General Plan of Urban Planning of Cartagena have an impact report on the basis of gender as advise various European regulations
  • A light and sound show in 3D transforms the facade of the Consistorial Palace to the astonishment of hundreds of citizens (05/01/2019)
    Video mapping sponsored by REPSOL within the municipal Christmas program filled the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Cs: The OSUR report confirms that MC and PSOE have destroyed public services in Cartagena since 2015 (04/01/2019)

  • Cruz del Mérito Aeronáutico with Distintivo Blanco to the professors Roca Dorda and Briones Peñalver (04/01/2019)

  • As of Tuesday, it will be possible to participate in the new General Plan of Urban Planning of Cartagena (04/01/2019)
    From January 8 to March 5, citizens will be able to leave their opinion on a website enabled for that purpose or participate in open workshops and neighborhood tables
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures again beat visitor record in 2018 (04/01/2019)
    Interpretation centers received more than 500,000 visitors last year
  • The assistants to the health care workshops of La Huertecica receive their diplomas (04/01/2019)
    They have received them in an act attended by more than 200 people.
  • The Muram of Cartagena delivers the prizes of his contest 'Painting Christmas' (04/01/2019)

  • The popular festivities of San Antón begin from January 6 to 20 (04/01/2019)
    This next Sunday, the 6th, local festivities begin at 9:00 p.m. with the proclamation of the Councilman of Celebrations, Juan Pedro Torralba.
  • The deadline to participate in the new General Plan of Urban Planning of Cartagena begins (04/01/2019)
    From January 8 to March 5, citizens will be able to leave their opinion on a web enabled for that purpose or participate in open workshops and tables neighborhoods
  • Citizens confirm that work has been done to restore the boat from the Plaza del Mar to Isla Plana (04/01/2019)

  • New activation program for employment (04/01/2019)
    The ADLE launches this initiative aimed at long-term unemployed people
  • Three thousand Cartagena tasted the Christmas roscón in the Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena (04/01/2019)
    The little ones also enjoyed the performances of the Dance School of Ana Zapata, the magic of the magician Abel Magia and the concert of carols and pop music of the duo DoubleMe
  • "The priority is not the AVE" For Cartagena We can strengthen the Cercanías Network, which is what most of the population uses (04/01/2019)

  • MC Cartagena will request the inclusion of the groups in the work commissions of the Trade Council to resolve the socialist inaction (04/01/2019)
    The improvement of the infrastructures and the Plan to boost Trade, immediate challenges
  • The XII Angel Flores Painting Contest opens the deadline for the presentation of works (04/01/2019)
    The contest is organized by the Women Center for Urbanization Mediterranean Women.
  • Cs will impose measures to tackle the depopulation in the municipality of Cartagena to support the 2019 budgets (04/01/2019)
    - Cartagena lowers the 214,000 inhabitants and returns to the demographic figures of 2007
  • Open the application deadline for 151 places of consolidation of public employment in the City of Cartagena (04/01/2019)
    The instances to participate in the corresponding contests-opposition may be submitted until next January 23
  • 18 thousand stuffed animals, 3 thousand kilos of candies and 65 thousand bags of jelly beans will be distributed along the Cabalgata de Reyes in Cartagena (04/01/2019)
    Their majesties from the east will arrive at the port of Cartagena at quarter to twelve, to offer a reception later to the boys and girls in the Town Hall
  • The PCAN considers the regional investment in heritage and culture a joke (04/01/2019)
    The 2019 budgets include the restoration of the Casa del Niño and the Cine Central as in previous years in which these items were left unfinished
  • The market of Barrio Peral will open to the public on Monday, January 7, normally (04/01/2019)
    It is a public holiday enabled for the opening of stores to the public
  • The AgritechMU Chair disseminates the benefits of the super-intensive cultivation of olive groves in hedge (04/01/2019)
    The mechanization of harvesting and pruning in this production system achieves a fivefold increase in yields per hectare and double profits
  • New speed controls in Cartagena for the week of January 7 to 13 (04/01/2019)
    They will be located both in access roads and avenues of the city, as in neighborhoods and county councils, coastal towns, as well as in industrial estates of the municipality
  • Fire in a house on Lope de Rueda Street (04/01/2019)
    The fire originated in the kitchen and the neighbors could control it with a fire extinguisher before the arrival of the Firemen
  • The unemployment in December descends in all the municipalities of the region of Cartagena (03/01/2019)

  • The criminologist from Víctor Javier Navarro will present a paper on the power of social networks in the field of religion (03/01/2019)
    At the International Congress of Technology, Science and Society in Lisbon
  • The Roman Theater is promoted in the Football Club Cartagena kit (03/01/2019)
    Last year the Roman Theater Museum visited more than 230,000 people
  • Manuel Padín: "The railway system of Cartagena is equal to or worse than that of Extremadura, but there its rulers are more demanding" (03/01/2019)

  • Citizens vindicate the execution of their plenary agreements to promote the arboreal heritage of Cartagena (03/01/2019)
    - The mayor of the orange formation, Ana Rama, has also demanded a meeting between the UTE that manages the new service to take care of the 1.2 million square meters of parks and gardens of the municipality and all political formations
  • Cartagena, capital of the national badminton (03/01/2019)
    The Sports Palace hosts the II Young Masters of Cartagena on the 3rd and 4th of January
  • MC will ask the socialist government how it will finish the works of 2018 that lack budget in 2019 (03/01/2019)
    The Executive of the PSOE announces, without clarifying its financing, the termination of the children's games in the Plaza Juan XXIII
  • The History of Cartagena presents its second volume to more than two hundred people (03/01/2019)
    The chronicler Luis Miguel Pérez Adán incorporates into the work 50 new stories with more than 400 photographs
  • The Cabalgata de Reyes will have a special and free service of urban buses for neighborhoods and councils (03/01/2019)
    From three o'clock on Saturday, the schedule will be extended as a working day and the lines will be reinforced with six buses during peak hours
  • The College of Mines will train students of the UPCT free for the free exercise of the profession (03/01/2019)

  • The UCAM Athletics Cartagena makes history with its sub16 team (02/01/2019)

  • Celebrations and COPE Cartagena will distribute three thousand pieces of roscón in the Palacio Consistorial (02/01/2019)
    From seven o'clock, you will be able to taste these sweets.
  • The facade of the Palace Hall will host on Friday a light and sound show in 3D (02/01/2019)
    It is a video mapping sponsored by REPSOL that will highlight the architectural elements of the emblematic building through various effects and projections, in which there will be plenty of Christmas motifs
  • MC: "Given the ineffectiveness of Castejón, the amendments and the management of MC promote the action of the Government" (02/01/2019)
    However, the mayor 'forgets' to comply with the amendment supporting the UPCT Racing Team
  • San Silvestre Cartagena closes the year beating its record of participants (02/01/2019)
    The traditional race registered more than 2,200 registered, rising with the triumph José Manuel Cortés and Sandra García Pagán
  • Two generations are united by classical music in the Christmas Concert (02/01/2019)
    The joint musical show of the Cartagena Symphony Orchestra and the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Cartagena was held on Sunday December 30 in the auditorium and congress palace El Batel.
  • The Santa Cecilia de Pozo Estrecho accompanied Nuria Fergó and Felipe Garpi with their mariachis on their 125th anniversary (02/01/2019)
    The show, Mexico Lindo, held on December 29 at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium was organized by the Department of Culture
  • Citizens and the FAPA of Cartagena demand the immediate implementation of the school nursing program in the municipality (02/01/2019)

  • Defense selects again UPCT to investigate new bulletproof vests (02/01/2019)

  • The sport took place the last weekend of the year in Cartagena (02/01/2019)
    On December 29 and 30, various sports activities and tournaments took place, concentrated in a 48-hour marathon throughout the municipality, which was attended by the Sports Councilor Manuel Mora.
  • The Bethlehem Route 2018 gathered a hundred and a half people (02/01/2019)
    The tour of nine births installed in neighborhoods and county councils, was organized by the Department of Celebrations
  • The Cartagena History Photo incorporates 400 new images in a second volume (02/01/2019)
    The book is presented on January 2 at the Cultural Center of the Cajamurcia Foundation
  • "Thanks to MC in 2019 5 million euros are allocated to the gardens of the entire municipality" (01/01/2019)
    MC: "The list made under the direction of Mayor José López and delayed more than two years by the concessionaire, PP comes into force and PSOE "
  • Cs asks the City Council for more involvement in the project of Intercultural Community Intervention in Cartagena (01/01/2019)
    - The orange training has received the coordinators of the ICI project in the Historic District and the Sector Station that face in 2019 the evaluation of its four years of actions to promote coexistence and social cohesion

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