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Cartagena News - July 2018

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  • Cartagena Port of Cultures gives green light to a performance in the Roman Forum Curia (31/07/2018)
    During the meeting of the Board of Directors, held on Tuesday, the award of the design and production of Infographics for the Forum has also been approved
  • Constituted the working table for the modification of the Organic Regulation of the Plenary of the City Council (31/07/2018)
    The deficiencies that currently exist in the regulation of the plenary are susceptible to be corrected, something that all political groups have required in different initiatives
  • Manuel Padín: "we must not underestimate the damage that an outdated ROP can cause to the political life of a municipality" (31/07/2018)

  • The mayor asks the Port Authority to clarify the doubts about the privatization of the Faro de Cabo de Palos (31/07/2018)
    The mayor has indicated that this morning has known through the press, the intention of Joaquín Segado to grant a private company the exploitation of a new service of visits to the Cabo de Palos Lighthouse
  • The Local Trade Bureau is summoned urgently (31/07/2018)

  • The Bureau for Employment approves the Strategic Plan for Employment in Cartagena (31/07/2018)
    The approval of this plan has had the support of the political groups that make up the table, as well as union representatives, businessmen and universities
  • CTSSP requests that the strategic plan for employment be evaluated every six months (31/07/2018)

  • The alleged perpetrator of a crime of gender violence was detained (31/07/2018)
    The Local Police also intervened on an individual who allegedly committed a robbery in an establishment in the Alameda de San Antón
  • Citizens managed to include a plan to boost local commerce in the Strategic Plan for Employment in Cartagena (31/07/2018)

  • CTSSP will insist the government to specify the actions in the care of Calblanque (31/07/2018)

  • María José Soler denounces the neglect and obstacles to participation imposed by the president of the Neighborhood Board of Molinos Marfagones (31/07/2018)

  • Juan Pedro Torralba 'swindles' the neighborhoods and councils of Cartagena (31/07/2018)
    The so-called 'handyman of Alumbres' appropriates the budget of the Neighborhood Boards for their projects
  • The City Council begins the process of restructuring, relocating and awarding vacant positions in the markets (30/07/2018)
    Today, the Municipal Board of Street Sales has met in extraordinary session, in which all these issues have been discussed
  • Santa Ana puts the finishing touch to its traditional festivities with a fireworks show (30/07/2018)
    The celebrations have been held from July 19 to 29
  • The Community will transform the Central Cinema of Cartagena into a regional Library (30/07/2018)
    The decision has been taken after the study carried out by the UPCT that determines what is the most appropriate use
  • Last days to pay the urban, rustic and special characteristics IBI (30/07/2018)
    They will be charged until Monday, August 6.
  • 47 thousand people enjoyed the 24th edition of La Mar de Músicas (30/07/2018)
    Cartagena City Council is already working on the 25th anniversary of the festival
  • The Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena expands its hours and activities during the month of August (30/07/2018)
    You can also visit the temporary exhibition that commemorates the 10th Anniversary of the Roman Theater Museum
  • MC regrets the concealment of the symbols and emblems of Denmark in La Mar de Músicas by the anticartagenerismo of Castejón (30/07/2018)

  • Citizens propose a package of measures to combat child cyberbullying in Cartagena (29/07/2018)
    - According to a report published by the NGO Save the Children, the Region of Murcia heads the list of CCAA with the highest percentage of child victims of cyberbullying, along with Andalusia and Melilla
  • The Master Plan of the Roman Amphitheater is tendered for an amount of 30,000 euros and a term of execution of four months (28/07/2018)
    The objective of this plas is the recovery and enhancement of this archaeological zone and its urban integration
  • The PP requests in the Regional Assembly the creation of a mercantile registry in Cartagena (28/07/2018)
    Domingo Segado affirms that the business and industrial vitality of the entire Region justifies its implementation
  • Cs: "the abandonment of the parks has forced some residents of Los Belones to take on the work of gardeners" (27/07/2018)
    - Dry trees, absence of benches, removed swings and rubber tiles torn from children's areas are some of the complaints that the neighbors of Los Belones have moved to Cs Cartagena
  • The Consistory will save more than 740,000 euros in interest payments thanks to the renegotiation of three bank loans (27/07/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, has set itself the objective of reducing the financial dependence of the City Council with banking entities
  • The City Council awarded the maintenance of gardens on the coast (27/07/2018)
    The municipal government has awarded the maintenance service of gardens in the coastal areas of the municipality worth 200,000 euros.
  • The mayor wishes Juan Pedro García Furió luck for her participation in the World Bike Trial (27/07/2018)
    The first mayor has received today Friday at the Town Hall the Cartagenero athlete, who competes in Sardinia in mid-August
  • Nearly 200 Marines have participated in the solemn act of Jura de Bandera (27/07/2018)
    42 civilians, who had previously requested it, have sworn in the Marine Infantry School "General Albacete y Fuster" during this day
  • The Local Police of Cartagena delivers 500 kilos of watermelons to the Little Sisters of the Poor (27/07/2018)
    The fruit delivered Friday, was found inside a vehicle that agents of the Local Police of Cartagena withdrew from circulation last week
  • New speed controls for the week of July 30 to August 5 (27/07/2018)
    The Local Police of Cartagena reports the location of the mobile radars
  • MC will demand that improvement actions be carried out in security and infrastructures in the Neighborhood Board of Perín (27/07/2018)

  • Filming of'Terminator 6 'moves to Cartagena city (27/07/2018)
    It will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. this Saturday, July 28, in three different itineraries through Los Barreros, Ramón y Cajal and the La Palma
  • Cs recriminates the Government that does not intend to implement the Open Patios program and start the Bicity service (26/07/2018)

  • The full endorses the non-discrimination of Cartagena and its region as part of Ruta 8 of Eurovelo or Ruta del Mediterráneo (26/07/2018)
    In addition, in the ordinary session held on Thursday, another institutional declaration has also gone forth, in support of Navantia and the construction of the S-80s in the Cartagena shipyards
  • The Sea of ​​Music is close to the cultural diversity of Cartagena (26/07/2018)
    The Mar de Barrios favors that the Festival does not stay only in the center and that it intends for neighborhoods and councils to get involved in its development
  • The Wonderful Orchestra of Alcohol and Fatoumata Diawara star in the penultimate day of La Mar de Músicas (26/07/2018)
    The Danish groups Bisse, Wangel and The Kutimangoes and the Poolshake from Murcia complete the concerts on Friday, July 27
  • The journey towards the salsa of Diego El Cigala' closes the cycle of musical documentary film of La Mar de Músicas (26/07/2018)
    Indestructible, David Pareja's first full-length documentary, is a visual journey through the history of salsa, from its beginnings until the moment when 'El Cigala' made it his by creating a unique event
  • The gladiators Hermes and Máximo will fight again during the routes dramatized by Carthago Nova (26/07/2018)
    The tour will go through the Roman Theater Museum, Augusteum and Punic Wall, during the Saturdays of August
  • Ciudadanos promotes the creation of a park of companies linked to the sea in the Port of Cartagena (26/07/2018)

  • López demands Castejón's responsibility in the management of Casco Antiguo and to clarify the future of the company (26/07/2018)
    After the magnificent management of the MC years, the company has led a change in the urbanism of the municipality with an eminently social content
  • A dishwasher causes the fire of a house suffocated by the Firemen without there being any personal injuries (26/07/2018)
    The events took place in the afternoon of Wednesday, in a building located in Wssel de Guimbarda
  • Municipal Services out to contract the maintenance of infrastructure of the neighborhood committees in seven lots worth 440,000 euros (25/07/2018)
    The councilor of the Municipal Services Area, Juan Pedro Torralba, met yesterday with the presidents and members of the neighborhood councils
  • Six Saharan children will spend their summer holidays in Cartagena (25/07/2018)
    During the two months of stay of these children are scheduled activities such as cultural visits or excursions to the play
  • Development analyzes with neighbors, businessmen and city council the new route of the AVE (25/07/2018)

  • Castejón veta the presence of MC in the meeting where the arrival of the AVE is addressed through Los Camachos, as the Cartagena training has always supported (25/07/2018)
    The proposal was promoted by MC, together with the neighbors, to trace the definitive route of this infrastructure on your arrival in Cartagena
  • Citizens bring to Congress all pending judicial matters of Cartagena before the passivity of the national PSOE (25/07/2018)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena reminds that the door of the homes should not be opened to supposed installers of services (25/07/2018)
    These supposed workers go to the beach area to offer certain services, with the intention of taking advantage of any carelessness to carry out robberies and thefts
  • Two drivers reported for making a deposit of rubble and an oil spill, respectively (25/07/2018)
    The events took place during the last weekend in the municipality of Cartagena
  • Recommendations of Cartagena Firefighters to hiking enthusiasts (25/07/2018)
    Given the proliferation of people who go out for a walk at this time of the year, it is remembered that, first, it is to adapt the route to the physical state of each one
  • The Mastervoley-UPCT La Manga becomes a tricampeonato on its X anniversary (25/07/2018)
    During the first two weekends of August, adapted beach volleyball competitions will be held for amateurs and professionals
  • MC celebrates the implementation of the Degree in Tourism in the UPCT and requires higher-level administrations not to reduce the potential of the Comarca (25/07/2018)
    The Interuniversity Council of the Region yesterday authorized its delivery at the Cartagena university
  • UPCT and Frumecar bet to introduce industry 4.0 in the construction sector with drones and automata (25/07/2018)
    The Polytechnic and the company of the concrete sector will develop a 'software' of customer service through artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Ruben Salinas of the UCAM Athletics Cartagena initiates a Great Season in the Absolute of Getafe (24/07/2018)

  • The Spanish government is working to ensure the budgetary increase that guarantees the construction of the S-80s in Navantia Cartagena (24/07/2018)
    The Minister of Defense visited the facilities of the Navy and the shipyards on Tuesday, as well as holding a meeting with the mayor in the Consistorial Palace, where they have also spoken about the future City of Justice in Cartagena
  • Cartagena has a new appointment with the Improvised Oral Poetry at the XV edition of Trovalia (24/07/2018)
    On this occasion, Trovalia will be held from August 2 to 4 starting at 10 p.m.
  • The City Council will remodel the Luis Vives school toilets at Christmas (24/07/2018)
    The investment for this action in the school center, located in El Albujón, will be around 12,000 euros
  • Citizens visit the new facilities of the Virgen de la Caridad Medical Center and get to know their new projects (24/07/2018)

  • Neighbors of the Historic Center and Sector Station close the project ConVive in your Neighborhood: Meeting Space (24/07/2018)
    Workshops, games and a mural of graffiti, have been part of this innovative initiative supported by the City Council, CEPAIM and the Obra Social La Caixa, whose objective is to promote the use of public spaces as places of encounter and coexistence
  • Jaén and its history available to young people with the T-LA program (24/07/2018)
    The weekend of August 11 and 12 will depart an expedition to Linares, Jaén, to know all the places with history
  • Forty students from all over the country know the management of catastrophes and emergencies through the UPCT (24/07/2018)

  • Arrested the alleged perpetrator of an attempted crime against three local police officers (24/07/2018)
    The individual, a relative of one involved in an accident that occurred on Monday in the Media Legua, hit and pushed the agents
  • Culture distributes more than 150 entries from La Mar de Músicas ebtre entities and social collectives (24/07/2018)
    The objective is to bring the festival to all citizens
  • María José Soler will demand that the socialist government provide the Transparency Department with resources to continue the work of MC (24/07/2018)
    The Cartagena-based training will demand that the share of the Network of Local Participation and Transparency Entities be paid
  • The new members of the UPCT Board of Directors take ownership (24/07/2018)

  • On Saturdays and afternoons in August, the ORA service in Cartagena will be free (24/07/2018)
    Drivers who park in these regulated parking areas may do so freely
  • MVSEADOMVS announces the III Photography Contest'Antonio Acosta Hernández' (24/07/2018)
    The theme will focus on the archaeological heritage of the entire region and the deadline to submit the works will remain open until October 22
  • Arrested an individual who was in search and capture (24/07/2018)
    It was during the night of this Saturday, when agents of the Local Police intercepted the individual, who was driving in a strange way.
  • The PP requests the creation of a delegation of the Labor Inspection in Cartagena (24/07/2018)
    The regional deputy, Domingo Segado, commitment to the decentralization of a service that would cover the 360,000 inhabitants of the region
  • Fundación "La Caixa" joins the Chair of Sustainable Agriculture of the UPCT (24/07/2018)

  • Isabel García will ask about the progress of the projects launched by MC and pending implementation by the Socialist Government (24/07/2018)

  • Isidro Ibarra, new manager of the UPCT (23/07/2018)

  • The tenth edition of the Cross of Cabo de Palos crowned the Murcian runners Almudena García and Iván Hernández (23/07/2018)
    The appointment returned to have a solidarity character, since the benefits will be destined to several ONG's
  • Cartagena firemen put out a small fire in a bar in the neighborhood of San Ginés (23/07/2018)
    The events occurred early in the morning, when the fire started in the kitchen, being quickly extinguished
  • The procedures to reform the playgrounds of Carlos III and Jéssica de La Manga are being initiated (23/07/2018)
    Both actions have been published on the municipal website, with an amount of 154 thousand euros
  • The budget execution of the City Council halfway through the year exceeds 50 percent (23/07/2018)
    The mayor of the Treasury has valued this information during the meeting of the Finance Committee that was held today Monday
  • Citizens report that today the first step has been taken to execute the orange plan to put the Gisbert Market in value (23/07/2018)
    - The Contracting Committee today opened the envelope with the offers to win the contract for the drafting of the adequacy project and improvement of the municipal market
  • Rubén Blades, Morheeba and Texas, set the bar high on the first weekend of La Mar de Músicas (23/07/2018)
    Today, Monday, the protagonist is Totó la Momposina, who receives the La Mar de Músicas 2018 award and will perform at the Auditorium El Batel
  • MC is interested in knowing if the socialist government has stopped the municipal collaboration with the UPCT, measure established by José López (23/07/2018)

  • MC regrets the new lack of consideration of the Socialist Government with the Speed ​​Circuit of Cartagena and the progress of the Shire (23/07/2018)
    The training Cartagena demanded last February to continue with the work begun to achieve the bonus of the IBI in favor of this sports venue, proposal now rejected by the PSOE
  • MC requests that Cartagena adhere to 'Activa Familias', a program to prevent and treat childhood obesity through sports practice (23/07/2018)
    The Cartagena-based program will request the support of the Corporation for the program to be implemented during the next academic year
  • Iván Hernández and Almudena García shine in Cabo de Palos (22/07/2018)
    The athlete of the Mobel Automenor Running Team wins the X Cross of Cabo de Palos with a time of 21:01, at 25:59 for the athlete of Fondistas de Alcantarilla , in the 14th round of the Running Challenge 2017/18
  • Cs: "We will not allow the neighbors of Los Nietos to feel a minute more abandoned by the administration" (22/07/2018)
    - The necessary reform of the seafront, the change of market location, the lack of maintenance of parks and gardens or the poor asphalting and lighting of some of its streets, are still pending
  • Cs Cartagena calls for an environmental awareness project on the oceanic posidonia and protocols for its treatment (21/07/2018)
    - The orange formation ensures that the socio-economic pressure exerted by the tourist use of the coast has caused many administrations to make bad decisions by improperly withdrawing the topzones of the beaches
  • The Minister of Culture announces the next elaboration of a study to address the reform of the Old Cathedral (20/07/2018)

  • Morcheeba begins its tour of Spain at La Mar de Músicas (20/07/2018)
    The second day of the festival, on Saturday, is also starring the Danish Whomadewho, Kokoko !, Elkin Robinson and Cory Henry
  • Citizens asks that the Observatory of Sports regulate the cession of sports facilities in Cartagena (20/07/2018)

  • MC visits La Resi of ASTUS, project supported by this training from the municipal government (20/07/2018)

  • The Local Police works in the reduction of traffic accidents with a special road safety campaign (20/07/2018)
    The risk in the driving of vans is greater than in cars, therefore the special campaign focuses on these vehicles
  • Road safety will be guaranteed during the Cross of Cabo de Palos (20/07/2018)
    The Local Police recommends to the drivers that this Saturday, during the celebration of the event, foresee their displacements and check the parking bans
  • Over 9,000 people have participated in this course in the activities of the Department of Equality Among the most successful educational programs have highlighted 'Youtubers for Equality', 'Somos Diversxs' or 'Emocionalmente Intel (20/07/2018)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena intervenes 4 counterfeit notes (20/07/2018)
    The agents also intercepted on Thursday, July 19, an individual of 39 years of age who was illegally in Spain
  • The hamlets of Las Cobaticas and Las Jordanas in Clablanque will have a potable water supply network (20/07/2018)
    The local government board today approved this project on Friday, as well as a subsidy of 48,000 euros through the IMAS to finance social assistance programs aimed at the Roma People
  • TLA routes this weekend to discover the cemetery of Los Remedios and the Castle of the Moors (20/07/2018)
    The alternative free time program of the Department of Youth of the City of Cartagena, has organized these activities to learn the history of Cartagena through these monuments
  • New location of the speed controls in Cartagena for the week of July 23 to 29 (20/07/2018)
    Local police radars will be located in different parts of the municipality and neighborhoods
  • The Local Police confiscated at the street market of Los Dolores fifty products allegedly imitation (20/07/2018)
    The agents of the Market Unit seized T-shirts, sports equipment, underwear and swimsuits on Thursday
  • Frutales brings to Cartagena a healthy alternative for breakfasts and snacks (20/07/2018)
    The workshop for entrepreneurs that they accessed through the ADLE helped new entrepreneurs to start up their business
  • Padín: "We can not celebrate the late approval of budgets mistreated by the tacticism of PSOE, PP and MC" (20/07/2018)

  • 24 young people participate in the volunteer field "Cartagena, discover its archaeological and cultural heritage" (20/07/2018)

  • The plenary gives green light to the municipal budgets for this year 2018 (20/07/2018)
    In the extraordinary session held on Friday, the claims that ASEPUCAR and the CTSSP groups had submitted against the initial approval of the accounts have been rejected. MC Cartagena
  • MC Cartagena manages to give continuity to its projects through the Budget of 2018 (20/07/2018)
    Approves, on July 20, the annual budget, amended and corrected by MC
  • The UPCT and the Santa Lucía Hospital develop a system for radiological surveillance in real time (20/07/2018)
    The project has been published in the journal "Sensors" and validated in the National Center for Dosimetry in Valencia
  • Rescued a boy whose hand had been trapped in the suction tube of a swimming pool (20/07/2018)
    Firemen and Local Police participated yesterday Thursday afternoon in the rescue, which took place in the El Palmeral Urbanization of Los Nietos
  • The Board of Directors approves unanimously to suspend the agreement by which the AVE arrived in Cartagena on the surface (19/07/2018)
    The Secretary of State for Infrastructures will hold a meeting in August with businessmen and neighbors to discuss the railway and the Area of ​​Action Logistics
  • 'Luz y Ironía' brings together the works of five of the best contemporary Danish artists (19/07/2018)
    The exhibition of La Mar de Arte, is exhibited in the exhibition hall of the Consistorial Palace of Cartagena, until August 31, with works by: Arger Jorn, Per Kirkeby, Olafur Eliasson, Elmgreen & Dragset and Troels Carlsen
  • Experimental floating coverages manage to reduce evaporation in the irrigation basins of the UPCT by 75% (19/07/2018)
    The Water Minister has visited the trials that the Polytechnic of Cartagena is carrying out for the company lorquina Arana Water Management
  • VOX Cartagena rejects the Government's project to open a Temporary Immigrant Stay Center in the old Naval Hospital of Cartagena (19/07/2018)

  • The Magdalena offers different experiences in its Patron Saint Festivities (19/07/2018)
    The Cartagena district will develop from Friday, July 20 to Sunday, July 22, original events and socio-cultural activities
  • La Palma releases lighting in twelve of its streets (19/07/2018)
    The City Council allocates more than 80 thousand euros to improve the lighting of the Cartagena deputation
  • Villa Caravaning celebrates its popular festivities from July 20 to August 16 (19/07/2018)
    The proclamation will be pronounced on Friday, August 10, which will be preceded by a parade by the group Paraíso
  • Rubén Blades' salsa rhythms will open La Mar de Músicas (19/07/2018)
    The Brazilians Liniker e os Caramelows, the multicultural band Magda and the Venezuelan Betsayda Machado will complete the concerts of the first day of the Cartagena festival
  • The meeting of the Genoan Juan Francisco Fontana and an interview with Alfonso Grandal, document and video of the month of the Municipal Archive (19/07/2018)
    With the initiative document of the month, the Municipal Archive aims to give visibility and prominence to the different pieces that are part of this institution
  • MC Cartagena continues to lead the recovery of the Windmills by demanding from the Assembly a Master Plan (19/07/2018)
    During the next plenary session, cartageneristas will request the support of the Corporation
  • MC will request the socialist government to support the main claims of the local sector of musicians and promoters of Cartagena (19/07/2018)
    It requires, among other measures, that the census of artists and cultural entities be definitely promoted, approved unanimously, on the proposal of the Cartagena training , in March 2017
  • A score of young volunteers go into Cueva Victoria (19/07/2018)
    This Tuesday, July 17, began the Youth Volunteer Field 'Cultural Heritage, something for everyone' that will be developed in the site of LLano
  • The contracts of the ADLE will from now on pass through the General Contracting Committee of the City Council (19/07/2018)
    This Wednesday the Governing Council of the Agency met to approve the modification of one of the articles of its statutes that supposes the suppression of the Board of Own Hiring
  • The Sea of ​​Music, against the machista aggressions (18/07/2018)
    During the informative breakfast the mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, announced the visit of the Minister of Culture, José Guirao
  • Cartagena welcomes 22 children in the Chernobyl-affected areas in summer (18/07/2018)
    The kids, coming from the areas near the place where the nuclear disaster took place, are welcomed by families from Cartagena to enjoy a healthy environment
  • Citizens denounce that the Drug Addiction Commission has not been in control of its plan for more than two years (18/07/2018)
    - Orange training charges against the local government for not having held regular sessions to perform the required evaluation and monitoring of the development of the Municipal Action Plan 2016-2018
  • The concert "Habaneras in Cabo de Palos" returns to the esplanade of the Lighthouse (18/07/2018)
    In charge of the Polyphonic Choir Carthagonova, which this year celebrated the 40th anniversary of its foundation, is celebrated on Saturday, July 21, starting at 22 , 30 hours
  • The mayor appreciates the great social work of Accem in Cartagena (18/07/2018)
    The City Council maintains a close collaboration with this foundation, which works to improve the living conditions of people who are in a vulnerable situation
  • The Local Police of Cartagena reinforces the service for the La Mar de Músicas festival (18/07/2018)
    The agents will watch over the safety of the event that will start this Friday and recommend the use of public transport or go on foot to the concerts
  • MC Cartagena requires the PSOE to stop the excuses not to face the elaboration of the Viability Plan for the taxi sector (18/07/2018)
    Isabel García will remind the local government that she is still not following the motion that obliges her to restore transparency in the Contracting Committee
  • The new director of the SEF visits the Employment Office of Cartagena (18/07/2018)

  • The mayor demands a strong commitment to the regional president that the Transitory Rules will be approved in September (17/07/2018)
    With the coming into force of this regulation will be unlocked business projects in Cartagena worth 130 million euros
  • Citizens recriminates the Department of Education that delays the remodeling of the toilets of the Luis Vives School (17/07/2018)

  • The La Milla shopping area hands out the prizes for the summer campaign Two lucky people have received a check for 200 euros and a weekend in the Archena spa for two people, respectively (17/07/2018)

  • The Virgen del Carmen went out in procession through the Cartagenera dock, protected by the Fishermen's Association (17/07/2018)
    All the boats handed out floral centers as a sign of gratitude to the Virgin
  • Cartagena for the Charity allocates the benefits of the solidarity bracelets Committed -Committed to seven entities (17/07/2018)

  • Miranda prepares to live its festivities (17/07/2018)
    Between July 20 and 29, neighbors and visitors will be able to enjoy the cuisine of Campo de Cartagena, concerts and festivals every night, as well as sporting events and activities and games will not be lacking for the little ones
  • They return to Cartagena the boat trips through the port with live music to watch the sunset (17/07/2018)
    The person in charge of putting the soundtrack to the tours, every summer Thursday from July 19 to September 6, will be the group Jazzy Racoon
  • MC will propose to reprove Minister Teresa Ribera for attacking the agricultural sector, expressing her wish to end the transfers (17/07/2018)
    In addition, the Cartagena-based training will request the full support of the Tajo-Segura Transfer, as a source and motor for the development of the Comarca and the municipality of Cartagena
  • MC Cartagena celebrates that its pressure has forced the Socialist City Hall to organize the III Campus of Archeology on the Monte Sacro (16/07/2018)
    The initiative is the product of the work of MC, the coordinator of Historical and Archaeological Heritage, and Casco Antiguo
  • Cs announces that it will propose a great pact of minimums in the DEM to mark "a before and after in the Cartagena policy" (16/07/2018)

  • Citizens request explanations from the Government for disobeying the Assembly and removing the coastal route from the Eurovelo 8 tour (16/07/2018)

  • Decorations and tribute to the fallen of the Navy on the day of its Patron (16/07/2018)
    The military act has been held in the Plaza de Armas of the Arsenal in Cartagena on the occasion of the day of the Virgen del Carmen
  • El Niño de la Hipoteca joins the poster of La Mar de Músicas after Marlon Williams suspends his upcoming dates for Europe (16/07/2018)
    The concert will be on Thursday, July 26 in the Patio del Antiguo CIM
  • 16 imminent architects present their final projects in the UPCT tomorrow (16/07/2018)

  • Nine charities of Cartagena receive about 900 kilos of fish for the Day of Carmen (16/07/2018)
    The Fishermen's Association celebrates the day of its Patron with this solidarity act aimed at the neediest people in the city
  • The Film Sea will bring to Cartagena a selection of the best contemporary Danish cinnamatography (16/07/2018)
    The film section of La Mar de Músicas, which will be completed with five musical documentaries, will be screened entirely at the Nuevo Teatro Circo during the afternoons of the festival.
  • Music and fun at the Cuesta Blanca festivities (16/07/2018)
    The Cartagena delegation will celebrate its patron festivities in honor of Santiago Apóstol between Thursday, July 19 and Sunday, July 29
  • Cartagena celebrated the V National Festival of Music Bands (16/07/2018)
    The Music Group Sauces was the organizer of the festival that has had the support of the City of Cartagena, through the Councils of Celebrations and Culture
  • The UPCT summer course on research in health technologies starts (16/07/2018)
    The objective is to favor the creation of mixed teams, between technologists and health workers, to promote R + D + i projects
  • MC will demand that the security and environment of the Cueva del Agua be improved and the public entity "Costa de Cartagena" be created (16/07/2018)

  • José López demands the president of the European Cyclists Federation to avoid the discrimination devised by the CARM to exclude Cartagena from 'EuroVelo' (16/07/2018)
    The MC spokesman demands that the route not be diverted by its natural route
  • MC will demand that the security and environment of the Cueva del Agua be improved and a public entity be created for the neighborhood councils of Perín and Isla Plana (16/07/2018)

  • Citizens plan to turn Cartagena into the Mediterranean capital of the blue economy (16/07/2018)
    - The Orange Training announces that it has proposed the inclusion in the Strategic Employment Plan of an ambitious program to promote Cartagena as a benchmark for technology-based companies innovative linked to the sea
  • José López (MC) warns that Castejón could favor prescribing Hidrogea's debt (15/07/2018)
    Urges him to attend a letter from Marcelo Correa before Wednesday and respect the technical criteria
  • Manuel Padín: "Inaugurating things is useless if they are later abandoned" (14/07/2018)
    Citizens Cartagena asks the local executive to replace the missing devices in the park for the elderly of the Juan XXIII Plaza and to carry out the work in the area cleaning and maintenance required
  • The Cartagena Cycling Club wins the Challenge of the Valencian Community Junior (13/07/2018)
    The Cartagena team faces with great motivation the second part of the season with important sports events
  • The chronicler Luis Miguel Pérez Adán analyzed the political and historical significance of Cantón de Cartagena (13/07/2018)
    The conference was offered at the Consistorial Palace for the anniversary of the proclamation of the Canton of Cartagena
  • Changes in the Summer Cinema of the UP (13/07/2018)
    Problems in the distribution force to replace the exhibition of La Liga de la Justicia by Spiderman: Homecoming
  • The Community extends the digital emergency network to the Local Police of Cartagena (13/07/2018)
    It allows to ensure radiocommunications both in the management of ordinary emergencies and in extraordinary situations and catastrophes
  • The Local Police of Cartagena will be integrated into the regional emergency radiocommunication network (13/07/2018)
    The Councilor for Security, Francisco Aznar, has presented the new equipment to the Minister of the Presidency, Pedro Rivera, who will now license software for its use
  • Education puts on stage the children of the first turn of the'Colonias Musicales' and'Come to sing and dance' (13/07/2018)
    They are the two summer musical activities of the Department.
  • The City Council will cede a plot of land in El Bohío for Asido's collective housing (13/07/2018)
    The Governing Board has also approved an agreement to provide medicines to people without resources and has agreed to the regional subsidy to combat energy poverty
  • MC renews its support to the Cartagena FS and demands the involvement of the regional administration to contribute to the survival of the entity (13/07/2018)

  • Cs fears that the problems generated by the current ROP continue in the next legislature due to the lack of interest in updating it (13/07/2018)

  • The Community finances with 8,000 euros an awareness project for sustainable development in Cartagena (13/07/2018)

  • The CUD graduates 58 students from the fourth class of Industrial Organization Engineering (13/07/2018)

  • The Cartagena Polytechnic trains with its autonomous vehicle to create Artificial Intelligence models that imitate human conduct (13/07/2018)
    Registers, in a project for the DGT, biomedical parameters at the wheel of fifty volunteers to avoid accidents such as those associated with drowsiness or stress
  • Cartagena celebrates its V National Festival of Music Bands on Saturday (13/07/2018)
    The Sauces Musical Group is the organizer of the festival that has had the support of the City of Cartagena, through the councils of Celebrations and Culture
  • The Old Cathedral of Cartagena stars in the second number of monographs of the Roman Theater Museum (13/07/2018)
    Antonio Murcia Muñoz is the author of 'The Old Cathedral of Cartagena.
  • New location of the speed controls in Cartagena for the week of July 16 to 22 (13/07/2018)
    The radars of the Local Police will be located in different points of the municipality and neighborhoods
  • The entrepreneurs of the Cabezo Beaza celebrate the Beaza's Cup (13/07/2018)
    The gastronomic event was held on Thursday, July 12, at the Dos Mares Yacht Club, in La Manga del Mar Menor
  • Isabel García will ask the Socialist government if she thinks she will not comply with the amendment that forces her to finish the La Aljorra 5 soccer field (13/07/2018)
    MC demands that neighbors and users be informed of the status of the project
  • MC requires the CARM more investment and transparency to serve the almost one thousand Cartagena who do not receive their recognized dependence benefit (13/07/2018)
    Francisco Calderón will request an increase in the number of public places in benefits
  • López Miras: "Cartagena will have 35 more places in day centers for people with disabilities before the end of the year" (12/07/2018)
    The president visits the day center of the Association for the Community Integration of Psychic Patients of Cartagena and Region, with 60 concerted places for people with chronic mental disorder
  • Ten young artists from Cartagena revisit the work of Hans Christian Andersen through his creations at La Mar de Músicas (12/07/2018)
  • Affection and emotion in the delivery of the Gold Medal of Cartagena to Antonio Bermejo (12/07/2018)
    With choppy words the Worker Cure of Vista Alegre has thanked the distinction and reiterated with anecdotes his commitment through Jesus to the weakest and most needy
  • The Open Summer School begins for more than 120 participants from the neighborhoods of the Historic District and Sector Station (12/07/2018)
    The school allows, in non-school time, that minors, youth and adults in these neighborhoods have leisure alternatives that allow them to continue with their learning, developing the values ​​and attitudes of intercultural coexistence
  • The Youth Symphony Orchestra of Cartagena closes the course with the concert 'Return to the Volga' (12/07/2018)
    El Batel will host this performance on July 21 at 8:00 pm with its particular transcription for saxophone of the Tchaikovsky violin concert
  • Citizens will ensure that the deadlines assumed by the City Council in the Residential Buenos Aires are met (12/07/2018)

  • Ten young artists from Cartagena revisit the work of Hans Christian Andersen through his creations at La Mar de Músicas (12/07/2018)
    "Andersen, Under Sun" is a contemporary exhibition about the visit that the Danish writer made to Cartagena in 1862 within his "Travel through Spain"
  • The counselor Noelia Arroyo attends the act of delivery of the Gold Medal of Cartagena to the "priest worker" of Vista Alegre (12/07/2018)

  • López Miras meets with the dean of the Cartagena Bar Association (12/07/2018)

  • We can ask that the history of the Canton of Cartagena be included in secondary (12/07/2018)

  • MC Cartagena will defend a battery of improvements in San Fernando Street to integrate them into the Plan to Promote Trade (12/07/2018)
    The Socialist Government vetoes the presence of Isabel García at the meeting of the Commercial Commission for Commercial Revitalization
  • A photographic exhibition recalls the first ten years of the Roman Theater Museum (12/07/2018)
    The exhibition will remain open to the public until October 22
  • ... (12/07/2018)

  • Recovered in Totana an all-terrain vehicle from the Cartagena Firefighters (12/07/2018)
    The vehicle had been stolen a few hours before the Cartagena Security Park
  • The unknown story of three African-American scientists who worked for NASA starts tonight the Cinema program at the Archaeological Museum (12/07/2018)
    Every Thursday during the months of July, August and September, films will be projected in the gardens of the municipal installation based on the lives of women who have made history
  • Manuel Padín: "MC is a clear example of postureo, ineptitude, irresponsibility and laziness" (11/07/2018)
    - The spokesman of Cs, Manuel Padín, says he continues to be surprised by the attitude of José López, "who seems to have forgotten that during his two years in the Government was unable to monitor or resolve anything "
  • Denmark, example of architecture for the world (11/07/2018)
    It was inaugurated this Wednesday, July 11, within the programming of La Mar de Músicas, and that can be visited until July 28
  • Pedro Segura will be Caligula in Torres Park next August (11/07/2018)
    The press conference will be on Wednesday, July 11, in the Press Room of the Consistorial Palace at 11:30
  • MC Cartagena denounces the socialist cynicism to oppose in the City Council his proposals in the ADLE (11/07/2018)
    They try to impose a rotating shift of members in the Contract Table of the ADLE
  • Young Cartagena will play in the Baseball Championship organized by Cartagena FC in its centenary (11/07/2018)
    The councilor has welcomed young people, highlighting the fundamental role played by football in such a marked event, in which they have organized various activities
  • Citizens ask the City Council to put in value the remains of the Wall of Felipe V that were found in 2015 (11/07/2018)

  • Braced solidarity to help people with rare diseases (11/07/2018)
    San Ginés beach will once again be the setting for the 'Playas de La Azohía Solidarity Journey', which will hold its second edition on Sunday, August 5
  • MC Cartagena demands the immediate start of the municipal investigation of "the plot of the water" José López recalls the endemic socialist delay and the frightened ones of C'S and PP in this matter (11/07/2018)

  • Contemporary Danish architecture approaches the UPCT, in an exhibition of La Mar de Músicas (11/07/2018)

  • Padín, on the program 'Open Patios': "Please, that the PSOE Government stop taking the hair of the citizens" (11/07/2018)
    - The spokesman of Cs Cartagena emphasizes that the initiative of 'Open Patios' approved by the Plenary in 2017 "it is not settled with a website for associations to request the timely use of educational centers after filling out an endl
  • Two computer assistants take office as career officers at City Hall (11/07/2018)
    The officers are Miguel Villena and Daniel Candel, who access the status of career officials for a public job offer for 2014 and another for 2016
  • MC Cartagena will ask for the reasons of the socialist blockade of the work of the Heritage Advisory Council (11/07/2018)
    The local Executive has accumulated eight months without convoking this participation forum
  • Antonio Bermejo, the worker priest of Vista Alegre, will receive the Gold Medal of Cartagena on Thursday (11/07/2018)
    The delivery will take place at noon at the Consistorial Palace and will be broadcast live via internet
  • The Local Police of Cartagena recover a tourism stolen two months ago in Gandía (10/07/2018)
    The vehicle, a mercedes class A was located in Nueva Cartagena, where it had been parked for several days
  • Education offers free dining service to over 250 children this summer (10/07/2018)
    Since 2015, the number of places offered by these schools has tripled due to its high demand
  • The Museo del Foro Romano del Molinete will show the history of the neighborhood and the site on three floors (10/07/2018)
    The museographic project of this action that is expected to conclude in March 2019 has been presented this morning to the media
  • Cs fears that the changes in the Government will delay the creation of the Observatory of Sport and Physical Activity of Cartagena (10/07/2018)
    - The Cs Cartagena initiative, approved unanimously in the April 2017 plenary session, has not yet been executed
  • A drill in La Manga del Mar Menor will help to avoid drowning this summer (10/07/2018)
    The Councilor for Public Safety, Francisco Aznar, has indicated that both the lifeguard and a jet ski have been launched for their rescue and that both the Local Police and the Ambulance have arrived in the corresponding time according to the standar
  • Constituted the work table to honor the historic figures of Cartagena football (10/07/2018)
    The session will be chaired by the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, and will take place at noon in the council room of the Palace Hall
  • To the collection until August 6 the urban, rustic IBI and special features (10/07/2018)
    Through these taxes the City expects to raise about 65 million euros
  • Ciudadanos celebrates that the literary route of Carmen Conde already appears on the Tourism website of Cartagena (10/07/2018)

  • MC will propose to remember the figure of the person who was Efesé's goalkeeper, Sebastián Gómez, in Los Mateos, his native neighborhood (10/07/2018)

  • The City Council submits a preliminary draft of the new taxi ordinance to public consultation (10/07/2018)
    In its initial elaboration, representatives of the sector have participated with whom a fluid dialogue has been maintained
  • Ricardo Segado demands the suspension of the meeting of the Sports Committee for the full breach of the socialist government (10/07/2018)
    They do not call the Federation of Peñas or the Cartagena Football Club
  • MC will ask the socialist government if it is fulfilling its obligations regarding the sanctioning case to the PP councilor, Álvaro Valdés (10/07/2018)

  • Fish with Art launches its nets to the coast of Cabo de Palos with activities for the whole family (10/07/2018)
    A gastronomic workshop and another of handicrafts are the proposals that the Columbares Association brings us to enjoy the coastline and learn about artisanal fisheries and marine biodiversity
  • Local Police in Cartagena seize 223 counterfeit products from a fishing gear store in Cabo de Palos (10/07/2018)

  • The researcher María Cascales Angosto already has her street on the campus of the Wall (09/07/2018)
    The ceremonial ceremony in which the Favorite Daughter of Cartagena was honored was chaired by the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón
  • The Municipal Archaeological Museum will screen a film series based on the lives of women who have made history (09/07/2018)
    The goal is to present the stories of women from different periods and different areas with common features: intelligence, strength, perseverance and rebellion , and that they penetrated the sphere of the public, breaking the dams of their time
  • Cartagena City Council recognizes the successes of Cartagena Table Tennis (09/07/2018)
    This Monday, July 9, some of the players have been received at the Palace Hall by the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón and the Councilor for Sports, Obdulia Gómez
  • The National Festival of Folklore in the District of Cartagena closed its XXXVI edition dedicated to the singing cafes (09/07/2018)
    The contest is organized every year by the City of Cartagena Folk Group of La Palma and with it they make known the customs and traditions of the region , focusing this year on the 'Cafés cantantes'
  • Presentation of museographic project of the Roman Forum (09/07/2018)
    The intervention will be explained on Tuesday to the media at the site by the mayor, archaeologists and technicians of the winning company, together with representatives of CARM and Repsol
  • The Town Hall hosts the conference of the chronicler Luis Miguel Pérez Adán for the anniversary of the proclamation of the Canton of Cartagena (09/07/2018)

  • Danish literature opens to Spanish in La Mar de Músicas (09/07/2018)
    La Mar de Letras, the literary section of La Mar de Músicas, will bring from July 14 to 26 four of the most important figures of Danish literature, whose works have been translated into Spanish
  • You start the night visits in the Barrio del Foro and the Teatro Romano (09/07/2018)
    Tickets can be purchased online at www.cartagenapuertodeculturas.com and face-to-face in the museums and interpretation centers of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas
  • Cabo de Palos disputes its tenth cross with views to the sea (09/07/2018)
    The popular race, of 6 kilometers, will run on Saturday, July 21, starting at 18:30
  • Celebrations, Culture and Sports program "the best summer" for Cartagena (09/07/2018)
    The Councils of the City of Cartagena have prepared a special program of activities for the summer with film, music, theater, storytelling, reading and sports, among others
  • The Museum of the Roman Theater implements mobility in the museum for the blind (09/07/2018)
    The implantation of more than 50 markers allows people with visual disabilities to move completely independently in unknown spaces, without the need to be accompanied
  • The Summer School offers excursions and workshops for the homeless and pedestrians (09/07/2018)
    An activity organized by the City of Cartagena, through its Department of Social Services
  • The Civil Guard dismantles an active point of sale of cocaine in Cartagena (09/07/2018)
    Investigators have arrested two people as alleged perpetrators of drug trafficking crime
  • MC will demand action on road safety at the Neighborhood Board of El Albujón - Miranda (09/07/2018)

  • MC Cartagena will request improvement actions in the sewer system of La Palma (09/07/2018)

  • The UPCT Solar Team manages to rank among the best teams in the Shell Eco-marathon (09/07/2018)
    The Polytechnic of Cartagena finished in 22nd out of the 143 participating teams
  • Ricardo Segado will demand the socialist government to give continuity to the efforts of the Mayor's Office of MC to recover the battery of Fajardo (09/07/2018)
    The cartageneristas will demand the return to the municipality of the Roman ashlar of San Ginés
  • Citizens proposes the design of a new program of Digital Training and dissemination STEAM for the Employment Plan (09/07/2018)
    - The spokesman of the orange training wants that "Cartagena is not left behind in the race for innovation and digital competence that is celebrating worldwide "
  • Imposition of scholarships to 53 students of the VI Nursing School Promotion Promotion (09/07/2018)
    The act of graduation was celebrated on Friday, July 5, in the Auditorium of the UPCT - Campus Muralla del Mar
  • The mayor highlights the work of the associations of Galifa during the reading of the proclamation of their patron saint festivities (09/07/2018)
    Next to the councilor were the councilor of the area of ​​Quality of Life and Welfare, Obdulia Gómez;
  • Cs Cartagena proposes to boost the commerce of the city and create a program of Corporate Social Responsibility (08/07/2018)
    - The orange training considers necessary to establish the commitment to design an ambitious Municipal Trade Plan in which concrete actions are developed by the local Administration and entrepreneurs to boost the sector
  • The hospital complex of Cartagena has four teaching accreditations in the last two years (08/07/2018)
    The hospital facilities of this health area increase their global teaching capacity up to 26 accredited places in the different medical and surgical specialties for the training of residents
  • The fifth edition of the National Festival of Music Bands will be held in Cartagena on July 14 (06/07/2018)
    The Sauces Musical Group is the organizer of the festival that has had the support of the City of Cartagena, through the councils of Celebrations and Culture
  • They recommend the use of public transport and avoid the burning of stubbles due to an episode of Saharan dust pollution (06/07/2018)
    The General Directorate for the Environment has activated the preventive level 1 due to PM10 particle levels detected in the La Aljorra measuring station
  • Young people from Cartagena leave to discover the charms of Cantabria (06/07/2018)
    The trip is organized by the Alternative Free Time program, T-LA, of the Youth Council and fifty-five young people, between 18 and 35 years old, have signed up
  • The Local Police of Cartagena seizes 63 imitation products (06/07/2018)
    The intervention took place this morning at the Mediterranean urbanization market
  • Citizens collect complaints from users of the Single Window of Cartagena and transfer them to the Assembly (06/07/2018)

  • MC supports the Manifesto for the City of Justice and demands the commitment of the local and state governments (06/07/2018)

  • The socialist government redoubles efforts to hinder the control and oversight work of MC Cartagena (06/07/2018)
    They prevent the access of the cartageneristas councilors to various files of the Junta de Gobierno
  • The Amateur Football Regional League closes its XXIII Edition (06/07/2018)
    The event took place on Thursday, July 5 at 8:30 p.m. in the press room of the Cartagena Central Sports Pavilion
  • The children of Cartagena are sailing 'aft and at full sail' with the Workshops of the Sea (06/07/2018)
    This year three workshops are offered, one more than last year.
  • The business failure was infected by neighborhood during the crisis, according to a thesis of the UPCT (06/07/2018)

  • ... (06/07/2018)

  • Manuel Padín: "Now we will see how he acts and what ethical code MC follows when having one of his ranks investigated" (06/07/2018)

  • New location of the speed controls for the week of July 9 to 15 (06/07/2018)
    They will be located in different points of the municipal area
  • Cartagenera Paula Díaz arrives at the Subjective Room of the Consistorial Palace with her exhibition Furs (06/07/2018)
    The exhibition can be visited until September 10, and is composed of two different projects;
  • The campus of the Muralla del Mar will host the street of María Cascales Angosto from Monday (06/07/2018)
    The official ceremony will be attended by the mayor and the scientist and researcher from Cartagena, the first woman to enter the Royal Academy of Pharmacy
  • MC Cartagena meets the demands of Santa Florentina merchants, victims of the inefficient and superficial socialist policy (05/07/2018)
    The Cartagena municipal Group has held a meeting with the Association of Market Merchants
  • The mayor coordinates with the city's immigration team the summer device (05/07/2018)
    The visit and the subsequent meeting took place at 2:00 pm in the Center 2 of the Department of Social Services located in the 2001 Building of Plaza España
  • Ciudadanos reinforces with proposals the Line 5 of the Employment Plan related to the invigoration of trade in Cartagena (05/07/2018)

  • Students of the UCAM know the Port of Cartagena, the Theater and Roman Forum (05/07/2018)

  • The Psychiatry and Law Conferences of the UIMP begin (05/07/2018)
    The inauguration ceremony took place on Thursday, July 5, the Graduate Hall of the School of Business Sciences of the UPCT
  • Martirio talks about'La mujer y la copla' in the National Folklore Festival in the Region of Cartagena (05/07/2018)
    With all the activities that are being carried out, between June 30 and July 8, the festival announces the customs and traditions of the region
  • The City Council signs the stalls of the street markets to improve their organization (05/07/2018)
    The markets of El Algar and Los Belones have already been painted;
  • The improvements to several street markets in the municipality of Cartagena begin (05/07/2018)
    The markets of El Algar and Los Belones have been painted;
  • A student of the UPCT proposes to implant in La Manga a public system of loan of bicycles (05/07/2018)
    77% of the surveyed by the student of ADE is in favor of the measure, although 40% has been more than a year without use a bike
  • Manuel Padín: "MC and PSOE are responsible for 40% of our initiatives have not yet been executed" (04/07/2018)

  • Ciudadanos proposes a program of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Strategic Plan of Employment of Cartagena (04/07/2018)

  • A Master Plan prepared by municipal technicians will coordinate the future reforestations in Cartagena (04/07/2018)
    The new president of the Reforestation Board, Obdulia Gómez, affirms that the companies will be offered spaces to carry out plantations to compensate the carbon footprint
  • The new Taxi ordinance will be taken to the next Local Government Committee (04/07/2018)
    Councilman Juan Pedro Torralba has met with the 4 associations of the sector, which have agreed that taxi drivers from Cartagena can work in the entire municipality and not only in your area of ​​activity
  • Marlon Williams, the Maori Elvis, will make his presentation letter in Spain at the La Mar de Músicas festival (04/07/2018)

  • The Cartagena will be wet by multiple sclerosis this Sunday in Playa Paraíso (04/07/2018)

  • MC reactivates the Execution Committee of the Plenary Agreements despite the PSOE blockade attempts (04/07/2018)

  • The Local Police will watch over the security in La Azohía and Isla Plana in a new detachment (04/07/2018)
    In the new premises, a citizen attention point has been established from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., from Monday to Friday
  • The Subjective Room brings to the Consistorial Palace the exhibition Furs (04/07/2018)
    The exhibition can be visited until September 10, and is composed of two different projects;
  • About 3,500 young people have approached the sport this year thanks to the ADE program (04/07/2018)
    Throughout its ten editions it has registered more than 27,000 participants, who have had the opportunity to know, practice and live the sport at the hands of athletes and elite clubs
  • MC Cartagena and FAVCAC will agree on proposals to amend the socialist paralysis in terms of citizen participation (04/07/2018)
    The Cartagena training yesterday held a meeting with the neighborhood association
  • MC visits the football and soccer campus of La Vaguada and Palacio de los Deportes (04/07/2018)

  • A minor was arrested for stealing a suitcase from the inside of a truck from the filming of the movie Terminator 6 The events took place during the afternoon of July 3 at 9:00 pm in the vicinity of the Santa Lucía neighborhood (04/07/2018)

  • A project of urban sustainability of the UPCT, selected worldwide to compete in China (04/07/2018)
    Four students of Electronics have devised a system that measures pollution in the streets and proposes alternative routes to drivers and runners.
  • The PSOE says that the management of Segado in front of Urbanism in Cartagena is causing millions in losses (03/07/2018)

  • The Roman Amphitheater is presented to the call for the 1.5% cultural Ministry of Development (03/07/2018)
    The extraordinary government board today approved this proposal, which will involve an investment of 400,000 euros, of which the City will put 100,000
  • Isabel García will lead an effective and future trade plan despite the socialist inoperability (03/07/2018)
    MC pleads to develop, with the help of merchants and technicians, a rigorous and effective plan
  • The City Council invests 319,886 euros in remodeling the main access road to El Albujón (03/07/2018)

  • The neighbors of the Rincon de Sumiedo prepare their patron saint festivities (03/07/2018)
    The festivities will take place between the 21st and the 25th of July
  • The summer T-LA offers more trips and experiences than last year (03/07/2018)
    The leisure and free time program includes trips, getaways, experiences, tourist visits and workshops, aimed at young people between 14 and 35 years old
  • MS: Councilor Arroyo (PP) empties the neighborhood of La Puebla for a campaign event (03/07/2018)
    The president of the neighborhood board and other members of his party prevented access to the premises to a member of MC
  • Ricardo Segado celebrates that the socialist government continues the MC project for the recovery and enhancement of the Roman Amphitheater (03/07/2018)
    The Governing Board will approve today to present this project, by the City Council, to the call of the 'Program 1,5 % Cultural 'promoted by the Ministry of Development
  • The UCAM organizes with AJE Cartagena a free training day on leadership and entrepreneurship (03/07/2018)

  • The mayor receives the new director of the Repsol refinery in Escombreras (03/07/2018)
    The interview, on the occasion of its recent incorporation, will take place this afternoon at the Consistorial Palace
  • The Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena organizes routes and special activities in July (03/07/2018)
    The novelty of this summer are the guided visits with virtual glasses, which will be held on Tuesdays and Sundays and will allow attendees to discover what the original construction was like
  • MC: "The persistent opposition of Castejón to comply with the Law brings water rates to the Courts" (03/07/2018)

  • Cartagena scenario of Terminator 6 (03/07/2018)
    From Wednesday, July 4 and until Saturday, July 28, some streets of the city will remain cut off to traffic to facilitate the recording of scenes of action and persecution
  • Researchers of the UPCT analyze a system of evaporation of brackish water for desalination plants and industries (03/07/2018)
    The prototype of the COBET company was tested at the Tomás Ferro Agroalimentary Station
  • The Ombudsman admits for processing the claim of the Municipal Group MC for the situation in which their councilors and workers are in the development of their work (02/07/2018)

  • Citizens ask the City Council not to delay further the recovery of bicycle rental service'Bicity' (02/07/2018)

  • UPCT professors win a national award for conciliation by promoting practices to improve the professional career of female engineers (02/07/2018)

  • MC: "Castejón no longer hides his complicity with the PP to cover the scandals of the water web" (01/07/2018)
    The Socialist will name the popular Francisco Espejo new president of the Water Research Commission, after the resignation of the spokesman of C's, Manuel Padín
  • Citizens regrets that the paralysis of the PSOE also extends to the Road Safety Plan of Cartagena (01/07/2018)


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