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Cartagena News - May 2016

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  • AD Barrio Peral, EF Aljorra, Cartagena FC and Alum prebenjamines League champions, Benjamin, juvenile and child (31/05/2016)

  • Cartagena also put the finishing touch to the combined (31/05/2016)
    The athletics track of the port city hosted over the weekend the Championship Combined Events in the Region of Murcia outdoors in various categories
  • The Route of the Fortresses donates 52,550 euros to charities (31/05/2016)

  • The first Kultur- Al multiculturalism to take Albujón this weekend (31/05/2016)

  • August in the Batel open for holidays (31/05/2016)

  • End of course Workshops for Immigrant Women Promotion organized by Social Services (31/05/2016)

  • Four renowned singers enliven the Andalusian flamenco recitals in St. Lucia starting this weekend (31/05/2016)

  • The Luzzy host a photographic exhibition on Climate Change for World Environment Day (31/05/2016)

  • The People's University Language closing their workshops with delivery to students Accreditation Assistance (31/05/2016)

  • Cartagena collects on Wednesday the National Award for Promoting Reading in Palencia (31/05/2016)

  • The Botanical Knowledge People in the municipality of Cartagena, Gregory Rabal comes to Luzzy within the program Read, think, imagine (31/05/2016)

  • The Department of Equality presents different views on prostitution of women (31/05/2016)

  • The ADLE Connect Program prepares students 18 to obtain the title of ESO (30/05/2016)

  • Students turned into actors receive their awards at the closing ceremony of the XXVIII School Theatre (30/05/2016)

  • The City Council grants the use of the old school of San Anton El Cuco a dozen social organizations (30/05/2016)

  • Padín: "The Civil Guard asks for a new complaint to Ms. Barreiro and PP keeps on electoral lists" (30/05/2016)

  • The Congress Tourism generated in 2015 two million euros in Cartagena (30/05/2016)

  • Moses Domínguez presents his work on the General Balmes in Luzzy (30/05/2016)

  • More than ten thousand people have enjoyed renewed Much More May (30/05/2016)

  • Jose Lopez wants "soon" "urbanistic frames developed by Alonso" investigation (30/05/2016)
    "and covered by Barreiro"
  • Mohammed Rahali player signs with Plastics Romero Cartagena FS for one more season (30/05/2016)

  • Press Cartagena Popular Party (30/05/2016)

  • A student UPCT creates a smaller space telecommunications and versatile filter (30/05/2016)
    The Final Year of Clara Maximus, the student enrollment of more honor, was awarded by the Social Council of the Polytechnic
  • La Parroquia de San Ginés de la Jara this afternoon celebrated the 475th anniversary since it was recognized the sanctity of which is patron of Cartagena (28/05/2016)

  • Socialist Youths can accuse of '' steal '' proposals for submission as motions (28/05/2016)

  • The City circumvents posts presidents, members and alternates of the polling stations on June 26 (28/05/2016)

  • Full marathon of more than six hours in the city of Cartagena (27/05/2016)

  • C's interrogates the local government after breaking promises to clean up the Plaza del Lago and open the headquarters 24 hours (27/05/2016)

  • International journal Nature publishes a genetic research Plants UPCT (27/05/2016)
    Julia Weiss and Mark Egea, Institute of Plant Biotechnology of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, have sequenced adaptation to climate change petunia
  • The philosopher Miguel Ana will present his book on sexual neoliberalism in the Luzzy (27/05/2016)

  • The streets of Cartagena will be the scene of the second edition of the Festival of Music (27/05/2016)

  • The final stretch of Mucho Mas Mayo takes 22 cultural events this weekend to Cartagena (27/05/2016)

  • The Corpus Christi procession will travel this Sunday the streets of the city (27/05/2016)

  • PP: The Government disclaims all responsibility for the fraudulent act European Movement (27/05/2016)

  • PP: Lopez is behind other officials to justify breach of motions (27/05/2016)

  • PP: Castejon recognizes that no project for the port ten months after paralyze (27/05/2016)

  • Parkinson's patients also discover Cartagena and customs (27/05/2016)

  • Social Services initiated an approach to create avenues of collaboration with the Office of Cartagena (27/05/2016)

  • Exits Computer workshops organized by the Youth Council (27/05/2016)

  • Detainee, in less than 24 hours, the robber at gunpoint from a tobacconist in Cartagena (27/05/2016)
    After some urgent and effective investigations they discovered his whereabouts and was arrested carrying the gun off home
  • The City Council will work in youth drug prevention in neighborhoods (27/05/2016)

  • Carmen Casanova shows his personal vision of postmodern woman in the exhibition Woman's Pop (27/05/2016)

  • Local police reported the location of the radar controls for this week (27/05/2016)

  • The book Poetry Written From My Heart joins the fight Andresito and raise funds to treat their disease (27/05/2016)

  • Castejon announces the dissolution of the Municipal Institute of Coastal Services (27/05/2016)

  • The Regatta will cross Silver Carbide Solidarity waters and Portmán Cartagena this weekend (27/05/2016)

  • The PP asks the House to reprove Lopez by insults and threats to a journalist (26/05/2016)
    Popular remind the mayor says journalists to discredit
  • The PP asks the mayor not to impose their prejudices and allow work to technicians the Sea of ​​Music (26/05/2016)
    "The Pope invites U2 to the Sistine Chapel and Lopez seems" improper "music festival in the Cathedral"
  • The area of ​​Quality of Life and the Port Authority are studying measures of joint collaboration (26/05/2016)

  • MC asks the plenary control, and monitor allocations to local groups of the current and the previous legislature (26/05/2016)

  • The City Council held its regular full Friday of May (26/05/2016)

  • MC ask the plenary reprobation of Francisco Espejo, who started being Town Planning, the works of his villa unlicensed (26/05/2016)

  • Much More May brings music to new spaces with the Music initiative Markets (26/05/2016)

  • The local government requested the CARM to be transferred its shares in PODECASA to advance the decontamination of El Hondón (26/05/2016)

  • The City assumes the conditioning of the plot of the new school of La Aljorra to start construction CARM (26/05/2016)

  • Cartagena will resound to the rhythm of Much More Music (26/05/2016)

  • The table petitoria the City collects more than 900 euros in the Caritas charity collection (26/05/2016)

  • Cartagena on Friday with Ecuador will express solidarity in sports and music event (26/05/2016)

  • Citizens take to the plenary the possible irregular situation in the operating room CATAD and the absence of an animal census updated (26/05/2016)
    there is no evidence of the existence of any veterinary center on the premises of CATAD registered in the Register of Veterinary Centers, a necessary condition for perform major surgery in the operating room
  • The totanero Enrique Canovas Ambit renews a season with Plastics Romero Cartagena FS (26/05/2016)

  • Woman combines its solidarity march steps for Niemann Pick (26/05/2016)

  • A solidarity march will travel 80 kilometers from Cartagena to it guilas for Cystic Fibrosis (26/05/2016)

  • Cartagena Port of Cultures proposes a summer of routes, music, theater and gastronomy (26/05/2016)

  • On Saturday the chairpersons and members of the polling stations are drawn (26/05/2016)

  • ... (26/05/2016)

  • Students of IES Mediterranean approach to the work of social intervention taking place in San Anton (26/05/2016)

  • Equality presents the work in their workshops during this course (26/05/2016)

  • The Fourth Meeting of Residents of La Aljorra will in October with the participation of entities of social action (26/05/2016)

  • A mechanical engineer UPCT participates in the development of a racing car without driver (26/05/2016)

  • Urban culture also had its space in The Night of Museums with Night Urban Ct event (25/05/2016)

  • Awarded for two years respite service at home (25/05/2016)

  • The FS Plastics Romero presented the mayor his project for next season (25/05/2016)

  • Sertri Triathlon athletes will test that integrate the disciplines of swimming, cycling and running race (25/05/2016)

  • Manuel Padin is appointed coordinator of the territorial subcommittee of Citizens in the District of Cartagena and Mar Menor (25/05/2016)

  • C's ask at the next plenary if the council has guaranteed the operation of public water sources (25/05/2016)

  • "MC offends the intelligence of the citizens with their excuses about the fraudulent act Europe Day" (25/05/2016)
    The PP asked in plenary explanations Lopez refuses to act on
  • The City Council requests the cooperation of citizens to control the tiger mosquito (25/05/2016)
    and presents a new trap to curb their proliferation
  • The Civil Guard clarifies fifteen robberies in the cemetery of Pozo Estrecho Cartagena (25/05/2016)
    has been arrested a person suspected of committing the crimes of burglary, larceny and against freedom of conscience, religious feelings and respect the deceased
  • Much More May reached its maximum intensity Thursday with fourteen cultural activities of all kinds in one day (25/05/2016)

  • The City Council will collaborate on Thursday in traditional cuestación Caritas (25/05/2016)

  • Researcher surprising level of high school students (25/05/2016)
    school students exhibit their inquiries, you tutored by profesares UPCT
  • MC: "The deputy mayor, Jose Cabezas (PP), Human Resources urged to increase the salaries of Luis Carlos García Conesa in 2014" (25/05/2016)

  • Los Belones enjoyed a weekend on two wheels (25/05/2016)

  • The Armed Forces celebrate their festival in Cartagena with the solemn lowering of the flag (25/05/2016)

  • The woman will march on Thursday to the streets to contribute to research Niemann Pick disease (25/05/2016)

  • Humor and philosophy shook hands on the play Tea with Kant, Mucho Mas Mayo (25/05/2016)

  • The Regional Assembly requested protective measures for Atalaya Castle (24/05/2016)
    The motion filed by the PP exposes the need to undertake actions to protect the fortress consolidation
  • The "impostor" Eric Meseguer met the Palace Hall of Cartagena PP hand (24/05/2016)

  • Lopez and Castejon receive new presidents of the Personnel Board and the Works Committee (24/05/2016)

  • Five teams take advantage in the finals of the League of prebenjamines, Benjamin, juvenile and child (24/05/2016)

  • Brothers and sisters, Presas and August I contest finalists amateur theater of Cartagena (24/05/2016)

  • The Finance Committee reported favorably the partial amendment of the ordinance watchmen (24/05/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena gets the Working to protect the girl Algameca today has given its first steps (24/05/2016)

  • Poetry, short films and Graffiti between cultural offerings for Wednesday Mucho Mas Mayo (24/05/2016)

  • The young singer cartagenero River Viré present his first job in El Batel (24/05/2016)

  • Urbanism allow the construction of agricultural buildings in a quarter of the plot (24/05/2016)

  • The Cartagena Olimpiade about the Olympic spirit to the school (24/05/2016)

  • The Asian reinvents and will be marketed in plastic cups (24/05/2016)

  • Football and music will join Friday at the charity event for the people of Ecuador (24/05/2016)

  • The Ninth Day Potato Puebla show the quality of the new potato Campo de Cartagena (24/05/2016)

  • The Government fails another decision of the plenary and does not modify the statutes of the Employment Agency (24/05/2016)
    Full May should correct the direction of the ADLE to make it proportional to the groups
  • The Cross of La Palma meet in its second edition half thousand runners (24/05/2016)

  • MC will request that the House urge the Ministry of Culture and the Regional Football Federation to provide artificial turf the World 82 (24/05/2016)

  • Much More May presents its co-productions with the AADK SPAIN-based platform Blanca (24/05/2016)

  • The City Council will consider the installation of natural gas in municipally owned homes, benefiting families vulnerable (24/05/2016)

  • Education and Social Services be offered educational programs in the field of disability (24/05/2016)

  • On June 11, the RCH runs on the banks of the Mar Menor (24/05/2016)

  • The Municipal Government initiated the process to partially change the ordinance watchmen for the summer (24/05/2016)

  • Garcia Conesa also lied about the gift to the mayor on the spot with the impostor (24/05/2016)
    The MC exconcejal "sold" as scoop a book that is for sale since January
  • An Austrian multinational software uses a UPCT to improve telecommunication networks air traffic (24/05/2016)

  • Sodicar combat diabetes with creative snacks for children (24/05/2016)

  • Researchers UPCT prevent the extinction of Garbancillo Tallante short and medium term (24/05/2016)
    During the four years that lasted the European project of conservation of the plant have been reintroduced between ten thousand and twelve thousand species in the field
  • The barrier-free sport expires in Spain athletics Championship for people with disabilities (23/05/2016)

  • Preparations to make their practices in bars and restaurants Cartagena (23/05/2016)

  • Cartagena experienced its busiest night of the Museums with 85 thousand visitors (23/05/2016)

  • Continue proposals Much More May for next days (23/05/2016)

  • Workshops over Social Services continue their activities (23/05/2016)

  • The Sea of ​​Music presents its complete program 2016 in Madrid (23/05/2016)

  • C's ask what criteria and timetable manages the local government to install turf soccer fields (23/05/2016)

  • Pozo Estrecho lived a lively weekend race solidarity, music festival and pilgrimage, among other acts (23/05/2016)

  • The party Rugby gathered Saturday to more than two hundred players in Cartagena (23/05/2016)

  • "No one has explained yet that made a man free presiding over an official ceremony in the City" (23/05/2016)
    Ortega: "It's amazing that Lopez invited a foreign office without knowing who he was"
  • Much More May alter public spaces with facilities that will look Cartagena with new eyes (23/05/2016)

  • The PP will go to court if Lopez does not stop hide the motions of the opposition at the end of full (23/05/2016)
    Mirror notes that the Government knowingly breaks the law because it has a legal report that agrees with the PP
  • Mirror: "Castejon prefer to maintain power rather than defending freedom of information" (23/05/2016)
    The PP requires a sentence of Deputy Mayor insults and threats to journalists Lopez
  • The UPCT, presented this afternoon the White Paper industry, pointing at a technical meeting the challenges facing the private building and civil works (23/05/2016)
    Climate change generates endless opportunities to innovate in Construction
  • The Night of Museums opened the doors to a magical and multitudinous day of culture, art and performances in Cartagena (23/05/2016)

  • Outstanding Performance of the federal Futsal Cup in Cambrils (23/05/2016)

  • Leisure and health shook hands on a morning cycling family to celebrate the XVIII National Day of Greenways (23/05/2016)

  • Woman's Pop, personal vision of Carmen Casanova about the postmodern woman next exhibition at the Palace Hall (23/05/2016)

  • The municipal MC Group took an active part of the Night of Museums (23/05/2016)

  • Healthy eating to combat diabetes in the Days of Sodicar inaugurated this afternoon (23/05/2016)

  • The Order of Santa Maria of Spain celebrates the solemn act of crossing, and making investiture of new knights coat capitulate grace (22/05/2016)
    The event will take place at 18pm next Saturday 28, in the military parish of Santo Domingo
  • ... (22/05/2016)

  • The Government explains the presence of the impostor with a string of blunders impossible to believe (21/05/2016)
    "No one has answered why he was presiding Day events Europe a European master without charge"
  • Municipal Government expresses its condolences on the death of prosecutor Jose Antonio Zamora (20/05/2016)

  • The Grand Gala of Sport Cartagenero Batel filled with a ceremony in which there was much humor, gymnastics and music enlivened successfully two hours duration (20/05/2016)

  • A thesis shows that vegetation can help regenerate mining soils in desert areas (20/05/2016)

  • The Cartagena Muram covers 30 years of creating Eduardo Chillida through the exposure'Buscando be light ' (20/05/2016)
    A total of 39 works, including sculptures of alabaster, steel and earth, prints, collages and' gravitational ', meet in this project that contrasts the darker the white light Mediterranean Basque
  • Lopez presided Europe Day with a false president of the European Movement France (20/05/2016)
    "The mayor has used an impostor to deceive the cartageneros in an official act"
  • The Cartagena City Council recognizes the work of its retired in Santa Rita (19/05/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena take the municipal plenary espigón the situation has been without removing in Los Urrutias (19/05/2016)

  • On Sunday Much More May start to dance and mural painting (19/05/2016)

  • Equality bring culture to women in the municipality through a novel program of visits and guided tours (19/05/2016)

  • Born in Cartagena an association to defend the Sports Law (19/05/2016)

  • New worlds of space and time come to Cartagena thanks to virtual reality (19/05/2016)

  • Local Police announced the location of the new radar controls (5/19/2016) (19/05/2016)

  • The Bureau of the Covenant Night raises eliminate botelleo area of ​​Cabo de Palos (19/05/2016)

  • The Government meets emergency table at night and is unable to bring a new idea (19/05/2016)
    "They are using the table for beating around the bush and do not address their responsibilities"
  • Pices light Light Thousand Wishes in the Night of Museums (19/05/2016)

  • Students basic operations of restaurant and bar will practice hospitality after the closure of its course ADLE (19/05/2016)

  • Special traffic for the Night of Museums (19/05/2016)

  • Music also will be starring in The Night of Museums (19/05/2016)

  • The Day of the Armed Forces encourage the Town Hall Square with a concert on Friday (19/05/2016)

  • The transfer of two plots allow the continuation of the promenade between Mar de Cristal and smaller islands (19/05/2016)

  • The UPCT creates interactive games for mobile used to train and evaluate students (19/05/2016)
    The Polytechnic University of Cartagena is developing educational multimedia content and methodologies flipped classroom 'gamification'
  • The PP condemns insults and threats Lopez to a journalist and demands respect for freedom of expression (19/05/2016)
    "Cartagena does not deserve a mayor who acts as a brawler in official acts"
  • Citizens demands public apology to the mayor of Cartagena for his words against journalist of the newspaper La Verdad (19/05/2016)

  • La Palma prepares II Cross (19/05/2016)

  • The musical Return to Kar 80 P Diem exhausted their tickets two days before the show (19/05/2016)

  • The People's University successfully prepares 27 students aged 25 to 45 years to pursue higher education and access oppositions and bags trabajoes (19/05/2016)

  • The City is working on matters required by the prosecution (18/05/2016)

  • Club over the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood continues its festive atmosphere with a day of living (18/05/2016)

  • The best modding computer and have been awarded this morning in the center Carlos III (18/05/2016)

  • Technical City of Cartagena meet with other administrations to work by passersby and homeless (18/05/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena asked to change the statutes of IMSEL to include all political groups in the Governing Council (18/05/2016)

  • Learning and leisure come together in the Luzzy with the presentation of a children's story in English (18/05/2016)

  • Citizen Security Plan continues to improve traffic management (18/05/2016)

  • The Cartagena campaign Refugees sends about 11 thousand kilos of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people (18/05/2016)

  • Citizens calls for municipal cemeteries to perform burials during the afternoons on weekends (18/05/2016)
    Currently, the service funerals of Our Lady of Remedios, San Antonio Abad, Alumbres and San Ginés de la Jara is limited, on Saturdays and Sundays morning from 9:00 to 13:00
  • Regional Caja Rural celebrates its half century with an extensive program of activities (18/05/2016)

  • Professors UPCT to hunt rabbits in technological Fantastic Film Festival (18/05/2016)

  • The Grand Gala of Sport Cartagenero be broadcast live this year from El Batel (18/05/2016)

  • Pozo Estrecho celebrates Spring Festival (18/05/2016)

  • Countdown to Cartagena from spreading culture with hundreds of activities festival Much More May (18/05/2016)

  • Great Masters of the Martial Arts appointment at the National Congress held in Cartagena will (18/05/2016)

  • Cartagena lit the Olympic torch in 2016 Olimpiade involving twenty schools (18/05/2016)

  • The video game fans and old consoles have an appointment at RetroMiranda (18/05/2016)

  • The Cartagena FC peñistas Sergio Jimenez rewarded for his consistency and Lemons and Ceballos for his hundred parties (18/05/2016)

  • The Cartagena FS quarry bags prepares for tournament in Cambrils (18/05/2016)

  • Student UPCT achieve international funding for disability projects (18/05/2016)

  • We can present an appeal for annulment of the contract extension of water supply between Hidrogea and Ayto. Of Cartagena (17/05/2016)

  • The Local Youth Football League kicks off this weekend the Final Phase (17/05/2016)

  • Higher Social Services closed down their courses letters in the image and Popular Traditions (17/05/2016)

  • Cartagena will host the sport without barriers, with Spain Athletics Championship for people with intellectual disabilities (17/05/2016)

  • Lopez and Castejon welcome Eduardo Romero, new director of the company lubricant ILBOC (17/05/2016)

  • A show of Zarzuela raise funds for ASTEAMUR (17/05/2016)

  • Night of the Museums offer their last places in children's workshops and urban night (17/05/2016)

  • The mayor wears his best smile to the 67 elders of the Sisters of the Poor (17/05/2016)

  • Carthaginians and take us in Tunisia (17/05/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena in plenary ask why the City has not yet forwarded to the Legal Council RTP (17/05/2016)

  • Olga Rodriguez lead exposure Marmoris Saturday at the Roman Theatre as part of the Night of Museums (17/05/2016)

  • Rosa Garcia presented in the journal Luzzy a cook in Afganistan with Under Heaven Qala i Naw (17/05/2016)

  • A Tai Chi class meets in the park rose to a hundred people over the IMAS Centres 1 and 3 of Cartagena and La Union (17/05/2016)

  • More than two hundred players will contest the second edition of the Rugby Tournament 10 (17/05/2016)

  • One of the most successful youtubers country, Auronplay bring his wry humor to El Batel (17/05/2016)

  • City officials exhibit their works in El Luzzy occasion of Santa Rita (17/05/2016)

  • The Much More May unveil its full schedule on Wednesday (17/05/2016)

  • The Eighth Municipal Petanque Championship closes with the classification of equipment alums, Barrio Peral A and Barrio de la Concepción (17/05/2016)

  • "A Light in the Night" closes the course in Cartagena (17/05/2016)

  • Reduce heat treatment to food nanoemulsions of natural compounds (17/05/2016)
    "are reduced energy costs, it increases production and improves the nutritional quality of the product," explain the researchers agronomists
  • Violante Thomas reminds associations housewives Cartagena the importance of education in equality within the family (16/05/2016)

  • MC will take the May municipal plenary debate on the statement Thursday 'Carthaginians and Romans' as school day (16/05/2016)

  • The Night of Museums will become visible on social networks and, as a novelty, through QR codes (16/05/2016)

  • Murcia present their project Gluten Free pursuing a gluten-free diet in the hospitality sector (16/05/2016)

  • Start the training program Much More May with a conference on the digital world in cities (16/05/2016)

  • Repsol returns to work with 70,000 euros in the Sea of ​​Music (16/05/2016)

  • The Cartagena output by the square of Alicante will be cut at night starting tomorrow (16/05/2016)

  • The new image of San Gines rests already in his church (16/05/2016)

  • The Solidarity Regatta VIII Silver Carbide will sail 80 boats in the waters of the Port of Cartagena and Portman (16/05/2016)

  • Local Police Cartagena approaches citizens through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (16/05/2016)

  • A charity event will raise funds for those affected by the earthquake in Ecuador (16/05/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena calls for the immediate establishment of the Monitoring Committee approved motions (16/05/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena gets that the City supports VIII Regatta Cartagena Carbide Silver-Portman (16/05/2016)

  • A course sample the local police AUTOCAD benefits program for reconstruction of road accidents (16/05/2016)

  • A 85,000 euros municipal subsidies amount this year for festivals in districts and councils (16/05/2016)

  • Los Belones honored San Isidro on your big day (16/05/2016)

  • Workers Navantia present an exhibition of paintings and drawings on the Sea in the ISEN (16/05/2016)

  • Family reinforces the attention to women victims of gender violence in Cartagena (14/05/2016)
    The Minister Violante Thomas visits the Specialty Care Center for Women Victims of Violence (CAVI) the municipality, which has a budget of 8,000 euros more than in 2015
  • As a fish out of water, recycling art Blas Miras in the Palacio de Molina (14/05/2016)

  • ACCEM promotes employment with courses from different disciplines within its employment program (13/05/2016)

  • The talks Sodicar show healthy eating as the main factor in fighting diabetes (13/05/2016)

  • Manuel Padin: "If the City does not bet on the basis of Cartagena sport, many associations could disappear" (13/05/2016)

  • The winners of sport cartagenero 2014/15 receive their prize on Thursday in El Batel (13/05/2016)

  • More than fifty volunteers collaborate in the social center of Caritas San Diego (13/05/2016)

  • The Cartagena City Council maintains its collaboration with the SISMIMUR Plan disaster intervention and earthquakes (13/05/2016)

  • The mayor honored this weekend at San Isidro (13/05/2016)

  • Deputy Mayor moves to the Minister for Equality the need for concerted efforts for CAVI (13/05/2016)

  • During Saturday of May you will discover a Carthago Nova Inédita (13/05/2016)

  • The waters of the Port of Cartagena will host the VIII Regatta Carbide Silver (13/05/2016)

  • Los Juncos will host a day of leisure in favor of the homeless with the II Festival Street (13/05/2016)

  • The hiking group over Social Services visit the Fuentes del Marqués and two museums of Cartagena (13/05/2016)

  • Local police reported the new location of radars (13/05/2016)

  • The ADLE puts in the labor market to new maintenance specialists (13/05/2016)

  • MC consultation with the residents of Isla Plana priority actions for the locality (13/05/2016)

  • Fire and health have attended the occupants of a house in Cartagena (13/05/2016)
    In what has been a gas leak
  • A professor of architecture contributes to the conservation project of the Duomo in Milan (13/05/2016)
    Teacher UPCT notes the importance of preventive actions in the conservation of architectural heritage
  • Civil Protection in Cartagena rescues Baron Island a canoeist at the time prevented him from returning to Mar de Cristal (12/05/2016)

  • The Mandarache and Hache will be international in the next edition (12/05/2016)

  • Cartagena hosts a meeting of Ilustradas cities (12/05/2016)

  • Visit special education center "Primitiva Lopez" Cartagena (12/05/2016)

  • On Friday the documentary will be screened We are not alone, coinciding with the anniversary of 15M V (12/05/2016)

  • Citizens ask at the next plenary when will the local police headquarters Lake open 24 hours (12/05/2016)

  • The Sea Music Tindersticks confirms the English who will present their new album at the festival (12/05/2016)

  • A dozen companies are launched in the last quarter thanks to the momentum of the ADLE (12/05/2016)

  • The Civil Guard clarifies a dozen robberies in vehicles (12/05/2016)
    In the hamlet of Pozo Estrecho Cartagena
  • Afibrocar raises his voice in Fibromyalgia Day with a manifesto that claims the recognition of the disease (12/05/2016)

  • A day on adolescent behavior brings together parents and professionals (12/05/2016)

  • The new Commission will launch Drug Addiction Drug Plan 2016/18 (12/05/2016)

  • He threw the ball rolling in the sports hall (12/05/2016)

  • The municipal government requires regional know how much money it is up to budget Cartagena districts and councils (12/05/2016)

  • On Friday a documentary about the Garbancillo Tallante will be screened (12/05/2016)

  • Obdulia Gómez closing the Maritime Congress launching a challenge to Cartagena is reference in nautical fisheries training (12/05/2016)

  • The Intercultural Center closed down its sixth participation in the Mandarache Prize (12/05/2016)

  • On Saturday it will open in the Plaza del Rey monument to the Spanish Infante Marina (12/05/2016)

  • The FECYT includes in its network to the new Unit Scientific Culture and Innovation UPCT (12/05/2016)

  • Defence Attachés of embassies visit the Palace Hall (12/05/2016)

  • Eighteen companies choose to respite care services at home and supply clothing for municipal employees (11/05/2016)

  • Estrella Morente pay tribute to Manuel de Falla in El Batel (11/05/2016)

  • Summer will arrive first to Paradise Beach with its Extreme IV Cross and various parallel activities (11/05/2016)

  • A cartagenero entrepreneur lands on the market with the magic of 3D printers (11/05/2016)

  • The loss of Cuba for Spain will be the main theme of Thursday's Luzzy (11/05/2016)

  • The Apollo Theater Circus Festival held Cartagena Sing (11/05/2016)

  • The mayor welcomes new president and management team UPCT (11/05/2016)

  • The Youth Space celebrates Europe Day with a week of activities (11/05/2016)

  • Associations Federated Women Cartagena will meet tomorrow in a day of living (11/05/2016)

  • Two working committees analyzed separately prevention measures and urgent action in the Bureau of the Covenant Night (11/05/2016)

  • Cartagena give visibility to the homeless in the II Festival Street (11/05/2016)

  • The Polytechnic Faculty wants to add its opposite the port of Cartagena attractions (11/05/2016)

  • The UPCT asks the Assembly to extend four years transfer of residence Alberto Colao (11/05/2016)
    The institution plans to implement the project of residence in the former administrative building of the City Council before the end of this extension
  • MC troops and legions consult on whether to urge the CARM to declare the school as festero Thursday (11/05/2016)

  • Premiadas five agronomists researchers UPCT (10/05/2016)

  • The Primitiva Lopez turns 50 (10/05/2016)

  • Los Belones already has its own OMIT (10/05/2016)

  • City officials are preparing to celebrate the day of their patron saint, Santa Rita (10/05/2016)

  • Vistalegre FC cadets, EF Los Belones in youth and FC Pinatar in females, Local League champions (10/05/2016)

  • A new course of the Youth Council will help young people to certify their English (10/05/2016)

  • The Municipal School Council proposes as holidays on October 31, on December 9 and February 27 (10/05/2016)

  • The City invests in the past eleven months more than 50,000 euros in Llano del Beal (10/05/2016)

  • The Cartagena athlete Patricia Carrión two hundred shares a day school (10/05/2016)

  • La Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood closed a Cultural Week (10/05/2016)

  • Aires Argentina this weekend in Cartagena with the 2016 Spring Meeting of Tango (10/05/2016)

  • Lola Gutiérrez presented tomorrow Playa de Poniente work in Luzzy (10/05/2016)

  • The National Police arrested four people for organizing championships cockfighting (10/05/2016)
    The four detainees have been charged for their alleged responsibility in a crime of animal abuse
  • The IMAS reinforces its focus in Cartagena to process disability issues and dependency (10/05/2016)
    The Single Window will have a specific professional to meet urgent priority and citizens who are interested in your records
  • Rozalén forward one day his performance in The Batel scheduled for October (10/05/2016)

  • A new research team ROCA Civil Guard culminates with three detained and investigated in Cartagena (10/05/2016)
    Those arrested are credited with authorship of the alleged crime of burglary
  • Like a fish out of water, Blas Look, new exhibition of the Palacio de Molina (10/05/2016)

  • The popular cross of Alum bring together more than 500 participants in its fourth edition (10/05/2016)

  • The Mandarache and Hache literary awards celebrate their great closing gala on Thursday (10/05/2016)

  • The musical Aventura Canina arrives this Sunday at Circo Teatro Apolo (10/05/2016)

  • Cartagena, national maritime capital through a conference bringing together the military merchant marine, fishing, sports and (10/05/2016)

  • Alum kicked out their Spring Festival (10/05/2016)

  • ASID shows his creativity in the exhibition Sensations 14 (10/05/2016)

  • Official communiqué parties Carthaginians and Romans and non-school day (09/05/2016)

  • Opening of the exhibition of arts and crafts Cartagena Asido "Sensations 14" (09/05/2016)

  • The City continues to favor the employability of young people enrolled in Youth Guarantee (09/05/2016)

  • Cartagena focuses on the sky to observe the transit of Mercury across the Sun (09/05/2016)

  • Cartagena hosts from tomorrow the National Maritime Congress III (09/05/2016)

  • The municipal government shows its support and appreciation to the Afibrocar association (09/05/2016)

  • The challenge is to bring the 5G network to dispersed population of towns like Murcia or Cartagena (09/05/2016)
    The UPCT is an international leader in design and optimization of optical networks, "says the expert Telefonica Juan Pedro Fernandez
  • Students of Astronomy at the University of Elders observed the transit of Mercury from the Sun (09/05/2016)

  • Brokers and pets were protagonists of a day of living in Santa Ana (09/05/2016)

  • The mayor read a manifesto and hoist flags to celebrate Europe Day (09/05/2016)

  • Plenary attendance training seminar that analyzed the audiovisual messages for emotional education in equality (09/05/2016)

  • The cruise passengers know the art of the Spanish equestrian stud farm in a cartagenera (09/05/2016)

  • Cartagena recalled the time when San Gines was appointed as patron of the city (09/05/2016)

  • Cartagena with refugees launches a campaign to collect humanitarian aid to the Syrian people (09/05/2016)

  • The Mediterranean IES has 20 years of solidarity educating in values (09/05/2016)

  • The Woman March this year will support research into a rare disease (09/05/2016)

  • They request the cessation of incineration of Bisphenol A and other substances in Cartagena (09/05/2016)

  • The Cartagena bands played in unison in El Batel as an act of twinning (09/05/2016)

  • The SPAT gives a course at the local police control techniques to teach people in demonstrations and large gatherings (09/05/2016)

  • About 60 doctoral students participating in the V Workshop of TAIDA (09/05/2016)

  • Flowers and colorful Cruces de Mayo conquered the streets all weekend (09/05/2016)

  • The mayor received the new image of San Ginés de la Jara, pattern Cartagena (09/05/2016)

  • Between strings and brass reveals the best young classical musicians in the Region (06/05/2016)

  • From Monday there will be traffic restrictions in the area of ​​Morgue Estavesa by the works of the highway (06/05/2016)

  • The Sea of ​​Music will deliver its special prize to Cheikh LÃ' XXII edition (06/05/2016)

  • The Cartagena writer Spirit González about the history of the mayor his solidarity book, Entre Superheroes (06/05/2016)

  • The school Hispania commitment to music and closes its concert week with the visit of Deputy Mayor (06/05/2016)

  • The auditorium of the UPCT welcomes this afternoon XX Concert of Solidarity Mediterranean IES to sponsor children (06/05/2016)

  • The mathematical knowledge has prize (06/05/2016)

  • Canteras Civil Protection rescues a man of 82 years disappeared Thursday night (06/05/2016)

  • The Governing Board encourages participation by creating the Councils of Commerce and Equality (06/05/2016)

  • Manuel Padin: "Between strings and brass makes Cartagena in the capital of musical talent in this region" (06/05/2016)

  • Students of social education at the University of Murcia visited the building of La Milagrosa (06/05/2016)

  • The Government removed the festive Carthaginians and Romans against parents and unions (06/05/2016)
    The social pressure imposes a second vote that the mayor would not call
  • The new image of San Ginés de la Jara landed Saturday at the Port of Cartagena (06/05/2016)

  • The Supreme Court supports the legality of water rates and refutes the arguments Lopez (06/05/2016)
    "The courts again demonstrate that the accusations are false Jose Lopez"
  • Astus held a charity gala Saturday Dance in El Batel fundraising (06/05/2016)

  • C's advises the City Council possible irregular situation CATAD operating theater and its duty to update the animal census (06/05/2016)
    there is no evidence of the existence of any veterinary center in CATAD facilities registered in the Register of Veterinary Centers indispensable condition for major surgery in the operating room
  • Santa Ana expects a sports day on Saturday with his first cross and a canine cohabitation (06/05/2016)

  • Music has an appointment this Sunday in El Batel with the first meeting of bands Cartagena (06/05/2016)

  • Researchers and experts came to Cartagena in Science Day Graphene (06/05/2016)

  • The municipal government congratulates girls volleyball newly promoted Algar Surmenor (06/05/2016)

  • New radar controls Local Police from 9 to 15 May 2016 (06/05/2016)

  • Cartagena is the city I invited the Regional Fair of Children's Book in Cieza, for his work with Mandarache Awards (06/05/2016)

  • "The Risen" prepared for the May Crosses (05/05/2016)
    From tomorrow will take place May crosses the Brotherhood of NP Risen Jesus on the street Palas
  • The Bureau of Animal Welfare of the City of Cartagena approved the implementation of a project to control the feline population in that city (05/05/2016)
    at the request of the GARM Association (Animalista Group Murcia)
  • Citizens considers interesting to study the proposal to expand the capacity and competence of Customs Cartagena (05/05/2016)

  • ... (05/05/2016)

  • The City of Cartagena participates in the First Assembly of the Network of Local Authorities for Transparency and Citizen Participation FEMP (05/05/2016)

  • The municipal government will promote campaigns to sensitize young people about drug and alcohol (05/05/2016)

  • The Royal Princess docked in Cartagena and receive the first twenty tourists embark from the port (05/05/2016)

  • The hiring brings IMSEL Service Lifesaving beaches (05/05/2016)

  • Urban culture sneaks into The Night of Museums with Night Urban Ct contest (05/05/2016)

  • Cartagena has become the municipality with more blue flags of Spain (05/05/2016)

  • The City Council will seek partnerships with youth UPCT Racing Team (05/05/2016)

  • Between strings and brass presents its awards on Friday at a gala trasncurso in El Batel (05/05/2016)

  • The National Police arrested the author of the bomb threat to an institute of Cartagena (05/05/2016)
    He made the phone call, Room 091, from a hidden number not be located
  • The Consistory intercultural exercise again host the reception of Erasmus of IES Mediterranean (05/05/2016)

  • Cartagena dismisses the Senior Tourism Programme with the reception of the last 1,550 Austrian tourists (05/05/2016)

  • Pedro Antonio Sanchez confirms the support of the Community to promote the new headquarters of the School of Architecture of Cartagena (05/05/2016)
    The president holds the first official meeting with Alejandro Diaz in the Palacio de San Esteban as the new rector of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • On Monday again exposed the electoral roll for the elections of June 26 (05/05/2016)

  • A training seminar will analyze audiovisual messages for emotional education in equality (05/05/2016)

  • Maria Dolores Diaz, elected new president of the neighborhood Isla Plana-La Azohía (05/05/2016)

  • Cartagena also lived control record (04/05/2016)

  • Allotments maintenance of public roads, telecare and home help enable more activities and services for the same money (04/05/2016)

  • Manuel Padin: "the work of Astus for the disabled is a cartagenero pride that must be promoted and protected" (04/05/2016)
    spokesman Citizens in Cartagena, Manuel Padin, visited the residence The Cobijo in Tentegorra in which the Child Protection Association of people with Disabilities (Astus) offers permanent housing to 13 people
  • The number of unemployed in Cartagena decreases and three tenths below the nationally (04/05/2016)

  • Isabel Rosique will give a Master Class, the voice which I feel and breathe (04/05/2016)

  • Primary Students know the products and learn to buy at the Santa Florentina Market (04/05/2016)

  • I hope within a journey through the life of different players who arrives on Thursday to El Luzzy (04/05/2016)

  • Archaeologists and restorers explain recent archaeological finds in Carthago Nova Inédita (04/05/2016)

  • The city government continues its approach to nursing homes Cartagena (04/05/2016)

  • The XIV Telecofórum exposes employment opportunities of digital entrepreneurship and Chairs Network UPCT (04/05/2016)

  • One of the leading experts in financing discussed in UPCT alternatives for entrepreneurs and companies (04/05/2016)

  • The new general negotiating table starting off with representation of all unions (04/05/2016)

  • Constituted the new Municipal School Board, at its first meeting, set the holiday calendar for next year (04/05/2016)

  • Institutes entire region experienced in the Campus of Engineering (04/05/2016)

  • Constancy Control gulls campaigns discourages proliferation in Cartagena (04/05/2016)

  • Stories, music and a memory to Miguel de Cervantes in the XII Literary Contest Dulcineas People's University (04/05/2016)

  • Georgina Cayuela and Margarita Amante presented Wednesday Dance History at the Library of Luzzy (03/05/2016)

  • Astus held a charity gala Saturday Dance in El Batel fundraising (03/05/2016)

  • UPCT, businesses and schools combine their technological potential in the V Campus Engineering (03/05/2016)

  • 34 French exchange students with Ben Arabi visit the Palace Hall (03/05/2016)

  • Day Saturday coexistence with the popular cross and canine march Polygon Santa Ana (03/05/2016)

  • Castejon announces the creation of the Trade Sector Council representing more than thirty industry players (03/05/2016)

  • Researchers and experts come near Cartagena science and applications of graphene (03/05/2016)

  • Theatre for the whole family at the Apollo El Algar (03/05/2016)

  • The new municipal hall for ceradores young, Subjectively, opens on Wednesday with White Mute (03/05/2016)

  • The technological vocation turns on Campus Engineering (03/05/2016)
    researchers, students and companies disclose science in the 85 workshops of the fair, which will take up to 5,300 students Thursday
  • El Castillo de la Concepción host on Saturday the last pass of Hercules: Gods and Heroes (03/05/2016)

  • The Heroes of May 2 receive their traditional homage at the port (02/05/2016)

  • Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Zaragoza inspire the draft of the future animal welfare ordinance Cartagena (02/05/2016)

  • The Civil Guard surprises a criminal group while oranges in Cartagena subtracted (02/05/2016)
    have been arrested in flagrante the three members of the criminal group suspected of the crime of burglary
  • Cartagena preparing to May crosses next weekend (02/05/2016)

  • MC condemns vandalism of a small sector of the fans of Real Murcia (02/05/2016)
    cartagenerista The behavior of the fans was exceptional and the residents of Cartagena should not pay the deplorable behavior of a group of hotheads the visiting team
  • The theater and traditions bind to adults and children by the European Day of Intergenerational Solidarity (02/05/2016)

  • PP: "Castejon walks with unions without table after losing jobs and 700,000 euros for the unemployed" (02/05/2016)
    Deputy Mayor asks Murcia date two days before the May 1 to download responsibilities
  • The first race of Latin inaugurated the XXVII edition of the Silver Caravel tournament in St. Lucia (02/05/2016)

  • The Vicar of Cartagena invites the Corporation to participate in the procession of Corpus Christi (02/05/2016)

  • The esplanade of the port jumped and vibrated to the rhythm of the II Festival Weekend DJ (02/05/2016)

  • The Parish of Christ of Health celebrated its 50th anniversary with a reception at the Virgen de los Dolores and San Cristobal (02/05/2016)

  • Raul Martinez won the first race of the Biketrial Spain. (02/05/2016)

  • The mayor and MC councilors involved in the acts of the 50th anniversary of the parish of Christ of the Health of Sorrows (02/05/2016)

  • Course UPCT for officially licensed pilot drones (02/05/2016)

  • In May tryouts for the quarry will be made (02/05/2016)
    With an eye already on next season, the Club Cartagena FS start your project from the base formation
  • Music and choreography on the street celebrated the feast of dance in Cartagena (02/05/2016)

  • Barnabas gives the opening speech of the 475th anniversary of the canonization of San Ginés de la Jara (01/05/2016)

  • Cartagena decided the finalists Benjamins and fry (01/05/2016)
    The athletics track of the port city on Saturday hosted the Third Day Semifinal categories for both outdoor as well as a youth and junior Control
  • The Muram Cartagena prolonged exposure Hernandez Mar until May 29 (01/05/2016)
    The artist, who explores with his work on the transformation of the interior and domestic spaces, exposed several prints and drawings and has made the museum a mural of ten square meters

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