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Cartagena News - April 2009

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  • The Alicante Luis Talavera Wins Photography Competition IV Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (30/04/2009)
    As in previous years, there has been a high number of participants from various parts of the Region and provinces such as Alicante, Madrid and Salamanca
  • Schools update their facilities (30/04/2009)
    The College of Vista Alegre this morning opened its new library, a performance in addition to many others that will be carried out throughout this year in collaboration with the Ministry Education
  • The mayor supervises the work of Main Street (30/04/2009)
    In three weeks it has completed the fourth of the pavement and the time of completion will be maintained before the summer
  • New edition of the basic welding course for immigrants (30/04/2009)
    Pre-registration for this course, with a maximum of fifteen places, opens on Monday, May 4
  • The second edition begins ADLE course Scaffolding Editor (30/04/2009)
    The deadline for submission of applications for this course, organized in collaboration with the company ThyseenKrupp Xervon is 4 to 13 May
  • Sugar cubes to sweeten poems Much More May (30/04/2009)
    The Town Hall, Hostec, Browns Open Commercial Centre Bernal have launched a campaign to publicize the festival handing out 75,000 packets of sugar in sentences of artists in the downtown cafes
  • The Regional Museum of Modern Art opens its program of major exhibitions of Rodin's era (30/04/2009)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Culture and Tourism inaugurated yesterday the sample in this new museum infrastructure, which has more than 800 square meters of exhibition area divided into 12 rooms
  • 65,000 euros at the Circuito Permanente de Cartagena speed to promote motorcycling and motorsport in the region (30/04/2009)

  • 45,000 euros to lower the bus fare for students UPCT (30/04/2009)

  • Urbincasa Awards Ceremony - UPCT (30/04/2009)
    These awards are for teachers and students of the UPCT, who have conducted research projects, technical reports, final projects, ...
  • Researchers at the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena turn orange peel and lemon into fuel for cars (30/04/2009)

  • Works of lighting and sidewalks in the beach The Germans (30/04/2009)
    Cartagena City Council undertakes a number of improvements in the environment of the Institute of La Manga, in the proceedings of the Plan E
  • A different May Cross (30/04/2009)
    folk group La Palma on Saturday installed an altar in the costs of the Baroness that will reflect our indigenous roots, with food tasting and dance
  • The Technical University of Cartagena in the Mina Groups Vicenta de La Union (29/04/2009)
    Félix Faure The Rector calls it "the jewel of the Sierra Minera"
  • The magazine Five Futsal Cartagena is 100 numbers (29/04/2009)
    The publication, which has six years editing, has met hundreds of numbers with a full color copy of this newsletter on the beautiful game of Cartagena
  • Schools update their facilities. (29/04/2009)
    On Friday it opens a new library at the College of Vista Alegre
  • Cartagena French Students visit the Comenius Programme (29/04/2009)
    Youth Councillor has received today at the Palace Hall at 40 young people who have been sharing with IES Ben Arabi
  • The ADE is about the rhythmic gymnastics and indoor soccer (29/04/2009)
    students from Primary 6 Marist and St. Vincent de Paul have been in contact with teams and Cartagena Futsal Gymnastics
  • Start the asphalt paving of the Avenida Reina Victoria (29/04/2009)
    4 to May 12, will be closed to traffic and parking will be prohibited by sections in this way to approach the improvement of the firm, including projects in Plano
  • Area III Young participates in the European Youth Debate A leader for the world? (29/04/2009)
    Murcia is held today organized by the Directorate General for Institutional Relations and External Action and with the participation of volunteers from Europe
  • Women's associations grows in the region of Murcia (29/04/2009)
    About 200 women have participated in the First Day of Women's Associations in the Region of Murcia, which was held today in Cartagena
  • The King's Singers thrilled to Cartagena in the cycle ECOS (29/04/2009)
    The sextet will perform works in Cartagena French folk and black Africa, in the auditorium of the UPCT on Saturday, May 2
  • Dances of the crypt, a special visit to the Punic Wall (29/04/2009)
    Throughout the weekend of May, Cartagena Puerto de Culturas organized this tour of the site, where visitors will be transported to the Middle Ages through music and dancing skeletons
  • The Regional Museum of Modern Art opens its program of major exhibitions "The Age of Rodin ' (29/04/2009)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism inaugurated the exhibition this afternoon in the new infrastructure of museums, with more than 800 square meters of exhibition area divided into 12 rooms
  • Bascuñana visit the Center for Early Care and Occupational Center Astus association in Cartagena (29/04/2009)
    Social Policy The head goes through the facilities of the Residence The Shelter and a group home for disabled
  • The UPCT electronic certificates issued today (29/04/2009)

  • Ortega Cano toreará in bloodless bullfights in Las Vegas (USA) (28/04/2009)

  • The Muram opens its doors tomorrow with a major exhibition of sculptures by Rodin (28/04/2009)
    The exhibition features 54 sculptures from the likes of Rodin, Bourdelle, Carpeaux and Claudel
  • Civil Protection rescue two canoeists in the Mar Menor (28/04/2009)
    The incident occurred late on Monday in the area between Punta Brava and Perdiguera island, where the canoe capsized and the current occupants dragged to La Manga
  • Rescued injured hiker on Mount Roland (28/04/2009)
    Staff Civil Protection have rescued this morning a man about 60 years, who had a head injury and profuse bleeding
  • Season Calendar 2009 lateen (28/04/2009)
    More than 30 racing classes 21 and 42 spans, and with evidence of windsurfing, water filled Cartagena from May until December
  • The mobile phone is placed at the head of consumer complaints in Cartagena (28/04/2009)
    The growing number of people today have new technology is accompanied by a more disinformation, causing complaints have been made par with those related to housing
  • Recal morning in Cartagena one of the world's largest cruise ship with 2,600 passengers (28/04/2009)
    The Grand Princess will remain docked in the city for nine hours
  • A version of the play Art, Award for Best Editing in the X Isidoro Máiquez Theatre Festival (28/04/2009)
    The play 'Puebla Women' windlass group, Theatre Workshop won two awards, for best supporting actress and best director, and two special jury
  • Young Space University participates in the Employment Forum (28/04/2009)
    It takes place today in the morning and evening, on the campus of Paseo Alfonso XIII
  • Surprised two individuals trying to steal oranges (28/04/2009)
    Security guards on a farm in Pozo Estrecho alerted the local police, who reported to one of those implicated by a lack of theft
  • Traffic lights last generation to care for the environment (28/04/2009)
    The City Council is replacing traditional halogen lights and LED technology, which saves on consumption and less pollution
  • Two training workshops and employment are two workshops to 158 youth workers in the complex employment and Quarries (27/04/2009)
    The Youth and Employment Center Quarry will begin its work later this year, according to the mayor in advance of a visit the exhibition along with the Minister of Employment
  • The XI castellanoleonesa take the Championship of Spain 2009 Junior Hockey Online (27/04/2009)
    A total of seven teams from six regions, including the CH Cartagena, have competed this weekend for the top places in the Championship
  • Is an example of Portuguese caravel Calblanque (27/04/2009)
    It is similar to a jellyfish found in San Pedro del Pinatar and whose presence is unusual in our shores
  • Cartagena Local Police fight against child abuse (27/04/2009)
    A total of 70 officers participating in the seminar organized by the Ministry of Social Policy, which are held in Cartagena Park Security
  • The district of Santa Lucia, star of the festival Mucho Mas Mayo Cartagena (27/04/2009)
    art space and will be subject of study, where he also taught courses
  • Implica2 organizes talks on volunteering for IES students Mediterranean (27/04/2009)
    will take place on Tuesday and are aimed at students of vocational training and 4 º of ESO of ISE
  • Arrested for attempted armed robbery (27/04/2009)
    The incident occurred on Saturday, Paseo Alfonso XIII
  • Cartagena festival will be filled with the Cruces de Mayo (27/04/2009)
    With the cooperation of the City, eighteen institutions and cultural associations and neighbors assembled this weekend altars in public spaces to enjoy Seville and choirs rocieros the street
  • Two training workshops and two workshops to train 158 workers work in the parish of quarries Cartagena (27/04/2009)
    The Community spends more than 3.5 million job-training initiatives in the Youth and Employment complex Cartagena
  • Regional Collection Agency expands its services with the management of the City of Cartagena tributes outside the municipality (26/04/2009)

  • University Enterprises Foundation celebrates with UPCT the ninth edition of University Employment Forum (25/04/2009)
    To link businesses with students and graduates is the main objective of this meeting, which this year has been framed in the Second Week of Employment which starts next Monday
  • Workshops program sports Colleagues (24/04/2009)
    On Thursday there were two soccer-7 meetings between teams of El Algar and La Union were characterized by fair play and promote intercultural harmony
  • Lecture of the festival Much More May 2009 (24/04/2009)
    tension, excitement and magic focus the theme of this conference to be held in mid-May at the auditorium of the Museum of the Roman Theatre and will feature renowned artists and teachers as speakers
  • Opens Monday deadline to participate in summer camps and labor camps (24/04/2009)
    The activities are aimed at young people aged 12 to 30 years
  • Main Street begins to show off their new look (24/04/2009)
    already begun to set up the new slabs of stone head that will make this street it looks like the rest of way pedestrian streets
  • They find a shell of the Civil War in the Royal Street in Cartagena (24/04/2009)
    The artifact was unearthed when carrying out renovation work on the sewerage network
  • La Mar de Músicas more Murcia (24/04/2009)
    Pepo's band, the band ray, Alondra Bentley, Lidia and Laura Damunt More on the festival
  • The new health map will double the number of hospital beds in Cartagena (24/04/2009)
    unfold the current health care area in two, Cartagena and Mar Menor, and maintain Rosell as a second emergency door when it becomes operational in 2010 the New Hospital
  • Open the register at the Second Seminar on sexuality (24/04/2009)
    belongs to the program in 2009 Training Institute for Youth in the Region of Murcia, will be held on May 30
  • The festival conference Mucho Mas Mayo Cartagena this year will focus on tension, excitement and magic (24/04/2009)
    From 11 to 15 May at 20 h.
  • Luis Leante is the prize Mandarache and Andreu Martín, ax (24/04/2009)
    Feedback Most fall in the novels 'Look if I love you' and 'Chats'
  • The municipal libraries, with a mouse (24/04/2009)
    municipal libraries premiere new web portal, through which you can access the full range of existing books and enjoy other services such as reserve books, high or questions
  • The grassroots will keep a minute's silence for Antonio Rivero (24/04/2009)
    The clubs will pay this tribute next weekend at the death of sports coordinator and secretary of the CD Estay
  • The health area of double the number of hospital beds even though 100,000 people give to the new area of the Mar Menor (24/04/2009)
    unfold the current health care area in two, Cartagena and Mar Menor, and maintain Rosell as a second hospital when it opens its doors on New Hospital in Cartagena in 2010
  • Veronica Forqué gets on the stage of the Nuevo Teatro Circo in the role of an adulterous mother (23/04/2009)
    The queen is represented tonight, starting at 21.30 hours
  • The Deputy Mayor receives economist Emilio Ontiveros (23/04/2009)
    The founder of International Financial Analysts now closing the cycle of conferences organized by AJE at its tenth anniversary
  • Tonight will be announced the award Mandarache (23/04/2009)
    From today until Thursday 3 100 young people between 12 and 30 years will determine the fate of the awards, which will be presented at a ceremony on May 6
  • The UPCT hosts a photographic exhibition on the industrial heritage of the Region of Murcia (23/04/2009)

  • Thirteen Immigrants Detained after reaching the shore (23/04/2009)
    SIVE After detecting the presence of two boats
  • Final stretch of road surfacing in the Polygon Cabezo Beaza (22/04/2009)
    The Latest in improving its pavement have been the busiest, avenues of Luxembourg and Brussels
  • Veronica Forqué stars Queen Bee directed by Miguel Narros (22/04/2009)
    The work can be seen tomorrow Thursday 23 April at 21:30
  • Course at the University Madura Healthy People (22/04/2009)
    With this course, which starts on 14 May, ending a series of workshops have been held on women in various municipal associations
  • Granada opened a theater with the name of Isidore Máiquez (22/04/2009)
    With this act of homage to the famous actor Cartagena, came as invited the Councillor for Culture, Rosario Montero.
  • Social Services participates in a conference on volunteerism in the area of mental health (22/04/2009)
    Organized by The lateral association of Cartagena and the surrounding area are being developed at the Cultural Hall of the CAM
  • Cartagena than 215,000 inhabitants in 2009 (22/04/2009)
    The Department of Statistics has released data on 1 January this year, showing an almost equal distribution of men and women
  • The municipal court is filled with school athletics program ADE (22/04/2009)
    A total of 50 students from schools and Sacred Heart Stella Maris made contact yesterday with athletic clubs in the city
  • The Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Murcia will be buried in Cartagena (22/04/2009)

  • The City offers 758 seats for the next course in nursery schools (22/04/2009)
    The application period opens today at the centers until 14 May
  • The UPCT hosts a photographic exhibition on the industrial heritage in the Region of Murcia (22/04/2009)

  • Application period for consultation of the census of the European Parliament elections (22/04/2009)
    Citizens can view the lists at the Administration Building and the SKIP to Monday, 27 April
  • Nine hundred German and Portuguese cruise saturate for several hours in Cartagena (21/04/2009)
    The Department of Tourism has offered information about places to visit during your stay
  • The Deputy Mayor receives the Ambassador of Russia (21/04/2009)
    Alexander I.
  • Climbing Weekend in El Portus and the Azohía (21/04/2009)
    T-LA program invites lovers of the sport, aged 14 to 30 years to perfect their technique with this activity
  • In progress Cartagenero of the Year Award 2008 (21/04/2009)
    From Tuesday 21 April to 11 May is the period within which nominations
  • In a campaign to prevent gulls nesting in the city (21/04/2009)
    From mid-April to late June and will inform citizens with leaflets and radio spots to assist in locating and monitoring nests of these birds before it becomes a bigger problem
  • Slalom Tour of Murcia 2009 (21/04/2009)
    This weekend, 25 and 26 April, will be the first race of the Circuito
  • The program Implica2 II visits the Hall for the Integration of Immigrants (21/04/2009)
    The event, organized by the Directorate General of Immigration and volunteering, is developed in Torre Pacheco on Friday April 24
  • Teach wage (21/04/2009)
    This Thursday is the UPCT the I Workshop on Entrepreneurship and the II University Business Opportunity, in collaboration with the ADLE and Development Agency of Murcia Region
  • Chat users for socio Time Box (21/04/2009)
    Young Space launches a series of lectures on education and job search for the users of this youth program in the neighborhoods of San Antón, the six hundred, Los Mateos and Old
  • Spectacular piano final of the competition between strings and brass (21/04/2009)
    Jury and spectators gasped yesterday afternoon at the high artistic quality of the young performers
  • The selection of the League of Fans Football 11 V wins the Amateur Tournament (21/04/2009)
    be played Sunday at the New Cartagena sports despite the bad weather on a day which, in addition, taxes were paid an tribute to the former professional player Santos Buendía
  • The City of Cartagena Foundation continues its presentation to society (20/04/2009)
    Mayor Pilar Barreiro and three former mayors of the democratic era has presented the objectives of the Foundation general secretary of the PSOE in the region, Pedro Saura
  • The municipal libraries of Cartagena, above Murcia and Lorca (20/04/2009)
    According to the latest Map Reading excel in relative terms with regard to new readers and number of loans
  • The ADLE encouraged to move in search of employment (20/04/2009)
    The agency has published the brochure 'Move', in order to facilitate the people of the region of Cartagena finding a successful job
  • Resume sports school visits ADE program (20/04/2009)
    Alumni of the Virgen del Carmen on Friday visited the stadium and students Cartagonova CP San Isidoro made contact Thursday with the women's volleyball team Algar South Menor
  • Nine youths vie for final wood wind between strings and brass (20/04/2009)
    Semi-finalists will perform on Tuesday afternoon before the jury at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Cartagena
  • The soprano Raquel Andueza Cartagena reaches the hands of ECOS (20/04/2009)
    The Navarre, one of the best voices Baroque country, invited Thursday to a musical journey through the vicissitudes of love in an intimate concert for voice and theorbo
  • The Advisory Service Business Opportunities Cartagena help to 1,500 SMEs to win contracts (20/04/2009)
    The new service, located in the polygon Cabezo CEEIC Beaza has identified 28 business opportunities relating to new industrial and services tourism and health
  • Day of intercultural coexistence Colleagues program in San Anton (20/04/2009)
    Saturday was developed activities in the Partnerships Fair Youth X port and within the framework of a weekend dedicated to the culture and cuisine in the popular district of Cartagena
  • The Community creates an Advisory Service on 1500 Cartagena to help SMEs to win contracts (20/04/2009)
    Previous studies have identified 28 business opportunities this year to maintain 500 jobs and allow the medium term, creating 100 jobs over job
  • Marín visit Navantia in the round of meetings with large companies for employment and regional development (18/04/2009)
    The counselor encouraged the Cartagena-based company to continue to work with universities and technology centers to provide higher quality excellence to their projects
  • Campaign to collect signatures in Cartagena for the submission of the application of the European elections UPyD (17/04/2009)

  • The PSOE does not understand the silence before the situation Valcárcel Repsol Cartagena (17/04/2009)
    According to Teresa Rosique, "gives the impression that the president is hiding in these uncertain times for workers and citizens of Cartagena"
  • V Amateur Football Tournament New Cartagena (17/04/2009)
    The Elche CF is the guest of honor at the tournament of veterans of New Cartagena, which takes place this Sunday 19 April
  • X Fair kicks off Youth Associations (17/04/2009)
    The Mayor opened today at the forecourt of the site which will host Puerto during the weekend over 150 activities for young people Cartagena
  • The Municipal Corporation relies on the application possibilities of Cartagena 2017 (17/04/2009)
    Sports Councillor and representatives of civic groups said today the unanimous position of the Corporation to continue fighting for the city chooses to organize the Games
  • Straight Between the end of the contest and Metal String (17/04/2009)
    Six finalists in the category of piano, woodwind 9 to 5, with brass and 8 in the form of rope will be played next week the first place in the finals of this competition
  • X Erotic Story Contest (17/04/2009)
    will be two categories of 14 to 19, and 20 to 30 years
  • Promote a six-story parking a block from Old Town (17/04/2009)
    The Governing Board initially approved the Special Plan which determines the aesthetics of the facade and six storeys high
  • The City Attorney referred to the documentation of all contracting Blaya Pérez (17/04/2009)
    Joaquin Segado spokesman defends the legal processing of the hiring of the son of former councilmen Pérez Abellán and says there is nothing to hide
  • Less paperwork for access to school children (17/04/2009)
    The Board of Governors approves the bases for admission for next academic year for which the deadline will be open from 22 April to 14 May
  • More than 150 activities make up the X edition of the Youth Association of Cartagena, which begins today (17/04/2009)
    Veronica Lopez opened the meeting to be held during the weekend and with the participation of 69 youth associations
  • More than 3.4 million to put the links of the RM-12 road, which leads to La Manga (17/04/2009)

  • Pujante says managing Marchamalo Salinas is a "fraud" (16/04/2009)

  • The Mediterranean and the Fund UPCT reaffirm their institutional collaboration (16/04/2009)
    CAM assists in the funding of scholarships for excellence and the UPCT Fellowships
  • Khaled, Emir Kusturica, Oumou Sangare, Lucinda Williams, Mercedes Sosa, Marianne Faithfull ... in the fifteenth edition of La Mar de Músicas (16/04/2009)
    Cartagena festival looks to Morocco and will have over fifty groups
  • Cartagena will host a national rally of parkour, the art of movement within the festival Much More May (16/04/2009)
    Give the introduction to the sport of young people through workshops
  • Young people demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit Cartagena (16/04/2009)
    This is the conclusion of the study prepared by the Chair of the UPCT Bancaja with high school students, under the actions of entrepreneurship in which the City and collaborate INFO
  • Fishing Contest XIX Christ of Medinaceli (16/04/2009)
    National Open VI includes fishing from a boat, held on 19 April, and the VII Open fishing from coast to cast, to be held on 2 and 3 May
  • Environment plant 1,200 pine trees on Calvary (16/04/2009)
    The Department of Environment is repopulated during these days the southern slope of this mountain
  • Cartagena pours in the inline hockey (16/04/2009)
    Online Hockey League with the Sharks CH Cartagena as the home team and the Junior Championship of Spain XI concentrate sporting events in the municipality over the next two weekends
  • Special Plan to build a parking building in Arc of Charity (16/04/2009)
    The Board of Governors on Friday also studied the basis for the admission of children in infant schools
  • Sports ADE visits resumes after Easter (16/04/2009)
    The San Isidoro school students will be the first sports day this morning to share with players from South Volleyball Club Minor Algar
  • The Department of Festivities opened the period for the installation of the Cruces de Mayo (16/04/2009)
    The registration period will be open to associations, groups and entities until 23 April
  • Youth Gang (16/04/2009)
    The Youth Market to be installed from tomorrow until Sunday at the Plaza Héroes de Cavite offer handicrafts and second-hand objects by young people
  • All set for the works in López Pinto (15/04/2009)
    The project that started nearly a million execution with the installation of fences and traffic signs
  • A sailboat shows the effects of climate change on the sea (15/04/2009)
    The vessel, berthed at the Port of Cartagena until Friday April 17, will collect water samples and data on quality and composition
  • The Arab House centralize municipal services aimed at citizens of Sorrows (15/04/2009)
    The ADLE closed the Occupational Workshop has undertaken the rehabilitation of the building, with the presentation of diplomas to eight student workers who participated in it
  • Young people quote this weekend at the Port (15/04/2009)
    The annual fair of associations develop 150 activities beyond the traditional market and the regional contest erotic stories
  • Deadline extended registration for the course Professional Ethics Young Space (15/04/2009)
    up to April 24 UPCT students or recent graduates may enroll in this course will be held from 4 to 8 May
  • ... (15/04/2009)

  • The Web of processions around 440,000 pages served between Lent and Easter (14/04/2009)
    The retransmissions of the parades with schedules, sections were viewed by Internet
  • The T-LA Spring has more than 80 activities for the youth of the town (14/04/2009)
    After the successful participation in the Winter T-LA, workshops, travel and water sports activities will be players for the months of April May-June
  • Sergio Gomez and Patricia Llaguno, best athletes of the year Cartagena (14/04/2009)
    The XXIX edition of the Sports Awards winners Cartagenero already has ten awards presented annually by the Department of Sports City Council
  • Cartagena UPyD demands the return of subsidies provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water to the owner of the Salinas de Marchamalo (14/04/2009)

  • A Whale Tail Solidarity against cancer (14/04/2009)
    The City Council and the AECC have launched a campaign to raise funds to be allocated to prevention and research on this disease
  • The Municipal Institute of Social Services has scheduled a wide range of activities and cultural events to the largest in the city during the months of April, May and June (14/04/2009)
    Spring Informayor
  • Opening of the exhibition Women mathematics (14/04/2009)
    The cultural center has hosted Luzzy Ramón Alonso tomorrow Wednesday an exhibition which traces the history of 14 women who dedicated their lives to research and science
  • The local police service improves removal of vehicles clogging the streets (14/04/2009)
    A new truck crane modern and largest city is expanding this service from April 1
  • La Semana de la Guitarra Cartagena celebrates ten years (13/04/2009)
    As in previous years no shortage of concerts, courses and workshops and exhibition of violin making, besides the presence of masters like Leo Brouwer
  • Check the census for the elections to the European Parliament (13/04/2009)
    From Monday 20 April for 8 days, citizens can check these lists in the Administration Building and the SKIP
  • Artists Mucho Mas Mayo will enter the schools to present their work in the festival of students (13/04/2009)
    The students will visit the facilities and assistance from the festival and participate in discussions about art
  • New lighting in the neighborhood Four Saints (13/04/2009)
    have installed 32 new points of light in the streets Lugo, Baleares, Fernando Poo and Guadalajara
  • Fifteen Convigual project students begin their internships in companies (13/04/2009)
    The students realize their educational practices, a total of 120 hours in five nursing homes in the city
  • The Muram will open with a major exhibition of sculptures by Rodin (13/04/2009)
    The exhibition, which opens on April 23, will be distributed in three locations: the Palacio Aguirre, the annexe and the Museo del Teatro Romano
  • Course of Sensory Theater, inside the festival Much More May (13/04/2009)
    Taught by the Municipal School of Theatre, will take place on 8, 9 and 10 May, at a price of 10 euros and a maximum of 25 participants
  • Successful participation at the Festival of Sport I Street in La Palma (13/04/2009)
    More than 250 athletes participated in eight different sports that took place last Saturday in the town of Cartagena
  • Unemployment of the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood will improve the appearance of the area (13/04/2009)
    employment workshops begin the ADLE has launched in the fields of painting, landscaping and masonry for 3 months
  • Start the renewal on the High Street pavement after Easter (13/04/2009)
    The works will be ready for the summer and will also acquire a Still Life and Comedy
  • Tonight fail XXIX Cartagenero Sports Awards (13/04/2009)
    The jury meets from eight-thirty at night in the trophy room Cartagonova Stadium
  • Success in homage to Rafael Plazas (13/04/2009)
    His poor health prevented the assistance of the late founder and president of the Gymnastics of San Antonio Abad
  • Arrests for robbery and car interiors (08/04/2009)
    Both arrests were made on Tuesday by the local police Santo
  • The Delegation of the Government congratulates the people of Cartagena for the recovery of the two services of the Autonomous Community RENFE had deleted (08/04/2009)

  • Eight out of ten students of the UP gains access to the university for over 25 years (08/04/2009)
    Race has been more demand for Nursing
  • Outstanding Performance of the Selection of Cartagena in the VI International Youth Football Tournament Easter (08/04/2009)
    The afternoon session yesterday finally had to compete in the sports center of La Union by bad weather
  • The Full Council on the Plan E: a highly accurate radiography cartagenera Corporation (UPyD rating) (07/04/2009)

  • Return to Film Club movie Hannibal (07/04/2009)
    Eight films make up the last series of screenings before the summer
  • The mayor, Lady Portapasos of the Farewell of Jesus (07/04/2009)
    The honorary appointment has been given by the elder brother californium and President of the kiss at the headquarters of the Guild
  • XXIII Trofeo Cartagena City Athletics (07/04/2009)
    About 140 participants will take part in this traditional sport event, held in municipal athletics track
  • The Santiago, photographers aim for Cartel, 2010 (07/04/2009)
    The apostle who paraded Tuesday and Ash Wednesday is the image chosen by the Board of guilds to represent the processions of 2010
  • 15 students learn the techniques commercially (07/04/2009)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services closed yesterday during Dependent of Commerce, which has been developed for a total of 250 hours
  • A man arrested for alleged abuse in the family (07/04/2009)
    The incident occurred last Friday in the Plaza Father Marin
  • The City of Cartagena receives EUR 1.7 million unique agreement with the Community (06/04/2009)
    will be used to cover basic services
  • A successful participation in the first day of Latin American Championship Football 7 (06/04/2009)
    is held in municipal sports facilities Barrio Peral, José María Lapuerta and involves 10 teams and 12 male female
  • The new town hall in San Miguel opens its doors for the visit of the citizens (06/04/2009)
    Mayor inaugurated this morning the open days of the new administrative building, which may be accessed until April 8
  • Municipal services get more than six and a half million euros in upgrades to plan projects (06/04/2009)
    The city government has provided explanations on the draft Plan awards in an extraordinary plenary E
  • Barreiro and three former mayors, Simon Martinez, Vallejo and Alonso have the City of Cartagena Foundation President of the Autonomous Community (06/04/2009)
    Have you been offered the chairmanship of the advisory board of this organization aimed at improving governance and the proximity of the institutions and administration to citizens
  • Extension to nursery schools and primary schools (06/04/2009)
    The Governing Board approved the project in Barrio de la Concepción and the Virgin of Charity and the Community proposes to run four summer at the Vicente Ros, Concepción Arenal, Virginia Perez and Mare Nostrum
  • The Governing Board was informed of the redevelopment of the municipal areas (06/04/2009)
    The two areas are modified Government Infrastructure, Transport, Works, Services and Projects, delegated to José Vicente Albaladejo, and Public Safety, Public Roads, Tourism, Trade, Youth and Employment, delegated Javier Herrero
  • Bright Raúl Sáez bullfighting at La Palma (05/04/2009)

  • Cartagena feels close to the victims of terrorism (04/04/2009)
    With these words, the mayor was referring to the act of homage that was held today on the terrace of Harbour with the discovery of the monument The Zulo, after the hoisting of the flag of Spain
  • The Cartagena Raúl Sáez torea this afternoon at La Palma (04/04/2009)

  • Agriculture launches campaign collection of batteries in Cartagena's Holy Week (04/04/2009)
    special containers will be installed at strategic points, to recycle the large amount of waste generated at this time
  • The miracle has arrived Cartagena (03/04/2009)
    The mayor becomes the first woman who preaches the Easter processions.
  • 's Neighbors in Santa Ana Los Tarantos release their renovated plaza (03/04/2009)
    Decentralization Councilman proceeded yesterday inaugurated the opening of this new space over which they have carried out land reforms and access to the disabled.
  • The Guilds will have five containers to collect used batteries Easter (03/04/2009)
    The Ministry of Agriculture and Water has introduced the campaign to collect this hazardous waste is put in place in Cartagena for the second consecutive year on the occasion of this holiday
  • Between strings and brass and has six semifinalists in piano (03/04/2009)
    Those selected will compete in the final to be held on April 20 with the representation of a complete work not to exceed 15 minutes, which is the time allowed
  • The Regional Museum of Modern Art adds to the Domus museum management system (03/04/2009)

  • A Lifting up for the Spanish Flag and the Salute to the Victims of Terrorism (02/04/2009)
    This morning we have proceeded to place the sculpture on the esplanade Ochoa Victor Harbor, which will be discovered on Saturday at the tribute sponsored by the City of Cartagena
  • The Socialist Party argues that the regional government is putting together "a suit of Hansa Urbana with Novo Carthago" (02/04/2009)
    Teresa Rosique wonders why employers now spend thousands of serious difficulties, a few companies, such as Hansa Urbana, have full support of the Regional Government
  • 27 artisans participating in the VI Regional Trade Show and Craft of Cartagena (02/04/2009)
    Julio José Lorenzo highlights the dynamic effect of these events and their importance for regional handicrafts Share
  • Nine young people go to the end of Entre Strings Woodwinds and Metals (01/04/2009)
    The musicians will play his work in the final to be held on April 21
  • Participants in the European Science Olympiad visited Cartagena (01/04/2009)
    In his trip tour of the city have been received at the Palace Hall by council members and Josefa Montero Rosario Maroto, who have welcomed them to Cartagena
  • Cartagena gardens are filled with color for Holy Week (01/04/2009)
    The City will plant these days 14,000 seasonal flowers in the green areas of the city and repair damaged street furniture over the next holidays
  • A pop scene and colorful image offers La Mar de Músicas 2009 special Morocco (01/04/2009)
    This morning was made the poster for the festival, which is the author Ceesepe, and the book record the diversity of contemporary music in Morocco, which are four groups who will come this summer Cartagena
  • The PSOE requires the Department to end the untenable situation of the emergency area Rosell (01/04/2009)
    Teresa Carpenter Rosique and Sunday presented a motion of urgent Emergency Plan and the Rosell will be the second general hospital City
  • The municipal website processions re-broadcast (01/04/2009)
    The City Council and promoted TELECARTAGENA fifth consecutive Easter Cartagena on the Internet, which last year recorded 130,000 visits
  • Competition on Easter in the CTpedia (01/04/2009)
    The Cartagena virtual encyclopedia aims to increase the number of articles and pictures of Holy Week Internet
  • The CD Primi Sport celebrates its fifth anniversary with a gala (01/04/2009)
    On the occasion of it was presented several awards to athletes, organizations and prominent personalities of the season

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