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Cartagena News - July 2019

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  • One month for the Toad to return to the RCH (31/07/2019)
    The Friends of the Toad Friends Association, with the collaboration of the Department of Sports of the Hon.
  • The Cabo de Pop festival 2019 awareness about the cleanliness of the beaches and the use of biodegradable glasses (31/07/2019)
    The event, which features musical, sports, foodtrucks and craft markets, will take place on Friday 16 and Saturday August 17 in Cabo of Palos
  • Every day in August the Roman Theater of Cartagena will bring a story (31/07/2019)
    In summer, the site opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00 and on Sunday from 10.00 to 14.00.
  • The Archaeological Museum travels to Ancient Egypt with ´La Momia´ (31/07/2019)
    The screening of the film, framed within the Summer Film Series of the Municipal Archaeological Museum 'Enrique Escudero de Castro', will take place this Thursday, August 1, in its gardens, at 9:45 pm
  • The Sea of ​​Music reflects the relationship between technology and society in the exhibition 'Trending Tropics Covers' (31/07/2019)
    The exhibition of the photographer Alberto Gonzlez Arellanos, framed within the Sea of ​​Art, can be visited until September 30 at the Municipal Auditorium The Batel
  • The ADLE trains 40 young people in Gardening and Masonry (31/07/2019)
    The course lasts nine months, of which 3 are theoretical and the remaining 6 are practical
  • Infrastructure is organized to respond to the storm of the east (31/07/2019)
    Brigades' work will be reinforced on the beaches of Los Urrutias, Punta Brava and Los Nietos, which are the most affected in the Mar Menor when these winds blow
  • MC: "The Government of the lash prepares another New Door" (31/07/2019)
    Lpez recalls that, as of 2020, the City Council can force the owners to build
  • The Cartagena Ftbol Club and the Yeclano Deportivo will play the XII Gins Pagn Memorial Trophy (31/07/2019)
    The match will be played on August 3 at 7 pm at the Ciudad Deportiva Gmez Meseguer.
  • Last days to pay the urban, rustic and special features IBI (31/07/2019)
    Through these taxes, which can be paid until August 5, the City Council expects to raise about 65 million euros
  • La7 and FC Cartagena renew for the next two seasons (30/07/2019)
    The Sequoia Group acquires the rights to broadcast matches at home, which will allow television to also broadcast meetings outside
  • The city council fulfills its commitment to keep the residents affected by the Rambla Plan informed (30/07/2019)
    The mayor, together with the Town Planning technicians, held a meeting with the owners and residents of the area on Tuesday, whom she asked for tranquility and has ensured that it will work observing all legal guarantees
  • The municipal government and the UPCT intensify the collaboration for the implementation of the Smart City (30/07/2019)
    This and other issues have been addressed at the meeting held by the City of Cartagena and the UPCT on July 30 in the Administrative Building
  • MC prepares a battery of initiatives to promote honors files that recognize Cartagena with 'undoubted merits' (30/07/2019)

  • Miranda celebrates the Feast of Los Gallos (30/07/2019)
    From August 2 to 31, there will be dances, concerts, shows and contests
  • The City Council delivers a contribution of 15,000 euros to the Young Symphony Orchestra of Cartagena (30/07/2019)
    Through a collaboration agreement, signed on Tuesday, they are given this amount for this year 2019 with the aim of promoting classical music in the municipality
  • Cavanna Beach hosts the final of the National Futvoley Circuit (30/07/2019)
    On Sunday, August 4 from 4 pm the last 30 points will be distributed in La Manga for the annual ranking
  • Casco Antiguo begins a new stage betting on the sale of parcels, the collection of European funds and public-private collaboration (30/07/2019)
    The entity met on Tuesday to approve its accounts and launch actions
  • The Roman Theater Museum travels through its new exhibition the history of Carthaginians and Romans (30/07/2019)
    The exhibition 'A History Made Party', organized together with the Federation of Troops and Legions, will be inaugurated this Friday, August 2, at 20 hours and can be visited until October 7
  • The Infant School of La Aljorra will open its doors in September managed by the Department of Education (29/07/2019)
    The City Council of Cartagena remunicipates three centers in the last 3 years
  • The municipal government transfers its support to the Hoteliers on the day of their employer (29/07/2019)
    The second deputy mayor, Manuel Padn, attended Monday the Mass that Hostecar celebrated in La Caridad in honor of Santa Marta
  • Noelia Arroyo asks Lpez Miras for a meeting with the local government on Mar Menor and Health (29/07/2019)
    The vice mayor, who has attended on behalf of the City Council to take possession of the new president of the regional executive, has addressed him to expose the topics of greatest interest to the municipality
  • The theater play ´Intocables´, by Roberto Álvarez, stars Los Veranos de El Batel (29/07/2019)
    The adaptation of the acclaimed French film is shown this Saturday, August 3, at 10 pm, at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium
  • Punta Brava celebrates its festivities in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption (29/07/2019)
    From August 3 to 31, this area of ​​the Cartagena coast is filled with music, activities and vitality to commemorate its patron
  • Start the second shift of the work camp in Victoria Cave (29/07/2019)
    Students and specialists begin Monday the study and inventory of the site, which will last until August 11
  • Vihsibles hopes that “the Cartagena memorial to AIDS victims will help eliminate stigma about people living with HIV” (29/07/2019)

  • The Ben Arab Institute in Cartagena wins the first prize for Transparency, Citizen Participation and Good Governance of the Region of Murcia (29/07/2019)

  • Cartagena Local Police speed controls for the week of July 29 to August 4 (29/07/2019)
    They will be placed at different points in neighborhoods and districts of the municipality
  • On Saturdays and every afternoon of the month of August there will be no ORA service in Cartagena (29/07/2019)
    Vehicles may park in any regulated parking area during this time without paying
  • Zacaras Rqiq and Ana Isabel Cnovas, winners of the 11th edition of the Cross of Cabo de Palos (29/07/2019)
    Approximately 2,000 runners participated in this sporting event, held last Saturday June 27
  • MC urges CARM to comply with the Law by opening the Roman Theater to public visits at least four days a month (29/07/2019)
    It does so following the decision of La Trinca, Castejn, Arroyo and Padn, who expressed their insumission in plenary by skipping the Regional regulations of Cultural Heritage
  • The final work of a UPCT student warns that none of the hotels in Cartagena has a virtual tour (29/07/2019)
    "All information is scarce for the client," said Tourism graduate Laura Navarro
  • Zacaras Rqiq and Ana Isabel Cnovas triumph in Cabo de Palos (28/07/2019)
    The athlete of 190 Milsimas prevails in the XI Cross of Cabo de Palos with a time of 21:17, by 26:42 for the athlete of the Mobel Automenor Running Team , at the meeting held this Saturday
  • The residents of the Urrutias and the demands in Health receive full support (26/07/2019)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena will ensure safety during the Cross of Cabo de Palos (26/07/2019)
    Drivers are recommended to park their vehicles on the esplanade of the shopping center "Las Dunas", where the market is installed on Sundays
  • Amaia and Nio de Elche, the protagonists of the penultimate day of The Sea of ​​Music (26/07/2019)
    In addition, this Friday, July 26 will perform the folk music duo of Guadalajara, Los Cuberos Brothers, the kings of multiculturalism, Fumaça Preta, the Young musical group from Ghana, FRA!
  • Urban art also pays tribute to Paco Martn (26/07/2019)
    Portuguese graffiti artists Frederico Draw and Rodrigo Contra immortalize the director of La Mar de Msica with a large mural in front of La Milagrosa
  • The first work camp shift in Victoria Cave ends (26/07/2019)
    After two weeks of work, advances in interventions in Victoria Cave conclude with good results
  • The municipal government responds to citizen demands in the area of ​​Health with a joint motion (26/07/2019)
    The initiative, which was approved this Friday in full, has received the votes in favor of PSOE, PP and Citizens, against MC Cartagena and United We Can IU EQUO and VOX abstention
  • MC gets neighborhoods and councils to be at the center of municipal political action (26/07/2019)

  • The City Council will launch a Clash Plan in the Mar Menor (26/07/2019)
    Representatives of the residents of Los Urrutias have had the opportunity to present their claims to the municipal corporation on Friday before the start of the plenary
  • UPCT researchers and students present their progress in sustainability for Cartagena (25/07/2019)
    They propose improvements to avoid traffic problems and reduce the carbon footprint
  • The commitment of Jos Lpez (MC) by the UPCT continues to generate progress for the municipality (25/07/2019)
    Jess Gimnez trusts that the 'Government of the lash' fulfills the commitment of MC to triple the municipal contribution to the chairs of the UPCT and maintain knowledge exchange
  • Trovo artists from seven Latin American countries improvise in the XVI edition of the Trovalia Festival (25/07/2019)
    This contest about improvised oral poetry will take place from August 1 to 3, in Cartagena, Mar de Cristal and Isla Plana
  • Plaza Juan XXIII will continue to be cut off to traffic due to storm drainage works (25/07/2019)
    The work will last from Monday, July 29 to Sunday, August 4
  • The government board approves a budget modification of 17,500 euros for sporting events (25/07/2019)
    During the session held on Thursday there was also a green light for the creation and appointment of management bodies in the fields of Personnel and Culture
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas has a history for every day (25/07/2019)
    During the summer months, Cartagena Puerto de Culturas offers daily guided stories to get to know the city through the most emblematic museums and sites
  • Cartagena Negra 2019. New voices and new formats (24/07/2019)

  • The voice of Mara de Medeiros returns to Cartagena with The Sea of ​​Music (24/07/2019)

  • Toquinho with Slvia Prez Cruz and Javier Colina will fill La Mar de Msica with exquisite sounds (24/07/2019)
    Ana Moura, Mara de Medeiros and the Turkish Gaye su Akyol will also be the protagonists of the festival on Thursday, July 25
  • The Esplanade of the Port is full of faces with the exhibition of La Mar de Arte ´Inside Out´ (24/07/2019)
    The exhibition, designed by the French artist JR, is made up of 50 portraits of young people from Cartagena, who have turned 25 as the La Mar de Musicas festival
  • Cartagena is once again the epicenter of the Black Novel (24/07/2019)
    From September 3 to 7, El Batel, the Santos Ochoa Bookstore and Mister Witt Caf host round tables, book presentations, competitions and short film screenings set in this literary genre
  • City Council and Hoteliers will prepare a calendar of events not to saturate spaces and reconcile leisure time with rest (24/07/2019)
    Both parties have held a meeting this Wednesday with the aim of collecting the ideas of the sector in this regard and adding them to those contributed by neighbors in order to the elaboration of the new municipality noise ordinance
  • The Local Housing Board works to increase the public housing stock on a rental basis (24/07/2019)

  • The municipal government will implement new measures to improve cleanliness and infrastructure in the Mar Menor (24/07/2019)

  • MC: The PSOE remains faithful to its dynamics of the last legislature hiding the truth from the Cartagena (24/07/2019)
    "Arroyo and Padn become accomplices of Castejn to silence the management of PP and PSOE for more than twenty years"
  • "Who sows winds, picks up storms" (24/07/2019)
    Manuel Padn, on the foreseeable trial against Jos Lpez for an alleged crime of threats
  • 16 Athletes of the UCAM Athletics Cartagena will defend the Region in the National Federations (24/07/2019)

  • Presented the XI Cross of Cabo de Palos (23/07/2019)
    The City Council of Cartagena has welcomed this Tuesday the start of the event, to be held next Saturday
  • The Planning Commission approves requesting Roads of the State to transfer the former national that crosses Alumbres (23/07/2019)
    Likewise, it has been approved for the expansion of the Lidl supermarket in the Media Room
  • UCAM Cartagena analyzes in a course the usefulness of technological applications in athletics (23/07/2019)

  • Cartagena's Local Police intervenes in an alleged case of false charity association (23/07/2019)
    Remember that you have to distrust this type of campaigns carried out by supposed non-profit entities
  • The golden voice of Africa, Salif Keita, receives the prize of the Sea of ​​Music (23/07/2019)
    In addition to the award ceremony, the Municipal Auditorium El Batel hosted the inauguration of the exhibition 'Not only, but also', designed by architects Cartageneros Pepo Devesa and Mario Mndez
  • Mariza, the great ambassador of Portuguese music, in La Mar de Musicas (23/07/2019)
    The Cartagena festival hosts this Tuesday, July 23, in addition to the concerts of Dead Combo, the Chilean Pascuala Ilabaca, Moody Sake and La Mar Chica Resonante
  • Local Police seized 252 allegedly falsified products in Cabo de Palos (23/07/2019)
    The agents intervened on Sunday, July 21, a man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against industrial property
  • The House of the People of El Llano del Beal enters the Ice Age through the cinema (23/07/2019)
    The sessions will be Thursday, July 25 and Friday, July 26 at 9:30 p.m.
  • Chamber of Commerce and Municipal Government agree on the main lines to guarantee the development of the municipality (23/07/2019)

  • More than 2,000 runners will participate in the 11th edition of the Cross of Cabo de Palos (23/07/2019)
    This sports event will take place this Saturday, July 27, starting at 6:30 p.m., from the Paseo del Puerto of the municipality of Cartagena
  • The Finance Commission unfavorably informs the nomination of public spaces (23/07/2019)

  • The new Master in Telematic Engineering of the UPCT will specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Virtual Reality (23/07/2019)
    Companies in the telecommunications sector will teach, starting in September, in the title approved today
  • The Azoha Church Square will be filled with music and dance with Azoha Jam (23/07/2019)
    The event is held on Sunday, August 4, from 7 pm, with exhibitions of Skate, BMX, Bike Trial, Parkour, Scooter and Breaking Dance
  • The summer cinema of the Archaeological Museum projects ´The mines of King Solomon´ (23/07/2019)
    It will be this Thursday, at 9:45 p.m., in the gardens of the Museum, as part of the Cycle Hunters or Archaeologists?
  • The Federation of Troops and Legions leaves for the Romanian city of Arad (22/07/2019)

  • VOX Cartagena gets the municipal government to join its proposal to tender a new contract for the CATAD (22/07/2019)

  • MC will demand the free opening, four days a month, of the Roman Theater (22/07/2019)

  • The local government accompanies the Federation of Carthaginians and Romans to Romania to open new tourist possibilities (22/07/2019)
    The second deputy mayor, Manuel Padn, has traveled with a delegation of the festivities to the Romanian municipality of Arad, with which Cartagena is planning a twinning
  • The exhibition'Not only, but also' covers the 25 years of the Sea of ​​Music in a graphic, visual and sound way (22/07/2019)
    This exhibition, designed by the Cartagena architects Pepo Devesa and Mario Mndez, can be visited in the Sala de Exhibitions of the El Batel Municipal Auditorium, until August 30
  • Traffic cut in Fernn Nez street intersection with Virgen de Guadalupe (22/07/2019)
    It will be Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 from 7 to 19 hours.
  • Students and teachers are satisfied with the workshops on sexual diversity and equality (22/07/2019)
    The courses have been taught within the program 'If you feel drowned is not love' of the Department of Equality
  • The Polytechnic of Cartagena reduces to seven the maximum number of vice-chancellors (22/07/2019)
    The UPCT Senate approves the modification of its statutes, which facilitates the election of University Advocate
  • Local Police and Firemen start the smiles of the sick children of the Hospital Santa Lucia (22/07/2019)
    The agents along with members of the army have approached their daily work, they have shown the vehicles that they use and they have distributed gifts among the smallest
  • Lidia Jorge stars in the meetings of La Mar de Letras on Monday (22/07/2019)
    The award-winning Portuguese writer Ldia Jorge, author of 'El da de los prodigios' or 'The fugitive who drew birds', will be at seven in the living room acts of the Roman Theater Museum
  • Seized 128 dangerous laser pointers in La Manga (22/07/2019)
    The Quality of Life and Environment Unit detected on Saturday, July 20, the sale of these in two bazaars of the Gran Va, in the Porto Bello Urbanization
  • Cueva Victoria launches a pioneering system of smart labels with NFC technology (22/07/2019)
    Any researcher and asset manager that accesses the cave will be able to know data of the interventions made or coordinates of points of interest, without having to resort to the memories of the excavations
  • Rescued four cat cubs in La Manga (22/07/2019)
    The pigs, barely 3 days old, were abandoned in a park in the Urbanization Los Cubanitos and were recovered by agents of the Local Police
  • Firefighters extinguished a fire on the facade of the Amavir home for the elderly on Saturday (22/07/2019)
    In addition, they also put out the fire of a thicket in Canteras, at the Ports junction
  • GALACTYCO "is proud that the Administration finally supports the initiative to make a monument in memory of the victims of AIDS in Cartagena (22/07/2019)

  • New recognition to the automatic arch and the simulator for tractors of the Polytechnic of Cartagena (22/07/2019)

  • The government will deal with the hoteliers about street leisure, coexistence and the new noise ordinance (21/07/2019)
    This week a work table will be set up to deal with the sector on matters of interest to both parties
  • MC fears that Padn will give way to Arroyo and the 'Government of the lashing' punish the 'Costa de Cartagena' and hide his mark (21/07/2019)
    Jess Gimnez: "Castejn, Arroyo and Padn must believe that we will spend 100 silent days while they are summer "
  • Prize of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba to a project of rural electrification in which the UPCT participates (20/07/2019)

  • The City Council prepares the new tender and improvement works in the CATAD (20/07/2019)
    The Councilor for Health, who visited the center's facilities on Friday, has been holding meetings with the animal protection agencies of the municipality for two weeks to get to know their needs first-hand
  • MC will prioritize in the first ordinary session of the legislature the demand for investments in neighborhoods and councils Among the initiatives presented are the recovery of the Works and Services Plan and the municipal investment in the improveme (20/07/2019)

  • Final clip of the popular festivities of El Palmero (19/07/2019)
    For this last weekend, numerous activities have been programmed such as musical performances, the Night of Migas, the Water Festival, the Great Moraga de Sardinas or the coexistence food
  • In march the patron saint festivities of La Magdalena (19/07/2019)
    Poetry, painting, sculptures, cinema, music, sword fights and templars are the activities scheduled for this Saturday, July 20
  • Plaza Juan XXIII will be cut to traffic by rainwater canalization (19/07/2019)
    The works will last all week from Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th July
  • The Government Board approves the budget amendment to repair the air conditioning of the Ramn Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center Library (19/07/2019)
    The green light has also been given to the proposal to correct the damage caused by the floods of last April at the Stadium Cartagonova
  • The mayor will lead a Strategic Tourism Plan in which entrepreneurs will collaborate (19/07/2019)
    Mayor and Vice Mayor have held a meeting with the president of COEC on Friday to review the pillars on which the actions of the municipal government have to be based the next four years
  • Controls of speed of Local Police of Cartagena for the week of July 22 to 28 (19/07/2019)
    The agents will be located in different districts and county councils
  • The concerts of La Mar Chica and Somos de Aqu will be held in the Plaza del CIM (19/07/2019)
    The stage will be located between the School of Business Sciences of the UPCT and the Isaac Peral room
  • The Civil Guard detained three experienced criminals for assault on a home in Los Nietos-Cartagena (19/07/2019)

  • The municipal government unblocks the project of the Amphitheater and hires the excavation of the "Phase 2" (19/07/2019)
    The last draft of the Master Plan already has the definitive approval of the General Direction of Cultural Assets
  • Students of the Master in Industrial Engineering win an award in the national contest on energy savings organized by Isover Saint-Gobain and Endesa (19/07/2019)

  • MC: The 'Government of the trinca' imposes the law of silence in the Historic District (19/07/2019)
    Jess Gimnez questions the regulations that the Executive wields to suspend the concerts of La Mar de Msicas in the Plaza San Francisco and allow its development in the Town Hall Square or in the Concepcin Neighborhood
  • Katir of the UCAM Cartagena regional record of 1500. Pablo Diaz and Jornet selected for national concentration (19/07/2019)

  • Guided tours to Cueva Victoria begin (18/07/2019)
    During the work camp at Cueva Victoria, more than 350 people will visit the site
  • Young people from all over Spain participate as volunteers in the work camp of the Roman Amphitheater (18/07/2019)
    The tasks that are carried out are the cataloging and inventory of archaeological materials and the manual cleaning of structures belonging to the archaeological site
  • Valter Vinagre exhibits at La Mar de Msicas his introspective look at a festival with 'Under the Sign of the Moon' (18/07/2019)
    The exhibition of the Portuguese photographer can be visited until September 30 in the Byzantine Wall room
  • Convened the fourth edition of the Photography Contest'Antonio Acosta Hernndez' (18/07/2019)
    It will focus on the archaeological heritage of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia and the deadline for submission of works will be open until October 6
  • The Madrid musician Pancho Varona brings to El Algar his tour'Ruta 52' (18/07/2019)
    The musical performance with which it is intended to tour the 52 corners of the Spanish state will take place next July 28, at 10pm, at the Teatro Circo Apolo El Algar
  • MC will promote the remunicipalization of the CATAD (18/07/2019)
    This is one of the initiatives included in the Government Program of the Cartagena education
  • The boat trips begin at sunset with live music (18/07/2019)
    On Thursday, July 18 and 25, the Cartagena Tourist Boat Puerto de Culturas will tour the port to watch the sunset from the sea and listen to soul in the background
  • MC demands the urgent call of the Reforestation Board to agree on the actions to be carried out in the autumn (18/07/2019)
    Jess Gimnez doubts that the 'Government of La Trinca' will continue with the policies of climate change mitigation driven by their training
  • La Mar de Msicas brings together the most important names in art and graphic design exhibiting the posters of its 25 years (18/07/2019)
    The Ramn Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center shows a selection of objects and posters related to the festival since its first edition
  • UPCT professors will help Baccalaureate students to study Economics for the EBAU (18/07/2019)

  • El Llano del Beal, 20th meeting of RCH 2018/19 (17/07/2019)
    La Deportiva Minera, in collaboration with the Department of Sports of the City of Cartagena, the Neighborhood Board of the Diputacin del Beal and the Festival Commission of Llano del Beal organize the XV Popular Mining Cross and VII Mining Hiking
  • The Espac is preparing to welcome the training of the new Local Police agents (17/07/2019)
    The mayor of Public Safety, Juan Pedro Torralba, has visited the facilities to see first hand the spaces in which classes will be taught for the next promotion of cash
  • Cartagena joins the tourism of cemeteries (17/07/2019)
    Friday, July 19 at 8:00 pm will be the first of a series of guided night visits to the Cemetery of Our Lady of the Remedies of Cartagena
  • The Office of European Projects of the UPCT has managed more than 13 million euros in the decade that has been running (17/07/2019)

  • The Sea of ​​Music and the Department of Equality unite against sexist violence during the festival (17/07/2019)

  • Devotion and tradition on the feast of the Virgen del Carmen in Cartagena (17/07/2019)
    On the occasion of the patron saint of the fishermen and the Navy, the traditional Mass took place at the Church of Santiago Apstol in Santa Luca and its subsequent sea procession by the city's port
  • The Sea of ​​Letters begins, a framework for knowing the Portuguese Literature in depth (17/07/2019)
    A range of guests and activities make up the program of this XXV edition that will review the Literature of the neighboring country
  • The Admiral of Maritime Action, Juan Luis Sobrino Prez Crespo, offers his collaboration to the new municipal government (17/07/2019)
    The mayor, Ana Beln Castejn, and the deputy mayor, Noelia Arroyo, have received him this Wednesday at the Town Hall, where they have given him to know the structure of the new local executive
  • The Admiral of Maritime Action, Juan Luis Sobrino Prez Crespo, visits the Town Hall (17/07/2019)
    The mayor, Ana Beln Castejn, and the deputy mayor, Noelia Arroyo, have made known the structure of the new regional executive in this institutional meeting
  • A summer course at the University of the Sea puts on the table the relationship between literature and publicity (17/07/2019)
    At the opening ceremony, this Wednesday at the ISEN headquarters, attended by the delegated councilor for Culture, Carlos Piana
  • Education prepares a calendar of actions to prioritize the needs of schools in Cartagena (17/07/2019)
    The mayor Irene Ruiz explains that this is the best way to plan the budget of the Department in coordination with the directors of schools
  • MC: Mobility continues stagnant with the "Government of the lashing" (17/07/2019)
    Jess Gimnez: "If they do not know how to do it, they can copy our ideas and listen to the collectives"
  • The Virgin of Carmen procession through the streets of the center (16/07/2019)
    The image of the Virgin left this Monday afternoon of the Parroquia Nuestra Seora del Carmen to make a tour of what was once called the Carmen neighborhood in Cartagena
  • ADIF acquires 321,621 m² of 4 farms to start the remodeling of Cartagena's Railway Arterial Network (16/07/2019)
    The mayor appreciates that the Ministry of Development will continue taking steps so that the works of the AVE can begin by the end of 2019
  • Summer activities also for the elderly from Social Services (16/07/2019)
    From last July 2 the workshops began from the Unit for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities that will be developed until the end of the month
  • MC will demand the support of the Plenary to demand that the regional government cease its discrimination against Cartagena in health matters (16/07/2019)

  • Last tickets to see Goyo Jimnez in Los Veranos de El Batel (16/07/2019)
    This Thursday, July 18, at 10 pm, the monologist arrives in Cartagena with his show 'Aiguantulivinamrica 2', with which he has destroyed the box office
  • Tickets sold out for the Toquinho concert with Silvia Prez Cruz and Javier Colina from La Mar de Msicas (16/07/2019)
    Tickets for the rest of the concerts can be purchased at www.lamardemusicas.com
  • On the way, the popular festivities at Villas Caravaning campsite, in La Manga (16/07/2019)

  • Activated the contamination protocol with level 1, preventive, by exceeding the daily limit value of PM10 particles in La Aljorra (16/07/2019)

  • The Hotel Perla de Levante opens its doors in Los Urrutias (16/07/2019)
    This four-star hotel complex has 150 rooms, where 400 guests interested in water sports can stay
  • The municipal government demands'urgent and definitive' solutions for the vascular surgery service (16/07/2019)
    The deputy mayor and councilor of the Social Services Area, Noelia Arroyo, has approached the Ministry of Health to request measures to solve a service that is inerived since March due to lack of planning
  • The call for Professional Training Scholarships of the SABIC Foundation Spain is open (16/07/2019)

  • Absolute Regional Record of 4x400 for the girls of the UCAM Athletics Cartagena (16/07/2019)

  • Cartagena joins the project of the photographer of the "beautiful windows" Andr Vicente Gonçalves (15/07/2019)
    The Portuguese photographer will exhibit until August 30 at the CIM his photographic collages that show a tour of the world's windows at the La Mar de Msicas festival
  • Education will invest more than 80,000 euros in repairs and improvements in 24 schools in Cartagena (15/07/2019)
    As planned, the works will be completed before the start of the new school year
  • On the beaches of the Cartagena coast, blue flags and Q of Quality are already flying (15/07/2019)
    In addition, the beaches of San Gins de La Azoha and Playa Honda will count until September 8 with an assisted bathing point within the 'Beaches for all' initiative '
  • Countdown to the patron saint festivities in honor of Santiago Apstol in Cuesta Blanca (15/07/2019)

  • The Polyphonic Choir Cartagonova sings'Habaneras in Cabo de Palos' (15/07/2019)
    It will be on Saturday, July 27 at 22:30 hours on the Esplanade of the Faro's car park
  • Trovers and Rappers compete among them this Friday in La Magdalena (15/07/2019)
    This activity, framed within the celebration of Rural Art, aims to bring urban culture and traditional culture of the countryside to the youngest
  • Gold brooch for the National Folklore Festival of La Palma (15/07/2019)
    Last Saturday, July 13, the traditional gala that ended this XXVII edition at the Casa del Folclore was held
  • MC will ask the local government to demonstrate with facts if it supports the work of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Cartagena (15/07/2019)
    The renewal of the collaboration agreement signed in 2017 between this group and the City Council, governed then by the Cartagena training, must include an increase of economic aid
  • The Young Symphony Orchestra of Cartagena delights the public of El Batel with its journey'To a new world' (15/07/2019)
    The team directed by Álvaro Pintado interpreted this Saturday 'The unanswered question', by Charles Ives, and the 'Sinfona del Nuevo Mundo' ', by Antonn Dvořk
  • MC denounces that Diego Conesa continues to protect Castejn and his councilors (15/07/2019)
    At the request of the MC, the General Secretariat of the Plenary denies the information released by the regional PSOE, on July 3, about the suspension of militancy of the councilors 'defectors' and indicates that they still belong to that tra
  • MC: The Ministry of Culture will rule on the degree of responsibility of PP and PSOE in the plundering of Villa Calamari (14/07/2019)
    Mara Dolores Ruiz explains the pronouncement of the Ombudsman in response to the initiatives of groups in defense of heritage
  • Somos Regin demands the extension of the hemodynamics service of the Hospital Santa Luca de Cartagena (12/07/2019)
    Health professionals, political parties or the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Cartagena have been demanding that the Santa Luca Hospital have a Hemodynamics unit open on time continuous 24 hours
  • Inauguration of the Hotel Perla de Levante in Los Urrutias (12/07/2019)
    It will be on Monday, July 15 at 8:00 pm on the Calle Ro de Avils
  • The Sea of ​​Music rolls up for the environment (12/07/2019)
    On 25 and 27 July, on the beaches of Cartagena and Cabo de Palos will be collected waste
  • The Barrios ADLE program trains eight students in urban maintenance in Pozo Estrecho (12/07/2019)
    The closing of the course has been celebrated with the delivery of diplomas after completing the theoretical and practical training of 260 hours
  • The City Council and the new Board of the Food Bank advance in the creation of the new project (12/07/2019)
    The meeting to study these advances has been held today Friday at the dependencies of the Department of Social Services
  • MC alerts of the possible suspension of the service of the municipal classrooms of free access to the Internet (12/07/2019)
    The training of Cartagena shows its support to the improvement of the working conditions of the workers
  • MC Cartagena will propose that one of every three ordinary plenary sessions be held in the afternoon to favor neighborhood assistance (12/07/2019)
    The content of the motion includes that all the extraordinary sessions take place in the evening;
  • Performances and dances at the closing of the V Summer Open School'ConVive in your neighborhood: open for vacations' (12/07/2019)
    More than 100 people of all ages from the Historic Center and the Station Sector have participated in the 90 activities that have taken out, under the framework of the ICI Project
  • The government board gives green light to subsidies in the field of Culture, Social Services and Equality (12/07/2019)
    During the session held this Friday, the infrastructure proposal has also been approved with the stops and weekly rest calendar of the taxi sector for this year 2019
  • Nursing students of the UCAM participate as volunteers in a children's camp of the Diabetic Society of Cartagena (12/07/2019)

  • Cartagena Local Police speed controls for the week of July 15 to 21 (12/07/2019)
    These surveillance points will be installed in different neighborhoods and local councils
  • Sold out spaces for visits to Cueva Victoria (12/07/2019)
    The 18 scheduled shifts between July 18 and August 9 have already been completed
  • The Port of Cultures summer on stage (11/07/2019)
    Under that slogan, Cartagena Puerto de Culturas takes the story to scenes through visits and dramatized routes that make the explanations more attractive
  • The ADLE participates in the first Campus of the Network of Local Development Entities in Zaragoza (11/07/2019)
    This event involves nearly 70 professionals and local development policy makers from 27 cities and regions of Spain.
  • A look at the past of the 25 editions of La Mar de Msicas in'A festival, a city' (11/07/2019)
    The Toms Rico Rooms and Vctor Beltr of the Consistorial Palace host a selection of 145 photographs taken by the two official photographers of the Pablo Snchez festival del Valle and the late Carlos Gallego
  • The municipal government increases to half a hundred police officers in practice from October (11/07/2019)
    Given the vacancies that have been occurring since the last call in March to cover 15 seats, from Personnel has been notified by order to those who approved in the same to be covered up to 43
  • The ADLE trains 30 people to work by handling food (11/07/2019)
    Students receive instruction on what is known as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a system implemented to guarantee consumers food safety
  • MC Cartagena denounces that Castejn wants to pay 14,044 euros irregularly to his councilors 'defectors' of the PSOE (11/07/2019)

  • Mechanical Engineering, the most demanded race for the next course in the UPCT (11/07/2019)

  • The Corporation approves the remuneration of the councilors, the informative commissions and their representatives in entities and organizations (11/07/2019)
    In this first plenary session the socialist councilor Mercedes Garca has also taken possession in substitution of Manuel Mora
  • More than a hundred vehicles are blessed on St. Christopher's Day (11/07/2019)
    This Wednesday, July 10, the deputation of the neighborhood El Bohio celebrated his patron's day with the traditional mass and wreath in his honor, as well as the blessing of vehicles and the subsequent procession within your party schedule
  • The Trending Tropics Caribbean experimental project will be completed in Cartagena with an exhibition and a workshop for young people (11/07/2019)
    This musical symbiosis between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic is commanded by Visitor, Calle 13, and the winner of a Grammy Vicente Garca, who have created a collaborative music project featuring Afro-Caribbean rhythms and rap
  • An architect for the UPCT, finalist in the Ibero-American Architecture Biennial (11/07/2019)
    Competes with a project of educational center and teaching research for Pozohondo (Albacete)
  • The Corporation will hold on Thursday its first full organizative of the legislature (10/07/2019)
    As it establishes the regulations, it will approve the remunerations of the councilors, the periodicity of the sessions and the informative commissions, in addition to taking possession Mercedes Garca replacing Manuel Mora
  • Isabel Garca reveals that the tripartite will cost the Cartagena more than 200,000 euros if she had governed MC (10/07/2019)
    Lack of transparency, inefficiency, institutional paralysis and eagerness to power, the principles that unite PSOE, PP and C's
  • 'Archaeologists or treasure hunters? ', An appointment with the cinema every Thursday at the Archaeological Museum (10/07/2019)
    The Film at the Museum cycle begins on Thursday, the 11th with the screening of the film Altamira that tells the real story of the discovery of these caves
  • Playa Paraso hosts a solidarity journey to fight Multiple Sclerosis (10/07/2019)
    The test is part of the 'Get Wet for Multiple Sclerosis' initiative that will be held on 900 beaches and swimming pools throughout Spain
  • The T-The combat the heat with a trip Aqualandia (10/07/2019)
    The program of Alternative Free Time of the Department of Youth organizes an exit to the water park for next July 27 in its 90 activities for this summer
  • La Mar de Msicas will hold its fourth "Mar de Barrios" in the Barrio de la Concepcin (10/07/2019)
    In its XXV edition, the festival will take to the residents of the neighborhood children's music, workshops, dance and parades next Tuesday, July 23
  • The music will flow this summer on the terrace of El Batel with the 'Xtraordinary Nights' (10/07/2019)
    They will offer in concert to Hidrogenesse (August 8), Josele Santiago (August 14) and Bigott Bigott (August 22) also with dinner option plus concert in the restaurant Eszencia
  • The speleological exploration of the deepest chasms of the planet at Sergio Garca's conference at the Museo Teatro Romano (10/07/2019)
    The archeologist's talk will be held next Friday, July 12 at 7:30 p.m. with the work developed by the International Underground Exploration Team CAVEX Team
  • Improvement in the rainwater collection of Gisbert Street to avoid puddles (10/07/2019)
    Wednesday, the works that have been carried out in the final section of the tunnel by the water service concessionaire will be completed
  • Cartagena prepares to teach The Sea of ​​Art (10/07/2019)

  • Ricardo Segado reminds Noelia Arroyo that he must promote the homage to 'Jabato Sagarduy' (10/07/2019)
    The Cartagena-based education organization is calling on the government to convene a roundtable to honor historical figures of Cartagena football, paralyzed by the PSOE
  • A student of the UPCT promotes a youth group to collect garbage on beaches (10/07/2019)
    This Sunday will be the second round of volunteers to clean between Los Nietos and Playa Paraso
  • The XI Cross of Cabo de Palos, with 200 numbers to close registrations (09/07/2019)

  • FC Cartagena makes available to fans the Golden Subscription with multiple advantages (09/07/2019)
    It is the main novelty of the subscriber campaign for the 2019/2020 season, which started on Tuesday, July 9 at Estadio Municipal Cartagonova
  • Education completes its offer of summer leisure with the Workshops of the Sea and Summer with Art (09/07/2019)
    440 children participate in these activities that take place in the Club de Regatas and the Mare Nostrum school
  • The Talent Return Program adds a new contract (09/07/2019)
    The Cartagena Rubn Correoso Campillo, Telecommunications Engineer, is the third returned by the Naval and Marine Technology Center
  • The Cartagena Folk consolidates as an annual event among regional fans of fusion music (09/07/2019)
    The festival hosted hundreds of attendees of the musical, recreational and gastronomic activities that took place during the weekend in Cartagena
  • ADLE students complete their training with internships in Portuguese and Italian companies (09/07/2019)
    The Councilor for Education, Employment and Business, Irene Ruiz, has handed out the diplomas to the twelve participants of the Erasmus + program after completing their European work experience
  • Open the registration period for guided tours to Cueva Victoria (09/07/2019)
    The site will remain open to the public on the occasion of the work camp that will take place from July 15 to August 11
  • Measurement of environmental pollution in Cartagena (09/07/2019)

  • "PP and Citizens will have to validate another attempt to purchase wills from Castejn" (09/07/2019)
    MC Cartagena requests a mandatory report from the General Secretariat of the Plenary in relation to the agreement on working conditions of officials and the agreement of the City Council's workforce
  • A UPCT thesis shows that deficit irrigation saves 2.5 million liters of water per hectare of cherry tree (09/07/2019)
    Agronomists from the Polytechnic of Cartagena have verified that the technique does not diminish quantity or quality of production and does cherry less sensitive to cracking
  • To the school, to enjoy the summer (08/07/2019)
    1,300 children from all the municipality learn to fill their leisure in 11 educational centers of the hand of the Department of Education
  • Neighbors of the Historical Center and the Station Sector of Cartagena build coexistence in the Open Summer School (08/07/2019)
    The activity is part of the Intercultural Community Intervention Project promoted by the City of Cartagena, the Obra Social of "la Caixa" and the Cepaim Foundation
  • The Councilor for Education visits the Summer courses with Art and the Workshops of the Sea (08/07/2019)
    It will be this Tuesday, July 9 when she visits CEIP Mare Nostrum and the Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena for the start of summer schools.
  • Summer School, also for the homeless (08/07/2019)
    From 8 to 12 July, 20 participants will live together, make excursions and cultural visits, receive notions about first aid and health and learn to dance salsa among other activities
  • Young people from Cartagena enjoy a trip to Asturias with the T-La program (08/07/2019)
    The participants left on Sunday to visit the main Asturian cities, such as Gijn and Oviedo, together with the Youth Council
  • MC regrets that the 'Covenant of servility' has as sole revenue for Cartagena the holiday of its signers (08/07/2019)
    Gimnez says that "Arroyo and Castejn have 21 days of vacation, Padn, 4 years and 21 days"
  • Clubs throughout the Region and nationals participate in the V Online Hockey Campus in Cartagena (08/07/2019)
    It was held from last July 1 to Saturday 6 with players of different categories
  • The exhibition 'Land Inherited' inaugurates the XXVII National Festival of Folklore of La Palma (08/07/2019)
    Last Saturday, July 6, the week of festivities began with the work of the documentary photographer Joaqun Gir
  • MC will seek the support of the Plenary to promote the implantation in Cartagena of a Day Center that serves users suffering from neurodegenerative diseases (08/07/2019)
    The cartagenerista education advocates offering institutional support to the association 'Multiple Sclerosis of Cartagena y Comarca' in the attainment of the objective
  • Sones of music bands in the Plaza de San Francisco (08/07/2019)
    Groups of Molina de Segura, Manzanares and Cartagena participated on Saturday in the VI National Festival organized by the Musical Association Sauces
  • Five metals and new Sub16 records in Gijn (07/07/2019)
    This weekend was the 18th Spanish Open Category Championship, where our athletes have achieved one gold, two silvers and two bronzes
  • Club Cuatro Santos Cartagena celebrates its annual gala with awards and distinctions (07/07/2019)

  • Lifeguards on Cartagena's beaches inform users of the yellow alert due to high temperatures (06/07/2019)
    Advise especially the elderly and children not to spend much time in the sun, drink water and cool off with dips
  • The Governing Board delegates powers and appoints representatives in entities and organizations (05/07/2019)
    The meeting was held today Friday under the chairmanship of the mayor, Ana Beln Castejn
  • The Sea of ​​Music will gather 90 activities of Cinema, Art and Letters in its parallel programming (05/07/2019)

  • MC reminds Diego Conesa that "what is left over is the coalition PP, PSOE and C's, only supported by corruption" (05/07/2019)
    The resignation of Castejn and the respect to govern the most voted force is the only way out of the PSOE to the Pact of Indecency
  • The La Gola car park launches two new free recharging points for electric cars (05/07/2019)
    It allows a simultaneous use of up to four vehicles of users previously registered in the municipal website
  • The Management Committee of the PSOE in Cartagena will be presented this Friday (04/07/2019)
    Diego Conesa emphasizes that Lourdes Retuerto, member of the Executive of PSRM, will be the president of the Manager
  • The vicelcaldesa offers to the peas del Efes a seat in the Cartagonova and support to the national congress (04/07/2019)
    The consistory will collaborate in the candidacy of Cartagena to the congress of Hobbies United in 2022
  • The new director of the AGA, Colonel Manuel de la Chica, visits the Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena (04/07/2019)
    The mayor and vice mayor of Cartagena, Ana Beln Castejn and Noelia Arroyo, have received the new head of the school where the futures are formed Spanish fighter pilots
  • On sale the last hundred tickets of the Toquinho concert with Silvia Prez Cruz and Javier Colina at La Mar de Msicas (04/07/2019)
    The festival is selling the last 50 tickets for the Torres Park concerts
  • The emergency services on beaches pass the quality test (04/07/2019)
    Local Police, lifeguards and medical vehicles have participated this morning in two simulations carried out in the beach of Gala and Cala del Pino where the response times to a drowning have been verified and a spinal injury
  • Summer activities aimed at the youngest of the Barriada Virgen de la Caridad begin (04/07/2019)
    They will be developed during this month of July within the Community Dynamization Plan of the Department of Social Services
  • MC: Diego Conesa claudica before the clientelist network of the PP and Castejn (04/07/2019)

  • The Ministry certifies that engineering is the most employable career (04/07/2019)

  • Nine university students from all over Spain participate in the archaeological excavation of the Molinete (04/07/2019)
    Last Monday, July 1, the I Course of Field Archeology began to be held in the Kardo II for three weeks
  • GALACTYCO announces a new concentration in the Regional Assembly (04/07/2019)

  • The 26 rescue posts on Cartagena's beaches are underway (04/07/2019)
    Since last weekend, the Vigilance and Rescue Plan has been fully activated in the bathing areas of the municipality with recommendations for the use of them
  • End of course in theater workshops of clubs for the elderly (04/07/2019)
    More than a hundred people have participated in the activities promoted by the Department of Social Services
  • Urgent repair of a section of the Gran Va de la Manga (03/07/2019)
    The action was carried out this morning in the entrance lane at the height of Las Sirenas, to guarantee the safety of the vehicles
  • MC will demand that the municipal budget break down the economic items allocated to neighborhoods and councils (03/07/2019)

  • Hermanos Marn, CD Los Urrutias and CD Lapuerta collect their trophies as amateur soccer champions of Cartagena (03/07/2019)
    In the ceremony held at the Palacio de los Deportes, prizes were also awarded to all participants, to the most veterans, to the top scorers , goalkeepers less beaten, referees and those in charge of municipal fields
  • The Local Police of Cartagena surprises two minors who tried to steal inside a caravan (03/07/2019)
    The events took place last Wednesday morning, July 3, in the area of ​​the New Cartagena
  • Two architectural competitions reward the student of the Polytechnic of Cartagena Eva Moreno (03/07/2019)
    The student, who has won six awards during the race, has devised a magnetic system to move the furniture with the mobile
  • MC will request institutional support for Cartagena to host the largest gathering of soccer fans in the country (03/07/2019)
    The Federation of Clubs of Football Club Cartagena is committed to the celebration in the city of the Congress of United Hobbies in 2022
  • Patricia Paz, on her way to Lutsk (02/07/2019)
    The technical director of the FAMU will be among the list of technicians for the European Cup of Combined Tests, to celebrate this weekend in the Ukrainian city
  • The festive atmosphere returns to El Boho to celebrate San Cristbal (02/07/2019)
    The celebrations, with parades, family raffles, dances, live music, games and contests, will take place from Saturday 6 to Sunday, July 14.
  • A week of music and culture at the XXVII National Folklore Festival of La Palma (02/07/2019)
    It will be inaugurated this Saturday, July 6, along with the photographic exhibition 'Inherited Land' and activities will be held until the night of the 14th with the performances of diverse folk groups
  • Maestros Mundi opens a new space for the family in its closing ceremony of the course (02/07/2019)
    During the event the activities carried out in the Coaching Project, Talentum and Heroes without a layer projects were presented, as well as the new Family Leisure Club that will begin the next course
  • MC Cartagena redoubles its commitment to the municipality by reinforcing direct attention to all residents (02/07/2019)
    Each district will have a councilor responsible for monitoring the needs of the area
  • The new municipal tax ordinance of Cartagena comes into force (02/07/2019)
    The agreed standard with professionals, unions and users was published last Saturday in the Official Gazette of the Region, after not having registered allegations during its public exhibition
  • The Local Police of Cartagena recover 7.5 kilos of narcotic substances in La Manga waters (02/07/2019)
    The agents observed a package floating in the sea, at kilometer two
  • The Local Police intervenes a compressed air gun in a park (02/07/2019)
    The weapon was carried by two young men of 23 and 29 who did not have a license
  • Tourism overturned on the road to La Aparecida (02/07/2019)
    The driver of the vehicle had to be released by firefighters after ramming two others, without suffering serious injuries
  • Cartagena celebrates the VI National Festival of Music Bands this weekend (01/07/2019)
    As a novelty this year, the Sauces School Band will act as the opening act, to involve musicians in this type of event and to let the public know about them
  • More than 1,300 children will participate from today in the summer activities of the Department of Education (01/07/2019)
    Among them stand out the Schools with Dining, workshops of the sea, storytelling and juggling, theater, language or mathematics, as well as summers with art, which will be developed in a total of 11 municipal schools
  • The Submerged Heritage of the Region, protagonist in the opening of the UPCT International Summer Campus (01/07/2019)
    The Faculty of Business Sciences has hosted the presentation of the courses together with the presentation by Carlota Prez-Reverte
  • Mikel Erentxun conquered the music of Los Conciertos del Fuerte with his music (01/07/2019)
    Christmas Fort, the 19th century military fortress, lived a magical night on Friday
  • The III UPCT International Summer Campus starts with a conference on underwater archeology (01/07/2019)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena confiscated 160 kilos of citrus fruits in the market of Cabo de Palos (01/07/2019)
    The events took place on Sunday as a result of the surveillance tasks that are usually carried out to control street vending
  • The Municipal School of Theater closed the course in the Plaza de Juan XXIII (01/07/2019)
    More than 250 students have participated in the performances organized by the groups, pre-juvenile, youth and adult
  • Pablo Diaz returns to win medal in the National Sub23 in Tarragona (01/07/2019)


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