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Cartagena News - November 2009

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  • VI and psychology workshop for parents and teens diabetes (30/11/2009)

  • The Cartagena Rosell attending this year 65 new cases of HIV positive (30/11/2009)
    The Hospital has a query on demand, innovation in the Region
  • More than eighty percent of college students have used the Registration On-line (30/11/2009)

  • Cartagena UPyD shows its sympathy to the family of woman killed by accident in the northern bypass. (30/11/2009)
    Also criticizes the lack of security in the Round and in the rotunda of Mandarache
  • The site of The Camachos and has 360 pitches for companies (30/11/2009)
    The board of the newly formed Conservation Authority Camachos was presented today to the mayor, which has asked for cooperation with the infrastructure so that the polygon becomes a reference in the municipality.
  • The City combat the plague of red palm weevil (30/11/2009)
    The brigades municipal parks and gardens are to carry out the felling of 27 palm trees in the Santa Ana Range affected by the beetle infestation.
  • Youth signed a collaboration agreement for the Teaching of Spanish Language and Culture (30/11/2009)
    It aims to disseminate the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, and the dissemination of activities related to linguistic and cultural exchanges.
  • Open session for those interested in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar 2000 (30/11/2009)
    On Thursday, a video will be screened at the Municipal School of Theatre with free admission.
  • Local police recorded 14 complaints by mobile phone use and driving (30/11/2009)
    During the campaign, 5,481 vehicles have been controlled.
  • New members and chairman of the Neighborhood Board Albujón (30/11/2009)
    Angel Nieto chairs from Thursday this organism, which are incorporated Caridad Ayala García, Ginés González Sáez and Salvador Lorenzo del PP.
  • 36 courses students receive their diplomas glass crafts (30/11/2009)
    In two months they have learned techniques of engraving, carving and fusing.
  • A woman died when hit by a passenger car in the northern bypass of Cartagena (30/11/2009)
    The victim was crossing the road at a zebra crossing at the height of Mandarache
  • Cerdá inaugurates new facilities of the Agricultural Cooperative Southeast (29/11/2009)
    SureScan generates 60 jobs and has an output of 20 million kilos a year of lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, cauliflower, zucchini, cantaloupe and watermelon, among other products
  • Dolores Galindo ceases as Coordinator of Fine Arts (27/11/2009)

  • 2,300 runners will participate on Sunday at the Cross VIII Artillery (27/11/2009)
    The classic Cartagena again exceeded all expectations and will go from 10.30 am the main streets of downtown will be closed to traffic
  • The largest of Cartagena will enjoy a new edition of the program Hydrotherapy (27/11/2009)
    The program offers a total of 10 innings during the months of March, April and May, aimed at people of the municipality in excess of 55
  • Cartagena is preparing to celebrate Christmas (27/11/2009)
    Celebrations The Department of finalizing the details of a program that, although is marked by the austerity of the times, not lose a bit of festive atmosphere with activities that have as the central town Bethlehem and the environment
  • La Piedad awarded to the mayor for his work as herald (27/11/2009)
    Members of the group, with its president at the helm, has today presented a sculpture of Michelangelo's Pieta in recognition of his role as town crier for the past week Santa
  • Night of alternative entertainment in the Anchor Youth Centre (27/11/2009)
    On Saturday, with the collaboration of the Youth Council, will bring together 800 young people from around the lift at school to celebrate Salesians of Don Bosco Federations
  • The Volunteer Bus visits the campus of the UPCT (27/11/2009)

  • Intermediate Course in Creative Writing at the Department of Women (27/11/2009)
    The registration period opens on December 1 and March will give the writer Espido Freire, following the initiation workshop was held with great success last year
  • Cartagena UPyD calls to refine the political responsibilities which would place the authorization to build on rural land granted by Urban Perín (27/11/2009)
    The grant was authorized by the Deputy Mayor Guillén in 2006, when he was a Councillor for Town Planning
  • In March the Trophy edition sporting V 'Cartagena for Charity' (27/11/2009)
    On Wednesday, December 2 will be presented at the NH Hotel
  • A course on the operation of the Children's Traffic Park (27/11/2009)
    22 local police officers in the region have participated in this activity held in Cartagena
  • Students of Colegio San Antonio Abad into contact with the Cartagena Volleyball UPCT Talasur (27/11/2009)
    It is the fourth activity developed this course ADE
  • The UPCT teaches secondary school teachers the challenges of the Bologna Process (27/11/2009)

  • The Civil Guard dismantled a "family clan" devoted to drug trafficking (27/11/2009)
    Four people have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of crimes against public health
  • Two new Cartagena do their volunteering in Italy and Austria (27/11/2009)
    This weekend will be held in Vitoria, the 'Training Rising', mandatory for all young people who will start their volunteer project.
  • The Cartagena RAAA team thrashed Almeria, in the traditional friendly football match (27/11/2009)
    Sports councilman was asked to arbitrate this meeting, held for more than 15 years, on the occasion of the feast of Santa Barbara Patron Saint of Artillery
  • The poet José María Zonta Arias Costa Rica wins Oliver Belmas (26/11/2009)
    His work, The House of condescension, lies with the XXIV edition of the event who had attended the 160 poems in Castilian in different countries
  • Development bids geological studies and mapping for high-speed work in Cartagena (26/11/2009)
    Work are designed to study the terrain of the Red Blood Cartagena Railway, 1.1 km, and the future high-speed station .
  • OPEA program has served 1,100 people (26/11/2009)
    This program, which ends in January, aims to improve the chances of integration of the unemployed in the municipality of Cartagena.
  • 45 people participated in the seminars Hall Company (26/11/2009)
    A total of 6 seminars were developed during October and November, aimed at entrepreneurs and businessmen, in order for participants to learn and enhance their creative abilities.
  • The social partners of the 2866 PM40 receive notices of citizens in so far this year (26/11/2009)
    From January 1 to November 15, the nine employees hired by the City Council have collected impact on infrastructure and direct service tasks performed the citizen.
  • Cut to the street traffic Jara by the works of pedestrian (26/11/2009)
    This is the last of the shots of this project has been carried out in the Old City and prevent the passage of vehicles at the junction of this street with the Air until 4 December.
  • Theatrical visits on Saturday and Sunday at Fort Christmas (26/11/2009)
    160 people participated last weekend in this activity, organized on the occasion of the renovation of the exhibition areas of the center of interpretation.
  • Youth awarded 103 grants for Erasmus 2009 (26/11/2009)
    This year 87 grants were awarded to 350 "for the Erasmus University and 16 of 150 grants for Erasmus" Vocational Training, so the council has allocated a total of 32,850 euros.
  • Victor Manuel, Maribel Verdú Raphael or pass through the Nuevo Teatro Circo (26/11/2009)
    Performances scheduled for the months January to May included a series of four concerts of the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia with four international soloists luxury.
  • The school of Antonio Ulloa know the Cartagena Reale through the ADE program (26/11/2009)
    Alumni of 6 primary school where they train facilities met and witnessed a game
  • The Volunteer Bus will visit the campus UPCT (26/11/2009)

  • The Mayor 18,000 digitized photographs from the past 35 years (26/11/2009)
    For two years a documentary has been commissioned to scan, classify and describe the images that will be available shortly in the Municipal Archive
  • Raphael, Victor Manuel, Maribel Verdu, Amparo Larrañaga, Aitana Sanchez Gijon and Maria Galiana pass through the Nuevo Teatro Circo (26/11/2009)
    A series of four concerts of the Symphony Orchestra of Murcia completes the programming of the Department of Culture in Cartagena
  • "Determination of the Cartagena Port Authority to sanction Ecologists in Action" (25/11/2009)

  • The Technical University of Cartagena offers free tuition to unemployed in sixteen masters and their own degrees (25/11/2009)

  • Cayo Lara pronounce a conference tomorrow on the crisis in Cartagena (25/11/2009)

  • The College Reale Antonio Ulloa visit to Cartagena (25/11/2009)

  • Cartagena UPyD criticized the budget increase required by the joint venture for the continuation of the Palace of Sports (25/11/2009)
    It also requires transparency in the negotiation of the council with construction companies to revive the work.
  • Violence against women is "the most cruel of the attacks and the worst of the terms" (25/11/2009)
    Among the various events that take place in the city, to mark the International Day of Violence against Women, has been performed reading of a manifesto against this type of violence at the Palace Hall.
  • Thursday Morning fails XXIV International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belmas (25/11/2009)
    About 150 poems from different countries attending this call whose first prize is worth 12,000 euros and publication.
  • 20 companies choose to make the covering of the remains of the windlass (25/11/2009)
    Another ten have been proposals to musealization del Castillo de la Concepción.
  • The volunteer bus back to Cartagena (25/11/2009)
    This weekend, this activity will take place on the esplanade of the port, in order that interested persons may register as a volunteer and participate in various activities to be carried out.
  • The gathering of the Language Exchange moves to Café Gallery (25/11/2009)
    On Thursday we celebrate the penultimate meeting organized by the Youth Space before the Christmas holidays.
  • 30 classical music concerts in more than 25 stages of the Region (25/11/2009)
    Cartagena, Lorca, Caravaca de la Cruz Molina de Segura Sound Spaces host cycle, which will be held from November 26 to July 3, palaces, churches and squares.
  • Coasts and Coastal Institute regenerate the sandy beach of Los Urrutias (25/11/2009)
    The action consists of moving sand with mud, dry and air it for months, and then drop it and clean.
  • "39 Steps" ends with all entries in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (25/11/2009)
    The project, with full capacity, it becomes the scene Thursday Gabino Diego, Jorge de Juan, Beatriz Rico and Diego Molero.
  • The phenomenon of the bottle, a problem in all (25/11/2009)

  • Workshop Christmas confectionery with the program T-La (25/11/2009)
    will be held in December at the Hotel School and teach young people to make the typical Christmas sweets
  • Progressing underground works of the Rambla de Los Barreros (25/11/2009)
    Action in the area adjacent to the New Cartagena Private enable better targeting of rainwater and offer residents a recreational area
  • Water Court on Friday in a block of Juan Fernandez (25/11/2009)
    The supply will be cut off all morning through the streets Paseo Alfonso XIII, Angel Bruna, San Juan and the aforementioned Juan Fernández
  • Callejón del Mico and Means Something to act in (25/11/2009)
    is one of the activities on Friday included in the Festival of Theatre and Culture of the Campo de Cartagena de La Aljorra
  • The SIVE detects the presence of two small boats near the coast of Cartagena (25/11/2009)
    The 18 passengers were intercepted by a Civil Guard patrol
  • The Tax Office seizes 4,000 kg of hashish in Cartagena (24/11/2009)
    The seized drugs would have a market price of more than five million euros
  • Presentation of the EB Huge Salesians in the twentieth anniversary of its founding (24/11/2009)
    Municipal Sports Pavilion on Saturday attracted more than 1,000 players from 11 teams that have federated club.
  • Full Social Care Huertecica aid amounting to 133,281 euros (24/11/2009)
    The grants are part of the Municipal Plan for Drug Dependency.
  • The Look of Implica2 (24/11/2009)
    20 young people participate in social photography workshop, which will take place at the Youth Resource Center of Cartagena.
  • Caesar Mallorquí opens the cycle of meetings with his calligraphy Mandarache Secret (24/11/2009)
    Prize finalist Hache met this morning with 600 high school students who participate in this new edition, which has said it sees literature as a game, as fun
  • I Winter Championship seven amateur soccer in La Aljorra (24/11/2009)
    The registration period for this sporting event will be open until mid-December, for those teams wishing to participate
  • Afternoon film Monsoon Wedding (24/11/2009)
    The screening program is part of the film, Coffee and Senior Tertulia, which give way to a conference on marriage throughout history, promoted by the City and Caja Madrid .
  • Results of the fourth round of the League Grassroots (24/11/2009)
    The top teams begin to distance in the standings.
  • Gold and Silver for the table tennis team Primi Sport CD (24/11/2009)
    The Cartagena participated this weekend in the Championship of Spain XVI of this sport held in Godella.
  • El Museo del Teatro Romano de Cartagena, the most visited of the Region (23/11/2009)
    The president of the Community stresses in the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Roman Theatre, more than 200,000 people have toured the facility since its opening in July 2008.
  • El Museo del Teatro Romano de Cartagena became the most visited of the Region (23/11/2009)
    The president of the Community stresses in the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Roman Theatre, more than 200,000 people have toured the facility since its opening July 2008
  • The Community and the City of Cartagena drive the implementation of a tram to the city and the Mar Menor (23/11/2009)
    The president of the Community, the mayor of Cartagena and Feve president signed an agreement for the project Feasibility Study, which permit to operate a line of over 55 km
  • The new primary care clinics and Cuesta Blanca The Albujón will provide assistance to 8,000 Cartagena (23/11/2009)
    The Ministry of Health and the City of Cartagena invest in works of the two centers for more than 891,000 euros
  • The new offices of The Cuesta Blanca Albujón and will provide assistance to 8,000 Cartagena (23/11/2009)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Health has opened two centers, with an investment of 891,000 euros
  • Senior Socio Cultural del Barrio de la Concepción (23/11/2009)
    The activity takes place during 23 to 29 November in the clubhouse of the Club for the Elderly of the neighborhood
  • The rock Cartagena Real Madrid celebrated its 40 anniversary (23/11/2009)
    On Saturday there was a gala dinner attended by about two hundred people including members of the rock, friends and supporters of Real Madrid
  • Caesar Mallorquí opens the cycle of meetings Mandarache 2010 (23/11/2009)
    Hache Prize finalist will meet with 600 high school students
  • Local Police analyzes the phenomenon of the bottle in a conference to be held on 25 and 26 November (23/11/2009)
    In two days the staff will address issues relating to the regulation of Leisure
  • Unanimous support for the fight against gender violence in municipal plenary (23/11/2009)
    During the plenary session has decided to appoint a scientist Favourite Daughter Cartagena Maria Cascales
  • Real Cartagena 3 - Gestesa Guadalajara 2 (21/11/2009)
    A team is going.
  • The Labor Project enters its fourth phase with three new courses (21/11/2009)
    The registration period is from 1 to December 10 and is intended for applicants who wish to obtain qualifications for various offices
  • Local Police from several municipalities finish a course Firearms (21/11/2009)
    It is one of the activities promoted by the Local Police Regional School in collaboration with the School of Public Safety of the City of Cartagena
  • Communiqué Reale Cartagena on the information published in Truth (20/11/2009)

  • The study of granting full title of Favourite Daughter Maria Cascales Narrow (20/11/2009)
    On Monday meets in ordinary session which will also be discussed proposals for approval of the Rules of Children Schools and Functioning of the Local Social
  • Success of promotional concerts and Metals Among Strings (20/11/2009)
    Councillor for Youth on Thursday attended the last of the previous concerts held at the Conservatory of Music in Cartagena
  • Temporary closure for the first chain Child charities (20/11/2009)
    how ling will occur from the door of the church of Charity to the Barrio de la Concepción, as you go route, and will last approximately two hours
  • Basketball Salesian School dressed up to celebrate its twentieth anniversary (20/11/2009)
    On Saturday afternoon will be officially launched at the Central Hall of Cartagena
  • The mayor calls for more investments and projects that improve the business situation (20/11/2009)
    The arrival of the AVE and the defense of his speech focused agriculture in the XI calusura Business Leaders of COEC
  • The mayor defended the employment of the disabled before the Congress of autonomic Cermis (20/11/2009)
    After the reception at the Palace Hall, the participants have visited the most important places in the city of Cartagena
  • The students are demanding more leisure areas in Cartagena (20/11/2009)
    This action will take place tomorrow at the Palace Hall, to mark the International Day for the Rights of the Child, which also develop in the afternoon performances, workshops and activities in the Park of Reeds
  • Opened the XII National Assembly ZontuRent (20/11/2009)
    The Councillor for Tourism and the Minister of Public Works inaugurated this conference which celera this weekend at La Manga Club, with the aim of obtaining a comprehensive overview of the current world situation Auto
  • Students of the University will seek planets outside the Solar System (20/11/2009)

  • An exhibition opens his mouth for 38 International Film Festival of Cartagena (20/11/2009)

  • The Cartagena Poyato Luciano, president of UNAD, collected from the hands of Queen Reina Sofia Award 'Social Work' which gives CREFAT (20/11/2009)

  • Youth Hiking Mount San Julian (20/11/2009)
    Youth Resource Center has organized for Saturday, this free activity including the mountain climb and visit the castle
  • International Day Against Violence Against Women (20/11/2009)
    self defense courses, debate, theater, video forums are some of the activities taking place in Cartagena, on the occasion of this day, and organized by the Department of Women
  • Students of the Virgin of Begoña contact table tennis (20/11/2009)
    Young students were on Thursday with clubs and UCAM Floymape UCAM Cartagena, activity included within the ADE program organized by the Department of Sports
  • Extending the term of the courses and workshops in neighborhoods mobile classroom (20/11/2009)
    up to November 30 may apply for registration through the ADLE fax: 968 523 706
  • To be extended until after Christmas the exhibition Faces of Rome (20/11/2009)
    After the success since its opening, more than 5,000 visitors, the exhibition will be in the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena until 10 January
  • Luis Fonseca: "Tomorrow we will go for it" (19/11/2009)
    coach Reale Cartagena, Luis Fonseca, has appeared before the media at the press conference after the meeting tomorrow, Friday at 21:00 hours at the Guadalajara Gestesa
  • Guillen attributed to an error corrected immediately complaints by administrative prevarication (19/11/2009)
    Cartagena Vice Mayor explained the details of administrative procedure of granting a license in the perineum, which will have to testify in a court statement
  • Inauguration of the Astrophysical Observatory of the University (19/11/2009)

  • First step for implantation in the UPCT the Master Engineer of Mines (19/11/2009)
    The new title will transform the School of Civil Engineering at a High School
  • A greenway will link the barrier with the center of the city (19/11/2009)
    The government team included the first installment of this action, which will use the old railway line, between the star projects of the reconvening of the E Plan will up next year
  • The Eighth Artillery Cross hangs the poster in full (19/11/2009)
    On 13 November 2000 completed the enrollment quota of the race on Sunday November 29 will cover the main streets of Cartagena
  • In progress the XVII National Conference Football Coaches (19/11/2009)
    The Sports Council is working with the Cartagena meeting XXXI training and the Gala which pays tribute to all the coaches in the Region of Murcia
  • Classical music player this evening in Cartagena (19/11/2009)
    In the Auditorium of the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Cartagena acture the four winners of this contest soloists in a concert that will leave everyone amazed
  • Rickie Lee Jones and Imelda May, on the penultimate night of Cartagena Jazz Festival (19/11/2009)
    tickets for the double bill tomorrow cost 18 euros
  • The rock Cartagena Real Madrid celebrates its 40 anniversary (19/11/2009)
    On Saturday there will be a gala dinner to be attended by some 150 people including members of the rock, friends and supporters of Real Madrid
  • The school protagonists of a Municipal Council which will be broadcast on the Internet (19/11/2009)
    This action will take place tomorrow at the Palace Hall, to mark the International Day for the Rights of the Child, which also develop in the afternoon performances, workshops and activities Park in Juncos
  • On Saturday, he planted 250 pine trees in the environment of the EcoPark (19/11/2009)
    New reforestation day in the valley
  • Reale Cartagena Communiqué (18/11/2009) (18/11/2009)

  • Activities, workshops and performances in the 20 th anniversary of International Day of the Rights of the Child (18/11/2009)
    In the morning, about 30 children from different schools will participate in a plenary Children, chaired by acaldesa and restransmitido Internet
  • On-going Promotion Workshops Immigrant Women (18/11/2009)
    Organized by the Municipal Social Services Project is part of the Intercultural Center and developed in the centers of Sorrows and the Old Town
  • 70 unemployed participating in the program ADLE Barrios (18/11/2009)
    The people of Saint Lucia, Latin America and the Slum Aljorra, which has launched this program, have shown great interest in it in order to improve their access to labor market
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto sold out the Cartagena Jazz Festival (18/11/2009)
    The brilliant Japanese musician comes on Thursday to present Playing the piano and Out of noise
  • Channel One Child to benefit the Little Sisters of the Poor (18/11/2009)
    Beltrí The Commission has organized with the cooperation of the City, an act of charity on Sunday to help in the Nursing Home Reform
  • Ten new companies in Cartagena, thanks to check Entrepreneur (18/11/2009)
    ADLE The program has also funded during the second half of 2009, five contracts in the district, bringing to 30 the number of checks issued
  • The new General Hospital of Cartagena will host the first patients in November 2010 (18/11/2009)
    The new hospital will greatly improve the quality of care in the area, with the installation of all health innovations, which receive more than 276,000 inhabitants
  • Paellas Campus de la Muralla del Mar for the new university (18/11/2009)

  • The Campo de Cartagena stands in defense of its agricultural sector (18/11/2009)
    Mayors and agricultural organizations of the Campo de Cartagena urge the Government to take measures to prevent the closure of farms
  • Hospital del Rosell de Cartagena form in anesthesiology professionals in Spain (18/11/2009)
    Downtown Cartagena is a pioneer in monitoring training in muscle relaxation and reversal of neuromuscular blockade
  • The Hall of Agronomic UPCT ETSI has been reopened this morning (18/11/2009)
    And this after the work performed in the same due to a fire last summer
  • The Tax Office seizes 3,200 kg of hashish in the Port of Urrutias (18/11/2009)
    The seized drugs would have a market price of more than 4 million euros
  • Week Multitemáticas in the Barrio Virgen de la Caridad (18/11/2009)
    will take place from 23 to 26 November with a program of lectures on health, road safety and sustainable transport
  • The City is finalizing the auction of the old town pedestrian (18/11/2009)
    In ten days the work will be completed extension of the street Santa Florentina to John XXIII and after Christmas will be extended treatment Murcia pedestrian door to the Grand Hotel
  • Conference of the series "Let's talk about Spain" at the Cultural Center Cajamurcia (18/11/2009)

  • Inauguration of the new building of the Faculty of Sciences of the Company, in the old CIM (18/11/2009)
    The mayor of Cartagena has attended this event, chaired by the president of the community and the Secretary of State for Defence
  • Valcárcel: "Murcia is the community that invests in public health infrastructure" (18/11/2009)
    President visits the New Hospital in Cartagena, which represents an investment by the regional government of more than 140 million and will enter service next year
  • The Secretary of State for Defence at the opening of new facilities at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (17/11/2009)

  • The Domino Championship Spain Cartagena will bring 400 visitors (17/11/2009)
    From 5 to 7 December, our town hosts a tournament involving 20 teams so in the Region of Murcia and is officially considered a sport
  • Traffic Court on one side of University Square (17/11/2009)
    The incidence was recorded on Wednesday after 15 hours
  • Cartagena UPyD calls that higher water bill are determined by the annual CPI. (17/11/2009)
    Aquagest it also asks who bear the costs when there is reduced consumption
  • Analyze technical and economic viability of urban and intercity rail Cartagena (17/11/2009)
    FEVE, Community and Town Council commissioned a study to be completed in a few months
  • Valcárcel highlights the regional government's effort to rehabilitate former military infrastructure as new teachers (17/11/2009)
    The prime minister inaugurated the new premises of the Faculty of Business of the UPCT, in the former Seamen Training Barracks in heart of Cartagena
  • The UPCT acquires the Ministry of Defence Club Santiago (17/11/2009)
    Today we signed the acquisition agreement
  • The rector of the UPCT highlights the inter-government meeting have recovered the old CIM (17/11/2009)

  • Tickets sold out for Miguel Poveda and Ryuichi Sakamoto (17/11/2009)

  • On sale the last 40 tickets for Miguel Poveda act (17/11/2009)
    The singer of the moment brings on Wednesday Couplets of Wanting to Cartagena Jazz Festival
  • The Elders are going hiking (17/11/2009)
    Within the program of Tourism Active and Healthy (TAS) of the Municipal Institute of Social Services, is carried out this activity on Friday 27 November, where there will be a simple half-day route from the Portman Union
  • The ADE course begins with martial arts star (17/11/2009)
    The students in the Intercultural Center Cartagena Old Town and Los Dolores participated Monday in the first activity of the third edition of the Sports Outreach program at the Pavilion Elite Sports Central
  • In a year Castillito of Sorrows be conditioned as the basis for Local Police (17/11/2009)
    The Board of Governors approved the project close to 700,000 euros
  • The City Council will appeal the sanction of Marmara by the discharge of sewage from the old Aljorra (17/11/2009)
    Municipal Government spokesman complaint of discriminatory treatment compared to other cities
  • Real Cartagena gives its subscribers entries (17/11/2009)

  • RU AD Torre Pacheco and Franciscans only teams unbeaten in football base (17/11/2009)

  • Astro-Expo in the library of the UPCT Antigones (17/11/2009)
    Opens Tuesday.
  • Decisions of the Board of the UPCT (16/11/2009)

  • The direction of the football at FCCartagena meets with officials in the area of youth football at FC Barcelona (16/11/2009)

  • The Civil Guard Association organizes a tribute to the victims of terrorism in Cartagena (16/11/2009)
    The Mayor has been delegated to the President and Social Affairs, in an act that has been aimed at organizing an event to honor victims terrorism, armed forces and state security forces
  • Learn to climb with the program T-LA (16/11/2009)
    The activity will take place next Saturday on the beach of Portus, in order to learn the latest techniques of climbing
  • A dozen students from five countries visit Cartagena Comenius Project (16/11/2009)
    The mayor welcomed at the Palace Hall to young people, accompanied by their teachers, are in town attending a meeting organized by the IES The Hut
  • Arrested five people for stealing clothes in a trade valued at 400 euros (16/11/2009)
    The events did Friday in the Parque Mediterraneo shopping center, where local police officers, with the help of security guards, they found this group using tourism to store clothes that stole
  • El Fuerte de Navidad, one of the most visited tourist resorts in Cartagena (16/11/2009)
    Mayor inaugurated this morning the new access to this interpretation center of Puerto de Culturas, which also houses a photographic exhibition of the forts and batteries in the port Cartagena
  • The Molière's Tartuffe, seen by the company Alquibla in Cartagena (16/11/2009)
    The work will be in the Nuevo Teatro Circo tomorrow Tuesday 17 November
  • In March the fifteenth edition of Amateur Championship F-7 (16/11/2009)
    All matches of the tournament, which kicks off Tuesday, will compete in the World Town Country 82 and will have federal arbitrators
  • The plenary adopted the revision of municipal taxes (16/11/2009)
    The tax proposal of the government team in 2010, adapted to the crisis we are facing, has gone ahead with the votes for the PP and PSOE and Movement against Citizen
  • The Community Fort Christmas becomes a landmark resort of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (16/11/2009)
    Proceedings of the Tourist Consortium Cartagena Puerto de Culturas at Fort Christmas complete with the exhibition "Photo Album of the Forts and Batteries of the Port of Cartagena in 1901 '
  • New project for young entrepreneurs by the hand of the ADLE (16/11/2009)
    The YES program, involving eight countries of the European Union, aims to promote entrepreneurial culture and disseminate good practices among young people through education system
  • Abrazoterapia Workshop, The affection of Implica2 (16/11/2009)
    T-LA program and Implica2 perform this activity on Friday, aiming to discover the energy and power 'healing' of an embrace, in the Multipurpose Room Center Youth Resources
  • Cut the square access to the street Castellini Real (16/11/2009)
    will not be accessible by works on Tuesday and Wednesday and will affect residents of the pedestrian zone and taxi drivers
  • Concert Strings From promotional & Metals (16/11/2009)
    Winners of the latest edition act as soloists, together with the Chamber Orchestra of Cartagena, on Thursday at the Conservatory
  • Environment imposes a severe penalty to the City of Cartagena for a wastewater discharge (16/11/2009)
    need to pay over 54,000 euros for a landfill in the county council of the Aljorra conducted in the summer of 2008
  • The community invests more than € 650,000 on the refurbishment of the voyage of Cuesta Blanca Cartagena (15/11/2009)

  • Azkar Lugo 4 - Real Cartagena 2 (14/11/2009)
    Real Cartagena has shown this afternoon in Galicia is not untouchable, invincible, and he still has a long way to become one of the great
  • The pianist Allen Toussaint, a living legend in Cartagena Jazz (14/11/2009)
    works on Sunday 15 November at 20:00 hours in the New TeatroCirco
  • The Government Delegate and the President of the CHS inaugurate the conditioning of the Rambla del Portus, from Cartagena in the hamlet of Galifa (14/11/2009)
    The MARM has invested over € 300,000 under the Plan E
  • Segado criticizes Zapatero Cartagena invested this year in what it has spent on demolishing the building of Playa Honda (14/11/2009)

  • The ADLE renews its agreement with Famdif (14/11/2009)
    Its purpose is to facilitate the employment and social integration of people with physical or organic
  • The Fort Christmas is renewed inside and out (14/11/2009)
    Mayor opens on Monday the new access to this interpretation center of Puerto de Culturas, which also houses a photographic exhibition of the forts and batteries in the port of Cartagena
  • Local Police Cartagena celebrates its patron saint, San Leandro (13/11/2009)
    A Mass and a corporate act which have given awards to institutions and agents, thanks to his work, has focused the program of activities during the morning
  • Antonio León Wins Poster Contest Carnival 2010 (13/11/2009)
    63 works have been presented in this edition, in a ceremony chaired by the Councillor of Celebration at the Casino de Cartagena
  • Lots of activities this weekend in the Medieval Market VIII (13/11/2009)
    The mayor has inaugurated this huge market, which will feature 110 booths and includes in its program featuring many attractions archers sopladeros glass, squires, carousels, geese and burritos
  • For the third consecutive year the Sports Department organizes the ADE (13/11/2009)
    The first activity will be an approach to the sport of Taekwondo training at the Central Pavilion
  • The Third Children's Painting Competition on the UPCT already have winners (13/11/2009)
    is valued for the originality and interest in the choice of topic and the complexity of the drawing
  • Cartagena UPyD denounced the cuts in funding for public universities in the Region (12/11/2009)
    The UPCT has been reduced by € 259,000 on the budget for 2009
  • Real Cartagena "Planted" (12/11/2009)
    Luis Fonseca, Fabián and Fabio Reale on behalf of Cartagena, have approached this morning the town of Alum to participate in the campaign "go stand!, Come and Planting Life
  • A student of UPCT gets the first national prize in the contest "Entrepreneur University" (12/11/2009)
    from among six finalists, two were made by students of the Polytechnic
  • The UPCT host this weekend to 19 students at the ESO in the Marathon Tecnolúdica (12/11/2009)

  • The monitoring group development Escombreras Valley analyzes the safety actions (12/11/2009)
    The project, with a budget of 8.7 million euros, is part of the lines of work for the integral development of the industrial, chemical and energy
  • Agriculture will undertake next year's draft Green Belt Alumbres (12/11/2009)
    The campaign 'go stand.
  • Volunteers plant 1,000 trees in the campaign Alums Come and Planting Life (12/11/2009)
    municipality and autonomous region, have collaborated with the Cadena SER and the Foundation + trees in this campaign travels throughout Spain and try to start the green belt and reduce CO2 emissions in Cartagena.
  • Work begins on from Angel Bruna (12/11/2009)
    The area is fenced and cut off to traffic and four months will run the project, culminating in a four-lane avenue divided by a median, parking lots, sidewalks, lighting and trees .
  • 2,000 runners will participate in the Cross VIII Artillery (12/11/2009)
    The classic Cartagena will be held on Sunday 29 November with a tour of the main streets of downtown.
  • The Board Carmen Conde creates a meeting place for poetry (12/11/2009)
    Poets established and new held a monthly gathering in the Municipal Archives.
  • Over Getafe visit Cartagena (12/11/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor, Agustín Guillén, has received today at the Palace Hall accompanied by a councilor of the consistory of the Madrid suburb.
  • Start the Medieval Market VIII Historical (12/11/2009)
    The Mayor inaugurated this huge market on Friday, which will feature 110 booths and includes in its program featuring many attractions archers sopladeros glass, squires, carousels, geese and donkeys.
  • The beginnings of football in Cartagena, collected in a book (12/11/2009)
    The Palace Hall has welcomed today the presentation of the first volume of Football History and Statistics in Cartagena, with the collaboration of the Sports Department.
  • Among Winners of strings and brass soloists are released as the Cartagena Chamber Orchestra (12/11/2009)
    will carry out promotional gigs next week in Jumilla, Murcia and Cartagena.
  • José Juan González García defended Cartagena competition Monopoly (12/11/2009)
    22 representatives participated in this tournament from each of the boxes that make up the new board of the traditional board game, which was won by the representative of Sabadell
  • Course weekend Municipal Theatre School (12/11/2009)
    is celebrated on 11 and 12 December in cooperation with the T-La and will be taught by actors from the theater group PALOPAKE Alicante
  • Marcus Miller brings Cartagena Tutu who composed the album with Miles Davis (12/11/2009)
    The New York musician participating in Friday's Festival of Jazz in a night double bill which also operates the Cartagena Fernando Rubio
  • IU insists that the construction of a port on the Gorguel is incompatible with the regeneration of the bay of Portman (11/11/2009)

  • Brad Mehldau starts the second week of concerts at the Cartagena Jazz Festival (11/11/2009)
    The pianist complimented the last two decades acting on Thursday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • Begin the First Seminar on Modernization of Human Resources (11/11/2009)
    One hundred staff responsible for various municipalities in the region participate in this conference to help bring out to light the needs of local government staff and guidelines for developing a career
  • The City Council is involved in the prevention of osteoporosis (11/11/2009)
    During Wednesday and Thursday participating in an information campaign about the disease and densitometric evidence in the Sports Pavilion and a talk at the Cultural Center
  • The City collected 2,200 euros in annual application for cancer (11/11/2009)
    The Board petition, chaired by Councillor Social Care, has been located next to the Palace Hall
  • More Cartagena pay less for municipal services (11/11/2009)
    The Board of Governors approved a proposal for fiscal year 2010 based on the tax freeze, moderation and reinforcement rates of bonuses for large families and pensioners
  • The concreting of the Rambla de los Barreros cuts cause traffic (11/11/2009)
    New Cartagena Avenue remain cut off on 12 and 13 November between Amethyst and Ruby Street, and on 16 and 17 November between Ruby and Club 1900
  • The MARM recover for maritime-terrestrial public domain 6,000 meters of beach and public spaces in Playa Honda (Cartagena) (11/11/2009)

  • CHS replaces the pumping units Canal del Campo de Cartagena (11/11/2009)
    Improved water and energy will save farmers
  • The Segura basin recognizes the work of Manuel Martínez Roca (11/11/2009)
    Tribute to the irrigator for 30 years at the Campo de Cartagena and the governing bodies of this house
  • Viudes declines public debate on the macropuerto in El Gorguel (11/11/2009)

  • The Court of Accounts supports the management of the council in Mar de Cristal (11/11/2009)
    The order rejected the accusations of the president of the association Ribalta
  • Arracacia courses dissemination of entrepreneurship (11/11/2009)
    This program is intended that participants develop and flourish their skills potención Entrepreneur Spirit would, through group dynamics that foster creativity, motivation, leadership, among others
  • Cartagena UPyD mourns the loss of items in the State Budget of 2010 for the Amphitheater and Old Cathedral (10/11/2009)
    UPyD intends to make agreements with public universities in the region that would project proposals, to avoid situations like this.
  • Times Real Cartagena base equipment (10/11/2009)

  • The local police began the campaign to control the use of mobile phones by drivers (10/11/2009)
    In the campaign that takes place in the city, districts and county are also monitored using headphones, monitors and browsers
  • Closure of courses for immigrants (10/11/2009)
    Fifteen people from ten associations related to this group have been able to learn the basics of office thanks to this course organized by the City and ended on Saturday
  • More than a hundred local police on trafficking updated (10/11/2009)
    The Regional School Local Police has organized this event which takes place in Cartagena Security Park all day
  • 110 stalls make up the Medieval Market VIII Historical (10/11/2009)
    Arqueros, sopladeros glass, squires, carousels, geese and donkeys, among the attractions that will try to revitalize the historic center with activities and events for all ages
  • 1,500 teenagers participate in the Social Skills Program (10/11/2009)
    This training will take place in 17 schools with the aim of instilling in students concepts such as assertiveness, empathy, socialization, allowing personal growth
  • The City participates in the annual alms cancer (10/11/2009)
    The Board petition, who chairs the council's Social Care, will be on Wednesday at the Town Hall Square throughout the morning to raise funds for the fight against malaria
  • Two out of three freshmen in the UPCT from outside Cartagena (10/11/2009)
    A total of 636 students study and adapted to the European title at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • Local Police celebrates its patron with cultural activities and sports (10/11/2009)
    Since last week are being developed competitions, exhibitions and tours, culminating on Friday with a funeral Mass in honor of San Leandro
  • Come and Planting Campaign Life stops in the town of Alum (10/11/2009)
    This Thursday will plant 500 trees near the football field, starting foot green belt and reduce CO2 emissions in Cartagena
  • Cartagena UPyD project supports the construction of a parking lot on Avenida de America (09/11/2009)
    But before requesting an archaeological survey of the area
  • 6,000 people in the world in your place (09/11/2009)
    tasting dishes, dances, games, tattoos, were some of the workshops that took place almost thirty Association of the municipality, with the objective of encouraging multicultural diversity
  • Cartagena receives for the second time Cruise Celebrity Equinox (09/11/2009)
    Cartagena has become the second Spanish city receives more cruise ships, after a considerable increase in the past year
  • Detainee three men driving a stolen car (09/11/2009)
    The facts have gone this morning, when, after a chase from the roundabout at The Tejeras, Local Police managed to intercept the vehicle at the entrance of La Palma
  • Vote renovated Four Saints and the Virgin del Rosell (09/11/2009)
    The centennial ceremony, which commemorates the storm of Santa Catalina, was held Saturday at the Church of Santa Maria, conciciendo with the feast of the former patron of the City
  • 23 paintings are the personal world of Paco Pomet (09/11/2009)
    The exhibition can be viewed in the Wall Byzantine until 10 January
  • Public Works will improve the lighting of the road between Cartagena and Mazarrón (08/11/2009)
    By this action will increase the road safety of the RM-26 as it passes through various sections of the city council Perín cartageneras
  • Real Cartagena 3 - Carnicer Torrejon 3 (07/11/2009)
    More than eight hundred fans attended last night at Central Hall to enjoy, once again, emotion and good play that makes the Cartagena Reale
  • About 400 families in the region comprise the recording of adopters of Social Policy (07/11/2009)
    The counselor opens Bascuñana 'Adoption Day II'
  • Puerto de Culturas recovered several rooms of the Castillo de la Concepción (07/11/2009)
    The excavations are being finalized and the next step is to integrate these new spaces, discovered in 2003, in the future Interpretation Centre of the History of the city and the Cartagena Medieval
  • Press PEÑA PRIDE Carthaginian (07/11/2009)
    The PRIDE ROCK Carthaginians, being the owner of the sign "NO ES MURCIA CARTAGENA, wants to communicate the following
  • Cartagena UPyD criticizes cuts to districts and councils of the municipality in the Regional Budget for 2010 (06/11/2009)

  • The local police on trafficking updated (06/11/2009)
    The Regional School Local Police organized a conference to be held in Cartagena Security Park, next Tuesday.
  • The City offers 20 vacancies in Santa Florentina and Gisbert (06/11/2009)
    The municipality wants to relaunch the activities of the two municipal public markets.
  • Traffic Court in Tolosa Latour on the occasion of the works of the Royal Street (06/11/2009)
    From 8 to 11 November the local police will launch a special device in the other hits on Royal Street to avoid congestion at the time of entry Arsenal workers and Navantia.
  • Béla Fleck & The Flecktones and James Hunter Original open the Cartagena Jazz Festival (06/11/2009)
    Veteran Cartagena festival celebrates its 29th edition.
  • Concha Buika honors Chavela Vargas in Cartagena Jazz Festival (06/11/2009)
    Majorcan singer presents issues of the Saturday nightcap, a double bill that also participate in the explosive Japanese pianist Hiromi.
  • The Municipal Corporation on Saturday renewed his vow to the Four Saints and the Virgin del Rosell (06/11/2009)
    The centennial ceremony, which commemorates the storm of Santa Catalina, will be held at the Church of Santa Maria, conciciendo with the feast of the old patron the City.
  • The Polytechnic Becara with 1,250 euros and fifty students (06/11/2009)

  • 500 companies participate in the program communicates (06/11/2009)
    The ADLE carried out this project with the aim of providing business services in the municipality of Cartagena, in training, guidance and employment
  • BDA calls for more controls Murcia plant in the port of Cartagena to prevent the spread of pests (06/11/2009)

  • The President highlighted the value of the Organization of the Blind as a symbol of solidarity and social integration (05/11/2009)
    Valcárcel inaugurated the new headquarters of ONCE in Cartagena, a modern infrastructure for the 775 members in the region that incorporates multiple delivery services various programs
  • The MARM invests more than € 300,000 on the refurbishment of the Rambla del Portus, in the hamlet of Galifa Cartagena (Murcia) (05/11/2009)
    The improvement in the channel prevent the risk of flooding in the area and isolation from neighbors
  • The CHS invests 2.3 million euros in improving the Rambla de Mendoza in Cartagena (05/11/2009)
    With this action, the administration extended the initial draft, after demonstrating its good performance, and condition of channel 842 meters in Llano Beal
  • The CHS improve flood protection of the Rambla de Los Fuentes in Cartagena (05/11/2009)
    Fuentes Zorita visiting the completion of the works in this channel
  • The City Bridge fix in the Barrio de la Concepción (05/11/2009)
    The mayor of Cartagena has indicated that this work will be carried out and included in future budgets
  • CHS Hall and give priority to the improvement of roads crossing wadis (05/11/2009)
    The mayor and the president of the Confederacy have visited the refurbishment of the Rambla del Portús
  • Cultural diversity returns to port with the world on your Plaza (05/11/2009)
    Sunday is celebrated this event, which reaches its third edition, with activities and workshops to raise awareness and integrate the various immigrant groups
  • Inspectors of education discussed in Cartagena the use of ICT in schools (05/11/2009)
    The Minister of Education and Mayor inaugurated this morning the congress X at the Museo del Teatro Romano
  • Fonseca: "Never trust" (05/11/2009)
    Cartagena Reale coach has offered this morning a press conference prior to tomorrow's game Friday against the Carnicer Torrejón
  • The City Council promotes a forum for the modernization of the management of Human Resources (05/11/2009)
    One hundred staff responsible for the various municipalities in the region will participate in the First Conference on this theme held in Cartagena on 11 and November 12, which aims to improve service to citizens
  • A united euro per hour of study. (05/11/2009)

  • First sightseeing Languages Bag Roman Theatre (05/11/2009)
    Participants twenty students who learn Spanish
  • The UPCT participates in Science Week (05/11/2009)

  • Babel opens in style (05/11/2009)
    It is a gathering that takes place fortnightly multilingual evening in Café Stories organized by the Language Exchange
  • Stopped a person continuing offense of theft by public facility (05/11/2009)
    The detainee took advantage of the trust the owner to remove the cash that was left in the cash register.
  • Start the lecture series on Tuesday the museum (05/11/2009)
    on Tuesday held the first talks on the World Roman funeral will be held at the Archaeological Museum Enrique Escudero de Castro during the month of November
  • Cartagena UPyD claim breach of agreement and signaling repair road and other roads Siphon Diversion (04/11/2009)

  • The City Council receives the New Plan for Self del Rosell (04/11/2009)
    The manager of the hospital has delivered this morning the new plan, updated annually, and has as its objective the performance of security personnel in an emergency
  • Exhausted the 250 tickets for the Cartagena Jazz Festival (04/11/2009)
    The sale of single tickets for concerts, which start Friday, is also at a higher rate than in previous editions, which bodes well for the festival audience
  • The 14 percent of the population is immigrant Cartagena (04/11/2009)
    The mayor today presented grants worth € 152,000 to 25 municipal associations working with this group which is growing
  • The painter from Granada Paco Pomet shows his most recent work on Byzantine Wall (04/11/2009)
    On Friday, day 6 of nociembre, opens in the sample Byzantine Wall Painting of Granada artist Paco Pomet
  • The sports awards prizes UPCT year 2008-2009 (04/11/2009)
    El Centro Rector Trophy winner the year 2008-2009 has been the School of Civil Engineering
  • Rafaelito, Irene, Troja, Roses and Fulgencio del Pozo, pasodobles finalists of Pozo Estrecho (04/11/2009)
    48 works from different countries have submitted to this call, which will be concluding on 30 January
  • The Second Regional Seminar in Cartagena Adoption begins November 7 (04/11/2009)
    A total of 350 families will participate in this meeting held on 7 November at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy in collaboration with the City of Cartagena
  • VI National Conference on Victimology (04/11/2009)
    10 and November 11 will be held talks on road safety and victims of trafficking in Fundación Caja Murcia Cartagena
  • Carmelo Gómez and Silvia Abascal sold out of the Nuevo Teatro Circo with the release of Days of Wine and Roses Tamzin Townsend (04/11/2009)
    This work tomorrow in Cartagena in the programming of the Department of Culture
  • Julián Contreras wins poster contest Easter 2010 (04/11/2009)
    The photo shows the throne of St. James when he passed the Palace Hall
  • Segado Rosique reminded that large investments in Cartagena remain intact "by the regional government" (03/11/2009)

  • Press release UPCT on access to the CIM (03/11/2009)

  • Almost half of school transport controlled by the local police in October by irregularities (03/11/2009)
    During the second half of last 45 vehicles have been controlled in city neighborhoods, where breach of security of one of the most serious buses of the 21 detected in total
  • 5,000 students participate in the campaign grows Security (03/11/2009)
    will be held at 68 schools in the municipality of teachers and students may participate through the social network Facebook
  • Information Campaign for the elderly and disabled on the DTT (03/11/2009)
    UPCT Social Care and teach the management of digital decoders to the next switch-off in March 2010
  • The legacy of Alberto Colao, in the Municipal Archives (03/11/2009)
    The Board of the City Council accepts the assignment of the documentary of Cartagena by the intellectual heirs for a period of 25 years
  • 45,000 euros for the supervised flats immigrants (03/11/2009)
    The Department of Social Service Delivery grants to the managing bodies: Caritas Welcomes Murcia
  • The employment workshop 'Torre Nazareth' way to 19 unemployed for a year (03/11/2009)
    The SEF has earmarked more than 388,000 euros for the workshop
  • Founding of the Club of Friends of Chocolate in Cartagena (03/11/2009)

  • Forty young people participating in the Innovative Entrepreneur Course (03/11/2009)
    Youth Councillor UPCT yesterday inaugurated the course in which the collaborating organization ADLE, INFO, Bancaja and the University
  • The shows 'Arx Asdrubalis' lays bare the hidden city on the hill of windlass (02/11/2009)
    Pedro Alberto Cruz calls the deposit of "chamber of wonders"
  • The director of the Academia General del Aire, at City Hall (02/11/2009)
    The mayor of Cartagena has been the new colonel, after his inauguration last September
  • 300 participants at the V Iberian Congress of Basketball (02/11/2009)
    Sporting Event, international, has been developed in Cartagena on 29, 30 and 31 October
  • One hundred pieces show the main findings of the windlass (02/11/2009)
    The Minister of Culture and the Mayor of Cartagena inaugurated this afternoon the exhibition, entitled, 'Arx Asdrubalis.
  • A tender for the construction of an underground car park in the Avenida de America (02/11/2009)
    The Board of Directors today approved the specification with a capacity of 350 seats and the refurbishment and upgrading of the surface
  • Latest twenty installments for the Cartagena Jazz Festival (02/11/2009)
    The Department of Culture takes on sale last passes allowed to attend all the concerts that start on Friday and can be purchased at the box office of Teatro Nuevo Circo at the price of 60 euros
  • In 2010 begin the rehabilitation of the facade of Santa Maria (02/11/2009)
    This and other projects for the city have come to light in the meeting that the new bishop of the diocese of Cartagena today held with the mayor
  • The ADLE extends the Classroom program to districts and councils of Cartagena (02/11/2009)
    The application deadline for courses and workshops will be until 13 November, at the offices of the Agency
  • Before the summer of 2010 will launch two new roundabouts in the Gran Vía de La Manga (02/11/2009)
    Its construction will improve the flow to the nearly 60,000 vehicles that daily through this avenue
  • The Archaeological Museum revives the Roman funerals to 400 people (02/11/2009)
    The necropolis became Saturday night, the eve of All Saints, on stage to large audiences who came to attend the funeral of a representation with verses of Sappho Ovidio

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