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Cartagena News - September 2016

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  • Citizens Cartagena take the next plenary session motions could not defend in the previous by the insults of the mayor (30/09/2016)

  • Knowledge on Road Traffic Safety Local Police, to staff Arsenal (30/09/2016)

  • The ADLE APICES contributes to promote inclusive tourism (30/09/2016)

  • PP launches Citizen Care Office (30/09/2016)
    Barnabas, "a tool of proximity, where citizens expose their demands and we can provide solutions"
  • New controls local police radar 3 to October 9 (30/09/2016)

  • Open the application deadline for peddling flowers for the feast of All Saints (30/09/2016)

  • A desk study the drop in the price of water will be effective at the beginning of the year (29/09/2016)

  • More than 2,000 registered and for the Cross Artillery (29/09/2016)

  • Social Services organizes various events to celebrate the International Day of Older Persons (29/09/2016)

  • The National Police celebrates its patron the Guardian Angels in Cartagena (29/09/2016)
    On October 4 Institutional Act will take place in Heroes Square Cavite where different police authorities impose merit awards to people from different fields
  • Children and women of Villalba resume activities after the summer (29/09/2016)

  • Jihadism, cyber threats and organized in a conference on security and defense from day 4 in the UPCT crime (29/09/2016)

  • "The time interaction between teacher and student should engage in higher value-added activities" (28/09/2016)

  • More industrial doctorates and supporting projects between universities and companies, target of the Polytechnic (28/09/2016)

  • Increase by 300% the number of students pursuing a separate title in the UPCT (28/09/2016)
    Research grants have doubled and have increased 20% students performing practices
  • Citizens propose the installation of defibrillators in public schools with greater influx of Cartagena (28/09/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena Development requires that contact already Sepes to boost ZAL Los Camachos (28/09/2016)

  • High business participation in the first public contracts to which you can choose telematically (28/09/2016)

  • The council meets with more than sixty women's associations to implement the Equality Council (28/09/2016)

  • The Torres park vibrate to the rhythm of rock, pop and samba to celebrate the cry of Asido in Cartagena (28/09/2016)

  • Public universities in the region open the academic year in Cartagena (28/09/2016)

  • Infrastructure works in the recovery of clearances Polygon Cabezo Beaza (28/09/2016)

  • Infrastructure Juan Calero conditions the Plaza de Los Dolores (28/09/2016)

  • On Thursday there will be full in the city of Cartagena (28/09/2016)

  • PP will urge the Government to the valorization of the Portico of the Roman Theater (28/09/2016)
    Carolina Palazón recalled that a year ago and filed this motion was rejected by the Government
  • An open day will show to citizens and visitors coastguard vessel Clara Campoamor (28/09/2016)

  • The City Council defends accessible and transparent information on the Day of Right to Know (28/09/2016)

  • PP will ask the government to assume the cost of electricity and water from the municipal social local (28/09/2016)
    Nicholas Angel Bernal presented in plenary a motion to ensure compliance with the commitment of Torralba neighbors Cartagena
  • Begin leisure spaces in the district of Conception, Cuatro Santos, Miranda and Aljorra (28/09/2016)

  • The ADLE gets the Charter of ERASMUS + mobility for the 2016-2020 period (28/09/2016)

  • MC stands at Cartagena as a privileged destination to the World Tourism Day (27/09/2016)

  • The City Council sets out its municipal management based on transparency and participation in a conference of work of the FEMP (27/09/2016)

  • More than 300 people will attend the opening tomorrow in the UPCT Course (27/09/2016)

  • PP wonder why has not projected the initiative "A film heritage" on the shores cartageneras (27/09/2016)
    Carolina Palazón said it was a free activity and the municipal government refused to make
  • The City Council and the Port Authority advance in control proposals air quality (27/09/2016)

  • The program rehabilitates Barrios ADLE facilities Botica Book in Lo Campano (27/09/2016)

  • The local police arrested the alleged perpetrators of a robbery on a ship Polygon Cabezo Beaza (27/09/2016)

  • Citizens complaint clogged gutters of the N-301 passing through adjacent Albujón drowns homes (27/09/2016)

  • The Cartagena and Elche will face in the first futsal trophy that bears its name Isaac Peral engineer (27/09/2016)

  • Innovation as an attractive regatta Optimist Trophy IV Spar City of Cartagena (27/09/2016)

  • Another win for Club Deportivo Primi Sport in Spain Championship golf FEddi (27/09/2016)

  • We can ask explanations to the Port Authority on the extra costs in the port of Cartagena denounced by Europe (26/09/2016)

  • The ZAL Cartagena will be "the main center of attraction of port freight Southeast Spanish" (26/09/2016)
    The Minister Pedro Rivera informs the Association of Industrial Estate Camachos to be awarded in the coming days the feasibility study of this infrastructure
  • The ADLE asks the SEF more than one million euros for training courses (26/09/2016)

  • Cartagena held next Wednesday, the International Right to Know Day (26/09/2016)

  • Modification of IMSEL budgets to pay suppliers will Plenum (26/09/2016)

  • Cartagena welcomes Citizens are taking steps forward to ZAL Cartagena a reality (26/09/2016)

  • Citizens leads to the Regional Assembly an initiative to provide basic infrastructure to Campillo de Adentro (26/09/2016)

  • More than three thousand people enjoyed the open day Roman Forum (26/09/2016)

  • Unanimity in the Planning Commission - 09.26.2016 (26/09/2016)

  • Carthaginians and Romans extinguished the sacred fire until next year (26/09/2016)

  • Cartagena became the scene of a day on two wheels (26/09/2016)

  • Researchers inside and outside of Spain arrived at Cartagena Congress will, Port City (26/09/2016)

  • The Local Police arrested three individuals suspected of stealing mobile by the festive camp (26/09/2016)

  • Researchers develop a concrete UPCT 30% less dense ideal for seismic zones (26/09/2016)

  • MC studies themselves known as a private prosecutor in the investigation into the Mar Menor (23/09/2016)

  • Continued opened the deadline for Quotation Form to participate in the Connect program (22/09/2016)

  • The contest of educational projects Carthaginians and Romans rewards centers and Primary Education (22/09/2016)

  • The Cartagena Local Police denies kidnapping attempts that are spreading (22/09/2016)

  • City buses extend their hours for the festival of Carthaginians and Romans (22/09/2016)

  • The alternative theater in Cartagena shown through Made in UTOPIA (22/09/2016)

  • Municipal technicians know the results of the study on the neighborhoods of San Anton and Private Mediterranean (22/09/2016)

  • Made in a utopia, artistic micro Festival celebrating its first edition in Cartagena (22/09/2016)

  • Social Services municipally owned rehabilitates houses for families at risk of social exclusion (22/09/2016)

  • Citizens warns of lawlessness in the service of tourist guides deposits Cartagena is (22/09/2016)

  • Gastronomy and Roman shows ambientaron the festive night at the Feriae Latino (22/09/2016)

  • Carthaginians and Romans 2016 reaches its final stretch with the battle for Qart Hadast and the Gran Circo Romano (22/09/2016)

  • The Carthaginians and Romans Trophy Badminton bring together 93 athletes from throughout the Spanish geography (22/09/2016)

  • The Food Safety qualification required by companies in the online master of the UPCT and the College of Chemical (22/09/2016)

  • The design of the gods put the finishing touch to a day in which the smallest life filled with the festive camp (22/09/2016)

  • One year are extended deadlines for implementation of development works of Cartagena (21/09/2016)

  • Free City bus and cycling and skating exhibitions in connection with the Mobility Week (21/09/2016)

  • French, Finns, Poles and Czechs, received at the Palace Hall (21/09/2016)

  • Saharawi Representatives thanked the Government of Cartagena shown solidarity with his people (21/09/2016)

  • 120 Optimist will meet in the Grand Trophy Regatta Cartagena Spar City (21/09/2016)

  • The Cartagena Futsal looks flag maritime province in its new kit (21/09/2016)

  • MC will propose at the next full City around the Ara Pacis to Cartagena (21/09/2016)
    currently exhibited in the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia
  • Demanded improving the quality of life of patients and their families, on World Alzheimer's Day (21/09/2016)

  • The Department of Archaeological Heritage continues to work visited the site of Cueva Victoria (21/09/2016)

  • An open house will allow the visit of the Temple of Isis in the Roman Forum (21/09/2016)

  • Gen Rosso act in Cartagena on October 2 (21/09/2016)

  • Economic Strategy will offer microcredits to small businesses (21/09/2016)

  • The princess met Imilce the future of the Carthaginian people at the Oracle of the Goddess Tanit (21/09/2016)

  • Social Services provides more than 300 children from the city to go to the fair Carthaginians and Romans (21/09/2016)

  • ... (20/09/2016)

  • On Thursday the Amstel Fest with concerts Maldita Nerea and Funambulista, Chaldean parties Carthaginians and Romans (20/09/2016)
    The music returns to the programming of the celebrations of Carthaginians and Romans hand Amstel Fest Cartagena, an evening with more than three hours of live music and a spectacular assembly
  • Available the latest bracelets Amstel Fest Carthaginians and Romans (20/09/2016)

  • The regional government says that "shortly decisive steps will be taken" to connect the AVE to the city of Cartagena (20/09/2016)
    The Minister of Development states that will meet the Society Cartagena High Speed ​​to "analyze the situation and projects and reach consensus on the best station location "
  • Town Hall, festeros and encourage Blood Donation Center to donate blood in the Battle for Life (20/09/2016)

  • The general Hannibal and Princess Imilce I said yes (20/09/2016)

  • Citizens denounces the absence of Cartagena for more than eleven years in the Spanish Network of Cities for Climate (20/09/2016)

  • The XXVI Cicloturista March Carthaginians and Romans mountain tour four ports of Cartagena and Mazarrón (20/09/2016)

  • Local police monitored over a thousand vehicles in the last special campaign belts (20/09/2016)

  • A student of Master of Civil Engineering and Ports of the UPCT creates an alarm to prevent avenues (20/09/2016)
    The tool prevents flow increases and dangerousness depending on rainfall and soil characteristics
  • The local police arrested an alleged abuser in the family (19/09/2016)

  • The City out to tender the artificial turf of the Virgin of Charity neighborhood and José María de Lapuerta (19/09/2016)

  • Citizens calls for the appearance of the technicians responsible for El Batel in the Commission of Inquiry (19/09/2016)

  • Players from all over Spain gathered at the V International Chess Tournament sub 2200 (19/09/2016)

  • The Assembly calls for the creation of a Maritime Group of the Civil Guard based in Cartagena (19/09/2016)
    PP deputy defense claims that the initiative would represent an increase of fifty effective
  • The 018, awarded the special prize draw Carthaginians and Romans (19/09/2016)

  • Alberto Martinez and Diana Mulero winners Journey to swim through the Port of Cartagena (19/09/2016)

  • Mayor and councilors inaugurated the camp and attend festive celebrations of Carthaginians and Romans (19/09/2016)

  • The Commission is studying the extra cost of Batel request the attendance of those involved in the investigation (19/09/2016)

  • Spar will be the new sponsor of Cartagena Futsal (19/09/2016)

  • The host Luzzy painting reality, Marcial Zambrana (19/09/2016)

  • PP: "López blocks the work of the health center of St. Anton with a power line construction prevents" (19/09/2016)
    "It takes three months without answering health because what matters is to provoke demonstrations"
  • Sequence The exhibition Modernism in Fuente Alamo shows the architecture of the historic center of Cartagena (19/09/2016)

  • The mayor opened the festive camp and attended celebrations of Carthaginians and Romans (19/09/2016)

  • Sport, solidarity and history toured the Route III Sentinels (19/09/2016)

  • A day of solidarity Zumba led the camp sport and recreation for people with disabilities (19/09/2016)

  • Increase 50% international students of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (19/09/2016)
    Poles, Italians, French, Romanian and Mexican stand out among the new foreign students UPCT
  • Cartagena increases its offer of Dual Vocational Training with two new cycles, more students and more companies (19/09/2016)
    24,500 students are incorporated in the region this week to classes at this level
  • MC regrets that no progress in water solutions field Cartagena (17/09/2016)

  • Rogelio and Joaquin claim the provinciality in his opening speech based on the history and culture of Cartagena (16/09/2016)

  • A book traces the recovery process Barrio Roman Forum during the past 35 years (16/09/2016)

  • 81 labor fixed the City of Cartagena will become officials before the end of the year (16/09/2016)

  • A student of IES Jiménez of the Sword of Cartagena, among the top ten of the XXVII Olympiad in Spain National Mathematics (16/09/2016)

  • Deputy Mayor announces an open day to show the archaeological work of the Temple of Isis (16/09/2016)

  • Citizens provides measures to increase transparency and improve the Regulation of Citizen Participation (16/09/2016)

  • The Mayor will attend the celebrations of Carthaginians and Romans this weekend (16/09/2016)

  • The Cartagena VII Fair Outlet opens its doors again this October in Puerto (16/09/2016)

  • Taichi, theater and main Christmas crafts new program for elderly and disabled Social Services (16/09/2016)

  • Development works on the project to improve access to the industrial estate of La Palma in Cartagena (16/09/2016)
    The Director of Roads visit the intersection of RM-311 road to the industrial estate, which accumulates a million displacements and is widely used by the food businesses from the area
  • The Department of Education continues its commitment to the theater as an educational resource (16/09/2016)

  • The Film Archive of the region begins next week cycle projections in Cartagena (16/09/2016)
    A total of 12 films will be free until mid-December in the Cultural Hall of Caja Mediterráneo
  • Body, space and movement are combined in the Thresholds exhibition of Cartagena Javier Navarro (16/09/2016)

  • The UPCT creates a web to meet daily flows that move organisms, discharges and sediments in the Mar Menor (16/09/2016)

  • Cartagena and Mar Menor have an important role in the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) (15/09/2016)

  • The neighborhoods of Old Town and Station Sector held its second community meeting (15/09/2016)

  • Path by the UPCT to minimize stress to the start of classes (15/09/2016)
    About 250 new students enroll in the Basic Course that tomorrow will show the buildings, services and opportunities offered by the Polytechnic
  • Manuel Padin: "We do not pay to waste time in meetings of the Committee of Inquiry CATAD" (15/09/2016)
    spokesman Citizens in Cartagena, Manuel Padin, today regretted that "has not yet been given the necessary documentation to start to investigate the management of the Shelter and Treatment of Domestic Animals "
  • The traditional swim across the port of Cartagena held on Saturday its silver anniversary (15/09/2016)

  • The summer markets finish the season (15/09/2016)

  • COEC claims further promotion of the festival of Carthaginians and Romans as a catalyst for the economy of the Region (15/09/2016)
    This petition has emerged from the data obtained by the study of Cajamar consumption during the holidays
  • The Councillor for Education counseling requires an economic base for the maintenance of IES Elcano (15/09/2016)

  • Modernism travels Source Alamo with the exhibition of works Painting Contest City of Cartagena (15/09/2016)

  • Twenty young people participate in a substance abuse prevention program in Canteras (15/09/2016)

  • Posted side for the reorganization of traffic during the holiday Carthaginians and Romans (15/09/2016)

  • Teachers and researchers meet in Chemical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Cartagena (15/09/2016)

  • The municipal government credits to parents Aljorra safety of school plot (14/09/2016)

  • Sports Councilman encourages cartagenera Claudia Manzanares to remain an example for young athletes of the municipality (14/09/2016)

  • Former CIM hosts an exhibition that traces the history of motorsport and its protagonists (14/09/2016)

  • The Consistory works in finding spaces in the center for local coexistence (14/09/2016)

  • Awarded the contract for the City Council have a single electronic file (14/09/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena calls for more aid for farmers during his visit to the District Agricultural Office (14/09/2016)

  • Social Services joins the acts of the Ecuadorian community in honor of the Virgin of Chilla and Virgen del Cisne (14/09/2016)

  • City Council and social partners join forces to improve citizen living in the Old Town and Sector Station (14/09/2016)

  • The Citizen Participation Sector Board meets to amend Regulation of Citizen Participation (14/09/2016)

  • The Route of the Sentinels this weekend recalls the story of Carthaginians and Romans (14/09/2016)

  • La Manga today begins its festivals (14/09/2016)

  • Miss Caffeina and Sidecars will Los40 Carthago Pop music (14/09/2016)

  • The UPCT and the College of 'telcos' build bridges between students and companies in the sector (14/09/2016)

  • Condolences Mayor and the Corporation for the death of the president of the Central Union of Irrigation (14/09/2016)

  • MC regrets that "the regional government dilate, once again, the construction of the college of La Aljorra" (13/09/2016)

  • The Municipal Group of Citizens in the Mar Menor are preparing a new legislative offensive to protect the lagoon (13/09/2016)

  • The Grants Commission assessed 115 applications for adjudication to neighborhood associations (13/09/2016)

  • The MAPS European project progresses measures for the recovery of the Moorish Castle and the neighborhood of Los Mateos (13/09/2016)

  • Municipal government and social partners review the objectives of the Manifesto Phoenix after a year of implementation (13/09/2016)

  • Cartagena Port of Cultures joins the celebrations of Carthaginians and Romans (13/09/2016)

  • Equality Harassing launches campaign is not link, to raise awareness of respect at parties Carthaginians and Romans (13/09/2016)

  • The Carthaginians and Romans opening speech will be translated into sign language (13/09/2016)

  • Open registration period for the contest Young aficcionados International Short Film Festival Cartagena (13/09/2016)

  • Theatre for everyone in the Municipal School of Cartagena (13/09/2016)

  • La Casa del Niño celebrates its traditional special drawing Carthaginians and Romans (13/09/2016)

  • The names of the sports brands are increasingly descriptive, according to a study of the UPCT (13/09/2016)

  • Feremur requires the college of La Aljorra not built on land classified as "flood" (12/09/2016)

  • Carthaginians and Romans, closer to being of International Tourist Interest (12/09/2016)

  • The regional president does not receive parents and the municipal government, who have claimed the CARM the necessary college of La Aljorra (12/09/2016)

  • Infrastructure Rushing improving street lighting (12/09/2016)

  • Local police carried out six arrests during the weekend (12/09/2016)

  • Dozens of artists portray the modernist Cartagena in the first Competition Air Painting (12/09/2016)

  • C's presented allegations to the PGOU (12/09/2016)
    pending the commitment to promote the great changes that the document needs approval after compliance
  • The home team wins Marivending Futsal Tournament IV AVV La Aljorra (12/09/2016)

  • "I'm not nervous, Selectivity is a mere formality" (12/09/2016)
    For the first time, the UPCT has created a virtual itinerary to provide students access to classroom
  • The Pinwheel Coordinator calls for the new PGMOU prevent clearings and buildings on the hill (12/09/2016)
    Coordinator for the defense of Cerro del Pinwheel and its surroundings
  • MC asks the Ministry of Education rigor, institutional loyalty and a real commitment to the college of La Aljorra (10/09/2016)

  • Education requests the City of Cartagena assignment of a suitable site for expediting the construction of the new school Aljorra (10/09/2016)
    The CHS issued an unfavorable solar proposed by the Consistory report because "it is in a flood zone with a high probability of flooding "
  • The Cartagena Muram hosts until January exhibition'The charris Cosmolocalistas' (09/09/2016)
    The Regional Museum of Modern Art exhibits near thirty works in which the painter cartagenero takes a journey through the most common themes developed in his path
  • The Isla Plana Neighborhood Board approves request the sewer to Los Madriles and other points of La Azohía extend (09/09/2016)

  • The president of the Neighborhood Association Garden City belies the 'líder'del local PP, Joaquin Mowing (09/09/2016)

  • The Circo Teatro Apolo about music, theater and magic to its programming from October to December (09/09/2016)

  • Youth encourages young people of the municipality to join the Youth Guarantee System (09/09/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena redouble its efforts to facilitate the construction of a new public school in La Aljorra (09/09/2016)

  • Tourism and Celebrations promote Carthaginians and Romans and Carnival in Albacete (09/09/2016)

  • The Consistorial palace houses a sample of the paintings of Jose Maria Falgas (09/09/2016)

  • "I always wanted to be an engineer" (09/09/2016)

  • Cartagena will have a modernist market in early November (09/09/2016)

  • The UPCT enlists the help of Culture to develop a master plan of the hill of San Jose (09/09/2016)

  • The UPCT creates a virtual itinerary to facilitate access to the classroom to students in the last test of Selectivity (09/09/2016)

  • Local police announced the new locations of speed radars during the week from 12 to 18 September (09/09/2016)

  • The modernist heritage of Cartagena star in Saturday's first contest Air Painting (09/09/2016)

  • Denounce the plight of overcrowding in which students are in La Aljorra (08/09/2016)

  • C's makes the City Council conduct campaigns for recycling of WEEE and consider setting up a clean point (08/09/2016)

  • Cartagena Citizens get with your management that the PGOU take its course and start assessing the allegations (08/09/2016)

  • "Lopez has proven to be an irresponsible proposing to annul the General Plan" (08/09/2016)
    Mirror: "You can not govern a municipality based heaters"
  • PP: "The government lied about the alleged invoices without entry in the IMSEL" (08/09/2016)
    "93% of the bills was managing Lopez and Castejon, not the PP"
  • The City of Cartagena presents the voter registration lists for the election of juries (08/09/2016)

  • Cartagena hosts a symposium on the effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy and environmental pediatrics (08/09/2016)

  • Local Police Cartagena next week will monitor the use of seat belts (08/09/2016)

  • A Polytechnic architect designs a cancer center to look after the welfare of patients (08/09/2016)
    Proyecta family rooms and areas for complementary therapies in St. Lucia
  • Citizens seek to clarify in Parliament that the controversy surrounding the square Intervenor in the city of Cartagena (07/09/2016)
    Orange formation also interrogates the local government by the degree of compliance with the joint motion to protect the Mar Menor
  • The Cartagena Claudia Manzanares Spain Padel Champion proclaimed in Junior category (07/09/2016)

  • Visits to the premises of the local police end with more than 140 participants (07/09/2016)

  • Rotary Cartagena UPCT and develop projects of social and humanitarian awareness (07/09/2016)

  • Heritage promotes cataloging existing shelters Civil War in Cartagena (07/09/2016)

  • The Palace Hall will host a show of the paintings of Jose Maria Falgas (07/09/2016)

  • Homemakers of El Algar held its traditional culinary competition (07/09/2016)

  • The parties Carthaginians and Romans show their story in pictures (07/09/2016)

  • A historical film cycle will review the role of Carthage on celluloid (07/09/2016)

  • Jugglers and street performers star in a circus this weekend (07/09/2016)

  • A municipal plot of 10,000 square meters in New Cartagena will host the municipal nursery and an urban garden (07/09/2016)

  • Experts in Spain debated this week in Cartagena on prevention and treatment of fetal alcohol syndrome (07/09/2016)
    The Symposium of Pediatric Environmental organized by the Directorate General of Public Health and the University of the Sea will be inaugurated this afternoon by the delegate of the Government of National Plan Drug
  • Carthaginians and Romans will have a similar to other years device to prevent incidents (07/09/2016)

  • Sixty-two officers of the local police in Cartagena ensure road safety back to school (07/09/2016)

  • El Teatro Romano Saturday will offer a recreation of the Battle of Qart Hadast on board (07/09/2016)

  • Cartagena Negra remembers the victims of gender violence (07/09/2016)

  • More than 400 short films received to participate in the FICC / 45 (07/09/2016)

  • The Councillor for Education is concerned about the shortcomings of the CARM before the start of school year (06/09/2016)

  • The Bureau of Animal Welfare consensual items that make up the new municipal ordinance on pets (06/09/2016)

  • The City continues to bring courses and workshops of the UP to the districts and councils (06/09/2016)

  • The Battle IV Solidarity SOI Sports will include a basketball tournament and zumba fitness (06/09/2016)

  • The mayor of Cartagena states that the competitions should assume the nearest administrations (06/09/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena requested in the next full measures to promote recycling of electrical and electronic equipment (06/09/2016)

  • The new magazine Carthaginians and Romans promotes the Barrio del Forum and the Roman Amphitheater (06/09/2016)

  • The PP file a motion to Cartagena is an accessible city in tourism (06/09/2016)

  • The Sports Council appreciates the work of grassroots football clubs and encourages the promotion of sports activities in school age (05/09/2016)

  • C's regrets that Cachá has not uttered a word of apology or self-criticism for the delay of antirriadas works (05/09/2016)

  • Starts Cartagena Negra which includes a conference and mystery whodunnit (05/09/2016)

  • La Aparecida festivities began with the crowning of queens and mises and popular dance (05/09/2016)

  • Sold out in four hours 78% of the squares of the University of Elders (05/09/2016)

  • Saturday brushes reflect the modernism of the city of Cartagena (05/09/2016)

  • Cartagena breaking his record of visitors (05/09/2016)

  • Cartagena say goodbye to the Plan of Adjustment few days (05/09/2016)

  • Llano del Beal gave the final traca their festivals (05/09/2016)

  • The Deputy Mayor highlights the active and dynamic character of the neighborhood of Sorrows (05/09/2016)

  • Open a new call for scholarships for Sabic-UPCT chair (05/09/2016)

  • Youth Councilman opened at the Palace Hall the exhibition of short films: The image on the tip of the tongue (03/09/2016)

  • Successfully Concluded Calblanque 4:40, example of collaboration between administrations to protect the Regional Park (03/09/2016)

  • The Official College of Nursing congratulates MC for his initiative to urge the CARM for dowry school nursing schools in Cartagena (03/09/2016)

  • The Cartagena Flamenco Cycle IV Jonda dedicated this year its cultural agenda to the city of Cadiz (02/09/2016)

  • Lopez receives the dean of the College of Telecommunications Engineers to advance sustainability and energy efficiency (02/09/2016)

  • Decline in unemployment in Cartagena in August (02/09/2016)
    on-year, continuing the trend towards a decrease of the unemployed (- 10.5%) in the region of Cartagena
  • The replica of Submarino Peral and looks at the entrance to Cartagena (02/09/2016)

  • C's see positive unemployment data in Cartagena but warns of the high rate of temporary and requires the Bureau of Local Employment (02/09/2016)
    Citizens spokesman Cartagena, Manuel Padin, says that "behind every number there is a family that is going wrong and respect for them must continue to understand these results as they are, a drama ".
  • El Algar, parties in honor of the Virgen de los Llanos (02/09/2016)

  • Unemployment falls in Cartagena, breaking the regional and national trend (02/09/2016)

  • Family spends more than three million euros to the care of people with disabilities Astus and ananda in Cartagena (02/09/2016)
    The counselor visits the centers of early care of these associations today and stresses that the Community is supporting more than 3,700 minors development problem
  • A photo exhibition tells the story of the celebrations of Carthaginians and Romans (02/09/2016)

  • The opening speech of the Deputy Mayor will kick off the festivities of Sorrows (02/09/2016)

  • Local Police reports the new location of radar controls from 5 to 11 September (02/09/2016)

  • ISSUED, spin-off of the UPCT showcases wireless technologies in Las Vegas (02/09/2016)

  • Exposure of the Second Punic War is inaugurated (01/09/2016)

  • The BORM public auction five plots in the municipal utilities and Molinete Eixample (01/09/2016)

  • Infrastructure begins construction of an urban park next to the Palacio de Deportes (01/09/2016)

  • The neighbors of the Virgen de la Caridad said goodbye to their particular Summer School (01/09/2016)

  • A talent contest a motoalmuerzo and a pilgrimage in La Aparecida parties (01/09/2016)

  • Citizens will seek clarification from the Minister of Education for the suspension of the new school of La Aljorra (01/09/2016)
    The Citizens Parliamentary Group has already taken steps to be questioned in the Regional Assembly to the Minister Maria Isabel Sanchez-Mora and try to unclog the pipeline project
  • Castejón renews its payment of FC Cartagena (01/09/2016)

  • The Cartagena Carnival seeks an artist to design your poster 2017 (01/09/2016)

  • English and creativity are intertwined in the Subjective Hall with an exhibition of short films (01/09/2016)

  • Pedro Antonio Sanchez: "We are working so that this month there is a risk of relief to Campo de Cartagena" (01/09/2016)

  • City and FC Cartagena work together to improve the image of the stadium Cartaagonova (01/09/2016)

  • The fifteenth edition of the Cross Artillery opened the registration period (01/09/2016)

  • More lighting and containers in the Youth Zone Carthaginians and Romans (01/09/2016)


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