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Cartagena News - June 2015

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  • Castejon monitors the state of the beaches for the start of the holiday season (30/06/2015)
    Deputy Mayor has toured various parts of the coast where he visited checkpoints and met with businessmen and residents of La Manga
  • Fran: "play on a team like this is great news" (30/06/2015)

  • Workshops del Mar opened its doors on Wednesday (30/06/2015)
    Children from 6 to 17 years will enjoy various water sports.
  • The film returns to Saint Lucia (30/06/2015)
    The esplanade of the Social Center all summer host a film series in order to revive the history of cinema in the neighborhood
  • An Israeli business model could be an example of entrepreneurship (30/06/2015)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Jose Lopez has received the multinational business group Excem and Puerto de Sefarad, formed by Isaac Chocron, Alfonso Garcia Galan, Aharon Franco and Jesus Calatayud
  • PP urges the local government not to change the location of the future station Mandarache (30/06/2015)
    Francisco Lopez asks Mirror height of view, we can not afford a delay or more, the AVE will reach Mandarache in 2016 "
  • Alcer the doors of City Hall is open (30/06/2015)
    Its president, Juan Pedro Baths, highlights the good reception given by the mayor and Councilman Francisco Calderon to launch initiatives in favor of people waiting to be transplanted or
  • Kick-off for the XXIII National Folk Festival of Cartagena (30/06/2015)
    On Monday June 29 was presented officially in El Corte Ingles, which was attended by the Councillor of Greater Celebration, Juan Pedro Torralba and the Councillor for Portal and Transparency Office, Maria Josefa Soler
  • Begin the leisure Summer 2015 (30/06/2015)
    During the month of July, children will participate in various workshops organized by the Department of Social Services City of Cartagena
  • Local police found that the beach bars meet the ordinance (30/06/2015)

  • More control of the local police to top blanket in La Manga and Cabo de Palos (30/06/2015)
    Last Sunday a device deployed in the beach areas and the nearby requisitioning lot of clothes, accessories and counterfeit discs
  • The government team takes as his claims of the Platform in Defense of Public Health (29/06/2015)
    will move to the Assembly and the Regional Government the critical situation being experienced by the No. 2 area for the summer with reduced services and Rosell was asked to declare itself the second hospital
  • Plastics Romero Cartagena formalized their registration in the national football league (29/06/2015)

  • UPCT it undertakes to ensure completion of the course students Tourism (29/06/2015)

  • The Minister of Public Works claims COEC support infrastructure for the region of Cartagena (29/06/2015)
    Francisco Barnabas describes as "just and necessary" the demands made by the Cartagena entrepreneurship
  • The mayor stated to employers the indispensable infrastructure to Cartagena (29/06/2015)
    At the close of the General Assembly COEC, Lopez defended including bypass Reguerón for the arrival of the AVE to the region does not depend on burial in Murcia
  • Children staff UPCT start in engineering with a Lego robotics workshop (29/06/2015)

  • They deliver diplomas to students of the Polytechnic IES have manufactured parts for racing teams UPCT (29/06/2015)

  • Ant Island Swim up a brave challenge (29/06/2015)
    Poveda, Larrosa, Aledo and Lopez are the winners of Challenge I swam Cabo de Palos-Isla Hormiga, starting in Levante Beach
  • The Residential Estate Santa Ana receives summer sport (29/06/2015)
    Last weekend was held a series of activities to give life to the neighborhood
  • The theater workshops for the elderly and disabled again after the summer (29/06/2015)
    During the last month has been celebrated the closure of the various workshops that, in this year, 120 people have participated
  • Friends Handball Club Cartagena farewell season (29/06/2015)
    The closure was held for the ninth year in the beach of La Manga del Mar Menor where children from different schools attended Club
  • Forty-five students will practice UPCT Navantia, in the most complex engineering project in Spain (29/06/2015)

  • Workshops and make scheduling visits summer school higher (29/06/2015)
    Councillor of Social Services has been commissioned to give Monday to kick off an activity that every year, organized by the municipality of Cartagena
  • Premiere two short films by young Cartagena (29/06/2015)
    be tomorrow Tuesday, June 30, at 18.30.
  • The Ghanaian Association of Cartagena is updated on issues of immigration (29/06/2015)
    municipal technicians Immigration Program of Social Services, held Sunday a working session with this group
  • Cartagena share their good practices in multicultural European Committee of the Regions (29/06/2015)
    A final conference Building Inclusive Societies, held in Brussels, attended by technicians of the Department of Social Services and the Agency of Local Development and Employment, responsible for Deli Project
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures expands and starts new schedule guided tours (29/06/2015)
    The summer program starts with A Summer Treasure, which includes the months of July, August and September
  • Raul Martinez is done with the bronze medal in the National Trialbici (29/06/2015)
    The Cartagena rider took the third step of the podium in the Championship of Spain this weekend was held in Tarragona
  • The LGBT pride paced Cartagena in defense of equality (28/06/2015)

  • The Cartagena painter Jose Luis Mercader, exhibits of his work in the cafeteria, the soldier (27/06/2015)
    Until the 20th of July
  • CCOO require the new minister paralysis and urgent withdrawal of LOMCE (26/06/2015)
    The union is demanding a radical change of policy and not just a change of faces
  • Europe financed surveillance systems products endocrine, announced in the Congress on Environmental Health that welcomes UPCT (26/06/2015)

  • UPCT and AGA together international experts on Cyber ​​Intelligence and measures against jihadist terrorism (26/06/2015)
    The summer course at the Polytechnic of Cartagena and the General Air Academy offers 80 seats and will be held in San Javier 20 to July 23
  • On Monday begins the paving of the street Alfonso XIII of Sorrows (26/06/2015)
    For two weeks the work will be carried out at night to cause the least possible traffic
  • The City reports the location of mobile radar (26/06/2015)
    Following the policy of transparency and prevent rather than punish, was published where these controls are located during the week of June 29 to July 5
  • II Anniversary Day Care Center of Sorrows (26/06/2015)
    The Councillor for Social Services, Carmen Martin, accompanied by the regional coordinator of Messengers of Peace, Carmelo Gomez, and the center's director, Lourdes Saura, has toured the facility
  • The five municipal groups have voice and vote in municipal contracts (26/06/2015)
    In addition to the appointment of members of the Procurement Board of Governors approved this morning positions of trust and municipal representatives in different organizations, companies and institutions
  • Seven days to enjoy the National Folk Festival in Cartagena (26/06/2015)
    In its XXIII edition, starts next Monday June 29 and ends on July 11
  • Seventy activities comprise the TLA Summer (26/06/2015)
    With the heat, the Department of Youth and the Youth Council bring alternatives for young people to enjoy their holidays
  • The bands of the region will have its own space in the Sea of ​​Music (26/06/2015)
    The Últimos Bathers, The Good the Bad and the Mena, Bantastic Fand and La Banda del Pepo form the section we're from here, together with actions in other scenarios Ayoho and Pepica and bichejos
  • San Anton celebrated Bonfire Night cultural activities (26/06/2015)
    The coordinator of the neighborhood organized exhibitions, raffles, Zumba classes and other events on Tuesday to celebrate the Night of San Juan, with the cooperation of the City of Cartagena
  • Local Police and Civil Protection participate in a drill in Cabo de Palos (26/06/2015)
    This is an intensive course this afternoon held at the Diving Center Mangamar, will focus on diving accidents and will include a lecture and practice CPR, plus drill
  • Older Albujón pay homage to the popular councilors Antonio Calderon and Nicholas Angel Bernal (26/06/2015)

  • The musical group Sauces turns 30 (26/06/2015)
    What held this afternoon with a concert at the Willow Park at 19 am and other activities in the coming days
  • The Pride Gala V presented the awards Cristina Esparza (26/06/2015)

  • The Neighborhood Councils will be set up recently by appointment (25/06/2015)
    The government team announces its intention that in the upcoming municipal elections is a third ballot to vote directly for the members and presidents
  • Pedreño: "I hope this is the year and get the target" (25/06/2015)
    Antonio Pedroza kept her relationship with football cartagenero room and keep his fifth season in the city
  • More citizen participation through FAVCC (25/06/2015)
    is one of the topics proposed by the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Cartagena, who have moved to the mayor, Jose Lopez, in the meeting held this afternoon
  • The Local Safety Board analyzes the operating summer (25/06/2015)
    The coordination meeting of local forces and state security and was held on Friday at the Palace Hall
  • The PP endorses the decision of the Municipal Government to ensure food for all children in the municipality (25/06/2015)

  • The Governing Board Friday to appoint new members of the Committee shall (25/06/2015)
    At a special meeting, the positions of temporary staff and municipal representatives in organizations, companies and foundations will be named
  • Lopez and Castejon provide support to clubs for older (25/06/2015)
    The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillor of the area of ​​quality of life and the Councillor for Social Services City held a meeting with representatives of clubs Quarantine
  • The Regatta Cartagena Ibiza 2015 starting off (25/06/2015)
    The marina was this morning the context from which many boats sailed towards the Balearic island
  • The council ensures the summer feeding of children at risk of exclusion (25/06/2015)
    Given the refusal of the Ministry of Education to keep open the school canteen, the Department of Social Services will provide families eating lots
  • Arrested an individual for abuse your partner (25/06/2015)

  • The council considers fair claims of parents Aljorra (25/06/2015)
    Mayor calls common sense proposal to build the future college on a larger surface
  • Over 250 students of the School of Dance fired the course (25/06/2015)
    The XXII closing ceremony took place on Wednesday on the stage of the Auditorium and Convention Center The Batel
  • Researchers warn that Cartagena UPCT only meets 51% of the guidelines for responsible fishing (25/06/2015)

  • The Anthem of the Seas, one of the largest cruise stops in Cartagena (24/06/2015)
    The ship, 347 meters long has left 4,100 passengers, who have filled the main streets of the city
  • The Roman Theatre in Cartagena gets the Certificate of Excellence Tripadvisor 2015 (24/06/2015)
    Users of the web known travel have given the theater a rating of 4.5 out of five points
  • Palazón "9,000 cruise passengers this week in Cartagena, a legacy of the commitment of the PP by tourism" (24/06/2015)

  • Twenty students participate in the Occupational Workshop Urban Maintenance (24/06/2015)
    Members perform maintenance work in some schools as the Gabriela Mistral in Slum Hispanamérica, Virginia Perez in El Algar, Our Lady of the Sea in St. Lucia and the college of La Asomada
  • The latest craze of Rome opens the curtain on the closing ceremony of the Municipal School of Theatre (24/06/2015)
    The first performance took place yesterday afternoon at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy, which was attended by the Councillor for Culture, David Martinez Noguera
  • Dismantled an organization that fraudulently empadronaba foreign nationals illegally (24/06/2015)
    We proceeded to the arrest of 11 persons of Moroccan nationality for an offense of forgery.
  • Good harmony between the City and the Port Authority (24/06/2015)
    The mayor, Jose Lopez, and the President, Antonio Sevilla, have tried various topics of interest to both governments and to the region as the IBI, the ZAL and the Esplanade of the port
  • The Night of San Juan was running without serious incident (24/06/2015)

  • Start the End of Course of the Municipal School of Theater Shows (23/06/2015)
    The curtain opens this afternoon at 19.45 with the comedy The latest craze in Rome.
  • The Junios join the Festival of San Juan (23/06/2015)
    Today Tuesday, June 23, the San Antón is celebrated as traditional Bonfires
  • The mayor requested an audit of the Palacio de Deportes (23/06/2015)
    The theme will be full to clarify the deficiencies in the completion of works and the changes recorded over the original project
  • Cartagena Kidney patients will have one more turn hemodialysis (23/06/2015)

  • The mayor is receptive to the proposed new Day Centre ASTUS (23/06/2015)
    The president of the Association was pleased after the meeting held on Tuesday with Jose Lopez, who has dealt with a number of issues that require Municipal collaboration
  • Ghana for agricultural technology manufactured by Telenatura, company spin off UPCT and UMH is interested (23/06/2015)
    A delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the African country has visited the laboratories and experimental facilities of Cartagena and Orihuela
  • The National Police presented the 2015 Tourism Plan sure Hostec (23/06/2015)
    Commissioner D. Ignacio del Olmo gave Hostec president, Mrs. Francisca Naranjo, advertising Tourism Security plan.
  • The representation of Caesar and Cleopatra in El Batel, rescheduled (23/06/2015)
    The work, directed by Magüi Look, eventually will be staged on August 2, at 21: 30
  • The UCAM Primi Sport Table Tennis returns Antequera with four podiums (23/06/2015)
    Stephanie Bathrooms, Isidoro Alejandro Martinez, Jose Carlos Moreno and Victor Delgado, highlighted during the Championship of Spain that the weekend was held in Malaga in the category of disabled Intellectuals
  • Three cruises visit us in three days (23/06/2015)

  • Eli: "I am very happy to continue another year in Cartagena" (22/06/2015)

  • Three athletes Primi Sport, on the podium of the National Athletics Championships Adapted (22/06/2015)
    They are Vicente J. Castilla, Ruben Ros and Francisco J. Casanova, who won silver and bronze last weekend in the 100, 200 and 800 meters
  • Three Cartagena compete in the Championship of Spain Trialbici (22/06/2015)
    Raul Martinez, Jose Luis Fernandez and Mario Sanchez, will represent the region in the test that will compete this weekend in Tarragona
  • The Sea of ​​Music will pay tribute to the figure of Victor Jara (22/06/2015)

  • The Feast of Music flooded the streets of Cartagena (22/06/2015)
    The event took place on Saturday 20 in the city where different styles invaded the main roads in the center
  • Local Police and Fire launch the special device for the Night of San Juan (22/06/2015)

  • Gran Regional Junior and other control record (22/06/2015)
    The athletics track of Cartagena hosted Saturday Championship Murcia category Outdoor, along with a new federal control in which regional superlatives fell again
  • Firefighters remove a cover plate Sports Palace (21/06/2015)
    The council ordered the removal of the danger of falling in the wind
  • The 1st edition of the Festival Flamenco ". Cartagena Jonda Channels - windlass" will be held on July 4 (20/06/2015)
    be in the Cerro del Pinwheel (Cartagena) at 22:00 with free admission
  • Lopez and Calderon are interested in the status of children of Paterna served by a mild food poisoning (19/06/2015)
    The mayor and the mayor of Health have been this afternoon at the Hospital of Santa Lucia where they have proven the favorable evolution of the children who have been discharged
  • Change UGT representative on the School Council of the Region of Murcia (19/06/2015)

  • Convention for the construction of a roundabout on the RM-12 road in Cabo de Palos (19/06/2015)

  • Special operation to tackle it botelleo in Cabo de Palos (19/06/2015)
    Cartagena Local Police imminently addresses this problem in the area, with the arrival of summer intensifies massively
  • More than 300 students bounce the course at the Municipal School of Tennis (19/06/2015)
    The Municipal School of Tennis Department of Sports City of Cartagena closed the year with great success of participation
  • Cucurbits Researchers around the world are meeting next week in UPCT (19/06/2015)

  • The PP is its Municipal Group to continue working for Cartagena and its citizens (19/06/2015)
    Francisco Espejo pointed out that the Popular Party is available to all citizens of the municipality and in the coming weeks will initiate a round of contacts with the various groups and associations City
  • The FICC opens the registration period for Short Film Competition (19/06/2015)
    Those interested in submitting their work may do so until September 5
  • Primi Sport travels to the National Table Tennis and Athletics Adapted (19/06/2015)
    The Cartagena sports club will participate this weekend in both championships of Spain, to be held in Antequera and San Javier
  • The arrival of summer ends several workshops older (19/06/2015)

  • The City will save 330 thousand euros a year with leaving four general managers (19/06/2015)
    The only two that are held management positions will be occupied by two municipal civil servants
  • The Town Hall joins the celebration of diversity (19/06/2015)

  • The Festival of Music comes to Cartagena (19/06/2015)
    Volunteering of the Department of Youth has organized this initiative to be held on Saturday June 20.
  • Prevention before the penalty (19/06/2015)
    That's what has expressed the Councillor for Public Safety, Francisco Aznar regarding traffic fines following the Local Government
  • Sports Festival at the Municipal Hall of Alum (19/06/2015)
    school students council of Cartagena Thursday enjoyed a full day of sports and traditional games ended with a display of rhythmic gymnastics
  • Educating Family expands opportunities for youth in the Six hundred (19/06/2015)

  • The school celebrates this afternoon Narval their graduation ceremony in El Batel (19/06/2015)
    The event, which begins at 20.00, will feature UCOERM president, Juan Antonio Pedroza
  • The Cultural Center hosts hundreds of jobs women (19/06/2015)
    The exhibition is the result of workshops conducted by the Department of Women throughout the course, and will run until Thursday June 25
  • Onda Cero gave awards to outstanding Cartagena (19/06/2015)
    The station yesterday afternoon held its seventh edition in the Hall of Caja Mediterráneo Foundation
  • The Letters Bazaar UP said goodbye to the course with Verso and Fire (19/06/2015)
    The closing meeting on Thursday afternoon in the Hall José Hierro Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy, counted this year with the collaboration of several Students of different workshops
  • Awarded in two congresses UPCT a researcher to demonstrate that new solar cells are not dangerous (19/06/2015)

  • LGBT pride flag waving on the masts of the Town Hall (18/06/2015)
    Tomorrow Friday, June 19 at 12 am will be placing LGBT Pride flag on the masts of the Town Hall
  • The Last Supper by Da Vinci in the Castillo de la Concepción (18/06/2015)
    Leonardo da Vinci, inventor of nouvelle cuisine, offers a night where the flavor is mixed with the art of cooking.
  • Sobriety in the Plaza of Spain (18/06/2015)
    The Local Police will be conducted from 23.30
  • Governing Board meets on Friday in San Miguel (18/06/2015)
    Address the cessation of general coordinators and the creation of governing bodies in Planning and Infrastructure
  • Fire and Civil Protection make recommendations for the Night of San Juan (18/06/2015)

  • Senior University graduates 32 students (18/06/2015)
    The event was chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Student and University Extension, Francisco Martinez and the Councillor for Social Services, Carmen Martin Love.
  • The Letters Bazaar UP says goodbye to the course with Verso and Fire (18/06/2015)
    The closure has this edition in collaboration with several of the students in the various workshops.
  • One hundred young people attend the selection trials for the foundations of football (18/06/2015)
    The Central Sports Hall on Wednesday welcomed the evidence of the kids who attended the first call by the Cartagena FS to form part of the quarry
  • A quick intervention prevents the spread of a fire in a supermarket in Cabo de Palos (18/06/2015)
    The fire, which occurred early this morning in the store interior accommodation could be controlled in a few minutes thanks to the coordinated efforts of local police and Fire
  • UPCT opens the registration period for new students for the 2015-2016 degree course (18/06/2015)

  • Firefighters rescue a dog from a well in the Cala Reona (18/06/2015)
    Rescue little dog, who was ten meters deep, occurred early Wednesday morning, and after it was delivered safely to their owner
  • Gala Dinner of the 25th anniversary of the troops Himilcón (18/06/2015)

  • Travel Agencies Levante Cartagena discovered during the weekend (17/06/2015)
    Commercial activities, familiarization trips and presentations of the product made of Cartagena impressed by the heritage of the city
  • Jimmy Cliff replaces Molotov at the opening of the Sea of ​​Music (17/06/2015)
    cornerstone of reggae and ska act in place of the Mexican band that has suspended its European tour because of health problems of one of its members
  • Signature of powers to prosecutors (17/06/2015)
    The mayor signed notarized document that empowers professionals representing the City in various lawsuits
  • Exhibition of women's workshops at the Cultural Center (17/06/2015)
    A hundred students have participated in activities whose creations will run until Thursday, June 25
  • Start the VI Ibero-American Congress of Sports Economics (17/06/2015)

  • On Thursday Cartageneros VII Awards are given in the Wave (17/06/2015)
    The gala will take place in the classroom culture Sabadell-CAM on Main Street.
  • The VI Route Ultra Strengths Strengths and I get to raise more than 57 billion euros (17/06/2015)
    The organization of the event has delivered this morning the solidarity to the 23 beneficiary organizations
  • The City Council supports Cartagena managers that remain in the city football (17/06/2015)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor have met this afternoon with albinegro team manager before the difficult situation
  • Local police regularly publish the location of mobile radar (17/06/2015)

  • School of El Algar and Los Belones win prizes Campus Engineering (17/06/2015)

  • Arrested an individual for stabbing another in La Aljorra (17/06/2015)
    Apparently a heated discussion was the trigger for the events that ended with the intervention of the local police officers who proceeded to arrest the alleged perpetrator
  • EnorgulleCT out this year to the streets to demand laws for Real Equality Now (17/06/2015)

  • The Border Campus UPCT seeks halt desertification water purifying fuel cell (17/06/2015)
    Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena drought monitor and collaborate with Africa in training projects in water management
  • Success in the first round of qualifiers for basic devices (16/06/2015)
    The first call of Cartagena FS aimed at soccer fans brought together nearly a hundred young
  • Back to the Future The documentary comes to Cartagena (16/06/2015)

  • Delivery of donations from Route VI Strengths (16/06/2015)
    be tomorrow Wednesday, June 17 at 11 am at the School of Marine Corps Navy when solidarity helps deliver different charities Cartagena
  • Cartagena will look LGBT Pride flag (16/06/2015)

  • The Municipal Government will be organized into six areas (16/06/2015)

  • The Municipal School of Theatre launches Senior Year Sample (16/06/2015)
    Will the Tuesday, June 23 when starting the XVIII closing several days of theatrical performances
  • Pupils and Students of Dance fired the course (16/06/2015)
    The Auditorium The Batel on Wednesday June 24 will become the stage show with the Municipal School for terminating the current course.
  • Miriam Gonzalez, new interim comptroller of the City of Cartagena (16/06/2015)
    Officer appointment of national qualification has been determined by the Autonomous Community
  • The play The Wedding Dress change of scenery (16/06/2015)
    The Department continues its activities, this time a play, organized by the Tanit group.
  • Today's distribution areas and municipal offices will be known (16/06/2015)
    The Local Government constitute this morning at the Palace Hall
  • Distinguish the alumni of the Faculty signed by the Bank of Spain (16/06/2015)
    "Management figures I had ever seen," says Manuel Nicolas, monitoring working capital solvency, liquidity and governance of banks
  • Raul Jerez accepts the offer of renewal of Plastics Romero Cartagena FS (15/06/2015)
    The Cartagena goal already taken.
  • Lopez and Castejon, in the constitution of the Regional Assembly (15/06/2015)
    It was the first official event in which participated the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Cartagena.
  • The Civil Guard detained a person related to thirty burglary (15/06/2015)
    In Los Urrutias-Cartagena
  • EVS project encourages reflection on Human Rights (15/06/2015)

  • New Connection Day Hall Company (15/06/2015)
    Organized by the ALDE and CEEIC, takes place on Friday at the premises of the latter in the industrial estate Cabezo Beaza.
  • The EF Santa Ana Regional Cadet totals as season champion (15/06/2015)
    Two of the players in the squad, Juan Pedro and Gerson, were also proclaimed champions of Spain as part of the selection Murcia
  • Closing for First UCAM Cartagena (15/06/2015)

  • The Sanix Grill Laurel and UAH, V Champions Club Cup Spain ANFs (15/06/2015)
    Cartagena this weekend became the main stage of amateur football hall.
  • Cartagena muscle pulls in the International Fitness and bodybuilding championship (15/06/2015)
    The Spaniard Ángel Calderón won all male champion at the event last weekend was held at the sports facilities of the Polygon Cabezo Beaza
  • The Knowledge and Development Foundation (C & D) performance credits UPCT in its latest national ranking (15/06/2015)

  • ... (14/06/2015)

  • Jose Lopez, mayor of Cartagena during the next two years (13/06/2015)
    The last two of the legislature will be Ana Belen Castejon who takes his place.
  • The City Council will open to dialogue and doors Cartagena (13/06/2015)
    Although the measures to be taken are yet to be determined, Mayor Jose Lopez has revealed that the former will lead by example, reducing the salary of the council, and does not use the roller with no party
  • More than six thousand people attended the closing ceremony of the Youth Football League Local Cartagena (13/06/2015)

  • ANSE denounces the massive redevelopment of agricultural land subsidized by European funds in Cartagena. (13/06/2015)
    The facts may constitute a crime for subsidy fraud.
  • Evening party Villalba neighborhood (12/06/2015)
    Thursday was held within the program of prevention and social inclusion, and was organized by the Department of Social Services
  • The champions of the local youth football league this afternoon received their trophies (12/06/2015)

  • The catalog, history of excellence, will be presented at the Museum of the Roman Theatre (12/06/2015)
    be on June 19 at 20.00 when the photographer Cartagena Santiago Andreu Carmona is displayed to the public
  • More than 800 gymnasts closed the season of the Municipal School of Gymnastics (12/06/2015)
    On Thursday June 11 held a ceremony to bid farewell exhibition during 2014-2015.
  • The Circle of Innovation presents Oceanographic exploration of a Roman shipwreck underwater vehicles made with UPCT (12/06/2015)

  • The Underwater Weapon hundred years old in the presence of the King (11/06/2015)
    The monarch has come at Arsenal, the Base, the School and the Flotilla submersibles and has chaired the central public ceremony held at the esplanade of the dock
  • On Saturday at 12 the new municipal council of Cartagena constitute (11/06/2015)
    The session can be followed live on the internet
  • Promotion Workshops for Immigrant Women held its closing (11/06/2015)
    Organized by the Department of Social Services, to 40 women attended workshops belonging to the Intercultural Center to learn how to function in their environment
  • Clubs Cartagena Over solidarity with the Sisters of the Poor (11/06/2015)
    The Social Care Councillor acting, Antonio Calderon, attended Thursday the delivery of milk to the representatives of the clubs have made to the nursing the district of Conception
  • A Walk Through the History of Cartagena return after the summer (11/06/2015)
    Today Thursday has closed the last edition of the workshop organized by the Department of Social Services through its program of higher
  • The Club Náutico Los Nietos triumphed with his remote control boats in Asturian waters (11/06/2015)
    Last weekend rose to the top five positions in the Championship of Spain micromagic 6/7
  • The Rhythmic Cartagena, among the world top three Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (11/06/2015)
    The senior team won last weekend at the World Championship held in Faroe Islands
  • "The record shows that MC UCO working on the correct line" (11/06/2015)

  • MC meets for the third time with the PSOE (10/06/2015)

  • The champions of the local youth football league on Friday received their trophies (10/06/2015)

  • On Thursday, traffic cut a section of Sebastian Feringa (10/06/2015)

  • Achacan increased selectivity enrolled students who repeat for up note (10/06/2015)
    The tests begin in the UPCT uneventful
  • They return the Summer Nights at the Teatro Romano (10/06/2015)
    This is dramatized nocturnal visits scheduled for Saturday, which start on June 20 with Aulaeum, Cradle Will Rock.
  • The municipal goodbye hiking program delivering food to the Good Samaritan (10/06/2015)
    Today Wednesday closed the program organized by the Department of Social Services, an act that has the greatest advantage to show solidarity with the needy
  • Cartagena hosts a course first National Football (10/06/2015)
    From June to October, 25 students attend the course held at the Education Center Miralmonte and Municipal Football Field Polygon Santa Ana
  • The older artists for a day (10/06/2015)
    The Department of Social Services has closed on Wednesday with an exhibition, the paint shop that has been developed over the present course and which involved thirty major
  • New Partners for Education Park Road (10/06/2015)

  • The City Council facilitates the UCO four invoices submitted by Madiva (10/06/2015)

  • The PP asks for light on the covenants of the parties that lost the elections (09/06/2015)
    Mirror: "They are reneging on their promise to make public the agreements"
  • MC: "Tomorrow the PP check the blind to arbitrariness and impunity in Cartagena" (09/06/2015)

  • MC position on FC Cartagena (09/06/2015)

  • In the afternoon MC and PSOE have kept a new contact after the elections last May 24 (09/06/2015)

  • Closing of acts in the city of Cartagena (08/06/2015)
    Wednesday hold extraordinary plenary meeting, the Governing Board and the committees of Finance and Planning to approve the minutes of its last meeting
  • MC and citizens opt for a third way of regeneration and stability to Cartagena (08/06/2015)

  • Women continues to work with Asteamur (08/06/2015)

  • The operetta will be starring at the Teatro Circo Cartagena (08/06/2015)

  • Antonio J. Munoz, Luis M. Pérez and Paloma Diaz, winners in the contest of Santa Rita (08/06/2015)
    Municipal Employees winners presented their works to the contest of paintings, sculptures, models and photography
  • Open the deadline to enroll in summer courses of Spanish for foreigners (08/06/2015)

  • Triathlon SERTRI together more than five hundred athletes in the port (08/06/2015)
    Hector Garcia Arevalo and Sharon did on Sunday with victory in the sporting event organized by the Cadena SER with the assistance of the City of Cartagena
  • The Sisters of the Poor collected 26 carts hygiene products (08/06/2015)

  • Grow enrolled in selectivity, (08/06/2015)
    Especially in Cartagena and between those aimed at technical careers
  • The firefighters quelled two fires on Sunday in tailings and Montesacro (08/06/2015)
    The first was recorded in a treatment vessel soybean powder, while the second affect about 1,500 square meters of the hill located in the historic center
  • ANSE calls for the closure of the landfill of Befesa in the Valley of tailings (05/06/2015)
    The Association denounced last May before the Seprona the works developed in the tank (landfill) of waste, and requested further inspections for possible irregularities
  • The PP does not cease in its willingness to dialogue to ensure the future of Cartagena (05/06/2015)
    The Popular Party will maintain an open and participatory dialogue until the last minute before the inauguration of Saturday
  • New water outage in Los Dolores (05/06/2015)
    Will this Monday, June 8 and will affect several streets, as reported Hidrogea.
  • MOBILE INFO visit the Occupational Center Canteras (05/06/2015)
    Mobile Office Development Institute has shown the unemployed and entrepreneurs Employment and Training project, the resources to carry out a business project
  • A bridge with the mysteries of Leonardo and special openings in the resorts (05/06/2015)

  • Cultural Week Mills Senior Club Marfagones (05/06/2015)
    Organized by the Department of Social Services and Senior Club Life, held from 8 to 14 June in the town Cartagena
  • Cartagena regional final will be on Beach Volleyball School (05/06/2015)
    Eight teams will represent Cartagena on Saturday in the final which will be played in the Las Palmeras Los Alcázares
  • The streets of Cartagena will become the scene of the Festival of Music (05/06/2015)

  • UPCT will host the Mediterranean Film School (05/06/2015)

  • The Polytechnic University of Cartagena produced its first report on Environmental Sustainability (05/06/2015)
    UPCT carry out a plan of action to improve environmental sustainability
  • Salvador Torres, except guide Theatrvm exposure at the Roman Theatre (05/06/2015)
    Yesterday opened Thursday at the museum's temporary exhibition of the artist from Cartagena, which will have guided tours on Thursdays in June visits.
  • Pollen levels recorded in Cartagena are doubled so far this year (05/06/2015)

  • UPCT today shows its support for the integration of people with disabilities (05/06/2015)

  • Carthaginians and Romans football champions (05/06/2015)

  • Garre exhibition opens in Cartagena'T HEATRVM', Salvador Torres (04/06/2015)

  • An expert says that solar cookers avoid the death of four million people a year in the Third World (04/06/2015)

  • A week of festivities in Tallante (04/06/2015)
    The festivities in honor of San Antonio begin tomorrow Friday, June 5 and end on Saturday 13
  • Vista Alegre celebrates its 34th Cultural Week (04/06/2015)
    Visal Organized by the group, with the collaboration of various departments of the City of Cartagena.
  • The City collects about 800 euros in the Caritas charity collection (04/06/2015)
    The Social Care Councillor acting chaired Thursday petitoria municipal board, which has been installed throughout the morning in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • The Executive of MC meetings with the PP rule (04/06/2015)

  • Film School UPCT Mediterranean and bring filmmakers and writers to give master classes in Cartagena (04/06/2015)
    Both educational institutions offer joint study programs training in audiovisual production techniques
  • This Friday is the deadline for registration for the Summer Schools (04/06/2015)
    As of Monday, June 8 will be available on the municipal website lists of planned activities supported by the Department of Education July
  • Older held their annual living in Los Urrutias (04/06/2015)
    About 800 people gathered Wednesday at Camp Caritas gave to fire the course on a day that lasted until the evening
  • UPCT organized the first concert of world biological scores obtained by encoding brain signals (03/06/2015)
    Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena presented in Elche fifteen papers at the congress on neuroscience and artificial intelligence
  • Collective reading in 10 years UPCT by Mandarache Prize (03/06/2015)

  • INITEC will pay 7.6 million euros to the City by the CCGT tailings (03/06/2015)
    The administrative room agrees with the town hall in the settlement of ICIO, enn a final judgment has been notified today
  • The Plaza Juan XXIII becomes a point of reading thanks to MandaracheBookmob (03/06/2015)
    More than a hundred readers have joined this initiative in the city, where simultaneously for 15 minutes have been reading
  • The City Council joins the Caritas charity collection of Corpus Christi (03/06/2015)
    The Social Care Councillor acting chair Thursday petitoria municipal table, which will be installed throughout the morning in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Marine Reserve Cabo Palos is about young people with awareness workshops (03/06/2015)

  • The CRU Cartagena, Silver champion Rugby Federation Cup sub 18 (03/06/2015)
    The Cartagena team was the star of the tournament last weekend was held in Torrevieja, where individual trophy kicker Jonny Wilkinson also took
  • Arden three vehicles and two containers at the park (03/06/2015)
    The fire was caused by unknown causes about three this past dawn
  • Local entrepreneurs improve their business skills with Hall Company (03/06/2015)

  • MandaracheBookmob today will bring together hundreds of readers in Madrid and Cartagena (03/06/2015)
    Dozens of institutions around the country, including the National Library among them, have joined this particular reader action promoted by the Mandarache Award
  • Agricultural researchers begin this week inventory of rural roads in the municipality of Cartagena (03/06/2015)

  • Representatives of MC and CTSSP have maintained a working meeting (03/06/2015)

  • The Cartagena FS gives the go-ahead to his new project of federated teams (02/06/2015)

  • Balsicas EF and EF The Vistalegre-Mateos play the final fry A (02/06/2015)
    In Benjamins A, CD and CD Algar A Minera A also played the last phase of the category
  • Cartagena received a special mention in the National Awards of Commerce (02/06/2015)
    With other municipalities, shopping malls and small shops, the consitorio in Barcelona has been honored for his work in favor of the sector
  • Nine writers present their latest books Encounters with literature (02/06/2015)
    Literary conferences are organized on the occasion of the centenary of Hospitality Santa Teresa and start tomorrow, Wednesday June 3 at the Cultural Hall of Caja Murcia
  • Low unemployment figures in Cartagena to four years (02/06/2015)
    May ends with 516 fewer unemployed
  • More than 800 students decommission the course of the Municipal School of Gymnastics (02/06/2015)
    The event will be on Thursday June 11 at 17.30 in the Pavilion Wssell Guimbarda
  • The best dishes of our ancestors to everyone (02/06/2015)

  • Cartagena hosts the national tour of SERTRI (02/06/2015)
    Cadena SER Triathlon will be held on Sunday June 7, from 9 in the morning in the port city
  • A UPCT program for students with disabilities learn to play the flute, a finalist in European awards (02/06/2015)

  • The Board of PP applauds the 20 years of Pilar Barreiro in front of the City of Cartagena (01/06/2015)
    The Popular Party will maintain an open and participatory dialogue to guarantee the future of Cartagena
  • Presentation of Literary Days to celebrate the Hospital Santa Teresa (01/06/2015)
    Councillor for Culture, acting, Rosario Montero literary workshops presented tomorrow at 12 am at the headquarters of the Hospital Santa Teresa
  • The course begins Protocol Detention and Stay of Detainees in the Security Park (01/06/2015)
    From today June 1 is taught in the premises of the SPACE.
  • The Roman Theatre Museum is hosting an exhibition of Salvador Torres (01/06/2015)
    The painter presents the exhibition, called Theatrvm, on Thursday, June 4 at 20:00
  • The Governing Board acting takes its final decisions (01/06/2015)

  • Paddle, football, spinning, among the activities of the Third Week of Sport Paradise Beach (01/06/2015)
    be held from 6 to 14 June being 13 Paradise Extreme III Cross, the Master Class I Spinning and Cotton Grill Concert
  • A Bookmob present the country's greatest literary jury in Madrid Book Fair (01/06/2015)

  • Seniors celebrate their annual living in Los Urrutias (01/06/2015)
    About 800 people will meet this Wednesday at the Caritas camp to fire the course on a day that will last until 18.30
  • UPCT examine how best rate for water users and undertakings providing Murcia (01/06/2015)


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