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Cartagena News - October 2015

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  • Benjamin Clementine and Silvia Perez Cruz inaugurated the 35th edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (30/10/2015)
    act this Saturday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo, thus beginning the festival which runs until November 22
  • In March the scariest weekend in Cartagena (30/10/2015)
    makeup courses, workshops, costume contests and parades are part of the program of activities organized by Youth for celebrating Halloween
  • The City brings the holiday hiring animation (30/10/2015)
    A new feature this year, besides the helmet is included districts and councils
  • The XXI edition of the Amateur League Cartagena revving (30/10/2015)
    begin next week matches to be played this year's soccer championship in the Garden City municipal golf and The Trough
  • The mayor presides over the opening of the Days of Sports and Tourist Ports of the Region (30/10/2015)
    The event, held at the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena, attended by the Minister of Development and Chairman of the Port Authority
  • The mayor confirms its commitment to the restoration of the Royal Botanic Gardens Cartagena (30/10/2015)

  • Guillamón "despite adversity, we can take the party forward" (30/10/2015)

  • Students of the Department of Hidrogea present the evolution of their research projects (30/10/2015)

  • Open enrollment period for Marathon Media City Cartagena (30/10/2015)
    From Friday 30 October, those interested in participating in the race, which is held next March 6, may formalize their registration by internet
  • José López reaffirms the support of the City to the restitution of the Royal Botanical Gardens Cartagena (29/10/2015)

  • An application will provide women with hearing disabilities report abuse (29/10/2015)
    Equal Councilman David Martínez, announced the launch of this service in the Local Coordination Committee against Gender Violence that was held today
  • On Monday opens the deadline to request Christmas street stalls (29/10/2015)
    Applicants must be current on payments and being debt with the City
  • Acciona shown interest in collaborating on future projects in the municipality (29/10/2015)
    So it has transmitted Acciona Infrastructures Mayor and Deputy Mayor in the meeting this morning, where the director of Business Development, Ignacio Fuentes was, among others
  • The Mayor and Deputy Mayor join the Board of Directors of the Port Authority (29/10/2015)
    They have done as new members, by the State Attorney Murcia, at the regular meeting which took place on Thursday 29 October
  • The Municipal Government asks the CARM the participation of municipalities in Board of Greater Health II (29/10/2015)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Jose Lopez, will write to the Minister of Health denouncing the failure of different laws
  • The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are the directors of the Academy of Pharmacy (29/10/2015)
    The Town Hall has hosted this Thursday October 29 visit of the president, secretary and treasurer of the company
  • The Local Coordination Committee against Gender Violence continues to work (29/10/2015)

  • Cartagena prepares for the feast of All Saints (29/10/2015)
    Local police regulate access to cemeteries and bus lines will be expanded.
  • The local police will ensure security in Halloween (29/10/2015)

  • The municipal government requires the participation of municipalities in the Board of Directors of Greater Health II (29/10/2015)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Jose Lopez, will write to the Minister of Health denouncing the failure of different laws by the Autonomous Community of Murcia
  • Local Police published the location of the radar controls (29/10/2015)
    They will be taking place next week, from 2 to 8 November at different points in Cartagena
  • Between strings and brass facing its nineteenth edition (29/10/2015)

  • Student Industrial chocolate manufacture a 3D printer (29/10/2015)
    cars, drones, and an ejection seat Minirobots the Eagle Patrol in the day alumni associations
  • A balloon from the sky preside Market Medieval Times (29/10/2015)

  • More than 400,000 euros for the first phase of the health center of St. Anton in Cartagena (28/10/2015)

  • Local Coordination Committee against Gender Violence (28/10/2015)
    It will take place on Thursday 29 October at 10.30 hours in the hall councilors of the Town Hall, and will be chaired by Deputy Mayor, Ana Belen Castejon, and the Councillor for Equality, David Martinez
  • The Deputy Mayor will visit the Healthy Students Employment Program (28/10/2015)
    Ana Belen Castejon, also Councillor for Employment, will visit next Friday, October 30, at the Municipal Hall in St. Lucia
  • The Councillor for Finance attended the XIII Forum Suma (28/10/2015)
    Isabel Garcia witnessed the event, organized by the tax agency of the Province of Alicante
  • Older Algar interested in pets of CATAD (28/10/2015)
    A group of Alfonso Escámez residence has visited the center Macher within a program of animal-assisted therapy
  • The Contracting Committee awarded the cleaning and monitoring of sports facilities (28/10/2015)
    a record is unlocked so unresolved since its announcement in May 2014
  • Citizens requesting restoration Cartagena Cemetery Remedies (28/10/2015)

  • City and Polytechnic create six chairs for the environmental sustainability of Cartagena (28/10/2015)
    UPCT Consistory and signed a framework agreement that recognizes and encourages "the contribution of the University to the city"
  • Cars, drones, 3D printers, Minirobots and Eagle Patrol Thursday at the School of Industrial (28/10/2015)

  • Andrés Lledó visit the IES Santa Lucia and CIFP Hesperides (28/10/2015)
    The activity was organized by the ADE program of the Department of Sports and was held on Tuesday October 27
  • The Rascasa Association turns 25 (28/10/2015)
    The organization working in the barrios of Los Mateos, Saint Lucia, Lo Campano presented the program for their anniversary and a new campaign partners
  • Hall and UPCT seal their commitment to the development of Cartagena (28/10/2015)

  • The ALDE welcomes participants 50 Romanian pupils Job-Finder project (28/10/2015)
    Will this Thursday, October 29 at the Center for Occupational Training Canteras
  • PP is supporting educational institutions are a source of knowledge generation and future professionals (28/10/2015)
    The popular council this morning visited the new facilities of ISEN center in the old Naval Museum Cartagena
  • The former director of Google Spain advises entrepreneurs' desire and ambition to change the world " (28/10/2015)

  • Countdown the Cartagena Jazz Festival (28/10/2015)

  • New Neighborhood Council in the Puebla-La Aparecida (28/10/2015)
    In the plenary session, held on Tuesday night in the clubhouse, was elected president Juan Manuel Ayaso Martinez, member of PP
  • Alfonso Grandal chair the Panel of Historical Memory (28/10/2015)
    ​​ On the evening of Tuesday October 27 held their first meeting where it was also agreed that Luis Miguel Perez Adam is the secretary
  • Castejon requires the State and the Community with new measures to support the promotion of trade in the city and in the councils (27/10/2015)
    Deputy Mayor shown encouraged to continue the work undertaken during the delivery of the National Prize awarded the City Internal Trade Cartagena
  • The XXIII Local Youth Football League welcomes the new season 2015-2016 (27/10/2015)
    Over 200 teams began the first day of the championship in over thirty playgrounds
  • The mayor attends the opening of the Open University course (27/10/2015)
    Jose Lopez was accompanied by the area councilor of Culture, Ricardo Segado, the mayor of Education, David Martinez, and the Councillor for Tourism, Obdulia Gomez
  • City Council and the Red Cross planned actions to combat the cold snap between the poorest (27/10/2015)
    Volunteers of the NGO cooperation in this area under the coordination of the Department of Social Services
  • Intervention Strategies Course Free Time with People with Disabilities (27/10/2015)
    The Implica2 Program, in collaboration with the T-LA organized the course of 25 hours and approved by the Regional School of Leisure and Recreation
  • Halloween comes to La Manga with decorating contest (27/10/2015)
    This is the second edition, and also there will be a party on Saturday October 31
  • Calderon Gomez confirmed the municipal collaboration with the XXVI National Congress of Clinical Interview (27/10/2015)
    The event will be held in mid-December in El Batel
  • Delivered the National Awards of Commerce in Madrid (27/10/2015)
    In embodiments of municipalities, small businesses and Town Centre
  • The domestic film a hole is made in the memory of Cartagena (27/10/2015)

  • The working group of the Historical Memory starts walking (27/10/2015)
    This afternoon held its first meeting with the participation of various experts and a calendar will be marked
  • Next week the electoral roll will be exposed (27/10/2015)
    Citizens who want to vote in general laselecciones of December will see in person or electronically, between 2 and 9 November, inclusion on lists
  • Castejon includes a national award given to the commercial management of the PP government (27/10/2015)
    Mirror remember that Castejon has criticized policies on trade PP
  • El Batel welcomes the XLVII Spain Championship bodybuilding and fitness (27/10/2015)
    The Municipal Auditorium will host from October 30 to November 1 this great event, which will include an exhibition with the most representative companies in the sector
  • Children of Anthill, Friday in El Batel (27/10/2015)
    Brown, John (Trancas) and Damian (Barrancas) bring the mood of one of the most successful programs of television with the humor that we banned in the Tele
  • The City of Sevilla receives a group of Cartagena (27/10/2015)
    More than thirty women have made a journey of cultural exchange, organized by the Department of Equality of the City of Cartagena.
  • Formed the Neighborhood Council of Pozo Estrecho (27/10/2015)
    Carolina Alvaro Castillo, the PSOE, was elected chairman of the board for the session of constitution which was held last night at the local office of the council
  • November Cultural La Aljorra 2015 (27/10/2015)
    The weekend began XX and Culture Theatre Festival, which runs until November 29
  • Delirium Riversson in Circus Apollo Theater and El Algar (26/10/2015)
    Saturday October 31 a show that combines magic and dreams, to generate in the viewer an unforgettable experience presents
  • I arrives Horror Short Film Festival in Cartagena (26/10/2015)
    Will the Friday 30 October, under the title sometimes see short in the Youth Resource Centre, from 22 am
  • Cartagena The local police are trained in handling weapons (26/10/2015)
    During these days the 300 agents participating in a new course in the ESPAC on the use and safety of its regulatory guns
  • Ongoing workshops activation for employment for young people (26/10/2015)
    The activities take place at the Youth Space Youth Council, the Youth Resource Center
  • Castejon has Cures Program for over 55 years (26/10/2015)
    Deputy Mayor, Councillor by the Quality of Life, the Councillor for Social Services and the mayor of Tourism, attended the opening of the ninth edition, which took place in the Hotel Entremares
  • The largest of the Virgin of Charity celebrate their neighborhood Cultural Week (26/10/2015)
    The mayor of Social Services has inaugurated Monday this event from 26 to 30 October, scheduled exhibitions, championships of board games, theater and a convivial meal
  • The monitoring company works SIOUX urban space adds to venture UPCT (26/10/2015)
    Service devised by a teacher and a student at the Polytechnic joined the Network of Chairs of the Polytechnic of Cartagena
  • Castejón Lopez and visit the facilities of Sabic (26/10/2015)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor have made contact and have made a tour of the company.
  • Ricardo Segado gave the starting signal for the local youth football league (26/10/2015)
    Sports Councilman held on Saturday the kick off of the youngest category A match between New Hope and Cartagena on the first day of the local League
  • Gardens will cut off 17 street trees Prince of Asturias potentially fall (26/10/2015)
    The municipal service has warned that present rot the roots of these copies Oriental banana
  • Ricardo Segado with grassroots sport, at the start of the local Football League Hall of Cartagena (26/10/2015)

  • A monument to remind learners Bazan (26/10/2015)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor joined Saturday celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Apprentice School of Bazan, who was commemorated with a series of events that took place throughout all day
  • Los Dolores already has new Neighborhood Board (26/10/2015)
    On Friday the board was constituted in plenary session that was named president, Antonio Martínez Madrid, member of MC
  • The Supreme endorse Castejon Barreiro and should apologize (26/10/2015)
    The PSOE should assume their defeat and apologize to officials and policy-makers
  • 37 eight blood alcohol accidents in the traffic statistics of the local police during last week (26/10/2015)
    drivers also four cases were detected without a license and three vehicles on the road without insurance
  • Curse of the White Lady returns to the Castillo de la Concepción (26/10/2015)
    Cartagena Port of Cultures, this weekend opens the doors of the fortress to the boldest know the legends that surround this mysterious place
  • The Oktoberfest already offers the best German beer (26/10/2015)
    Much public this weekend approached the fair that opened the Mayor and Deputy Mayor on Thursday in the esplanade of the dock
  • The Cartagena Raul Martinez validates the title in the regional championship Trialbici (26/10/2015)
    The pilot Trialbici Cartagena Club was again the best in the category ‰ lite during the championship held Sunday at the Circuit de Canteras
  • Nearly forty photographs in the exhibition Diaz Burgos (26/10/2015)
    On Friday October 23, the mayor, deputy mayor and the director general of Cultural Heritage, opened the exhibition at the Cultural Hall Cajamurcia, Pedreño Palace
  • Three new associations join the Coordinadora del Barrio San Anton (26/10/2015)
    Caritas San Anton La Esperanza group of Vincentian Congregation and Association Welcomes Murcia join forces in the neighborhood and institutional platform on which the Department of Social Services is involved
  • Rescued two ponies and a donkey have been abandoned (26/10/2015)
    Agents of the local police in Cartagena charge of the horses were in Marfagonez Molinos and La Palma after noting that their owners could not care for them
  • Restitution of Cartagena Botanical Garden will be discussed in an open session to citizens (26/10/2015)
    The project will be presented Thursday at the old CIM platform for the newly created creatuciudad collaborating with the City
  • The PSOE meets the Mediterranean IES AMPA to hear their complaints about serious deficiencies and shortcomings of the center (25/10/2015)
    Members Choni Ludeña, Guillamón and Councilman Antonio, David Martinez, have listened to parents who are willing to begin mobilization if the Council does not remedy the existing problems
  • The City Council will create a bag of technical architects to address the lack of professionals in the departments (23/10/2015)
    Coming other engineers and architects create
  • A particular vision of Javier Lorente on the architecture of the Campo de Cartagena (23/10/2015)
    Councillors of Culture and Tourism on Thursday attended the opening of the exhibition in the showroom of the CIM, where you can visit for a month
  • Formed the Neighborhood Board Mills Marfagones (23/10/2015)
    Last night the plenary session that the vocal elected president of the PSOE, Antonio Bernal Aznar held
  • The Government stresses that "good management" of the Roman Theatre in Cartagena it the most visited museum in the region (23/10/2015)
    The regional chief executive chairs the meeting of the Board of the Teatro Romano Cartagena Foundation, composed of the Community, the City of Cartagena and Cajamurcia Foundation
  • PP Cartagena reiterates its commitment to associations working in the world of disability (23/10/2015)
    Antonio Calderon has stressed "the importance of the views of the associations and organizations working in the field of disability when planning actions that have an impact on a greater benefit for this group "
  • Cartagena is preparing to welcome more than 9000 cruise on Saturday (23/10/2015)
    Upon arrival at the port in the morning, they will find concerts of the bands of the municipality and performances by the Federation of Carthaginians and Romans
  • Local Police prepares new sobriety checkpoints (23/10/2015)

  • The BMN-Cajamurcia Foundation provides 25,000 euros for the municipal program for older (23/10/2015)
    Cartagena Mayor and President of the Foundation have signed an agreement this morning at the Palace Hall
  • Local Police Cartagena publishes the location of radars (23/10/2015)
    The week of October 26 to November 1 will proceed to speed controls in different parts
  • Jose Lopez receives the presidential candidate of COEC, Jose Hernandez Mondejar (23/10/2015)
    In the meeting, Mayor Mondejar presented his project and has shown its willingness to collaborate with the City of Cartagena benefit business sector
  • The program School of Parents begin the course with educational meetings (23/10/2015)
    The Department of Education has already begun the program, and it has done with various meetings to inform AMPAS
  • Castejon and Segado visited the Tennis Club Cartagena (23/10/2015)
    Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Sports met Thursday with the president to address the needs that require facilities
  • The mayor, with world junior champions Cartagena Sailing (23/10/2015)
    Jose Lopez received Thursday at the Palace Hall to young Antonio Lopez and Gregory Belmonte, who congratulated them on their latest achievements in the Snipe class
  • Socialist Alternative commitment to invest in sports facilities in La Manga (23/10/2015)

  • Jose Lopez congratulates Cartagena Antonio Lopez and Gregory Belmonte, junior world champions sailing (22/10/2015)

  • Start the IV National Congress of Ethnography of the Campo de Cartagena (22/10/2015)
    The Town of Greater Cultural and Archaeological Heritage participated in the inauguration.
  • Mayor advancing Demarcation Costas important projects for the coast of Cartagena (22/10/2015)
    Jose Lopez has tried various topics such as mobility in La Manga, cleaning beaches and project Oceanographic Institute
  • Traffic police breath tests performed on Thursday night (22/10/2015)
    This section of Cartagena Local Police will conduct sobriety checkpoints during tonight at the Paseo de Alfonso XIII, against Regional Assembly
  • Jose Lopez receives a membership card of honor Vespa Club Cartagena (22/10/2015)
    The company this October celebrates its sixtieth anniversary
  • The Civil Guard detained three young men dedicated to commit fraud in an arcade (22/10/2015)
    In La Aljorra-Cartagena
  • The Municipal Government will promote the recovery of the Royal Botanic Gardens in the Cerro de los Moros (22/10/2015)

  • XXIII Championship Begins Local Youth Football League Hall of Cartagena (22/10/2015)

  • The City of Cartagena analyzes the results of the first year of the project ICI (22/10/2015)
    The Intercultural Community Intervention project already has a year to live.
  • Good host workshop Letters to the image of the Department of Social Services (22/10/2015)
    is developed from October 13 to December 15 and is included in the Program Training Courses for Seniors
  • Cartagena held their weekend scariest (22/10/2015)
    The TLA brings an extensive program of activities, which will be held on 29, 30 and October 31
  • The Minister of Education and Universities supports the Infrastructure Plan of the Polytechnic (22/10/2015)
    Maria Isabel Sanchez-Mora has made an official visit this morning to inquire about the planned investments
  • The Mayor and Deputy Mayor add to the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Apprentice School of Bazan (22/10/2015)
    Former students have organized a series of events to commemorate the anniversary and discover a monument that will be held on Saturday October 24
  • Citizens denounced the abandonment of the rail line Cartagena-Los Nietos (22/10/2015)

  • The Minister of Culture and Spokesman meets with the Board of Guilds of Holy Week Cartagena (21/10/2015)
    Noelia Arroyo showed its support for the representatives of the four brotherhoods Cartagena and promised to meet with them to look for new areas of collaboration
  • The Deputy Mayor inaugurated the IV Oktoberfest (21/10/2015)
    The event starts on Thursday 22 at 21.00 and for ten days you can enjoy concerts, food and beer of all kinds
  • The City Council plans a route through the Matildes, Mina Blanca and Cueva Victoria (21/10/2015)

  • Social policy should be the crown jewel in the City (21/10/2015)
    Deputy Mayor visited this morning the workers of Social and thanked them for their dedication and commitment to the most vulnerable groups
  • Euros Over 3.9 million for improving the road between Los Belones with Atamaría (21/10/2015)

  • Cartagena receives an award for his actions against the dropout (21/10/2015)
    The council has been awarded under the I Award for Best Practices organized by the FEMP and the Ministry of Education
  • Calderon SMS informs the manager about health needs in Cartagena (21/10/2015)
    These include the Hospital del Rosell, the Health Center of San Anton and care for kidney patients, of prakinson and ALZEHIMER
  • Baha'i Community universal education, subjects of the documentary to light a candle (21/10/2015)
    This Thursday the documentary will be screened in the auditorium of the UNED, at 19.30 pm, as part of the programming TLA Fall of the Department Youth
  • Begins days update rules in criminal matters of police and public safety (21/10/2015)
    are held in Cartagena ESPAC, organized by the School of Education and Innovation of the Public Administration
  • The regional champions will be announced in Cartagena Trialbici (21/10/2015)
    Sunday October 25 the event takes place at the permanent circuit Canteras, which will bring together the best drivers in the region, with a novelty, holding a super final in elite category
  • The Aljorra shows its multiculturalism and associative cohesion (21/10/2015)
    Last weekend held its third meeting of neighbors with the assistance of the Councillor for Social Services, Carmen Martin Love
  • End of Grade A Civil Engineering warning of the danger of micro-plastics entering the food chain Job (21/10/2015)

  • Cartagena will benefit from new aid and European funds for strategic projects (21/10/2015)

  • New Neighborhood Council Municipal Isla Plana-La Azohía (21/10/2015)

  • La Caixa grants over five thousand euros to the project of Club of Friends of Handball (21/10/2015)

  • New information about the Erasmus Student Network Association (20/10/2015)
    Youth Space will be in the Department of Youth and serve to provide information about the association itself or the various cultural activities undertaken
  • Inaugurated greater cultural weeks in Barrio de la Concepción and Alum (20/10/2015)
    Councillor Carmen Martin participated in the activities that were the crafts and paid tribute to the elderly
  • Energy poverty among the topics discussed with officials of Iberdrola (20/10/2015)

  • Citizens proposes to implement the 'Corporate Social Responsibility' in the city of Cartagena (20/10/2015)

  • High Handbike figures nationwide were given appointment this weekend in Cartagena (20/10/2015)
    Cavite Heroes Square was the scene of the final round of the Cup of Spain II Handbike and tricycles, which included the Sabbath a bike ride inclusive attended by numerous children and youth
  • Young Europeans approach the culture and customs of Cartagena (20/10/2015)

  • Calderon announces measures to strengthen security in the municipal cemeteries (20/10/2015)
    The council met this morning with the chairmen of the cemeteries of Alum, San Ginés de la Jara, San Anton and St. Lucia
  • Formed the Neighborhood Council of La Palma (20/10/2015)

  • Regulations Update Seminar in Criminal Matters and Public Safety (20/10/2015)
    be from today October 20, and on days 21 and 22 when held in the Auditorium of the SPACE.
  • Seized 200 kilos of fruit and 85 items of imitation in Cabo de Palos Market (20/10/2015)
    Local police seized all these products from illegal hawking, on the morning of Sunday
  • Over a hundred people worked in the Solidarity Food Circus Apollo Theatre Algar (19/10/2015)

  • Loft Theatre started its activities within the program T-La (19/10/2015)
    The school workshop held introductory courses, master classes and improvisation techniques
  • About twenty speakers will show how education in entrepreneurship (19/10/2015)
    The next weekend, 23 and 24 October, will be the second meeting Educating for Entrepreneurship in the old CIM
  • Hospitality Our Lady of Lourdes held a gathering to win the Jubilee (19/10/2015)
    It will take place on Sunday October 25 on the occasion of the Jubilee Year of Charity
  • The traditional architecture of the Campo de Cartagena focus the IV National Congress of Ethnography (19/10/2015)
    The event, with the collaboration of the City of Cartagena, will be held Thursday and Friday at the Faculty of Sciences of the Company with a hundred registered and thirty communications
  • Classes begin the Connect program for the title of the ESO (19/10/2015)
    Directed to unemployed in the municipality, the program that manages the ALDE has expanded the number of seats to 60, are students who started classes last Friday in the Canteras Training Center
  • The GPP calls for construction of the City of Justice in Cartagena (19/10/2015)
    The people's deputies have also requested the placement of a detachment of the UME in the municipality of Cartagena
  • Ongoing educational intervention program for youth (19/10/2015)
    During this course lectures and workshops on education, entertainment, employment, health and sexuality developed
  • Lopez closed the I Mediterranean Conference on Osteoporosis (19/10/2015)
    The Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena hosted the congress on Saturday 17 October, coinciding with the International Day of the disease
  • The mayor visited the University at Finca Tomas Ferro (19/10/2015)

  • The Municipal People will work in coordination with the parliamentary group for the benefit of Cartagena and its citizens (19/10/2015)

  • The breathalyser Saturday resulted in 19 tests and all negative (19/10/2015)
    Local police not lower its guard on traffic control and in the last week, has conducted fifty interventions
  • The Bowling Cartageneros also permeate among younger (19/10/2015)

  • UPCT researchers developed a multifunctional device for smart irrigation (19/10/2015)

  • Plastics Romero Cartagena seeks hang the "sold out" to the subsidiary hurdle (19/10/2015)

  • The Neighborhood Council of La Palma tonight is (19/10/2015)
    Ángel Nieto Huertas was re-elected on Friday as president of the Albujón-Miranda
  • President Perín in Cartagena (17/10/2015)
    Socialist Alternative requires González Tovar and explain Urralburu support your training to government headed by a defector as a right-wing president Perín in Cartagena
  • The secretary general of the PP in the region meets with the Board of the party in Cartagena (16/10/2015)
    Pedro Antonio Sanchez: "The pace and regional government reforms contrast with what happens in municipalities where no rules the PP"
  • The Town Hall houses the reception Congress on Inequality and Mediation (16/10/2015)
    The event takes place from 16 to 18 October.
  • UPCT give credit to participants Language Exchange Youth Space (16/10/2015)
    Monday an agreement is signed between the councilman of Youth and Vice Chancellor of University Extension
  • The eleventh edition of the cultural present the situation of the current literary scene of Cartagena (16/10/2015)
    Cartagena Future Organized by the event will be held on Monday at the Cultural Hall of Cajamurcia, with the assistance of Alderman Ricardo Segado
  • Ricardo Segado opens Language Course Youth Guarantee System (16/10/2015)
    This is about offering from the Department of Youth language training twenty young people under thirty years seeking employment
  • Cartagena held a conference inclusive cycling (16/10/2015)
    The area councilor Quality of Life attends the presentation of planned activities, among which is also the final test of the Second Cup of Spain cycling Handbike and adapted tricycles
  • La Manga and Cabo de Palos celebrate II Top Road October 16 to November 1 (16/10/2015)
    The Councillor for Tourism, Obdulia Gomez was in the presentation ceremony held last night at the Entremares
  • Andrés Lledó shares his experience in the Jungle Marathon with students Espada (16/10/2015)
    The ADE program of the Department of Sports has led to the meeting that was held Friday in Cartagena athlete and former high school students
  • Women's associations exhibit their works on the esplanade of Port (16/10/2015)
    About forty organizations across the region will attend the fair which was opened this morning by the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Equality
  • Munich will move to the esplanade of the Port of Cartagena for ten days (16/10/2015)
    The Oktoberfest back to Cartagena for the fourth year with many new features and performance of different musical groups from both the port city and the region.
  • The mayor shows his support for the platform calling for the restoration of the Old Cathedral (16/10/2015)

  • José García Matrán through their portraits (16/10/2015)
    An exhibition brings instant favorite photographer and artist, collected and restored by their children as a tribute to the author.
  • A Syrian refugee will experience in the days of the Islamic world UPCT (16/10/2015)
    The cultural counselor of the Iranian Embassy inaugurated the lecture on Tuesday, which will include presentations on the threat of radical jihadism and its prevention in Muslim communities European
  • Jose Lopez highlights the commitment and effort of the municipal government for the benefit of Cartagena sport (16/10/2015)
    Mayor participated yesterday in the sports terulia Tele Cartagena and FM Gazette
  • The Department of Social Services also fighting poverty (16/10/2015)

  • The eleventh edition of "cultural" will present the situation of the current literary scene of Cartagena (16/10/2015)
    The event will take place on Monday, October 19 at 20:00 pm in the Cultural Hall of Cajamurcia by the Icue
  • Jose Lopez praises the work of the Fire Department and serves their proposals and suggestions (16/10/2015)
    The mayor held a meeting yesterday with representatives of the staff who appreciated the work done for all citizens
  • Jose Lopez recognizes the work of Cartagena Firefighters serving their proposals (15/10/2015)

  • CCOO Teaching requires the Ministry of Education to protect and defend teachers CEIP MARIANO AROCA (15/10/2015)
    CCOO Teaching supports and defends teachers and teachers of CEIP MARIANO AROCA of Murcia, against verbal attacks and threats against a teacher and the management team of this public school Infant Don Juan Manuel de Murcia
  • The mayor attends the opening of the judicial year in the Region of Murcia (15/10/2015)
    Cartagena welcomes this first event, held by the High Court of Justice
  • Circuit Awareness Inclusive Sport (15/10/2015)
    This Friday October 16th will be presented at 12:30 in Heroes Square Cavite
  • General Marine, at the Palace Hall (15/10/2015)
    Painceira Andrés Francisco visited the mayor, Jose Lopez, and has maintained a formal interview character
  • The Port welcomes tomorrow Partnerships Fair Women (15/10/2015)

  • The Fauna Star in the universe, astronomy conference at the Youth Center Canteras (15/10/2015)
    The talk will take place on Friday night and will be completed with an observation with telescopes
  • Local Police Cartagena publishes the location of the radar (15/10/2015)
    speed controls will be located in different parts of Cartagena during the week from 19 to 25 October
  • The Adle can learn and collaborate in the maintenance of municipal infrastructure (15/10/2015)

  • Castejon wants to promote the social economy in Cartagena (15/10/2015)
    Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Economic and Employment Strategy held a meeting with the directors of AMUSAL this morning
  • Francisco Calderon to Red Cross reaffirms the Council's commitment to refugees (15/10/2015)

  • Local Police and collaborate CATAD thirty interventions so far this year (15/10/2015)
    This is mainly bites, stray animals and abuses.
  • Five thousand readers read four countries while the Mandarache-Bookmob (15/10/2015)
    Mandarache Award, organized by the Youth Council, has collected some of the more than 800 photos and videos from participants in a video of thanks
  • Citizens rejects presidencies shared neighborhood together with the PP or the PSOE-Citizens Movement (15/10/2015)

  • Onda Regional deliver the Ultimate Rung from the Roman Theatre Museum (15/10/2015)
    This Friday, between eleven at night and the one in the morning, you can attend as a public program, in which specialists in the field, talk of legends and archaeoastronomy
  • Maria Francisca Martinez is the new president of the neighborhood of El Algar (15/10/2015)
    Vocal PP was chosen Thursday for the constitution session held at the local office of the Cartagena deputation
  • CEEIC and ALDE continue to opt for young entrepreneurs (15/10/2015)

  • Jose Lopez receives the commander of the Protection Force Navy Andres Francisco Gacio (15/10/2015)

  • Youth Councilman catches up with the associations of the city (15/10/2015)
    Ricardo Segado met Wednesday with representatives of a number of youth groups, who showed their work and presented their needs
  • African versities (15/10/2015)
    The Polytechnic way this week from Cartagena teachers to give classes in specialized centers promoted in Uganda and Kenya
  • Denounce the reactivation of the Partial Plan for the Cala Reona, near the Regional Park Calblanque (15/10/2015)

  • Maria Jose Soler holds a meeting with the Coral Carthagonova (14/10/2015)

  • The City of Cartagena raises 1,044 euros Day Banderita (14/10/2015)
    The petitoria table located in the Town Hall Square has obtained more than a thousand euros, for Red Cross, which focus their aid on refugees
  • Covocada the award of Christmas jewelry and craft stalls in Alameda de San Anton (14/10/2015)
    The deadline for applications is open between October 15 and November 10
  • "The PP is still committed to the tourism industry in Cartagena" (14/10/2015)
    Palazón Carolina held a meeting with representatives of the hotels in La Manga to work in a coordinated manner in tourism projects that benefit the sector and break the seasonality
  • El Batel welcomes intensive image editing workshop for architects (14/10/2015)
    Organized by Draw Your Dreams, during the days 23, 24, 30 and October 31 is celebrated and covers everything you need to know how to use Photoshop to get better count your projects
  • Ana Belen Castejon students visit the Barrios-ADLE program (14/10/2015)
    Deputy Mayor and Councillor of Greater Economic and Employment Strategy will meet with students of Urban Farm Maintenance on Thursday 15 October, accompanied by the Councillor for Education
  • Five hundred birds participate in the Contest Ornithological San Gines (14/10/2015)

  • Citizens claims the return to Cartagena Photographic Historical Center Region (14/10/2015)
    This department and file custody takes more than five years buried and forgotten in the General Archive of the Region of Murcia
  • Common Strategy for the cruise tours make Cartagena and other neighboring municipalities (14/10/2015)
    Port Authority and municipalities try to set up an attractive offer for the shipping companies operating in the port
  • The Port will host the Women's Associations Fair (14/10/2015)

  • Ricardo Segado reaffirms the institutional commitment to young (14/10/2015)
    Youth Councilman and gave it to the director general of the Autonomous Community Youth in the meeting held on Tuesday October 13
  • The Port Authority will explain the importance of the Port of Gorguel the government team (14/10/2015)

  • A thesis UPCT brand marketing guidelines on social networks to achieve profits (14/10/2015)
    Noelia Sánchez researcher recommends giving benefits to customers and recognition for their loyalty
  • Jose Lopez supports the claims of the early retirement of Izar in 2005 (13/10/2015)

  • The Roman Theatre Museum organizes a course on alternatives to seasonal tourism (13/10/2015)
    will be held from 4 to 6 November in the hall of the museum and aims to address the importance of the Cultural and Natural Heritage
  • The Federation of Carnival Cartagena invites make your next poster (13/10/2015)
    Summon an official competition for the carnival celebrations of 2016. The prize for the winner will be 1,000 euros and the last day for submission of proposals is November 6
  • The City of Cartagena adds to the Festival Banderita (13/10/2015)
    The council will work with the Red Cross cuestación installing one petitoria table Wednesday morning in the Town Hall Square
  • Local Police Traffic statistics published last week (13/10/2015)
    Notable damages recorded 26 accidents and 10 legal blood alcohol reported
  • The Autumn Festival I Pop music filled Saturday Piazza San Francisco (13/10/2015)
    ​​ Four groups and two DJ, local s part in the event organized by restaurateurs of the area within the Department of Youth T-La program
  • Castejon attended acts of the Civil Guard in Cartagena (13/10/2015)
    The feast of the Virgen del Pilar was held in yesterday with a Mass in the Church of San Fulgencio, which was also attended by the Councillor for Tourism, Obdulia Gomez, the mayor and delegate of Finance, Isabel Garcia
  • The Andalusian Guillermo Moreno took the Grand Trophy VI Spar City of Cartagena (13/10/2015)
    The podium in Cartagena, after eight completed tests, was closed yesterday Cartagena Marina León Alejandro Cerezo and Monday both the East Spar RCR Cartagena
  • New Cartagena FC opens up the 2015-2016 season (13/10/2015)
    On Saturday October 10 was the presentation of the Club and College Football New sports center in Cartagena
  • Great attendance and sales in the VI Fair Trade Outlet Cartagena (13/10/2015)
    Deputy Mayor announced that the City will continue to drive new initiatives traditional trade type
  • Food in La Azohía solidarity (13/10/2015)
    The event was motivated by collecting donations for the refugees.
  • Starts instructions during police investigations into offenses against the Road Safety (13/10/2015)
    be developed during the 13th and 14th October in the premises of the ESPAC
  • The Cadets UCAM Cartagena Athletics measure up in the National Club (13/10/2015)
    The Municipal Athletics Track on Saturday hosted the eleventh edition of the Championship of Spain in this category, which was attended by the Councillor for Sports for delivery trophies
  • Cartagena UPyD criticizes the withdrawal of basic services to the beaches (13/10/2015)

  • Basketball players may have more risk of pulmonary embolism (13/10/2015)

  • Alternative Socialist-SPCT bet because the unemployed do not pay taxes on municipal services needed for job search (12/10/2015)

  • The Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara chooses Victor Javier Navarro Iñiguez as older brother (09/10/2015)
    Victor replace Jose Alfonso Martinez Bathrooms since he has held since the foundation of the Brotherhood in honor of the patron of Cartagena in 2007
  • The Region confirms the temporary suspension of activity of Befesa dump (tailings). (09/10/2015)

  • IU Cartagena calls for halt the authorization of new titles to the UCAM (09/10/2015)

  • Special Campaign Abandoned Vehicle Control (09/10/2015)
    will be conducted by the local police in Cartagena on Tuesday from 13 to 31 October
  • The Deputy Mayor confirms the shortcomings of the College of St. Isidore and Santa Florentina (09/10/2015)
    The councilor of Education has accompanied on his visit to this center and the Casa del Niño to check the status of their facilities
  • The Production Centre will host a course Digital Content T-dub The program (09/10/2015)
    Youth Councilman visited this morning the facilities of the UPCT
  • They deliver diplomas to the first class of the bilingual degree in Business Administration (09/10/2015)

  • The ADLE helps young people to choose their future career (09/10/2015)
    This October, the program launches Decides, which offer orientation sessions and courses in secondary
  • UPCT and Football Club Cartagena launch a thematic television channel (09/10/2015)
    Efesé University and signed an agreement to promote sport and based university
  • The festivities of All Saints Pilar and focus the upcoming Port of Cultures (09/10/2015)

  • El Algar rescued a stray vulture (09/10/2015)
    Agents of the local police will work with an animal protection in capturing prey, which took place on the afternoon of Thursday
  • The hosts until December UPCT an introductory course dubbing and locution (09/10/2015)

  • Urbanism manages three months nearly one hundred licenses (09/10/2015)
    The municipal department has informed the Board of Governors of the operating licenses that have been granted and involving works amounting to 8.5 million euros
  • Education will invest more than 3.5 million in 2016 to improve educational infrastructure in Cartagena (09/10/2015)
    The Minister indicated that the regional government "provides great performances in Cartagena for next year" and reiterates its commitment to "give it better educational facilities"
  • The plenary ratified the lowering of taxes for 2016 (08/10/2015)
    The Corporation has also unanimously adopted seven motions local groups in a climate of consensus
  • The Deputy Mayor regrets voting against the opposition to the accounts of Casco Antiguo (08/10/2015)

  • The professor UPCT Stella Moreno, academic Veterinary (08/10/2015)

  • Course of Speech and Introduction to Dubbing (08/10/2015)
    This Friday October 9 at 12.30 the course will be presented along with the facilities of digital content production UPCT where will develop the same
  • Cartagena Local Police reports on the location of speed traps (08/10/2015)
    The radars will be located in different parts of Cartagena during the week from 12 to 18 October
  • The Intercultural Center of the Department of Social Services begin the course (08/10/2015)
    municipal Technical held earlier this week briefings with parents and mothers of children who begin their activities in these centers from October 13
  • More than eighty applications to participate in the Connect Program (08/10/2015)
    The screening test takes place this Friday, October 9 at the Occupational Center Canteras
  • The creation of provinces in the constitutional system, discussed (08/10/2015)
    Wednesday Mayor attended the conference organized by the Legal Circle of Cartagena, held at Casino Main Street
  • A historical tour of the Apprentice School of Bazan through photography (08/10/2015)
    During yesterday afternoon Wednesday, October 7, the opening of the exhibition at the Faculty of Sciences of the Company took place, in addition to a conference Victoria by Diego Moreno
  • The TLA offers a wealth of activities for the weekend (08/10/2015)
    The autumn edition of Alternative Leisure program has since racing karts circuit to self-defense workshop or nature-related activities
  • The Local Police seize 200 kilos of fruit and vegetables in the market of Zenith (08/10/2015)
    The seizure was conducted Wednesday and agents involved, among other products, oranges, olives, melons and tangerines, which were being sold illegally
  • The PP says it has shown its willingness to approve the accounts of Casco Antiguo (08/10/2015)

  • The Cartagena Futsal opened the first school for younger Modernization (08/10/2015)
    The team continues to reinforce the quarry with their sports schools, present in 6 schools in addition to one in the municipal hall.
  • Mirror: "Today Lopez cheated 10 million voters failing to fulfill its promise to lower the IBI" (08/10/2015)
    Mirror Lopez recalls that demands the resignation of those who do not fulfill their electoral commitments
  • School of modernization for the kids (08/10/2015)

  • The Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara morning to elect its new Brother (08/10/2015)
    You will perform starting at 19,45h Friday morning, voting to elect its new big brother
  • UPCT researchers try to detect before a corneal disease that causes blindness is revealed (08/10/2015)

  • One of the great jewels of Cartagena undiscovered (07/10/2015)

  • The plenary addresses tax cuts Thursday 2016 (07/10/2015)
    payment of part of the bonus for 2012 municipal employees and 24 initiatives of local groups in the form of pleadings, motions and questions will also be discussed
  • The competition grows in security rewards small artists (07/10/2015)

  • Gueda archers Diaz and David Martin put the sport in Cartagena highest (07/10/2015)
    In the VI Championship of Spain, held in late September in Castellon, gueda he won the national title and finished third David
  • Citizens, in defense of public markets of Cartagena (07/10/2015)
    Citizens Cartagena defend morning at the municipal plenary a motion to ensure the future of these workers and their families urging the council to receive once this group and improve their working conditions
  • Older siblings fill in at the mayor (07/10/2015)
    The four heads of the Easter brotherhoods in the mayor met with Jose Lopez and Ana Belen Castejon
  • PP urges the Government to enforce the rules of the Full Council (07/10/2015)

  • More than a hundred inspections of local police in the fair Carthaginians and Romans (07/10/2015)

  • The Social Services explains the steps in receiving refugees (07/10/2015)
    Councillor met yesterday afternoon with social care organizations working on issues of integration and reception of immigrants in Cartagena
  • The municipal government listens to the needs raised by the Good Samaritan Home (07/10/2015)
    The mayor and council of Greater Quality of Life held a meeting with the president and vice president this morning to discuss major issues of concern to the organization
  • A third of the Spanish SME in 2015 ensures that improve the business climate (07/10/2015)
    In 2015 it will improve employment trends and sales of Spanish SMEs
  • Roman Theatre in Cartagena expands its schedule to mark the Puente de la Hispanidad (07/10/2015)

  • The VI Fair Outlet in Cartagena area will have wifi (07/10/2015)

  • Sobriety checkpoints tonight at Real (07/10/2015)
    Local Police is continuing its campaign to prevent alcohol consumption at the wheel
  • The City Council will bring various works contracts negotiated procedure (07/10/2015)
    be until later this year to streamline its management.
  • Fall Film Series in St. Lucia (07/10/2015)
    will take place from October 10 to December 19 in the clubhouse in the neighborhood, and eleven films will be screened over the sea
  • PP urges the Government to comply with the rules on parking and camping trailer (07/10/2015)

  • Andrés Lledó and is fourth in the Jungle Marathon (07/10/2015)
    After two stages, the Cartagena ultra-distance is maintained between the top finishers of the event being held in Brazil
  • Councillor of Finance says that in 2016 will lower the tax burden on citizens (07/10/2015)
    Isabel Garcia said in an interview on Onda Cero reduction of taxes and fees
  • Winners UPCT two researchers at a national congress by a study on Corporate Social Responsibility in SMEs Murcia (07/10/2015)

  • Castejon meets with the director of the SEF to treat training among unemployed (06/10/2015)
    Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Employment, accompanied by the manager of the ADLE, Diego Peñarrubia, visited the facilities of the Employment and Training Service which have tried offering courses 2016
  • Begin preparations for the 2016 Route Strengths (06/10/2015)
    date of April 18 was shuffled to its conclusion and the inclusion for the first time confirmed the Moorish Castle on its way
  • More than one hundred ships participate in the VI Optimist Sailing Trophy City of Cartagena (06/10/2015)
    The event is part of the Nautical Week, will be held on 10, 11 and 12 October in the Port of Cartagena
  • Cartagena already has a Bureau of Animal Welfare (06/10/2015)
    is chaired by Councillor of Greater Quality of Life, Francisco Calderon, and has formally been incorporated in the morning, following a meeting at the Palace Hall
  • A student of ADE tourist routes proposed to boost the fisheries sector in Cartagena (06/10/2015)

  • Hall and CEPAIM lines of work in advance Intercultural and Social Cohesion (06/10/2015)
    The Councillor for Social Services, Carmen Martin, received a representation CEPAIM Foundation headed by its Director-General, Juan Antonio Segura
  • Cartagena is integrated into the regional system geolocation housing (06/10/2015)
    Through an Internet portal may know the occupation and use of the buildings in the various areas of the municipality
  • Local police guard down in traffic control (06/10/2015)
    Over the past week, twelve people have been arrested and brought to justice for crimes related to trafficking
  • A photographic exhibition traces the history of the School Learner Bazan (06/10/2015)

  • C's Cartagena calls for a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is developed (06/10/2015)

  • Presentation of diplomas to volunteers of The Night of the Museums (06/10/2015)

  • Repulse in Cartagena for a new victim of gender violence (06/10/2015)
    The City Council has called one o'clock a minute of silence to protest the brutal murder yesterday in Beniel of a woman by her partner
  • The Ministry of Health will resume the work of the Health Center of San Anton in Cartagena before the end of the year (05/10/2015)
    The manager of the Health Service of Murcia, Francisco Agulló, director ensures that the works of the first phase in the center of the area Health II will resume "as soon as possible"
  • Excavations of the Plaza de la Merced continue to amaze (05/10/2015)

  • Ricardo Segado welcomes volunteers Erasmus European Youth in Action Programme + (05/10/2015)
    The Town of Greater Youth has welcomed three young men belonging to the program, which will remain in Cartagena until July, developing different projects Voluntary Service European
  • The Phoenix Mesa Manifesto advances in the priorities set by the neighbors (05/10/2015)
    The proposals will be considered by municipal technicians to run, depending on the degree of urgency and the budget available
  • Green light to lower municipal taxes (05/10/2015)
    The Finance Committee also reported favorably midday the possibility of installment payment of taxes by the payment of another part of the bonus for 2012 municipal employees
  • Carnival has the support of the City (05/10/2015)
    The president of the Federation has left the meeting satisfied today with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, which was his first touchdown
  • The holidays and cruises increased by 20 percent in September tourists (05/10/2015)

  • Start the course at Rugby School (05/10/2015)
    Aimed at children up to 14 years, the learning activities of the sport will be held on Saturday morning in municipal facilities Macher.
  • Tourism Classes begin in the Faculty of Business (05/10/2015)

  • UPCT exhausted places (05/10/2015)
    In Agricultural Engineering, Fundamentals of Architecture, Telecommunication Systems, Chemical Engineering and Electronics Engineering
  • Maria Jose Soler and Ricardo Segado continue to work on comprehensive intervention measures in Los Mateos (05/10/2015)

  • PP doubt that the government can ensure budgetary stability (05/10/2015)

  • Ricardo Segado welcomes volunteers Erasmus European Youth in Action Programme + (05/10/2015)

  • Two thesis at the Polytechnic of Cartagena among the best of the year in Telecommunication Engineering (05/10/2015)
    National College of 'telcos' rewards Maria Teresa Martinez and Alejandro Martinez for his research on new antennas
  • Almost two years without official chronicler in Cartagena (05/10/2015)
    Citizens Cartagena at the next plenary asked that the municipal government and initiate procedures for appointing the new Official Chronicler of Cartagena
  • Private Mediterranean gave his ships Silver (05/10/2015)
    The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Council of Culture, Public Safety, Tourism and Transparency Office attended the event and delivered part of the awards
  • Solidarity March with Refugees (05/10/2015)
    Cartagena joined five kilometers to go, the symbol of support for these people.
  • AEMEDSA Mayor forth in their projects and future plans (05/10/2015)
    Castejón Lopez met last Friday with the executives of the company belonging to the group strong and rooted in the Valley of tailings
  • Ivy and Cecilia Francisco Sopeña, best Marfagones Mills Cross Duathlon (05/10/2015)
    The sporting event, held last Saturday, was attended by a number of athletes who came from across the region.
  • Successful holding of the Ninth Edition of Cartagena for Charity (04/10/2015)

  • Jose Lopez joins the demands of the users of the Health Center of San Anton (03/10/2015)
    El Centro, CARM dependent suffers an alarming state of works by paralyzing ditched his ampliació
  • Cartagena celebrated the International Day of Older Persons (02/10/2015)
    Throughout the day different acts in which assisted the Department of Social Services were held
  • Castejon shared a meeting with 66 women's associations (02/10/2015)
    Cartagena Deputy Mayor was accompanied by the Councillor for Equality, David Martinez, in Icue Cajamurcia
  • Los Angeles Custodians keep Carmen Street (02/10/2015)

  • Start the course at the Municipal School of Theatre (02/10/2015)
    The councilor for the Culture and the delegate mayor of Education have come to the opening ceremony in the Hall of the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Isabel Garcia announces that take full credit to the municipal workers of 26.23% of the bonus for 2012 frozen by the PP (02/10/2015)

  • The Sports Council presents new image relying on the quality of life (02/10/2015)
    Sport + = Life Cartagena is the new slogan with which were released Friday the activities planned for this year, aimed at promoting healthy physical activity
  • Award for local police in Cartagena for his work on Road Safety (02/10/2015)
    Studies Foundation for Traffic Safety recognized with this award, the professionalism of the agents in the campaigns of Education and Road Safety held in the city
  • The Community supports the International Film Festival of Cartagena, the oldest in the region (02/10/2015)
    The Minister Noelia Arroyo maintains a working meeting with the president and the director of the contest in analyzing the activities that will take place between 29 November and December 5
  • Isabel Garcia announced the payment to municipal workers 26,23% of the bonus for 2012 frozen by the PP (02/10/2015)

  • Ricardo Segado attended the opening of the new course of the Municipal School of Theatre (02/10/2015)

  • The PP claims "100 days lost in Cartagena" (02/10/2015)
    Mirror spokesman Francisco took stock of managing a government characterized by inaction, fear and lies
  • A Romeo and Juliet for the whole family (02/10/2015)
    The new version of the classic Shakespeare can be seen on Saturday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena
  • The Hole 2 arrives to Cartagena (02/10/2015)
    In second delivery and guaranteed by the success of the first, the show more daring in recent years returns to the Auditorio El Batel, from 27 to 31 January
  • Masters Students will attend UPCT double degree with the University of Stuttgart (02/10/2015)
    Six students of postgraduate in Industrial Engineering and Renewable Energy of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena will each year its second training course in Germany
  • Cartagena Local police reported the new locations of the radars (02/10/2015)
    speed controls will be located on 15 different points and will take place from 5 to 11 October
  • Cartagena seek uses for their old military installations (02/10/2015)
    The city participate with Piacenza, Varazdin and Szombathely disarmer European Cities project, which will focus on the possible social recovery of batteries, castles and fortresses
  • Segado and David Ricardo Martinez visited the new campus of ISEN (01/10/2015)
    Both deputies have known this morning the new facilities of the Institute of Education
  • City of Cartagena will continue to work with Project Palliri (01/10/2015)
    Councilman Quality of Life, Francisco Calderon, has confirmed that the municipality will continue to grant an annual subsidy
  • The ALDE performed free occupational training courses (01/10/2015)
    The Agency of Local Development and Employment collaborates with the Regional Employment Service and Training, and are financed by the European Social Fund.
  • The course of sales activities extends the deadline until October 13 (01/10/2015)
    The Agency of Local Development and Employment objective continues to organize courses to train unemployed and acquire different skills and qualifications
  • Castejon supports the Declaration of International Tourist Interest Carthaginians and Romans (01/10/2015)
    What makes a motion presented by the PSOE regional deputy Cartagena, Antonio Guillamón in urging the Regional Government of Murcia support this cause
  • Salvador Marín: "The Murcia financing projects abroad has grown 500%" (01/10/2015)
    The exconsejero and president of the UPCT Cofides ensures that the Region has increased its exports "as any other developed economy"
  • The Town Hall will turn green by people with intellectual disabilities (01/10/2015)
    So will other monuments in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia.
  • Cartagena will host the finals of Spain Cadet Athletics (01/10/2015)
    The Department of Sports is working with the UCAM Cartagena in the event and will be held on Saturday October 10 in municipal court
  • The City Council reiterates its support for Apices (01/10/2015)
    The area councilor Quality of Life held a meeting with representatives of the Association, who have updated the mayor on his performances and services, as well as their needs and demands Thursday
  • Sold out tickets for Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla in El Batel (01/10/2015)
    Viejóvenes, the new show of the members of the Chanante and Muchachada Nui Time, will be on Sunday at the Municipal Auditorium
  • Cartagena, present at the meeting held in Barcelona RECI (01/10/2015)

  • Cartagena celebrates the International Day of Older People (01/10/2015)

  • Senior entrepreneurs put their experience serving youth in the municipality (01/10/2015)

  • The Education Park Road continue to serve pedestrians and safe drivers (01/10/2015)
    The governing board of this facility held its annual meeting at which the activities are planned for the new course, especially aimed at youth and children
  • New trips, workshops and leisure activities this fall (01/10/2015)

  • The Socialist Party demands the category of International Tourist Interest Celebrations for the holiday Carthaginians and Romans (01/10/2015)
    Deputy Antonio Guillamón has filed a motion asking the Regional Assembly in this category and Deputy Mayor Ana Belen Castejon highlights the importance of this recognition for City tourism promotion worldwide

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