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Cartagena News - January 2018

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  • The City Council proposes to the UPCT to join the Smart City Office (31/01/2018)
    The objective is for both institutions to collaborate in the development of the Smart City project, which will contribute to improving mobility and accessibility, turning Cartagena into a Smart City
  • About a hundred students of the Hispania school live a day of athletics with the ADE program (31/01/2018)
    The sports activity, organized by the Department of Sports along with the Club Athletics Elcano, was held on Tuesday, at the Municipal Track of Athletics
  • Biodiversity and food sovereignty, protagonists in the Cafes Con-ciencia and Pensamiento del Cartagena Piensa (31/01/2018)
    The talk-colloquium will take place on Thursday, February 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the Chef Momo Restaurant
  • The Local Police informs of traffic cuts this Thursday on the occasion of a rally in front of the Regional Assembly (31/01/2018)
    As of 9:30 am there will be a protest by representatives of the agricultural sector in the Paseo Alfonso XIII, so it is not you will be able to transit or park in the whole street
  • This 2018 Carnival kicks off with the Queen of Children's Gala of choice (31/01/2018)
    The Wissell Central Sports Pavilion of Guimbarda will host the event starting at 9:00 p.m.
  • Paintings that evoke Stories, Landscapes and Beats (31/01/2018)
    The exhibition can be visited from February 1 to March 14 at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Published the hours of the thirteenth day of the Regional Baseball League (31/01/2018)
    It will be held on the weekend of Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 February
  • Cs asks Castejón to collaborate with the justice and investigate the possible fixing of contracts to people related to the MC party (31/01/2018)
    - "I wonder when the MC code of ethics establishes that a councilor must leave his public position to clarify his situation with the justice ", said the spokesman of the orange formation, Manuel Padín
  • The reality of the refugees on the tables of the Luzzy (31/01/2018)
    The play 'Refugiados out' will be performed on Friday, February 2 at 7:00 p.m. in the program 'Leer, pensar, imaginar' organized by the Department of Culture
  • Cs will ask at the next Plenary to reactivate the efforts for Cartagena to be the permanent headquarters of the Universidad del Mar (31/01/2018)

  • Students of the Popular University show their dexterity with digital photography (31/01/2018)
    Twenty-four images are exhibited, until February 9, at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • The authors of art / 3 will make a guided tour of their exhibition at Palacio Molina (31/01/2018)
    Bibiana Sánchez, Lola López and Juan Moltó, will explain their works this Sunday, February 4 at 12 noon
  • Forty-two new municipal officials take office this Thursday (31/01/2018)
    The event, which will preside over the mayor, will be at 10 in the morning in the Assembly Hall of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center
  • Citizens wait for the report of the Secretariat of the Plenary to demand the return of the 130,000 euros charged by López (31/01/2018)

  • The SMS considers "unacceptable" that the City of Cartagena alarmed the population with false information on heart attack (30/01/2018)
    The general director of Health Care denies that there has been any death by the hourly organization of hemodynamics
  • The mayor of Cartagena defends before the FMRM the need to improve local financing (30/01/2018)
    The City Council assumes more than 14 million euros in competitions of other administrations
  • COEC denies IU and qualifies as "absolutely false" that it promotes a business consortium to exploit Calblanque tourism (30/01/2018)

  • CEIP Jose Maria de la Puerta celebrates Peace Day with choreography and songs (30/01/2018)
    The Councilor for Education, David Martínez, visited the school and collected the demands and needs of the center for its improvement
  • The head of the regional executive meets in Cartagena with the president of Hostecar (30/01/2018)

  • The T-La invites the young people of Cartagena to participate in the Learn Digital Photography course (30/01/2018)
    The training will take place from March 5 to 7
  • Citizens report to Sanidad the situation "dantesca" abandoned houses in the deputation of La Palma (30/01/2018)

  • CTSSP asks that the students of the municipality accede free of charge to the patrimony that manages Port of Cultures (30/01/2018)
    The purple formation considers insufficient the measure of the reduction in 15% of the card "family" and "friend"
  • Social Services launches the new edition of the Senior Trekking program with a trip to the Roman quarries (30/01/2018)
    On the route, which took place on Sunday the 28th, a total of 150 people participated, walking about 15 kilometers on foot
  • The local police arrest two individuals who tried to kidnap the former couple of one of them (30/01/2018)
    Those involved, of Romanian nationality, went to the home of the woman in El Albujón and tried to take her against her will, that caused a massive fight, resulting in a wounded by a knife
  • The VI Trail race at La Aljorra extends the registration period until January 31 (30/01/2018)
    The event, which will take place on Sunday, February 4, will consist of two 11 and 22 kilometer races for runners and an 11 kilometer race for walkers
  • One man arrested for threatening and stealing a cell phone from a saleswoman in a multi-site establishment (30/01/2018)
    The agents detained the man after his wife called to report what had happened, claiming that "his head was gone" because of a change in the medication
  • Isabel García will present an initiative of MC for the modification of the statutes of the Autonomous Body of Collection Management (30/01/2018)

  • IU-Greens Cartagena frontally rejects any tourist exploitation in Calblanque (30/01/2018)

  • Nicolas Castellano presented My name is Adou in Cartagena Piensa (30/01/2018)
    The book is based on real events, specifically in the life of a child who appeared in the scanner of a suitcase
  • The City Council requires the Ministry to fulfill its commitment to open the Hemodynamics unit of Santa Lucia 24 hours a day (30/01/2018)
    The Councilor for the area, Obdulia Gómez, reminds that this situation can not be extended any longer because the risks are being put at serious risk lives of many Cartagena
  • An Albacete student in the UPCT wins a national award for a job that integrates renewables in the electrical system (30/01/2018)
    The electrical engineer has carried out tests of up to 50%, a figure higher than the target that Spain has marked for the year 2030
  • The theater classic returns The bicycles are for the summer (29/01/2018)
    The play will be performed at the Nuevo Teatro Circo de Cartagena this Saturday, February 3, at 9:30 p.m.
  • The Cartagena women will put face to the poster of International Women's Day (29/01/2018)
    All those who wish to participate in the collage must sign an authorization of transfer of image rights
  • María José Soler demands that the Socialist Government continue on the path that made Cartagena the most transparent municipality in the Region (29/01/2018)

  • Funambulista presents Dual at a concert in El Batel on February 3 (29/01/2018)
    Tickets for the show, which will start at 9:30 p.m., are now on sale for 25 euros
  • Francisco Calderón will ask if the socialist government will keep the appropriation to execute the project of Santa Ana's new office in the 2018 budgets (29/01/2018)
    The councilor of MC will ask in the Plenary to clarify whether the work carried out in 2017 will continue Sustainable Development area to replace the current medical center, which is more than thirty years old
  • Citizens assure that the Research Commission on the management of La Mar de Músicas is advancing at a good pace (29/01/2018)
    Manuel responds to the PP: "Nobody is obliged to the investigation commissions, if they do not want to be here they just have to abandon it, although it would be something inconsistent because they voted in favor of its constitution "
  • Citizens transferred complaints to Cartagena City Council on the turbidity of the water in areas of Isla Plana on Friday (29/01/2018)

  • Lawyers and jurists debate on the Mediterranean Corridor in Cartagena (29/01/2018)
    The III Conference of Councils and Bar Associations of the Mediterranean took place on Friday 26 in the Faculty of Business Sciences of the UPCT
  • The City Council has been demanding the removal of fiber cement from educational centers for more than two years and providing documentation (29/01/2018)

  • Manuel Padín: "We are running out of patience with educational investments in Cartagena, we want the execution deadlines" (29/01/2018)

  • The Phantom of the Opera will open the XXIV Estrecho Well Theater Competition (29/01/2018)
    The performance will take place on February 3 at 9 pm at the Pozo Estrecho Civic Center
  • the mayor recognizes the humanitarian work of the Maritime Rescue vessel Clara Campoamor (29/01/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, visited the crew last Friday, January 26 to thank them for their magnificent work
  • The City Council joins the celebration of the World Wetlands Day with an ornithological itinerary and the assembly of nests for bats in the Cabezo Beaza treatment plant (29/01/2018)
    The Councilor for the Environment, Obdulia Gómez, will participate in the activity that will be carried out Saturday, February 3 at 9:30
  • The Arte / 3 exhibition opened its doors at Palacio Molina (29/01/2018)
    The collective exhibition of Lola López Moreno, Juan Antonio Moltó Grenon and Bibiana Soledad Sánchez Arenas will be open until March 7
  • The Polyphonic Choir Carthagonova will offer two concerts in the neighborhood of La Concepcion (29/01/2018)
    The activities are part of the exhibition '40 Anniversary in neighborhoods and councils' organized with the collaboration of the Department of Culture of the City of Cartagena
  • The funniest percussion won in the final of the Pasodobles Villa de Pozo Estrecho International Musical Composition Contest (29/01/2018)
    Fernando Lizara had to be measured with two other finalists Lionel Beltrán with the pasodoble 'Ohana' and Miguel Ángel Sarrió with 'Amistad', on Saturday, January 27
  • The Route of the Strengths beats record of registered with 8.181 people (29/01/2018)
    The draw of the numbers takes place on Monday 29 at 1:00 p.m.
  • The City Council of Cartagena, the most transparent and participatory of the Region in its public communication (29/01/2018)
    The consistory is the only one that complies with one hundred percent of the parameters evaluated by the Journalism and Communication for Plural Citizenship laboratory that grants the stamps Infoparticipa 2017/2018
  • The UPCT achieves 60% more projects and 38% more state funding for its research groups (29/01/2018)

  • Another Regional record in Cartagena (29/01/2018)
    The athletics track of the port city hosted on Saturday the Regional Championship Promise - Absolute, where Celia Soler took the new juvenile record of 60m.l.
  • MC requests a commission of inquiry on Lhicarsa (28/01/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón (PSOE), returns to "skip" the technical reports to cover the PP and not bother the concessionaires
  • A pet dies in the fire of a quarry duplex (28/01/2018)
    The fire originated in the garage of the house this past dawn, getting its residents, two elderly people, leaving unharmed
  • Students of Criminology of the UCAM in Cartagena visit the Guillermo Miranda Social Integration Center (28/01/2018)

  • The General Directors of Water and Environment meet with the farmers of the Campo de Cartagena and the UPCT (27/01/2018)

  • Citizens wants to end the reduction of municipal investment to the musical groups of Cartagena (27/01/2018)

  • "What works, can work better" (26/01/2018)
    The Rector of the UPCT urges governments and businessmen to invest in R & D
  • The Economic Strategy Commission will seek to promote employment in Cartagena (26/01/2018)
    In its meeting today, the priority points have been the promotion of tourism in the city, reindustrialization through the installation of new auxiliary companies and training
  • Cs asks the Government for an extraordinary Board of Spokespersons to explain the anomalies in the cleaning service (26/01/2018)

  • Hostetur and the City of Cartagena will work to combat the seasonality of the Costa Calida (26/01/2018)
    They have also talked about the importance of attracting more hotel investment in the Cartagena area
  • Derbi in the Cartagonova to fight against school absenteeism (26/01/2018)
    FC Cartagena and UCAM Murcia face this Sunday from 17 hours with free entry for children under 14
  • The exhibition of art of the elders of Alumbres at the Cultural Center is closed (26/01/2018)
    Councilors Juan Pedro Torralba and David Martínez visited the exhibition on Thursday, taking advantage of their participation in the closing ceremony
  • The Council of Sports gathered 300 youngsters in Playing Athletics (26/01/2018)
    The first two teams will represent Cartagena in the Regional Final on February 21 in San Pedro del Pinatar
  • Nicolas Castellano opens the Frontiers cycle: from hostility to hospitality in Cartagena Piensa (26/01/2018)
    The event will take place on Monday, January 29 at 8:00 pm at the Josefina Soria Library of the Cultural Center
  • Ricardo Segado will question the reasons why the Socialist mayor's office has ignored the proposal so that 2018 will be declared 'Year of Romanticism and Constitutionalism' (26/01/2018)
    The councilor of MC Cartagena presented last December, together with the municipal coordinator of Patrimonio and three official chroniclers of the city, a letter addressed to Ana Belén Castejón with the aforementioned initiative
  • The municipal employees of Cartagena can be formed online (25/01/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved the Training Plan for 2018 that includes 313 actions
  • Fundación Repsol and Compañía de Blanca Marsillach travel to Cartagena with their theater for people with disabilities (25/01/2018)
    Stories of any given day will tour five Spanish cities from February to June 2018
  • More than 5,000 elderly people and persons with disabilities will participate in the program designed by Social Services (25/01/2018)
    From January to June, they will be able to participate in twenty activities of all kinds, both cultural, as well as formative, sports, leisure and social
  • Itinere returns, a day to improve the employability of young Cartagena (25/01/2018)
    The event will take place on February 22 throughout the day
  • Cs vindicates the execution of the agreement to include Cartagena in the Network of Friendly Cities with the Elderly (25/01/2018)

  • CTSSP requires information on the works on the wall of the Sagrada Familia street in San Antón (25/01/2018)

  • MC Cartagena will request in the Plenary that the Department of Youth give continuity and support to the project UPCT Racing Team (25/01/2018)
    The training Cartagena, through its Sports Manager, Ricardo Segado, will require a grant and an agreement with the association for the promotion of culture and innovation
  • The FCICmoteca del Luzzy is screening Friday The Square (25/01/2018)
    The viewing of the film, awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, will be at 20:00 in the auditorium
  • Citizens regrets that the Government of Cartagena has not yet convened the Local Employment Board since April 2017 (25/01/2018)

  • Cartagena Piensa and the Municipal Libraries remember the children's workshops with previous registration (25/01/2018)
    This quarter there will be 27 activities dedicated to children of all ages
  • One company will hire half of the students in a SEF course on marine engines in Cartagena (25/01/2018)
    Those interested can contact the office of the SEF or the entity that will provide the training, Senda Gestión
  • The Doña Centenito Children's Library will house the storyteller Antoñito and Carmencita (25/01/2018)
    The event will take place on January 26 at 6:30 pm at the Doña Centenito Children's Library
  • Palacio Molina inaugurates the Arte / 3 exhibition on Friday (25/01/2018)
    The collective exhibition of Lola López Moreno, Juan Antonio Moltó Grenon and Bibiana Soledad Sánchez Arenas will be open until March 7
  • Celso Fernandez narrated his work Del Filandar (25/01/2018)
    The activity was included in the IV Conference 'An education for the 21st century'
  • Explorer UPCT helps 35 entrepreneurs to launch new startups (25/01/2018)
    Last year, Polytechnic students created about fifteen companies
  • The marraja Mariana Larios Andreu will be the Nazarene Mayor 2018 (24/01/2018)
    The mayor has communicated the news to the chosen one that has shown joy and humility by the unanimous appointment of the brothers
  • An octogenarian who had been disoriented circulated in the opposite direction by the fast route of La Manga (24/01/2018)
    His vehicle was intercepted by the Local Police of Cartagena at the height of El Hidalgo
  • The City Council demands that the agreement with Esamur be modified to have more weight in the decision making (24/01/2018)
    The Wastewater Treatment and Sanitation Entity of the Region of Murcia and the City Council will work to undertake the settlement of the emissary of the Edar Mar Menor South
  • Published the schedule of the 12th day of the Regional Baseball League (24/01/2018)
    It will be held on the weekend of Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 January
  • T-LA will train the youngsters to be musical manager (24/01/2018)
    The Youth Council of the city of Cartagena has programmed a Course of Initiation to the Automanagement Musical
  • A single company presents an offer to the concession of a sports nautical facility in Los Urrutias (24/01/2018)
    The hiring table has also analyzed today the proposal of awarding for the acquisition of a storage stacker for the Municipal Archaeological Museum
  • MC Cartagena asks Transparencia de la CARM to report on the destination of the twenty-two new cancer diagnostic and treatment teams (24/01/2018)
    They will optimize the technological endowment of the hospitals of the Region
  • Cs demands an extraordinary session of Casco Antiguo to control the state of the works and reactivate the works in 2018 (24/01/2018)

  • Cs will go to La Palma to check with the neighbors the proliferation of squatters in the area and propose solutions (24/01/2018)
    - On the streets Ebano and Antonio Serrano, there are abandoned and open houses that even rent in an irregular manner, and that are "a nest of rats and infections", according to neighbors
  • Water cut in the Barriada Virgen de La Caridad (24/01/2018)
    It will be this Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., on the occasion of maintenance work and improvement of the municipal drinking water network that is being carried out in the neighborhood
  • A fire in a occupied dwelling of Barrio Peral has been suffocated (24/01/2018)
    There were no personal injuries in the fire, after the intervention of the Cartagena Fire Brigade on Tuesday, January 23.
  • The mayor assures that there will be response to the resource of the neighbors on the extension of the water contract (23/01/2018)
    Ana Belén Castejón has received this afternoon the representatives of the Association of People Affected by the Public Services of Cartagena and has explained the reasons for the that the extension can not be canceled
  • On Wednesday the name of the Nazarene Mayor of Holy Week 2018 will be known (23/01/2018)
    The decision of the Brotherhoods Board will be announced by the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón
  • Two service inspectors take possession in the Town Hall (23/01/2018)
    They are two municipal officials who have promoted internally
  • The COLOC project opens the registration period for its second phase on March 1. This program allows young people and the long-term unemployed to take training courses that allow them to find a job (23/01/2018)

  • The Community has provided psychological care to 61 minors exposed to gender violence in Cartagena (23/01/2018)
    The service, which has provided assistance to 951 minors throughout the Region, intends that the traumatic situation does not have any consequences in the future
  • The municipal phase of playing athletics in its alevin category is contested in the Municipal Pavilion (23/01/2018)
    The appointment is this Wednesday, January 24, beginning at 10:00 am and the trophy delivery at 12:30 pm
  • A survey of 229 women in the municipality gives the keys to achieve empowerment (23/01/2018)
    Workshops and courses will reinforce the weaknesses that hinder the empowerment of women
  • Celso Fernandez will narrate his work Del Filandar on Wednesday, January 24 (23/01/2018)
    The activity, which will take place in El Luzzy, is included in the IV Conference 'An education for the 21st century'
  • The minor victims of gender violence will receive psychological help (23/01/2018)
    The City Council and the Family Ministry have signed an agreement for the implementation of this itinerant service, which will attend in Cartagena on Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • The CD Maristas, EF Nueva Cartagena and Cartagena FC, the best in the category alevin B aspire to the final victory (23/01/2018)
    This past weekend, 20 and 21 January, was celebrated the eleventh day of the championship
  • The Roman Theater of Cartagena kicks off the European Year of Cultural Heritage with the organization of gastronomic routes (23/01/2018)
    One of the two new tours will be held in English to meet the demand of foreign tourists, which represent more than 50 percent of visitors to the museum
  • Ohana, The most amusing percussion and Friendship, finalists of the XXVI Contest of Pasodobles of Pozo Estrecho (23/01/2018)
    The concert of the final will take place in the Civic Center of Pozo Estrecho on January 27 at 8:30 p.m.
  • A weekend in a rural house for the winner of the Photography Competition of La Aljorra (23/01/2018)
    Interested parties may submit their snapshots until February 11
  • Oliver Twist, the little orphan arrives at the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar (23/01/2018)
    The play will take place on January 27 at 6 pm
  • Citizens will request in the Plenary a regulation to regulate the distribution of institutional advertising according to objective criteria (23/01/2018)

  • MC demands the mayor to attend the Regional Football Federation so as not to hinder the improvement works in the World Cup 82 (22/01/2018)

  • We can Cartagena begins the next municipal process (22/01/2018)

  • CTSSP will ask for responsibilities for the unfinished works of 2017 (22/01/2018)

  • Citizens takes stock of the works paralyzed in Cartagena since 2017 and calls for a reactivation plan for 2018 (22/01/2018)
    - Orange training exposes a list of unfinished commitments in relation to general and participatory budgets, the Casco Antiguo society, and the Boards Neighborhood, among others
  • An MC initiative will require an open and transparent procedure in the access to employment in Lhicarsa (22/01/2018)
    It will also require the list of hiring in this mercantile since 2015 to know if the 'Roque Ortiz doctrine' has been followed
  • San Anton meets more than 150 lacemakers in his Encuentro de Bolillo (22/01/2018)
    The event was held in the Casino of this popular neighborhood and in which María José Mercader was named Honor Lacemaker
  • The mayor starts the process to analyze the viability of Casco Antiguo (22/01/2018)
    The meeting on the 24th of this month has been set at the request of the mayor and the councilor of the Urban Planning Area
  • The mayor highlights the involvement of students in the improvement of their centers through the Participatory Budgets (22/01/2018)
    Through this pilot experience of the City Council, the IES of Los Dolores received 15,000 euros and the CEIP Virgen del Carmen 10,000
  • Letters to Mercedes, the unpublished work of Miguel Espinosa, is presented this Tuesday in the Luzzy library (22/01/2018)
    More than 400 letters, notes, postcards and telegrams form this book of cult to the Murcia writer
  • Afal Cartagena y Comarca offers training in six municipalities on the care of the elderly (22/01/2018)

  • Cartagena welcomes 30 students from Paris in a student exchange program (22/01/2018)
    French young people are 16 years old and will be in the municipality for a week living with families in Cartagena
  • José López calls a meeting in Casco Antiguo to avoid the paralysis of the society promoted by the Socialist Mayor's Office (22/01/2018)
    It will be informed of important investment projects such as the rehabilitation of the Windmill of Monte Sacro
  • The La Union Mining Park, an example of a tourist offer based on local identity, according to a UPCT thesis (22/01/2018)

  • Alfredo Gomez Cerda visits the municipal libraries of Cartagena on Tuesday (22/01/2018)
    The writer of children's literature will meet with students from seven schools at the Luzzy Cultural Center and the Los Dolores library
  • Palacio Molina will host the Arte / 3 exhibition (22/01/2018)
    The exhibition will be open from January 26 to March 7
  • Piece of Pieta echoed this weekend at the Casa del Folklore (22/01/2018)
    Last Friday and Saturday the semifinals of the fifth edition of the Saetas National Contest were held
  • Citizens fear that the government will delay delivery of the draft budgets for 2018 until February (21/01/2018)

  • Citizens collect complaints from SPLRM-CSIF regarding public employment offers approved by the Government (21/01/2018)
    - According to the union, it is rather a mechanism that only seeks internal promotion and promotion, but does not create new squares that is what is really needed
  • MC hopes that the reforestation he has promoted will not be slowed down and will advance in recovering this natural patrimony (20/01/2018)
    The cartagenerista formation will request the next call of the Table of the Reforestation
  • Citizens pick up the concern of some residents of La Palma who denounce the proliferation of squatters in the area (20/01/2018)
    - According to some owners in the streets Ebano and Antonio Serrano, there are abandoned and open houses that even rent for rent irregularly, and that they are "a nest of rats and infections"
  • The mayor presents the new Ruta Cofrade in FITUR (19/01/2018)
    This itinerary will allow tourists who visit the municipality at other times of the year to know the most emblematic places of the Holy Week in Cartagena
  • Cs demands the start-up of the table to negotiate the purchase of the San Antón Prison with its current owner (19/01/2018)

  • The JimboFresh company will sponsor triathlete Pedro Andujar for four years (19/01/2018)
    The athlete, born in Cartagena, was the last winner of the Ironman of Copenhage 2017
  • IU-Greens Cartagena proposes that the Plenary declare the nullity of the extension and initiate the remunicipalization of the water service. The formation of the left urges the city council to initiate a full nullity proceeding because the extension (19/01/2018)

  • MC will request that a street or public space of Cartagena take the name of Cristina Esparza Martín (19/01/2018)

  • The orchestra of the Conservatory of Music of Cartagena and urban singers will merge in the Symphonic Rap of 2018 (19/01/2018)
    The event will take place on February 3 at 7 pm in front of the Palace Hall
  • The mayor presides in Madrid the Commission of Economic Development and Employment of the FEMP (19/01/2018)
    Ana Belén Castejón has attended today Friday in the capital to the meeting of this commission whose objective is to look for active policies to look for solutions to the unemployed groups and to favor the creation of companies
  • MC rejects that the management of López Miras follows "the well-known path of the PP to marginalize 44 municipalities for the benefit of the city of Murcia" (19/01/2018)
    Jesús Giménez: "it is absolutely necessary that the policies of MC reach the Assembly"
  • New location of the speed controls of the Local Police for the week of January 22 to 28 (19/01/2018)
    The radars will be located in various points of the municipality, including neighborhoods and councils
  • The Brotherhood of the Santa Faz of the Lord of Alzira wins the XIII Edition of the Prizes Steps (19/01/2018)
    The attendance of the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, and of the councilor of the area of ​​Culture, Education and Youth, David Noguera is foreseen.
  • Citizens celebrates that SEPES has set the price that the businessmen of Los Camachos wanted for the ZAL (19/01/2018)

  • The UPCT shows its commitment to transparency in the II CSR Report (19/01/2018)

  • Cartagena firefighters rescue a woman trapped in her vehicle after colliding with a tractor (19/01/2018)
    The victim, aged 42, was stabilized by the health personnel and transferred to the Santa Lucía university hospital
  • A new popular race will cross the coast of La Manga and Cabo de Palos (18/01/2018)
    I Popular Race Virgin of the Sea of ​​Cabo de Palos will be played this Sunday, January 21, and in its absolute test will travel 7 kilometers along the coast
  • The Carnival parade of Cartagena 2018 will feature the participation of 90 comparsas (18/01/2018)
    Chirigotas, Drag-Queens, sports and music will fill the streets of the city from February 2 to 13
  • Cartagena receives Norwegian exchange students with IES Jimenez de la Espada (18/01/2018)
    Young people will visit the most emblematic monuments of the municipality during the next days
  • The Cartagena Firefighters reinforce their training in driving emergency and off-road vehicles (18/01/2018)
    The instructors of the course, which has been held this week, come from the Armed Driver's School ECAR
  • María José Soler regrets the opacity of the Socialist Mayor's Office in the awarding of minor contracts (18/01/2018)
    The Local Government Board increased the contracting capacity of the councilors up to 18,000 euros without the process passing through the Contracting Committee
  • The Cartagena musician Jose Antonio Aarnoutse presents his first album at El Luzzy (18/01/2018)
    The Cultural Center's auditorium will host the event this Friday at eight o'clock in the afternoon, as part of the Read, Think, Imagine organized by Cultura
  • XXIII Encuentro de cuadrillas en La Aljorra (18/01/2018)
    The event will congregate on Saturday, January 20, associations of Cartagena and Mazarrón and, as guests, the Crevillent Sonadors
  • The Cartagonova Municipal Stadium, the setting for a training session for the Spanish women's soccer team (18/01/2018)
    On Wednesday, January 17, the 21 players from Spain and their coach Jorge Vidal received the visit of the mayor and the Councilor for Sports
  • Cartagena prepares for a new National Saetas Competition (18/01/2018)
    The two semifinals, Friday and Saturday, are held at the Folklore House of La Palma starting at 9.30 pm and with free admission until full capacity is reached.
  • La Mancheguica returns to Cartagena the traditional flavor of bread (18/01/2018)
    ADLE helps the opening of a new artisan bakery in Tierno Galván Street
  • Suspended the talk of the philosopher Francisco Calvo on the intelligence that resides in the plants, by the indisposition of the lecturer (18/01/2018)
    The activity, included in the program Read, Think and Imagine of the Department of Culture, was to be held this afternoon at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The Governing Board appoints Angeles Lopez Canovas as new coordinator of Sustainable Development (17/01/2018)
    In the first meeting of the new municipal executive, the mayor has given an account of the reorganization of the municipal areas and their competences, at the head of which all the socialist councilors will be
  • San Anton pays homage to Jose Marin El Pilas during the celebration of his patron festivities (17/01/2018)
    His wife, Juani Martínez, has spoken some excited words in the Casino, where a plaque has been discovered, after the traditional blessing of the animals in the square of the Church
  • More than 1,000 students receive the finalist of the Mandarache Award Juan Carlos Mendez Guedez (17/01/2018)
    The Venezuelan writer has been happy to be one of the finalists of this award and to be able to meet his readers
  • The Finance Committee postpones the ruling on the resolution of the appeal on the extension of the water contract (17/01/2018)
    In a second vote and with the president's casting vote, he agrees to withdraw the matter that will have to be discussed at the next meeting
  • Citizens propose in the Finance Committee that MC o Podemos can preside over the Commission of Investigation to Hidrogea (17/01/2018)

  • The philosopher Francisco Calvo will explain on Thursday the intelligence that resides in the plants in Leer, Pensar, Imaginar (17/01/2018)
    The talk, included within the program of the Department of Culture, will take place in El Luzzy at 20:00
  • Published the schedules of the eleventh day of the Regional Baseball League (17/01/2018)
    It will be played the weekend of Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 January
  • MC Cartagena regrets that the disloyalty and lack of principles of the mayor paid by the Cartagena to paralyze the City Council (17/01/2018)

  • The Theater of the Desvan will teach with the T-LA a Master Class on the voice and a course of Approach to Theater Improvisation (17/01/2018)
    The Alternative Free Time program of the Youth Council of the City of Cartagena, offers for this first term you are two initiatives aimed at young people
  • Solemn Mass in honor of San Fulgencio in Pozo Estrecho (17/01/2018)
    After the religious ceremony the saint was paraded through the streets of the Cartagena deputation
  • Open the free registration period for the first Workshop of Adult Philosophy of Cartagena Piensa (17/01/2018)
    The activity is organized by the Department of Culture and is taught in Room 2 of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center at 7:30 p.m.
  • Cartagena attends FITUR with professional meetings and its most emblematic parties (17/01/2018)
    Carthaginians and Romans and the start-up of a Cofrade Route, will be the tricks for the promotion of the city at a national and international level with exhibitions and activities at the Fair, which is celebrated from January 17 to 21 in Madrid
  • Citizens request explanations in Congress for the abandonment of the Cartagena train station and the promised investment (17/01/2018)

  • The Town Hall hosts the Pacthwork Mariposarium exhibition by Sonsoles Ponti (17/01/2018)
    The works by the young artist of 18 years can be seen in the Subjective Chamber between January 18 and February 25
  • The mayor will propose in the next plenary session that the Pelotas Galileas be recognized Fiestas of Regional Tourist Interest (16/01/2018)
    Every January 16th, the Cartagena delegation of Pozo Estrecho pays homage to its patron, San Fulgencio, preparing more than 10,000 of these meatballs for susu neighbors and those who visit them
  • COEC is interested in the administrative processing and AVE deadlines to Cartagena (16/01/2018)

  • San Anton celebrates its traditional blessing of animals (16/01/2018)
    Wednesday, January 17, at 12:00 in front of the parish church San Antonio Abad
  • López denounces that the mayor forgets the rights of the Cartagena people in favor of Pilar Barreiro (16/01/2018)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena incorporates new means of self-protection (16/01/2018)
    The value invested in these improvements is around 100,000 euros
  • The mayor of Cartagena maintains its commitment to the cooperative (16/01/2018)
    To correct this low business association in the municipality will continue with the dissemination campaign, which provides information on the aid that can be accessed
  • Museums and fun in Cartagena Port of Cultures. (16/01/2018)
    An offer of guided tours and theatrical visits during the weekends with special activities for the whole family
  • Cs collects the demands of the Federation of Aquaculture Enterprises and demands to relieve the bureaucratic burden as soon as possible (16/01/2018)

  • The Garcia Oton family gives up a thousand square meter store in La Aljorra (16/01/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, will sign the deeds at the Town Hall on Tuesday
  • The CD Algar, Evangelico FC, Dol Dolores de Pacheco and Cartagena FC favorites to win the final victory in Benjamines A (16/01/2018)
    The championship resumed with the dispute of a hundred games after the Christmas holidays
  • Snow experiences in Sierra Nevada and Formigal add to the leisure offer for young Cartagena (16/01/2018)
    The TLA program of the Youth Council includes three trips to Granada and one to the Aragonese Pyrenees, organized along with the program regional Bajo Cero, to practice sports such as skiing or snowboarding
  • The Cartagena Cardio-Protected City Project will incorporate ten new defibrillators in educational centers (16/01/2018)
    The professors will carry out several training courses in January and February
  • Citizens request explanations in the Water Board about the blockade of the surplus of Hidrogea (15/01/2018)

  • The Commission for Monitoring the Water Contract knows the new water rates (15/01/2018)
    The meeting chaired by the mayor has been attended by representatives of the municipal government, municipal political groups, municipal technicians, representatives of the concessionaire and the Federation of Neighborhood Associations
  • The Civil Guard clarifies the theft in a plumbing warehouse of El Beal-Cartagena (15/01/2018)
    In less than 48 hours
  • MC will demand the express resolution of the local resource against the extension of the contract of the municipal water service (15/01/2018)

  • The Local Police of Cartagena detained three individuals in Pozo Estrecho (15/01/2018)
    The arrests took place during Friday and Saturday, January 12 and 13
  • The Local Police control the conditions of the vehicles through a traffic campaign between January 15 and 21 (15/01/2018)
    The inspections will be carried out in various points of the city, as well as in neighborhoods and councils
  • Cs supports the Hidrogea Investigation Commission but fears it is a populist maneuver to seek electoral revenues (15/01/2018)

  • Pequeño Moma wins the first prize of the 6th Christmas Showcase Contest (15/01/2018)
    Floristería Alameda and Perfumhada have been the businesses graced with the second and third prize.
  • The author Vicente Muñoz Puelles, in meetings with the author of the Rafael Rubio Library (15/01/2018)
    About 300 students will meet the writer of 'Laura and the mouse' on January 16 and 17
  • Juan Carlos Mendez Guedez opens the Encounters with Author cycle of the Mandarache 2018 Prize (15/01/2018)
    The author of the book 'El baile de madame Kalalú' will present his work on January 17 and 18 to thousands of readers
  • The five municipal groups are in favor of the Water Contract Research Commission (15/01/2018)
    The Commission avoids ruling on the ASEPUCAR request regarding the appeal against the extension of the Hidrogea contract, since it lacks legitimacy and has already been resolved negatively for administrative silence
  • CTSSP denounces the growing number of illegal landfills (15/01/2018)
    The purple formation warns of the lack of controls, sanctions that are not imposed and waste coming from the municipal works themselves
  • Detained one detainee weighing three orders of entry into prison (15/01/2018)
    The Local Police also proceeded this weekend to arrest the alleged perpetrator of a crime of gender violence
  • More than 5,600 registered in a week to participate in the IX Route of the Strengths (15/01/2018)
    The draw of numbers for the race, which only has 3,800 seats, will be on February 29
  • A bilingual guided tour begins the visits of institutes to the Polytechnic of Cartagena (15/01/2018)
    Around 3,000 students from more than fifty centers of the Region and neighboring provinces know from today the facilities and the academic offer of the UPCT
  • Citizens will request explanations in the Plenary for the action of the Heritage Coordinator with the sillar de San Ginés (14/01/2018)

  • The health area of ​​Cartagena implements the interconsultation of chronic wounds nursing via telematics (13/01/2018)
    This is a pioneering initiative integrated in the new 'Care continuity project', which will improve the care of patients suffering from complications of ulcers and other injuries
  • Local police intervene a loose horse on the road from San Isidro to Cuesta Blanca (12/01/2018)
    His owner had reported his disappearance last night
  • Pequeño Moma, Floristeria Alameda and Perfumhada, winners of the 6th Christmas Showcase Contest (12/01/2018)
    The awards ceremony will take place on Monday, January 15 at 12 noon in the Reception Hall of the Consistorial Palace
  • Sold out tickets for the Regional Contest of Adult Choreography of Carnival (12/01/2018)
    The sale of seats for the rest of shows, like the contest of chirigotas, also advance at a good pace
  • Nuria Vidal, client of the La Mile commercial area, wins the cruise for two people (12/01/2018)
    The two checks of 300 and 200 euros, respectively, have been for Belén Ozollo and Sergio Miralles
  • Concentration biker and pilgrim this weekend at the festivities of San Anton (12/01/2018)
    Councilor Juan Pedro Torralba will attend the procession of the patron, which is celebrated this Saturday
  • The clubs of the Local Baseball League will attend FC Cartagena matches as guests (12/01/2018)
    EF Albujón, EF Alumbres, AD Barrio Peral, Los Belones CF and AD La Union will be present on Sunday against El Ejido 2012
  • FC Cartagena visited the school Nuestra Señora del Mar as part of the municipal campaign to prevent school absenteeism (12/01/2018)
    The soccer players Michel Zábaco, Óscar Ramírez and Diego Benito spent a day together with more than 100 schoolchildren from the Santa Lucía neighborhood in order to to promote values ​​such as perseverance and effort
  • Isabel García recalls that MC will ensure that the municipal budgets contemplate all projects of interest to Cartagena managed by this training (12/01/2018)

  • Cs will ask explanations in the Congress for Development for not having executed the planned investment in the train station (12/01/2018)

  • New location of the speed controls of the Local Police for the week of January 15 to 21 (12/01/2018)
    Radars will be located in various points of the municipality, including neighborhoods and councils
  • The State General Comptroller certifies that the expropriation of the Peninsular Hotel was in accordance with the law (12/01/2018)

  • They ask to mediate in the labor conflict of the Hotel Cartagonova (12/01/2018)
    We can Region of Murcia and CTSSP request to the regional government a mediation in the labor conflict that is lived in the Hotel Cartagonova
  • The Commercial Area La Mile draws tomorrow a cruise for two people (11/01/2018)
    The act that will be the mayor, the Councilor for Commerce and the president of the merchants will take place at 12 noon in the press room of the Palace Hall
  • The mines of La Union and the art of flying will inspire the III Literary Fair of San Gines de la Jara (11/01/2018)
    The deadline for submission of works will be open until March 11
  • Citizens advances some of their amendments and conditions to support the municipal budgets of 2018 (11/01/2018)
    - "The predisposition of our Group is, as in other years, positive and constructive, we want to provide the stability that a fragile Government in an absolute minority needs", has affirmed the spokesman of Citizens in Cartagena, Manuel Padí
  • The UCAM organizes the first Scientific Olympics of the Los Dolores Campus for students of Bachiller and Higher Education (11/01/2018)

  • Refugees and feminism take center stage in the programming of Reading, Thinking and Imagining (11/01/2018)
    This first quarter will be composed of seven films, six book presentations, two concerts, one theater, six conferences and two workshops
  • Manuel Padín: "the legacy that MC leaves behind in the Government of Cartagena is a rosary of unfinished projects" (11/01/2018)

  • The General Shareholders' Meeting of Lhicarsa approves the 2017 annual accounts (10/01/2018)
    The mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, has attended the meeting that took place at the Town Hall
  • Exhibition of art by the elders of Alumbres at the Ramon Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center (10/01/2018)
    The exhibition includes more than 20 paintings of different styles from five local artists
  • The Teatro Circo Apolo of El Algar starts its season with El Cianuro, alone or with milk? (10/01/2018)
    Programming begins this Friday, January 13 and ends on April 27 with the shows of Más Apolo
  • Port of Cultures closes 2017 with 42,414 visitors more than the previous year (10/01/2018)
    The Barrio del Foro Romano is the center of interpretation in which this data has increased the most with 21% more tourists than in 2016
  • Published the schedule of the tenth day of the Regional Baseball League (10/01/2018)
    It will be held on the weekend of Saturday the 13th and Sunday, December 14
  • The Contracting Committee analyzes the 18 offers submitted to the garden conservation contract (10/01/2018)
    He has also known the documentation of the companies that attend to the cleaning of medical offices and of the Sports Palace and Cartagonova Stadium, and the repair of electrical installations of low voltage in municipal centers
  • Citizens ask the Government to speed up the passage of the taxi ordinance and put an end to the uncertainty in the sector (10/01/2018)
    - The spokesperson for Citizens in Cartagena, Manuel Padín, has met with representatives of the TeleTaxi Association after doing it a few months ago with the collective of Radio Taxi Cartagena
  • MC guarantees his responsibility and renews his commitment to continue serving the Cartagena (10/01/2018)

  • Children's activities gain relevance in this season of Cartagena Piensa (10/01/2018)
    The program includes a total of 51 activities for the first quarter of the year, the majority dedicated to a child audience
  • Cartagena firefighters put out a fire in Pozo Estrecho (10/01/2018)
    The fire broke out around eleven o'clock last night, on January 9, on an abandoned ground floor
  • Rescue mission to the Mar Menor to initiate the annual program of disclosure of the UPCT (10/01/2018)
    Ten workshops of the Scientific Culture Unit of the Polytechnic will return this quarter to the Network of Libraries of Cartagena
  • The popular La Aljorra Trail celebrates its sixth edition (10/01/2018)
    The event, which will take place on Sunday, February 4, will consist of three races of 11 and 22 kilometers for runners and one of 11 kilometers for hikers
  • The music will be the star of the new programming of El Batel (10/01/2018)
    Sergio Dalma, Rozalén, Funambulista, Ara Malikian, Sweet California and musical tributes to Glenn Miller, Queen, The Beatles and Grease will be seen on the stage of the Cartagena auditorium
  • Cartagena firefighters extinguish a fire on the ground floor of a house in Santa Lucia (09/01/2018)
    There have been no human fatalities, although a companion animal has died.
  • Manuel Padín: "Cartagena now needs stability before a year full of challenges and essential projects for the municipality" (09/01/2018)

  • The best film music in concert arrives at El Batel (09/01/2018)
    The Film Symphony Orchestra will offer a concert on Sunday, January 14, at 7:00 p.m., with tickets from 35?
  • Communiqué of CTSSP before the rupture of the Government of Cartagena (09/01/2018)
    Given the serious situation of the City Council, CTSSP informs the citizens of Cartagena of the following:
  • The Luzzy Ficcmoteca resumes its projections with Family Affairs on Friday (09/01/2018)
    The film will be screened in the Salón Cultural Center, on Friday, January 12, at 8:00 p.m., with free admission until full capacity is reached
  • Castejon structures the new municipal government in six areas (09/01/2018)
    The mayor assures that she will seek consensus with the rest of the groups so that the City Council does not stop
  • Urralburu: "Castejón must decide if he is with a criminal organization or with public water management" (09/01/2018)

  • Manuel Padín: "the political project of MC, PSOE and Podemos in Cartagena has failed" (08/01/2018)

  • Cs: "We already know where the MC red line is to demand resignations in cases of corruption: in Lopez's suspicion" (08/01/2018)

  • Maria de la O Perez and Ana Ramirez, main winners of the Badminton Junior Masters (08/01/2018)
    This national championship gathered in Cartagena a hundred players from all over Spain on the 3rd and 4th of January
  • We can demand the PSOE "stop stopping at Hidrogea" ​​ (08/01/2018)
    The municipal group warns Castejón that "there are no half measures with water: either the public is defended or it forms part of the plot"
  • The PSRM-PSOE shows its full support and support to the mayor of Cartagena and the new Socialist Local Executive (08/01/2018)
    Alfonso Martínez Baños highlights the "impeccable" work being carried out by the government team led by Ana Belén Castejón, as well as the work and effort made every day for the benefit of Cartagena and Cartagena
  • The band Sweet California lands on Saturday at El Batel (08/01/2018)
    The concert will be at 7:00 pm and tickets are on sale from 25?
  • MC claims the PSOE to expel Castejón if it does not rectify its action in the water plot (08/01/2018)

  • Caravaca ends the third Jubilee Year of the True Cross and begins a new stage as a place of perpetual pilgrimage (08/01/2018)

  • The pilgrims of Cañar took the procession to the Virgen de La Luz on Sunday (08/01/2018)
    The traditional event organized by the FAVCC, with the collaboration of the City of Cartagena, included a crumb contest and the usual meeting of gangs
  • The local police arrest a man for pulling six car badges (08/01/2018)
    The implicated, of 38 years of age, alleged that he had acted because "he considered himself anti-capitalist"
  • Citizens continues to work with the neighbors of the Algameca Chica to protect and value this settlement (07/01/2018)

  • Padín: "Lopez's career is tremendous, investigated for four crimes of corruption and may be badly collecting his salary" (06/01/2018)

  • Padín after the imputation of the PP's exediles: What does Rajoy expect to ask for the minutes of Senator Pilar Barreiro? (06/01/2018)

  • CTSSP: "The corrupt plot of water in Cartagena is confirmed" (06/01/2018)

  • The Juguetea campaign breaks its record collecting nearly four thousand toys (05/01/2018)
    Donations have been distributed by the City of Cartagena among children with less economic resources of the municipality of Cartagena
  • Hundreds of children receive with emotion the arrival of the Three Kings (05/01/2018)
    All ready for the great Cavalcade that this afternoon will cross the streets of the city
  • A large delegation of Citizens signs in support of the salary equalization of Police and Civil Guard in Cartagena (05/01/2018)

  • The Community removes the prefabricated classrooms of the Children's House in Cartagena (05/01/2018)
    The first phase of the remodeling of the San Isidoro and Santa Florentina Brothers School, which includes the habilitation of classrooms for Children
  • Culture and clean patrimony of vegetation the bulwark 24 of the Carlos III Wall (05/01/2018)
    The performance has been located in the zone of the old Club Santiago and will serve to undertake in the future its illumination
  • The early bird kings have distributed the first gifts to dozens of boys and girls in the College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Cartagena (05/01/2018)
    Los Magos, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar have listened one by one to the individual petitions of the children gathered in the room of acts accompanied by their parents
  • Cs asks Castejón to clarify when the 5.5 million euros of the surplus of Hidrogea and Esamur may be invested (05/01/2018)

  • Thousands of rations of Roscon de Reyes are distributed in Cartagena (04/01/2018)
    On Wednesday took place in the Town Hall Square the free tasting of this Christmas candy, the event also featured performances that animated the day
  • Culture and Heritage install panels and explanatory posters on buildings and monuments (04/01/2018)
    The Artillery Park, the Torreciega and the Cardo de Salvius have been the object of these actions
  • Pozo Estrecho celebrates San Fulgencio from January 5 to 27 (04/01/2018)
    Parade, Book Fair and ball tasting among activities in honor of their patron
  • Their Majesties of the East distributed toys in the Neighborhood Association of Ensanche-Almarjal (04/01/2018)
    600 toys were distributed in the social premises of the AAVV among the small ones with less economic resources
  • The pilgrims of Cañar will take the procession to the Virgin of La Luz on Sunday (04/01/2018)
    The traditional event organized by the FAVCC, with the collaboration of the City of Cartagena, will include a crumb contest and the usual meeting of gangs
  • The Three Kings arrive on Friday by boat to Cartagena (04/01/2018)
    Hundreds of children will wait for their Majesties in the port of the city for their disembarkation at 11:30 in the morning
  • María José Soler (MC Cartagena) determines for tomorrow the free urban bus lines (04/01/2018)
    facilitating neighborhood participation in the Cabalgata de Reyes
  • The City Council will request European funds for the improvement of the Ethnographic Museum of the Ports of Santa Barbara (04/01/2018)
    The Governing Board approves a budget of 60 thousand euros to undertake its musealization within the rural development strategy Campoder
  • The area of ​​Culture and Heritage advances in the installation of panels and explanatory signage in the urban area and neighborhoods councils (04/01/2018)
    The Artillery Park, the roman sepucral monument of Torreciega and the Cardo de Salvius have been the object of these actions
  • Citizens celebrates the gathering of signatures for the Equalization of Police and Civil Guard in Cartagena (04/01/2018)
    The act of the Jusapol Association will take place tomorrow, Friday, January 5, starting at 10:00 o'clock in the morning in San Sebastian Square, next to the monument to the processionist
  • The Culture and Archaeological Heritage area of ​​Ricardo Segado concludes the restoration works of the original parapet of the wall of Carlos III (03/01/2018)

  • CTSSP: "The Socialist Mayor does it again" (03/01/2018)
    "The PSOE negotiates with the company that has systematically failed to comply with the contract with the City Council"
  • The chronicler Francisco Jose Franco, new academic of Alfonso X El Sabio (03/01/2018)
    The prestigious teacher joins the outstanding members who are part of this organization
  • The children take advantage of the last days to enjoy the inflatables (03/01/2018)
    They are installed in Heroes de Cavite square until January 4 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Enrique Veganzones will show The Harmony of Exile in the Byzantine Wall (03/01/2018)
    The exhibition that will be inaugurated next January 11, will be open until February 25
  • Archaeological Heritage runs the cleaning of vegetation of Baluarte 24 of the Wall of Carlos III (03/01/2018)

  • The restoration of the parapet of the wall of Carlos III affected by the fall of a branch ends (03/01/2018)
    The Department of Archaeological Heritage has restored the original appearance of the fortification on the canvas of the former Hospital de Marina
  • Citizens demand urgent measures to guarantee the survival of traditional commerce in Cartagena (03/01/2018)

  • Llega800 solves for free the interference in DTT caused by the implementation of 4G in the municipality of Cartagena (03/01/2018)
    Affected people can contact us through a telephone and receive technical attention at their homes without added cost
  • National award to a thesis of the UPCT that uses artificial intelligence to detect problems in the engines of ships (03/01/2018)

  • Celebration of the Local Board in Cartagena to guarantee security during the Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos (02/01/2018)
    The City of Cartagena initiates the procedures to join the Protocol to Combat Gender Violence of the Government of Spain
  • The City Council will adhere to the regional security protocol against gender violence (02/01/2018)
    The matter was discussed this morning at the meeting of the mayor with the government delegate at an Extraordinary Security Board
  • The Roman Theater of Cartagena closes 2017 with a new increase of visitors of 8 percent (02/01/2018)
    More than 220,000 people have passed during the last year for what remains the most visited museum in the Region of Murcia, achieving a new record
  • The Cabalgata de Reyes will count with more than one hundred and fifty security personnel and will distribute 18 thousand stuffed animals (02/01/2018)
    Their majesties will travel the main streets of the city accompanied by 16 floats
  • The Women's Center of the Mediterranean Urbanization announces its poetry contest and the painting contest (02/01/2018)
    Both modalities will have two prizes: one of 400 euros and another of 150.
  • Open extension of street vendor licenses in street markets (02/01/2018)
    Interested parties may submit their applications from January 1 to February 28, 2018.
  • 400 meters of Roscon de Reyes will surround the Town Hall tomorrow (02/01/2018)
    Magic, musical performances and 3,000 sweet rations in the traditional Fiesta del Roscón
  • Cs invites the Popular Party to demand the execution of the December 2016 agreement for a plan to improve Torres Park (02/01/2018)

  • San Silvestre Cartagena exceeds 1,400 participants in its 36th edition (02/01/2018)
    The veteran popular race dismissed the year with humor and sport, to the benefit of Sodicar and the Hogar del Buen Samaritano
  • Cs regrets that the Local Security Board of Cartagena has met so late and not before Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (02/01/2018)
    - "The vast majority of Spanish municipalities have convened their security meetings between December 10 and December 22 , as it is logical and normal ", has warned the spokesman of the orange formation, Manuel Padín
  • Discounts for the students of the UCAM in the Santa Ana and Mediterranean sports centers (02/01/2018)

  • The Minister of Employment maintains a meeting with the president of AJE Cartagena (02/01/2018)

  • Recorded by the Canary Astrophysicist UPCT researcher Carlos Colodro (02/01/2018)
    His experience in the Euclid space project has earned him the position in the microsatellite development team
  • Eight people evicted in a fire in the Plaza de San Francisco (02/01/2018)
    The accident occurred early this morning in a building occupied by immigrants

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