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Cartagena News - November 2015

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  • The president of the Assembly at the inauguration of the new chief prosecutor of the area of ​​Cartagena (30/11/2015)

  • The aquatic art is disclosed in ARQUA (30/11/2015)

  • One hundred proposals for the future of culture in Cartagena (30/11/2015)

  • A video of the Popular Party of Cartagena Lopez exceeds 130,000 views (30/11/2015)
    Mirror: "People can see how acting mayor appointed by the PSOE and can"
  • More beds and budget to revive Rosell (30/11/2015)

  • The Mayor and Deputy Mayor visited Rascasa during Open Day (30/11/2015)
    The association, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary on Friday showed her every day to the first municipal councilors who attended the event accompanied by several councilors government team
  • XXVI National Congress of Clinical Interview and Communication Assistance (30/11/2015)
    be held from 10 to 12 December in El Batel and its objective is to foster quality relationships clinics.
  • Project Intercultural Community Intervention program actions in the coming months (30/11/2015)
    The working group met in the Department of Social Services last Friday
  • Outstanding computer to sixty over the course of the Department of Social Services (30/11/2015)
    The mayor Carmen Martin closed this morning the same, encouraging students to follow the example of Adelaide Laporte, who at 85 years has become reference class
  • Local Police intervened in 43 accidents last week (30/11/2015)
    alcohol tests in various areas of the city, which recorded eight positive were also held
  • The winner of the drawing The Castillito-Salesians renounces his prize (30/11/2015)
    Marta Martinez, 14, was proclaimed winner after an hour drawing at the Colegio San Juan Bosco
  • Four arrested in the 11 actions of the judicial section of the local police (30/11/2015)
    The authors were taken to the police station for assault, violating a restraining order and serving a sentence
  • The City Traffic sign with automatic change of address (30/11/2015)

  • A doctoral thesis UPCT improves thermal treatments applied to foods (30/11/2015)
    The water used to prepare the bottles must be heated to at least 70 degrees to prevent illness, says research
  • Firefighters rescue a goat from a well 14 meters (30/11/2015)
    The animal had fallen the night before in the vicinity of the Tower of Nicholas Perez
  • Citizens launch a regional legislative offensive to promote ZAL Cartagena (30/11/2015)

  • Clemente Garcia, president of APCAS Murcia: "The experts save 1.6 billion euros a year in insurance scams" (29/11/2015)
    the first "expert kit" was presented to partners
  • "Attack on democracy unprecedented in Cartagena Mayor Jose Lopez used the police to expel councilors Citizens" (27/11/2015)

  • Jose Lopez appreciates the work of Rascasa, "a worthy mirror where to look" (27/11/2015)

  • ... (27/11/2015)

  • Comes the evening I Cartagena City Olympic Boxing (27/11/2015)
    This Saturday gathered at the Municipal Sports Pavilion 16 amateur boxers will be given.
  • The 44th FICC rolls away with the showing of Macbeth (27/11/2015)
    This Sunday begins the Festival with the film starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.
  • The neighbors took to the streets to call for the new health center in San Anton (27/11/2015)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor Thursday led the demonstration through the streets of the neighborhood, and that the reopening was also asked Rosell at full capacity general hospital
  • Local Police reports on the location of the radar (27/11/2015)
    During the week of November 30 to December 6, the controls are carried out in different parts of town
  • Medieval scenes and magic in the Castillo de la Concepcin (27/11/2015)
    This weekend one of the premieres scheduled routes to publicize the museum expansion has conducted Cartagena Port of Cultures
  • Jose Lopez interview with Pro-Underground Platform (27/11/2015)
    Both sides have discussed issues of infrastructure in the region
  • The new Student Council UPCT wants to assert the concerns of students (27/11/2015)
    Francisco Joaquin Gimenez, elected president, has aimed to upgrade the student representation
  • Open Days of Rascasa (26/11/2015)
    Will this Friday, November 27 at 17 pm, and attended by the mayor of Cartagena, Deputy Mayor and Councillor of the area of ​​Quality of Life
  • Equality and Local Police join the campaign cold (26/11/2015)

  • The world champion 20km walk, Miguel Ángel Lpez, share their experiences with schoolchildren Cartagena (26/11/2015)
    Sports Councilman, Ricardo Segado, highlights the importance of ADE program for young people know the benefits of sport
  • Youth and sport come together in Pozo Estrecho (26/11/2015)
    On Saturday November 28 the Youth Association of the council organizes workshops and sports activities to be released
  • The Port will host on Friday a tasting of aquaculture products in the region (26/11/2015)
    The event has the support of the departments of Tourism and Fisheries of the City of Cartagena and the Port Authority, it is part of the activities of the Day Aquaculture 2015
  • The windows of Cartagena establishments are prize Christmas (26/11/2015)
    The shops in town are eligible for this contest organized by the city of Cartagena in which innovation and originality of the exhibitors were rewarded in its fifth edition
  • The Municipal Archives shows unpublished images of the collapse of the Syrian (26/11/2015)
    Titanic The great tragedy of the Mediterranean that took place in 1906 in Cabo de Palos as a stage now comes in the form of exposure through original documents and objects of the Italian ship
  • The Department of Finance enables a savings of over 250,000 euros in contracts (26/11/2015)
    Major contracts have been awarded by a lower output price
  • Interventions of the Judicial Police of Traffic during last week (26/11/2015)
    From 16 to November 23, the local police conducted a total of 71 control actions in terms of traffic
  • Begin Cartagena Conference: Culture and Municipality, organized by the City (26/11/2015)
    Four hundred forty people have registered to participate in the various committees to be held in the Auditorium and Convention Center The Batel this weekend
  • Four arrests following the steps taken by the Section for Protection of Victims (26/11/2015)
    Harassment of former partners and breach of restraining orders, are some of the interventions that have taken place this section of the local police in recent days
  • Local Police is formed in Valencia in Agent Tutor program (26/11/2015)
    This is a course organized by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces
  • Contigo approaches neighborhood associations and the Old Town Station Sector (26/11/2015)
    Citizens can continue to express their views on the actions to be taken, both in person and electronically
  • Rescued from the balcony of a house cat died from neglect (26/11/2015)

  • Concert Band Marfagones Mills for its twentieth anniversary (26/11/2015)
    The Association of Musical Mara de la Soledad held during these days various celebrations around the patron saint of musicians, Santa Cecilia
  • The previous part of a Panther Sitting, part of the quarter in the Archaeological Municipal (26/11/2015)
    The Friends of the Museum Enrique Escudero de Castro presented yesterday at the headquarters of Calle Ramon y Cajal
  • Fiddles bring gifts to all the kids this Christmas Cartagena (26/11/2015)

  • Manuel Padin: "We have shown their true face, prefers complicity of the local government of Cartagena to defend press freedom" (26/11/2015)

  • Mirror recalls that "the opposition is calling for the closure of the site, despite the government's moves" (26/11/2015)
    "You can not present his own press conference by pressures Lopez"
  • The Sinking of Sirius in Cartagena unpublished images exposed in the Municipal Archives (26/11/2015)
    The great tragedy that took place in 1906 in Cabo de Palos as a stage now comes in the form of exposure through original documents and objects of the Italian ship
  • The City of Cartagena improves coordination with the Red Cross (26/11/2015)
    Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Social Services this morning visited the facilities of the institution to learn first hand their programs to the most disadvantaged advice and help
  • Cartagena red lips painted on support to victims of domestic violence (26/11/2015)
    Today November 25 is the Day Against Violence Against Women, and team members of government and municipal corporation attended the 12 to show that he has held in the Town Hall Square
  • Women's Association of San Isidro ask a local for their activities (26/11/2015)
    This morning the President Mireya Ramirez, met with the Councillor for Portal and Transparency Office, Jos Mara Soler
  • About a thousand students learn science toys that hide (26/11/2015)
    Repsol Foundation organized 32 scientific workshops for students in 6th grade.
  • IX Cartagena Trail tour the surroundings of western municipality (26/11/2015)
    The evidence presented today the Councillor for Sports, Ricardo Segado, will take place next Sunday and has the support of the City of Cartagena
  • CANVI fill the center of Cartagena hugs to celebrate that we are alive (26/11/2015)
    The association for cancer and life will be on Sunday handing out information and embracing all those who pass by and want to join the solidarity action
  • The FICC previous activities started with cinema, debates and bars (26/11/2015)

  • The section of FICC in UPCT analyzes the relevance of space in film and Architecture (25/11/2015)

  • PP asks in full the government's position on trade and the BIC statement Arsenal (25/11/2015)

  • The City Council awards 356,000 euros in grants to social organizations (25/11/2015)
    The mayor presided over the ceremony held at the Palace Hall in which has recognized the work of 45 groups of social action and development cooperation Cartagena and its region
  • The City Council will see that there dwell in houses in ruin before its demolition (25/11/2015)
    The Mayor has established a protocol for communicating these actions since Urbanism and Social Services visit the day before buildings
  • Press release of the Diocese of Cartagena, with the publication of a music video (25/11/2015)
    partly recorded in the chapel of the parish church of Santa Mara de Gracia in the city of Cartagena
  • Solidarity came to "group Hope" (25/11/2015)

  • The reduction in personnel expense exceeds expectations in the Plan of Adjustment (25/11/2015)
    A September 30 was lowered by 5.37 million euros, compared with 3.15 programmed
  • 10 Negritos, Agatha Christie, in El Batel (25/11/2015)
    The work of the British writer arrives in Cartagena on December 27, under the direction of Ricard Reguant and produced by Enrique Cornejo
  • A thesis on aesthetics UMU monitors the postural gymnastics health of athletes (24/11/2015)

  • PP is committed to ensure the construction of the health center of St. Anton (24/11/2015)

  • ... (24/11/2015)

  • The Conference Cartagena Culture and Municipality reach Twitter (24/11/2015)
    The hashtag #culturaCT will support the participatory event this weekend will be held in El Batel to establish the foundations of future Municipal Cultural Plan
  • The heads of the City project known eGovernment (24/11/2015)
    The councilman of Greater Finance and Interior, Francisco Aznar, has opened a day in involving experts and municipal officials
  • Fulgencio boost Sevilla Museum of Easter, with the support of Ivan Negueruela, if elected Brother of Californians (24/11/2015)
    The Cartagena businessman, who is a steward of the Brotherhood and a member of the Association of Grenadiers, generate windfall around the 120,000 to 180,000 per year for an appropriate facility to Californians
  • Fun Science Workshop: Toy Story (24/11/2015)

  • More than eight thousand people attended the 35th edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (24/11/2015)
    The festival, organized by the city of Cartagena, has sold about 80% of tickets
  • The book opens My Dream Fulfilled Major Cultural Week Santa Ana (24/11/2015)
    The Councillor for Social Services, Carmen Martin, met with club president Angel Casanova, he has toured the facilities and has presented the book Isabel Agüera
  • Agustin Perez Leal wins the XIX International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belmar (24/11/2015)
    You move me, is the title and was chosen by a jury composed of renowned poets such as Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Vicente Gallego and Eloy Sanchez Rosillo
  • In launching a new edition of the San Silvestre de Cartagena (24/11/2015)
    The registration period will remain open until 28 December.
  • Cartagena FC, Aljorra EF, EF and EF Santa Ana B Balsicas leaders featured in juvenile category (24/11/2015)
    ​​ Once you have won all their matches in the five rounds played so far in the local youth football league, lead their groups
  • Opens the deadline to participate in the Connect Program Barrios ADLE (24/11/2015)
    Those interested can send their applications until 30 November, which is when classes start at the Civic Center Pozo Estrecho and the Public College Llano del Beal
  • The Platform for Public Health will manifest a new clinic in San Anton (24/11/2015)

  • The Santa Marta Awards recognized the work of the hospitality industry in the region (24/11/2015)
    The New Botanical Garden Albujn traditional delivery last night hosted by Hostec, attended by the mayor of Cartagena and the area councilor for Citizen Security, between other
  • They manage to introduce three new locations in Cartagena chamomile tailings (24/11/2015)
    UPCT, Puerto Biodiversity Foundation and successfully conclude the conservation project
  • Ricardo Segado presents the I Padel Tournament Solidarity "Rotary Club Cartagena" (23/11/2015)
    Event which will supply milk to children entities of the municipality
  • "Needs the stable Cartagena PP government that considers the key priority for job creation and tourism" (23/11/2015)
    Isabel Maria Borrego: "The tourism sector is the economic activity that has created more jobs in this term and we must continue working to maintain that growth "
  • The ALDE increases by six thousand euros the annual subsidy to FAMDIF (23/11/2015)
    Deputy Mayor said that this budget increase will improve the service of information and employment counseling for disabled
  • A youth center with many possibilities (23/11/2015)
    Segado Councilman Ricardo showed Saturday Canteras facilities to youth associations for use in camping, astronomical observations and workshops
  • Solidarity, protagonist in the I Padel Tournament Rotary Club (23/11/2015)

  • With you out on the street looking for the views of neighbors (23/11/2015)
    Until December 13 citizens can decide on the actions to take in the historic center with European funds
  • Cartagena Lopez calls the outsourcing jobs to the Occupational Workshop Asylum Shop Foundation San Pedro (23/11/2015)
    The mayor of Cartagena this morning visited the facilities and explained that individuals and companies can conduct your business to the Foundation meeting and a double social function
  • PP: "Lopez and Castejon not meet the council adjustment plan in their first trimester of government" (23/11/2015)
    Esperanza Nieto: "His tinkering with the squad have made skyrocketing costs in staff"
  • An ordinance will regulate the extraordinary help of Social Services (23/11/2015)
    The document, which will provide the process more transparent, has been unanimously reported favorably on the Finance Committee
  • Red lips against gender violence (23/11/2015)
    The Youth Space Youth Council promotes a campaign on social networks
  • The eGovernment reach all the municipal services (23/11/2015)

  • Volunteers handed out stickers Implica2 against gender violence (23/11/2015)

  • PP: "Lopez waive your page denials and criticism by social pressure and opposition" (23/11/2015)
    The PP will monitor a web project announced by the Government is not biased and partisan
  • The XXIX International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belmar receives 109 poems (23/11/2015)
    The jury will meet on Tuesday, the day when he will announce the winner of this year
  • About five thousand runners enjoyed the XIV Cross Artillery (23/11/2015)
    This Sunday held a new edition where Jos Manuel Cortes won the first position with Nour-Eddine Bouichat in the men
  • The portapasos of Mercy launch the Third National Contest Saetas (23/11/2015)

  • The UPCT Leal gives the team Racing Club a prototype motorcycle to compete in the championship of Spain of Speed (23/11/2015)

  • ARBA retrieves the Port of Cartagena forests by planting 1000 native trees (22/11/2015)

  • Drawn the chairpersons and members of the bureaus of the general elections on December 20 (21/11/2015)
    The municipal council of Cartagena held an extraordinary session in which we have obtained the numbers applied to the 2295 census brought to citizens called to intervene in the electoral process
  • Calderon (MC) supports the Health Platform at its meeting with the SMS to unlock the cessation of work in the health center of St. Anton (20/11/2015)

  • Jos Alberto Jimenez Pastrana wins the contest Carnival Poster 2016 (20/11/2015)
    The jury, chaired by Councilman Celebration, Juan Pedro Torralba, has chosen the work entitled Dream Carnival among the 62 papers presented
  • The Deputy Mayor immediately constitute the Local Council of Trade (20/11/2015)
    The City will implement a working and coordination, in which integrated industry representative agents are to address issues such as large influx Tourist Areas
  • Special Term for vacancies at the Christmas market in the Alameda (20/11/2015)
    Between Monday and Wednesday they may submit new applications become vacant after four of the 30 positions offered by the City
  • On Saturday, members of the polling stations are drawn (20/11/2015)
    In an extraordinary plenary session of the City of Cartagena will be designated by a data-processing the more than two thousand citizens who exercised as chairpersons and members and their alternates
  • The Roman Forum, a field that increasingly surprised (20/11/2015)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Jose Lopez, has accompanied the patrons of the Repsol Foundation on a tour of the excavations
  • The Mayor visits the racing circuit (20/11/2015)
    Jose Lopez has been received by the circuit director, Juan Jose Rios, accompanied by other members, who transferred them to the mayor their main needs
  • 16 boxers Olympic Boxing on Saturday 28 at the Sports Pavilion (20/11/2015)
    The City of Cartagena evening I was presented to the media by Councilman Ricardo Mowing with the aim of a growing hobby in the city
  • Awarded the works for removal of breakwaters in Los Urrutias (20/11/2015)
    It is expected that work should commence in a month
  • The SOI and Inmaculada Bernal Foundation Voluntary Commitment Awards 2015 (20/11/2015)

  • The City will acquire the birthplace of Isaac Peral in the Callejon de Zorilla (20/11/2015)
    The Board of Governors has also reported favorably on extending the area of ​​tourist influx to Mandarache commercial space
  • End the cycle of concerts Promotional between strings and brass (20/11/2015)
    The last concert took place on Thursday 19 at the Auditorium of the Music Conservatory Narciso Yepes, in Lorca
  • The City of Cartagena transmits its commitment to the Rights of the Child (20/11/2015)
    This morning, Universal Children's Day, took place reading the manifesto by the council area of ​​Quality of Life, the councilor of Education and the Councillor Social Services
  • Local Police Cartagena publishes new speed controls (20/11/2015)
    In total there will be 14 different points where the radars will be located during the week from 23 to 29 November
  • Torralba asked the Assembly to revive the regional budgets for districts and councils (20/11/2015)
    Decentralization Councilman City of Cartagena states that these funds are necessary to undertake works in these areas that have been affected by the crisis
  • Citizens Cartagena meets Alumbres neighbors to meet their claims in environmental safety (20/11/2015)
    Neighbors criticize are still lacking proper precautions, and no more control through periodic inspections of emissions of industrial sites
  • Pedro Antonio Sanchez: "The Polytechnic University of Cartagena is a benchmark of success and excellence and example of good practice for the future project of the Region" (20/11/2015)
    The president of the Community visit some of the research projects carried out by the University Polytechnic University of Cartagena, with 93 large research groups and three R & D
  • President of the Community highlights UPCT as "example of good practice" for the future of the region (20/11/2015)
    The University shows your studies for pest control, optimize irrigation water, scientific instruments to search for exoplanets, drinkable smoothies vegetables or autonomous vehicles
  • The government approves a Decalogue your web of denials radically violates (20/11/2015)
    Mirror: "Castejon is making a real newsprint to defend Lopez and his attacks on the press"
  • MC present motion in Parliament for the perpetual remembrance of Cartagena Ricardo Codornu (20/11/2015)
    Also known as' The Apostle of Árbol', among his most noteworthy achievements include the reforestation of Sierra Espua or restoration of the pine forest of Guardamar
  • The temple found during excavations of windlass Cartagena will be open in mid-2016 (20/11/2015)
    The Minister of Culture and Spokesperson, the mayor, the director of Port of Cultures and responsible for the Repsol Foundation roam the area
  • Plastics Romero Cartagena visits four schools with ADE (20/11/2015)
    It took place on the morning of Thursday, and team members in attendance were team captain, Javi Matia, and his two companions: Rahali and Sergio Lopez
  • The City applies transparency in the allocation of subsidies neighborhood (19/11/2015)
    Maria Jose Soler, Juan Pedro Torralba and the president of FAVCAV agree the criteria that will determine the fate of the games
  • Cartagena celebrates Universal Children's Day (19/11/2015)

  • The mayor offers Asylum Shop Foundation of San Pedro (19/11/2015)
    The first municipal mayor has made a visit to the facilities of Torre Hogar Nazareth by the area councilor Quality of Life and the mayor of Social Services
  • The City will acquire the house where Isaac Peral born (19/11/2015)
    A proposal of the mayor, the Governing Board will address on Friday the purchase of the property located in the Callejon de Zorrilla for future museological
  • The soloists of between strings and brass dazzled in Cartagena (19/11/2015)

  • The Symphony Orchestra will perform the best children UCAM BSO (19/11/2015)
    The concert will have a solidarity nature and will be held in the Auditorium and Convention Center The Batel December 6
  • The XX Gala Hospitality Santa Teresa arrives at Auditorio El Batel (19/11/2015)
    It will be the December 11, and the profits will go to the maintenance of social dining and Hospitality
  • Entities make contributions to Social Action Plan Disability I Cartagena (19/11/2015)
    In the meeting, held Wednesday at the Department of Social Services was made very late in the draft of this innovative project
  • The Roman Theatre will host the book launch of Cartagena archaeologist Alejandro Quevedo (19/11/2015)
    Will this Friday, November 20 at 20 am, when it becomes known book Contexts Ceramic and Urban Transformations in Carthago Nova (S. II-III-DC )
  • The FICC turns 44 editions with more films and two new sections (19/11/2015)

  • The Cartagena Muram reviews the dreamlike and surreal universe of Dali with an exhibition of 32 prints and lithographs (19/11/2015)
    'Salvador Dal.
  • Mirror: "Lopez is making up its website to conceal their partisan purposes" (19/11/2015)
    For the Popular Party, "rectify is the only valid closure"
  • Citizens Cartagena studying measures to ensure compliance with joint custody (19/11/2015)

  • Javi Matia, Sergio Lopez Rahali and visiting schools with ADE (19/11/2015)

  • Social Services and PAH defined commissioning a new service (19/11/2015)
    Members of the Platform of People Affected by the Mortgage Cartagena yesterday met with the mayor of Social Services and Social Mediation
  • Falling debris requires a balizar the Church of Santo Domingo (19/11/2015)
    Pieces of up to about 5 kilos had fallen from the cornice of the facade, which is at risk of further landslides
  • Over 250 games in the FIFA tournament Teleco LAN Party this weekend at El Corte Ingles (19/11/2015)

  • The Contracting Committee awarded the organization of the activities and entertainment at Christmas (18/11/2015)
    The service will be managed by the children's entertainment company Music Box SL for 106,782 euros
  • Approved the appointment of Eugenio Galdon as chairman of the Social Council of the UPCT (18/11/2015)

  • The Bureau of Animal Welfare set up two task forces (18/11/2015)
    chaired by council area of ​​Quality of Life, Francisco Calderon, will work with the regional government in changing laws that affect treatment and dignity of living beings
  • Jose Manuel Gomez, Gufi, presented in Cartagena Tribulations of a Dj Flamenco (18/11/2015)
    The music critic of El Mundo reporter discussed his book at Cafe Mister Witt at 19:30, within the Cartagena Jazz Festival
  • The musical group Sauces celebrate the feast of St. Cecilia with numerous activities (18/11/2015)
    The next November 22 is the day of the patron saint of music, and Sauces has prepared various activities to begin on November 20 at the Plaza Icue
  • Course Police Surprising defense against knife attack (18/11/2015)
    is the second edition and is being carried out during yesterday and today 17 November 18.
  • Citizens spokesman Cartagena, Manuel Padin, goes to donate blood after warning Blood Donation Center (18/11/2015)
    In just ten months have consumed the same amount of blood in the Hospital Santa Lucia around 2014. According to officials Center "stocks are under minimal"
  • Calderon dealing with neighborhood representatives Piteros arranging a driveway to the village (18/11/2015)
    The area councilor Quality of Life and president of District No. 3, held a working meeting on Wednesday with the secretary and legal adviser The Neighborhood Association Piteros Guide
  • Plastic Music, in the Centro Cultural Ramn Alonso Luzzy (18/11/2015)
    The exhibition will be inaugurated by the Councillor for Culture, David Martinez, on Friday, November 20, at 20:30
  • Continue promotional concerts between strings and brass (18/11/2015)
    Murcia Auditorium witnessed the talent of the top prizes in each of the modalities convened last edition of the competition.
  • Older del Barrio de la Concepcin participate in the workshops of Social Services (18/11/2015)
    The mayor of Quality of Life, Francisco Calderon, visited the premises multipurpose neighborhood, where these workshops, which are also aimed at people with develop Wednesday disability
  • Enrique Perez Abellan City joins the MC Group to meet the needs of districts and councils (18/11/2015)

  • An appointment with choral singing in the nineteenth edition of the Master Sample Jose Espinosa (18/11/2015)
    The musician himself directing close the seven participating choirs in the Exhibition to be held on Saturday, November 21, at the Municipal Auditorium The Batel event
  • Last seats available for the Cartagena Conference: Culture and Municipality (18/11/2015)
    More than three hundred people have already registered to participate in this conference, organized by the City of Cartagena, held in El Batel 27 and November 28
  • Teatro Low Cost in El Algar with the soldier (17/11/2015)
    A new initiative of the Teatro Circo Apolo with affordable prices for the morning of Sunday, November 22
  • Culture Cartagena invites creators to share their concerns and find ways to spread their work to society (17/11/2015)
    The Minister of Culture, Noelia Arroyo continues its series of meetings with members of different professional groups to explain further action and listen to their proposals
  • The issues come to La Manga mayor (17/11/2015)
    Jose Lopez has met this morning with representatives of the neighborhood association and biker Comopolitans
  • Lopez lost his battle to try to impose presidents in the Neighborhood Councils (17/11/2015)
    Ortega: "It has not gotten to correct a report which gave the presidency to the most voted"
  • Jose Lopez stresses the importance of freedom of expression to end corruption and manipulation (17/11/2015)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor have come this afternoon to the official presentation of the Cartagena facilities Radio recently remodeled
  • Two students of IES Ben Arabi Cartagena distinguished with Honors (17/11/2015)

  • MC requesting public claiming to the central and regional government infrastructures that deny Cartagena (17/11/2015)

  • EF Aljorra, CD Mining, Cartagena FC and EF Santa Ana, the best in the youngest category (17/11/2015)
    ​​ After earning the win in four matches disputed so far of youth football league, leading the classification of groups
  • Continue the construction of the roundabout Alfonso XIII (17/11/2015)
    Between Thursday and Sunday, will be held cuts and restrictions relevant to the asphalt and traffic lane markings to the new traffic light junction
  • Citizens support the claims of the residents of San Anton to resume urgently the works of the Health Center (17/11/2015)
    Citizens spokesman Cartagena, Manuel Padin, wonders "how can the Ministry of Health abandon population San Anton in such a basic social issue as Primary Care "
  • The Legal Department decides on the tie in the election of presidents of the Neighborhood Board (17/11/2015)
    Before the loophole of the Rules of Participation, will be named the largest party
  • The Albacora Club brought together thirty Athletes in its Fishing Championship (17/11/2015)
    Sport Fishermen Club met on Sunday at the cruise ship dock to a good number of fans to attend this event which was attended by PROLAM and the presence of the mayor of Sports
  • The mayor defends, in a letter to the dean of the College of Journalists of the region, the municipal government the right to inform the public (17/11/2015)

  • Local police recorded 70 traffic incidents last week (17/11/2015)
    Most interventions, nearly fifty, were on rough, both mild and damaged
  • The Cartagena Jazz Festival says goodbye this week (17/11/2015)

  • End of Round week for our federal (16/11/2015)
    The day of the weekend for our bases ended with victories in cadet and youth
  • Troop Carthaginesa "Warriors of Indibil Ilergetes" has the honor to present the logo for the celebration of its 25th anniversary, to be held in the festive year 2015-16 (16/11/2015)

  • Celtic mercenaries visit his birthplace (16/11/2015)

  • The City Council will promote tourist visits to Licor 43 (16/11/2015)
    The integrated external routes within the Historic Area.
  • More than twenty groups meet in Pozo Estrecho in the First Meeting Galileo occur (16/11/2015)
    Deputy Mayor, Ana Belen Castejon, praises the voluntary work of hundreds of people who have contributed to the integration and development of the Cartagena multicultural council
  • Cartagena is postulated as meeting tourism destination (16/11/2015)
    Convention Bureau City this week goes to the EIBTM, specializing in promotion and recruitment of these events show
  • The Port Corpus Trophy brought an exhibition of classic motorcycles (16/11/2015)
    A circuit prepared around the Casa del Mar, on Sunday hosted a show attended by numerous fans and curious event was attended by the Councillor for Sports
  • "To prevent jihadism, Cartagena should promote intercultural coexistence" (16/11/2015)
    Abdelaziz Hammaoui
  • The Castillo de la Concepcin opens the doors of Cartagena, a port Three Cultures (16/11/2015)

  • Young People's Party Cartagena start a solidarity campaign to collect toys (16/11/2015)

  • The City Council joins the International Day of the Rights of the Child (16/11/2015)
    From the departments of Social Services and Education, has developed a program of events to mark the Day, which this year will focus on the Right to Welfare
  • The Malasombra stands to win trophies Vela Latina 2015 (16/11/2015)

  • Polytechnic Universities unite in UP4 to boost technological research and teaching quality (16/11/2015)

  • Begins the cycle of promotional concerts between strings and brass (16/11/2015)
    Auditorium Conservatory of Murcia on Tuesday will host the performance of five of the winners of last year's contest talented young musicians accompanied by the Chamber Orchestra of Cartagena
  • A student of Naval developed based on graphene superplastic (16/11/2015)
    It is immune to corrosion and adhesion of marine life.
  • A photographic composition Moses Ruiz, voted Easter Poster 2016 (16/11/2015)
    The decision has received the vote of the representatives of the Brotherhood mako
  • New Policy and characters on the 25th anniversary of the extraordinarii (15/11/2015)

  • The UCAM Cartagena Athletics 2015/2016 is presented in the Campus of Sorrows (14/11/2015)

  • Cartagena City Council convenes a minute of silence for this afternoon before the Palace Hall (14/11/2015)
    The mayor, Jose Lopez, said on behalf of the Municipal Corporation, revulsion at the attacks in Paris
  • Cartagena City Council condemns attacks in Paris (14/11/2015)

  • Manuel Padin: "If the PP is committed to Pilar Barreiro as a senator is because they have nothing better to offer" (13/11/2015)
    A spokesman for Citizens Cartagena regrets that "the old right continue to protect those who have ruined city despite the will regeneration of Cartagena and all citizens of the Region of Murcia "
  • MC regrets that "the opposition will bother transparency and citizen participation" (13/11/2015)

  • The City of Cartagena held the traditional Compliance perpetual vow to the Four Saints (13/11/2015)

  • The XII edition of The Cultural Future Cartagena will value the Monastery of San Gins de la Jara (13/11/2015)
    The event will take place on Monday, November 16 from 20h in the Cultural Hall of Cajamurcia, next to Icue with free entry to fill seats
  • Citizens spokesman Cartagena, Manuel Padin, "is the latest embarrassment TeleCavite populist tyranny of government PSOE and Citizen Movement in Cartagena" (13/11/2015)

  • "Lopez is noisy to hide their property tax fraud and lies of participatory budgeting" (13/11/2015)
    Mirror (PP) said that "the budgets do not include the reduction of IBI Lopez promised"
  • Restrictions to traffic on Sunday Trophy celebration Corpus speed (13/11/2015)

  • Local police closely monitors drug use in drivers (13/11/2015)
    In the two controls that agents conducted Thursday three drivers tested positive for drugs of the 6 tests, while 48 were negative breath tests
  • Gispert wears 3D chocolate printer to Murcia Gourmet UPCT to connect universities and companies (13/11/2015)
    Polytechnic students who have developed the machine confectioners want to provide them with ideas to perfect
  • The TLA program brings a master class of Kundalini Yoga (13/11/2015)
    It is organized by the School Workshop Theatre Loft and will be on Saturday 14, from 10 to 13.30 hours in the hall of the Youth Resource Center.
  • Course of police proceedings against road safety and Drug Detection (13/11/2015)

  • Cartagena UPyD calls "page of the official truth" the new website of the local government and calls for their withdrawal (13/11/2015)
    "It is unacceptable that the Mayor and Deputy Mayor used the official website of the City of Cartagena to deny to the media" says local spokesman, Juan Daniel Mateo
  • Local Police celebrate their patron San Leandro (12/11/2015)
    On Friday there will be a Mass in San Fulgencio and an institutional event in the Security Park
  • Sweet California acts on Saturday in the Batel (12/11/2015)
    The band has revolutionized the national pop pass next to Manel Navarro Cartagena with all sold out
  • Cartagena Prints, a theatrical tour of Cartagena for older (12/11/2015)
    This unique and engaging experience of the Department of Social Services, has had thirty students workshop Letters to the Image
  • Ten years Aljorra theater group La Bella (12/11/2015)
    The premiere of the play's daughter Engracia and Justin, and a photographic exhibition celebrated the anniversary of the group over the Department of Social Services
  • The Local Police seize 150 kilos of fruit in the market of Zenith (12/11/2015)
    Wednesday The incident occurred yesterday, near the market, where agents also seized 35 pieces of imitation, 91 DVDs and 174 CDs of music
  • Citizens spokesman Cartagena, Manuel Padin, "or the willingness of neighbors is imposed on the Boards or the mayor imposed his holy will" (12/11/2015)

  • Denounce a web Lopez paid by all "to manipulate information more freely" becomes (12/11/2015)
    Mirror: "The government we can copy in Madrid and the City Council puts the service of their party interests"
  • The Medieval Market is preparing to open its doors (12/11/2015)
    This opens Friday at 11 am, with a ceremony attended by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, who, from the confluence of the streets of San Francisco, Palas and Campos, They will be touring the booths
  • Together again ADE and Plastics Romero Cartagena (12/11/2015)

  • PP: Lpez sum and 12 directors appointed "finger" and still refuses to disclose how much they charge (12/11/2015)
    Mayor recruits a former councilor of MC in its war with Castejon to place political related
  • The TLA offers ten activities for the weekend (12/11/2015)
    From customizing shirts workshop, training courses and caving in ravines or visit the Museum of Sciences in Valencia
  • Local police reports on the controls next radar (12/11/2015)
    During the week of 16 to 22 November, the speed is controlled at various points in the city and neighborhoods
  • A student of architecture design a transport terminal for the AVE and the future tramway in Cartagena (12/11/2015)
    David Hernandez The project fits the current station to a green axis Torreciega sustainable mobility and the Port
  • Municipal Government of Cartagena: "Only the nerve Mirror PP overcomes the inability of management" (11/11/2015)

  • Cartagena opt to join the second edition of the project DELI (11/11/2015)
    Working hours have concluded this morning, where the European Council underlined at Cartagena on the model of integration of immigrants into the local economy as a role model
  • The Contracting Committee awarded the Christmas lights (11/11/2015)
    Ferrovial Servicios SA is the company responsible for lighting in the city center, districts and councils
  • The library of the Centro Cultural Ramn Alonso Luzzy not close at noon (11/11/2015)
    It will be from December, and the other municipal libraries also extend their hours to accommodate the needs of users
  • The City collects 879 euros for the Spanish Association Against Cancer (11/11/2015)
    The Town of Greater Quality of Life, Francisco Calderon, has chaired the petitoria table with which the council has participated today in the issue of the AECC
  • The Deputy Mayor reflects the demands of traders ACOPEC (11/11/2015)
    Ana Belen Castejon met Wednesday afternoon with representatives of the Association, with which he pledged to study their needs
  • Citizens promote the creation of ZAL and the integral momentum in the industrial Los Camachos (11/11/2015)

  • Francisco Calderon encourages an informed and responsible purchasing (11/11/2015)
    Councilman Quality of Life inaugurated this morning in Cartagena a Day Consumer Information
  • PP: "Lopez hid a Court of Auditors refused damages in the management of El Batel" (11/11/2015)
    "The mayor has also hidden a statement attesting to the payment method used"
  • Workshop knots and lashings at the Youth Center Canteras (11/11/2015)
    Organized by the Panzi Imhlala Scout group in collaboration with the TLA program, held this Saturday all day
  • The local police about his story to the Cartagena society (11/11/2015)
    On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, coinciding with the commemoration of the pattern, the local police has organized a series of briefings for various groups, being developed in the Security Park
  • Arrested for stealing the cash register of a bar (11/11/2015)
    The incident took place early yesterday Tuesday in a property Pintor Portela, where agents of the local police made themselves
  • The Popular Party proposes the recovery of festivals in May and Removals Much + (11/11/2015)
    Saenz de Elorrieta: "Six months later, the only idea the government is ask for ideas"
  • The Cartagena Jazz Festival enters its third week (11/11/2015)
    Kurt Elling, Jose James, trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf and Esperanza Spalding star in the upcoming concert.
  • Consumer Information Days (11/11/2015)
    be held this morning at 10.30 hours in the hall of the Teatro Romano
  • Special campaign to control traffic belts and Child Restraint Systems (CRS) (11/11/2015)
    The conduct of Cartagena Local Police in collaboration with the DCT, between Friday and Sunday
  • The mayor joined the Social Council of the UPCT (10/11/2015)
    This afternoon has taken possession with five other members of the Regional Assembly and staff of academic institution
  • The School of Hospitality shortly available land for expansion (10/11/2015)
    The mayor informed the director that this morning CIFP has responded to the request of the School through the Ministry for them to have the plot in front of the training center
  • AD Barrio Peral, UPCT Garden City B, the EF Aljorra Juvenia B and CD Pozo Estrecho, leading football mode 5 (10/11/2015)
    teams, with three straight wins, leading the football league based on their categories
  • Citizens Assembly Cartagena rises to complaints from neighbors and Mar de Cristal Grandchildren (10/11/2015)
    Citizens spokesman Cartagena, Manuel Padin, has had several meetings with the presidents of neighborhood associations affected by the floods and studied, on the ground, the damage caused in recent months
  • Pupils from St. Vincent de Paul approach the Athletics (10/11/2015)
    120 students have participated in activities organized by the ADE of the Department of Sports
  • The City Council collaborates with the alms of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (10/11/2015)
    This Wednesday will be installed in the Town Hall square the table petitoria, chairman of the council of the Quality of Life Francisco Calderon
  • They take possession of six members of the Social Council (10/11/2015)

  • Communication between young and old, essential to prevent cyberbullying (10/11/2015)
    The specialist in school cyberbullying, Caroline Musserotte, has spoken this morning in Cartagena conference which was attended by Youth and Education technicians and councilors Segado and David Ricardo Martinez
  • Lopez and Castejon hear the proposals of the Commission Beltr (10/11/2015)

  • Press Citizen's Movement appointment of municipal auditor (10/11/2015)

  • No you can park in the Monte Sacro between 12 and 18 November (10/11/2015)
    Local police reported the ban motivated by the shooting of a film in this historic area.
  • The Regional Television will echo the themes that interest Cartagena (10/11/2015)

  • The Deputy Mayor opened the working sessions of the Conference Final project DELI (10/11/2015)

  • Interview and forecast: imparts expert conference on Iran (10/11/2015)
    "Always have been reasons for the international community to approach Iran»
  • Proceedings of the Judicial Police of Traffic in the first week of November (10/11/2015)
    Local police guard down and maintains a high level of control over their devices on Traffic
  • Education promotes the launch of a working group Heritage and the city of Cartagena on the House of the Child (09/11/2015)

  • The MUNDIAVOCAT choose La Manga tournament to host 2016 (09/11/2015)

  • The Bureau of the Manifesto Phoenix in Los Mateos unveils measures implemented in cleaning and road safety (09/11/2015)
    The deputies Francisco Calderon, Jos Mara Aznar Soler and Francisco participated in the meeting with municipal officers and representatives of the neighborhood associations and groups
  • Segado expresses municipal support to charity paddle tournament to provide milk to children's institutions in the city (09/11/2015)
    Councilman Sports has met this morning with executives of the Rotary Club Cartagena, event organizers
  • Caroline Musserotte will meet on Tuesday with technicians and educators Cartagena (09/11/2015)
    cyberbullying expert is invited by SEDIC in Spain and the US Embassy in Madrid
  • Over 200 athletes ran in solidarity Cross Local Police (09/11/2015)

  • The humor will accompany the FICC in this edition (09/11/2015)
    Entitled Movies in ink, and curated by Jos Manuel Puebla, was presented today the exhibition which opens on 20 November at the Cultural Hall Cajamurcia
  • The Deputy Mayor noted Cnit needs Mall (09/11/2015)
    Within the program of visits to different centers and commercial areas of the municipality, Ana Belen Castejon visited this flowed the street located in Ribera San Javier
  • The Slum Lady of Charity held its Second Exhibition of Associations and Groups (09/11/2015)
    Deputy Mayor and Councilman Decentralization and Celebration area attended the event held at the esplanade of the port and participate in scheduled activities throughout the day Sunday
  • Social integration experts participate in the final conference of the project DELI (09/11/2015)
    Deputy Mayor will officially open the conference on Tuesday that frame this working conference on social integration and will develop until Wednesday in the old Yacht Club
  • Pilar Vich luxury will guide their exposure to cast off (09/11/2015)
    be on Saturday November 28, from 11.30 to 12.30 pm in the Byzantine Wall municipal hall, where they are exposed sculptures and photographs
  • Soler and Torralba delivered the keys of the new clubhouse of Rincon de Sumiedo (09/11/2015)
    This is a prefabricated house that has been paid for by the City and will be used by the residents as a meeting place and warehouse equipment
  • The opera returns to Cartagena with Madama Butterfly (09/11/2015)
    The Batel host Wednesday the show produced by Opera 2001 with the participation of the Choirs of Hirosaki (Japan)
  • El Batel welcomes the XIX Choral Sample Master Jose Espinosa (09/11/2015)
    The event will gather on Saturday 21 November eight choirs of Cartagena and its region to mark the feast of St. Cecilia.
  • Arrested an individual for a crime of exhibitionism before minors (09/11/2015)
    The incident took place on Sunday afternoon in a Mediterranean setting Park where local police officers presented themselves to arrest the alleged exhibitionist
  • Citizens claim the City of Cartagena's local police in the fight against gender violence (09/11/2015)

  • A student of Business says that 80% of companies use content marketing to cut costs (09/11/2015)

  • Lopez tries to denounce officials to change their favorable reports on the Neighborhood Councils PP (08/11/2015)
    The minutes El Algar and an official statement on La Palma report state that governs the most voted in the event of a tie
  • The PP asked at the next plenary session on progress in the development of the "participatory budget" for 2016 (07/11/2015)
    Diego Ortega recalled that the government said it would have the opposition parties to draft budgets
  • Collective and animal associations convened a rally against animal circuses in Cartagena (06/11/2015)
    The protest, legally authorized, will be held on Sunday November 8 at 18:00 pm in the esplanade in front of the Mall Mandarache
  • The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure closing the conference "Cartagena, Landscape, Tourism and Urban Renewal" (06/11/2015)

  • MC will continue to work for the recovery of the chapels of Mount Miral (06/11/2015)

  • The socialist candidate was unable to raise a single project to Cartagena (06/11/2015)
    Mirror says Pedro Sanchez sought only photos with the background of the Cartagena PP
  • Citizens makes the regional government will be a technical commission for the arrival of the collection Marif Places to MURAM (06/11/2015)

  • The first stage of the Amphitheatre recovery could be ready next summer (06/11/2015)
    The mayor met this morning with the Minister of Culture to discuss issues relating to the enhancement of the heritage of the city
  • ASTUS the Fourth Conference held at the Municipal Sports Athletics Track (06/11/2015)
    They have organized dozens of tests adapted for athletes with intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy
  • Elderly and disabled take the esplanade of Port (06/11/2015)
    Deputy Mayor, Ana Belen Castejon, opened the thirty FEMADIS posts along the area councilor Quality of Life, Francisco Calderon, and the mayor of Social Services Martin del Carmen Love
  • The ASC of the local police in Cartagena closes October with 100 performances (06/11/2015)
    Control Unit of the Environment has carried out interventions for violations of municipal ordinances and noise pollution, among others
  • Antonio Garcia Sanchez, new manager of the Foundation Convention Bureau (06/11/2015)
    The Governing Board of Trustees approved his appointment yesterday
  • The Governing Board approves new labor exchanges for engineers and architects (06/11/2015)
    has also given the green light for aid to development cooperation projects amounting to 80 billion euros
  • Havana involved in the project to declare Cartagena as a Cultural Landscape of Humanity (06/11/2015)
    The Executive Committee, which is part UPCT, met this morning at the University to develop the roadmap to follow
  • Sensitize and inform, protagonists in activities against Gender Violence elements (06/11/2015)
    The Department of Equality has already prepared a host of activities, aimed at men and women of all ages.
  • Second week of Cartagena Jazz Festival (06/11/2015)
    The festival will host this weekend to Cassandra Wilson, Iron & Wine, Richard Bona, Joe Lovano and Gogo Penguin with John Scofield
  • UPCT launches first fotolinera of the monitored region and accumulation system (06/11/2015)

  • The PP recalls Lopez is required to sign the appointment of the presidents of the Popular Party in the Neighborhood Councils (06/11/2015)
    Diego Ortega calls attempt to "rigging" Lopez's performance in the councils
  • The PP congratulates entrepreneurs and regrets the interference of Lopez in the campaign COEC (05/11/2015)
    Mayor office and used the official media to support a candidacy
  • New job boards for architects and engineers (05/11/2015)
    The Local Government will consider on Friday the basis for a next call for these professionals
  • The mayor held a meeting with the CEO of the Foundation CICOP (05/11/2015)
    In 2017 is expected to finalize the draft declaration of Cartagena as a Cultural Landscape of Humanity, which work together City Hall, Navy, and UPCT CICOP
  • Lopez asks the responsible involvement of architects in the urban renewal of Cartagena in a conference on urbanism (05/11/2015)
    it has in the inauguration of the Cartagena conference, landscape, tourism and renewal, organized by the Association of Architects of the Region, will be held from Thursday 5 to Saturday 7 November
  • Citizens Cartagena ensure, through its members, transparency and control of the Neighborhood Councils (05/11/2015)
    The Municipal spokesperson, Manuel Padin, wants to "leave behind the 'absolute meetings' that neither listen nor care about the neighbors and build the 'dialogue meetings'
  • Cartagena support the State March Against Gender Violence (05/11/2015)
    Equal Councilman participate Friday in a rally outside the Palace Hall, which will be illuminated violet
  • The PP asks Lpez companies can also pay their taxes in installments (05/11/2015)
    "Since refuses to forgive 10 million IBI promised that allow them to pay in installments"
  • Lopez and Castejon support AJE as an engine for entrepreneurship in Cartagena (05/11/2015)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor have held this morning a breakfast meeting at the headquarters of the association of young entrepreneurs
  • Iron & Wine and Richard Bona star in the second day of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (05/11/2015)
    There are still tickets for the folk singer and bassist Cameroon, Friday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo.
  • New radar controls the local police in Cartagena (05/11/2015)
    During the week of 9 to 15 November, the agents control the speed of vehicles in various parts of the city and neighborhoods
  • Classic motorcycle star in the XXXIX Trofeo Corpus Speed (05/11/2015)

  • Winners UPCT two alumni for their social network to share a table and ordering in hospitality (05/11/2015)
    The 'telcos' reward the Wuudu startup for its product FastOrder' which allows customers to save queues and waiting
  • Agreement on the organization of the temporary exhibition "Aquaculture? Discover it" in Cartagena ARQUA (04/11/2015)

  • Castejon reports on the handling of works Market Santa Florentina (04/11/2015)
    Deputy Mayor and Councillor of Commerce met with the directive on the afternoon of Wednesday November 4, to convey the status of implementation of the works to be undertaken in the coming months
  • Calderon and Martin attend the Day of coexistence between National Police and mentally handicapped associations (04/11/2015)
    The event was held at the headquarters of the Association for the mentally ill community integration of Cartagena and Shire (APICES), located in San Ana .
  • The City of Cartagena will open a public debate on cultural management (04/11/2015)

  • Cartagena was a party during the weekend scariest (04/11/2015)
    Large audience enjoyed the workshops, snacks and costume contest, organized within the TLA of the Youth Council program
  • The fourteenth edition of Cross Artillery is presented (04/11/2015)
    Will this Thursday, November 5, at 11.30 am, in the Hall of Honor of the Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment No. 7 acuertelamiento Tentegorra located in Tentegorra road, s / n
  • San Cristobal school students approach the table tennis with the ADE Program (04/11/2015)
    School of downtown El Bohio made contact Tuesday with players and players UCAM Cartagena in the City Hall Specific Table Tennis Barrio Peral
  • Councilman Quality of Life joins the Platform Save the Rosell (04/11/2015)

  • The government team undertakes improvement works at the mausoleum of Isaac Peral (04/11/2015)
    The first phase, already performed, consisted of cleaning and consolidation, and soon, is planned more substantial activities
  • The Slum Lady of Charity held its Second Sunday Fair Associations and Groups (04/11/2015)
    The invention has been organized by residents and institutions in the area, in collaboration with the Department of Social Services
  • Incorporated in La Aljorra last City Neighborhood Council (04/11/2015)
    In the House that was held last night in the town SKIP, was elected member of the PP president Antonio Conesa Carrascosa, by simple majority in a second round
  • PP urges the Government to include in the next budget to install artificial turf at the municipal football (04/11/2015)
    Diego Ortega recalls that it was an election promise of PP and that will be a benefit for the consolidation of child, youth and grassroots sport
  • A student placed UPCT its project on the chains between 8 best in Spain (04/11/2015)

  • IU-v recorded in the Supreme recourse against free stay of Pilar Barreiro (03/11/2015)

  • Cartagena will host more than a hundred journalists from all over Spain (03/11/2015)
    So it has moved the Dean of the College of Journalists of the Region of Murcia to the mayor and the deputy mayor, in a meeting held this morning
  • Lopez and tour the facilities Castejon Group UPPER (03/11/2015)
    The general director of the group, Antonio Navarro Luis Berlanga, has received the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and informed them of the operation of the logistics platform
  • Receives the trophy Antonio Puerta revelation of Bullfighting bullfighter Forum Cartagena (03/11/2015)

  • Castejon announced a working group to discuss the future of the Food Market Gisbert (03/11/2015)
    Deputy Mayor today visited the facilities to check the status of the building and stalls
  • Water cut Tallante area and Pern (03/11/2015)
    Will tonight, from 20.00 hours, with a duration of about 18 hours, as reported Hidrogea
  • The municipal pavilion hosted the IX Albujn FEAFES League futsal (03/11/2015)
    Six teams representing associations and residences with mentally ill in the Autonomous Community, acting as the host association Cartagena APICES
  • Drawing and painting with TLA program (03/11/2015)
    Youth organizes this course which starts on November 10 in the Youth Resource Center
  • Citizens regrets that almost half of the newly unemployed in the Community are in Cartagena (03/11/2015)

  • The Bremen Town Musicians come to Cartagena for Christmas (03/11/2015)
    A show for the whole family, nominated for best children's theater show at the Max Awards, which can be seen in El Batel December 30
  • The City proda and felling trees in two days in poor Prince of Asturias (03/11/2015)

  • Isabel Garcia Collection advancing the implementation of the Custom Payment Plan Tax (03/11/2015)
    The system, which will give citizens more facilities to enter into force next year
  • Start the eleventh edition of the Award Mandarache (03/11/2015)
    You have chosen the finalists, and the registration period begins today November 3 to December 18
  • Segado and Gomez know the state of the excavations of the Plaza de la Merced (03/11/2015)
    The mayors of Heritage and Tourism have been informed of the scope of work by the archaeologist Luis Garcia
  • Local Citizens Cartagena requests the Government to coordinate the Tapa''Rutas (03/11/2015)
    The Municipal Group recorded a motion in the city of Cartagena to definitively resolve the current organizational chaos of these initiatives in the city
  • Workshops, performances and craftsmanship form the Fair for the Elderly and Disabled (03/11/2015)

  • Nieto: "The inability of the municipal government threatens officials spaces in the City" (03/11/2015)
    Esperanza Nieto denounces the call for a "bag of technical architects" that has not been negotiated
  • A UPCT thesis demonstrates the health benefits of the new variety of broccoli Bimi (03/11/2015)
    The pioneering research on this hybrid culture reflects their higher bioactive content and better absorption to be able to be eaten raw
  • Jose Lopez receives US ambassador, James Costs (02/11/2015)

  • The Open Shopping Center offers more than two thousand keys with gift (02/11/2015)
    This morning has been presented The Great Tombola Trade in Consistoria Palace, from the hands of Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Trade, Ana Belen Castejon and President of Mall Open Antonio Sanchez
  • Victor presents his book Lenore Indies, Hispters and Gafapastas (02/11/2015)
    be part of Music and Arts, the Cartagena Jazz Festival, Friday Cafeteria Mister Witt.
  • Cartagena hosts the National Meeting of the Association for Ecumenical Missionary Centers Unit (02/11/2015)

  • Thirteen thousand Cartagena know they have diabetes (02/11/2015)
    In the municipality there are about thirty thousand people sick, as explained by the president of Sodicar in the presentation of the XIV Diabetic Week
  • Ruth Lorenzo presents his first album in El Batel (02/11/2015)
    The Municipal Auditorium will host Friday's concert singer Murcia
  • The alcohol tests are settled with 15 complaints (02/11/2015)

  • Children also run this year's Cross Local Police (02/11/2015)

  • On Friday the Neighborhood Council of El Llano del Beal was established (02/11/2015)
    In the plenary session held at the Colegio San Gins de la Jara, was elected president of the board of the socialist voice Carmen Soto Lopez.
  • Confiscated eggs and firecrackers to children during Halloween Night (02/11/2015)
    Local police attended numerous calls denouncing vandalism in the center and in neighborhoods
  • Local Police detected 21 vehicles abandoned on the street (02/11/2015)
    agents have conducted a special campaign that took place from 13 to 31 October.
  • The US ambassador morning visit Cartagena (01/11/2015)
    James Costs will be on Monday at the Palace Hall in his tour of the region to meet its economic, cultural and military reality
  • The Corporation remember the dead on the Day of All Saints (01/11/2015)
    Francisco Calderon headed the delegation that held traditional views and offerings in Los Remedios and San Anton
  • The term appears to instantiate the Job of Technical Architects (01/11/2015)
    Until 12 November may submit applications with which the City will try to temporarily alleviate the shortage of these professionals in Planning and Infrastructure
  • Environment presents the work of the European LIFE project to preserve the forests of cypress Cartagena (01/11/2015)
    The species is listed as 'priority habitat' at Community level and as 'very rare' at national level.

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