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Cartagena News - April 2011

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  • For Mowing "Chacon promised employment after removing fairings Navantia" (30/04/2011)

  • SPCT intends to Pilar Barreiro protagonist of the story of Alice in Wonderland (30/04/2011)

  • The mayor congratulated the Table Tennis champions (29/04/2011)
    Girls of UCAM Cartagena is the winner of last Sunday Superdivisión fourth consecutive year, and now continue working with the Spanish Olympic team to participate in the World Cup
  • Small sips of poetry, to promote the festival Much More May (29/04/2011)
    The City Council and Bernal Browns carry out this initiative which will distribute more than 200,000 this year azucarillos new micropoems include some of the participants of the festival
  • The mayor welcomed the delegations of Spain Volleyball Championship (29/04/2011)
    Les invited to enjoy the city during the competition continues until Sunday 1st May
  • The Italian orchestra Tempesta Dolce & Sound returns to the cycle spaces (29/04/2011)
    act on May 4 in the auditorium of the University
  • Cartagena, in the top three tourist attractions in Spain with more overnight stays in campsites (29/04/2011)

  • II Tribasket Cartagena Urban Circuit City (29/04/2011)
    Twelve basketball courts shared between the Town Hall Square, Heroes of Cavite and the esplanade of the dock, to host a tournament on Saturday with 100 teams registered
  • The residents of Barrio Peral mobilizing for Greenway without dog excrement (29/04/2011)
    Every dog ​​with his bone, is the name of the awareness campaign promoted by the neighborhood association and the scout group with which distributed 300 bags original waste collection during the month of May
  • The ESPAC shape the Civil Defence volunteers (29/04/2011)
    In these days celebrating a course search and rescue techniques in order to plan water monitoring at beaches
  • Julieta Venegas, new addition of La Mar de Músicas (29/04/2011)
    The Mexican singer, who became known in Spain for 10 years through the festival, will perform July 15 at the Auditorio Parque Torres after Russian Red
  • Share car doubles the number of hits a month (29/04/2011)
    The interest generated by this service launched by the Department of Sustainable Development, has increased the cost savings and the fact that the internet is almost within reach of All
  • SPCT bid to boost to Cartagena, as a destination for rural tourism and eco (29/04/2011)

  • Á Angels star Martin and Tomas Gayo law Jungle Elvira Lindo (28/04/2011)
    The performance, which will take place on Friday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo, is part of the program of the Department of Culture
  • The Easter web visits exceeded 50,000 (28/04/2011)
    Both Internet use and the application downloads the electronic program guide via bluetooth processions, have made this year a success, with more than 500 programs downloaded on mobile
  • The new Maritime Action Admiral is presented to the Mayor (28/04/2011)
    Francisco Javier Franco Suanzes today held a formal meeting with Pilar Barreiro following his recent appointment as ALMART
  • Estavesa collaborates with the City to cover the burial of indigent persons (28/04/2011)

  • XXIII School Theatre Festival, with nine schools participating (28/04/2011)
    Organized by the Department of Education, the program includes ten works will be represented from 6 to 18 May at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Course of investigation and reconstruction of traffic accidents for police (28/04/2011)
    Start the day May 3 at the School of Public Safety addressed to the local police expertise in this area
  • The mayor opened an emotional tribute to Joseph Soria (28/04/2011)
    With the reading of his work, Campo de Cartagena: Legend and lore, and sheltered by her daughter and many friends, we wanted to remind the writer of Cartagena on the first anniversary of its Death
  • Much More May schedule a Silent Party (28/04/2011)
    This is a quiet celebration of music lovers with wireless headphones in the square at the door of the Old Cathedral and Archdeacon Street
  • SPCT bid to create the council of Agriculture and Rural Development (28/04/2011)
    The primary sector is an economic engine of the Campo de Cartagena
  • Course of first aid and basic life support (28/04/2011)
    Organized by the ADLE, is Drigo unemployed to improve their employment
  • To Barreiro "investing in culture, investing in tourism, is to invest in our future" (27/04/2011)

  • Literary readings, Voices for Josefina (27/04/2011)

  • Much More May I MercaArte incorporates the Youth (27/04/2011)
    The first youth art market takes place on Friday 13 May at the Esplanade of Heroes Cartagena Cavite
  • The City of Cartagena, Spain's second facebook followers (27/04/2011)
    In the ranking of social networks, we are the first regional institution in number of fans on facebook and twitter, and national level, only the city of Madrid is beyond us followers of the first
  • The XI bike festival crosses borders Cartagena (27/04/2011)

  • Ã ngel Matthew Charris out in the Palais de Molina and Bambara Gallery (27/04/2011)
    The artist Cartagena Canton presents a sample screen prints, plates and text, that mixes the Asian and European, old and new
  • II Ruta de la Tapa de Los Belones (27/04/2011)
    will take place from 2 to 15 May in over 20 locations in the town, which will provide, with their best tapas, the flavors of the five continents
  • Maupasant Guy, star of the 2nd Reading Club Bag Languages (27/04/2011)
    In two meetings, on 4 and 18 May, will be discussed in this free activity on the novella Le Horla, French author
  • SPCT: "The PP does not tell the whole truth of the writ of the Aljorra CAI" (26/04/2011)

  • Journey to the party of the year (26/04/2011)

  • The Way of Syphon be improved with two new roundabouts and the elimination of a curve (26/04/2011)
    The Governing Board approved the first phase of one million euros to make this busy road roadside agricultural service
  • The Government Board OKs Partial Plan CO51 500 homes to be built (26/04/2011)
    also gives the nod to an agreement with Red Cross to take books home to elderly and disabled
  • Cartagena celebrates Book Week with contests, lectures and outdoor activities (26/04/2011)
    Artillery Park hosts the 28th of April, the Third Meeting of Gatherings in the program of activities developed by the Book April Municipal Library Network
  • Paseo literature in several languages ​​Much More May (26/04/2011)

  • Sort of chairpersons and members of the polling stations in the last full City Council (26/04/2011)
    The mayor and the municipal spokesmen made their end of term interventions
  • The Language Exchange intends to see films in French (26/04/2011)
    Wednesday will be screened Monsieur Ibrahim et les Fleurs du Coran original version at the headquarters of the Alliance Française in Cartagena
  • Three shuttle buses will leave for Castellón to support the Cartagena Reale in the struggle to stay (26/04/2011)

  • In three months could begin construction of the parking lot of the Avenida de America (26/04/2011)
    The Governing Board awarded the construction and operation to González Soto
  • Las Cruces, 6, 7 and 8 May (26/04/2011)
    Celebration opens the registration period for the holding of activities streets and squares
  • Part of the submarine Cartagena 'Mistral' to relieve the 'Tramontana' (26/04/2011)
    Chacon points out that the work of the "Mistral" "avoid more deaths of innocents and help build a future of justice and freedom"
  • Six arrested for assaulting and robbing farms Pozo Estrecho and La Palma (26/04/2011)
    This project is the result of the intensive monitoring that is conducting the local police in the area of ​​Campo de Cartagena
  • Cartagena hold the bike festival XI (26/04/2011)
    Councillor for Sports and the Director of Decathlon Cartagena, event organizers will unveil details of the test on Wednesday April 27 news conference
  • The public may view planning information on places on the Internet (26/04/2011)

  • Local Police Special Device for Spain's Volleyball Championship (26/04/2011)
    From today until May 1 will control the traffic at access to the four pavilions that host the meetings, Central Pavilion, Urban, Pain and Cabezo Beaza
  • La Semana Santa is settled with fewer incidents than last year (25/04/2011)
    Local Police, Fire and Civil Protection have taken stock of the interventions made during the holidays booking a 342, mostly underperforming
  • The Local Police will step up its presence in the Greenway to avoid the proliferation of dog droppings (25/04/2011)
    This initiative comes in response to the requests that residents of Barrio Peral have approached the Town Planning and Sustainable Development after the meeting to be held today
  • Cartagena Spain hosts the Volleyball Championship infant and regional cadet selections (25/04/2011)
    1200 athletes from all the Autonomous Communities, 60 coaches and 40 referees will participate from tomorrow until May 1 in an event expected to attract about 4,000 people Cartagena
  • González Tovar presents the new Chief Commissioner of Cartagena (25/04/2011)
    In 2010 in Cartagena crimes reported decreased by 10 percent
  • The Governing Board approved the commencement of works in the Way of Syphon (25/04/2011)
    At the meeting on Tuesday kept in the Palace Hall, the meeting will also address the award of the tender for the construction of underground parking Avenida de América
  • Canoeing and modernist route this weekend with the program T-LA (25/04/2011)
    can formalize the entries in the Youth Resource Centre to participate in activities Saturday 30 April
  • Extraordinary plenary session to determine the composition of the electoral (25/04/2011)
    Tuesday will be chosen by lot, at a meeting to be held in the Plenary Hall of the Town Hall, the chairman and members will form part of the tables in the municipal elections May 22
  • Awarded the 5th Prize Foundation Henares Clara Municipal Theatre School (25/04/2011)
    During the award ceremony on 28 May, the youth group will return to stage in the Nuevo Teatro Circo the work Jesus Christ Superstar, a their best productions to date
  • Eduardo Zaplana paid tribute to the Carthaginians Absent (25/04/2011)
    Cartagena politician was asked to deliver the speech at a ceremony on Holy Thursday twenty-eight years to comply and to remind those who are far from home
  • La Semana Santa is fired with rain until next year (25/04/2011)

  • The Bicicarm portal provides information on the 16 cycle routes available to citizens in Cartagena (23/04/2011)
    Ten of these routes are in the city center, while the other six are located in Los Dolores, between Cabo de Palos and La Manga, between Portman and Atamaria and on the road Tentegorra
  • Eduardo Zaplana in tribute to the Carthaginians Absent (20/04/2011)
    The act of glorification of the earth will be held at noon on Holy Thursday at the Palace Hall
  • A detachment of the local police ensure safety for the University District (20/04/2011)

  • XXVI International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belmas (20/04/2011)
    Municipality and Autonomous Region have called the new edition of the literary prize, opening the submission of the originals from 23 April to 17 October
  • Tele 5 will be released on Holy Thursday Cabo de Palos (20/04/2011)

  • On sale of tickets for concerts by La Mar de Músicas (20/04/2011)
    can be purchased at the box office Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena, 80 euros all Torres Park concerts and 30 euros for the Artillery Barracks
  • Inauguration of the new Commissioner of Cartagena, on Monday, day 25 (20/04/2011)

  • SPCT commitment to open schools in the evenings and on weekends (20/04/2011)

  • FC Cartagena II wins the town of Pozo Estrecho football (20/04/2011)
    The tournament was held on Easter Monday organized by the CD Pozo Strait and with the assistance of the Neighborhood Council Neighborhood and Sports Department of the City of Cartagena
  • Cut to traffic works Peroniño (20/04/2011)
    affect for 45 days to stretch between balconies and Tulips street and force motorists to detour by Sebastian Feringa Cartagonova Bridge and Plaza of Spain
  • The Town Hall Square revives the washing of Pilate (19/04/2011)
    As before Holy Wednesday will install a stage and chairs for the audience to come to the Traditional Drama Pretorio Staging
  • The Greenway and the winch, open to the public (19/04/2011)

  • Education Road, also at Easter (19/04/2011)
    Two dozen children have fun learning to be good drivers and pedestrians
  • Car Share service is extended to go to football (19/04/2011)

  • Omara Portuondo and Chucho Valdes, who perform at La Mar de Músicas, give away a track from their new album on the Internet (19/04/2011)
    Cuban artists will debut July 12 in Cartagena his new job
  • Open the registration period to participate in the FICC/40 (19/04/2011)
    up to September 10, 2011 the filmmakers can submit their work to participate in one of two categories of the International Film Festival Cartagena
  • Report 15 drivers in the campaign on driving distractions (19/04/2011)
    Over the seven days that was developed by the local police and the DGT, 2,047 vehicles have been controlled
  • Temporary closure for the final match of the Copa del Rey and the procession of Holy Wednesday (19/04/2011)
    Local police set up a special device after 22.30 at night to avoid the crush of vehicles and persons in the main streets
  • Closing of the course of social skills and basic techniques for storage and replenishment (19/04/2011)
    The event will take place on Holy Wednesday at the premises of the association Rascasa in Los Mateos, with the assistance of Councillor Social Care
  • SPCT proposes the creation of an employment assistance at home, so that this service reaches more Cartagena (19/04/2011)

  • Course of body language and mime Much More May 2011 (19/04/2011)
    will be provided on 13 and 14 May at the Youth House for up to 25 people at the end of the workshop will show what they learned in a street performance in the center of the city
  • Portrait of Enrique Escudero complete gallery democratic mayors (19/04/2011)
    Antonia Huertas The box will be unveiled on Wednesday at the Palace Hall Holy Family with the socialist mayor
  • Charged ten drivers for crimes against road safety during the first weekend of Easter (18/04/2011)
    He had committed traffic violations and driving irregularly for various city streets
  • Surprised five men as they tried to steal on a farm in La Aljorra (18/04/2011)
    Local Police identified two of those involved trying to be a fence
  • XII Week Guitar (18/04/2011)

  • II Edition of the Regional League (18/04/2011)
    Organized by Willow Neighborhood Association in collaboration with the Department of Sports was held on Palm Sunday in the Municipal Athletics Track
  • The largest of El Algar Easter Monas prepare traditional style (18/04/2011)
    apron, hat and roller in hand, a total of 20 people participated in the workshop organized by the Institute Pastry Municipal Social Services
  • Outreach Seminars Entrepreneurship end with the participation of 120 university (18/04/2011)
    UPCT Students have participated in the cycle organized by the Chair ADLE Bancaja and to promote entrepreneurship among young people, particularly those of high Technology
  • Successful public participation and the Improv Match VIII of the Municipal School of Theatre (18/04/2011)
    last Thursday was held in the Hall Military Museum Actor Cartagena in the days of World Theatre
  • Death of a woman hit in the industrial area of ​​Santa Ana (18/04/2011)
    Local Police investigating the circumstances of the accident reported this morning in Venice Avenue
  • Fire nurse takes a truck off-road access to areas of mountain (18/04/2011)
    The vehicle, with a capacity of 6,000 liters, is intended to supply water to other trucks in rural
  • The CEIP Feliciano Sánchez joins the Educapipol (18/04/2011)
    The students recently held a meeting with educational fun Police Local
  • The Kelme CF wins the eighth edition of the tournament Pascual Segura (18/04/2011)
    The classic youth football was played on Saturday at the Municipal Field Turf Garden City
  • Extending the bus schedule for heavy day of Easter (18/04/2011)
    On Wednesday and Good Friday, the urban transportation lines will be active until the end of the procession and the buses to La Manga work early on Thursday and Friday
  • SPCT proposes opening medical clinics in the evenings and at day care centers (18/04/2011)

  • FC Cartagena II Tournament for Villa de Pozo Estrecho football (18/04/2011)
    On Monday April 18 meeting will be held on the first team to face the CD Cartagena Pozo Estrecho, who play in the preference category Federated League Murcia
  • THE Cartagena Manuel Soler, elected new Secretary National Social Policy of New Generations of the People's Party (17/04/2011)

  • ... (15/04/2011)

  • The Four Saints, the first procession of Cartagena (15/04/2011)
    Cardinal Carlos Amigo meet its debt offering with a proclamation of the Gospel and Christian references, with Easter the city as a backdrop
  • The Community performs for the fourth year the campaign to collect used batteries in the processions of Cartagena (14/04/2011)
    Since 2008 have been collected over two and a half tons of batteries
  • The people of El Albujón prepared to celebrate the Easter (14/04/2011)

  • XXV Trophy Cartagena City Athletics (14/04/2011)
    Around the 200 athletes will gather on Holy Wednesday in the Municipal Athletic Track to participate in the traditional test which is held every year in Holy Week
  • La Semana Santa de Cartagena is put the batteries (14/04/2011)

  • Competition of micro size does not matter, read (14/04/2011)
    Until April 24 the term is open to participate in the contest for over 14 organized by the Network of Municipal Libraries and on this occasion is the central theme, the cloud
  • The leaders of the Civil Guard and National Police in Cartagena was fired from the mayor (14/04/2011)
    Captain Justo Sanchez and Commissioner José María García leave office and for this reason, have passed today by the Palace Hall to bid farewell to the first authority City
  • The Third Night of Museums will close the festival on Saturday Much More May 14 (14/04/2011)

  • Bicity expands service hours ahead of the Easter holiday (14/04/2011)

  • Open Day on Good Friday in Cartagena, Puerto de Culturas (14/04/2011)
    Access will be free to schools of interpretation, except for tourist transport
  • I Carrera Popular The Azohía - Isla Plana (14/04/2011)
    Organized by the Azohía AA.VV and Isla Plana, will take place April 23 at 11:00.
  • SPCT proposes the assignment of plots at the site of the Camachos to locate research and development facilities of the UPCT (14/04/2011)

  • Small Nazarenes, hoods and Manolos in the Aljorra (14/04/2011)
    The students in the CAI of the town made their procession on a sunny morning, under the watchful eyes of neighbors, parents and grandparents
  • The School of San Cristobal del Bohio Football honors Alfonso Máiquez (14/04/2011)
    On Saturday 16, in the municipal of "The Hut" will host the first edition of grassroots football tournament that aims to remind the president who died last October at the age of 55 years
  • The students of IES Ben Arabi learn the art of Raku Pottery (14/04/2011)
    On the morning of Tuesday, a workshop was developed with the collaboration of the Department of Youth, which involved students and teachers at the school
  • Much More Mayo offers creative cuisine in Culinary Workshops 2011 (14/04/2011)

  • UPyD complains about "the lack of bike lanes made and designed from the City of Cartagena" (13/04/2011)
    UPyD are considered inadequate due to the large amount of gravel and stones that form or surround them.
  • Open day at the Teatro Romano (13/04/2011)
    Throughout the Friday before you can visit the site for free and also extend its opening hours on the occasion of Holy Week
  • La Mar de Músicas sound travels from Italy to New Edition (13/04/2011)
    More than half of the festival program are premieres of Cartagena in Spain, as highlighted in this morning's official launch event in Madrid
  • The police surprised a guy with 80 kilos of oranges (13/04/2011)
    The involved was caught red-handed drawing of a farm several sacks of oranges
  • VIII Memorial Pascual Segura Grassroots in Garden City (13/04/2011)
    Organized by UCAM EF Garden City in collaboration with the Department of Sports, is played on Saturday and will involve about 150 players from the youngest
  • Félix Martí Alpera (1875-1946): A school teacher and his time (13/04/2011)
    The exhibition will be inaugurated on Thursday by the Mayor in the Municipal Archives
  • The Council's website will broadcast the opening speech and the processions of Holy Week (13/04/2011)
    The issuance was made in a loop for 24 hours a day in collaboration with TELECARTAGENA
  • Cartagena prepare your Big Day (13/04/2011)
    The festivities will start the Friday before dawn, with the procession of Cristo del Socorro, followed by the Ounce of Gold, the opening speech by Cardinal Amigo and floral offering to the Virgin of Charity
  • We now have 10,000 on Facebook (13/04/2011)
    The City Council has achieved this figure in just over a year in the network where information on current events and cultural activities and entertainment in Cartagena
  • The City Council is committed to energy planning towards the Environment (13/04/2011)
    Last week attended the International Conference on Local Energy Plans organized by ARGEM, in which they talked about sustainable mobility and energy consumption reduction
  • Cartagena is preparing its third Night of Museums (13/04/2011)
    The councilors of the Culture, Tourism and Youth presented at a press conference for this event is one of the most successful bets in the Festival Much More May
  • Bicicarm, the newest website for updates on the way cyclable (13/04/2011)

  • The Youth Council of Cartagena has released a closer and casual web (13/04/2011)
    offers updated information on activities, travel, music, and even allows downloads of information to advise new youth associations throughout the Region
  • SPCT bid to create a network of "sociobosques" in the municipality of Cartagena (13/04/2011)

  • Held the last plenary debate before the elections (12/04/2011)
    There is still pending full closure of the legislature, which will be held on April 26 and which will proceed to draw the polls
  • The program communicates ADLE Enterprise enters its third phase to reach more than a thousand entities (12/04/2011)
    June to visit the remaining companies of the polygon Cabezo Beaza of which already has contacted more than 200 activities to inform Agency and access to Employment Portal
  • La Cueva Victoria was a refuge of green frog one million years ago (12/04/2011)
    The analysis of the fossils found at the site shows that this amphibian, which became extinct in the Iberian Peninsula in the late Pleistocene, inhabited the region
  • The municipal golf course Garden City hosts the VIII Memorial football Pascual Segura Base (12/04/2011)
    In the press room at the Stadium Cartagonova be presented to the media details of the tournament to be held this Saturday, April 16
  • Caught while attempting to place a counterfeit (12/04/2011)
    Local police identified the individual who apparently had made several similar attempts in the same establishment
  • Students Course Map and Guide have their diplomas (12/04/2011)
    Fifteen people have completed this training activity of the Municipal Institute of Social Services which also held internships at Puerto de Culturas for Easter
  • Excerpts from contemporary body exposes the funds of the Community (12/04/2011)
    The exhibition opens on 13 April and throughout the year, will visit for free an extensive collection of the Museum of Modern Art which includes works Cartagena Dalí, TÃ feet or Genoa, among others
  • La Mar de Músicas presented in Madrid the programming of the XVII edition of the festival (12/04/2011)
    After selection by means of singer Nina Zilli act that is part of the new edition of the festival dedicated to Italy, to be held in Cartagena from 8 to July 23
  • Local Police identified a man on which there was an arrest warrant (12/04/2011)
    agents were involved in an auto accident in La Aparecida when the individual angrily intervened to defend the driver of the vehicle involved
  • A moment intimate, Bethlehem Orta, in the Byzantine Wall (12/04/2011)
    The sculptor cartagenera investigates visual perception for a new dialogue between artists and the public
  • Individuals can now apply for laboratory analysis of water Municipal (12/04/2011)
    can arrange through the Internet and the service will be provided upon payment of public price recently published in the BORM
  • Mucho Mas Mayo selects 23 projects for young creators (12/04/2011)
    were chosen through a public call for the 94 proposals submitted to be part of the sixth edition of the Festival to be held from 9 to 15 May
  • The Municipal School of Theatre performs its eighth contest of improvisation (12/04/2011)
    registered couples must represent a mini-drama of a subject at random from the contest will be Thursday April 14 in the auditorium of the Park of Artillery
  • The historic center is shielded to traffic because of the Easter (12/04/2011)
    Dictating the traditional side of City Hall that regulates the circulation, parking and transportation services in the city and the counties where they are held processions
  • UPyD denounces the lack of cleanliness and municipal neglect on the beach of Cala Cortina (12/04/2011)
    UPyD considers it essential that the Department of Infrastructure put your best efforts to maintain the beach in Cartagena
  • March Hannibal and Himilce III (11/04/2011)

  • New tour guides cruises and conferences to meet a growing sector (11/04/2011)
    Twenty students of the course organized by the ADLE have received their diplomas at the Palace Hall and become part of the agency for access to positions in any point of the Region
  • Regular plenary session of the Municipal Corporation (11/04/2011)
    The City Council on Tuesday held its last session of this legislature
  • 5,500 people participated in 2010 in the activities of the ESPAC (11/04/2011)

  • Arrested after threatening and disorderly in a city bus (11/04/2011)
    The bus driver was forced to discontinue the route due to violent and aggressive attitude of the passenger
  • Seriously wounded after suffering a severe beating (11/04/2011)
    The boy was found unconscious on Friday by the local police and had to be addressed urgently
  • A promoter offers 500,000 euros for one of the grounds of the windlass (11/04/2011)
    COPROSA pay that amount for a plot of 273 square meters with the square front of Lopez and San Fernando Pinto
  • Holy Week, now on the phone (11/04/2011)

  • They put up the bollards pedestrian zone (11/04/2011)

  • David Huertas Rosa Monteagudo and win the prize and Hache Mandarache 2011 (11/04/2011)
    "End" and "Bad Moon" novels have been voted by the nearly 3,000 readers who make up the jury awards
  • Telecofórum presents applications of ICT in emergency services (11/04/2011)

  • The CEIP Aljorra in draft form Educapipol for future drivers (11/04/2011)
    child students on Friday held a meeting with the local police to learn in a fun, driver education, a collaborating performance in the region and City Council
  • Dolores Saturday in Tarragona (11/04/2011)
    was held in Reus with the assistance of Councillor Celebrations organized by the Cultural Circle Cartagenero iCUE
  • SPCT proposes the creation of a municipal cultural circuit to promote the culture of base (09/04/2011)

  • Reale well tuned and well (08/04/2011)

  • Removal The show succeeds in institutes (08/04/2011)
    This morning the students of the IES Jiménez de la Espada and Polytechnic have enjoyed recess 87 Crickets group that mixes hip hop, urban dance and physical theater mime
  • The fight against truancy centers the International Roma Day (08/04/2011)
    The Slum Lady of Charity has welcomed this morning's events concluded with the reading of the manifesto and various activities, in the fortieth anniversary of the institutionalization of the anthem and Gypsy Flag
  • Hundreds of people learn to care for the Environment in the Mediterranean IES (08/04/2011)
    high school students on Thursday staged a series of workshops on biodiversity that evolved in the afternoon at the Plaza Juan XXIII and counted with the participation of children, youth and more
  • 8000 registered and in Marchapanda 2011 (08/04/2011)
    The organizers of the twentieth edition of this test sporting solidarity, held on Sunday, have exceeded their expectations and still think they can exhaust the 10,000 dorsal prepared for this year
  • The meet Tarragona Cartageneros Charity (08/04/2011)
    On Saturday April 9 will hold their traditional offering in Reus city that will go on behalf of City Councilwoman Celebrations
  • Move will be fired in the street (08/04/2011)
    Four companies took the historic center of Cartagena on Saturday, the last day of the festival
  • The Bishop of Cartagena on the Via Crucis involved with the Mass presided Cartagena and Santa Maria de Gracia (08/04/2011)
  • Ramon y Cajal opened to traffic for Holy Week (08/04/2011)
    As of Tuesday, April 12, opens the section between Jorge Juan y Poeta Miguel Hernández, and after the Easter holiday will resume the second phase of works to the Valencia Street Doctor
  • Filed the lawsuit against the Town Planning for the building at the Sacro Monte (08/04/2011)
    The judge stated that the Wall has been damaged and recognizes the adoption of adequate measures to protect the heritage
  • Cycle of Coral sacred concerts Carthagonova (08/04/2011)
    The repertoire will be offered in churches, works of the XVI, XVIII, XIX and XX
  • The Governing Board agreed to dissolve the entity retains de Mar de Cristal (08/04/2011)

  • SPCT: "Someone lies in the case of overtime Cartagena firehouse" (08/04/2011)

  • Development awards the project of the Red Blood Cartagena Railway (08/04/2011)
    allow the entry of high speed in the city
  • 45 groups make up the procession of the Patron wreath (08/04/2011)
    Celebrations considers the participation of about 2,000 people at the parade makes its way on the evening of Good Friday from the Town Hall Square to the Church of Charity
  • Arrested for stealing cans from a supermarket (08/04/2011)
    DIA employees of Louis Pasteur Street, already knew the alleged perpetrators of the past, immediately alerted police who found in a nearby street
  • Increasing number of entrepreneurs seeking advice on ADLE (08/04/2011)
    Last year 490 attended consultations related to business formation, financial, financing, legal forms and sectors
  • The PP's electoral committee approves Cartagena candidacy in municipal (07/04/2011)

  • The festival reaches Removals Cartagena institutes (07/04/2011)
    On Friday, the hip hop will enter the recess in the IES Jiménez de la Espada and Polytechnic, and at night, in the Nuevo Teatro Circo, will be the turn of the Brodas company
  • The Governing Board gives the final steps for the implementation of the Museum of Glass (07/04/2011)
    Also, at its meeting on Friday a cooperation agreement for the implementation of an occupational class
  • The Virgin of Charity Neighborhood will celebrate the International Roma Day (07/04/2011)
    On Friday April 8, from 11.30 am start the celebrations in the Plaza of Human Rights, with the presence of Councillor Care Social, Antonio Calderón
  • The mysterious case of the Necropolis, the Sunday of the month of April (07/04/2011)
    The Municipal Archaeological Museum Enrique Escudero de Castro welcomes this month with a fun workshop on the funerary in the fourth century, aimed at families
  • The Palace Hall hosts first Procession of the Year Award (07/04/2011)
    delivery of this distinction to Eduardo Vilar Rico will be held on Friday from seven pm
  • An institute Cartagena and one in Seville, San Isidoro sisters (07/04/2011)
    Youth Councillor met today with students and faculty representatives of the project, whose goal is Cartagena, Port of cultures, Sevilla, India Gate
  • The Stella Maris College brings together 500 children for cultural integration in school (07/04/2011)
    The center is hosting the European Day of MUS-E program, involving eight centers in the region and aims to teach tolerance and respect for other cultures
  • Convened the Cartagenero 40 edition of the Year Award (07/04/2011)
    Starting today and for a month, both as individuals, institutions or organizations may submit nominations for this award is given to who has excelled throughout his life for his work and love to the city
  • Good Friday and Carthaginians and Romans again be local celebrations in 2012 (07/04/2011)
    Finance Information Commission has ruled favorably on the nomination of two places in El Algar and Marfagones Mills in honor of two residents of the localities
  • SPCT staff requires the council to clarify how much money have cost paid overtime in the fire station that have not been made (07/04/2011)

  • The City paid for Pascual de Riquelme the same price as if it had expropriated (06/04/2011)
    The building was exchanged for some land of equal value, that after seven years are not encouraged to build and irregularities that are going to court
  • IU-Greens denounced the "indifference" of the regional government to bear part of the cultural programming Cartagena (06/04/2011)

  • The City begins the removal of dried palm trees in the center (06/04/2011)
    Thursday will begin the work of Parks and Gardens Department to clean up the wooded town of the city before the start of Holy Week, work completed on April 12
  • Arrested for driving at high speed, drunk and without a driving license (06/04/2011)
    Local Police officers spotted early Tuesday in the individual by the A-30, and had to chase over 30 miles until they got intercepted on the high San Pedro del Pinatar
  • The heroes of terror sweep the Colegio San Isidoro de El Algar (06/04/2011)
    up to April 14, celebrate the V Free Week dedicated to this literary genre that has transformed the corridors and classrooms of the center in scenarios drawn from a scary movie
  • Students "ADE" attend the derby (06/04/2011)

  • The cooperation of citizens helps prevent gulls become a pest (06/04/2011)

  • The company makes Otrada moving into a Great Feast (06/04/2011)
    The Cartagena Kike Guerrero is part of dancers body parts
  • Ordered car parks overlooking the Portús Easter (06/04/2011)
    With the arrival of good weather is a very popular beach and has enabled 78 seats for vehicles, two for disabled guests and two for motorcycles
  • Recital of stories and music with Bag Languages (06/04/2011)
    will be on Thursday 7 April at 21.00 hours in the Cortijo Bar within the program organized by the Department of Youth to practice other languages ​​with fun and dynamic initiatives
  • The Stella Maris College Celebrates MUS-E, to promote the arts among students (06/04/2011)

  • The small procession The Aljorra prepare their child with a throne included (06/04/2011)

  • The local celebrations of 2012, the Finance Committee Information (06/04/2011)
    At Thursday's meeting also dictate the nomination of two public spaces in El Algar and Mills Marfagones
  • French and Spanish exchange students culture and experiences (05/04/2011)

  • Fifteen students awarded at the drawing competition grows on Security (05/04/2011)

  • More sport in the Spring T-LA with half of the budget (05/04/2011)

  • The school San Isidoro de El Algar V celebrates Week Lyrics dedicated to terror (05/04/2011)
    The Education and Celebration councilors visit on Wednesday April 6th workshops held throughout the week at the center on the occasion of the book read the slogan scary
  • The curious life of Pedro Marina Cartagena and a century of Easter marches, players with the COPE (05/04/2011)

  • VII Religious Choral Music Sample (05/04/2011)
    Sauces The choir school about the parishes that will perform a varied repertoire of play to the end of the Mass
  • 603 items Confiscated for illegal hawking (05/04/2011)
    Local Police have seized these products, most CDs and DVDs, throughout the month of March, although there were also food items that were delivered to the Santa Teresa Entertainment
  • The show of light and movement reaches Removals Saorin (05/04/2011)
    Body inhabited, quiet man, is the part of Murcia dancer and choreographer who has traveled around the world and return to Cartagena on Wednesday 6 April at 21.30 in Theatre New Circus
  • The new Colonel of Artillery is marked as to reinforce relationships with the authorities (05/04/2011)
    Juan Carlos López Roca was presented this morning to the mayor after his recent swearing in front of anti-aircraft regiment Tentegorra
  • XXXI Competition Concludes Joint School of Gymnastics Sports (05/04/2011)
    This evening will be held at Central Hall the second half with the participation of 450 gymnasts from ages 4 to 17 years
  • Results of the twenty-first day of the XVIII Local Youth Football League (05/04/2011)
    rush teams face the results of the last day before the Easter holidays
  • The Requiem Mass by John Rutter, on the eve of Holy Week (05/04/2011)
    Sound Space is presented on Friday in the church Santa Florentina de La Palma, and on Sunday in Santo Domingo, performed by the Cartagena Chamber Orchestra and the choir Vox Musicalis
  • Exposed the electoral roll until Monday April 11 (05/04/2011)
    It is composed of 152,568 people who can view your data in Statistics, SKIP, Citizens Advice and the Internet
  • The new scoreboard of Cartagonova ready for this weekend (04/04/2011)
    This morning has installed the new screen last generation that can be seen, in addition to advertisements, the minutes before the start of the match
  • Local Police surprised three individuals taking the train rails (04/04/2011)
    Those involved argued in their defense that they took because they were abandoned
  • The first cruise in April with 1,500 tourists arrive (04/04/2011)
    All morning the passengers of the Prinsendam and the Costa Marina have enjoyed the tourist spots and places of Puerto de Culturas interpretation open exceptionally on Monday
  • Jaime Moltó rejects the terminal and requests the PE Gorguel display "vigilante" (04/04/2011)

  • Calderon refuses to reduce the subsidy for the program host Saharawi children (04/04/2011)

  • The T-LA presents its spring program (04/04/2011)
    Youth Councillor and President of Youth Council of Cartagena presented to the media activities of the Alternative Recreation program for the coming months
  • New court of water in El Llano del Beal and The Chaparros (04/04/2011)
    Channel Commonwealth Taibilla Work continues on the ramp on Alum-La Union, which on Wednesday will cause a disruption in water supply
  • Morning holiday for World Autism Day (04/04/2011)
    On Saturday was held at the Plaza Juan XXIII where you read the Bill of Rights of Persons with Autism and there were workshops for children, theater, a charity raffle and drinks and snacks at affordable prices
  • More controls to monitor mobile phone use and driving (04/04/2011)
    The new campaign from the DGT and Local Police will run from today until Sunday 10 April, to raise awareness, too, from hazards such as handling the radio, browser, or Smoking while driving
  • Jesus Christ Superstar tour triumphs in solidarity (04/04/2011)
    youth group Teatro Municipal School took to the stage musical called Sewer, on behalf of the Board of the Brotherhood of the town Pasionarias
  • The dance took to the streets this weekend (04/04/2011)
    The Town Hall Square, Puerta de Murcia and the CIM, were the scenes of the actions of the company Mar Gómez, The Permanent Lali & Ramon, within the Removals Festival 2011
  • SPCT their presence supports the call for improvement of sports facilities Dolorense CD (03/04/2011)
    SPCT requires the PP government team to convene the CD to prevent their disappearance Dolorense
  • UPyD requires the PP government team to accelerate the cleanup of debris from the site of Potasas & Derivatives (02/04/2011)
    The Team is responsible for the state government of neglect that the area has been decontaminated following
  • IU-Greens censorship closure of schools of interpretation of nature (01/04/2011)
    Rodriguez says that "the snip has reached the environment"
  • IU-Greens condemn cuts in the subsidy for the program "Holiday in peace" (01/04/2011)

  • Moving on Saturday dedicated to dance in the street (01/04/2011)
    The Town Hall Square, Puerta de Murcia and the CIM, will stage the performances of the company Mar Gómez, The Permanent Lali & Ramón
  • Surprised after stealing the fence of a plot in the Asomada (01/04/2011)
    Local police found 15 individuals with iron poles and 4 fences inside the vehicle driving
  • Prinsendam and Costa Marina, with 1,500 tourists on Monday opens high season cruise (01/04/2011)
    April and May are the months most dynamic, but until the end of the year will pass through Cartagena over 50 ships and 100,000 cruise passengers, including the Liberty of the Seas, one of the largest in the world
  • V Photo Contest Image Ten of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas (01/04/2011)
    With this initiative, the consortium encourages participants to seek more representative picture of the ten years he has been recovering the assets of the city
  • The Forts Trail begins with the collection of numbers (01/04/2011)
    Festive atmosphere on the esplanade of the Heroes of Cavite in the delivery of credentials to the nearly 3,000 participants
  • The winners of the IV route receive their awards Top (01/04/2011)
    Restaurant D'Almansa, the Jamaica Inn, and have obtained Rescart prizes consisting of a trophy, a diploma, and your height in beer
  • 94 projects across the country participate in the sixth edition of Mucho Mas Mayo (01/04/2011)

  • School Workshop The Apeadero create an organic garden (01/04/2011)
    The Garden Workshop students are going to do during the month of April, when we celebrate the World Earth Day, at the ALDE Facilities in the Occupational Training Center Quarry
  • 15 people start the course of geriatric care ADLE (01/04/2011)
    is aimed at unemployed and receive theoretical and practical training for three months
  • The Roman Theatre Museum shows visitors how they discovered the site (01/04/2011)
    Starting today, you can re-visit the exhibition that tells the story of the discovery and recovery of the monument
  • SPCT claims that the service team Rosell hospital patient is only open from 9.00 to 13.00 (01/04/2011)
    SPCT wonders if this deteriorating situation is the threshold of copayment Valcarcel

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