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Cartagena News - July 2014

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  • "President of the Partido Popular Perín imposes censorship neighbors on the floor of the neighborhood council" (31/07/2014)
    SPCT denounces partisan use of the neighborhood councils by CP
  • Work on the bike path between the nursery and the Institute of La Manga will begin after the summer (31/07/2014)

  • The campus of UCAM in Cartagena will be ready in late August (31/07/2014)

  • Cartagena dismissed July receiving more than 3000 cruise (31/07/2014)
    The tourists, who have come on Thursday aboard the Queen Victoria and Aidavita have taken the time to go on sale, to know our heritage and enjoy the rich local cuisine
  • The Roman Theatre brings 15 percent more visitors this summer than in the same period of 2013 (31/07/2014)

  • A full of activities at the Roman Theatre August (31/07/2014)
    On the occasion of the commemoration of the two thousandth anniversary of the death of Emperor Augustus, the museum offers proposals every day for visitors to the site this summer
  • The Minister of Education visits the new campus in Cartagena Ucam (31/07/2014)
    be taught from next year degrees in Nursing, Law, Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education
  • "The Health Area II must have a full-service catheterization time" (31/07/2014)
    Plural Left's commitment to provide the hospital of St. Lucia the same service that the Arrixaca
  • Agricultural Researchers UPCT improve the quality of canned food with oregano and thyme oil (31/07/2014)

  • IU-green requires the Murciano Health Service hospital to ensure quality care in the health area of ​​Cartagena (31/07/2014)

  • The Computer Clearance of the ALDE closed in August (31/07/2014)
    The reason for the closure is that this month will be making improvements to the equipment of this room to improve the service offered to its users
  • The Manga received again this summer to small Home for Children (30/07/2014)

  • The City of Cartagena joins Solidary Network for the use of food (30/07/2014)

  • IU-Green celebrated the judge's decision to dismiss the petition of the accused in the Novo Carthago-case (30/07/2014)
    to unify in one direction all the particular legal accusations
  • Back to The Championship Basketball Urrutias 3x3 (30/07/2014)
    will be held this Saturday, August 2 with new features such as the inclusion of female categories.
  • M-Clan and Rulo y La Contrabanda Conciertazo Amstel perform in the Carthaginians and Romans (30/07/2014)
    The Discordia Murcia also be the opening act of the ninth edition of the Festival.
  • A deluxe edition of the Amstel Conciertazo Carthaginians and Romans celebrated the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Cartagena (30/07/2014)
    A Luxury poster artists, led by M-Clan and Rulo y La Contrabanda to supplement local band Discordia
  • SPCT commitment caution, but requires investment to avoid drowning (30/07/2014)
    "The Beach of Isla Plana colonies lacking watchtower"
  • A study on the organizational Diogenes syndrome achieved an international award (30/07/2014)

  • Libraries and study rooms UPCT open throughout August (30/07/2014)
    The Polytechnic close of its buildings to reduce energy expenditure
  • A family of Cartagena requests to reopen his case after checking that the place of burial there was not even a coffin (30/07/2014)
    the forensic technician who witnessed the exhumation in the cemetery of Santa Emilia Quarry is attached written
  • UPyD calls prioritize the construction of a gas station ship in Cartagena (29/07/2014)

  • IU-V: "The PP again shows his contempt for the health problems of Cartagena" (29/07/2014)
    "to defend the overcrowding and lack of doctors in health center"
  • The Civil Guard seize in Cartagena over 50 kilos of illegally caught tuna theft (29/07/2014)
    It has been reported two people for various infractions fishing
  • IU-V: "The mayor has refused to report on whether to pay voluntary declaration for Novo Carthago" (29/07/2014)

  • SPCT urges the council to implement a bag of properties for rent (29/07/2014)
    "paralysis Buenos Aires Residential Constantan the failure of housing policies of the PP"
  • An engineer UPCT investigates techniques to identify suspicious aircraft (29/07/2014)

  • The full approve a socialist motion to create more green space in the trough (29/07/2014)

  • Semitiel guide Segura makes his presentation De Cabo Trete to Carthago Nova (29/07/2014)
    will be tomorrow, Wednesday, the 30th, at 19 pm when this special tour of the author's own hand this shows the Roman Theatre Museum organize
  • Cartagena again compete nationally in volleyball (29/07/2014)
    The name of Cartagena Beaches Natural Treasures Club participate next season in top division along with other rivals Granada, Caravaca, Valencia and Mallorca
  • Our Lady of Solitude gets third place in the International Band (29/07/2014)
    The Music Group Marfagones Mills was honored last weekend at the event being held in Zamora.
  • Games for young and old at parties Vista Alegre (29/07/2014)
    The cartagenera organizes neighborhood Wednesday July 30 to Saturday, Aug. 2 agenda with activities of all kinds, such as paella contest, dances, musical performances or foam party
  • Basketball 3x3 across the region appointment was given in smaller islands (29/07/2014)
    Last weekend this beach 5hillsport hosted the tournament in which a total of 52 teams of three categories, Kids, Promises and Veterans
  • The Fort Christmas as the setting for great music stars (29/07/2014)
    Tickets for the evening concert on Friday August 8 can be purchased at the web portal of Cartagena Port of Cultures, and the price of 20 euros, including arrival Tourist Boat on board
  • Carthaginians and Romans will bring a new Conciertazo Amstel (29/07/2014)
    This Wednesday will announce the groups and details of the ninth edition of the event with the collaboration of the City Council, at a press conference to be held at the Palace Hall
  • Over 40 thousand spectators enjoyed the Sea of ​​Music (29/07/2014)
    The festival, which closed on Saturday and exceeded last year's record by 30% in the event of payment, and expanded its visitors free concerts, more twenty thousand
  • Alberto Gonzalez and Mercedes Merino Cross winners in the Cabo de Palos (29/07/2014)
    I managed to last Saturday in celebration of the sixth edition of this popular race this year attracted more than a thousand participants
  • Last days to pay the property tax (29/07/2014)
    Next to this tax, the City has also issued receipts for garbage and sewer Manga, and the pedestal of autotaxis
  • Locate a body floating 100 meters from the coast opposite the campsite Cartagonova (28/07/2014)

  • Young 21 transferred to Hopital St Lucia after suffering syndrome Calacortina immersion in Cartagena (28/07/2014)

  • Young lawyers come across Spain to Cartagena in September (28/07/2014)

  • Campillo de Adentro premieres lighting respectful with the environment (28/07/2014)
    The City has commissioned four new points of light in the Camino del Pozo street of this town Cartagena, environmentally protected area
  • The work of Per Barclay said goodbye Sunday Casino (28/07/2014)

  • The residents of Santa Ana had fun at their parties (28/07/2014)
    The Cartagena city brought to a close last weekend their festivals, among which there have been all kinds of activities, cpn procession, performances, party foam or water battle, including
  • MC asks RED increasing hours for local police services can cover the whole municipality (28/07/2014)
    Young people are aware of the small number of agents with which it has on our beaches, making the entrance to La Manga in the `
  • "Dirt, weeds and neglect preside roundabouts and gutters of Cartagena" (28/07/2014)
    SPCT jobs plan proposes to improve our roundabouts and medium
  • Last day to see the installation of Per Barclay in Cartagena Casino (26/07/2014)
    More than 3000 people have passed during the festival to see the work
  • "Well you need a bypass Strait urgently" (26/07/2014)
    SPCT accuses Pilar Barreiro to be submissive to Valcárcel and now Garre
  • IU-Green accuses the PP of plunder Cartagena (26/07/2014)

  • IU-v asks the mayor to report in plenary on Tuesday whether to pay voluntary declaration for Novo Carthago (26/07/2014)
    The formation of the left believes that if you do not do the first mayor takes advantage of a gauging as a Member has nothing to do with the charges against him and his status as mayor
  • Mil grandparents are celebrating their day in Cartagena in style (25/07/2014)
    Artists ngela Carrasco as he and Irma Soriano, and various authorities, today accompanied the elderly who have attended the party organized by Messengers of Peace, in collaboration City of Cartagena
  • Debademba stood the Town Hall Square (25/07/2014)
    The new stars of African music to the delight of the public who attended the free concert to see offered Thursday The Sea Music
  • Cartagena close ties with Russia through the heritage and cultural tourism (25/07/2014)

  • "Pilar Barreiro only speaks AVE in Madrid, that if, in Mandarache undated" (25/07/2014)
    SPCT complaint that the deputy mayor and was not worried about removing the level crossing between La Palma and Pozo Strait
  • IU-Green criticizes the lack of a municipal park property to ensure the right to housing for disadvantaged people (25/07/2014)
    The formation of the left believes that 13 million surplus earned by the City Council should look at the creation of the Park instead of improving them accounts financial institutions
  • Salif Keita, Cheik Tidiane Amadaou Bagayoko Seck and pay tribute to Les Ambassadeurs in Cartagena (25/07/2014)
    act Friday in the Sea of ​​Music, only stop in Spain in his small tour of Europe
  • Institutional support to the residents of the Levante beach in Cabo de Palos (24/07/2014)

  • The budget reaches half the year with an acceptable level of performance as the Councillor of Finance (24/07/2014)
    Fact committee meeting Thursday, approved, among other proposals, local holidays
  • Cartagena 11 people trained by the Association 'Project Abraham' on New Technologies and Social Networks (24/07/2014)
    The CEO of Pensions, Assessment and Inclusion Programs IMAS states that "it is essential to know these environments to access employment "
  • Conclude workshops for small La Mar Chica (24/07/2014)
    This Thursday was the last day of this activity designed for children aged 4-12 years and developed within the Festival in collaboration with the People's University
  • Another free night at the Sea of ​​Music with Joas As Police Woman and Rozalén (24/07/2014)
    24 will share the stage Thursday at the Auditorio Parque Torres.
  • The small Asteamur receive the mayor in her nursery (24/07/2014)
    Pilar Barreiro, along with the mayors of Education and Social Care, on Thursday visited the newly remodeled center Cabezo Beaza early intervention for children with autism spectrum
  • A thousand mathematics teachers throughout Spain will meet in Cartagena in 2015 (24/07/2014)

  • Hall and Project Abraham fighting social exclusion training workshops (24/07/2014)
    Today Thursday closed the course on new technologies in which eleven people participated Township, which have received a diploma in a ceremony held in the building of the Miraculous
  • Habanera Concert at the Lighthouse of Cabo de Palos (24/07/2014)
    It will be this Saturday, the 26th, when the twenty-third edition, organized by the Polyphonic Choir will celebrate Carthagonova
  • Youth in Spain working in conservation Garbancillo Tallante (24/07/2014)
    From 21 to 30 July participating in the Environmental Working Countryside created for the recovery of this species.
  • The G's food company in Spain selected UPCT two young researchers (24/07/2014)
    are incorporated with a paid 10-month scholarship to the University Chair of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • IU-Green calls free use of public swimming pools for all children from poor families (24/07/2014)

  • Mills Marfagones participates in the International Band Competition Zamora (24/07/2014)
    It is the first time this musical group from Our Lady of Solitude will be an event of this type, which takes place from 25 to 27 July in this town
  • Sumiedo Corner Celebrates Holiday in honor of St. James 2014 (24/07/2014)
    What held this weekend from 25 to 27 July, with a program of activities such as tastings, live music and children's games
  • Suspended concert Cristobal Repetto in the Sea of ​​Music (24/07/2014)
    What problems timetables Argentine shall not act in concert that was scheduled for this Friday, 25th
  • A few hours after the attack on top of Carlos Garranzo (23/07/2014)
    Al cartagenero athlete and lacks little to get his challenge to crown the Broad Peak.
  • The Town Hall Square on Tuesday danced to the rhythm of Alamedadosoulna (23/07/2014)
    He did within the program of the Festival of the Sea of ​​Music at a free concert attended by hundreds of people
  • Music throughout Repsol Cartagena to celebrate 20 years of The Sea Music (23/07/2014)
    Goran Bregovic, Bongo Botrako, Pional, Maria Rodes, Oy, Marinah with his Argonauts and Djilandiang act in different scenarios of town in a big party sponsored by the refinery
  • Biggest clubs receive 84,000 euros for costs and activities (23/07/2014)
    The mayor recalled that the City works to maintain its independence
  • SPCT urges the council to sign an agreement with Iberdrola to replace obsolete processing centers (23/07/2014)

  • The diocese held in Cartagena in March next meeting HCA (23/07/2014)

  • Music, food and laughter at parties Miranda (23/07/2014)
    The city of Cartagena is held until 27 July with crumbs and paella contests, musical performances, mobile disco or sardinada
  • IU-Green asked the council to sign an agreement with the Labour Inspectorate to combat the underground economy (23/07/2014)
    Training leftist demands a similar arrangement to that in other municipalities to allow inspection have more media fraud
  • Cartagena UPyD reactivation requires the excavation of the Roman Amphitheatre (23/07/2014)

  • The Miranda celebrated over ten years of your association (23/07/2014)
    I did last Saturday with a great meal in which, in addition to sharing experiences, the work of the matron of honor this year was recognized
  • The municipal swimming pools in their programs to accommodate 35 children from deprived families (23/07/2014)
    The courses are held every summer and the rest of the year are held, as usual at the premises of the House of Youth, and Pozo Aljorra strait
  • UPCT and collaborate to Cartagena Ayuntamiento is declared World Heritage (22/07/2014)

  • The Mar Lyrics full of literature Festival (22/07/2014)
    The Norwegian also sneaks into this schedule each day a different activity organizes writing workshops, poetry readings or talks
  • Hall, and CICOP UPCT work to be Cartagena Cultural Landscape of Humanity (22/07/2014)

  • The marathon world champion, Martin Fiz, participate in the VI Cross Cabo de Palos (22/07/2014)

  • Free concerts in the Sea of ​​Music to celebrate his birthday (22/07/2014)

  • North and South joined Monday in the Sea of ​​Music (22/07/2014)
    Norwegian Artists and Latinos gathered yesterday in the Festival program.
  • MC withdrawal warning lights on the west side of town where in 2006 120.000 euros were invested (22/07/2014)
    The policy states that when training capriciously work with the public money can be held criminally illegal
  • Spct it is urgent that the safety of playgrounds (22/07/2014)

  • Omara Portundo today receive the La Mar Music Award for his lifetime (22/07/2014)

  • The Norwegian Ambassador luxury guest La Mar de Músicas (21/07/2014)

  • The ALDE placed 148 unemployed in the first half of the year (21/07/2014)

  • The artery of Sorrows will be a great avenue for its pedestrian role (21/07/2014)

  • MC calls to clarify what has been done with the surplus water rate 2011 (21/07/2014)
    The amount, amounting to 1,838,634 euros, was not justified and the mayor José López asking where
  • The university community calls bike lanes in Cartagena (21/07/2014)
    One in ten respondents for Civil Engineering student arrives and moves in for the campus bike UPCT
  • Perez participates in activities organized by the higher council of Cartagena de Miranda (20/07/2014)

  • MC PP force the Government to lower the price of water bill (19/07/2014)
    The political formation cartagenera recalls that after its application, a process followed in the Supreme Court against water service rates to be illegal, which has forced the moving piece Popular
  • The SEF and the Bar Association of Cartagena sign an agreement to perform labor practices (19/07/2014)
    The objective is to complete the training achieved by the young and improve their employability
  • "The council condemns the Virgin of Charity urbanization of Urrutias the dark" (19/07/2014)
    SPCT requires proper operation of street lighting
  • Social Policy are intended more than 5.5 million to serve 120 users Canteras Disability Center in Cartagena (18/07/2014)
    The Social Action Institute Murciano offered Canteras Disability Center 120 seats of which 40 are in Service Day Centre and the remainder in residential care
  • Future UPCT Cartagena and collaborate in the dissemination of the city and its University (18/07/2014)

  • One hundred and fifty students form in architecture, engineering, neuroscience and automata in summer school next week (18/07/2014)

  • Tours for the exhibition De Cabo Trete to Carthago Nova Tours (18/07/2014)
    a journey through the exhibition is organized every Wednesday in July and August, at 19 hours, from the next day 23 to see first hand this sample Semitiel Segura the Roman Theatre Museum
  • Treasures of Music puts rhythm to the night at the Fort Christmas (18/07/2014)
    These two concerts with the great successes of recent years by The Bandegoma.
  • Healthy Students Jobs put about the Torres Park to the Sea of ​​Music (18/07/2014)
    Twenty participants of the program were responsible ALDE recent weeks to conduct their practices in the auditorium so that everything was ready for the opening of the Festival
  • IU-v requests that the copy of Roman sculpture that names the alley Mico is restored (18/07/2014)
    The replica of the head of Roman placed on this site was stolen many years without having replacement, while in place have been placed air conditioners and electrical wiring
  • The host families this summer cartageneras 41 Saharawi children (18/07/2014)
    The mayor received today in the small Hall from the Tindouf refugee camps that spend these summer months in our city within the Palace Vacations in Peace program
  • The City will undertake this year works on Paseo de Los Nietos and Calle Cabrera (18/07/2014)

  • The water bill will drop next year to families and SMEs (18/07/2014)
    The mayor announced Friday after the governing board, the rates will be restructured to benefit the majority of domestic consumers, trade and catering
  • MC asks the adequacy of the School of Nursing of Cartagena to the conditions set ANECA (18/07/2014)
    Report which is incurring unfair competition with other universities and private institutions that provide or want to provide that race in the city and yes is applied, how could it be otherwise, the quality parameters
  • Feasts teach history (18/07/2014)

  • Local Police and Fire Cartagena achieve six medals in Brussels (18/07/2014)
    I getting into the European Championship seizing four gold, one silver and one bronze in various athletics events to which these five athletes had
  • "The opening of the New Cartagena CAI builds a delay of more than 3 years" (18/07/2014)
    SPCT commitment to governance center
  • Youssou N'Dour opens this Friday the Sea of ​​Music (17/07/2014)
    Bugge Wesseltoft its Ok World Ensemble, Archangel, Jagwa Music and Ost & djs Kjex complete the morning session of the festival which turns twenty
  • Newest Norwegian celluloid projected on La Mar Theater (17/07/2014)
    Headhunters, Happy, happy and Oslo, August 31, are some of the Nordic films to be broadcast from Monday 21 to Friday 25 at the Nuevo Teatro Circo in the Festival Programming
  • Cuesta Blanca is already party (17/07/2014)
    The festivities of this town Cartagena tear this Thursday, March 17, with the lighting of lights and will run until July 27 with concentration of motorbikes, dancing, music and even a cycling tour
  • Promoter Region project will study the Neighborhood Entrepreneurs (17/07/2014)
    The board of the regional association ahead Thursday after meeting with the mayor at the Palace Hall in the line of work to assess areas of investment in rehabilitation
  • The council works with 120 thousand euros for the creation of the industrial area of ​​Los Belones (17/07/2014)

  • IU-Greens believe that do pay to park in Calblanque is the beginning of the privatization of natural spaces (17/07/2014)

  • Youth precollege summer course "inclusive Campus, Campus unlimited" UPCT conclude their week of activities (17/07/2014)

  • IU-v asks for explanations relating to opening hours and possible excessive noise from a disco in playa Honda (17/07/2014)

  • MC calls the decision to assign a municipal plot to Jehovah's Witnesses falls in Parliament and not the Board of Governors (17/07/2014)
    Points out that there is a conflict of interest with the neighborhood association's Barreros, they want the same solar to build a nursery
  • Instagram and the room's window are the # vikingprojeCT Gras of the Sea of Music (17/07/2014)
    font face="Arial, sans-serif">The exhibition included in the festival program organized by the municipality of Cartagena, is open until August 31 in Cartagena gallery/font>
  • IU-green denounces overcrowding in the health centers not covered by the low rental optional (17/07/2014)
    Through a motion to the full City Council has asked it to intervene and urge the Health Department to remedy this unfortunate situation by hiring Doctors
  • Faithful and fishermen accompanied the Virgen del Carmen in the 2014 sea procession (17/07/2014)
    Hundreds of people took part in the big day of the queen of the sea, which left his church of St. James to tour the Barrio de Santa Lucia and fulfill its walk in Cartagena waters
  • Spct proposes to provide free access to public swimming pools to children at risk of social exclusion (17/07/2014)

  • RM EQUO commitment to public transport to access Calblanque (16/07/2014)

  • Santa Ana celebrates in style their Patron (16/07/2014)
    What celebrates 18 to July 27 with all kinds of activities like bowling championship Cartagena, contests crumbs, tasting paella or different musical performances
  • Wine and black slip on oil Rooms of Oil Per Barclay (16/07/2014)

  • Over 4000 cruisers do sightseeing (16/07/2014)
    From early in the morning of Wednesday, is moored in the harbor on Independence of the Seas, one of the largest cruise which stops this summer in the city
  • The walkway will tour the Roman Forum beginning to take shape (16/07/2014)

  • The Department of Women announces 2014 grants amounting to 40 thousand euros (16/07/2014)
    Women's associations in the municipality have until the 11th of August to apply for these grants, which will be used for activities that promote social participation Women
  • MC warns potential buyers of Monte Sacro windlass and ensure scrupulous protection of archaeological heritage (16/07/2014)
    Faced with a possible sale driven planning incentives, training cartagenera policy states that work for the observance of legality
  • The Fishermen Day celebrated Carmen with its caring side (16/07/2014)
    On the occasion of the feast of its patron saint, it was delivered this morning a total of 580 kilos of fish, including hake, salmon, cod and mackerel, to nine charities Cartagena
  • Water and adventure sports this weekend with the T-LA (16/07/2014)
    rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, snorkeling or visit Aqualandia are some of the leisure activities this program offers youth these days
  • Mass and maritime procession to celebrate the Virgin of Carmen (16/07/2014)
    The Church of St. James the Santa Lucia Mass Wednesday welcomed the Pescadores, at 18.30 hours, after the parade of boats that will take place in the port
  • A civil engineer UPCT gets a grant from the Villar Mir Foundation to do an MA in Wharton School of Economy (15/07/2014)

  • Cartagena project will form part of the European Route of the Phoenicians (15/07/2014)

  • Carmen Calvo child abuse complaint with a cage to live (15/07/2014)
    sign is also author of the poster for The Sea Music that you can visit at the Palacio Molina in the programming of this Festival.
  • The Fishermen working with charities (15/07/2014)
    On Wednesday at 9 am, will make delivery of lots of fish to various entities of the municipality in the Market in Santa Lucia, a ceremony will be attended by the Councillor for Care Social
  • Sebastian Feringa remodeling include a roundabout at the junction of Eroski (15/07/2014)

  • Per Barclay sample proposal Rooms Oil in the Sea of ​​Art (15/07/2014)
    The author, accompanied by the Councillor for Culture, will present his exhibition on Wednesday, first in the Casino and then at the Palace Hall
  • "The PP chooses religion instead of public education" (15/07/2014)
    SPCT unacceptable rejection of the arguments of the plot of the Barreros
  • The Directorate General of Cultural Assets MC communicates the urgent implementation of measures to protect the shrines of Monte Miral (15/07/2014)
    This has been produced at the Heritage defense claim in May for the political formation Cartagena
  • The Warriors Uxama Soria displayed on the Festival of Carthaginians (15/07/2014)

  • Paradise Beach this Sunday licked MS (15/07/2014)
    About 300 people gathered at this charity event with proceeds of 2,280 euros will go to research this disease and treatment of patients were given
  • Smokey and the night boat rides on Cartagena (15/07/2014)
    The City Council, through Cartagena Port of Cultures, organizes this activity will begin on the 17th performing every Thursday and Friday, July 1, 15 and 29 August
  • A fountain and a pergola are incorporated into the remodeled Plaza La Aparecida (15/07/2014)
    The mayor visited Cartagena Monday the city to see the result in the field of municipal investment in this public space
  • Former City Council administration building will become a dormitory with 250 seats (15/07/2014)
    The new units have an estimated cost of $ 10.3 million and include a shopping arcade, fitness center, parking and an extension of the Rector
  • IU-green denounces the poor state of the pavement of wood placed in the environment of the auditorium (15/07/2014)
    The formation of the left calls for his immediate repair to prevent accidents, and that study of who is responsible for the deterioration
  • A young man has to be rescued by sea sick when it was walking on the beach Fatares (Cartagena) (15/07/2014)

  • Sympathy for the death of Gregorio Lorente (14/07/2014)
    Cartagena Veteran athlete died on Sunday at age 93, after leaving an indelible mark on the sport and get many awards Cartagena
  • Confuse the car with a new Google Maps multacar (14/07/2014)
    The Local Police refutes the canard that has circulated through social networks
  • Barreiro and Ruiz visit refinery tailings (14/07/2014)
    The mayor of Cartagena and the Minister of Industry, Tourism, Business and Innovation have known among other environmental projects to reduce Co2
  • Carmen Calvo and Cage Live (14/07/2014)
    The artist, national award, presented his presentation Tuesday at the Palacio Molina, in the Sea of ​​Music
  • The beaches become sports scene this summer (14/07/2014)

  • The Senior Summer School closes with a smile (14/07/2014)
    A class of Laughter Therapy has served Monday to close this initiative every summer launches Department of Social Services
  • Twenty years of the Sea of ​​Music under the gaze of Carlos Gallego and Pablo Sánchez (14/07/2014)
    The show, with hundreds of images taken by the official photographers of the festival, will be open until August 31 at the Cultural Center
  • Music and traditions close the Folklore Festival XXII La Palma (14/07/2014)
    On Saturday the event is closed in the Palm of Casas Grandes, big day of the festival, which was attended by folk groups of Navarra, Granada and Murcia, addition to the host of La Palma
  • The Hotel Entremares example of labor integration of disabled (14/07/2014)

  • IU-Green is interested in complaints from neighbors of Cabo de Palos in relation to the installation of a pool bar (14/07/2014)

  • MC calls for the suspension of fines that put the chambers for running a red light not being approved (14/07/2014)
    Present motion in Parliament for which seconder what they have done councils like San Sebastian, which shall not be fined until the situation becomes clearer
  • The ALDE and 15 CEEIC help entrepreneurs define their business model (14/07/2014)
    successfully culminate the 1st phase of the program Undertaking with Lean Start Up
  • Carlos Garranzo continuous with acclimatization and preparing the assault on Broad Peak (14/07/2014)
    During this weekend has been moved material from the base camp, pending weather conditions
  • They locate floating in the water body of a deceased woman on a beach in Los Urrutias (13/07/2014)

  • Cartagena and El Burgo de Osma continue strengthening ties (13/07/2014)

  • A Roman Milestone for Cartagena (13/07/2014)

  • Firefighters and police from Cartagena in the European Championship (11/07/2014)
    Councilman Diego Ortega dismissed athletes and wished them luck in the competition
  • Course Classical Heritage, Tangible and Intangible Heritage in the Roman Theatre (11/07/2014)
    will be held from Monday, 14th to Wednesday, the 16th, in the summer courses of the Polytechnic University.
  • I March for Justice Free (11/07/2014)
    The Bar Association organizes an ascent of Mount St. Julian for Saturday morning
  • The School of Nursing Cartagena will be moved to hospital Rosell (11/07/2014)
    The Minister of Education and the mayor announced Friday at the graduation ceremony of the 2nd promotion of the School, the new headquarters of the same may operate for this next year
  • Tribute to the Lo-Fi cassette in the Sea of ​​Art (11/07/2014)
    is the sign of balance and Eduardo Murcia this Friday, the 11th, opened its doors in El Batel until August 31
  • The first Youth Guarantee students receive their diplomas (11/07/2014)
    Friday accreditations delivery of this project, aimed at the youth of our city have access to good jobs or practices commensurate with their educational level was done
  • The AJE preparing an international conference for September in El Batel (11/07/2014)
    The president of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Cartagena has maintained a Friday meeting with the mayor, in which he discussed the project face to the next season
  • Barreiro and Ruiz visit Monday refinery tailings (11/07/2014)
    The mayor of Cartagena and the Minister of Industry, Tourism, Business and Innovation known environmental projects to reduce Co2
  • Nearly 300 students participate next week in summer courses 14 (11/07/2014)

  • The Musical Colonies end with a gala (11/07/2014)
    Monday will be held at the Cultural Center where participants will demonstrate their skills
  • 54 students conclude their studies at the School of Nursing Cartagena (11/07/2014)
    The Minister of Education and the mayor of the town preside the graduation of the second class of students
  • 20 years of Sea Music through photographs (11/07/2014)
    On Monday at the Cultural Center presents the exhibition of Pablo Sanchez and Carlos Gallego
  • The children also discover this summer footprint Carthago Nova (11/07/2014)
    The City Council has scheduled these summer months, from July to September, activities for children at the Museum of the Roman Theatre, the District Forum, the Augusteum and Castle Concepcion
  • Intensive courses this July for theater dominate the scene (11/07/2014)

  • El Batel becomes a stage for the presentation of new bicycle Mondraker (11/07/2014)
    Facilities Auditorium hosted the shooting of the TV commercial of Foxy Carbon, new flagship of the company Alicante
  • "The municipality renders lighting facility accommodations of the west" (11/07/2014)
    SPCT requires more support to rural tourism in Cartagena
  • SKIP Adjustments in the summer holidays (11/07/2014)
    The area of ​​Decentralization announces closure for a few days of DOs City Council districts and councils in
  • Sold out concert tickets for Calle 13 and Martyrdom (11/07/2014)
    The pace of ticket sales from the Sea of ​​Music is still higher than in previous years
  • Funcarele continues its summer Spanish courses for foreigners (10/07/2014)
    During the months of July and August, a group of Italian students attend classes give advantage to the Foundation stay in Cartagena, where they perform no work experience in companies
  • The mayor of Education visit Friday Workshops Musical Sea and Colonies (10/07/2014)
    Joseph Marotta will be 11 at the Club de Regatas and 12.30 in the College Garden City.
  • Live demonstrations of crafts for cruise (10/07/2014)

  • Concludes the first phase of the pilot Youth Guarantee in Cartagena (10/07/2014)
    Friday diplomas will be awarded to participants and a video with their testimonies were screened
  • Thomas Dybdahl first visit Spain with La Mar de Musicas (10/07/2014)
    The Norwegian singer will perform on Monday, July 21 at The Old Cathedral.
  • Hall and UPCT update their collaboration on Youth (10/07/2014)

  • Norway under the gaze of Alfredo in La Mar Chalice Art (10/07/2014)
    The photographic exhibition comes this Thursday, July 10, to the Byzantine Wall room in the Festival program celebrated during this July.
  • The beaches of Punta Brava Carmolí and lack of lifeguard post (10/07/2014)
    spct warns that the closest place is over 2 km
  • Ongoing Summer School Municipal Accessibility Icue-Miralmonte (10/07/2014)
    The Aldermen of Social Care and Sports visited the school on Wednesday, attended by kids with disabilities to participate in sports and leisure workshops
  • The Chapineta, party in July for the Virgen del Carmen (10/07/2014)
    What do 12 to July 20 with activities for everyone, such as costume contests, or ludo domino championships and the great popular festival
  • The Urrutias celebrates XXXIV Futsal Championship (10/07/2014)
    Your Sports Club organizes this sport that will take place next Monday, July 14.
  • Autonomic Kayak Championships at the port of Cartagena (10/07/2014)
    More than 150 paddlers from across the region will be given Sunday citael this competition organized by the Royal Yacht Club, along with the cooperation of the City
  • The Local Police Cartagena "involved" with Caritas San Diego (09/07/2014)

  • ALDE Alumni also enjoy the Erasmus project + (09/07/2014)

  • St. Lucia celebrates its Patron St. James (09/07/2014)
    was held from 18 to 27 July at the Paseo de la Rambla with activities for all ages, musical performances, wine tasting and dancing of all kinds
  • The City sanitation palm harbor area (09/07/2014)

  • Rozalén Amaral and change the setting for concerts of The Sea Music (09/07/2014)

  • The City of Cartagena honored for his work on Environmental Education (09/07/2014)
    Councillor for Education has gathered Wednesday in Murcia the award granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, and in this seventh edition, has also distinguished by Lhicarsa its ecogestión
  • Lemonade reinvents the recipe Grandma Isabel (09/07/2014)
    With a fruity hint of coconut, banana, strawberry and even Asia are some of the flavors that Santiago Lopez includes in its slush selling since May Market Santa Florentina
  • Citizen Youths Movement organized the "I climb to the Castle of the Watchtower" (09/07/2014)

  • Segura River Rafting from Cieza to the TLA program Blanca (09/07/2014)
    Those interested in this activity, scheduled for Saturday, July 19, may enroll in the Youth Resource Centre
  • IU-Green calls for the council position against "the intention of the PP to perform an unconstitutional municipal electoral system reform" (09/07/2014)
    "The formation of the left requires the review of the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces requested due to being a which fell within its remit "
  • IU-green and Socialists for Cartagena reached an electoral agreement for the forthcoming municipal (09/07/2014)
    The agreement is open to other political and social movements with which to establish a dialogue inviting them to participate in it and candidacy in elections
  • MC offered to fund the settlement of the alley Soledad (09/07/2014)
    Will present motion in Parliament next motivated by the local support that asks mirror showing the course project to adapt the speaking and the castling not undertake the work
  • CHS repairs channel postrasvase Tajo-Segura supplying the Campo de Cartagena (09/07/2014)
    Replaced the floor of the tunnel San Miguel de Salinas
  • Presentation of the First Conference on Security in the great industry Murcia ' (08/07/2014)

  • Cartagena joins forces in its commitment to the social integration of disabled (08/07/2014)

  • The City of Cartagena, awarded for his work in Environmental Education (08/07/2014)

  • Goyo Jimenez presents his new show in El Batel (08/07/2014)
    EvoluZion review all these issues that make us wonder if the man has really evolved all from your unique perspective and unique
  • The Department of Women will offer courses tailored to the latest technologies (08/07/2014)
    The students of the last courses of Introduction to Computers and Office Advanced, today collected their diplomas in a ceremony held at the Ceremonial Hall of the Town Hall
  • Flamenco and ballet come together in a special version of Romeo and Juliet (08/07/2014)
    Murcia Dance Company in El Batel offer the famous Shakespearean play like never before
  • Justice condemns return of Azohía neighboring Isla Plana and the cost of sewer connections (08/07/2014)
    SPCT warned in full in 2010 and got the rejection of PP and PSOE
  • Summer Courses in the Sea of ​​Music on Norwegian literature and art materials recycling (07/07/2014)
    The Sea Lyrics UPCT taught by the "Voices from the Fjord" and in the Sea of ​​Art Eduardo Balance is the shop foreman with carton as raw material
  • Small also entertained this summer with Spaces Entertainment (07/07/2014)
    This July tore this initiative, organized from Social Care, which is carried out in the Municipal Center Mediterranean urbanization and comprising all kinds of activities for kids
  • The Balmoral thousand cruise passengers have spent the day visiting Cartagena (07/07/2014)

  • Cartagena Port of Cultures incorporates a new route to your offer guided summer (07/07/2014)

  • Two swimmers swim cover the distance of Cabo de Palos Cartagena (07/07/2014)
    Daniel Sánchez Javier Heredia and try to overcome this challenge in ten hours, this Saturday, July 12, to coincide with the commemoration of Battleship held in these waters in 1873
  • Carlos Garranzo already in the base camp challenge in their Broad Peak (07/07/2014)
    The Cartagena athlete so Sunday could reach the aforementioned site, located at 4,800 meters high
  • The music of the 80s and 90s opened the Folklore Festival of La Palma (07/07/2014)

  • MC requested an urgent meeting to agree Casco Antiguo filing the lawsuit against New Residential Door (07/07/2014)

  • Ends the course for the students of the ALDE PCPI (07/07/2014)
    About thirty young people have received training in the form of professional workshops and on Tuesday the closing ceremony held at a ceremony to be held at the Training Center Quarry
  • MC discovers tourists taking pictures with a homeless man asleep on the Town Hall Square (07/07/2014)
    Calls for pictures try to avoid talking about how bad our city in the world
  • "The Ministry dismantles teachers center teams preferred educational performance" (07/07/2014)
    CCOO, the decision of the Ministry disrupts the process of negotiation of the Order of Preferred Performance Centers that has developed this year with the Directorate General Educational Quality, Innovation and Attention to Diversity
  • IU-green denounced the deplorable state of neglect of a public square in St. Lucia (07/07/2014)
    Set along San Antonio Street, the square is surrounded by land and buildings in ruins whose party walls endanger neighbors and children Playing it
  • Benjamin Clementine perform for the first time in Spain in the Sea of ​​Music (07/07/2014)
    The new star of music in France and the UK will be in Cartagena on July 22 at the Cathedral
  • Cartagena UPyD criticizes lack of cleanliness and safety in La Manga (06/07/2014)
    To Pedro de Elizalde, "there are major problems cleaning and insecurity", derived from botelleo in La Manga and a lack of commitment on his stakeout
  • The department of Culture of the Federation troops and legions collaborates with Rocío Navarro (06/07/2014)

  • Socialist Alternative organized a conference of municipal politics in Cartagena (06/07/2014)
    Socialist Alternative integrated spct be responsible for the organization
  • Displaced 11 houses of the mount of Casillas El Portus to the risk of landslides (04/07/2014)
    The measure was adopted by the city of Cartagena to ensure the safety of its occupants
  • Authorized the first phase of construction of the Health Center of San Anton in Cartagena (04/07/2014)

  • The Governing Board awards 470 Glorieta Kiosk The Square Bar San Francisco (04/07/2014)
    ​​ The decision follows dismissed one of the companies that had requested the suspension of the
  • Local Police seek to reconcile night fun and relaxation in the beach areas (04/07/2014)

  • CCOO complaint Publication Ranking educational center (04/07/2014)
    "From the FE CCOO denounced the measure absurd, segregating and ineffective"
  • The end of the national Beach Soccer League is played in La Manga (04/07/2014)
    The final stage of the championship, which takes place from 18 to 20 July at the beach Tesy II will feature the top eight teams on the national scene
  • Cartagena inherit the library historian Jover Zamora (04/07/2014)
    The transfer agreement by the family was approved Friday by the Governing Board.
  • De Cabo Trete Carthago Nova to the Roman Theatre Museum (04/07/2014)
    is the temporal sample ciezano Semitiel Segura that hosts this iconic place from this Thursday, July 3, opening day.
  • Two companies of entrepreneurs UPCT finalists in an international competition of intelligent lighting (04/07/2014)

  • They offer to the City of Cartagena library historian Jover Zamora (03/07/2014)
    The Governing Board studies the assignment agreement Friday by the family which includes about five thousand works
  • The regional government shows its support for the project "Home Port" for the city of Cartagena (03/07/2014)
    Community Manager announced during his visit to the city bidding for the first phase of the Health Center of San Antón, which approved tomorrow the Governing Council and will involve an investment of 600,000 euros
  • The G's horticultural group in Spain will chair fichará UPCT and students of the Polytechnic of Cartagena (03/07/2014)

  • The Ports Santa Barbara hosts its first March OBM (03/07/2014)
    be on Sunday, day 6, when this test orientation is held on a mountain bike.
  • Young people travel this July Catalan Pyrenees and France with the T-LA (03/07/2014)
    For a fee of 290 euros, and those interested can sign up for this activity to be held from 22 to 27 this month
  • Called the contest for the election of the Carnival Poster 2015 (03/07/2014)
    Entries can be submitted until November 14 in the Graduate School.
  • MC calls for immediate replacement of sand on the beaches of Los Nietos (03/07/2014)
    The political formation complaint cartagenera poor conditions of the area and notes specific areas where it has gone almost all the sand
  • The Civil Guard detained a dozen people for the theft of four tons of watermelons (03/07/2014)
    Five of the detainees are held, also authoring the alleged crime against public health by stealing watermelons unfit for consumption human
  • "Public education lost more than 24,000 teachers in the last two years" (03/07/2014)
    CCOO complaint increasing precariousness
  • Cabezos "Castejón is opportunistic coward or ask Barreiro which does not require the president" (02/07/2014)
    Cabezos remember Chaves six other defendants await socialists testify before the Supreme
  • Juan Carlos Ruiz notes that "the consolidation of Cartagena leads the region as a quality tourist destination" (02/07/2014)
    The Minister of Tourism and the Mayor of Cartagena have hoisted the blue flag and the 'Q' quality in the Cala Cortina
  • Cala Cortina their distinctive looks and quality tourism (02/07/2014)

  • World Music, a cassette pace in the Sea of ​​Music (02/07/2014)

  • Cartagena leads the drop in unemployment in the region (02/07/2014)
    The mayor claims that the fall in nearly 900 unemployed shows that the recovery strengthens
  • Arrested largest specialist robberies trateros Cartagena (02/07/2014)
    Guy 50 years old, has been arrested on 24 previous occasions, having scored throughout his criminal career total of more than 150 robberies in this city storage
  • The UPCT get two million of state funding for 16 research projects (02/07/2014)
    Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena achieved a success rate of over 50% in calls Central Government
  • Carlos Garranzo reach Skardu on their way to Broad Peak (02/07/2014)

  • XXV anniversary of the bullfighting Calasparra rice (01/07/2014)

  • The Hope and EF-Kitchens Corgolsport Juan Palomo, league champions in amateur (01/07/2014)
    In Cup tournament, Gedeporte was proclaimed winner after beating in the final CD Minerva B
  • The Roman Theatre this semester recorded ten percent more visits than in 2013 (01/07/2014)

  • The students of basic German course of ALDE get his diploma (01/07/2014)
    Twenty unemployed participating in these kinds of languages ​​Tuesday became the endpoint with the closure in the Training Center Quarry
  • The Pilgrimage Pasico La Aparecida fulfilled its silver anniversary (01/07/2014)

  • Older Albujón celebrated their big day (01/07/2014)
    About 120 people gathered at the Botanical Gardens on Tuesday, the 24th, to celebrate the festival of its patron saint, San Juan, and take the opportunity to share experiences
  • Recreation, culture and good company in the VI Summer School for Young (01/07/2014)

  • Today starts the bus to Cala Cortina beach and El Portus (01/07/2014)
    Also suitable operating summer schedules of the lines that connect the city with the La Maga and the Mar Menor, increasing the frequency of passage of buses.
  • 60 young people discover their vocation and start diving and sailing (01/07/2014)
    summer courses UPCT this week
  • The Sleeping Beauty, a show for the whole family in El Batel (01/07/2014)
    Lorenzo Carbonell Piriz-Saturday at Cartagena brings his version of the classic tale of the Brothers Grimm
  • Looking at the stars with the TLA (01/07/2014)
    Youth, in collaboration with the Astronomical Society of Cartagena, has organized this free event, to be held Friday night at the Youth Center Quarries
  • Treasures Pirates and give way to summer in Cartagena Port of Cultures (01/07/2014)
    After the success during the month of June there will be new routes, workshops and dramatized tours throughout July
  • Migas, ballads and sports in the Festivities of Santa Barbara Ports (01/07/2014)
    The festivities will be held from 4 to 13 July with an agenda in which all residents can enjoy all kinds of activities
  • MC neglect complaint in Santa Ana Municipal (01/07/2014)
    After turning check to make the relevant checks, the political formation cartagenera notes with countless photographs deficiencies

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