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Cartagena News - May 2010

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  • Experts from several countries discussed how to improve the international transport of horticultural products (31/05/2010)

  • Arrested in Los Dolores the alleged perpetrator of a robbery inside a vehicle (31/05/2010)
    When he spoke involved a car stolen from a tourist radio
  • The Mayor, Member of Honor of the Association of Amas de Casa (31/05/2010)
    In addition to handing out a card certifying the new Board has sent Pilar Barreiro an appreciation for the work that has developed in recent years in this partnership
  • Caritas City Council acknowledges the support of the charity The mayor has received this morning the visit of José Luis Leante at the Palace Hall, a meeting at which dealt with the social reality of the city in times of crisis are , comparable to tha (31/05/2010)

  • Culture Week in Vista Alegre (31/05/2010)
    This XXIX edition, held from 12 to 19 June, will feature exhibits, music and children's activities and sports
  • Twelve women point to the cleanliness of our streets (31/05/2010)
    Lhicarsa has decided to apply the law of equality in hiring staff for the summer months a group of women who exercised throughout the municipality sweeper
  • Therapy with animals to rehabilitate disabled (31/05/2010)
    The City of Cartagena and Tio Vivo Foundation on Tuesday signed an agreement to improve the lives of these people by using assisted sessions with horses and other animals
  • Start the Labor Project Phase V (31/05/2010)
    1 to June 4 will remain open registration period for three new courses in the ADLE, Celador health, lifeguards and emergency medical transport
  • Exhibition of the People's University (31/05/2010)
    The exhibition of art workshops can be accessed at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The brothers opened a successful Piñana Cycle flamenco performance (31/05/2010)
    The Fish Market of Santa Lucia was packed audience to enjoy the concert presentation of this event, following in the neighborhood, to be held on Saturdays during the months of June-August
  • One of Romans, film series in the Municipal Archaeological (31/05/2010)
    Every Thursday during the months of June and July in the gardens of the Museo de Castro Enrique Escudero, free movies will be screened on the history of the Roman Empire from its birth to fall
  • The quintet The Zerillo, in cycle spaces Sound (31/05/2010)
    Cartagena will visit on Sunday to play in the courtyard of the former artillery barracks master the best music of Astor Piazzolla Buenos Aires
  • The Rane, Real Murcia and Sevilla, winners of the VIII Inter Schools Tournament New Cartagena (31/05/2010)
    In the championship, which was held this weekend for the victims of Haiti, has involved more than 600 players in 82 football base meetings of the various categories
  • The president of the CHS commends the irrigators of Cartagena for his management of water resources (30/05/2010)
    Quesada presents the award to the parties Pozo Estrecho the farmer and cooperative Juan Marin Soto
  • More than 500 students visit the Energy Plaza (28/05/2010)
    This educational initiative, located in Cavite Heroes, aims to educate children about the importance of saving and energy efficiency
  • A school open to other cultures is closed with the homework done (28/05/2010)
    The closure of this municipal program for Intercultural Education, with the participation of 22 schools in Cartagena, was held today with the presence of Social Care Council Members Education
  • La Manga Gold hosts the Fourth Meeting of Messengers of Peace Murcia (28/05/2010)
    The sessions were inaugurated on Thursday by the Minister of Social Policy
  • The PP hopes that "the PSOE go to neighborhoods with the truth in front and do not handle the neighbors and groups in the town" (28/05/2010)

  • End of Program III Municipal Entremares Spa at Hotel de la Manga del Mar Menor (28/05/2010)
    150 people between 55 and 70 years have benefited from this initiative has been developed in ten shifts since last March
  • ASID Students complete their internships in the School of Marine (28/05/2010)
    Social Care Councillor and Colonel of the Regiment and Director of the School of Marine closed on Thursday this activity aimed at young people with Down syndrome
  • The best of sport Cartagena shone at the gala (28/05/2010)

  • The Municipal Archives pays tribute to Ramón García Pérez (28/05/2010)
    An exhibition comprises cameras, trophies, documents and photographs to the beloved photographer Cartagena bequeathed to the City before his death
  • The Roman Theatre in the sample Rome in Museums of the World (28/05/2010)
    The fair is included in the Tarraco Viva Festival will be held from 28 to 30 May in Tarragona
  • Fabián Martínez Juárez, Cartagena in 2009 (28/05/2010)
    The jury has recognized his achievements as president of the Association of People with Parkinson and his role at the head of ADAS which every year organizes a tribute to the Carthaginians Absent
  • Show of course to the Municipal School of Theatre (27/05/2010)
    During the first week of June will develop a series of performances that reflected the final engineering students School
  • Awarded the adequacy of the built environment and the Auditorium of Arqua (27/05/2010)
    works for more than 4 million euros, will be held in two phases, extending the promenade to the fishing port of Santa Lucia
  • The Home Team Senior Cartagena III, winner of the Second City Petanque Tournament (27/05/2010)
    Social Care Councillor this afternoon handed the trophy in the Senior Club del Barrio de la Concepción
  • The City acquired the latest in fire fighting vehicles (27/05/2010)

  • The first sections of the bike lane between Union and Cartagena will be this summer (27/05/2010)
    Cartagena City Council will present its project completed this week and after the summer season will begin the connection works with the municipality of the Union
  • I Closing A School Program open to other cultures (27/05/2010)
    Students and teachers of the 22 participating schools will meet on Friday at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Integration, Intercultural Week protagonist of the Board (27/05/2010)
    Councillors Welfare and Education have participated in activities organized today in the center, due to the closure of an event characterized by a high degree of participation
  • Rage, based on the novel of the Second International Award Winning La Mar de Letras, opens Friday at cinemas everywhere from Spain (27/05/2010)
    Its author, Sergio Bizzio, received the award in 2004 gave the Sea of Music in Special Argentina
  • Rabies-winning film last Malaga Film Festival, which opens tomorrow, is based on the novel of the Second International Award Winning La Mar de Letras, Diversity Award (27/05/2010)
    Sergio Bizzio received the award in 2004 gave The Sea of Music in Argentina Special
  • UPyD requires compliance with safety regulations by the Real Club de Regatas. (26/05/2010)

  • Exhibition of paintings gripping Cartagena (26/05/2010)
    During the month of June at the Youth Resource Center, you can visit the work done by the students of Active Arts Program
  • Closure of the week Intercultural College Board (26/05/2010)
    A activities that take place on Thursday, council members will attend the Social Care and Education
  • Build scupper the roundabout near the Circle of Santa Ana (26/05/2010)
    The object is to eliminate flooding occurring in the area every time it rains in torrents
  • On Thursday they delivered Sports Awards Cartagenero XXX (26/05/2010)
    The gala will be broadcast live for the first time through Internet
  • The magazine Mastia renewed inside and out (26/05/2010)

  • March 2010 to benefit Women AYUME (26/05/2010)
    Several hundred women are expected to participate Thursday in the sports festival and several organized by the Department of Women and will make his abitual foot from the Plaza of Spain Tentegorra
  • The program closes down ADE (26/05/2010)
    More than 4,000 students have attended the activities organized by the Department of Sports during the present school
  • A man destroys several cars in a fit of anger (26/05/2010)
    The reason was that his partner had no intention of ending the relationship
  • University School of Social Education, on a visit to La Milagrosa (26/05/2010)
    50 students and a teacher as a class held yesterday at the Municipal Institute of Social and visited facilities for the Protection of Children
  • Identify an individual wanted for a burglary in Torre Pacheco (26/05/2010)
    Agents Cartagena Local Police found the victim in the Plaza de la Merced
  • Ben Arabi IES celebrated the centenary of Miguel Hernández (26/05/2010)
    In the development of events counted with the collaboration of the departments of Education and Youth
  • Workshops for actors, writers and technicians in Cartagena (26/05/2010)
    The Department of Youth and drifting Films production company offering summer courses in visual themes
  • The little triumph in Bottle II football tournament (26/05/2010)
    This tournament involving children 5 years and is organized by the Sports Department was closed on Sunday
  • The IES Isaac Peral Hut and contest prizes are what you know about Europe? (25/05/2010)
    The ceremony was attended by the Councillor for Youth and the Director General of Local Government
  • The City Council will have digital information service networks (25/05/2010)
    The Governing Board approved the signing of an agreement with major carriers of water, gas, electricity and telecommunications to optimize and rationalize the implementation of projects
  • The Community will build an interpretive center Calblanque (25/05/2010)
    The City Council has assigned to it a parcel of 6,700 square meters at the entrance to Los Belones
  • Bike rental in the new bicity cost 30 euros per year (25/05/2010)
    The Governing Board approved the public costs of this service to be launched over the summer
  • The District Court rejected the suspension of work on the Sacro Monte (25/05/2010)
    ADEPA The Office and requested that precautionary measure
  • The ban will borrow the City of Cartagena without investment in 2011 (25/05/2010)
    Segado spokesman Joaquin improvisation and criticizes the legal uncertainty caused by the Central Government measures
  • The City Council today is responsible for the collection of ONP (25/05/2010)
    More than 3,000 parking spaces, 120 parking meters and the freezing of rates, are some of the developments of the switchover
  • Temporary closure of works in the old city (25/05/2010)
    Between 26 and 28 will limit the passage of vehicles at the junction of Duke Street and Charity, for trunking, and on the street Saura, load and unloading of materials
  • The Sea of Music offers cheap and environmentally friendly travel over the Internet (25/05/2010)
    Amovens.com Besides trying to promote the sharing of drive to cut CO2 emissions
  • Cycle of flamenco recitals in St. Lucia. (25/05/2010)
    This year started with a presentation concert last Saturday in May, and will continue on Saturday nights in June and August with the Cartagena district to showcase the latest in flamenco
  • 80 university be entrepreneurs (25/05/2010)
    UPCT Students have just completed seminars on Entrepreneurship organized by the ADLE, INFO and Bancaja Young Entrepreneurs of the University, which were held between January and May
  • The Sea of Music offers an effective alternative to travel cheaply and environmentally friendly through the website www.lamardemusicas.com (25/05/2010)

  • The City Council operates 5 buses free to the Cartagena meeting in Córdoba (25/05/2010)
    Several businesses in the city have worked with the Sports Council so that fans can attend the party held on Saturday and will continue to fight to Efes for promotion to First
  • The ADLE opens the registration period for free computer courses (25/05/2010)
    By the end of this May can submit applications to participate in these classes aimed at unemployed and active
  • They begin to clear classifications based Football League (25/05/2010)
    The EF Torre Pacheco, Cartagena FC A, EF Franciscans and CD-Codelpa La Palma and AD Barrio Peral Champions League in pre-baby category C, pre-baby B A juvenile, infantile and cadet respectively
  • The young British violinist Chloe Hanslip OSRM acts together with the last concert of fertilizer (25/05/2010)

  • UPyD denouncing the abandonment of historic buildings and landmarks of Cartagena by the Group of Government (25/05/2010)
    Government Group with Councillor in front, only concerned with the stand in the picture when it lays the foundation stone of a work not know when it will end, or how much it cost and is unable to protect Cartagena History
  • Sotoca commitment to training of workers as a way out of the crisis (24/05/2010)
    The Minister of Education, Training and Employment in Cartagena opened a conference on vocational training
  • Municipality and autonomous region will work to ensure that the crisis does not affect the Education (24/05/2010)

  • XV Cultural Week of the Virgen de la Caridad Slum (24/05/2010)
    The program will take place from 24 until 30 May and combine activities devoted to culture, sport and local coexistence
  • President of the Council of Chambers of Commerce of Spain in Cartagena (24/05/2010)
    Taking advantage of his stay in the city before giving a lecture, Javier Gómez Navarro held a meeting with the mayor to discuss the current economic crisis
  • Much More May, the festival's most important artistic events of the Region (24/05/2010)
    The V edition of Talent has achieved this recognition of the Community, in addition to a wide public acceptance and a large projection
  • Sotoca inaugurates new facilities of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente de Los Nietos, which can house 200 students (24/05/2010)
    The counselor visits Cartagena also work to extend the CEIP Vicente Ros with six new classrooms Children
  • UPyD denouncing the abandonment of the street and Plaza San Agustin by the Group of Government (24/05/2010)

  • The Vocational Training is the future of young people (24/05/2010)
    The Minister of Education and the mayor have been responsible for presiding over today's opening ceremony of the Training Day that organized the IES Polytechnic in collaboration with the Ministry
  • Surprised a guy trying to steal aluminum from a local abandoned quarries (24/05/2010)
    Facts passed early this morning when Local Police identified the alleged perpetrator after catch him breaking the window of a street under the council Mayor Cartagena
  • 32 unemployed students undertake work placements in Care Unit (24/05/2010)
    The young members of the employment workshop that develops ADLE Quarrying Occupational Center, received a visit last week of employment councilor and director of the Agency
  • LA Aljorra EF rises with victory in Know Your Sport (24/05/2010)
    The end of the fourth edition of the contest which was held on Thursday attended by representatives of different Cartagena elite clubs to encourage these young contestants
  • End of Navigation Course Classic XXI century (21/05/2010)
    The students have done internships aboard a schooner
  • More than 2.6 million for the provision of access at the crossing of the Polygon Cabezo Beaza Cartagena (21/05/2010)

  • The festival closes Mucho Mas Mayo en el Barrio de la Concepción (21/05/2010)
    On Sunday 23 closes the festival with the installation Ellipsis, a symbolic act, the burial ceremony of a memory capsule objects Barrio de la Concepcion to be opened in 50 years
  • The mayor appreciates the services provided to retirees this year (20/05/2010)
    15 municipal public employees received a plaque, on the occasion of the feast of Santa Rita
  • Palacios accompanies major associations of Cartagena on his visit to the University Hospital of Saint Lucia (20/05/2010)

  • New Cartagena International Tournament Interschools Haiti (20/05/2010)
    The eighth edition of the tournament coincides with the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the New Cartagena Club presents a series of sporting and educational
  • The ADLE ELIO opens with an information space for the job search (20/05/2010)
    With this initiative is available to citizens with access to the Internet to look for work, through a room with 14 computers that begins to work on 3 June Agency facilities
  • Open Action, the latest in Performance lands in Cartagena (20/05/2010)
    Mucho Mas Mayo festival Saturday brings the Youth Talent II International Exhibition and Live Performance Art, which puts the finishing touch to the workshop On the Spot that has been held for the week
  • Closure of Mucho Mas Mayo with the overwhelming visual power of Veles e Vents (20/05/2010)
    Xarxa Teatre brings to a show Saturday night that has been part of the programming of the most important theater festivals in Europe and Latin America
  • The National Opera Ballet of Bordeaux, and his star dancer Igor Yebra, closed the dance program Auditorium (20/05/2010)
    Directed by Charles Jude Cia.
  • UPyD requires recognition of the teacher as an authority in the exercise of public education (20/05/2010)
    After the unfortunate incidents in our town against the teacher figure must be altered urgently the legislation in force
  • City officials on Friday to celebrate Santa Rita (20/05/2010)
    On this occasion the municipal offices will be closed to the public this day
  • Detainee two individuals for burglary in a house of Saint Lucia (20/05/2010)
    were caught inside the house by the Police Officers in the Paseo de las Delicias
  • Mucho Mas Mayo continues to liven up public spaces in the center (20/05/2010)
    A live performances, interventions and performances in the street that are being made daily, today joins the performance of the play The Chairs, Ionesco, in the Square CIM
  • The institutes of El Bohio and Isaac Peral Win Contest What do you know Europe? (20/05/2010)
    The works presented have been exposed to the Youth Resource Centre and the awards will be presented on Tuesday 25 May
  • The school Gabriela Mistral back to the Middle Ages (19/05/2010)
    On the occasion of the fourteenth week of the book, the center held an open day to show school common rooms, which have become an area of medieval decor
  • School Campaign 2010 (19/05/2010)
    The councilman of Deportes and President of the Yacht Club Regatta presented this initiative focused on maritime activities such as canoeing and sailing
  • In three months, Cartagena has its Accessibility Plan (19/05/2010)
    result of an agreement with the City Council IMSERSO and ONCE, the document, which includes a study on the situation of the city, its architectural barriers and possible solutions will be developed by the architect Fernando García Ochoa Montes
  • Sidonie, Sidecars and the last swimmers, protagonists of a lot more music (19/05/2010)
    The musical bet this year for Much More May opts for pop indie rock groups more or less enshrined, along with emerging talents acting Cartagena night free Friday Cuesta del Batel
  • Change of direction in two blocks of Dolores (19/05/2010)
    will relate to John the Cape and San Pedro, in the environment Mercadona
  • Adapted for the disabled the zebra crossing Cavite Heroes (19/05/2010)
    Throughout the day remained cut off traffic on Paseo del Muelle milling the projection
  • Sold 50% of capacity for Patti Smith, Macaco, Youssou N'Dour and El Cigala (19/05/2010)

  • The Campo de Cartagena opened the eighth road to Vera Cruz (19/05/2010)
    Councillors of Cartagena, Fuente Alamo, Alhama, Lorca and Caravaca presented the schedule of 136 miles leaving from the dock in Santa Lucia Santiago Sanctuary
  • Inauguration of the Cultural Week V Senior Club-House Torreciega Bazán (19/05/2010)
    Social Care Councillor gave on Monday started the event to be held until May 21 in that neighborhood
  • Grand Final quiz Know your Sport (19/05/2010)
    is held this afternoon in the auditorium of the Teatro Romano, ending the fourth edition of this contest organized by the Department of Sports and Cadena SER
  • Caregivers of disabled get their diplomas (19/05/2010)
    Social Care Councillor handed his credentials to the 17 students of this training course, in a ceremony held at the premises of the building of the Miraculous
  • Last year's Family Concert (19/05/2010)
    The music group Ensemble The Danserye offer an attractive repertoire of music and dance in the European Renaissance
  • The situation of Navantia and the door of CIM, issues of concern to the mayor and the new head of Arsenal (18/05/2010)
    Jaime Muñoz-Delgado and Pilar Barreiro has today held a formal meeting which have been updated on issues both incumbent City Hall as the Armada
  • Visit to the new school facilities and Mare Nostrum Virginia Pérez (18/05/2010)
    The Director General of Department and the Councillor for Education have visited both centers, the infrastructure improvement is the result of an agreement between Autonomous Communities and Municipalities
  • New graffiti decorate the streets of Cartagena (18/05/2010)
    For the third consecutive year the festival micro Urban One World, Many More framed in May, comes to town to show trends in the discipline and novelty hiphop The Beat Day
  • The Archaeological Museum exhibits a dozen new pieces in the Museum Day (18/05/2010)
    Originating from the Museum's own funds, some dating from the first century AD and are findings from the various excavations that have been made in the old town City
  • Traffic Court on Paseo del Muelle (18/05/2010)
    Repairing a zebra crossing will force high cut off the circulation from the rotunda of the CIM and the Plaza de la Isla
  • 50 cubrealcorques seated in Bruna Angel Street (18/05/2010)
    prevent falls and injuries to the pedestrian viadantes
  • Students of the Vocational Training Programme of the ADLE begin their practices (18/05/2010)
    Since Wednesday and until 16 June, masons and painters future develop the 150-hour training module Department of Labor to its future labor insertion
  • Short Week Begins V (18/05/2010)
    The 19 short films in this sample of Mucho Mas Mayo Festival will be screened over three days in the neighborhood of the Conception and the Plaza de San Francisco
  • The Socialists have warned that "the property kept dry the salt marsh Marchamalo" (18/05/2010)

  • The local police should walk on Saturday Cartagonova (18/05/2010)
    From four in the afternoon, cut traffic access to the stadium on the streets Soldier Peroniño Rosique with Alameda and balconies, in anticipation of large crowds for see the Cartagena-Lift
  • Chorus Spring Concert Young Elcano (18/05/2010)
    consist of a varied journey through different cultures and different authors in the parish of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Increase the pace of ticket sales from last year (18/05/2010)
    Sold almost 50% of capacity for Patti Smith, Macaco, Youssou N'Dour and El Cigala
  • CP Francis Xavier's School, with the swim (18/05/2010)
    The ADE program of the Department of Sports has brought to elementary students this school to elite clubs in the form of swimming and water activities, such as the Ancora and Cartagonova
  • The Yacht Club Santa Lucia in fourth place in the World Championship Fishing in the form of Sea-Coast (18/05/2010)
    The competition was held in Portugal and brought together 17 teams
  • Juana María Hernández Conesa awarded the medal of the Red Cross (18/05/2010)
    Cartagenera and professor at the UMU was awarded the hands of the Infanta Doña Cristina
  • The UPCT involved in a project to provide intelligent services to the mobile phone (18/05/2010)
    hold a technical meeting Wednesday in the CIM
  • The Roman Theatre of Cartagena receives 261,000 visitors since its opening and has become one of the most visited in Spain (17/05/2010)
    regional chief executive chairs the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Roman Theatre, which realized the smooth running of the Museum
  • Great spectator sport in the City of Cartagena Triathlon V (17/05/2010)
    large audience was quoted Sunday in the Port of Cartagena to see the participation of 250 athletes in this sport event
  • The Archaeological Museum exhibits new parts on the Day of Museums (17/05/2010)
    The day was completed with the presentation of awards to the Volunteer Guides who work with the center
  • The Urban One World returns to Cartagena (17/05/2010)
    The micro festival of street art to reach many more in May with the best graffiti and rap and the novelty of The Beat Day, details will be announced on Tuesday at a press conference
  • Elimination of flooding in the square of the Circle of Santa Ana (17/05/2010)
    The roundabout that links the N-301 to undergo Venice Avenue traffic diversions and narrowing the performance of works from 18 to 28 May
  • Laura More, Fernando Rubio and Carlos Voodoo Direct to Your Room (17/05/2010)
    For the first time, Much More Festival in May, on 17, 18 and 19, offers the opportunity to have live music at home through concerts in small acoustic in private homes
  • A hotel full of art (17/05/2010)

  • The Museum Night was attended by thousands in the streets (17/05/2010)
    Spend all night on Saturday is no problem if, in return, you can visit museums free of Mucho Mas Mayo initiative that for the second consecutive year, became the center of the city in a swarm of people
  • The ADLE handled nearly 5 million budget this year (17/05/2010)

  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas celebrates International Museum Day (17/05/2010)
    At this open house, which will be held on May 18, joins the Foundation of the Roman Theatre
  • The House, in favor of the declaration of the World Day against LGBT-phobia (17/05/2010)
    The City of Cartagena is added to the claim to demand the UN to institutionalize the celebration on 17 May
  • Mil UPCT students confirm their attendance lagged Internet Day (16/05/2010)

  • The Minister of Health and Cartagena women visiting the facilities of the Hospital of Saint Lucia (15/05/2010)
    The new hospital will open its doors at the end of the year
  • UPyD denounced "the destruction of protected forests, for a potential" urban pitch "" (15/05/2010)
    UPyD: "The Company" and Demolition Byproduct Cartagenera SL "with the approval of the City of Cartagena is destroying" The Cantos Negros "," Pico Collada Air "and" The Chimney "
  • 900 clothed young Caesar Malloquí and Kiko Amat, award winners and Hache Madarache (14/05/2010)
    David Monteagudo, Susana Fortes, Bethlehem Gopegui, Rosa Huertas, Miguel Eliacer Cansino and Sandin, make up the list of finalists for the next edition of this award Young Reader
  • Saura confirms the release of the problem of Navantia and the resumption of work for the Great Carena (14/05/2010)

  • Three cruise again fill the streets of foreign tourists (14/05/2010)
    This morning I have come to the Port of Cartagena AIDAbella, the Sea Dream 1 and Kristina Regina with 2,434 cruise passengers on board
  • Mucho Mas Mayo Festival this weekend reaches its peak intensity (14/05/2010)
    Courses, workshops, performances, dance, circus arts, music ...
  • The Museum of Cartagena light the longest night of Mucho Mas Mayo (14/05/2010)
    Up to 160 people, including artists, guides and conservatives are mobilizing to ensure the success of Night of the Museums of Cartagena
  • Early Lopez, San Isidro and Mare Nostrum, winners in the Children's Theatre Festival XXII (14/05/2010)
    Positive results with 12 schools, 13 works represented and more than 300 young actors with a very remarkable artistic level
  • The Keeper of course get the recognition ADLE Health Interest (14/05/2010)
    The Ministry of Health has notified the Agency that accreditation for a training that has been taught at present with the participation of ten students unemployed
  • The SEF ADLE approves projects for more than 2 million euros (14/05/2010)
    This money will go toward the development of the Training Workshop The Apeadero and the second edition of Major Dependent Employment Workshop, action that will lead to the recruitment of 97
  • Cartagena, a city with a future, more open, more tourism and more weight in the region, with the Popular Party (14/05/2010)
    Under the slogan, Cartagena a big city, the Popular Party celebrates 15 years in government, with a event to be held on Friday 21 May at Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • Much More May becomes a party to the district of Conception (14/05/2010)
    Living Quarter artists filled the squares, streets and local social, with a full program of activities
  • The public, delighted with the Zoo Räfven Cinderella Much More May (14/05/2010)
    The Swedish group on Thursday introduced its version of the classic fairytale Icue Square and will continue Friday and Saturday at various venues throughout the city
  • The future bartenders and chefs will demonstrate their skills (14/05/2010)
    Students of Hospitality courses organized by the Department of Social Services shall exercise the Wednesday of the knowledge acquired in the same, before a group of entrepreneurs who demand this type of professional
  • Fiesta silent in the town hall square with Much More May (14/05/2010)
    It is a gathering of music lovers with wireless headphones is convened by the International Indigenous Collective after 21 hours
  • The Technical University of Cartagena organized through social networks 'one left' to celebrate the Internet Day (14/05/2010)

  • The Primi Sport Games champion football Regional (14/05/2010)
    Cartagena The club won on Wednesday to its arch-rivals Club Atlético de Molina de Segura Fortius, winning the title of the XXII edition of the championship that has been held at San Pedro del Pinatar
  • The Gala Awards Sport XXX Cartagenero (14/05/2010)
    The event will be held on Thursday, 27 Mayo developed from nine in the evening at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The Civil Guard has arrested a person to simulate a robbery at his home (13/05/2010)
    He filed a complaint for burglary in your home pretending to defraud insurance
  • Would-be firefighters learn to act before collapsing buildings and gas leaks (13/05/2010)
    have participated in a simulation at Safety Park to rescue citizens trapped in the rubble
  • Cut 13 trees in gardens Carlos III that caused damage (13/05/2010)
    Its roots had been broken five times the water supply network in recent months
  • Remembering Miguel Hernandez in the Refugio-Civil War Museum (13/05/2010)
    Cartagena, Puerto de Culturas collaborates with Mucho Mas Mayo Festival held on Friday, the poetical recital musician
  • Teleco students organize a LAN party this weekend (13/05/2010)

  • The highpoint of the V Prize Mandarache / Hache with the awards ceremony (13/05/2010)
    Caesar Mallorquí and Kiko Amat on Friday will receive their awards from the mayor in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • 16 installations and interventions take to the streets this weekend (13/05/2010)
    Mucho Mas Mayo festival returns to the city wearing art, with special emphasis in the district of Conception
  • The ADLE attends the Fourth Meeting of Technical Projects in the Region of Murcia (13/05/2010)
    These meetings allow for coordination of actions carried out in Murcia, Molina de Segura, Lorca and Cartagena to improve job training and orientation of these cities
  • The Central Government will cut half a million euros in municipal social program (13/05/2010)
    Immigration Roma, volunteers and families in special situations, are most affected, but will remain special thanks to the contributions of the Autonomous Region and the City
  • Improvement of public lighting in El Algar (13/05/2010)
    Pilar Barreiro and Nicolás Ángel Bernal will operate on Friday, 97 points of light in various streets of the town which involves an investment of 216,375 euros
  • Much More presents Project May Idensitat, Ramon Parramón (13/05/2010)
    The artist made his presentation on Thursday at the Hall of the Teatro Romano in the activities of the festival of young talents
  • Continue in Pozo Estrecho, Los Molinos Cabo de Palos Marfagones and occupational workshops Barrios-ADLE (13/05/2010)
    The 27 unemployed formzados being involved in the fields of painting, masonry and landscaping, making their internships in various public spaces of these populations
  • The Governing Council of the UPCT approves an agreement with the UMU to go together to the call Campus of Excellence 2010 (12/05/2010)

  • Each 1 space for reflection, shows the back of nine characters (12/05/2010)
    The installation, located in the autopsy room, has a series of portraits, a dark circular room, a speaker and a red dome light
  • The closing UPCT the first edition of the Chiron Project (12/05/2010)

  • A man arrested on suspicion of theft of material on the work of Luis Calandre (11/05/2010)
    The prisoner stole a hammer, lots of electrical wiring of different colors and Sections
  • Start the Festival of Students for Much More May (11/05/2010)
    The secondary schools in El Bohio and Los Molinos inaugurate the first day
  • The City donated 39 bicycles and tricycles for children from Mali (11/05/2010)
    The vehicles were being used by the school for their practices in Cartagena to the Park Road Education
  • This afternoon Federico Sanchez receives award for Voluntary Commitment (11/05/2010)
    The laureate by the Department of Social Services is a volunteer of the Spanish Association Against Cancer
  • The City of Cartagena Triathlon V beat record turnout (11/05/2010)
    250 athletes from Murcia and surrounding provinces will meet on Sunday in the Port for swimming, running and cycling
  • The UPCT expands the number of courses and venues in the next edition of the Summer Courses (11/05/2010)

  • Alondra Bentley unexpected concert at the Festival Much More May (11/05/2010)
    act Friday at the Roman Theatre Corniche Park with free admission to complete the limited capacity of this singular scene
  • Half a million azucarillos sweeten the Festival Much More May (11/05/2010)
    The City of Cartagena, Cafés Bernal, Hostec Open Commercial Centre have launched a campaign to publicize the festival and the Night of Museums handing out packets of sugar in the cafeterias Central
  • Multicultural week Perín (11/05/2010)
    Music, hiking, theater and a photo contest activities will be held on 15, 16 and 22 May, by the Musical Group Perín Aqueduct
  • 300 pupils are actors in the School Theatre Festival XXII (11/05/2010)
    The event takes place from 3 to 13 May, organized by the Department of Education and schools in the municipality, which finally has a pet, Braulio, and will offer representation of 13 works at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • An exhibition closing shops Women (11/05/2010)
    Launched at the UNED sample work courses elaboradosen glass, paint or roll that have been made throughout the year with the participation of some 200 women
  • Odette and Siegfried swear undying love again in the auditorium (11/05/2010)
    The classic ballet Swan Lake will be performed by the Russian National Ballet
  • The youth football league in its final (11/05/2010)
    The AD and AD Vaguada Franciscans in alevin category A, and EF and EF Torre Pacheco Los Alcazares A, pre-baby category C, taking advantage in the playoffs for the title league in the twenty-second day
  • Cartagena receives the first of five cruise ships arriving this week (10/05/2010)
    Throughout the week four ships made landfall more than filled with more than 5,000 foreign tourists in the streets of the port city
  • Firefighters removed three nests of gull of the Town Hall (10/05/2010)
    Since the beginning of the campaign to control these birds in April, the Department of Health has received 35 notices of citizens and located 50 nests with 45 eggs and 15 chicks
  • 26 Fellows Leonardo Da Vinci receive their diplomas (10/05/2010)
    have been around the Councillor for Employment and the director of the Agency of Local Development and Employment
  • Art Hotel shows this year, the work of 10 galleries (10/05/2010)
    Creations by artists from the region and five Spanish cities will be visited on the fifth floor of the NH from Friday to Sunday, the Festival Much More May
  • The City Council gave 50,000 square meters for the implementation of Contentpolis (10/05/2010)
    The Governing Board has approved this morning the assignment to the region of a plot of the Partial Plan The South Camachos which built the first building of the future Centre Digital Knowledge and Creativity Audiovisual
  • The races of the Audi Med Cup, live on the Internet (10/05/2010)
    Circuit which starts on Wednesday 12 May in Portugal and arrive in Cartagena in August, launching a TV program live via the net
  • Tour major of Castile-La Mancha (10/05/2010)
    Visit the Natural Park Ruidera and Cuevas de Montesinos
  • A book contains the history of Las Lomas del Albujón (10/05/2010)
    This work, Lison Luis Hernandez, was filed Friday in the social and Rosario Montero, Juan Ángel Nieto orchards and Zaplana
  • The study Luzzy Carretero-Navarro, celebrates its 50 anniversary (10/05/2010)
    The Palace and the Casa Molina Pedreño show a collection of sculptures, drawings and paintings of the students who have gone through the study of these five decades
  • Student workers, headmasters and teachers of the employment workshop Care Unit on the Day of the Entrepreneur (10/05/2010)
    The conference was held in Murcia, and aimed to encourage self-employment initiatives
  • The City donated 39 bicycles and a tricycle to an NGO for children from Mali (10/05/2010)
    The vehicles were being used by the school for their practices in Cartagena to the Park Road Education
  • The Socialists denounced attempts to take over public land for the continuation of the promenade of Playa Honda (09/05/2010)

  • The Beach Neighborhood Association Honda wants to publicly denounce these facts (09/05/2010)

  • One year and nine months imprisonment for assaulting a patient's medical Murciano Health Service (08/05/2010)
    The Criminal Court No. 3 of Cartagena final sentences for the crime of assault and injury
  • Between Strings and Metals honors the best (08/05/2010)
    last night announced the verdict of the jury in the various forms of competition during a ceremony which ended with a performance by the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Cartagena
  • You can withdraw invitations to Live In Your Room (07/05/2010)
    It is one of the most innovative of Mucho Mas Mayo Festival, which will offer acoustic concerts in private homes
  • Lecture of Mucho Mas Mayo Festival (07/05/2010)
    art practices, social dynamics and urban transformation focus the theme of this conference to be held from 10 to 14 May at the auditorium of the Teatro Romano
  • Cartagena was created in partnership with Action Aid Baobab Madagascar (07/05/2010)
    Youth Resource Centre is hosting this evening's presentation of this association appears to support the work of NGOs in the African island FAMI aimed at eradicating poverty and improving living conditions of the smallest
  • RENFE, LVEF and the Association BICU join the Civic Committee of the Pedestrian and Bicycle (07/05/2010)
    work at its meeting held yesterday approved expanding the commission and made progress in drafting the regulations for the operation, as well as in organizing future actions for mobility in Cartagena
  • The increased use of bicycles is increasing the demand for bicycle parking (07/05/2010)
    In response, the City has increased parking for these vehicles in the Road Safety Park Street Infant and Real
  • The museums of Cartagena stars of the night (07/05/2010)
    On Saturday 15 May, eight museums open for free at night with a broad program of cultural activities to mobilize, as last year, around 15,000 visitors
  • 14 violations reported by pedestrian crossings (07/05/2010)
    Local Police has 36 controlled pedestrian crossings within the campaign Safe Crossing
  • The winners of the Plaza Molina ideas and have their prizes (07/05/2010)

  • Closing ceremony for home care (07/05/2010)
    Social Care Councillor handed out diplomas to 17 students
  • The 'Up' by Antonio Lopez, won the competition for the redevelopment of the Plaza de Molina de Cartagena (07/05/2010)
    Antonio Navarro stresses the "functional status" of the project, this public space conceived as a meeting place relaxation that promotes the values of the environment
  • 60,000 euros to meet special needs children in nursery schools of Cartagena (07/05/2010)

  • The fans do Ephesus and pineapple face promotion to First (07/05/2010)
    Icue The square was full of Cartagena on Thursday for autographs, jerseys and posters of their idols, in a promotional campaign organized by the club team with the collaboration of the Department of Sports
  • The Youth Council conducts a survey on the expectations of a school community (07/05/2010)
    serve for designing activities that respond to plural range
  • Cartagena will play an important role in the natural gas sector (06/05/2010)
    Enagás President certifies that all investments are held about 120 million euros, which will provide the launch later this year of the fifth storage tank and expanding the distribution network
  • The Civil Guard detained two people for the theft of a boat (06/05/2010)
    were surprised when their vehicle moved with the boat and trailer stolen
  • Workshop School Hostel enters its final phase (06/05/2010)
    Organized by the ADLE, provides theoretical and practical training in the fields of carpentry, masonry, electrical and plumbing installations in the training center Canteras
  • Students of the fourth phase of the Labor Project start their practices (06/05/2010)
    Since last Monday until June 11, the 45 students who have completed courses at the Health Celador ADLE, Dining Services for Children and the Elderly and Lifeguard already receiving practical training
  • Tribasket, new sport (06/05/2010)
    About 800 young people across the region this weekend played a promotional event to be held in the esplanade of the dock, Town Hall Square and Heroes of Cavite
  • The mayor, concerned about the future of Navantia (06/05/2010)
    What is the debt of the Ministry of Defence-owned company and since when is not paid, are two of the issues that are part of the battery of questions raised by Barreiro to the Congress in his capacity as deputy
  • Last day for candidates Cartagenero of the Year Award 2009 (06/05/2010)
    On Monday May 10 is the deadline for submitting proposals can be submitted to the Office of Tourism Doors San Jose or by e-mail
  • Youssou N'Dour, Patti Smith, Martha Wainwright, Gotan Project, El Cigala, Toto and The Melody Gardot Momposina La Mar de Músicas (06/05/2010)
    The 16 th edition of the festival of Cartagena will be dedicated to the Colombian culture
  • Awards contest of ideas to reshape the Plaza Molina (06/05/2010)
    The event, chaired by the Mayor and the Director of Public Works, will take place on Friday at the Ceremonial Hall of the Town Hall
  • ADIF and the Barenboim-Said Foundation leading to Cartagena Railway Station classical music (06/05/2010)

  • In fifteen days will be arranged the balustrade Torres Park (06/05/2010)
    Bad maneuver a truck on Tuesday caused the rupture of part of the railing, which was withdrawn on Wednesday about the danger of landslides
  • Pedro Caparrós, tercero en el Campeonato Nacional de Bádminton de veteranos (06/05/2010)
    El deportista del Club Bádminton Cartagena hizo una gran actuación el pasado fin de semana en el campeonato celebrado en La Coruña, lo que le llevará a participar en septiembre en el Europeo que been held in Ireland
  • II Monitor Course Football (06/05/2010)
    will be presented on Friday, May 7, classroom training Central Municipal Sports Pavilion and will be attended by the Councillor for Sports
  • Entre Awards Ropes & Metals (06/05/2010)
    Friday will be held in the auditorium of the close of the contest UPCT organized by the City Council and the Conservatory of Music
  • An individual arrested for a robbery in a booth (06/05/2010)
    had beaten the owner of the establishment and later was caught by officers in the vicinity
  • The Civil Guard has dismantled a criminal group engaged in theft of food in the Campo de Cartagena (05/05/2010)
    have been arrested its four members as suspects of crime continued theft
  • Mar de Músicas 2010 (05/05/2010)
    Youssou N'Dour, Patti Smith, Martha Wainwright, Gotan Project, El Cigala, Toto La Momposina and Melody Gardot, highlighted in the poster of this 16 edition with a special section dedicated to Colombia
  • Surprise three youths stealing diesel from a truck (05/05/2010)
    Local Police officers managed to stop Cartagena a girl involved in the facts
  • Two cruise again fill the streets of foreign tourists (05/05/2010)
    This morning I have come to the Port of Cartagena and the Oceana with 2,248 Club Med cruise on board
  • A dozen tables alms petitionary celebrate the flag (05/05/2010)
    The City Council has installed next to the Palace Hall chaired by Antonio Calderón
  • More than 700 people for Schools Summer Music Colony and Road Education (05/05/2010)
    The deadline to register for any of three fun and educational programs for children and young people from 4-16 years begins on 11 May
  • Arrested an individual with a history of family violence (05/05/2010)
    Local Agents and National Police were alerted by neighbors came to the house in which he was the individual and two children on one of which weighed on him a restraining order was breach
  • 17 students finished the course in hotel receptions and home help (05/05/2010)
    Social Care Council member, on May 6, will close the training theory of 17 students in this program to begin their practices, non-professional labor, at different hotels in the city of La Manga del Mar Menor
  • Music, Culture and Leisure in the Plaza del Lago with the Crosses of May (05/05/2010)
    The Youth Council and the Council of UPCT Students have organized a series of alternative activities for this weekend to try to restore the area the university district and bring students
  • La Mar de Musicas Cartagena presented in Madrid their lineup, with Colombia as the protagonist (05/05/2010)
    Muchachito Bombo Infierno open this year, to be held from 9 to 24 July
  • President Enagás Cartagena (05/05/2010)
    Antonio Llardén give a lecture at the Museo del Teatro Romano, in the cycle of AJE Business Class
  • The Socialist Party calls on the Assembly that the new hospital in Cartagena has a pediatric ICU to prevent movement of minors to the Arrixaca (05/05/2010)
    Teresa Rosique Congresswoman ask for an explanation of the actual number of single rooms will have this hospital "because data the Department did not leave the accounts "
  • Campus Student Parties Alfonso XIII (05/05/2010)

  • Arrested person claimed on a robbery (05/05/2010)
    The implicated, 24, was identified during a routine check of Police Local
  • The Civic Committee of the Pedestrian and Bicycle prepares a regional conference on mobility in Cartagena (05/05/2010)
    On Friday will meet again in the new administrative headquarters of San Miguel
  • Demolishing the last bridge of the Rambla de Los Barreros (05/05/2010)
    Work for burial will now focus on this last section was used to communicate with Housing New Cartagena Mediterranean
  • Introductory Course for Seniors Chess (05/05/2010)
    Starting Wednesday, a dozen people over Cartagena clubs participate in this course organized by the IMSS
  • A dozen tables alms petitionary celebrate today the flag (05/05/2010)
    The City Council has installed next to the Palace Hall to be chaired by Antonio Calderón
  • Homage to Thomas Bernal Exhibition at the Cultural Center (04/05/2010)
    The exhibition, which opened yesterday, is the first activity organized by city officials on the occasion of the feast of Santa Rita and will remain in the Ramón Alonso Luzzy until 21 May
  • Municipal Theatre School in the fair City of Cehegín (04/05/2010)
    was selected to participate on May 10 with his work the night of a hundred birds, which have successfully represented in various forums and contests
  • Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Navarro Painting Studio Luzzy Carter (04/05/2010)

  • Cartagena is promoted at the Feria de Bilbao Expovacaciones own stand (04/05/2010)
    The City Council will, in this twenty-first edition, held from 6 to 9 May, with an area of 40 square meters dedicated to showing the wide range of tourist city: culture and heritage, language tourism, sun and beach
  • The IES is celebrating its cultural week Bastarreche (04/05/2010)
    The activities were inaugurated on Monday by the councilors of Youth and Education
  • A graduate of Tourism UPCT awarded the first National Award for Excellence (04/05/2010)
    Third prize for a student of Agricultural Engineering
  • The ADLE takes stock of 2009, which managed more than 4.7 million in grants and subsidies (04/05/2010)
    The report of the board certifies the increased activity during the past year launched a new portal moved to new users and possible employment to 282 people
  • 95% pass in the entrance exams to UPCT and UMU (04/05/2010)
    The People's University has been preparing since last September to 120 students in 75 finally the Test
  • XXV International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belmas (04/05/2010)
    Municipality and Autonomous Region have called this literary contest that includes a prize of 12,000 euros for the winner, remaining open the original deadline until 15 October
  • The Loaves and Fishes opens its doors to the new poor (04/05/2010)
    The mayor attended the opening yesterday of the Bursar social works project in the City by offering products at cost to some 50 families in need
  • The Albujón this weekend hosted the Regional Championship Wild (04/05/2010)
    Hosted by ornithological association Peña The Goldfinch, was a qualifier for the Championship to be held in Logroño Spain
  • Torre Pacheco won the Football Tournament in July of young Moroccans (04/05/2010)
    This tournament, with the collaboration of the Department of Sports, was held on Sunday 2 May at the Sport City Gómez Meseguer
  • Results of the twenty-first day of the Football League Base (04/05/2010)
    Category pre-Benjamin C, hearing for sentencing at the league title with the semi-final between Minera CD-EF and EF Torre Pacheco Los Alcazares and EF Esperanza
  • The ADLE / herself in the Entrepreneur Day activities in the Region of Murcia (04/05/2010)
    annual event is the reference for all those who want to start a business or project idea
  • The gardens of The Albujón, a little more green (03/05/2010)
    Young people from the council, concerned about their environment, took place on Friday a tree planting service in collaboration with the Parks and Gardens City Council
  • One arrested for robbery with violence (03/05/2010)
    The involved, 38 years old, assaulted the victim on the street
  • Cartagena celebrates the Cruces de Mayo (03/05/2010)
    21 states and associations have requested the assistance of the City to celebrate in the streets these traditional festivals
  • The chief admiral of the arsenal is fired from the mayor (03/05/2010)
    Rosety Jorge Manuel Fernandez de Castro stops at its current target and switches to reserve
  • Essay in Cartagena a novel method to eradicate red palm weevil (03/05/2010)
    consists of a fungus predator of this pest to be introduced in some 70 palm trees of the Heroes of Cavite and the port
  • San Miguel and is running a hundred per cent (03/05/2010)
    The mayor has visited today the new administration building which has highlighted the incorporation of the latest technologies and the removal of architectural barriers, especially for a better service to citizens
  • The mayor meets with members of the Regional House of Murcia in the Canary Islands (03/05/2010)
    have toured the Palace Hall, the Casino and the modernist Cartagena
  • The mayor will take to Congress a series of questions about the future of Navantia (03/05/2010)
    Barreiro has expressed outrage at the decision of the public company to paralyze the work of the great hull of the submarine S71 which will leave the street to 300 employees
  • The Mucho Mas Mayo festival kicks off with their artists on the street (03/05/2010)
    The V edition of Talent has more than 600 participants from 8 different countries and with the collaboration of 60 organizations, associations, companies and institutions
  • Cartagena UPyD increasing demand for school places in the municipal nursery school (03/05/2010)
    50% of applications for next year are excluded
  • UPCT Cajamar and renew the agreement to uphold the "Chair of Cooperative Agro Cajamar" (03/05/2010)

  • Great success of the International Championship Darst Radikal " (03/05/2010)


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