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Cartagena News - February 2010

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  • The Socialists denounced neglect and dirt on the promenade of the lighthouse at Cabo de Palos (28/02/2010)

  • On Monday, opening the course application deadline Structural Steel Erector (27/02/2010)
    will start on March 15 and will last 790 hours
  • The City Council hires the latest work to finish the auditorium (27/02/2010)
    assume an investment of 16.6 million euros to be spent to stage houses, noise, urban furniture and outdoor
  • The City shall regulate the administrative processes through the Internet (26/02/2010)
    The Governing Board which meets on Monday will begin the processing of an electronic housing management ordinance which is to obtain a more efficient administrative management, transparent and accessible to citizens
  • They offer 800 homes in Cartagena between 80,000 and 200,000 euros (26/02/2010)
    The mayor has attended today the opening of the Fair Oulet Construction, which will be held over the weekend at the Hotel Alfonso XIII
  • Students of the Institute Carlos III won the competition Imagine a different company (26/02/2010)
    Councillor for Youth went today to the act of recognition of these young students in 2 of Administration and Finance, who have taken two prizes, the best project and best presentation
  • XI in the IES Intercultural Carthago Spartaria (26/02/2010)
    The Councilors of Education and Social Care visited the Institute of La Palma to participate in activities that are taking place within the municipal A school program open to other cultures
  • Cartagena Social Graduates thank the support of the City Mayor (26/02/2010)
    The president of the association and several of their representatives held a meeting today with Pilar Barreiro, who informed them that soon the creation of the school will move the Regional Assembly
  • Infantry veterans return to the old barracks Antigones (26/02/2010)

  • High School Students participating in the Chemistry Olympiad (26/02/2010)

  • Fulgencio Andreu becomes the new Secretary General of UGT in the region of Cartagena with 67.39% of votes (26/02/2010)
    Manuela Hernandez leaves the post with 100% of the votes cast by their management during the past four years and now heads the Regional Secretariat UGT Institutional Policy
  • 40,000 euros to promote table tennis (26/02/2010)

  • The building of Naval unveils its new image (25/02/2010)

  • Welcome to foreign students in the UPCT. (25/02/2010)

  • Eastern rhythms with the program T-La (25/02/2010)
    The Youth Council has organized a course in belly dance to be held during the Saturday of March
  • New Senior Hiking Trail to La Muela (25/02/2010)
    The Tourism Program of the City Council Active and Healthy Friday Cartagena includes the completion of the route that runs through the mountainous area of Galifa
  • The Spanish Ballet of Murcia Cartagena presents Daughters of the Dawn (25/02/2010)
    The company will act Murcia on Friday February 26 in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • The new Masters of House (25/02/2010)
    Yesterday, we closed the course of domestic and cooking skills for men organized by the Department of Women
  • End of the road asphalting Real (24/02/2010)
    Early in the afternoon, the avenue open to traffic completely, while postponed to next week painted tasks signaling
  • Local police how to improve their social skills treatment to citizens (24/02/2010)
    Councillor for Citizen Security and the director of the School of Public Security has submitted the report of training activities undertaken in 2009, of which 2,300 have benefited Students
  • Luis Alberto de Cuenca in Poetry Program Carmen Conde (24/02/2010)
    will be on Friday February 26 at 20 pm in the Municipal Archive
  • The plaza Spain will be opened to traffic before Easter (24/02/2010)
    The concessionaire of the underground public parking puts the finishing touches to the work expected to be operational for processions
  • The Sun Gabetta cellist play with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Murcia the overture to Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet (24/02/2010)
    The concert is part of the cycle of fertilizer in the Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena
  • Welcome to foreign students in the UPCT (24/02/2010)

  • The UPCT extends its summer courses at nine locations in the Region and Valencia (24/02/2010)

  • The Straits and The Beal renew lighting (24/02/2010)
    It is 20 new points of light, the result of the Plan and Neighborhood Councils, which will come into operation on Thursday
  • In progress during basic plumbing immigrants (24/02/2010)
    Participants 15 students from Ghana, Nigeria, Ecuador, Bolivia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Morocco
  • The Real Street paving will end Wednesday at noon (23/02/2010)
    In the morning we will cut off access from the port and all the circulation to the Arsenal and the car park of the King and the pair should be made by the Cruzeiro
  • Detainee responsible for the robbery of jewelry Cartagena (23/02/2010)

  • ... (23/02/2010)

  • The Technology Center for Energy and Environment is launching a solar laboratory for R + D + i (23/02/2010)
    Salvador Marin Cartagena presides over the acts of the tenth anniversary of CETENMA that has developed over 40 projects since its launch
  • Cartagena will spend a night with Gabino Diego (23/02/2010)
    represents the work which won the Best Actor Frames Theatre
  • Open Square Cruceiro but remains cut off Calle Real (23/02/2010)
    Arsenal accesses and parking spaces for the King of Par should be made by the Port
  • 14 projects Entrepreneurship Program 2009 in Cartagena finalize the Business Plan (23/02/2010)
    This initiative of the Confederation of Business Organizations Regional de Cartagena (coeca) has the support of the Ministry of Universities, Business and Research
  • IU values the health center of the Old Town but criticized the delay of construction (23/02/2010)

  • The CIM Square opens to the public in less than a month (23/02/2010)
    The Mayor accompanied by the Councillor for Infrastructure and the architect responsible for the project, have visited the site of the new openness of the city at sea
  • The writer and DJ Kiko Amat with Rompepistas in Cartagena (23/02/2010)
    presents his novel on Wednesday in several meetings with hundreds of readers Mandarache Award
  • The Way of Syphon remodeling will cost 14 million euros (23/02/2010)
    Councillor for Infrastructure has confirmed that this action can not be run in two installments but the autonomous region has agreed to allocate a budget item 2010
  • The Real street asphalt to reach the door and Arsenal (23/02/2010)
    Throughout the day today will be opened to traffic from the Crueciro to the square of the torque and tomorrow until the last section, proceeding then to the painted signage night time, with consequent cuts traffic
  • A successful participation in the course taught by Chuca Gesture Creation Toledo (23/02/2010)
    The workshop was held last weekend in the halls of the Municipal School of Theater, organized by T-La in collaboration with the school
  • UPyD Cartagena asks not to be downgraded any ground in the vicinity of Calblanque (23/02/2010)

  • 300 students participating in the program PLAYING ATHLETICS (23/02/2010)
    Sports Councilman shared with teachers and students of 25 schools, a morning introduction to athletics
  • The veterans of the regiment returned to Spain 18 Antigones Barracks (23/02/2010)

  • UI shows its "resounding rejection of the proposed development of Cala Reona (23/02/2010)

  • Closing of the workshop on self-esteem and laughter therapy (23/02/2010)
    Councillor for Women presented the diplomas to the participants
  • Awarded the redevelopment and management of the swimming pool deck (23/02/2010)
    The works, which include the construction of two paddle courts, will last about two months and will not affect its operation
  • The City Council supports the establishment of the Graduate College of Social Shire (23/02/2010)
    The Board of Governors approved this morning a proposal from the mayor to support the conversion of the existing association comprising some 200 professionals in the Professional Association
  • The ESPAC presents the memory of his first year of operation (23/02/2010)
    The Councillor for Citizen Security and the director of the School of Public Safety will be announced on Wednesday at a press conference the balance of activities in 2009
  • The CEEIC ADLE and set in motion the Hall Company (23/02/2010)
    As of June will offer a series of seminars and conferences aimed at entrepreneurs and business
  • Cartagena and closer thanks Ecuador Canar Project (22/02/2010)
    The councilman of Social Care explained to Ecuadorian officials project the lines of the City Council, based on training to ensure immigrants return to their place of origin
  • Work begins on Royal street paved as planned (22/02/2010)
    The City Council has launched today the traffic device to meet the cuts will be carried out until Wednesday and that today is the day due to end with the opening of the rotunda of Cruceiro
  • Health Center Old attend its first patients this week (22/02/2010)
    The new building opened this gushing has received an investment of 4.5 billion euros and has the most modern medical technology, minor surgery and dentistry
  • The mayor meets with the Board of Directors of Enagás (22/02/2010)
    Its members have held a meeting at the headquarters of Cajamurcia in Cartagena and have visited the Teatro Romano
  • VI Religious Choral Music Sample (22/02/2010)
    Organized by the Department of Celebration, is held as a prelude to Easter in the churches of Charity, Santo Domingo and San Antonio María Claret
  • Special meeting of the Local Government (22/02/2010)
    The mayor has called for his team Tuesday at the Palace Hall to discuss issues that subsequently will be announced at a press conference
  • Quote from 300 students to the Athletics in the Central Hall (22/02/2010)
    Young, category and from 25 juvenile centers, develop a program on Tuesday introduction to the sport by various tests from running, jumping and throwing
  • The Half Marathon course will debut next March 7 (22/02/2010)
    The organization expects the participation of five hundred riders in different categories that have to travel 21.97 miles
  • ANSE and ask ADECA not Calarreona Urbanic, near the Regional Park Calblanque (22/02/2010)

  • FETE-UGT supports the claims of the education community CEIP "Vicente Ros" Cartagena (22/02/2010)
    FETE-UGT has written to the Directorate General of Department of the Ministry of Education to meet the demands of the educational community Central
  • The new health center in Cartagena Old City may provide assistance to 25,000 inhabitants (22/02/2010)
    The Ministry of Health has invested 4.3 million euros in its construction and equipment
  • The Municipal School Board renew its membership (22/02/2010)
    Thursday will meet in extraordinary session to dismiss members cease and welcome new ones are incorporated for the next four years
  • Local Police Launches Safe Crossing program (22/02/2010)
    During a week of each month, a traffic control unit that drivers comply with the preference of pedestrians on zebra crossings
  • The network of cycle 30 kilometers to reach the end of this year (21/02/2010)
    Town Hall roads increases and improves service cyclable loan bicycles to encourage use
  • Jaime Cayetano Molto, unanimously elected the new coordinator of IU in Cartagena (20/02/2010)

  • Disruption of an active point of sale of cocaine and heroin in the district of Los Mateos in Cartagena (20/02/2010)

  • DTT will reach all corners of Cartagena (20/02/2010)
    City Council and Autonomous Region will use the analog switch to start repeaters centers bearing the digital signal to Portus, perineum, Atamaria, Alums and quarries, areas that did not reach the Analog TV
  • The PSOE began a round of mobilizations for the Rosell is the second hospital in Cartagena (19/02/2010)
    Representatives of the 17 districts, the local executive, the Municipal Group, the Assembly and Congress come together to ask the municipality to have two areas health, each with its own unique management
  • Inauguration of the exhibition THE LOOK OF Implica2 (19/02/2010)
    The exhibit will be in the new premises of Informnajoven until Friday 12 March
  • The Department of Decentralization remodeling bowling green in Santa Ana (19/02/2010)
    Work completed in a few weeks and will equip the site of a new fencing, lighting and toilets and storage shed
  • All ready to cut the street Monday Real (19/02/2010)
    The City has prepared a device developed in three phases during construction of asphalt of the avenue to take place, weather permitting, between Monday and Wednesday
  • Encounters brings Cartagena Author Gonzalo Moure (19/02/2010)
    With its candy work words come close to a thousand students that meets on 22, 25 and 26 February in public libraries
  • 45,000 euros to reduce by 50 percent the cost of transport to college UPCT (19/02/2010)

  • The Government and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena cooperate in research activities related to tourism (19/02/2010)
    The deal will run for four years and will improve the dissemination, training and research in tourism.
  • 250 UPCT students receive information for the next academic year Erasmus (19/02/2010)

  • Cartagena UPyD denounces the state of the road rise to Tentegorra (18/02/2010)
    The stretch that runs from the rotunda of the Sacred Heart College to junction presents a sorry Villalba
  • Begins to take shape the building housing the Center Day of Sorrows (18/02/2010)
    The structure of the building, more than 600 square meters is already in place and are now proceeding to septate room which will be the second center these features in the town, next to El Algar
  • The City has a plan to reorganize the traffic on the tarmac of the road Real (18/02/2010)
    The municipal Public Safety will be announced on Friday at a press conference its guidelines
  • New look for the service Informajoven (18/02/2010)
    Youth Information Center of Cartagena has made changes to suit the needs and demands of young users
  • Escape of gas in a school in the Paseo de Alfonso XIII (18/02/2010)
    The leak was caused by a remnant that had been in the pipeline to shut down the boiler
  • The mayor gives the traditional side facades. (18/02/2010)
    Its purpose is to facilitate the cleaning and beautification of buildings with a view to Easter falling outside the protected application and buildings allocated to the Coastal Law
  • Students of Hispania Reale Club visited the Cartagena with ADE (18/02/2010)
    The students learned about the center of elite football in Central Municipal Hall, where he had direct contact with the players and conducted various activities
  • The Classroom Set of ADLE received 500 applications in less than a month (18/02/2010)
    Eight of the twenty workshops offered by the Agency for the first half of the year have been covered since it was filed on February 1, being the Health and Safety the most sought labor
  • II Voluntary Commitment Award (18/02/2010)
    The Department of Social Services wants disntiguir this award to individuals who perform outstanding work in this area in the municipality of Cartagena
  • The Civil Guard detained the imam of the mosque of El Algar (18/02/2010)
    After twelve days of searching missing, the Civil Guard has located and arrested the imam escaped.
  • 226,000 euros, Music and Street (18/02/2010)
    The City maintains the municipal contribution to the Easter despite the crisis because, according to the mayor, is the most beloved tradition and an important cultural and tourist
  • Valcárcel delivery chairs the Gold Medal of the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce, posthumously, the employer Gines Huertas (17/02/2010)

  • 400 youth participate in seminars on the awareness of the disabled (17/02/2010)
    The activities covered by the project 9 months 9 causes are part of a circuit that simulates the streets of a city and reflects the difficulties the disabled
  • Care Santos meets with 700 children in meetings with authors (17/02/2010)
    The Catalan writer will be this week in Cartagena with his book Mom Sale, which has been awarded the 2009 Steam Boat
  • The City Council meets objectives on the Law Unit (17/02/2010)

  • ANSE denouncing the abandonment by the City of Cartagena of the recovery project of the Roman quarries (17/02/2010)
    A year has passed since the Association requested a meeting with Councillors of Planning and Culture of the City of Cartagena to revive the project without has received a response to their requests
  • L Artillery Cross raises € 2,000 for the fight against cancer (17/02/2010)
    sports event organizers have been delivered, the chairman of the Spanish Association Against Cancer of Cartagena, in solidarity check to be used for disease prevention
  • I Photography Competition The Modernist Cartagena (17/02/2010)
    The Muram organizes an event focused on the decorative elements of buildings in Cartagena
  • Gsus Villau Funky teaches in Cartagena (17/02/2010)
    The appointment of the choreographer of Fame program is scheduled for the last weekend of February in the Municipal Pavilion of Sports
  • First steps to establish the Project Network of Regional Employment (17/02/2010)
    ADLE Technical participate in meetings with their counterparts in Lorca, Murcia and Molina to shape this program is subsidized by European funds
  • Exhibition of La Mirada Implica2 (17/02/2010)
    The exhibition includes works that emerged from the Social Photography Workshop I of the project of social participation organized by the Youth Council in collaboration with the Social Care
  • Open the deadline to participate in the Patron wreath (17/02/2010)
    Celebration and is finalizing details and groups interested in forming part of the traditional Good Friday parade can register until March 15 Cultural Center
  • The housing is adapted to elderly and disabled (17/02/2010)
    The director of the Institute for Housing and Land in the Region and Social Care Councillor visited the repair work being carried out in homes in the neighborhood and Virgen de la Caridad Private Mediterranean
  • Called the poster contest Easter 2011 (17/02/2010)
    The topic must be any reason to pick up the characteristic features of the processions mako and admission period will be from April 26 to May 28
  • Workshops, fashion shows and star Carnival chirigotas The Albujón (17/02/2010)
    The highlight of the festivities on Saturday will put the first contest Chirigotas which bring together the best groups in the region
  • Countdown begins with the traditional Easter Call (17/02/2010)
    One more year, the fraternities on Ash Wednesday come to the Palace Hall has received financial aid check that delivers the municipality and the Mayor's invitation to come out processions
  • New Red Cross boat Cartagena (17/02/2010)

  • The judge provisionally filed the case against the City for work on the Wall of Earth (16/02/2010)
    In your car considered not adequately justified the alleged crime against property claims García del Toro
  • IU + LV criticizes the "bad" negotiating with Repsol Valcárcel (16/02/2010)

  • The Regional Museum of Modern Art exhibits contemporary flair Cartagena (16/02/2010)
    'The modernist adventure in the collections of National Museum of Catalan Art' opens this evening at 20:00 hours and will remain in the Muram up on 25 April
  • The UPCT and unions agree for the first time the constitution of the negotiating table (16/02/2010)

  • UPyD requires transparency to the Department of Decentralization and denounces the relaxation in control payments to certain associations. (16/02/2010)
    UPyD believes that the Department's performance leaves much to be desired, and recalled that several cases of uncontrolled payments, either the questionable legitimacy of the recipients or paid by works and not executed.
  • Postponed to next week the asphalting of the road Real (16/02/2010)
    rain forecasts in principle have been advised to postpone to Monday's work on this avenue
  • Results of the thirteenth day of the Football League Base (16/02/2010)
    Suspended most matches last weekend due to inclement weather
  • Young Space 104 young people found work in 2009 (16/02/2010)
    According to data from the memory of last year, this service of the Youth Council attended a total of 2,805 people, of which about one third were new users
  • Amparo Larranaga and Jose Luis Gil bring Cartagena Be or Not to Be (16/02/2010)
    The work will be tomorrow, Wednesday February 17 at 21:30 hours in Cartagena
  • The municipal taenicide analyze the implementation of the Law Unit (16/02/2010)
    Officials of Cartagena, Fuente Alamo, La Union, Los Alcazares, Mazarrón, San Javier, San Pedro and Torre Pacheco will meet on Wednesday in our city
  • Start the basic plumbing course for immigrants (15/02/2010)
    will be provided until March 24 and will last 106 hours
  • They start to their European destinations the 26 participants of the Leonardo (15/02/2010)
    Starting today and for twelve weeks, will stay in Lisbon, Prague, Krakow Potenza and by learning the language and work practices within this activity organized by the ADLE
  • The collection the vehicle tax until March 30 (15/02/2010)
    may be paid in bank branches, ATMs and services tax Hall Online
  • Public Works initiated the entrances to the Valley Escombreras (15/02/2010)
    This work is part of the 43 action Improvement Plan Escombreras Valley, with an investment of 257 million euros
  • The community manages the road to Lo Campano Escombreras as an alternative route in case of emergency (15/02/2010)
    Improvements in security will also reach a new roundabout and the settlement of the RM 320 that concecta the Valley with Portman
  • Infrastructure for the Wednesday program of street paving Real (15/02/2010)
    The road will be closed for three days, although with limitations Arsenal will be accessible, private and public parking garages
  • The bridge connects the Rambla and the two sides (13/02/2010)
    Serve as communication with the doctor whose work to expand to become Health Centre contracted in brief
  • Improve joining the highway from La Manga Cabo de Palos (13/02/2010)
    The works are being implemented by the Autonomous Region in a project to expand the capacity of the expressway between the blessed and La Manga
  • The 2010 Carnival Parade moved to Sunday morning (13/02/2010)

  • Cartagena City Council agrees to send to the prosecutor's file Sacro Monte (12/02/2010)
    In this way, to step forward and leave the speculation about the legality of the process of urbanization in the area, expected to be verified by the courts
  • Carnival in school Intercultural San Cristóbal (12/02/2010)
    Councillors Social Care and Education have participated in this event framed in a municipal school program open to other cultures
  • The Ministry of Science and Innovation funds of 2,700,000 euros over twenty research projects of the UPCT (12/02/2010)

  • One hundred children and adults dress up in New Cartagena (12/02/2010)
    Sports Festival and assist the residents of the neighborhood association in the celebration of the festival to be held on Thursday at the Parque Juan Carlos I
  • Rosique Palacios accepts invitation to visit the new hospital, and recalls that the PP always voted against its construction (12/02/2010)
    The Socialist deputy insists that as a genuine second Rosell Hospital in Cartagena, for which should have all basic services
  • A subsidiary of Banco de Sabadell urbanized The Hondón (12/02/2010)
    The Board of Governors approved the policy agenda of the future urban expansion area of the city that will house 5,000 homes
  • For over 45 years will have its own test to access the UPCT (12/02/2010)

  • The Community meets in Cartagena the present and the future of advertising in Spain (12/02/2010)
    Counselors Marin and Cruz welcomed nearly a hundred creative and companies to Think Tank 'A Day', organized by the Creative Club
  • Continued on Cartagena's campaign for transparency in the accounts of the Royal House (12/02/2010)

  • Five groups vying for the final contest Chirigotas (12/02/2010)
    With sold out, 1,400 people watched live show at the Nuevo Teatro Circo, which will also be broadcast on internet
  • Real Cartagena players measured their strength today with the set of Marc Carmona. (12/02/2010)
    Up to them this afternoon, from 19:15 hours on Veo7, give the big step to become Cup finalists Spain .
  • Detainee four men who tried to dismantle an old warehouse in the cones (12/02/2010)
    The local police found large amount of tools and ladders with a wire lines and beams that were cut
  • The group Murcia Auditorium Taray presented in its Folkresort (12/02/2010)
    By purchasing the entrance, the band giving away the audience with his album
  • Sold out concert Estopa (12/02/2010)
    Barcelona group celebrates 10 years in active and will start tomorrow to celebrate his tour in Cartagena
  • Marist students with elite athletics (12/02/2010)
    The school participated on Thursday in the ADE program organized by the Department of Sports
  • The Procession of the Year was chosen on Monday (12/02/2010)
    The directors of the foundation that organizes this Holy Week award have visited the mayor
  • Carnival in the Virgin of Charity (12/02/2010)
    A big parade on Saturday will tour the neighborhood
  • Maria Dolores Soler and Felix Faure, and Barker Nazarene Easter (12/02/2010)
    Guilds Board elects two figures Cartagena as exponents of this year feeling procesionil
  • IU doubt about whether the hospital management of Rosell and Santa Lucia will be independent (11/02/2010)

  • UPyD advocating the protection of archaeological heritage and insists that it is necessary precautionary cessation of work on the Sacro Monte (11/02/2010)
    UPyD considers that the actions of Councillor for Town Planning is unbecoming of a representative of a city three millennium old and always willing to share their secrets and her story with all its citizens
  • The UPCT signed a collaboration agreement with the Logistics Association of Murcia (11/02/2010)

  • The XXI century crooner Richard Hawley, presents their sixth Truelove's Gutter in the Auditorium of Murcia (11/02/2010)
    tickets for tomorrow's former Pulp guitarist cost 20 Euros
  • Last Phase of shipments to the building of San Miguel (11/02/2010)
    Tomorrow moves Heritage and Legal Service, and next week will follow the Treasury, Secretary General, Deputy Mayor and Contracting
  • Alvaro Heredia and Jesus Ocariz win the Tournament VI Intercentros (11/02/2010)
    100 students from 14 colleges and institutes have participated in this morning's competition organized by the IES Los Molinos
  • Cartagena the cut to be part of the Cervantes Institute (11/02/2010)

  • Improvement of pavement and street lighting in Cabo de Palos (11/02/2010)
    The studies were performed on the climb to the lighthouse with 300 linear feet of new sidewalk and 12 points of light
  • Nearly one penalty for failing to comply with pedestrian spaces and disabled (11/02/2010)
    Local police reported to as many drivers who parked on pedestrian crossings or occupied car parks reserved for people with reduced mobility
  • Laura Sáez García wins slogan contest I Put Name (11/02/2010)
    Get involved, tell me, was the proposal selected by the Program Implica2 to name the opinion section of the monthly digital newsletter Youth
  • The School of the Incarnation accounts for prizes in drawing and writing competitions Carnival (11/02/2010)
    The trophies have been delivered this afternoon at the Palace Hall
  • Quique Gonzalez presented in the Auditorium of the Daiquiri Blues (10/02/2010)
    singer-songwriter acts in Madrid tomorrow November 11 at 21:30 pm
  • UGT mourns the death of 20 year old in a work of Cartagena (10/02/2010)

  • The UPCT organizes a conference on automatic for students and professionals (10/02/2010)

  • Cartagena UPyD supports applications Ros Vincent College on the terms of the expansion of the school (10/02/2010)
    also opposed to closing the College Antonio Arévalo
  • The Real Street closed next week for the asphalt of the avenue (09/02/2010)
    The renovation of the street and the square of the CIM entering its final stretch, with the last auction
  • Fonseca: "We must minimize the virtues of the contrary" (09/02/2010)
    coach Reale Cartagena, Luis Fonseca, appeared this morning before the media at the press conference after the conclusion of the Cup of Spain
  • An adviser to the UN Environmental Economics offers a talk on the UPCT (09/02/2010)

  • The monologues I told you in Cartagena Agustín Jiménez (09/02/2010)

  • Public Works construction bids by 36'9 million in the tailings basin (09/02/2010)
    for giving it a large square in the multipurpose terminal
  • Start the second edition of the Barrios Program ADLE (09/02/2010)
    up to February 26 will open the registration deadline for workshops to develop the Agency in Cabo de Palos, Pozo Estrecho & Grinders Marfagones
  • Results of the twelfth round of the League Grassroots (09/02/2010)
    The Local Youth Football League comes to Ecuador in the competition with a record of nearly 7,000 goals scored
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Carnival of New Cartagena Child (09/02/2010)
    Sports Festival and assist the residents of the neighborhood association in the celebration of the festival to be held on Thursday at the Parque Juan Carlos I
  • The Cartagena Community will open an office of the SEF with a 'zone of self' that will streamline the job search (08/02/2010)
    The president of the Administration Building Community Opens Multi-Service Community in Cartagena, which has involved an investment of more than five million euros, with five plants for the Employment Service and Training
  • The treatment plant discharges Isla Plana removed within 10 km of the coast of Cartagena (08/02/2010)
    The City Council chooses to grant new blue flags on the beaches of this coast
  • Culture creates a commission of experts to restore the Roman Amphitheatre (08/02/2010)
    A group of archaeologists from the University of Murcia this morning visited the site
  • A self-service zone streamlines the efforts of those seeking employment (08/02/2010)
    The mayor announced the development of a large study of employment at the opening of new offices of the regional service in the Avenida de Murcia
  • Long queues to get tickets to contest Chirigotas (08/02/2010)
    A number of people have begun to approach the ticket booth in John XXIII which runs until Thursday, in morning and afternoon, with 2,800 entries this year have been for sale
  • II Municipal Petanque Championship Senior (08/02/2010)
    tournament starts on Tuesday organized by the Municipal Social Services and the Senior Federation, which runs until May
  • An exhibition opens the gates of the Parque Antarctica Mediterranean (08/02/2010)
    Councillor for Culture on Tuesday to attend the opening of the exhibition which reflects the experience of researchers at the University of Murcia during the 2008-2009 Antarctic Campaign
  • Artefactum medieval music, in the cycle spaces Sound (08/02/2010)
    The sextet Andalusian be in Cartagena on Thursday to celebrate Carnival in a different way
  • Carnival Party in the Pavilion Senior Jiménez de la Espada (08/02/2010)
    The event will be attended by some 2,500 people and the participation of the groups of districts and county clubs
  • The plant-La Isla Plana Azohía protect the quality of the waters of the Mediterranean coast 10 kilometers (08/02/2010)
    Community President inaugurates the new treatment plant in this coastal area, which represents an investment of 8.5 billion euros
  • The Antarctica exhibition stops in Cartagena (08/02/2010)

  • Cruz Cartagena highlights the carnival as "a historic carnival while leading" (06/02/2010)
    The Minister of Culture describes in his opening speech a party "free, open, deeply felt and best enjoyed at home and abroad"
  • Lobelle Santiago 6 - Real Cartagena 1 (06/02/2010)
    Real Cartagena, after more than a month of hiatus, has faced Lobelle of Santiago in the meeting for the 17 th day of the LNFS.
  • Rosique claims that the 300,000 euros that the director has lost the amphitheater must be added the money he has taken from regional budgets (06/02/2010)
    Socialist lawmaker lamented "it is now when the director is aware of the wonder Amphitheater "and calls his appearance at the Regional Assembly
  • The Spanish major advertisers and most prestigious creative gather in Cartagena (06/02/2010)
    The Region is working with the Creative Club in organizing this meeting on innovation in the world of communications
  • The award is intercultural Mandarache (06/02/2010)
    Teens from several countries involved in reading committees held a meeting yesterday with the aim of Hache, Fina Caslderrey
  • The PCE began his campaign in Cartagena "the transparency of the accounts of the Royal House (05/02/2010)

  • The author of the recovery of CIM shows the building to the students of the University Senior (05/02/2010)

  • In councils, and the city (05/02/2010)
    Mayor visit Pozo Estrecho La Puebla and La Aparecida, the progress of works which will involve an improvement in the quality of life for residents of these areas Peripherals
  • Nicholas Angel denies favoritism in the installation of lighting Perín (05/02/2010)

  • 9 Euros per day for Immigrants Waiter Course (05/02/2010)
    The training starts on Monday 8 February at City of La Milagrosa
  • The Elders of 3,000 euros to help those affected in Haiti (05/02/2010)
    The Aljorra clubs and La Palma have been organized in local charitable activities such as raffles and lotteries, to raise funds
  • The Youth Housing Office attended some 11,000 consultations in 2009 (05/02/2010)
    Purchase, leasing and finance focused the concerns of users of this service
  • Portrait of a teenager's handwriting Fina Casalderrey (05/02/2010)
    The second runner-up prize in Cartagena Hache is starring in the encounters with the author that you are also, as a novelty, the Intercultural Center of Los Dolores
  • The UCAM Cartagena Table Tennis mayor takes you to the Queen's Cup (05/02/2010)
    Pilar Barreiro has concluded with the women's team players and its president obtained the victory in the championship which was held two weeks ago in the city of Antequera Malaga
  • A comedy benefit indefinitely Astus (05/02/2010)
    The work is represented this afternoon by the Company Imagine Art Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • II Contest Limit 18 of the Week for Much More Cuts May (05/02/2010)
    up to March 15, the youngest may submit their work to this contest organized by the Youth Council for children under 18 can express their creativity through short films
  • The Travels of Emily Nudd Mitchell Young Space (05/02/2010)
    Organized by the Language Exchange in collaboration with Alliance Francaise, was inaugurated on February 8 this exhibition, which includes a workshop reading and reflection of the author's own hand
  • The rain did not prevent more than 1,000 schools participate in the Regional Final Cross (05/02/2010)
    The Circuito de Cartagena received yesterday the evidence he gathered students from schools in 25 municipalities of the Region
  • Real Cartagena is reunited with the league (05/02/2010)
    National League Futsal resumes his march to the delight of everyone, and after more than a month's break, tomorrow Saturday Reale Cartagena played the 17 th day before the Lobelle of Santiago.
  • Cartagena's tourist season, in stations and airports in the capital of Spain (05/02/2010)
    During the months of January, February and March are promoted among tourists and travelers from Madrid's cultural attractions of our city
  • Raphael, in Cartagena, with tickets sold out for months (05/02/2010)
    The singer acts am Saturday at the Nuevo Teatro Circo at 21:30 pm, playing their most popular songs accompanied by piano
  • The Amphitheatre Cartagena is a large cultural and tourist asset for the Region of Murcia (04/02/2010)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism and the Mayor of Cartagena visit the new findings of archaeological excavations
  • FETE - Complaint UGT school closure Antonio Arévalo de Cartagena (04/02/2010)
    The Federation of Education Workers of UGT is opposed to the policy of the Ministry of Education to close public schools in Cartagena
  • The grandeur of the Amphitheatre surprises archaeologists (04/02/2010)
    The patronage of the Roman Amphitheater Foundation planning to change the initial project site after the findings in the past two months that place it among the six monuments of the peninsula amphitheaters
  • IU presents views on the proposed construction of an incinerator in Cartagena (04/02/2010)

  • The Community built in Cartagena, a new institute to replace the 'Antonio Arévalo' (04/02/2010)
    college students have preference for the middle school in applying first choice
  • The new map of the west offers trails, climbing areas and dive sites (04/02/2010)
    The City Council has made a thousand copies of this first edition to the tourist office and Municipal Services Institute of Western Coast
  • On Friday Carnival lights lighting (04/02/2010)
    The streets have lighting are eleven match the itinerary of the Grand Parade
  • The General moved to San Miguel (04/02/2010)
    Starting Monday the receipt of administrative documents held at the new building
  • The higher up you go on Friday at Peñas Blancas (04/02/2010)
    A group of 50 will be hiking in the TAS program to the Department of Social Care
  • The 45 students of the Labor Project Phase III start their practices (04/02/2010)
    From February 1 to March 12 performed 120 hours of training in companies, completing courses trading assistant, geriatric care and dining room service children and elderly
  • The UPCT install a weather station to study how to save energy (04/02/2010)

  • Young Space receives 315 inquiries a year on European Voluntary (04/02/2010)
    This means in 2009 an increase of more than 50 percent in the number of queries on this service offered to all youth interested in participating in the European Youth in Action
  • Intercultural Centers join the Youth Literature Prize Hache (04/02/2010)
    Fina Writer Friday Casalderrey maintain a discussion with young readers of Sorrows and the Old Town
  • 415 reported in January vehicles speeding (04/02/2010)
    Local Police carried out during the first month of the 43 controls in the ways of city
  • The ADE led to CP Virginia Perez of El Algar the Race Track (04/02/2010)
    The students participated yesterday in a visit to the facilities and motor racing in the program organized by the Department of Sports
  • The Writing and Drawing Competition School Carnival 2010 has already winners (04/02/2010)
    The selection jury has issued the ruling to the finalists who have attended 48 jobs to the drawing section and 25 for the drafting
  • Firefighters in Action works in underpinning the work of several hospitals in Haiti (03/02/2010)
    The health team of the NGO working in a refugee camp of 600 people to those who had not reached so far no help
  • Cross Regional Final at the Race Track (03/02/2010)
    1,200 children throughout the region participate in the race to be held on Thursday in the categories of children, youth and cadet
  • XIII Jacinto Alcaraz Mellado Award for solidarity, tolerance and coexistence (03/02/2010)
    Organised by the Institute Ben Arabi, the deadline for proposals is open until March 10
  • The mental barriers, a major problem for people with guide dogs (03/02/2010)
    The mayor today held a meeting with the president of the association of users of these animals were in favor of raising the awareness of people about the reality live the blind
  • Cartagena, Brussels and Greece are part of the route of the National Defence Course (03/02/2010)
    The town was chosen because it is a city that is linked to the armed forces and civil society
  • Urban promptly asked the Delegation of the Government to authorize the Historical-Archaeological Park The turnstile (03/02/2010)
    Requested priority is justified by the need for the consolidation and restoration of the wall of the Dean
  • Groups of theater in Spain participating in the Contest Plays of La Palma (03/02/2010)
    The theatrical tradition of the Cartagena council appointments are in the twelfth edition of the event held at the Civic Center from 6 to 27 February
  • The volunteer program has Implica2 young scouts (03/02/2010)
    Technicians and volunteers will give a talk Saturday at the local Scout Group Canteras
  • Concerto for two pianos at the Conservatory of Music (03/02/2010)
    Young performers Ayala Maria de los Angeles and Andrea Zamora, 13 and 11 years old, and winners include strings and brass, will showcase their skills with works by Mozart and Mendelssohn, in a performance with free admission
  • González Tovar supports Barrio Peral neighbors for converting the rail corridor in urban road financing ecological Plan E (02/02/2010)
    ADIF last assignment to the City of Cartagena's old rail corridor in the neighborhood of Pear and halt
  • Public Works accounts for 15 actions to recover the historical center of Cartagena (02/02/2010)
    Director General of Land and Housing and Town Planning have visited the property included in the Façade Conservation Plan and the Integrated Rehabilitation Area neighborhood Santa Lucia
  • The Road I go their collection Strengths Haiti (02/02/2010)
    reccorrido With 50 kilometers and 2,000 meters levels offering, the organization expects about 1,200 participants
  • The City Council presented 40 projects to the new Plan E (02/02/2010)
    La Vía Verde del Barrio Peral and Archaeological Park windlass star performances will fund this year with state funds, works in 87.5 percent will be implemented in districts and councils
  • Via Verde del Barrio Peral shorten distances (02/02/2010)
    The Board of Directors today approved the last works to be financed from the state fund the Plan E along the year 2010
  • Results of the eleventh day of the Football League Base (02/02/2010)
    The sportsmanship between the sets queen in the day
  • A fire on Duke Street is settled with four wounded (02/02/2010)
    The incident took place last night and two of the victims were with second-degree burns on the hands and with an arm injury
  • The Department of Cartagena will be the only two hospitals available for the entire population (02/02/2010)
    The remodeled Health Area II will have two independent and complementary hospitals at full capacity, 16 teams and 44 primary care clinics
  • Public Works helps to recover the historical center of Cartagena with 15 performances in the old (02/02/2010)
    Director General of Land and Housing visited the property included in the Conservation Plan facades, whose rehabilitation requires an investment of two million by Regional Government
  • Social Services launches a basic plumbing course for immigrants (02/02/2010)
    Pre-registration will be from 8 to 10 February at the Municipal Office of Immigrant Service
  • Improvement of public lighting in the Barrio California (02/02/2010)
    Tomorrow is put into operation 13 points of light that an investment of 40,000 euros
  • The Bag of Words, available online in the February issue (02/02/2010)
    This initiative is included in the Language Exchange Program organized by the Department of Youth
  • The students of course dependent on trade and have their diplomas (02/02/2010)
    Social Care Councillor yesterday handed over the accreditation of the participants in this course organized by IMSS him
  • Bart Santana, Marián Aguilera, Fran Mar Abascal Norths and My First Time (02/02/2010)
    The book, in which the actors tell stories about sex, it's Wednesday at Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena
  • IU Cerdá accused of "lying" on the Green Belt planning Alumbres (Cartagena) (01/02/2010)

  • ... (01/02/2010)

  • Cartagena UPyD criticizes the type of work planned and the award of the new Plan E (01/02/2010)
    Consider that the projects have been awarded without any consensus with the political and social groups in the city
  • The UPCT Social Council awarded five thousand euros for the best drawings and science fiction stories (01/02/2010)

  • Are ongoing social works of local Los poposa (01/02/2010)
    The residents of the village mayor of Cartagena will enjoy the new facility starting next summer
  • A new system cubrealcorques prevent injury to pedestrians (01/02/2010)
    The City Council today placed four of the blankets tested in two street trees Bruna Angel, with the idea of going to expand this activity to other areas of pedestrian traffic in the municipality
  • New Construction traffic courts in the Mediterranean by the burial of the Rambla (01/02/2010)
    Starting today and for a month, you can not run on a stretch of New Avenue and Calle Cartagena Good Success
  • Full all in the first Family Concert of the Year (01/02/2010)
    Organized by the Department of Education, was held on Saturday with an overall success of the public who filled the auditorium of Music to listen to the Cartagena Chamber Orchestra
  • X Anniversary of the Coronation of the Virgin's First Sorrow (01/02/2010)
    The Casino hosts a commemorative exhibition with pictures of the group california

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