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Cartagena News - March 2014

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  • René Cascales leads the regional qualifying Cup Spain optimist (31/03/2014)
    Eighty boats of different groups in the region competed Sunday in Los Nietos for sneak into the final
  • ... (31/03/2014)

  • Lecture on the Shroud in Cartagena (31/03/2014)

  • La Palma lived Sunday the Festival of Sport on the street (31/03/2014)

  • Welfare and work together CEPAIM the integration of immigrants (31/03/2014)
    Representatives from six associations formed by migrants participated in Saturday's event organized by the Foundation and the City, as part of the Creating Networks
  • Hall and Hidrogea are launching a campaign to replant trees (31/03/2014)
    The mayor will participate Monday in the first day of the campaign, which will be developed in the residential estate of Santa Ana, with the planting of 600 copies
  • Older Latino dances are released (31/03/2014)
    This morning has completed a course at La Milagrosa, with such a demand from the Department of Social Affairs has announced that from next April 21 will be a new edition
  • A year undertaking as a consultant and florist Dahlia (31/03/2014)

  • El Nuevo Teatro Circo projected Pact of Silence, starring Robert Redford (31/03/2014)
    It will play Tuesday in two passes at 18.00 and 21.00 euros, and tickets cost 3 euros and 4
  • Implica2 organizes a course for conservation Garbancillo Tallante (31/03/2014)
    The project will be conducted in 5 sessions from 28 April to 12 May, from Monday to Wednesday in the afternoon
  • Global leaders in quantum physics of trapped ions coordinated in the forthcoming research UPCT (31/03/2014)

  • Old Town is to attract entrepreneurs to Old Town (31/03/2014)
    Will display its new strategy to value their assets coordinating the project CTracción
  • Statistics expose the census next week for the European Elections (31/03/2014)
    From 7 to 14 April, citizens may consult in person or online, its inclusion in the electoral roll, comprising 151,445 people
  • The mayor makes the traffic side reordering for Easter (31/03/2014)

  • Fraternities are celebrating Lent with traditional events (31/03/2014)
    The Relief organized his Solemn Mass on Friday to end the Triduum and makos Roman Soldiers took to the streets and visited the military government and the Palace Hall
  • Monturiol and Peral, protagonists of a conference in Tarragona (31/03/2014)
    The ensign, Diego Quevedo, was asked to speak at the pronunicar Catalan city on early submarine navigation in Spain
  • IU-Green claims that sound poles facilitating waiting time for passage of city buses do not work for months (31/03/2014)

  • "The illusion overflows Cartagena" (30/03/2014)
    Hundreds of people have come to the place that can Cartagena mounted on the Town Hall Square to meet Pablo Iglesias and candidate Lola Sánchez Cartagena
  • The Governing Board of the UNED in Cartagena ratified the appointment of new director Manuel Dominguez (29/03/2014)
    The Education chaired the meeting in which it was reported that the course in the open university has 6,100 students in Region
  • Forty kids from Comenius present their work in Cartagena (28/03/2014)

  • Tapan archaeological remains of the Lake (28/03/2014)
    Work will continue after Easter processions
  • The theater takes to the streets of Cartagena (28/03/2014)
    Actors Municipal School and La Murga take to the streets on Sunday to celebrate World Theatre Day and honor Isidoro Maiquez
  • The Belones chooses his Senior Queen (28/03/2014)
    Galián Ana Hernandez has been chosen to mark the festivities of San Isidro, which will take place in the city of Cartagena 4 to May 15
  • All set for the V Route Fortresses (28/03/2014)

  • 338,000 euros for 13 residential places for people with intellectual disabilities in Cartagena (28/03/2014)

  • Called the XXXIII Annual Sports Awards Cartagenero (28/03/2014)
    The Board of Governors approved the bases that govern the granting of these awards the deadline for submission of proposals is April 30
  • Cartagena between the three municipalities that best accounts controlled (28/03/2014)
    sastisfacción the Councillor of Finance for this recognition, which supports the work
  • Cartagena Sky and sea, in the sign of the Night of the Museums 2014 (28/03/2014)
    The Cartagena artist Luis González Leader repeats as author of the poster of the cultural event to be held on May 17 and includes more than a hundred and thirty activities Exhibition
  • Road will end on Sunday with more than two hundred thousand served tapas (28/03/2014)
    It is estimated, with this weekend including that around half a million euros were collected in total, just over six thousand on average in each location.
  • Gymnastics in color on the first day of School Competition (28/03/2014)
    The Central Pavilion lived an afternoon of sport in which more than 800 young gymnasts showed their art on ground, hoop and ball to him on numerous concentrated public stands
  • Granted the first aid businesses in the vicinity of the Plaza de San Francisco (28/03/2014)
    ​​ The Governing Board has also awarded chairs Easter, and the call for grants to neighborhood associations
  • Monday is the deadline to pay the vehicle tax (28/03/2014)
    Until March 31 remain to collect this municipal tax, whose rates have been frozen while it has decreased by almost 2,500 units the number of cars, motorcycles and trucks roll Municipal
  • MC calls for the implementation of the Municipal Cleaning for solar Alfonso XIII No 43 (28/03/2014)
    The concerned citizens have filed seven complaints in the City
  • A score of women are already aware of his maturity (27/03/2014)

  • The tree stars in a sample of awareness that reaches Cartagena (27/03/2014)

  • La Palma celebrates the Festival of Sport on the street (27/03/2014)
    Cycling, gymnastics, soccer, tennis and basketball, will be on display throughout the day on Sunday in Cartagena resort, event organized by the AD Codelpa with the cooperation of the City Cartagena
  • Our older and know more about the history of Cartagena (27/03/2014)

  • The Path of the Strengths V presents the latest event details (27/03/2014)
    The mayor and the chief inform Arsenal admiral on Friday on these aspects of the test, the presentation will take place at 12 am at the Palace Hall
  • The Office of Tourism Region visit the new treasures of Cartagena (27/03/2014)

  • The Minister of Development confirms the mayor's plans to Cartagena AVE (27/03/2014)
    Barreiro has met with Ana Pastor this morning in Madrid, accompanied by President of Cartagena entrepreneurs
  • The political groups are now opposed to the AVE station by partisan interest (27/03/2014)

  • The Roman Theatre Museum will give a seminar on Women in Roman Law (27/03/2014)
    Professors from universities around the country will participate as speakers at this seminar to be held on April 9 and has the support of the University of Almeria
  • Pedaling against cancer Contest II Indoor Cycle (27/03/2014)
    City Council, Group Cycling NIBA AECC and collaborate in organizing this event, which took place on Saturday 29 March at the esplanade of the port with the participation of 250 riders
  • Once young people become finalists String between strings and brass (27/03/2014)
    It was the final form of this event which celebrated its first phase which took place on Wednesday.
  • El Barrio de la Concepción celebrates its fifteenth Theatre Festival (27/03/2014)
    The Algameca Group organizes this festival a year posing as a novelty the first contest of monologues
  • A young tourist runs over two waiting at a bus stop (27/03/2014)
    The girl was evacuated in serious condition, while the boy had broken legs
  • Smothering a fire of pine forest and scrub on San Julian (27/03/2014)
    The wind favored the emergence of several outbreaks.
  • MC neighbors Station and viable sector see the arrival of a Euromed passenger and goods not the AVE (27/03/2014)
    They fear that everything is an electoral maneuver PP, as it did 20 years ago, in any case considering this pharaonic work as unnecessary in these times
  • UPyD moved to the City's request for a city street bearing the name of Juan Carrión (26/03/2014)

  • Fifteen hundred cruisers landed in Cartagena (26/03/2014)
    Early this morning came the Thomson Majesty the port for these tourists could enjoy the most emblematic places of the city as the Roman Theatre and the windlass
  • Cheese Week comes to Cartagena with the best products of the Region (26/03/2014)
    He did this morning through a commented tasting in which 40 people participated and tasted the product designation of origin.
  • El Batel Cartagena promotes the Summit Meeting & Incentive Madrid (26/03/2014)
    The objective is to position the city as a venue for corporate conferences
  • Cartagena adds another year Earth Hour (26/03/2014)
    The City will support the day of WWF on climate change by turning off lights again the Town Hall and Park Towers
  • The famous play football to help Juanico (26/03/2014)
    The game will be this Sunday at the Central Pavilion Wsell Guimbarda.
  • An exhibition and a conference in Cartagena disclose the importance of trees and groves singular (26/03/2014)
    The event is presented Thursday at the Faculty of Business, where show Councillor for Environment Protection Catalog à Monumental trees and ensemble Township tree
  • The City and Guilds finishing touches around Easter (26/03/2014)

  • The UPCT opens avenues of collaboration with Yecla (26/03/2014)
    Franco yeclanos encourages students to study technical courses to enroll in UPCT to have more chances of finding employment in the region
  • IU-green denounces "the diversion of Pilar Barreiro" (26/03/2014)
    "for the fiasco Treasure of Our Lady of Mercy with the archaeological remains of the Plaza de la Merced"
  • Nine woodwind finalist in between strings and brass (26/03/2014)
    have been selected among the 35 that occurred in the first phase which took place between Monday and Tuesday.
  • Woman, starring in a cultural day in San Antón (26/03/2014)
    Neighbors neighborhood of Cartagena last week held a participatory event organized by the departments of Women and Social Care, to mark Women's Day
  • The neighbors Borricen provide sewer this summer (26/03/2014)
    The president of the Neighborhood Council of Alum presented the project to the neighbors where you invest 160,000 euros
  • MC Barreiro and refutes claims that there is no political or neighborhood unit with AVE (26/03/2014)
    The mayor José López, who was not consulted reminds you that in 2010 Citizens Movement abstained from approval of urban development plan for the season Railroad and today is against the move to Mandarache
  • Security before the wind (26/03/2014)
    Cartagena and Murcia have woken this morning with wind gusts
  • Cartagena adds to the "24 hours to the Lord" (25/03/2014)

  • Twenty older go visit MURAM (25/03/2014)
    also took the opportunity this morning to enjoy the sample i>from the individual to the everyday./i>
  • Party for the 25th anniversary of the youth platform of La Palma (25/03/2014)
    Nearly 500 people attended the March 22 the City Hall of Palma to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the youth organization of the town
  • Cartagena Polytechnic develops an automatic mechanism to prevent crushing of tractor (25/03/2014)
    The progress of the project 'New Machine safety devices' today have been shown counselor Jobs in Ferro Thomas Station
  • UCAM Garden City, Esperanza, San Cristóbal, and La Palma-Vistalegre Codelpa dominate authoritative League (25/03/2014)
    A failure to address the last third of the championship, as prominent leaders continue counting all their games as wins
  • The Tender Board Chairs Gil chooses to install the chairs Easter (25/03/2014)
    The award proposal, which includes an annual fee of 71,000 euros, will be Friday at the Board of Governors for approval
  • Last Days pargar vehicle tax (25/03/2014)
    Until Monday March 31 remain to collect this municipal tax, whose rates have been frozen while it has decreased by almost 2,500 units the number of cars, motorcycles and trucks of municipal register
  • The traveling exhibition will be an opportunity to spread Cartagena and the Treasury of the Mercedes (25/03/2014)
    Deputy Mayor, Jose Cabezas, highlights the impact of the temporary exhibition will be held in Madrid and the effect named as the permanent exhibition will be on our city ​​
  • The Eurydice Program will help fund youth work practices in companies (25/03/2014)

  • More than seventy organizations learn to manage the new portal Volunteer (25/03/2014)
    The Department of Social Care is given to know the web these days that bring together the supply of the city in volunteering and will be launched in a few weeks
  • Localized possible remains of Cartagena Taken by the Romans (25/03/2014)
    Archaeologists find a Carthaginian house that was destroyed in the Second Punic War
  • The fans want albiazul be Brihuega (25/03/2014)

  • "Treasure Inaugurating the exhibition in Madrid Las Mercedes is nonsense" (24/03/2014)
    Rives Socialist spokeswoman Charity believes that the sample is one of the main attractions of the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology and premiere presentation would be a strong media impact
  • MC described as unacceptable the first exhibition of the treasure of Our Lady of Mercy is made out of Cartagena (24/03/2014)
    It claims this right for the city and regrets the little political weight of the mayor, Pilar Barreiro, not to defend the interests of Cartagena to the Minister Wert
  • Cartagena High Speed ​​agrees to promote the work of drafting of the new railway station (24/03/2014)
    The Minister of Public Works and Planning, with President of ADIF and the Mayor of Cartagena, check out the grounds on which he located the new infrastructure
  • The beauty reaches the Nuevo Teatro Circo (24/03/2014)
    Is the movie this week is issued under the program Tuesday morning Cinema returns to the center and projecting in two passes, at 18 and 21 hours
  • The local cops are updated on Holy Week (24/03/2014)
    Agents participated today in the California Guild of days in a course on Police Operational Update on face processions celebrating ESPAC with visits to sites in the Guilds
  • The Sea of ​​Music boasts hand poster Carmen Calvo (24/03/2014)

  • The UP Women honors with workshops, courses and conferences (24/03/2014)
    Throughout the month of March all kinds of activities such as conference Tuesday morning How are organized have changed: new roles and challenges
  • Marines tested the device path of the Strengths (24/03/2014)
    Two weeks before the event to be held this morning has tested the deployment will take place on Saturday, April 5 at 53 kilometers over the travel test
  • A rolling museum of vintage cars move Cartagena to the first half of the twentieth century (24/03/2014)

  • After the deadline for the Children Schools municipal (24/03/2014)
    Until April 25 you can apply for a place at any of the eight centers that the City has spread in the town, totaling 785 places for children aged 4 months to 3 years
  • The new AVE station could be built in the first half of 2015 (24/03/2014)
    Cartagena High Speed ​​Society, whose board met for the first time in the city, has approved the drafting
  • Mourning in the flags of the Town Hall for the death of Adolfo Suárez (24/03/2014)
    The ensigns waved this morning at half-time in municipal buildings the mayor termed it as a political capitalized
  • John Farina took first place in the National Competition Saetas (24/03/2014)
    Santa Maria de Gracia hosted the final of this competition last Saturday in a night full of feeling and devotion.
  • Our elders are going hiking (21/03/2014)
    This morning moved to Alicante to Route 53, the Rio Seco.
  • Food and fashion at street this weekend for the center (21/03/2014)

  • The Russians also point to language tourism (21/03/2014)
    A representation of the city these days UFA visited Cartagena and La Manga as travel destinations immersion studies linga ística ¼
  • Full Capacity in the Neighborhood Live Archaeology of the Roman Forum (21/03/2014)

  • The Sound of Music musical young actors looking for representation in Cartagena (21/03/2014)
    El Batel host children's auditions will take place on April 7, to complete the division of the work, which will come to Cartagena in May
  • A lifetime devoted to Cartagena roll (21/03/2014)
    The artisan Agustina Moreno says goodbye as a teacher of this art, but will remain as president of the Association of Bun Lacemakers La Palma.
  • The young entrepreneurs will be aimed revive the historic center of Cartagena (21/03/2014)

  • ACCEM, against racial discrimination (21/03/2014)
    On the occasion of the commemoration of the International Day Against the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the NGO held a meeting with the group over the Intercultural Center of the Old Town of Cartagena
  • Experts explain biodiversity in Cartagena singular importance of trees (21/03/2014)
    The activity is part of the European project LIFE + fly of Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente Foundation, with the collaboration of the City and the UPCT
  • Arrested on suspicion of burglary several Los Nietos (21/03/2014)
    The Civil Guard detained a habitual offender and violent suspicion of burglary several Los Nietos
  • The Night of Museums select the projects of the Free Artistic Expression (21/03/2014)
    The jury has released five new artists to show their work this year on May 17
  • Santa María de Gracia welcomes tomorrow's final National Competition Saetas (21/03/2014)
    be five participants to the first post of this contest are played, having been chosen from 17 contestants were presented.
  • MC calls out urgent repairs Alley Solitude before the arrival of Holy Week (21/03/2014)
    Fears that the poor condition of the roof under which to find the niche can cause some release during processions, coinciding with increased transit area
  • 4.1 million for the refurbishment of the treatment plant Cartagena MSW (21/03/2014)

  • The Sea of ​​Music 2014 and has poster, by Carmen Calvo (21/03/2014)
    The Mayor, Councillor for Culture and the head of the festival, the Valencian artist will accompany the presentation to the media, which took place on Monday at the Palace Hall
  • Fourteen young pianists get place in the final of between strings and brass (21/03/2014)
    The musicians managed to qualify on Thursday after playing the first phase with more than twenty participants.
  • "1,100,000 euros lost Barreiro change in the location of the station to host the AVE" (21/03/2014)

  • Origami workshops to raise awareness of water use (20/03/2014)
    They will be held on Sunday November 23 to 15 hours in the Plaza del Icue.
  • A computer managed from Cartagena Murcia hiring workers from 5,000 companies in 24 countries (20/03/2014)

  • Hall and SEF are launched six courses for unemployed (20/03/2014)
    March 26 to remain open enrollment period to participate in these training activities on care for dependents, Restaurant Services, Kitchen or sales activities
  • The new board of the AJE visit Friday to the mayor (20/03/2014)
    What will this Friday at the Hall at 11am Palace.
  • Salesian students learn to assess their entrepreneurial potential with ALDE (20/03/2014)

  • Tuning and cordiality in the first meeting of the new board of FC Cartagena and the City (20/03/2014)
    The Cabezos the deputy mayor has called the first contact of a friendship that will over time and emphasized the seriousness and professionalism of the sports project
  • The Archaeological Museum was moved to the heart of the flamenco woman (20/03/2014)
    What makes the photo exhibition of Cartagena Rosique Virginia starting tomorrow that is open until 16 June.
  • El Batel on Saturday sumergerá in the heart of Ireland with Irish Celtic (20/03/2014)
    After the success obtained in the Casino de Paris and throughout France, the crazy dancers of the company continues its international tour, and will perform this weekend Cartagena
  • The Spanish young lawyers will meet in September in Cartagena (20/03/2014)

  • Six young musicians are already in the final between strings and brass (20/03/2014)
    They will in the category Brass after disputing his post on Monday and Tuesday, the first of which gave start to the contest.
  • The Illustrious trio Ignorant spread his humor in El Batel (18/03/2014)
    span class=noticias_texto>A Crowns Javier, Javier and Pepe Colubi Tired
  • Talks to encourage training Inclusive Leisure (18/03/2014)

  • The Archaeological Museum pays tribute to the flamenco woman with photography (18/03/2014)
    Thursday will be 20 when the Virginia Rosique exposure to 10, 30 times this.
  • The Cartagena Féminas, first champion of the Local League Soccer Base (18/03/2014)
    After his victory against AD Barrio Peral winner of the female category proclaimed
  • Your Wedding at street level, this weekend in Cartagena (18/03/2014)
    The Department of Commerce is organizing with local photographers and fashion shows, photographic exhibitions and musical performances
  • Intercultural Youth Centre visit the Castillito Sorrows of Fuentesol (18/03/2014)
    fortification is located in the same neighborhood in Private Mansions.
  • MC calls for the demolition of illegal works in the slum Virgin of Charity (18/03/2014)
    Careers low in the porticoes of the Chronicler Casal mediantes have decided to expand their local partitions that break the continuity of public space
  • The mayor coordinated with the municipal councilors device for Easter (18/03/2014)
    Two special seals cleaning and electricity will be prepared to respond quickly to any unforeseen
  • More than a thousand scouts in the region participate in the Song Festival in Park Towers (18/03/2014)

  • Successful II Solidarity March for Rare Diseases held in Caravaca de la Cruz (18/03/2014)

  • They sound the first notes of between strings and brass (18/03/2014)

  • Twenty women presume her diploma and Computing (18/03/2014)
    The mayor of Women, Clara Hall, handed them over Monday in a ceremony held in the building of the Miraculous.
  • The IMSEL Anse and collaborates with ARBA in reforestation Lo Poyo (18/03/2014)
    This Sunday will be the activity in order to reintroduce native species, almarjo, sea fennel and buckthorn, in saline soils degraded by the action of mining
  • Cartagena UPyD Consistory proposes to "beautify commercial low disused city center" (17/03/2014)

  • Valcárcel Defence confirms our commitment to launch "soon" the great hull of the submarine S-74 in Cartagena (17/03/2014)
    Community President and Defense Minister meet to unlock this "vital" project and agree that the operation of the submarine is "absolutely necessary for the defense of Spain is not consolidated as the S-80"
  • Hockey becomes a new focus of sports tourism in Cartagena (17/03/2014)
    Around a hundred people this weekend they stayed in hotels in the city for assistance to South Hockey League, which was held in the municipal flag of Cabezo Beaza
  • The Sound of Music musical popular climbs El Batel (17/03/2014)
    Reach Cartagena in several sessions from 22 to 25 May, at 20 am in Conference Room A. More than 50 million viewers have already enjoyed this story
  • Jose Cabezas think someone is trying to neighboring rolling sector of the AVE station (17/03/2014)
    The spokesman recalled that the High Speed ​​Cartagena Company unanimously approved the location of the new station Madarache last February 20
  • Guided tours of the temporary exhibition LVX Petrae Diaz Burgos (17/03/2014)
    Visits begin on Saturday, March 22, the hand of the artist, Díaz Burgos, in the Roman Theatre Museum
  • Small school Anibal become athletes for a day (17/03/2014)
    I was through a meeting this morning with clubs and UCAM Cartagena de Elcano this sport
  • More than a hundred young foreigners perfect their Spanish in Cartagena (17/03/2014)

  • Cartagena celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Coronation of the Virgin of Mercy (17/03/2014)

  • The Social Interclub Challenge cyclists filled the streets of La Palma (17/03/2014)

  • MC steps complaint visibility difficult health center next to the old town and on the boulevard José Hierro (17/03/2014)
    "The neighbors advertised files for damages against the City"
  • An alumnus UPCT presents its research on energy saving in the British Parliament (17/03/2014)

  • First parade of Easter 2014 (16/03/2014)
    After Resurrexit brilliant act of the night of Saturday 15 and our martial Honor Guard, responsible for putting the colophon are the Association of Roman Soldiers
  • The School of Futsal Cartagena repeated victory with a double hat-trick (15/03/2014)

  • The Ides of March bring their good wishes to Cartagena (14/03/2014)

  • A stamp for the 125th anniversary of the launching of the submarine Peral (14/03/2014)
    Post presented this morning at the Naval Museum edition having a value of postal value of 0.54 Euros and a circulation of 220,000 copies
  • Young Volunteers Wanted for Museum Night (14/03/2014)
    The IMPLICA2 program opens a new call until 25 April to sponsor parts, acting as guides, informants or support activities
  • The ALDE extended until March 26 enrollment in training courses (14/03/2014)
    half a dozen related health field catering and activities are offered.
  • The Night of Museums is launched (14/03/2014)

  • Consumption encourages citizens to exercise their right to claim (14/03/2014)

  • Mozart's Requiem in El Batel for a good cause (14/03/2014)
    It will be on April 8 in a charity concert whose funds will go to Caritas, in addition to row 0 enabled.
  • Satisfaction in the government team for the new sports project FC Cartagena (14/03/2014)
    Cabezos said that he had stayed out of the negotiations because it was an internal matter and announced that he will meet with the board next week
  • The City Council gives land to join walks Minor Islands and Sea Glass (14/03/2014)
    It is a stretch of about 40 meters in length acquired by the municipality as a result of urban development
  • The local cops learn the keys to act on Easter (14/03/2014)

  • Agreement with UPCT to prevent citizens have to present documents and data and has the authority (14/03/2014)

  • Luis Cartagena del Rey presents a new archaeological guide to the Iberian Peninsula (14/03/2014)
    The presentation will take place on Wednesday, March 26 in the auditorium of the Museum of the Roman Theatre.
  • The Telefónica Chair Ferran Adria brings to Cartagena Polytechnic to promote innovation and talent (14/03/2014)
    The prestigious chef will give a lecture on Thursday, March 20 at the UPCT
  • Thirty-two Italian students arrive to Cartagena Funcarele (14/03/2014)
    Councillor for Culture, Rosario Montero, the receive a welcome ceremony at the Faculty of Business.
  • Deserts selection processes Secretary, Financial Controller and Head of the Office of the Municipal Government (14/03/2014)
    The Governing Board further agrees contract extension and fractionation of tax debts
  • Start the XVII edition of between strings and brass (14/03/2014)

  • Apex Students play basketball with their idols (13/03/2014)
    Today played ADE meeting with athletes of the UPCT Basketball team in Cartagena Cabezo Beaza Pavilion.
  • The Cartagena are joined by a culture of equality (13/03/2014)
    I made this morning at the Third Conference of the Women's Association of the District of Cartagena and organizes FEDAM.
  • The small nurseries learn to care for their gardens (13/03/2014)

  • El Batel gets into the skin of artist Juan Ramón (13/03/2014)
    His work reaches Cartagena through this exhibition that presents new techniques as used from palm fiber.
  • Cultural tour of Alcalá Júcar with T-LA (13/03/2014)
    The tour will depart on Sunday, March 30th at 8:30 am from the Youth Resource Cenro.
  • Elect the five finalists of the first National Competition Saetas of Mercy (13/03/2014)
    The singers were selected from 17 participants who performed at the House of Folklore of the Palm
  • Immigrant women were added to the conclusion of the March 8 (13/03/2014)
    45 Moroccan and sub-Saharan attended Tuesday at a joint event organized by the intercultural centers Pain and Old Town
  • Eight entrepreneurs riding the business of your dreams in Eroski (13/03/2014)

  • A postage stamp commemorating the 125th anniversary of the launching of the submarine Peral (13/03/2014)
    The edition will be presented on Friday at the Naval Museum with the assistance of the mayor, the deputy secretary of the Development Ministry, the president of the autonomous body and Admiral of Arsenal
  • The Chair Indra at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena investigate on health technology and smart cities (13/03/2014)
    The multinational consulting and technology leader in Spain, he joined the Red Chairs technology UPCT
  • Those selected shall act on 17 May in Space Free Artistic Expression of the Plaza del Rey (13/03/2014)
    [On Friday, the deadline for the participation of new artists in the Museum Night closes]
  • Revolver and The Union bring music to the path of the Strengths V (13/03/2014)
    Fortaleza pop Festival, organized by the City Council and Cadena 100, this year expands to two days, on 4 and 5 April, and will have the renewed square San Francisco as a stage
  • The Roman Soldiers of the Risen start Sunday Easter parades (13/03/2014)
    Between eleven o'clock and one o'clock they roam the streets of the Old Quarter
  • The City Cartagena on Friday signed a collaboration agreement with Kolping (13/03/2014)
    Jobs Councilman initialed the document at the offices of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Employment.
  • Students UPCT Encuentrasport presented, the first company that comes in Junior College (13/03/2014)

  • MC requested improved access to beaches of Cartagena West (13/03/2014)
    Demands access to communicate motorway Cartagena-Vera The Azohía beaches, Isla Plana and Cairn
  • Smothering a new fire in the Canyon Feo (13/03/2014)
    The fire occurred yesterday afternoon.
  • Cultural Week kicks off La Palma (12/03/2014)
    This morning the celebrations were inaugurated at the Senior Center and will run until March 23.
  • To My Skin, experimental expressionism of Juan Ramón, El Batel (12/03/2014)
    Councillor for Culture attend Thursday, along with the artist, to the presentation of the sample at the Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Auditorium
  • Teens in Spain, Austria and Germany are cited in Cartagena with Youth in Action (12/03/2014)
    Will 36 kids who have the opportunity to participate in this European program from 14 to 20 April.
  • A firefighter gets full metal Cartagena in Spain Championships veterans (12/03/2014)
    Juan Manuel Céspedes won a gold medal and two silver in 60-meter hurdles and high jump and long, respectively
  • The basket of Cartagena has changed since the crisis (12/03/2014)
    According to CEACCU and Councilman Consumption, Alonso Gómez, consumers think more before making a purchase decision.
  • The Ides of March bring their good wishes to Cartagena (12/03/2014)

  • Cartagena hosts the Friday Women Festival looks (12/03/2014)
    it will project the Youth Resource Center Greek Movie Star, to be followed by a discussion moderated by artist Vera Navarrete y Mar Sáez
  • The Web of Easter suits phones and tablets (12/03/2014)

  • X Choral Music Religious Shows (12/03/2014)
    Coral Sauces School scheduled for 4, 5, 6 and 10 April a series of concerts in various churches of Cartagena, as a prelude to Holy Week
  • INFORMADLE reaches Red Cross Tentegorra Workshop School (12/03/2014)
    Guidance Service Agency for Local Development and Employment has held briefings in both entities aimed at unemployed and seeking work
  • Session table tennis with the kids in the Intercultural Center (12/03/2014)

  • The SPACE is organizing a Safety and Confined Space Rescue (11/03/2014)
    Classes are held on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • The Union, Mediterranean, UCAM Garden City and San Ginés, favorites to play off of prebenjamín B (11/03/2014)
    The Week 18 local youth football league last weekend resumed in all categories after the break.
  • Nearly 2,000 covers and 52,000 Asians, in the early days of route (11/03/2014)
    Satisfaction among restaurateurs about the progress of the initiative to promote Chamber of Commerce and City of Cartagena
  • Two high school students succeed in Industrial Remote Control with your mobile car (11/03/2014)

  • Recycling Workshop for over hand Chest Experience (11/03/2014)
    It develops in the Urbanization Social Local Mediterranean, where they learn to convert plastic bottles and caps in different objects.
  • Poetry Contests & Painting Women already have their winners (11/03/2014)
    This Private Mediterranean Center on Saturday issued the jury.
  • Smaller learning that older include (11/03/2014)
    Library Cultural Center Tuesday has been the scene of an intergenerational activity organized by Social Services, among grandmothers Torreciega Senior Center and elementary school students Mastia
  • II bolilleras Meeting of the Association of Housewives (11/03/2014)
    El Batel Auditorium will host this meeting, which took place on April 26 and in which participants share their skills with work
  • Cartagena adds to honor the victims of terrorism (11/03/2014)
    Zulo The sculpture was the meeting point this morning to save a minute of silence and read the manifesto.
  • The City subsidize 85.000 popular festivals (11/03/2014)
    Coming soon the call for aid that the Department of Celebration gives neighborhood associations and party committees to hold events in districts and county will be published in the BORM
  • The T-La Veleta amounts to (11/03/2014)
    At five o'clock on Sunday will start the tour to Sierra Nevada.
  • A conference promote a culture of equality as a model of coexistence between the sexes (11/03/2014)
    The City of Cartagena assists in the organization of this event organized by the Federation of Mediterranean Women
  • El Batel host a convention in May pulmonary diseases (11/03/2014)
    It hosts the XX National Congress of the Spanish Association of Interventional Pulmonology and Respiratory Endoscopy to be held on 9 and 10 May at the Municipal Auditorium
  • Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena promote curb "sojadependencia" with broad beans, peas and beans (11/03/2014)
    A dozen teachers from the School of Agricultural studying new products for food and feed crops and more sustainable in the European project Eurolegume
  • Eighty kids in the Intercultural Center practice table tennis (10/03/2014)
    What will Tuesday in a meeting with the players UCAM Cartagena of this sport.
  • Social Care sereúne with officials of the Foreign Office (10/03/2014)
    Councilman Antonio Calderón has been interested in the information services and orientation towards immigrants and has held a meeting with posteriomente social organizations
  • The Rehabilitation Unit of Mental Health Occupational Center visited the Quarry (10/03/2014)
    He did on Thursday February 27 with Healthy Students Employment Program managed by the ALDE.
  • I Cartagena hosts the headquarters of Southern Hockey League (10/03/2014)
    Eight teams participate in the championship, which will take place Saturday in the sports of Cabezo Beaza
  • Over 800 small part in the School of Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition (10/03/2014)
    Municipal Pavilion Wssell Guimbarda hosts this championship on Thursday 27 March and 3 April.
  • Pepe receives the Molinero Palme 2014 (10/03/2014)
    The handover took place last Sunday at a restaurant in La Palma
  • The opera Turandot up this Sunday at tables Batel (10/03/2014)
    Puccini reaches Cartagena hand of the Orchestra and Chorus of the National Theater of the Donbass playing this classic.
  • MC asked for a way to claim the card ORA residents affected by the remodeling of the Plaza San Francisco (10/03/2014)
    ​​ Neighbors seek a restoration of the annuity as compensation for the inconvenience and for not being able to use the card despite having paid
  • Hope in times of crisis is the subject of the next few days of Pastoral Universitaria UPCT (10/03/2014)

  • Tribute to the victims of terrorism by the Zulo (10/03/2014)
    During ceremony was held at the forecourt of spring Cartagena, a minute of silence will be observed and a manifest should read
  • "The solar contiguous to the Roman Theatre presents a sorry state" (10/03/2014)
    SPCT denounces the bad image that takes tourists to Cartagena
  • They claim that "the general secretaries of socialist groups Cartagena" boycott "the act of Roberto Garcia" (09/03/2014)

  • "The vote of vertigo in the PSRM" (08/03/2014)
    @ jcarlos_ortega socialist militant group Cartagena Centre-west
  • The quarry does not rest (08/03/2014)

  • A park with native flowers to La Manga. (07/03/2014)

  • González Tovar: "Let's get more of the potential of Cartagena" (07/03/2014)
    The candidate for the primary PSRM raises the re-industrialization to boost industrial areas as tailings or Camachos and Comprehensive Tourism Plan that promotes cultural heritage, historical and monumental Cartagena
  • Soldiers Californios Romans celebrate their 75 years of life (07/03/2014)
    They do this through a world of activities such as the opening of this evening shows the company who stirs Armed Molina Palace Cartagena in program
  • Empanadillas angel hair and cannelloni, win the Cooking Contest La Palma (07/03/2014)
    The Association of Housewives Santa Florentina, organizers of the event, held on Thursday the contest, which invited the Councillor for woman to chair the delivery Awards
  • Cartagena Firefighters work the day of its patron (07/03/2014)
    A noon today rescued a family trapped in a passenger car after colliding with a truck on the road to La Palma
  • The researcher Maria Moreno advocates workplace equality in the Women's Day (07/03/2014)
    I did this morning at the Palace Hall before hundreds of attendees, along with the mayor and part of the municipal corporation, who did not want to miss this tribute
  • Start the guided tour through the Roman Forum from the very archaeologists (07/03/2014)
    Every Saturday of the month of March have organized tours with different themes that will teach attendees with the workers of the project the last remains found
  • Carnival snuck in classrooms with younger (07/03/2014)
    He did through School Photography Competition, the Department of Education and the Federation, and the winners have received their trophy this morning at the Palace Hall
  • Cartagena assists in Brussels to launch the project DELI (07/03/2014)
    This week has taken place in the Office of the Council of Europe the launch meeting of the Diversity project in the Local Economy and Integration in Cartagena involved through the ALDE and Care Social
  • Marina, an opera full of innovation and simplicity reach El Batel (07/03/2014)

  • Pedro Ruiz García share his Space Adventure at public libraries (07/03/2014)
    The author will meet with students in grades 5 and 6 several primary schools, on 10 and 11 March
  • The UPCT give credit to students participating in the Exchange Language (07/03/2014)

  • The Cartagena de Madrid celebrated their traditional Ash Thursday (07/03/2014)

  • Bajan Fire interventions in traffic accidents and increase caused by wind (07/03/2014)
    The body of the City of Cartagena was held this morning the feast of San Juan de Dios with the traditional Mass in the Church of Charity
  • SPCT considered wasteful invest 136,000 euros at the kiosk in the Plaza San Francisco (07/03/2014)
    ​​ "The council need eleven years to recover the investment kiosk Square San Francisco"
  • Awarded a teacher UPCT for his research on the influence of investors in the business economy (07/03/2014)

  • Ash Wednesday in Alum (06/03/2014)
    40 days in an outrageous optimism
  • Cartagena Firefighters rescue truck specialized premiere (06/03/2014)
    This morning delivery was done in the Security Park of the new vehicle that will search for buried people and break elements such as reinforced concrete, among other functions
  • The Well Theatre Festival celebrates its twentieth edition Strait (06/03/2014)
    From March 8 to April 12, five plays will be represented in the Parish Hall and the Civic Center of Cartagena town
  • A different look from the camera Teatro Romano Diaz Burgos (06/03/2014)
    i>LVX Petrae/i> opens with eighty photographs that portray from the point of view of this iconic artist in the city.
  • Today, the Diary of Adam and Eve, arrives at the Nuevo Teatro Circo (06/03/2014)
    Ana Milán and Fernando Guillén star in the play which will be performed Friday morning at 9 and a half hours
  • Javier Cercas visit Cartagena with the riddle of who killed whom (06/03/2014)
    Between yesterday and today he met the writer young readers Mandarache antipoliciaca Award to present his novel The Laws of Frontera.
  • Gastronomy, star of A Walk Through History and Traditions of our city (06/03/2014)
    Today Thursday held a new conference Elder course organized by the Department of Social Services
  • Big Night at Rumba with Chicane and The Hungarian in Batel (06/03/2014)
    The auditorium hosts the March 7th the past, present and future of the genre with its two joint tour exponents
  • Awards for the winners of School Photo Contest Carnival (06/03/2014)
    Councillor for Education will chair the awards ceremony to be held on Friday at the Palace Hall
  • In progress carpentry workshop Parquet and Build the ALDE (06/03/2014)
    From Monday has been held at the Occupational Center Canteras this training comprising 9 unemployed students with experience in the construction industry
  • The Women and Society forum is open (06/03/2014)
    The day will run throughout the day hall of the Faculty of Business UPCT.
  • Grouping of à "muscle is the theme of Easter poster 2015 (06/03/2014)
    The Department of Culture and the Board of guilds have organized the competition to select the picture that will illustrate next year cartagenera Passion Week
  • The researcher Maria Moreno read in Cartagena Manifesto of Women's Day (06/03/2014)
    The Cartagena based in Germany, where he developed several projects related to molecular toxicology, was recently voted Woman of the Year in the Region of Murcia
  • Explain researchers and companies Teleco how winning the projects funded by the EU (06/03/2014)
    UPCT Applications to European research programs have quadrupled since 2009 and have a success rate of 10%
  • Week in stand by for those of Guillamón (06/03/2014)

  • The City returns to tip over Easter (05/03/2014)
    This Ash Wednesday was the mayor presented the check of 183,000 euros to the brothers thus keeping the number of previous years in routine call that starts processions
  • Develop 2D games at your fingertips thanks to CEEIC and Cloud Incubator (05/03/2014)
    The course, trained to carry out such activity, will begin on March 14 in the UPCT, with a limit of 20 places
  • Education annually invests more than € 400,000 for the operation of the School of Nursing Cartagena (05/03/2014)
    Along with the UMU, works to provide students with the highest quality standards and the technical and economic feasibility of the center
  • Cartagena ended a successful carnival (05/03/2014)
    The Councillor of Celebration, Florentina Garcia qualifies ten carnival and congratulated the organizers of the great work they have done.
  • Augusto returns to center Cartagonova (05/03/2014)
    The mayor will discover on Thursday at the newly remodeled Plaza San Francisco playing the statue of the Roman emperor who presided over the city curia
  • The second hand goes into the world of entrepreneurs (05/03/2014)
    Since January, Almagro Carmen is dedicated to your business Second Hand where the customer can find from a plate to a communion dress.
  • The ESPAC imparts a new edition of Accident Reconstruction Course Level IV (05/03/2014)
    Aimed at police officers and the municipalities of the region, this training for experts Tuesday began March 4 and will run until April 1
  • The rogue Revenge of Petra, El Batel (05/03/2014)
    May 3 arrives in Conference Room A of the Municipal Auditorium Carlos Arniches this comedy, directed by José Luis Gago and White Star
  • The sounds come to Easter Charity (05/03/2014)
    The Orchestra of Plucked City Cartagena offer Friday concert in the Basilica, where the marches interpreted characteristics of our passion week
  • Local Police seize costumes and hazardous carnival (05/03/2014)
    has also reported a 20 pet owners for not picking up stool
  • Tribute to Women in El Batel with a flamenco flavor (05/03/2014)

  • A story made of plasticine in the Municipal Archaeological (05/03/2014)
    is the temporary exhibition, open from Thursday morning until 27 June, formed by twenty windows that recreate fun shapes through the great events of Humanity
  • Caparrós Paul achieved a double victory (05/03/2014)

  • Astrada will Cartagena Day Centre, Residence and Housing Bridge (05/03/2014)

  • "The council takes the postal service to competition at 720,000 euros" (05/03/2014)
    SPCT claims that the increase from 2013 is 140%
  • The Roman Theatre of Cartagena under the gaze of Díaz Burgos (05/03/2014)
    Exposure Petrae LVX, through 70 images, showing the daily life of the Museum, will be presented on Thursday and will be open until June 30
  • FC Cartagena invites soccer charities Township (04/03/2014)
    give away tickets to their members for Sunday's match with Atletico Sanluqueño, in an initiative which helps the Department of Social Services
  • The Senior Day Centers join the celebration of Carnival (04/03/2014)
    This morning Councilman Social Care, Antonio Calderon visited these elders who have enjoyed performances by various troupes and a function of the Mediterranean Institute
  • Computer marathon VI Teleco Lan Party last 120 hours (04/03/2014)

  • Music of Beethoven and Mozart in El Batel (04/03/2014)
    The SORM and Bacarisse Trio will perform on Thursday at the Municipal Auditorium, inside Fertilization Cycle Symphony in Cartagena
  • Gymnastics Gold for the Region in the final of the Cup of Spain (04/03/2014)
    The Cartagena repeated top teams in children's category and silver in senior, played in the championship last weekend in Pinto, Madrid
  • The Teleco LAN Party returns this year with a Technology Fair (04/03/2014)
    The sixth annual event organized by the UPCT, 120 hours of uninterrupted network connection, incorporates other new programming contest as a video game.
  • UCAM Garden City, Vistalegre FC, CD and EF Esperanza Santiago, the best in pre-baby A (04/03/2014)
    Last day break in the categories took a bottle, pacifier, juvenile, infant, cadet, junior and females, during the holidays Carnival
  • The summons Call Ash Wednesday procesionista the large family at the Palace Hall (04/03/2014)
    The event will be held at 20.30 am from the balcony of the old City Hall
  • Mayor makes the traditional Bando Facade Easter 2014 (04/03/2014)
    Between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday shall be deemed granted building permits intended for cleaning and beautification of buildings not protected
  • Unemployment Cartagena remains 3 percent below February 2013 (04/03/2014)
    The, although minimal, is the first decline occurs in 10 years
  • Nearly 200 images participating in the photo contest of young brothers Emotions (04/03/2014)
    Best eighties exhibited at the English Court from 27 March to 21 April
  • Javier Cercas closes the cycle of meetings Mandarache Award (04/03/2014)
    The author presented in Cartagena Laws la Frontera, on 5 and 6 March
  • The People's University Honors Women workshops, courses and conferences (04/03/2014)
    Throughout the month of March all kinds of activities and the presentation of the poems of Vega Cherry or a tribute to Clara Campoamor organized policy
  • The Archaeological Museum displays the history plasticine (04/03/2014)
    On Wednesday Plastihistoria Humanity exhibition, a show for all ages that will run from March 6 to June 27 presents
  • The history of the university in Cartagena, in the Municipal Archaeological Museum (04/03/2014)
    This afternoon the course begins Tuesday at the Museum including four lectures and three visits in which will highlight the historical links of the city with the UPCT
  • Cartagena School Futsal debuts with victory in competition (04/03/2014)

  • The brothers choose to María José García Roche for its social commitment (03/03/2014)
    New Nazarene processions Mayor of Cartagena accompany the bishop as preacher of the Holy Week 2014
  • Evicted neighbors of a 9-storey building after fire in the town of Cartagena (03/03/2014)

  • Women and Society Institute Bernabeu hand (03/03/2014)
    The social, emotional and health problems of women will be addressed at a forum on Thursday, with the collaboration of the Department of Women
  • The ride will be closed to traffic Pier on Wednesday (03/03/2014)
    circulation between nine o'clock and six p.m. will be interrupted to carry out works at the roundabout Heroes of Cavite
  • Housewives Eva Márzquez reward, Almudena Ferrer and María José Zapata (03/03/2014)
    The awards on the occasion of Women's Day will be presented on Wednesday at the Cultural Centre of Caja Murcia.
  • Short, chat and flamenco recital in Batel, within the activities of the Women's Day (03/03/2014)
    With free entry, first-served, on Tuesday will see the Flamenco film: Fatigas Doubles, with subsequent discussion, and listening to Ana Ramirez cantadora the Yiya
  • More than a thousand athletes crossed the finish line of the Marathon Media (03/03/2014)
    The race on Sunday completed its 21st edition record breaking participation sporting event in the Carnival line, in which Fernando Villegas Murcia won the victory
  • Older enjoyed as children of their Carnival (03/03/2014)
    Last Friday Pavilion Espada hosted this gala in nine troupes hit the stage with their funny choreography and Meseguer Ana became queen
  • Addiction to roll continues to rise (03/03/2014)
    La Palma on Sunday welcomed a new meeting organized by the Department of Women, in which 450 people from the region and other provinces participated
  • Cartagena Fire devastates prevent a house fire in the Albujón (03/03/2014)
    Municipal effective managed quell flames originated in an annex room before they spread to the rest of the dwelling
  • MC regrets that the new San Francisco thirty square spaces for residents only happens ten (01/03/2014)
    The residents of the area have also expressed their discontent with the "choking" which is not output by the Arch Street Charity more that residents in San Francisco's own square

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