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Cartagena News - February 2011

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  • On Thursday, the media presents the filming of THE SPARK OF LIFE (28/02/2011)
    Alex de la Iglesia with the protagonists, the Mayor and the Minister of Culture, will discuss the details of the movie being filmed from the last 14 February at the Teatro Romano de Cartagena
  • Cardinal Carlos Amigo Easter proclamation of Cartagena (28/02/2011)
    The shortfin María Luisa Ferrando will Nazarene Mayor
  • Reale Cartagena Jumilla Montesinos and offer entertainment and goals in the fourth memorial "Carlos García Ruiz" (28/02/2011)

  • SPCT asks Pilar Barreiro cessation of sports council "for its inability to manage the sport in Cartagena" (28/02/2011)
    "The sports council is unable to guarantee the clubs or even the Pyrrhic grants approved"
  • Full absolute age to start the Carnival 2011 (28/02/2011)
    More than 3,000 people attended the gala for the election of the Queen, Miriam cartagenera Fontcuberta, and enjoy the original proclamation of Councilwoman Mary disguised Poopins Celebrations
  • Queues to buy into Chirigotas Contest (28/02/2011)
    From early morning a long queue formed at the booth of John XXIII plaza to get one of 700 tickets for Sale
  • Cartagena to the flag during the stay of ships of NATO (28/02/2011)

  • Raquel Abad Nuria Rubio and win contests Drawing and Drafting School Carnival 2011 (28/02/2011)
    On Tuesday there will be the presentation of awards to those selected in a formal ceremony at the Palace Hall
  • Martyrdom is one of the highlights of the Café Cantante de La Palma (28/02/2011)
    The City of Cartagena Folk group has organized a series of evenings for weekends in March, in addition to good music, you can sample the cuisine more traditional land
  • The Governing Board approved the criteria for admission to the municipal nursery schools (28/02/2011)
    The application period will open on April 1 and its processing will be done by internet
  • Educapipol prepare future drivers (28/02/2011)
    Some 170 children from 3 to 5 years of Mediterranean CEIP La Manga have enjoyed this day with local police officers have been taught rules of the road
  • The ADLE available to unemployed youth and a more accessible web (28/02/2011)

  • Cartagena City Council regulates the use of email by staff (28/02/2011)
    Civil servants can only send and receive messages that have to do with his job and prohibits their use for private purposes
  • V Seminar Hall Company (28/02/2011)

  • The Governing Board on Monday discussed the criteria for admission of children in municipal nurseries (25/02/2011)
    will also study the instructions for the use of electronic mail by the municipal civil servants and the reconvening of Mucho Mas Mayo Festival
  • Le intercepted while fleeing after robbing a ship Aljorra (25/02/2011)
    Local Police yesterday arrested the alleged offender, after being alerted by a neighbor who blocked his path with his vehicle to prevent escape
  • More than seventy ensure security agents at the Carnival (25/02/2011)
    Local Police increase monitoring and surveillance of alcohol, prostitution and street vendors during the holidays
  • PP: "The residents of the municipality of Cartagena highlight the commitment of the PP in the construction of primary health centers in districts and county" (25/02/2011)

  • Students of CP and FC Cartagena Beethoven, together with the ADE (25/02/2011)
    Students and teachers yesterday enjoyed a day of living in the stadium through the program Cartagonova Approach to Sport à ‰ lite organized by Sports
  • The NATO ships will be open to the public (25/02/2011)
    While in Cartagena can be visited from 10 to 13 hours per week, and 15 to 18.30 hours in the afternoon, Saturday and Sunday in Muelle de la Curra and the Cruise Terminal
  • The largest dedicated Carnival 2011 Sports (25/02/2011)
    About thirteen hundred people will participate on Friday March 4 at the party organized by the Department of Social Services to celebrate this year's Carnaval
  • Young Space last year served over 47,000 youth (25/02/2011)
    The Activities Report 2010 reveals that the main questions are about housing programs, mobility, and employment opportunities, to cope with unemployment, which affected 13% under 25 years of Cartagena
  • The Mediterranean CEIP involved in the project Educapipol (25/02/2011)
    child students on Monday held a meeting with the local police to learn in a fun, driver education, a collaborating performance in the region and City Council
  • The Deputy Mayor receives Ambassador of Palestine in Spain (25/02/2011)
    During a formal visit to the Palace Consitorial, Agustín Guillén has met with Musa Amer Odeh found in Cartagena participate in the forum on the Middle East in the CIM
  • UPyD is committed to transforming the Company in Old Town Municipal Housing Corporation to manage a rental housing plan (25/02/2011)

  • And Reale Cartagena Jumilla Montesinos dispute this Sunday memorial football IV "Carlos García Ruiz" (25/02/2011)

  • The campaign for control of trucks and vans were settled with six complaints (25/02/2011)
    During the seven days that has gone on this action, which was carried out in collaboration with the DGT, the local police have checked and reviewed a total of 300 vehicles throughout the municipality
  • The ADLE Classroom Set of 400 applications received in a week (25/02/2011)
    In its sixth year, this program was consolidated as the reference track to seek employment in Cartagena
  • SPCT considered essential for economic recovery final approval of General Plan (25/02/2011)
    SPCT expects the autonomous community does not accept the claim to urbanize Cala Pilar Barreiro Reona
  • Pilar Blanco Classroom Poetry (24/02/2011)
    The date is Friday 25 at 20.00 pm in Artillery Park
  • New lighting in the Barrio Cuatro Santos and City Garden (24/02/2011)
    The City Council has allocated 154,000 euros to improve urban services in these areas, within the activities of the Investment Plan 2010-2011
  • The first NATO ships calling at Cartagena (24/02/2011)
    This weekend will be up to 17 that will bring about 3,500 sailors aboard
  • A few days in UPCT reveal the future of bluefin tuna (24/02/2011)

  • The new website of the Convention Bureau will promote the tourism business (24/02/2011)
    The new portal Cartagena announce events and provide data infrastructure as the new auditorium which will be operational by June
  • Segado explained the project developers and builders Pinwheel (24/02/2011)
    The council had promised to give details of municipal plans regarding the forthcoming sale of plots on the hill environment
  • SPCT denounces "the desperate situation in which the guides are the leading Muram three months without charge" (24/02/2011)
    "and the hard time facing the museum
  • Climbing and role play with the program T-La (24/02/2011)
    Events will take place this weekend at Portman and facilities Youth Resource Center
  • Carnival lights illuminate this weekend Cartagena (24/02/2011)
    On Friday, the lights illuminating the ten streets you will pass the Grand Parade, while Saturday's Grand Gala will be held at the Central Pavilion
  • PP: "The government did not study the unfolding of La Manga to the fiasco of the last work" (24/02/2011)

  • The bank collected 2,350 copies of books for this course (24/02/2011)
    After your documentation has been delivered to 477 schools who requested
  • The higher up you go to a new hiking trail (24/02/2011)
    Fifty elderly people will travel on Friday, a stretch of twenty miles discovering the sites of Mula and Bullas with this activity organized by the Department of Social Care
  • Encounters with the Author in the World Punic (24/02/2011)
    is held on Friday in the activities of X Anviversario Cartagena Puerto de Culturas
  • ... (24/02/2011)

  • The older Painting Course ends (24/02/2011)
    Social Care Council member gave this project closed yesterday as part of the Trunk of Experience organized by the Municipal Social Services
  • Real Cartagena wins charity game (24/02/2011)

  • IU-Greens criticized the regional government for "violating" the plan for relocation of workers Zinser (23/02/2011)

  • The Princess of Asturias inaugurated the hospital 'Santa Lucia' in Cartagena, a pioneer in health management and modern technology (23/02/2011)
    His Royal Highness the Princess of Asturias learn all the details of this important health infrastructure, which represents an investment of 190 million euros from the regional Government
  • Browse the Internet and manage the testing PC are already overcome by our elders (23/02/2011)
    Students Computing Course Level II organized by Social Services have received this morning its deserved diplomas from the Social Care Councillor, Antonio Calderón
  • Carnival 2011 in the Barrio Virgen de la Caridad (23/02/2011)
    Sunday, March 6 neighbors enjoy the parade, display of jokes and action choreography group Renacer
  • Modernism, star today in the Muram (23/02/2011)
    The hall of the museum is home to this afternoon's presentation of the book Modernism in Alcoy, and the conference Modernism and crafts
  • About 700 Cartagena car share and travel to Paris (23/02/2011)

  • More than 500 people on the first anniversary activities Puerto de Culturas (23/02/2011)
    Over the past weekend's success was evident public who came to Wall to participate in events they have organized related Punic world
  • Social Services to form 34 new carers for people with Alzheimer's (23/02/2011)
    The students who participated in the course yesterday received his diploma from the Social Care Councillor, Antonio Calderon in a ceremony held in the building of the Miraculous
  • The PFIC No Cartagena 3 wins regional contest final Murcia Skill (22/02/2011)
    Youth Councillor, Ruth Collins, Rocío López has given the prize that is your pass to the national pageant to be held in Madrid in April
  • No struggling in a robbery and look at the attacker, chief counsel for the safety of our elders (22/02/2011)
    About 100 elderly people have paid attention to these indications of the local police during a new lecture given this morning at the Park Security
  • Sale of contracting the construction and operation of World Sports Complex 82 (22/02/2011)
    Successful bidders will have an administrative concession for a maximum period of 75 years
  • The City Council in land expropriation and the street Tentegorra Gisbert (22/02/2011)
    will serve to widen the avenue of Portus and maintain the garden as a green area opposite the panoramic lift
  • Bicity introduces innovations and increase the number of partners (22/02/2011)
    In the last week has seen two high day, from today you can rent bikes with Credit Cards and tomorrow will be operational point rental in front of the shield Alameda
  • "The mayor still does not provide the justification for spending protocol" (22/02/2011)

  • Segado denies that there are plundering the archaeological remains on the hill of windlass (22/02/2011)

  • Results of the fifteenth day of the Local League Soccer XVIII base (22/02/2011)
    Well Juvenia CD and CD Strait Algar, interim leaders, are postulated as title favorites fry A
  • Oro and bronze for CD Primi Sport in Championship Spain offroad (22/02/2011)
    Six sportsmen cartageneros participated last weekend competition organized by Sports Federation disabled intellectual (FEddi) locally extremeña Zafra
  • Eleven experts reveal the keys to successfully employed by a company (22/02/2011)

  • Poster announcing the parties XXII Carthaginians and Romanoa (21/02/2011)

  • Cartagena hosts the final regional contest Murcia Skill (21/02/2011)
    Proof, specialty salon, will take place tomorrow February 22 at the Integrated Training Center (IPPC) of Cartagena, Santa Lucia, from 9 to 14 , 30 am
  • New technologies have dominated the stand of Cartagena in Turismur (21/02/2011)

  • CLH group explains how they affect our daily lives fuels (21/02/2011)

  • Barreiro criticizes the silence of the PSOE after its file criminal charges against government officials and councilors (21/02/2011)

  • A new system opens the traffic lights over the city bus (21/02/2011)

  • Three students of the Workshop School Hostel get a contract after practice (21/02/2011)

  • ASPERMUR showed the reality of Asperger's International Day of the syndrome (21/02/2011)

  • Arrested two Lithuanians with 28 kilos of hashish (21/02/2011)
    The involvement of the local police took place last Friday in Rosario Street
  • New lighting in Isla Plana, La Azohía and Campillo de Adentro (21/02/2011)
    Tuesday are put in place the 18 new points of light, whose investment exceeds € 55,000
  • A French film Bag Languages (21/02/2011)
    Youth Program organized screened on Wednesday at the Alliance Française Vipa film ¨ re au poing, subtitled version
  • Full solidarity in the two representations of Jesus Christ Superstar (21/02/2011)
    Municipal School of Theatre staged the play before 1,600 spectators in aid of Oscar Romero Committee Cartagena
  • The Community settled in Cartagena 'smart traffic lights' that will reduce up to 20 percent on bus timeout (21/02/2011)
    The "EBUS" is a system of 'priority traffic lights' that regulates the passage of buses at intersections with greater intensity traffic, which leads to a reduction in the duration of urban trips
  • Begoña García Retegui meets tomorrow with the managers of Polygon Cabezo Beaza to know the problems of the area (20/02/2011)
    The Socialist candidate remain in the afternoon a meeting with women's associations in La Palma
  • The Government of Spain Rambla conditions the lighting for the enjoyment of the citizens (19/02/2011)
    investment amounted to 150,300 euros and includes a storm drain and a pedestrian
  • SPCT Councilman Sports requires that the face and does not consent to the disappearance of CD Dolorense (18/02/2011)
    SPCT alleged that the management of the Department of Sports is ominous about the football base in Cartagena
  • UPyD reiterates the proposal made several months ago to convert the Naval Hospital in a public nursing home (18/02/2011)

  • Canteras have a new social club in two weeks (18/02/2011)
    The Mayor, Pilar Barreiro, this morning visited the works that the council is running in the slums of Quarries, Galifa and Villalba, for which it has earmarked a total of 1 million Euro
  • The History of Cartagena in a click playmobil (18/02/2011)
    The Punic Wall housing until March 31 a recreation with these little dolls from different eras of the city, an activity that is part of the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Puerto de Culturas
  • The recovery of the Punic Wall, captured in a photographic exhibition (18/02/2011)
    converting the past into the future, pick up the key moments of the work brought to light this site through snapshots which can be seen today in the tourist interpretive center
  • The group brings CLH exposure Cartagena Energy Move (18/02/2011)
    The exhibition, itinerant, will be inaugurated on Monday by the Town Planning and Sustainable Development in the Plaza Juan XXIII
  • A place to play in the World Punic (18/02/2011)

  • The Workshop School students receive their diplomas Hostel (18/02/2011)
    Youth Councillor will chair the event on Monday at the Palace Hall
  • UPCT Students may obtain a double degree with a prestigious British university (18/02/2011)

  • Justice filed the complaint against the Deputy Mayor and two (18/02/2011)
    had been accused of malfeasance by the erroneous granting of a license that was later corrected
  • The sample Hasdrubalis Arx opened in Alcalá de Henares (17/02/2011)
    The exhibition includes the most important archaeological finds of Cartagena opens tomorrow, February 18, in the city of Madrid with the assistance provided to the Councillor of Culture, Rosario Montero
  • About thirty motorists fined for not wearing a seat belt (17/02/2011)
    The road safety campaign that the local police conducted throughout the municipality aims to raise awareness, too, about the use of approved child restraints
  • IV Transit Racing Carnival / I Regatta Ship Juan Sebastian Elcano (17/02/2011)
    Held on 26 with leaving the port of Cartagena in the direction of Gilad, where the yachts participating in the Regata de Carnaval 2011
  • Talks Punic novel in the world (17/02/2011)

  • The Saint Vincent de Paul School is about elite athletics (17/02/2011)
    One hundred students were on Wednesday with Elcano Athletic Club within the ADE program activities of the Department of Sports
  • Cartagena hosts first seminar Day García y Bellido (17/02/2011)
    The meeting to remind the teacher of Spanish archeology will be held on Friday 25 February at the hall of the Museo del Teatro Romano
  • Local Police shows the greatest ways to improve their safety (17/02/2011)
    On Tuesday, Feb. 22 chat will give a new Security Park to explain how to avoid becoming victims of crime
  • Symposium on the architecture of Roman Theatre in Cartagena (17/02/2011)
    Fifteen professionals from France, Germany and Italy will attend the meeting on Tuesday 22 February at 20.00 hours in the auditorium of the Theatre Museum
  • Urban gives green light to a detailed study of 5,000 square meters in the CC1.1 (17/02/2011)
    Meanwhile, the Finance Committee reported favorably on the Use and Operation Regulations of Municipal Sports Facilities
  • Success in Cartagena (17/02/2011)

  • UPyD proposes the creation of an interpretive center of fishing on the environment of Santa Lucia (16/02/2011)
    to promote awareness and education fishing
  • Old first hotel and housing in the environment of the windlass (16/02/2011)
    The board of directors of the municipal corporation today approved the specifications for the sale of 13 parcels
  • Deadline to pay registration to the Forts Trail II (16/02/2011)
    The people who have not made the entry will be written off and re-open the entry system on February 25 so they can sign up new interest in competitions with vacancies
  • The FFRM and Real Cartagena peñistas united in adversity (16/02/2011)

  • On Monday, the media presents the filming of THE SPARK OF LIFE (16/02/2011)
    Alex de la Iglesia with the protagonists, the Mayor and the Minister of Culture, will discuss the details of the movie being filmed from earlier this week at the Teatro Romano
  • It will increase residential places for further implementation of the Law Unit (16/02/2011)

  • The 22 Fellows Leonardo depart on Monday heading to Europe (16/02/2011)
    For twelve weeks, will have the opportunity to learn the language and work experience in companies in Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland
  • González Tovar turns on the lighting of the roundabout access Alumbres (16/02/2011)
    The project has required the placement of 4 lamps and investment by the Ministry of Development of 40,000 euros
  • The literary world even closer to Your Library on the Web (16/02/2011)
    Backed by the success of visits to the web of municipal libraries, the City increases its presence on the Internet bandwagon of social networking through two blogs and trails on facebook and twitter pages
  • New bicycle parking in the Albujón, La Aljorra and Miranda (16/02/2011)
    The three councils now have four points of safety for bikes by responding to requests from neighborhood associations
  • Macroade starts (15/02/2011)

  • Day Memorial Day Asperger Syndrome (15/02/2011)
    The event organized by the association of this disease in Murcia will be opened by the Councillor for Education, Josefa Maroto, on Friday Feb. 18 in Building Antigones of UPCT
  • I caught with stolen TDT modules in 48 houses in El Algar (15/02/2011)
    The girl, who stored them in his house all the material, he acknowledged that perpetrator was identified as the Local Police
  • 100 coaches in the Football League extend their knowledge base (15/02/2011)
    have participated in the seminar basic training for technicians grassroots Local League, where they have been taught, among other subjects, social skills and first aid Soccer fields
  • Photos and playmobil clicks to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Puerto de Culturas (15/02/2011)
    The Mayor, Pilar Barreiro, presented the first two exhibitions to commemorate the launch of the interpretation centers
  • City and Cartagena Reale MacroADE organize a futsal in support (15/02/2011)
    At the end of March, and through the Sports Outreach program of à ‰ lite, about 500 students will gather at the Sports Central Pavilion to attend a game Cartagena computer training
  • Gets angry after learning he had to pay out your car's tank (15/02/2011)
    The incident took place on Monday, when the individual's started a fight with the windows of City Council, prompting the intervention of local police
  • The City demolished by order of the Supreme Court an illegal wall in the Rambla de Benipila (15/02/2011)
    Building invaded an area of public domain and four land owners
  • The students of the workshop Care Unit in the Hall begin their working practices (15/02/2011)
    This project is the result of collaborative arrangements that the ALDE has signed with the Ministry of Employment, Messengers of Peace and Astus
  • The City Council delivered 117,000 euros for Carnival 2011 (15/02/2011)
    The mayor, responsible for delivering the check, explained that the municipal contribution to the festivities this year has been reduced by 13,000 euros for the items not to touch Social Care intended to needy people
  • Results of the fourteenth day of the XVIII Local Youth Football League (15/02/2011)
    The Union CD CF and Algar, intractable leaders in the youngest category A, walk fast to the championship title
  • SPCT propose a thorough reform of municipal decentralization model (15/02/2011)
    Spct believes that the current model encourages neighborhood groups' requests municipal segregation
  • Experts in Automation discussed in UPCT how to reduce energy consumption in the Region (14/02/2011)

  • The winch will be the largest open-air archaeological park of Spain (14/02/2011)
    The Mayor and Deputy Government this morning visited the reclamation works of the archaeological heritage which has invested 4 million euros of Plan E and generates more than Sixty employees direct
  • About 120 homes will improve its accessibility to the declaration of the Old Town ARI (14/02/2011)

  • The older they learn to use a cane for walking tours (14/02/2011)
    The Department of Social Services has organized a workshop with a dozen participants in the Rosa Park
  • Work begins on the three roundabouts on the road Torreciega (14/02/2011)

  • We present the exhibition to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Puerto de Culturas (14/02/2011)
    The mayor will be on Tuesday in the Punic Wall in the press screening of the photography exhibition on the restoration of this site and click on playmobil made on the history of Cartagena
  • About 300 students participate in the I Olympiad Agrifood is organized in Europe (14/02/2011)

  • A regulation shall ensure the proper use of sports facilities (14/02/2011)
    The project was approved this morning in a meeting of government and provides the operation and management of facilities, and the rights and obligations of users
  • The Government delegate visits the E Plan in Cartagena winch (14/02/2011)
    The works have an amount of EUR 4 million and create 66 direct jobs
  • Public Works initiated the improvement of access to the industrial zone of Cartagena Cabezo Beaza (14/02/2011)
    The Community invests 1.3 million euros to improve road safety on a road along which more than two million vehicles a year
  • The Information and Support Centre of the Social Security expands its facilities Cartagena (14/02/2011)
    has 20 officers who attended last year 63,120 people
  • SPCT requires immediate way of cleaning solution to the problem being faced by the school Virgen del Carmen (14/02/2011)

  • SPCT commitment to austerity, transparency and participation in his election bid (12/02/2011)
    SPCT considers it essential that the economic situation known Cartagena Town Hall
  • Party Cartagenera on metal containers in the deputation of the Aljorra (11/02/2011)

  • The school ADE on the professional table tennis (11/02/2011)
    Students of Colegio San Francisco Javier shared the day yesterday with players UCAM-Floymape Cartagena, in the Outreach Program at Elite Sports
  • The local police checked trucks and vans (11/02/2011)

  • The ADLE preparing new courses and workshops in Classroom Sets (11/02/2011)
    On Monday February 14 opens the registration period for the 20 workshops to be held between February and June 2011 under the motto effective orientation towards employment
  • Companies that choose to reopen La Uva Jumillano have five days to correct errors (11/02/2011)
    After the opening session which took place this morning, has been detected in the absence of documentation in some deals, hence the term to provide it and proceed then assesses the economic proposals
  • Cartagena Enterprises celebrates its first birthday with more than 125,000 visits (11/02/2011)

  • The City Council denied the looting of archaeological sites in the windlass (11/02/2011)
    Works of adequacy of the hill have the constant supervision of the Directorate General of Culture
  • The Risen Guild donated to the Holy and Royal Hospital of Charity (11/02/2011)
    the throne used to move to the Virgin of Charity, at their outputs for our city, for more than 50 years
  • The biggest clubs in the municipality of Cartagena include government investment in local social PP (11/02/2011)

  • SPCT, "the complaint of the headman of the PP Perín against Juan Luis Martínez Madrid to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (10/02/2011)
    SPCT expects" the mayor of Cartagena explain who prosecute the policy now. "
  • VII winners Chess Tournament Intercentros raise their trophies (10/02/2011)

  • 110 elementary students learn illustration in the encounter with Federico Delicado (10/02/2011)
    The author of The Sleeping scoundrel met with students at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy within the program of the Municipal Library Network
  • Local Police intensified the fight against theft in the Campo de Cartagena (10/02/2011)
    Between 7 and February 16, officers carried out night patrols to vehicles in more than fifty points in the roads that connect the isolated farming areas the Region
  • The Auditorium, lacking the finishing touches (10/02/2011)
    The work moves quickly and the whole time, both inside and especially outside the building, which has identified a playground for the enjoyment of the small
  • More than 15,000 passengers have used the bus to the new hospital from its inception (10/02/2011)
    Line 18, which runs every 15 minutes from Bastarreche, began operating in October coinciding with the move at the first visit to the hospital and since then has multiplied by six the number of users
  • Carnival 2011 wants to bring to the streets of Cartagena (10/02/2011)
    Celebrations Councillor, Florentina Garcia, will herald the holidays this year protagonists are the groups and the Cartagena jokes have been invited to the carnival Cadiz
  • The Ombudsman and the UPCT cooperate in the protection of the guarantees of the citizens (10/02/2011)

  • UPCT investigators know the advantages of the European Regions Research and Innovation (10/02/2011)

  • Cut water Tallante (10/02/2011)
    Due to maintenance of the network, Aquagest cut on Monday morning the water supply in the village and the villages nearby Cartagena
  • Money for San Silvestre for the Cancer Association (10/02/2011)
    Councillor for Sports has delivered a check to the local board president for the amount of 1,280 euros, from some of the inscriptions
  • UPyD remains in its election manifesto the need to reform the municipal system and promoting initiatives to reorganize the county map (09/02/2011)

  • Community support of the installation of elevators in buildings of the Old Town (09/02/2011)

  • Work begins on the exit ramp from Cartagena to La Manga on the motorway CT-32 (09/02/2011)
    complement the redevelopment of the third lane to improve access to Cartagena and avoid withholding
  • The City Council is to collect the vehicle tax (09/02/2011)
    up to March 31 may voluntarily pay the municipal tax, of which 144,603 were issued receipts by an amount that exceeds 12 million and a half euros
  • The associations of persons with disabilities recognized as a city Cartagena adapted to Tourism for All (09/02/2011)

  • Public Works enhances the accessibility of various buildings in Cartagena through the Regional Housing Plan (09/02/2011)
    Director General of Land and Housing has visited a packed house, situated in the center of the city
  • The students of Care Units will practice a month in nursing (09/02/2011)
    The workshop organized by the ADLE has led to 16 women can finish their training by contacting the real work to their potential employability
  • A thesis shows that the reclaimed water supply nutrients and improve the quality of citrus (09/02/2011)

  • The new social center of San Ginés help avoid reliance on the elders (08/02/2011)

  • IV Road cover, or how to navigate the city through its food (08/02/2011)

  • The new Big Brother puts the Brotherhood mako the service of the City (08/02/2011)
    Behind his recent appointment, Sunday Bastida was presented today to the mayor and has conveyed its intention to collaborate and work for the city from the new position he holds
  • Dutch Students discussed in Cartagena healthy lifestyle habits (08/02/2011)

  • Collection of food in Isla Plana (08/02/2011)
    Neighbors and school have been organized in collaboration with Caritas, a charity dinner for next Friday at the Senior Social Local
  • The Minister of Social Policy in Cartagena opened the new headquarters of the Senior Club of San Ginés (08/02/2011)
    The project has cost 152,953 euros, of which the Community has provided 139,481
  • SPCT: Murcia Regional Members enjoy a complementary regime " (08/02/2011)
    " setting a termination of activity indeminzacion 30 days of salary per year "
  • A young Cartagena will be the ambassador of volunteering in Europe (08/02/2011)
    Thanks to Area Youth in the Youth Council, Pedro José Torres has been elected by the European Voluntary Service to travel to Bulgaria to help children with disabilities
  • Local Police practice a dozen seizures in January (08/02/2011)
    Among other items, seized both in public and in markets, there are more than 300 CDs and DVDs and clothes and sneakers, toys and apparel clusters imitation brands
  • Implica2 help children in Bolivia (08/02/2011)
    On Thursday 10 February, the program organized by the Department of Youth offers a chat to see the work of volunteers at the hostel The Dragonfly in the Andean country
  • Results of the thirteenth day of the XVIII Local Youth Football League (08/02/2011)
    The CD Mediterranean, New PE Cartagena fry B and Algar CD and CD Juvenia of fry to Pozo Estrecho command the classification of the premier class football 7
  • A company gives away 600 carpets cartagenera children to the City (07/02/2011)
    municipal libraries and nurseries will be distributed this item that was donated Anadeco management to provide comfort to children who use these facilities
  • Three authors given to school children at public libraries (07/02/2011)
    Between 8 and 17 February Carles Cano, Federico Delicado and Pilar Mateos join Encounters Author program organized by the Department of Culture
  • Regional Employment Commission study training options for unemployed (07/02/2011)

  • The mayor hates some form of politics in the courts (07/02/2011)
    Pilar Barreiro expect apologies from those accused of corruption to the Councillor and staff member for the award of furniture fell off the Aljorra
  • The first houses Molinos young Marfagones be delivered in early 2012 (07/02/2011)
    The Mayor, Pilar Barreiro, this morning visited the farm works Buenos Aires through Cartagena Young SL, plans to build 300 homes from € 70,000
  • The arrival of NATO ships will benefit the economy of Cartagena (07/02/2011)
    The mayor is optimistic for the visit of twenty ships with five thousand sailors on board that will scale from 25 to 28 February
  • SPCT propose a comprehensive recovery plan for the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad (06/02/2011)
    SPCT claims that the PP has not implemented the approved recovery plan for the neighborhood
  • UPyD proposes the installation of a camera obscura in the "Castillo de la Concepción" as one of the highlights of Puerto de Culturas (05/02/2011)

  • SPCT: The City and neighborhood council president of Mills Marfagones defend the installation of a mobile phone antenna is illegal (05/02/2011)

  • Segado urges Rep. Sara Garcia on the opening date of the work in Navantia (04/02/2011)

  • The City installed LED lights at zebra crossings to reduce accidents (04/02/2011)
    157 devices have been installed in more than 50 pedestrian crossings in the city and surrounding areas to control the rate of assaults in Cartagena, already down 20% in the last two years
  • Dismiss the case against the Councillor of Culture for the equipment of the CAI de La Aljorra (04/02/2011)
    A judge has ruled in favor of the defense and the prosecutor, not to find a prima facie case in actions
  • The test with the Risen Roman Soldiers and the General Board of the Virgen del Amor Hermoso prelude to the Easter (04/02/2011)

  • The director of Agricultural, editor of water management area of agriculture's most prestigious magazine in Spain (04/02/2011)

  • SPCT: "The PP has failed to fulfill its election pledges to the west (04/02/2011)
    in transport, communications, rural tourism and development of their cultural values and landscape
  • Put out a fire in the kitchen of a home (03/02/2011)
    The incident took place on the fourth floor of the street Ussel of Guimbarda
  • The pedestrian access to the new hospital down the street Minaret will be in two weeks (03/02/2011)
    The project, whose execution time is one month, are currently in Ecuador, in the absence of the tile and lampposts that light the way
  • All My Sons, in the Nuevo Teatro Circo (03/02/2011)
    The performance of the play by Arthur Miller will be on Friday at half past nine p.m. starring Carlos Hipólito, Fran Perea, María Isasi and Manuela Velasco
  • The Senior Center celebrated the second anniversary Algar (03/02/2011)
    Acts, opened by the Councillor for Education Josefa Maroto, including a concert by the Choir Rondalla and the Home of La Union, an exhibition of ballroom dancing and photography exhibitions local artists
  • The ADLE and the SEF organized a Water Rescuer Course (03/02/2011)
    Free This training is aimed at unemployed workers and the deadline for submitting applications will be open from 7 until 17 February
  • Assaulting a man of 63 years and stolen mobile (03/02/2011)
    Local Police officers were able to identify and arrest offenders
  • The Government delegate visits the site of the greenway in Cartagena del Barrio Peral (03/02/2011)
    have been financed entirely by the Plan E of the Government of Spain with an investment of over 1.5 million euros
  • Social Services taught to remember our elders (03/02/2011)
    Forty people involved in the training course every three months memory organizes Social Care to teach vocabulary and fight back early Alzheimer
  • Learn how to recycle clothes with the T-La (03/02/2011)
    Youth has organized a workshop to be held on Friday of February for new and original clothing from used clothing
  • SPCT complaint regional deputies enjoy a savings plan of almost 200,000 per year, paid by those who suffer from the crisis (03/02/2011)
    SPCT proposes the immediate elimination of this privilege intolerable
  • UPyD report serious deficiencies in the lighting of several streets of the Barrio San Cristobal (02/02/2011)

  • New Family Concert à "Cartagena Chamber rquest (02/02/2011)
    The performance will take place on Saturday 5 February at the Auditorium of Music with free entrance until full capacity
  • I Duathlon Polígono Industrial Los Camachos (02/02/2011)
    A group of businessmen in Cartagena has organized with the cooperation of the City, the first edition of this sporting event that combines running and cycling and is celebrated on Sunday
  • A group of restorers working for tuning Castillito (02/02/2011)
    The rehabilitation of the building, which will be based on the local police in Los Dolores is in its first phase, the most sensitive restoration of the rich architectural elements that housed the building premodernist
  • The municipal laboratory is at the service of citizens (02/02/2011)
    From April, individuals can go to this center, the only accredited municipality for water analysis, can request and process it via internet
  • 2011 has been the month of January with a smaller increase in unemployment since 2005 (02/02/2011)
    The number of contracts grows at the same time while the January unemployment is half that in 2010
  • La Palma celebrates its XIII Comedy Contest (02/02/2011)
    Theatre groups from all over Spain, a child and a musical piece inspired by Les Miserables, make up the program from Saturday 12 to Sunday 27 February at the Civic Center
  • The local police for a good seat belt (02/02/2011)
    3 to February 13 will conduct a road safety campaign to raise awareness and inform drivers of the benefits of seat belt and use appropriate child restraints
  • They have the latest technological innovations in solar PV (02/02/2011)

  • UPyD asked the Port Authority to ensure compliance with safety regulations (01/02/2011)
    and plot the civil and criminal liability of users of Club Nautico
  • A centenary olive tree adorns the Barrio Peral Greenway (01/02/2011)
    The species has been planted this morning, known as macrobonsai, is 400 years old and can reach 10 meters
  • SPCT claims that the AIDS Prevention Unit of the Plaza de San Agustín, does not work for two years (01/02/2011)

  • Real Cartagena in French universities (01/02/2011)

  • PP: "COAG, the collaboration of local police in controlling theft in the fields of Cartagena" (01/02/2011)

  • It is presented in Madrid the archaeological riches of Cartagena (01/02/2011)

  • Open Enrolment for Luis Guarch II Soccer Tournament 7 Aljorra (01/02/2011)
    Teams interested can register until 25 February and the championship, which will run as a league, will start in March
  • Four offers opt for the operation of The Grape Jumillano (01/02/2011)
    Yesterday was the deadline for submitting proposals and will take place on 11 tender opening, proceeding to the evaluation of tenders for the award of contract
  • Results of the twelfth day of the XVIII Local Youth Football League (01/02/2011)
    The competition achieved record of 9,547 goals in reaching its Ecuador
  • The Maritime Rescue Centre in Cartagena coordinated the rescue of 534 people during 2010 (01/02/2011)
    The 21 centers 5,264 Salvage coordinated actions throughout Spain with 12,338 people assisted

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