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Cartagena News - June 2010

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  • The bus service to beaches extending through the summer (30/06/2010)
    From July 1 buses will leave every half hour La Manga, Manga Bus will operate 24 hours and there will be a night service on weekends with departures every hour between Los Urrutias and La Manga
  • Tomorrow, begin summer activities of the Department of Education (30/06/2010)
    This evening there will be a meeting in the old school Carmen Conde with parents of children who attend summer school
  • Course for University Development Cooperation (30/06/2010)
    will be held within the summer courses UPCT in the auditorium of the School of Agricultural Engineering
  • UPyD denounces the serious defects in signaling in Barrio Peral (30/06/2010)

  • UPyD denounces the lack of criteria in the works of the Plaza del Rey (30/06/2010)

  • Old car stopped buying to save The municipal corporation has made this decision on the proposal of the government team, so that existing spaces will be redistributed as Park Security or the plot of Four Saints, to park cars official (30/06/2010)

  • The Saturdays in July and August will not be paid ORA (30/06/2010)
    In addition, during the month of August will only have to pay parking in the areas defined in the mornings, leaving afternoons free
  • The Football Alums and San Antón remind Francisco Valera, Anastasio Oliver and Rafael Plazas (30/06/2010)
    schools of both cities organized memorial to honor them Sport
  • UPyD denounces the lack of security in the port area (29/06/2010)

  • Colombia in its purest form in the Sea of Art Nadin Ospina, Marcos Mojica, Light ngela Lizarazo, Fernando Rubio, Javier Codesal and Populardelujo group will be present in Cartagena, through exhibitions and interventions that may be July 13 August 31 (29/06/2010)

  • Nadin Ospina, Marcos Mojica, Luz Angela Lizarazo, Fernando Rubio, Javier Codesal and Populardelujo collective, La Mar de Arte (29/06/2010)
    The presentations and interventions will be open until 31 August
  • Fire and 061 come together to update their knowledge in traffic accidents (29/06/2010)
    This morning was held in the Security Park, a simulation desencarcelación, extraction and immobilization of victims, which involved a total of 45 troops
  • Visit to the works of social housing in the urbanization Mediterranean and Our Lady of Charity (29/06/2010)

  • The streets Francisco de Borja y Luis Calandre are closed for asphalt works (29/06/2010)
    Throughout Thursday and Friday, both streets will be blocked off to traffic and residents may not enter or leave the garages located there
  • Work begins on the Via Verde del Barrio Peral (29/06/2010)
    With an operating budget of 1.5 million euros will be completed in eight months
  • 'Rives should demand justify the split and no traffic jams at the exit to La Manga' (29/06/2010)

  • The Community completes the rehabilitation of social housing in the neighborhood of Charity in Cartagena (29/06/2010)
    José Ballesta notes that "this action of social interests has improved the living conditions of the buildings, provide a higher quality of life for tenants and facilitate life "
  • Students of the Vocational Training Programme of the ADLE collect their diplomas (29/06/2010)
    The ceremony will take place on Wednesday at the Ceremonial Hall of the Town Hall
  • End of program correspondents institutes and UPCT (29/06/2010)
    Councillor handed diplomas to 27 young people have informed his companions of youth activities during breaks
  • Stolen cables for sale weight (29/06/2010)
    Local Police Officers surprised two men in a plot of a business
  • Surprised when a young man carrying bottles of liquor without paying a supermarket (29/06/2010)
    The detainee was in the company of two youths who fled
  • Destroy three tellers because he was broke and needed money (29/06/2010)
    The individual resident of Barrio Peral was caught by local police officers in one of the banks
  • Subtract $ 500 from a pharmacy in The Albujón (29/06/2010)
    After fleeing by car the man was identified by the local police in the Media Room
  • The IBI to large families, the major subject of complaint to the ECAC (29/06/2010)
    Of the 421 appeals filed in 2009 before this municipal body, 333 correspondieronn to this question, which in early January had already been resolved 111
  • Fabián Martínez Juárez will be named on Thursday Cartagenero of the Year 2009 (29/06/2010)
    The event is open to the public, will be held at the Palace Hall
  • Complete works of the University Center for the Defense of San Javier (28/06/2010)
    The first batch of five years of training, will feature the participation of 91 students and eight teachers
  • Local Police, National Police and Civil Guard coordinate their forces for the summer (28/06/2010)
    This morning I met the Local Security Board which have informed and effective services to be used by each of them
  • La Mirada Excited by Willy Ramos (28/06/2010)
    Colombian artist exhibits in Gallery Bambara occasion of the Festival La Mar de Músicas
  • Competition of short films for 39 Cartagena Film Festival (28/06/2010)
    The deadline for submission of papers, which may be submitted on line, ending on September 30
  • 45 persons in the fourth phase of the Work already have their diplomas (28/06/2010)
    The students who participated in the program have received their certificates today Lifeguard Aquatic and nautical sports Monitor, Celador health and Dining Services for Children and the Elderly
  • Complete the first phase of the employment workshop Care Unit (28/06/2010)
    32 student workers are trained as assistants in the care of dependent people in Social Institutions
  • Residents of The four enjoy their park renovated The opening of Parque Juan Jose Cano of the District Four Saints was opened last Saturday and had a great paella for participants and the representation of municipal councilors and Maria Rosario Monter (28/06/2010)

  • The Silent Film Ensemble, closes the cycle of Sound Spaces (28/06/2010)
    Cartagena will visit on Wednesday to play in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, original music and premiere of Salvador Martinez along with classic movie screenings in movie history
  • Local Police detected abnormalities in 27 of 731 controlled motorcycles during the month of June (28/06/2010)
    Most of the complaints concerned the lack of insurance and MOT
  • Safe Crossing complaint to a single vehicle during the month of June (28/06/2010)
    Local Police carried out 22 checks at different crosswalks in the city
  • Begins selling tickets for La Mar de Músicas Cultural Center (28/06/2010)
    From Monday you can also obtain tickets for the festival, which takes place from 9 to 24 July in Cartagena
  • Ricardo Losada Recitals dismissal until August Flamencos (28/06/2010)
    flamenco performance cycle is suspended during July and will be Antonio Ayala you open them again on 7 August
  • Aires Murcia in a new edition of "Festival of Folklore" the rock "The Cot" of Lorquí Today, Saturday (28/06/2010)

  • Bike activists give a talk at Cartagena (28/06/2010)
    are giving back to the peninsula to Formenta use wherever they go
  • UPyD shows its support for market traders Santa Florentina (25/06/2010)

  • The Socialist Party claims that the sports center of Playa Paraiso has 3 years behind (25/06/2010)
    Charity Rives Socialist spokeswoman says the PP said these facilities in 2007 "and 3 years later, when the neighbors ask, they keep saying that the works resume in 15 days "
  • The Civil Guard detained a person engaged in committing robberies in car (25/06/2010)
    log has undergone a house where many effects have been recovered from the robbery, some of them returned to their rightful owners
  • Cartagena receives AIDAvita ship with 2030 tourists (25/06/2010)
    This is already five cruise ships have stopped in the city during the month of June, visitors filled with shops, bars and places of historical tourism
  • 1.3 million to improve road safety in the county council of La Palma de Cartagena (25/06/2010)

  • Students of the fourth phase of the Project Labor receive their diplomas (25/06/2010)
    The 45 people who participated in the program will receive their certificates of lifeguards and monitor nautical sports, health Celador and Dining Services for Children and the Elderly
  • Events Galifa (25/06/2010)
    The town of west celebrates their festivals in honor of his patron the Virgen del Carmen
  • Opening of the Parque Juan Jose Cano of the District Four Saints after remodeling (25/06/2010)
    will be on Saturday, with a great paella and representation of municipal councilors and Maria Rosario Montero José Roca
  • Via Verde del Barrio Peral break barriers Placing cyclable ride at the same level of the streets is one of the novelties of the project launched by the City in the background and whose works begin next week and is expected to be completed in eight mo (25/06/2010)

  • The Neighborhood Plan 33 works will undertake amounting to 3.5 million euros (25/06/2010)
    The mayor has signed this morning with President of the Community agreement covering the years 2010 and 2011
  • 'Pilar Barreiro asked why the Government has not been straightened out to La Manga' (25/06/2010)

  • Ricardo Losada Recitals goodbye to August Flamencos (25/06/2010)
    flamenco performance cycle is suspended during July and Antonio Ayala which will reopen the Aug. 7
  • Retired 81 nests of gulls, almost double last year (25/06/2010)
    municipal campaign to control these birds, which has remained between April and June, has enjoyed the cooperation of citizens, with 33 complaints addressed, and have managed to withdraw 64 chicks and 90 eggs
  • One hundred more Cartagena pilgrimage to the holy city of Caravaca (25/06/2010)
    Members of 44 clubs for the elderly participated in a liturgical activity, as well as an exhibition and a visit to the Museum
  • The IES Los Molinos puts the finishing touch to the course with The Mills Summer Festival (25/06/2010)
    Soul music was the star of this V edition in a local port
  • The construction of the new building of the Security Park meet their deadlines (24/06/2010)
    Today, the building is nearing completion and will proceed to the preparation of the environment and the installation of fiber optics, necessary to become future monitoring station of 112
  • The premiere Torres Park Auditorium reform La Mar de Músicas reviews (24/06/2010)
    reconstruction of part of the bleachers, which began in March, will end as planned for the inauguration of the festival on July 9
  • 75 children complete workshops Creating Lomas de El Albujón (24/06/2010)
    These courses, which end on Monday June 28, the children have learned simple crafts with wool, felt and other materials
  • The School of Telecommunication UPCT participates in a European project to identify the origin of food products with radio frequency systems (24/06/2010)
    The Region will conduct tests to use this technology in breeding and marketing of bass and bream
  • The ADLE taught over 300 people to seek and prepare oppositions (24/06/2010)
    The activities have been developed over the last six months, in the Classroom Program Sets the service of vocational guidance and vocational agency
  • International Prize to a catalog of La Mar de Músicas (24/06/2010)
    Cannes Lions Advertising Festival awarded the Bronze Lion at the publication containing the Collective Campaign for Democracy last edition dedicated to Morocco
  • The catalog that La Mar de Músicas edited the Collective Democracy, Bronze Lion at Cannes Lions Festival (24/06/2010)

  • The School Board selects three non-school days for next year (24/06/2010)
    On October 11, 2010, and January 7 and March 7, 2011, are the days included in the proposal approved by the municipal body , which now must receive approval from the Autonomous Community
  • Moved bonfire night, but no incidents of scope (24/06/2010)
    Firefighters made in the late afternoon of Tuesday 39 interventions in the municipality, being more than half a dozen of actions typically performed in a normal day
  • UPyD demanding an investigation into the causes transformer fire in the industrial complex Escombreras (23/06/2010)

  • The Civil Guard detained three people and charged to another, engaged in committing robbery (23/06/2010)
    have practiced two house searches in which numerous effects have been recovered from the robbery, some of them returned to their rightful owners
  • On Saturday, reopened to traffic Arch Street Charity (23/06/2010)
    Works of access to the Health Center of Old Town across the street Adarve completed in about ten days
  • Closure of Child Workshops (23/06/2010)
    Held in the Strait of San Ginés, Pozo Estrecho, St. Lucia and St. Anton, have involved 120 children aged 7 to 14 years
  • Firefighters inspect 40 fires in the town (23/06/2010)
    Five of them have retired and ten have had to relocate as a security
  • Arrested a man who robbed in El Algar since May (23/06/2010)
    Between the subtractions include five car radios, a laptop, various accessories, phones, digital cameras and masonry material such as radio, cut tiles, and paint mixers
  • The ADLE helps decide on its future to 8,700 students (23/06/2010)
    Coinciding with the end of the course, the mobile classroom and professional career guidance takes stock of its actions in public and private schools
  • The singer recorded a video Rosana lipdub in CIM students UPCT (23/06/2010)

  • Cartagena Firefighters smother fire in an electrical substation Escombreras (23/06/2010)
    The fire was caused by a short circuit on the six in the evening and four of the participants had to be assisted with oxygen given the high temperatures and difficulty of the sinister
  • Better City, Better Life (23/06/2010)
    A workshop will show the importance of design in quality of life in cities, organized by the Youth concejaía and Istituto Europeo di Design
  • The Mayor opened the new clubhouse of The poposa (22/06/2010)
    The building of 120 square meters, has opened its doors to welcome residents of the Mayor of Cartagena Construction
  • Hundreds of people welcome the Youth Cross and Icon of Our Lady in Cartagena (22/06/2010)

  • The Naval Police Canine Unit in practice makes Cartagonova (22/06/2010)
    During the morning the team cynological Marine Corps has conducted exercises for explosives and drugs with the help of trained dogs
  • ... (22/06/2010)

  • Local Police and Fire are preparing for the Noche de San Juan (22/06/2010)
    In the hours before the party, will increase and strengthen effective monitoring, mainly in the neighborhoods, concentrating a greater number of fires
  • VII International Campus Soccer Base City of Cartagena Alquibarsa (22/06/2010)
    will take place from June 29 to July 4 in Granjapark, with the participation of international athletes of the caliber of Juanmi, Iván Pérez, Esnáider, Víctor Sánchez, Buyo and Amavisca
  • Ready to Mar de Músicas 2010 (22/06/2010)
    Ten domestic release and worldwide launch of Cubism African rhythm to this edition dedicated to Colombia
  • PP, 'The Socialist spokesman lies to accuse the PP of an alleged crime of forgery in the Mediterranean Urbanization CAI' (22/06/2010)

  • The history of Cartagena Handball Club Amigos is reflected in a journal (22/06/2010)
    From the 50's until today, this first edition of Sports Illustrated in 35 pages the story that has taken the sport in the port city
  • El Pozo de los Palos celebrates traditional pilgrimage (22/06/2010)
    Neighbors will draw on Sunday at Our Lady of the Chapel of the Guide, which devoted a mass jacket
  • The Language Exchange is fired by the sea (22/06/2010)
    Space organized by the Youth Council closed the course on Saturday with a visit to Fort Christmas and the tour boat ride, yes, practicing languages
  • Festivals in San Isidro (22/06/2010)
    The principal population of the area west of the Campo de Cartagena welcomes summer with tournaments and dance, spiced with snacks, lunches and dinners
  • Villalba Party (22/06/2010)
    The district of Cartagena this week celebrates its patron saint festivals
  • Ten premieres and the world premiere of Cubism African rhythm to the sixteenth edition of The Sea of music, especially Colombia (22/06/2010)
    Cartagena festival held in the next issue a Special Italy
  • The young football stars in various memorials as the season finale (22/06/2010)
    Soccer Schools Gymnastics Alums and will honor both Abad Francisco Valera, ruby, as Anastasio Oliver, Tacho, and Rafael Plazas, respectively
  • Hundreds of people joined the Youth Cross of Cartagena The religious symbol boat arrived in St. Lucia, and after you tour the city was handed over to the vicarage of the Mar Menor to go his way towards the celebration of the Days World Youth held in (22/06/2010)

  • The architect José Manuel Chacón get an international architectural award for the building of the CISG (21/06/2010)

  • Called the contest for the election of Carnival Poster 2011 (21/06/2010)
    The works, which can be submitted until October 28 at the Graduate School, will be free but picking up the carnival spirit and a highlight of the city
  • Closure of course in intercultural centers of Sorrows and the Old Town (21/06/2010)
    Women and youth have participated in activities that has been underway since October with the aim to encourage coexistence between people from different backgrounds
  • The Deputy Mayor of Staff, Prevention and Fire Fighting, Pilar Megía, said today in meetings held with the General Trading Bureau and the Bureau of Civil Servants (21/06/2010)

  • The mayor at the opening of the feast of the Albujón (21/06/2010)
    On Saturday he attended the coronation of the queens and Albujonero Year
  • The Civil Guard detained four people and charged to another, involved in a shooting in Cartagena (21/06/2010)
    Three people injured by gunfire
  • Inauguration of the exhibition A Tradition of Images (21/06/2010)
    The exhibition includes 72 shots on the tradition of Holy Week in Spain and Latin America, including images of photographers Cartagena Diego Garcia and Jose Contreras Julián
  • Calderón closing the educational support workshops (21/06/2010)
    have been developed in Santa Lucia, Santiago Mateos Barriada for school students and Admiral Anibal Bastarreche
  • More aid workers in more jobs, longer hours, make up a rescue device flag beaches (21/06/2010)
    Civil Protection today presented the new human and material resources are there in this summer: 32 rescuers, three ambulances, 23 posts Rescue and hours of service
  • The mayor on Tuesday inaugurated the new social club in Los poposa (21/06/2010)
    The building of 120 square meters, will open its doors on Tuesday to welcome the residents of the village mayor of Cartagena
  • 22 young Cartagena can do internships in European companies, thanks to Leonardo Da Vinci (21/06/2010)
    The ALDE has achieved its seventh consecutive year of participation in this project
  • Youth Cross enters this afternoon at Cartagena Santa Lucia The religious symbol will tour the city center before being delivered to the vicarage of the Mar Menor and continue their way towards the celebration of World Youth Days held in Madrid next y (21/06/2010)

  • The Community promotes the construction of new public housing promotion Cartagena (20/06/2010)
    The tender budget of the new housing that is located in La Palma worth over 577,000 euros
  • UPyD denouncing the abandonment of the Barrio San Cristobal by the Group of Government and "AQUAGEST" (19/06/2010)

  • UPyD Cartagena expressed support for the acts organized by the occasion LGBT Pride Day 2010 (18/06/2010)

  • Youth Cross reaches Cartagena (18/06/2010)
    On Monday 21 June, the cross and the icon that John Paul II gave young people on the occasion of World Youth Days
  • Vocational students may use the facilities of the Fishermen's Association of Cartagena (18/06/2010)

  • They take possession of 15 new firefighters (18/06/2010)
    The mayor has encouraged them to always be prepared because this will determine the safety of citizens
  • The Municipal School of Gymnastics closed the year with an exhibition (18/06/2010)
    About 700 students participated in Thursday afternoon at the end of year events were held in the Municipal Pavilion of Sports
  • The Canine Unit Marine Corps is testing in Cartagonova (18/06/2010)
    On the morning of Tuesday, the team of the Legion of Levante cynological conducted exercises for explosives and people with the help of trained dogs
  • Cartagena travel on trains and buses across the country The City Council has launched a tourism campaign for summer AVE contracting with a spot of 20 seconds, and Almería buses, signs of the Roman Theatre and marquees Almeria and the Levantine coast (18/06/2010)

  • The technical fit and relays DTT Perín The Urrutias and for its implementation (18/06/2010)
    Entry into service in the next few days, before the month of July
  • Students from all over Spain participate in the Competition III Free Technique for Science and Technology has already winners (18/06/2010)

  • Nazareth Cala stars this weekend flamenco performance (18/06/2010)
    act on Saturday night at the Plaza de la Marina neighborhood Sailor Santa Lucia
  • The work to provide artificial turf soccer fields and the Garden City starting next week Algar (18/06/2010)
    will involve an investment of 800,000 euros
  • II Summer Schools over 2010 (18/06/2010)
    10 to June 24 will remain open registration period for the workshops that the Department of Social Services will develop during the first half of July, with a total of 30 seats covered
  • Meeting of lace makers in the Albujón (18/06/2010)
    About 150 women from 14 associations met on Wednesday afternoon in the Plaza Mayor
  • Cartagena between September and November will host an exhibition on medieval pilgrimages and the Camino de Santiago (18/06/2010)
    The Board of Governors approved an agreement with the La Caixa Foundation for organizing this event which will involve the installation of a tent in the area port
  • Two Cartagena, awarded in a drawing competition grows in Security The students of primary and Andrea Maria Perona Lagostena are the winners in the regional phase of this contest, in the municipality, is organized by the Department of Education with t (17/06/2010)

  • Enters the Spanish Cartagena Convention Bureau (17/06/2010)
    Councillor for Culture and manager of the Convention Bureau, Rosario Montero exposes Zaragoza on Friday the candidacy of our town at the annual meeting of this body to promote FEMP
  • Begin work environment adequacy Arqua This week has been marked by fencing the construction area in order to be ready for the celebration in August of the Med Cup at the port of Cartagena, later moving to rehabilitate around Auditorium (17/06/2010)

  • 100 biggest pilgrimages to the Holy City of Caravaca This event, organized by the Municipal Institute of Social Services will be held on June 24 where the 44 clubs of the seniors participating in a liturgical activity, as well as an exhibition and a (17/06/2010)

  • Cartagena hold its Gay Pride Day With the cooperation of the City, the Port Authority, neighborhood associations, trade unions and political parties, the group has organized Galactyco for the last weekend in a celebration intended to turn the city in (17/06/2010)

  • Police recover stolen tools in a garage on a farm in La Aparecida (17/06/2010)
    In a joint operation Guardia Civil and local police arrested the involved, an employee of the farm
  • Cartagena in September will host an exhibition on medieval pilgrimages and the Road to Santiago (17/06/2010)
    The Governing Board approved at its meeting on Friday an agreement with the Fundación La Caixa
  • On Friday take over 15 new firefighters (17/06/2010)
    The event, chaired by the mayor, will be held at the Palace Hall
  • The Socialists are demanding greater investment in infrastructure in the Gran Via de La Manga (16/06/2010)
    where possible to avoid accidents as serious as that suffered in the reversal of Square Cavanna
  • The local police control displays a motorcycle campaign for the summer (16/06/2010)
    In two weeks the staff of the local police will monitor such vehicles and enforcement as is the possession of the card, insurance, mot, helmet and noise pollution
  • Closure of the largest Free Workshops Several clubs in the municipality held throughout the week closing acts of the courses have been developed since April, as the case Tuesday Club of La Puebla, whose closure had assistance from the Social Care Cou (16/06/2010)

  • Cartagena hosts a conference on entrepreneurial culture, finance and economic development (16/06/2010)
    will be opened on Thursday and will feature the prestigious professor Roy Thurik, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • The Archaeological Park of the windlass, a little closer (16/06/2010)
    this morning has been staking out the record that started the project that will involve the recovery of the heritage of this area and become one of the main viewpoints of the City
  • A Tradition in Images, stopped in Cartagena The exhibition includes 72 shots on the tradition of Holy Week around the country, including images of photographers Cartagena Diego Garcia and Jose Contreras Julián, and will be exhibited at the Cultural H (16/06/2010)

  • Popular Group regrets that the maximum leader of the culture, Gonzalez-Sinde, will not visit the Roman Theatre ' (16/06/2010)

  • Water Court on Friday in Los Puertos de Santa Barbara (16/06/2010)
    Aquagest has reported that the supply is interrupted in several districts of this region due to maintenance work on the potable water network
  • The City Council convenes Erasmus Grants 2010 (16/06/2010)
    A total of 70 students will benefit from the aid granted by the Department of Youth and can be requested during the July-September
  • More than 3,400 students learn to drive in the Park Driver Education (16/06/2010)
    This week there has been delivery of the cards to school children who will complete their internship during the summer
  • A tornado grave five trees in St. Lucia (16/06/2010)
    The weather phenomenon occurred yesterday afternoon at the Paseo de las Delicias Pier and opposite the Yacht Club
  • Researchers and scientists around the world related to entrepreneurship, economics, and finance will gather at the Faculty of Business of the UPCT (16/06/2010)
    From tomorrow Thursday
  • The PP is committed to lowering VAT to boost tourism (15/06/2010)

  • Spaces to enjoy the music and the stars will culminate Canteras Youth Center The project of remodeling of these facilities, which share the ADLE and the Youth Council, enters its final stretch with the hiring of the last works and the target that in (15/06/2010)

  • The Labor Project received 250 applications for 30 spots (15/06/2010)
    The ADLE close the student selection process for this last phase to be carried out health courses guard, emergency medical transport and monitor marine rescuer
  • Social Care teaches Spanish to immigrant women and how to use social services and education (15/06/2010)
    Councilman Antonio Calderon has delivered this morning the diplomas to 30 students, almost all Moroccans, who have participated in a course of integration in Santa Lucia
  • Ends Successfully occupational workshop Barrios-ADLE in Pozo Estrecho, Cabo de Palos and Mills Marfagones (15/06/2010)
    Participating students received their diplomas this morning at the Palace Hall
  • COLLEAGUES and sport, by the coexistence of cultures (15/06/2010)
    program to promote various councils was closed this weekend with a day in El Algar with the participation of youth in sports schools, following the awards ceremony, enjoyed picnic
  • Water skiing, sailing and horseback riding with the T-LA Summer (15/06/2010)
    On Saturday there will be the first activity in El Galán Sailing School in La Manga del Mar Menor
  • The University will close in August most of its facilities to cope with budget cuts (15/06/2010)
    The president proposes to the Government the removal of his official car
  • Local Police inspected the sale of firecrackers (15/06/2010)
    Assess whether the premises are authorized by the Delegation of the Government and meet safety requirements
  • The IES Bastarreche Crearte wins national high school (15/06/2010)
    The Minister of Culture, Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde, presided over the awards ceremony in Zaragoza
  • Cartagena again the town with more quality Q beaches (14/06/2010)
    The mayor has picked up this afternoon at the Ministry of Industry of the 10 awards granted to our shores
  • It closed down workshops for the integration of immigrant women (14/06/2010)
    The councilman of Social Care will deliver on Tuesday diplomas to 30 students, almost all Moroccans, who have participated in remedial courses linguistically and promotion organized by Social Services
  • Deafness Jerez flamenco offered good at Marina Square (14/06/2010)
    On Saturday, in the cycle of flamenco recitals in St. Lucia, this singer has performed to music lyrics Pessoa, Machado and Unamuno
  • Young Space organizes a meeting of strategies to deal with unemployment (14/06/2010)
    The meeting will be attended by 30 young Europeans and to those responsible for youth policy, on 27 November with the aim of analyzing the situation of youth unemployment their countries
  • Published Naughty Gothic novel and Anna David Zaplana Ballabriga (14/06/2010)
    tells the story of a psychologist based in Lisbon Madrid
  • The Collective Democracy collected in a catalog provocation (14/06/2010)
    which meant for some people the insertion of messages in Arabic on the streets of Cartagena during the festival La Mar de Músicas
  • The Collective Democracy takes its interventions in a catalog for The Sea of Music (14/06/2010)
    include provocative proposals to insert messages in Arabic on the streets of Cartagena during the festival is the last edition dedicated to Morocco
  • 61 Saharawi children spend the summer in Cartagena (14/06/2010)
    The Department of Social Services has worked in the temporary care of children, with the delivery of a check for 15,000 euros to the Association Paz Vacations
  • Called the Composition Competition XIX Villa de Pozo Estrecho Pasodobles (14/06/2010)
    The event is organized by the association of local residents and he will go with original composers
  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit, embodied in an exhibition of murals (14/06/2010)
    Councillor for Employment on Tuesday inaugurated the exhibition which includes the winners of the contest organized by the ADLE and which involved the secondary schools in the region
  • 14 new companies in check thanks to Cartagena Entrepreneur During the first half of the year, has treated 263 ADLE advisory boards for the creation of companies, some of which have come to fruition, in sectors like shoes, new technologies and bars , (14/06/2010)

  • Tourism Day active and healthy in Alicante (14/06/2010)
    The Department of Social Services has organized a trip for Tuesday 50 largest therapeutic to the neighboring province, where the tour will receive a thermal treatment
  • Cultural Secrets Beneath the Waves (14/06/2010)
    National Museum of Underwater Archaeology shows a photographic exhibition of wrecks and submerged ruins
  • ... (14/06/2010)

  • Closure of the largest Free Workshop (14/06/2010)
    Several clubs in the municipality held throughout the week closing acts of the courses have been developed since April, in the trunk of the experience that organizes Social Services
  • Request the city council that the program "helps firms Calle Real" also reaches the resort towns of Mar Menor (14/06/2010)

  • Campaign for the San Pedro de Cabo de Palos (12/06/2010)

  • Flamenco returns this weekend at the Plaza de la Marina de Jerez Deaf (11/06/2010)
    On Saturday, in the cycle of flamenco recitals in St. Lucia, perform this singer who has put music to lyrics Pessoa, Machado and Unamuno
  • Cartagena receives Aida Cruises ship with 2030 tourists (11/06/2010)
    With this brings to three cruise ships have called at during the month of June in the port city, visitors fill the shops, bars and places of historical tourism
  • The City requires the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena The full today approved the motion presented by the popular local group claiming that the government of the nation meet deadlines High Speed Rail and the Rail Corridor continuity Mediterranean goo (11/06/2010)

  • The workshop occupational Barrios-ADLE ends in Pozo Estrecho, Cabo de Palos and Mills Marfagones (11/06/2010)
    Participating students receive their diplomas Tuesday at the Palace Hall
  • Full approves municipal budgets 2010 (11/06/2010)
    The popular group has been brought forward with their vote this paper, on the other hand, has had the votes against the socialist group, Movimiento Ciudadano and council members not engaged
  • Europe supports the commitment of Cartagena quality tourism and heritage conservation (11/06/2010)
    The Roman Theater in Istanbul received the prize for the EU to draft recovery
  • The Colombian writer Pilar Quintana Wins Novel Prize VIII "La Mar de Letras" with his rare book collection of dust (11/06/2010)
    winner first published in Spain by obtaining literary prize
  • Firefighters prepare for the Noche de San Juan with a series of statements about the fires (11/06/2010)
    During this celebration, the service typically serve about 40 attempts at fire by negligence
  • The Ministry of Tourism maintains the 10 Q quality at beaches awarded to Cartagena (11/06/2010)
    The mayor takes on Monday's awards from the Minister, Miguel Sebastian
  • A Tradition of Images (11/06/2010)
    Within its Cultural Week Guild presents California Cultural Center Cajamurcia an exhibition of the virtual community of photographers on Flickr.com
  • The ADLE taken for completion of the seminars HALL COMPANY (11/06/2010)

  • COLLEAGUES e Implica2 closed down the course with sports days (11/06/2010)
    Saturday morning will be the municipal facilities to the Department of Sports of El Algar
  • Closure of the Base Soccer League in the Cartagonova (11/06/2010)
    Some 3,000 players and coaches will meet on Saturday to collect trophies and other awards in the League and Cup in the 2009-2010 season
  • UPyD denounces the lack of suitability of a site located at Paseo Alfonso XIII and adjacent to the Plaza Poeta Pelayo (10/06/2010)
    The City of Cartagena again flaunt their indifference and inability to let a lot of Paseo Alfonso XIII has become on a raft of unsafe water, bad odors and the focus of a plague of rats and mosquitoes
  • The first phase of Luis Calandre will be completed by the end of June (10/06/2010)
    The company puts the finishing touches to the development, paving and landscaping of this section between Sebastian Feringa and Francisco de Borja
  • The City Commission holds its programs under budget (10/06/2010)
    The next year the media talks and reduced materials such as advertising, brochures or claims publictarios
  • Environmental Volunteer Calblanque (10/06/2010)
    Implica2 program of the Youth Council has organized a symbolic cleansing of the beach on June 19 in which one can participate free of charge upon registration
  • Municipal budgets reach the full (10/06/2010)
    The Corporation on Friday discussed the project of the Municipal Government for 2010 represents a cut of 39 million euros compared to last year
  • Pilar Quintana Wins perm VIII Novel The Sea Lyrics The Colombian writer and his work are rare dust collector in this year's festival, which in its literary program, from 13 to 22 July, will offer academic courses, workshops narrative, meetings wi (10/06/2010)

  • 1,241 students begin Monday Selectivity tests at the headquarters of Cartagena (10/06/2010)

  • The first of the Cartagena-Ibiza race reaches its destination within 24 hours Although it started late yesterday by the lack of wind, the boats, with Polillón the lead, cheered on the high seas and have begun to their entry into early this morning at (10/06/2010)

  • The Community spends more than 2.6 million to improve access to industrial estate in Cartagena Cabezo Beaza (09/06/2010)
    José Guijarro said that this action will enhance road safety "in an area with a high intensity of heavy traffic"
  • The Community brings contracting the construction of three roundabouts at the entrances to Cabezo Beaza (09/06/2010)
    With an investment of EUR 2.6 million will improve safety and traffic flow in and out of the industrial and commercial center Mediterranean The road through La Asomada Torreciega
  • The departure of the Corporation's compensation decreases in the budgets of 2010 (08/06/2010)
    The amount set for this year is 1,150,532 compared to € 1,225,606.80 which was paid in 2009
  • Hall and employers no longer accept delays in the arrival of the AVE (08/06/2010)
    On Friday, shall present a motion to try to promote the railway infrastructure in the region and the municipality, and will be supported in the House Trade and COEC
  • City Taxi and study the implementation of the Stop Hospital of Saint Lucia (08/06/2010)
    The new president of the Association of Radio Taxi Cartagena today held a meeting with the mayor in which they discussed the new stops, the crisis and a bond project to lower prices taxi
  • Social Services works with 15,000 euros for the Saharan childcare (08/06/2010)
    Councilman Antonio Calderón delivered on Thursday the Association for help from Paz Vacations
  • A 5.5 percent of municipal employees Cartagena secondary state unemployment officials (08/06/2010)
    Of the 1,028 workers the right to strike, 51 have supported the protest
  • The Roman Theatre chooses the Grand Prix Europa Nostra 2010 (08/06/2010)
    Of the 16 finalists in the category of rehabilitation, restoration and conservation of European cultural heritage, on 10 June, will choose the winner in Istanbul
  • The office is open ELIO (08/06/2010)
    is the creation of a computer space has launched the ADLE for guidance and job search
  • Cartagena, the Stage of Your Summer, opens the doors to tourism city (08/06/2010)

  • The City of Cartagena will undertake this year the first phase of the bike lane between Union Square and Bastarreche (08/06/2010)
    The Local Government yesterday approved the project with a budget of one million euros
  • The Local League Cup XVII base is successful season (08/06/2010)
    This weekend will be held the closing ceremony of League and Cup in the Municipal Stadium Cartagonova
  • Occupational Center Quarries Quarries XXXIII celebrates its anniversary (08/06/2010)
    Councillor for Employment with the director of the ADLE was presented with a plaque to the director of this center thanks to its collaboration with the students workers to employment workshop Unit
  • Archangel successfully opened flamenco performance of Santa Lucia (07/06/2010)
    The Fish Market of Santa Lucia was packed audience to enjoy the concert
  • The Language Exchange a special evening dedicated to Turkey (07/06/2010)
    Close and close for holidays, the program organized by Youth has prepared for Thursday night at the bar theme Cortijo
  • Fiestas in Tallante (07/06/2010)
    The program begins June 8 with the joke of the Singuangos and will feature many activities to closure with the Soul and group participation in the Mass Solera rociera
  • The Nazareth Home Tower celebrates its fifteenth anniversary Coinciding with the day of the Region, on June 9, have organized a day of peaceful coexistence and open, with fun activities prepared by the volunteer who works in the reception center pati (07/06/2010)

  • The UCAM implemented next year teaching and nursing in Cartagena Its president, José Luis Mendoza, who has received this morning from the Mayor support for Campus Health, said that it will also be a reality next year if he gets in July approval of th (07/06/2010)

  • The municipal budgets, the Commission issued a favorable opinion of the Treasury (07/06/2010)
    In the meeting also gave approval to the reduction of salaries of councilors and officials and municipal group assignment
  • The 2010 budget, the main cost-saving measure of the government team The Local Government Committee today approved a draft budget intended to protect the interests of Cartagena, where despite reduced spending by 16, 4 percent, not lose sight of socia (07/06/2010)

  • Start PEOPCHC modification to accommodate the proposed new urban campus UPCT (07/06/2010)
    The Board of Governors approved the proposal initially affect the environment of Club Santiago, a former Schools Administration Building and Paseo de Alfonso XIII
  • Sepes aside 70 hectares for Los Camachos Contentpolis (07/06/2010)
    The Board of Governors approved a protocol for three-way collaboration with the Autonomous Community and the business society of soil
  • The Presidency congratulates the UCAM table tennis for his hat-trick this season (07/06/2010)
    The women's team has recently won the European Cup, which is to join the league championship and the Copa de SM la Reina obtained prior
  • Diplomas for new cooks and waiters of Social Care courses (07/06/2010)
    Social Care Councillor chaired the Friday close of the training of these professionals for the delivery of qualifications to students, who were clothed by family members
  • The People's University closes the course recalling a trip to Miguel Hernández (07/06/2010)
    The output consisted of a visit to the interpretation of the mine the Matildas and a walk in the Sierra Minera, completed in Cabo de Palos, like they did in 1935 students with the poet Alicante
  • III Meetings and workshops on graphic design and digital (07/06/2010)

  • The Socialists described as incomprehensible decision not to install the PCES for lack of "primers in La Manga" (07/06/2010)
    and authorize the opening of seven pharmacies in the same area more
  • The Community will remove a black spot on the road between Cartagena and the tourist resorts of the coast (06/06/2010)
    There will be construction of a roundabout near the hamlet cartagenera Quarry
  • UPyD denounces the negligent management of the government team and the widespread growth of public debt (05/06/2010)
    The councilor Pilar Barreiro manages the City of Cartagena as his "farm" without reducing unnecessary expenses, charges "useless" and avoid establishing a policy of economic austerity "
  • 'The PP file a motion to enforce on-time arrival of the AVE in the next full City' (05/06/2010)
    'A further delay in the AVE in Cartagena have disastrous consequences for growth and development of the municipality.
  • Traffic Court in Bow Street Charity under construction at the entrance to the Health Center (04/06/2010)
    Local police have reported that 7 to June 28 this street will remain closed to vehicle traffic for the duration of the upgrading works in Post Corner
  • Cartagena is promoted between the two and a half million visitors from Mediterranean Area (04/06/2010)
    The City show from June to September in a booth located in the lobby of the mall's large tourism in the city
  • Open day at the Castillo de la Concepción (04/06/2010)
    Puerto de Culturas offered during the weekend free guided tours for those who come to learn the work of excavation and recovery of the rooms of the castle parapet, before musealization
  • Within a month will be awarded the drafting of the new School of Nursing Cartagena (04/06/2010)
    The mayor made the announcement to receive an award of honor this afternoon at this school
  • The Governing Board approved the draft budget Monday (04/06/2010)
    After the meeting, to be held at the Palace Hall, the council will finance all the details of municipal revenue and expenditure at a press conference
  • World Environment Day (04/06/2010)
    ADIF and the Federation of Scouts in Spain develop environmental awareness activities at the station in Cartagena (Murcia)
  • Local Police reiterates the recommendation of walking this Sunday Cartagonova (04/06/2010)

  • González Tovar met with the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena (04/06/2010)

  • More than 5,000 people are already at City Hall from Facebook (04/06/2010)
    The consistory is joining social networks betting on this new way of communicating with the public
  • Closing of the School Program Parents A paper on the children, internet and the dangers of social networking, ended the program on Thursday in a ceremony chaired by the Councillor for Education that also were delivered AMPAS diplomas for the particip (04/06/2010)

  • The problems of peaceful coexistence that could lead to street prostitution are under municipal jurisdiction (04/06/2010)

  • Local police reported in May to almost a thousand speeding vehicles During the campaign last month (04/06/2010)

  • The City Council cut costs by around 4.8 million euros The mayor has a special plan of municipal austerity cut the salaries of the aldermen, the political group assignments, overtime of officers, the protocol items and advertising, supplies and elect (04/06/2010)

  • 1200 celebrated their day over living in Los Urrutias (04/06/2010)
    took place at the facilities of Camp Caritas where they performed various activities that involved the mayor
  • IU complaint to the Petitions Committee of the "saturation" of industries in the Valley of Escombreras (03/06/2010)

  • The blue flag awarded acknowledge the work done in Cartagena beaches, according to the mayor (03/06/2010)
    Badges corroborate the leadership of our town in the Spanish Peninsular Mediterranean
  • The municipality is dumped in Cartagena FC (03/06/2010)
    The mayor has formed a committee to organize a party to celebrate the rise of Cartagena, in the case of victory, or the good year of play that has offered the club
  • Tourism earmarked 683,000 euros for excavation and works in the Castillo de la Concepción de Cartagena (03/06/2010)
    There will be an open house the next 5 and 6 June, with guided tours to learn about new places and historical context
  • More than a hundred women already have their degrees in Computer (03/06/2010)
    Councillor for Women today presented the recent accreditation of the courses organized by the Department during this course, which will resume in September after the summer holidays
  • The ADLE receive a grant of 99,500 euros Murciano Health Service (03/06/2010)
    This money will go to Healthy Development Employment Program, which supports social and professional integration of the mentally ill and drug addicts in the municipality of Cartagena and fifty benefit users
  • Weekend open house at the Castillo de la Concepción To mark the completion of excavation work in the building, which has now been visited by the mayor, Port of Culture has organized for 5 and 6 June guided tours of the new found space and historical (03/06/2010)

  • Cartagena-Montpellier ngela à Acedo and Juana Molina Jorquera in the Palace (03/06/2010)
    The two painters cartageneras shown in an exhibition match their experiences and impressions of the trip by train to the French city
  • Fiestas de Primavera en La Aljorra (03/06/2010)

  • The City Council is to collect the property tax and other taxes (03/06/2010)
    The term strategic open until August 5
  • I Regional Trial Bike Trial Championship (03/06/2010)
    It will be held Saturday at the Circuit Trial Bike School Canteras
  • Safe Crossing The campaign is settled with 8 vehicles reported in May (03/06/2010)
    Local Police has 42 controls on pedestrian crossings in the last week of last month
  • The Local Coordinator UPyD, Fulgencio Egea, met with the President of the Port Authority of Cartagena, Adrian Angel Viudes (02/06/2010)
    UPyD is in favor of the construction of the Basin's container Gorguel
  • The problem of prostitution and the Islamists is limited to two blocks from the Town (02/06/2010)
    The mayor says it's a very localized problem in which you work from the social point of view for months, and urges the Government Delegation to act from the standpoint of public safety
  • The T-La, the musical direction of the Top 40 in Madrid (02/06/2010)
    The travel program organized by Youth 26 and June 27 at the capital to attend the show, with a package that, for 90 euros, includes admission, hotel and breakfast
  • The largest of the local premiere social Albujón (02/06/2010)
    The mayor has opened new facilities, more than 100 square meters, which will be held craft workshops, healthy aging programs, lectures and fun activities
  • The rescue plan on the coast of Cartagena, awarded a blue flag theme (02/06/2010)
    San Ginés, in the west, is one of seven award winning beaches this year, which keeps the city to head in number in Mediterranean peninsular
  • The city of Cartagena is not to 'economic support', a base salary of officials and the freezing of pensions (02/06/2010)

  • The Commonwealth of Taibilla Channels performs works by more than 1.2 million in deposits of Cartagena (02/06/2010)

  • The City Council is working with Caritas in its issue of Corpus Day (02/06/2010)

  • Closure of School Program Parents A paper on the children, internet and the dangers of social networking, will end the program on Thursday in a ceremony chaired by the Councillor for Education which will also be delivered AMPAS diplomas for the parti (02/06/2010)

  • One hundred women in the computer course receive their diplomas (02/06/2010)
    The charge of this issue will be the Councillor for Culture, Rosario Montero, on Thursday, June 3, in the ceremonial hall of the Town Hall
  • The Roman Theatre in the light of the moon (01/06/2010)
    It is night visits to the archaeological site, which will conclude all Saturdays in June
  • Practice for students in courses Celador ADLE Health and Elderly Care (01/06/2010)
    The time spent in the workplace will have a duration of 80 hours to make between 7 June and 5 July and the 20 participants receive a grant of 10 euros per day support
  • Green Green, I love the new recycling campaign (01/06/2010)
    The purpose of this initiative, aimed at housewives, is to know what is the benefit of recycling toys, clothing, glass, metal and plastic.
  • In March the first phase of the monitoring device in Playas The Department of Public Safety has today running the service will address more advanced swimmers during the first half of June, highlighting the expansion of jobs, the schedule and equippin (01/06/2010)

  • 1,200 more held on Thursday, his day of living in Los Urrutias (01/06/2010)
    take place at the facilities of Camp Caritas where number of activities
  • More than 200 disabled children have already benefited from therapy with horses (01/06/2010)

  • Closure of courses and workshops of the program more (01/06/2010)
    Throughout the month of June will conclude about 14 activities to be deployed from April the council Social Care
  • The older they learn to healthy aging (01/06/2010)
    up to June 28, 1918 members of our municipal clubs participate in this workshop which opened yesterday, organized by the Municipal Social Services City of Cartagena
  • Results XVII Base Soccer League (01/06/2010)
    The Garden City UCAM EF pre-baby A, EF San Ginés B Benjamin B and CF Union fry Benjamine B, respectively, complete the Champions League Local Youth Football

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