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Cartagena News - October 2010

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  • Real Cartagena 1 - Benicarló AC 0 (30/10/2010)
    The Reale we want to see
  • UPyD shows its revulsion at the attacks suffered by a teacher from IES "San Isidoro" of Dolores (29/10/2010)

  • The Egea Fulgencio of Cartagena will be the primary candidate for UPyD in Cartagena (29/10/2010)

  • El Coto Dorda, "a stop on the way" to meet God (29/10/2010)

  • 33 children begin their journey into the classes of CAI La Palma (29/10/2010)
    This morning, the Councillor for Education attended the open day of the Care Center for Children, which held a meeting with the principal, teachers the center and parents of students
  • The program T-La, to visit the Mining Park of La Union (29/10/2010)
    The event will take place on Saturday November 20, costs 10 euros and inscriptions can be done in morning and afternoon at the Youth Resource Centre
  • Barreiro believes that Zapatero has made the budget debate in a parody (29/10/2010)

  • The Board looks its new facade (29/10/2010)
    The rehabilitation works of the school headquarters located in the historic city center, have come to an end with the inauguration today that it has been made by the Minister of Public Works and Mayor
  • La Casa del Coto reopens (29/10/2010)
    The Bishop, the mayor and a broad representation of social strata of the city are wrapped today the opening of the religious center that has undergone a process of restoration and renewal of equipment
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures will be open every day of the holiday weekend (29/10/2010)
    On Monday, November 1st, there will be a special schedule
  • Statement on Doctors Without Borders in the Youth Resource Centre (29/10/2010)
    The six columns comprise information that accrete citizens work and the operating principles of this humanitarian organization
  • The reshaping of the last installment of Juan Fernandez will be ready in six months (29/10/2010)
    The Governing Board also approved the second and final phase of the football field Mediterranean Construction
  • Athletics elite students of Vicente Ros (29/10/2010)
    boys were yesterday, thanks to the ADE, the Elcano Athletics Club and Athletics Club Cartagena to learn more about this sport
  • The cultural November Aljorra (29/10/2010)
    A large and varied program of activities to be developed for five weeks for neighbors and visitors
  • Complete works of rehabilitation of the headquarters of Trustees Sacred Heart College in the historic center of Cartagena (29/10/2010)
    was carried out overall restoration of the facade of this building in the street Saura and part of the Joint History City
  • The week of the close of the Historical Novel hand and Paula Cifuentes María Dueñas (29/10/2010)
    This morning the authors Paula Cifuentes Maria Duenas and historical accounts have been submitted to the media at the close of the eleventh edition of this event
  • Barreiro recalls that "the delays are the result AVE exclusion of Cartagena in Development Plans" (29/10/2010)

  • The UPCT enrollment increased by 20% (29/10/2010)
    The largest increase was recorded in double degrees in Naval and Civil
  • Opening Form Request for scholarships Leonardo da Vinci (29/10/2010)
    3 to November 26, those interested can apply in the ADLE, which is responsible for managing the mobility program designed to facilitate internships abroad
  • End of first year of basic internet for more (29/10/2010)
    A second round will begin on November 9 by the high demand registered
  • Repulse Municipal School Board for assaulting a teacher at IES of Sorrows (29/10/2010)
    Also expresses its defense of teachers and the dignity of their teaching and educating, while stressing the importance of peaceful coexistence in schools
  • Seduction, betrayal, and religion, stars of the Historical Novel Week (28/10/2010)
    This morning the authors Pilar Neira and Neil Risch, participating in the XI edition of this conference, presented to the media historical stories
  • Luis Fonseca: "Benicarló should be our turning point" (28/10/2010)
    This week has taken place in the staff room of the Pavilion Guimbarda Wsell of the press conference the coach of Real Cartagena, Luis Fonseca.
  • The School of Telecommunications wins the eleventh edition of the Trofeo Rector (28/10/2010)

  • The Municipal School of Theatre continues its tour of Solidarity (28/10/2010)
    Sunday successfully represented his work Jesus Christ Superstar 2010 in The Salesians to benefit Indian children and February Sivasaki repeated experience for women and children of Guatemala
  • Internet to your needs for women in Pozo Estrecho (28/10/2010)
    The Department of Women participating in the launch of the campaign traveling to take new technology to the neighborhoods, starting with a course in the same town on 29 November to 3 December
  • The restoration of the House Retirement Dorda Coto ends (28/10/2010)

  • The Board of Governors on Friday approved the remodeling of the final installment of Juan Fernandez (28/10/2010)
    The meeting will also consider the second phase of the football field Mediterranean Construction
  • Exhibitions and exhibition games to close the Local Police in El Corte Ingles (28/10/2010)
    Activities will take place on Saturday morning at the Plaza shopping center
  • Development of Carthage year 2010 (27/10/2010)

  • A landscape and more than five genera originated the broken heart of Laguna women (27/10/2010)

  • Schools Our Lady of the Sea, Hannibal and Hasdrubal incorporate new sports equipment (27/10/2010)
    was given by Councillor Social Care in the framework of the XII Olympiad Children being held in St. Lucia, Lo Campano and Los Mateos
  • Exhausted fertilizers for the XXX edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (27/10/2010)
    A recent sale tickets to see Macy Gray and The Manhattan Transfer
  • The mayor expressed support for Cartagena Mediterranean Corridor (27/10/2010)
    Pilar Barreiro today held a meeting with Ferrmed responsible for promoting the transportation hub, a priority that a third rail track from the French border to our city
  • Naval maneuvers simulating the rescue of a submarine (27/10/2010)
    This work, which will take place during a week in Cartagena water, again made in 2012 to establish, on an international, experimental techniques led by the Spanish Navy
  • Prepared by a special operation called All Saints Day The device, which will have a total of 135 local police officers, begins on Friday with the control of access to the main cemetery of the city such as Santa Lucia and San Anton, and will culminate (27/10/2010)

  • Black Pearl wins the Trofeo SAR Infanta Cristina de Latinos (27/10/2010)
    The test was held on Sunday 17 October at the docks, organized by the SC of Santa Lucia
  • Open day at the CAI de La Palma (27/10/2010)
    The center began his career with 33 children from 0 to 3 years
  • Drug Training Workshop for Teachers and Counselors (27/10/2010)
    Under the title Let us return, this activity organized by the Department of Social Services will be held on November 4 and the registration period will remain open until 2
  • Erasmus grants Youth grants 2010 (27/10/2010)
    The Department distributes financial aid among college students and VET involved in European
  • The Four CP Santos, closer to the table tennis (27/10/2010)
    The starred school yesterday the second day of the Sports Outreach program of à ‰ lite organized by the municipality, holding a meeting with the UCAM-FLOYMAPE
  • The meaning of wine and the truth about King Solomon's mines in the Historical Novel Week (26/10/2010)
    This morning the authors Jesus Sanchez and Carlos Roca, participating in the XI of these days, have presented their historical accounts to Media
  • Inauguration of handicrafts exhibition of the Cultural Week in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad (26/10/2010)
    The director of the IMSS was responsible for cutting the ribbon that opened to the public this exhibition can be visited at the local neighborhood association in the neighborhood until 29 October
  • 300 adults enjoy the Secret of Your Eyes (26/10/2010)
    The City of Cartagena and Caja Madrid have organized a new session of the program of the Municipal Institute of Social Services on Tuesday with a screening of the movie The Secret in their eyes
  • Cartagena Jazz Festival with Iberia flies (26/10/2010)
    programming emphasizes the luxury of one of the most traditional festivals in Spain
  • Moses Ruiz, author of Holy Week Poster 2011 (26/10/2010)
    The photo shows the throne of the Virgin of Solitude shortfin passing through the Church of the Good Friday Charity
  • The Palace Hall, an example of efficient construction (26/10/2010)
    The building, headquarters of the City of Cartagena, was distinguished in the section on Institutional Use in Quality Awards IV in Building granted by the Autonomous Community
  • Opening of the exhibition "Miguel Hernández daylight" (26/10/2010)

  • Results of the first round of the Local Youth Football League (26/10/2010)
    The championship starts come of age with the debut of the categories of cadet, infant and juvenile
  • Exhibition drawing on the city of Cartagena Award 'Nicomedes Gomez' (26/10/2010)

  • The Sports Palace will run for the first quarter of 2011 This was announced Councilman Infrastructure during the plenary held today, which also said that later this year is scheduled to award the first phase of the project splitting of the Way of Syp (25/10/2010)

  • The Virgin of Charity visit the parish of St. James of Cartagena (25/10/2010)

  • "The PSOE glared school aid to displaced defense," according to Maroto (25/10/2010)

  • Cabezos recalls that the PSOE was the tribute to Bastarreche now wants to remove (25/10/2010)

  • Úšltimos days to submit posters to the competition of Carnival 2011 (25/10/2010)
    The deadline is Thursday and the works that should be free though representative of the carnival grounds and the city may be presented in the Graduate School
  • The UPCT convenes the fourth children's painting competition related to science (25/10/2010)

  • UPyD AQUAGEST calls to limit the installation to prevent leakage (24/10/2010)

  • Culture and Tourism presented in the draft recovery Portugal Roman Theatre of Cartagena (23/10/2010)
    To the Director of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage, Enrique Ujaldón, "This is an example of the politics of regional heritage conservation, compatible with impetus to contemporary art "
  • La Casa de Los Dolores Rabe opens its doors with three municipal services (22/10/2010)
    The Mayor has opened offices to neighboring such as consumption, Social Services and OMIT Quarter
  • The Noordam AIDAbella and Cartagena bring 4,000 tourists (22/10/2010)
    Both ships have remained moored in the harbor all morning, which has led to a continuous flow of people who took advantage of his short stay for sightseeing and visiting shops and bars
  • 300 students of the IES Isaac Peral are reported on volunteering (22/10/2010)
    For a week have involved organized by the Department of Social scared
  • The UPCT analyzes the influence of Christian pilgrimages throughout history (22/10/2010)

  • On Monday, the City Council held full Cartagena (22/10/2010)
    The Municipal Corporation will discuss the latest issues dictmaninados by the Planning Commission and Finance, along with motions, requests from local groups
  • The Virgin of Charity visit to St. James in St. Lucia (22/10/2010)
    The landlady made this weekend a massive output to celebrate the Holy Year Jubilee in the parish
  • End of Course Enrolment Cosmomitos and Herodias (22/10/2010)
    On Tuesday, October 26 is the last day to apply to participate in this activity organized by the Municipal Archaeological Museum Enrique Escudero de Castro, in collaboration with the CPR Cartagena-La Union
  • Jesus Sanchez and Emilio Calderón present their works to the media (22/10/2010)
    The writers, who opened the eleventh week of the Historical Novel of Cartagena, will be accompanied by the Councillor of Culture
  • The campaign to control child restraint systems are close to 20 complaints (22/10/2010)
    During the first half of October, a total of 789 vehicles have been controlled by the local police through this action, designed to encourage children under 12 under ride in the car insurance
  • Last week to apply for grants to support the movement university (22/10/2010)
    up to October 29 may apply for these scholarships convened by the Department of Education, for a total of 100, for a total of 14,000 euros
  • XVII League Begins Local Grassroots Cartagena City Council (22/10/2010)
    This edition will beat record participation of 200 teams from 32 clubs and 3,000 players aged 4 to 16 years
  • Local Police shows your progress through exposure (21/10/2010)
    The purpose of this show, hosted by the English Court during the next 10 days, is to bring citizens the history and materials that have had the strength home since 1850
  • Ã "scar Marine awarded the National Design Award (21/10/2010)
    The artist drawn poster for La Mar de Músicas 2004, especially Argentina, Buenos Aires and exposure which was exhibited that year at the festival
  • Maria Duenas and Paula Cifuentes, highlights of the Historical Novel Week XI (21/10/2010)

  • New Course of innovative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in R + D + i (21/10/2010)
    is the fifth edition of this initiative organized by Bancaja, UPCT and the city of Cartagena and starts on October 25 in order to encourage the creation of high tech
  • Oscar Marine creator of the poster for La Mar de Músicas 2004, particularly Argentina, has won a National Design Award (21/10/2010)
    this edition also made Buenos Aires exposure which was exhibited at the festival
  • Rosana Cartagena presents his album A good and bad (21/10/2010)
    The concert will be Friday, 22 at 21:30 pm in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • Who among us has not ever thought about not going over to football? (21/10/2010)

  • Report seven years of darkness Hall to the existence of an illegal mobile phone antenna in Cala Flores (20/10/2010)

  • Response to the news "The Reale leaves more than 80 children on the street" (20/10/2010)

  • UI calls for the creation of a parking lot next to the train station Cartagena (20/10/2010)

  • Cabezos noted that "Zapatero has been the only one who has squandered the state treasury" (20/10/2010)

  • Children's Olympics in St. Lucia, Lo Campano and Los Mateos (20/10/2010)
    More than 600 children will participate in this event organized by Social Services in collaboration with schools Our Lady of the Sea, Hannibal and Hasdrubal
  • The City Council renewed the contract for cleaning machinery and colleges (20/10/2010)

  • Youth Meeting to combat unemployment (20/10/2010)
    It is the appointment of Youth and Responsible National Youth Policy aimed at young people between 18 and 30, to be held on 27 November at the Youth Resource Centre
  • Tourism estimates that the archaeological park of the winch is to visit Cartagena for Easter (20/10/2010)
    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism allocated about 700,000 euros, through the Tourist Consortium Cartagena Puerto de Culturas
  • A committee will study the management model of the auditorium and conference center (20/10/2010)
    The Finance Commission gives green light to file for the council to exercise this activity free competition
  • Urban gives green light to the expansion of local marina (20/10/2010)
    may move their line about five feet, to the steps of the current trip
  • XIII Conference on Culture of Defense (20/10/2010)
    are held during the months of October and November in order to raise awareness of the heritage and military history and the evolution of the Armed Forces worldwide
  • The ADE about table tennis at CP Concepción Arenal (20/10/2010)
    With this activity opened the program to the Department of Sports for the year 2010-2011
  • II Cultural Week for the Elderly at Our Lady of Charity (20/10/2010)
    The IMSS and the Senior Club of the neighborhood have organized exhibitions, competitions and cultural visits, a wide range of activities taking place during the last week of October
  • The return of family concerts with Sine Tempore Ensemble (19/10/2010)
    This project comes under the title Journey to the music through time, which is scheduled by the Department of Education during the current school year, will take place on Saturday 23 October
  • Inauguration of the course of energetic gymnastics for more (19/10/2010)
    Social Services experience repeated after the success of the first edition
  • Amadeo and the Dream Musical, at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy (19/10/2010)
    1,300 school children attending kindergartens and elementary schools on Wednesday and Thursday performances organized by the Department of Education sponsored by Ibercaja
  • Bicity begins a new journey The service, which began operations on October 25, starts with such innovations as the automated system and charging a fee, all with the objective of ensuring safety for bicycles and for users (19/10/2010)

  • Work begins on renovation of the Plaza Bohemia (19/10/2010)
    Work eliminate existing problems of flooding and stagnation of wastewater and improve its accessibility to the disappearance of stairs
  • Dies Máiquez Alfonso, president of the College Football San Cristobal del Bohio (19/10/2010)
    The Department of Sports urged to observe a minute of silence in the first round of the league
  • Cut of water in El Algar (19/10/2010)
    Aquagest is planning work on improving the network, which will place this Thursday the interruption in the supply of drinking water in some streets of Cartagena council
  • Salvage improves your ability to dive deep with a diving bell (19/10/2010)
    is the only kind available in Spain and has its maintenance base in Cartagena
  • 197 vehicles were reported in September for speeding (18/10/2010)
    Local police made last 17 controls in streets of the city with the radar on loan from the General Directorate of Traffic
  • Cartagena is promoted in Lisbon (18/10/2010)
    As a tourist destination for conferences and meetings with other Spanish cities
  • The mobile operators will pay 800,000 euros to the City Council (18/10/2010)
    The Governing Board approved the update of the fee that companies pay for use of municipal space
  • More than 5,000 participants in the bike festival X (18/10/2010)
    sporting event, organized by the City and the group Via Libre, whole families gathered yesterday joined by pedaling through the city, a journey which had given extended the massive participation
  • New Course Monitor Futsal (18/10/2010)
    November 5, you can submit entries for this training activity to the Department of Sports that enables you to manage teams and 2nd and 1st class local and federated
  • The Hospital of Santa Teresa opened the doors of its Training Centre (18/10/2010)
    The Mayor chaired the opening ceremony Friday of the building, which is located in the suburb of San Antón and houses 7 classrooms to teach courses for unemployed
  • Travel therapeutic Archena for more (18/10/2010)
    The Department of Social Services has organized for this trip Oct. 21 to be attended by 55 major and enroll in the program and Healthy Active Tourism
  • The ADLE starts a course of medical caretaker (18/10/2010)
    The 10 students selected from 200 applications submitted, began their training in order to improve their chances of finding job opportunities
  • The PP urban policy has turned the monastery of San Ginés de la Jara in the greatest crime against the archaeological heritage of Cartagena " (18/10/2010)
    According to denounce the Socialists
  • Cartagena, eg archaeological recovery (15/10/2010)
    Up to date we have completed 90% of archaeological recovery winch, as the first step has been to tastings and surveys to locate the remains on the hill
  • The Virgin of Charity prepares his visit to St. James The governing body of the Holy and Royal Hospital Charity has presented the program of activities will be developed during the days 23 and 24 October for the start of the patron to the parish of S (15/10/2010)

  • ASID elaborating a proposal for Independent Living for disabled The president of the association has presented the idea to the mayor has sought the assistance of the City Council to meet the growing demand of users who want to learn everyday househol (15/10/2010)

  • I week of NGOs in the Isaac Peral (15/10/2010)
    The Institute, in collaboration with the Youth Council has scheduled talks on the social commitment that will take place from 18 to 22 October
  • Traffic Court in Ramon y Cajal for water works and sewage (15/10/2010)
    Starting Monday will not be circulated and the English Court Mercadona
  • Cortes and deductions on Sunday in Cartagena by bike festival X (15/10/2010)
    Some 4,000 cyclists take to the streets and avenues ago
  • A course in UPCT discusses military cooperation for disaster relief and peacekeeping operations (15/10/2010)

  • The Fall T-The increased activities (15/10/2010)
    Courses, trips, workshops and excursions, the favorite of young people to fill their leisure time
  • Manual-building workshops for children in the neighborhood (15/10/2010)
    On Monday start the courses organized by Social Services, which will be held in Las Lomas del Albujón, San Anton and the neighborhood Four Saints
  • Gymnastics energy for more (15/10/2010)
    Social Services experience repeated after the success of the first edition
  • New Course in Language Exchange (15/10/2010)
    linguistically exchanges, which last year reached 180, will remain the basis of this program to practice foreign language
  • The immigration debate in the Commission on Integration and Social Cohesion (15/10/2010)
    Social Care Councillor of the City of Cartagena last week participated in the meetings of this committee, held in the town of Morella Castellon
  • Jesus Christ Superstar for the benefit of Indian County Sivakasi (15/10/2010)
    The play will be performed by the Municipal School of Theatre on October 24 in the auditorium of Salesians
  • 40 volunteers cleaned the beaches of Cape Tiñoso (15/10/2010)
    activity, with the cooperation of the City of Cartagena and other associations, will be held on Sunday
  • You're stuck beat and steal the clock (15/10/2010)
    Local police arrested on Tuesday morning of the two attackers in the vicinity of the park in Los Juncos
  • Most young people are considered peaceful Cartagena (15/10/2010)
    This is reflected in a study of the Youth Concejlaía on interpersonal relationships made through the Virtual Observatory by surveying 264 students from last cycle of the ESO city
  • One hundred housewives learn to defend themselves from abuse (15/10/2010)

  • The Department of Women begins next week 21 courses and workshops (15/10/2010)
    Published lists of accepted and reservations of the different activities taking place in the classrooms of the Department and Vista Alegre
  • One hundred housewives from Cartagena known techniques to prevent gender violence (14/10/2010)
    director general for the Prevention of Domestic Violence Protocol highlights the benefits of interagency collaboration in development
  • Arrested drunk guy driving a stolen motorcycle (14/10/2010)
    The events did last Sunday when local police stopped the individual in Alameda for committing a traffic violation
  • The Santa Teresa Entertainment launches Training Centre (14/10/2010)
    The building is located in the suburb of San Antón and houses 7 classrooms to teach courses for the unemployed, opens Friday with the presence of the Mayor
  • The ADLE reach 14,000 users during the second half of the year The Agency held in these months a total of 85 training activities for employees, unemployed, university, business and associations, with the aim of improving their training and facilitate (14/10/2010)

  • Cartagena, eg recovery of archaeological (14/10/2010)
    Today we have presented the minutes of the V Congress Musealisation deposits held in 2008 in Cartagena, with the reflection of a city of the future in which combining its ancient and Modern
  • Hall and Aquagest are launching a campaign against consumer fraud in the water The concessionaire of Municipal Water Service has detected the use of devices that prevent the proper functioning of the counters, which, they warn, can lead to sanctions (14/10/2010)

  • Segado Rives asked to bring suit to defend Cartagena arrival of the AVE (14/10/2010)

  • Starts Rating Pogram Pofesional that manages the ADLE (14/10/2010)
    A total of 15 students participating in this program today through the Auxiliary Operations-Pintor specialty in Occupational Training Center Canteras
  • The Labor Project in the Sixth Technical Meeting of the European fund projects (14/10/2010)
    The meeting, held last Thursday in Cartagena, was an exchange of experience in employment between the municipalities of Cartagena, Murcia, Lorca and Molina de Segura
  • II Contest Nativity School (13/10/2010)
    Commercial Park Mandarache school organizes this activity will be held from December 10 to January 5
  • Birth of the Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Region based in Cartagena (13/10/2010)
    With the creation of this federation, whose seed is in the port city, Murcia has become a pioneer of the movement of this sport federation at national level
  • Second Conference of Women's Associations in the Region of Murcia (13/10/2010)
    young Incorporating the forward movement will be the focus of the event to be held at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Cosmomitos and Herodias, on Tuesday at the Archaeological Museum (13/10/2010)
    The series covers various conferences about gods, goddesses, heroes and heroines of the classical world today, during the month of November
  • The Elders of the Circle of Santa Ana celebrate their second anniversary (13/10/2010)
    13 to October 17 will develop various activities in the local Conservation Authority
  • Ecologists in Action Alert an episode of ozone pollution in Cartagena (13/10/2010)
    Sunday 10 October exceeded the threshold of information to the public, but the government did not issue any statement on the media
  • El Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena opens its fall season of 2036-G Omena Joglars, directed by Albert Boadella (13/10/2010)
    The work, tomorrow Thursday 14, within the program of the Department of Culture
  • Painting courses and chess Municipal Institute of Social Services (13/10/2010)
    Classes will be held in the building of the Miracle until mid-December
  • The program business community, immersed in its second phase (13/10/2010)
    ADLE This initiative, launched until late November, focuses its scope in the industrial Cabezo Beaza
  • Ignacio García Tornel is made with the Gallego Carlos Photography Award (13/10/2010)
    The jury in the fourth edition of this event has also awarded two runners to photographers Pablo Valle and Roberto Sánchez Pérez Rubio
  • New Senior Walking path (13/10/2010)
    Friday will travel 8 miles to visit the fortifications Lighthouse Christmas
  • Fire-scale acquired a car reaches the ninth floor (11/10/2010)
    The vehicle currently available interventions only allows up to seven heights
  • Beatriz Perez won the Painting Contest of the Aljorra (11/10/2010)
    This cultural event, the biannual held last Sunday with the presentation of papers and awards
  • Arrested for stealing goods from a supermarket and assaulting two employees establishment workers finally achieved after a struggle to retain the individual who, because of its aggressiveness, had to be restrained by the local police to move it to th (11/10/2010)

  • The Autonomous Community and Technical University of Cartagena signed an agreement to exchange shares training (11/10/2010)
    School of Public Administration and the university will share its training, teaching materials and classroom
  • The Socialists described as unsafe and technical and aesthetic deficiencies the new roundabout next to Entremares manga (10/10/2010)

  • UPyD-Cartagena will be present at the upcoming municipal elections (10/10/2010)

  • Port of Culture opens its doors to celebrate Hispanic Heritage (08/10/2010)

  • Social Care completes its contribution of 100,000 euros in the Hospitality Santa Teresa (08/10/2010)
    The council has delivered today to the president of the charity a check for 50,000 euros
  • Merchants and vendors question the desirability of a new market (08/10/2010)
    The councilman of Commerce has revealed that the position of the City will comply with the ordinances and to meet the demands of traders and associations involved in this sector
  • And Crafts Trade Show of Cartagena in John XXIII (08/10/2010)
    A total of 20 artisans from the region will offer throughout the holiday weekend a wide range of quality products available to suit all budgets
  • The Association of Cartagena and Shire Laryngectomees (08/10/2010)
    Its members thanked Councilman Antonio Calderón their collaboration for the creation and implementation of the association
  • Pilar Barreiro criticizes "the abandonment of Cartagena in the State Budget (08/10/2010)

  • 20 artisans gather at the 'Trade Show and Crafts' of Cartagena (08/10/2010)
    The Plaza Juan XXIII welcomes this initiative to disseminate the craft and commercial revitalization that has the support of the Autonomous Community, the City Council and the Chamber of Trade
  • Aideman opens its doors to future ancillary health and social care (08/10/2010)
    The students of the workshop dependence Care, sponsored by the ADLE, last week visited the facilities available to the Handicapped Association as part of training receiving
  • The City will construct a sidewalk between the halt of Feve and the Hospital of Saint Lucia (08/10/2010)
    conditioned also another pedestrian access across the street Minaret in The camapaña
  • UPyD denounces the negligent management of the Councillor for Infrastructure in paving the historical (08/10/2010)

  • Luis Fonseca: "Every match is a final" (07/10/2010)

  • The Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros street becomes one-way (07/10/2010)
    will have input and output Alameda, Luis Calandre
  • 20 craftsmen to meet each and Crafts Trade Show of Cartagena (07/10/2010)
    The Plaza Juan XXIII welcomes this initiative which opens on Friday by the Director General of Trade and Handicrafts and the councilman of Commerce
  • Promote technological entrepreneurship among university students (07/10/2010)
    The ADLE, INFO and UPCT courses for entrepreneurs, through Bancaja Chair
  • The Magic of Light, as the mentally ill (07/10/2010)
    UNED The center hosts an exhibition of paintings and ceramics created by students of APIC
  • Forest of King Square takes shape (07/10/2010)
    The 13 metal and canvas trees begin to emerge from the esplanade
  • AMUSAL UCOMUR and self report on the workshop students Care Unit (07/10/2010)
    The 32 students working in the workshop organized by the ADLE had the opportunity to meet, at the briefing held on Tuesday, aid and grants they can get by self-employed
  • Cartagena IU mourns the passing of former Congressman Antonio Luis Prisons and highlights his political (06/10/2010)

  • Cartagena held his bike festival X (06/10/2010)
    travel event on Sunday 17 the main streets of downtown and adjacent neighborhoods
  • Open exposure of the I International Competition Color Canaries (06/10/2010)
    From 6 until 9 October will see exposed in the Sports Hall Quarry, canaries participating in the contest opened last Friday
  • The ship stops in Cartagena Oceana more than 2,000 tourists (06/10/2010)
    This is the third of twelve cruises to a stop in the city during October
  • The Corporation expresses its sorrow at the death of Antonio Prisons (06/10/2010)
    had been a councilman for two terms between 1983 and 1987 and 1991 and 1995
  • The UPCT welcomes hundreds of foreign students (06/10/2010)

  • Arrested three individuals for the theft, by flip of a gold chain (06/10/2010)
    The events did Tuesday at the Captains Ripoll area where they were intercepted by local police the description given by the victim and a neighbor
  • Municipal Drug Addiction Plan delivery to 32,000 euros District Coordinators (06/10/2010)
    Social Care Councillor has today signed agreements for the municipal contribution to shared activities in this area
  • The history of ancient Cartagena, closer to our older (06/10/2010)
    The Museum of Archaeology and Social Services organized two workshops for older, to be held in mid-October, which will show the history of the city at the time Roman
  • Local assaulting two police officers after robbing Mercadona (06/10/2010)
    The man, who also lashed out against the staff of the establishment and did not stop self-injury, was finally reduced by agents and taken to hospital Rosell, before being taken to Police
  • The ADLE shape the future of the hospital cleaning of Saint Lucia (06/10/2010)
    The municipal body has signed a collaboration agreement with the company awarded the Health Service of Murcia
  • The City of Cartagena, honorary prize AR & PA 2010 (06/10/2010)
    The jury praised the bet made in a long process of urban redevelopment recovery based on architectural and urban heritage
  • Start the program in October INFORMADLE (06/10/2010)
    Interested companies may apply for briefings on the ADLE Unveils training resources, career counseling, business and employment
  • The Roman Theatre opened over the Puente de la Hispanidad (06/10/2010)
    will extend the time to visit the site over the weekend and remain open to the public on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 October
  • UPyD aware of the many robberies that are occurring in the north of the city and denounces the impunity with which the thieves act (06/10/2010)

  • Exchange of experiences in the days ADLE Equality and Diversity in Employment (05/10/2010)
    The agency announced last week the benefits of project work in the course of the sessions in Motril
  • Hall and ADIF retake the proposed new railway station Cartagena (05/10/2010)

  • VII Painting Contest at The Aljorra (05/10/2010)
    This cultural event, which is a biannual basis, will be held on Sunday, with the presentation of papers and award the same day
  • The local police control the use of saddles and seat belts at the entrance and exit of schools (05/10/2010)
    Since last Monday, the campaign started in mid-September progresses from one stage fined 200 euros
  • The City Council is running a bus to the hospital of Saint Lucia (05/10/2010)
    will leave from Piazza Bastarreche, every 15 minutes
  • PP: 'Juan Luis Martinez used the municipal wireless business to private' (05/10/2010)

  • The UPCT, runner up in the championship MotoStudent Alcaniz (05/10/2010)

  • 40 people were formed in the course waiter IMSS (05/10/2010)
    Funded by the SEF, starting in October, are free and are held in the facilities of the Building of the Miraculous
  • The Intercultural Center of Los Dolores and Old begin the course (05/10/2010)
    The registration period for the workshops will remain open until Oct. 15 at the centers, which will run alongside an information campaign
  • Workshops Classroom study neighborhoods Nuextra (05/10/2010)
    The IMSS and be organized 60 children who will benefit over the course of this program is underway on Monday in Los Mateos, Virgen de la Caridad, Barrio de la Concepción and San Anton
  • Fire in a seafood restaurant in St. Lucia (05/10/2010)
    The fire started in the kitchen of the hotel located on the Santiago Street
  • Port of Cultures, the scene of Manifesta 8 (05/10/2010)
    Some of the major tourist centers interpretation of the city will host events during the celebration, from Oct. 9, the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Cartagena
  • New Cartagena FC opens the curtain on the new season 2010-2011 (05/10/2010)
    The presentation was attended by Jose Miguel Monje, president of the Football Federation of the Region of Murcia
  • The prison of San Antón, a new art center (04/10/2010)
    Jail for 100 days will be one of the venues of the biennial art, Manifesta 8
  • José Izquierdo, awarded by the National Police (04/10/2010)
    collaboration has been recognized with the body in its 28 years of service in the Bureau of Municipal Statistics
  • The Palace Hall, regarding architectural rehabilitation (04/10/2010)
    A representation of the Official College of Architects of Murcia has done today, Day of Architecture, a tour of the building from the hand of its restoration architect, Juan Antonio Molina
  • More than 5,000 students participated in the activities of the Park Driver Education course last (04/10/2010)
    The Board of Governors of the municipal facility met this morning
  • UPyD denounces the uncontrolled and wasteful policy of the government team in the allocation and use of mobile phones in the Hall (04/10/2010)

  • Homage to ancient grandparents on the International Day of Older Persons (04/10/2010)
    Micaela Gómez Ruiz of 102 years and Eulalia Andrés Casanova 100 years were treated by Councillor Care at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The Department of Education announces its transport aid scholarships university (04/10/2010)
    up to 100 will be awarded a total of 14,000 euros
  • 200 volunteers will clean up the seabed of Port (04/10/2010)
    With this campaign, which will take place Saturday at the Lighthouse at Christmas and the spring of Curra, is to sensitize the public of the need to conserve the environment around us
  • Full at the Palace Hall to listen to Pawel Kowalski (04/10/2010)
    The famous Polish pianist delighted the audience at the Friday concert that successfully played pieces by Chopin
  • Workshops self-esteem, self-awareness and relaxation (04/10/2010)
    The People's University on Thursday presented their health and welfare activities
  • UPyD calls for opening the gateway that services the Medical Center Barrio de la Concepción (02/10/2010)
    The opening would be temporary until the completion of the works of Dr. Luis Canlandre Street
  • The Cartagena racing generated 640 hours of television and reached 120 countries (01/10/2010)
    New data on the media coverage of sporting events held during the month of August in Cartagena
  • The ADLE coordinate a million euros in microcredit for new businesses The City of Cartagena and Microbank have signed a collaboration agreement in order to facilitate access to funding to help launch new businesses, with the objective to enhance empl (01/10/2010)

  • The Fair Outlet of John XXIII opens its doors to large numbers of people (01/10/2010)
    From today until Monday, will be open the 40 booths set up in this central space with a wide range of products ranging from jewelry to fashion and accessories
  • Visit to the Department of Women to La Palma (01/10/2010)
    On the occasion of Day of Rural Women to visit the Museum of the Bun and the House of Folklore
  • Roberta Flack suspended his European tour and will be replaced in the 30 ° Cartagena Jazz Festival Orchestra for the Buena Vista Social Club (01/10/2010)
    stellar collaboration with the great Cuban diva Omara Portuondo
  • The City refinanced its debt to avoid liquidity (01/10/2010)
    The Board of Directors today approved the loan review, and other initiatives such as the Accessibility Plan and the Town Local Action Plan to the risk of flooding
  • 18,000 tourists arrive in Cartagena in October on board a dozen cruise (01/10/2010)
    This week has washed up in the port city AIDAvita cruise with cruise 2030, visitors fill the shops, bars and places of historical tourism
  • Green cars racing at the Circuito de Cartagena (01/10/2010)
    The Solar Race Murcia also include concerts, monologues and video games
  • Cartagena held until Monday its first Fair Outlet with the participation of 40 shops in the Plaza Juan XXIII (01/10/2010)
    Director General of Trade and Crafts opens the show, which will feature various entertainment activities for guests
  • Park Driver Education program takes stock and activities for this course (01/10/2010)
    On Monday meeting in its facilities the Governing Board
  • The Cross of Artillery IX participants increases and changes in itinerary (01/10/2010)
    Come Out of the Pinto López Plaza and divided drosales 2500
  • Social Services to deliver 151,000 euros Huertecica (01/10/2010)
    The City Council has signed a collaboration agreement with the group to support their social integration programs for drug addicts

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