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Cartagena News - August 2019

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  • Open to the bathroom all the beaches of La Manga, except 100 meters of coastline in front of the Turia cazaminas (31/08/2019)
    In the area of ​​Monte Blanco, the yellow flag limitation is maintained not to move more than 50 meters from the shore
  • MC will require the local government that the fiscal ordinances of 2020 contribute to generate employment, economic growth and encourage sustainability (31/08/2019)
    Isabel Garca: "We hope that 'La Trinca' respects the dynamics that we imposed to reduce fiscal pressure on individuals and companies"
  • The summer sports pools in which more than a thousand children have participated say goodbye (30/08/2019)
    Activities have been developed until today at the facilities of the Youth House of Cartagena, Pozo Estrecho and La Aljorra
  • The Santa Ana Polygon will wear a party between September 5 and 8 in its IV edition (30/08/2019)
    Four days of activities for all ages in the residential with music, sports and parades
  • The Calnegre beach in Monte Blanco is partially open with a yellow flag (30/08/2019)
    Bathing will be allowed up to 50 meters from the shore to make it compatible with the rescue tasks carried out by the Navy in the area
  • The I Trail Solidarity Path of the Water of Galifa begins its term of enrollment (30/08/2019)
    Brokers and walkers may sign up from Sunday in the different routes that have limited places when passing through a protected space
  • The UPCT studies the impact of the 4.0 revolution on workers' working conditions (30/08/2019)
    Researcher Kahale Carrillo is committed to adapting training and unionism to the new dynamics imposed by digitalization
  • VOX Cartagena meets with the platform affected by the Rambla Plan (30/08/2019)
    This morning VOX Cartagena has received the platform affected by the Rambla Plan
  • MC will demand the adequacy of the environment of the Casa Molino del Monte Sacro, recovered thanks to the impulse of the Cartagena formation (30/08/2019)

  • The Youth T-LA travels to Crdoba to say goodbye to its summer program (30/08/2019)
    It will be the weekend from September 27 to 29, with two nights in half-board accommodation for 150 euros
  • Cabo de Palos lives its festivities this weekend (30/08/2019)
    Activities include sardines, batucada and foam party that will take place on the esplanade next to the harbor boathouse
  • Cartagena prepares for the Carthaginians and Romans (29/08/2019)
    Less than a month before the start of the festivities, declared of International Tourist Interest, the municipal services work hard to make them look their best
  • The XVIII Cross of the Artillery receives about a thousand registered in less than a month (29/08/2019)

  • MC: Faced with the improvisation of "La Trinca", MC warns of security risks about the new location of the CyR fair (29/08/2019)
    The Cartagenerist formation will present a battery of initiatives in plenary before the doubts generated about the Rambla Plan
  • Closure of the summer pools of the Department of Sports in which a thousand children participated (29/08/2019)
    The afternoon on Thursday will close activities in the House of Youth, and Friday 30, in the Pozo Estrecho
  • MC will demand an increase in the regional contribution to Cartagena in the area of ​​Dependency to ease the waiting list (29/08/2019)
    Enrique Prez regrets that almost one thousand Cartagena continue to expect to receive the recognized benefit
  • Closing of the summer pools of the Department of Sports (29/08/2019)
    The afternoon on Thursday will close activities in the House of Youth, and Friday 30, in the Pozo Estrecho
  • The XVIII Cross de la Artilleria has about a thousand registered in less than a month (29/08/2019)

  • The #PROTECTPARADISE project arrives in Cartagena with the objective of cleaning the beach of Cala Salitrona in plastic (28/08/2019)

  • Rain without incident during the passage of the cold drop through the municipality (28/08/2019)
    The highest intensity of rainfall was recorded between three and five in the afternoon with about 6.4 liters per square meter
  • Gala Beach opens with a yellow flag to allow bathing up to 50 meters from the shore (28/08/2019)
    Monte Blanco beach remains closed while the wreckage of the wrecked plane is rescued
  • MC: The local government presents concerts in places that it had previously censored (28/08/2019)
    Ricardo Segado will ask if the law of silence has ended or if the last name Piana has a bull
  • Dozens of sailboats will meet this weekend at the III Latin Sailing Vivero Trophy (28/08/2019)
    Boats of the three classes of 21, 33 and 42 spans will compete for the winning title this weekend in Cabo de Palos
  • MC denounces that the local government plans to impose the second pedestrianization of the center with the opposition of the shops (28/08/2019)

  • The UPCT obtains more than 40,000 euros from FECYT to promote technological vocations and innovate (28/08/2019)

  • Last days to commemorate the 25 years of La Mar de Msica with the exhibition 'Not only, but also' (28/08/2019)
    The sound sample can be visited in the Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Auditorium El Batel until Friday, August 30
  • The beaches of Monte Blanco and Gala will remain closed to the bathroom until the withdrawal of the wrecked plane (28/08/2019)
    Citizens are asked for collaboration in case they find remains in any area of ​​the coast or the sea
  • MC compares Ballesta with the 'bully' who steals the sandwich from the classmate (27/08/2019)
    Before the silence of 'La Trinca', Gimnez reminds the mayor of Murcia of the benefits they already enjoy in their city to the detriment of the rest of the Region
  • About seven thousand tourists disembark in Cartagena (27/08/2019)
    From the Jewel of the Seas and Britannia cruises they have traveled the streets of our city and visited museums and sites throughout the day, following the recommendations of the Department of Tourism
  • Commerce invites Cartagena establishments to participate in the X Outlet Fair (27/08/2019)
    The bases will be published on the bulletin board along with the registration form for all interested businesses throughout the municipality
  • MC: "Civil Guard professionals prove MC right to security problems in the Campo de Cartagena" (27/08/2019)
    The Unified Association of Civil Guards (AUGC) claims that the Cartagena headquarters be the main position, as claimed cartagenerist training
  • Cartagena FC and Valencia CF will play a solidary Youth Silver Caravel (27/08/2019)
    The match will be played on Saturday, August 31 at 7:00 p.m. at the Gomez Meseguer Sports City.
  • Half-mast flags in the City Hall for the death of the pilot Francisco Marn (27/08/2019)
    The mayor, Ana Beln Castejn, has decreed a day of official mourning as a sign of condolence
  • The beaches of Monte Blanco and Gala remain closed to the bathroom (27/08/2019)
    Civil Protection Personnel of Cartagena tracks the shore in search of new remains of the plane crash
  • AUGC urgently demands a new Main Post of the Civil Guard in Cartagena (27/08/2019)

  • The girls of the 4x400 complete the ten athletes of UCAM Cartagena in the National Absolute of La Nucia (27/08/2019)

  • La Aparecida begins this week's festivities in honor of the Virgen de los Dolores (27/08/2019)
    From August 31 to September 8 there will be musical performances, competitions, tournaments and activities for all audiences
  • The City Council of Cartagena activates the preemergence before the orange warning by cold drop (26/08/2019)
    Firefighters, Local Police, Social Services and Infrastructure implement their protocols for the forecast of rains of up to 40 liters per square meter in an hour that could occur between zero and 15 hours on Tuesday, August 27
  • The Vice President of the Government is committed to give greater visibility to the group of professional women, researchers and entrepreneurs of Cartagena (26/08/2019)

  • The City Council of Cartagena prepares for the orange cold drop warning (26/08/2019)
    Social Services, Infrastructure, Local Police and Firefighters activate their protocols for the forecast of rains of up to 40 liters per square meter in an hour that could occur between zero and 15 hours from Tuesday, August 27
  • Gala and Monte Blanco are kept closed to the bathroom due to the La Manga plane crash (26/08/2019)
    The measure, adopted in order to facilitate rescue and upon arrival at the shore of remains of the fuselage, has already been lifted in Las Sirenas and Lost Bank
  • A thousand runners are expected in the Ascent to the Fountain of the Toad (26/08/2019)
    The traditional 10-kilometer cross will be held on Saturday, August 31 from 7 pm
  • Ecovidrio rewards the Cartagena restaurant J Chara restaurant for its commitment to the recycling of glass (26/08/2019)
    In Cartagena more than 160 hotel establishments participate in the 'Green Flags Movement' campaign
  • The route and the mining cross fill El Llano del Beal with athletics (26/08/2019)
    200 people participated in the hiking trail, while 600 did so in the Cross
  • Recitals, cinema, courses and much more in the VII edition of the Cartagena Jonda Flamenco Cycle (26/08/2019)
    La Pea Flamenca Antonio Piana this year commemorates Extremadura in his activities with his artists and will make a cultural exchange with a trip to Cceres
  • Comparsa Salgueiro promotes the Carnival of Cartagena in France (26/08/2019)
    25 members traveled to Bagnères de Luchon where they participated in the parade of La Fiesta de las Flores that celebrated its 120th anniversary this year
  • El Ports closes the summer with the celebration of the X edition of its Jbega (26/08/2019)
    Throughout last Saturday, activities related to the marine environment were carried out, as well as the traditional mass and simulation of the cove and collection of the jbega
  • The Roman Theater begins September with the battle 'Scipio versus Anibal' (26/08/2019)
    In addition to the first week of this month, they have organized various activities such as a theatrical night visit, a guided tour of the Roman Forum Neighborhood and the House of Fortune or a visit to the Castillo de la Concepcin
  • Hiking and conviviality next to the monastery of San Gins de la Jara (26/08/2019)
    Dozens of friends of the monument participated on Sunday in a day on the occasion of the Cartagena Copatrn festival
  • The UPCT doubles through the H2020 program the number of European projects and revenues that during the 7th Framework Program (26/08/2019)

  • The neighbors of the Strait of San Gins begin their patron saint festivities with an Ibiza party (26/08/2019)
    It was held last Friday, August 23 in the Church Square, where they commemorated their patron throughout the weekend
  • Dozens of people make a pilgrimage with San Gins from the center of Cartagena to Mount Miral (26/08/2019)
    The day began at eight in the morning with a Mass in the Basilica of Charity
  • La Manga beaches closed due to the accident of the Eagle Patrol plane (26/08/2019)
    In order to facilitate the rescue and before the arrival to the shore of remains of the fuselage of the device
  • MC: "everything Arroyo announces about San Gins de la Jara is what he boycotted from the regional government" (25/08/2019)
    Jess Gimnez recalls that "only when MC has been in the Government has the restoration of San Gins been advanced"
  • Manuel Padn: "Diego Conesa has decided to be closer to MC and Jos Lpez than to his own acronym" (24/08/2019)

  • More than 80 people ensure the safety of Cartagena's beaches (23/08/2019)
    This morning a rescue drill took place on the Levante beach in Cabo Palos
  • VOX opinion on filtered audios (23/08/2019)
    VOX Cartagena's position before the audios published by La Verdad of the meeting held on June 18 between Diego Conesa and the socialist team of Cartagena
  • The Lpez Rimitiva Summer School allows 20 children to enjoy vacations differently (23/08/2019)
    During July and August students between 3 and 21 years have participated in all kinds of recreational activities
  • MC: Cartagena, in the hands of transfugas, ´malos´ (sic) and Padn (23/08/2019)
    "The recordings revealed today confirm that the only objective of Castejn was to guarantee the Mayor's Office, even if it were with remnants
  • The Food Bank of Cartagena already has a new headquarters, whose rent will be assumed by the City Council (23/08/2019)
    It is expected to become operational in January next year on the occasion of the new call for provision of provisions by the EAGGF
  • Lourdes Retuerto ensures that the expulsion of the councilors of Cartagena is not due to the agreement with the PP, but to the breach of the rules (23/08/2019)

  • A civil engineer by the UPCT designs an iconic hydroponic research center in Cabezo Beaza (23/08/2019)
    Academic work seeks to promote sustainable agricultural techniques in a unique building that attracts new companies to the industrial estate
  • New speed controls for the week from August 26 to September 1 (23/08/2019)
    The Local Police of Cartagena reports the location of radars in different neighborhoods and districts of the municipality
  • The breakfasts of the square of San Gins de la Jara 1946-1963 (23/08/2019)

  • Administration and neighbors will go hand in hand in the recovery of the Mar Menor and the elimination of sludge (22/08/2019)

  • Extraordinary opening of the library since Saturday at the UPCT to prepare for the September exams (22/08/2019)
    The room of the Muralla del Mar Campus will open from Monday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Presented the XV Popular Cross and VII Mining Trekking of Llano del Beal (22/08/2019)
    The Cartagena City Hall hosted this Wednesday the start of the event, to be held this weekend
  • The mayor announces the launch of an extraordinary program for the improvement of the riverside towns of the Mar Menor (22/08/2019)
    A Monitoring Commission will also be created to ensure compliance with investments and deadlines formed by Cartagena government politicians, technicians municipal representatives of the CARM, the Government Delegation and neighbors
  • The U16 Athletes of the UCAM Cartagena return to the National Clubs (22/08/2019)

  • Manuel Padn: "The objective is the progress of Cartagena and for this the pact with PP and PSOE is vital" (21/08/2019)
    Padn: "The objective is the progress of Cartagena and for this the pact with PP and PSOE is vital"
  • Mowing: "Conesa imposes on Cartagena the rules that were skipped in Lorca and that the PSOE does not comply with the coup makers" (21/08/2019)
    Joaqun Segado affirms that the expulsion of Castejn is a personal revenge of Conesa at the expense of the stability of Cartagena
  • The Llano del Beal is filled with athletics with the XV Popular Mining Cross and the VII Senderista Route (21/08/2019)
    Both events, for runners and marchers, will be held on August 23 and 24 and with about 8 kilometers of travel
  • UPCT harvests 25% more Merseguera grapes for its Toms Ferro wine (21/08/2019)
    La Politcnica have started this morning to press the around 8,000 kilos harvested by volunteers from the university community
  • VOX Cartagena's posture before the expulsion of the mayor of PSOE from his party (20/08/2019)

  • Infrastructure installs smart streetlamps in the Western Zone of Cartagena (20/08/2019)
    These actions are part of a pilot project to improve efficiency, energy savings and reduce light pollution in public lighting in the municipality
  • A mobile audio guide collects testimonials from 65 people of the heritage and history of the Protected Natural Area of ​​the Sierra de La Muela (20/08/2019)
    The application has been designed by the Soldecocos society with the aim of valuing the environment through the routes , trails and the way of life in the villages that make up the area
  • On Friday the popular festivities begin at Lo Campano (20/08/2019)
    Until Sunday, August 25, various activities such as musical performances, children's games or crafts, the Foam Party or the Night of Transformism have been scheduled
  • MC Cartagena will propose that a new International Photojournalism Prize and CEHIFORM take the name of Jos Casa (20/08/2019)
    The return to Cartagena of the Historic Photographic Center of the Region will also be claimed
  • Students, teachers and staff meet again at the Harvest Festival of the UPCT (20/08/2019)

  • The association of Cartagena Zancadas on Wheels manages to raise the weather vane with people with functional diversity (20/08/2019)
    23 volunteers of this group have been part of the expedition that took place on Saturday, August 17
  • MC Youth expresses concern about delays in the opening of a municipal study room (20/08/2019)

  • The PSOE expels the six councilors of the Socialist Party in Cartagena (20/08/2019)
    The PSOE has expelled the six councilors of the Cartagena City Council
  • The third edition of the ´Cabodepop´ festival welcomed more than 3,000 participants (20/08/2019)
    The sports activities were sold out days before the festival began in the most massive edition
  • MC: The new Minister of Education maintains the old discrimination and punishment of the Cartagena (19/08/2019)

  • Maria Jos Romero wins the XXVI edition of the National Festival of Spanish Song of Molino Derribao (19/08/2019)
    The contest was held during the 16th and 17th with the participation of nine artists mostly from Andalusian origin
  • The champions of the Copa del Rey de Vela, entertained at the City Hall (19/08/2019)
    Ana Beln Castejn and Noelia Arroto have received the owner and sailors who have achieved the first victory of a Cartagena boat in this prestigious competition held in the waters of Palma de Majorca
  • MC warns that the failures of 'La Trinca' with the Santa Florentina market aggravate its critical state (19/08/2019)
    The 'trimurcianito' continues to ignore the problems suffered by merchants, increased by not implementing the comprehensive reform promoted by the Cartagena formation
  • San Roque paraded through the streets of Alumbres (19/08/2019)
    The procession of the patron of the council was held last Friday 16 giving closure to the festivities
  • The begging team expands its work to La Manga to provide solutions to people who ask in the street (19/08/2019)

  • A UPCT thesis develops a lightweight and sustainable concrete using recycled plastic and cork (19/08/2019)
    The material has passed the resistance tests and has obtained very good results in terms of durability despite its low porosity
  • Ports will remember its sailor origins with the X anniversary of the Jbega (19/08/2019)
    The representation of the cove and collection of the traditional jbega will take place on Saturday, August 24, starting at 20:30 hours and will be accompanied by multiple activities to throughout the day
  • Cartagena firefighters put out a fire in an abandoned premises in Santa Lucia (19/08/2019)
    The events occurred last Sunday, August 18, when they received the notice from the neighbors
  • Parties in Los Puertos de Santa Brbara de Abajo (19/08/2019)
    From August 23 to September 1, various activities such as gastronomic tastings, musical performances, championships and children's and table games, a hiking trail or the procession of the patron saint
  • The athletes of the UCAM Athletics Cartagena prepare the Spanish Championship Absolute (19/08/2019)

  • The City Council keeps the beaches clean after the effects of the last windstorm (16/08/2019)
    More than a hundred operators have already removed around 700 tons of algae on the coast of Cartagena so far this summer
  • The Cabo de Pop 2019 starts with nautical activities (16/08/2019)
    This Friday and Saturday the festival is held in the seaside town that also includes music, gastronomy, crafts and a good dose of environmental awareness
  • The Nicols Prez Tower dresses up (16/08/2019)

  • Speed ​​controls of the Local Police of Cartagena for the week from August 19 to 25 (16/08/2019)
    They will be located in different neighborhoods and districts of the municipality
  • The Virgen del Carmen furrows the seas in Cabo de Palos (16/08/2019)
    Neighbors and vacationers from the coastal town accompanied the Virgin of the Sea in procession on Thursday
  • The Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Brazil names Stella Moreno Professor of Foreign Corresponding Academics (16/08/2019)
    The Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Brazil has appointed Stella Moreno, Professor of Environmental Technologies at UPCT
  • Students, teachers and volunteers harvest next Tuesday in the UPCT vineyards (16/08/2019)
    The School of Agronomists gives volunteers a hat, a lunch and a box of wine
  • The Ticbiomed association and the UPCT reinforce their commitment to digital health as a pole for generating future jobs (16/08/2019)

  • The mayor summons those responsible for all administrations to the neighborhood assembly on the Mar Menor to be held on August 22 in Los Urrutias (14/08/2019)
    Due to doubts raised by opposition groups, the municipal plenary will take place in the City Hall first thing in the morning, after which the government team will move to that town to serve the neighbors
  • Helln shows his charms in the port of Cartagena (14/08/2019)
    The City Council of Cartagena and the town of La Mancha seek to strengthen ties in tourism
  • Ricardo Segado reminds Arroyo that MC promoted the recovery of the Monastery of San Gins de la Jara while she and Castejn stop it (14/08/2019)
    The mayor urges the local government to resume work and facilitate its subsequent use
  • The winner of the Reef Prize of the last edition of Cante de las Minas, Alejandro Solano, shows his award at the City Hall (14/08/2019)
    The 24-year-old Marimbista is the fourth Cartagena to win an award at the Unionense festival.
  • Everything ready for the holidays in honor of San Gins, patron of Cartagena (14/08/2019)
    The events will take place from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 August, in the Cartagena neighborhood of San Gins
  • The Spanish Song will be heard at the XXVI National Festival of Molino Derribao (14/08/2019)
    Level artists from the south of the country will meet on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 to fight for the Molino de Plata, maximum award of the festival
  • MC: "Castejn transmits his incompetence to his Government partners" (14/08/2019)
    "The Budget Office has been without a director since June and now Tax Administration is weakening to find a substitute"
  • UPCT researchers develop a rehabilitation chair and toy adapters with 3D technology (14/08/2019)
    FECYT supports a UPCT and ASTUS project to design rehabilitation and stimulation devices
  • About 70 young people participate in the summer camp ´Arbolar Beach Rock´ in Los Urrutias (13/08/2019)
    The aim of this camp is to offer young people the possibility of enjoying musical and nautical activities in the Mar Menor
  • Firefighters remove fallen rubble from a building on Bodegones Street (13/08/2019)
    Local Police agents have also intervened to close the passage in the area after the fall of the cornice pieces, which has occurred after the heavy rain that has taken place mid-morning today Tuesday
  • Ecologists in Action denounces the absence of information on contamination by PM2.5 ultrafine particles throughout the Region (13/08/2019)
    They warn that the Mompen station (Cartagena) is the only station that measures PM2.5 for the entire Autonomous Community, and not we will know that data until the end of the year
  • The Cartagonova Swimming Club brings home 16 medals of the Spanish Championship (13/08/2019)
    The vice mayor received on Tuesday at the City Hall the young swimmers of the team who have achieved golds, silvers and bronzes in the Alevn, Infantil, Junior and Absolute
  • Education informs the groups of the situation in which the project of the new school of La Aljorra is located (13/08/2019)
    The government team guarantees the financing of the urbanization works of the plot with an investment of 345,000 euros in the municipal budgets
  • More protection for the fauna of the lagoons of Cabezo Beaza (Cartagena) (12/08/2019)

  • Brexit causes a decrease in the British population in Cartagena of 1,423 people in the last 4 years (12/08/2019)
    Statistics is preparing a detailed study to better understand the demographic reality of the municipality and provide better services to citizens
  • About 300 runners will participate in the VII Donkey Trail, for the benefit of children suffering from cancer (12/08/2019)
    The race will be held this Saturday, August 17, starting at 6:30 p.m., in the Cartagena deputation of Pern
  • Mara Jos Soler demands 'La Trinca' to explain to the neighbors the reasons for the stoppage of the works promoted by MC (12/08/2019)
    The new medical office in Santa Ana, the Graduate Schools and the Huerto de Cndido, among the breaches of the Government local
  • The Muslim community of Cartagena celebrates the prayer of the Feast of the Lamb (12/08/2019)
    The act, celebrated this Sunday, commemorates the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca, and remembers the sacrifice of the lamb that Abraham made as an offering to God instead of his descendant
  • Before the "carelessness" of the Government, MC denounces the "unworthy" state of the Carmen Conde Board of Trustees facilities (12/08/2019)

  • An architect points out that in Cartagena the design is "irrelevant" when it comes to creating public spaces (12/08/2019)
    Her thesis shows the "little influence" it has on the daily use of the space made by the inhabitants of the city
  • MC censures that the 'Trinca' prioritizes favoring promoters to comply with the law and guarantee security in the Rambla Plan (11/08/2019)
    The absence of reports does not stop the local Executive to advance the project
  • MC: The alliance between the regional government and the ´Trinca´ avoids the development of the Los Camachos ZAL (10/08/2019)
    "The traditional parties strive to hinder the rail connection, thus compromising the economic development of the Region"
  • The group of paleontologists of Cueva Victoria finish their work this summer with the discovery of more than 3 thousand microfossils (09/08/2019)
    The young volunteers shared this Friday with the mayor the stories of these four months in which they have worked and learned, to parts equals, at the site
  • Neighbors and municipal government share their ideas on issues of interest, such as the PGOU or the arrival of the AVE (09/08/2019)
    This Friday they held a first institutional meeting in which they have also seen issues such as the situation of the Mar Menor, pollution , the Rambla Plan or the necessary unlocking of the Citizen Participation Regulations
  • Green light to the agreement that will facilitate the transfer of the Misericordia transformation center to finish the new pedestrian area of ​​Monte Sacro (09/08/2019)
    The Governing Board has appointed Juan Ángel Ferrer Martnez new director of the Economic-Budget Office
  • The PP asks Defense for the decision of the plot to start building the City of Justice of Cartagena (09/08/2019)
    Senator Domingo Segado believes that "we are facing a project that cannot wait" and blames "the political blockade of the delay"
  • Local Police intensify surveillance on beaches with motorized patrols (09/08/2019)
    Agents walk along the promenades in Los Nietos, Los Urrutias, Minor Islands, Mar de Cristal, Isla Plana, Playa Honda, La Azoha and La Manga
  • Cartagena Local Police speed controls for the week of August 12 to 18 (09/08/2019)
    They will be done coinciding with the special traffic campaign to monitor the speed on the roads
  • An August bridge full of activities to enjoy at the Roman Theater (09/08/2019)
    In addition, it extends its opening days on Monday 12 and Thursday 15, Virgen de la Asuncin, from 10 am to 8 pm.
  • Quarries celebrates its management holidays in honor of the Virgen de la Soledad (09/08/2019)

  • Municipal commitment to reactivate the commercial center of the polygon of Santa Ana (09/08/2019)
    The commercial space 'El Jardn de Santa Ana', which was acquired by a real estate subsidiary of La Caixa in auction in 2016, has been closed for more than three years
  • MC will request 30 new fire stations due to the critical service situation (09/08/2019)

  • A student of Architecture projects in the Puerto de la Cadena a center of neuromuscular diseases (09/08/2019)

  • The Algar and Santa Lucia will open new recreational areas after the summer (08/08/2019)
    The investment in both works exceeds 176,000 euros and are part of the Participatory Budget Project
  • MC: "Castejn imposes a tutor of the PP to Torralba" (08/08/2019)
    "A decree of the Mayor's Office, of August 2, clarifies that the Socialist has no competition in Infrastructure and that for Parks and Gardens needs the approval of Mara Casajs ( PP) "
  • Closed to the Cala Salitrona bathroom while the cleaning work of the ship that burned on Sunday lasts (08/08/2019)
    The Government Delegation has gone to the City Council of Cartagena to close the beach and the bathroom is prohibited while the remains of the ship are removed crashed customs surveillance vessel
  • The works of the Avenue of the Constitution of El Albujn are finished (08/08/2019)
    The full amount of the works, which will entail the integral remodeling of the area, has amounted to about 320,000 euros
  • Three bottlenose dolphins released from the La Azoha almadraba, Cartagena (07/08/2019)
    Three copies of bottlenose dolphins have been released at noon today from La Azoha (Cartagena) by the company staff, with the help of ANSE, without suffer damage
  • Visit San Gins de la Jara Brotherhood to the City Council of Colindres (07/08/2019)

  • The City Council invests about half a million euros in the social premises of El Llano, San Jos Obrero and El Algar (07/08/2019)
    Two of these infrastructures will be completed in autumn and that of El Llano will be operational at the beginning of next year
  • MC: The ´trimurcianito´ endangers the arrival of new courts in Cartagena while underutilizing public buildings (07/08/2019)
    "They prefer to pay seven million euros for the Subsistence Factory, avoiding that there are more viable and immediate options"
  • Cartagena Puerto de Culturas prepares for the August bridge (07/08/2019)
    During this holiday period, numerous day and night activities such as theatrical routes, gastronomic tastings, live music during the sunset, virtual tours or boat trips
  • More than half a thousand researchers attend the workshops of the European Projects Office (07/08/2019)

  • The Archaeological Museum pays tribute to Agatha Christie with the movie 'Murder in Mesopotamia' (07/08/2019)
    The screening of the film, framed within the Summer Film Series 'Cazatesoros or archaeologists?', Will take place this Thursday, August 8, at 9 p.m. : 45 hours, in the Museum gardens
  • Thursday markets, except for Los Urrutias, will move from August 15, holiday, to Wednesday 14 (07/08/2019)
    These are the markets of La Palma, Los Dolores, La Aljorra and La Azoha, which change day for the feast of the Virgin of August
  • The City Council sets up the palm trees of the city center during the summer (07/08/2019)

  • The mayor reiterates to the Minister of the Environment the need to build spas in Los Urrutias, Punta Brava and Estrella de Mar (06/08/2019)
    Castejn has stressed the importance of removing the sludge and accelerating the collection of rainwater from Los Nietos, facing the boardwalk project
  • One hundred kids enjoy a week of conviviality and leisure in the Salesianos urban camp (06/08/2019)
    The Deputy Mayor and Councilor of the Social Welfare Area has visited this Tuesday the facilities of the center where this activity is aimed at children between 6 and 14 years old
  • MC will ask at the Plenary about the difficulties that prevent the signing of the agreement between the City Council and the Cartagena Football Club (06/08/2019)
    The poor state of the lawn causes the postponement of the Trophy 'Silver Caravel' and suspends the start of the League in the Cartagonova
  • Minor Islands extols its patron in full parties (06/08/2019)
    A municipal representation, headed by the vice mayor, attended the Mass on Monday and procession in honor of Our Lady of the Snows, which was held in the town of Cartagena Mar Menor
  • The municipal brigades remove 120 tons of seaweed from the beaches of Cartagena during the weekend (05/08/2019)
    The work has been carried out in the areas most affected by the storm in Levante, in Cabo de Palos, La Manga and the west zone
  • Cartagena joins the commemoration of the bicentennial of El Prado being the scene of its outdoor exhibition (05/08/2019)
    The exhibition, with photographs of 50 of the most representative works of the museum, can be visited until early September on the Paseo del Puerto
  • The UPCT proposes predictive controls to save 40% of fuel in biomass boilers of heated pools (05/08/2019)
    A thesis of the Polytechnic of Cartagena proposes the application of an intelligent system that uses weather forecasting to regulate the energy contribution to the infrastructure
  • The Municipal Archive chooses a letter from Felipe II as document of the month (05/08/2019)
    In addition, the video of the month recalls ETA's car bomb attack against the Cartagena barracks in 1990
  • MC: The tripartite government 'makes water' and lacks its commitment on budgets (05/08/2019)
    The Councilor for Finance said she would submit a draft budget before August
  • El Carmol dresses up (05/08/2019)

  • Lights, dance and typical gastronomy, give the starting signal to the festivities of Pern (05/08/2019)
    The proclamation, with which the parties began this Friday, was borne by the Councilor for Celebrations, Juan Pedro Torralba
  • Good results at the Diego Barranco de Soria Memorial for UCAM Athletics Athletes Cartagena (05/08/2019)

  • On October 5, show and solidarity in the Port of Cartagena (03/08/2019)
    The CD Runtritn Cartagena, together with the Port Authority of Cartagena with the collaboration of HE.
  • MC: The transfer of the Ministry of Tourism to Cartagena is, today, a "trickster" (03/08/2019)
    Jess Gimnez demands a real change in regional tourism policies
  • Infrastructure strengthens maintenance work in La Azoha and Isla Plana (02/08/2019)
    A group of municipal brigade operators perform tasks to improve lighting, street furniture and gardens
  • The City Council obtains a subsidy of 100,000 euros to restore the crust of the Insula IV of the Windlass (02/08/2019)
    The recovery work has an execution period of five months
  • Nearly two hundred people visit Victoria Cave in the last half of July (02/08/2019)
    The demand for guided tours is growing thanks to the field of work that is being developed
  • Half a hundred works representative of the Prado Museum can be seen on the Paseo del Puerto (02/08/2019)
    The exhibition, organized on the occasion of the bicentenary of the museum, will open this Monday at 11 am
  • MC announces various initiatives to improve transport in La Manga and the west zone (02/08/2019)
    The regional government continues to hinder connections to La Manga and the mobility of the inhabitants of the area
  • Speed ​​controls of the Local Police of Cartagena for the week from August 5 to 11 (02/08/2019)
    They will be in different neighborhoods and districts of the municipality
  • The parties at Playa Paraso are underway (02/08/2019)
    From August 2 to 11, various activities have been scheduled, such as Partner's Day, Children's Day, family raffles, concerts, dances and the Foam Party
  • The Agency for Local Development and Employment helps 351 unemployed people find work (02/08/2019)
    ADLE offers a personalized guidance service to job seekers as well as the needs of registered companies
  • The night is filled with improvised rhymes with Trovalia (02/08/2019)
    The festival began last Thursday night, day 1 in the Town Hall Square with troveros, musicians, sudden and poets
  • More than a hundred swimmers will meet on the beach of San Gins for a good cause (02/08/2019)
    The III Solidarity Swim 'Playas de La Azoha' will take place this Sunday, August 4, starting at 8 am
  • An architect from UPCT designs a posidonia research center in San Pedro del Pinatar (02/08/2019)

  • The international artists participating in the Trovalia Festival arrive in Cartagena (01/08/2019)
    The participants of this XVI edition, which will begin on Friday, Day 2, have visited the facilities of the City Hall where they have been received by the Councilor of the Celebration Area, Juan Pedro Torralba
  • The City Council will study creating a Civil Dialogue Commission with social entities (01/08/2019)

  • Pern celebrates its supervisory celebrations in honor of the Virgen de la Piedad (01/08/2019)
    From August 2 to 18, various activities such as musical performances, dances, the VII Donkey Trail Race, popular games, sports championships or gastronomic tastings
  • Los Belones becomes a pedestrian boulevard for the first time in the VII Shopping Night (01/08/2019)
    Another novelty of this commercial initiative is that it will take place instead of Saturday, Thursday, August 8
  • The 11th edition of the Beach Volleyball Master of La Manga commemorates its organizers Gustavo Fortea and Pedro Meca (01/08/2019)
    It will begin this Friday, Day 2 with the II inclusive beach volleyball championship after the success of last year's participation
  • The Sea of ​​Music continues in the Luzzy with two new exhibitions (01/08/2019)
    The exhibitions' Gener Accin La Mar 'and' En Depsito.
  • The V edition of the Don Bosco Youth Federation urban camp is underway (01/08/2019)
    In this edition, more than a hundred kids and 30 young volunteers will participate from August 1 to 7
  • Open the registration period for the Artillery Cross (01/08/2019)
    Those interested in participating in the various tests, held on October 27, can sign up until October 18 at 8 pm

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