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Cartagena News - June 2019

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  • The municipal government defines the powers of its councilors, the recruitment desk and the number and characteristics of temporary staff (28/06/2019)
    The seven municipal councilors of the districts of the municipal district have also been appointed
  • Directors of Telecommunication schools throughout Spain highlight the good employment prospects for their graduates (28/06/2019)

  • The Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena already shows its Blue Flag (28/06/2019)
    The event took place today Friday at the Breakwater of the Puerto Deportivo
  • The City Council will offer a temporary seat for the courts while the City of Justice is being managed (28/06/2019)
    The Vice Mayor has made the announcement during the inauguration of seven new lawyers and decorations to another 26 by the Cartagena Bar Association
  • Mondays start Alsa summer time to go to the Cartagena beaches (28/06/2019)
    Lines will be offered to La Manga, Los Urrutias, Los Nietos, Minor Islands, Mar de Cristal, Caravaning, Playa Honda, Cabo de Palos, Cala Cortina or El Portús
  • The T-La program goes on summer (28/06/2019)
    A total of 90 activities make up the summer offer, among which are trips and getaways, courses and workshops, nautical activities or volunteering for young people between 14 and 35 years old
  • The popular celebrations of San Felix end this Sunday (28/06/2019)
    Many activities have been programmed such as a Children's Costume Contest, the musical performance of the duo 'Nerea', a chocolate, a family lottery and a draw, where ham, tenderloin and cheese
  • Youth correspondents collect their diplomas at the close of the 2018-2019 Course (28/06/2019)

  • Activated preventive level of contamination in Escombreras coinciding with the arrival of an African air mass (28/06/2019)
    The limit values ​​for this case were exceeded during the day of last Thursday June 27
  • New speed controls of Local Police of Cartagena for the week of July 1 to 7 (28/06/2019)
    The agents will be located in different neighborhoods and county councils
  • The City of Cartagena is updated on the new requirements and specifications of playgrounds (28/06/2019)

  • We are Cartagena - Somos Region demands an urgent plan to remove asbestos from educational centers (28/06/2019)

  • Onda Cero Cartagena awards celebrate its XI edition at El Batel (28/06/2019)

  • Cleaning and maintenance work on Cartagena's beaches is intensified (28/06/2019)
    The Department of Infrastructure and Litoral Services prioritizes the areas most affected by the weather, such as the Levante beaches in Punta Brava, Los Nietos and Los Urrutias
  • A researcher from the Polytechnic of Cartagena develops software to guide nasal surgeries (28/06/2019)
    Using computational fluid mechanics, the program that will commercialize the Flowgy spin-off generates a three-dimensional model on which surgical interventions can be simulated, anticipating its result
  • Social Services identifies and graduates by risk level the vulnerable people by the Heat Wave (27/06/2019)
    The City Council has launched a special protocol focused on elderly people living alone, with disabilities or chronic pathologies
  • 23 young people finish the courses of Cooking Operations and Restaurant Services of the ADLE (27/06/2019)
    12 students have done the cooking, while the remaining 11 have completed the restaurant services.
  • Cartagena becomes the center of the Renaissance with the exhibition on the figure of Leonardo Da Vinci (27/06/2019)
    This exhibition, organized by the 'La Caixa' Foundation, in collaboration with the City of Cartagena and the Château du Clos Lucé - Parc Leonardo da Vinci, may be visited until July 23
  • The Popular University extends its offer in Languages ​​with the preparation to B1 (27/06/2019)
    As of the next course it will be part of the network of Cambridge Language Assessment Centers
  • They rescue a breeding kestrel in the area of ​​new Santa Lucia (27/06/2019)
    Thanks to the call of notice of a citizen, agents of the Local Police of Quality of Life have collected the animal that will be transferred to the recovery center El Valle
  • The participants of'Educando en Familia' collect their diplomas in the Barriada Virgen de la Caridad (27/06/2019)
    This project, whose objective is to improve the performance of children in school, is carried out by the Proyecto Abraham Association, in collaboration with the Department of Social Services of the City of Cartagena
  • 'A film summer' returns to the squares of neighborhoods and councils (27/06/2019)
    From July 3 to August 3 this program will be developed that every summer organizes the Popular University of the City of Cartagena
  • The elders of El Albujón celebrate their day at the festivities in honor of San Juan Bautista (27/06/2019)
    In addition to the convivial meal, this Wednesday the Domino Championship was held at the Third Age venue and the musical group 'Duo' performed Jema '
  • The Cartagena Folk Festival presents the schedule and schedule of its X edition (26/06/2019)
    The festival will take place during the 5th, 6th and 7th of July, in the Port of Cartagena
  • IX edition of the Onda Cero Cartagena awards ceremony (26/06/2019)
    The award ceremony will be on Thursday, June 27 at 8:00 pm at the El Batel Auditorium
  • The genius of Leonardo Da Vinci arrives this Thursday in Cartagena (26/06/2019)
    City Council and "la Caixa" offer an exhibition about his work and thought with the aim of awakening curiosity and the desire to learn from visitors
  • José María Álvarez presents'La sombra de la memoria' in the Museo Teatro Romano (26/06/2019)
    It will be Friday, June 28 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Popular festivities begin this Friday at Los Puertos de Santa Bárbara (26/06/2019)

  • More than 350 students dance in the XXVI Closure of the Municipal School of Dance (26/06/2019)
    The students danced classical, Spanish, Latin, modern, contemporary, bulerías and sevillanas in the El Batel Municipal Auditorium to dismiss the 2018-2019 academic year
  • The full takes into consideration the resignation of Manuel Mora (26/06/2019)
    This is the beginning of the procedures to replace Mercedes García who will join the municipal government
  • Lightly wounded a municipal driver in the Cuesta del Cedacero (26/06/2019)
    The truck carrying seaweed from the beaches of La Azohía and Isla Plana overturned due to unknown causes
  • The Polytechnic of Cartagena proposes to use renewables so that the docked cruise ships can put out their combustion engines (26/06/2019)
    Twenty ports in the world, but none in Spain, offer electric supply to the ships
  • La Manga Club hosts for the first time the Spanish Alevín Championship organized by the Spanish Tennis Federation (25/06/2019)

  • High school students supervised by the UPCT design and build a labyrinth to drain dams (25/06/2019)

  • The magazine'Naturally connected' highlights the natural values ​​of Bolnuevo and warns of the risk of fires and plastic damage (25/06/2019)
    The new number of this digital publication, corresponding to the summer edition, also shows the birds and marine animals of the Region and analyzes the increase in griffon vulture populations
  • San Juan Bautista procession through the streets of El Albujón (25/06/2019)
    From June 22 to 30, many activities have been programmed, such as Children's Day, the Water Festival, the Day of the Elderly, Women's Day, the Day of the Youth or the parade of floats through the streets of the Cartagena deputation
  • Popular festivities in honor of the Virgen del Carmen start this Friday in Galifa (25/06/2019)

  • The Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena inaugurates the exhibition'Roma Salis' by Lola Montero (25/06/2019)
    It is an exhibition project of plastic research around the world of salt and its relationship with the history of man
  • The fauna of the Sierra de la Muela, Tiñoso and Roldán close the activities of the month of June of the I Days of Nature (25/06/2019)
    It will be held on Saturday June 29 with Alberto García Quesada with free admission until full capacity at the Galifa Socio-Cultural Municipal Site
  • Arroyo and Ruiz will meet with the Minister of Education to exhaust all the possibilities of removal of asbestos this summer (24/06/2019)
    The Deputy Mayor and the Councilor for Education have shared information this morning with the address and the AMPA of the José María de la Puerta school, before the announcement of the Autonomous Community of postponing the work until the end of the
  • The course of the Council of Childhood and Adolescence of Cartagena is closed (24/06/2019)
    The young people carried out aquatic activities in the Sports Complex of Playa Paraíso before the summer holidays
  • The genius of Leonardo Da Vinci arrives in Cartagena on June 27 (24/06/2019)
    City Council and "la Caixa" will offer an exhibition about his work and thought with the aim of awakening curiosity and the desire to learn from visitors
  • Convened the XXVIII International Competition 'Villa de Pozo Estrecho' of Musical Composition of Pasodobles (24/06/2019)
    The composers will be able to send their original proposals until October 21st to the San Fulgencio Neighborhood Association according to the specifications of the competition rules
  • Cartagena Thinks it projects 'without trial' in the week of the events EnorgulleCT 2019 (24/06/2019)
    The screening of the documentary will take place on Tuesday, June 25, at 7:30 p.m., at the Museo del Teatro Romano
  • A Music Festival for tastes and ages (24/06/2019)
    Guided tours and workshops were held, performances were performed with instruments, concerts were offered and there was the presence of renowned DJs such as Tony Aguilar, Abel Ramos, DJ Thraser or the Cartagena Salmerón
  • The UPCT develops intelligent planters with autonomy to optimize irrigation tasks (24/06/2019)

  • The summer season of weekly markets in Cartagena begins (24/06/2019)
    These markets will be located in the coastal areas of the Cartagena coast until September 15
  • The patron saint festivities of the Beal begin with the proclamation of the deputy mayor (24/06/2019)
    From June 22 to 30, numerous activities have been programmed such as the musical performance of the Conjunto 'El Sitio de mi Garaje', the Rociero Day, the Fiesta de la Foam, the procession in honor of San Pedro, the great paella or children&#
  • Margarita Amante Dance School shows all its repertoire and talent in El Batel by ASTEAMUR (24/06/2019)
    There will be two galas: a nursery, which will start at 7:30 p.m., and another juvenile and adult, which will start at 10:00 p.m. hours
  • A white tide procession in Cartagena on the day of Corpus Christi (24/06/2019)

  • The young Cartagena artist Sam Scasso exposes his subjective experience in'Qualia, fractals of the same origin' (24/06/2019)
    The inauguration of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, June 27, at 8:00 pm, in the Nicomedes Gómez Hall of the Consistorial Palace
  • The Night of San Juan is settled with numerous incidents, none of them of special gravity (24/06/2019)
    The police and the monitoring services of the Polygon of Santa Ana dissolved a confrontation between gangs
  • ... (23/06/2019)

  • ANSE presents new complaints about illegal dump and landfill next to Rambla de Benipila (Cartagena) (23/06/2019)

  • The Beal inaugurates its patron saint festivities in honor of San Pedro (21/06/2019)
    From June 22 to 30, numerous activities have been programmed such as the musical performance of the Conjunto 'El Sitio de mi Garaje', the Rociero Day, the Foam Festival , the procession in honor of San Pedro, the great paella or children'
  • Cartagena collects the 12 Tourist Quality Q flags that will fly this summer in the municipality (21/06/2019)
    The councilor of the Tourism, Trade, Health and Consumer Affairs area, Manuel Padín, has traveled to Madrid to receive the distinctions, which place the municipality at the head of the Region in this type of recognition
  • The students of La Asomada design a project to revitalize the Mar Menor (21/06/2019)

  • The Popular University's Literature Bazaar closes the Course with Verse and Fire (21/06/2019)
    During the ceremony, texts by Unamuno, Camprubí, Salinas and Campoamor, among others, have been read
  • The Magdalena will illuminate the Night of San Juan with a bonfire surrounded by magic and entertainment (21/06/2019)
    From 20:00 in the Plaza de la Ermita there will be magic shows, aerial acrobatics, juggling with fire and a bonfire, among other things
  • Cartagena increases the discharge of fresh fish by 13 percent compared to last year (21/06/2019)
    Agriculture grants the Local Action Group of Fisheries and Aquaculture 'Galpemur' a help of 124,958 euros
  • Suspended the screening of the movie 'Tal como soy' (21/06/2019)
    This activity of Cartagena Piensa was scheduled at the Athenas Club Room for Saturday, June 22 at 7 pm
  • Cartagena Local Police speed controls for the week of June 24 to 30 (21/06/2019)
    They will be located in the different neighborhoods and county councils
  • Manuel Enrique Mira presents his novel'La última llave' at the Museo Teatro Romano in Cartagena (21/06/2019)
    The event will be held next Wednesday, June 26 at 8:00 pm in the auditorium
  • @juventudct, the new Instagram profile of the Youth Council (21/06/2019)
    Through this social network, it will disseminate its activities and programs and keep in touch with the young people of the municipality
  • A beekeeping project 4.0 to locate queen bees wins the UPCT Explorer entrepreneurship program (21/06/2019)

  • The Community puts out to tender the works to prevent flooding in the road of El Albujón, in Cartagena (21/06/2019)
    Consist in the extension of the roadway, the reinforcement of the road, the construction of ditches and berms to facilitate the evacuation of the rains and the renovation of the drainage system
  • 100 young people are mobilized by mobile to collect garbage in Cartagena (20/06/2019)

  • The new councilors of area and delegates greet the officials of their departments (20/06/2019)
    After the constitution of the Governing Board and the decree of assignment of functions
  • Commuter service between Calasparra and Murcia (20/06/2019)
    Platform in defense of the railway of the Region of Murcia urges the Ministry of Development and the regional administration to reach an agreement for the establishment of a commuter service between Calasparra and Murcia
  • Local Police and Firemen reinforce their forces for the Night of San Juan (20/06/2019)
    There will be pairs of agents in the most conflictive areas and a flying unit to prevent incidents, while on Saturday and Sunday about 50 campfire sites will be inspected in all the municipal term
  • The Night of San Juan will kick off the summer in La Manga del Mar Menor (20/06/2019)
    The bonfire of San Juan, the protagonist of this magical night, will take place at kilometer 14, in the vicinity of the Canal Zone of Estacio (Explanation of Las Palmeras Urbanization), starting at 9:30 p.m.
  • Green lights to draw attention to the ELA (20/06/2019)
    On June 21, on the occasion of the world day of this disease, the fountain of the Peral Submarine will be illuminated green and throughout the day, there will be an information tent in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • The new Governing Board walks with nine areas (19/06/2019)
    Presided by the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, also comprises Noelia Arroyo, Manuel Padín, David Martínez, Diego Ortega, Juan Pedro Torralba, Esperanza Nieto, Irene Ruiz, María Casajús and Alejandra Gutiérrez, who will act as a spokesperson
  • Cartagena will be filled with performances in the fifth edition of the Music Festival (19/06/2019)
    Organized by the Youth Council of the City of Cartagena, this Saturday, June 22, will include the concert of La Farándula and Rio Viré, guided tours, workshops and parades
  • Cala Cortina competes to be the best beach in Spain according to readers of Condé Nast Traveler (19/06/2019)
    Interested persons can vote until Wednesday June 26 at 23:59 hours to Cartagena beach that competes with nine other in the country
  • Learn how to train your puppy this Saturday in the park of La Rambla (19/06/2019)
    The Protective Association Geocat Cartagena and Animur organize, in collaboration with the City Council, a course where the bases for an adequate training will be taught
  • Gold closing for the Municipal School of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Group Aesthetic Gymnastics of the 2018-2019 season (19/06/2019)
    More than 900 gymnasts, 22 coaches and 3,000 family and friends participated in this sporting event, which took place yesterday, this Tuesday in the Sports Palace
  • MC and society Cartagena will continue to fight so that we do not snatch the future (19/06/2019)
    It has been confirmed that Diego Conesa and the regional PSOE have validated the Pact of Indecency
  • The Municipal School of Dance closes the course with its traditional closing gala (19/06/2019)
    It will be held on Tuesday, June 25, starting at eight o'clock in the afternoon, at the El Batel Municipal Auditorium
  • The musical'La Llamada' disembarks at El Batel (19/06/2019)
    The original musical by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo (Los Javis) arrives in Cartagena in August with Nerea Rodríguez, Lucía Gil, Roko, Mar Abascal and Richard Collins More
  • The Civil Guard detained the leader of a criminal group dedicated to occupying homes and speculating with them (19/06/2019)
    With the arrest of the ringleader, the criminal group is considered to be disarticulated
  • The UPCT and the UNED will host on Saturday more than 2,200 opponents in the tests of access to the body of teachers of the CARM (19/06/2019)
    Before the influx of traffic in these areas, the Local Police of Cartagena will establish a special device and advises the drivers anticipate their displacements
  • The Pathways School of the UPCT, regional award for its disclosure (19/06/2019)

  • Activities and celebrations for all ages in the Ensanche-Armarjal (19/06/2019)
    The festivities in honor of San Juan Bautista will begin on Friday, the 21st with the collaboration of the City Council of Cartagena Celebrations
  • Cs: "Castejón's socialism has that 'sense of municipality' that we respect and with which we can cohabit politically" (18/06/2019)

  • A / TX contingent farewell ceremony support operation for Turkey (18/06/2019)
    149 Military from different units of the Army finish the final training phase for its deployment in Turkey
  • "The UPCT gives the note" disclosing their studies in the Avenida de la Libertad in Murcia (18/06/2019)

  • The Local Police watch the installation of bonfires and the sale of firecrackers for the Night of San Juan (18/06/2019)
    Firefighters and the Infrastructure brigade will withdraw during the weekend those that entail some type of risk
  • All ready in La Puebla for its patron saint festivities in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (18/06/2019)
    The festivities will take place from June 21 to 30, highlighting the Fiesta de la Espuma, the Pilgrimage of Santa María del Buen Aire, the musical performances of King Africa and Filiú y Cía or the traditional dinner with chorizos, eggs and bread
  • Seized 16 marijuana pots in a house in the Historic Quarter of Cartagena (18/06/2019)
    The intervention occurred accidentally as a result of the rupture of a large inflatable pool that forced the building to be evacuated
  • NAVANTIA puts people at the center of the digital transformation through the Strategic Plan (17/06/2019)
    The entire workforce meets in Cartagena to promote the deployment of the Strategic Plan
  • The Police investigates the theft of Modernist fencers of the Casa Maestre (17/06/2019)
    The knockers or callers who were damaged when trying to tear them away, were dismantled by the owners for their restoration
  • 'The perspective of gender in daily life' in cafés with science and thought of Cartagena Piensa (17/06/2019)
    Psychologist Mª Ángeles Miñarro will visit this Wednesday, June 19 The little soldier of lead to talk about gender equality
  • Positive evaluation of the Intercultural Education Program'Una School open to other cultures' of its members (17/06/2019)

  • Viriato de Oro y Plata for the documentary'La Mujer en Carthago Nova' in the IV Archaeological Film Festival (17/06/2019)
    The screening, which gives voice to the women of the time, was awarded by the public and the jury in the event held in Castilla y León
  • 24-F of Almadraba Teatro wins the award for Best Work at the IV National Amateur Theater Competition of Cartagena (17/06/2019)
    The awards ceremony took place on Saturday, June 15 at the Teatro Circo Apolo in El Algar
  • The first Polytechnic Engineering Girl campus shows pre-university students how to create motorcycles, buildings, a microscope and a 'smart home' (17/06/2019)
    More than a hundred Secondary and Baccalaureate students form this week at the UPCT as the culmination of the project I want to be an engineer
  • The UPCT Solar Team competes in London with an optimized vehicle to consume the minimum (17/06/2019)

  • More than a hundred students of the IES El Bohio de Cartagena acquire knowledge about palliative care (17/06/2019)
    The Psychosocial Attention Team (EAPS) of the San Juan de Dios Hospital Order explains its work in the regional hospitals through the project 'La adolescence, home of the main caregiver '
  • MC regrets that falsehoods and lies are spread against José López to justify the pact between PP, PSOE YC'S. (16/06/2019)

  • Citizens condemn the episodes of harassment and the call to violence of MC today in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Cartagena (16/06/2019)

  • Running afternoon at Playa Paraíso (16/06/2019)
    José Carlos Caparrós takes the VII Cross "Paraíso Xtreme" with a time of 24:21, by 32:20 for the female winner, Laura Prieto, at the meeting held this Saturday
  • PP, PSOE and Cs join to govern for "responsibility" and looking for "stability" The three candidates announced after the election of Ana Belén Castejón the agreement they have reached for the next four years' for the interest (15/06/2019)

  • Ana Belén Castejón gets absolute majority and repeats as mayor of Cartagena (15/06/2019)
    The socialist candidate gets 15 of the 27 possible votes, compared to eight of José López of MC Cartagena, two of Gonzalo Abad, of VOX, and two of Pilar Marcos de Unidas Podemos-Izquierda Unida-Los Verdes-Equo
  • Four architects for the UPCT create a company of green roofs and infrastructures (15/06/2019)
    Planting on the roofs, as they propose from Greening, reduces pollution, C02 and the temperature of the building and the city
  • Padín: "PP and PSOE are on time to understand or accept our offer to prevent four years of populism" (14/06/2019)

  • The new Municipal Corporation of Cartagena will take office tomorrow, June 15 at ten in the morning (14/06/2019)
    It will be the most feminine and fragmented plenary session in the history of the city with 16 women and 11 men, belonging to six political formations
  • The bells of Santa María de Gracia return to their place once restored (14/06/2019)
    The restoration tasks have consisted mainly of an antioxidant treatment to favor its conservation outdoors
  • The Municipal Archaeological Museum shows the archaeological site of Villa Paturro (14/06/2019)
    The exhibition on this Roman villa, also known as Portus Magnus and located between Cartagena and La Unión, is made by students of the School of Architecture and Building of the University Polytechnic of Cartagena
  • The ADLE signs an agreement with Caja Rural to promote the financing of entrepreneurs (14/06/2019)
    The agreement has been consolidated this Friday, June 14 with the objective of obtaining financing for business projects
  • New speed controls for the week of June 17 to 23 (14/06/2019)
    Local Police devices will be located in the main access roads and avenues of the city, neighborhoods and industrial estates
  • Daniel Martínez presents his first novel 'Summer Matters' in Reading, Thinking and Imagining (14/06/2019)
    It will be this Monday, June 17 at 8:00 pm at the Josefina Soria del Luzzy Library
  • A Son del Mar, Narval Choir and The Troubadours will be the protagonists of the Concert 'Songs in the memory' (14/06/2019)
    The event will take place on Friday, June 21, at eight o'clock in the afternoon, in the Assembly Hall of the Old CIM
  • Cartagena already looks'La Mar de Músicas' (14/06/2019)
    The historic center of the port city is filled with festival banners
  • The municipal schools of rhythmic gymnastics and group aesthetics close the course at the Palacio de Deportes (14/06/2019)
    The exhibition, which will be on Tuesday, June 18 at seven in the afternoon, will have the participation of 900 students from all over the municipality
  • Agri-food cooperatives are aware of the importance of training to improve skills and attract talent (14/06/2019)
    A study by the Cajamar-UPCT Chair identifies the training needs of members, managers and members of the governing council of cooperatives
  • CCOO Teaching requires the withdrawal this summer of the asbestos of the CEIP "José María de la Puerta" (13/06/2019)
    The Ministry of Education has decried its commitment alleging an alleged and incredible lack of budget
  • Malvariche will perform for the first time at the Cartagena Folk Festival in its tenth edition (13/06/2019)
    This festival will take place from July 5 to 7 on the Explanada de la Puerto de Cartagena
  • Playa Paraíso hosts the third and final test of the Beach Volleyball Circuit UPCT 2019 The tests, which were held this past weekend, gave victory to Lucia Verdú and Karima Chaheb in the women's category, Arturo Sivori and Carlos Victoria in the m (13/06/2019)

  • Open the deadline for submission of applications for grants for projects and cultural activities of the Department of Culture of Cartagena (13/06/2019)
    The deadline for submission of projects will be on June 27
  • The Circuit of Trial Bike of Los Camachos will bring together the best Spanish pilots of this sport (13/06/2019)
    On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of June, 170 pilots from all regions of the country will come to Cartagena.
  • The Local Police of Cartagena identifies a woman who broke the door of a house to access its interior (13/06/2019)
    The events took place in the neighborhood of Barrio Peral at 11:15 am on Wednesday, June 12
  • The Alternative Free Time program of the Department of Youth of Cartagena organizes a visit to the Island of Tabarca (13/06/2019)

  • Cartagena Port of Cultures presents a summer with more routes, visits and themed dinners (13/06/2019)
    This year the guided tours with gastronomic tasting, dramatized visits in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, boat trips at sunset and thematic dinners intensify
  • MC denounces the breach, by the regional government of the PP, of the Law of Cultural Heritage of the CARM (13/06/2019)
    "For more than six months, free entry to the Roman Theater has been prevented for at least four days per month, as approved unanimously in the Assembly "
  • Socio-health professionals, caregivers and family members receive training at the X Conference on Alzheimer's (13/06/2019)
    They are held on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 at the UNED with the aim of learning about these neurodegenerative pathologies from professionals and therapists
  • On Saturday, June 22, the daily control of vehicles in Calblanque takes effect (13/06/2019)
    Access to the beaches will be allowed by bus and vehicles can be left in the parking lot provided for this purpose
  • Trophies for all the teams that have played the Local Baseball League (13/06/2019)
    The Sports Palace of Cartagena was the scene this Wednesday of the closing of the season, which was attended by some 3,000 people among players, coaches and relatives of the participants of the tournament
  • Pozo Estrecho has a new study room (13/06/2019)
    The space, which will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, has been opened at the Civic Center, inaugurated this Wednesday by the acting mayor, Ana Belén Castejón
  • MC says that Castejón says goodbye to the Mayor applauding the economic management of MC, only slowed down by the PSOE (13/06/2019)
    MC: "The Socialist highlights as achievements of the legislature the economic rescue that led the Cartagena government and the works promoted through Participatory Budgets "
  • Researchers from the UPCT and Carlos III develop robots to help people who live alone (13/06/2019)

  • NAVANTIA delivers its diplomas to the third class of the Welding School (12/06/2019)
    Practically all the students that pass through the School leave with a job
  • The Corporation meets for the last time to close the legislature (12/06/2019)
    The session, held this Wednesday, has served to approve the pending minutes of the previous municipal plenary sessions and permanent commissions
  • A virtual surgical planning company is interested in research at the Polytechnic (12/06/2019)

  • Women of the Asociación Crear-T de Santa Ana visit the Town Hall (12/06/2019)
    After holding a meeting with the acting mayor on Wednesday, they made a guided tour of its facilities
  • Seized 187 counterfeit products at the Cabo de Palos flea market (12/06/2019)
    The events took place on the morning of Sunday, June 9
  • Loreto Urraca brings to light the figure of policeman Pedro Urraca in his book "Entre hienas", in Leer, Pensar, Imaginar (12/06/2019)
    The presentation of the book will take place this Thursday, May 13, at 8:00 pm, at the Josefina Library Soria of Luzzy
  • La Vaguada is preparing for its Fiestas with nine days full of rhythm and fun (12/06/2019)
    They will be from Friday 14 to Sunday 23 June.
  • The Sea of ​​Music highlights the figure and works of María de Medeiros (11/06/2019)
    The Portuguese actress and singer will perform with The Legendary Tigerman on July 25, in the Patio del Antiguo CIM and will present the film 'Capitâes de abril', on 24 of July
  • The UNED will host in Cartagena the X Training Days on Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative pathologies (11/06/2019)
    It will take place in the Assembly Hall of this institution on June 13 and 14
  • The Palace of Sports of Cartagena will put the finishing touches on the closing of the XXVI edition of the Local Baseball League (11/06/2019)
    Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 12, from 7:30 p.m., at the Palacio de Deportes, the Closing ceremony of the championship
  • Pozo Estrecho opens the third municipal study hall in neighborhoods and councils (11/06/2019)
    The space that will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, has been enabled in the Civic Center and will be inaugurated on Wednesday by the mayor in functions, Ana Belén Castejón
  • The last Governing Board releases the departure for the elaboration of the project of rehabilitation of the Amphitheater (11/06/2019)
    The document must be ready in the month of September for its execution within 1.5 percent Cultural
  • The exams of the General Phase and the test of languages ​​give the exit to the EBAU 2019 (11/06/2019)
    In Cartagena, 1,500 students from 44 centers of the region will be examined at the School of Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications of the UPCT
  • Montserrat Abumalham returns to Leer, Pensar, Imaginar to present his novel'Todos extraños' (11/06/2019)
    It will be this Wednesday at the Josefina Soria Library of the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center from 8 pm
  • Los Belones promotes its shops and tourist attractions through QR codes (11/06/2019)
    This project has been developed by 2nd and 3rd year students of the ESO of the Leonardo Da Vinci Bilingual Concert School
  • "I would like to know that everything will turn out well" (11/06/2019)
    The Generation of 27 and Modernism have been the themes to be developed in the first EBAU exam
  • Conference on prevention of suicide in the Security Forces and Corps (11/06/2019)
    The event is held today Tuesday at the headquarters of the UNED of Cartagena organized by SUP, CCOO and AUGC
  • The humor show 'Chespier in clown' closes the course of the classroom Theater Workshop of the Attic (11/06/2019)
    The representation will be this Friday, June 14 at 8 pm in the Assembly Hall of the Caja Mediterráneo Foundation
  • Cartagena hosts eight new courses of chemistry with high labor insertion (10/06/2019)
    There are still places available in the training actions of 'Operations of transformation of thermoplastic polymers' and of 'Assembly and repair of micro-computer systems'
  • "There are hotels that are offering rooms in AirBnB, you have to regulate the sector" (07/06/2019)
    Recommend UPCT researchers
  • Cartagena assesses the impact of the intercultural community process (07/06/2019)
    During the meeting, in which institutions, services, entities, groups and neighborhoods from the Casco Histórico and Sector Estación neighborhoods have participated, a history of the Community Process and its main advances have been presented .
  • The Municipal School of Theater puts the finishing touch with a dozen plays (07/06/2019)
    The works will be performed at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center, from June 18 to 27, except the Closing Ceremony, which will be at Plaza Juan XXIII, June 28
  • 1,500 students from 44 centers of the region will face the tests of access to the University on Tuesday (07/06/2019)
    The Local Police recommends that students travel by public transport or share private vehicles to avoid crowds.
  • UCAM Cartagena hosts two drills for nurses to learn how to act in mass emergencies (07/06/2019)

  • A score of young people from Italy, Estonia and Spain visit the Palace (07/06/2019)
    Participate in the exchange program Guarantee your youth guarantee, fruit of the collaboration between the Youth Council and the Euronation Association
  • MC: "Castejón compromises the summer season of the taxi sector by being unable to apply the new municipal ordinance" (07/06/2019)
    The Cartagena training denounces the PP and PSOE alliance to not respond to the needs of the sector
  • The closing acts of the UP culminate with the exhibition of the Workshops Area (07/06/2019)
    It was inaugurated last Thursday afternoon at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center with works by students of Drawing and Painting, Crafts, Ceramics and Cutting and Sewing
  • The bells of Santa María de Gracia de Cartagena return restored to the temple (07/06/2019)

  • New speed controls for the week of June 10 to 16 (07/06/2019)
    Local Police devices will be located in the main access roads and avenues of the city, neighborhoods and industrial estates
  • The roof of a house in the José María Lapuerta neighborhood falls (07/06/2019)
    The event, in which fortunately there were no injuries, occurred last night on the 1st floor of a house on Berizo Street
  • The third year students of the Leonardo Da Vinci Center in Los Belones present the project 'Discover a QR town' The presentation of this project will take place on Tuesday, June 11, at the school, at 10: 30 hours (07/06/2019)

  • The Local Police again recommend going to the Cartagonova on foot or by public transport (07/06/2019)
    The albinegro club envisages a historic full of the stadium for the second A promotion group that faces Cartagena with the Ponferradina on Sunday from 19: 30 hours
  • Cs asks the SMS not to delay further the Health Council of Cartagena and address the collapse of the clinics in summer (07/06/2019)

  • The neighborhood market of Barrio Peral is maintained for the festive Monday (07/06/2019)
    The Local Police informs that the street vendors in this place will be done in the usual way in Lugo street
  • 'A walk through the history of Cartagena' ends with great memories and experiences (06/06/2019)
    Since October 2018, the students of this course have received lectures, have made walks and have visited exhibitions throughout the municipality
  • The Special Commission gives the green light to the general accounts of the City Council and its autonomous agencies in 2018 (06/06/2019)

  • The new Municipal Corporation of Cartagena will take possession on Saturday, June 15 at ten in the morning (06/06/2019)
    It will be the most feminine plenary session in the history of the city with 16 women and 11 men, belonging to six political formations
  • NAVANTIA will incorporate 106 new workers this year in Cartagena (06/06/2019)

  • "It would be very positive for Latin America if Spain strengthened its commercial links there" (06/06/2019)

  • The TimonCap 2018 Cabo de Palos, in the National Geographic magazine, in the June issue (06/06/2019)
    The sporting event appears in the 'Big Picture' section of this international print magazine
  • New categories for children in the VIII edition of the charity tournament '12 Hours of paddle with Astus' (06/06/2019)
    It will be held on June 15 at the Santa Ana Sports Club in which athletes with disabilities and without it will participate in order to favor the social inclusion
  • 30 sailboats sail to Ibiza (06/06/2019)
    The thirtieth edition of this classic regatta, in which the City Council of Cartagena is collaborating, left this morning at 11 from the dock of the port
  • Manuel Cruz spoke in Cartagena He thinks about democratic regeneration (06/06/2019)
    The philosopher and recently elected president of the Senate was received in the Town Hall by the acting mayor and signed in the Golden Book of the city
  • Isabel García declares that Cartagena will have a Budget in 2019 (06/06/2019)
    MC Cartagena votes in favor of the General Account of the City Council assessing the good work of the officials
  • The closing acts of the Popular University continue with the final concert of the Singing Workshop (06/06/2019)
    The students who were trained in techniques such as Breathing and Vocalization or Tuning interpreted various pieces on Wednesday in the auditorium of the Luzzy
  • The ADLE guides 5,000 students from colleges and institutes on professional outings (06/06/2019)
    The talks and sessions have been held between the months of October 2018 and June 2019
  • Luis González Reyes will give the'Educar Workshop for the ecosocial transformation' (06/06/2019)
    Organized by the Cartagena Piensa and the FUHEM, will be held on June 14 at the Youth Resource Center.
  • The file has been started so that the auditorium of the Torres Park bears the name of Paco Martín (06/06/2019)
    For a month, the persons and entities that wish to do so may adhere to the initiative to honor the memory of the former municipal cultural programmer and creator and director of La Sea of ​​Music
  • Students of Agronomists, Industrialists and 'Teleco' of the UPCT will begin in logistics 4.0 with the chair Primafrío (05/06/2019)

  • The cantaor Curro Piñana and the Cartagonova Musical Union united by ASIDO Cartagena (05/06/2019)
    The Extraordinary Spring Concert of the Rotary Club Cartagena will take place on Sunday, June 16, at 12 noon, at the Auditorium of the UPCT
  • The Marfagones Molinos Senior Club celebrates its Cultural Week (05/06/2019)
    Until Monday, June 10, there will be musical performances, contests and convivial meals.
  • Cartagena hosts the IV Annual Session of the Spanish Network of Fishing Groups (05/06/2019)
    It is celebrated on June 6 and 7 at the Roman Theater Museum
  • Jordi Cruz and Pablo González Conejero will turn Cartagena into a Port of Taste (05/06/2019)
    From Friday the 14th to Sunday the 16th of June, the esplanade of the Port of Cartagena will showcase the best of local and Mediterranean gastronomy
  • The José María de La Puerta school hosts the exhibition 'Mundo Paralelos', by Soze and ShotterIsland (05/06/2019)
    The objective of this artistic intervention is to value not only the educational center but also the Peral neighborhood
  • MC Cartagena warns the regional government that "their contempt for Villa Calamari now threatens the safety and integrity of minors" (05/06/2019)

  • NAVANTIA celebrates the first days of the environment (05/06/2019)
    Susana de Sarriá: "We assume the Sustainable Development Goals established in the 2030 Agenda by the UN"
  • Deactivated the pollution protocol with level 1 in La Aljorra (05/06/2019)
    During Tuesday, the daily PM10 particle limit value was not exceeded
  • Experts from the UPCT claim that the environmental legislation includes the biological contamination that generates allergies and asthma (05/06/2019)

  • The implementation of new 4G antennas could produce television interference in La Aljorra (05/06/2019)
    The Llega800 service of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, will solve free of charge the problems that could be posed to neighbors, by installing filters in their circuits of TDT
  • The #Ventepijo is exceeded in its fourth edition (05/06/2019)
    More than 1,200 people spent Saturday at the Pozo Estrecho festival during 12 hours of live music
  • Tallante honors its patron San Antonio de Pádua (05/06/2019)
    The popular festivities will begin on Friday the 7th with the proclamation and will last until Thursday June 13, patron's day
  • Guidance of the ADLE inform about the municipal resources in matter of employment to students of the Rig Project (05/06/2019)
    They were on Friday May 31 in the dependencies of the Federation of Neighbors of Cartagena and Region with participants in the initiative of the Spanish Network of Entities for Employment
  • Spring Festival in La Ajorra (05/06/2019)
    The activities will take place in the Cartagena deputation from Friday 7 to Sunday 16 June
  • Of epic, we must qualify the extraordinary 2nd round of the 1st Division (04/06/2019)
    that the athletes of the men's team and those of the women's team played this weekend in Lérida and Durango.
  • Activated the pollution protocol with level 1 in La Aljorra (04/06/2019)
    During Monday, May 3, the daily PM10 particle limit value was exceeded
  • The Route of the Fortresses donates 52,200 euros to charities of Cartagena (04/06/2019)
    During the closing ceremony, Felix Alonso Nieto, of the Photorouter Association, has won the first prize in the Photo Contest of this sporting event
  • The fall in unemployment in May exceeds the average decline of the last ten years in the region of Cartagena (04/06/2019)
    COEC notes that May "shows the best figures of the last 10 years, both monthly, interannual and seasonally adjusted"
  • The port of Cabo de Palos hosts the presentation of the Cabo Pop festival with leisure, sport and music (04/06/2019)
    The event will be held this Saturday from 17:00 in the afternoon after being suspended due to bad weather last April
  • Cartagena FC, CD Juvenia, AD Franciscans, CD Maristas, and Veteranos Dolores de Pacheco League champions in prebenjamín "B" "A", Benjamín "B" alevín "A" and infantil (04/06/2019)

  • Countdown to the Spring Festival of Los Barreros (04/06/2019)
    From June 5 to 10, this neighborhood of Cartagena has organized numerous activities such as tasting homemade sweets, the Fiesta de la Espuma, the Olive Bone Toss Contest or different musical performances
  • ... (04/06/2019)

  • López Miras inaugurates a new space for technological entrepreneurs in Cartagena (04/06/2019)

  • The Popular University says goodbye to the academic year with the closing of its language courses and various workshops (04/06/2019)
    On Monday, the 3 students of English and German picked up their academic certifications in the Luzzy.
  • Agreement with the Mexican University of Coahuila to co-supervise the thesis of Business Sciences (03/06/2019)

  • The restaurant Pablo Guardiola, winner of the X Route of the Tapa and Dulce de Los Belones (03/06/2019)
    It was this Monday, June 3, when the prizes were handed out at the Town Hall to the restaurant and to the winning clients of the contest
  • The Popular University says goodbye to the academic year with the closure of its workshops (03/06/2019)
    From June 3 to 6, the language courses and the singing, drawing, painting, handicraft, sculpture, ceramics, and tailoring workshops are closed
  • More than half a thousand athletes from all over Spain competed in the SERTRI Ciudad de Cartagena Triathlon (03/06/2019)
    Héctor Pujante García and Nerea Berasategui Plazaola were the winners in absolute category
  • The Music Festival will celebrate its fifth edition in Cartagena (03/06/2019)
    For the fifth consecutive year Cartagena will bring together music fans and professionals and the general public on Saturday, June 22.
  • The City Council opens the deadline for payment of urban, rustic and special IBI (03/06/2019)
    Through these taxes, which may be paid until August 5, the City expects to raise about 65 million euros
  • The ADLE and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Cartagena sign an agreement to register patents and trademarks (03/06/2019)

  • Appears alive in Cala Estrella the hiker disappeared last Saturday in Roldán (03/06/2019)
    It was sighted from the sea by some canoeists who passed through the area with signs of disorientation
  • The summer courses of the UP begin to make known our Cultural Heritage in the Amphitheater (03/06/2019)
    The conference on the site will be this Tuesday, June 4 by the general director of Archaeological Heritage, which will lead to a visit on Wednesday
  • In March, the opening hours for the public at the City Hall of Cartagena (03/06/2019)
    From Monday, June 3, the municipal administrative offices will be open from 9 a.m. to 13.30
  • The Algar celebrated its III Trade Fair with booths, competitions and tasting of products (03/06/2019)
    Around 50 stands of shops and restaurants in the area gathered this Saturday at the Piazza del Teatro Circo Apolo
  • The third phase of the COLOC Program of the Local Development and Employment Agency has been closed (03/06/2019)
    The act of awarding diplomas was held this Friday at the Canteras Training Center
  • The president of the Senate, Manuel Cruz, closes Cartagena Thinks about the meaning of democratic regeneration (03/06/2019)
    The colloquium will take place this Wednesday, June 5, at 8:00 pm, in the Assembly Hall of the Roman Theater Museum
  • Argentine psychoanalyst Jorge Alemán presents his latest essay'Capitalism: Perfect crime or emancipation' in Cartagena Piensa (03/06/2019)
    The presentation of the book will take place this Tuesday, June 4, at 8:00 pm, at the Josefina Soria del Luzzy Library
  • More than a thousand young people measured their strength in the XIX Inter-Sinalian Games (03/06/2019)
    They were held on Saturday June 1st with participants from 12 Salesian schools in different Cities of Valencia Aragón and Murcia
  • La Palma does not fail to his appointment (02/06/2019)
    Javier Navarro takes the V Cross Campo de Cartagena - La Palma with a time of 22:32, by 28:15 for the female winner, Lola Sánchez, in the test held this Saturday
  • Saleroso 2.0 is proclaimed absolute champion of the XI silver carbide solidarity race (02/06/2019)

  • Firemen, Local Police and Civil Protection collaborate with the Civil Guard in the search for a missing man in Monte Roldan (02/06/2019)
    Since the last morning they have traced all the trails, wells, caves and coves of the area without result
  • One more edition Cartagena has become the triathlon capital for a few hours (02/06/2019)
    600 athletes from several Autonomous Communities have shown their strength, power, ability and endurance for more than four hours

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