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Cartagena News - February 2016

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  • La Hache Prize finalist, Patricia Garcia, runs the Intercultural Center (29/02/2016)
    The writer held a meeting last week with young people from these centers of the Department of Social Services to discuss his work i>Lobo./i>
  • Elvira Menendez will present his book, the heart of the forest, in the Luzzy (29/02/2016)
    adult library Ramon Alonso Luzzy cultural center will host the presentation of the work today, Monday 29 February at 20:00
  • Mozart and Beethoven, for all Thursday in El Batel (29/02/2016)
    On March 3 starts the cycle Orchestra and University Choir under the theme i>music for everyone,/i> and will do with the Orchestra of the University of Murcia directed by Jorge Losana
  • Lágrimas Negras, a tapestry in defense of human rights of women. (29/02/2016)
    The project will open on March 1 at 18:00 pm in the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy and will continue until March 15
  • Trade, Tourism and Decentralization bind to the needs of Los Belones (29/02/2016)
    Deputy Mayor received this morning the Association of Merchants of this coastal area and has announced that it will work on new signage, in playgrounds and in solidarity activities during Week santa
  • Estrella de Levante cooperate in cultural events in Cartagena (29/02/2016)

  • We can ask the CARM be involved (29/02/2016)
    for the shipyard Navantia in Cartagena may have guaranteed the construction of two minesweepers to the Algerian government
  • Lilac dress Cartagena on 8 March for Equality (29/02/2016)
    This morning was presented the program of events encompassing We spin for equality to be held in the city from 1 to 15 March
  • More than five hundred young people in weekend activities TLA (29/02/2016)
    Route mining, caving and talks have made the program developed by the Department of Youth within its activities Winter
  • Citizens Cartagena congratulates the neighbors unlocking work to remove the breakwaters of Los Urrutias (29/02/2016)

  • The Autonomous Community will monitor those affected by asbestos at the request of City Council (29/02/2016)
    This has been assured the mayor the general director of Public Health in reply to a letter of the first municipal authority
  • El Batel receive this Friday Passion Vega (29/02/2016)
    The Malaga artist performing at the Municipal Auditorium Passion for Cano, his job that pays tribute to Carlos Cano
  • Neighbors postpone the demonstration in Murcia before the arrival of the first machines to Los Urrutias (29/02/2016)
    The mayor, Jose Lopez, has accompanied this morning in situ neighborhood representatives to verify that initiated the work as had compromised Directorate General of Coasts
  • Civil Protection unveils its plan training to aspiring volunteers (29/02/2016)
    Saturday held a meeting with those responsible for this service, Francisco Gomez and Martin Toledo
  • Cartagena, role model in the implementation of transparency in public administration (29/02/2016)
    The City participated last week in the Conference on this subject, organized by the Autonomous Community, where the mayor José María Soler was present
  • Release from the petanque championship for older (29/02/2016)
    The inauguration of the event took place on Friday 26 February and was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejon, as well as other elected officials Consistory
  • The Musical Romeo & Juliet comes from Teatro Circo Apolo El Algar, for the whole family (29/02/2016)
    This adaptation of Shakespeare's classic hit staged on Saturday March 5th at 19:00
  • A company of former students of the UPCT create a system to locate buses in large stations (29/02/2016)

  • Juvenile Great and record again in Cartagena (28/02/2016)
    The athletics track of Cartagena has witnessed the Championship Region Youth Winter Murcia, as well as a new control where Carmen Maria Mendez recovered the junior regional record discus 1kg
  • A historical documentary series on engineering including the Roman Theatre in Cartagena was a finalist in the New York Festival (28/02/2016)
    The work, co-produced by TVE, has been selected in the category of 'art' of international competition of television and film
  • The mayor invites writers to be eyes and voice of history in Cartagena (26/02/2016)
    Francisco José Franco Fernández, Juan Ignacio Ferrández, Luis Miguel Perez Adam and received this afternoon their official titles in a solemn act celelebrado at the Palace Hall
  • A collective agreement shall regulate the working conditions of workers in Cartagena Port of Cultures (26/02/2016)
    has been established a regulatory commission that aims to advance jointly with workers to assure better conditions
  • The mayor is committed to pensioners La Palma (26/02/2016)
    Members of the association, headed by its president Carmelo Martinez, you have moved to Jose Lopez needs that require in their social premises
  • The Governing Board awarded 75,000 euros in aid for reviving the Old Town (26/02/2016)
    has also accepted the transfer of the site of the old houses of port engineers in the Paseo del Muelle to be earmarked for community facilities and open spaces
  • 25 companies of women entrepreneurs showed their activities in presenting Amep (26/02/2016)
    The association has 60 women entrepreneurs of which 25 have come as associated activities Amep in El Batel
  • Born in Cartagena Malbec publisher to introduce new authors (26/02/2016)
    The initiative was presented on the evening of Thursday, February 25 in El Luzzy as a project that aims to spread the culture through reading
  • Manuel Padin: "To dismiss the allegations to the budget has been an act of political responsibility" (26/02/2016)

  • New radar controls Local Police - 02.26.2016 (26/02/2016)
    During the week of February 29 to March 6 agents control the speed of vehicles in various parts of the city and neighborhoods
  • Residents of Los Urrutias and Los Belones will have their own SKIP (26/02/2016)
    From the Department of Decentralization has announced that it is working to expand in the coming weeks citizen service in these coastal areas
  • Convened 12 scholarships for the City Council Chair of Cartagena - UPCT (26/02/2016)

  • Sold out seats for Teleco LAN Party in 28 hours (26/02/2016)

  • The UPCT and Agromarketing Solutions collaborate to improve stone fruit (26/02/2016)

  • "I promise to be grateful" (25/02/2016)
    opinion from the Heritage MC, Ricardo Segado, relative to Monasterio de San Ginés de la Jara
  • The City Council will deliver on Friday titles to new official chroniclers (25/02/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena manages to create a commission to ensure compliance with the motions passed at the plenary session (25/02/2016)

  • Full brings forth twelve motions, half of them unanimously (25/02/2016)

  • Cartagena adheres to the UNAI to bet on entrepreneurs and industrial projects (25/02/2016)
    The motion to join the UNAI was approved at the regular meeting of the full, proposed by the municipal group Citizens
  • The artist Luis Espin No More Games exposes the Byzantine Wall (25/02/2016)
    The exhibition will take place on March 1st at 19:30
  • Lopez just denied by the government in its complaint about water quality (25/02/2016)
    Valdés: "It has recognized no data to justify alarmism"
  • Polytechnic Institute Alumni manufactured parts racing teams from the Polytechnic University (25/02/2016)

  • The Mayor will proclaim Friday processions of Alum (25/02/2016)
    The Cartagena deputation include this year as a novelty incorporating Captive Christ its parade of Good Friday
  • Patricia Garcia-Rojo approaches the Hache a story of robbers who travel through works of art (25/02/2016)
    The author has met with 600 young readers in the auditorium of the UPCT
  • Arrest a highly specialized group in opening locks (25/02/2016)
    Detainees against him a total of fourteen burglary in central Cartagena territories
  • Lopez will attend the solemn Miserere mako in the church of Santo Domingo (25/02/2016)
    The event will take place tomorrow, Friday, February 26, at 21:00 in the church of Santo Domingo
  • Friends of the Archaeological Museum Municipal announce the photo contest Antonio Acosta Hernandez (25/02/2016)
    Those interested in participating will have to focus on the issue of the archaeological heritage of the region of Cartagena and can submit their work until 30 April
  • The municipal government dissociates itself from the agreements with Cartagena Si Se Puede (25/02/2016)
    The reason as explained by the mayor, his vote against the dismissal of the claims for final approval of the budget
  • Segovia receive a visit from Cartagena fans (25/02/2016)
    Over fifty Cartagena will start tomorrow Friday headed to Segovia
  • HIMOINSA an industrial engine gives the UPCT to train students (25/02/2016)

  • López tries attributed Case San Ginés de la Jara (24/02/2016)
    Mirror: "In addition to collecting awards and blue flags, now appropriated statements that they did not promote"
  • Lovers of photography in Cartagena will award (24/02/2016)
    The City is working with the Truth in the fifth edition of the photographic marathon to be held on March 5 and whose registration period is now open
  • The Sleeping Beauty play next Saturday in the Batel to benefit APANDA (24/02/2016)
    School of Dance Nuria perform this work more with charitable status, February 27 at 17:30
  • Jose Lopez receives consuls Sweden, Romania and Ecuador (24/02/2016)
    This morning, the mayor of Cartagena held a meeting with members of different Consular Corps, which support each other
  • MC work paves the way for the restoration of the Monastery of San Ginés (24/02/2016)

  • Neighbors del Mar Menor in Murcia will demonstrate to demand that the lagoon be saved (24/02/2016)
    Jose Lopez appeared this morning supported by various associations who want to end the breakwaters of Los Urrutias, and invited people to join the march protest March 1 in Murcia
  • Start the year with a rise in visitors to Puerto de Culturas (24/02/2016)
    The meeting of the Governing Board of the Board of Directors of Port of Cultures talks about a 25% increase in visitors so far 2016
  • El Circo Teatro Apolo about Mowgli's adventure with the musical The Jungle Book (24/02/2016)
    The performance will take place on Saturday February 27 with passes at 18.00 and 20.00
  • Citizens Cartagena participate in demonstrations for the removal of breakwaters in Los Urrutias (24/02/2016)

  • Cartagena held the first contest beautification balconies Easter (24/02/2016)
    Association of Women Brethren organizes this contest in which citizens can participate by registering and adorning the balconies with ornamental motifs such as flowers, flags and candles
  • The City of Cartagena celebrates ordinary plenary on Thursday (24/02/2016)
    The session can be followed live online via the municipal channel in youtube
  • Back school Rhythmic Gymnastics competition at Central Pavilion (24/02/2016)
    The Sports Council is organizing this sporting event to be held on 3 and 10 March, with the participation of over a thousand students that make up the municipal schools in this mode
  • Declared a Cultural image of the Virgen del Rosell de Cartagena (24/02/2016)

  • UPCT Agreement for cooperation in vocational students in R + D + i (24/02/2016)

  • PP calls the project "to widen La Manga" is explained at City Hall (24/02/2016)

  • Stopped inside a house a woman who had previously stolen the keys to your own (24/02/2016)

  • The Civil Guard arrested the perpetrators of a violent robbery at a house in Isla Plana (24/02/2016)
    is credited with authoring alleged crime of burglary
  • The music of Hercules arrives this Sunday at El Batel (24/02/2016)
    Paco Arrojo, Pablo Abraira and Victor Ullate are some of the protagonists of this work comes from the International Festival of Classical Theatre
  • Mayor Hansa Urbana requires the immediate restoration of the Monastery of San Ginés de la Jara (24/02/2016)
    José López issued on Wednesday morning a letter to the company urging it to initiate work
  • El Batel host the Fourth Conference on Family Relations (24/02/2016)
    The event will be held on 26 and 27 February and will address the importance of emotional closeness to families as a source of treatment therapies
  • The writer Carles Cano visit libraries to talk about his work, Dear White (24/02/2016)
    Students from 3rd and 4th primary have been working in the classroom with her book and have the opportunity to discuss it with the author on 25 and 26 March
  • Six experts carried Sector Roundtable Participation requests of citizens (24/02/2016)

  • IES Santa Lucia won the local phase Cadet School Futsal Championship (24/02/2016)
    Saturday will be held in the children and youth categories, in the Central Pavilion Wssell Guimbarda
  • The Cartagena stoves have new cooks thanks to the ADLE (24/02/2016)
    Basic Operations Course Cuisine has come to an end in a ceremony presided over by Deputy Mayor in which has awarded diplomas to a total of 13 students
  • The mayor opened the course that addresses the influence of Modernism in architecture and society Cartagena (24/02/2016)
    The opening ceremony will take place on Tuesday, February 23 at the Rector of the UPCT
  • Marble and Tuscany come together at the Teatro Romano (24/02/2016)
    The exhibition of sculpture by Olga Rodriguez, under the title i>Marmoris,/i> celebrated its opening on a date that the mayor was lost, Councillor of Culture and Director General of Cultural Assets
  • An American college hires a researcher at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (24/02/2016)
    Honorio Navarro will specialize in machine learning at the Institute of Robotics Pennsylvania
  • The Municipal Government is working on a respect for the law and community involvement (23/02/2016)
    Statement of the Municipal Government on the request of the Association of Residents of La Aljorra
  • The Federation of Carnival welcomes and appreciates the work of the City during the holidays (23/02/2016)
    Jose Lopez has received the directors of the Federation to discuss the balance of this year and the work is underway to achieve proclaimed of National Tourist Interest
  • El Algar prepare your Easter with the poster presentation and proclamation (23/02/2016)
    The councilman of Culture, David Martinez and the Councillor for Tourism, Obdulia Gomez attend the opening speech, which was provided by Carolina Alcaraz, and presentation of the commemorative poster of this year
  • Lopez received the representatives of the Association of Charity St. Vincent de Paul (23/02/2016)
    The meeting took place today, Tuesday, February 23, in the administrative building of San Miguel
  • Officers of the Hospital de la Caridad Lopez and Castejon invite to visit the facility (23/02/2016)
    Big Brother and members of the governing body this morning visited the first municipal authority to shape the events of the day of the patron with the delivery of an ounce of gold
  • AMARTE Mayor moved the problems of the military community (23/02/2016)
    José López has met with members of the Association of Military Active and Reserve, which has about 500 members in Cartagena
  • "We can question the Easter inventing an imposition that does not exist" (23/02/2016)
    Mirror: "Participation is a matter of tolerance and commitment to the traditions"
  • Citizens asked in Parliament why the City Council does not participate in the Plan for Attracting Investment for Port (23/02/2016)

  • The City Council meets the needs of the Polygon Cabezo Beaza to study future support (23/02/2016)
    The mayor received this morning to various members of the Conservative Entity of this polygon to continue working in collaboration between the two
  • A City Council campaign reminded to census pets (23/02/2016)
    Through this initiative the Department of Quality of Life, citizens who come to CATAD until 22 March with a toilet pick will be gifted
  • Music for all the cycle of Orchestras and Choirs University of Cartagena (23/02/2016)

  • Overcome the championship Ecuador, the juvenile category A stands out as the most competitive (23/02/2016)
    EF San Gines A, EF Santa Ana B, Cartagena FC, CD Albujón, EF Garden City UPCT A CD Lapuerta and the head of the classification dispute in youth football league
  • Major visited the Brotherhood of Christ Relief (23/02/2016)
    Forty students Course Cartagena Popular Traditions, organized by the Department of Social Services for older people visited the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament and Real Christ of Socorro
  • Federico Mayor Zaragoza will open the series of conferences on the Nobel Prizes in Cartagena (23/02/2016)
    The president of the UNESCO will inaugurate the papers closer to citizens on Monday March 7 the Nobel Peace Prize 2015
  • Cartagena exposes its ICI project in Madrid (23/02/2016)
    Within the national meeting on intercultural Foundation Obra Social La Caixa, along with 38 other Spanish towns
  • Cartagena UPyD proposes Square Bastarreche be renamed Plaza de Adolfo Suárez (23/02/2016)

  • The vote Aljorra is a failure of the Government to prevent the direct participation of residents (23/02/2016)
    A Lopez is more concerned with satisfying that we hear from Cartagena
  • Increase Indian students at the Polytechnic of Cartagena, which will be based in Mumbai and Surat (23/02/2016)

  • Opening of the First Week of Science Education Institute "Espada" Cartagena (23/02/2016)

  • The Hache Award continues meetings with young readers by the hand of Patricia Garcia-Rojo (23/02/2016)
    The Andalusian writer visit Cartagena on 24 and 25 February
  • The Deputy Mayor will close this afternoon Occupational Training Course Basic Operations kitchen ADLE (23/02/2016)
    The event will take place at 18:00 hours at La Milagrosa
  • The pilot Cartagenero Raul Martinez becomes the first win of the season (22/02/2016)

  • Finance highlights that Cartagena is the "big winner" in the economic model of regional government (22/02/2016)
    The Minister Andrés Carrillo presents Cartagena business budgets are allocated to the industrial sector and tourism
  • The Nao Victoria extends its stay in Cartagena until February 28 (22/02/2016)
    After more than six thousand people during the weekend, will remain open to the public until Sunday Feb. 28 at the Club de Regatas.
  • Podecasa, Casa del Niño or the budgets of the Community, issues discussed at the meeting of Lopez and the Minister of Finance (22/02/2016)
    Both positions have been put on the table various issues stressing that mutual collaboration is reflected in the good of the citizenry
  • Italian Lunardi high school students visiting Cartagena (22/02/2016)

  • The Convention Bureau of the City offers to the UPCT to collaborate in organizing events (22/02/2016)
    The manager of the Convention Bureau, accompanied by the mayor of Culture, expressed the willingness of the organization to work together with the university to promote the organization of events in the city
  • The municipal accounts report notes a recovery (22/02/2016)

  • ... (22/02/2016)

  • The Plastics Romero raised more than 3,000 euros for Andresito (22/02/2016)
    The City is working with the football team in fundraising for the treatment of this child, the 2 euros integrity of each entry will be used
  • Citizens prompted the establishment of shelters in the path of the future Greenway Cartagena Golf (22/02/2016)

  • The City delivered Friday titles to new official chroniclers (22/02/2016)

  • The municipality shows the Friends of the Archaeological Museum excavations Amphitheatre (22/02/2016)
    The visit took place on Saturday 20 February and was led by Maria del Carmen Berrocal, co-director of the excavations and coordinator of Historical and Archaeological Cartagena
  • The youth of the Intercultural Center also participate in the Mandarache Prize (22/02/2016)
    More than thirty lads of the two centers run by Social Services are part of the reading committees program organized by the Department of Youth
  • They select the best business idea fellows Telefonica-UPCT Chair (22/02/2016)

  • The Assembly approved a study to protect drive as a Cultural Military Arsenal Cartagena (22/02/2016)
    The initiative of the PP wants the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport launch the procedure for BIC under the category of a Historic Site or
  • The UPCT presents its European Project Office to the City of Cartagena (22/02/2016)
    The Office of Municipal Congress support the Polytechnic of Cartagena to organize more conferences scientific
  • The National Police and the SEPE join forces to eradicate fraud Social Security (22/02/2016)
    The joint operations carried out by the two state institutions have uncovered a fraud of 400,000 euros
  • The Coral Tomas Luis de Victoria prepares for Easter (22/02/2016)
    Music training has prepared its schedule of performances for the coming months, which include the mako or Miserere Mass Charity Patron day
  • Water cut area Perín and Tallante (22/02/2016)
    Hidrogea has reported an interruption in the supply planned for this Wednesday afternoon with a duration of about 24 hours
  • Cartagena meets big to call Andresito (22/02/2016)
    Cartagena this weekend were turning come when called Plastics Romero Cartagena to fill out a "Bombonera" a solidarity purpose: to help Andresito
  • The Museum of Roman Theatre in Cartagena exhibits from tomorrow the exhibition'Marmoris' Olga Rodriguez Pomares (22/02/2016)
    The exhibition consists of a series of sculptures in which the 'lunensis marmor' serves as a support and canvas to the artist to show pictures of a personal travelogue through Tuscany
  • The Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara choose to honor brother and the brother of honor for this year 2016 (21/02/2016)

  • MC: "The Mirror councilman attacked the municipal government to defend the heritage restoration of Cartagena" (19/02/2016)
    In a day when the Punic past the PP in Cartagena occupies the front pages, Councilman Mirror comes up attacking the local government by his defense of the history and municipal assets
  • Sevilla urged Lopez to increase collaboration between the City and the Port Authority (19/02/2016)

  • Social Services promotes a campaign for the cold snap homeless (19/02/2016)
    Councillor Carmen Martin joined during Thursday night volunteers from Red Cross to provide shelter and food to the people who spent the night outdoors
  • The ITI del Mar Menor projected seven zones daily access for boats (19/02/2016)
    After the meeting the Minister of Development with the mayors of Cartagena, San Pedro del Pinatar, San Javier and Los Alcázares, this decision has been taken to prevent illegal moorings
  • All councils and various associations will be involved in the Municipal Plan Disability (19/02/2016)
    After the meeting this morning vicealcaldedsa has announced that it has scheduled a meeting for March 15 at the beginning of the study accessibility plan, which it will be comprehensive and universal
  • Local Police extended to more than double the number of parking spaces for the disabled (19/02/2016)
    The City Council has updated and published on the municipal website the status of all these parking spaces for the disabled, who have gone from 65 to 147
  • The role of Cartagena in regional budgets will be the subject of a lecture and a panel discussion on Monday (19/02/2016)
    The classroom culture Cajamurcia Puerta de Murcia will host the exhibition that made the university professor Antonio García and a subsequent conference to be attended by alacalde
  • Castejon announces the creation of a commission of inquiry to clarify the relationship of the previous session with companies Punic (19/02/2016)
    In addition, records of work and public services that may be affiliated with criminal plot review
  • There are bus prepared to Segovia (19/02/2016)
    The FPFSCT has already agreed to accompany the journey of Guillamón the difficult track Perico Delgado
  • The Department of Social Services reactivates the Plan of Action on Drug Dependence (19/02/2016)
    The former was not updated since 2012 and draw up a new enhanced biennial that will be launched in the month of May with the participation of various municipal departments involved
  • The City Council and presented UPCT office Municipal Congress and European Projects (19/02/2016)
    On Monday 22 the mayor of Cartagena and the Vice Chancellor for Internationalization of the Polytechnic will share the services at their disposal to work at European level and to municipal programs
  • The PP claims that the councilman of Culture clashes with Murcia looking instead of solutions for Cartagena (19/02/2016)
    "Demands that the Ministry work on the cathedral that the Ministry is already doing"
  • The Cartagena FS played Saturday in favor of Andresito (19/02/2016)
    The City is working with the football team in fundraising for the treatment of this child, the 2 euros integrity of each entry will be used
  • Cartagena shone as hostess at the IX edition of the Excellence Awards (19/02/2016)
    The gala was held on the afternoon of Thursday, February 18 where the mayor, Jose Lopez, presented the City of Cartagena Excellence Award for the best shipping company Pullmantur
  • Local police reported the new locations of speed cameras (19/02/2016)
    During the week from 22 to February 28 agents will control that the limits are not exceeded at various points of the city and the neighborhoods
  • The mayor receives the Murcian painter José María Falgas (19/02/2016)
    During the meeting, toured the rooms of the Town Hall and Falgas highlighted Cartagena as i>cultural capital of the Mediterranean/i>
  • Cartagena rolls up to the fourth edition of the Manga and Japanese Culture (18/02/2016)
    The event will bring the city more than 200 activities
  • The Cartagena Tennis Club is preparing for the Challenge Cup (18/02/2016)
    Cartagena City International competition and the XXX International Futures ATP Tour will be held in the city from 20 to 27 February
  • Ricardo Segado meets Convergence Civic Association demanded the restoration of the Cathedral of Cartagena (18/02/2016)

  • The Community declared a Cultural image of the Virgen del Rosell de Cartagena (18/02/2016)
    Decree by the maximum cultural protection to the size of the first patron of the port city is granted it will be discussed next week by the Council of government
  • The Manga Cartagena will offer more than 200 activities about Japanese culture and videogames (18/02/2016)
    Organizers expect 8,000 people to participate in this activity to be held on 23 and 24 April at the School of Industrial Engineering UPCT
  • The Ministry of Family allocates 10.2 million euros to the attention of 1,075 people with disabilities in Cartagena (18/02/2016)
    During his visit to the centers apex and Quarries, the minister recalled that the regional government will promote "significant reforms to enforce rights and interests of this group "
  • Project Intercultural Community publishes a new issue of the publication Share (18/02/2016)
    In it the main objectives of the Community essay details the historical site and detailed Sector Station
  • On Friday begins IX Top Road and Route V Asian Cartagena (18/02/2016)
    The gastronomic tour this year has 74 establishments that provide cover and drink for 2.50 euros
  • Padín: "Neither the local government nor the PP wanted to clarify what really happened with the purchase of San Miguel" (18/02/2016)

  • Lopez invites the Autonomous Region back to the Consortium of La Manga (18/02/2016)
    In the meeting between the mayor of Cartagena, Jose Lopez, and the mayor of San Javier, José Miguel Luengo, the measures in which they will work together they remembered .
  • The Nao Victoria saturates few days in Cartagena (18/02/2016)
    The replica of the ship that gave the first round the world can be seen at span style="font-size: 12px;">the north dock Yacht Club
  • The Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy projected Friday The Sinsombrero (18/02/2016)
    Along with the documentary, which deals with the Spanish intellectuals forgotten women, has also scheduled a talk by Margaret Borja playwright and professor Alicia Poza
  • The T-LA tour the Route of Don Quixote (18/02/2016)
    The trip will take place from 18 to 20 March and will visit the sites of the fields and villages of Castilla described in the work of Cervantes
  • The bride dress, Tanit theater group, to benefit AFAL (18/02/2016)
    Organized by the Department of Equality, will be performed on March 10, at 8 pm at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • "Lopez has data of water quality, but ask Murcia to entangle" (18/02/2016)
    Ortega: The City Council discusses water and irresponsible alarm if there is no evidence to do
  • Celebrations organizes the Floral Offering to the Virgin of Charity (18/02/2016)

  • Five hundred Civil Defence volunteers will be trained the coming months (18/02/2016)
    Between March and June, will be held, with the collaboration of the SPACE, a number of courses including theoretical and practical content, first aid, communications and rescue, among other issues
  • "Lopez accusations against PP for San Miguel VAT Crumble" (18/02/2016)
    Mirror: "Yesterday was one impepinable obligation and today say that there was no pay"
  • The UPCT develop an autonomous vehicle with a system unique 3D mapping in Spain (18/02/2016)
    The driverless car Cartagena Polytechnic, similar to Google, you can create 3D city maps
  • The Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara proposes the municipality of Cartagena Street San Ginés de la Jara (18/02/2016)
    The Brotherhood suggests that there is a street with the name that is pattern Cartagena since 1677
  • For an unknown country, the poems of Ruben Castillo comes to the Luzzy (17/02/2016)
    The event, included in the Read, Think, Imagine program, will take place on Thursday February 18 at 20:00
  • Lágrimas Negras, a tapestry in defense of human rights of women (17/02/2016)
    The project will open on March 1 at 18:00 pm in the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy and will run until March 15
  • Maritime Rescue Services in Cartagena lent assistance to nearly 600 people last year (17/02/2016)
    The Government delegate visited this morning the antipollution Strategic Base, the Coordination Center and the ship of state Clara Campoamor
  • Congress of flamenco UCAM investigate the scientific part of this art (17/02/2016)
    From 24 to 26 February studied flamenco professionals from the vision of gastronomy, singing, dancing and multiple and innovative conference to be held in Cartagena campus
  • There remain the Commissions of Inquiry Casco Antiguo and construction of the Batel constituted (17/02/2016)
    These two committees will be represented by five local groups that make up the Corporation
  • Geriatros brings to the nursing home Fuente Cubas its model of personal attention (17/02/2016)

  • The City is working with the eighth edition of Teleco LAN Party (17/02/2016)
    The event will be held in Cartagena from 17 to 22 March
  • The mayor discussed in the Governing Council regulating trarifas water and discriminatory treatment in regional budgets (17/02/2016)
    José López was invited this morning at the meeting of the regional executive was held at the Palacio de Aguirre
  • The opening of the residence'Fuente Cubas' supposed to increase by 38 percent the places for seniors in Cartagena (17/02/2016)
    The president of the Community visits and center, which comes into operation next week with 120 new places of residence and 40 Day Centre
  • Lopez receives representatives of the neighborhood association Portus (17/02/2016)

  • Convened the basis of free artistic expression and General Proposals for the Night of Museums (17/02/2016)

  • The Contracting Committee awarded the contract for Postal Services of the City and OAGRC to Post and Telegraph (17/02/2016)
    The offer cut by 20 percent the output type, which will save about 125,000 euros to the municipal coffers
  • Continue conferences and visits over the Department of Social Services (17/02/2016)
    Opened during Folklore and visit the library of the Roman Theatre and the Old Cathedral in the workshop of the letters Image
  • El Batel will be present at the National Congress OPC 28 (17/02/2016)
    Over a hundred professional conferences nationwide industry attend from 18 to 20 February at the event held in Burgos
  • The fastest connection, 11 starts and a virtual tour of the Cathedral of Cartagena Teleco LAN Party 8 (17/02/2016)

  • The new adviser Castejon admits that his contract is politically motivated (17/02/2016)
    Mirror: "Your first service to Castejon has been to recognize the reasons she hides"
  • The City pruning about four plane trees to avoid falling branches and nuisance to neighbors (17/02/2016)
    Work began on Monday and will last for a month walk Alfonso XIII, Queen Victoria Avenue and other streets in the Eixample
  • Future chroniclers give lectures at the University of Elders (17/02/2016)
    The councilman of Culture attended Tuesday the first of these talks, in charge of Luis Miguel Perez Adam, on the photographic archive of the city
  • Paqui Good looks and medals of the four guilds (17/02/2016)
    Traditional medals ceremony was held in the afternoon of Tuesday at the home of Mayor Nazarene, which brings also gave the mayor, Procesionista the Year and crier Easter
  • Youth offers grants and grants to youth groups (17/02/2016)
    The deadline for submission of applications starts today, Wednesday, February 17 and end on March 7
  • The mayor requested the collaboration of the Federation of Municipalities and the regional government to work on the establishment of the rate for the supply of potable water (17/02/2016)
    After Hidrogea communicate the decision to start working with local technicians, apply now collaboration institutional
  • Cartagena Firefighters rescue a 80-year-old fire in the houses of Peralta (16/02/2016)
    The woman who was in a wheelchair was treated for poisoning by inhalation and trasladad to St. Lucia.
  • The Military Museum, an approach to the historical reconstruction of Cartagena (16/02/2016)
    On a visit to the mayor, Jose Lopez, General Jose Carlos de la Fuente Chacon has invited the public to visit the museum of artillery because of its historical value
  • Calderon and Soler visit Los Dolores and San Cristobal to meet the neighborhood Suggestions (16/02/2016)
    The deputies have listened to the needs of the IES San Isidoro, the house rabe Los Dolores, the Social Club of the Third Age of San Cristobal and Associations residents of both neighborhoods
  • The Governing Board approved the call for subsidies for block parties, youth groups and artistic proposals on the Night of Museums (16/02/2016)
    Estrella de Levante sponsor cultural events in Cartagena by an agreement which will provide 50,000 euros
  • C's criticizes the local government that does not meet the plenary mandated to initiate proceedings to protect Algameca Girl (16/02/2016)

  • The Community gives its approval to the works of removal of breakwaters on the beach in Los Urrutias during March (16/02/2016)
    The actions should be initiated in areas closest to the site of Carmolí Marina
  • The fellows Santander Cartagena Polytechnic collect their credentials (16/02/2016)
    The bank has issued over the past year 40 scholarships to students of the UPCT in the categories of excellence, additional training and initiation in research
  • The Entrepreneurial Initiatives program enables the creation of 23 jobs in Cartagena (16/02/2016)
    The Minister of Economic Development awards diplomas to the participants of this initiative
  • The cultural heritage of the Campo de Cartagena starred in the workshop A Walk Through History (16/02/2016)
    ​​ The talk, by the lecturer Javier Lorente, formed part of this major program initiative organized by the Department of Social Services
  • Councillor for Social Services, Carmen Martin, visited the residence House (16/02/2016)
    The mayor ran last Friday 12 February, facilities and met their professional and older who were at that time
  • The City Council will not buy water from the desalination plant tailings while under investigation (16/02/2016)

  • Increase traffic accidents in Cartagena but no fatalities were recorded (16/02/2016)
    The local police and the Security council presented the accident data of 2015, increasing by 643 claims, as well as a novel apparatus for detecting consumption drugs at the wheel
  • PP: "Castejon refuses to explain why hires political leaders to positions of trust" (16/02/2016)
    "Deputy Mayor escapes from the press and unresponsive if he paid a consultant who lives in Madrid"
  • The Cartagena UCAM presents its International Congress of Flamenco (16/02/2016)
    The mayors of Cartagena and La Union will appear on Wednesday 17 to present the sixth edition of this event research in the Flemish tradition, to be held from 24 to 26 February
  • Green light to the new draft ordinance hawking (16/02/2016)

  • New reforestation day in Monte Roldan on Saturday 20 (16/02/2016)
    The event, which remains open enrollment, is part of the plan of the Department of Tourism and Rural Development of Cartagena, which is committed to the conservation of this mountain and its environment
  • The poorest families will have reductions in local nurseries (16/02/2016)

  • Child and settled with victory cadet league game (16/02/2016)

  • The Cartagena Polytechnic offer in Cuba to universities around the world (16/02/2016)
    will show German and French governing its potential as a Spanish language school for foreigners and studying the option of having headquarters in Havana
  • The City Council and the UPCT optimize urban infrastructure with the creation of the chair (15/02/2016)
    Within the framework of the chair will be offering scholarships to a dozen students or graduates to develop research projects
  • Two promising young tennis Cartagena at the Palace Hall (15/02/2016)
    Councilman Sports has received the champions of Spain and Jaime Rafa Segado Caldés who have moved you the current situation of the world of the racket in the city and its sporting achievements
  • The UPCT joined the Marathon Media Cartagena (15/02/2016)
    The mayor and the rector, accompanied the mayor of Sports during the presentation ceremony to be held in the streets of the city on Sunday 6 March and which already has 1,400 registered runners
  • Over a hundred students UPCT by the internship program offered by multinational Hitachi Europe are interested (15/02/2016)

  • The municipal recycling campaign comes to schools and markets (15/02/2016)
    City and Ecoembes organized this initiative which, in addition to reporting on the benefits of recycling, collect suggestions from citizens to improve the system
  • UPCT and City Council put in place a chair for optimizing urban infrastructure (15/02/2016)

  • The PP claims that Castejon used public money to solve their problems in the PSOE (15/02/2016)
    "The news reports talk about a marketing job to hold in his party"
  • Sport and solidarity shook hands at the Third Milla Urbana La Huertecica (15/02/2016)
    New success of the call for therapeutic association, with the support of the City of Cartagena, which aims to integrate young people and adults with addiction problems and risk of social exclusion
  • Water rates are rates in Cartagena (15/02/2016)
    Mayor communicates Hidrogea determining the Municipal Government to be regulated by an ordinance is approved in full and match the actual cost of service
  • Continues the course of maintenance, adjustment and tuning of guitars at People's University (15/02/2016)
    The workshop, taught by Luis Guerrero, is aimed at guiding young people toward a possible career opportunity
  • Cabo de Palos also held its Carnival (14/02/2016)
    The party will start at 12:00 hours with a costume parade.
  • El Museo-Teatro Romano de Cartagena organizing a free seminar on women in ancient Rome (14/02/2016)
    it is now open for registration to participate in this course, in which different aspects of the role of women will be analyzed at this time using sources as archeology, art, poems or Right
  • The Minister Francisco Bernabé parties will proclaim the 475th anniversary of the canonization pattern Cartagena, San Ginés de la Jara (14/02/2016)

  • The Bureau of Navigation in the region is increased by the incorporation of Arsenal of Cartagena (12/02/2016)
    The Minister Francisco Barnabas meets with Vice Admiral Marcial Gamboa
  • Students from different centers will free the Cartagena FC Cartagena on Sunday (12/02/2016)

  • Padín: "If the City has new evidence against the coordinator of civil protection should take them to court" (12/02/2016)

  • The Department of Social Services designs new improvements in the RAIC program (12/02/2016)
    The table tracking Comprehensive Care Network Shared met last Wednesday with the presence of municipal technicians and entities of Social Action
  • On Saturday there will be Carnival Women in Cabo de Palos (12/02/2016)
    The party will start at 12:00 hours with a costume parade.
  • The Huertecica celebrated on Sunday the Urban Mile Solidarity (12/02/2016)
    The race, as well as several parallel sporting activities, is celebrated on February 14 in the vicinity of the park Los Juncos, and lats and can be collected at El Corte Ingles
  • Fusion of art on display Cartagena Latent Secrets of Bethlehem Orta and Kraser (12/02/2016)
    The exhibition will be on display at the Palacio Molina until March 20 under the title of Latent Secrets
  • The writer Marisa López approach the moon children in kindergarten and primary (12/02/2016)
    Literary meetings are part of the program of activities of municipal libraries, and will take place between 15 and 18 February
  • New controls Radar Local Police (12/02/2016)
    During the week from 15 to February 21 agents will control the speed of vehicles in various parts of the city and neighborhoods
  • The SPAT hosts a course for the Port Police (12/02/2016)
    Its first edition was held from 15 to 19 February
  • Cartagena will host a course on the role of women in ancient Rome (12/02/2016)
    Today the registration period of the course to be held in the auditorium of the Roman theater next 4 opens and March 8
  • Torralba oversees the necessary improvements in the Way of Syphon (12/02/2016)
    The mayor also known field problems presented by narrowing the road between Mill Derribao and Polygon Santa Ana
  • IV Ascent of Mount Calvary (12/02/2016)

  • The port of Cartagena will host for the first time boarding and departure of cruise (11/02/2016)
    The Minister of Tourism stresses the importance of moving from being a point of call for cruise departure place and that "will be an element of economic revitalization for the city and Region "
  • The Department of Youth launches campaign Love is in CT (11/02/2016)
    The #LoveIsInCT campaign will begin on February 12 at the social networks where photos Cartagena and love as protagonists be published
  • The City is working with the Cartagena FS in seeking funds for the treatment of Andresito (11/02/2016)
    Little need 18,000 euros to travel to the US for treatment of his degenerative disease called Leber Congenital Amaurosis
  • Cartagena will host the Fourth Conference on Family Relations (11/02/2016)
    The Association of Family Therapists of the Region of Murcia (ATFRM) organized this conference to be held on 26 and 27 February at the Auditorium The Batel
  • Marinella Terzi about the Hache Awards representation of women in art (11/02/2016)
    The writer presented his book False still life in the auditorium of the UPCT front of 600 readers, initiating meetings of Hache Awards 2016
  • Cartagena city exponent cardioprotegida in the first Andalusian Conference on Sudden Death and Sport (11/02/2016)
    Dr. Antonio Pastor participated in the conference and presented as an example of Cartagena city cardioprotegida
  • The stew Pablo Guardiola and Asian More than bread winners Route stew of Belones (11/02/2016)
    The second Route stew grandmother has distributed more than 4,000 casseroles and hundreds of Asian
  • Culture organizes an exhibition in which 16 photographers show "Passion Cartagena" (11/02/2016)
    One hundred images of Easter are exhibited in the Palacio de Cartagena Pedreño within this initiative organized in collaboration with the Foundation Cajamurcia
  • Incorporated City Commission for Citizen Participation will meet monthly (11/02/2016)
    His first efforts will focus on changing the current Rules of Participation and the Covenant Night
  • #todosconandresito (11/02/2016)

  • The mystery of the secret serves as a link between the work of Belén Orta and Kraser that opens this afternoon (11/02/2016)
    Cartagena artists will have its exhibition staged at the Palacio Molina until March 20, under the title of Latent Secrets
  • Record of participants in the hiking route to greater among Tallante and Isla Plana (11/02/2016)
    hundred and twenty people covered the 12 km route through the Rambla del Cañar in an activity organized by the Department of Social Services
  • Andrés Lledó presents new challenge for 2016 (11/02/2016)
    The presentation of the challenge will be open to the public and will take place in the hall of the Roman Theatre in Cartagena on Friday February 12 at 11:30 pm
  • Countdown processions with traditional Call (10/02/2016)
    The City maintains the figure of 183,000 euros to help the four brotherhoods that parade in the city
  • The new members of the Administrative Economic Council take possession (10/02/2016)
    In its immediate agenda is to update the nearly eighty appeals pending
  • Social Services, and Abraham Project Foundation CEPAIM progress in building coexistence and social cohesion in Villalba (10/02/2016)
    It will hold a series of social and educational activities which will run until June
  • The workshop, letters to the image, brought together more than thirty largest in La Milagrosa (10/02/2016)
    The conference is included within the senior activities organized by the Department of Social Services and Social Mediation.
  • The Contracting Committee awarded the remodeling of the old Naval Museum environment (10/02/2016)
    have also studied the statements of five contracts that include social clauses
  • The Phoenix entities Manifesto reviewed the actions taken and future priorities (10/02/2016)

  • Start the Ruta de la Tapa ninth and fifth Asian (10/02/2016)
    The route, which involved 74 establishments will begin on February 19 and will last until March 13
  • On Thursday, the City Commission for Citizen Participation is constituted (10/02/2016)
    To be held beginning at ten o'clock in the Administration Building in San Miguel
  • Citizens criticized the decision of the local government put finger to the head of Civil Protection Cartagena (10/02/2016)

  • ACUDE presented to the City Council your sustainable participatory management of the territory (10/02/2016)

  • Change in vowels in the board of the Port Authority of Cartagena (10/02/2016)

  • "Lopez may not use the Covenant Night excuse to do nothing against botelleo" (10/02/2016)
    Mirror recalls that "Lopez demanded resignations as a councilman and now mayor, standing idle"
  • The French, the 'colony' largest among Erasmus UPCT this semester (10/02/2016)

  • The PP asks for information on the designation of a "political affinity" Lopez as coordinator of Civil Protection (10/02/2016)
    The Municipal People ask for the appointment process
  • Equal teaches young couples, If you feel suffocated ... There is love (10/02/2016)
    Cartagena City Council launches a campaign against gender violence using the pull that has young people's Valentine's Day
  • Fire form Cartagena UPCT personnel in case of fire (10/02/2016)
    The practical part of the course will take place Thursday at the premises of Security Park
  • Awards ceremony Route stew Grandma and Asian Los Belones (10/02/2016)

  • The strong pressure from the national police forces traffickers to leave Cartagena (10/02/2016)
    Two people were arrested by the Narcotics Group of the police station in Cartagena in La Palma with 2,400 grams of marijuana
  • Tourism and Rural Development are committed to the conservation of Mount Roland and its surroundings (10/02/2016)

  • PP Board Cartagena (10/02/2016)

  • The Burning of Don Carnal ended the great celebration of Carnival 2016 (10/02/2016)

  • The Youth Council shall inform young people through social networks (10/02/2016)
    Through Facebook and Twitter it will take topicality of the issues they care about, such as housing and work or aspects of health, leisure and time free
  • The Municipal School of Theatre presents expand its facilities in the future (10/02/2016)
    The mayor of Cartagena, Jose Lopez, has received its director, Alfredo Ávila, to support its operation and escuhar center needs
  • Asaja Murcia requests the Government Delegate in Murcia granting the Medal of the Order of Civil Merit ROCK Cartagena equipment (09/02/2016)

  • The area of ​​Quality of Life continue to work with Sodicar (09/02/2016)
    From the area of ​​quality of life will continue involving the optimization of this collaboration for the benefit of the objectives and services provided by the association
  • A three-dimensional photograph as a basis for planning actions in El Portus (09/02/2016)
    Councilman Decentralization, Juan Pedro Torralba, has supervised the work of the Estudio Aerograph responsible for capturing images
  • Citizens will meet with neighborhood representatives of Rincón de San Ginés on the occasion of the new Neighborhood Council (09/02/2016)

  • Environment will coordinate the premises of three weather stations in the municipality (09/02/2016)
    The three stations will be located in Pozo Estrecho, El Algar and Cabo de Palos
  • Marinella Terzi opens the cycle of literary meetings Hache Award 2016 (09/02/2016)
    The author will present his work Still Life False participants adolescent readers in this mode Mandarache Project
  • The City Council renewed the training of their workers defibrillators (09/02/2016)
    has already begun on the new editions use of semiautomatic external devices to enhance the powers of the municipal staff and convert Cartagena into a cardio-healthy city
  • The traditional call announces the arrival of Easter (09/02/2016)

  • Social Services continues to work on behalf of people at risk of eviction (09/02/2016)

  • The Captive Christ will accompany this Good Friday to the Charity of Alumbres (09/02/2016)
    The throne parade for the first time in the procession of Easter in the city of Cartagena, which this year will be the mayor as a preacher at the ceremony to be held on 26 February in the parish of San Roque
  • 250 high school students participating in the V Route Agronomic UPCT (09/02/2016)

  • Rioja and Cartagena Recipes are intertwined in the Revellín (09/02/2016)
    This tapas bar, located on Calle San Fernando, just turned one month of open thanks to the guidance and support received by the ADLE
  • Miranda reigned in the larger Carnival (09/02/2016)
    La Dama de Oro hosted an evening in nine municipal associations took to the track to show their best choreographies and conquer a jury featuring members of local government
  • A thesis of the UPCT concept automated techniques for early diagnosis of arteriosclerosis (09/02/2016)
    Cartagena Polytechnic improves ultrasound assessment with which the thickness of the inner layers of the carotid notes
  • The Chirigota Beniaján became the big winner of the regional contest chirigotas City Cartagena 2016 (09/02/2016)

  • Paqui López Well, most Nazarene Easter 2016 (08/02/2016)
    The wife of former big brother resurrected, Thomas Martinez Pagan, has received notice from the mouth of the mayor, who has emphasized its relationship with the four brotherhoods
  • The tax inspectorate to the municipal company Casco Antiguo has not yet concluded (08/02/2016)
    News Municipal Government
  • MEP Lola Sanchez leads to the Municipal Corporation the reasons for declaring the rebellious Cartagena TTIP (08/02/2016)
    MEP reported that the disadvantages would be for municipalities and municipalities the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement (TTIP)
  • Designers, artisans, musicians and creative come together to breathe life into El Batel (08/02/2016)
    Cartagena will host La Hormiga Hippy Market, an innovative event held from 11 to 13 March and serves as a platform to accommodate all types artistic activities
  • The mystery of the secret serves as a link between the work of Belén Orta and Kraser (08/02/2016)
    Cartagena artists will have its exhibition staged at the Palacio Molina from February 11 under the title of Latent Secrets
  • Alberto Plaza and Isabella Pelegrin, winners of the Trial 22K Aljorra (08/02/2016)
    About 600 participants enjoyed the sports day, 400 participated as nearly 200 runners and walkers as
  • The Supreme Court upholds the position of MC to claim consideration of rate to determine the rate of water (08/02/2016)

  • National and local police join forces to eradicate drug trafficking in Cartagena (08/02/2016)
    A set device achieved by dismantling a garito¿ and the arrest of one of the dealers
  • The mayor urged Costas to withdraw the breakwaters of Los Urrutias (08/02/2016)

  • The Local Police and the National join forces to eradicate drug trafficking in Cartagena (08/02/2016)
    A set device ends with the dismantling of a "joint" and the arrest of one of the dealers
  • The City Council will continue to promote the care of children through the BDC (08/02/2016)
    The mayor and other members of the government team visited the center where the Daughters of Charity offer a loving environment and integration for children who need
  • Cartagena danced this weekend to the rhythm of Carnival (08/02/2016)
    The color and the party took over the streets of downtown with the great parade that was held on Saturday, while on Sunday it was the turn of the kids, who gave all at Children's Carnival Juan XXIII
  • The Beniaján win for the third time the contest of jokes (08/02/2016)
    Apart from Murcia, the Singuangos remained in second position and Chochonis rose to third place in an auditorium where spectators gathered 1400
  • The author Llanos Campos held two meetings with students in Cartagena (08/02/2016)
    Writer Barracuda presented in the end of the day on February 10 in El Luzzy and February 11 in the library Rafael Rubio in Los Dolores
  • A flamenco show to inaugurate the theater festival of Pozo Estrecho (08/02/2016)
    The XXII edition of the theater festival of Pozo Estrecho will feature a total of seven performing activities scheduled until next April 9
  • The Cartagenera fans want to be in the Joan Gamper (08/02/2016)

  • Mayor Bando Facade dictates this Easter 2016 (08/02/2016)
    Since the publication of Bando until Good Friday shall be authorized all the cleaning and beautification works to be carried out in buildings in the city
  • They get the prickly pear extract a beneficial yellow food coloring health (08/02/2016)

  • CA CA UCAM Cartagena Elcano (07/02/2016)
    stranglehold on the Regional Winter Club
  • Work on the first phase of construction of the Health Center of San Anton in Cartagena will conclude this summer (07/02/2016)
    The Ministry of Health resumed works tender fulfilling its commitment to work immediately after the resignation of the contractor
  • Cartagena will be the first municipality in Spain to celebrate the Day of Graphene (05/02/2016)
    The meeting will take place on Friday at 13.30 hours at the Palace Hall
  • The children wore their best costumes in the traditional Carnival parades (05/02/2016)
    This year the tour has been done in reverse, from the Town Hall to the Puerta de Madrid
  • The mayor is involved in the reality of the sector and the central station sector (05/02/2016)
    Project representatives Intercultural Community ICI informed the mayor, Jose Lopez of the monograph will analyze the coexistence and social cohesion in the two sectors
  • Castejon visited in Loa Campano Botica Book and toy library Caritas (05/02/2016)

  • The Bureau of Animal Welfare forward proposals for amending the ordinance on pets (05/02/2016)
    Composed of the political groups of the Municipal Corporation, Local Police, Seprona, UNED, UPCT, CATAD, College of Veterinary, animal welfare and municipal officers, meets monthly
  • The Chair of 3,000 euros Telefónica scholarship to 16 students of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (05/02/2016)
    Students will develop technological projects for six months
  • VIP card partners FAPA offer up to 20% off small shops (05/02/2016)

  • Cartagena will be dressed in the great carnival parade (05/02/2016)
    Dozens of extras will start from the Alameda de San Antón in their finery and movements to the beat of lively songs to walk the streets of the city center on Saturday 6 pm
  • José López attends the presentation of the Strategic Plan for Revitalization of La Manga (05/02/2016)
    The event, which took place today in the Palacio Aguirre, has also had the presence of the Minister of Development, Francisco Barnabas and the Minister of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment, Juan Hernández Albarracín
  • The City Council is working on a project of social intervention that chooses to European funds (05/02/2016)
    have begun contacts with groups and associations to carry out their contributions to this initiative of the municipal government intends to focus on neighborhoods exclusion
  • The young Mandarache about magical realism of a Galician village (05/02/2016)
    This morning the author Cristina Sanchez-Andrade has faced 600 students in a discussion about i>The Inviernas,/i> the novel that chooses to Mandarache Award
  • Lyric and Flamenco accompany this year's Theatre Festival of Pozo Estrecho (05/02/2016)

  • The mayor shows the support of the City to the implementation of grade UPCT Tourism (05/02/2016)
    José López sent a letter to the Faculty of Business in offering their cooperation and recalls the role of the region as an engine of Cartagena Regional Tourism
  • The Cartagena Escipiones travel to Alcalá de Henares (05/02/2016)

  • Reaches Grand Final XIV Regional Contest Chirigotas City Cartagena (05/02/2016)
    The City of Cartagena broadcast live at 20:00 hours on the first pass of the way through their YouTube channel on the Internet.
  • Ricardo Segado invites Hispania Nostra to show them concern about reality of local heritage (04/02/2016)
    The mayor sent a letter to those responsible for this institution to come to know the punished situation in which are the assets Cartagena and Shire
  • Days revegetation and signaling pathways in Monte Roldan (04/02/2016)

  • Older visit the exhibition Downfall Syrian (04/02/2016)

  • Alterations traffic this weekend for Carnival and a cycling race (04/02/2016)
    agents recommend citizens to use extreme caution by child pasacales Friday, General parade on Saturday and Sunday sporting event
  • A mural in defense of youth education in minority (04/02/2016)

  • The local government is CSI-F with the aspirations of the union and expresses its support for municipal employees (04/02/2016)
    In the meeting were discussed issues such as the possible incorporation of CSI-F to the Bureau of Municipal Trading
  • Playing athletics gets to run about three hundred fry (04/02/2016)
    The Municipal Sports Pavilion has welcomed on Thursday morning municipal phase of this activity, including the Programme of Sports School Age organized by the Department of Sports
  • Citizens Cartagena and regional government begin to work to bring the collection to MURAM Marifí Plazas (04/02/2016)

  • Strongmen, babies and nuns, staged the first semifinal of the Chirigotas (04/02/2016)
    On the night of Thursday, at 21:00 hour, s the second semifinal will be held tomorrow Friday, February 5, will be the grand finale with passes at 20.00 and 23.30 hours
  • The kids of the Intercultural Center enjoy a day of football with Plastics Romero (04/02/2016)

  • Gran gala Puerto Hairdressers in El Batel (04/02/2016)
    On 21 February, the Municipal Auditorium will bring together professionals from all over Spain and figures of national and international hairdressing
  • Military Naval Mine Warfare School of NATO in UPCT attend a workshop on underwater robotics (04/02/2016)

  • Older choose their Carnival Queen 2016 (04/02/2016)
    This Friday held at the Dama de Oro traditional troupes contest, an event attended by the mayor
  • Plastics Romero Cartagena on standby and three more points (04/02/2016)

  • MC supports the delivery of the Degree in Tourism at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (04/02/2016)
    MC wishes to express its support and commitment to the request made by the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) of imparting Degree in Tourism
  • Cartagena will host the ninth edition of the Cruise Excellence Awards (04/02/2016)
    The awards, which are handed out Feb. 18 at Municipal Auditorium The Batel, are the only specialized awards in the cruise industry in Spain
  • The mayor participated in Alicante in CICOP Awards ceremony (04/02/2016)

  • The UPCT develops microwave devices that reduce the size of telecommunications systems (04/02/2016)
    The thesis of Juan de Dios Ruiz is based on the use of electromagnetic metamaterials crystals and resonators
  • The Enrique totanero gives his jersey to the fans (03/02/2016)
    The beginning of 2016 brought about the closure of major injury Cartagena FS Enrique Canovas
  • The presentation on Sinking Syrian lasts until March 23 (03/02/2016)
    The sample reflects the tragedy of the Italian steamer off the coast of Cabo de Palos 110 years ago has received over a thousand visits
  • Starts Stamping Workshop, Visual Poetry Solidarity (03/02/2016)
    The workshop will last until February 24 and in 15 young people will learn the techniques of creating, designing and printing on textiles.
  • In Candanga nights, a collection of folk tales reaching the Luzzy (03/02/2016)
    The presentation will take place on Thursday, February 4 at 19:30 and is included within the program i>read, think, imagine/i>
  • Lopez and receive paths Castejon medals stewards of the Risen Guild (03/02/2016)
    Older brother of the Brotherhood of the Risen informed the mayors of liturgies that developed prior to Easter
  • The municipal government demonstrated its commitment and support to the Saharawi people (03/02/2016)
    The City Council will assist in the installation of water treatment plants in refugee camps
  • Local Police reinforced with more troops and controls the night watch in Pozo Estrecho and surrounding areas (03/02/2016)
    From the Department of Public Safety and Police Headquarters a reassuring message to the neighbors in front of the point wave of robberies was launched in the area
  • Noelia Arroyo shows the regional government support for the tribute to be held in Cartagena body Marine (03/02/2016)

  • The excavation of the Roman amphitheater will restart this summer (03/02/2016)
    This morning there has been a Aerophotogrametric study marks the starting point of the work at the site, which could make it visited in late 2016
  • "We are in the opposition (PP)" (03/02/2016)
    Written by Francisco Espejo Garcia
  • The Huertecica returns to launch its Urban Mile Solidarity (03/02/2016)
    The race is held on February 14 in the vicinity of the park of Reeds, and be accompanied by parallel sports and social activities, to which all are invited Cartagena
  • The Contracting Committee examines the first inclusion of social clauses (03/02/2016)
    The municipal body has proceeded this morning to discuss the specifications of two upcoming hiring of Social Services and nursery schools
  • Two wins and a defeat summary weekend of indoor football teams (03/02/2016)
    cadets and children took the three points as the youth group fell at home to the leader
  • Cartagena will host the courses Trainer National soccer, Basic and Level 2 (03/02/2016)
    Convened by the Regional Football Federation in collaboration with the city council, will be held intensively from the month of May at the Municipal Sports Pavilion and several municipal courses
  • Citizen claims that nearly 60 percent of their approved motions are not executed by the local government (03/02/2016)
    Orange formation proposed in the next municipal plenary creating a commission whose main objectives are: to track the approved motions and check the status of implementation and the degree of compliance
  • Opens the deadline to apply for a position in the market of Plaza Bohemia this Easter (03/02/2016)

  • Children parade on Friday in the traditional parade of Carnival (03/02/2016)
    This year's tour will be in reverse, from the Town Hall Square to the Puerta de Madrid
  • A chickpea stew with chard and crunchy sweet potato, winner of the Route II stew Grandma Los Belones (03/02/2016)
    The author of this tasty dish Pablo Guardiola was the restaurant and the trophy for Best Asia has been for more than Pan a gastronomic event that has served more than 3,500 rations in its ten-day
  • Segado receive the Cartagena piragüista Lucia Degano (03/02/2016)
    The Cartagena piragüista Lucia Degano child champion of the League Autonomous Region was proclaimed last year and will be received by the Councillor for Culture and Sports, Ricardo Segado
  • Two wins and a defeat summary of the basis of Cartagena this week FS (03/02/2016)
    cadets and children took the three points as the youth group fell at home to the leader
  • Alumnus UPCT participate in the competition to develop the train levitate 1,100 km / h (03/02/2016)
    The Spaniard Miguel Pozuelo implements its expertise in thermodynamics and fluid in the Hyperlooop project designing capsules walking 500 kilometers in half an hour
  • The Chirigota Beniaján "HOTEL DOG" in the Regional Competition Chirigotas Cartagena (02/02/2016)

  • VII anniversary of Day Care Center Alfonso Escámez El Algar (02/02/2016)

  • Los Belones CF gives a giant step to win the youth championship (02/02/2016)
    This weekend league game not be held to mark the celebrations of Carnival Cartagena
  • Mandarache Award is the writer Cristina Sanchez-Andrade (02/02/2016)
    The Galician author presents his i>novel/i> in Cartagena i>Inviernas/i> hundreds of readers
  • The Emergency Care Research and Training project aims include City Cartagena as Cardiosegura (02/02/2016)
    An application would inform citizens on where the nearest defibrillator, how to respond to a cardiac arrest or to contact the 112 more efficiently
  • Agreement on the new ordinance hawking (02/02/2016)
    The government team consensual with vendors, merchants and municipal groups to draft soon begin its process
  • The Ayutamiento collaborate on improving signage and access to the racetrack (02/02/2016)
    The chairman of the board of the circuit has shown interest in the circuit becomes an asset for cruise passengers arriving to Cartagena
  • Social Graduates Association requested the support of local government to be professional association (02/02/2016)

  • Segado and David Ricardo Martinez Peñas Blancas visit the College of Tallante (02/02/2016)
    It is a pioneer in the region in active education
  • City employees will receive in April other extra 2012 (02/02/2016)
    The government team gives its approval to the proposal of the trade unions made at the negotiating table
  • Tourism produces an ecotourism route of the Ports of Santa Barbara de Abajo (02/02/2016)
    The initiative is in the environment of Tallante garbancillo in order to make known the rich cultural, landscape, botanical, geological and architectural heritage of this area Natural
  • The City will work to promote rural tourism and nature (02/02/2016)
    Natursport President Lazaro Gimenez, has asked the mayor of Cartagena, Jose Lopez, who collaborate on a book about eight city tours
  • The Comedy Contest XVIII carry the humor theater La Palma (02/02/2016)
    The three finalists of the contest will represent the days 19,20 and 21 February at the Civic Center
  • The Civil Guard seizes 100 kilos of fish in a van hawking (02/02/2016)
    In El Algar Cartagena
  • More than five hundred citizens to the new Custom Payment Plan is welcome (02/02/2016)
    The measure introduced by the municipal government allows the postponement of municipal taxes without interest
  • The PP requires abroncar Lopez to stop the residents of La Aljorra and put at your service (02/02/2016)
    Ortega: "The mayor has falsely accused Aljorra revealed only when no rules the PP"
  • The National Competition Saetas Cartagena reaches its grand finale (02/02/2016)
    Five singers are qualified for the finals of the National Competition to be held Saetas March 5 in the church of Santa María de Cartagena
  • Drag Sirius becomes the first Drag-Queen City of Cartagena 2016 (02/02/2016)

  • They summon Rahali to the Moroccan selection (02/02/2016)

  • Students at the Polytechnic of Cartagena are equal opportunities in the classroom UPCT (02/02/2016)
    Most do not believe there is discrimination or diversity ballast them, according to a survey for a final dissertation on integration
  • The council is meeting Tuesday with neighbors Pozo Estrecho (01/02/2016)
    The meeting is part of the round of contacts being maintained in the councils and that began last Friday Aljorra
  • The Apollo Theatre with honors Benedetti, A naked woman in the dark (01/02/2016)
    The work of the great Latin American poet presents in El Algar on Saturday 6th to bring the audience full of love for travel, humor, music and hope
  • Drivex presents its leisure and tourism in the racing circuit (01/02/2016)
    The mayor, Jose Lopez, this morning attended the event accompanied by the Councillor for Sports, Ricardo Segado, and former Formula 1 Pedro de la Rosa
  • The importance of water and mathematics in schools in Cartagena Key (01/02/2016)
    The mayor has done a school tour centers and San Cristobal Immaculate meet innovators for projects that are working the children during the course
  • Cartagena gets gold in rhythmic gymnastics at the international tournament in Greece (01/02/2016)
    In the competition, which last weekend was held, quotes teams from around the world were given and was the Rhythm Club Cartagena which was responsible for leaving first to Spain
  • Hall and CEPAIM initiatives to deepen the old town and the station area (01/02/2016)

  • Citizens asks the name of President Adolfo Suarez for the current Plaza Bastarreche (01/02/2016)

  • The VII Road Strengths opens its registration period (01/02/2016)
    From today, Monday 1st, and until Thursday 11, all those interested can apply to participate in any of the three categories of this test that runs the fortifications of Cartagena
  • Local Police thwarted a robbery at a local Chinese Pozo Estrecho (01/02/2016)
    Agents surprised flagrante an individual, who was arrested after chase through the streets of the village
  • Sensations winner of Pozo Estrecho pasodobles proclaimed (01/02/2016)
    Javier Villalobos, composer sensations, received a prize of 2000 euros and the pasodoble was also chosen by the band Santa Cecilia.
  • The mayor dressed sailor to boot a Carnival queens already winning choreography (01/02/2016)
    From this weekend the city has put their best costumes for the festivities start already stands in the name of a parade, the Salgueiro
  • 30 Moroccan students begin research through a course UPCT (01/02/2016)

  • Cartagena honored the refugidos drowned in the sea (01/02/2016)
    The mayor, Jose Lopez, and Deputy Mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belen Castejon, attended the emotional ceremony where the 3771 immigrants who have perished at sea crossings were recalled
  • Social Services coordinate their mortgage departments to prevent evictions (01/02/2016)
    municipal technicians has internal working sessions held on the occasion of the launch of the Housing Assistance Service and Trading

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