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Cartagena News - September 2010

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  • The EU co-financing the environmental recovery of the Rambla de Canteras to integrate it into the houses of the hamlet of Cartagena (30/09/2010)
    The president of the CHS visits the environmental recovery in more than 800 meters from the runway, as the investment reaches 1.6 million euros
  • The celebrated pianist Pawel Kowalski act Friday at the Palace Hall (30/09/2010)
    The City of Cartagena doors open to receive this prestigious Polish artist in his third stop of the Concert Series II to commemorate the centenary of Chopin
  • Fonseca, "a home victory is a breath of fresh air" (30/09/2010)

  • Cultural Tours and tributes on the International Day of older persons The Department of Social Services has scheduled a series of activities to celebrate this day on Friday, in addition to presenting workshops and services included in the newsletter (30/09/2010)

  • They begin to put artificial turf on Garden City (30/09/2010)
    work is expected to be completed in two weeks
  • I Trofeo Ciudad de Cartagena Optimist class (30/09/2010)
    Proof together some 200 national and international sailors
  • First sentence on truancy in Cartagena (30/09/2010)
    The Criminal Court sentenced a family for depriving their children of the right to education
  • New series of classroom seminars Company (30/09/2010)
    This event organized by the ADLE CEEIC and will develop over the second half of the year and is targeted at entrepreneurs, business owners and managers of any organization
  • 10.5% of secondary municipal workers general strike (29/09/2010)
    The normality has been the dominant trend in the services of the City of Cartagena
  • A consortium of UPCT, the Polytechnic of Valencia and Berceo participating this weekend in the Solar Race (29/09/2010)

  • The Reale falls against Inter Movistar (28/09/2010)
    Inter Movistar 6 - Real Cartagena 1
  • Full regulates the use of new Bicity (28/09/2010)
    The Corporation also approved the creation of a new public park behind the UNED
  • First Fair Trade Outlet in Cartagena (28/09/2010)
    40 establishments open Mall, San Fernando and Cenit take to the streets to sell stocks at bargain prices
  • Alejandro Pérez Pastor, new director of the School of Agricultural (28/09/2010)

  • City buses will operate as a Sunday during the general strike (28/09/2010)
    The concessionaire has set a minimum service in accordance with the decree of the Autonomous Community
  • The Municipal Archaeological Museum on mythology and history to children and adults (28/09/2010)
    The institution has submitted the program of educational activities, involving about 6,000 students last year
  • Business opportunities related to culture, congress and the arrival of cruise ships The Institute of Development and SMEs Point Network, in collaboration with the City of Cartagena ADLE, organize a conference to discuss the technical, legal and finan (28/09/2010)

  • The sport will Cartageneros Bowling Land (28/09/2010)
    Sports Officials regional and local administrations have had a meeting to recognize the sport as part of the Autonomous Law Sports
  • An individual arrested for theft of electric cable and an industrial aluminum (28/09/2010)
    The events did last Friday in Marfagones Mills Road and the local police had to use physical force to reduce the alleged thief, who offered strong resistance to agents
  • A security guard thwarted an armed robbery at the station FEVE (28/09/2010)
    On hearing the cries for help from the victim, chased the offender to achieve and retain the necessary time, awaiting the arrival of Police Local
  • The Municipal Archaeological Museum will bring the mythology and history to children and adults (28/09/2010)
    The institution has submitted the program of educational activities, involving about 6,000 students last year
  • Lithuanian businessmen calling at Cartagena (28/09/2010)
    This afternoon will be received by the mayor at the Palace Hall
  • The PCE and the Communist Youth deployed this afternoon a large banner in support of workers (27/09/2010)
    "to whom the employer denied the right to strike"
  • A thesis presented in more accessible UPCT identification of products from a supermarket by wireless technology (27/09/2010)

  • The mayor has received the new director of Spain's Repsol Refinery (27/09/2010)
    Josu Jon Imaz, replacing Cesare Gallo and now manages the company's founding, this morning visited the Palace Hall accompanied by the director of the refinery tailings
  • I International Competition of color canaries (27/09/2010)
    In this event, organized by the Club Quarry Color Canaries, to be held from 1 to 9 October, involved more than 1,000 species grouped into 330 different groups according to color Pen
  • Decrease this year the quarrels and fights in the festive camp (27/09/2010)
    Local Police has a positive balance of the development of a festival in which interventions are down by such incidents and have kept the civil protection assistance
  • 25 students learn study skills program to Choose (27/09/2010)
    The ADLE, in collaboration with the Neighborhood Association of St. Joseph the Worker, gave a workshop for students of that to prevent school failure
  • Youth calls for grants and collaboration agreements with secondary schools opens Tuesday filing deadline for this call by which the Council aims to promote extracurricular activities that facilitate youth participation in the school and its environme (27/09/2010)

  • The full debate tomorrow the new ordinance Bicity (27/09/2010)
    The Corporation will also discuss the general account of 2009 and a special plan for the construction of a parking building on the street Charity
  • Opens new course of the Municipal School of Theatre (27/09/2010)
    In addition to musical performances and theater sequences, the opening ceremony to be held on Friday, will offer the premiere of the shorts of the new section of audiovisual creativity
  • More than 8000 young disfruntando and vibrate with a concert by Carthaginians and Romans (26/09/2010)
    young area filled holiday for a night of music to last until three in the morning.
  • UPyD requested the painting of a zebra crossing for access to new medical office Pinwheel (26/09/2010)
    The crosswalk would be located on Calle San Vicente, at the confluence with the corner of the new doctor's historic center
  • UPyD Team urges the Government to meet the Cartagena Trade Center (25/09/2010)
    and study the feasibility of the second pedestrian Center
  • Decrease in police interventions parties Carthaginians and Romans (23/09/2010)
    A total of 35 players, 12 cameras and 50 alarms inside the booths, ensure the security of citizens both as a festive camp near the site
  • Quarry hosts the International Contest of color canaries (23/09/2010)
    The details of the event, being held next month will be announced on Monday at a news conference at the Palace Hall
  • The City of Cartagena pacta minimum services to the unions (23/09/2010)
    45 officials, plus the local police will come to their jobs the day of general strike
  • Surprised two individuals stealing guard rails of the old railway (22/09/2010)
    The local police were caught on Monday with the necessary tools and shoulders carrying a section of guardrail on the road from the old slaughterhouse, along with the Six Hundred
  • The city streets are filled with foreign tourists with the coming of Oceana (22/09/2010)
    This week has washed up, for the eleventh time in the Port of Cartagena cruise with 2,022 passengers on board
  • The best jazz and theater in the fall lineup of Cartagena During the months of October, November and December, you can enjoy a wide variety of quality plays in the Nuevo Teatro Circo programming and the best music jazz by the celebration of the 30th (22/09/2010)

  • ... (22/09/2010)

  • Find other Cantonal War bomb in the excavations of windlass (22/09/2010)
    The device has been located a few meters where it appeared a few weeks ago another shell
  • The Labor Project Phase V ends with the presentation of diplomas to students (22/09/2010)
    Councillor for Youth and Employment, today presented his credentials to the thirty young people who have participated in courses as a lifeguard, guard and medical transport
  • Women organized a cultural trip to Cadiz (22/09/2010)
    The registration deadline for this trip, which takes place from 18 to 21 October, will remain open until 6 October, and should be done in person at the Department a photocopy of ID
  • Rosa Rosae win the contest without alcohol Potions (22/09/2010)
    The drink created by the legions of Publius Cornelius Scipio was made last night with the first prize in the competition which is held every year in the Healthy Baby campaign, coinciding with the celebrations of Carthaginians and Romans
  • The UPCT trains its students to help new students during their period of adaptation (22/09/2010)

  • The Community will improve the road between Cartagena and Mazarrón in six months and a half (21/09/2010)
    The work, whose first stone was placed this morning Valcárcel with Barreiro, Ballesta, and Conesa, includes the construction of an alternative in Cuesta Blanca and Las Ruices
  • Lorca, lights Sephardic The exhibition, divided into two buildings, the Palace Hall and the Roman Theatre Museum, contains the most important findings of the city of Murcia, which show the Jewish culture of the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries in s (21/09/2010)

  • Three Cartagena get medal in Taekwondo Championship in Spain (21/09/2010)
    Arturo Alioshkin, Adrian Vergara Paula Vergara and triumphed in the competition that was held last weekend in the Alicante town of Campello
  • Arrested for assaulting a local police after urinating in public (21/09/2010)
    The involved, a young man of 23 years, was violent when the officer tried to identify
  • Tries to attack the officers with a knife during a frisk (21/09/2010)
    The detainee had starred in a fight and threats on a street in Old Town
  • Recover a stolen bike in the festive camp (21/09/2010)
    The individual who had said he had bought a drug addict for 50 euros
  • Youth calls for grants and agreements with associations and youth groups (21/09/2010)
    The deadline for submitting applications is 20 cotubre
  • La Vela Latina color filled the Port during the weekend (21/09/2010)
    Collado's Sport Trophies and Estrella de Levante, organized by Club Náutico de Santa Lucia, were held in Cartagena water, with the triumph of the Arrow and the Pearl black, respectively
  • Young Space opens the course with new European Volunteers (21/09/2010)
    Youth Councillor received on Friday, the four young men of different nationalities that run until July 2011 a project funded by the European Youth in Action
  • Closure of the Labor Project Phase V (21/09/2010)
    On Wednesday there will be the presentation of certificates to the thirty students who have participated in courses as a lifeguard, guard and medical transport
  • Local Police recommended to walk on Saturday football (21/09/2010)
    The coincidence of Cartagena FC match with the great parade of troops and legions advises revelers and fans do not try to approach by car to the camp or the stadium
  • Presentation of the exhibition Lorca, Luces de Sefarad (20/09/2010)
    The exhibition will open on Tuesday 21 at the Palace Hall
  • The mayor congratulates the Aquathlon World Champions (20/09/2010)
    Pilar Barreiro received this morning at the Palace Hall to the halls of Mandarache Club Cartagena, Matthew Fish and Osterwold Trine, who won gold medals in Budapest
  • One hundred mathematicians seek more reliable methods to make weather predictions from economic models (20/09/2010)

  • More than 6,500 students begin the course today in UPCT (20/09/2010)

  • The City Council is committed to maintaining direct payments to Social Action (20/09/2010)
    The mayor has presented this morning eruos 175,000 in grants to eleven groups working with disabled people at risk of social exclusion
  • Aquagest modernize its computer system Customer (20/09/2010)
    Therefore, on days 22, 23 and 27 September will be limited commercial efforts in the agency's offices in Capital Ripoll
  • How to make a short film (20/09/2010)
    The Federation of Residents and the Cartagena Film Festival organized a course
  • The Region is committed to the implementation of the single card in the use of public transport (20/09/2010)
    On Friday it closed at the Cartagena conference organized by the City Council to present projects that public bodies are taking place towards mobility sustainable
  • XXXIX International Film Festival of Cartagena (20/09/2010)
    be developed between 12 and 18 December, and their films will be screened at the Nuevo Teatro Circo in order to have more capacity and be located in the center of the city
  • The City purchased 14,000 meters for the new school in La Aljorra (20/09/2010)
    The works were tendered by the Ministry of Education in 2011
  • Volunteers throughout the region launched the Clean Up the World Calblanque (20/09/2010)
    Municipality and Autonomous Region on Saturday held an activity that resulted in the cleaning of beaches and coves in this protected natural area of our coastline
  • In progress occupational classroom to prevent absenteeism and early school leaving (20/09/2010)
    13 students under 15 will receive lessons in nurseries and gardens, allowing them access to professional training or qualification programs
  • Holds an individual on his farm when he tried to steal (20/09/2010)
    The involved was surprised when he had 50 meters of electrical cable
  • One child recovered the wallet after chasing the thieves (20/09/2010)
    In the two individuals stole while he was sitting on the avenue America
  • Has completed the trophy CAM IX and XVI edition of the Juan Fernández (18/09/2010)

  • Platform has been created "The whole year Urrutias" (18/09/2010)

  • A legion of stars in the proclamation of Charles Latre (17/09/2010)
    Comedian enthusiastic imitations and jokes delivered to an audience that packed the Town Hall Square
  • UPyD denounces the arbitrariness of the Company AQUAGEST (17/09/2010)
    Users experience a dictatorial management of the Company AQUAGEST with the approval of the City Council, which manages and collects the water service bill
  • Press release of the Municipal Government regarding the award of the CAI de La Aparecida (17/09/2010)

  • Europe was way, by the pilgrimage to Santiago in the Middle Ages This exhibition to all visitors in six different areas, the source of the Camino de Santiago, construction, daily life during the pilgrimage, and the infrastructure that gave form the m (17/09/2010)

  • The Honduran minister of Sports and delegations of Brazil and Argentina visit sports facilities Cartagena (17/09/2010)
    San Javier participate in a conference on sport and multiculturalism
  • The campaign to clean up the world again Calblanque (17/09/2010)
    Municipality and Autonomous Region have organized an activity for Saturday in which volunteers will perform the cleaning of beaches and coves in this protected natural area of our coastline
  • The City Market will launch a bike on the Internet (17/09/2010)
    This is one of the initiatives announced as part of the First Conference on Sustainable Mobility in the Region of Murcia being held in Cartagena
  • Theme Parties in La Manga (17/09/2010)
    The program will be held in the Plaza Bohemia, until Sunday 19, where attendees and participants will be dressed in costumes according to the theme diary
  • Cartagena city buses earn 300,000 travelers in the first eight months of this year (17/09/2010)
    The rise of users has also been noted in the sale the sale of bonobos and conducting transfers
  • Albaladejo Remodeling announces Ramón y Cajal and Ronda de La Union during the improvement of their water and sewerage networks (17/09/2010)
    The works will last between seven and eight months and will be implemented by Aquagest under water rates
  • UPyD denounced the poor state of the sports in the Eixample (16/09/2010)
    After two years and more than 300,000 € investment track athletics in the Eixample, is in a sorry state of Conversation
  • The Reale plot in "the trap" (16/09/2010)

  • Social Care Delivery 69,500 euros in grants to prevent drug abuse (16/09/2010)
    The council has signed cooperation agreements with seven institutions of the municipality to continue with his media work in schools and care for addicts and their families
  • Public transportation and pedestrian, a discussion at the Mobility These issues, along with mobility plans commercial and industrial areas, form the axis of the papers on Friday closed these first regional conference being held in Cartagena and today (16/09/2010)

  • The camp, ready for the holidays (16/09/2010)
    Councillors, festive and the media this afternoon visited the facility
  • The Socialist Party calls for the City to fix the Plaza de la Merced (16/09/2010)
    The District 1 of the PSOE remember that the Popular Party pledged more than 4 years to bring this place so emblematic of the city
  • One hundred experts from 16 countries gather at an international conference on the mathematical theory of chaos (16/09/2010)

  • Finish the festivities in Mills Marfagones (16/09/2010)
    Residents wore costumes during the celebration of traditional mills and milling
  • La Caixa and the city of Cartagena offers a sample on the pilgrimage to Santiago in the Middle Ages (16/09/2010)
    The exhibition will be presented Friday at the marquee on the harbor, next to the submarine Peral
  • The World's Archaeological Museum is a year around 48,000 visits (16/09/2010)
    1,500 groups handled through guided tours Internet
  • UPyD enforces maritime safety regulations by the Port Authority (15/09/2010)

  • Good progress in asphalt works of Louis Calandre (15/09/2010)
    The works included in the redevelopment of the avenue that runs parallel to the Rambla progressing on schedule and opened to traffic on Friday, between the bridge and Sebastian Feringa Cartagonova
  • All set in the policing apparatus Carthaginians and Romans (15/09/2010)
    The City of Cartagena and Government Delegation of coordinating their efforts to ensure the safety of revelers, visitors and tourists
  • New subscriber promotion: "Spread your love" (15/09/2010)
    Real Cartagena is proposed to recover the atmosphere of "La Bombonera"
  • Open access within the Municipal Service Rehabilitation of Speech and psychomotor (15/09/2010)
    Wednesday Since applications are accepted for this service of the Department of Education aimed at elementary and primary children living in the city
  • Cartagena will host one of the four concerts of Chopin Centennial II (15/09/2010)
    This is the third stop of the Cycle Pawel Kowalski Concert to be held in the first hall of the Town Hall on 1 October
  • The Palace Hall welcomed the participants at the congress of chemistry (15/09/2010)
    The Deputy Mayor, José Vicente Albaladejo, received on Tuesday the group of scientists found this week in Cartagena
  • Kick-off First Conference on Sustainable Mobility in the Region of Murcia (15/09/2010)
    More than a hundred people have registered in the first edition of this event held in Cartagena, organized by the City, and begins on Thursday with a keynote speech on Transport and Mobility
  • Social Service Associations subsidizes Social Action The ceremony was held on Thursday at the office of alderman in the building of the Miracle, will be preceded by the signing of the corresponding agreement with the representatives of each of the in (15/09/2010)

  • The Reale brand their way to the league (14/09/2010)
    Just four days from kick-off of the 2010/2011 season, Real Cartagena continues its preparation for the start of the league championship
  • National Fishing Concentration (14/09/2010)
    17 and September 18, 1936 athletes belonging to the National High Performance, will meet at the beach Pedrucho (La Manga del Mar Menor.)
  • Young people enjoy the holidays as an alternative in the leisure (14/09/2010)
    Health Drink The campaign has been presented this morning, under the slogan when you drink alcohol, Control!
  • The Cartagena recycled nearly 10,000 gallons of domestic oil in the first eight months of the year (14/09/2010)
    Collection Point Mall Eroski remains the largest volume that contributes to regional
  • Water Court on Thursday in Punta Brava (14/09/2010)
    The service will be interrupted in the morning, for five hours
  • Ecuadorians honor in the virgin Albujón the Swan and Chilla (14/09/2010)
    The events, held last Saturday, took Councilman Antonio Calderón Social Care
  • 438 students examines morning Selectivity (14/09/2010)

  • The College of Architects of the Region of Murcia offers its services to the City Council (13/09/2010)
    Collaborate with the council on issues relevant to the defense of architecture, artistic heritage and urban and environmental or sustainability
  • Course Communication Skills and Personal Training (13/09/2010)
    from 30 hours will be held on weekends from 1 to 10 October in the Department of Youth
  • Two cruisers lining the streets of the city of foreign tourists (13/09/2010)
    This morning I have come to the Port of Cartagena Arcadia and Westerdam ships with a total of 3816 passengers
  • There Forts Trail II (13/09/2010)
    What has ensured the new director of the School of Marines in his visit to the mayor
  • Local police want the under 12 stay safe drive (13/09/2010)
    Looking to return to school, start a campaign that will unfold in two phases, an informative and other penalties, in the vicinity of schools
  • German course for unemployed business management (13/09/2010)
    This vocational training course organized by the People's University and funded by the SEF, will last 200 hours and the registration period is until 21 October
  • Forget your ID on the ship where he was trying to steal copper (13/09/2010)
    Local Police managed to identify the implicated when he tried to remove the vehicle tank to pre take several parts
  • Rearrangement of traffic and parking for the holidays beginning Friday (13/09/2010)
    The celebration of performances and parades forced to cut narrow streets and spaces in the city and near the camp
  • UPyD reiterated in his complaint by the abandonment of historic buildings and landmarks of Cartagena by the Group of Government (11/09/2010)
    Government Team with your councilor at the head demonstrates how rules back to allow citizens with their endorsement, the plundering and abandonment of buildings like the Central Film
  • About 20 million euros invested in expanding and improving schools in Cartagena in the last five years (10/09/2010)
    They have to add 11.7 million euros in progress or under contract and four million for centers childcare
  • UPyD denounces the lack of planning and coordination of the Ministry of Education (10/09/2010)
    A few days before the start of the school year have not been able to collect the BONOLIBRO and many centers do not know whether they can provide room service
  • A drum and a parade kicking off the school year (10/09/2010)
    With the aim of combating truancy among its population, have traveled the Santa Lucia, Los Mateos and Lo Campano
  • Death of a pedestrian struck on Avenida Juan Carlos I of Cartagena (10/09/2010)
    The victim, a 62-year-old resident of the area, was hit while trying to cross the road inappropriately
  • One hundred technicians, professionals and groups involved in the First Conference on Sustainable Mobility in the Region of Murcia (10/09/2010)
    It will take stock of actions carried out Cartagena and will share experiences of other municipalities and agencies
  • Segado Rives asks more photos on the site of Parkinson and less in the municipal works (10/09/2010)

  • The next course will teach UPCT ten master's degrees and eight doctorates official (10/09/2010)

  • The importance of the aquatic environment to combat back pain in a course at the University of the Sea (10/09/2010)

  • UPyD requires bulky investigate the "investment" of € 600,000 at the elite AUDI Medcup (09/09/2010)
    and accountability as a measure of transparency
  • President of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, receives President of the Port Authority of Cartagena, Adrian Angel Viudes (09/09/2010)

  • The Straits Well CAI expands its term and time of registration (09/09/2010)
    For the second consecutive year, the Point of Care for Children of the Industrial Park will not open its doors finally not have a sufficient number of students enrolled
  • A drum invites young people for the start of the school (09/09/2010)
    With the aim of combating truancy among its population, will tour the Santa Lucia, Los Mateos and Lo Campano
  • On Monday begins the tarmac of Louis Calandre (09/09/2010)
    If no unforeseen circumstances the work could be completed by the start of the holidays, between Bridge and Sebastian Feringa Cartagonova
  • Computers and Internet for the unemployed seeking employment (09/09/2010)
    ADLE After the holidays the doors opened again ELIO program
  • Renewal of agreement with the newspaper "The Lighthouse" (09/09/2010)

  • Education publishes the school calendar of the municipality of Cartagena (09/09/2010)
    free distribution Almanac lists the different weekdays and holidays, and vacation schools
  • The Socialist Party calls for the resumption of excavations of the Roman Theatre (09/09/2010)
    downtown district coordinator recalled that when opened on July 12, 2008, "the PP said the works of this second phase would begin immediately and so far no has moved not one stone "
  • The British ship Oceana opens the month with more than 2,000 tourists (08/09/2010)
    This is the first of six cruises to a stop in the city during September
  • Sports calendar published 6,000 copies CHRONO League 2010-2011 (08/09/2010)
    In 88 pages summarize the various sports competitions involving teams Cartagena
  • Education completed his duties for the start of the school (08/09/2010)
    Councillor Joseph Marotta, the finalization of all works, launching new educational programs and lower absenteeism
  • Begin classroom courses and workshops Set of ADLE (08/09/2010)
    In four days of registration, we have received over 350 applications
  • UPyD complaint cutting hours at the Cultural Center Luzzy Ramón Alonso leaves in the street at the Theatre de Cartagena, aborting all the programming they had prepared, including the opening in early October (07/09/2010)

  • Real Cartagena Floral tribute to the Patroness of the port city (07/09/2010)

  • Despistaos, Pandora's Box and Taxi, in the Amstel Concert Carthaginians and Romans (07/09/2010)
    The event will be held on September 24 in the festival program, will also include the performance of The Covenant and a special session to meet the best Dj's in the Top 40 and the Mediterranean
  • The People's University focuses its activities on the labor market (07/09/2010)
    The Board of the City of Cartagena offers courses and workshops among which are those of access to university for people and decentralization in districts and councils
  • The local police made 34 seizures of pirated and counterfeit clothing in the municipal markets (07/09/2010)
    The campaign has been doing since last June 5, speaking a lot of CDs, deuvedés, sunglasses, watches, jewelry and clothing and footwear
  • The University of further depletion of first-year places the first two days (06/09/2010)

  • Students of the college of La Rambla begin classes on Monday (06/09/2010)

  • From one world to another, pays tribute to all women (06/09/2010)
    This photographic exhibition showing the nude and pregnant women in different scenarios, you can visit the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy until 29 September
  • The City monitors and trouble spots before an advance of the cold drop (06/09/2010)
    The Councillor for Citizen Security held its first meeting to coordinate effective local police, Fire Brigade, Civil Protection and Infrastructure and Services
  • Cartagena held during September the watchdog on beaches (06/09/2010)
    During the first half will remain open 18 posts
  • Ruby Street continue two months cut by the storm works (06/09/2010)
    The duties will involve installation of a collector than 170 inches in diameter
  • 30 international experts studying the applications of wireless technologies in medicine and modern industry (06/09/2010)

  • The UPCT organized an international workshop on the latest developments in wireless technologies, radio-detection (04/09/2010)

  • The Socialists denounced the suppression of basic public services in La Manga (04/09/2010)
    while hotel occupancy forecast remains
  • La Bombonera opens its doors (04/09/2010)
    Futsal Cartagena's family has returned to be reunited tonight for the thirteenth consecutive year at the Central Pavilion.
  • I Congress of Spanish and Tango (03/09/2010)
    Organized by the Cartagena Foundation for Culture and the Spanish language, students combine the learning of Castilian with tango classes
  • 85 children begin classes on Monday in the CAI of the trough (03/09/2010)
    This morning, the Councillor for Education attended the open day of the Care Center for Children, which held a meeting with the director and Teachers from the center,
  • From one world to another, exposing the Alliance Française Cultural Center (03/09/2010)
    The photographic exhibition of painted bodies will be presented Monday to the media
  • Wayne Shorter, Roberta Flack and Maria de Medeiros, advance scheduling of the 30th edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (03/09/2010)
    The complete lineup, with more than 20 groups, will be released on September 23
  • Mills Marfagones in Parties The program, which begins today with the parade by the musical group Nuestra Senora de la Soledad, will feature many activities until it closed, along with offering of flowers to his mistress and a mass in rociera honor (03/09/2010)

  • The Audi MedCup Regatta attracted more than 172,000 people port (03/09/2010)
    Camera rises to 27,000 the number of covers sold at the event
  • Cartagena Civil Protection rescued 238 people on the beaches during July and August (03/09/2010)
    Among the more than 10,000 interventions emphasize the social character and helps swimmers
  • Carthaginians and Romans tense drums (02/09/2010)
    Presented the agenda of the party to be held from 17 to 26 September
  • Open day at the CAI of the trough (02/09/2010)
    On the occasion of its coming into operation from Monday, September 6
  • Appears Howitzer Cantonal War in the excavations of windlass (02/09/2010)
    The projectile, disabled by EOD, this morning has been found by archaeologists at the foot of the wall of the Dean
  • The Rise to Power Toad parties again after six years El Algar (02/09/2010)
    Proof of cross and mountain will be played on Saturday with a distance of 8.3 kilometers
  • The Socialist Party calls for the PP to take definite steps to the street Serreta (02/09/2010)
    1 of PSOE The district claims that, since the street was renovated 6 years ago, has been constant patching and repairs have spent twice as which took the work
  • The Plan E is funding the new stadium lighting Cartagonova (01/09/2010)
    The works have involved an investment of 800,000 euros provided entirely by the Government of Spain
  • Cartagena tourism opens language linguistic promote tourism in the city and have the Audi Med Cup circuit (01/09/2010)

  • Public Works remove two black spots on the council over Cartagena de La Palma (01/09/2010)
    José Guijarro says "will benefit more than ten million drivers traveling through the area per year"
  • Death of Socialist former councilmen Á ngel Martínez Coloma (01/09/2010)
    The mayor has taken the Municipal Corporation condolences to his family
  • Real Cartagena and Murcia Pozo played the Carabela de Plata (01/09/2010)
    The trophy will be held on Friday at the Municipal Sports Pavilion with affordability
  • 66 reported vehicles speeding in the last week of August (01/09/2010)
    Local Police made checks at various avenues of the city and adjacent neighborhoods

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 - ER-0131/2006 Región de Murcia
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