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Cartagena News - November 2010

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  • The Board ratifies CROEM Miguel del Toro as employers' representative on the Board of Directors of the Port of Cartagena (30/11/2010)

  • A seminar on Santa Maria La Vieja analyze the recovery work of the church (30/11/2010)
    The meeting organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain will on Thursday with experts from different disciplines that are in the Museo del Teatro Romano Cartagena
  • The Cartagena Film Festival returns in force at Nuevo Teatro Circo (30/11/2010)

  • An original staging opens the doors of our main offices of La Manga (30/11/2010)
    The mayor presided over the opening ceremony yesterday which was the scene all the services offered by this multi-purpose center located across the Cavanna
  • The Prize Mandarache six writers bring to Cartagena first line (30/11/2010)
    Michael Sandin and Susana Fortes opened in December, the program of meetings with the author of Mandarache / Hache 2011
  • The City subsidizes 20 social action projects with 150,000 euros (30/11/2010)
    The mayor has provided aid in the Palace Hall, designed to facilitate the operation and functioning of the various groups
  • Results of the sixth round of the Local League Soccer XVIII Base (30/11/2010)
    The event was held as usual in spite of the rainstorm
  • ... (30/11/2010)

  • The big surprise of the year theatrical feature done in Cartagena (30/11/2010)
    The adaptation of Six Characters in Search of an Author, tomorrow in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • Real Cartagena Agreement between the Football Association and the Region of Murcia (29/11/2010)

  • The Civil Guard thwarts the kidnapping "express" a person, with the release of this and the arrest of her 4 captors (29/11/2010)

  • The Delegation of the Government and the Bar Association of Cartagena collaborate on foreigners (29/11/2010)

  • Worker injured by a gas explosion (29/11/2010)

  • Minor, Rosalía García, wins the prize Erotic Story Contest XI (29/11/2010)

  • Miranda Young Road bike range in the Apostle (29/11/2010)

  • The Corporation for the rights of children (29/11/2010)

  • Calderón urged the council to claim Zapatero socialist social assistance eliminated in the PGE (29/11/2010)

  • Cartagena hosts the IV Sectoral Technical Conference on Contaminated Land autonomous communities (29/11/2010)
    will be held on 30 November and 1 December in the School of Industrial Engineering
  • Traffic Court for three months in the Juan Fernández Street, between Trafalgar and Jorge Juan (29/11/2010)
    Local Police recommended alternative routes for the duration of the renovation of sewers and sidewalks on that section
  • The gods of Olympus and the Visual Arts (29/11/2010)
    The conference, which is included in the cycle Cosmomitos and Herodias, taking place on Tuesday at the Archaeological Museum by Elías Hernández
  • The Aljorra hit the streets to celebrate the XVI Meeting of crews (29/11/2010)
    Braving the bad weather, which ultimately respected the day, the council held yesterday cartagenera their traditional party, with a mass outdoor campaign in honor of the patron and a large cake greaves 4 m
  • Threatens to tear an ear if you put your child in prison (29/11/2010)

  • 200 people participated in the Day of Reforestation in the valley (29/11/2010)
    Planting took place along the EcoPark hosted by Toyota with the assistance of the City of Cartagena and the autonomous region, and called many children
  • UPCT teach researchers to create spin-offs (29/11/2010)
    A group of 150 students participate on Tuesday at the Fourth Seminar on Business Opportunities University organized by the Bancaja-UPCT, the ADLE and INFO
  • An agreement between the State and Regional administrations and entrepreneurs in Cartagena will relaunch The Camachos (26/11/2010)
    Sepes Director General, Pedro Saura, announced that measures would have immediate application
  • 45 more complete the course of energetic gymnastics (26/11/2010)
    The Municipal Institute of Social Services closing of the course the 30th of November
  • Cartagena in May host the Seventeenth Meeting of Spring-Section of Cardiac Pacing (26/11/2010)
    The mayor has received this morning at the Palace Hall the representation of the organizing committee
  • City and Consulate foster the integration of the English who live in the city (26/11/2010)
    The mayor has today received a visit from the British Consul in a formal meeting in which, moreover, have addressed the British people and their integration into the life of City
  • 150 stalls make up the Medieval Market IX to be held this weekend The mayor has opened this morning this huge market, which has 50 posts over the past year, and includes in its program a multitude of attractions featuring jugglers, musicians , acroba (26/11/2010)

  • The mayor inaugurated on Monday the local office of La Manga (26/11/2010)
    occupies the second floor multipurpose health center, compared with Cavanna
  • The mayor asked wisdom and generosity in business dispute Port (26/11/2010)
    Considers Cartagena entrepreneurs have so far defended very well the interests of the region on board and so should continue to do
  • The ship Queen Victoria Cartagena saturates morning with more than 2,000 tourists (26/11/2010)
    This brings twelve cruise ships have called at this November in the port city
  • Old manage housing rehabilitation in the hill of Santa Lucia Chocolate (26/11/2010)
    The Board of Governors charged with the procurement and execution of works which the owners will pay between 10 percent and 5 percent
  • Desert XXV International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belmas (25/11/2010)
    More than 150 poems from different countries were attending this year, the first prize was worth 12,000 euros and publishing
  • Fonseca (Reale Cartagena), "we can only be positive" (25/11/2010)

  • The City of Cartagena allocated 187,308 euros to development cooperation projects (25/11/2010)
    Social Care Councillor has this morning signed cooperation agreements with ten NGOs to carry out actions in many countries of the continent
  • Lights and decorations for Christmas return to Cartagena (25/11/2010)
    The Council already has begun to place the lighting, with cuts by the crisis, the upcoming holiday season adorn the center of the city, districts and councils
  • Youth Youth Gathering Celebrates 2010 (25/11/2010)
    will take place on Saturday at the Youth Resource Centre, bringing together young people from different nationalities, youth leaders and experts in employment
  • Not a battered woman more, no more death (25/11/2010)
    One hundred men and women claim to the administrative building of San Miguel the eradication of gender violence
  • 150 people have completed the Basic Course Volunteer 2010 (25/11/2010)
    30 associations provided information on its activities with a view to incorporating students
  • Reforestation Day Sunday at The Trough (25/11/2010)
    Planting will take place along the EcoPark hosted by Toyota with the assistance of the City of Cartagena and the Autonomous Community
  • The Irish Football Association is interested in sports facilities in the city (25/11/2010)
    A delegation led by former player Wim Koevermans was in Cartagena on Wednesday visiting the artificial turf fields in the municipality with the Councillor for Sports as a guide
  • Students of the course of Celador Health ADLE start their practices (24/11/2010)
    The probationary period will be in the workplace and will last 80 hours, until 23 December
  • Court Street in the historic Market-Medieval (24/11/2010)
    The movement will stop from Friday afternoon to Sunday night at the Plaza de la Merced axis-San Francisco
  • The largest of Molina de Segura, delighted with his visit to Cartagena (24/11/2010)
    Social Care Councillor were received today at the Palace Hall, where they made a tour of the main rooms of the building
  • La Marquesa, La Reclette and earn the Vineyards Inn Great Gastronomic Battle Mediterranean (24/11/2010)
    In this first edition of the route of the lid, held during the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans, there were 32 bars and restaurants in Cartagena served a total tops 29,000
  • The Castañeras announce the autumn cold in the center over the Algar (24/11/2010)
    Social Care Councillor has accompanied this group of the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood has offered users a taste of these nuts roasted
  • The heritage tourism promotion Cartagena goes to Valladolid (24/11/2010)
    Sunday, Cartagena is in INTUR Tourism Fair, which will show highlights of the city and present the spots that can be seen on television in Castilla and Leon AVE from London to Canterbury
  • Thursday Morning fails XXV International Poetry Prize Antonio Oliver Belmas (24/11/2010)
    more than 150 poems from different countries attending this call whose first prize is worth 12,000 euros and publishing
  • The mayor attended the Europa Nostra Award given to the Teatro Romano (24/11/2010)
    The ceremony will be held on Thursday at the Pardo Palace in Madrid and is chaired by Her Majesty Queen Sofia
  • Progressing apace works of Ramón y Cajal (24/11/2010)
    The tasks are motivated by improving the water supply and sewerage and a new cycle
  • Cartagena, in the Seventh Meeting of the Enlightenment in San Fernando (24/11/2010)
    The Deputy Mayor participated in the seminar to be held from 24 to 27 in Cadiz, where he will sign on Thursday, the city's accession to the International Association of Cities and Entities Illustration (AICEI)
  • Roberto Sánchez (Real Cartagena) honored as a coach (24/11/2010)

  • New season of Poetry Classroom Carmen Conde (24/11/2010)
    For the second consecutive year, the Board Carmen Conde-Antonio Oliver launches this meeting point for poets, which opens on Friday with writer Beatriz Russo
  • In progress monitor during football and football in Cartagena (24/11/2010)
    With the start of the 2010-2011 season, return the training courses in collaboration of the Department of Sport and which opened on Monday
  • More than a hundred experts involved in the land valuation Workshop (24/11/2010)

  • The Technical University of Cartagena implemented next year 2011 - 2012 Engineering degree in Civil and Ports (24/11/2010)
    In addition to that course will be implemented in the Master's Degree in Architectural Heritage
  • The Castañeras announce the cold autumn in nursing homes and schools (23/11/2010)
    Social Care Councillor accompany the group on Wednesday at the Virgen de la Caridad neighborhood during his visit to the Algar
  • The T-La travel to Cadiz on the Bridge of the Constitution (23/11/2010)
    Youth has organized a tour of those days at sea and white villages at a price of 225 euros
  • XVI Meeting of gang Aljorra (23/11/2010)
    Sunday and is held with news because this year the party starts tomorrow, there will be a mass outdoor campaign in honor of the patron and a crackling cake 4 meters
  • Pizarro, Real Cartagena, injured (23/11/2010)

  • For more green driving Cartagena (23/11/2010)
    City and RACC have launched the campaign Econducción end of the year to promote more sustainable mobility among drivers as well as energy saving
  • AJE launches an incubator for entrepreneurs The mayor this morning visited the facilities of this new business center offering, for a period of three months, services, advice and physical space to develop their ideas for future entrepreneurs (23/11/2010)

  • 410 players integrated into the Basketball Club Cartagena project 2010-2011 (23/11/2010)
    In the presentation of the different teams, was given an award to Councillor for Sports for their commitment to the city's basketball
  • The UPCT shows the new ICT tools and emotional intelligence to improve school performance (23/11/2010)

  • Results of the fifth round of the Local Youth Football League (23/11/2010)
    league's championship beats its record in this event with a blast of 819 goals in one hundred matches
  • The inhabitants of the local premiere social Plan (22/11/2010)
    The Mayor opened the new premises of 80 square meters, which has also created an area of 234 square meters of playground equipment, benches and mulberry trees to provide shade in summer
  • Myth and Psychology in the Archaeological Museum Tuesdays (22/11/2010)
    The conference, on Tuesday offered Greek Studies professor Alicia Morales, is included in the cycle and Herodias Cosmomitos held this November
  • Socio Cultural Week IV more in Santa Ana (22/11/2010)
    Social Care Councillor has inaugurated the exhibition of antiquities with which to open this event to be held these days in Cartagena council
  • Female Enrolment opens new Informatics courses From 22 November to 13 December, the Department may submit applications to one of the seven courses offered Informatics levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced and two self-esteem and laughter thera (22/11/2010)

  • 24 hours a day fighting gender violence (22/11/2010)
    Starting today, local police have a new Section Judicial against gender violence, a total of 17 officers to ensure the protection of victims of domestic violence in the area Family
  • Cartagena, home of Spain's Volleyball Championships and Swimming 2011 (22/11/2010)
    The Sports Council positively assessed the municipal facilities and infrastructure of the city hotel
  • Activities to commemorate the International Day Against Violence Against Women (22/11/2010)
    Councilwoman Montero Rosario this morning the program you wish to call attention to this social scourge that affects women
  • A luxury weekend closed the Cartagena Jazz Festival (22/11/2010)

  • 2,500 runners to fill the old quarter of the Cross IX Artillery (22/11/2010)
    The day was all a celebration of sport and civil and military fraternization
  • Almanac Cartagena Fire solidarity for the Fight against Cancer (19/11/2010)
    The calendar has been presented by its protagonists Mediterranean Area
  • The UPCT organized a seminar to stop the plague of red palm weevil (19/11/2010)

  • Via Verde de Barrio Peral, ready for February (19/11/2010)
    After the most complex phase of the action, Pilar Barreiro visited this morning the state of the works before you start the installation of 600 units of trees, lighting and street furniture
  • The mayor and the minister of Health, in the open days of the Hospital of Saint Lucia (19/11/2010)
    They will on Saturday tour of the new facility beginning in the emergency room door
  • Students of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, scholars of urban planning in La Manga (19/11/2010)
    The Town Planning gave a talk today at the Palace Hall on the balance between urban development and preserve the environment along our coastline
  • A new network supports the establishment of spin-offs from the University (19/11/2010)
    The Sixth Annual Meeting of the Red Point SME, which was held on Wednesday in the former CIM issue is the proliferation of projects in the fields of ICT, engineering electronic or sustainable landscaping
  • Medieval Market IX (19/11/2010)
    Organized by the Department of Social Services, back for another year to the town of the city during the last weekend of November
  • The Beaza Cabezo nursery is already home to the Parkinson Association (19/11/2010)

  • The mayor inaugurated on Monday a new local office in the Plan (19/11/2010)
    It is an old aspiration of the neighbors so far developed their activities in a stand
  • Eli Paperboy Reed closed the XXX edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival (19/11/2010)
    The concert, with tickets at 20 Euros, will be at 20:30 am in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • The child's play 'The Bus' sample of 600 schools in Cartagena the importance of using public transport (19/11/2010)
    This initiative of the Public Transport Authority announces students of 13 schools in the port city economic savings and energy use represents a means of public transport
  • Michel Camilo and Tomatito Spain triumphed in Cartagena Again (19/11/2010)
    The Cartagena Jazz Festival also hosted last night in the lobby of the Teatro Circo, the Traffic Jam
  • Parks and Gardens organizes an informative talk on the red palm weevil (19/11/2010)
    Experts at the University of Alicante on Monday will present the symptoms and how to act against this plague
  • The Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra accompanied by Omara Portuondo and cool Esperanza Spalding, the Cartagena Jazz Festival (19/11/2010)
    tickets to see the program double in the Nuevo Teatro Circo already sold out
  • Cartagena Carnival Dress, Carnival Poster 2011 (19/11/2010)
    The jury Carnival Poster Contest announced yesterday the failure to chose the work of Christopher Domínguez as winner Aguiló
  • Tries to steal in a home with owners sleeping inside (19/11/2010)
    The man, who was eventually arrested by local police, agreed on the terrace of the house with a screwdriver, but the noise woke the son of the owner, who caught him in stirring handed drawers
  • Homeowners the Old Town may receive assistance for their rehabilitation (18/11/2010)
    City of Cartagena, Autonomous Region and the Ministry of Public Works agree Rehabilitation Plan with an investment of 2,861,000 euros in two years
  • FC Barcelona hosts Real Cartagena (18/11/2010)

  • Delivered Photography Awards Carlos Gallego (18/11/2010)
    The mayor shall preside over the Friday award ceremony and opening of the exhibition of the works presented in competition to be held at the Palais Molina
  • The City Council is nine homes available for School Caretakers Through the Department of Education, has announced the award of these houses, located in as many schools, to promote the work of supervision, care and maintenance of schools by part of mu (18/11/2010)

  • The occurrence of archaeological remains necessary to amend the stairs to the windlass (18/11/2010)
    It is removing the current step to adapt to new ground and the installation of an escalator
  • The university learning to volunteer (18/11/2010)
    Next week begins a basic course in the Department of Social Services in collaboration with the UPCT
  • He breaks his jaw for refusing to fire him (18/11/2010)
    Local police arrested on Saturday night to an individual who began beating against the other in a cafe in La Puebla, causing local damage worth over 400 euros
  • Route modernist T-La (18/11/2010)
    The Light of Modernism in Cartagena on 27 November will cover the main buildings of this style architecture in the city
  • The world of motoring within reach of the school (18/11/2010)
    The ADE program yesterday led a group of elementary students to the Speed Circuit Salesians to live close to the sport's elite
  • ANSE denounced the dumping of debris in the sewage of El Algar (18/11/2010)
    Y calls its transformation into a wetland
  • The Cartagena Jazz Festival welcomes the national premiere of The Sellout's new album of great American singer Macy Gray (18/11/2010)
    Radio 3 will broadcast tomorrow night complete with David Sanborn's sax
  • UPyD report serious deficiencies in public lighting Hut (17/11/2010)

  • Cartagena receives three ships with 2,200 tourists on board (17/11/2010)
    With this are already 11 cruise ships have stopped in the city during the month of November, visitors fill the shops, bars and places of historical tourism
  • Places available in two courses of Classroom Set of ADLE (17/11/2010)
    Those interested in the courses of worker attitudes toward work and negotiating skills for professional success can still register at the offices of the Agency
  • The Town Planning signed three agreements on housing (17/11/2010)
    The company, with Secretary of State for Housing, will take place on Thursday at the Government Delegation in Murcia
  • Social Services and Education held in St. Anthony's Day on the Rights of the Child (17/11/2010)
    This morning, Antonio Maroto Josefa Calderon and have participated in the conference in commemoration of this day dedicated to children in the neighborhood of Cartagena
  • Firefighters are updated on the new Hospital With the opening of the hospital of Santa Lucia, officials of the Fire Fighting Service of Cartagena on Thursday began a series of visits to facilities to prepare for future interventions (17/11/2010)

  • Astus get a vehicle to transport disabled (17/11/2010)
    The Region has financed the acquisition with € 12,000
  • They start computer courses for Youth (17/11/2010)
    Today is put up these free courses taught in the Classroom Free Access Barrio de la Concepción, El Algar and Youth Resource Centre
  • Michel Camilo and Tomatito Spain return to Cartagena again (17/11/2010)
    The Cartagena Jazz Festival will also host in the lobby of the Teatro Circo Traffic Jam
  • Destroy a bar and assaulted the waiters with a knife (17/11/2010)
    The two men were arrested early Sunday by local police officers to those who offered resistance to the point that one of them had to be restrained to avoid self-injury
  • The Coaches Committee pays tribute to the Cartagena Fernando Vidal (17/11/2010)
    This act, with the collaboration of the Department of Sports, will be held on Friday 19 to celebrate the XVIII National Football Conference and regional coach Gala XXXII
  • Bronze for Primi-UCAM Sport in Spain Championship Table Tennis (17/11/2010)
    Cartagena The club had an outstanding participation in the championship, which held its seventeenth edition last weekend in the CAR in Los Alcazares
  • UPCT Students will participate in the Youth Jury of Cartagena Film Festival (17/11/2010)

  • Begin Between promotional concerts Ropes & Metals (17/11/2010)
    The winners of last year will perform on Thursday in the Auditorium of the Conservatorio de Música de Cartagena accompanied by the Chamber Orchestra of the city after it today in Orihuela
  • They begin to install the Bethlehem Municipal (16/11/2010)
    The Public Works crews have returned to further the work of placing the source in the plaza of San Francisco to take advantage of the working day and thus avoid the most overtime
  • Inaugurated the lecture series of the Ninth Week of Diabetic (16/11/2010)
    The event is being held these days in Cartagena, is organized by sodium with the cooperation of the City, and develops in the Military Museum of Artillery
  • The Youth Council joins Caritas in the collection of food (16/11/2010)
    Under the theme this image suffer more people than you imagine, have launched a campaign from Nov. 15 until Jan. 8 to call the solidarity with the poor people
  • More than 100 users have been served by the program and ELIO (16/11/2010)
    This initiative, launched in June ADLE, allows citizens access to Internet job search
  • 2,500 runners participating in Sunday's Cross of the Artillery IX (16/11/2010)
    Registration closed on Thursday with a waiting list
  • The theater shows schoolchildren the benefits of public transport (16/11/2010)

  • San Anton Celebrate Day of the Rights of the Child (16/11/2010)

  • 34 courses students begin route guidance and care of Alzheimer's (16/11/2010)
    The classes were opened yesterday by the councilman of Social Care in the classrooms of the Miraculous
  • The Women's Business Incubator begins to take shape (16/11/2010)
    Since the first stone was laid last July, works are progressing in this building which is designed to support self-employment for women and business orientation
  • Results of the fourth round of the Local Youth Football League (16/11/2010)
    Leaders of the competition pre-Benjamin D, B and child C and F-11 and F-7 Cadet open gap to his pursuers
  • Expansion of bus service to the new hospital for the open house (16/11/2010)
    On Saturday and Sunday will leave every 15 minutes from the Plaza de Bastarreche
  • Acts of holding pattern of the local police in Cartagena (15/11/2010)

  • Local police have a call every 90 seconds The mayor stressed in his speech on official event on the occasion of the feast of San Leandro, the important work already undertaken by officers this year and the trust of the citizens to when applying the e (15/11/2010)

  • Mythology and Astrology, in the Archaeological Museum (15/11/2010)
    The conference, on Tuesday offered a professor of Greek Esteban Calderon, is included in the cycle and Herodias Cosmomitos during the month of November
  • Two new Web portals Cartagena bike (15/11/2010)
    The City Council has launched the market for the bike and the gallery to promote the mobility of cycling in the city
  • Exhibition of the works submitted to the Carnival Poster Contest (15/11/2010)
    The exhibition, which contains the 117 posters among which selects the winner, will be open until November 29 at the Casino de Cartagena
  • Cartagena already has his honorary award AR & PA 2010 (15/11/2010)
    The mayor was charged yesterday in Valladolid collect this award that celebrates the recovery of urban and architectural heritage of the city
  • Youth provides grants to support 66 fellows Erasmus (15/11/2010)
    A total of 20,500 Euros that the Department has committed to encourage and help young people, both university and vocational training in their career abroad
  • The City Council renewed his vow to the Four Saints (15/11/2010)
    Coinciding with the feast of the Virgen del Rosell, held on Saturday the traditional votive function in the Church of Santa Maria
  • Surprised by climbing onto a balcony to steal marijuana pot (15/11/2010)
    The events took place in the early hours of last Thursday and were reported by the owners of the house, where police found no evidence of any plant
  • García Retegui states that "a socialist has never been easy," and encourages everyone to work towards the transformation that the region needs (14/11/2010)
    The presidential candidate of the Community participated in Cartagena in a ceremony to honor veterans militants which closes the centennial of the PSOE in the port city
  • Health organized a conference open to publicize the new Hospital of Saint Lucia (13/11/2010)
    On Saturday 20 and Sunday November 21 citizens can make a guided tour inside the new Hospital General Universitario de Cartagena
  • UPyD shows its support for the fishermen's guild of Cartagena (12/11/2010)

  • The children say about the protection of their rights The Virtual Reality Centre Youth, the Youth Council of the City of Cartagena, has explained in his section of the External Studies of the Ombudsman Report addressing issues such as programming and (12/11/2010)

  • Youth takes institutes voluntary alternatives citizen (12/11/2010)
    By Implica2 and European Voluntary Service, gave a series of talks yesterday in IES Los Molinos in which 130 students participated
  • The older they learn to avoid scams scammers professional The Fourth Conference on Security and Aging, held yesterday at the National University of Distance Education, addressed the basic needs that every human being should be covered to achieve well (12/11/2010)

  • Social Service begins two Occupational Training Courses (12/11/2010)
    Route Guidance and specialized care for Alzheimer patients, are the themes that will address these workshops to be conducted in the classrooms of La Milagrosa from 15 November
  • The film Man of Glass, selected in the International Film Festival of Cartagena (12/11/2010)
    Directed by Jose Salguero, played by Dany Moreno and produced by the People's University, will be screened on 16 December in the Aula of the Plaza Caja Murcia the Icue
  • 24 new companies in 2010 thanks to check Entrepreneur (12/11/2010)
    The program develops ADLE has also led to the hiring of 14 workers over the year
  • The works to convert the small castle in the local police headquarters will begin next week (12/11/2010)
    The City Council gave two older vehicles for Paraguay Fire in Action
  • The Community provides a vehicle adapted for disabled persons in the population of Cartagena de Los Dolores (12/11/2010)
    This new means of transport will facilitate the implementation of occupational training and social integration for members of the Guardianship Association of People with Disabilities
  • Stacey Kent and Portico Quartet, energy and freshness in the Cartagena Jazz Festival (12/11/2010)
    The double bill yesterday turned to delight with good music to the public who attended the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • The Town Hall on Saturday renewed his vow to the Four Saints (12/11/2010)
    Coinciding with the feast of the Virgen del Rosell at the Church of Santa Maria
  • The winning photographs in the twenty-fourth edition of the contest are set up on 22 November (12/11/2010)
    Railway Station Cartagena hosts the exhibition "Railways"
  • Southern Rock and jazz fused with flamenco in the hands of American crooner Howe Gelb and Andalusian Zenet (12/11/2010)
    Raimundo Amador will be presented in Cartagena Jazz Festival working with Gelb
  • Students of CP Virgen del Carmen enjoy a day together at Real Cartagena (12/11/2010)
    ADE Program, to the Department of Sports, held last Wednesday at the Central Municipal Sports Pavilion a meeting between school and sports
  • The mayor meets with members of the Association Francisco de Vitoria (12/11/2010)
    A large group of judges and magistrates, who held a conference in Murcia, part of the day devoted to visit the Palace Hall and the Teatro Romano
  • Bartlett School of Architecture presents a collection Publishing Graphic Contemporary Poetry (12/11/2010)
    The presentation ceremony will take place this afternoon at the Palace Molina, in the presence of the editor of the collection, Luis González-Adalid
  • Cartagena wins the World Heritage Alcalá de Henares (12/11/2010)
    This is the third award received the city this year by the Estate Recovery
  • Cartagena, the tourism product of the first order (11/11/2010)
    The president of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation stressed today during his visit to the mayor, a port city has all the resources to be the best place in the Spanish Levante
  • New lighting in the Llano del Beal (11/11/2010)
    is inaugurated on Friday by the afternoon, in a ceremony that will be attended by the Councillor for Decentralization
  • The PP asks the Government Delegate to pitch in to curb prostitution in the Old Town (11/11/2010)
    Public Safety Councilman reminds him that is linked to illegal immigration
  • The Minister of Health welcomes students of the Polytechnic Secondary School of Cartagena (11/11/2010)

  • More than 3,000 students visited the painting exhibition of Miguel Hernández (11/11/2010)

  • The Government Delegate has 12 new players in the National Police in Cartagena (11/11/2010)
    On October 25 officers joined more
  • IU Health requests to retrieve the car park of Santa Lucia Hospital and established as free (11/11/2010)

  • The school visit to the Virgen del Carmen Real Cartagena (11/11/2010)

  • The ADLE less than 1,000 companies (11/11/2010)
    Using Business Communication Program, the Agency has managed to boost the business of the Cartagena area and identify their needs
  • Capoeira Barsileña for Friday night (11/11/2010)
    T-The program has organized this activity to be carried throughout the month of November
  • Greater public acceptance of Cosmomitos Cycle and Herodias (11/11/2010)
    Professor Encarna Piqueras was responsible for opening on Tuesday in the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Castro Enrique Escudero
  • The program starts ADLE Neighborhoods in Lo Campano, El Algar and El Albujón (11/11/2010)
    This is the third edition of this action by the Agency involving 75 unemployed in two phases, orientation and training
  • The neighbors returned to the clubhouse Cubas Source (11/11/2010)
    The City Council has undertaken a remodeling inside the building to improve the livability and comfort, renewing facilities face a reduction in energy consumption
  • In March the fourteenth edition of Between Strings and Metals The classical music competition for young talent in the region, organized each year by the Department of Youth and the Conservatory, started in November with the concert series promotion i (11/11/2010)

  • Union majestic saxophone in Cartagena Jazz Festival with Lovano, Dave Liebman and Ravi Coltrane at his only concert in Spain (11/11/2010)
    The double bill will be completed with the great actress and singer Maria de Medeiros
  • Manuel Campos gives a talk on the Law of Coordination of Local Police (10/11/2010)

  • UPyD proposes the creation of a nursing home in the current Naval Hospital (10/11/2010)

  • The City raises 2,300 euros for the fight against cancer (10/11/2010)
    Social Care Councillor has chaired the board petition that was installed this morning at the Town Hall Square on the occasion of the annual alms disease
  • Short with prize Mediterranean Area (10/11/2010)
    The mall, in collaboration with the Cartagena Film Festival, shows from 8 to November 20 the five best pieces that have gone through the FICC in previous editions
  • Begin dissemination seminars Entrepreneurship (10/11/2010)
    Organized by Bancaja, UPCT, INFO and ADLE, start today and will include the participation of 120 students from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • Stacey Kent pays tribute to French music in Cartagena Jazz Festival (10/11/2010)
    The American singer is part of double bill on Thursday night, to be completed with the group Portico Quartet
  • A four-language guide us to the educational system in the Region (10/11/2010)
    Representatives of all sectors of the education community have attended today's presentation of this document, prepared by the departments of Education and Social Care together with the NGO ACCEM
  • The coordination of the future based policing model in the region The Minister of Justice has stressed today at a conference in Cartagena Security Park, among other things, the need for a Regional Local police with marked regional, or opening in 2012 (10/11/2010)

  • The American singer Stacey Kent pays tribute to French music in Cartagena Jazz Festival (10/11/2010)
    The double bill on Thursday night will be completed with the group Portico Quartet
  • Neighbouring Alumbres focus on the management of Environmental Planning to prevent the construction of an incinerator in Escombreras (10/11/2010)

  • Reverte Murcia demand to maximum involvement in supporting the victims (09/11/2010)
    The Minister of Presidency and Public Administration opened the VII National Conference on Victimology, held in Cartagena
  • Ninth Edition of Diabetes Week (09/11/2010)
    13 to November 21 is celebrated this event organized by the City of Cartagena and the Diabetic Society of Cartagena and its surroundings
  • The City Council assists in annual cancer alms (09/11/2010)
    Social Care Councillor will chair the board Wednesday petition that will be installed in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • The City Council changes the container to reduce its visual impact The new containers, which will acquire 1,200, will have all the gray body, just change the color of the lid, and go progressively sustiyendo both the Town Old and in the Eixample and (09/11/2010)

  • Cover Pinwheel Park begins to take shape (09/11/2010)
    already begun the laying of the supports and the roof structure that will protect the archaeological remains found on the southern slope
  • The A Citizen caravan opens in Cartagena (09/11/2010)
    The mayor attended the opening in which Repsol promotes energy habits through this exhibition, installed in the Paseo del Muelle until 26 November
  • Education presents a practical guide on the educational system in the region (09/11/2010)
    Councillors Education and Social Care, along with ACCEM director will be announced on Wednesday the details of this phone at a press conference at the Palace Hall
  • Conference on the future policing model in the Region (09/11/2010)
    shall be borne by the Minister of Justice and Public Safety will be held on Wednesday in Cartagena Security Park, adding to the celebrations of San Leandro, patron of the Local Police
  • Avant-garde sound Starlicker in Cartagena Jazz Festival (09/11/2010)
    The concert will be Wednesday at 20:30 pm
  • Students and professors from 24 foreign universities involved in Erasmus Week V (09/11/2010)

  • Results of the third round of the Local Youth Football League (09/11/2010)
    The CD EF Minera Esperanza and only teams unbeaten in all competition
  • A breeding ground for culture in Los poposa District Councilman opened yesterday at the office of the local neighborhood Canteras a space devoted to library and meeting place for all kinds of cultural activities such as symposium lectures, exhibition (09/11/2010)

  • The wind and throw a palm weevil in the Calle Real (09/11/2010)
    The gusts reached yesterday afternoon, 70 kilometers per hour
  • The Cartagena Jazz Festival hosts avant-garde sound Starlicker, the new project of the trumpeter and composer Rob Mazurek (09/11/2010)
    The concert tomorrow, Wednesday, at 20:30 pm
  • XII tournament Padella (08/11/2010)
    During the past weekend was celebrated Padella XII tournament, which was the first held in Cartagena
  • Thematic Social Inclusion Week (08/11/2010)
    Talks on multiple topics that will be given until 11 November at the local office of the Barrio Virgen de la Caridad, cover topics such as counseling and job search
  • La Dama del Alba, Casona, in the Municipal School of Theatre (08/11/2010)
    On Thursday they view the work done in 1989 by Antonio Ferrandis and Encarna Paso
  • IV Conference on Security and Elderly (08/11/2010)
    The talks, to be held at the National University of Distance Education, will address topics such as basic needs that every human being should be covered to achieve well-being and full development
  • Repsol promotes energy-saving habits through exposure (08/11/2010)
    The mayor attended Tuesday's opening of the exhibition Citizen R.
  • Surprised when stealing public lighting cables (08/11/2010)
    Local Police arrested two young men, one minor, in the district of San Felix
  • Staff assaults and self harm after being arrested for stealing truck batteries (08/11/2010)
    The events did last Wednesday, when the individual was caught along with another on the road where the abducting six batteries Albujón worth 400 euros
  • An occupational workshop will fix the inner courtyard of the Graduate (08/11/2010)
    In the thirteen participating students from the Mental Health Center of Cartagena
  • Hundreds of people participate in the Open Day of the Security Park (08/11/2010)
    was held on Saturday in the activities organized to mark the pattern of the local police, San Leandro
  • Date with the opera in the New Theatre Circus (08/11/2010)
    Tuesday hosts a double bill with works by Falla and Mascagni and entries to 22 and 32 euros
  • A devoted audience received with open arms Cartagena Jazz Festival (08/11/2010)
    With the rhythm and sound stunts The Afro Cuban All Stars, Manhattan Transfer, Wayne Shorter and Maceo Parker, both streets have the Nuevo Teatro Circo purpose vibration week to the sound of the best music
  • El Nuevo Teatro Circo hosts a double bill of opera La vida breve by Manuel de Falla and Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni (08/11/2010)
    Opera 2001 will be in charge of the mise en scene at 21:30 hours in Cartagena
  • The Cartagena Fulgencio Egea Moya UPyD is the candidate for mayor of Cartagena (06/11/2010)

  • The Minister José Ballesta closing the Third Conference on the Waterfront of the Azohía (06/11/2010)

  • The CHS invests more than 900,000 euros to restore the promenade of Portus in Cartagena (06/11/2010)
    Repair the damage caused by recent floods and prepares the channel for more rain in the area of Galifa
  • The social center of The poposa opens a library for residents (05/11/2010)
    The Decentralization and District Councillors will be responsible for opening on Monday the new area that will house 300 books and a reading room
  • The Cartagena PP creates 8 working committees to make the best project of Government (05/11/2010)

  • Rosique Sotoca asks the Assembly to explain why the Cartagena have not had access to job opportunities for the future airport (05/11/2010)
    The congresswoman considers "unacceptable this behavior and demanded equal treatment counselor to all citizens of the Region "
  • XXX Night explosive in Cartagena Jazz Festival (05/11/2010)
    With two sax, composer greatest living jazz and winner of 9 Grammy, Wayne Shorter and funk of Maceo Parker
  • Poetry Recital in the cultural program of the Greater Santa Ana (05/11/2010)
    The evening was held on the occasion of II anniversary, with the collaboration of the Department of Social Services of the City of Cartagena
  • Students of CP Mediterranean, at full speed (05/11/2010)
    Wednesday visited the Circuito de Cartagena in ADE program activities organized by the Department of Sports
  • Develop a machine that reduces up to 90% the time of thinning in peach and two-thirds of economic costs (05/11/2010)

  • The Civil Guard detained three people for the illegal capture of bluefin tuna species (04/11/2010)
    They were charged with crimes related to wildlife protection and theft
  • The luxury docks in Cartagena (04/11/2010)
    The mayor has visited this morning the cruise ship Queen Elisabeth, recently named by the Queen of England, which has washed up in Cartagena with 2,000 tourists on board
  • The rich heritage of Cartagena, the scope of 5,000 cruisers (04/11/2010)
    Visitors who have arrived today on board the Queen Elizabeth and the Celebrity Equinox, part of the 100,000 tourists this year will stop in the city and stop in shops and downtown bars
  • Rehabilitate a section of the reorganization of the Plaza Bohemia without trenching (04/11/2010)
    This is a new technique that prevents discomfort and has been used on other occasions in Cartagena as the Plaza del Rey
  • October ended with 224 reported vehicles speeding (04/11/2010)
    Cartagena Local Police made 33 last radar controls in the process of the municipality, for those who have spent nearly 7,000 vehicles
  • Week Thematic Social Inclusion in the Barrio Virgen de la Caridad (04/11/2010)
    The City Council and the Association of Residents of the neighborhood talks and activities are scheduled to be held from 8 to 11 November
  • Children's Week at La Manga Club ends (04/11/2010)
    Mini Master were held golf, tennis and soccer through which most children could participate and contribute their bit in this initiative
  • The Manhattan Transfer inaugurated on Friday XXX Cartagena Jazz Festival (04/11/2010)
    offer their only concert in Spain presenting her album The Chick Corea Songbook, which celebrated its 40-year career, preceded by The Afro Cuban All Stars
  • They force the door of a vehicle to steal inside (04/11/2010)
    The incident took place early Tuesday in the Wall of Earth, being a neighbor who alerted the local police made by calling 112
  • The local police, experts in traffic accident investigation (04/11/2010)
    The ESPAC Cartagena welcomes the highest-level courses for the training and expertise in this area, one of the few that it does in Spain
  • Open Day in the Park Safety (04/11/2010)
    will be held on Saturday in organziar activities to mark the pattern of the local police, San Leandro
  • The renewed ADLE Quality certification (03/11/2010)
    For the third consecutive year is credited to the Agency in managing the level and quality of performance orientation, training and employment agency
  • Major Prison visit San Anton The Department of Social Services, within the Leisure workshops, has developed this activity for 45 more could enjoy the remodeling of the prison, which is now one of the sites expository Manifesta 8 (03/11/2010)

  • The course of Bancaja and ADLE brings together 60 potential entrepreneurs in the UPCT (03/11/2010)
    Councillor for Employment launched this action last week training with which the Autonomous Community is also working through the Institute of Development
  • Run Fridays takes longer than Tallante and Isla Plana (03/11/2010)
    top 50 made on Friday walking route number 21 in the TAS program activities of the Municipal Institute of Social Services
  • In our health, workshop on the prevention of cancer in women (03/11/2010)
    Organized by the People's University, will take place on 8 and 12 November at the Cultural Center
  • Traffic Court on the climb to San Jose and Calle Real (03/11/2010)
    Motivated by the conclusion of the party host in UPCT and pruning of palm trees
  • The Reale goes to Santiago (03/11/2010)

  • The College of Dentists, the Region awarded its Gold Medal to the Mayor (03/11/2010)
    Pilar Barreiro received today the president of this group with which the City will sign a cooperation agreement to promote oral health
  • 5,000 tourists aboard Cartagena (03/11/2010)
    Two cruise will level Thursday in the city: the luxury liner Queen Elizabeth will come first with 2,000 passengers, while the Celebrity Equinox will bring on board some 3,000 cruise
  • Results of the second day of the Local Youth Football League (03/11/2010)
    Categories of pre-baby, baby and juvenile debut at this year's League
  • Strikes a woman to steal the bike Events on Wednesday passed on the street Carlos III and the local police could stop in one hour with the perpetrator, a young man nicknamed The Patera, who was in the plaza Juan XXIII with stolen bike (03/11/2010)

  • What can young people to mass unemployment? (03/11/2010)
    The 2010 Youth Gathering organized by the Youth Council with support from the Youth in Action will discuss the 27th of November in Cartagena the situation of youth unemployment in Europe.
  • After the sports of Playa Paraiso The complex, financed by the City and Town Tourist Association of the Mar Menor, has an artificial turf soccer 7, three paddle courts and two bocce as well as two buildings, one of them intended for water sports (02/11/2010)

  • The roundabout that links the highway to La Manga with the grandchildren will be ready for Christmas (02/11/2010)

  • The City Council gave facilities for inclusive recreation program preson disabled (02/11/2010)
    Wednesday will be launched with the signing of an agreement between Astus seized and the Youth Resource Centre
  • Segado urges the PSOE to amend the budget to also "fulfill the dream" of Parkinson patients (02/11/2010)

  • The improvement of infrastructure in El Algar making body The mayor has visited today the new football field with artificial turf that has the council, of which 200 children will enjoy, as well as the works of local social, which is rising with the l (02/11/2010)

  • The folklore, the protagonist in The Aljorra (02/11/2010)
    Decentralization Councilman chaired the Friday opening of the XV and Culture Theatre Festival del Campo Cartagena held in Cartagena council during the month of November
  • The UPCT brings science to school children and citizens of the Region (02/11/2010)


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