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Cartagena News - May 2009

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  • Public Works improves communications and security in the Valley of tailings to the tarmac road that connects Santa Lucia (30/05/2009)
    The performance will provide an alternative exit route to the main arteries of the industrial site, as stated in the Emergency and Evacuation Plan Valley Escombreras
  • The Governing Board deals on Monday proposed extending Bruna Angel (30/05/2009)
    Also planned is the award of the Tower Llagostera in the Hut for the installation of a restaurant
  • Cartagena is ready for the Guinness Record Dive (29/05/2009)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Tourism presented on Monday 1 June this international event to be held in October in the waters of Cabo de Palos
  • On Monday, the jury is meeting to elect the Cartagenero of the Year 2008 (29/05/2009)
    Chaired by the mayor, on Monday will deliberate on the nominations for the Prize presented to the meeting to be held at the Palace Hall
  • Education Closing the program on good eating habits and responsible consumption (29/05/2009)
    The event, held yesterday, was conducted by the councilor in charge of the area and was attended by about thirty parents of the participating schools AMPAS
  • The Mobile Classroom of the ADLE working with Social Services in the care of immigrants (29/05/2009)
    Both agencies held talks on career guidance to immigrants from city
  • Open the deadline for submitting films to the XXXVIII International Film Festival of Cartagena (29/05/2009)
    Short categories are established for domestic and foreign, and MurCine, specific to the makers of the region and can be submitted until September 12
  • Social Services participates in a job placement in Bolivia (29/05/2009)
    Antonio Calderon received Palliri Project director, a job placement tool aimed at women and young people of Alto Bolivia receives a financial contribution the City
  • The winners of the Easter CTpedia receive his prize (29/05/2009)
    Councillor for Culture has been presenting awards for the best articles and photographs to be incorporated into the digital encyclopedia of Cartagena
  • The structure of the Palacio de Deportes cover virtually complete (29/05/2009)
    Mayor visit Monday the construction of this sports facility located near the mall Eroski
  • Massive participation in the Olympics Children of Santa Lucia, Lo Campano and Los Mateos (29/05/2009)
    Organized by Social Services have been involved about 600 children in the activities in the halls of Bastarreche and Santa Lucia
  • La Carrera del Tigre, La Aljorra (29/05/2009)
    On the occasion of the Festival of Spring, has organized this popular race in which all stakeholders can participate from 9 to 99 years
  • 1.9 million euros to build a general sewage collector in the Aljorra (29/05/2009)

  • Bascuñana solidarity visit the bus 'Proniño' against child labor exploitation (28/05/2009)
    The caravan is an initiative of the Fundación Telefónica
  • The Sport with the Rights of the Child (28/05/2009)
    The City exhibition launches Sport for Development together with UNICEF and sponsoring the publication of a basic manual Soccer, whose proceeds will go, in part, to that organization
  • A great festival of football (28/05/2009)
    FC Cartagena and the City have prepared activities 'surprise' for Sunday's game against Cadiz
  • Women festival Tentegorra (28/05/2009)
    About 500 women have participated in this year Marchamujer 2009 that targets its benefits to the association of fibromyalgia Afibrocar
  • Presentation of prizes to the winners of the Easter CTpedia (28/05/2009)
    Councillor for Culture presented the awards for the best articles and photographs to be incorporated into the digital encyclopedia of Cartagena
  • The caravan stops in Cartagena Proniño to raise awareness on the eradication of child labor (28/05/2009)
    The Telefónica Group shows will be open until Friday 29 on the site of San Juan Street, opposite the Mercado de Santa Florentina
  • Cartagena wins a blue flag and takes the lead in the Mediterranean peninsular (28/05/2009)
    With the award of a Blue Flag Beach Cavanna were seven, a number reached only Fuengirola on the Mediterranean coast, to which must be add ten Quality Q awards are there in our town
  • Waiters and cooks at (28/05/2009)
    The students in hospitality courses at the Municipal Institute of Social Services to demonstrate their knowledge of the authorities and business sector
  • Last fringes on the tarmac of Queen Victoria (28/05/2009)
    Days 1, 2 and 3 will complete the paving of the parking Reeds Park and Navy facilities
  • The School Theatre Festival XXI check the curtain (28/05/2009)
    have taken part in 33 schools with an attendance of over 3,000 students, between actors and spectators
  • Presentation of the exhibition on sports and Unicef (27/05/2009)
    Councillor on Thursday offers the details of this exhibition, organized on the occasion of the Sixth International Congress of Soccer
  • Before the Snuff Health Breathe! (27/05/2009)
    Is the motto of the campaign organized by the City and the City Commission of Drug Addiction to celebrate World No Snuff
  • Exposition of the Popular University workshops (27/05/2009)
    Work in such workshops, ceramics, sculptures and drawings, among other works, can be seen at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The Moroccan Mohamed Nedali Wins International Award VII Diversity novel The Sea Lyrics (27/05/2009)
    Ediciones El Cobre, in collaboration with the festival, released in Spain, First Novel Meat
  • Conference on the Environment in San Anton (27/05/2009)
    On the occasion of World Environment Day, the district will undertake activities such as recycling and makeup workshops
  • Last Concert Family (27/05/2009)
    The Department of Education closes the loop for this academic year with a performance on Saturday, 30 sounds and dances of the Renaissance
  • The project delivery Convigual their diplomas to fifteen students (27/05/2009)
    The ADLE developing this project that works with immigrants and is aimed at promoting equality, coexistence and values education through a training program to get a job
  • Candelaria Sánchez Gómez I received the Volunteer Commitment Award (26/05/2009)
    During the awards ceremony, Councillor for Social Care presented the Municipal Volunteer Guide
  • The works of Plan E reach Juan Fernandez on Wednesday (26/05/2009)
    can not move or park between Queen Victoria and Trafalgar and two bus stops will change the site
  • The curbside recycling in Cartagena (26/05/2009)
    As of Friday, the campaign will run Telerecicla with eight riders that will tour for the next four days the city, home to report to answer questions on recycling
  • The Chinese ambassador in Cartagena (26/05/2009)
    Zhu Bangzao has been received this morning by José Vicente Albaladejo at the Palace Hall and will participate this afternoon in the lecture series CajaMurcia
  • The Coordinator "The Region of Murcia No Se Vende" calls the "VII March in Defense of the Coast" (26/05/2009)

  • FC Cartagena feted at City Hall (25/05/2009)
    About four thousand people cheer with singing the team in place of the City of Cartagena
  • Swearing in teacher UPCT (25/05/2009)
    The Chancellor has welcomed this morning the inaugural ceremony of teaching and research staff, officials and hired labor, fixed nature of the UPCT
  • The curbside recycling comes to the homes of Cartagena. (25/05/2009)
    Tomorrow Tuesday Telerecicla presents the campaign, an initiative of Ecoembes and the city of Cartagena
  • The popular monitoring and involvement of artists, the key to success of the Much More May (25/05/2009)
    Councilman Javier Herrero has highlighted the success of new proposals as the Night of Museums and Much More Music and other well-known as the Art Hotel or Short week
  • Information for women (25/05/2009)
    Rosario Montero has delivered this morning the diplomas to women who have participated in the seven courses developed by the Department of Women since March
  • The Cartagena will be honored tonight at the Palace Hall (25/05/2009)
    players will be greeted by the mayor on the 20.30 and greet fans from the balcony
  • Valcárcel congratulates the Football Club Cartagena on his promotion to Second Division A (24/05/2009)

  • Agriculture held in Cartagena a conference on the implementation of the Risk Management and Environmental Audit CPAS (22/05/2009)
    The general director Francisco J.
  • Cartagena welcomes the cast of "ARCHENA FIND A STAR" this Saturday (21/05/2009)

  • The festival presents Much + May Saturday URBAN WORLD ONE event that brings together rap, DJing, breakdancing and graffiti (21/05/2009)
    day programming is complemented with Parkour meeting point, Portraits in B, contemporary dance and a spectacular variety of theater air
  • Mucho Mas Mayo hosts a national meeting of Parkour and music Solynive Expert Group, Krakow and Second (21/05/2009)
    Friday May 22 is the short week and facilities in the city
  • Second, Krakow, Solynieve Panel Audio's pain and sounds fill the festival Mucho Mas Mayo Cartagena (20/05/2009)
    The concert, at 21:00 hours on Friday, May 22 at the Auditorio Parque Torres
  • MMM activities accumulate in his last days filled to overflowing morning programming (20/05/2009)
    You can enjoy an architectural intervention, aerial dance to the rhythm of tango shows vidreo blowing, songwriters and short cycle
  • AEI Naval and Sea (NYM) welcomed the European Maritime Day (19/05/2009)
    On this occasion the Navy Technology Center organizes a photo contest
  • The calls for tenders MARM-use management and environmental restoration of the stretch of coast between the grandchildren and smaller islands in the area known (19/05/2009)
    ... Cow Language in Cartagena
  • 5autores.son Much More Thursday in May (19/05/2009)
    The best song writer in the region to celebrate 10 years of the Songwriters Association of Murcia.
  • Rosa Díez Francisco Sosa Wagner and will be in Cartagena on Friday May 22 starting the campaign for European Parliament elections (19/05/2009)

  • Begin short sample of the Week Short of Cartagena in the festival of young talents Much More May (19/05/2009)
    programming is completed and 5autores guitar concerts.
  • Has been completed the installation of "MOLINA SOLAR" (19/05/2009)

  • Levee in honor of the Blessed Virgin's First Sorrow (18/05/2009)
    will be held on Saturday May 23 at 20:30
  • The orientation courses ADLE done in neighborhoods and county (18/05/2009)
    The mobile classroom began its activities in the Lomas del Albujón
  • Agriculture organizes a guided environmental tour Calblanque Regional Park for residents of Los Belones (16/05/2009)
    According to CEO Paul Fernandez, "the initiative aims to bring local people's environmental values of its nearest natural environment"
  • The Coast Institute strengthens its maintenance staff on beaches (16/05/2009)
    Starting Monday, 16 workers will clean the sand every day, walks and gardens of the two coastal areas of the city
  • Spanish courses for foreigners coming to live in the region (15/05/2009)
    Cartagena Foundation for the Spanish language and the Consortium for the Promotion of tourist accommodation in the Region of Murcia have signed an agreement to promote language tourism
  • Great number of people at the opening of the Senior Fair (15/05/2009)
    will remain in the plaza of John XXIII through Sunday, offering a sample of the work undertaken by our elders from the various clubs and associations in the city
  • € 123,000 for care and promotion of women in Cartagena (15/05/2009)

  • Nearly 1.3 million to improve RM-320 highway in the municipality of Cartagena (15/05/2009)

  • Neighbourhood Alguazas know Cartagena (15/05/2009)
    have been received this morning by the Mayor, Pilar Barreiro, and then visited the Museum of the Roman Theatre and Muram
  • More Guests in Much More May (15/05/2009)
    Rosell Meseguer, Clara Boj and Diego Diaz presents three urban interventions that attempt to reflect the citizen-viewer on the reality that surrounds
  • On Monday, takes over the new Popular Party councilor (15/05/2009)
    Its incorporation will take place in ordinary fully discuss the budget and appoint Rosario Juaneda adopted daughter, Cartagena
  • More roundabouts to relieve traffic on the Gran Vía de La Manga (15/05/2009)
    The Governing Board approved an agreement with the Community to build a new Square Cavanna
  • On days like today, in Cartagena (15/05/2009)
    The mayor of Cartagena acts as host of the syndicated Juan Ramón Lucas de RNE emitted from the ARQUA
  • The museums of Cartagena, stars of the night (15/05/2009)
    programming is complemented with facilities, workshops, circus, theater and art-hotel
  • The film of our lives, in the IES Admiral Bastarreche (15/05/2009)
    The show is included in the Cultural Week activities this festival center and Much More May
  • The exhibition opens Gonzalo Sicre (15/05/2009)
    The Mayor opened the show that collects the work of the painter in the last twenty years and can be enjoyed at the Palace Hall, the Palazzo Molina and Byzantine Wall Hall until 25 June
  • Gonzalo Sicre Exhibition in Cartagena (15/05/2009)
    The artist shows abstract works hundred twenty years of his career in three exhibition halls of the city: the Palace Hall, the Palace and the Byzantine walls Molina
  • The Second Contest on Easter CTpedia already has winners (14/05/2009)
    The awards recognize the best articles and photographs of processions recently added to the online encyclopedia
  • Cartagena turns to sports (14/05/2009)
    From 5 to 7 June, the city hosts the VI International Congress of Football, the XVI National Conference Coaches Committee and the International Youth Soccer Tournament VII Alevín F-7
  • Begin asphalt work and signage Road Union (14/05/2009)
    The works, which were started in the Plaza Bastarreche, will continue for about two weeks
  • Fifteen occupational workshop students Scaffold Erector receive their diplomas (14/05/2009)
    have participated in the first year as editor of scaffolding, by the ADLE in collaboration with ThyssenKrupp
  • Seniors show their work at the Fair III Resources and Services (14/05/2009)
    The Mayor opened the event on Friday to stay for the weekend in the Plaza de Juan XXIII with 24 stands
  • On Friday reconvene the Local Government (14/05/2009)
    will examine among other issues the temporary hiring of personnel for surveillance and rescue beaches
  • Hotels with great skill (14/05/2009)
    The 5th floor of the hotel NH again become a major avant-garde art fair this weekend thanks to the second edition of the Art Hotel Art Fair, the festival Much More May
  • Three exhibition halls twenty years collecting the works of Gonzalo Sicre (14/05/2009)
    The Palace Hall, the Palazzo Molina and the Board of the Byzantine walls make a chronological journey from 1989 to the pictures, papers, sketches and latest creations of the painter based in Cartagena
  • Much More May hits the accelerator (14/05/2009)
    Facilities, concerts, speeches, experimental theater, conferences, courses and workshops filled the streets of Cartagena on Friday 15 May.
  • Foundation of Cartagena to Murcia Hello Spanish Language and sign an agreement (14/05/2009)
    will take place on Friday at the Board of Aldermen of the Town Hall
  • Cartagena this weekend held its first Night of Museums (14/05/2009)
    Mucho Mas Mayo joins European initiative on Saturday May 16 to artistic night in major museums, one of the highlights of festival programming
  • The registration to participate in the activities of 'Day of the entrepreneur' increased by 13 percent and reach a thousand people (14/05/2009)
    Councilor Salvador Marin Cartagena highlights that the promotion of entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurship is always but now more a priority for the regional government
  • More than 300 health professionals involved in the Seventh Congress held in Cartagena Care Quality (14/05/2009)
    The Minister Palacios has opened an event in which Rosell has 45 reports of the 202 accepted throughout the Region.
  • The 22 fellows Leonardo Da Vinci and have their diplomas (13/05/2009)
    Employment Councilman today presented diplomas to those students who have completed 12 weeks of professional practices in different countries of Europe
  • The budget got through committee and will be discussed in full on Monday (13/05/2009)
    Good Friday and Carthaginians and Romans remain local holidays in 2010
  • Cartagena celebrates the Day of the Entrepreneur (13/05/2009)
    Start the day devoted to the initiative "Together We undertake" promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade through the Directorate General of SME Policy (DGPYME) together with the Institute of Development
  • The Trunk of Experience comes to the ports of Santa Barbara (13/05/2009)
    up to June 17 is developing a workshop on conducting plate accessories with recycling every Wednesday morning
  • Social Care is working with the Regional Food Bank (13/05/2009)
    The Councillor for this area, Antonio Calderon, yesterday visited the facilities of this organization, which currently helps around 34,000 people
  • Much more in May gives us the opportunity to attend the conference on sound art provided by artist and musicologist Miguel Alvarez (12/05/2009)
    Y last chance to see the play "Caravan and dream '
  • La 7 considered unaffordable Cartagena's proposal to collect 180,000 euros for a round of the playoffs for promotion to 2nd Division (12/05/2009)

  • More shade in the Parque de la Rosa (12/05/2009)
    municipal brigades have been planted this morning fifty copies to increase shading and ended in St. Lucia yesterday planting of gaps in the streets of the city
  • Contest Awards what you know about Europe? (12/05/2009)
    Director General for Institutional Relations and External Action and the councilman of Youth has made awards to the winning school groups
  • Green light rehabilitation Llagostera House on Main Street (12/05/2009)
    The Planning Commission has reported favorably the Special Plan to allow construction of parking in their basements
  • The Mucho Mas Mayo is filled with magic and illusion (12/05/2009)
    The Wizard Miguel Puga, known as MagoMigue, and artist and critic Juan Cabrera offer Wednesday morning show midway between the academic conference and the surprise of illusion
  • The Cartagena Santiago Rodríguez, runner-up Spain's Gymnastics (12/05/2009)
    got the silver medal in the Men's Championship I in this sport that was held last weekend in Gijón
  • Stock Exchange Fourth visit to the Teatro Romano Language (12/05/2009)
    Students of the Language School on Thursday visited the museum in the activities planned by the Department of Youth
  • Open Enrolment for courses summer swim (12/05/2009)
    One more year, the Department of Sports offers courses of three months in the pool at the Youth House and one-month intensive courses in the swimming pool cover for all ages and levels
  • From Monday you can not park next to the wall of Arsenal (12/05/2009)
    The works of redevelopment of the Royal Street will affect the lane, while the median to enable the passage of vehicles
  • Paved Road and repainting of the Union (12/05/2009)
    The works will begin on Thursday 14 May and will last for about two weeks
  • The ADLE approves two new employment workshops and a school workshop (12/05/2009)
    employment workshops will be aimed at the expansion of day care and training Beaza Cabezo socio while the Training Workshop will be devoted to rehabilitation of the former municipal offices Canteras
  • Health Counselors visit Madrid Murcia and construction of the New Hospital of Cartagena (11/05/2009)
    Palacios says he is expected to be operational in the second half of 2010
  • The new hospital in Cartagena will start the second half of 2010 (11/05/2009)
    The Minister of Health and the mayors of the municipalities in the Health Care II visited today the state of the building works are progressing on schedule
  • Rambla will in a year with a new public school (11/05/2009)
    The center, funded by the Community, will be built in two phases on municipal land next to the Palacio de Los Deportes
  • Festival of Student Film Cultural Week and the conference of Eva Lootz (11/05/2009)
    Exhibitions, films and lectures in programming for Much + Mayo
  • Sort of chairpersons and members of the bureaux of the European elections (11/05/2009)
    It took place this morning during a plenary session called for that purpose the corporation to coincide with a public event, as required by electoral law
  • The City acquired two new vehicles adapted donated by Caja Murcia (11/05/2009)
    These are now three vehicles that provide Social Services to transport seniors to the Day Care Centers in the city, saving time and increasing routes
  • The Community provides a guide for SMEs and self-guide in the implementation of safety measures and occupational health (11/05/2009)
    Sotoca forward to finalizing the first tab is informative on the rights and duties of the self in health and safety
  • The conference "I cry because I feel like it" and play "Caravan and dream" come together on Tuesday (11/05/2009)
    The conference will start at 20h and theatrical at 20.30
  • A journey through the senses (11/05/2009)
    The fifteen students participating in the course of Sensory Theater developed under the Long + May provide a performance on Friday, where emotions will be the stars
  • The Roman Theatre in Cartagena has received more than 128,000 visitors since its inauguration (11/05/2009)
    Valcárcel, the meeting of the board of the Foundation, stresses the international impact has been achieved with the large influx of visitors and the organization of major specialized conferences
  • Municipal budgets to address the crisis (11/05/2009)
    The Governing Board approved the project in 2009 will maintain the pace of investment and increase social spending and aid
  • Ecologists in Action report is maintained by toluene and benzene contamination in Alum (11/05/2009)
    pollution episodes persist for benzene and toluene, which is added to sulfur dioxide pollution
  • Caravan and dreamy, experimental theater aimed at young people (10/05/2009)
    The Youth Council is organizing this artistic activity on the experiences of an alien whose entry is free with invitation to fill seats
  • The artist Eva Lootz opens on Monday the series of lectures on sensory perception and artistic (10/05/2009)
    Throughout the next week, the lecture series will bring to the Museo del Teatro Romano recognized artists, teachers and art critics
  • With the conference of the artist Eva Lootz, National Arts Award, starting on Monday 11 the lecture series on "Sensory perception and artistic practice" (10/05/2009)
    conferences throughout the week bring together leading artists, teachers and critics of the room acts of the Roman Theatre Museum
  • Between strings and brass gave prizes to the best performers of classical music (09/05/2009)
    The only regional competition of young performers of classical music ended with a concert by the Cartagena Chamber Orchestra with soloist Raquel Díaz Dodge
  • The School of Nursing of Cartagena will be located next to the new regional hospital (08/05/2009)

  • VIII inaugurated the Women's Partnership Fair and Exhibition Workshop (08/05/2009)
    About 40 associations of women participating in this Fair, located on the Paseo Alfonso XII during the entire weekend.
  • Much More May proposed urban dance on Saturday evening (08/05/2009)
    The choreography will be held at the Town Hall Square at 19 hours.
  • Comedy Night at La Palma (08/05/2009)
    Theater group now represents what a night!, Under the direction of Albero Elvira Pineda.
  • Emerged kicks out of Mucho Mas Mayo (08/05/2009)
    In this intervention, which may be from 7 to 22 May in the Pavilion of autopsies, mixing music, dance and image.
  • Cartagena celebrates its first Night of the Museums in the festival program Mucho Mas Mayo (08/05/2009)
    Up to 2.00 pm you can have free access to five museums
  • Night of music with the Symphony Orchestra of Cartagena and Santiago Josele (08/05/2009)

  • The State delayed payment of the certificates of Plan E (07/05/2009)
    According to the mayor, will generate extraordinary financial cost to the City that adds to the costs already incurred by the urgency of the works
  • In ten days to begin operation on temporary street lane Real (07/05/2009)
    The mayor has visited today the state of the works that will change the face of the downtown area moving along the pedestrian boulevard at the front of buildings
  • Arrested on suspicion of theft at the Colegio San Antonio Abad (07/05/2009)
    Local Police officers also arrested two men yesterday for an alleged crime of theft of motor vehicle use on the street Juan Muñoz Delgado
  • Between Strings and Metals hands out awards to the best classical musicians (07/05/2009)
    The only regional competition of young performers of classical music on Friday closes with a concert by the Cartagena Chamber Orchestra with soloist Raquel Díaz Dodge
  • Rosa Díez start UPyD national campaign for European Parliament elections with a street meeting in Cartagena on 22 May (07/05/2009)

  • The new Federation of Citizen Services CCOO visit the Palace Hall (07/05/2009)
    About 200 participants in the constituent congress was held in Cartagena were received yesterday by the mayor
  • Italian and Polish students visit Cartagena through an educational exchange (07/05/2009)
    The group of 40 students will be visiting all week around the town, knowing the culture and sightseeing and enjoying the sport and leisure in the city
  • The older trails are the Castle of the Watchtower (07/05/2009)
    The event will take place on Friday and is included on the agenda of Tourism Active and Healthy (TAS) of the Department of Social Care
  • Trip to Valencia this weekend (07/05/2009)
    Drums Quillo The youth association of Cartagena has organized this activity you will visit, among other things, the City of Arts and Sciences
  • The government of Spain starts the conditioning of the Rambla del Portus, from Cartagena in the hamlet of Galifa (07/05/2009)
    Through the Segura basin
  • Starts Much More May with the artistic action Emerged (06/05/2009)
    In this intervention, which may be from 7 to 22 May in the Pavilion of autopsies, mixing music, dance and image
  • President of the INE give a lecture on economic analysis at the Faculty of Sciences of the Company (06/05/2009)

  • Josele Santiago will be the surprise guest of the Festival Concert Unexpected Much More May (06/05/2009)
    The concert, in which the member of The Enemy perform along with Pablo Novoa, takes place on Friday at the Parc Corniche Roman Theatre
  • The Third Age of Manises visit Cartagena (06/05/2009)
    Social Care Councillor has received this morning at the Palace Hall and 50 more who have come to learn about the city
  • The Day of the Entrepreneur 2009 'lands' in Cartagena with 35 activities and 50 items of information and advice (06/05/2009)
    The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, through the Info, celebrated on May 14 in the plaza of Puerto the fourth Entrepreneur's Day issue in the Region of Murcia
  • Andreu Martín Luis Leante and receive the prize for young readers (06/05/2009)
    The authors have collected their awards to 900 young people from Cartagena who decided that his novels were the winners of the Awards and Hache Mandarache 2009
  • The Day of the Entrepreneur celebrated its fourth year in Cartagena (06/05/2009)
    The event will develop the May 14th, 1935 activities and 50 items of information on the esplanade of Puerto aimed at promoting entrepreneurial culture and self-employment among young people
  • The Book Botica travels to Morocco (06/05/2009)
    The association has organized from 4 to 9 June a conference on educational and cultural exchange in the populations of Jerada and Oujda
  • Mandarache and Hache Awards 2010 and are finalists (06/05/2009)
    Rompepistas, Kiko Amat; All that we love, Pedro Zarraluki, and chocolate flavor, Jose Carlos Carmona compete next year for this award given by readers
  • Start the Mucho Mas Mayo festival artistic action emerge which come together in music, dance and image (06/05/2009)
    The installation will be in Hall Autopsy carries a seabed
  • Victoria Vera and Manuel Galiana star in "The Decent" (06/05/2009)
    A recent sale of the amphitheater fifty entries, at a price of 15 euros
  • Visit Astus facilities (06/05/2009)
    The councilman of Social Care and Social Policy Minister checked the functioning of institutions run by the nonprofit association whose goal is social integration of people with disabilities
  • Home Social Services supports the Good Samaritan with 12,000 euros (06/05/2009)
    This money is the result of a collaboration agreement between the municipality and such an association to help people in emergency social
  • Amphibians and Reptiles at the Workshop on Conservation of the People's University (06/05/2009)
    Thursday audiovisual held a talk on these animals at the Cultural Center Luzzy Ramón Alonso, whose entrance is free until all seats
  • UPyD Cartagena continue with their actions during the campaign information to the European (05/05/2009)

  • Since the invitations are available for Much More Music (05/05/2009)
    Starting today can be collected at the Youth Resource Centre tickets for this free festival, which will take place May 22 at Torres Park
  • Books for cultural integration (05/05/2009)
    The mayor has visited this morning the Book Botica Campano The addition of Young Café, Children's Toy Library and other projects that are developed in the local neighborhood social
  • Visit the Palace Hall of the new Federation of Citizen Services CCOO (05/05/2009)
    About 200 participants in the constituent congress held in Cartagena will be received by the mayor
  • VIII Women Partnerships Fair and Exhibition Workshop (05/05/2009)
    About 40 associations of women participating this coming weekend at the Fair, located on the Paseo Alfonso XII
  • They try to steal a hundred copies of lovebirds in Santa Ana (05/05/2009)
    Local Police managed to arrest one of those involved and to thwart the theft of these birds whose market value ranges from 30 to 50 euros
  • A century French comic strip (05/05/2009)
    The cultural center hosts Ramón Alonso Luzzy this presentation by the Alliance Francaise in collaboration with the Space Bag Youth Languages the Department of Youth
  • The Night of Museums, the Festival of Student Film Festival and "highlights" at the Fourth Festival Mucho Mas Mayo Cartagena (04/05/2009)
    The 110 artistic activities, which will be held from 4 to 24 May, 25 them through the streets of the historic center, will have more than one thousand participants
  • 2,200 people visit the bridge during the Roman Theatre and the Rodin exhibition (04/05/2009)
    Part of the exhibition of the sculptor is displayed during these days in the archaeological museum
  • Municipal workers exhibit their creations (04/05/2009)
    The exhibition is showing until 20 May at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The project for immigrant women Convigual begins its second phase (04/05/2009)
    The May 11 opening the application deadline to participate in this project, led to 15 immigrant women from the municipality will receive training and placements
  • More than 800 people for Schools Summer Music Colony Road this summer and Education (04/05/2009)
    The deadline to register for any of three fun and educational programs for children and young people from 4-16 years begins on 11 May
  • The reports prompted the government team on how to proceed with the president of the neighborhood council Alumbres (04/05/2009)
    After noting the legal services document that shows the inconsistency incurred by the city government now calls the need to raise responsibilities within Socialist Group
  • Increases in the prices of municipal nursery school (04/05/2009)
    The Board of Governors approved this morning the proposed reductions in tariffs, which contains parameters such as income, large family or siblings enrolled
  • Mucho Mas Mayo Cartagena art fills (04/05/2009)
    From 4 to 24 May, 110 will develop artistic activities, 25 of them through the streets of the historic center, involving more than one thousand participants
  • The Governing Board approved the construction of two local social and a music room included in the Neighborhood Plan and Provincial (04/05/2009)
    Among other issues on the agenda, has also given the green light to a deal between City Hall and Repsol for the supply of water for the expansion works and an agreement with the SEF for recruiting unemployed
  • Cartagena city buses earned more than 300,000 travelers in 2008 (04/05/2009)
    The figures show the good reception of users to increase the routes and services
  • ... (04/05/2009)

  • LA Alumbres EF rises with victory in the third edition of the Know Your Sport (04/05/2009)
    The final was attended by representatives of different Cartagena elite clubs to encourage young contestants
  • Two hundred women participated in the First Day of Women's Associations in the Region (01/05/2009)
    The director of the Institute for the Region of Murcia, Teresa Moreno, opted for the social recognition of women's associative movement
  • Computers for the unemployed and workers on active (01/05/2009)
    May 4 Monday starts a new free course of the ADLE of basic and intermediate level computer
  • Municipal Drug Addiction Plan intended to 41,000 euros Campano The Youth Café (01/05/2009)
    Young Cafe The Campaign is a project funded by the National Plan for Drugs and Drug Addiction City Commission of the City of Cartagena
  • The Trough, La Loma and El Algar improve their gardens (01/05/2009)
    The City invests 560,000 euros in arranging green areas and planting trees, under the Plan E

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