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Cartagena News - May 2008

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  • Bascuñana visited in La Manga to 190 participants in the Senior Tourism Program (31/05/2008)
    The Ministry of Social Policy this year tripled the budget for these packages
  • Sustainable Development recovering a species extinct gave (31/05/2008)
    garbancillo of Tallante The species is unique in the region that preserves the Ministry in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and Anse
  • The institutes of El Bohio and San Isidoro won the competition What do you know Europe? (30/05/2008)
    The awards ceremony took place this morning at the Youth Resource Centre
  • ECOS cycle closes its doors on Saturday with a show of body percussion (30/05/2008)
    More than 3,000 people enjoyed this event since last December 15 of classical music has filled different areas of the city
  • Cartagena and La Union established an inter-actions Decalogue (30/05/2008)
    will soon sign an agreement which includes the proposed establishment of a light rail between the two populations and the conversion of N-332 antiggua in an urban avenue
  • Women learning to defend (30/05/2008)
    Self Defense Course for Women, which took part about thirty women, has closed this morning
  • The City Council is committed to public transport (30/05/2008)
    It will encourage the use of bus and tram cars go removing and recovering the city for pedestrians, according to the mayor
  • Cool-culture, regional culture in Cartagena (30/05/2008)
    During this weekend will continue the cultural activities in the tent Cool-ture
  • On Monday begins selling tickets face of the La Mar de Músicas (30/05/2008)
    Best Sellers so far are the concerts of Enrique Morente, Ruben Blades, Oscar D'Leon and Café Tacvba
  • The Rosell serves more than 70 laryngeal cancer patients throughout the Region (30/05/2008)
    The Cartagena is the only hospital in Spain to offer this special treatment that extends for more than 5 years
  • Adenda al convenio del Teatro Romano (30/05/2008)

  • The campaign to collect used oil arrives in Las Lomas del Albujón (30/05/2008)
    The Department of Sustainable Development of the City of Cartagena yesterday organized a talk on the recycling of this product in the local social
  • RU Virgin of Charity Hope prevails in the contest Know your sport (30/05/2008)
    In the final four, held on Wednesday, representatives from football clubs based in the city
  • Held the Second Conference "Aging and the media" (29/05/2008)
    Organized by the Federation of Associations and Senior Centers Cartagena and Shire, has had about 150 attendees
  • Verbena in the Eixample-almarjal (29/05/2008)
    is organized by the Young Friends of the Theatre Association to benefit the Parish of San Juan Bautista
  • The mayor proposes to extend the line FEVE to other parts of the city (29/05/2008)
    At a meeting held this morning with the CEO of the company in the region, Pilar Barreiro has put on the table the removal of level crossings and enhance communications with the Union
  • Fiestas de Primavera de La Aljorra (29/05/2008)
    The festivities will be inaugurated tomorrow for eleven days and there will be activities and fun for all ages
  • Two new officials take office at City Hall (29/05/2008)
    The event took place yesterday at the Board of Aldermen of the Administration Building
  • The new promenade of Cabo de Palos retrieves the enjoyment of this coastal facade (29/05/2008)

  • Young and old, new roommates (29/05/2008)
    The Department of Social Care and UPCT have signed an agreement to develop a shared housing program and increased the city university
  • End of Course Approach to Program Elite Sport (29/05/2008)
    The closing ceremony will be held this Friday at the Cultural Center with the assistance of sports clubs and schools that have participated in it over this course
  • The photographer exposes Abel Ros 'The middle ground' (29/05/2008)
    The exhibition will remain at the Palace Molina until 30 June, has been described as a statement of the month by the prestigious Superfoto
  • Opening of the first section of the promenade that joins Cabo de Palos Cala Reona (28/05/2008)
    The event is held at noon on Thursday, chaired by the Minister of Tourism
  • Closing of the program on good eating habits and Responsible Consumption (28/05/2008)
    Aimed at parents of children in kindergarten, has been developed at the School of Hospitality
  • Championship of Spain of Combined Events Regional Federations (28/05/2008)
    This sporting event takes place this weekend in Cartagena, in the presence of the best associations in Spain
  • The City captures more than a thousand birds in the first four months of the year (28/05/2008)
    The Department of Health conducts campaigns paths to avoid colonization of pigeons and gulls in the city
  • The Roman Theatre Museum will open its doors in late June (28/05/2008)
    The architect of the project architect, Rafael Moneo, has visited the works accompanied by the President of the Autonomous Community and the mayor
  • Visit the writer Carmen Gil Ramón Alonso cultural center Luzzy (28/05/2008)
    will meet on Friday with elementary students to discuss his book "The mad adventures of the knight and his jester '
  • About 800 people attended on Thursday the Sports Awards Cartagenero 2007 (28/05/2008)
    The Cartagenero Sports Gala will be held on Thursday, from 20.30 hours in the New Botanic Garden
  • El Carnaval de Cartagena travel to France (28/05/2008)
    The Department of Celebration and Carnival Committee participate in the May 29 to June 6 at the International Congress to be held this year in Proermel, and will arrive in Cartagena in 2010
  • Valcárcel stresses "the necessity" of the decree on new titles for the coordination of the universities in the Region (28/05/2008)
    He said "it will provide some objective procedures for approving new degree and Master's teachings and to the creation of centers in the management system of university education "
  • Cycle flamenco performance in Cartagena (28/05/2008)
    The inaugural concert will be held on Saturday May 31 at the Lonja de Santa Lucia, by Miguel Flores, 'Capullo de Jerez'
  • Social Care Councillor visit facilities aside (28/05/2008)
    Located in the industrial area of Santa Ana serves children and young people with Down syndrome
  • The Senior Fair is being held this weekend (28/05/2008)
    The Fair will be opened by the Mayor on Friday, will be installed in the Plaza Juan XXIII
  • Presentation of certificates Women's Self-Defense Course (27/05/2008)
    will take place at a ceremony to be held next Friday in the central pavilion of Guimbarda Usella
  • The Christian Youth of San Diego receive Henares Clara Award 2007 (27/05/2008)
    united The award will be presented on Thursday at the Cultural Hall of Caja Murcia
  • Intercultural Festival at the Mediterranean Institute (27/05/2008)
    Councillors Education and Youth will participate in the event held on Thursday with various competitions and workshops
  • The women, solidarity march (27/05/2008)
    Next Thursday will be held Marchamujer 2008, a day of coexistence whose proceeds will benefit this year to the Multiple Sclerosis Association
  • The chair of the People's University flamenco exceeds expectations (27/05/2008)
    This Friday is the closing event that puts an end to the courses of introduction to this art, in which more than one hundred students during the months of April and May
  • Financial help for young travelers (27/05/2008)
    The deadline to apply for these grants is 1 to June 16 and can be done through internet
  • The School Theatre Festival XX down the curtain (27/05/2008)
    The closure of the exhibition will take place on Wednesday, with a final performance and delivery of trophies and gifts to participants
  • Javier Lorente won the Painting Contest of the Aljorra (27/05/2008)
    The Civic Center of the town these days exposes both the winning and the rest of the paintings submitted
  • Football and dancing for intercultural coexistence (26/05/2008)
    The PEER program is continuing its program of sports and cultural activities in the neighborhoods of Cartagena
  • II Conference 'Aging and the media' (26/05/2008)
    The day is celebrated on 29 May at the cultural center Ramón Alonso Luzzy and is organized by the Federation of Associations and Senior Centers and District Cartagena
  • Celebration of the multiculturalism in the Mediterranean IES (26/05/2008)
    'Babel in the Mediterranean' includes lectures, workshops and presentations on different cultures
  • The City Council gave ground in Los Dolores to a day center for adults (26/05/2008)
    The estimated investment in the first phase is two million euros and will have 35 places
  • A piece of land next to the new General Hospital will host the future School of Nursing (26/05/2008)
    In the area of Health, the Local Government Board has also approved taking the cleanliness of the municipal offices and announced the reform of the office of Cuesta Blanca
  • Exhibition of works from the workshops UP (26/05/2008)
    The inauguration will take place next Wednesday, May 28 at the cultural center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The Neighborhood Plan will involve an investment of eight million euros until 2009 (26/05/2008)
    The Department of Decentralization has submitted to the Local Government a list of 66 renovation of streets, paved roads, lighting and construction and renovation social premises
  • The IES Carlos III joins fair trade (26/05/2008)
    This week, students attend trade cycle shop crafts made in different countries
  • In progress Partial Plan for the construction of 1,800 houses in Mills Marfagones (26/05/2008)
    Local Government Board has also approved the development of BP1 that will build 1,500 houses in the Pearl, near the Villa Versailles
  • Motorists Cartagena prove to be conscious about wearing a helmet (26/05/2008)
    The Local Police campaign has been carried out in May settled with a total of 452 vehicles checked of which only four drivers and one passenger were not wearing the helmet
  • Great success of the Gymnastics World Championships held in Cartagena Aesthetics (26/05/2008)
    Cartagena Rhythmic Association qualified for the finals in women's category after a strong performance and finished in ninth place
  • Carp Cool-ture reaches Cartagena (25/05/2008)
    concerts, plays, performances, cooking classes and round tables, among other activities, will be going on this infrastructure to be installed in the Plaza del Rey from tomorrow until Sunday June 1
  • Film Club Hannibal: In a world free (22/05/2008)
    UK, Italy, Germany, Spain.
  • La Mar de Músicas ago is now selling the tickets for the festival (22/05/2008)
    It will be selling 500 tickets for the Park Towers and 150 artillery.
  • IV Municipal Action Conference on Drug Addiction (22/05/2008)
    are held on 4, 5 and 6 June and will address issues of prevention and increased consumption of so-called 'drugs without substance ", as the internet or mobile phones increasingly more prevalent among young people.
  • The City duplicate facilities and personnel for cleaning and monitoring of beaches during the summer (22/05/2008)
    181 people ensure that citizens and tourists fully enjoy the coast.
  • Extraordinary plenary session of the Corporation, on Monday (22/05/2008)
    This will be amendments to the composition of committees motivated by the recent reorganization within the municipal government team.
  • Cool-Tura reaches Cartagena (22/05/2008)
    This is the hallmark of the cultural products of the region is promoted through a tent where activities of music, dance, poetry, installations and panel discussions.
  • The Governing Board on Monday discussed the Neighborhood Plan and Provincial 2008-2009 (22/05/2008)
    The meeting will also consider building a Day Care center for the elderly in Los Dolores.
  • The Book and Botica Alras Association Awards stand with solidarity Jacinto Alcaraz Mellado (22/05/2008)
    The next Tuesday will deliver these awards in its eleventh edition, which reward tolerance, solidarity and coexistence.
  • The Gymnastics World Championship starting tomorrow in Aesthetics meets Cartagena to 500 athletes (22/05/2008)
    In the sporting event, which begins tomorrow and runs until Sunday, twenty teams participate, including 2006 world champions and 2007, Finland Estonia.
  • Partially cut off traffic in La Manga for sanitation works (22/05/2008)
    The works will last three weeks that remain cut off from Monday to Friday, two lanes, one in each direction, the Gran Via Hotel Entremares height and is open weekends
  • Closure of City Council for the feast of Santa Rita (22/05/2008)
    The municipal offices will be closed to the public tomorrow May 23, to celebrate the patron saint of local officials, who in these days participating in various activities.
  • VI Painting Contest at The Aljorra (22/05/2008)
    This cultural event, which is a biannual basis, will be held on Sunday, with the presentation of papers and award the same day
  • Valcárcel highlights the great challenge of the Center for Biomedical Engineering Research for the social integration and employment of the disabled (21/05/2008)
    The new center includes five units of research, innovation and technological development applied to the development of prototypes to improve the quality of life of people disabled Cibid pioneered the use of a computer
  • Presentation of the Fourth Conference on Municipal Action on Drug Addiction (21/05/2008)
    be to the media Thursday in the Press Room of the Town Hall
  • Alms National Day of Charity (21/05/2008)
    The Board petitions contained in the City raises 1,200 euros for the day
  • City Council and unions agree on the RED for the next four years (21/05/2008)
    will cover the brigade workers, firefighters and local police, who performed 180 hours overtime per year
  • The drama Pic Nic gave brightness to the cultural week 600 (21/05/2008)
    Sainete group staged last Friday with great success the play by Fernando Arrabal in events taking place in the neighborhood
  • The City is finalizing the plan for the summer beaches (21/05/2008)
    The mayor presides over Thursday at the Palace Hall a meeting with various council members and general managers to coordinate the operation
  • End of course at the Escuela Municipal de Teatro (21/05/2008)
    The hundred students integrate what they learned in school show performances will take place from June 3
  • Intercultural Weekend in San Anton (21/05/2008)
    Residents of the neighborhood can enjoy leisure and cultural activities between Friday and Saturday
  • Summer Campaign in swimming pools (21/05/2008)
    is offering a total of 2,090 places for swimming courses organized by the Department of Sports, which began June 12
  • Exhibition of the works entered in the contest What do you know Europe? (20/05/2008)
    The exhibition is showing at the Youth Space in the Department of Youth until 30 May
  • The concurrence of the ORA is desert (20/05/2008)
    The four companies referred to in the tender any of the mandatory technical requirements
  • Europe subsidizes the training of 280 unemployed Cartagena (20/05/2008)
    The project work is the fifth draft of the labor market presented by the city of Cartagena which has the approval of Europe
  • Caritas charity collection celebrates the National Day of Charity (20/05/2008)
    A total of eight tables located in Cartagena tomorrow to raise money and report on projects undertaken by this institution
  • The best sportsmen and 2007 entities will collect his award on 29 May (19/05/2008)
    The Cartagenero Sports Gala will be held from 20.30 on the New Botanic Garden
  • Students of Stella Maris encouraged to 'f' 'last league game (19/05/2008)
    were invited by the Football Club Cartagena during the visit of the stadium Cartagonova school on Friday, within the cultural events of 600
  • Graphic Creation Workshops (19/05/2008)
    will be developed during the month of August at the Palace Molina de Cartagena
  • A European project will train 280 unemployed (19/05/2008)
    Councillors Employment and European Affairs will be announced at a press conference the details of this initiative on Tuesday
  • Full requests equal treatment before the water deficit (19/05/2008)
    The Corporation approved a motion by popular local group in the solidarity shown with Barcelona and water shortages and calls upon the Government of Argentina to recover the Hydrological Plan National
  • Cartagena shows their projects on immigration (19/05/2008)
    Various councils participated last weekend in Entreculturas Regional Fair held in Torre Pacheco
  • The Much More May, more popular and street (19/05/2008)
    The festival of young talents missing closure until May next year, offering a varied and attractive program that has attracted thousands of people
  • Pozo Estrecho has a new plaza in honor of the Virgen del Carmen (19/05/2008)
    The works of this new public space of 2,000 square meters, have been carried out by the Neighborhood Council of the council with a budget of 40,000 euros
  • The register Canton Avenue Saturday afternoon two traffic accidents within an hour (19/05/2008)
    The drivers of the cars involved were positive breath tests
  • More than 2,000 people take advantage of tourism in Puerto de Culturas in Museum Day (19/05/2008)
    The consortium offered free to schools and reduction in tourist transport tickets
  • In March the final phase of the local youth football league (16/05/2008)
    Cup Tournament in their ranks will be played at Municipal Stadium Cartagonova and closing of the season will be held on June 13
  • San Felix and Private Mediterranean-conscious neighborhoods collecting waste oil (16/05/2008)
    In Cartagena have collected a total of 120 liters of oil, as highlighted by the councilman of Marfagones Mills Sustainable Development within the round visits has begun to raise awareness of this campaign
  • Football cultural integration (16/05/2008)
    This week, the PEER program has participated in several sporting events in the Mediterranean CD
  • The next edition is already Mandarache Award finalists (16/05/2008)
    Writers Leante Luis Eduardo Mendoza and Ricardo Menéndez Salmon compete for the award given by the young readers of the jury of this literary event in its fifth edition
  • Increasing interest of companies in the region by the new factory Repsol (16/05/2008)
    small businesses will be required services, logistics, construction and civil works to address the construction of the new refinery factory Escombreras
  • The City Council receives the draft decontamination plant zincs (16/05/2008)
    The Department of Environmental Quality will be responsible for verifying that the project meets all the requirements, always conditioned by the future use of that land as developable
  • Gustavo Martín Garzo Prize includes Mandarache to 900 youth (16/05/2008)
    In the course of the gala, with a staging devised by Luisma Soriano, the writer has emphasized the importance of this initiative the City of Cartagena to promote reading among young people
  • The Municipal Archaeological Museum joins the celebration of International Museum Day (15/05/2008)
    It has planned a concert by the band Sauces for May 16 and activities for children, storytelling and games with 17 and May 18
  • The Ecoparque collected in a year 176 tonnes of waste (15/05/2008)
    Citizens have used primarily to deposit debris, furniture, computer monitors, televisions, appliances, batteries and trimmings
  • Breakfast with Gustavo Martín Garzo (15/05/2008)
    Mandarache Award winner will offer a press conference at 10.30 am in the cafeteria of the Hotel NH
  • The writer Gustavo Martín Garzo collects Mandarache Award to 900 young people Cartagena (15/05/2008)
    During the gala, conceived by the stage manager Luisma Soriano, are the three finalists in the upcoming edition
  • Course of air conditioning assembly for immigrants (15/05/2008)
    will be held from May 26 to July 2 in Los Dolores
  • Les Plasticiens Volant Cartagena become a giant aquarium with her show "Pearl" (15/05/2008)
    The event, held on Saturday May 17 is included within the Much More May and will welcome the festival La Mar de Músicas starring French rear Wax Tailor
  • Visit to enhance activities in the neighborhood Villalba (15/05/2008)
    Social Care Council member has been in the Senior Club and the Neighborhood Association
  • Visit the outgoing director of the new incoming Repsol Cartagena (15/05/2008)
    The mayor receives tomorrow, at 9.30 pm in the Palace Hall
  • Art Hotel displays works of eight art galleries in the region (15/05/2008)
    The exhibitions, which are part of the festival Much More May, will be accessible on the fifth floor of the hotel NH
  • Concentration silent condemned the latest attack by ETA (15/05/2008)
    were saved five minutes of silence at the doors of the Town Hall
  • The small Santa Ana pretending to be be farmers (15/05/2008)
    The mayor has visited this morning the school nursery school Luis Grille, where students grow their own fruits and vegetables
  • Ramón García Pérez, Cartagenero of the Year 2007 (15/05/2008)
    In 91 years, his life has been linked to photography and media Cartagena
  • El Bosque Ilustrado, a cultural meeting place in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad (14/05/2008)
    This evening opens "El Bosque Ilustrado 'in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad.
  • Social Care AFIBROCAR collaborates with the National Day events Fibromyalgia (14/05/2008)
    Councilman Antonio Calderon was asked to present the lecture 'Manual fibromyalgia' in the Conference Room of the Regional Assembly
  • Senior Cultural Week in Torreciega (14/05/2008)
    The event includes exhibits and other cultural activities can be enjoyed until Friday
  • Carmen Machi performs 'Darwin's tortoise' at Nuevo Teatro Circo (14/05/2008)
    The popular actress is a text by Juan Mayorga Thursday in the Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena
  • Arrow sans corps (14/05/2008)
    Juan Delgado presented its installation on illegal immigration in the Festival Mucho Mas Mayo
  • Cartagena has a new truck for fighting forest fires (14/05/2008)
    The Region today presented the City's new car to cover the area stretching from Cape to Cape Palos Tiñoso and is the first that begins to function the four that have been acquired in the region
  • José María Rodríguez won the first prize in the Photography Competition II 'Carlos Gallego' (14/05/2008)
    The second and third prizes have gone to Francisco Jose Manzanera, and Juan Carlos Caval respectively, prizes will be delivered on day 16 coinciding with the opening of a sample with the 42 best papers presented at the contest
  • The aesthetic elite gymnastics in Cartagena (14/05/2008)
    Sports Councillor on Thursday presented the Gymnastics World Championships Aesthetic Group, held from 23 to 25 May in the city
  • The City raises € 1,300 for Red Cross Day Banderita (14/05/2008)
    Social Care Council member, Antonio Calderón, has chaired the table petitions contained installed throughout the morning in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • The XX School Theatre Festival, running (14/05/2008)
    The drama began on Monday in the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • Plasticiens Volants presented on Thursday at the show means Pearl (14/05/2008)
    Converts to Cartagena on Saturday in a giant aquarium in the Festival Much More May
  • Flamenco recitals (13/05/2008)
    The inaugural concert will be held on Saturday May 31 at the Lonja de Santa Lucia, by Miguel Flores, 'Capullo de Jerez'
  • The Kelme Elche win the International Football Tournament VI Inter-Municipalities (13/05/2008)
    The sixteen participating clubs they handed over sports equipment to the Friends of the Saharawi people of Cartagena, which had plans to work in this edition of the tournament markedly beneficial
  • On Wednesday he fails Photography Competition II Carlos Gallego (13/05/2008)
    The competition has presented 80 papers of 21 informants graphics
  • Guidelines and brochures to publicize the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (13/05/2008)
    The City Council has scheduled a series of actions to promote coexistence between cultures until 31 July, which bind to the programs being developed for more twenty years
  • Puerto de Culturas joins the celebration of Museums (13/05/2008)
    May 18 open house will be in the interpretation centers and tourist sales in the protractors and the acquisition of the Annual Pass
  • III Short week at the Festival of Cartagena Much More May (13/05/2008)
    During the days 14, 15 and 16 May Cartagena several places offer a selection of 26 short films in the festival framed
  • Much More May open to all (13/05/2008)
    Much More May shows how disability is not an obstacle to the creation and artistic expression.
  • Espai Sonor Ensemble presents Much More Electródic in May (13/05/2008)
    Electròdic takes the audience on a sonic journey through the use of different instruments proposed and electronics
  • More ways to fight fires (13/05/2008)
    The City of Cartagena receives new truck Wednesday morning to fight forest fires
  • 'The forest enlightened', reflecting the multiculturalism in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad (13/05/2008)
    The architectural project included in the Mucho Mas Mayo opens tomorrow, Wednesday, and this afternoon there will be a poetry of Bengali poet and Sumana Sinha Spoken World lyrics initiative
  • Angel Street bike lane will Bruna (13/05/2008)
    Today have started to renovate the drinking water networks, sewage and rainwater in the area, which will result in traffic cuts sections
  • Recover the Roman road-Atamaria Portman environmental and cultural use of the visitors (13/05/2008)
    The Minister of Sustainable Development, together with the CEO of Business 'La Caixa' in the Mar Menor and Joaquin Segado, Councillor for Sustainable Development, presented this morning the reclamation project this road
  • 'The Hundred Days' de Villepin inaugurates Historical Novel Week (12/05/2008)
    Former French Prime Minister today visited the mayor and has made known its views on current world politics
  • RIP Multicines reflects on the closure of cinemas in the city (12/05/2008)
    is one of the facilities included in the festival Much More May, you can see in the street Sagasta until 18 May
  • The ADLE seeks to launch a Center for Computer and Technology Knowledge in the district of Conception (12/05/2008)
    is included within the project 'INCA', which has been submitted to the Ministry of Industry with a budget of more than one million euros
  • Presentation of the Intercultural Dialogue Guide (12/05/2008)
    Collect different municipal activities that develop in this area
  • Series of lectures on art and reflection Much More May (12/05/2008)
    The Palace on Tuesday welcomed Molina 'The Wounded Image: The Theatre of the Dead and Obsessions' which teaches the Cartagena Juan Delgado
  • Breakfast with the Bengali poet Sumana Sinha (12/05/2008)
    will take place on Tuesday 13 May at the Hotel NH
  • The school groups' San Felix 'celebrates its 25th anniversary (12/05/2008)
    the Memorial on Friday 9 May the "wedding of silver' was founded, with a moving ceremony
  • The rain may last from Amparanoia (12/05/2008)
    The organization of Mucho Mas Mayo Festival appreciates the attitude of the public and concert artists Mestizos.
  • A year in advance to get married in the Palace Hall (12/05/2008)
    The future spouses and are applying for civil liaison date in 2009, before the obligation to hire the wedding banquet for several months before
  • Students of the Workshop on Employment 'Elderly Dependents' participating in the Second Conferences on dementia (12/05/2008)
    The Conference took place on 8 and 9 May in La Manga, organized by the Association Golden Age of Peace Messengers Murcia
  • Closure of the XI edition of Between Strings and Metals (11/05/2008)
    The mayor presided over the ceremony that ended the regional competition of young performers of classical music held in the auditorium of the University
  • A contract extension works in three schools (09/05/2008)
    The Board of Governors approved the budgets of Santa Florentina de La Palma, the Mediterranean and La Manga Virgen de Begoña de Tentegorra, over one million euros
  • Domique de Villepin, received Monday by the mayor at the Palace Hall (09/05/2008)
    Former French Prime Minister inaugurated the ninth week in Cartagena Historical Novel of the Cartagena
  • IX Week Cartagena Historical Fiction (09/05/2008)
    Former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin on Monday inaugurated the event with a lecture on the War of Independence
  • Cartagena celebrates Europe Day (09/05/2008)
    During the day today there has been outreach to the square Icue until 16 May the Department of Youth exposes the school work done on this day
  • The festival brings Mestizos Chambao, Amparanoia and the Klan of the Dedet (09/05/2008)
    The concert is tomorrow night, and supplemented with activities of blown glass, circus arts and pop-rock music
  • Open 15 urban facilities for Much More May (09/05/2008)
    Different parts of the city hosting sculptures and placed with the intent to surprise, amuse, attract attention or give pause to pedestrians
  • Three thousand cruisers flooded the streets of Cartagena (09/05/2008)
    The 'Voyager of the Seas' by signing up for a few hours in the terminal at the port of Cartagena
  • VII Partnerships Fair Women (09/05/2008)
    Fair will be open throughout the weekend at the Artillery Park and includes samples of the handicrafts made by women associations and municipal workshops
  • Implica2 announces new courses Youth Volunteer (08/05/2008)
    will be held between May and June and are designed for people interested in developing a joint work
  • The Department of Sports is committed to Gymnastics (08/05/2008)
    The city hosts several competitions which will culminate on 23, 24 and 25 May the World Junior Championship, where he will attend the Rhythmic Club Cartagena
  • Volunteer for a project on early childhood education in Germany (08/05/2008)
    European Voluntary Service Programme, the "Youth in Action ', launched this project to 18 to 25 years
  • Sixteen teams participate in the International Football Tournament VI Inter-Municipalities (08/05/2008)
    Among the novelties of this year's championship, held on Saturday 10 May, highlights their strong charitable work with the Friends of the Saharawi people
  • Much More May flooded the streets of Cartagena and attics of interventions and multidisciplinary action (08/05/2008)
    The festival, which begins Wednesday May 9, brings together over 300 artists
  • Purpose of this summer (08/05/2008)
    The Department of Education is launching three performances fun and educational for the month of July, aimed at children and youth aged 5 to 16 years
  • XIII Cultural Week in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad (08/05/2008)
    The program will begin tomorrow and will combine the traditional activities of a cultural week with the most innovative, provided by the festival Much More May
  • Photo Exhibition (07/05/2008)
    At 20.30 hours on the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
  • X Bicycles celebrate the National Day Greenways (07/05/2008)
    Participants in this conference will travel 20 km route through the field of Cartagena
  • VI Inter-Municipalities International Tournament (07/05/2008)
    The sporting event, entitled 'Cartagena Port of Cultures "will be presented on Thursday by Councilman Sports
  • Presentation of the Colonies Musical Summer School (07/05/2008)
    The Department of Education has scheduled for this summer a series of activities aimed at younger children, which will be announced tomorrow, Thursday
  • The Guild represents California 'Don Mendo's Revenge' (07/05/2008)
    The invitations can be removed after 19 hours at the headquarters of the brotherhood in the Aire Street
  • Culture Week in the neighborhood Virgen de la Caridad (07/05/2008)
    The thirteenth edition of this event is presented on Thursday at the Palace Hall
  • The feast of Santa Rita change during the day (07/05/2008)
    The municipal offices will be closed to the public on May 23 instead of 22, to celebrate the patron saint of local officials
  • The ADLE facilitate the employment of immigrant women with the project (07/05/2008)
    The initiative, a year-long placements and home support will be presented in a few days at the Fundación La Caixa
  • The ECAC resolved 20 complaints in its first year of operation (07/05/2008)
    In 11 of them gave the reason of individuals against the consistory
  • Campaign for monitoring compliance with company standards on animals (06/05/2008)
    Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, local police, public roads and services, strengthen its work in gardens and public spaces
  • The Klan of the Dedet and Group Three have successfully Mucho Mas Mayo festival on Chinese soil (06/05/2008)
    One Urban World, of the Department of Youth, is a project that has led China to the Cartagena
  • XX School Theatre Festival in Cartagena (06/05/2008)
    A total of 363 schools participating in this exhibition which will run from 12 to 28 May at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • 'Lunatics' kicks out at Much More May (06/05/2008)
    Invitations to attend this artistic journey in the attics of Cartagena can be collected until Wednesday in the Department of Youth
  • Conference-seminar on Fibromyalgia (06/05/2008)
    Organized by AFIBROCAR be held on Friday 9 May in the conference room of the Regional Assembly
  • The Archaeological Museum is joining in the celebration of International Museum Day (06/05/2008)
    It has planned a concert by the band Sauces for May 16 and activities for children, storytelling and games with 17 and 18 May
  • Cartagena joins the celebration of Europe Day (06/05/2008)
    From 6 May, the Department of Youth, will present the papers presented to the school contest on May 9 will be outreach to the square of Icue
  • Conference about the exhibition "The zoo we live ' (06/05/2008)
    Salvador Torres The artist explained his artistic technique and the process of creating their work in a talk to be held on Thursday, May 8
  • Exhibition (06/05/2008)
    The exhibition opened yesterday, will be exhibited at the Ramón Alonso Luzzy until 23 May
  • Exhibition of Sculpture Workshop at the University People (05/05/2008)
    The exhibition opens tomorrow Tuesday at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The Cultural Center will offer the School Theatre Festival XX (05/05/2008)
    The presentation ceremony will take place tomorrow Tuesday at the Palace Hall
  • Art exhibition at the Cultural Center on the occasion of Santa Rita (05/05/2008)
    opens this afternoon and collected paintings by officials of the City of Cartagena
  • Inauguration of Finnish Art exhibition at the Palace Hall (05/05/2008)
    The exhibition includes over forty works by thirty authors and will be open from 30 April to 13 June
  • Four arrested in Cartagena for driving without a license (05/05/2008)
    Since last May 1, coinciding with the entry into force of legal reform that applies jail those who commit this offense
  • Municipal Public Library houses the literary gathering of TELECARTAGENA (05/05/2008)
    The program that periodically sends local chain is recorded on Tuesday from the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • 'Colleagues' invites a group of youths to the party of Cartagena (05/05/2008)
    Despite the draw, participants in workshops organized by the City Sports yesterday enjoyed an afternoon of football at the stadium Cartagonova
  • Las Cruces de Mayo driving this weekend, the Center City and neighborhoods (02/05/2008)
    Twenty organizations and associations in nineteen mounted their festivals public spaces, with the cooperation of the City
  • Social Care Councillor visits the APIC (02/05/2008)
    On the occasion of the Open Day that makes this partnership for the integration of the mentally ill
  • Patron saint festivities in Las Lomas de El Albujón (02/05/2008)
    are held with the participation of local associations and culminate on Sunday May 11 with performances by Tony Ronald and Micky
  • Together in Diversity (02/05/2008)
    Colleagues program are moving ahead with cross-cultural activities of young people living
  • The renovation of the track, at an advanced stage (02/05/2008)
    With an investment of 300,000 euros, will be ready on May 15 for approval by the federation and to later this month host the Championship of Spain by a combined event autonomies
  • A third of the animals collected by the Catad are adopted by citizens (02/05/2008)
    registraon In 2007, 471 adoptions, some of them by people from other regions and countries
  • Cartagena is imposed in the Devesa II Memorial Cup (02/05/2008)
    The home side regained youth, as in the first year, after winning the decider in the Murcia by 2 to 1

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