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Cartagena News - October 2014

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  • USE celebrated in Cartagena a new training course (31/10/2014)
    for delegates and members of committees, on content of payroll workers
  • He begins XX Amateur Football League Cartagena (31/10/2014)
    It launches next week in Garden City municipal courses and alums with the start of the 2014-2015 season
  • Older Virgin of Charity celebrate their Cultural Week (31/10/2014)
    I will from Monday 3 to Friday 7 November with all kinds of activities including championship games, bocce or cultural visits
  • The City Council this year donated more than 700 thousand euros for social organizations (31/10/2014)
    A total of 42 non-profit associations of Cartagena received this morning from those municipal grants were given by the Mayor
  • On Monday works at Captains Ripoll start (31/10/2014)
    increase traffic to Bastarreche shall be cut square for several weeks, until the completion of construction
  • CROEM Cartagena Polytechnic and agree to the joint creation of advisory activities, research and training (31/10/2014)

  • The rainbow flag will fly at the Palace Hall in Pride (31/10/2014)
    What do throughout the LGBT big week ahead as well Galactyco president after his meeting this morning with the mayor
  • The Mysterious Case of the Necropolis (31/10/2014)
    The Archaeological Museum offers a special way to celebrate Family Day All Saints
  • The College of Saint Kitts Bohío participates in the ADE (31/10/2014)
    Students know and practice school table tennis hand male and female teams UCAM-CARTAGENA
  • Cartagena Mecano recalls successes with La Fuerza del Destino (31/10/2014)
    The show, featuring musical artists from Nacho Cano, hit El Batel today and tomorrow October 31 November 1, and within the Semana Grande Cajamurcia
  • The work of Cartagena Antonio Molina returns to Barcelo Palace (31/10/2014)
    What do another exhibition from Friday November 7, in which the public can enjoy the painter veteran of over 40 years in the business
  • Educating Family combat social exclusion in Our Lady of Charity (31/10/2014)
    is the agenda of Abraham Project, with the assistance of the City and La Caixa, presented Monday 3rd from 17 hours in the local office of the neighborhood
  • IU-Green asks the mayor all information about potential hires with the company Gofely (31/10/2014)

  • IU-V alleges violations of the law to protect animals that are installed raffles at parties (31/10/2014)

  • The Cartagena Jazz Festival kicks off this Saturday with Macy Gray (31/10/2014)
    The American artist is the first act in this Festival, the thirty-fourth edition starts at the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • IU-Greens mayor asks all information on contracts with the company Gofely (31/10/2014)

  • Our major approach Paleontology with a stroll through history (30/10/2014)
    ​​ In this series organized by the Department of Social Services, took place this morning to find an activity paleontological treasures of Cartagena
  • A community workshop brings together associations of San Antón (30/10/2014)
    Promoted by CEPAIM Foundation, along with the city, the activity of sharing and enrichment of the organizations was held on Tuesday
  • Local Police strengthen its presence on the occasion of Halloween and All Saints (30/10/2014)

  • Agreement for the restoration of notarial documents Cartagena sixteenth century (30/10/2014)

  • A third prize is included in this edition of between strings and brass (30/10/2014)
    Promotional eighteenth concerts this event will take place on 18, 19 and November 23, the latter in the Eagles Auditorium him.
  • Contest winners Photography Port of Cultures enjoy their prizes (30/10/2014)
    The seventh edition, which focused this year Carthaginians and Romans, culminating Wednesday with delivering gifts this contest
  • IU-Green calls the main cemetery tombstones are restored Remedies (30/10/2014)

  • "Pilar Barreiro wants to hide with Christmas lights the darkness of his administration" (30/10/2014)
    SPCT claims that the Christmas lights budget rises 57% in election year
  • A work order master UPCT alert to the potential loss of traditional fishing (30/10/2014)
    A student of Master in Business Administration and Management of Social Economy proposes a new model of co-management involving fishermen and technicians
  • The contemporary sneaks with Perpetual Fire in the Roman Theater (29/10/2014)
    Cartagena will be the first city to receive this exhibition is part of Project Routes ICA collection, and will be from 20 November to 19 January in our city
  • The site incorporates reach Cartagena in his bid for the labor integration (29/10/2014)
    Restaurante Casa Paco, Hotel Entremares Kiabi and Human Management Association Murcia in our city today received this recognition among the Caixa Social Work
  • Running the VI Fair Hotel Art (29/10/2014)
    The innovative art exhibition will be held in Cartagena from 14 to 16 November, in the rooms of NH with the participation of ten galleries Cartagena, Murcia, Madrid, Valencia, Almeria and Castellon
  • Everything ready for the new adventure in Antarctica Lledo (29/10/2014)
    Thursday leave for the fourth stage of the 4Desert, the frost, and the Cartagena will have to endure from Saturday temperatures of 30 degrees below zero
  • Local Police Opens Charity Cross all public (29/10/2014)

  • The FICC launches the Children's Workshop for Filmmakers day (29/10/2014)

  • The Book Fair becomes Old and Used John XXIII (29/10/2014)

  • Culture organized at the Museum of the Roman Theatre in Cartagena exposure'Itinerancias: Fire Perpetuo' (29/10/2014)
    The exhibition will open on November 20, is included in the 'Routes' initiative of the Ministry and includes works by Lamazares, Pividal, Munuera and Llambía
  • Witches and pumpkins take over the Day Care Centers El Algar and Sorrows (29/10/2014)
    Grandparents are aimed at celebrating Halloween with some masks workshops where they brought out their scariest imagination
  • Port of Cultures already have all the winners of the Photo Contest (29/10/2014)

  • A new valve regulate the pressure and prevent leakage and damage to pipes and addresses (28/10/2014)
    The concessionaire of drinking water Hidrogea the currently installed COCHERON area, next to the roundabout of the college of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Work begins on Calle Alfonso XIII of Sorrows (28/10/2014)
    Tasks to renew water infrastructure in the main street of the neighborhood have been started in the access roundabout, which has cut one lane
  • The school José Mª Lapuerta conclude next week its refurbishment (28/10/2014)
    A lack of a finish paint jobs these days, education has reinforced the porches and Primary center of the Pearl District
  • Students Cooking Restaurant and get their professional certification (28/10/2014)
    The presentation of diplomas of both occupational training courses being held Tuesday in the presence of family and friends.
  • The XXII Local Youth Football League opens the curtain on the new season 2014/2015 (28/10/2014)
    Over two hundred teams started last weekend's first round of the championship in thirty playgrounds
  • Clara Hall, Ama honorable House (28/10/2014)
    To mark the International Day of this group, the mayor of Women has been named Partner of Honor today in a ceremony in which the company has also introduced the digital magazine Coral Harmonia
  • Leisure Spaces also celebrate Halloween (28/10/2014)

  • Young amateurs pay tribute to Charles Chaplin (28/10/2014)
    This section of the International Film Festival, will be screened Modern Times, The Great Dictator, Limelight and A King in New York, in the CAM Foundation from 25 to 28 November
  • The UP of La Roda, visiting the Town Hall (28/10/2014)
    Students from Albacete facility has also been in the Roman Theatre and the Naval Museum, and has known the facilities and activities of its counterpart in Cartagena Cultural Center
  • Education invests EUR 123,000 in renovations at school Lapuerta Cartagena José María (28/10/2014)
    The Ministry carries out actions to improve porches and Primary center, which in recent years have invested over 400,000 euros
  • Cae an armed group based in the Marseille mafia Costa Brava (28/10/2014)
    Agents French police collaborated with the Spanish researchers
  • IU-Green reports that residents of La Aparecida for over a year without street lighting (28/10/2014)

  • UPCT coordinate a network of excellence granted by the Ministry in 2014 (28/10/2014)
    The Computer Network Technology led by the Technical University of Cartagena is one of the distinguished among the 270 hopefuls
  • UPyD regrets the horrible image to the city with their heads in open court proceedings (28/10/2014)

  • People with intellectual disabilities are met in their struggle for independence (27/10/2014)
    I did last Saturday in Cartagena at the Regional Meeting of Self-Advocates of FEAPS Murcia fifteenth held in PROLAM
  • Closed to traffic Ussel Guimbarda for two weeks (27/10/2014)
    The cut affects the section of park Los Juncos and will run as an underground pipe installed within the renovation of water and sanitation at Alfonso X the Wise
  • The Cartagena Jazz Festival begins Saturday with Macy Gray (27/10/2014)
    The American artist is the first act in this Festival, the thirty-fourth edition starts at the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • Full verda gives birth to the ordinances that establish the tax freeze for 2015 (27/10/2014)

  • Joy is manifested in the paint Sing a Chart (27/10/2014)
    Gil's Charity sample from Friday October 31 will be at the Cultural Center Luzzy Ramon Alonso.
  • The PSOE militant suspended Jose Antonio Alonso (27/10/2014)

  • Closure of Courses Restaurant and kitchen on the ALDE (27/10/2014)
    Tuesday 24 students will receive their certificates of professionalism at the La Milagrosa
  • IU-green "dismantled" in Parliament "false and electioneering" promise of lower taxes PP 2015 (27/10/2014)
    Team Popular Party government refuses to ask the central government cohesion in the price of water to avoid this basic necessity is three times more expensive in some cases than in the rest of the country
  • The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning receives President of the Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena (27/10/2014)

  • Our biggest revived the adventures of Don Juan Tenorio (27/10/2014)
    Students in the workshops of the Arts and a walk through history as spectators flocked to see this work in the cemetery of San Javier
  • A new valve regulate the pressure and prevent leakage and damage to pipes and addresses (27/10/2014)
    The concessionaire of drinking water, Hidrogea, installs Tuesday COCHERON area, next to the roundabout of the college of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Virginia Pérez School enjoyed a day biker (27/10/2014)
    Students of this center of El Algar participated Thursday in the racing circuit, the program Approach to Sport à ‰ lite
  • Young people in Spain did Easter in Cartagena (27/10/2014)

  • A thesis UPCT pioneer in wireless telecommunications research 5G (27/10/2014)

  • Resolution of Territorial VIII Federal Congress of the Unified Police Union Murcia on events in Cartagena (25/10/2014)

  • People with intellectual disabilities across the region meet in Cartagena to advance their independence (25/10/2014)
    The PROLAM ASTUS Center hosts the XV Regional Meeting of Self-Advocates of FEAPS Murcia
  • Sold out squares of the Cross Quarter Horse Artillery (24/10/2014)
    You can not do more inscriptions for this test designed for children under 9 years.
  • Cartagena Diversa, a portal integration and immigrant associations (24/10/2014)
    is the new website presented by the City on Friday and that includes all the work done by this group associations and activities that take place
  • First self-advocacy meeting in Cartagena in the Region (24/10/2014)
    will be this Saturday, the 25th, from 9.30 pm at the premises of PROLAM.
  • The best beer and German cuisine are already in the harbor at Oktoberfest (24/10/2014)
    This morning opened its doors in the tent located in front Cavite Heroes live concerts, animations and even a Halloween party.
  • Young Cartagena celebrate 25 years of the Association à ncora (24/10/2014)
    About 250 children and adolescents aged 8 to 17 years, participating in leisure activities and free time to offer this group, whose representatives visited today the Mayor
  • Work begins on Calle Alfonso XIII of Sorrows (24/10/2014)
    Tuesday start traffic diversions, which affect only the way to Cartagena and sections
  • MC believes the City can be held criminally responsible by not decontaminate grounds Hondon (24/10/2014)
    will ask the government team at the next plenary if the fact that one of its members allocated and held positions in Podecasa, which owns part of the land , is the reason not to penalize the company
  • 1,9 Million for supply and wastewater conveyance in Cartagena (24/10/2014)

  • The City Council will encourage the use of environmentally friendly fuels in vehicles (24/10/2014)
    The Local Government Committee this morning approved a cooperation agreement with REPSOL for easy installation of pumps at gas stations and users tax cuts
  • Continued awareness campaign PescaSos a film forum (24/10/2014)
    It will be Friday when the film is projected Fons Sea at 20.30 am at the Casa del Pescador with a round table which will involve the director and the star
  • Water cut upload to Cabo de Palos lighthouse (24/10/2014)
    Hidrogea reported Monday that the supply will be cut 27 in the area from 9 in the morning for about four hours from Punta to Punta Calas Barracón and adjacent streets
  • IU-green requires of the council to request the Central Government cohesion in the price of water statewide (24/10/2014)

  • More than 28,000 people remain standing in Cartagena EPA third quarter (24/10/2014)

  • The UPCT accumulates 52 accredited professors awaiting promotion (24/10/2014)

  • Cartagena UPyD asks the City Council to improve communications in Cartagena and New Private Mediterranean (24/10/2014)

  • The Cartagena FC, Federation Cup champion (23/10/2014)

  • The T-LA teaches the keys to working with young (23/10/2014)
    Youth program organizes a training day on Saturday 22 November at the Youth Resource Centre, from 10 to 14 hours
  • Cartagena commemorates the successes of Mecano with La Fuerza del Destino (23/10/2014)
    The show, featuring musical artists from Nacho Cano, hit El Batel October 31 and November 1, and within the week Cajamurcia Large
  • The best German beer and cuisine back to port with Oktoberfest (23/10/2014)

  • Architecture, rites and burial customs in the Museum Tuesday (23/10/2014)
    From November 4 to December 2 at the Archaeological Museum and guided tours of the cemetery crypt Remedios and San Jose in the Punic Wall visits
  • The Colombians can do their transactions in Cartagena from Mobile Consulate (23/10/2014)
    will be the weekend of 1 and 2 November next Municipal Stadium Cartagonova requesting appointment.
  • The sculpture has focused first talk a walk through the history of Cartagena (23/10/2014)

  • Cartagena for Charity portrays social organizations with a charity calendar (23/10/2014)
    2015 Almanac of this, which is now on sale, will go to benefit the AECC, the Nursing Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Hope Group and girls Alba Mota, who suffers a brain aneurysm
  • El Batel, the protagonist in the new global launch of Panasonic (23/10/2014)
    i>Inspired by Architecture/i> is the spot where the Cartagena Auditorium appear alongside other architectural works of Seville and Liege
  • Grassroots football returns to pitch with the XXII edition of the Local League (23/10/2014)

  • The FICC will review a history of exposure theaters Cartagena (23/10/2014)

  • DECIDED leading educational and career counseling to the classroom (23/10/2014)
    The agenda of the ALDE tour from October to May the township schools to inform young people about their outputs once they finish High School students
  • Aguirre Palace Cartagena can be visited virtually 365 days a year (23/10/2014)
    This new digital content for which you have made 12,000 photographs and generated 34,000 files, is now accessible from the portal Murcia Digital
  • November 2014 Cultural Aljorra (23/10/2014)
    Theatre, lectures, music and food, make up the program of free activities for the residents that will be developed over six weekends
  • A researcher Cajamar-UPCT Chair receives an award for the best doctoral thesis in Social Economy Research (23/10/2014)
    The research argues that agribusiness cooperatives have great potential to compete in the current environment
  • Plastics Romero Cartagena is released in President Cup against Murcia CD (22/10/2014)
    In late September the knockout phase of the President Cup started
  • Cartagena will center cofrade intelligentsia with young people across Spain (22/10/2014)
    The organizers of the Second National Youth Meeting brotherhoods (II JOHC) finalize preparations.
  • Classes begin to learn the techniques of hospital cleaning (22/10/2014)
    On Wednesday the course this year organized by the Department of Women with the participation of a total of 18 students, which will make its practices in health centers, nursing homes and was inaugurated Practiser
  • Infrastructure Councilman announces the imminent start of construction of Sorrows (22/10/2014)

  • Noah's Ark, a corner of educational games for small (22/10/2014)
    toy library is located in Los Barreros since last April and the children until age 12, participating in workshops, French classes or hold birthdays
  • The first MACROADE Athletics about 300 school sport (22/10/2014)
    Students 4th Primary 8 schools participated in this meeting this morning they learned the different disciplines like jump or javelin
  • Favorable report of the Committee on Finance to the tax freeze and lowering some fees (22/10/2014)
    At the meeting, the emergency services have reported compliance Adjustment Plan 201 in the third quarter, bringing the average payment to 34.6 days suppliers
  • Rewarded researchers UPCT promote streamlining schedules (22/10/2014)

  • Educateatro turns five values ​​approaching the theater to schools (22/10/2014)

  • The City of Cartagena, a pioneer in electronic document management (22/10/2014)
    is the first town in Spain to approve a standard for digital documentation and processing
  • The Barrios Program ALDE rushing maintaining schools in the municipality (22/10/2014)

  • The Curse of the White Lady is back for Halloween (22/10/2014)

  • López asks Cultural Property urgent measures to ensure protection of the Moorish Castle (22/10/2014)
    If no disciplinary proceedings opened or is required immediately to the City of Cartagena compliance under Spanish law imposes, it shall request the Ministry of Culture the intervention to prevent spoliation
  • More than five thousand tourists stop over in Cartagena today (21/10/2014)
    The Adventure of the Seas, Noordam and SeaDream II disembark Tuesday in our city to its passengers thoroughly enjoy museums, restaurants and shops in town
  • Halloween comes to bars and shops in La Manga, Cabo Palos and Los Belones (21/10/2014)

  • Sebastian Avenue Feringán western approach to Cartagena (21/10/2014)
    be the result of the works of partial renewal of driving Tentegorra-Alums carried out since the summer with a duration of 11 months.
  • The students learn to manage their small economy classroom Consumer (21/10/2014)

  • 35 displaced teams across Spain were cited FEddi Futsal Championship 2014 (21/10/2014)
    The event was organized by Sport Primi municipal wards in Cartagena
  • Begin improvement and rush supplies to the Sports Arena (21/10/2014)
    Hall already been awarded and Hidrogea works worth 260,000 euros to be implemented in the coming weeks
  • Local and regional government join forces to end the underground economy (21/10/2014)

  • Young brothers all gathered in Cartagena Spain are given (21/10/2014)

  • Cartagena adheres to the Regional Plan to Combat Irregular Economy (21/10/2014)
    The presidential adviser and Employment and the Mayor of Cartagena sign an agreement by which the municipality is in addition to this program, the first in Spain to improve the protection of workers' rights
  • The Committee on Finance on Wednesday finds the proposed tax freeze and lowering some fees (21/10/2014)
    also be informed of the status of the Plan Adjustment in the third quarter 2014
  • Victory for the Under-18 Rugby Club University of Cartagena (21/10/2014)
    The senior team against Murcia, also played last weekend, was not so lucky and lost the match
  • Older Quarter of cocepcion celebrate their Cultural Week (21/10/2014)
    The Local Utility gathers neighborhood activities, workshops and exhibitions throughout the week.
  • Leftist forces committed to the electoral coalition formula for how the government (21/10/2014)

  • Researchers UPCT computational geometry contribute to the diagnosis of diseases of the cornea (21/10/2014)
    A team of engineers and scientists from the Polytechnic, the UMU, UMH and have achieved clinical Vissum characterize keratoconus, which produces vision loss
  • Stolen Babies Region of Murcia opens conference, "The drama of babies stolen" morning in Cartagena (20/10/2014)

  • Visit to the works of Sebastian Feringa (20/10/2014)

  • The Hesperides sailed to Antarctica in his campaign oceanographic research (20/10/2014)
    The ship departed this morning from Cartagena military arsenal with a new edition in which 15 scientific projects will be made until next March.
  • Cultural Week kicks off Barrio de la Concepción (20/10/2014)
    Councillors Welfare and Sports this afternoon to attend opening ceremony, ceremony to be held at 17.30 hours in the multipurpose Local neighborhood
  • Fair associations, volunteers, tournaments and giant paella in the Celebrations Reception UPCT (20/10/2014)

  • Closed submission of poems to Antonio Oliver Belmás Prize (20/10/2014)

  • El Grupo Folklorico de La Palma already has a square next to the House of Folklore (20/10/2014)
    The mayor presided over the ceremony on Friday the nomination recognized her work towards recovery, conservation and spread of popular culture Campo Cartagena
  • Guidance Pills job search (20/10/2014)
    The ALDE has launched since October a series of group sessions to provide the necessary resources when entering the labor market
  • MC complaint deficiencies in a public park and a bus stop dangerous Canteras (20/10/2014)
    The cartagenera political education also finds in the area, lack of cleanliness and sanitation in solar, children's playgrounds in poor condition and lack of trash cans
  • Festive atmosphere in Ajorra to celebrate the days of local coexistence (20/10/2014)

  • The FELGTB And GALACTYCO launches a campaign to encourage the LGBT community to know their HIV status (20/10/2014)
    Most newly diagnosed HIV are men who have sex with men and who do not use condoms in their relationships
  • Freezing taxes and lowering some fees 2015 (20/10/2014)
    The Governing Board approved changes in tax regulations that come into force on 1 January and will find it easier to taxpayers.
  • The Plaza San Francisco rejuvenates the inter-association and Artisan Market Meeting (20/10/2014)

  • Sahara Veterans remembered in Cartagena ancient battles (20/10/2014)

  • A thesis UPCT extends the life of batteries isolated photovoltaic prioritizing loads (20/10/2014)
    The algorithms developed by Juan Gabriel Faxas cheaper these facilities and ensure the electrical connection of essential equipment
  • "Cry neighbors Aljorra by a single school" (19/10/2014)
    SPCT and IU-green require the municipal government is agreed with neighboring solution
  • The Socialist Party says that there is no justification for the privatization of the nursing home of Source Cubas, in Cartagena (18/10/2014)
    Teresa Rosillo, who said it is the only public housing people over Cartagena, criticized the PP delivered to private hands management of a center whose renovation has taken nearly 6 million of public money
  • Internal Affairs: police cops (17/10/2014)
    Six police station agents Cartagena remain in jail, accused of killing a citizen who requested his help in March
  • Joaquín Moreno dies Clavel, Adopted Son of Cartagena (17/10/2014)
    The mayor has expressed his condolences on behalf of the Municipal Corporation family.
  • The Cultural Older Volunteers celebrate his 20 years teaching museums (17/10/2014)
    To commemorate this date, the Cartagena group, which performs guided children, students and seniors visits, organized a roundtable in December.
  • Cartagena raises his voice in the fight against poverty (17/10/2014)
    Today, Friday, the 17th, the manifesto was read before the Regional Assembly which called for measures to alleviate the situation of social exclusion in the country.
  • Juan Carrion, guest star of the show for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities (17/10/2014)
    Accompanied by the Mayor on Friday presided over the inauguration of Femadis 2014, which will be in the tent of the port until Sunday 19
  • Palazón congratulates Cáceres, new Gourmet Capital, and appreciates the support of Cartagena (17/10/2014)
    The frontier city has finally been chosen over the other candidates: Lugo, Huesca, Valencia and Cartagena
  • Youth makes cicerone with European Volunteer (17/10/2014)

  • More than 2.7 million to a collector of sanitation in the town of Los Urrutias (17/10/2014)

  • Contest to manage nursing home Fuente de Cubas in Cartagena (17/10/2014)

  • Traffic Court in Ussel Guimbarda to improve water supply and sanitation (17/10/2014)
    Work begins to affect for four months this street and of Alfonso X the Wise
  • Garranzo shared his experience on Everest project with youth Youth Guarantee (17/10/2014)
    The Youth Resource Centre Quarry became yesterday Thursday under the Cartagena meeting starred mountaineer activity is the result of collaboration between the Department of Sports and ALDE
  • Sports Councilman boasts Champions Cup Beach Soccer (17/10/2014)
    On Thursday the president of Beach Soccer CD Murcia Trophy taught the mayor that the team managed to Cartagena this past summer in the NL
  • A free course teaches cooking pastries for Christmas (17/10/2014)
    The Department of Women organized this activity to be held on Tuesdays from 11 November to 16 December.
  • Veterans Sahara celebrate their National Meeting in Cartagena sightseeing (17/10/2014)

  • GALACTYCO focuses on the International Day of Despathologization Trans Identities (17/10/2014)
    A manifesto was read on the main stage of the inter-association meeting organized by the city of Cartagena
  • The Botín Foundation awards UPCT study on improving water management in irrigated Guadalentin (17/10/2014)

  • An ethnographic path Ports honored rural women (16/10/2014)
    More than 60 people Wednesday in this initiative in the museum of the town as well as the wetland and the Jewish Puerto blood Ferris visited
  • Melanie Biasio present in the Cartagena Jazz Festival, awarded EBBA (16/10/2014)
    Belgian singer will perform for the first time in Spain on Saturday Nov. 22 in this Festival held in the port city
  • Professor Juan Carrion, Mayor of the Year Award Region (16/10/2014)
    English teacher picked this recognition today, delivered to the General Archive of the region.
  • Course Students will make their sales practices in a department store (16/10/2014)
    For a month, and new this year, work on Carrefour centers in Cartagena.
  • Youth held Saturday craft market and its inter-association meeting (16/10/2014)

  • The Mayor opened Friday Femadis 2014 (16/10/2014)
    Accompanied by the Councillor for Social Care, Pilar Barreiro attend the opening ceremony to be held at 12.30 hours at the tent at the esplanade of the port
  • Taught a conference Firefighters rescue victims in the RAAA73 (16/10/2014)
    last Monday and Tuesday were held in barracks Tentegorra within the course with 15 students Health Transport
  • El Grupo Folklorico de La Palma have their place next to the House of Folklore (16/10/2014)
    The Mayor will chair the nomination ceremony Friday to recognize their work towards recovery, conservation and spread of popular culture field Cartagena
  • Cartagena hosts the days of federal urban policy of Socialist Alternative (Clias) (16/10/2014)
    Clias integrated SPCT organizes the event which takes place on Saturday 18
  • The complaint of IU-green about the sorry state of the park road at La Palma Los Barreros takes effect (16/10/2014)
    In the day today the City has begun remodeling the park, presenting a sorry state after several years been abandoned by the negligence of the municipal government team
  • SPCT claims that the site of the future Health Center San Antón has become an unhealthy pond (16/10/2014)

  • A new Ebara Cabezo Beaza relieve collector Paseo de Alfonso XIII and save energy (16/10/2014)
    The draft prepared by the City was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water of the Autonomous Community
  • The head of Murcia receives Butler California Youth Guild Cartagena (16/10/2014)

  • The fish comes on stage at the Mercado de Santa Florentina (16/10/2014)

  • ... (16/10/2014)

  • End Working Grade A UPCT recommended to control the cost of care in the emergency service to optimize (16/10/2014)
    A student of the Faculty of Sciences of the Company proposed a system of accounting for the management of Hospital Santa Lucia
  • Carthaginians and Romans and destroy Sagunto parade in Madrid (15/10/2014)

  • A printed wrong on bonfificaciones confusing IBI (15/10/2014)
    The Department of Finance has withdrawn from the municipal web application model reductions for large families between 90 and 50 percent, which did not correspond to the tax ordinance current
  • The Civil Guard dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to the theft of agricultural materials (15/10/2014)
    Four of the detainees were attributed authorship of the alleged theft of irrigation hoses valued at 8,000 euros
  • The struggle for equality stars in the Manifesto for the Rural Women's Day (15/10/2014)
    On Wednesday AFAMMER president, Carmen English, was responsible in Cartagena read the speech in commemoration of this group, and put in value today promoting entrepreneurship
  • Cartagena a national competition drives confectionery with carob flour (15/10/2014)
    52 students from 13 schools catering elaborate desserts that are based this typical product of our country almost unknown for human consumption but with extraordinary nutritional properties
  • The architect Ignacio Paricio defends UPCT an architecture model that is committed to the comfort (15/10/2014)
    has been commissioned to deliver the inaugural lecture of the course at the Higher Technical School of Architecture and Building Engineering
  • Professor Juan Carrión collects Mayor of the Year of the Region of Murcia (15/10/2014)
    The event, which will take place on Thursday at the General Archive of the region will attend the Councillor for Social Care, Antonio Calderon
  • IU-green PP denounces the attempt to reduce property tax rebates to the many families worse off (15/10/2014)
    On the contrary, those of high economic position will be favored by a measure that is introducing legislation without for protection legal
  • The DELI project committed to the integration of immigrants in Cartagena (15/10/2014)

  • The National Museum of Underwater Archaeology ARQUA-organized the 5th International Congress on Underwater Archaeology IKUWA V (15/10/2014)
    Until 19th October in Cartagena
  • The Aljorra celebrates its second meeting of Neighbors (15/10/2014)
    Hiking, kids activities and food tasting complement the celebration, during this weekend, a few days of living among the residents of the Cartagena council
  • Cartagena and La Manga Spain host the football championship 2014 FEddi room (15/10/2014)

  • Cartagena joins the fight against poverty (15/10/2014)
    On Friday 17 October a manifesto to the Regional Assembly will be read and will be held the Second Social show in the Plaza de Jose Maria Artes
  • The UPCT involved in conserving the coins Our Lady of Mercy (15/10/2014)
    Technical SAIT instrumental analysis equipment used high performance to diagnose the state treasury and to determine how to conserve the most appropriate way
  • Marc Buhner new pilot Superbike Team Nobby Talasur Blumaq H43 (14/10/2014)
    German Marc Buchner, 22, will be the new pilot H43 Team Nobby Talasur Blumaq
  • Social Care last commemorating the International Day of Migrants (14/10/2014)
    will be on December 18 when a schedule of activities is organized together with social organizations of the town.
  • Enrique San Francisco returns to Cartagena with his show Enriched (14/10/2014)
    The actor and comedian will be at the Nuevo Teatro Circo December 5.
  • The Solar Team aims UPCT the podium in the Solar Race 2014 (14/10/2014)
    The competition this weekend will be held in Murcia
  • Associations of Women show their creations in its annual fair (14/10/2014)

  • More than 34 ways to make sport in Cartagena (14/10/2014)

  • Successes of U2 and The Police will ring in the Rock & Run in Cabo de Palos (14/10/2014)
    The tribute bands, Please and De Polis, along with Sherpa perform at this concert on Saturday 18 port on the esplanade.
  • President of SABIC visit the Auditorium El Batel, avant-garde work that incorporates materials produced in Cartagena (14/10/2014)

  • Published in the BOE the sale of parcels of Casco Antiguo (14/10/2014)
    Offers from interested parties may be submitted until November 10
  • The UPCT Life coordinates a European project that will test 15,000 + acres intelligent irrigation plant demand (14/10/2014)
    Eight teachers four centers Polytechnic endometry sensors and develop an algorithm to save 30% of water and fertilizers
  • Technical inspection to view drone (14/10/2014)
    NIN ION and make Heaven a powerful ally
  • "Pilar Barreiro Cartagena levying taxes on up to 200% more expensive than Murcia" (14/10/2014)
    SPCT emphasizes that the tax burden is higher for both business and individuals
  • Over 400 birds this week cited Ornithological Competition (14/10/2014)
    On Monday the thirty-fourth edition of the event whose exhibition will be open from Tuesday 14 to Friday 17 at the local office of San Ginés was inaugurated
  • New Cartagena FC opens the curtain on the 2014-2015 season (14/10/2014)
    The presentation was a guest with the Councillor for Sports who made the kick off the new season and received the gold badge of the club
  • MC asks the Hymn to Cartagena sound in all official acts of the City Council (14/10/2014)
    Political training criticizes the neglect of this musical composition by the current government team, which does not make use of it
  • The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Risen council convenes an extraordinary table to choose Big Brother (13/10/2014)
    According to the provisions of Article 78 of the Statute of the brotherhood, you quoted Cabildo Special Bureau for the election. Big Brother
  • It opens its doors Tuesday Partnerships Fair Women (13/10/2014)
    be in the forecourt of the harbor with the participation of 39 of these groups of Cartagena and its inauguration will take place from 12 noon
  • Lledo ending Atacama Crossing standing in sixth place overall (13/10/2014)
    The Cartagena corridor is already just one test to achieve the challenge of 4Desert, which ends in the frozen wasteland of Antarctica
  • Back to the Cartagena circuit Trail veterans and amateurs (13/10/2014)

  • The Neighbourhood Forum and the House of Fortune recreate how people lived in Carthago Nova (13/10/2014)
    The City Council, through Cartagena Port of Cultures has scheduled new activities for the whole family to be held in October, November and December as guided tours and workshops for small
  • This Friday will be revealed if Cartagena is the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2015 (13/10/2014)
    Cáceres, Huesca, Lugo and Valencia also aim to hold this title.
  • The kids of APANDA celebrated the International Day of the Deaf (13/10/2014)
    Music performance, theater and contests occurred last Friday at the headquarters of this group, with the attendance at the Alderman of Social Care
  • The Cartagena Margarita Dominguez wins first Timoncap Cabo de Palos (13/10/2014)
    About 300 athletes gathered in this test which was held on Sunday in which the swimmers had to walk 2.2 kilometers, and whose range is performed in the given Levante beach due to bad weather
  • Elderly and disabled people show their work in Femadis 2014 (13/10/2014)

  • The FICC and Repsol launching a Short Film Competition between institutes Cartagena (13/10/2014)
    The aim of the Festival is to promote interest in cinema among young people.
  • A student recommends UPCT Camachos and Roche for the logistics storage area without macropuerto Cartagena (13/10/2014)
    The development is necessary to attract freight containers large and circulation for the Mediterranean Corridor
  • Inauguration of the new premises of the Southern Levant cooperative (11/10/2014)

  • MC lead to lack of maintenance plenary Pozo Strait (11/10/2014)
    The political formation cartagenera check the mismanagement of the government team in this council, which provides solar trash accumulated dirt in public parks and lack of lighting
  • IU-Green calls for the renovation project of the Avenue Victor Beltrí infrastructure includes rainwater collected (11/10/2014)
    The formation of the left believes that the proposed electoral reform has only character and attempt to give the impression that the arrival of AVE Mandarache the area is near
  • The Youth Guarantee Ireland project reaches Cartagena (10/10/2014)
    The technical program this Thursday visiting the city for the pilot initiative that also takes place in our city, organized by the ALDE and Youth
  • The kids know Youth Guarantee athletics background (10/10/2014)
    The Sports Council and the ALDE organized a conference this morning in municipal court to practice typical tests of this mode, such as javelin and high jump
  • Apices students show off their work to the mayor (10/10/2014)
    This Friday received the first mayor who, accompanied by the Councillor for Social Care, knew firsthand the premises conducting workshops in the center of Santa Ana
  • Course static devices police the SPACE (10/10/2014)
    The training has developed this week, from 6 to 9 October
  • Opens its doors Cartagena V Fair Outlet at substantial discounts (10/10/2014)
    The Esplanade Port welcomes this initiative stands comprising 39 shops throughout the city that offer their items to output the accumulated stock
  • The Book Botica expand its facilities in Lo Campano (10/10/2014)
    The Governing Board of the City of Cartagena approves the transfer of the dining room and kitchen of the old infant school to the association that manages this integration project training and leisure
  • The Coral Carthagonova celebrates Columbus Day with a concert at the Arqua (10/10/2014)
    The Arqua host this Sunday at 12 noon, the performance of the coral, which will offer a wide repertoire with Havana as protagonists
  • Cartagena Firefighters smother a fire in a nearby ship bikes Cabezo Beaza (10/10/2014)
    In the incident, recorded this morning, have burned lots of old vehicles
  • Water cut in the Media League, Vista Alegre and Security Park (10/10/2014)
    Hidrogea reported Tuesday that the supply will be cut into the area from 8 in the morning for about ten hours
  • The City shall provide annually half a million euros of liquidity (10/10/2014)
    Treasury's decision to expand to ten years the return of more settlements collected in 2008-2009 allow the Consistory more quickly pay your suppliers
  • Hosteleros Fishermen and melt into a conference Flavored Sea (10/10/2014)

  • ANSE undertake information and environmental volunteer activities in a forest house Cartagena (10/10/2014)

  • More than 123,000 euros for improvement works at school in Cartagena José María Lapuerta (10/10/2014)

  • Sunset In Hill Wins Photo Contest Puerto de Culturas (10/10/2014)

  • Researchers and students UPCT awarded at the Congress of Naval Engineering and Industry Marina (10/10/2014)

  • IMPLICA2 involved in cleaning the seabed DEPTH LOOK + (10/10/2014)
    The Youth Council participates in the organization of this campaign will be held on Saturday October 11 in Cala Cortina, Lighthouse Christmas and tailings
  • The Municipal Archives will give away books or repeated declassified (10/10/2014)
    The Local Government Board has approved this morning weeding of library assistant works affecting some 550 specimens, mainly works of law no force
  • IU-v again ask to be taken to a kiosk hiring and maintaining a place in the Barreros (10/10/2014)

  • Fundación Repsol and Social Council of the UPCT fund scholarships of excellence (10/10/2014)

  • ... (09/10/2014)

  • Sports and ALDE organized a day of Athletics for Youth Guarantee Project (09/10/2014)
    The municipal athletics track hosts a sports day on Friday for a score of young people participating in the program sponsored by the Agency
  • Lledo repeated sixth in the fourth stage of the Atacama Crossing (09/10/2014)
    The Cartagena remains at the top and placed ninth in overall league in the third Grand Slam 4Deserts challenge.
  • Long live the newlyweds !, couples of the last century to our time (09/10/2014)
    is the exhibition of the Municipal Archives showing the evolution of relations in two hundred years.
  • Birds for consideration in the new edition Ornithological Exhibition Contest (09/10/2014)
    will be held from 14 to 17 October at the local office of the District of San Ginés, organized by the Isaac Peral Ornithological Association.
  • Theatre, workshops and tastings to learn to value sustainable fisheries (09/10/2014)

  • Hidrogea joins the Red Chairs UPCT research to develop application in smart cities (09/10/2014)
    Students of the Polytechnic, and preferably those of the School of Civil and Mining, have more opportunities to join the company
  • The Community promotes public transport use among college Cartagena with UNIBON (09/10/2014)
    The university community can travel on all bus lines in the city with an unlimited multiviaje bonus and monthly basis for an amount of 20 euros
  • SPCT Health proposes to extend security protocols against Ebola health centers and sea rescue (09/10/2014)

  • Barreiro and Morenés Defense review the issues affecting Cartagena (08/10/2014)
    The minister and the mayor have maintained Ecuentro at the Palace Hall in which have shown the good performance of investments in Navantia concerning Underwater weapon
  • Juanmi, at the launch of City Garden UPCT: "The illusion took me to success' (08/10/2014)
    The international goalkeeper recommends college athletes Cartagena Polytechnic" not have birds on their heads and fight for your dreams "
  • Convened two scholarships institutional journalism and visual communication in the city of Cartagena (08/10/2014)
    The session will provide practical training for young graduates for a year at their municipal offices
  • The Art of Cartagena embroidery Molina sneaks into the palace (08/10/2014)
    The opening of this exhibition will be on Friday, 10th, at 19.15 hours.
  • Bertin Osborne and Arévalo Cartagena again in crisis with Two cheeky (08/10/2014)
    Tickets for Friday 7 November are now on sale.
  • Inhabiting the trace shown at the Palace Hall of the labor Sonia Navarro (08/10/2014)
    is the exhibition which will be open to the public until 26 November, which was inaugurated last Thursday, day 2 A wide range of colors, materials and images of Roma star in this collection
  • Lledo sixth remains in the third stage of the Atacama Crossing (08/10/2014)
    With a time of 6:07 the Cartagena could sneak into the top spot on the challenge of Grand Slam 4Deserts
  • The international cruise Timoncap surround Cabo de Palos swim (08/10/2014)
    will be this Sunday, the 12th, from 10, 15 hours, in which 300 swimmers participate in this event which runs from the harbor entrance to the Levante Beach
  • El Batel welcomes the 53rd Congress of Naval Engineering and Maritime (08/10/2014)
    Pedro Morenés, Defence Minister inaugurates Cartagena Congress to become the center of the naval engineering and industry of the country
  • One hundred boats will contest the City of Cartagena Trophy V (08/10/2014)
    Sailors of classes optimist, laser and 420 will meet this weekend in harbor waters to participate in an event organized by the Real Club de Regatas in collaboration Hall
  • The Polytechnic University of Cartagena and Banco Santander strengthen collaboration with the Chair of Entrepreneurship (08/10/2014)

  • Bertin Osborne and Arévalo return to Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena renvoado with his show "Two cheeky crisis" (08/10/2014)
    tickets for Friday 7 November are now on sale
  • Those over Alums celebrate their Cultural Week XI (08/10/2014)
    The Social Care Councillor attended on Monday the inauguration this week aimed at older neighborhood, which will culminate on Sunday, October 12, the feast of Pilar
  • Training workshops to be held this Wednesday and Thursday in the auditorium of CEEIC Son (07/10/2014)
    [keys how to build your business and marketing on-line are cast in the classroom].
  • Apices transforms Luzzy Ramón Alonso in his Attic Words (07/10/2014)

  • Those responsible for Gastronomic Capital 2015 bid intimate knowledge of the Cartagena (07/10/2014)
    This Tuesday met with the Mayor and Council of Tourism and Commerce at the Palace Hall.
  • Open enrollment period for travel T-The Fall (07/10/2014)
    Those interested in going to the park on Halloween or Warner Córdoba and Seville on the bridge of the Constitution, and they can join the Youth Resource Centre
  • MC criticizes team Barreiro for having led to AVV Urrutias deliver the keys to the clubhouse (07/10/2014)
    Yesterday proceeded to power outage in its facilities, payment of which is not to do by the council
  • On Thursday the water was cut Tallante area and El Portus (07/10/2014)

  • Humor, magic, music and color for the whole family with The Legend of the Unicorn (07/10/2014)
    stunts, special effects, colorful costumes and sets make us travel from a fishing port to the bottom of the sea
  • Oscar Belzunce Huarte leads a comprehensive renovation of the Student Council UPCT (07/10/2014)
    The new president intends to improve communication with students and achieve greater visibility to the University
  • Water cut in Alameda San Anton and surrounding streets for Thursday (07/10/2014)
    The supply will be interrupted on Thursday, for six hours, from early morning, as reported Hidrogea
  • 39 shops make up the V Cartagena Fair Outlet (07/10/2014)
    The event will be held in the forecourt of Puerto, organized by the Department of Commerce, 10th, 11th and 12th October
  • Old Town puts on sale fourteen plots of the municipality (07/10/2014)
    The BORM published Monday October 6 announcement of tender competition for the sale of these plots.
  • ... (07/10/2014)

  • Platero jogging again by the Municipal Library Red Cartagena (07/10/2014)
    What will this Friday, the 10th, at 18.30 pm in the Children's Library Cultural Center Luzzy Ramón Alonso.
  • Lledo comes in fourteenth place in the second stage of the Atacama Crossing (07/10/2014)
    The Cartagena earn a position in this test 4Deserts Grand Slam.
  • Iván Ferreiro presents her new album El Batel (07/10/2014)
    Galician artist will perform on Friday at the Municipal Auditorium, where he will unveil songs from his sixth solo album
  • "The señorHhernández Mondejar and health omelette" (07/10/2014)
    Opinion piece Cayetano Jaime Moltó
  • The exhibit UPCT Racing Team Thursday in augmented reality design your next racing car (07/10/2014)

  • The National Police arrested six officers allegedly linked to the death of a person in Cartagena (06/10/2014)
    The incident occurred in March
  • Twenty women from El Casar came to know Cartagena (06/10/2014)
    This weekend we were touring the treasures of our city's Town Hall, where they were met by the Councillor for Women, the Museum of the Roman Theatre and the Naval Museum , among others
  • The Department of Women attending this year a thousand victims of domestic violence (06/10/2014)
    Of these 187 have used for the first time this service so far in 2014 for comprehensive advice.
  • Motoclub Cartagena headquarters opens with a great michironada (06/10/2014)
    Twenty bikers focused on Saturday in its opening at the local Angus Rock Center and attended by the Councillor for Sports
  • Team Moto UPCT is fourth in the university competition MotoStudent (06/10/2014)
    The vehicle built by students of the Polytechnic was in the top ten in technical tests in the assessment of project
  • The art of bobbin can be seen in El Algar and The Ajorra (06/10/2014)

  • SPCTdenuncia incorrect signage on the street Escarihuela Residencial Casablanca (06/10/2014)

  • Cartagena land on the new European Youth volunteers (06/10/2014)
    Councillor Ruth Collins received last week and Angèlique Masood, young people who have signed for EVS project for socio-cultural work in the city, where they remained until July 2015
  • The best bodybuilders in the country exhibited their muscles in Cartagena (06/10/2014)
    They did last Saturday at the Municipal Sports Pavilion Wssell Guimbarda where Spain Championship was held this modality.
  • Lledo debut in the Atacama Crossing and placed fifteenth (06/10/2014)
    The Cartagena was made from the top of the rankings in this first test of the third desert Grand Slam starting on Sunday.
  • Run to alleviate the Nordic musical fibromyalgia (06/10/2014)
    The Social Care Councillor today visited the participants in this activity within the larger program, held Monday October at the Park Rosa
  • SPCT claims the council to replace disks in traffic Albujón (06/10/2014)
    Recent rains have brought down several signs in the village
  • Three engineers Mines UPCT Repsol scholarship for his Masters in Oil (06/10/2014)
    Of the 1,800 applicants in Spain, students of the Polytechnic of Cartagena have cornered 10% of aid
  • Judgment awarded cooperative Mirador del Mediterráneo (05/10/2014)

  • MC shall take all appropriate measures to prevent new illegal recruitment is consumed with a hundred people by the system of "handpick" (04/10/2014)

  • Guided visit of Joaquín cartoons by Carthaginians and Romans Archaeological (03/10/2014)
    The writer of this story at drawing explain the intricacies of this exhibition on Sunday October 5, 11 to 13 hours, and holding together with Rogelio
  • Crowdfunding, Bollywood or capoeira sneak into the T-LA Fall Youth (03/10/2014)
    A total of 64 activities, cultural tours, training courses or sports, make programming these months.
  • Brilliant performance out of the Army in a car accident (03/10/2014)

  • On Monday he completely cut traffic on the road from Cala Cortina by works (03/10/2014)

  • Fifty experts share knowledge in Cartagena Pediatric Rheumatology (03/10/2014)
    Saturday officially inaugurated at the CIM Conference of the Society of Rheumatology Murcia, whose sessions have already begun Friday
  • Andrés Lledo and is on his way to Chile (03/10/2014)
    This Sunday begins the third of 4Desert tests, which will run for a week in the desert of Atacama, with a distance of 250 kilometers where the athletes will face Cartagena 36 countries
  • The AFCT and the City organized a course on basic football Monitor (03/10/2014)
    Those interested can register to attend this training, the number of seats is 45 and will be held from 20 to 29 October at the soccer field Garden City
  • Companies rural housing and active recreation will be the basis of the development of the west (03/10/2014)

  • MC asked the City Council to remedy the deficiencies of the Sector Station and should agree with neighboring remodeling Captains Ripoll (03/10/2014)
    The cartagenera political education tour visit to Sector Station, where finds many unresolved deficiencies in its streets, which are not answered Government team Barreiro
  • City Council and social organizations prepared during Open School A to Other Cultures (03/10/2014)

  • UPCT Students may do internships and volunteering in Huertecica (03/10/2014)

  • 3 redeem people are water while bathing in Playa de las Sirenas La Manga del Mar Menor (02/10/2014)
    One fail-site
  • Veterans and cycling fans on Carthago pedalearán MTB Challenge (02/10/2014)
    be in December 13 and 14, when this test is organized bicycle with a first stage of 60 kilometers in La Manga Club and another 52 in Cartagena.
  • The best bodybuilders in the country will meet in Cartagena (02/10/2014)
    Central Sports Pavilion hosts this Saturday Bodybuilding Championships IBFF Spain, which means athletes compete hundred men and women from around the country
  • MC warns that the Neighborhood Association Urrutias deliver the keys to the clubhouse Barreiro if they cut the light (02/10/2014)
    The cartagenera political education tour visit to Los Urrutias to spot check the appalling conditions in which its clubhouse is Your doctor's office, as well as sports facilities or even the beach
  • Open Enrolment for Comedy Contest La Palma (02/10/2014)
    Until December 19 interested can sign up to this event which celebrates its seventeenth edition and will be held on 27 and 28 February and 1 March.
  • Cartagena today depends more than ever on itself (02/10/2014)

  • Sonia Navarro exposes Inhabiting Footprint in the Palace Hall (02/10/2014)
    Today Thursday lumbrerense sign artist, which will be open until October 26 opens
  • The Municipal Library tonight Cartagena receive his award for best national initiative to promote reading (02/10/2014)
    The award given by the Federation of Publishing Guilds of Spain in Barcelona will be picked up by the Councillor for Culture, Rosario Montero
  • A conference in El Batel help this weekend to 4000 children in India and Nicaragua (02/10/2014)

  • SPCTdenuncia gaps in the institutes to integrate students with disabilities (02/10/2014)
    cuts can not be an excuse not to preserve equality of "opportunities"
  • Cartagena honored elders in their International Day (02/10/2014)
    More than a hundred of them were cited Wednesday in the School of Agricultural Engineering in a ceremony paying tribute, among others, to the centuries-old Luisa, the Group and volunteers Sainete
  • Open enrollment period for cultural visit to Aljorra (02/10/2014)
    The Department of Women organized this activity within the program and more for you to be held on Wednesday, October 8
  • IU-green Cartagena held an open meeting on confluence (02/10/2014)
    The formation of the left invites all citizens wishing to converge politically to end the current political bipartisanship
  • A Final Master UPCT recommends improving the prevention of health hazards in the aggregates industry (02/10/2014)

  • A year later the National Police arrested the rapist of a minor in Cartagena (02/10/2014)
    The child was sexually assaulted near the Parque de la Rosa of the city
  • Cartagena compete with four other cities for being the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2015 (02/10/2014)
    Yesterday the deadline closed, with the other candidates Cáceres, Huesca, Lugo and Valencia
  • Access to tailings will star state investment for the port in 2015 (01/10/2014)

  • Running Program Socio Intervention talks and workshops for youth (01/10/2014)
    The Young Space Department develops this initiative to teach this group of the different services offered by the city and learn concepts related studies, law or employment
  • The Hole The show will come early this year to Cartagena (01/10/2014)
    El Batel Auditorium hosts this show from 28 January to 1 February, with tickets from 24 euros
  • The Social Care Councillor Teresa and visiting the centennial Anacleta (01/10/2014)
    To mark the International Day of Older Persons, both Cartagena received the mayor at the Residence of the Little Sisters and La Palma
  • The Mayor welcomes those over Novelda (01/10/2014)
    With the International Day of Older Persons, a hundred Alicante town knew this first hand the treasures of our city's Town Hall, where received Pilar Barreiro
  • Return to the classroom School Driver Education (01/10/2014)
    The Park opens next week with more activities for the 2014/15 that appeared in Wednesday week Governing Board.
  • Stops and displays in mobile applications report the arrival of buses (01/10/2014)
    The City Council and ALSA have finalized this morning the new improvements to be incorporated in the coming months Cartagena lines that will increase your efficiency and accessibility
  • PSOE and IU-Greens call Valcárcel's appearance in the Assembly to explain his involvement in Novo Carthago and possible favors received by companies in the region (01/10/2014)
    spokesmen, Begoña García and José Antonio Pujante Retegui believe that citizens deserve know everything that happened
  • The company incubator UPCT manage two million euros from the EU to create a European platform for technological entrepreneurship (01/10/2014)

  • MC lodged complaint against the president of the neighborhood and Perín against Councillor Florentina Garcia Vargas (01/10/2014)
    "for initiating a public work before tendering relevant"
  • ... (01/10/2014)

  • Students UPCT have your solar underwater robot in the National Congress of Naval Engineering and Industry Marina (01/10/2014)

  • Result of international collaboration detention of a person is achieved by forging documents (01/10/2014)
    Interpol was crucial to achieve the necessary evidence to show that the detainee had falsified identity documents carrying

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