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Cartagena News - March 2010

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  • The First Lady of California Pain Brotherhood launches a new lighting system designed in the UPCT (31/03/2010)

  • Chancellor's Team prepares for the final stage adaptation of the Bologna Process (31/03/2010)

  • Inverse problems gather at eighty UPCT mathematicians around the world (31/03/2010)

  • The City collected 1,821 euros on Easter alms (31/03/2010)
    Social Care Councillor and Mayor Nazarene today presided over the petitions contained in table installed in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • 80 young people visit the Park Driver Education on Monday and Tuesday before Easter (31/03/2010)
    have involved children who have the Bicycle Card authorizing them to handle the karts and bikes that are provided on the track
  • On Thursday it opens to vehicles and pedestrians extending Bruna Angel (31/03/2010)
    This new section will improve communication in the neighborhood of the Eixample Peral
  • On Monday begins the week of Guitar XI Cartagena (31/03/2010)
    opens its doors with a performance by Carlos Piñana, which opened the concert series, and Canizares, was the culmination of the week
  • Spain's Cup Sailing Laser bring to La Manga for over 700 visitors (31/03/2010)
    The Club Nautico La Isleta, with the cooperation of the City, has organized this great sporting event to be held from 1 to 4 April at Sea Retail
  • THE WCMC repeats "the blockbuster" (31/03/2010)

  • 70 fans vie Open Domino I (31/03/2010)
    In the championship was attended by 34 partners from six cities in the Region of Murcia and Cartagena was the host
  • González Tovar announced that Phase II of Marchamalo promenade in Cartagena, will involve investment of more than 2.8 million euros (31/03/2010)
    The Cabinet on Tuesday approved the declaration of public utility property and rights affected by the project
  • Valcárcel get to the board of the Bar Association of Cartagena (30/03/2010)

  • Futsal Alcorcón participates in a social-sports Cartagena (30/03/2010)
    The Department of Sports, Youth and Tourism have collaborated on various initiatives over the 5 days that lasted the issue
  • The Basketball Club Cartagena provides six players for the Championship of Spain of Minibasket (30/03/2010)
    Six players from the CB Cartagena give indication of the quality of basketball Cartagena.
  • International Roma Day (30/03/2010)
    Organized with the collaboration of the Council, held on 8 April with the traditional reading of the manifesto at the Palace Hall and various performances of song and dance at the Cultural Center
  • Youth opens the deadline to participate in the Youth Market Partnerships Fair (30/03/2010)
    up to April 15 may apply to participate in this market, which will be located at Muelle de Alfonso XII
  • One hundred people participating in the program Aula Company (30/03/2010)
    This series of workshops and seminars, which aims to introduce participants to their entrepreneurial skills, will take place next April
  • The Palace Hall sports a typical palm Elche (30/03/2010)
    The ornament was a gift to the City Council and looks at one of the main balcony of the building as a traditional symbol of Easter
  • The Socialists suspended for the municipality of Cartagena by the "terrible situation of La Manga" (30/03/2010)

  • The City participates in the traditional Easter alms (30/03/2010)
    Social Care Councillor and Mayor will chair the board Nazarene will be installed tomorrow in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • City Council and Chamber of Commerce will work together for the city (30/03/2010)
    The mayor has received the newly elected chairman of the House and their new executive to start a path of collaboration between both institutions in sectors such as tourism, which are of common interest general
  • Open Enrolment for the workshops of Mucho Mas Mayo (30/03/2010)
    There are five proposals to take place especially during the week of 10 to 14 May, an act outside of this time sequence, and places will be limited
  • Evacuated a building in La Manga by fire in the garage (30/03/2010)
    Local Police and Civil Guard came early this morning the evacuation of the building, located on Mont Blanc, while firefighters put out the fire, without having had that unfortunate injury
  • The Arrest awarded with the Golden Hachote UPCT (29/03/2010)

  • II Sports Festival Street in La Palma (29/03/2010)
    250 people participated last week in this activity which ended the week XI Athletic Association organized Codelpa
  • UPyD Museum regrets that the week of Cartagena has been forgotten for lack of institutional will (29/03/2010)

  • Mar Vidal and Carlos Aliaga, winners of Match VII Improvisation (29/03/2010)
    Sixteen pairs, two more than last year, guarantee the success of participation in this event organized by the Municipal School of Theatre in the activities scheduled to mark World Day Theatre
  • More than 2,000 foreign cruise tourists fill the streets of the city (29/03/2010)
    Most Germans, arrived this morning at the port of Cartagena and Tuesday are expected to atrque another with 1,700 tourists on board
  • The VII Memorial Aroca remember the deceased in the history of football in Cartagena (29/03/2010)
    Holy Thursday is celebrated with a party of veterans between the CD and FC Cartagena Naval Councilman arbitrator Sports
  • To be awarded the 1,611 seats on the municipal markets (29/03/2010)
    The Governing Board approved the renewal and allocation of vacancies, whose listings are published on Tuesday and a grant from the Autonomous Region for equipment of the Day Centre of Sorrows
  • Mayor Maria Cascales, near the city Favourite Daughter (29/03/2010)
    Pilar Barreiro held a meeting today with the pharmaceutical and research Cartagena, who will receive his degree on 23 April at the Palace Hall
  • The Plaza of Spain is reopened to traffic (26/03/2010)
    On this evening they test traffic lights to allow the passage of vehicles from tomorrow definitely Sunday
  • El Cristo del Socorro and the Ounce of Gold opens the week Pasional of Cartagena (26/03/2010)
    During the Offering in the church of Charity, the mayor has claimed the duty of loyalty and generosity of the rulers, especially in times of crisis
  • Félix Faure: Cartagena is in the Easter argument to outdo itself (26/03/2010)
    Maria Dolores Soler says live a special Easter with new experiences and memories and a renewed faith
  • More than 9,000 flowers adorn the gardens of town for Easter (25/03/2010)
    The Seville Rose wore in the Port and the Cruzeiro Real Street is new among the 17 chosen species, whose planting was delayed due to inclement weather
  • Last day for payment of vehicle tax (25/03/2010)
    may be paid until 31 March in bank branches, ATMs and services tax Hall Online
  • Artificial turf for playgrounds outdoor (25/03/2010)
    La Plaza Doctor Vicente García Marcos is one of the spaces in the city in which the City Council is renewing the pavement to suit the needs of smaller
  • Antonio Gades's company brings Fuenteovejuna Murcia Auditorium, one of the great ballets of the twentieth century (25/03/2010)
    The performance will be tomorrow, Friday March 26 at 20:30
  • Real Cartagena is ready to face another battle on Saturday March 27th at 18:30 to the Guadalajara Gestesa Andreu Plaza (25/03/2010)
    Luis Fonseca Pupils know that they play a position among the top eight at the table a direct rival for this reason, the set is fully conscious albiazul to be brought in once and for all the three points at home.
  • One hundred workers are involved in the business meeting Cabezo I Beaza (25/03/2010)
    The closure was given by the Minister of Universities, Business and Research and President of AECAB
  • Antonio Marin Albalate in Poetry Program Carmen Conde (25/03/2010)
    Thursday will offer a recital at the Auditorium of the Municipal Archives in the old Artillery
  • Cartagena is preparing to celebrate their Big Day (25/03/2010)
    The day of Good Friday will begin with the procession of Cristo del Socorro, this morning, and will continue with an ounce of gold, the Patron and the floral offering to the patron
  • Project 45 students received their diplomas Labor (25/03/2010)
    5 months have been receiving education and training in health social care for elderly dependents, dependent on trade and aid comprehensive service catering for children and seniors
  • Campaign Underway collection of batteries used in Easter (25/03/2010)
    This is the third edition of this activity co-organized councils and autonomous communities, with five containers at strategic locations that will work for forty days after Good Friday
  • Open Enrolment for the Cruces de Mayo (25/03/2010)
    The festival will be held in Cartagena between 9 and 10 this month
  • Easter Trophy Archery (25/03/2010)
    Sunday will be held in conjunction with the 1 st Edition of the Regional League and held at the Municipal Athletic Track
  • Local Security Board outlining the processions device (24/03/2010)
    At the meeting were invited the elder brothers of the fraternities
  • Much More May presents the most intense in advance of his editions (24/03/2010)
    Open the deadline for entries in informative workshops and the proposed new home concert in your living room
  • Held the second round of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition XXX (24/03/2010)
    On the afternoon of yesterday, the Municipal Sports Pavilion hosted this tournament involving 325 students and is continuing that took place last week
  • Sold out on the first day tribute to World Theatre Day (24/03/2010)
    Cultural Center audience was filled yesterday to see the performances organized by the Municipal School of Theatre, with texts by Valle Inclán and Miguel Hernandez, among others
  • A delegation from Morocco by signing up in Cartagena (24/03/2010)
    Councillor for Employment and Youth have been received today at the Palace Hall to then hold a workshop on social service agencies
  • 45 students receive their diplomas Labor Project (24/03/2010)
    5 months have been receiving education and training in health social care for elderly dependents, dependent on trade and aid comprehensive service catering for children and seniors
  • The Guide to Cartagena II and Onda Cero Easter is already on the street (24/03/2010)
    The Councillor of Tourism accompanied the director of the station yesterday in the presentation that was played out in Roman Theatre Museum
  • Open road to traffic temporarily Juan Fernández (24/03/2010)
    Bus lines 1 and 2 have resumed their routes and stops in that avenue, which also has a bike lane and is now open to traffic in order to give fluency Easter traffic
  • The flamenco stars in Week XI Cartagena Guitar (23/03/2010)
    The Conservatory of Music hosts from 5 to April 11 event, which offers concerts, courses, workshops and an exhibition of unique Guitar Lutheria country
  • The local police is updated on Traffic (23/03/2010)
    About 130 officers today held a day of renewed regulation that is included in the training activities promoted by the Local Police Regional School in collaboration with the ESPAC
  • Open day at the centers of tourist interpretation (23/03/2010)
    The Good Friday will be free admission to the Roman Theater, the Civil War refugees, the Casa de la Fortuna and Fort Christmas, among others
  • A delegation from Morocco stops in Cartagena (23/03/2010)
    Social Care Councillor will receive on Wednesday at the Palace Hall to then hold a workshop on social service agencies
  • 13 years of rehabilitation in the Historic Facades (23/03/2010)
    Opened in San Miguel Building a sample of the 92 actions taken by Autonomous Region and City Council
  • XXIV Trofeo Cartagena City Athletics (23/03/2010)
    Athletes from the front line have already confirmed their attendance at this sporting event that is celebrated on Holy Wednesday at the Athletics Track
  • Two and a half years of hard work splendor returned to the altarpiece of San Jose (23/03/2010)
    The municipal workshop of restoration has devoted more than 7,000 hours to clean and reintegration of soprtes of this work located in one of the chapels of the Church of Charity
  • Tranquility in the City after allowing the judge the work on the Sacro Monte (23/03/2010)
    The mayor expressed his satisfaction with this decision finding that supports the legality of actions undertaken by management and the professionalism of the municipal technicians
  • Manuel Asensio takes over as chief inspector of the local police Cartagena (23/03/2010)
    For the past nine months had held this position in practice, after overcoming the opposition stage
  • Two out of every ten young people of Cartagena are foreigners (23/03/2010)
    This is one of the data extracted by CT.Joven, virtual observatory launched by Youth to bring this collective society and their main needs and demands
  • Results of the special day of the Football League Base (23/03/2010)
    Despite the long weekend in San Jose played games for some categories behind in competitive calendar
  • The judge dismissed the injunction consistent with the cessation of works on the Sacro Monte (22/03/2010)

  • Increased security, and has winners (22/03/2010)
    Their names will be announced at a ceremony to be held April 15 at the Palace Hall
  • Espido Freire, in Cartagena to attend the acts of the Women's Day (22/03/2010)
    In addition to offering a course in creative writing, on Tuesday will be a Conference on Women in today's society, previously holding a meeting with the media
  • Start Perseus Project, Discover your city and Customs (22/03/2010)
    This is a workshop, lasting two months, a group of 15 disabled people with the aim of improving social
  • The Tarragona Cartageneros honor the Virgin of Charity (22/03/2010)
    The traditional celebration in the Catalan city was attended by Councilman Antonio Calderón
  • The Mills Music Hall until October Marfagones (22/03/2010)
    The center, which has an area of 400 meters square, have eleven rooms and will accommodate up to 85 students
  • The largest local premiere of Isla Plana social (22/03/2010)
    The Mayor has opened new facilities in more than 100 square meters located on the ground floor of the Primary Care Clinic
  • Commemoration of World Theatre Day 2010 (22/03/2010)
    Events take place at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy and the Military Historical Museum of Artillery
  • The Municipal Library Network premieres Cartagena blog (22/03/2010)
    Entrevista.con Titled, starts today and aims to put writers in touch with their readers via the Internet, being the first to share the author Carmen Garcia Iglesias
  • Gotagotham or how to learn the responsible use of water playing (22/03/2010)
    Aquagest City Hall and have launched an educational program aimed at primary school in the municipality, which will begin in six centers this year and will continue to rest during the 2009/10 academic year
  • A new public open space and the Cartagena (22/03/2010)
    Tributes, music and entertainment for children have accompanied the bridge of San Jose's opening of the Plaza of the CIM, a celebration that ended early due to rain suspended Sunday's events
  • Steal a pony in Los Camachos (22/03/2010)
    Agents of the Local Police surprised when an individual carrying on a trailer
  • Real Cartagena III wins the memorial "Carlos Garcia" (22/03/2010)

  • The Guilds Board regrets the limited impact of Easter in Cartagena in the national media (20/03/2010)

  • The Reale unlucky frustrates Cartagena without leaving barely breathe so far this second round. (19/03/2010)

  • José Gabriel Ruiz received the insignia of 'Knight of Santiago' in a tribute to the victims of terrorism (19/03/2010)

  • Sara García said that the conservation of the door of the CIM in Cartagena is due to the cooperation of the Government of Spain with the UPCT (19/03/2010)
    The Socialist deputy Sara García Ruiz, welcomes the signing of the agreement between the Ministry of Defense and the UPCT maintaining door CIM
  • Defense and the University of Cartagena rehabilitate the door of the old barracks Seamanship Instruction (18/03/2010)

  • VII Improv Match (18/03/2010)
    Convened by Francisco Rabal municipal school to mark World Theatre Day, the deadline for registration will remain open until 23 March
  • Students of the school Our Lady of Sorrows is open to other cultures (18/03/2010)
    Councillor for Education and Social Care Councillor participate in activities that are taking place in this bilingual public school
  • Rearrangement of traffic on the occasion of the feast of Easter (18/03/2010)
    Mayor has issued an edict to determine the restrictions that the passage of vehicles and parking in the town and neighborhoods for the processions take place during the week of passion
  • Whiz kids stand out in the semifinals of piano strings and Metals Among (18/03/2010)
    The talent contest will continue in April with a performance by the finalists in each of the modes
  • La Mar de Músicas goes a lineup of note with Macaco and Patti Smith (18/03/2010)
    The sixteenth edition of the festival dedicated to Colombia Cartagena scheduled 40 groups from 9 to 24 July
  • The Senior Day Center visit El Algar Leisure Gardens (18/03/2010)
    Two dozen people, accompanied by their instructors and technicians of the City of Cartagena, visited these areas located on the farm Thomas Ferro of the Palma
  • Keys to business success in the new times (18/03/2010)
    will be presented during the day on March 23 by the CEEIC in Cabezo Beaza
  • Woman delivers the diplomas of five courses of Computer (18/03/2010)
    About 70 students have collected their badges in a ceremony that took place at the Palace Hall
  • Music and children's entertainment open to the public square CIM (18/03/2010)
    On the occasion of the opening of this new space the City has planned for the weekend concerts by musical groups of Santa Cecilia and Sauces and workshops and inflatables for smaller
  • UPyD on the increase in robberies in La Manga and Mar Menor beaches, and claims that the Security Councillor for increased vigilance in the area. (18/03/2010)

  • The Mediterranean Box UPCT and renewed their collaboration (18/03/2010)

  • Expert diving NATO meeting in Cartagena (18/03/2010)
    72 delegates attending from 18 countries
  • The UPCT Social Council supports the installation of Oceanography Centre in Cartagena as a project integrator (17/03/2010)

  • The largest recall the past glories of the Casino with a dance of time (17/03/2010)
    charitable purposes, was organized by the Municipal Social Services and opened by Councillor Social Care
  • Dance workshop with choreographer Maria Cardona (17/03/2010)
    With the help of the Municipal School of Theatre and with the collaboration of T-La and the People's University, will teach a weekend course in April, with limited seating and registration deadline whose open
  • SERFAM opens its facilities in Cartagena (17/03/2010)
    The units, located in La Milagrosa, have been donated by the City Council
  • About 2,000 people will participate in the wreath to Charity (17/03/2010)
    After the registration period, 50 groups have signed the Good Friday parade in traditional dress that look Cartagena to the rhythm of trumpets and drums
  • Hall and COEC commitment to training to minimize accidents in the construction sector (17/03/2010)
    The Work Foundation brings Building Your Classroom Cartagena Mobile Route your security, before concluding his regional tour
  • Intercultural Day on Ireland in the College of Our Lady of Sorrows (17/03/2010)
    Councillor for Education on Thursday will participate in activities that are taking place in this bilingual school in a municipal school program open to other cultures
  • Lectures on nuclear energy in the academic ceremony of Manufacturers (17/03/2010)
    276 students graduating tomorrow
  • IV Press Photo Award Carlos Gallego (17/03/2010)
    up to June 30 can submit entries will compete in this contest organized by the Department of Culture, the Association of Graphic Reporters and CEHIFORM region, in memory of the admired photographer
  • Essay in Cartagena for a new system to improve international maritime safety (17/03/2010)
    virtual exercise 'MNE-6' knowledge processes in the marine environment off the coast scenarios
  • Theatrical visits at Fort Christmas (17/03/2010)
    Puerto de Culturas original has organized this activity focused on a family audience for Holy Week
  • 350 students participate in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition XXX (17/03/2010)
    was held on Tuesday 16 in the Municipal Pavilion of Guimbarda Wssell and ended with a display of clubs Cartagena San Antón and Sport for All
  • SKIP Isla Plana The change of location of works (17/03/2010)
    While supplies last, the office will serve local processing and customer service on Monday at the Doctor of that locality
  • The delivery of inputs, a success (17/03/2010)

  • XXX Annual Awards of Sport Cartagenero (17/03/2010)
    Convened by the Department of Sports, the proposals can be submitted until Thursday 8 April at the Municipal Sports
  • The course held ADLE geriatric care for dependent elderly (17/03/2010)
    The deadline for applications will be open from 18 to 25 March and will start in April with a duration of three months and may access the same unemployed
  • El Barrio de la Concepción seen by his neighbors and alternative dates, in Much More May (17/03/2010)
    A professional jury has selected 40 of the 160 artistic creations submitted, which will join this year's festival program to be held from 10 to 23 May
  • Veronica Forqué addresses Mary Barranco and Miriam Díaz Aroca in Woody Allen's comedy in the New Theatre Adulterios Circus (17/03/2010)
    The morning will work within the program of the Department of Culture
  • Cartagena is taking his picture all over the country (17/03/2010)
    A spot for our city as the protagonist, has been airing on the subway in Barcelona for two weeks within the tourism promotion campaign organized by the city council will now see RENFE's Altaria
  • The First Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism from the CIM open square (16/03/2010)
    Friday morning a ceremony is held in memory of deceased victims and the armed forces and security bodies which will be open to participation by all citizens
  • Band of Seamen's Training Headquarters resumes at Easter (16/03/2010)
    Thanks to the collaboration of COPE Cartagena, City Hall and the Risen Guild, has released a CD with the Easter marches that these musicians recorded in 1983
  • 29 drivers ticketed in the campaign Pedestrian Security (16/03/2010)
    In the first five days of the local police initiative that aims to reduce accidents at pedestrian crossings
  • The youth correspondents positively evaluate their work in institutes (16/03/2010)
    Last week, these young scholars by the Youth Council held a meeting to share views and experiences
  • High level of participation and quality of performance in between strings and brass (16/03/2010)
    In this week held the last semi-Guitar, Woodwinds and Piano, of which youth will be played the finals in April
  • "The monologues that I said" Agustín Jiménez Cartagena (16/03/2010)

  • The burial of the boardwalk will connect the two banks Barreros urban channel (16/03/2010)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Cartagena visit the works of the "superstructure" of the channeling of the boulevard, once conditioned the foundation
  • Part of a short lane of traffic on the Plaza Severo Ochoa (16/03/2010)
    As of Thursday afternoon, will be closed to one lane passage from access to round the roundabout north to the access to it by the extension of Bruna Angel, because of the refurbishment of this route
  • Results of the seventeenth day of the Football League Base (16/03/2010)
    The Local Youth Football League takes break for the holidays in San Jose, Good Friday and Easter and recharge to address the final championship
  • The Socialists denounced the failure of all the promises of the Councillor for Sports in La Manga (16/03/2010)

  • Course Football Monitor (16/03/2010)
    Open Enrolment for this activity that enables teams to manage both the Local Youth Football League and even the first category of federated League
  • Open day to mark the International Women's Day (15/03/2010)
    was held last week at the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy organized by the People's University of Cartagena
  • UPyD met with the Association of Young Researchers of Cartagena (15/03/2010)
    At the meeting, UPyD conveyed its support to the claims of the Association for the budget increase in research and collaboration agreed joint activities
  • The CD Cartagena Primi-Sport, double champion Futsal (15/03/2010)
    In the Regional League II, organized by Fedemips collaboration with the municipalities of Cartagena, Murcia, San Javier, Molina de Segura Cieza and have been made with victory in the first and second division
  • The scout group wins the XXIX San Ginés Regional Festival of Song Scout (15/03/2010)
    More than 2,000 young people participated Saturday in the event, distributed by the port city
  • The new technologies, the X axis School Board Meeting of the Region (15/03/2010)
    Artillery Park hosts roundtable on Tuesday Education, Family and Technology, which will pass through 13 municipalities in preparation for the annual Institutional Meeting held in April
  • The GPP to the Government requires special equipment to protect the industrial area of Cabezo Beaza (15/03/2010)
    In a week, there have been 4 steals more material damage amounting to more than 40,000 euros
  • The Craft Fair closes the Intercultural Week José María Lapuerta (15/03/2010)
    Artisans and associations agreed yesterday in the central plaza of the neighborhood to put finishing touch to the activities that have been held throughout the week
  • Three hundred university community members donate blood at the UPCT (15/03/2010)

  • FAMPACE Days celebrates Coexistence in La Manga (15/03/2010)
    On this occasion, the Councillor for Education received on Sunday with representatives of associations of parents of pupils at the Palace Hall
  • The procession Palma citizens take their patron (15/03/2010)
    Among the fiestas of La Palma, the image of Santa Florentina yesterday toured the streets of the council, surrounded by many neighbors
  • The Community promotes social and economic development of the district of Santa Lucía of Cartagena to the rehabilitation of 106 houses (14/03/2010)
    The action is part of a comprehensive rehabilitation area of over 68,000 square meters in the streets around Santiago, The Long, The Huerta, Pedro Sánchez Meca, Bardiza, Drums and Francisco Jorquera
  • El Castillo de la Concepcion will be completed in July (12/03/2010)
    The Mayor and Councillor for Tourism have visited the future Centre of Interpretation of the Medieval Cartagena located in the Parque Torres
  • $ 10,000 aid to taxi drivers to adapt the vehicles for the disabled (12/03/2010)
    The Board of Governors approved a framework agreement for Universal Accessibility to the aid, plus another convention, in the area of Social Care to help Families in Situations Special
  • The City dug the Monte de la Concepción to avoid landslides (12/03/2010)
    Work on the rock slope will be taken to hiring immediately to avoid accidents to the traffic office, the housing market and the street Gisbert
  • Waiting list for participation in the Route I Strengths (12/03/2010)
    More than a month of its conclusion have been covered the 1,500 entries in the general category, leaving many vacancies for children under 18 years
  • Rosario Montero appointed manager of the Foundation Convention Bureau (12/03/2010)
    In the entity responsible for providing the city as the venue for conventions, integrate the city of Cartagena with Caja Mediterráneo, Cajamurcia, COEC and Chamber of Commerce
  • New Courses and conferences to foster entrepreneurship (12/03/2010)
    The ADLE, INFO UPCT and have organized a series of activities for the months of March and April designed to encourage young people a culture of enterprise and innovation
  • 100 years of history of the Holy Week of Cartagena (12/03/2010)
    Its author, Ruiz Vinader, primearos delivers the copies to the mayor
  • Tourism 1,500,000 euros earmarked for the protection and refurbishment of oilfield winch Cartagena (12/03/2010)
    Work on the deck, approximately 1,800 square meters, have begun this month
  • ADECA ANSE and concealment of information reported in Cala Reona a march and call for their protection (12/03/2010)

  • Passion of the Word publishes two new books, Wound and The Portrait (12/03/2010)
    This collection of poetry, which takes its name from one of the works of Carmen Conde, has already published four volumes
  • The Shica, inventor of the hard cop, has his new job in programming Supercop Auditorium Other Music (12/03/2010)
    The concert, which costs 18 Euros, will be tomorrow Saturday 13 at 21:30 pm
  • The Hasdrubal CP Lo Campano celebrates its cultural week (12/03/2010)
    All activities are part of the ADE program to the Department of Sports
  • A group of European teachers visit the Palace Hall (12/03/2010)
    Councillor for Education on Thursday received the participants of the Academy of transnational mobility project for teachers in Career and Vocational guidance
  • The Book Botica delivery this afternoon Story Competition Awards World (12/03/2010)
    During the ceremony, held this afternoon, La Murga represent a selection of these stories written by people of foreign origin
  • He collapses the roof of a house in Mill Derribao three immigrants inside (12/03/2010)
    None of them was wounded and, after the fact, occurred early this morning, the local police had to evacuate and seal the housing to the danger of further landslides
  • Cartagena represent Spain in the World Cup in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics 2010 (12/03/2010)
    The Gymnastics Club junior team San Anton did last weekend with the podium during the Cup held in Albacete Spain
  • ... (11/03/2010)

  • 25,000 euros to assist in the organization of the Tour of Cartagena (11/03/2010)

  • 50 Seniors will travel to healthy from Bullas Caravaca (11/03/2010)
    This activity is contained within the program and Healthy Active Tourism
  • Treasury, Finance, Consumer Affairs and Secretary General initiated his transfer (11/03/2010)
    Between Thursday and Saturday are expected to abandon these municipal administrative building Sor Francisca Armendariz and remain in its final location in the buildings of San Miguel and Ronda City The Union
  • Lectures on the prevention of cervical cancer (11/03/2010)
    will be taught by Dr. Francisco Alcázar 15 and 16 March
  • Victor Manuel Cartagena brings to his biography sung live to tell (11/03/2010)
    Action, with inputs from 18 to 22 euros, will be Friday in the Nuevo Teatro Circo
  • The women claim their place in society with a street-performance (11/03/2010)
    Dressed with baby strollers and signs with names of successful careers, they have told the American-style doors of Santa Florentina market, one of the commemoration of International Women's Day in the City that works
  • Social Care Delivery 4 bikes to the winners of Integrated (11/03/2010)
    The winners were students of St. Lucia and Lo Campano, in events commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Association Rascasa
  • Birth of the new Portal CT.Joven (11/03/2010)
    With the aim of bringing to the world society of young people and respond to issues such as employment, education, culture, leisure and health
  • The ADLE still committed to the districts with a program of vocational guidance (11/03/2010)
    Select Project, which works also in educational, vocational and professional aims to provide guidance through the organization of courses and workshops
  • All set in Cartagena for the analogue switch (11/03/2010)
    The City Council has launched an information campaign for citizens to try and orient their antennas to the new repeater installed in the town to mark the arrival of DTT on 23 March
  • The redevelopment of the Security Park entering its final phase (11/03/2010)
    The new building will house public safety crews near the Espace and Civil Protection, will meet its forecasts and will be built in the summer to move immediately to Phase allocation of facilities and infrastructure
  • The trade federations UGT and CCOO Murcia Region is concentrated in front of the mall tomorrow Mediterranean park Cartagena (11/03/2010)
    To protest against the new agreement stores
  • A group of European professors will visit the Palace Hall (10/03/2010)
    Councillor for Education on Thursday to get the project partners of transnational mobility Academy Teacher Training and Career counseling
  • Ernesto Ronchel Wins Poster Competition III Women's Day (10/03/2010)
    His work is the image of the posters and leaflets to be prepared to commemorate the March 8, 2011
  • The increased police presence reduced by 5 per cent of traffic accidents (10/03/2010)
    In Memory of Police Local 2009 also emphasizes the reduction of accidents with injuries, the forgetfulness or negligence of the driver as the main cause of symptoms and as the only negative factor, increasing 2 to 3 fatalities
  • The Community granted in 2009 over nine million euros to the business of the district of Cartagena in aid info (10/03/2010)
    The director of the Institute of Development presented the program to employers InfoFinanciación 2010 Cartagena
  • L'incontro Fortunato Sound returns to the cycle spaces (10/03/2010)
    The only classical orchestra on period instruments in Spain will play on Friday and Saturday, works by Haydn in Cartagena
  • The New York trio I have one disc presents Popular Songs in the Auditorium and Congress Center Victor Villegas (10/03/2010)
    The band, who will act in March, complete programming Other Music
  • ... (10/03/2010)

  • The Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia receives Czech pianist Marian Lapsansky in its third subscription concert of Cartagena (10/03/2010)

  • Threat to the homeowner after being caught in the garden (10/03/2010)
    After fleeing the scene, the local police managed to identify the documents found in a jacket that had been caught in a fence
  • Intercultural Week VI of the neighborhood José María Lapuerta (10/03/2010)
    A wide range of activities set schedule which will culminate on Sunday with a trade and craft associations of the neighborhood
  • Improvement of pavement and street lighting in Quarry (10/03/2010)
    Last Friday, went into operation light 20 points on 5 streets of this council
  • The ADLE reaches Barrios Pozo Estrecho, Mills and Cabo de Palos Marfagones (10/03/2010)
    Managed by the ADLE, the training and employment program will reach about 90 people and be developed in two phases, the first more theoretical and the second based on practices through workshops
  • Between Strings and Metals and Brass has semifinalists (10/03/2010)
    Tuesday saw the first semifinal of the competition in this sport, whose selected to the final will be held on April 13
  • Broken up a criminal organization engaged in the commission of robberies in the Campo de Cartagena (10/03/2010)
    were recovered stolen several tons of effects, such as a moped, a large number of car parts, irrigation pumps, tools and machinery, valued more than 35,000 euros
  • Results of the sixteenth round of the League Grassroots (09/03/2010)
    RU Alum, with the record of points and UCAM Cartagena Garden City FC and EF, top scorer and fewest goals, respectively, highlighted in the Local League
  • Norwegian pupils of Leonardo in the Palace Hall (09/03/2010)
    Accompanied by students and teachers of IES Mediterranean, have been received by the Councillor for Education
  • Hall and Autonomous driving rehabilitation of housing in Santa Lucia (09/03/2010)
    Through a discussion was informed by the neighbors of the benefits Cartagena homeowners get included in the Area of Integrated Rehabilitation, with grants of up to 95 percent of the cost of the works
  • XXIX Regional Festival of Song Scout (09/03/2010)
    More than 2,000 youth will participate Saturday in the port in the event whose organizers, Murcia Scouts have decided to be held this year in one of the pioneer cities in the region scouting
  • Complete work on the third lane at the entrance to Cartagena (09/03/2010)
    The works involve the widening to three lanes in the last mile of the A30 which provide access to Cartagena
  • Campaign "Parents also play" (09/03/2010)
    Real Cartagena represented by the same Managing Director, D.
  • Start the blood donation campaign in UPCT (09/03/2010)

  • El Monte Sacro and Cala Reona star in the plenary (08/03/2010)

  • Fuensanta Women's Lopez wins the contest and photo (08/03/2010)
    The exhibition of the works presented can be visited at the Regional Assembly until 30 March
  • Cartagena institutes commemorate Women's Day (08/03/2010)
    The activities have been driven by the program of the departments of Social Care and Education, a school open to other cultures
  • The win at Murcia Cartagena in the women's football (08/03/2010)
    was held last Saturday at the Sports City where Maria Rosario Gomez Meseguer Montero made kick off in celebration of Women's Day
  • Request the minutes of the meeting between the Port Authority of Cartagena and the political forces of the Union (08/03/2010)

  • The Technical University of Cartagena develop a Plan of Equality (08/03/2010)
    The Faculty of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena was held today, Women's Day, a session as a tribute to women who work there and by extension all women
  • UPyD calling for the closure of the road the trap because it has become a "trap" for drivers who pass through it (08/03/2010)

  • Firefighters celebrate the day of its patron in Charity (08/03/2010)
    The troops did 1,800 operations last year, an average of six shows a day
  • Antonia Roden and his book Dreams, in meetings with authors (08/03/2010)
    The Alicante Cartagena visit from Tuesday until Thursday to participate in meetings with students to organize municipal libraries
  • Martin Casariego closes the cycle of meetings Mandarache Award (08/03/2010)
    The present author and screenwriter Tuesday 'Ulectra's Way', a futuristic allegation Reading
  • The ADLE preparing a new edition of free computer courses (08/03/2010)
    end of the third edition, are now 42 users who have benefited from this training aimed at both the unemployed and workers on active
  • Approved emergency works to repair the waterfront of Cape Palos (08/03/2010)
    The MARM has considered the absolute necessity to undertake the repair works as an emergency to avoid the risk and danger involved in maintaining the current status of affected areas
  • The municipal libraries Carmen García Iglesias invite to meetings with authors (08/03/2010)
    About 360 primary school pupils in Cartagena will meet with the writer Bilbao on Monday and Tuesday to discuss his book "Matthew and Roman and the case of Wasabi '
  • Students visiting Norwegian Leonardo Palace Hall on Tuesday (08/03/2010)
    Accompanied by students and teachers of IES Mediterranean, will be received by the Councillor for Education
  • UPyD Cartagena criticizes the new General Plan makes it clear that it remains committed to a production model is highly dependent on the construction (07/03/2010)

  • The Government approves emergency works to repair the boardwalk Cabo de Palos (Murcia), for a total of 416,190 euros (06/03/2010)
    The MARM has considered the absolute necessity to undertake the repairs as a matter of emergency works to prevent the risk and danger involved in maintaining the current status of the affected areas
  • Between Strings and Metals 2010 (06/03/2010)
    The event, now in its thirteenth edition, fronta its final stretch with a series of concerts leading up to the auditions
  • The rejoining Reale, AC Zamora 1 - Real Cartagena 1 (06/03/2010)
    Real Cartagena returns to Zamora with a dot in his pocket and conviction have completed the losing streak that haunted him since he started the second round.
  • Opened Classic Sailing Course Sailing (05/03/2010)

  • The Bun Museum of La Palma begins a new journey (05/03/2010)
    On the occasion of its opening, the mayor has visited the new facility that also houses the Museum, the Association of Local Women
  • More than 600 riders will contest Sunday's Half Marathon (05/03/2010)
    Traffic has deployed a device that will last between nine and noon
  • Akram Khan, Dani Pannullo and Aracaladanza, star of the 9th edition of the festival Removals (05/03/2010)
    Between the 8th and April 17, Cartagena celebrates its annual date with the contemporary dance of the hand of the best performing arts companies on the current scene , which leave their mark on the New Theatre Circus and on the streets of the city
  • Changes in traffic on Monday by the works of Luis Street Grille (05/03/2010)
    The movement will experience changes from early morning hours, as reported by the Centre for Integrated Traffic in the City of Cartagena
  • The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Risen, Cartagena, delivers a baton to the Minister of Interior (04/03/2010)

  • The Bishop of Cartagena gives a lecture on the Eucharist at a rate of 75 anniversary of the sacrament of Cartagena (04/03/2010)
    Lorca Planes: "The Eucharist is only able to keep the memory alive in us the love of Our Lord"
  • The Mayor defended the right to raise tourism development Cartagena (04/03/2010)
    Remember that the proposal will be solely Cala Reona coastal tourism project Cartagena in the next 20 years and most of the coast of the Virgin will
  • The new social center of Santa Ana opens its doors (04/03/2010)
    Mayor ocupuadas facilities opened by the association of elderly
  • III Municipal Program Entremares Hotel Spa in the Manga (04/03/2010)
    Social Care Councillor together with the chairmen of the biggest clubs on Wednesday attended the launch of this new edition
  • The UPCT supports actions to adapt to the Bologna Process (04/03/2010)

  • Aitana Sanchez Gijon and Maribel Verdú star in God of Carnage (04/03/2010)
    The work will be on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 at Nuevo Teatro Circo Cartagena
  • UPyD denounced the occupation of public space in the Plaza de la Marina de Santa Lucia (03/03/2010)
    UPyD believes that public spaces should be respected and should not be infringed its use as they are intended for use or enjoyment collective
  • IU accuses the PP of "selling" the natural heritage of Cartagena (03/03/2010)

  • Surprised three individuals with the car loaded with oranges suspiciously (03/03/2010)
    Local Police Officers Detachment Algar stopped the vehicle in the Way of Syphon noting that the buffer was dragging due to the great weight that was bearing
  • 427 more unemployed in February in Cartagena (03/03/2010)
    indicates a slowing trend in unemployment since January 2007
  • Edit COPE City and 2,000 CDs with the proclamation of Easter 2009 (03/03/2010)
    is the seventh year that produced this CD that takes the words of the Mayor, proclaim the past year from them to grow to the audio file of Holy Week Cartagena
  • Vista Alegre next year will have a new social club and a kindergarten (03/03/2010)
    To these must be added the construction of changing rooms and a small indoor completing investments being made by the City Council in the neighborhood and visited this morning the mayor
  • Twelve volunteers accompany and help to 82 higher learning computer (03/03/2010)
    municipal participate in the program with the collaboration Combinat UPCT
  • Students of Economics and Business in Spain held its meeting at UPCT (03/03/2010)

  • The Civil Guard detained the alleged perpetrator in the act of robbery at a service station (03/03/2010)
    For the commission of the robbery the prisoner hid his face with a ski mask and used a gun to intimidate employees
  • Ecologists in Action, "the stubbornness of the Port Authority of Cartagena" (03/03/2010)

  • Housing, employment and education most requested services by young people (03/03/2010)

  • Visit the cadets of the General Air Academy to UPCT (03/03/2010)

  • Hundreds of priests in the Diocese of Cartagena won the Jubilee in Caravaca de la Cruz (02/03/2010)
    Lorca Planes, "the priests want to update a dimension of Love"
  • Health clinic construction began on the Primary Care trough in Cartagena (02/03/2010)
    The Minister María Ángeles Palacios laid the foundation stone of a center which will invest about 477,000 euros
  • Local police intensified their fight against the noise of the motorcycles (02/03/2010)
    During the second half of February, the patrol of the Environment has conducted a noise control campaign that has resulted in the inspection of 30 vehicles, the complaint ten of them and the detention of two
  • CD Three Primi Sport swimmers among the top ten of the Championship of Spain (02/03/2010)
    Swimming Tournament held last week in the city of Seville, Dos Hermanas, with more than satisfactory results for Cartagena in the categories of competition and Adapted
  • Results of the fifteenth day of the Football League Base (02/03/2010)
    La Liga faces with emotion the last quarter of competition
  • Youth of the Albujón interested in their deputation (02/03/2010)
    Over the weekend, hundreds of young people visited the site of the new sports hall and the Center for Child Care under construction in El Albujón
  • Workshops, visits to museums and literary events for the Women's Day (02/03/2010)
    Councillor for Women and Culture has presented a broad program of activities taking place throughout the month of March with the women play to commemorate the Day , March 8
  • The doctor will trough in a year (02/03/2010)
    will have an area of 440 square meters, consists of six appointments, three waiting rooms, reception areas and administration and will be fully accessible for disabled people
  • Traffic Court by the passage of the Tour of the Region (02/03/2010)
    About three p.m. cross Peroniño Cartagena, Real and Alfonso XII
  • Cartagena wants to join the forum of the cities of the Enlightenment (02/03/2010)
    Commission Information and Home Finance morning dictate this issue along with other issues of a future full City
  • XX Fishing Contest Christ of Medinaceli (02/03/2010)
    National Open VII includes fishing from a boat, held on 7 March, and the Eighth Open fishing from coast to cast, to be held May
  • Program Begins III Municipal Entremares Hotel Spa in the Manga (02/03/2010)
    Social Care Councillor together with the chairmen of the biggest clubs on Wednesday to attend the launch of this new edition
  • Murcia and Cartagena, the hand (01/03/2010)
    This morning he held a regular press conference El Pozo Murcia Turística joint and Real Cartagena.
  • Great success of the Master Class given by funky Gsus coreófrafo Villau in Cartagena (01/03/2010)
    was held this past weekend at the Municipal Sports Pavilion with large attendance of students in several cities
  • The lawyers want to expedite the construction of the City of Justice (01/03/2010)
    The new dean of the College of Lawyers of Cartagena has met with the mayor to discuss the needs of this group ahead of the arrival of the powers of justice autonomous community this summer
  • The Straits Well CAI ready for management (01/03/2010)
    Once the center works are completed, will now stage equipment and management to grant leave as soon as possible
  • The PCE and the Young Communists supported the trade union demonstration against "pensionazo" March 5 in Cartagena (01/03/2010)

  • A preserve undeveloped stretch of protected areas adjacent to Cala Reoona (01/03/2010)
    The mayor of Planning has said that the only developable coastline under the General Plan for the next 25 years is a small plot that covers just 700 meters from the 107 kilometers of coastline belonging to Cartagena
  • The City streamlines its procedures through e-Government (01/03/2010)

  • Sotoca visits the site of a new school in Cartagena which will house 450 students (01/03/2010)
    The first phase of the school of 'Canton Avenue' is the flag of Children that will be launched in September
  • The UPCT reviews the history of the twentieth century through film (01/03/2010)

  • The police arrested the robbers Cartagena jewelry and recovers some of the jewelry stolen in the assault. (01/03/2010)
    Thirteen arrested and more than three kilograms of jewelry recovered.
  • A life that is two days from the Palace Hall (01/03/2010)
    The weekend magazine of the Cadena Ser was issued yesterday, nationally and live from Cartagena

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