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Cartagena News - March 2016

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  • The House approved urge the Rector of the ADLE Council to cease its director for lost money on training courses (31/03/2016)
    The motion was passed by we CTSSP-Popular Party and Citizens in plenary marked by reprobation the socialist Deputy Mayor Ana Belén Castejon
  • New marathon session of the municipal council of Cartagena (31/03/2016)

  • From Egypt to Carthago Nova, family and for younger (31/03/2016)

  • Avanza the implementation of the anti-rumor Strategy to combat prejudice in Cartagena (31/03/2016)

  • An exhibition of high-end vehicles arrive on Sunday at the Port of Cartagena (31/03/2016)

  • The Cervantes Luzzy commemorates with an exhibition of illustrations of Cartagena Nicomedes Gomez on Don Quixote (31/03/2016)

  • Carthaginians and Romans in the National Assembly Historical Festival (31/03/2016)

  • Nine percussionists selected for the final of between strings and brass (31/03/2016)

  • "You may have to make an effort to look back to the sea" (30/03/2016)
    Colonel Chief Civil Guard Maritime Service
  • Luis Miguel Aguilar Casado, the new secretary of the Municipal Group of Citizens in the city of Cartagena (30/03/2016)

  • Four companies choose to project valorization of the Shrine of him nsula II of the Roman Forum (30/03/2016)

  • Cartagena tourism continues to grow "despite having a paralyzed government" (30/03/2016)
    Castejon should stop bragging the work of others and begin to contribute something
  • The cauldron and seafood, protagonists of the route of La Manga and Cabo de Palos (30/03/2016)

  • The PP urges the Government to explain the planning work of the local police in the municipality, and specifically in La Aljorra (30/03/2016)
    5 motions, 10 questions and 3 pleas submitted by the Municipal People for the full City mañna in the city of Cartagena
  • The Costa Calida II Regatta sets sail this weekend (30/03/2016)

  • We are committed to working for an industrial planning to ensure the future of Navantia in Cartagena (30/03/2016)

  • MC congratulates the cartageneros by the entry into force of the Act which requires the implementation of Rosell as General Hospital (29/03/2016)

  • Pozo Estrecho adds to the supply of municipal nursery school (29/03/2016)

  • Cartagena breaks record of visitors during Holy Week (29/03/2016)

  • Cartagena, star of a musical set in the 80s (29/03/2016)

  • Civil Defense and Red Cross veiled by procesionistas and the public during Holy Week (29/03/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena welcomes the publication in the BORM of the Law for the Rosell fully operational (29/03/2016)

  • Family will expand to 107 the number of concerted residence Mar''Virgen of Cartagena places (29/03/2016)
    The Minister stressed that "this increase and the recent opening of the residence Source Cubas responds to the high demand for the city"
  • The City will subsidize cultural projects of social interest during 2016 (28/03/2016)

  • Padín "before thinking of projects like Huerta Calesa, we must ensure the survival of the Mar Menor" (28/03/2016)

  • The Local Government agrees to contract directly some services for aquilatar expenses (28/03/2016)

  • The Finance Committee deals with the payment of the rest of the extra pay of 2012 officials (28/03/2016)

  • On Wednesday 30 will begin work that will close access to the motorway Cartagena (28/03/2016)

  • The Cartagena show their support for Andrés Lledó before heading to the Path of the Conquistadors (28/03/2016)

  • The second edition of the race in solidarity Trail for people at risk of social exclusion (28/03/2016)

  • The mayor of Cartagena makes a positive assessment of Holy Week (28/03/2016)

  • End Easter with the active participation of the mayor and councilors MC (28/03/2016)

  • A student UPCT Industrial Harvard held in cardiovascular devices (28/03/2016)

  • The Minister of Culture participates in the output of the procession of Holy Thursday in Cabo de Palos (25/03/2016)

  • The Association Our Father Jesus Risen organizes its III Photography Contest "Resurrected" (24/03/2016)

  • The Association of the appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalene, sister named honor of the Port Authority of Cartagena. (24/03/2016)

  • Local police escort receives the pennant of the Virgin of Solitude (24/03/2016)

  • Friday, mourning and meditation on the big day of the mako (24/03/2016)

  • We can categorically denies that go to support the construction of a housing estate in Calblanque (23/03/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena asked in Parliament if another company has hired for the control of the AMPAS (23/03/2016)

  • Citizens criticizes the PP continue using the amendments to the budget to justify their mismanagement in the region (23/03/2016)

  • More than 150 players played on Holy Thursday the Youth Football Tournament Easter San Cristobal (23/03/2016)

  • Castejon assist the traditional council of the Yolks of Marrajos (23/03/2016)

  • The Deputy Mayor receives Christ the Brotherhood Relief (23/03/2016)

  • Local Police will deploy a special device controls the night of Holy Thursday (23/03/2016)

  • The military atmosphere accompanied the three apostles on Holy Tuesday (23/03/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena meets with the new Board of Hostec to find solutions that stimulate the sector (22/03/2016)

  • Lopez closing acts of the Holy Tuesday White San Juan californium (22/03/2016)

  • Manuel Padin: "Mrs. Pilar Barreiro must leave his record in the Senate immediately" (22/03/2016)
    spokesman Citizens in Cartagena recalled that his training will support the Regional Assembly the urban moratorium on the Mar Menor until the enactment of the Law Integrated Management of the Mar Menor
  • La Botica Book will provide school materials under through collaboration with the People's University (22/03/2016)

  • First stone for future quarry of FC Cartagena (22/03/2016)

  • Visit the MURAM to the work of Salvador Dalí closes the Course A Walk through History (22/03/2016)

  • Oscar Urralburu: "We have our own Rita Barberá in the region" (22/03/2016)

  • The former apprentices of Bazan tour the Palace Hall (22/03/2016)

  • Ana Belén Castejon represent for the first time in the transfer of Cartagena San Pedro (22/03/2016)

  • The Cartagena City Council observed a minute of silence in mourning and solidarity with Brussels (22/03/2016)

  • The Federation of Clubs for the Elderly and the College of Podiatrists signed an agreement with economic advantages (22/03/2016)

  • More than 4,500 visitors took the Open Day of Port of Cultures (22/03/2016)

  • Councillor Carmen Martin visit ACCEM to meet reform based (22/03/2016)

  • Arrest Christ will wear his new robe on Holy Wednesday (22/03/2016)

  • The rain fogged the promises of La Piedad (22/03/2016)

  • Agronomists Researchers improve the color of a seedless table grape saving 35% water (22/03/2016)
    A UPCT thesis demonstrates the feasibility of deficit irrigation for 'Crimson Seedless' and enhance their healthy compounds
  • Visit Picket artillery to the Brotherhood of NP Jesus Reducitado (21/03/2016)

  • The Friends of the Watchtower denounced the poor state of Castillo (21/03/2016)

  • The three apostles sleep in Santa Maria de Gracia Tuesday night Holy (21/03/2016)

  • Ana Belén Castejon, present in the dress of San Pedro (21/03/2016)

  • Alums honored the Virgin of Charity on her big day (21/03/2016)

  • The Holy Saturday the popular race between Isla Plana and La Azohía be held (21/03/2016)

  • 75 students is prepared for the labor market through joint programs ADLE (21/03/2016)

  • Cartagena and San Javier ask the Autonomous Community involved in your project to La Manga (21/03/2016)

  • Citizens request explanations from the Councillor for Education for not having convened yet Municipal School Board (21/03/2016)

  • Firefighters rescued a seagull and to a trapped cat (21/03/2016)

  • Between strings and brass seven finalists will feature in the form String (21/03/2016)

  • The palms also paraded on Palm Sunday in La Puebla (21/03/2016)

  • Jose Lopez completes a busy schedule of weekend full of events of Easter and in honor of Charity (21/03/2016)

  • The municipal government provides a subsidy of 1,189,000 euros to the Foundation of the Roman Theater (21/03/2016)

  • The government spokesman praised the uniqueness of the Easter of Cabo de Palos for its connection with the maritime tradition (19/03/2016)
    Noelia Arroyo shows its connection with the feast in the village of fishermen, since in 2011 was Bridesmaid of the Association San Pedro
  • President of the Community attends the feast of the patron saint of Cartagena (18/03/2016)

  • Joaquin Ortega extols the well performed rivalry between the brotherhoods (18/03/2016)

  • José López asked the Virgin of Charity strength, intelligence and humility pear serve the citizens (18/03/2016)

  • C's asked that a permanent detachment of Police is installed in the premises of the Association of Residents of La Aljorra (18/03/2016)

  • Three hundred young people enjoy the Teleco LAN Party (18/03/2016)

  • La Azohía and Isla Plana, career Saturday 26 (17/03/2016)
    The AAVV La Azohía, in collaboration with the travel agency Isla Plana, Hon.
  • PP: "Lopez surrenders to the PSOE in Novo Carthago to keep the mayor" (17/03/2016)
    "In 48 hours have stopped caring about jobs and the law"
  • Athletics Trophy City of Cartagena celebrate its thirtieth edition on Holy Wednesday (17/03/2016)

  • The Agony in the Garden already has its restored sculpture thanks to the Regional Restoration Center (17/03/2016)

  • The streets will be filled with performances to celebrate World Theatre Day (17/03/2016)

  • The UPCT off their lights for Earth Hour (17/03/2016)

  • Starts tonight Teleco LAN Party 8, Temple of video games and technology (17/03/2016)
    The open access technology fair to be held tomorrow can get behind the wheel of mythical electronic games
  • Citizens support an urban moratorium on the shores of Mar Menor until the Comprehensive Management Act is enacted (17/03/2016)

  • The ERASMUS + program dismisses the 20 students of the ADLE who will practice in Portugal (17/03/2016)

  • In March the contest for the poster of the Fourth Meeting of Residents of La Aljorrra (17/03/2016)

  • Pozo Estrecho school Seventy visited the Palace Hall (17/03/2016)

  • "Bridges Castejon Lopez because he does not dare to face him" (17/03/2016)
    Deputy Mayor wants to stop the law not to comply and that is undemocratic
  • The mayor and chairman of the Board of Brotherhoods Holy Week cartagenera promote RNE (17/03/2016)

  • The mayor has visited the municipal building facility La Milagrosa (17/03/2016)

  • Meeting of young readers with author Ana Alcolea (17/03/2016)

  • The Technical Committee of the Municipal Plan Disability held its first meeting (17/03/2016)

  • GARM makes a plea Animal Welfare Board of the City of Cartagena to ban circuses with wild animals in Cartagena (17/03/2016)

  • The Brotherhood of Christ Relief will be the theme of Easter Poster 2017 (17/03/2016)

  • Local Executive rises to the Regional Assembly decision on the protection of the Mar Menor (17/03/2016)

  • Juan Ignacio Ferrández gave a lecture on the history of Cartagena older (17/03/2016)

  • La Plaza de la Merced will be passable during Holy Week (17/03/2016)

  • The Cartagena balconies adorn themselves today on the occasion of Easter (17/03/2016)

  • Twelve young contest the final of Brass of between strings and brass (17/03/2016)

  • Alejandro Diaz, elected rector of the UPCT (16/03/2016)
    with the support of 53.94% of the university community
  • MC Jeunesses transmitted Ricardo Segado their contributions on Heritage and Culture in Cartagena (16/03/2016)

  • One week to live the Trofeo Ciudad de Cartagena XXX (16/03/2016)
    The municipal athletics track of the port city will host next Wednesday 23 start of the campaign outdoor competition that also Memorial "Jesus Sanchis Trobat"
  • The Assembly shall initiate an Institutional Declaration for the candidacy of Cartagena as a Cultural Landscape of Humanity (16/03/2016)

  • "Cartagena moves with MC" (16/03/2016)
    MC: "These days we attended, without interruption, to proclamations of the various parties, groups and citizens who defend vehemently legality and cultural and natural wealth, and all related with the municipality of Cartagena "
  • Free admission to museums and interpretive centers of Port of Cultures on Good Friday (16/03/2016)

  • The Deputy Mayor meets students ADLE programs in Llano del Beal (16/03/2016)

  • Lopez extols the meaning of processions as a sign of respect for our traditions (16/03/2016)

  • Local Police will increase your device Easter in 300 hours, compared to last year, especially on the night of Meeting (16/03/2016)

  • The Christ of the Divine Mercy madellas delivery Castejon Calderon and Aznar (16/03/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena ask a municipally owned parcel is enabled as a space for children of Miranda (16/03/2016)

  • "Castejon has to clarify once if Novo Carthago supports or maintains the complaint" (16/03/2016)
    Deputy Mayor maintains its charge while Lopez intends to continue processing
  • Citizens claimed that the shipment of contaminated material is produced in Palomares or Garrucha Carboneras (16/03/2016)

  • John Guillamón: The Portauria Authority granted all permissions to the desalination plant tailings unanimously (16/03/2016)
    PP deputy said that the process water is subjected to three tests to ensure their health
  • More than 800 people vote to elect Rector and Senate of the UPCT in the first two hours (16/03/2016)

  • The poet Maria Teresa Cervantes, feted for his career (16/03/2016)

  • Entrepreneurs of Los Belones pay the taxi back to customers staying in four hotels in La Manga (16/03/2016)

  • The first procession of Spain will mark the beginning of an intense day in Cartagena (16/03/2016)

  • Molina Palace houses a painting and restored altar Cemetery Remedies (16/03/2016)

  • Eleven young people become finalists in the form of wood wind between strings and brass (16/03/2016)

  • Cartagena hosted nearly 250 young people through Marchabosco (16/03/2016)

  • The Association of Our Father Jesus Risen recognizes the work of the National Police escort (16/03/2016)

  • The Water Monitoring Committee sets the status of audit work to the dealership service (15/03/2016)

  • Municipal employees elect their representatives in the Personnel Board and the Works Council for the next four years (15/03/2016)

  • "Lopez highlights Castejon daring her to take to ban Urbanism Novo Carthago" (15/03/2016)
    Ortega: "It is clear that there has been a confrontation and that the mayor has once again come out ahead"
  • Local Police are updated in the management of non-lethal weapons (15/03/2016)

  • A theatrical improvisation contest will test the ingenuity of the actors (15/03/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena ask at the next plenary when the table is created Algameca Girl (15/03/2016)

  • Tarragona lived his Saturday Dolores (15/03/2016)

  • "Citizens have started the campaign with the PSOE with its initiative by the Cathedral" (15/03/2016)
    Padín promised that Pedro Sanchez fix the monument and forgot what is already being done
  • International students will UPCT nautical courses at Club de Regatas (15/03/2016)

  • The mode Woodwinds inaugurates a new edition of Between Strings and Metals (15/03/2016)

  • Onda Cero pocket guide presents its Easter cartagenera (15/03/2016)

  • Social Services opens the lecture series ONCE in Cartagena (15/03/2016)

  • Fans Groups from all over Spain will meet in the first amateur contest of the Teatro Circo Apolo (15/03/2016)

  • Lopez, new Brother of Honor of Christ of the Fishermen's Cabo de Palos (15/03/2016)

  • The Museum of Roman Theatre in Cartagena extends its hours during Easter and Friday held an open doors (15/03/2016)
    Will open every day, from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00, and will host various activities during this week as guided tours and dramatized
  • Students, teachers and PAS morning elect the new Rector of the UPCT (15/03/2016)

  • The protocol is finalized to address the proliferation of colonies of Vietnamese pigs in Los Mateos (14/03/2016)

  • Old Town seeks to encourage the adaptation of facades and solar in the historic center (14/03/2016)

  • MC ANSE recalls that the municipal government is working for asset and environmental restoration of San Ginés de la Jara and its surroundings (14/03/2016)

  • The Ministry encouraged to acquire the guidance of Holy Week by users Astus (14/03/2016)
    The Minister recalled that the publication has been prepared in the day center of the association, his department funded with 1.9 million euros
  • The SPAT prepares a new course on abuse and neglect of animals (14/03/2016)

  • El Cuco of San Anton will serve the citizens as a new socio-educational center (14/03/2016)

  • Care for people vulnerable people in homeless settlements under study in a technical conference (14/03/2016)

  • Palma's offer with vermouth in honor of his patron (14/03/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena will ask in the next municipal plenary cessation director of the ADLE (14/03/2016)

  • The Civil Guard detained two experienced criminals when they were driving in a stolen vehicle (14/03/2016)
    In cartageneras districts of Los Urrutias and Los Nietos
  • Los Urrutias prepares for the sixth edition of the Rutapa during Holy Week (14/03/2016)

  • The colony Cartageneros in Valencia paid homage to the Virgin of Charity (14/03/2016)

  • Students of the school Narval Cartagena received a master class on film (14/03/2016)

  • Castejon charge against the FAPA but forgets that he councilman Board a president who hired his company (14/03/2016)
    Mirror: "The government should be more cautious and not to force a debate without any report to support it"
  • Josefa Martinez and David Garcia, winners of the draw of the campaign is Recycle Separate Good Best (14/03/2016)

  • Meeting with Minister of Tourism Hostec (14/03/2016)

  • ANSE asks the city government does not contribute to consolidate the urbanization of Novo Carthago (Mar Menor) (14/03/2016)

  • Students ask candidates to Rector (14/03/2016)

  • La Virgen de la Soledad returned to his hermitage of Calvary (14/03/2016)

  • Twenty kids learn to program with Social Services and the Abraham Project (14/03/2016)

  • Students of Narval receive a masterclass theater UPCT (14/03/2016)

  • The Floral Games of La Palma ended their XLIII edition, with the mayor of maintainer (14/03/2016)

  • On Tuesday is the deadline for presentation of artistic proposals Night of Museums (14/03/2016)

  • Prizes for Physics and Medicine closed the Lecture Series of the Nobel Rafael Bachiller and Maria Cascales (14/03/2016)

  • The colony of Cartagena de Valencia pays homage to the Virgin of Charity (13/03/2016)

  • Francisco Barnabas receives the Gold Badge of Taurino Club of Cartagena (13/03/2016)

  • A weekend full of activities with presence of MC (13/03/2016)

  • The monument to procesionista returns to Piazza San Sebastián protected with a base (13/03/2016)

  • The one million cruise passengers arrived in Cartagena with honors (13/03/2016)

  • The Association of Our Father Jesus Risen takes the first digital magazine of Holy Week of Cartagena (12/03/2016)

  • La Hormiga Hippy Market opens its first edition in El Batel with the support of the City (12/03/2016)

  • Gregorio Saura received the homage of the procesionista family at the Palace Hall (12/03/2016)

  • Procesionista Proclamation of the Year of the City of Cartagena (11/03/2016)

  • Journeys Parties to San José in the UPCT (11/03/2016)
    About 7,000 young people have gathered today at the Campus Muralla del Mar Polytechnic
  • MC: "Nieto statements seem a confession" (11/03/2016)

  • The bride's dress, charity in favor of AFAL-Cartagena association (11/03/2016)

  • Musical marathon solidarity for the benefit of the BDC (11/03/2016)

  • Local Police announced the location of the new controls RADAR (11/03/2016)

  • The university orchestra of Valencia act in the cycle Music for all (11/03/2016)

  • The mayor was visited by the new board of Hostec (11/03/2016)

  • Juan Ignacio Ferrández review the history of Asian and bars of yesteryear in a new edition of'The Future Culturales' Cartagena (11/03/2016)

  • A busy Pavilion enjoyed another day of rhythmic gymnastics school (11/03/2016)

  • Mayor dictates the side of reorganization of traffic during Easter 2016 (11/03/2016)

  • Citizens registers a motion for the Phoenix Mesa Manifesto includes political opposition groups (11/03/2016)

  • PP: "Lopez elected auditor by free designation, contrary to their claims and promises" (11/03/2016)
    "The mayor is doing exactly the opposite of what demanded to allegations in court"
  • La Jornada Contracting entrepreneurs about public administration (11/03/2016)

  • The clash between Plastics Romero Cartagena and Real Betis crosses borders (11/03/2016)

  • Rafael Morales-Arce made his presentation with an analysis of consumption, poverty and welfare (11/03/2016)

  • Between strings and brass will start on Monday with woodwinds mode (11/03/2016)

  • Guide is now available Easter SER in collaboration with the City (11/03/2016)

  • The competition winners short of Narval College attend a 'masterclass' on the set of the UPCT (11/03/2016)

  • Jose Lopez will proclaim the next Cultural Week of Vista Alegre (10/03/2016)

  • Citizens claim in Congress dockside Gorguel be declared Project of National Interest (10/03/2016)
    Padín believes that "that statement the project will not entail only a push, but also would meet a mandatory requirement to defend the project before the Commission European "
  • Record and driving speed limit on the Challenges of San José (10/03/2016)
    Vehicles powered with pressurized water walking 70 meters in less than 3 seconds
  • El Pozo Estrecho CAI will open next year as Municipal School (10/03/2016)

  • Pedro Antonio Sanchez, named "Procesionista of Honor" by the Association of the Year Procesionista Cartagena (10/03/2016)

  • Trade and cruises join forces in a campaign tourism promotion (10/03/2016)

  • The Central Pavilion celebrated Saturday the II Competition of Olympic Boxing (10/03/2016)

  • The PP says that "the president of Perín was itself called the meeting with Roads but preferred party Fire" (10/03/2016)
    MC spoke of "belittling" the regional government, when it was one of their own who refused to attend
  • "Lopez must also apply tax rebates for hotels in La Manga open all year" (10/03/2016)
    The PP supports the benefits for hoteliers and announced initiatives to include hotels
  • Training vaguada fitness to dismiss the week (10/03/2016)
    Guillamón's charges close this week with a morning physical training at the sports center that directs Javi Matia
  • Santa Maria sang in unison the salve in honor of the First Lady of Pain (10/03/2016)

  • Art for pencil, solidarity barter in Icue (10/03/2016)

  • The conference highlighted the Nobel Literature polyphonic writings Svetlana Alexievich (10/03/2016)

  • San Anton Associations organized a theatrical activity on the occasion of Women's Day (10/03/2016)

  • Relatives of Diego Perez convened a demonstration on the second anniversary of his death (10/03/2016)
    The march against "impunity and opaqueness" surrounding the "Case Cala Cortina" start from the Alameda de San Anton in Cartagena, next Friday at 19 hours
  • The bus to Puertollano about to start (09/03/2016)
    The FPFSCT has already finalized the last details of the organization that carried out next trip to Puertollano
  • MC regrets ninguneo regional government representatives of the neighborhood Perín (09/03/2016)

  • The Easter reaches courses elderly Social Services (09/03/2016)

  • The ADE program on school athletics to El Llano del Beal (09/03/2016)

  • Workshop on creativity in La Aljorra (09/03/2016)

  • Rama: "It has allowed uncontrolled breeding of Vietnamese pigs since 2012 and now we are paying the consequences" (09/03/2016)

  • The dome of the Grand Hotel Stars Poster Night of Museums 2016 (09/03/2016)

  • Revenge of Don Mendo in favor of the SOI foundation (09/03/2016)

  • A film will show the Holy Week Cartagena 50 years (09/03/2016)

  • Juan Pedro Torralba inaugurates the round of meetings with the residents of La Manga (09/03/2016)

  • The REA Commercial San Fernando host this weekend there was a Fair Outlet discounted (09/03/2016)

  • PP: "The government of Lopez or prevent or fix the damage extending through the turnstile" (09/03/2016)
    Municipal Desidia to posters and broken fences, painted and used as urinals monuments
  • The Cartagena field producers receive information about the blight of potato flea beetle (09/03/2016)
    The Director General of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Aquaculture participate in the meeting organized by Coag-Ir in El Algar
  • City and Hansa Urbana, tuned for the restoration of the Monastery of San Gines (09/03/2016)

  • The magazine "On the third day he rose again ..." becomes digital (09/03/2016)

  • Maria Luisa Romero Galiana, New Gold Standard COPE 2016 (09/03/2016)

  • Margarita Salas gave a lesson on DNA at the second conference of Nobel Prizes (09/03/2016)

  • Improved regional roads that run through Perín (08/03/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena denounces the abandonment of the Plaza de la Merced and claims remodeling after Easter (08/03/2016)

  • Course commedia dell'arte with Giorgia Penzo in the T-The program (08/03/2016)

  • The women's grassroots football continues to rise in the League Local Cartagena (08/03/2016)

  • Firefighters celebrate their patron saint, San Juan de Dios (08/03/2016)

  • The Deputy Mayor will be named Godmother of the Association St. Mary Magdalene (08/03/2016)

  • The City of La Union gives to Cartagena a distinction of brotherhood in commemoration of the March 7, 1916 (08/03/2016)

  • El Batel shows the city of Cartagena in the Meeting Incentive Summit (08/03/2016)

  • Presentation of the magazine "Pomo" (08/03/2016)

  • The City, grateful for the recognition of the Brotherhood Marraja the work of the Holy Week (08/03/2016)

  • Start of guided tours to temporary exhibitions of Roman Theatre Museum visits (08/03/2016)

  • The abuse and neglect of animals will be subject to a new course of SPAT (08/03/2016)

  • ... (08/03/2016)

  • Women run smaller and less technology companies than men, according to a thesis UPCT (08/03/2016)
    An investigation in six hundred SMEs in the Murcia region shows that managers encourage more teamwork than their male colleagues
  • If you want peace, prepare word (07/03/2016)

  • Poetry contests and Painting Private Mediterranean already have winners (07/03/2016)

  • Calderon called the proposal Caritas and the Abraham Project for the collection of clothes (07/03/2016)

  • The local government encourages dialogue with the new directive HOSTECAR (07/03/2016)

  • Citizens Cartagena demands the presence of opposition groups in the Bureau of the Manifesto Phoenix (07/03/2016)

  • The City of Cartagena gets to collect the Vehicle Tax (07/03/2016)

  • The wide CAVI working hours of their workers to strengthen assistance to victims of domestic violence (07/03/2016)

  • Two days of literary events with Ana Alcolea through Hache Award (07/03/2016)

  • The PP asks Lopez not to open another front in Education and collaborate with the CARM to modernize the centers (07/03/2016)
    Mirror: "This government just been released in Education and has to put the batteries once"
  • The local police are updated in the management of non-lethal weapons (07/03/2016)

  • UPCT Researchers think that women "still have a hard time" ascend (07/03/2016)

  • The Night of Museums is looking for volunteers (07/03/2016)

  • Cartagena continues to strengthen ties with Italian students (07/03/2016)

  • Women breaks and tears shared their personal experiences to commemorate Women's Day (07/03/2016)

  • More than two hundred photography lovers portrayed Cartagena (07/03/2016)

  • The church of Santo Domingo honored Christ Relief (07/03/2016)

  • Graphene will be starring in an informative and scientific conference (07/03/2016)

  • The wind was the impetus for the more than 1,600 runners Marathon Media Cartagena (07/03/2016)

  • The Cato onubense Ana Garcia Wins National Contest III Saetas (07/03/2016)

  • The municipal government continues to control water service (06/03/2016)

  • Quality of Life continues with the campaign to register dogs, cats and ferrets (05/03/2016)

  • Calderon and Martin working on possible collaboration between the Local Government with the Roundabout Foundation (05/03/2016)

  • Juan Hernandez: "We are working to Cartagena is benchmark in cruise tourism" (05/03/2016)
    Francisco Garcia: "The failed investiture of Pedro Sanchez was due to his lack of dialogue"
  • Maria Jose Soler regrets that "the PP will runs counter to comply with legal procedures" (04/03/2016)

  • Visit Los Urrutias (04/03/2016)
    The spokesman Francisco Espejo by the Minister of Agriculture, Adela Martinez-Cacho, and popular council, held a meeting with residents of Los Urrutias to see first hand the evolution of the works of removal of breakwaters
  • C's cautiously receives the announcement of a possible investment of 600,000 euros to restore the Cathedral of Cartagena (04/03/2016)
    The Ministry of Culture has revealed this information after the statement of Citizens Cartagena that take the situation of the cathedral temple to Congress deputies and the Regional Assembly
  • "Lopez continues to prevent the PP see the record of the illegal pool Aznar" (04/03/2016)
    Ortega: "unpresentable have used a ruse to answer that file does not exist"
  • Federico Mayor Zaragoza opens next Monday the series of lectures on the Nobel Prizes in Cartagena (04/03/2016)

  • Social Services took the route over the five hills of Cartagena (04/03/2016)

  • La Palma awarded the tastiest recipes at Cooking Contest XXX (04/03/2016)

  • All a display of rhythmic gymnastics at the Central Pavilion (04/03/2016)

  • The City Council will continue struggling to value the Cathedral of Cartagena (04/03/2016)

  • The improvement of roadbed between Torre Pacheco and Pozo Estrecho will be a reality before summer (04/03/2016)

  • The decision dusters local police was consensual (04/03/2016)

  • An officer of the local police collect in the OMIT Aljorra, Monday through Friday, incidences of neighboring (04/03/2016)

  • MC requests modification of the regional Heritage Act for the BIC can be visited free four days a month (04/03/2016)

  • The Commission of Inquiry Casco Antiguo defines its work plan with bi-weekly meetings (04/03/2016)

  • Barnabas will be awarded the Golden Badge Taurino Club of Cartagena (03/03/2016)

  • Francisco Calderon shows his "surprise" at the "apparent disregard" of the administrative processing of PP and spokesman, Mirror (03/03/2016)

  • The local government and the College of Podiatrists collaborate for the benefit of the largest in the region (03/03/2016)

  • Citizens initiated a round of contacts to deal with the wave of robberies and assaults in the District of Cartagena (03/03/2016)

  • La Palma celebrates its Festivities 2016 (03/03/2016)

  • The Palace Hall will shut down on March 19 in the fight against climate change (03/03/2016)

  • The Cross of Cabo de Palos delivery 5,000 euros to various charities (03/03/2016)

  • Cartagena UPyD expresses its full support for the platform claims "No more theft" (03/03/2016)

  • Advances in the collective agreement for workers of Port of Cultures (03/03/2016)

  • MC, awarded for his political career in the Independent Year Awards (03/03/2016)

  • Visitors can take a book with your photo as a souvenir of the city (03/03/2016)

  • The Popular University organizes the solidarity shown by a pencil Art (03/03/2016)

  • "The government improvises in Lake about a work that had been scheduled" (03/03/2016)
    Mirror: "López soon became the picture, but takes to prepare the square for Easter"
  • The Night of Museums 2016 last details (03/03/2016)

  • Manuel Ortuño present his book, The direction of the circle, in the Luzzy (03/03/2016)

  • The Half Marathon Sunday disrupt traffic for a few hours in the city (03/03/2016)

  • The UPCT will offer this summer 32 of activities including the development of prototype competition (03/03/2016)

  • Several kids will enjoy an invitation for Saturday's game (03/03/2016)

  • Citizens criticizes the mayor of Cartagena its new attack on local media after criticism by dirt in the center (02/03/2016)

  • From theater to film or vice versa, the colloquium talk Alfonso Santos in the Caja Mediterráneo Foundation (02/03/2016)

  • The City is working with the XIII National Congress of Audiology (02/03/2016)
    Faculty of Business Science at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) will host the event that will take place on 20 and 21 May
  • Deputy Mayor knows the facilities of different associations for the disabled in Cartagena (02/03/2016)
    has seen firsthand the operation and needs of APICES and ASTEAMUR
  • The Pérez-Wait, winner of UNED painting prize, cartagenera exhibits in The Steadfast Tin Soldier (02/03/2016)
    The inauguration will take place this Friday, March 4, at 20:30.
  • The municipal government is seeking maximum transparency with respect for data protection (02/03/2016)
    Councilwoman Maria Jose Soler met this morning with representatives of more privacy, consultants and municipal auditors in this area
  • The T-LA offer a course on child accident prevention and emergency care (02/03/2016)
    The monograph is intended for people performing activities for children, will have a price of ten euros for the general public and will run from Thursday 3 March to Saturday 12
  • The Cross of Cabo de Palos deliver revenue to charities (02/03/2016)
    Athletics Club La Manga will deliver the 5,000 euros raised in the seventh charity run held in July
  • "The support garbancillo Tallante is spectacular" (02/03/2016)
    EU Evaluators highlight the social impact of conservation project that has led the Polytechnic University of Cartagena
  • Juan Angel Pastor, new director of the School of Teleco (02/03/2016)

  • Social Services Older cartagenera roam the typical stamps (02/03/2016)
    Ditirambo The company has staged passages of history the city playing characters like Joseph casau, Maria Isidoro Chiquero or Máiquez
  • They begin to remove the breakwaters of Los Urrutias, thanks to public pressure (02/03/2016)
    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor, along with neighbors and other members of the Municipal Corporation, celebrated the start of construction on the beach as a first step to save the Mar Menor
  • The performing arts of Cartagena come together to fill theater and dance the streets of the city (02/03/2016)
    The first performances of the Platform for Performing Arts will be to mark World Theatre Day on 2 and 3 April and 29 April will be the turn of the activities to celebrate World Dance Day
  • Convention for teachers of FP top grade in the School of Marine Cartagena (02/03/2016)

  • PP: "The government manipulates a report by the Ombudsman to cover criticism of their management" (02/03/2016)
    "Sold as a text back their failure to censure the botelleo"
  • "Lopez returns to lash out at reporters for their critical information" (02/03/2016)
    Mirror: "I get angry a report on the dirt in the center and charge against its author"
  • Social Services and Columbares take stock of activities in La Aljorra in 2015 (02/03/2016)
    These include the support of associations and actions in the fields of Gender, Children and Youth, Consulting, Strengthening Education, Awareness and Community Participation
  • Cartagena Port of Cultures travels from Egypt to Carthagonova (02/03/2016)

  • The Literary Fair continue to receive works in poetry and prose until March 18 (02/03/2016)
    The competition organized by the Brotherhood of San Ginés de la Jara reward the best writings in order to retrieve and disseminate the history of Cartagena pattern
  • The Luzzy adds to the defense of the rights of women through the tapestry Lagrimas Negras (02/03/2016)
    In the opening ceremony, the artist Alejandra Corral led Deputy Mayor and aldermen Quality of Life and Social Services to contemplate his work in which women have participated worldwide
  • The T-LA will offer a talk Friday with actors webserie Malviviendo (02/03/2016)
    The meeting will take place on Friday, March 4, at 20:00 pm in the Centro Cultural Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • No More Games, a reflection of the Byzantine Wall overmodernity (02/03/2016)
    The exhibition will take place on March 1st at 19:30
  • Luis García Pérez, Ciudad Real, winner of the Floral Games of La Palma (02/03/2016)
    His work, entitled The lack of solidarity, was chosen by a jury in which participated the mayor.
  • Citizens ask in Congress and in the Assembly by the situation in which the Cathedral of Cartagena is (02/03/2016)

  • Workday in the Hesperides Integrated Professional Training Centre of Cartagena (02/03/2016)

  • Maria del Carmen Ruiz Sola, new godmother third of Our Father Jesus Risen (02/03/2016)

  • Restoration and Modernism as protagonists of Hospitality Day (01/03/2016)

  • The Roman Theatre will host an exhibition of Roma women through art Comic (01/03/2016)
    The vernissage will take place on Thursday, March 4 at 20:00 pm and will be open until May 30
  • The aldermen of the City of Cartagena attend personally to the residents of La Manga one day a week (01/03/2016)
    The meetings will take place in Municipal Office or Omit Processing in order to bring the municipal administration closer to citizens
  • Postponed until after Easter cutting the entrance to the motorway Cartagena (01/03/2016)
    The mayor has agreed with the Roads delay the repair of the viaduct to mitigate its impact during processions
  • The PP requires solar cleanups remain (01/03/2016)
    The municipality conducted two extraordinary operations before Easter and summer
  • The Ombudsman welcomes the work of the City Council to mitigate the consequences of botellón (01/03/2016)
    The body responsible for ensuring the protection of citizens' rights shares the view of the City Council about the importance of preventive measures
  • Vistalegre FC plays the title in the cadet category (01/03/2016)
    ​​ The team is undefeated vistalegrense all youth football championship
  • The Mandarache Award inaugurated the new website of reading experiences of Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (01/03/2016)
    Lectureando, is a web space for the dissemination of good reading practices
  • The Ratita Presumida, a musical for the little ones in El Batel (01/03/2016)
    The cartagenera company La Murga Teatro Municipal brings this Saturday a show for the whole family Auditorium, after delighting more than 7,000 spectators in Murcia
  • MC defends the role of Daphne in the recovery of the windmills of Campo de Cartagena (01/03/2016)

  • Federico Mayor Zaragoza opens next Monday the series of lectures on the Nobel Prizes in Cartagena (01/03/2016)
    The former president of UNESCO will inaugurate the talks approaching citizens to Nobel Peace Prize 2015
  • Experts from the European Commission discussed Wednesday in Cartagena actions to recover the garbancillo Tallante (01/03/2016)
    Technicians review the implementation of the LIFE + project, led by the UPCT, which has had a budget of 1,200,000 €
  • The illustrator Emilio Urbearuaga held meetings with students in Municipal Library of Cartagena (01/03/2016)
    The author will present his work like animals in three meetings that happen during the Thursday, March 3
  • Day futsal undefeated for federated (01/03/2016)
    The last weekend showed two win and a draw for cartageneros teams, which have the support of the City of Cartagena
  • Day undefeated for federated (01/03/2016)
    Two wins and a draw are the results of last weekend for cartagenera quarry
  • Cartagena revived the opening of the Grand Hotel to pace pasodoble (01/03/2016)
    The crowd coalesced in the San Sebastián square where a theatrical dramatization by actors recreating the inauguration of modernist building hundred years ago
  • The UPCT acquires 10 electric bicycles made by former students (01/03/2016)
    Staff University will use them to travel between campuses

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