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Cartagena News - June 2014

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  • UPyD denounces the poor condition of the road network in the town bicycle (30/06/2014)

  • Old Town provides a lost three million for doubtful debt of New Gate (30/06/2014)
    The board of directors of the municipal company is awaiting the decision of the appeal for further action aimed at recovering debt
  • Teachers UPCT investigated the shoulder more of the world (30/06/2014)
    The Polytechnic University of Cartagena participate in a study to measure the damping of water by hydraulic dams desembalsada
  • The youth correspondents receive their diplomas (30/06/2014)

  • Basic German for unemployed (30/06/2014)
    Tuesday are delivered to the Training Centre Canteras diplomas to the participants in the workshop organized by the ALDE
  • New image of Hostages Carthago (29/06/2014)

  • MC equips the Mediterranean CD Cadet Cup for San Sebastian 2014 (28/06/2014)
    Jose Lopez wished luck to the cadets of the "Urba" before the competition begins in San Sebastian
  • Bobby Womack Die headlining La Mar de Musicas (28/06/2014)

  • The painter Enrique Nieto deliver tomorrow the proclamation of the parties of Los Urrutias (27/06/2014)

  • MC calls for the resignation of Councillor of Sports for the suspension of the final of the Youth Cup in Cartagonova King (27/06/2014)
    Jose Lopez calls "embarrassing" situation for the poor image of the city to the outside world, and holds Ortega's nonsense
  • Youth Cup final del Rey not be played at the Estadio Cartagonova (27/06/2014)
    Overseeding by the specialized company CADE has not arrived in time for Sunday's game, according to experts of the federation
  • The new Colonel AGA keep the line marked by his predecessor (27/06/2014)

  • INTERSINDICAL of the Murcia Region supports Gay Pride celebrations, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (27/06/2014)
    Supports 28 demonstration in Cartagena, convened by the COLLECTIVE GALÁCTYCO
  • The new director of the Military Museum continue the rehabilitation of collectibles (27/06/2014)

  • Javier Madrid this Saturday presents his book Scouting in football (27/06/2014)
    be in the College of Miralmonte when this event takes place from 11 am.
  • Closing of the Workshop on Affective and Cognitive Enrichment Elder (27/06/2014)
    The Department of Social Services, responsible for it, will reconvene after the summer workshop that helps the elderly to train memory and self-esteem
  • Accreditations juvenile correspondents (27/06/2014)
    18 young people have developed their work in this course secondary schools and training
  • Cartagena Polytechnic imparts races with more career opportunities (27/06/2014)
    In Ecuador the pre-registration period, which ends on July 4th, have requested 40% of the 1,242 positions offered
  • One case of MC ends the dangerous buildup of plastics in a warehouse next to a gas station (27/06/2014)
    The initiative cartagenera political formation was carried plenary, because it was a clear danger of fire
  • San Anton lived his magical night of San Juan (27/06/2014)
    The coordinator organized neighborhood playgrounds, batucada parade with costumes and a parade of the world to celebrate the holiday on Monday
  • The water and adventure sports star in the T-The Summer (27/06/2014)

  • Juan Antonio Conesa won its challenge to midnight (27/06/2014)
    After touring the Peninsula cycling, cyclist flew into Albujón where family, neighbors, authorities and bike lovers were waiting with banners to congratulate him on his achievement
  • Vitruvius discover the secrets of the Roman Theater (27/06/2014)
    On Saturday night there will be a visit to the monument theatrical
  • New professional in the field of restoration (27/06/2014)
    The seventeen students who have completed the Basic Operations Course Restaurant Bar organized by the ALDE will receive their diplomas on Monday in a ceremony that took place in the building of La Milagrosa
  • Awarded a teacher UPCT for work on crowfunding (27/06/2014)

  • Small and large part in the Folklore Festival XXII La Palma (27/06/2014)
    From 5 to 12 July is celebrated this event whose main stage is The Palm of Casas Grandes.
  • Works in schools amounting to 300,000 euros (26/06/2014)
    The City will use the summer to about one hundred and repairs reforms in early childhood centers and primary
  • Sailors Cartagena towards Ibiza (26/06/2014)

  • Youth from Salesian know the keys to being entrepreneurs (26/06/2014)

  • Concert season finale at the Archaeological Museum (26/06/2014)
    The Cucuband offer partrir action at 22 o'clock on the grounds of the center
  • Juan Antonio Conesa arrives this afternoon after traveling Albujón Peninsula Cycle (26/06/2014)

  • Cartagena tourist looks on Friday at the window Cadena SER (26/06/2014)
    The national leader of the afternoon, with Carles Francino program is broadcast from El Batel
  • Presentation of the XXII National Folklore Festival of La Palma (26/06/2014)
    Will this Thursday, the 26th, when conducting the press conference in El Corte Ingles, at 19.30 hours, to raise awareness of the activities to be undertaken in this edition.
  • Presiding Sportsmanship League football fans (26/06/2014)

  • SPCT demands to know Pilar Barreiro's companions in his "The Love Boat" (26/06/2014)
    "Vice Mayor lied last city, the mayor is imputed"
  • Teaching to detect the tiger mosquito with a mobile app (26/06/2014)

  • Redeemed six people in a building of Sorrows by fire in containers (26/06/2014)
    The incident was complicated by affecting the electrical connection and natural gas and burned the facades of three buildings
  • Effective Plan Ballad mark out the red flag with some beach areas Calblanque (25/06/2014)

  • Note on NOVO CARTHAGO Citizens Movement (25/06/2014)

  • A custom design for the big day in the toilet of the bride (25/06/2014)

  • Cartagena picks his ten blue flags in Santiago de la Ribera (25/06/2014)
    The municipality accounts for one in three distinctions awarded this year to the beaches of the region, which will begin in the coming days wave
  • The Roman Theatre gets the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014 (25/06/2014)
    Users of the popular travel website have granted the Cartagena site a rating of 4.5 out of five points
  • Youth recognizes the work of volunteers from the Museum Night (25/06/2014)
    The councilor of the area will deliver them on Thursday to young employees, a diploma for your feedback, event to be held at seven pm in the auditorium the Roman Theatre Museum
  • El Batel present in the virtual fair Meet In Spain 2014 (25/06/2014)
    The Auditorium and Congress Center of Cartagena present its offer to U.S. businesses and Spanish suppliers.
  • The young entrepreneurs receive their diplomas Salesians (25/06/2014)

  • The Sea Music takes to the streets of Cartagena (25/06/2014)
    The festival unfolds its advertising banners and marquees set in the city
  • Cartagena exhibited at the FEMP intercultural educational model (25/06/2014)
    The Social Care Councillor participated last week in Madrid, along with their technical department, in a seminar on School Integration and Cultural Diversity
  • The Azura they saturates in Cartagena with 3,100 passengers (25/06/2014)
    will remain in the city until seven pm
  • Government and opposition agree to facilitate the disabled bath Azohía (24/06/2014)

  • Sports, workshops and film for young Virgin of Charity (24/06/2014)

  • Ismael Sanchez, overall winner of the Prix MTB Dolores Cartagena (24/06/2014)
    I succeeded on Sunday in the second edition held in Tentegorra and organized by the Cycling Club of Los Dolores and in collaboration with the City
  • The Mayor and Deputy Mayor resigns, contrary to the provisions of the preliminary investigation and the prosecutor dismisses the allegation (24/06/2014)
    The PP has also shown once again its position against the interests of citizens in health, sports themes , leisure, social exclusion and historical heritage
  • The City proposes to La Caixa three new projects for microcredit (24/06/2014)
    The initiatives include a local sports book café, a business and historical miniature items for souvenirs and a café bar
  • CCOO denounces new educational concerts in the region (24/06/2014)
    The granting of new educational concerts in the cities of Ceuta and Molina meaningless and condemned to a sort of "cannibalism" educational centers of these towns
  • Maroto, "We will strengthen care to families with more support soup kitchens, social commissary and give breakfast to children who attend summer schools" (24/06/2014)
    Councillor for Education reminds the opposition that the government popular not in favor of transforming school meals in soup kitchens because attention must be directed to the family as a whole
  • Last Days of Vita Romanorum, a Roman city in the port of Cartagena (24/06/2014)
    The traveling exhibition organized by La Caixa still be visited on the esplanade of the Heroes of Cavite until July 1
  • Cabezos accuses the opposition of trampling the presumption of innocence when calling for the resignation of the mayor without being charged (24/06/2014)
    The spokesman recalled that "Barreiro nor charged or tried or sentenced, despite the efforts of the opposition to confuse Cartagena "
  • Youth Red Cross will raise awareness and society with an exhibition of Environment (24/06/2014)
    The roadshow arrives this Tuesday, the 24th, at the headquarters of the Department entitled Protect your livelihood, not explode Environment.
  • Cartagena FEMP forth in intercultural educational model (24/06/2014)
    Councillor for Social Care participates with a technician from your apartment in Madrid at a seminar on School Integration and Cultural Diversity
  • Santa Barbara Major said goodbye to his workshop until next year (24/06/2014)

  • Bajan fire incidents during the Night of San Juan (24/06/2014)
    Municipal effective attended 36 emergencies, compared to 44 last year
  • Carboneras eagles and he conquered the Beach Handball Cup VIII (24/06/2014)
    fn The event last week was played at La Manga
  • The school closed on stage entertainment spaces (24/06/2014)

  • Parents and children can now sign up for the workshops of La Mar Chica (24/06/2014)

  • Emergency Health services have failed to save the life of a man who has fallen into the water at the Port of Cartagena (23/06/2014)

  • Health have failed to save the life of a diver who has suffered an accident while diving in Cabo de Palos (23/06/2014)

  • The first class of dual training Repsol already graduated (23/06/2014)

  • San Fulgencio Cartagena welcomes the challenge of the new evangelization (23/06/2014)

  • Young Baha'is organize the colloquium talk Is there life after life? (23/06/2014)
    Youth collaborates in this activity which takes place this Saturday at the Baha'i center next to El Bohio Institute
  • The Competition II brought forward interschool swimming in Pozo Strait (23/06/2014)
    Young athletes between 5 and 16 years from different schools swimming municipality participated Friday in the competition organized by the Sports Department
  • La Salsa and Merengue put older clip (23/06/2014)
    Latin Dance Workshop organized by the Department of Social Services, has come to an end today with the closure which was held in the Building of La Milagrosa
  • The Cartagena Carlos Garranzo part this week heading to Broad Peak (23/06/2014)
    's next top the athlete will attempt to crown in this expedition in Pakistan over eight thousand feet.
  • Plenary on Tuesday in the city of Cartagena (23/06/2014)
    The Municipal Corporation meeting held inthe Town Hall starting at ten o'clock
  • The mayor reiterated the commitment of the Minister with the arrival of the AVE to Cartagena (23/06/2014)
    So again Monday in influencing the progress of the preparatory work for the high-speed train is in our city as soon as possible and we now develop time set
  • The Municipal Theatre School shows the curtain (23/06/2014)
    This week will offer its usual end of year shows in the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • MC Councilman presents complaint against the Local Government Board for alleged trespass (23/06/2014)

  • Cartagena closed the season with his latest trophy Badminton (23/06/2014)
    The Pavilion Espada sporting event hosted this past Saturday in which a total of 60 matches were played and where, later, the trophies were handed Regularity and other competitions
  • The Wing Tsun Cartagena again with the second edition Teacher Seminar (23/06/2014)
    The event will be presented Monday by Councillor organizers and Sports
  • The young players showed their level at the close of the Municipal School (23/06/2014)
    Monitors and kids shared what they learned along the entire course with family and friends who attended the exhibition on Thursday farewell to September
  • Manuel Carrasco celebrates decade on stages in El Batel (23/06/2014)
    Ten years have passed since he began his musical adventure, now reviews the best of his career with this new tour confess I've felt
  • CD Young paid tribute to his coach Santiago The Hare (23/06/2014)
    They did this Saturday, day 21, a pre-tournament friendly against CD Lapuerta Benjamins in order to recognize their work during the club
  • Visits to Cartagena Port of Cultures rise 8% this year (23/06/2014)
    . Around 114,000 people have been some of the activities that the tourist entity organized for these first five months of 2014 the balance was presented at the meeting held on Monday Consortium
  • Cartagena celebrated the Festival of the Sun with the Andean peoples (23/06/2014)
    The Municipal Sports Pavilion hosted this Saturday, day 21, this traditional celebration in honor of the Incas to the Sun, the Inti Raymi
  • Education publishes a list of the 709 admitted to nursery schools (23/06/2014)
    Pending 142 children have been, but have been ten free places in some centers
  • LGBT and football, united against homophobia (23/06/2014)
    The sport has been this weekend one of the protagonists of the Week Galáctyca programming with holding a solidarity meeting on Saturday between FC Cartagena and Murcia female selection
  • 170 children start school today bilingual summer UPCT-Cole (23/06/2014)

  • Health have failed to save the life of a diver who has suffered an accident while diving in Cabo de Palos (23/06/2014)

  • Cartagena will be promoted among the Traveling People (23/06/2014)
    national program Onda Cero, directed by Esther Eiros, held last Saturday from the Roman theater
  • Authorized cutting the road Azohía for filming a movie (23/06/2014)
    will be from Monday to Wednesday, 8 am to 8 pm.
  • IU-Green asked in Parliament tomorrow's resignation Pilar Barreiro (23/06/2014)
    The formation of the left has been a motion asking the mayor to resign in response to the image of the institution and for the avoidance of harm to public interests Consistory
  • SPCT hazard alert for pedestrians on Calle del Duque (22/06/2014)
    the locals reported speeding vehicles in the area
  • The AECC Cartagena celebrates its beneficent gala (21/06/2014)

  • The Socialist Party says the Minister of Health wants to "bait" to Cartagena (21/06/2014)
    Teresa Rosique criticizes the "undemocratic spirit" of the counselor to not wanting to explain Regional Assembly in its intentions to shelve the final Rosell as hospital
  • Sample Between neighbors Aljorra be exhibited in their associations (20/06/2014)
    After inaugurated on the premises of the holidays, this exhibition will be at the premises of the various associations of the council
  • The Roman Theatre Museum also check under the moonlight (20/06/2014)
    Saturday 21 will be implemented in two passes to nine and nine-thirty.
  • Cartagena and the Andean peoples are united Saturday for Festival of the Sun (20/06/2014)
    The Municipal Sports Pavilion will host tomorrow, day 21, this traditional celebration in honor of the Incas to the Sun, the Inti Raymi
  • Our older decommissioned Arts Workshop (20/06/2014)
    They did Friday with an exhibition of the work done along these months in this program activity offered by the Department of Social Services
  • The Albujón celebrates its festivals this June San Juan (20/06/2014)
    Neighbors have organized a series of activities such as paella contests, actuaicones music, dancing or water fight, which will be held this Saturday, day 21 until Sunday, 29
  • El Peral District celebrates 125 years with honors Cartagena inventor (20/06/2014)

  • Shop Foundation Nursing San Pedro makes a show of solidarity in the Casino (20/06/2014)
    This Thursday this exhibition aims to present the Wend Be Ne Do project being developed in Burkina Faso with the proceeds inaugurated will go to this program
  • The Governing Board delegates to Citizen Security penalties for urinating in the street (20/06/2014)
    The objective is to streamline procedures and avoid such conduct
  • Agreement with UPCT to assist in the cataloging of historic vehicles (20/06/2014)

  • The Plural Left requires the Community and the City that no plant closures and hospital health centers this summer (20/06/2014)

  • "I studied Industrial in Cartagena" (20/06/2014)
    Engineers of large companies involved in the campaign 'I studied Industrial Cartagena'
  • A motorcyclist killed in traffic accident this morning near La Aljorra (20/06/2014)

  • Arrested a "Don Juan network" that cheated with four women simultaneously maintaining romantic relationships (20/06/2014)
    The arrest created a fake profile on the social networks where posing as engineer of a big oil company with significant revenues
  • The Plural Left denounces "the sorry state of the outer tracks of the Central Pavilion" (20/06/2014)

  • A score of A level students do internships in UPCT (20/06/2014)
    The Polytechnic has doubled the number of students in training courses that provide tutoring
  • Juan Carlos Ruiz announces the opening of an office in Cartagena Info (19/06/2014)
    The Industry recognizes the efforts of Cartagena entrepreneurs "to keep their businesses afloat and jobs" at the close of the General Assembly COEC
  • The Regatta Cartagena-Ibiza this month held its silver anniversary (19/06/2014)

  • The City paid 24 days during the first quarter (19/06/2014)
    Councillor of Finance Commission presents economic data for the first three months of the year.
  • Betting on young artists in the Music Day (19/06/2014)

  • Local Police and Fire places the special device for the Night of San Juan (19/06/2014)

  • The workshops of the Intercultural Center closed until September (19/06/2014)
    A total of 123 young people have done more than seventy activities in recent months in the centers of Pain and Old Town
  • The City collects about 1,100 euros for Caritas (19/06/2014)
    The petitionary table located at the doors of the Town Hall has been all morning collecting donations from organizations and citizens
  • The City will strengthen care for families on vacation before the end of school canteens (19/06/2014)

  • Older goodbye Energy Gymnastics Course (19/06/2014)
    Monday saw the closing of this course organized by the Department of Social Services and has been developing in the gym of the Youth House
  • MC trust the Controller of the City of Cartagena, but can not say the same local government (19/06/2014)

  • The Dolores invites parties (19/06/2014)
    The neighborhood will live 20 to 29 June a holiday in which sports, food, music and dancing will be showcased
  • The Cuarentuna Cartagena this weekend celebrates its 20 years (19/06/2014)
    What will this Friday and Saturday, 20 and 21 June, with different musical and cultural performances, as Cartagenera Round the woman in the balcony of the Casino and a parade through the center
  • Canoeing to enhance the activation of participants in Youth Guarantee (19/06/2014)
    The activity aims to promote positive attitudes among young people of this European employment program
  • Ballad Night in the Plaza de San Francisco (19/06/2014)
    ​​ More than twenty national artists, led by José Alberto Pina, this scenario will be uploaded on Sunday, March 22, at 21.30 hours within the framework of Welcome to Summer
  • The UPCT drives the university entrepreneurship in Central (19/06/2014)
    Polytechnic Teachers have directed a thesis on academic spin-off of Costa Rica and Nicaragua proposed to create a center of technological innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Collective GALACTYCO invited to participate during LGBT Pride June (19/06/2014)

  • The Catalan singer Mary Rodes replaces Natalia Lafourcade in the Sea of ​​Music (18/06/2014)
    Mexican singer may not be in Cartagena for health reasons.
  • School of Cartagena, on the podium of the Regional Sports Promotion (18/06/2014)
    Twenty in the municipality managed to gain the top spot in the Championship is organized within the program of Sports School Age
  • School of Feliciano Sánchez dominated learning (18/06/2014)
    is the first time that the activity takes place within the Municipal Program School Age Sports Hall in this center was the first to sign up lecturing his students
  • Two European volunteers assist in the workshops of our elders (18/06/2014)
    Zane Kalnina Aden and Kovács, Latvia and Hungary, arrived in Cartagena via organized by the Youth Council to cooperate in some of the activities carried out by Social Services program
  • The municipalities traversed by the Cartagena-Vera studying the consequences of their rescue (18/06/2014)
    Responsible municipal meeting in Cartagena la la FEMMP ask for help
  • On Friday, the 125th anniversary of the naming of Barrio Peral commemorates (18/06/2014)
    There will be a simple tribute to the statue of the inventor Cartagenero which collaborate Navy
  • The Department of Culture honors Lola Fernández with Verso and Fire ceremony (18/06/2014)
    The event will be Thursday at 20:00 h.
  • The program connects students get their degree ESO (18/06/2014)

  • The Finance Committee evaluates the progress of the Plan Adjustment (18/06/2014)
    The body of study and preparation of Municipal Affairs will meet on Thursday at the Administration Building
  • The Manga returns to celebrate the CAB-CUP Beach Handball (18/06/2014)

  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus of Cartagena celebrates its prom Friday and closing of San Diego (18/06/2014)

  • Small with disabilities also have fun at the Summer School Miralmonte (18/06/2014)

  • All lifeguard stations will remain open until the end of summer (18/06/2014)

  • The Archaeological Museum will use the summer to continue remodeling Cover (18/06/2014)

  • The dispute over the level Engineering Building will have no impact for students (18/06/2014)
    The lawsuit brought by the Association of Industrial only affects the name of the curriculum, not the name of the degree or professional responsibilities
  • Alms Caritas Thursday in Cartagena (18/06/2014)
    The City will work with the installation of a petitionary table next to Town Hall
  • Cultural Week at the Colegio Vicente Ros (18/06/2014)
    Arts Workshop to present state by performing a sculpture by Juan José Quirós
  • Older Workshop Arts display their work (18/06/2014)
    The Social Care Councillor held with them the end of the course and visited the exhibition
  • MC Barreiro ask whether to testify in the Supreme Court in the case Novo Carthago or whether to hide behind their status metered (18/06/2014)

  • The Swimming Cartagonova blocks medal City of Cartagena Trophy (18/06/2014)
    I managed to becoming the overall champion last Saturday in the Pool of Youth House.
  • Festival of Gymnastics and Aesthetic Group to celebrate the end of term (18/06/2014)
    Central Sports Pavilion on Tuesday welcomed the closure of municipal schools developing this activity, whose students performed an exhibition before hundreds of spectators
  • The Federation of Mediterranean Women celebrated its 20th year (18/06/2014)
    More than two hundred of them were given appointment on Tuesday at a dinner in which dancing and singing also snuck in this celebration.
  • IU-Green calls for the maintenance of social programs carried out by NGOs to ensure (18/06/2014)

  • Juana María Pilar Barreiro Ruiloba includes in his book Analysis of Spanish mayors (17/06/2014)

  • The mayor has shown Proud of champions football Cartagena Féminas (17/06/2014)
    After his recent promotion to the 2nd Division National, the athletes have visited the Town Hall for a meeting with Pilar Barreiro and tell their past triumphs
  • The holidays arrive for seniors Leisure Workshop La Manga (17/06/2014)

  • Ends the Week Cultural Club of Greater Los Belones (17/06/2014)
    On Saturday, the 14th, was ending with representation Eager to make people laugh Los Incansables to put the finishing touch to the festivities
  • School of Sorrows this course have become small entrepreneurs (17/06/2014)

  • Cartagena and Andean peoples become one to celebrate the Festival of the Sun (17/06/2014)

  • SPCT alert installing chiringutos not meet municipal regulations (17/06/2014)
    "The rest is leisure tourists"
  • IU-green again asked that the city proceed with the restoration and enhancement of San Ginés de la Jara (17/06/2014)

  • Alumni Employment and Training program of the ALDE catch up (17/06/2014)

  • Competition Hooks Charity (17/06/2014)
    On Sunday June 15, Hitch Club Cartagena, organized at its facilities in Los Dolores, for the first time Hitches Charity Contest for small, Fernández Alba Mota
  • A sample of different styles of dance closed during the Municipal Dance School (17/06/2014)
    The closure, in which more than 200 students, took place Monday at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • The School of Telecommunication offer two bilingual degrees with 70% of the contents in English (17/06/2014)

  • The La Manga sports schools celebrated their prom (16/06/2014)
    They did last Saturday, the 14th, at the Municipal Sports Complex Paradise beach in an act of farewell until next year attended by over 150 people including children and parents
  • Juan Antonio Conesa Sunday began his cycling journey for grandparents (16/06/2014)
    The ultra-distance Albujón departed from the Town Hall Square heading to Valencia for exploring the peninsula in the first Challenge Grandfather
  • Cartagena Trasnocho this weekend with the Feast of Commerce (16/06/2014)

  • Students in the Los Dolores EME show their project to the mayor (16/06/2014)
    Pilar Barreiro visit the kids on Tuesday, accompanied by councilors Employment and Education.
  • Eight days EnOrgulleCT to defend the human rights of LGBT (16/06/2014)

  • IU-Green leads the House of Representatives and the Regional Assembly the impediment of access for citizens to Cala Morena (The Portús) (16/06/2014)

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics Group and Aesthetics celebrate Prom (16/06/2014)
    Tuesday took place in the Sports Pavilion Central closure of municipal schools developing this activity, where students perform a show
  • A sample of different styles of dance closes the course of Municipal Dance School (16/06/2014)
    The closure, in which more than 200 students, will be held Monday at 6 pm at the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy
  • One alumnus awarded UPCT for his thesis on antennas (16/06/2014)
    National School of Engineers of Teleco has granted Vigueras María García, he continues his research in Switzerland, the Hispasat Award
  • ... (16/06/2014)

  • The Roman Senate parties Arde Lucus (Lugo) (16/06/2014)

  • The family says goodbye cartagenero grassroots local league (14/06/2014)
    Some eight thousand players, coaches and family members have participated in the closing ceremony and awards ceremony held at the Cartagonova
  • The ilergetes heat engines (14/06/2014)
    As part of the expansion of the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans, the Warriors Ilergetes Indíbil proceeded to twin with the Knights of Caravaca Santiaguista
  • Carthaginians and Romans, absolute champion Futsal (14/06/2014)
    The football team of the Festival of Carthaginians and Romans made a perfect season in their first year of debut
  • Archaeologists found in the paintings unique forum muses in Spain (13/06/2014)

  • Female Basketball teams celebrate their victories Cartagena with the mayor (13/06/2014)
    Pilar Barreiro received Friday the winners of the season, which has made a selfie in an act that has been exchanged plaques of appreciation
  • Environmental stresses that garbancillo Tallante help promote environmental tourism in this region (13/06/2014)
    The Director General of Environment participated in the presentation of the technical guidelines for projects in the habitat of this unique species in the exclusive world of Cartagena
  • The Senior Summer School held its sixth edition (13/06/2014)
    Workshops, lectures and seminars, make up the program of activities organized by the Department of Social Services, to develop 1 to July 14.
  • The Region this summer is promoted under the brand Costa Calida (13/06/2014)

  • José López Martínez, Councillor and Spokesperson of the Joint Movement Group-City of Cartagena, presented to the House the following questions (13/06/2014)

  • The Garbancillo Tallante adds another gem to Cartagena (13/06/2014)

  • A mobile application helps detect the tiger mosquito (13/06/2014)
    This initiative, which will be released with a talk and a workshop this June, is included in the Project Tiger Trap, with the collaboration of the city of Cartagena
  • The Socialist Party insists that Barreiro remains unclear if you think going to testify voluntarily (13/06/2014)
    by Novo Carthago and if your condition is metered hosting
  • The actors live longer closed down the school year (13/06/2014)

  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus of Cartagena pilgrimage to Rome (13/06/2014)

  • The plural left has to be the engine of change in Cartagena (13/06/2014)
    Juan Luis Martínez reelected secretary general of Socialists for Cartagena
  • IU-green concentration supports the platform affected by the mortgage (13/06/2014)
    The formation of the left part in the event to be held tomorrow Saturday, June 14, in our city
  • End of course for the Workshop on the Promotion of the Old Town and Sorrows (13/06/2014)
    Twenty immigrants have participated in this course throughout the year improving their autonomy in the day.
  • Haute cuisine homeless (12/06/2014)

  • Press Release CITIZEN MOVEMENT OF CARTAGENA 06/12/2014 (12/06/2014)

  • 250 experts in Molecular Plant Biology congregate UPCT (12/06/2014)

  • Memoirs of a Young Leader sings for a good cause (12/06/2014)
    is the new musical composition singer cartagenero Sháez which goes on sale next Tuesday, June 17.
  • Older decommissioned A Walk Through the History and Traditions of the City (12/06/2014)

  • Tallante hosts this Saturday IV Biodiversity Fair (12/06/2014)

  • The Municipal Room Network free internet access opens with new schedule (12/06/2014)
    The twelve classrooms spread across the town will have special hours in summer, closed its doors in August and September will again function normally
  • The City Council and the School of Tourism analyze the needs of the sector (12/06/2014)
    Both entities will collaborate for the university to become a permanent observatory of tourism in the town.
  • A July full of activities to encourage La Manga (12/06/2014)
    The Department of Tourism and Cope presented the event at La Manga Hundred Hundred, music performance that will bring humor to the Plaza Bohemia during the weekends to enjoy tourists and residents
  • Antonio Sevilla was named president of the Port Authority of Cartagena (12/06/2014)

  • Photographing Calblanque has eco prize (12/06/2014)
    The Salted Landscapes I Fotomaratón held on Saturday with the aim of spreading the values ​​of the Regional Park
  • IU-green demands the opening of school cafeterias throughout the year (12/06/2014)

  • Two students will UPCT paid in augmented reality business practices (12/06/2014)

  • El Centro Eixample and come together to celebrate the Feast of Commerce (12/06/2014)

  • "The opening of the exhibition of Madrid is the ultimate test in Cartagena ninguneo Treasure theme Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes" (12/06/2014)

  • IU-Green calls for the immediate cessation of night work carried out in a Mall Paseo de Alfonso XIII (12/06/2014)
    The work, which apparently have municipal authorization, violate the provisions of the ordinances on noise pollution and prevent normal rest for locals
  • Pozo Los Palos in style celebrates its patron saint (11/06/2014)
    I will from this Friday, June 13, with an agenda to entertain young and old with tastings, musical performances and family raffles
  • The key in the loft takes the stage for social purposes (11/06/2014)

  • Last Fridays hike up our elders (11/06/2014)
    They did last Friday a total of 65 of them on a journey of 18 km between Salinas and Los Nietos Marchamalo.
  • A trip to the past century with the Museum of the Ports of Santa Barbara (11/06/2014)

  • El Batel shows her charms in Valencia (11/06/2014)
    It was a networking breakfast at which the different spaces having our auditorium to host a variety of events were presented, as well as the tourism potential of the city
  • The Sea of ​​Music hosts the largest cultural landing in Norway Spain (11/06/2014)
    From 18 to 26 July Cartagena celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the music festival with art, film, literature and music, programming whose advance was presented today in Madrid
  • Seniors celebrate the closure of A Walk Through the History and Traditions of the City (11/06/2014)
    The second turn of the course, organized by the Department of Social Services, will be closed on Thursday at a ceremony to be held at the Palace Hall
  • The first roundabout road Siphon begins to take shape (11/06/2014)
    Although not the final roundabout signage has been placed and the car begins to move in this new element that started the refurbishment of the road
  • The 38 Challenge Corpus Motorcycle revving (11/06/2014)
    Concerts, pilot courses and motorcycles, especially motorcycles, quote will be given 13 to 15 June at the Circuito de Cartagena, where everyone, fans or not the motor world are invited
  • The Cambridge exams can now be done in UPCT (11/06/2014)

  • Cartagena received in Madrid twelve Q tourist quality to its shores (11/06/2014)
    Councillor for Infrastructure pick distinctions which places it as the Spanish town with more distinctions beaches for the fifth consecutive year
  • Cabezo Beaza Pavilion hosts the South Hockey League Online (11/06/2014)
    The home team played three games the Sharks on Saturday with the possibility of climbing in the rankings
  • MC Local Government blames the local discomfort caused by tanks storm Benipila (11/06/2014)
    The political formation cartagenera claims that he was paid about 330,000 euros to Hidrogea for maintaining facilities that the City has not yet recepcionado
  • Playa Paraiso became the epicenter of Sport for Paradise II Xtreme (11/06/2014)

  • Thousands of schoolchildren are already partners of Park Road Education (11/06/2014)

  • The SORM concludes his choral-symphonic cycle in El Batel (11/06/2014)
    Friday 13 will offer his final concert directed by Virginia Martínez works by Mendelssohn
  • The Local Youth Football League is closing Saturday (10/06/2014)
    On Wednesday, the final play off of all categories vie
  • Swimmers of all ages participate in the XXIV Trophy City of Cartagena (10/06/2014)
    Sport activity, organized by the Swimming Club Cartagonova Cartagena, will be held is Saturday, June 14, from 17 hours in the pool house Youth
  • Sport and social integration shook hands with Goalball (10/06/2014)
    Municipal Pavilion San Anton received the final of the National Championship of the sport last weekend.
  • Andrés Lledo and boasts at his metal Gobi March (10/06/2014)

  • The Hitachi multinational record two students in Industrial UPCT (10/06/2014)
    to six-month paid internship in Amsterdam
  • Cultural Week kicks off Senior Club Los Belones (10/06/2014)
    Social Care Coordinator has opened this event Tuesday including a program of activities that will culminate on Saturday, June 14
  • The ALDE gets stamp adhered Entity (10/06/2014)
    The Ministry of Employment and Social Security thus recognizes the work done by the municipal agency since 1995 to promote employment, entrepreneurship and local development.
  • 1,400 students are examined selectivity UPCT (10/06/2014)

  • The Delegation of Cartagena Á referees closing his sports season (10/06/2014)
    Councillor for Sports, Diego Ortega, received an award for the work of the City Council in the organization and promotion of the League of Local Youth Football League
  • End of course municipal Driver Education program (10/06/2014)

  • La Marcha BTT I completed 38 km route (10/06/2014)
    Sunday's event was held in paths and boulevards of Cartagena council
  • 250 experts in Molecular Plant Biology EU are meeting in a conference in UPCT (10/06/2014)

  • MC describes as "shameful" the politicization of the neighborhood councils by the PP, solo approved transfer station (10/06/2014)
    For a third political party cartagenera box where residents can elect their representatives is needed without going through the political parties
  • They claim that "the PP party confused with institutions when advertising" (10/06/2014)
    United Left-Greens and Socialists for Cartagena claim that the PP and the Neighborhood Council of Sorrows make propaganda in the joint program of the Festival of Pain and wonder who pays the cost of such advertising
  • Last days to enroll in summer courses UPCT (09/06/2014)

  • A company Augmented Reality on Thursday selected fellows UPCT (08/06/2014)
    Students will develop 3D models of architectural and engineering
  • The UPCT travels to India and offers various academic exchange programs with schools in this country (07/06/2014)

  • "Pilar Barreiro must resign" (06/06/2014)
    The Plural Left believes in Cartagena, meeting promised by Garre, the mayor of the city is unable to continue in his role
  • The program connects students are ready for tests ESO (06/06/2014)
    This Saturday, the 7th, will be examined in this test after attending the classes in this project promoted by the ALDE.
  • The Polytechnic University of Cartagena calculate your ecological footprint to reduce their impact on the environment (06/06/2014)
    A spin off UPCT proposes measures against climate change in a small island state, this year's theme of the World Day Against the Environment
  • Sunday Flurry of tourists in Cartagena (06/06/2014)
    More than five thousand cruise passengers arrive at the port aboard the Independence of the Seas Island Escape and who will spend the day in the city, where you can stroll, shopping and cultural tourism
  • The bowls, more than a game for our seniors (06/06/2014)

  • Social Care prepared with Ecuador and Bolivia Inti Raymi 2014 (06/06/2014)
    the presence of a thousand people at the event to be held on June 21 in the central pavilion is expected
  • Cartagena requested to host the national meeting technical office centers (06/06/2014)
    The event was held in December 2015
  • Neighborhood Councils, neighborhood associations and social groups support the AVE station in Mandarache (06/06/2014)
    Councilman Nicholas Angel Bernal criticizes the code of silence in the districts and councils have imposed socialist
  • Marfagones Mills celebrates the third edition of Popular Cartagena Cross West (06/06/2014)
    This event, held on June 14 and is organized by the Sports Association Soledad Peppercorn with the cooperation of the City, it is encourage and support women's football
  • Garre receives a delegation of the Association of St. James of the California Guild (06/06/2014)
    Community Manager, Alberto Garre, receives a delegation of the Association of St. James of the California Guild of Cartagena
  • The City Council will get a new savings of 400 thousand euros per year credit ICO (06/06/2014)
    The council manages a 1.4 percent reduction in the interest rate in exchange for state integrated platform of electronic invoicing and entrepreneurs
  • IU-green claim that is preventing free access of citizens to Cala brunette in Portús (06/06/2014)
    The formation of the left calls the Consistory that prevents camping management continues to charge two euros to people who want to reach the coast along the promenade, which is illegal
  • Most of the Neighborhood Councils supports the new AVE station in Mandarache (06/06/2014)
    After the celebration, Thursday, extraordinary full eleven of the twelve town meetings to discuss this issue, supporting a motion was passed arrival AVE by the northern access to Cartagena
  • The Community yield to the equity UPCT use of sports facilities in the Youth House Cartagena (06/06/2014)

  • Occupational Canteras center celebrates its 37th anniversary with a day of living (06/06/2014)
    The Carthaginian center serves 120 mentally handicapped users, of which 80 are in residential arrangements, and the rest in Day Centre
  • MC IU requires that publicly ask Roberto Sánchez rectifying their unfortunate statements about Cartagena (06/06/2014)
    For cartagenera political formation, statements IU spokesman in Oviedo are offensive to the city, transcending the mere survival of an old story
  • Education assumes closed during School Parents (06/06/2014)
    Fifty parents asisitieron Thursday at the close of the municipal program at a ceremony held at the Naval Museum
  • Between neighbors, exposure of meetings featuring neighbors Aljorra (06/06/2014)
    Since 10 June, and in the context of the celebrations of the Aljorra, you can visit the photo exhibition organized as activities coordinator associations and institutions the resort
  • The technical director of Airbus Defence & Space MTorres visit UPCT-Chair (06/06/2014)

  • Fields emphasizes that the high speed of Cartagena is "vitally important to the development and future of Cartagena" (05/06/2014)
    The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning meets with President COEC to analyze the current state of various strategic projects with projection in Cartagena
  • Presentation of diplomas to students of the Connect program (05/06/2014)
    It will take place this Friday, June 6, at the Resource Center Quarries at 13 hours with the assistance of Councillor for Employment.
  • Closure of Municipal Petanque Championship (05/06/2014)
    Older cast closing until next year this Friday, June 6, at 11 am at the Local Social Barrio de la Concepción.
  • The traffic monitoring cameras change location (05/06/2014)
    This week are being transferred to traffic light points where the greatest number of violations and accidents are recorded
  • The traditional night crumbs and bulls, protagonists in the Celebrations Aljorra (05/06/2014)

  • Works in Cartagena composting plant will reduce by 25 percent the waste input to landfill (05/06/2014)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water, and the Mayor of Cartagena, presented the project to improve and adapt the processes of classification and biological treatment plant
  • Cartagena unites sport and social integration with the National Goalball Championship (05/06/2014)
    San Antón Municipal Pavilion hosts the finals this weekend, 7 and 8 June, in male and female.
  • Autonomous Community and Municipality invest in a more sustainable Cartagena (05/06/2014)

  • On the trail of Augustus with the T-The program (05/06/2014)
    It will route through next Sunday, June 8, that will cover the main points related to the emperor, as the Augusteum, forum or ARQUA
  • The T-LA provides sports and adventure with coastering (05/06/2014)
    It will be this Sunday, June 8, when carrying out this activity in Isla Plana including hiking, high jumps into the water, diving and climbing, among others
  • 30594 El Pozo alternative festival returns this June Straits (05/06/2014)

  • Pirates and Treasures return to Fort Christmas (05/06/2014)
    This weekend, accompanying the newly opened treasury of Mercy begin program activities summer Cartagena Port of Cultures, with routes, theatrical tours and workshops for children
  • Older celebrated the end of course Free Workshops Time (05/06/2014)
    On Wednesday it all together for the last activity until the next school year, as the factory tour of Licor 43 and ARQUA.
  • MC calls for stream-gauging be deleted because it is unjustified privileges (05/06/2014)
    For cartagenera political formation, the gauging "make citizens first and second category"
  • The drink driving (05/06/2014)
    Since last Monday, until next Sunday has been held in Cartagena, campaign breathalyser driving promoted by the Directorate General of Traffic
  • A cartagenero Peninsula tour rider on his bike for social purposes (04/06/2014)

  • Closing the School of Education Parents (04/06/2014)
    The municipal program, which celebrated its thirty-first edition closes on Thursday afternoon in a ceremony to be held at the Naval Museum
  • Leonardo Bódalo Angie Grant receives Mecca Ilustrafun (04/06/2014)

  • The UPCT ESPAC and organize a course Accident Investigation Traffic (04/06/2014)
    Classes this summer will be held from 7 to 11 July, and try different techniques in this regard, the legislation governing the reports and study reconstruction of these accidents, among others
  • The education beyond age 50, for review (04/06/2014)

  • The students of the course of care Alzheimer's patients receive their diploma (04/06/2014)
    About twenty of them finalized these classes with the closing ceremony which took place on Wednesday at the Town Hall.
  • Lledo comes seventh in the fourth stage of the Gobi March (04/06/2014)
    Despite his sore knee, the Cartagena continues to make a big test in the second of the deserts of the challenge of 4Desert
  • The City Council is to collect the property tax until August 5 (04/06/2014)
    Next to this tax have also been issued receipts for garbage and sewer Manga, and the pedestal of autotaxis
  • Sports in the arena expands its range of free activities this summer (04/06/2014)

  • IU-green council requires an agreement with the central government for the restoration of the castle Atalaya (04/06/2014)

  • Tallante all out celebrating their patron saint (04/06/2014)
    The town of the west has, as is customary, one loaded with all kinds of activities that will take place from Friday 6th until Saturday June 14th calendar
  • Six young people at risk of early school leavers completing their internships in Lisbon (04/06/2014)
    Last Friday, the 30th, returned to Portugal after completing their training in a company in the country this May through the ALDE.
  • Cartagena and Elche join to promote tourism between the two cities (04/06/2014)
    Mayor Pilar Barreiro returned yesterday a visit to the city of palm trees, where he expressed his willingness to work hand in hand with your local council for mutual benefit
  • The patent UPCT a guidance system of marine buoys using wind energy (04/06/2014)
    The system, developed during the Final Year of a student project, allows the optimization of energy resources and the video surveillance
  • Lledo remains at the top spot in the Grand Slam of China (03/06/2014)

  • Beginning of play off of the local football league base (03/06/2014)
    After the conclusion of the regular season, the playoffs tear in pre-baby and Banjamin A and B
  • Cartagena will be the first this year to celebrate the triathlon SERTRI (03/06/2014)

  • UP Students display their artistic talents in Luzzy Alonso (03/06/2014)
    Until June 15th you can visit the exhibition that houses the Cultural Center with a hundred pieces of painting, ceramics and sculpture students have done throughout This school year
  • The UP exchanged experiences with project partners People Over 50s (03/06/2014)
    Project coordinator, along with partners from several European countries, visit the People's University on Wednesday for their work and initiatives
  • The Department of Commerce last the Fiesta Shopping Day & Night (03/06/2014)
    be held next week in the commercial area of ​​Mile and Old Town, with parades and discounts
  • New historic drop in unemployment in Cartagena with 493 fewer people unemployed in May (03/06/2014)
    In a year, unemployment has fallen by 1,952 people in the township
  • The Roman Theatre begins its summer activities with visits to the moonlight (03/06/2014)
    on Saturday will be held in two passes to nine and half past nine
  • Former CIM welcomes the work of a hundred women (03/06/2014)
    It is the result of the workshops organized by the Department of Women and now shown to the public until Saturday, June 7
  • Widening Avenue Portús be operational in two weeks (03/06/2014)
    The works, currently focused on filling the sidewalks, the placement of fencing and renovation rush of water is expected to culminate in mid-June with tarmac of the road
  • Multimedia content subject Physics II, finalists in the category of open courses (03/06/2014)
    The Ministry and Universia distinguished by the third year of teaching innovation Cartagena Polytechnic
  • The Cartagena firefighter Juan Céspedes, bronze hurdling (02/06/2014)
    I managed to last Friday, the 30th, at the First Meeting Sevilla Athletic with a mark of 15.01 seconds
  • The abdication of King City brand full-time (02/06/2014)
    The agenda is made up of different initiatives local groups
  • Lectures on Playa Paraiso II Sports Week (02/06/2014)
    Pilates for runners is the conference that will be addressed Friday by Rocío Fernández.
  • The Cartagena Féminas blocks Football Challenge Xtreme Paradise (02/06/2014)
    The team managed to win last Saturday in the championship which was played at the premises of the Municipal Sports Complex Paradise Beach.
  • Andrés Lledo, tenth in the first stage of the Grand Slam of China (02/06/2014)
    . Proof On Monday remained in position 22 The Spanish Chema Martinez also won the first and second stage 4 Deserts Gobi starting this Sunday
  • Social Care and ACCEM, hand to support immigration (02/06/2014)

  • The PP shows his utter lack of concern for the health and safety of Cartagena (02/06/2014)
    rejecting anti-pollution measures and improvements in the fire service
  • I hitches Tradition Contest "City of Valencia" (02/06/2014)
    Hitch Club Cartagena
  • Cartagena adds to the celebration of World Environment Day (02/06/2014)

  • The Club celebrated Senior Prom in Los Urrutias (02/06/2014)

  • Late registration deadline for short film FICC/43 (02/06/2014)
    Papers may be submitted until 5 September.
  • Cartagena Taste concludes with tapas served 40,000 (01/06/2014)
    El Barrio San Roque and Tram jury awards and the public in this issue were taken.
  • The workshops of the Department of Women show their work (01/06/2014)
    On Monday afternoon an exhibition will open at the Faculty of Business

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